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Mathway: Math Problem Solver app received 161 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about mathway: math problem solver?

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It’s alr helps me outIt’s good to a certain point.Version: 3.3.32

Good appIt is mostly free you ungrateful swines. Just because it costs money to show the steps doesn’t mean it’s bad. The developers spent a lot of time into this and made this app to get money. There is no reason for this to be free. Just be glad it already has so many free features..Version: 3.3.17

Pretty goodIt’s a pretty good app it’s pretty accurate but it’s pretty expensive for 15$ a month for step by step if only it was cheaper.Version: 3.3.1

Goddamn heroWhoever made this is a god and deserves unlimited donuts.Version: 3.3.30

Great except for one thingThis app is simply fantastic. Any math problem you throw at it, it can solve. With higher math problems, you might have to give it a little direction as to how to solve a problem or solve for what you’re looking for, but it will always give you the right answer if you know what to ask. My only issue is that copying and pasting is non-existent and you can’t copy an answer directly into the typing area. Sometimes you need the answer of one problem to solve for the next, and you can’t do that without typing out the entire answer from your previous problem to solve that next one. This feature would greatly be appreciated in a future version of the app..Version: 3.3.33

Love itIt’s good quick answers and it explains everything maybe a lil improvement with the camera part but all the answers so far have been correct and it takes literally a second to get the answer.Version: 3.3.27

The absolute best homework help appThis is the best app ever. I love it. I’m in calculus and sometimes the problems are too long or too tedious for a tired mind... this app is fantastic for that. I recommend this to anyone who is in a math class. Not only does it give you the answer which is a great easy way to get that homework done fast... it tells you the steps to take in order to get that answer. For someone in an online math class, I have to teach myself a lot of concepts. This is a quick and easy way to get to the bottom of all problems. Thank you!.Version: 3.3.31

Amazing - But missing horizontal mode on iPad!I’ll let all the other 5 star apps do the talking, this app is phenomenal. I don’t know how this app does what it does, but it has an answer to every question thus far in the Algebra class I’m currently taking. There is in an insanely detailed step by step which has helped me tremendously in learning the material I need. My one critique is that the app doesn’t have horizontal mode on iPad (I will update this app to 5 stars if this is fixed ;D ). I’m currently using the website because of this, but I would prefer to use the app in the future once this is added..Version: 3.3.8

B MThis app works really well. It has helped me solve difficult questions and works fast. The only flaw is it does not show the problem solving (workings out)..Version: 3.2.5

It was horribleI hated it. Money not worth it.Version: 3.3.27

I would totally recommend except one thingThis app is great for a student like me who has their maths exam coming up this was like a second hand maths guide I was able to complete the exam with a good mark thanks to this app but there was one small disadvantage. The premium it is very annoying but overall still recommend and I bought the premium thanks Mathway.Version: 3.3.8

Thxs for the appIt’s so easy to use and everything you need is there I wish there was a feature for word problems tho but everything else is awesome and it’s free so thxs and the steps help when my stupid math teacher needs to see the steps.Version: 3.3.30

ITS GREATIt’s really useful..Version: 3.3.19

TrustI paid and it was like heaven.Version: 3.3.10

This app is greatHelped me so much with online school this year definitely recommend!.Version: 3.3.33

AmazingFantastic app just wish it could help me with word problems.Version: 3.3.31

My Grade SaverY’all don’t even know how much this helps. Like, sometimes I use it to get things done quicker...and sometimes so I don’t need to do math...but it works great! I think the only thing I don’t like is that you can’t see how it got the answer to your problem unless you pay. Sometimes it also gave me the wrong answer as well, but most of the time it’s perfect. It was probably a mistake on my part anyway. And it even says “I’m sorry you’re sad :( you can do this!” When you put in that you’re sad. This app is by far better than photo math and all those other math apps, so I would definitely suggest it!.Version: 3.3.31

Really goodThank you u for your great job on this app. 100 percent accurate!.Version: 3.1.8

Great appAble to calculate complex maths - not tooooo complicated tho haha.Version: 3.3.0

🤩🤩🤩I love this app, it is incredible. It has saved me a lot of pain and tears and i am happy to say a lot of hours of sleep. thank you to the creators of the app, i couldn’t be more thankful for such a genius creation. i love you guys, and i hope u can collect your bag from this app and get the praise you deserve..Version: 3.3.13

Best Math AppThis app is the best Math help I've ever gotten, it helps me to check my answer and shows the steps I should take to solve the problem. I can select what it needs to solve such as finding the LCD, simplifying, etc. There is an option to get premium in order to see all the steps, but for about $39 a year, I'd say that's a good deal! I've tried lots of other math apps, but this one is always able to find the right answer and shows how it got, unlike the other apps where they couldn't always find the answer. No tutoring needed!.Version: 3.3.13

See Steps With Ad Feature?Great app, very useful for checking answers. Very reliable, all other online calculators I’ve used have been wrong on multiple occasions. I’ve seen a lot of apps implement the ability to temporarily unlock a pro feature by watching an ad. I think something similar to that would be great, like watching a long ad to see the steps of the problem when you’re really stuck on how to get there..Version: 3.3.31

AmazingThis app is beyond amazing thank you.Version: 3.3.30

AccurateIt’s very accurate and the picture method makes it even easier.Version: 3.3.25

Absoloutley brilliantSince most of the time i cant be asked to do my maths homework on something i didnt learn i use this and i get %100 in my homework tests. This has got me out of sitting detentions 👍👍.Version: 3.3.8

ReviewIt is perfect.Version: 3.3.17

ExcellentHas almost all tools to answer your problems. Highly recommended..Version: 3.3.11

GreatThis is seriously amazing like anything you need to work out boom and also has the different options for the answer. Great app.Version: 3.2.11

AMAZINGThis really help me with my maths, thank you so much. I have been searching through the internet for this! Not a single app was good as this. Thank you so much..Version: 3.3.5

Mathway is greatMathway is great it’s because it helps me with my exams because it shows the steps on how to answer the question and it helps me with my assignments so if I need to show my working out all I have to do is click on steps and it shows me how to answer the question.Version: 3.3.1

SickThis is so sick and the camera can read blurry images and it never is wrong and it has everything this u need 👑🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶.Version: 3.3.31

An amazing appAmazed by the feature where you can take a while snap of the answer in from of you and then just tells you the answer and how to get to it. 😁😁.Version: 3.3.10

AMAZING APPI would totally recommend this app for hw. It takes you through steps which are easy to follow and is great for understanding difficult topics. No complaints-i am SO impressed!😼😼.Version: 3.3.27

Wow!!It’s really good! I only recently discovered Mathway, and am not going back lol! I used to type my question in but since they got a camera where u can take pics of ur question it’s so much easier! Love it..Version: 3.3.3

Solid app and websiteReally helpful if you don't have a graphics calculator or don't know how to use them.Version: 2.3.9

Love itQuick and simple and as a student myself it’s super useful when I’m in a rush. Not to mention very easy and simple to use.Version: 3.3.31

GoodThis really helps with my math homework as it tells you the answer and shows you how to do it in a step to step answer! But the only downside is that you have to pay for the step to step explication. But apart from that it’s really good!!.Version: 3.3.10

ReviewIt is an amazing app and helps so much with my homework when I’m stuck you should get it because you can type anything that you want in to it and will give the correct answer x I wish it could show you the steps without paying though 💛.Version: 3.3.8

Excellent for understanding breakdowns of problems.Greatest 10$ a month I’ve ever spent. I needed a tutor to help me study for the ASVAB which one section involves Algebra & Geometry to get into the military which are my weak points in Math. I specifically needed someone who could break down Algebra steps for me in simpler terms than just giving me just answers. Being a dyslexic who’s a slow learner, I need step by step solutions to HOW the problem is solved so I can understand how to solve the equation such as (Solve for X & Y) type of problems or questions involving PEMDAS. It’s like having my own tutor but working around my time and my pace. Well done!!!.Version: 3.2.6

Worst thing everHi my name is Karen and I have been wanting a new way to cheat and I thought this would solve all the answers for me but I came to the devastating realization that this is absolute garbage and all the ratings lied they must be paying people to rate them 5 stars because this is trash so since it is such a worthless annoying unusable stupid ratchet unorganized and overall humiliating to the person that thought it was going to work I am going to give this 5 stars for uselessness and tragedy that this app is. -Karen A thoughtful human looking out for customers well being.Version: 3.3.19

Love itYou don’t have to pay at all. It gives you answer as well as an explanation on how to do answer the question correctly. Really recommend..Version: 3.3.27

Helped me cheat my math testLove this app it game me 100%.Version: 3.3.14

Great app. Life saver!I’m in college and I’ve been struggling to keep up. This app helps so much it’s ridiculous, 100% worth the money..Version: 3.3.33

Très utileCette application est très utile pour résoudre des grosse équation ses simple et bien.Version: 3.3.31

AmazingI thought this app would be one of those fake ones that help but dont show the solution but i was wrong, this app is absolutely amazing. Helps with almost every question.Version: 3.3.27

Great, but there’s one problem....On my iPhone XS Max running iOS 12.1.2, the app crashes every single time I search for a question pertaining to the problem. The only way for me to avoid these crashes is by scrolling to find it, which as you know can be very time-consuming. I am in Calculus and I can confirm that this app helps with the basics of Calculus, and nothing further. It would be awesome to see some future updates that could change that. Thanks, this is an honest review and a 4-star is deserved since it helped out immensely at the beginning of the semester despite me having to scroll each and every time. Have a nice day :).Version: 3.3.11

ExcellentThis app is a very useful tool for you if you don’t have a tutor. Highly recommend. They explained every detail of the math problem..Version: 3.3.33

Amazing!!!This has honestly helped with my maths so much this is one of the best apps I have tried so far Although to get full step by step instructions you have to pay for premium which is very expensive!.Version: 3.1.12

MATHWAY IS A GENIOUSWho created this or a group who created this program is an absolute genius. It easily recognised formulas exactly handwritten or typed perfectly and solved all the problems even very complex ones so easily and I love the way it can show the steps in however much details you want. AN ABSOLUTE BRAINER AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR ANYONE ACADEMICALLY MINDED IN MATHS. By showing the steps you learn at the same time. I would give this app 10 stars even if 10/10 is the best. Congratulations developers I am very jealous of your intelligence and support your fees 100%. Thank you for the best Joshua from Australia.Version: 3.3.22

Incredible :)This app is easy to navigate, and gives you the answer to any problem! You can take a picture of your problem, or type it out! There are multiple ways you can have your problem solved! For example you can tell it to simplify it, evaluate it, find the range, and so so much more! (no i mean it. there are literally hundreds of ways to solve your problem I’ve scrolled through the list.) Oh! And it gives you an option to look at the steps, to see how it solved your problem incase you need to learn it! This app is incredible and helped me so much. In fact, i think you should be paying for this! That’s how amazing this really is! Big thank you to Mathway! You’ve solved all of my problems. :).Version: 3.3.29

This app saved my lifeI’m always having trouble in math class...and I absolutely HATE math. During online schooling, my teacher asks us questions to equations that he writes in the board, and to avoid embarrassing myself, I quickly take a picture of the equation and it gives me the answers. My teacher began to be suspicious, and asked for the steps in how I solved it, but I had no idea. I had to pay for the ultimate experience, but it was so worth it. It loads faster, it gives me steps, and more things to do with the equations. I love this app and I’m so thankful I found it..Version: 3.3.21

Helpful and useful.Works just like the website and you don't even need internet connection. Wonderful app..Version: 2.0.2

MathsIt’s a really good way to help you on some really hard questions and, you take a picture so you don’t have to write it.Version: 3.3.17

Good :greatIs really good for something that u don’t know the answer to and it helps u how to solve it I would definitely recommend it.Version: 3.3.9

Best purchase for math helpExtremely helpful and easy to understand for all ages. Be great if a Chemistry and a Physics one was available..Version: 1.0.0

AlyaHoly molly!!!! This app saved my life! I love it so much! I was doing a problem and I really struggled on it. But then my friend told me about this app. So I decided to download it. I then used it to solve the problem I needed help with then BAM! I got my answer correct! I love love love this app. It helps me so much and I’ve learned a lot. The best part is, you get to be taught it after getting the answer! It helped me get a better grade and it’s awesome. You have to download this if you haven’t yet! Cause I love it. Plus, if you download it..... it will solve your problems! Get it? 😂 Anyway, I am so glad my friend told me about this, you should definitely give this five stars. This is not a fake response, and I mean it! 🥺✨ please please please give this app a try and download it. Have a nice day and give Mathway a good rating! My phone is 2%, bye! 🤧✨✌🏼.Version: 3.3.28

Pls do thisThis app is amazing for the tones of homework i get but i would love it it you could copy and paste problems,thank you for making such an amazing app!!!.Version: 3.3.14

Very good app.Similar to Cymath. Very reliable..Version: 3.3.25

Worth the $12.00 a month!Get it! It helps you go through the equation step by step without being wordy, rather then just giving you the answer. You can take photos of the equation or wright it out, then it goes to the page where it’s solved, they do have tutoring $40 a month. (I think it’s worth it) building your skills to help educate yourself is worth the cost. (Just saying) lol I was kinda stand off ish by reading the reviews, but I recommend it..Version: 3.3.31

10/10, would cheat againI’m writing this in the middle of a test. Sorry Mr C!.Version: 3.3.25

Best app but steps should be freeNice app for homework but plz don’t ask for money.Version: 3.3.13

Good!Amazing!!! But it won’t let me sign in! :(.Version: 3.3.32

It is helpful but.......Um it takes forever to load, but it is a great app. It is worth it to download and I think it is very helpful. You should definitely download it.Version: 3.3.21

Best math solving app but still needs workThis app is great! It has helped me a ton in high school and in college classes if I needs help to check a problem or u detest and how to do a problem. For some problems it might tell you that something is unsolvable when it definitely is. I guess it just hasn’t had that problem put into the app so the software doesn’t understand it, my guess. One this I think would truly make this application stand out compared to the rest is putting word problems to solve for each category of math. For some work problems, it’s it’s a copy and paste word for word so getting answers and what to do with those wouldn’t be hard, however teachers always word problems in their own way so pulling out key words from a word problem to answer the question might not give you the exact problem you’re looking for, but I could give you a similar result to where you can get an idea on how to solve that word problem. Beside that, it’s the best app I’ve ever used!.Version: 3.3.20

Recommend.Absolutely brilliant. Essential for students checking work when teachers aren’t accessible. Very beneficial, keep improving!.Version: 3.3.7

WOWThis app is amazing! It solves any math problem you want and you can take photos of the problem. However, if you want the working step by step solution, you need to get premium. :( Still, great app..Version: 3.3.30

This helps me with my studies.As a year 7 student, I recommend this app because it helps you with studies, and much more..Version: 3.3.20

Mathway has saved my gradeI cannot recommend this app enough!!! Yes I’ve has troubles, but I’m using it for free.. I’m a broke college student so paying for a subscription is not happening, but it will allow you to use it for free without the steps. Which for me is perfectly fine as I just need the answers for my homework online! Sometimes I struggle getting the right answer but you have to play around and sometimes type half the question & key words for it to give the correct answer. Just try it out before you get aggravated! I promise it works! Helps me every week with my homework problems..Version: 3.2.11

Great appEveryone is complaining about the 12$ a month for this app huh? I have paid for this app and I didn’t regret it because the steps were very clear and easy to understand more than my teacher. I could learn with it and also have a tutor on the app for the premium. If you are looking for a free math app that isn’t clear then Mathway is not for you, go build your own free math help app as good as this and make it free it’s not your app and you have no right to tell the developers how to run their app because they spend time and money developing this app, I am a software developer and it’s not easy. I used this app in grade 11 to grade 12 and used it in my first semester in college and it was a great help for assignment and studying..Version: 3.3.21

AmazingI would highly recommend this app as it gives you correct answers quickly without any complications. You can also find out how to solve the problem if your not sure how to get the answer. It has been so helpful during online learning as there is no teacher to help when I am stuck. I would highly recommend this app..Version: 3.3.25

YAAASNothing more to say.Version: 3.3.31

MathwayIt actually works for any maths.Version: 3.3.7

Outstanding!I was struggling with this equation: 3(y+4) = 24. It gave me the answer straight away it is amazing thank u creators of this app! As it helps me (a gcse student) with answers for homework! Truly thank u for creating this app❤️.Version: 3.3.13

Good but needs ImprovementThey should make the simple steps to solving available for those who are not premium subscribers.Version: 3.3.30

MathwayI gave it 5 stars because it really helps me when I’m stuck especially in algebra and also it’s a good way to explain questions further so I can understand it..Version: 3.3.19

I recommend the appHelps you learn how to solve an equation and shows you the answer(s) this is the best app it can help you a lot with algebra,math,decimal,fractions and many other things.Version: 3.3.31

MFSomeone who needs accurate results with the process of the answer done absolutely needs to download this app, also this app has great calculators at any question you want. Thanks for the ones who mad this app..Version: 3.2.11

Great for homeworkThis app is incredibly helpful as if there is a question that you don’t know the answer to you can just take a photo of it and after about a second you’ve got the answer. Yes it’s that simple. Not only does MATHWAY give you answers it shows you the steps it took to work it out so you can clearly see how it’s done and what method to use. Overall MATHWAY has helped me sooooo much with homework and just general questions, world’s fastest calculator!.Version: 3.3.28

MathwayThis app is so helpful. I totally recommend it to whoever’s reading this. Trust me, it will make you’re life way better. It has everything a normal calculator has, if not more..Version: 3.3.1

So GoodLove it, great job app developers.Version: 3.3.9

LifesaverI use this app when Photomath isn’t giving me the answers I need or in the form that I need them. This app asks you what exactly you’re solving for and what form you need it in so that you can get the answers you need. The layout looks nice and seems easy enough to use, though I haven’t used all the features/symbols. I use this for everything from basic algebra to pre-calculus and trigonometry problems and it works great. You can also use your camera to take a picture of the problem and this features works perfectly almost every time. If it doesn’t, you have the option to edit the problem yourself. Would recommend this app for sure..Version: 3.3.10

MathwayWould be better if it could show working out but other than that it’s good..Version: 3.3.26

Awersome appOMG I love this app whoevers reading this, you must get this app!!.Version: 1.0.0

Free/middle tier are greatI’ve used this app through multiple classes, highly recommend the middle tier where it gives you both the answer and the work. I decided to give the top tier a try where you will be connected with a live expert who can solve things that there is no way to put into the computer and help more in depth. Tried this function 8-10 times and no tutors were ever available, could not ever connect with a person. Hire more people, I’m sure lots of math whizzes working from home would love to work for you!! Four stars for that reason, however they were very quick with my refund to downgrade my subscription as well 👍🏻.Version: 3.3.33

This app is amazingThis app is amazing!! I was always so slow with solving a lot of equations and this helps so much with that. It’s easy, functional, and very helpful to use with some of the hardest equations. The only con I can think of for this app would be the ads but there’s not a lot of those so you won’t have to worry that much about it. Another thing is the keyboard mate. Make it a little easier for others to use sometimes. But other than all of that this app is amazing and you should definitely download it.Version: 3.3.20

Four stars 👍🏼Really great app, works well. Could be updated to doing more sums at a time when on picture mode..Version: 3.3.2

App ReviewI am writing this review as a High school Student for an academic project. The audience for this app are students either in grade school or college and they all get the ability to use this app as a way to figure out the math problems they need help with, The thing that works great with this app is the ability to use your phone’s camera to take a picture of the math problem and the app will give you the answer to it. The thing that the app can improve in is the ability to show the work and step by step examples in a more easier way..Version: 3.3.21

This is amazing🙌👍👍This app is truly amazing I saw all of the other apps that I’ve gotten for my siblings and friends it would give us the wrong answer And not give us as much help as we needed but with this app you can talk to them about if you’re stuck on different types of maths, you can send a photo and a voice message. they have really got the skills in this app and it’s truly amazing I guarantee 100% that you should get this app !!!🙌👍👍.Version: 3.3.33

This math app is amazingSo I’ve been looking for a good math app for a long time and many people suggested some apps. But they still didn’t help me, but then I came across this app and it was mind blowing. It has basic math, pre algebra, algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, statistics, finite math, linear algebra, chemistry, and graphing. And when you type in your question they even explain how they got their answer. I’m in middle school and this helped my a lot. They have everything in math from middle school to high school. Now I’m not the type of person who right reviews in fact I find writing reviews pointless. But this had to be said this app is that good. I had this app for almost four years and love this app and would’ve change anything about it..Version: 3.3.25

CrashesI love this app sooo much, but lately it has been crashing all the time..Version: 2.1

Thank you!Normally I don’t rate anything really but this has to be one of the best apps I’ve ever had. To the creators and developers, thank you so much for all the work you’ve put into developing this app. It’s helped me out through my rough spots during school and it’s been helping me to get back on track to graduate through the pandemic. This app is truly amazing and works flawlessly on every device I have it on, no bugs or anything! It’s very user friendly and I love the text-to-question way it’s set up, very good design. Thank you for this app! 🙏.Version: 3.3.30

I LOVE IT‼️❤️Mathway is the best way to help you Child and Grandchild if the are having a difficult time in math, it helped my granddaughter very very much she was bad at math but when she tried mathway she improved and I am going to let her tell you what she experienced. Hi, I’m Danasia Mitchell and when I tried mathway it changed my life I never though that there was a solution out there to help kids like me.I tried Photomath and it really isn’t that much help but when I tried mathway it just blew me and my teachers away.I have passed every single test I’ve took now I’ve been making 80+ and above and we love it just keep up the good work!👍❤️.Version: 3.3.13

WOULD RECOMMEND TO ALL STUDENTSThe app has so many different types of math (eg. calculus, algebra, etc) and allows you to choose not only what type of math you want but also what precisely you want to solve when you type your equation, and also shows you detailed steps to achieve your answer. I love it..Version: 3.3.5

You Can Get Pretty Far Without PremiumThe best thing about this app is the fact that you don’t have to pay money to get it to still work. If you are like me, and you just don’t feel like spending money on an app, then this is absolutely perfect. It’s helped me through those late nights of math homework. Thank God this app exists..Version: 3.3.14

Too coolLove this app.. really helps you learn.Version: 3.3.32

Love it!!Its soo much helpful especially when your stuck at really hard questions and helps me to understand how to solve it..Version: 3.3.25

AmazingThis app is not only great for math problems, if you type “I’m sad” it will respond to you in the cutest way and it also says I love you back to you. That small thing made my entire day.Version: 3.3.31

It’s Very PP (Pensacola Slang.)It actually can support you and actually tells you the right answer and teaches you what to do in a specialised Easy Way! I rather rate this a 7 Star!.Version: 3.3.25

Life saverI had absolutely no idea how to do my maths homework and it needed to be handed in the next day. It was so easy to get an answer and a full step by step explanation from this app!.Version: 3.3.3

MathwayI love this app. it’s the only reason i’m graduating high school love you mathway😘.Version: 3.3.31

Pay to learn stepsThere should be an ad system to see the steps, and not having to pay 30$ a month to learn how to do one equation..Version: 3.2.3

Great!!! but..I think you should get a certain amount of free questions that show the work a day, but other than that, the app is great!.Version: 3.3.28

AmazingIt worked really well In my maths test! Jk.Version: 3.3.4

EpicReally good, would be better if you could chose from existing photos to solve an equation rather than talking a picture of a picture on another device.Version: 3.3.5

SheeeshClutched the 1v32 me vs the whole math class 😈😈.Version: 3.3.32

Purchase Online app and source code♛Anyone get Good online app or want to sell source code"? We are ready to buy=. If anyone interested⑨, please get in touch with me at:(Whatsapp & Skype &Telegram &Wechat:"♛+8615282351612 Or Facebook:♚ aso880 ?.Version: 3.3.33

THIS APP IS 𝗔𝗠𝗔𝗭𝗜𝗡𝗚!!!!!!!It gives me more knowledge on my maths especially hard questions that I do at school but don’t tell anyone that I use the perfect Mathway app to sneakily copy answers to the online classwork well by the way I’m becoming really good at my maths again by using Mathway, which knows EVERYTHING about maths and I love this app more than my favourite YT channel, Itz Lindy Gacha.!.Version: 3.3.32

MathwayThanks this was super helpful thank you.Version: 3.3.25

Honestly the best math app everThis is honestly the most useful and best app. I bought premium and it was one of the best decisions ever. Not only does it give you the answer, it gives a step by step inductions on what to do..Version: 3.3.9

Muah<3I love this app so much oh my god. the fact that they literally try to cheer you up when u tell them ur feeling sad- AND WHEN YOU TELL THEM YOU LOVE THEM THEY SAY IT BACK. paying for premium was worth every single penny. i love you guys so much. ur the only reason im not completely failing math<3.Version: 3.3.31

Good and incredibly efficientQuick and easy works surprisingly well.Version: 3.3.26

MathswayHonestly I love mathsway, best app ever, take a photo of an equation and gets the answer straight away! And omg don’t forget they can actually respond to you with some things such as me saying ‘hello’ they’ll say ‘hello back’ orrr you say ‘I’m sad and they respond with ‘I’m so sorry you are sad :( ... you can do this’ ITS SO FRICKEN CUTEEEE aswell as that I said ‘I love you’ and they replied with ‘love you too’ BRUH 🥺💞.Version: 3.3.32

5/5 appI would highly recommend this app. It's simply amazing. It helps a lot with work and questions you have. I've been using this app for 5 mins so this review isn't very long. Easter egg: if u say hi to the app it says hello back XD.Version: 3.3.29

Best app everrrrrrThis app always helps me with problems and my homework and I just love it so much thank you to who ever made this and I’m 13 by the way so it does help a lot with homework.Version: 3.3.13

Omg thank youThis is going to save me this year it works so well and explains it all so well.Version: 3.3.13

GMathaway is a really useful app and it gives you all the options to solve an equation if there are more than one. It also explains all the steps of a question so you can learn for next time. The only downside is that it doesn’t work without internet..Version: 3.3.17

600th REVIEW!Just downloaded it. Hope all goes smooth 😁.Version: 3.3.19

GoodThis help me in school a lot I am glad that I found it earlier during my school year the only disadvantage for some people might be paying to see the steps although I don’t mind it at all.Version: 3.3.33


Simply amazing!This app was god sent when I was struggling to find a way to check my work, understand the material and how to “get there”. Other apps were limited in offering comprehensive solutions, would not offer one or worse, would come up with answers that would make you question what you were doing. Not this app! It gave me the option to choose from a vast list of options on how you’d like the problem solved (graph functions, asymptotes, critical, inflection points, local absolute min/max, x,y intercepts, slope, log, 1,2,3..derivatives, etc, etc, etc). I went from fearing the “Check answer” button to being confident my work was right because it was backed up by Mathway’s answers, which were spot on. I started seeing a lot more “Correct” responses and more 100% results. A “must have” in your toolbox (free or not). I truly believe that the few negative reviewers in here don’t understand the app’s potential or simply expect it to do 100% of their work, with 0% effort on their part....Version: 3.3.19

WorksI’m in class now and I’m flying through this.Version: 3.3.32

Best calculator app ever!I mean, this is just great! It’s a normal calculator but is can also do trigonometry, algebra and every solve every other math problem! I downloaded this not because I didn’t know the answers, but because I couldn’t be arsed - I was surprised about how much it knows so I started giving it hard questions and It knew it all! For some questions it even asked you how do you want it worked out so that it can’t go wrong! You can even take a picture of your question and it will solve it even with bad handwriting! You can also say what you want and it works every-time! 10/10 highly recommend this app for everyone! Amazing for GCSE students in particular!.Version: 3.3.13

THE BEST FOR SCHOOLThis app is the best for school this has helped me a lot with studies.Version: 3.3.25

AmazingThe only flaw that I find is the fact that it takes quite a few times to take a photo of the equation and etc. However, altogether as a app it is very good. Most of all, it’s free. To go premium, you only have to pay like £10..Version: 3.3.7

Wow, just incredible!I’ve been homeschooled my whole life, and the whole time I’ve been relatively good with math. Fast forward to 12th grade and I’ve been having some issues. I found this app on the internet and downloaded it, and after paying an extra 40 bucks for the step by step option, my grades are already improving. Having the step by step is an honest God-send. It’s what I’ve needed. Now I don’t just get an answer, it gives me the step by step on HOW to do it. Thank you guys so much for everything!.Version: 3.3.26

It’s amazingEveryone in the reviews is angry that it costs money, but it’s very cheap, accurate and amazing. It is like a teacher for me and teaches me more than my teachers. The people who made this app put so much into it. Pls stop asking for it to be free and just appreciate it. Thank you creators..Version: 3.3.31

Started working GreatUpdate: the app is fixed and working great!!! Thanks Update on this app!!! I purchased this app so that I can take advantage of viewing steps. Well it started working for a few months and now it will longer give me the option AGAIN!!! This is so annoying!! Now it just gives me an option so that I can purchase live tutor for $110. Why would I want to purchase live tutor when I can’t even view the steps of a problem and that’s what I paid money for!!!!😡 THIS APP IS NOT ALWAYS RELIABLE AND IT IS ANNOYING!!!! When a person spends their money 💰 they should get what the paid for at least!!!.Version: 3.3.10

Pretty goodI mean it’s good but I think it’s way to expensive for premium and dosent explain the equations enough. Still amazing though would recommend.Version: 3.3.25

Best app everThis app literally turned my life around. It used to take me the whole day to do my homework but with this app it doesn’t take as long. This is literally the best app in the world..Version: 3.3.12

MathwayHelping me so much through high school.Version: 3.3.13

Absolutely astonishedI’m a student in college who got stuck in a crapload of math classes to learn programming, and I’m stuck using a self-pace website. And it’s only gonna get harder when I get into Trig and Calc. This app? I can’t rate it enough. I have no words to describe how..HAPPY this app has made me, and how much it’s helping me. Not only does it *show* you the answer, but it shows how it came to that solution, too. Certain subjects sure; I know. It’s simple and I don’t need this app for some. But for things like dividing polynomials, that’s the stuff I never learned. This app helped me pass a good portion of my class!!! The fact you can see how the solution came to be is...phenomenal. It really helps *UNDERSTAND* the logic behind it; not just how, but what to do exactly, without a tutor standing behind you watching you. 50/5 stars. If I wasn’t broke, I would DEFINITELY pay for this app so much! It’s definitely worth every penny that’s ever been in my account!.Version: 3.3.7

I love mathI love it!!!!!!!!!!!! I love maths!!!!!.Version: 3.3.8

Works very well.All you need to do is pull the camera back a little bit and it’ll pick up the equation..Version: 3.1.11

BrilliantBrilliant! Great for checking my answers on homework. I’m feeling more confident and it gives clear cut answers, so I can see where I went wrong and edit it. Thank you!.Version: 3.3.27

Impressive!This is so great! I don’t even need my teacher to teach me anything because Mathway does it for me!!.Version: 3.3.31

Words Cannot DescribeThis app is amazing. It is so convenient and with a subscription I think I’ve learnt more from the steps than I have in class ㅋㅋㅋ.Version: 3.3.1

AwesomeThis app is wonderful! You can choose how it solves and even input you questions with pictures. There is no fault in this thing..Version: 3.2.6

Absolutely amazingSince moving to online classes, it has been much more difficult to ask professors for extra help. If I’m ever not sure about an answer on any type of math homework, Mathway will let me know immediately what the answer is so that I can check my answer and my method of getting said answer. It calculates basically any aspect of an equation you could be looking for, including graphs. All forms of answers are easy to find within the selection menu. Regarding my online math class, this app basically saved my life..Version: 3.3.17

Works perfect but am I really learning?This app can do anything. If I'm ever struggling to figure something out I go straight to Mathway. However, I've realized something: I come to this app to help me learn things, yet I become dependent on it. Don't you think it's sketchy how Chegg claims to want to help students learn and study, yet if you actually WANT to LEARN how to do it yourself you have to pay? Not cool Chegg, not cool. I'M POOR. I DO NOT HAVE MONEY TO SPEND ON PEOPLE OR APPS. I just want to pass my classes while actually learning HOW to pass at the same time. There's so many other apps out there, and yes, this app works best, but you don't get anything from it except answers. They're LITERALLY cash-grabbers. I want to do something with my life instead of relying on a (perfect) calculator app. If you want REAL answers that show you how to do things, use MathPapa. If you want to fail on tests but do good on homework, use Mathway. 5 stars for how it works, but I would rate it 0 for how well I learn from it..Version: 3.3.28

LOVE THIS APPI downloaded this app when I first started college and for this semester,I am taking business calculus and let me tell you, it is not easy at all. So I use this app to help me solve some problems. If you’re not able to find the problem you’re looking for you can always searchfor it and you will find it. It has settings to change between “calculators”, so say you’re taking algebra, you will use the algebra tab, right now I’m learning about derivatives and I have the app on the calculus tab. You do ,however, have to pay 10$/month, but that’s if you want the steps on how it’s solved. I usually just use it for the answers and find my answers on how to solve it on my textbook. Regardless, this app is a must for any college students or even for high schoolers. Oh and one last thing, it’s free so why not take advantage of that !!.Version: 3.3.33

The best app in the worldThis has honestly helped me out so much already it’s so simple yet amazing I’ve only downloaded this app for 10 minutes and it has made me complete seven different types of maths work that would take me hours to do but I have done it in 10 minutes by using this amazingly beautiful inspirational persuasive app in the whole world This app has pushed me to do more with my life and has actually made hw time more dinner can’t wait to use this app again thank u for making this app otherwise I would’ve gotten 7 hours of detention tmrw 😂😂😂 Thank u for your help Love from rufaida❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 3.3.3

AMAAZZINNGGGGGDefinitely recommend to kids who can’t be asked to do their homework! It knows every problem i put in totally amazing love it!!!!!.Version: 3.3.25

Not sponsoredSeriously. I wish they’d pay me to write this because I’m a broke college student (worse because of the quarantine happening now) but ANYWAY. This app saved me. I’ve been using it since last semester when I took remedial Algebra, and it’s saving me again this semester with advanced algebra and trigonometry. I don’t know what it is about being bad at math that makes you feel horrible about yourself, but struggling in my classes really took a toll on me until someone told me about mathway. It’s worth the subscription cost because I’m not failing anymore. The step by step guide is fantastic, and I love being able to choose how I want a particular equation solved. To the wonderful people that made this app (and keep it running) : thank you from the bottom of my heart. TLDR; this app is worth every penny, it’s a lifesaver..Version: 3.3.17

Great toolThis app actually works well! It’s hard to explain but the app creators thought of everything in terms of how to solve the problem for you. Many different methods and it works with so many different mathematical types (Geometry, Calculus, Algebra, even the more simple applications. I downloaded this to help me with calculus. I’ve used this app 4 times over the last week and I’ve only received 1 ad the first time I ask a question. Over all this was a great help and I recommend to anyone trying to solve math problems..Version: 3.3.32

Best app everI downloaded this because I was struggling with my online lessons and this is just so easy all you do is take a picture and it will tell you the answer how easy is that. Love this app best caculator ever love this app so much.Version: 3.3.20

This helpsIf you’re stuck on a question, any question it will tell you how to do it and give you a answer.Version: 3.3.8

Use this appCorrectly calculates any problem :) 10/10.Version: 3.3.32

Fantastic App!I can not express just how useful, quick and easy this app is. It’s just mind blowing and I can’t thank the makers of this app enough.Version: 3.3.3

THE BESTThis app is very helpful. I’m a senior in High School & I come on here to check my answers before turning in my work! I have yet to been provided anything besides the CORRECT ANSWER! Not to mention this app provides multiple answers if there are any. 10/10. If I ever have the wrong answers then I check to see the steps & look for where I went wrong! Not to mention, there aren’t tons of ads on this app! The bare minimum. That’s really important because if there were, that would slow me down & I would have a different view about the app! 🙌🏾.Version: 3.3.26

AmazingIt is so easy to use and helps me with math assessments. Thanks.Version: 3.3.17

Awesome!Very useful to figure out answers. Even algebra related ones! As a student in high school I find this app very useful, especially when I need help with my homework. It doesn’t tell you the specific answer but tells you how to work them out which I think is good as it means you can learn the methods..Version: 3.1.9

AMAZINGThe fact u can take a picture and it works it out is an absolute lifesaver would recommend to EVERYBODY I feel sorry for everyone that hasn’t found this.Version: 3.3.28

Recommend!!!!!!?Once I was doing my homework I couldn’t figure it out I asked my mom to help me and I showed her and she fell asleep so I kind of started panicking Went downstairs to the table I started struggling and thinking and thinking so I went to the App Store looked and looked and looked and looked left to right for helping your homeworkIs the best I really do recommend it it is the best it will save your life and when I mean save your life I mean really save your life nobody really understands when they say that they saved their lifeThey never understand how much that person means they don’t even know how serious the persons like saying I really do recommend this app messed up in the world five star review amazing helpful save your life get it get it now get it now it’s the best app ever students allowed teacher teachers not allowed can students really need this app so don’t get mad at them if they have this app it’s the best time with them so hope you get it.Version: 3.3.31

AmazingRight now I’m in quarantine and all the other math calculators cost but this one doesn't and it’s so easy and free to use The only thing I would say though is that it annoys me that it doesn’t focus quick enough but it’s helped me so much in quarantine and it can not just give you the answer but the steps to how to get it . Thank you 🙏.Version: 3.3.23

Very good for all math.Its very good and can be useful.Version: 3.3.27

Great app, I recommend the subscription.This app is worth the monthly cost if you can afford it. It makes the app even better and more useful. Trust me, you won’t regret it as it will help you through the problems and explain how you can get the answers. The app allows you to take images of the problems or you can type them out yourself. As a paying customer, I highly recommend for the devs of Mathway to add a feature to where one can upload a photo from their files/camera roll and crop to one problem on an image. The photo mode is great, but there’s no way to save images or upload images that may have been downloaded from the internet..Version: 3.3.19

The Best!I love this app. I wish I had known about it sooner, it is beyond helpful. Currently taking calculus and I have been struggling to understand certain concepts. All I do is type the equation in and it will prompt me on how I want it solved, so far it has always had the option I needed (have had the app for two semesters, pre-cal and calc.)Then it solves it step by step and you can expand every little detailed step until to you get to the final answer so you can see how to solve it on your own! I love it! I purchased the annual subscription and honestly it’s well worth the money, you’d pay more for a tutor..Version: 3.2.10

$12 a month is 100% worth itThis app saved me in math class, Grade 11 and 12, especially with this online learning thing it was very helpful with all the steps clearly outlined. Mathway saved my grade..Version: 3.3.31

I can see youPretty good but explanations cost money which is not very helpful sometimes.Version: 3.3.31

Doing my biddingI pass math.Version: 3.3.31

Good but not greatCan you please update this app to have more college algebra, calculus, and especially trigonometry stuff. This app works really well if you have algebra, algebra 2, and, geometry problems. But if you have a higher level high school or even college class like trig or calculus, it won’t have everything you will learn in that class. And sometimes it’s so frustrating that when I have no idea how to an assignment that’s due the next day and the only really good math app out there doesn’t have it at all. So to the developers please please please update this app to have many more things with trigonometry and calculus..Version: 3.3.1

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