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YouNow: Go Live, Make Friends Negative Reviews

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YouNow: Go Live, Make Friends App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

YouNow: Go Live, Make Friends app received 144 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using YouNow: Go Live, Make Friends? Can you share your negative thoughts about younow: go live, make friends?

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YouNow: Go Live, Make Friends for Negative User Reviews

Fix this problem PlzzsI love younow app but I have been having a huge problem with reading some of my fans comments and when on a computer you can see everything please fix this problem I am not the only younower who has had this much appreciated if you can fix it soon.Version: 13.31.0

Suspended for no reasonMe and my friend were broadcasting and someone told us to say something and of course we didn't know what it meant so when we read it and said it put loud we got suspended This is a complete joke 😡.Version: 13.31.0

TURNED INIf you are thinking of downloading this app, please read this review. 1. If you look 10 but is older than the age of 13. Don't go live because someone I'll turn you in, report u and then banned u. 2. Ppl tend to freeze a lot and lag 3. Everything else they say in the reviews with low stars.Version: 9.2.0

Great app broken by old old lingering bugs...It signs me out every single time I open the app and makes it act like I wasn’t already linked with that account. The most annoying thing is I can’t even watch broadcasts on my phone because the volume is fixed at a blaring loud rate and this has been going on for years now.. how is that hard to fix this bug. I update iOS all the time on an iPhone XS Max 256Gb. This app should not be so buggy, where other broadcasting apps are nearly flawless and I literally have no problems with the volume on any other app I’ve ever had or have so what’s the deal??? Fix this annoying volume bug and you’ll get a 5 star rating. Such a small thing to ruin such an otherwise great app..Version: 15.8.6

Cant do anythingI love this app but cant get on to it anymore on my ipod 4.Version: 6.4.4

Be carfulI love going on this app to watch the people I love and support when I went on to go live there was this guy saying I was pretty I said thx because I didn’t think of it that bad but when I went live with him he disgusted me ....he said oh you k ow what I’m gonna do ( he said it In a sexual way ) so he undid his pants and started to bring his (area) out and started to jerk off ... so plz if your a girl especially underaged please be carful because there is some disgusting creeps and people out on this app so be carful.Version: 15.5.1

UNDERAGE GIRLS AND GROOMINGFor starters, the desktop version for YouNow works much better - The app crashes a lot and doesn’t have all the features that the desktop version has. YouNow rules state that you must be 13 or older to go on the app - which is pretty absurd and should be raised to at least 16. There are MANY underage girls that broadcast live. An incident occurred today where there was a girl who said she was 10, there was MANY grown men saying things that really shouldn’t be said to girls of that age unless they want to be arrested. I therefore reported the girl and the inappropriate accounts, yet, I got suspended. Without any explanation. I did not break any YouNow rules. There are way too many young girls on the app that get groomed, and it needs to stop..Version: 13.35.1

FIX SCREEN ROTATION !!!Updates to newest IOS version, and now the screen to rotate on YN isn’t working. Fix please*.Version: 18.5.3

Keeps logging outCan you guys fix this it keeps logging me out so I haven’t been getting to see anyone’s streams because I don’t get the notifications.Version: 15.8.28

I WANT TO WATCH OLD BROADCASTSI really want to watch YOUTUBERS and VINERS but if I miss even 2 mins of the live broadcast you can't watch the rest. I want to watch old broadcasts but it doesn't let you and it's so annoying!! I don't like how you go on the home button and you have to watch other people. I want to pick who I want to watch not watch random people. AND WHY CANT YOU SEARCH FOR PEOPLE I was searching for my favourite People and it came up with hashtags and random accounts I WANT TO SERCH FOR ACCOUNTS NOT HASHTAGS it's not set out properly and it's annoying. I AM REALLY REALLY ANNOYED WITH THIS APP SERIOUSLY..Version: 6.2.0

Needs iPhone X Support!!!It’s a really good app, but it needs iPhone X support, I’ve had the iPhone X for a couple of months now and this is one of only a couple of apps that don’t have X support yet. Get with the times!!!.Version: 13.35.6

Fix the bugs.The user interface is dreadful during a broadcast, simply trying to type a message is a challenging task. It freezes, the keyboard blocks half of the screen and you cannot communicate with the broadcasters as a result..Version: 15.0.7

Good but badIt’s a good app but for some reason I’m being kicked and blocked from peoples broadcasts when I haven’t broken any rules.Version: 15.8.9

YOUNOW WHAT THE HELLThey banned me for being under 13 even though I am 13 like what the hell pls fix this.Version: 18.2.6

Fix this!The app use to be supper fun and had potential to really blow up. What I’ve been coming across is first off most users are watching and broadcasting from mobile devices. Why do you not allow mobile users to put a title for their broadcast. Second what’s the purpose of the free currency you can’t do much of anything with it. Stickers do nothing and provide no kind of emphasis on the chat. In my opinion stickers are my annoying than anything until you make stickers boost numbers or something why even add that feature?.Version: 13.34.0

Crashes all the timeWhenever I’m watching a live stream and there’s a few too many people on it, it crashes the whole app. It occasionally logs me out of the app completely when I try to get back on. As well as this the audio and video is atrociously bad. This is an app built for live-streaming. Why is it so bad at it?.Version: 15.6.10

FrustratingI can't change my profile picture because when it says move and scale, I can't do that. It ends up being too close to my face, or focused on the stuff in the background. A good app, but please fix this..Version: 11.0.1

Worst app EVER!The mods told me I was banned for nudity, when I’ve never been nude EVER on camera. Would never recommend this app to anyone, unless you want to get banned for no reason :).Version: 14.0.9

Huge pedophilia problemLast time i used this app i was manipulated and sexually assaulted. i had to report it to the authorities and it lead to years of therapy. i was a child. the more reviews i read the more i realize this whole app has a problem with pedophiles and sexualization of women. guardians and parents please, for the love of god, monitor your children and make good decisions on the internet. younow is filled with sick freaks looking to hit on younger women.Version: 18.11.1

READ THIS BEFORE DOWNLOADING!!!I downloaded this app when I was around the age of 12 because of boredom and low self esteem. As soon as I joined chats filled the que with quotes about how I was “hot” “looked like a model” and “beautiful” to 12 year old me these all seemed like very flattering things. But not when they are coming from grown men peering into my bedroom and seeing my life through a camera. The adults on here are very slick they try to earn broadcasters affection by doing things like giving “likes” and becoming a fan (these are all things that can give your broadcast popularity) but the problem with it is majority of the young people aren’t here aren’t broadcasting with the intent to be partnered with younow. They are broadcasting because they like the attention they get from onlookers. Please take my advice and do NOT download this app looking back in retrospect at age 14 there are MUCH better ways to spend your time and this app will only give a negative outcome in the end. Just look up the story of Amanda Todd if you don’t believe me. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this app and stay safe 💗.Version: 13.34.0

😑It is saying I can’t go live.Version: 17.6.4

PleaseTwitter sign in please!!!!!.Version: 7.5.0

Suspended for no reason.Okay so a few years ago when I was around 10 I decided to download this app and go live, may i remind you that i did not know anything about an age limit, now as a 14 year old i decide "hey, lets download this app so i can watch Dan and Phil when they livestream" but you now has different ideas, when I go to change my URL it suspends me for no reason! My name is Kassi, I wanted to change my URL to 'Kassthefangirl' but nope, I'm no longer able to follow Dan and Phil, which is literally the only reason I was on the app and I wasn't even going to go live, I just wanted to change my URL and they suspended me for no good reason whatsoever..Version: 13.34.0

3 starsThis is good when someone your a fan of is on, but it also allowed me to find new people that I now like as well,but I don't like how you can't comment/rate/ broadcast with out face book so it limits people who don't have face book, you should change that but other then that it's good.Version: 2.0.6

Rude and mean peopleYouNow is a pedophile because they allow 12 year olds to be on this app it should be 18+only younow fix this crap because the government and FBI HAVE BEEN INFORMED ABOUT THE APP SO AGAIN FIX THE AGE.Version: 17.4.0

It is okIt is ok the server is down tho.Version: 17.7.2

I Got Suspended And I Just Made A YouNow Account 3 Hours AgoMy favorite youtubers posted a tweet on Twitter saying they were going live on YouNow, so I made an account and connected my YouNow to my Facebook. However, my favorite youtubers were not going live yet, but I wanted to make the account ahead of time. As soon as I made my account, I closed the app and waited for the youtubers to go live. The youtubers tweeted and said, “we’re now live on YouNow.” I quickly went to YouNow and pressed on their live video, however I wasn’t allow to text on group chat because I was suspended. According to YouNow... certain actions are restricted..... but I never used the app before and just made my account today. I didn’t even use it for longer than 10 minutes, and now I’m ‘supposedly’ suspended for ‘restricted actions.’ But what did I do to be suspended? Nothing? Wow, just wow. At least I can still watch my favorite youtubers. This app isn’t the best, I would rather recommend MySpace (just saying; no offense) I haven’t even used the App before, and now I’m suspended..Version: 15.5.1

Stupid app!!Account gets suspended for no reason!! Not using this ridiculous app, used to like it but now getting suspended when I don’t even use it often!!!.Version: 18.6.1

Not working at allI was watching a broadcast and it froze so i tried refreshing the app, i went back on and it wouldn’t let me click on anything, i tried multiple times then turned off my device and turned it back on and it still wouldn’t work..Version: 13.36.13

Was greatIt was great until the recent wanting to update, now it's not compatible to my phone anymore which sucks since I can't afford a new phone right now..Version: 13.36.16

:(Am i meant to be able to watch stuff? i cant? hmm.Version: 1.0.0

I don’t understand whyThis app should be good and all as everyone says it is but I’ve tried adding a streamer as a fan but it’s just not doing anything and I tried to watch a stream but nothing is happening.Version: 15.7.19

Be carefulThe app itself is fun. But how YouNow itself handles situations is down right upsetting. They have banned people for simply helping others that are being bullied, and people defending themselves against bullies. They don’t give the person who the report is against a chance to work it out with them. I told them about someone who was threatening me on a different platform called LiveMe. They told me there wasn’t anything they could do. But yet when that person reported me to YouNow about what happened on YouNow they banned me. And when I told them that it happened somewhere else and called them out. They proceeded to tell me that you can’t bully someone on YouNow on a different platform. I could go on for days about them. But I’ll leave this right here. I had someone threatening to k1ll me and my kids and smear out blood on the walls. I reported it with proof. And nothing was done to this person at all. That person is still actively on YouNow. Just be careful if you download it. Also there’s pedos that they allow on the app and do nothing about..Version: 17.6.4

Horrible appI was making dinner with my 12 yr old niece having regular conversations with the people who were in my live and I got suspended for nudity I can assure u I would never let my 12 year old niece walk around the house naked let alone go on a live with millions of people able too watch. There was none I could even email too get my account reviewed or anything this is the most stupid app ever to be made..Version: 16.0.1

Broken fix itCrashes every 5 minutes. Cant scroll all the way down the list of broadcasters without it reloading the list. Need to be able to turn individual notifications off so you don’t get 10,000 notifications on your phone. Put some time into this one app and it could be great but until fixed it only gets 1 Star from me..Version: 13.36.11

Never downloadThere are so many creeps asking u to marry then asking u out asking for ur number harassing u and even making u delete the app as I have I know this is not the creators fault but I need people to monitor whats going on during people’s live streams so nobody gets sexually harassed or judged by there looks before people even get to meet u. So I’m sending the message out to everyone BE CAREFUL social media is not a joke!!.Version: 18.7.4

You nowIt's not the best because it suspended me for no reason and all I did was like someone's broadcast and they suspended me 😢.Version: 11.4.0

Incredibly GlitchyWorks sometimes. It goes in and out a lot. People will post saying they're a singer or musician but then they do nothing. I mean nothing. Sometimes they don't even talk. There are some talented musicians and singers on there and also beginners who are fun to watch. Some people will only talk to you if you give them money in the form of gifts. Others talk to everyone and read every comment. You just have to weed out the talent and the people who are too snobby to talk if you don't shower them with gifts and likes that mean money for them. I never gift until an artist is truly kind to me and others not gifting. If they are talented and kind, then I will gift..Version: 13.34.0

Slwoيعني.Version: 7.0.0

This app is good but...Alright. This is a good app. Streaming is fun and you can join other streams and talk with your favourite streamers. But recently, I was streaming with my friend. We reached 50 viewers but then it stopped. I tried to re stream but it told me I was suspended. I read through all of the rules, terms and conditions and community Guidelines, and I have noticed that I did not violate anything. I can’t watch streamers, broadcast or basically do anything. It’s been a day, I’ve emailed younow and I had a mental breakdown (partly because of this but mainly other problems) since and I don’t know what to do. This is why I only gave 2 stars. You can get suspended without being told why and by doing absolutely nothing wrong. It’s actually affected me because now I keep on thinking that there’s something wrong with me just because of this app. I know it’s all in my head but o still don’t think this app should be suspending and banning people for no reason. I say people because this has happened quite a few times before (as I gathered from reading through reviews and on the internet) so younow please fix this as it is unfair on others..Version: 15.7.17

May 18 2018 UpdateThe app always crashes for me since the May 18 2018 update..Version: 13.35.6

OkI've turned on for notifications for certain streamers & I'm not getting any of them. Video quality can be pretty poor too..Version: 13.31.0

Please read before you buy. (Especially if you are a girl!)When I got this app, I was ready to broadcast and watch other people broadcast. Two weeks, I went back on the app. Everything was fine until, I made to the home page. On the home page, the app would just freeze and then just crash. This led me into become very frustrated. Also because I would have to refresh the app when it chooses to freeze. Another thing about this app is that, it’s just creepy. One day, I was watching a girl’s broadcast. (She looked underage so she shouldn’t be on this app.) Anyway, while I was looking through the comment section/chat, I was left in pure disgust. The chat showed these perverts asking for age, Snapchat, address, and sexual things. I’m a male and I hate people who do that to innocent girls. Basically, if you are a girl and you’re reading this, please be careful on this app. They’re a lot of creeps on this app..Version: 13.26.20

Not a good appUsed this app for 2yrs waste of time and money random people report you for no reason and the people that run the app don’t investigate I prefer everyone to use liveme as this app is completely trash.Version: 15.8.11

🤷🏻‍♀️I have been on younow for about six years and I’ve loved it since day one but sadly the past year it’s been going down hill...everyone’s complaint about how it’s so laggy and there’s not a lot of people anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️ we can’t do much about who used it but could we do something about the lagging? I love YouNow for ever and always because it’s a great way to help with my anxiety and socially awkward moments! I’m glad that I can make friends and enjoy live-streaming with so many amazing and talented people! Honestly without younow I’d probably be nothing like I am today!.Version: 15.7.9

The One ProblemThis app is a great app, allowing you to watch live streams and have a good time. However, I love to live steam, so this is where the problem comes in. The stream you put out on this app is EXTREMELY delayed for the viewers. I tested it by finding my steam on my laptop and to my surprise, it was showing the stream with at least a 10 minute delay. FIX THIS. Thank you..Version: 7.5.0

Iphone problemsIt won’t let me watch my friends broadcast on my iphone.Version: 13.34.0

Can’t delete accountI got banned a while back for who knows what reason I streamed fairly regularly I tried to make a new account got banned on that one also. I made an appeal but I don’t find the joy in streaming very much anymore my interests have changed I’m more in the virtual reality scene right now playing video games. I’m trying to terminate my accounts it will not let me there is no option for it anymore and I don’t know why I went to privacy there’s absolutely no option on mobile or the pc. To cover some other issues I’ve had I don’t like a lot of the people on there it’s mostly old men hitting on young girls including myself I haven’t found a lot of genuine good people on any of these types of sights that’s another reason why I want to leave. But the four years I was there I did enjoy having fun at the time there were a few meaningful conversations. Anyways hope someone can fix this issue I’m having.Version: 16.9.2

AwfulThis appbis awful i am old enough to luve strram but someone asked me how old i qas i didnt feel like i wanted to say so i know they reported me im old enogh and you juat take it away from me after i get 3000 likes.Version: 15.7.20

Good idea but...When I try to make my cover photo or profile picture it zooms in on a little spot no matter how much I try to crop it and when I go live the camera doesn't work and it's really glitchy.Version: 13.2.0

Terrible app, the annoying hard to use alternative to periscope.The only reason people use this instead of periscope is that it's monetised. The app is terribly confusing and hard to use. You cannot replay old videos in the app but you can if you visit their website. Avoid this app at all costs..Version: 9.3.0

Notification won’t go away?I’ve had the little red (1) above my YouNow for at least a month now. i’ve given up trying to get rid of it because i have no idea what it’s from. it might be a bug but it might also be from something i haven’t seen but i doubt its that as i’ve looked everywhere. please fix :).Version: 14.0.9

Bad systemPLEASE go back to the old version where the notifications of people you had become a fan of was clear. In the lasts couple of updates it's been rubbish and I never know if anyone I like is live. So PLEASE change it back!!!!!!! I don't want phone notifications I want a tab that says that this person has gone live however many minutes ago, I do NOT want a tab that says 'become a fan of these people to be notified when they go live'.Version: 6.4.3

YounowThis is the worst app ever this app uses your information to access your account details which is illegal and it is illegal to share personal information with others 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬.Version: 16.5.0

HorribleSo I went on the app thinking it was good cause I never went live before so I went live and I went live like 3 times and then somehow it said that my account was suspended. And I was like oh I can go live again that’s probably just a mistake so I did and it said your account was suspended. So I look at the reviews saying that they got suspended for 6 months-a year. So I saw that mine said I was under 13. I’m 14. So somehow somebody reported my live bc they thought I was under 13. So I told my parents. They didn’t care. But that has nothing to deal with it. I waited like 1 week. I tried going live. It still said I was suspended. So then I waited like 5 months. Not worrying about the app. Then I remembered oh why don’t I just go on the app! Then I went on it. Trying to go live, then it said “suspended” so then I waited like a year then. Went on the app again. Then I went live, it said still “suspended” So I would not recommend this app. It’s terrible. Never planning to get it ever again..Version: 14.0.18

Most buggy app I have every used, crashes and freezes every time!I would give zero stars if I could. This genuinely has to be the most buggy app I have every experienced on any platform. It lags when you scroll, it freezes then quits. It is genuinely aweful. I love YouNow, but this app on my iPad is truly horrific. In a space of an hour, I probably have to force close it about 20 times, and that isn’t an exaggeration. YouNow has been around for years, come on guys, this should be perfection. I have stopped purchasing in app, and won’t until this is fixed. Sorry, but I ain’t supporting something this bad. You guys make a fortune no doubt, and you are failing at the simplest things..Version: 13.36.17

:(This won't work on my 4th gen iPod anymore because I need iOS 7, WHICH WE CAN'T GET! So yeah, I can't use this app any more, what a waste of space on my iPod now, I'm going to delete it. Used to like this app but now I'm just disappointed.Version: 7.4.0

GrrCan you not update the app and change layout instead of just doing bugs and fixes updates.Version: 15.8.5

Need to help the lag in Australia. Otherwise great!I really enjoy this app and would love it if they fixed how much lag we get in Australia. I understand it's an American based app but it's going global so it'll benefit you as a developer and us as consumers if you fixed that. We would broadcast and the viewers would see what we said about 5 minutes after we'd have said it. We'd receive their messages on time but they'd see as too late. Lessons the interactive experience you're trying to create with this app. Otherwise it works awesomely and I love the idea of it! Thanks heaps..Version: 9.1.2

Getting annoying tbh :(Please STOP forcing the user ELLE down my throat! I’ve blocked and muted this user yet I still keeping getting notifications from this user..Version: 15.8.27

My phone got hackedI downloaded this app last night and today morning many of my passwords got hacked and unauthorized transaction was made, be careful before you decide to download it as this app do take access to your personal info..Version: 16.7.1

HorribleThere is a lot of pedophiles.DO NOT DOWNLOAD.Version: 16.9.2

FacebookWhen I click the login with Facebook button it begins to load fb and then just crashes. Please fix :'(.Version: 2.1.0

We got banned for NO reason!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡So when I first got this app my friend and I loved it!! We were always going live and having lots of fun. Also we definitely obeyed the rules and blocked any weird people asking for private information or asking to do weird things. So I was definitely following the rules. And when I watched other people go live I didn’t spam or ask for private information or tell them to do things that are you know weird. So I absolutely should have never gotten banned!!!! Anywho this is when I realized I couldn’t go live. About 3 weeks ago my friend and I were bored and decided to go on YOUNOW but when we tried to go live it said we got suspended for being “underage” even though we’re both not underage we’re actually BOTH over 13yrs old!!! So I just don’t get why we got suspended?? And then we tried going back on today and it said we got EXPELLED FOR BEING UNDERAGE!!!!! And I was like HOLD UP last time it said we were SUSPENDED NOT EXPELLED ALSO WHEN WE WERE SUSPENDED WE NEVER GOT UNSUSPENDED!! So I’m really really really mad and would love to go live again!! Oh I forgot to mention we also didn’t curse/swear..Version: 13.35.2

Could be better, no support, waste of timeI liked the idea of it, and have friends that recommended it, but my first account got locked out for no reason within 24 hours before I was able to do anything at all. I created a second one with a different media account and I had it for two weeks and then it got locked out again right after I switched from my phone app to the PC. I have a shared internet account but it shouldn’t have effected a individual account signed in from a different media address. I tried to get answers since there was no explanation. I feel like I wasted my time on here. There was a lot of people I enjoyed following too..Version: 15.7.16

ابوظبييحتاج الى تخديث جديد البرنامج يحتاج الى تعديل.Version: 7.0.0

CrashingThis app is fun but it has a problem with lagging and crashing please fix this. I also think the quality of the video can improve. 😬.Version: 12.5.0

ARGHTo be honest I thoroughly enjoy this app but I'm so annoyed. I have been banned on one account, suspended on 2. I honestly want to slap this app in the face! I did nothing wrong. :( it's annoying and sad as I enjoy broadcasting and talking to people... But I can't! OMFG STOP.Version: 6.3.3

StupidIf you dont get banned because of not making any money for the creators, Younow will waste your life anyway. Mods are biased and will ban you for no reason at all and are difficult to contact.Version: 8.4.0

My advice to youDont waste your money on this app , they don’t deserve it.Version: 18.4.0

I hate this appI hate this app with a passion my head is spinning in circles this is the worst app I’ve ever usedYou keep on getting banned for no reason there is no explanation there’s no nothing if you get reported once for something as simple as swearing you are done you will get banned right on the spot you know it only takes one person to believe and then boom you’re banned this is an outrageously horrible app I never want to use it again I highly not recommend this app if you enjoy fun I just hate it.Version: 16.10.0

Something to mentionI will say I have been using this platform for 8 years so I figure I say my opinion or something on this so one of my main things I dislike about it is that these kids under 13 lie about there age, they easily shouldn’t be allowed at all on here, but ofc it takes one or more reports for underage people on this platform. The second thing I wanna say is the amount of bots keep coming on here saying the same thing to anyone for example “are you cat or a dog person” or “what movie can you rewatch over again” why? Just why…but I have a love / hard time with but I deal with it.Version: 16.7.2

Parents plz read thisHello I just wanna say before downloading this app just don’t there is very sexual creepy men on this app I downloaded it when I was 12 and 6 years later I still have a stalker he hasn’t contacted me physically but he has pictures of me on his computer I know this because he found me on social media I have blocked him on all accounts he has made he sends me birthday letters he acts as if we are dating he post weekly about me on social media he tells made up fantasy’s about me on social media and it’s very weird it’s scary and I just pray that you young girls be careful on the internet it’s a gross world with bad people and I want you to be safe.Version: 14.0.18

No communicationThis app will ban content creators or you for no reason. They give no explanation and don't even waste your time w/ emails. They can't be bothered. They reinstate some creators and not others (also seemingly at random). They have no problem renewing and charging viewers for content that they decide they are not longer allowing, nor do they have a issue taking a large percentage of what the creators make. They need to create one set and stick to a guideline of rules/etc. They most certainly should be able to offer explanations and show facts when questioned. At the very least, give a warning to a creator before you ban them for life. Just common sense things that this app has not yet worked out or dealt with. Proceed w caution anyone thinking about downloading this app. Please don't fall victim too! Don't spend your money on this nonsense! Sad excuse for an app..Version: 13.31.0

Not wasting my time anymoreFellow phannie here. younow is barely better than rize was. it shouldn’t be “the fans” faults that it doesn’t work, they should know by now the average number of users that will be on a popular yter’s stream(s) who have gone live before. logs me out all the time, especially right when someone goes live, which is super annoying. i’ve heard from multiple people that the fans membership thing steals money & doesn’t work. super laggy even with wifi, crashes a lot, the list goes on. i’m still not over the fact that rize/younow sponsored interactive introverts...dan & phil deserved WAY better, periodt. the phannies are the only thing keeping younow alive. facts are facts america..Version: 15.6.10

Plz bring back replay broadcast optionI really loved the old younow where if you missed your favourite you tubers broadcast because of Timezone different. You could just replay the broad cast. But now there is moment which I hate. Please bring back the replay function. Without the replay function I don't see my self going on you now. Please fix this issue. I'm not the only one with this complaint. Thank you.Version: 13.19.0

BadI got reported for no reason very weird and I was doing nothing wrong Do not download.Version: 18.8.6

UnhappyI have been around this app for quite a few years now and in that time I have seen some pretty awful things. Not only that,but, I’ve seen some favoritism that is just unfair. There are people who have busted their butts to get partnered and have plain, been ignored, and others who have been rewarded,so to speak, for things that just are disturbing. On that note, I may be deleting my account soon. It doesn’t seem to me that younow is doing much to fix these things. From people showing body parts to pre-teen users, it looks like a lot needs to be changed..Version: 13.34.0

I'm annoyedOkay I'm really annoyed here.... I trying to sync my Twitter account and you now account together and than it asked me to sign up??? So I did it and now I have two accounts and because my 1st account is old it didn't sync to Facebook or Twitter or google+ I can't get into my first account!!!!!! I'm so angry with you guys right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE WHY ISNT THERE A SIGN IN BUTTON ON THE APP!????????.Version: 10.1.0

0 Star not even a 1I’m not happy that I’m on google and my sister and my friends it’s abit horrible to find out that I’ve been taken a photo of myself and been put on google that is creepy as well not knowing someone had randomly took a photo of you. I would never download this app ever again. For future references don’t take take photos of people randomly without permission..Version: 13.34.0

YounowYouNow is a good app to stream on but I have a small problem… the moderators or whoever just picks and choose who they want to remove from streams and ban them without any specific reasons why they got removed or banned from the app, and I think it’s just stupid that they ban people for no reason and without reasons why they did it…I just saw someone get banned from the moderator while they were guesting with one of my best friends on the app the one that was guesting didn’t do anything wrong or say anything wrong she was just banned, and then they kept removing another friend from the guesting as well and he didn’t do anything wrong at all… I had a friend who’s account got banned at 3 in the morning after he bought bars and they only said he violated community guidelines but they didn’t say which ones tho and I’m wasn’t the only one trying to email younow for him trying to see why he also got banned but all that younow said was “we can’t tell you their Information and why they got banned, please have the account holder reach out to us” but he did reach out to them multiple times and he either never got a response or it was closed immediately and he was thinking about going to the headquarters and having an issue with them….Version: 17.7.3

DON’T LIVE STREAM ON HERE!!If you are a new streamer going onto the app and you are a women/girl or even a minor I don’t not recommend. This app is full of pedophiles, there is a group of people making 70+ accounts to harassing minors. Saying explicit sexual comments and bullying them into submission. There is not one person who you can trust on here even the ones who are supposedly trying to stop them. I have gotten sexually harassed on this app by countless man over the age of 45. Now I am afraid of being stalked by multiple people from this app. These people especially target new users, for your own safety and mental well being DON’T DOWNLOAD it’s not worth it..Version: 18.11.5

Good app but...This app is great for broadcasting but.... People get suspended for no reason I was broadcasting just talking about my day and then I get suspended idk why I looked on the rules and I wasn't doing anything wrong I emailed them and no reply and that was over 2 months ago my sister was broadcasting and she got suspended what's wrong with this app😒.Version: 8.1.0

I was banned for no reasonI was on my first live and talking to people and the live ended and when I tried to start another it said I was suspended from going live, I didn’t say or do anything due to me not wanting to get banned but it happened anyway.Version: 15.7.16

App for pedophilesI don't know why Apple approved this app to be on the iTunes Store, all it is is a platform where pedophiles ask little girls as young as 9 or twelve to twerk for them in exchange for compliments and little icon gifts that appear on the chat screen. APPLE IF YOU ARE READING THIS PLEASE BAN THIS APP. The pesos are asking the young girls their personal details such as phone number and location if something happens to these girls you will be legally liable for their safety by allowing this app to to be in your store..Version: 6.5.0

I can't use it :(Can you please make it usable for 4th gen users. I love the app but I want to use it on my iPod 4.Version: 7.6.0

CRASHES EVERY SINGLE TIME [>_<] !Listen, the platform itself is dope & even though I’ve only had it a few weeks I’ve enjoyed watching the broadcasts with such a cool variety of people streaming..BUT the fact that every time I open this app and watch a broadcast it will 100% freeze then crash within 20 mins max!! It’s extremely frustrating & makes me not wanna bother even going on anymore. You seriously need to fix this issue, and speaking with others on the app it’s apparently very common. I would of gave it a much higher rating if it wasn’t for this, but this is too major of a problem..Version: 14.0.6

Trash.The app is constantly crashing after every 5 minutes and messes up my phone all together. Every time i’m watching a livestream I have to rather refresh the app each time it crashes or completely restart my phone. If it wasn’t for this problem, the app would be perfect, but that’s not case, therefor it’s trash..Version: 13.36.11

Overall good streaming app but very bad sound issueIt has been several months and the minimum sound issue is yet to be resolved despite the release of several updates in between. The issue is that the minimum sound level is so extremely high and so you can only adjust from very loud to no sound with no ability to turn down the volume. I therefore can’t listen to most broadcasts as they are simply too loud! Rating subject to change with issue resolution.Version: 15.7.20

Great app to get to know people around the worldIt’s a great app to get to know people from around the world but it needs a lot of optimisation. For example when you capture a moment on the iPhone X the keyboard pops up and covers the box where you can input text for the capture but because the keyboard is covering it and there’s no way to remove the keyboard you can’t input any text. And sometimes users comments don’t appear and you have to restart the app to see them..Version: 14.0.18

Don’t enjoy this appI was a bit dirty two times on this app and realized that I was wrong and they banned me. I made more accounts because I wasn’t being inappropriate. I kept getting banned because older guys would flash on guest and they would say it was me. Don’t use the app.Version: 13.26.21

GOOD BUT NEEDS SOME IMPROVEMENTSYounow is amazing but you should be able to subscribe to people using itunes money. that's way easy and convenient and would make a lot more profit and money for younow too. also when i go to view replays, it freezes. and when i make moments it crashes the app and sometimes just freezes my whole phone completely.Version: 12.4.0

Don’t download it DISAPPOINTEDOnce again both rize and younow are absolute disgracefully dead to me. Glitchy, unfair. “Mods” oh boy let me tell you they certainly don’t know how to do their job. Don’t waste your storage, you’ll regret it. Full of drama from mainly 40 year olds. The mods don’t really like the teenagers. Disgusting really. Could be a good concept if they took it the right way. Don’t download, hence the 2 1/2 stars all around, I’d give half a star if I could. Terrible in my opinion..Version: 13.35.1

Why does it need so much info?Creepy...Version: 13.34.0

Younow was a great platformThis platform needs to fix the bugs big time. Plus they need to remember one thing. There is a such thing as people spending money on this app that has been trying for years to become partnered. All the way back from 2016 I have been working very hard for partnership however you give people who have just started broadcasting partnership. I spend over 5 grand a month and I will no longer do it. Plus I have a friend who was accused of some stuff by a partner and my friend was a partner under contract. Younow removed him from the platform without hearing or seeing the evidence. Now since my friend is the only person who has been able to get the police and the courts involved. They other party lied about all of it. My friend is still banned and this is just discussing! I guess it’s true it only matters who you blow then who brings in the money. Not a great company at all! Do not join this platform..Version: 18.2.0

BannedI was banned for no reason on my first live just talking then it kicked me out and I tried to get in again but I couldn’t.Version: 15.8.20

Banned for jokeOn a live a person ask how old everyone was I joked and said I was twelve when I’m actually 15 and well over the age and I don’t think that right and I think everyone on there is talent less.Version: 13.31.0

Not allowing me to go live or anythingI want live before and today I did again but when I went to go live after the Lao my I did about and hour ago it say there were some things I was doing wrong or something I tried again the same thing so I logged of and tried again nothing happens so I went to settings and tried to Change my profile I could even save my changes it get popping up to the point we’re all I can do I watch other people I can’t comment go live nothing without that stupid text I don’t like this app delete it because this could happen to you I am very mad and after that I deleted the app I am warning all of you to delete this crappy app.Version: 13.35.1

MONEY NOWW?!?!?The new update is bad because if you are not subscribed to the person who you want to sees old broadcasts than you can't see them. So if you are in a different time zones to the younower you want to watch you have to pay $8 a month per subscriber (Netflix is cheaper this update is rubbish) really disappointed. Btw this is the phone version.Version: 12.6.0

IM SUSPENDEDPLEASE I double cheeked the rules and I have not done anything wrong so why am I suspended I realy enjoy making you nows and I would realy enjoy making them in future but I can't please contact me about it if I did anything wrong or doing anything wrong.Version: 12.5.0

App can’t login with FacebookLike I said.Version: 15.8.21

Okay...You need to bring back the place where you can see all your fans that are live because that's what I always look at. I also want to have the full trending list back as well. And all broadcasters have been lagging for me since the update. I don't know wether that's my internet or the app.Version: 9.0.0

It's good but...On my account I can't change my profile picture, is it because I am changing it from an iPad or not :( I wanna change it because the picture is really ugly..Version: 10.2.0

Chat and video glitchingUsed to love this app, but now I 1) can’t post comments in Chat and 2) I can’t get peoples video and or audio of broadcasts to work.Version: 18.4.7

BAD APPSo I was on it and when I wanted to broadcast and every single time I tried it said not Abel to broadcast this server and it randomly deletes your coins I asked some of my friends about this and it happens to them to so idk hats wrong with the app but it keeps doing these weird things and some of there other people are like inappropriate on here and idk why this app allows this for any children like my daughter went on this app and said she was 18 witch is not true she’s only 10 and she got an something really bad for her age in my opinion 👁️👄👁️ so umm she came up to me and was like “mom I found something inappropriate on this app you should leave a bad review on this app, please” so now I’m leaving a bad review because me and her both know that we should and she doesn’t have a father luckily because he would of sued this app.Version: 18.6.0

YouNowStreaming is fun and there are some great people on the app. However, it’s unfortunately too easy for the younger crowd to get on and stream. There was a livestream of a very young girl willing to give her Snapchat out to strangers and dancing in an inappropriate way and I worry for the safety of children who have access to the app..Version: 18.7.4

Banned on every account I make!!This doesn't even deserve a star, the amount of accounts I have made on this app is unbelievable, I get banned after like a week and for what? I'm the right age, I'm not inappropriate, I don't swear, Wtaf? I give up with this app, bye :).Version: 13.31.0

No Notifications?!What's happened in the last update as notifications have stopped working completely there's not even an option in settings to turn them on Please fix guys!.Version: 15.6.9

I was banned for nothingI was banned and reported because I wouldn't say my age to this one person he asked me how old I was and I said that is personal information!!!😡😡😡 You need to fix this problem right now and I saw a lot of other people having the same problem If you do not fix this problem mediately I was very sad cause wanted to go onto one of my favourite broadcaster but it would not let me,I will give you a day to fix it,if you don't I will tell all of my YouTube subscribers to not buy your app.Version: 13.35.1

Support TeamI have been on YouNow since 2014 I have worked hard gotten many fans and likes and views and I’ve made many friends over the years. I’ve also spent thousands of dollars on the app since I got on and now all of a sudden I get banned and cannot ever get my account back because of a glitch where something in my account was refunded but there’s no notification in my bank account about any refunds and the support team doesn’t care about if it was me or not apparently so I guess I just lost all that over bull..Version: 16.0.1

It was good at firstWhen I got the app, I did a live stream, and it was very good because the app was attracting viewers, and I got a lot of new fans, but then after a couple minutes, my Livestream just shut down. Then, when I tried to make a new one, it said it, could not make a new live stream so I tried to redownload the app 2 times, and it still didn't work. Do you know why this is happening? I really like this live streaming app, and I didn't want to find another one, because this one was pretty much perfect, but now I can't do it anymore I am also 14, so there is not much live streaming apps that you can go on that are 12 or over they're, mostly 17 and up, if you could please respond to me and tell me what my problem is that would be great because I really like this app..Version: 17.6.7

Don't BuyCreeps everywhere don't buy never buy for your safety.Version: 14.0.9

I don’t recommend this at allOk so I’ve had this app for like 3 years now and it has evolved but not in a good way. Less lagging in streaming yeah but the ppl that broadcast change it so much. It’s ridiculous. The girls always say oh no hate but the picture you post when start a broadcast is usually pics of butts in tights and breasts in bras. Nobody wants to see that except perverts and that’s how they get more views. Including the guys usually taking there shirt off but ppl don’t report a thing because they like seeing that. But when I first started using this app it was great but my opinion has changed drastically. So yeah that’s what it has come to..Version: 13.34.0

Comments and free spinsAll user comments are NOT visible so you think people are ignoring you. The app freezes a lot..Version: 13.31.0

I got ban for no reasonI got banned for no flipping reason.Version: 16.3.0

😏😏😏Yea hi the new update is not working for me except the other stuff that I'm about not going to talk about... Well sometimes when I'm ending a broadcast it wouldn't let me out and I have to start all over again and when you tap on your profile pic on your profile to see who fanned you or who finished broadcasting I can't see that anymore so yea that's all.Version: 11.0.1

READ BEFORE DOWNLOADINGI downloaded this app a couple years ago and I was OBSESSED with it. I was like 12 at the time and I watched people like Weston Koury, Nick Bean, Bryce Hall, etc. Anyways I decided to go live one day and random people were joining and saying nice things like calling me pretty and other sweet things. There was also people that didn’t say anything at all and just watched. Then they started commenting saying I should show my face and I thought it was kind of weird. You can also link your social media accounts to your account so I got a lot of random Snapchat adds. When I looked at the videos they sent me they were videos of them touching themselves while watching me go live. They were grown old men. If you’re really young please don’t download this app to go live. Only watch other broadcasts!! Trust me the app would be way more fun just doing that. 💗💗.Version: 13.26.20

They stop sessions...You have to log in and type in your password atleast once a day and that’s incredibly annoying. Please fix this. This is sooooooo annoying!! 0 stars..Version: 13.34.0

Would be amazing but BUGSThis was an amazing app until I found out about it's many bugs. Every time I log out of Instagram (which I do a lot because I have two accounts) it also logs out of my YouNow account! Then, when I try to log back in, the app simple won't let me click the 'Instagram' option! This is so frustrating, I haven't been able to log in for three days!.Version: 8.7.0

App run by pedosA lot of pedos and creepy people who are actively looking for there next victim parents please be carful.Version: 16.4.0

This app says 12+I got banned for no reason!!! I’m 13!! This says 12 or older. I went live 2 times. Nothing was wrong! No one reported me. We was having chats like “how’s ur day” and “what’s your favourite song” I don’t understand why I got banned! And when I press go live it just says I can’t! As if it’s just not letting me..Version: 18.9.0

Younow is a scamI was a loyal streamer building a platform. Ive spent alot of money supporting the app and the streamers on it. The site double charged me once and then suspended me unknowingly, and then once i was unsuspended and i was told i did nothing wrong i was told i abused the system by requesting a refund. You cows overcharged me so im not allowed to get my money back? Its a terrible crashy service that boosts already successful tiktokers and youtubers who werent apart of younow by giving them perks none of the rest of us get. This undermines the ability for new streamers to become successful . Its a huge social politics game and im done playing. Dont support this app.Version: 16.2.0

BRING BACK REPLAYSI know the point of the app is to 'live'stream but sometimes it's difficult with time zones and all. The replay function of the app allowed me to still connect with social media icons through the idea of raw, unedited and unaltered content if I wasn't able to be present during the life stream. PLEASE BRING BACK THE REPLAY FUNCTION.Version: 12.6.0

😕I loved this app, but I got suspended, so I just deleted it. Pls make an update where u get like 3 strikes, because I have no idea what I did wrong....Version: 13.35.1

البرنامج ابو كلب لحد يحمله يعلق👌🏻🖕🏿والسلام عليكم.Version: 13.17.0

UhSorta bad at bans I got banned for showing my y’all should fix that.Version: 16.3.1

Very badFull of children being %80 naked and striping just to get more views!!!. No monitoring at all!!!!. HATE IT BECAUSE IT'S FULL OF 12 YEAR OLD GIRLS ACTING LIKE SLUT JUST FOR VIEWS. Pathetic.......Version: 6.7.0

Doesnt workYounow was working fine and letting me stream about a month ago but now whenever i try to do it i select a tag and do the snapshot and then nothing happens it just stays on the screen with my snapshot and go live with #something. There is no button to go live. I then wait for about five minutes when it will say either "younow timed out and could not create a broadcast" or it removes my connection to wifi and says that im not connected. When i was a few seconds before. Please fix this it was a good app.Version: 13.31.0

Dom owns you nowFraud app LG3 4L.Version: 18.2.6

DangerousI had this app for one day. I started a broadcast and men with very creepy profile pictures joined. I ended the live and decided this wasn’t safe. I clicked on the button to sign out but it said that I was on a risky server that was steeling confidential information. I don’t know whether the app is doing this or if one of the creeper viewers did this. Anyway, I deleted the app and now I’m not able to get back in. I’m very upset because I want to delete this account and i have no idea what information was stolen (whether it be my email and password, or video recordings of my broadcasts) Developers, please tell me how I can terminate my account. Since I can’t from the app I decided to do it from the website but the website isn’t verified! Safari told me that it was a risky site. If you are reading this DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. Please stay safe!.Version: 13.36.11

It isn’t workingI love streaming on YouNow but it hasn’t been letting me. Please tell me why.Version: 13.26.20

YouNow error??I downloaded the app a while ago but never signed in, then a few days ago I make the account and try to broadcast under the #bored category. Every time I try to broadcast, it says you’ve been suspended and something about error 133 keeps popping up. I haven’t even used the app for anything besides making an account and I watched 2 other broadcasters. Figured maybe try waiting and after a couple day, I retry and keep getting the message. Not sure what the issue is, but I’ve read other people saying they got banned or suspended for no reason which is concerning. I don’t usually get the problems with poorer reviews get, so I’m confused as to why it won’t work. Needs further development or more attention to how users are getting banned without explanation. Would still be down to try the app if it worked.Version: 15.0.7

Apps going down hillI think for a app to ask for personal information shouldn’t be allowed I.e Identifying people I remember when this app used to actually be good what happened you all got too greedy and you don’t actually pay attention to people who actually work really hard to get too your partnership requirements instead you ban there account so they can’t use it.Version: 18.4.7

Ipod gen 5 (withnobackcamera)It wont let me broadcast now it starts to broadcast and the it rotates and goes black.Version: 12.4.0

Bots and rude comments from themSo I have made at least three different live streams only to realize that there were just bots spamming my chat with rude things like hate comments and I don’t understand why u can’t see other peoples lives? If this wasn’t a live stream with bots I would be able to see them, you only make a small amount of viewing or otherwise you have to wait. I would like this to be a public live app because I see the people with the same user name or the same photo with a different photo or user name..Version: 18.11.4

Did a five year old make this app?I saw a notification of someone going live and ignored it but was going to come back to it in a minute. When I went into the app I could only find random people going live. Had to get to it via YouTube?! Very confused.Version: 13.31.0

More sign in optionsYouNow seems like a brilliant idea, and the app may be the next great thing... But thousands might never know if it continues to be a Facebook oriented app. Not everyone has Facebook, and by including more sign in options, it will get more people to use this. Can I suggest Google+ and maybe Twitter? Please give us more options to sign in! Love, Kate!.Version: 1.0.0

No option to leaveIt’s hard for me leave once i click someone page to watch something & finish.Version: 15.6.0

Great appNeed to fix for iPhone X.Version: 13.36.18

Could be better 😬I was very happy with the app, and the popularity I was gaining from it. As I started to use the app more, I noticed the dark side. Last night in one of my streams, I was washing the dishes. I was washing a knife in particular and one of my fans decided to tell me to stab myself in the chest with it. Definitely would not recommend broadcasting on the app, but it’s an amazing app if you just want to watch broadcasts. Another thing that I noticed, is low levels will ask you to guest them, but when you do, they will be doing something inappropriate, like masturbating, or just inappropriate stuff in general. I think there should definitely be some fixes to the app, like filters. So that people can’t say cuss words, or tell others to stab the selves in the chest..Version: 13.36.31

EhApp doesn’t let you sign out or disconnect\connect from things. Freezes a lot as well. Disappointed..Version: 15.8.5

Fraudulent Behaviour….I made a one off purchase quite awhile ago of $8.99 for 500 gold bars on this app to support a friend and now I’m having random purchases occurring that haven’t been made by me using my card information……. I had $8.99 come out from my account on the 27th that I did not make and I would like to have the refunded back to me, my bank has been notified as well about this and now have to go through a bit muck around process of cancelling my card and getting a new one sent out to me 🙄. I’m not happy with this and have now warned other fellow broadcaster of this behaviour from YouNow it’s disgusting and fraud. I would like to see a refund come back to me, my YouNow ID is “WookieCorpse” Thanks..Version: 17.3.0

YouNowThis app banners you for nothing I was on it and they banned me for nothing I was just sat there with music on ppl ban you because they are jealous off how many fans you have 😂😭.Version: 18.2.4

YouNow Is The Worst streaming App.I have been a streamer on this app for many many years. They have recently started banning many people without reason. Many who have worked for YEARS to get partnered. Numerous people, (many being my close friends) have been permanently banned from the app without reason. This apps “support team” is honestly a joke. They did nothing but confuse us more. I will be switching to another platform along with many others including people who are PAID to be on the app. Literally any other app is better than this one. And Younow, if you’re reading this I would like to say you are going to continue to lose more and more people including PARTNERS who are already planning to leave the app if you continue this behavior. Very disappointed and angry with you and your awful service. I used to love this platform but now it has hurt many of my friends and even big broadcasters. DON’T GET YOUNOW. YOU WILL GET BANNED BY THIS UNPROFESSIONAL, UN-CHARASMATIC, HORRIBLY RUN COMPANY..Version: 15.6.9

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