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My Macros+ | Diet & Calories App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

My Macros+ | Diet & Calories app received 118 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using My Macros+ | Diet & Calories? Can you share your negative thoughts about my macros+ | diet & calories?

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My Macros+ | Diet & Calories for Negative User Reviews

Not at all easy!Having to add everything in manually as app not supported for UK barcode scanner.... disappointing don’t part with your money unless you won’t to manually add everything in yourself which is very time consuming 😏🤦‍♀️.Version: 2020.05

Should be freeIt does no more than a free app like My Fitness Pal while still having the audacity to charge you for the coach plan. Doesn't even make meal plans for you. Useless app can't even get a refund..Version: 9.6.1

Ok, but not greatBiggest issue with this app is the food diary is seriously lacking, the majority of the foods I was inputting were difficult to find and use. Had better experiences with free apps..Version: 2020.08

GreedyPaid $5 for an app the same as many others that are free because this one looked to be more useful and I wanted to support but once you open the app you quickly realise you still have to pay for many of the features advertised, not even a single time payment but a subscription.Version: 8.4

Could be great but hard to useAs a British user, the first thing I wanted to do is swap cups to grams, which seems as if I switch the actual measurements of the food input that the app uses rather than my servings. It’s tough to navigate and there is support but other apps (Nutracheck for example in the UK) do it better. Potential I do see - but needs a little more intuition..Version: 2023.09

Be Ready to Lose EverythingIf you ever delete the app and have to download it again, or get a new phone and try to download the app on it you will lose everything you’ve tracked and all your recipes. The “backups” do not actually save any information at all and I lost months of tracking..Version: 2020.24

Cannot navigate through this App.. hate itIt will not even send my review Playing games with my nickname.Version: 2022.10

Do not useThe app has some data but not nearly as much as my fitness pal or other fitness trackers. The one star review is that if you do not like the app and the coaching program, they say they will not let you out of the three month contract. After the first month, I tried to cancel my contract as I found technical issues, and the tracking process was just too cumbersome. Their response was basically “too bad. We will be charging you for two more months.” Don’t waste your time or money with this app and it’s affiliated coaching program..Version: 2023.03

Not suitable for UK usersI purchased this app as it seemed great, however, no where mentioned that this is based on American database until I sussed myself after trying to search my meals. Spent all of 5 minutes on it trying to manually type in my breakfast and then went back to my fitness pal. It may be brilliant for Americans but over in the UK its pointless..Version: 2020.19

Good app bad databaseThis app overall is great, especially the onetime fee allowing you to track your macros. If you go premium it’s cheaper then the other apps as well. It takes a bit to get used to but once you get your favorites in there it’s quick. The barcode scanner is relatively accurate too and it’s rare it doesn’t find the food that way. The only downside is the database and search functionality is terrible. It doesn’t appear to work well unless you get a exact match for your search. When you are out to eat this can be a real pain. This leads to my second point that I can never find the food I need when searching. I generally have to enter everything manually. To get around this I do a lot of searches on the myfitnesspal app, which has a much better search function, then copy the results to this app..Version: 9.2

Deleted items don’t stay deleted!I can delete an item but refresh the app and it’s back again! Makes working out your macros hard when you constantly have to go through to check what’s meant to be there or not.Version: 8.5.1

Doesn’t work in UK/EU for net carbsThe nutritional information in the EU and UK separate fibers from carbs, so you don’t need to recalculate net carbs. The macro are not flexible for keto diets and the serving sizes are not flexible either. Very disappointed that I had to pay the app to find out I couldn’t use it..Version: 2022.17

Recipe feature uselessAdding recipes and customs foods is really a struggle. I upgraded to pro so I could try adding the recipes through the web browser but the feature doesn't actually work - in two different browsers it wasn’t able to actually accept the ingredient. Not to mention I had to add Zuchinni as a custom food. It’s only $2 so not a big loss if you want to try it out, but probably worth waiting for a couple more updates before you take it seriously as a nutrition tracker. Just unsubscribed and will be looking for something else..Version: 2020.15

General letdown: rating is due to ageAs most reviews will tell you; this app is a general letdown. It is inflexible in portion selection, it requires you to pay a monthly fee for basic TDEE calculations, the scanner and label reader barely work, and BY GOD is the search awful. I mean, there is literally NO natural language parsing. Let’s say in MFP or MyNetDiary you want to search for some food from some brand. You’d type in “nuggets McDonald’s” and probably get Chicken McNugget as one of the top results. Assuming you had the foresight to type in the proper, exact name of what you want in this app. You can only search the food, then use an antiquated list to navigate poorly to which brand you might want. Even the universal search is pathetic. Worst of all: the support is terrible. I had a log in issue that prevented me from using the app again, which thankfully led me to MyNetDiary in the interim. It took 2 weeks and multiple check ins on my behalf just to get the log in issue resolved. This should have been a 2-3 business day issue at most. Look elsewhere. They keep the old reviews up because they’re from a time when this actually was one of the better macro apps..Version: 8.5

Have to go back to MFP.This app is so out of touch. I eat pretty much the same thing every day, and when I type in egg, I get something like “ famous dans hot dog” ( obviously just an example). I’ve been shocked at some of the suggestions it gives me when searching food. Like HOW! HOW a did you come up with THAT!? I hate the 60 dollar a year price tag for MFP. But, I have to go back for more accurate accounting of my food. This is way too much work to custom this, and scan that. And the scanner. OMG, the scanner. Come on, people. Make this work better. I want to live for this app. I just can’t. It’s too time consuming to log, and half the time the calories are way off. The most recent thing I logged is 190 on the package. It shows in the app being just over 150 with all of the same macro values, just not the calories values. And as a fat girl in recovery, this is vital for my own personal success. I’m not saying be like MFP, but I am saying sort yourselves out. There’s no reason I should search for one thing, and get a list of 7000 other things that are no where near what I’m looking for. The positives of this app. Everything is clear, it’s easy to set your goals, the look of the app is pretty amazing, it’s not cluttered or ugly. It’s a nice looking app, and even despite the search/logging issues. It is fast, and when it’s not a nightmare to try and look for something that you want to add to the list of things you just crammed in your pie hole, it’s a nice app..Version: 2019.24

Glitchy - wouldnt pay for itThought this would be a good buy since the reviews seemed promising. It glitches all the time. The food selection is lacking. Some of the counts seem way off. Would not recommend..Version: 2020.05

How do I stop all these updates?I love this program but each update is changing things I use to love about this app. I can no longer copy meals, where that option use to be now it’s for notes. I don’t like the new look, it is not as simple and clean as it use to be. I’m not liking the summary box at the end and it no longer tells me what my macros will be for that meal if I add the food. If I stop pressing update each time there is one, will this stop? Is there any way to go back to a previous version?.Version: 9.5.1

BasicI downloaded this app thinking it might be good for tracking my dietary requirements. I should’ve saved myself 2.99 and stuck with what I was already using. I couldn’t find foods that were UK brands right off the bat. trying to create a recipe and the foods database have all different types of servings rather than a standard 100 grams or 1 gram. Some foods are listed as “a cup” well a cup in the UK is not the same as the US so which is it? There’s no option to change the serving measurement to grams so I’d have to hunt to find out how much a cup of something weighs. Seems pretty imprecise and fiddly for tracking. No nutritional breakdown beyond macros unless you pay monthly to upgrade by the looks. As the initial investment into the app was a poor experience I’m hardly likely to pay more..Version: 2021.06

Frustrating and limited interfaceI swapped to this app based on recommendations and the fact that MFP had doubled pricing. Even when paying for the + version of this app it lacks many of the features I used daily in MFP. Recipes are missing the ability to import or have instructions with them. I can’t see a full breakdown of macros by individual foods each day nor summaries of what foods have contributed the most in each category. It has no micronutrient tracking either. So far it’s been super clunky to use and things that should be standard like swiping accross the screen to get to the next day just aren’t there, you have to instead go up and select from a tab at the top. This all contributes to my 2 stars. For an app I need to use daily the only benefit they have is the fact the calories are calculated for you once you enter the macros but anyone who can do basic math can always just check a label themselves and put the right entry into a more user friendly app that will save them time in the long run..Version: 2023.01

Help !Please help I cannot register at all every time I try to register it keeps saying use Alphanumeric only !!! I keep doing this and cannot still join up it’s really frustrating as I have paid for this app ..Version: 8.5.1

Get a free oneDon’t buy. It’s the same as the free ones and it also asks for a monthly fee to unblock all features.Version: 2020.24

Best Macro TrackerHeaps of Apps on here help you figure out your macros, but not track them. Cue My Macros+. You can create you own recipes which is cool, and the interface is pretty easy to use. Like others have said, there is a lot of food data in here that's wrong (things like sweet potato and broccoli), but if you spend the time creating your own log of foods, it's brilliant. The scanner works for most items, just not at ALDI. Really good App and I recommend it!.Version: 7.0.1

Spam straight awayHow strange that straight after downloading this is get spam about weight loss to my emails.Version: 2022.09

Waste of money$4.50 for an app that does the same thing as free ones. It’s advertised as though it’s revolutionising how you track your meals, simply not the case..Version: 8.5

SubscriptionI am giving this a one star because I had a free 7 day trial on the pro subscription, I immediately cancelled and went back to using the normal one and they still charged my card even after I had cancelled my subscription and now I have sent them an email to update my details as I have cancelled my subscription and nobody is even helping ??.Version: 2020.16

FrustratingAs some of the previous reviewers have mentioned, the barcode scanner is hit or miss. I have contacted customer service about this several times but have never gotten the issue resolved. When creating a recipe, and using the barcode scanner, you are unable to filter your results by serving size or brand. The same is also true when creating a recipe and searching for a single ingredient. I have also contacted customer support about this issue, but it has not been resolved and the response was simply that they are working on it. The food database is not comprehensive. I often have to manually enter ingredients or create items which is frustrating and takes a lot of time. As others have also mentioned I, too, feel like I should just switch back to myfitnesspal, but the things that I do you like about this app are that you can adjust your macros by the gram, have different macro goals for different days, or that it also includes more meal options and simply breakfast lunch or dinner. However now that I have gone back to consistently tracking my food after taking six months off and realizing that these issues have not been fixed I am definitely frustrated by the clunky features and the inability of the barcode to work consistently..Version: 8.0.6

Hidden costs!!!Save yr money. Very basic tools that you could get for free in other apps. To use the features shown you have to subscribe to them. Wish I knew this before wasting my money. Also the basic food tracking doesn’t include Uk foods..Version: 2022.01

Not bad but cumbersomeI’ve had this app for a while now and whenever I track my macros, I go to use it only to be reminded of why I don’t continue to use it. It’s cumbersome and untrustworthy. It never seems to have some of the food items I need. So, there I go, scanning the food packaging barcode and turn on global settings. Low and behold, it won’t have the food item 80% of the time. Yes, it has a small database of food items and don’t fall for th global settings thing! I’m always inputting something. Very annoying. Spend more time inputting data than tracking! Untrustworthy because it doesn’t automatically sync. You gotta sync manual. One point, it lost loads of my diary AND all the food details! After that, I chucked it. It is helpful for its customisation options. It keeps you notified on how much of your macros you have left. Very good for IIFYM approach. Also, the price is low, so that’s helpful. Overall, only 3 stars since I’m taking even more time to write a review of my grievances with this app, in addition to manually inputting my food items..Version: 2021.04

DisappointedApp itself is fantastic platform however very poor database for UK users. No foods and items are available to scan. Not easy to log and track and will therefore go back to myfitness pal. Very disappointed as I parted with the £2.99 for not even 10 minutes of use. Unable to get a refund. Don’t download if you’re used to ease of scanning and finding items to log on MFP..Version: 9.9

Not worth itNot overly easy to use. Pay for my fitness pal. It's worth it..Version: 8.0.2

No user friendlyDidn’t like it at all. Really hard to use. Complete waste of money Barely any non American foods Doesn’t show how your tracking throughout the day etc.Version: 8.5.1

Not worth paying forIt has a lot of flaws for an app that's paid for. Units can't get updated in goals section, foods have inaccurate values thought for a paid app the database would be large and accurate there seem to be just user based uploads of nutritional information. You cannot modify meals easily and the organization and layout is not very user friendly. If you want to track your macros and calories along with exercise there are free and better apps out there wish I'd known before purchasing..Version: 4.5

Overall, goodI like this app overall. It has a nice UI, it's easy to use, great layout, and has quite a few features. However, looking up foods is frustrating and I usually can't find what I'm looking for. The barcode scanner, as many have mentioned, is hit and miss but more miss than hit. I'll occasionally not be able to find something in the database from search but can pull it up from a barcode scan too. The nutritional label scanner has only ever populated total fat, sodium, and carbs for me. Manual entry is painless and pretty quick if you have a nutritional label on hand, though. The Apple Watch app is unusable for some reason without a MM+ account which I don't want. I'm sure this app can work without one given all of my other apps don't require an account to use them on the watch. There's potential here and a great user experience when things work, but with a lot of features not working well or being inaccessible this app is only okay..Version: 2020.02

ACCIDENTALLY BOUGHTI accidentally bought this app and regretted it right away! It’s not worth it and you still have to pay to go pro. There are so many better FREE apps out there for calorie and macro tracking.Version: 2020.28

Not a great experienceGreat concept, but the app failed to save my inputted meals several times and there’s numerous nutritional info for the same food. Contacted the developer twice regarding the issues and got no response, so contacted Apple for a refund..Version: 8.3.5

Serving sizes?Lacking an automatic conversion to grams from whatever serving size and expecting the user to do the math. Especially from the barcode scanner. MFP does this easily and for free. I really wanted to like it..Version: 2020.12

HelpHelp.Version: 2021.07

Has potential.There are so many missing foods that you have to take the time to customize it and that can be very frustrating. Most Canadian products don’t show up and even common ones like some Kirkland brand products from Costco don’t show up. If you could make those much needed improvements I’d use this full time over MFP..Version: 7.0.1

Useless for Australian brandsThe food list is patchy and incomprehensible. Doesn't include common supermarket brands and is not at all comprehensive across a brand range. You have to scroll past too many other brands that are not relevant. Not very clean to use..Version: 7.0.1

It needs workI bought this app because it works with Heads Up but it’s not worth the $2.99 they charge. You have to pay a subscription to use this on any other platform. The macro calculator is garbage. And searching for food items is a pain. I wanted to add “green salad” or even simply a salad but I couldn’t get anything that looked normal to appear. I typed “Roma Tomato” and instead of taking me straight there the app pulled up 100s of results for me to scroll through. Too time consuming. I understand a lot of high reviews are coming from ex-MyFitnessPal and I would agree this is an improvement when it comes to food tracking from that app. But that is where the positives end. Before I tried this I was using Carb Manager and I went back to carb it after this failed my expectations. I’m keto and I pretty much know my own macros but for an app titled as such there’s isn’t much help in figuring out your macros here. You can input a ratio but that’s it. For new people how would they know what their ideal macros should average too?.Version: 9.9

This app is a messIf you are in UK their “extensive” library of food will not cover you. I have used it for 2 days and I’ve only a handful of the foods I buy on a regular basis and only in the global database where users input their own. But that’s not a win as they are entered with errors so I ended up entering my own value for all the foods. Why not take a photo of the nutrition chart? Well because it does not work at all and the barcode scanner does not recognise anything. Save your money and use a spreadsheet. My excel calorie tracker before had a much easier system of entering macros. I give the 2 stars because once all the numbers are input the summaries and such are decent. It’s just you have to go through hell to enter that data..Version: 2022.10

It’s just not very good at allAs an attempt to move away from MyFitnessPal, I chose to invest in this app, thinking that a paid app would include enough features without a subscription, but no. This is a double-whammy! Paid app and paid subscription, what a ludicrous business model. Not to mention the food database is far and away worse than MyFitnessPal, making it a challenge to use. If I could get a refund, I would. In my opinion, don’t waste your time with this app.Version: 2022.07

I HATE this app!I started using this app at the recommendation of my personal trainer. I have used myfitnesspal and the Fitbit food tracker in the past and wasn’t particularly pleased with either of them, but this app is unbelievably, frustratingly worse - and it isn’t free! I thought the barcode scanner would be a nice touch, but even if it can find my food, it never accurately depicts what’s on the label, so I end up having to manually enter everything anyway. And the food database is painstakingly small, even when you create an account and pay for the app. I also hate that unlike myfitnesspal and the Fitbit tracker, you can’t change the measuring unit, and nearly everything ends up in grams. Unless you have a food scale handy literally all the time, you can’t estimate how much you’re eating when you have to measure in grams. And the personalized macro goals the app created for me - which are supposedly the reason why this app is so heralded - were so unattainable, even at the least aggressive setting (e.g. 200 grams of protein per day - I’m not a bodybuilder!) that I ended up setting my own anyway. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your money on this garbage app..Version: 2019.24

Not great for UK usersI see the potential in this app and folk rave about it and once you got up and running this will work fab but for UK users getting started is a bit of a pain, unless it’s a global brand it doesn’t pick up the food or read the label as well and so you still have to manually input which is a pain. Working out your recipes also isn’t great and so I keep going back to MyFitnessPal as this works better in the uk. I think once you and running though like lots of folk have this would prove a great app.Version: 2020.16

Terrible food database for UKStarted using this app as a replacement for MyFitnessPal due to the difference in premium price, but wish I’d saved the £2.49 it cost to download it in the first place. The very first meal I tracked ( a simple omelette with a total of 7 ingredients ), the app found one barcode that was correct. It found 3 other barcodes with completely incorrect info, and the other 3 items it couldn’t even find! Way too much hassle. I’m going back to MFP. Also couldn’t find a function to copy and paste a meal into another day, which is another really useful thing to be able to do. Could only find a way to add recently tracked foods one by one. MFP wins again..Version: 2022.14

Took my money without permissionI paid the $3 for the app download and suddenly they took $28 out of my account for a yearly subscription without my knowledge. Getting my $28 back is near impossible. VERY disappointing..Version: 2020.21

Not better than similar appsOof. This app has some user experience problems. Difficult to find the place to create an account, even though parts of it require an account. Menus are hidden inexplicably behind unrelated menus. Unlike MFP, you can't change the measurement size of the food you searched for? I put one tbsp of flax seed meal in my breakfast, and I'm supposed to enter that in weight, per ounce? Please don't make me have to stare at the back of a package doing math when similar apps just offer a tbsp option. There's a "Weight" tab to enter your weight and view a graph to track your weight loss, and there's a "Weight Loss" tab, which does nothing but prompt you to download another app. Macro charts and recommendations are impossible to find if you don't know where to look. I'm going to stick with this for a few weeks because it syncs with the Avatar Nutrition site, but I already miss MFP..Version: 7.0.1

Doesn’t work well on iPhone XS MaxI was really excited to try this app, but it doesn’t work well on my phone. A lot of buttons are out of frame like the whole thing is slightly to the side, when you click some options different bits of text get mushed together. Clicking some options also makes the app freeze, and then I have to restart it and remember not to open a part of the app again. It feels like it wasn’t properly updated when bigger phones came out or something, though I’d hope that’s not the case. Something that’s paid for shouldn’t be this glitchy so I asked Apple for a refund but unfortunately they didn’t give me one. Disappointing because from reviews it looks really good. If you have an iPhone XS Max or anything with a similar screen size, I really wouldn’t recommend it..Version: 2020.10

Don’t bother if you are AustralianI thought it would be ok but the search function is NOT easy - you have to navigate through all the US foods to find what you want to add..Version: 8.5

Good way to count macros, app not intuitive thoughFairly new to trying to “really” count my macros and this app does the job, but I find myself spending far too much time navigating through the app instead of just adding foods & moving on. You have to search/enter your food by clicking the “plus” sign in the top left corner, but that icon is halfway hidden off the screen (iPhone 12 pro). Once in the food adding section, you search for your foods and it’s super easy to forget to click the drop down for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack. I always have to edit my meal after adding to my daily macro counter. Not a huge deal, but why not have preset boxes in the middle of the day/page that say “breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack” and click each box to enter my foods? That part of the app needs a lot of improvement. I do like the barcode scanner, it worked perfectly the one time I used it. Overall the app works, just needs a lot of UX improvements to make it great..Version: 2022.01

Useless in AustraliaNeed to tell buyers that it is based in a certain country. To get global foods you have to buy the subscription..Version: 7.0.1

DO NOT BOTHER IF YOU’RE IN AUSTRALIAThe app itself is fairly nice until I tried to scan basic items and even manually search for foods in Australia. Dreadful. Want my money back..Version: 2022.10

Useful yet annoyingThe good: this is the best interface for tracking macros. Presentation of information in the charts are really clear and good The bad: there are three payment levels. There’s one to just get the basic, another to make the app a bit better, and then at least one more beyond that I haven’t gotten to. Frankly I wouldn’t care about that if not for one thing: the food archive on this is an absolute mess. Even basic things like “blueberries” or “fried chicken” send you down a rabbit hole of all these different brands that contain that item without an accurate generic one at the top. Even a very specific brand item like a McDonald’s cheeseburger can be annoying because it came up as a 1 ounce portion — who eats exactly 1 ounce of a cheeseburger? Even scanning a barcode, seemingly a foolproof method of getting accurate info, can end up getting you the wrong information. Basically it seems like the developers of this app have left it entirely to users to create their archive of food items rather than having any degree of moderation. If you’re charging people this much money could at least have an intern enter a few thousand of the most commonly eaten foods to come up as the top search result rather than making it so time consuming to get even the most basic consumed food items imported accurately.Version: 2020.28

App need to be updatedI like app, overall is really good but!! THERE IS THIS REALY ANNOYING THING, when deleting meal or ingredient it appears strait back and realy mess up the day. Please do something about it! I paid for well working app other wise I will be asking for my money back!! Thanks.Version: 8.3.4

Keeps crashingBought this app because it was recommended by a friend . Love the feature where you can share what meals your friends have stored etc . It would be great - except every time I try and open a meal someone in “ my circle” has in their foods, the app just crashes . Not happy at all. Emailed the app, sent video of it happening and no help so far. Just want a refund as a waste of money.Version: 9.8

Good potentialThis app runs well and is easy to use. I don't mind inputting the food data myself as it's only a one off so having the scanner not work in the U.K does not put me off. The only thing that is really bugging me with the app and it seems nobody wants to do anything about it, is that when you delete a food from your meals it doesn't delete which throws your accuracy out for the day! THIS NEEDS LOOKING AT!! Do not buy this app untill the developers do something about this! When you spend money on an app you expect the app to work 100% not seem like it just some concept that still has bugs!.Version: 7.0.1

Unit confusionJust started using the app, and so far seems pretty good. However, the units used are really confusing and no obvious section in the settings to apply a unit preference (grams, ounces etc.). I’m guessing the macro breakdown is in ounces as the app is US?.Version: 9.8

You have to pay for the macro coachI paid for the app and now I have to pay extra for the macros coach?? Save your money people. My fitness pal can do this all for free..Version: 8.0.6

Buyer beware! Auto renewal with no warning!I’ve used this app off and on. For the last 3 years. At times some of the functions were not super easy to figure out. Once I figured out the nuances of this app it worked ok. My main issue with this app is that if you purchase a pro subscription and don’t remember the anniversary date you will soon be reminded because you will receive an email saying it’s been renewed. No advance warning that the anniversary is approaching. This is a dirty trick in my opinion, even though it is stated in the terms and conditions. Most people will forget and the people behind this app are counting on that..Version: 8.5

BewareThey charge you for the app but then you can’t do anything unless you subscribe for an additional monthly fee. I paid for the app because I thought it was a one time deal? NOPE.Version: 9.1.1

Food database leaves A LOT to be desiredOnly reason I’m using this is because it tracks macros with more detail than myfitnesspal, but the food database is very inaccurate and it is very difficult to add food. I essentially have to add everything manually or spend 5-7 minutes finding basic things like milk or rice. I’ve decided to go back to myfitnesspal which is just an easier user experience. I’ve been tracking food off and on for long enough to be able to determine how many grams of the big three macros I’ll need each day. Besides, there are many calculators online that do this for free based on your current body weight and activity level. This app’s hassle isn’t worth the small gain of having more visibility to gram tracking in order to avoid myfitnesspal’s subscription. And on that note, if you’ve been inactive on myfitnesspal and/or deleted it for long enough you can get a new offer for a free one month trial anyway..Version: 9.8

FrustratingDoesn’t have a lot of food selection.Version: 2019.22

Not worth the moneyI purchased the app about a year and a half ago, previously being a MyFitnessPal user. The app had a lot of promise seeing as you could use as many meals as you want and set customizable goals. But with the promise of updating a larger consumer database the developers have seriously neglected their customers. I’ve been waiting for months on end for the database to become better and nothing while myfitnesspal has moved past the three strict meals. I strongly regret my purchase and would switch back over to myfitnesspal if I didn’t already log my weights for the past year in this program. It’s been a huge pain to manually enter all my food. An app is suppose to make your life easier, logging food on myfitnesspal with their database takes less then two minutes. While having to manually enter and create a new food item on macros+ can take 5-10 minutes. I find myself using myfitnesspal’s database to create foods on this app, I’ll probably switch back over soon and just bite my ego and take the loss on the purchase and just relog my info when I have the time. If your stuck between the two apps stick with myfitnesspal, this app has been a headache and a half as regular tracker..Version: 8.0.2

Scanner doesn’t workBought this for the scanner but it doesn’t work.Version: 8.5.2

Useless outside of USANo metric measurements and very USA-centric brands means this app is very difficult to use outside of the USA. Not sure why it’s available anywhere in the world that isn’t using the imperial system.Version: 2020.23

Don’t waste your money!!!!Still have to set your own macros. Might as well continue using MyFitnessPal I’m so annoyed I wasted money on this 😡.Version: 2020.28

Not worth the money.I have been using MyFitnessPal for years, but wanted something with more customization. I love that this app allows me to set different macro goals for different days, and has more than just the typical three meal set up. However, the food database is seriously lacking. It’s incredibly difficult to find simple foods, and I’ve ended up adding almost everything so far as a custom food. Lucky for me I eat essentially the same thing every day, so after adding a food I can easily add it from the recent list. But it’s still a hassle initially. Also, the barcode feature is hit or miss. There have been several times that the product couldn’t be found, had info completely different from the box, or brought up something similar but not exactly what I was looking for. Which, again, leads to me going through the process of adding a custom food. I will continue to use this app for the simple reason that I paid money for it, but I’m really tempted to just switch back to MyFitnessPal. I wish there was a free trial because I absolutely would not have wasted my money had I known about these issues. At this point I would not recommend it to anyone..Version: 8.0

What the..0 star! I can’t believe I wasted almost 5$ on this crap. MyFitnessPal all the way.....Version: 2020.28

Not great for metric usersCan’t put any of my goals in using the metric system. Would need to convert everything online before adding in. Contacted customer support about this. And after a couple emails and me supplying a screenshot they said it’s not possible (yet). Not worth my money. Going back to my fitness pal.Version: 8.3.4

Very complicated and frustrating to use..I’m coming from MyFitnessPal, I was a long time user of theirs but I kept hearing a lot of great things about My Macro+ so decided to give it shot. First off, this app is extremely frustrating to use, the app has the ability to scan barcodes, scan nutritional labels but it is usually a hit or miss with more if not all of the labels I have scanned... so guess what that means? You have to spend more time inputting the whole label for the foods you ate. The app claims that it has over 5,000,0000 codes in its food database that should pick up when you scan an item, but since I’ve gotten the app it can’t even pick up some of the most common brands out there. Secondly, you already pay 2.99 for the app, the application doesn’t give you the ability to track your macros such as Proteins, Fats and carbs for free, this is a paid feature of the application which makes the application completely useless to me. Not happy with app, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it if you are coming from MFP..Version: 8.5

Missing most food items I tried to logDisappointing app. I was hoping for something better than My Fitness Pal, however most foods I tried to log were missing from the food list. Very disappointing and I’d like to cancel my purchase, or get a refund please. :-( Review update- Very disappointing. Still waiting to be refunded for this terrible app. Don’t waste your money on this one. Despite the promise of a fully populated food and ingredient list, most foods I tried to enter were missing/non existent. Skip this app and go back to My Fitness Pal..Version: 8.0.6

Not great for CanadiansThe food library is really bad. It doesn’t contain enough foods and makes it really inconvenient to enter your daily meals..Version: 2019.23

This doesn't work..Won't open lol.Version: 3.1.1

Does’t scan barcodes or nutritional facts properlyDoesn’t scan any nutritional facts properly. Paid 2.99 for this app, better stick to myfitnesspal for free.Version: 2021.05

Very Disappointed and Ripped OffNot as advertised. Do not call it macro tracker, charge for the app... then expect a weekly subscription to actually choose the limit of macros. Very very disappointed.Version: 8.5.2

Don't waste your money or time if you eat whole foodsMost unintuitive app I've ever used. Took me 20 Minutes to figure out how to input food. Then realized you couldn't input something like 'one egg' unless it was a branded American product. So weird..Version: 8.3.4

Conversions need to be simplifiedChanging a measurement from a cup to grams is so difficult with this app. If you are truly tracking macros you need to be in grams and ounces. The FAQ page is useless to help with this. Waste of money. Guess my fitness pal is still the leader in this game..Version: 2023.03

Not worth it.Lost patience just trying to enter a simple generic meal, the brand names not avail in my local supermarket, and you have to be signed up to use! Sucks to lose money..Version: 8.0.4

AWFULThis app is extremely slow and it it’s not easy to use. I wish I never purchased it want a REFUND!! The food data base is also extremely small. I can’t search for anything!.Version: 8.1

Not user friendlyDon’t recommend this app! It’s not user friendly or intuitive..Version: 8.2.2

Very difficult search functionalityI was super disappointed with this app. When searching for items, even with the global catalogue turned on, there were very few plain items. For example, when you search cherry tomato, you get Alpen Cherry, Apothe-Cherry, arctic zero cherry, etc. I don’t even know what those are and even if you scroll alphabetically to where tomato would pop up, it’s not there. I even tried just doing tomato and then it has subway tomato, chipotle tomato, etc. Why isn’t there just plain options? Then I went into the vegetable search part to see if it would be more direct, and I got tomato soup and a bunch of processed food in the vegetable section which doesn’t make any sense. After literally one day of adding food and it taking hours and not even being that accurate, I was totally defeated. Such a waste of time and money..Version: 9.5.1

Not optimal in the UkMany of the foods from local supermarkets simple aren’t in the data base making macro counting just guest work which defeats the object of getting the app in the first place!! Waste of money for me when other apps out there at least cater for the country it’s selling in....Version: 8.0.6

Is not good in the UKPerhaps somewhere else this app is working great, but in the UK it has very limited database of food. It’s annoying, I cannot scan my food and have to type it manually..Version: 2021.17

Not accurateMostly a good app. Crashes something and I noticed the macros didn't add up to the total calories. I'd hit all my macros perfectly and the calories would say I'm under so the app can't add. Also since the update the recipe maker search function you can’t see he top part of the search list ingredients. Please fix this bug. It’s really hard to make recipes when you can’t see the ingredients to add..Version: 8.0.2

Not GreatPurchased the app as I heard lots of great reviews. Switched over from MyFitnessPal and My Macros+ has very few foods in their database! Makes it really hard to track easily. Will be switching back, and a annoyed I wasted the money. Wish they had a free trial for new users..Version: 8.2.1

Raw Food Database lackingWould be great if there was more information for raw foods by grams/ ml. For example the USDA website has an API for developers which allows something like 3600 calls per hour per IP address. Once incorporated would also be great if the USDA results could be favourited so it is the first result to come up..Version: 2020.28

Great appIt's a great app, however it can be challenging to find the foods and amounts i have available where I live. I was also hoping to be able to. Log my exercise sessions, but it's not that kind of app..Version: 9.6.2

Waste of moneyCan’t even use the macro tracker unless you subscribe. Very dishonest money grab app..Version: 8.5

Lacking librarySeverely lacking. Doesn't have basic foods like Kirkland almond flour. Very limited.Version: 2019.27

Awful app unusableImpractical, fails to execute concepts in description with any practicality or realistic functionality..Version: 8.3.4

Terrible app for NZGot this app to try out in NZ After people raving about it online. Literally not one of my items scanned!! I have a really busy life and don’t have time to manually add all my food. I’m back to Mfp. Far easier to use and everything I eat already on there! So disappointed. What a waste of money!.Version: 8.3.1

Very frustrating app to navigateI dislike the functions and design of this app. The features are good. But trying to navigate the app is frustrating. In time I might understand it. But first impressions are not positive..Version: 2021.03

Poor food bank dataUploading food from barcode or nutrition label is rubbish, I have had to add every single food manually which is very time consuming and defeats the purpose of this app.Version: 2022.02

Deleted all saved food and recipesI’ve had this app for years. I used to use it religiously when training. Had stopped macroing but would still use it occasionally for recipes etc. Went to use it recently and all my food and recipes were wiped. Nada. It’s also glitchy and not intuitive..Version: 2023.03

ReviewLong time user of MFP and was hoping to switch over so I can input my macros by gram instead of percentages. Unfortunately this app is not user friendly... I could not figure out how to input a generic medium sized banana in grams. When I did, the macros were WAY off... I do not recommend this app. Unfortunately I wasted my $3.99. Back to MFP I go..Version: 2019.23

So closeI live in New Zealand and I am guttered as none of our food items come up in search, global Search and scanner (even with upgrade). Shame as this is the best / easiest app if you are wanting to track just your macros. It’s easy to workout, see where you are at each meal, set your own goals, goals for different days (training and non training). If outside Australasia get this and have fun.Version: 8.3.3

Not the best appI was told this was better than my fitness pal so I decided to pay for the app along with the fitness app that goes with it the fitness app absolutely is useless very hard to navigate and you have to put in each separate work out exercise you do which is very annoying for this app the macro counter app the food database is poor it doesn’t have anything that I need I always have to create my own labels and calorie counts definitely not worth paying for this app it should be 100% free and wish I could get my money back for paying seven dollars for both of these apps I’m still currently using it only because I actually did spend money on them although I haven’t use the exercise app because it’s utterly ridiculous they should have both the apps together so you can count your macros plus track your exercise in the same app without having to go back-and-forth from app to app and they can work together in conjunction like most apps do the more you exercise the more you’re able to consume All in all I give a very low rating for this app not impressed :(.Version: 2020.16

Too spread outThis app is almost good. At the bottom I’d recommend status bars or circles so that people can see their progress and how much further they have to go in order to achieve their macros. I love the social aspect so people can follow and I can keep up to date with my clients. I’d like to remove the Diet Coach tab because I won’t use it and it’s really just taking up space. Additionally, why can’t I track my workouts or calories burned with another app? I should be able to include calories burned and not be forced to use the macrosplus fitness tracker. Lastly, what about app themes? Making the application easier to look at will improve people’s desire to use it. Also, water consumption/weight should not be their own tabs.. It should be two buttons on the main page. All that is to say, the app is too spread out and could easily be condensed..Version: 8.3.4

ConfusedWhen weight data from Health app shows in Macros+ app, the kgs are doubled. I have tried everything to fix this to no avail. Both Fitbit and Health apps have correct readings from ARIA scales, so I'm confused as to why Macros+ app doubles them. Is there anything you can do to fix this please Jason? I have an iphone x..Version: 2019.26

What a waste!This app sucks! The ingredients list is small, the bar code function is useless, and good luck converting from metric to imperial for measurements...use free MFP instead of this waste of money.Version: 8.2.2

Very poor functionalityI have been using this app for years for both my own food tracking and with my fitness clients. It has some very good things going for it so I have just dealt with/worked around all of its many shortcomings with the hope that the developers will eventually improve it. This has never happened and it’s becoming clear now that it never will. The food search feature is beyond awful. It requires you to sift through hundreds of entries that may or may not even match the food you typed into the search box. Most recently I searched for “mushrooms” and the app came up with 200+ items… only 2 of them were actual mushrooms. This is pretty much par for the course. In most cases it’s faster to just create a custom food on your own so you don’t have to spend 10 minutes playing detective. I do not understand how an app that’s built for logging food can work so incredibly poorly in this capacity. I recently updated to the newest version of the app and in doing so I lost every food item, favorite, and recipe I had saved in my profile. That is hours and hours of time that I’ve now lost. I will no longer be using the app personally or recommending it to anyone… stay away!.Version: 2022.02

Horrible meal searchDo not get this app!!!! Not worth the price. The app menu search is the worst! I could not find simple things like McDonald’s coffee!!! There were other examples like this. What a waste of money!!!!!! Downloaded it based on a Redbook review I found on a good search - fail Redbook - major fail!!!.Version: 8.0.5

A lot of potentialI tried this app after trying MyPlate. I like that there is a lot of customization. I also love that I can enter any amount of servings and not be restricted to quarter amounts only. I love the recipe feature that allows me to create any recipe and reused it. There is a lot to love about this app, then why the 2 stars? Simple, time. It takes too long to enter in what I eat. Other apps can scan practically any product and report accurate macronutrients (I've seen discrepancies on this app that don't coincide with what I scanned). Navigation is also confusing and I find myself tapping having to tap quite a bit before getting anywhere. The app is also buggy. Sometimes scanned food appears and other times it doesn't. Searching is all but useful, I can't find generic items like Bananas and watermelon. I end up googling nutritional information for these items and creating custom items in the app. All these things add up to too much time. I'll use MyPlate, it doesn't offer as much customizations, but it is quick to enter my information..Version: 7.0.1

Ok if you live in the USGood app but not for people in the UK . You have to add a lot of food items as we don’t have the same .. we have Tesco , Aldi, Asda .. which don’t seem to come up but all in all it is well set up.Version: 2022.17

Really wanted to love this app!After using my fitness pal for years I wanted something which was a bit more user friendly. This app seemed to have it. I paid for the privilege but have noticed one major flaw. The barcode scanner is very inaccurate, practically everything I scan I have to go in and manually adjust. Very frustrating. My fitness pal definitely has a more comprehensive and accurate database. I really hope it gets fixed as I love everything else about this app..Version: 2020.20

You pay for the app and have more paywallsThe app looks good and all however despite paying for the app most of the services are still behind ANOTHER PAY WALL this app is just a money grab and there are just as good free apps out there DONT RECOMMEND.Version: 2023.08

Disappointed and it cost money....Some features are good and it’s aesthetically pleasing to look at, but the search function is useless, global or not.... hard to navigate and hard to select alphabetical values to get to certain items... wouldn’t have spent the money if I’d known. Don’t bother..Version: 2019.21

Decent. Could be better.Interface not totally intuitive but the biggest problem is that it doesn’t have access to a database of non-US foods. Scanning barcodes in the US ... doesn’t work!.Version: 2019.20

Inaccurate InfoAlmost all of the nutrition facts used when doing the barcode scanner are wrong. And by a lot. Some of them even 4x what the label says. Not reliable unfortunately..Version: 2020.27

Please Read! App has Potential!I have used the app for several days, the app has serious potential and is great but has significant short comings. I wish there was a more unique design as it feels they used MFP layout. But here are the main reasons for the low rating that frustrate me as a user. 1. The Database: this is seriously empty, there is hardly anything complete when I look through the database, almost everything I have to manually add. They should have used MFP database. 2. The Barcode Scanner: it has worked on maybe 2 items I have scanned, I tried to scan a lot of items and all but 2 came up with info. I was shocked that it found a "KIND" bar but nothing for "Quest bar". Really needs improvement. 3. Premium Upgrade Subscription: this is subjective to many people, I believe in supporting a developer. However I would have preferred to make another one time payment than to have this locked wall to use other parts of the nutritional settings. This app has amazing potential and could be the best Macro app in the store if the Database most of all is upgraded to include a lot of what MFP has in it. I love the Workout app that corresponds with this app, it's great! I wish the ability to use a different theme or layout could be made available such as a circle layout or something..Version: 7.0.1

GreedyI paid for this app, though there were dozens of free options. I paid because I liked it. I paid because I wanted to support it. I paid for an app that did the same thing that all the free ones did. I understand paying for the personal coaching, but trying to charge me more for simple convenience features like quickly modifying amounts when copying from another day?!? Did EA buy you out, Jason?!? Greedy. Pure and simple..Version: 8.3.4

HATE the updateI’ve been using MM+ for years and today I opened it and I HATE what you’ve done. Having the table on the main screen instead of behind it offers no added utility makes the screen feel cluttered.Version: 9.1.1

Useless in civilised countriesDoesnt have metric measurements. Couldn’t be a more useless spend of $4.99.Version: 8.3.2

Not UK friendlyThe database is not fit for UK customers at all. Yes you can manually enter nutritional information but that’s not very good user experience. The UI however is decent, though after adding food I would rather it return to the main screen. The fact that you can track macros to a set goal is what bumped it up to three stars..Version: 2022.11

Tracking the amount is cumbersomeI think that app is good for athletes who weigh all their food, but if you don’t do that there are no default serving sizes for a lot of common foods. Great database with lots of foods and a decent interface but it usually defaults to a single measure like 1 gram. If you meal prep this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. But it can be cumbersome. I’m not even sure how you would weigh some items like we had corn on the cob the other night. The option was to record grams or ozs. I didn’t eat the whole cob - just the corn. How do you weight that? Having an option for serving sizes would be nice. A few items have serving size options but not enough. It’s frustrating enough that I’ve moved on to try a new macro tracker. I work with a trainer but he doesn’t use this app to track his clients. I tried almost all the food tracking apps. My favorite stopped being supported a while ago. Great for the athlete but this is not the app I’m looking for..Version: 2020.23

Search is frustratingI downloaded this app to get a more customized experience than MyFitnessPal but I might just switch back. It’s not as user friendly although once you understand the layout and where everything is it’s not too bad (although at the moment I don’t see a place I can track my workout without having to buy another app). The search is pretty terrible. It’s a little slow and it’s hard to find what you’re actually looking for. For example, searching for “honey” the first hit is for a “carved turkey on honey oat.” I searched for coconut aminos and the first hit was “beef aminos” followed by 3 bean turkey chili. The barcode scanning also doesn’t find much of what I’ve tried to scan so far (I use a lot of store brand Trader Joe’s and Wegmans items). It be great if there was a “lite” version of this app as I think I would have liked to test this out before buying. And I’ll probably go back to using MyFitnessPal..Version: 9.8

Constantly crashesCrashes every time I input or change meal quantities. I constantly have to restart this app. I made sure to install the latest software update and restart, but app continued to crash. Huge pain..Version: 9.2

So awful, please do not waste your moneyThis app has very limited functionality. I’m so sad that I wasted my money on it. Tracking foods takes hours to enter even basic meals and there are no recipes..Version: 2023.02

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