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Pocket Yoga Teacher App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Pocket Yoga Teacher app received 31 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Pocket Yoga Teacher? Can you share your negative thoughts about pocket yoga teacher?

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Pocket Yoga Teacher for Negative User Reviews

Very limitedThis app is very limited on poses that are available. It is missing many basic poses and isn't very user friendly. It always jumps back to the beginning when going from poses and suggested poses so take a long time to build a sequence. Also when typing the basic name such as plank or other simple names it can't find them. It's the only sequence builder with picture routines I am able to find though.Version: 6.0.0

AirPlay video does not work pretty disappointedHany.Version: 1.0.0

A nice apEasy to use and create routines; however, it is also time consuming to create s routine. It would help to be able to duplicate a pose and its associated time that was already added to a routine, rather than having to re add it in each part of a routing, especially where routines are repeated, like when creating a vinyasa series. A repeat feature for a routine or section of a routine would be extremely helpful. Also helpful would be the ability to duplicate a section of a routine on the opposite side, since most yoga is done first on one side ofnthe body, then the other. Or, create a companion Mac ap that allows for the greater functionality and ability to share routines across the Mac and ipad, maybe via itunes. Its nice, just extremely time consuming to actually create a routine..Version: 1.4.0

Functional but deceptiveGreat app, love the ability to create so many sequences, variations of poses, integrate my Spotify playlists etc. BUT!~ One of the main selling points was creating custom sequences and SHARING them. It’s not until you dig through the FAQ’s to find that you cannot create your custom routines and share them into the normal Pocket Yoga app. This is weird... one app is called Pocket Yoga Teacher, and another Pocket Yoga advertised as for students/practitioners... It leads one to think, “well, I can create custom sequences and share them with my students” Except you can’t, unless they too download the Pocket Yoga Teacher app... Students should be able to access, download and play my custom routines, without the need to get the Teacher version of the app. Can someone explain why students should be expected to pay for the teacher version of the app, to perform basic functions provided in the main Pocket Yoga app? How much community can their really be if students have to pay for the teacher version of the app? I’ve been on the teacher community for a year and it’s barely used... because nobody wants to pay $10+ to access their teachers routines!.Version: 10.0.0

I’d love to give you 5 but...As much as I enjoy Pocket Yoga Teacher I have some frustrations. Most of all my trouble getting the app to connect to the associated music I dutifully paid for and downloaded. Tried both iTunes and an Apple Music subscription specifically to get this to work. Worked for some tracks initially on one device and now not at all. If PY Teacher support would respond to my online query that would help my happiness level. Once the above is solved I’d only like to add a feature to log the training like the regular Pocket Yoga app has. Preferably one that logs my practices across both the apps. That seems logical to me and after 1.5 years using Pocket Yoga I’ve found that log is good motivation. Now I write down my PY Teacher practices in a separate log. 🙁 Thanks for an otherwise great app. 👍🙏.Version: 8.0.5

I will give no stars if I can!Not worth a penny it's hard to use and not worth the money at all I regret buying it.Version: 2.1.1

For experienced people onlyDeeply regret buying this. All it effectively does is give a list of poses in what ever order you want. Was really hoping for some guidance on how to get into the poses, preferably animated..Version: 1.4.0

Curated move listsThis app might do the trick if I was patient enough to build my practices from scratch. I think it needs to be simpler for people who like the original pocket yoga practices but just want to tweak them. For instance there are poses I love that are only available in medium or advanced levels, and others that are way beyond what I can do. I was hoping to use this teacher app to add some poses to the 30 minute practices I use every day. Please just add templates for us! I want to be able to take the 30 minute beginner poses and add to them from ocean, desert and mountain, without having to build them entirely from scratch. You can still have it able to build them from scratch but templates would be nice. Or options for entire sets of moves like sun salutations. I don’t want to have to add all the elements of sun salutations I just want to tap a button and have it add them in for me. Maybe ask how many times I want it to repeat. This would make this my favorite app ever. Without this I’ll probably never use it... too tedious..Version: 6.0.0

DO NOT CONSIDER IT !!!!They say in the SALES spiel- you can use YOUR MUSIC or Spotify !!!! BUT ! After paying for App, It only shows 1 OPTION !! And that is SPOTIFY PREMIUM !!! Total Lie !! There is NO OPTION TO USE MY MUSIC LIBRARY !!!!.Version: 7.0.2

Some pose instructions missingThought they’d fix it in this updated version. Guess not..Version: 7.0.1

Can't figure out how to use itThis app drives me crazy. I can't figure out how to set up a practice! I accidentally tapped on a pose... Can't remove it. Found twist to the left from chair pose. Can't find twist to the right..Version: 6.0.0

Still work to doNice and very helpful app, but I find it is all ruined by the voice that describes the practice and the irritating chime... Would help to have more voice and chime options, or simply have the option to have only the chime and get rid of that very non-relaxing voice!.Version: 2.0.1

Qwerty jbHorrible. Don't waste your money!.Version: 2.1.1

Templates neededI agree with another user that adding templates would be a great asset to this app. It’s extremely time consuming for some of us to create a nice sequence if we’ve never done it before. I adore the Pocket Yoga app and I would love this one more if it was a bit more novice friendly.Version: 7.0.2

Skip ItAs a yoga instructor, I found this app to be inadequate for two reasons: 1.) The library of poses is really quite limited - app developers should not only offer primary poses, but their many variations, and they ought to be searchable by name (in both English and Sanskrit), which leads me to the next major issue... 2.) This app is in desperate need of a "Search" field. In my experience, searching poses within the app must be done manually - either by scrolling through alphabetical (English) pose names, or looking through the visual dictionary of pose tiles. While each pose is accompanied by it's Sanskrit name, the fact that there's no "Search" field means you have to scroll on, and on...to add a single pose. Was expecting a MUCH more comprehensive experience. Would not have purchased if I had this information..Version: 5.1.0

PosesIt’s not enough yoga poses, it’s just not enough at all! There are many missing, which are very important! I wish you guys complete that app 🙏🏻.Version: 6.0.0

Not greatIt's okay, but not great. Kind of wish I could get a refund. Practice Builder just shows tiny thumbnails with no pose names, and I have to squint to see if is for right or left side. Cueing is fair at best and typically fails to tell you whether pose is right or left even though you choose a right or left sided thumbnail. Building a practice is an arduous process, and there is no way to copy and paste to repeat sequences, so if I build a complex sequence on the left there is way too much scrolling and choosing each lii Title piece to repeat for right. Plus it tends to crash during pose building process, and I lose all the work I just put in. Would help a lot if it came with a few prebuilt practices that you could customize to your liking. Overall, too hard to use and i would not buy this again..Version: 1.3.0

Good, but not enough posesHello, The app is ok, but there are simple poses that are missing such as body rotations (Sufi grind) and standing side bends. Cat/cow should be one option, not separate. Sanskrit names are very important to include. I also can’t figure out how to name the poses at all? Please consider what I mentioned above, I’d really appreciate it!.Version: 10.3.1

It’s ok.I love the way the PDF looks, but this app just doesn’t have enough poses. You can’t put spaces in or any set sequence such as Sun salutation..Version: 8.0.5

Disappointed, tooWas looking forward to trying this ap but gave tried to install twice without success. One star for the concept ; minus four stars for install & function.Version: 1.3.0

Not User FriendlyI downloaded this app hoping it would help me as a beginning YT to formulate meaningful sequencing. Not only are the poses not labeled, but they are extremely difficult to see. The timing is strange and the suggested poses don’t necessarily make sense (why would you go straight from mountain to an arm balance??). I am going to be requesting a refund as I have absolutely no time to waste on figuring this out..Version: 7.0.2

Terrible!Missing too many main poses, pretty much all variations....very misleading only gave 1 star because I had too...can’t look before you buy....it’s a rip off.Version: 7.0.2

Needs to Play Nice with Pocket YogaI am a huge fan of Pocket Yoga and have been using it for some time. I love the idea that you acquire Karma points from completing a certain amount (15 minutes) of practice. As both Pocket Yoga and Pocket Yoga - Practice Builder are made by the same company (and sold as complimentary apps), I intuited that they would in some way or another compliment one another. Or at least to interact in any way whatsoever. I can't send my built practices to Pocket Yoga to use there. And I don't acquire any Karma from completing practices which I have created. I feel like this is an oversight. I should be able to create a practice in Builder and send that to Pocket Yoga to add to my repot pure of practices, thereby allowing me to gain karma. If I'm just missing something and someone corrects me I will change this to five starts immediately. I also think that after spending $13 to get both apps that I should get a little free Karma. As others have pointed out, there is inconsistency in the voicing of the name of poses. Sometimes there is just a bell. Sometimes there isn't. There needs to be a setting allowing users to decide if each pose will be named, named and described, intoned, or nothing. Finally, I would pay another two bucks to get some extra voice over for common transitions between poses to make the created practices feel more natural..Version: 4.0.0

DisappointingVisually appealing and with great potential, but i agree with most criticisms, the main one being that it takes forever to build a routine. One of the two would be nice: either a few recommended routines that you can customize or pose search by name or category + the capacity to copy and paste a sequence of poses if you want to repeat them more than once. I can find sample routines online or build them from memory but it takes forever if i have to scroll up and down and search little pictures! A pose name search could speed things up and help me make sure I don't accidentally choose the wrong pose that looks similar. Also recommended poses could be improved. At times all recommended poses were extremely awkward to follow the pose i selected and they also seemed to favor a few poses that i was not interested in..Version: 1.3.0

Need animated transitioningBetween each Yoga move, please add smooth animated transitions so that we can see how to change from one Yoga move to the next..Version: 1.4.0

ConfusingI would like to know how to begin to use the app. It’s expensive and not “intuitive” except perhaps to those who created it. Truly a puzzle to figure out and I’m about to give up.Version: 6.0.0

Great idea but still lacking.I'm pretty into yoga so I was excited to try out this app. I think the concept is great, but I think it would be better to show the user how to get into it transition into these postures. I set up a small routine and all I saw was the woman go from one pose to another without actually moving her body into the pose, which is completely unrealistic. Another flaw IMO is that they don't show the names for the postures. I was trying to help someone new to yoga design a routine and walk him through via email which poses to do but couldn't. Having the actual names of each would've allowed me to do this. And last but not least, perhaps I haven't tried every single version of yoga out there, but some of the poses were incorrect or at least there are much better versions. All in all, not a fantastic app but with some improvements I think it would be..Version: 1.3.0

Nama duhMaybe I have to be better at yoga because this thing drove me crazy. I can’t figure out. Im Just going to lie in child’s pose now..Version: 6.0.0

Need setting options!!!!!!!For a couple months now, I've been using the pocket yoga app and I've loved it. I was very excited when I finally decided to purchase this app. It's very easy to use, although it does glitch sometimes and crashes sometimes when I try to edit practices. These are things I can handle and didn't bother me too much but what REALLY frustrates me is that while I have my music set to play in the yoga practice, the voice of the instructor is much much MUCH louder! In the pocket yoga app at least there was a way to lower the volume of the voice but there's nothing like that in this. Also the meaning of "no audio cue" clearly doesn't mean there will be no audio cue since there is on one every asana! Please fix the crashes and the audio settings in the next update because they're incredibly annoying. Also a little diversity would be nice. Not that it really matters but it'd be cool to be able to pick different people from a different gender or ethnicity to do the asanas. Including an option to have the actual Sanskrit names of the asanas would be nice too for those of us who want to learn them..Version: 1.3.0

It's ok but I prefer pocket yogaThis app is good if you learn new moves but to me its annoying to pick yoga poses i will just stick pocket yoga😊.Version: 2.1.1

Has a lot of potentialWould like to give it five stars but there are a couple of issues I found. The graphics are clean and neat, and the app is well thought out. I took away a star because the app crashed a number of times while I was creating my practice and because there is no way to copy and paste a series of moves (like sun salutations) for repetition. I would also add a star for a more complete library of poses as a number of poses I frequently use are not included. I find it's a great app for the times I can't make it into the studio. Looking forward to an improved/enhanced version..Version: 1.3.0

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