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Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion app received 97 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion? Can you share your negative thoughts about poshmark: buy & sell fashion?

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Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion for Negative User Reviews

Ridiculous fees and terrible customer serviceThe seller and buyer fees are ridiculous- 20%, $14 shipping, and they tax the item and shipping. It’s much cheaper to sell/buy directly. What do you get for these astronomical fees? The most terrible customer service. Do not sell luxury here, there is a very high chance you will be scammed and Poshmark customer service will most definitely ignore you. On top of that, the UX/UI is terrible. Reminiscent of the early 2000s websites made by a freelancer working for $100 fixed price….Version: 6.46


POSHMARK RESPECTI started selling 7 years ago January 2015. When I first started selling, I sold only items that I owned (always perfect condition). I didn’t have a license to sell boutique yet. At that time, buyers either purchased the posted price, using the “BUY NOW” button. Or, a buyer would use the “Offer” button and request usually no more than a small amount off (5~10%). The offers were Respectful. I always wrap my items, send a thank you card and add a gift. I was able to make some money to help pay bills. I now have my license to sell boutique items. Boutique items are new items that I purchase, pay shipping, tax, and in addition all sales there is a 20% fee off of my sale to Poshmark. Also, the amount of time spent taking photos, posting, measuring, answering questions and sharing my fellow Poshers items to help boost their sales. Problem: In the last 1~2 years buyers almost Never purchase an item at it’s posted price and the amount that buyers “offer” for Brand name, excellent condition items are sometimes up to 75% off of the posted price. PLEASE POSHMARK~ can you post an “ETIQUETTE” sign that notify buyers to be RESPECTFUL to sellers when trying to make a purchase? It would truly be helpful to both buyers and sellers..Version: 6.20

Payment pour les ventes effectuées....The only way to get paid is by giving access to your bank account even if you see PayPal in choices to be paid...this is to be reviewed in my opinion specially with all the technology we have now! Not very happy about that. But the application is great!.Version: 3.26

Search filter is uselessUsing the search filter is useless. Items your specifically search for show up among endless postings of items that have little or nothing to do with what you’re actually searching for. Often, items you’re searching for DON’T show up in your search, and I know this because they show up when I’m searching for other things. Very frustrating.Version: 6.44

Few IssuesI really enjoy the prepaid shipping label, especially for things like coats and shoes. However, there are a few issues I have with this platform. Firstly, why can’t we delete comments? It’s infuriating to have comments on a post that are either irrelevant or unneeded. Secondly, the 20% fee is insane, especially since they tax on top of the fee, so it’s more than they initially state. They also state they have a solid fee if you sell anything under $20, yet, that fee is almost 19%. You can’t sell anything for less than $8 because you’ll be out of money. Also, I feel really uncomfortable with the idea that I have to depend on the buyer for me to be able to access my earnings. People can easily toy with the system. Also, why do they have THREE FULL DAYS to inspect an item? It should be at max 2 and the seller should receive the earnings on the third day, not the fourth. Lastly, can we PLEASE remove sold listings? It irritates me because it just fills up our profiles and looks cluttered. Let people leave reviews so there is a record of the item being sold and we can delete sold listings. Oh, and please implement buyer ratings. Side note, the Poshmark community is incredibly self-righteous, and more often than not, you’ll run into people who have a holier-than-thou attitude, including a ton of people marking stuff up ridiculous prices because of the Posh fees but then wanting stuff for cheap in return. I’ve been blocked buy a seller simply because I declined an offer..Version: 6.44.02

I had such high hopesUpdate: I appreciate the response from Poshmark at least I know they are listening. I’ve struggled to turn over inventory but I do understand people aren’t spending a lot right now 1. It’s summer 2. the price of everything is so high = less fun spending. I hope as the year progresses we see more communication from Poshmark and help as we navigate the changes they made. Thank you for the response. So I feel like I definitely missed Poshmarks hay day I had heard such great things about Poshmark so I signed on, but timing is everything, I signed up in April of this year 2022 and I feel like I’m watching what was a great community and place to resale dry up due to there own choices and the current state of affairs. I see all the big successful sellers vent how horrible the changes have been I have struggled to get my closet off the ground. I have white backgrounds thoroughly filled in descriptions nwt items on trend items killer brands. I’ve done the work and research and it seems to be a dying platform. I just wish I could of experienced Poshmark pre-changes and pre 2022. I have started to focus more on eBay, Mercari and looking for some other places too. I’ve also witnessed how disconnected the owners of Poshmark are from there users. Little communication or explanation or help to help us figure out how to figure out the new changes..Version: 6.38

Discount liesDo not use this app! This service is terrible for lying about their shipping discounts, and exorbitant shipping prices to begin with. Two different times I was supposed to have discounts applied to my shipping costs, and both were not. Customer service informed me they had ‘expired’ - which is odd because the second, specifically, said it was for being the first purchase for the seller and was a huge banner on the page at point of sale. How did it expire, quite literally, while I checked out - and nobody else did? There are many other online buy and sell apps - lets check those out instead, and popularize honesty instead of snaky business practices. We as purchasers don’t deserve this..Version: 6.50

Searching is near impossibleThe search function needs some serious work. It defaults to the most unusual and irrelevant categories so every search you have to go into the filter and change it. Even if I’m doing something wrong - search should be intuitive, not so labour intensive. It’s near impossible to find items accurately and I have a suspicion I’m not finding all the items I’m looking for which is a shame for sellers to miss out because the app lacks in such a critical function..Version: 6.20

Steep commission, meh w/failed transactionsPoshmark is outstanding because of the inventory posted by the users/members. PM itself takes a hefty 20% Commission for the convenience of using its platform and its shipping/payment software. That’s some pretty light lifting by PM and not a whole lot of risk for 20% (the $500+ authentication service is worth it). Also, if a transaction goes bad, especially something as simple as a canceled sale, it takes Poshmark two full business days to return the funds... that are simply sitting in Poshmark’s accounts. If a buyer used redeemable funds (also sitting in Poshmark’s accounts), which were deducted from her/his available balance immediately at the time of the sale, a canceled sale (with no merchandise shipped) should result in immediate replenishment of those redeemable funds. The two day delay, especially in that scenario, makes no sense and probably doesn’t even benefit PM a whole lot because they hold the funds regardless of whether they are in “escrow” waiting for the sale to be completed or are assigned to an individual “redeemable funds” balance, earning whatever (overnight interest, etc.) they do on the “float.” Nevertheless, this is still the best option for finding fantastic, comprehensive, inventory and being able to negotiate price with the actual seller, so I’m in it until someone improves on the process or offers a more economical option for the users..Version: 2.116

Unfair to sellerNot a good app to sell your products if you’re a seller,they charged 20% plus they only use one postal service which is Sendle that is not available everywhere in Australia 🙄 And if you sold your item from other platforms they instantly blocked you from selling without any warning ⚠️!not a friendly used buy and sell app! I rather stick to EBay..Version: 6.36

Customer service is uselessYou better hope you don't have any issues with any transactions because poshmark's customer service will just give you some pre written typical response that does not address anything youve said at all. Oh and lets not forget how if you make a sale poshmark will take a huge chunk of your earnings. & if you're buying something expect to pay damn near 20 bucks just to ship it..Version: 6.50

Too many notificationsThis app sends a nauseating amount of completely irrelevant notifications, enough so that I’ve found other options to sell secondhand..Version: 5.22

TAXES?? InsaneThis was a useful re selling app, though the fees they take are already so high. The choice to use purolator and charge double the price for Canada post was horrendous because 1) we should be supporting Canada post and 2) depending on your area, this makes it more difficult for some shippers to drop off packages. Now they’re charging taxes on used items ??? That’s ridiculous. People are buying an item for $20 and paying the same amount for shipping and “taxes.” I’ll still keep my posts up, but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing again unless there’s something I really really want and I imagine others will feel the same..Version: 6.40.02

A few too many bad experiencesI want to start this by saying I think the idea of this app is amazing, and I loved it for a long time. However, I’ve recently encountered a couple poor experiences as a Poshmark seller. First, I sold a pair of jeans that were regular length, and I listed the inseam in the description. However, when the buyer received the jeans, she gave me a 1-star rating because the jeans were too long for her. I tried to fight the 1-star rating with Poshmark’s customer support, but they told me they couldn’t do anything to remove the unwarranted poor rating. More recently, I had a buyer purchase a bundle of 23 items from my closet, which I was really excited about. However, in order to mail the heavy box, I was going to have to purchase a shipping label that cost half of what my earnings would be. In turn, the buyer and I decided to cancel the transaction. But now, all 23 of those items are marked as “sold,” and can’t be purchased. The customer support team informed me that I would have to create new listings for each item. I guess the joke’s on me, though, because instead of making half the profit I originally would, those 23 items are going to Goodwill and I am closing my Poshmark account. Overall, it would be great to see the seller protected a little more on Poshmark!.Version: 2.148

UnsubscribeI have tried numerous times to unsubscribe, to no avail. Stop sending me emails.Version: 6.44

Don’t botherYou gotta pay for each item you sell? Gurllll, just use fb marketplace. Easier and cheaper.Version: 6.04.02

AVOIDIf anyone is trying to download this app do yourself a favour an don’t. This guys are only here for money, they do not care about customer service either as a buyer or as a seller. They have good reviews here because people come to get discounts/promote but at Business Bureau, Trust Pilot, and Site Jabber they hardly reach 1 star. Beware.Version: 6.40

EhhI always thought they had decent customer service until recently. They blatantly let a customer basically scam me although all the evidence was there that the customer was in the wrong. They just didn’t care at all. I wish sellers were protected as much as buyers but I’ve noticed that (on nearly every selling platform) they’ll always favor the buyer. I work hard to be a great seller and follow Poshmark’s guidelines, trusting that i’ll be protected as long as I do the right thing. Well unfortunately that’s not the case. The customer ruined my jacket, opened a return for a bogus reason, and was able to return the jacket and get their money back. Which wouldn’t be so bad if they didnt return the jacket completely ruined. I showed pictures and proof, but that wasnt good enough. So they got their money back, Poshmark ignored the blatant evidence and decided to side with the shady customer who has hardly bought anything before, over the trustworthy seller who has been bringing Poshmark money for years with almost all 5 star ratings. This incident showed me that Poshmark, just like Ebay and all the others, will almost always favor the buyer, whether they’re right or wrong. This is probably the thing I hate most about selling, and the reason I want to quit selling thru Poshmark overall. I’m a super fair person and will take responsibility if something is my fault, but this was handled completely wrong..Version: 6.16.02

Far too many selling App has gone down hillThere are far too many sellers selling far too many undesirable pieces. Posh wants you to put your items on and then when “likers” ♥️ your merchandise you are expected to drop the price further by 10% to help secure the sale AND reduce the shipping cost! The only winner is Posh… Seems like sales have slowed as the economy has and although I ♥️ a deal and ♥️ giving one, the expectation is reaching a sad crescendo..Version: 6.46

Welcome to high school, Poshmark academy of wanna be mean girlsI started on poshmark about 8 months ago, it was fun at first. I use many resale apps. And poshmark is the only app that allows its users to be closed circles, trashing each other sabotaging each other. Most resale apps, don’t even allow as much as a cuss word, much less allow another user to create a listing with all their personal information and photos of their children. Most apps have programs or real people who detect these problems and nip them in the bud, not Poshmark they make you wait 3 days, then they ask for a direct to the listing before they take it down. Also you ever felt unsafe about your home address being on the label you should, the user harrassing me. Tried to send the police to my home! This whole experience has been a nightmare Poshmark has let this user repeatedly invade my privacy. Kept me from making sales, and even after I sent Poshmark all the evidence they still have done nothing this user even posted gloating about the police reports. I did nothing to provoke this attack. And I have heard of similar stories of other users who are Poshmark ambassadors from hell! Preying on new users. What if this user had been successful or even worse made up some crazy scenario to get the police to come to my home. Trigger happy police all over what? A user with too much time on their hands? I am leaving this app, Poshmark provides no protection for its users. Poshmark where the pettiness is real.Version: 2.134

Stop spamming with emailsStop spamming with emails it’s so excessive..Version: 6.20

Ehh.Sales are great, but forget getting any support. I’ve had far too many issues that have left me unable to reach anyone in PM support for assistance. They don’t offer any real methods for sellers to protect themselves from unfair or incorrect ratings or reviews, and the returns process is a nightmare for both parties involved. As a seller, I recently had an issue with a large boutique order, in which the buyer ripped two pieces in trying them on. She submitted a return request to PM, stating that the items were ripped when she bought them, which wasn’t the case. It was evident in the photos that she provided that the items were stretched which is what caused them to tear. Regardless, her return was approved and she received a full refund, though I only received part of the order back. It’s been a nightmare trying to get PM to help me, as I’m out nearly $60 in product, and this particular customer received two free tops. The customer service has been atrocious; every time I receive an email response (for the times they actually do respond), I get the same automated message to contact someone from support via the app. It’s like an endless loop that does me absolutely no good. SELLER BEWARE. If you’re planning on selling on this platform, be prepared to be screwed out of your merchandise, as PM is clearly more invested in protecting fraudulent buyers than they are in protecting their sellers from said fraudulent transactions..Version: 2.104

App useMy review is more specifically for the „user-friendliness“ of the app or rather the lack thereof. It’s disappointing that you cannot edit, delete comments etc. cannot delete bundles (because I get especially annoyed when sellers do this). It’s annoying that there is so much junk mail via „parties“ that I have NO INTEREST IN! Ie i don’t have kids or know anyone with any. No kid parties please. Moreover, these parties don’t filter for your size so prepare for disappointment when you fall in love with something that doesn’t fit. The sad part is I put so much effort into ignoring these parties that I miss the few I would actually be interested in. It’s also annoying to keep getting notifications when you open the app and on notification page that I cannot customize and the so-called „we found xyz items you‘ll love“ yeah—those do not even filter for your size aside from the fact you can’t turn this notification off either. I’m using Poshmark less and less. The prices are often too high, and it’s because Poshmark takes out too much from the sale. I feel bad for those trying to sell on it. I haven’t been able to sell a single item. It’s because I have items posted that I keep notifications on. Going to delete my items for sale and turn off notifications. Maybe delete app. It’s just not worth it. Half the items I bought weren’t as I expected and I regret buying them..Version: 6.16

Shit brand.Horrible people, don’t do business with this app. SCAMMERS.Version: 4.0

Buyer bewareIf you use this site to buy products from you do not have a leg to stand on if the item is faulty or fake. DO NOT BUY FROM POSHMARK..Version: 7.02

Fraud !Took the payment when i bought some stuff from the seller when i returned it the courier service remarked false claim that it was delivered back to the seller and no refund since 2 weeks. Lost my money.Version: 7.0

FEES WAY TOO HIGHDont bother as by the time you sell, your way out of pocket. 20% fees deducted is way too high! PFFFTT.Version: 5.14.02

20% of fee? Too GreedyToo greedy in taking fee. Not worthy for selling the luxury items here. 3500$ bag fee 700$. Come on! Even consignment bags not 20%. And today my listing got deleted. Because selling behind poshmark detected. Off course its all buyers reach me out first all asking for do cheaper price behind the apps transactions. See?? All the buyers. So u should correct ur fee system to be not GREEDY. The system was good and easy to understand. Poshmark is only good in selling cheap stuff. When no pain with fee..Version: 6.20

AwfulThis app is not worth it for a seller like myself. Shipping is only within Canada, no international shipping! I moved on to a different selling platform and doing really well! I’m better off without these “middle men”/apps taking bigger percentage than they should, and wanting more than they deserve! If you’re a re-seller like myself, I suggest you start your own website and attract buyers through Google ads, Instagram and local ads in your area. I’ve gained a lot of natural traffic through online advertisements. Be like me, be independent so you never have to rely on anyone but yourself! I closed my shop on Etsy, depop and now im closing my Poshmark. These companies are way to greedy asking so much money for nothing..Version: 6.38

This app still needs work8/4 Review: This app still needs work. The notifications are so chaotic! There should be separate tabs for Offers I’ve made on other sellers’ items vs. Offer made on items in my own closet. Same for Comments – it’s so hard to follow the comments I actually care about, and I often miss replies or questions specifically for me. At this point, I rarely sell on Posh anymore, as Mercari is just a better experience all around. I still maintain that Posh needs to figure out a lower shipping cost for lower-weight items such as most jewelry, perhaps with value tiers (eg I’d ship something precious at a higher cost than costume). I also really like the Promote feature on Mercari, where you can promote your listings by dropping their prices. Previous Review: Just read the reviews. I’m not alone. There’s almost no real customer service. I definitely spend way more than I make on Posh, but a recent selling experience combined with the disgustingly high shipping costs has me seriously reconsidering using this app in the future. Shipping costs should be tiered based on item. A pair of stud earrings should absolutely never cost $7.11. It’s stopped me from many purchases. Also their cut is way too high on lower-priced items. But ultimately it’s the lack of seller protection or support that are finally driving me away. Buyers can cancel sales hours later for no real reason, and that’s just allowed with Posh. Nope!.Version: 6.44.02

Too hard to useVery hard to use, too much going on & shipping is too hard to figure out. Don’t recommend wasting your time.Version: 6.30.02

Constant barrage of notifications.I got this app as it seemed like a good idea and a good place to buy some decent second hand clothes. Be prepared to be completely spammed- in two days over 7 marketing emails and a constant barrage of notifications led me to just unsubscribe and delete. Yeah I could have turned off notifications and perhaps sought to lessen the emails somehow but I don’t think the default should be this ridiculous. Reaching out nearly 20 times between email and notifications is absurd. Off to eBay.Version: 6.44.02

OkayI originally downloaded Poshmark to buy gently used name brand clothes for less than store prices. I have a couple issues with the site though: 1. The shipping fee is awful. It’s $7.11 for shipping as a flat rate. Most sellers don’t have more than 1-2 items in the same sizes or styles unless you luck out and find someone with a really good closet. With that being said, if you buy a $20 item, it becomes $30 after tax and shipping, which is a lot. 2. Poshmark allows 5 days for sellers to ship, then the shipping is 3-5 days. So you pay $7.11 to potentially wait 10-11 days for your new items to arrive. And yes it has taken that long for me to receive an item. 3. I think Poshmark should add incentives for sellers to price their items more competitively. I see items all the time that are priced higher than the item from the actual retailer website. I’ve literally seen a pair of running shorts for $50 on Poshmark (which would be $62 with tax and shipping). I googled them and got them on sale for $28 from the brand website, with free shipping. 4. There really isn’t much recourse if an item isn’t as advertised. You basically have to get in a fight with the seller that Poshmark “mediates”. It also doesn’t seem that there’s any recourse for the seller at this point either..Version: 5.0

RIP OFFThey take a huge amount of fees when you sell that you’re not aware of at the time of listing. Absolute rip off. Deleting it.Version: 7.0.06

Not user-friendlySo many unnecessary notifications as another reviewer has said and the app is incredibly hard to use and not user-friendly compared to other apps like depop. poshmark also takes a big chunk of the profits made so i’m forced to increase the prices on my listings.Version: 5.14

Poshmark protects buyers and doesn’t care about sellersI’ve bought a couple of things off Poshmark and had good experiences, especially in cases where an item was listed as the wrong size and I requested to return. However, as a seller, I would not recommend Poshmark. As others have said, the margins are very slim for used items due to Poshmark fees, high shipping rates ($7??), and low balling buyers. I mean it’s aggravating to list something for less than 50% of what it cost, it still has tags, and have 15 people negotiate a starting point at maybe 15% of the cost. There should almost be a minimum offer based on the list price of the item so that people don’t waste their time. There’s also not a great way to communicate with people outside of using the comments on a listing. There should be a forum for discussion so you can easily say “hey I’m on vacation and will ship when I return” rather than hoping they’ll see it in the comments on the listing. And lastly, my main point of reviewing, Poshmark doesn’t protect sellers. I sold boots and listed the price as a US 7.5. The manufacturers are Australian so the boots had the AU size on them. The buyer complained saying it was the wrong size when it was not, it was just on a different scale and not only did Poshmark refund the buyer, they also LET THEM KEEP THE BOOTS TO RESELL. Like how messed up is that?? Not only was the buyer wrong, but Poshmark rewarded them for it. I’ll be selling via Instagram from now on..Version: 6.10

Wayyyytt over pricedFor 90% of the products being sold on this app it would be cheaper to fly to the flagship store and buy it directly from the high fashion designer. People don’t seem to understand the fact the are selling used clothes, somehow they think the fact that they wore the item adds value?? I didn’t know that was a thing until now, don’t bother downloading, waste of time..Version: 3.32.02

Get ready to be spammed and impossible to unsubscribe!The app seemed like it had heaps of potential, however after receiving around 2 emails per day and no response to unsubscribe requests it’s time to say goodbye to the spam. Be warned!.Version: 7.10.02

They don’t protect buyersI purchased an item from a seller that was advertised in “mint” condition but upon arrival, I accepted the shoes prematurely and could not report an issue with them. So, my only option was to rate the item and leave feedback, which I did, stating they were absolutely not in mint condition and soles of the shoes were completely worn down. The seller proceeded to leave a nasty, public comment on the item to me. When I reported it to Poshmark, they did nothing except remove the comment - which means other buyers have no indication of the retaliatory effects of providing feedback on an item (which Poshmark borderline harasses you for via email). They cited “privacy” as to why they could not tell me what action they took against the seller, but it was clear no action was taken, since the seller was still updating items. Essentially, Poshmark just deleted the comment and acted as though nothing happened. Mind you, sellers get your personal residential address in order to ship you items. You have no clue who the seller is, and Poshmark covers up their behavior/harassment - it leaves you in a very poor situation should the seller decide to harass you for poor feedback or an issue. I love the idea of sustainable shopping, but there’s probably better ways for one to do their shopping without risking your personal data or safety, or paying for inflated prices due to a middleman’s cut..Version: 5.20.04

Unregulated Pile of Sh*tI’ve tried buying off Poshmark a few times now, and every single time it’s been a scam. I got my money back after like, weeks each time, but it’s so full of fake posts that it’s worthless to try and find something you want..Version: 6.40.02

Most ridiculous appsEvery time, i tried to sell items…they purposely took down my listing because either they said “it was counterfeit” or something else. I have 0 support from poshmark customer service because they said “unfortunately they cant help me”? This is biggest racist apps i have ever seen. I would rate 0 star if there was. Dont recommend it..Version: 7.06.02

Thankful, but not like it used to beI have found the posh community and customer service for the most part to be exceptional. Posh has been a good side gig with the added benefit of cleaning and decluttering my closets and I made anywhere from $300-$750 per month for the first year. However in years 2-3 posh raised its commission and ship rates twice. So now it’s hard to offer a good deal without basically giving stuff away. If you go under $10 on anything and count posh’s 20% commission plus a (usually expected since it’s almost $8) ship discount you are making only a buck or two. There are also a lot of people who think you should be thrilled to sell them a Gucci handbag for $15. I’ve literally received offers that ridiculous. And people who think you should post 19 extra pictures and 10 measurements on an item listed for 9 that they will offer you $5 on after you go back and do all of that. Finally, Posh is an app that expects you put in a LOT of time and effort to make any return. Not only with your own closet but others too. Engage engage and engage some more. So when I was making an average of $500 a month that was worth it but under $100, not so much. I started a different app last week that doesn’t take as much commission or require as much engagement and I have already made $300 there... in one week... So not feeling as great about Poshmark lately.Version: 6.14

They take a huge share!!I have used this app a lot, it is good, however they take such a large share of both the purchaser and the seller… it’s actually ridiculous! It’s unfortunate because this hinders discounts or actually selling your used clothes for super affordable prices!! I recommend Vinted for anyone like me, a student just trying to empty out old stuff and make a little extra cash!! Vinted doesn’t take a share of the sellers earnings and the amount that the purchaser pays has an added shipping cost that is more than reasonable !!.Version: 7.0.04

From 5 starts to 1…Was 5 starts before they added Purolator shipping. Now 1 star. I am a seller/buyer. I live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere and don’t have a Purolator pick up location, the closest one is almost an hour away. When I tried entering my address to get it shipped to my house by Purolator, it says my address is invalid. I have gotten things shipped to my house by Purolator numerous times so it’s not invalid. There is no way I’m paying $17.99 for shipping with Canada Post. I know prices on everything is going and all that so I was okay with Purolator but I guess not. I haven’t sold anything since they added Purolator but I’m okay with setting up a free pickup but since I can’t use my earnings/balance to get anything without having to pay almost $20 for shipping, it’s not worth it to me. It’s too bad cause I loved the app. 🤷🏼‍♀️.Version: 6.38

Great if you want $2 for your itemsThe app is easy to use and you can sell stuff through the platform. The shipping is absolutely outrageous. I’ve seen previous reviews on here saying that the prices are so high you don’t even want to use the app to purchase clothing… sellers on Poshmark have absolutely no choice because of the amount of money Poshmark takes for themselves and for shipping. I sold two Calvin Klein pyjama bottoms together my take after Poshmark took everything else was .80 cents not even near the gas $$$ to drive down to the post office. I have to sell three items before I leave for the post office because my takeaway is sooooo little. Also we can say that it’s expensive and we can go down to the store to buy a new product but really the whole point of this is trying to keep stuff out of the landfills and Poshmark can’t do that with the money they take from sellers. Also another thing is-if somebody gives you a bad review for shipping yet you shipped the same day yet Canada post is really slow the buyer can give you a bad review. Also there’s people that don’t know how do use Poshmark think they’re giving you a good review but they misunderstood it and check marked everything that was “wrong” with the item instead of everything that was right. Poshmark doesn’t look into these bad reviews for the seller they don’t care. Some guy gave me a bad review on a sweater because he didn’t look to see that it was woman’s in the women’s section and it even said women’s sweatshirt at the top of the description- I don’t know how he missed it but I still got a bad review for it-I cannot change postings after someone’s bought it which is good because then you can prove that it was exactly what you said it was. Either way still bad review for item description when it clearly had the description. For now I will sell my stuff on Poshmark for $20 and receive a portion of $4 or less because of all the fees they take. Never mind all the time I take sharing other peoples items, joining posh party’s and so on it’s really almost truly not worth my time. Another reviewer had mentioned that Poshmark will have a “Drop your price events” for more sales… when sellers have already dropped prices to the point of barely making anything. I don’t know how we’re supposed to drop them even lower that’s just for Poshmark to make money not for the seller ☹️.Version: 6.34

Fine, until…Poshmark is a pretty good place to buy and sell. It can be difficult to break into consistent sales but it is otherwise good. My main issue—and it is a big one—is their moderation. All of my listings disappears over 24 hours ago, an order for an item I really really loved was cancelled, and my ability to use any of the features of the site other than searching has been stripped. I was given no reason why. Nor even told it was happening until I discovered it myself! I eventually submitted a service request, and still have heard nothing. It is really a shame. I am likely going to switch to other apps like Grailed and even moreso Vinted—which has always given me great service when requested. Not as big an audience as Poshmark, but worth it in my mind..Version: 7.04.02

DISGUSTINGThis app just wants your information to spam email you with random BS like 7 emails in one day??? Are you kidding me Now many times do I have to unsubscribe also?? I’ve unsubscribed and 7 times and emailed you NOBODY NEEDS 7 EMAILS IN ONE DAY GET A FEKKEN LIFE.Version: 6.28

BUYER BEWARE!!Poshmark has SHADY refund practices and even shadier “members” “selling” their items on the app/site. Poshmark does NOTHING to weed out these “bad sales practice” users, and instead, punishes the buyer by taking WEEKS to return money for items that sellers never bothers to mail out. I purchased items TWICE (from different sellers) and BOTH times the sellers refused to mail my orders or even respond to my messages. I had already paid but Poshmark first made me wait about 10 days to request my money back. Once I requested my money back, it took Poshmark another 3 days to even acknowledge that I cancelled the order and wanted my money back. After that, it took them ANOTHER 15 days (and an angry email from me) to get them to finally release my money back to my bank account. The stress and hassle of Poshmark isn’t worth it and it’s not fair to have to wait almost a month to get money back from Poshmark which they received within a matter of seconds. They also need really need to be more strict with who they allow to sell on their app/site. When sellers REPEATEDLY have reports against them that say they reuse to mail out orders, those users need to be banned immediately and blocks should be made to try to stop them from creating a new account. There are just more bad apples than good ones on Poshmark so just make sure you are prepared for frustration, to have your money sitting in limbo for about a month and to be completely let down..Version: 2.84.03

Love it!Love this app but fees are just too high! I think more people would get on board if they were cheaper as then sellers wouldn’t have to put prices so high. Please Poshmark, reduce your fees and you’ll have so many more people buying and selling!!.Version: 6.42.02

Data gathering and weird account stuffThe sign up process is so data invasive, and after creating an account it automatically posts a “meet the posher” post using my fb pics. Immediately upon joining my account says I’m following 170 people, and ransoms start following me immediately. I came here to buy clothes, is everything trying to be a social media page now? Deleted my account immediately..Version: 7.08

Was scammed, poshmark refusing to help provide refund!I ordered a highchair from Sharonmeine85. It was a new account, and only had the one listing. My item shipped, I was provided a tracking number, and the item said it had been delivered yesterday, November 12th in or at my mailbox. I found that strange as my mailbox is on the road, why would someone leave a highchair in a big box on the road, and it wouldn’t have fit into a mailbox. I thought maybe the post office delivered it to the wrong house, so I called the local post office, and they confirmed that the tracking number provided to me did not match the description of a new high chair in the original box, that the item didn’t even have my mailing info on it, that it was in a small bag and under 5lbs. I’ve been emailing poshmark to let them know what’s happened and they keep telling me that the item says it was delivered to me without even reading or understanding what I am telling them. This entire situation has been a nightmare! I am out $168 because I’ve been scammed and they refuse to help! I would not recommend anyone to use this site because if you have an issue they do not stand by their word and have payment protection to help in cases like this! Now I have to reach out to the post office to get a statement from them, and file a report with my local police office, and then dispute with my bank to have charges reversed as no one here will help me!! I would not recommend buying from here!.Version: 6.08

Buyer beware!The second time I bought an item, it didn’t look the same as it did in the photo, and it had shrunk so it didn’t fit me. The seller was awful, argued, lied and ultimately got her way. Posh support said it was my fault for not asking more questions! $80 loss! I will never buy anything on this app again. Posh let’s sellers get away with scamming you..Version: 6.46

Better for buyersI buy and sell, and it’s def better for buyers than sellers. You can make offers and communicate easily with sellers. There are some great deals to be had. Just make sure you ask all your questions and request pics until you’re confident you want to buy since there are no returns (except when something has been blatantly misrepresented). Selling, on the other hand, has downsides that are the flip side of the same coin. People make ridiculous lowball offers. For example, say I’ve used a $200 handbag just a few times but then for whatever reason need some cash. I list for $100 which is a fair price and very good deal (keeping in mind I won’t be getting the full $100 anyway), and someone comes in offering $40. It’s just insulting and a waste of my time and I don’t even want to bother negotiating. This obv isn’t the app, but worth mentioning because it’s part of the overall Poshmark experience. I’d say the vast majority of buyers behave like this. Out of every 25 transactions, probably only 1 is a straight up purchase at listed price. Plus, you have to put a LOT of work into keeping your items visible and be super active on the app. But the worst part about selling is the 20% fee. I’ve ended up making $2 on an item before. The best part about selling is how the shipping label is just emailed to you so you can just pop the item into the drop box. Honestly not sure I would do this over again - I’d look into other apps for sure..Version: 3.08

App works great but fees are ridiculousThe app is extremely user friendly and so easy and quick to use! I simply adore it. HOWEVER! Rating is one star because as a buyer, any type of savings that could be made from buying second hand are completely negated by the ridiculously high shipping prices. Whats even more annoying is that for a brief period, there was a slightly cheaper Purolator alternative but that was taken away within a few weeks. Even with the purolator alternative, shipping costs were way too high but it still helped. As a seller, its very hard to sell things because people use the app like Instagram where they “like” your items without having any interest in purchasing. Its very hard to make any money at all because just to get the price you want, you need to mark up your selling price significantly (because on top of a shipping cost poshmark also takes a cut of every listing), so most people either offer a lesser price or counteroffer less than the already lower price you offered. Even on new items, its very hard to get cost price, let along make any kind of profit..Version: 6.50

The Shipping Price Kills Potential SalesI’ve been using Poshmark for two years and have made a good amount of sales on the platform. I typically only have success with NWT items from well known brands (priced $30+), and rarely sell used clothing from brands like Loft, Old Navy etc. The deterrent from users buying these items is the shipping price that’s a flat rate $7.95. I list items for $5 but that $7.95 makes a used old navy shirt valued at $13 to the consumer and the amount I make as a seller is $3.75. The very high fees (25%) combined with the high shipping price makes sales very difficult. I also list books, which have the same $7.95 shipping rate even though the USPS offers $2 media mail shipping. I really really really wish Poshmark would allow shipping costs by weight of products, media mail options etc. because it has steered me away from the platform. I’ve started listing on Facebook marketplace (takes only 5% commission and allows varied shipping options) and I’ve been able to sell the items that don’t sell on Poshmark and make significant more profit on my sales. That same old navy top would cost the consumer ~$8 (with shipping) and my commission would be $4.75. Poshmark please update the shipping options for sellers because it’s killing so many of our sales..Version: 6.18.02

Not greatA lot of people have issues with sellers not posting items, decided to take the risk and had the same issue. Poshmark refunded me but There’s no way to review and rate sellers either if you have this kind of experience. There’s also no mechanism for inactive accounts. I’d recommend messaging a seller before you buy anything to make sure they’re active. Buyer beware using this platform, could be good but needs improvement. For now I’ll stick to depop and eBay 👍.Version: 6.20

Stop Spamming inbox with “Parties”Like this marketplace app but hate the spamming going on in your inbox - constant notices from Poshmark “editor” to Parties you have no interest in - Stop PM editor party invites!.Version: 6.48

New fees take away the incentive to shopPoshmark was a great opportunity to get designer items at a much lower costs and it was fun negotiating prices but now with the new high shipping costs and taxes added there’s no longer an incentive to buy from Poshmark rather than just getting the brand new item at pretty much the same cost. I think I’ll be deleting the app for now..Version: 7.02.04

Too many replicas and Posh isn’t doing enoughI’m a Posh Ambassador, have been selling (and buying) since 2013. I’ve made about $20k in the last year. However, it’s becoming more and more difficult because of the HUGE overwhelming influx of replica sellers. I try to flag listings and sellers as counterfeit but there are so many after 2 hours I haven’t even made a dent. And they don’t get removed right away (sometimes at all) so I don’t get it. I have emailed customer service and shared my frustrations as well as some tips they could use to actually address it, but to no avail. I may need to switch platforms soon b/c how can I sell a Louis Vuitton authentic handbag for $2k (a discount from $5k) when replicas are being sold for $200??? It’s very unfortunate because buyers are getting scammed, sellers are facing unfair competition from fake items, and Google ads even banned Poshmark for a while for “the excessive amount of counterfeit products that were being sold on their platform.” Posh needs to step it up. If a brand new seller has a user name that is a jumble of letters and words that don’t make sense, a missing profile pic or a stock pic, and they post a luxury item for less than $500 (to avoid Posh Authentication), then a Posh employee or automated bot needs to give that listing and seller a 2nd review- minimum!.Version: 6.04

They will NEVER get back to youFor some unknown reason they randomly asked me to verify my payment method by scanning my passport or driver's license for them. No! I am very uncomfortable providing that information to a non- government agency especially as there is no reason to verify my payment method in the first place? I have repeatedly asked them to contact me (you know, the way people using fraudulent payment methods often do!) but to no avail. So, I can no longer purchase anything while I wait for a response that will never come. It’s really too bad because I loved the concept and really enjoyed having access to quality used goods. I didn’t even mind paying the high shipping costs. So...I have no other recourse, but to write a negative review- you know, the way people using fraudulent payment methods do. Aaaaargh!.Version: 3.38.02

Tax and too much taken from sellerTaxes added to purchase. Not sure why especially when when sellers dont have boutiques. Making want to look other putlets to sell, give away my stuff. And pourcentile taken from seller at the time of our purchase is too high. Making me want to use other apps not taking any fees. Good for the shipping..Version: 7.02.04

Notifications and emails were fare too muchTried unsubscribing multiple times. It was enough to ruin the whole experience. Would rather pay more money.Version: 6.46

DO NOT SELL ON POSHMARKPoshmark won’t issue your payment until buyer receives item. I sell on other platforms, and if you’re trying to make an extra income, I highly recommend Depop! I’ve shipped out items to buyers and NEVER received the payment. I’ve lost money through this platform..Version: 3.40

DO NOT USE THIS APPAs if it wasn’t bad enough that they take 20% of profits they stole my package and won’t return or apologise for it. Please use another site like Depop or carousell..Version: 6.04

Love for the MOST partPoshmark is great and probably one of the better selling apps, but there’s constant issues with its offers and cancels. They state offers are “binding” for 24 hours, but take a few hours (heaven forbid working your day job) not on the app and the offer you received on an item 3 or 4 hours ago is now cancelled by the buyer. With no reason why, Poshmark has invalidated their policies, leaving their sellers without the sale and the buyer able to just “offer” fickly with no actual “binding” to them. When you want to reach out and contact Poshmark about these issues or anything really, there is no way to reach them. You select “contact support” within the app and nothing happens but a blank loading page never to be loaded (probably exactly what they want) so nothing get progressed. I even tried so much as to get onto the website version to try to contact support but that outcome was exactly the same. So, for selling a few things occasionally - it’s a great app! And you CAN sell your items fairly quick. For selling items regularly and throughout the year for extra money outside of work - I would just prepare to not always be able to accept every offer sent to you and to no have any conclusive reason why or to contact Poshmark with your issues..Version: 3.20

Prepare to spammed with emailsOnce your email address has been added you can not unsubscribe if you don’t complete the sign up process, this is in breech of Australian consumer and privacy laws, you must opt in to receive emails and unsubscribe should be simple..Version: 6.18

Have not received my paymentI am actually quite disappointed with the support I have received from Poshmark. Very minimal. I sold a pair of boots late September, and still have not received the deposit. It’s mid October. I followed up with Poshmark support, who responded once and heard nothing after that..Version: 3.18

FraudulentEasy to post your items and ship off, expect either no money in return or for the buyer to ship back an empty box? And posh mark did NOTHING except tell me to try and file a police report.. honestly your wasting your time, try depop or heck try Facebook marketplace or kijiji honestly ANYTHING is better than this garbage.Version: 4.0

Not a robotCan’t get past the captcha to log in - stuck in an endless loop of selecting traffic lights.Version: 6.48

Taxes?Nice items but … The shipping costs are very high and now you are adding taxes to the items… No longer interesting to buy.Version: 7.0.06

So hard to useThe app is so slow and so time consuming better off just using the other apps.Version: 6.36

Terrible.35 notifications a day - all of which are useless quotes with no relevance to anything? 20% selling fees are ridiculous. Don’t waste your time..Version: 6.04.02

Cannot delete old offers and parties!I've only bought a few things on here but I've received a whole lot of notifications for offers and parties. I've tried like crazy to delete the old offers and party notifications but Poshmark's website says there's no way to opt out of party invites and no way to delete all of the old offers and/or bundles, and also that you can't make any changes to your account online, only through the app, and that doesn't go far enough. When you click to only show active offers/bundles, it doesn't show the offers previously made cause they've since expired. I've tried to unlike items but the offers still show up so if I want to make a counter offer I have to check through all the old offers to find the one item. It's ridiculous. There's just garbage to look through. I don't want party invites and I want to delete my offers/bundles/party invites, and anything else that might come up. I've turned off all of the notifications but they're still there when I reopen the app and they pop up every time I'm in the app. In addition, I agree that the 20% cut and the high shipping costs hurt everyone. I've gotten offers with reduced shipping but when I try to accept an offer it says I'm going to be paying the normal $7.11, so I don't do it. Then when I want to make an offer, I factor in the $7.11 shipping costs and offer the difference to the seller. All of this is so annoying!.Version: 4.0

Can’t change shipping countryI moved to Canada from the states a year ago. Found out Poshmark is in Canada but It won’t let me change my address from USA to Canada..Version: 3.0

Love the app, but volume seller support is a jokeLove this app and all that it’s done for me. But… your priority support for PA2 is not real. Falsely advertise that we have this extra support yet we wait 2 plus week for extremely generic non helpful answers. You should take volume seller feedback seriously. There are 20+ suggestions I could make to improve the app. Why don’t you take user feedback seriously?.Version: 6.48

The worst app to date (waste of time)The service sucks, the company behind the app is rude, and the app itself is super glitchy and won’t let me get support. What a waste of time..Version: 6.44.02

Notifications are a problem, search functionality not as good as eBayA fix to notifications is sorely needed. Currently the choice is constant notifications due to constant “posh party” invitations (which I can’t see the point of - if I want to buy something I’ll search for it) or no notifications in which case I risk missing acting on a sale. I also wish I could narrow searches better, eBay is streets ahead in this regard. And finally, the return policy is too limited. I would like to allow buyers to return an item due to it not fitting/not suiting them and I want this option myself as a buyer. Again, EBay allows sellers to offer this option..Version: 6.36

Easily the worst app delete it ASAPPeople return back your damaged items and I have a friend who was returned her authentic “Chanel bag” and the package came back empty and poshmark did not reply !!!!! Horrible!!!!!!!!.Version: 5.26

Really not worth it.Don’t waste your time with this app, so many unnecessary notifications multiple times a day from random quotes to party invites from strangers. Sellers are forced to up their prices due to the greedy 20% fee Poshmark takes from every item you sell. There are an abundance of other platforms to sell your clothes that are way better! Turnaround is extremely slow, and design is not user friendly - the layout is very outdated, not worth it unfortunately :(.Version: 5.32

Not profitableYou spend more time collecting followers than you actually do making sales it gets to the point where you are getting followers all day long nonstop notifications, but no sales cheap customers. Shipping fees are too high..Version: 7.04.02

Poshmark evolutionI have been an active e-commerce store on poshmark for several years. Easy to list and update inventory, and items. However, it is the most demanding platform for your interaction. If you want sales you work it like your own website by sharing all day and working social media etc. and may not see any sales. The cost to do business fee is 20% , the highest of all platforms, that I am aware of. With a higher fee, you would think better advertising or exposure for good-rated sellers on the platform. To help the growth of loyal sellers on the platform. 2022 severely severed sales! Some of it is economic issues others are lack of exposure. There has been an update that impacts the majority of sellers to a rotation of exposure or something - literally, it is feast or famine in sales. And I am not anywhere close to 3% turn on any week or day! My biggest bonus - I have met a lot of ppl that sell on posh that are great friends! That has helped me and my business grow throughout the years! The sellers on Poshmark make the platform. They're also the ones you will get help and support from when you need it. I hope to see improvement from Poshmark to support their long-term sellers with good ratings. Online selling is not as easy as you may think! You have to be organized and motivation, keeping up with constant change to stay relevant..Version: 7.02.04

Yikes.The app seems to work fine but I had to offload it because of business structure vs functionality. Here’s what I don’t like: T huge majority of these sellers are ridiculous. I’ve had one trying to sell me the same already worn dress for $40 that I could’ve bought new, at Macy’s, on clearance, for $40 plus tax which would be less than her used $40 dress with shipping. Second- the emails and alerts and reminders are overwhelming. I don’t really need or want a bazillion of them every day. If sellers were encouraged to price things to move, they wouldn’t be barraging buyers with repeated discount offers, clogging up my email and my phones CPU. They’d actually sell items. Poshmark could fix this problem by suggesting 75% off price originally paid (who pays full retail upfront anyway? No one.) and higher based on age of item and condition. Shoes aren’t posh if the heels are worn to nubs. Also- I’m not buying a damaged “designer” item at any discount once there’s a hole in it, it doesn’t matter what the label says. No one sees the label. They see the hole. That’s what Goodwill is for. There are a ton of items that are listed but no longer for sale, and it’s not obvious- Poshmark should have a time limit for sellers which would encourage them to price things to move and bonus- not frustrate buyers looking at a coat that someone couldn’t sell last year for $50 so they donated it and never deleted the listing..Version: 2.128

7-day distribution period :(Call me impatient, but the seller has up to 7 days to post your item, I find this frustrating. Marketplace has a quicker turnaround time, cheaper postage too, which I presume sellers increase to avoid the greedy 20% sellers fee..Version: 5.22

SCAMMY FRIEND WAS SCAMMED ON POSHMARK!!!! she sent a $1150 bag to someone who then said it was scratched and they “returned it”. inside the return box was a roll of tape. absolute garbage app and nobody should use it.Version: 4.0

New tax hike 👎👎I used to love Poshmark but now they’re charging every tax applicable in the country on your final order… my tax on orders went from just over a dollar for big items. Now I order 20$ pants, shipping is 13.50$ and taxes is 4.05$… That’s an insane amount of tax, almost 25% tax on your order… been effective as of July 1/22. We shouldn’t be taxed on shipping or be charged sales tax on something that has already been taxed before when brand new. Am I buying a car or clothes?? I can’t tell anymore..doesn’t seem to be a difference.. Poshmark just got greedy👎👎.Version: 6.42.02

If I could rate it a 0 I would in a heartbeatLong review ahead, but please please read! I’d been looking for a third party platform to sell from for a while, as I wanted to sell from a place that was solely based around clothes. I was so excited when I found Poshmark, as it’s super simple to use, looks great and has a really good share system. I sold my first three items in my first 2 weeks but this is where it all goes downhill... My sales were picked up by courier but were never scanned into the system, resulting in poshmark harassing ME for not sending the packages. Then about 2-3 weeks later, all of my items were suddenly marked as delivered, despite no one receiving a thing. Myself and my buyers reached out, Poshmark repeatedly said there was nothing they could do as the issue was on the couriers end. Myself and one other buyer tried but could not get a hold of the courier company as they do not have a contact number. This lasted so long we had even talked about contacting consumer affair. Eventually everything turned up. So I decided to give the app another try, because I desperately wanted this to work. I spent a few hours drafting my next drop and immediately, I’m talking before I could even refresh my page, 8 out of 14 of my new items were flagged as counterfeit (which they certainly are not), all of my other items were removed and I’ve been blocked from adding anymore. I’m beyond upset that after such a horrible first experience, in which poshmark lost items, said it was out of their hands, then continued to blame ME... They now have the nerve to block me from further selling! I’d also like to add, that unlike any other platform I’ve used, Poshmark charges it’s sellers 20% of the sales price, which is actually ridiculously high! Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me but I will not be fooled a third time and I will strongly encourage anyone who is still reading this, DO NOT USE THIS APP!.Version: 6.12.02

AnnoyingGives so many unnecessary notifications.Version: 5.04

Spam email!I had to sign up to view the products and now I get about ten emails per day despite “unsubscribing” from so many and even sending an email requesting to stop spamming me! Not happy!.Version: 7.04

Doesn’t workWon’t let me get past making an account. Moved onto another app..Version: 6.18

Broken and dirtyI received a broken and dirty jacket. I asked for the refund , I sent photos and a video and then they told me that I did not qualify for a refund because: Requested video was not submitted within alotted timeframe. 🤷🏼‍♀️Poshmark disappointed me..Version: 3.34

TRASHNothing is new, everything is falsely advertised! And you can buy new for just about the prices. Kijiji is wayyyy better.Version: 3.26

Shipping needs to change ASAPPoshmark is a great app, but I find myself using Mercari more and more simply because of the shipping issues. On Mercari, not only can you choose what company you want to ship with (they show you different costs of each one), they also adjust shipping based on weight. So items that weigh less than 5 oz, it only costs $3.49 to ship, as opposed to over $7. I’m not sure why Poshmark isn’t getting on board with this same aspect. Are they pocketing the extra money once they cut the shipping label for the weight or are they doing flat rate shipping? Are they getting a business rate for flat rate shipping then charging users full price? Probably. Not sure. Either way, there is absolutely no need to flat rate ship something that weighs 3 oz. It completely scr3ws the buyer and shipper.. the buyer because they are paying outrageous shipping charges obviously.. but also the seller, because if the $7 shipping charge puts the item over what the buyer wants to pay, they don’t buy it. I can’t tell you how many items I’ve wanted to buy, but I’ve passed on, because the shipping charge just makes it WAY overpriced. This shipping issue will be the downfall of Poshmark once more and more people realize they can do the same thing for less money on Mercari. Please fix it, Poshmark Team. Your users deserve better..Version: 4.34.04

Horrible appThis app takes so much money from you. If your sale is over $20, they take 20% of commission and they take tax money from this. Like what the hell? Why is there even tax for this. I sold a pair of Mukluks for $184 before tax earnings. After tax I made, $138.74 because this stupid app applies so much deductions. Another issue is, they do not show the right amount of your earnings once the order has been bought. They will have earnings before tax so because of this, its so hard to make offers to buyers or even negotiate. This app is only good to sell used/good condition items you have in your closet. 20% commission is already a lot and and on top you apply tax depending on the province? This is extremely stupid..Version: 6.18

20% Greedy FeePoshmark charges a 20% fee for everything that is sold…. For what? To help maintain an outdated app with very low traffic? They need to lower the fee and try to bring more sellers to the platform. Very hard to sell things..Version: 6.14

Shipping Changes Causes Monster ProblemsNew shipping changes with better pricing on the platform + app have caused monster problems in Canada! Labels can’t be printed, some can’t send their shipments due to PO Boxes now. They are also having substantial problems replying to customers with issues related to all of this. I’m still waiting for someone to follow up and/or fix my issues related to this problem and it’s almost been a week now. Had to temporarily shut off my account. Really disappointed..Version: 6.38

Fee and shipping rates are too high.I initially thought Posh was a fun way to sell on line but the high fees and shipping rates are a problem. I have literally received 5 cents from selling items for $3. Once the item is below $10 then the minimum Posh fee of $2.95 becomes greater than 20%. Additionally, it’s hardly worth paying $6.49 in shipping fees for inexpensive lightweight items. I think this structure needs to be revised. As a seller, I basically give away stuff; regardless of how low I price merchandise, the offers come in ridiculously (insultingly) lower where I often prefer not to sell. As a buyer, the items I like are marked up above what I see in retail (or they are not bargain shoppers and grossly over paid from the start). The constant promotions just encourage us to continue marking stuff down with no benefits. I don’t think the application is easy to use as I would like to be able to look at the sellers stats before a purchase to assure quality. I did appreciate the free authentication of items above $500. Additionally, sellers must stay alert to constant scammers. I don’t think I will continue to do this much longer. There should be more avenues to provide feedback, like themes for Posh parties like: White Party Attire (all white items), Game Day (jerseys and sports paraphernalia), Plus size parties, High Cotton (only 100% cotton), etc. I think requiring the fabrication as listed on labels is important..Version: 3.08

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