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My Macros+ | Diet & Calories app received 91 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about my macros+ | diet & calories?

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My Macros+ | Diet & Calories for Positive User Reviews

Incredibly accurate tracking app.Been a longtime user of 3 years & this app never lets me down. Whether I’m travelling without WiFi, in a different country, or manually entering nutrition info the app seamlessly integrates into my life. A pleasure, truly..Version: 2021.15

Great tool A+++I don't know why people are saying its confusing because it definitely is not. It took me all of half hour to get acquainted and on my way to tracking my macros. I love the custom setting where I can track the macros of my own homemade meals as well as pre saved meals. Great stuff guys.Version: 3.1.3

Simple and effective calorie trackerGreat app, similar to My fitness pal, with the advantage of specifically adjusting each macronutrient goal without needing to pay the annual MFP fee One major adjustment needs to be made ASAP, increase the food library to all us Australians!! The creators need to partner with people from Australia and start incorporating more Australian foods!.Version: 5.0.1

The best nutrition tracker I’ve usedThis app is well worth the price if you’re serious about tracking your nutrition. The level of detail and customization available is vastly superior to MFP, and the fact that it tracks net carbs for you automatically is fantastic especially if you’re following a keto diet. The food database is quite sparse, but honestly entering your own food is the best way to be accurate anyway. In reality even though MFP has an enormous database, it doesn’t have access to the usda nutrition database so most of what you find in there is inaccurate. The only problem I’ve found with MM+ is that sometimes the search function in your own favorite foods just stops working, and you have to close the app and reopen it to get it to work again. It’s a quick and simple fix but it’s annoying nonetheless. Also, many times scanning barcodes does NOT yield accurate food information seen on the food label itself. This can at times be painful to modify the food manually to match what the food label shows. Especially if you’re hungry or pressed for time. Hopefully the devs will solve the two little issues, which would make MM+ even better than it already is..Version: 8.5.1

Huge MyMacros+ supporter!Absolutely love this app! It’s so flexible and user friendly. It’s the only macro tracking app I recommend to my clients, family & friends!.Version: 2020.08

Strong potential, needs some feature polishingAfter using MyFitnessPal for three years, I decided to try this app so I could switch my macro goals each day as needed. The base functionality of the app is pretty good, but the ease of movement through it, and the database of foods/barcodes/nutrition facts needs some significant work. Hoping the app creators are looking to users to provide feedback on which updates to focus on..Version: 2023.05

Has been greatIt currently seems to have a bug where I cannot update the food item information. It won’t save my adjustments and resets to the item prior to editing..Version: 2021.14

Doesn’t sync with FitbitThe only downside to this app is that it doesn’t sync with Fitbit. I much prefer it to MyFitnessPal except for this part. It makes me consider going back to MyFitnessPal so I can sync it all and see the results I want easier than flicking between apps..Version: 2019.25

Fantastic appI love how I can get it to be so accurate, I have everything set to grams. So easy to use, so much better than the other apps I’ve tried. There is a lot of pre-filling that needs to be done and the barcode info is not accurate but neither is it accurate in the other similar apps. I prefer this one because I can input so much, my calories, macros, fibre, sodium intake, I can even watch my saturated fat consumption. best app, thanks.Version: 2020.28

GreatGreat app with Avatar Nutrition integration! No need to keep updating it with new information from that service, all automated. Doesn't drain too much power and great food data base..Version: 7.0.1

Game changerHated it when I first got and didn't use it for like 3months but unless I paid monthly or yearly subscription then I had no choice but to give it a second go. So much easier seeing the breakdown for everything and quick add! So much easier if you do IIFYM!!.Version: 7.0.1

Perfect for what you need it to do!Barcode reader doesn’t really work but if you know how to quickly plug in the info you need, you really don’t need it! Love this app and I can really tell a difference in how great I feel. When the day ends, and see that my numbers approximately match my goals I calculated using the app, I feel so accomplished and satisfied, I don’t feel starved. My only wish is that it could adjust my numbers to how much I move and workout during the day using data from apple health. I know that the more I move, the more calories I need to replenish my body but I don’t know the numbers I have to do that whether I workout hard or very lightly. I just want to make sure everything is accounted for so I can be as accurate as possible..Version: 2020.19

So easySwitched to this app and haven’t looked back. Makes tracking macros so easy..Version: 9.2

ABOUT TIME MACRO HEAVEN, THANK YOU!A Macro app that finally doesn’t limit me!!! I can create recipes and my hubby copy it through his app being in my “cycle” making meal planning so so much simpler! Plus we can remind each other to drink protein and tweek meals for each other to hit our goals without needing to voice it. I can just view where he is for the day on the app and vise versa. Along with being able to set custom macros for different types of days “rest days”, “HITT”, and “Power Lifting” making it much more effective to hit training goals and effortless to switch from each setting. I also love the meal reminder. This app is SERIOUSLY the best and I’ve committed to several on pro versions and lets just say none actually allow me to do what I can do on this one. It’s simple, effective, and I love it!! Con: Doesn’t have a water reminder but you can track it on your watch and in the app. (Please add a water reminder option developers water is so awesome) Doesn’t track micronutrients but that is complex and difficult with most food due to products not have a query of this linked to barcode. But hey that’s what nutrition education and a multivitamin are for lol but a girl can dream of the perfect Macro app.Version: 2020.11

Needs Australian databaseLove this app but not having an Australian database makes it challenging to accurately track macros properly and also needs a default setting to change from imperial to metric so that you can accurately track.Version: 2020.03

Thx for the updateWorks fine on pre ios 12 now 👍.Version: 8.3.7

Great AppI downloaded this app after finding I couldn't enter macros in grams into MyFitnessPal without paying for a subscription. This app addresses everything a person would need when tracking their food - easy to use, simple display showing how many macros you have left, able to add and rename extra meals etc. Only disadvantage is that many foods are not already entered or are not entered in metric units, however it is easy to enter custom foods. Highly recommend..Version: 6.1.1

My macros appI’m not much of a review guy.... BUT, I must say I am very happy with this app. I never liked its competitor(s) interface, however I found “my macros” to be very easy and perfect for me. The best part though, is that it has a small business vibe. There has been two occasions were my data has been lost, I’m not concerned with the why. However I’m very impressed with the how, and by how I mean how they resolved the problem. Mind you, I left the account dormant for a couple years, so it’s no surprise that updates happened or whatever else takes place in the app world. All I know, is both times I emailed, and both time Jason himself responded and found a way to correct and reload all of my saved data, much of which was manually input. SO... why?? I don’t know and I don’t care. All I know, is the app is good and nothing’s perfect, but IF there’s a problem I can count on them fixing it. And that’s all I can ask for from any professional. So thank you and yes I love and recommend this app over others..Version: 8.2.2

Best app ever !!This app has it all. A way to add my own recipes large or small, & the ability to weigh & know what my macros are when eating those recipes. The library is awesome, holds my favourite items so I’m not relying on someone else for accuracy, & short cuts to copy meals I use daily. Graphs for breakdowns ! Making changes to items, macros, or correcting a mistake in the daily log is a snap now ! I love it ❤️.Version: 2023.05

Great appI use to use this app years ago when I was an avid gym goer and have recently started using it again. The platform has changed but it is ever better than when I used to use it! Convenient, fast and easy macro tracking, cannot recommend it enough..Version: 2022.01

Best Macro Calculator OutAfter a lot of research on different macro tracking apps, I have found mymacros+ to be the best, this was 3-4 years ago, and since then mymacros+ has updated its app so much that’s it’s made it even better! Not only that, I had some issues with my data that’s saved on their database when I got a new phone, sent an email and got a response super quick and issues were resolved with ease!! Would definitely recommend!! I still use it and still plan to use it for a long time! Thank you! Keep up the good work with this app!.Version: 2019.25

Great macro counting appCannot live without it! Addicted ! Highly recommend.Version: 2020.14

Best OneAfter trying many apps for Macros out there this is the only one that's the best! Massive food data base and easy to use. Love, love love it!.Version: 7.0.1

Excellent for MacrosThis is slow to setup but really fantastic once you put that initial effort in. I use this to track my macros in coordination with a nutrition coach, and it lets you see a complete breakdown of all your nutrition and to rank that against goals more specific than calories. I also think it’s more versatile and accurate than some of the other apps I’ve seen because of your ability to modify each detail related to the food you eat. Additionally, their support team is really great. I recently switched phones and had some issues transferring my data. I emailed them and they got back to me within their 48 hour SLA period and were able to resolve my issue. I’ve been using this app for several years and I love it!.Version: 2022.03

Could be betterExcellent for tracking macros however having difficulty scanning barcodes and also with the nutritional labels therefore can be time consuming.Version: 9.3.1

Love itSo easy to use when you’ve got used to it, barcode scanner isn’t very useful so have to manually add foods in but once you have done them the once they get saved for future so it isn’t to bad, would definitely recommend..Version: 8.3.4

Amazing app even in ukLove the app better than my fitness pal i see some people can't simply just add the food in for other once it saved you can just log it or use fast track like I do it's simple and even my fitness pal doesn't find the right food or is something completely different. I love this app 😂😂.Version: 7.0.1

Great simple to use AppI have been using MyMacro+ for some time now. It’s simple to use and gives me all the info I need.Version: 2021.03

Great app, great customer service!I’ve been using MM+ for about 9.5 months. Along with help from my nutrition coach, I’ve lost almost 40lbs! The app is really great in helping me keep accurate track of what I’m eating and my macro goals. So many great features. The best is that the developers continue to listen to users and every update they have done has been helpful and worthwhile. I recently had to restore my phone, and although I did a back up before that, my data was all gone from the app when my phone was fixed. I reached out to customer service and Savannah gave me instructions on how to get all my data back (months of food logging, custom recipes, etc) and it worked! I’m so grateful to the MM+ team for their help!!.Version: 9.7

Functional and easy to useThe ONLY app from those ones tracking macros and calories that doesn't actually steal your data or share it with companies. Kudos to the Devs. As for the app it's functional, the menus are well designed and it does all you would need it to. Great little app..Version: 8.5.2

Good app, but needs better food catalogueGood for calorie tracking, breaking down macros & the interface is easy to use. Others have said it before, but it needs a better food catalogue and it needs more standardised macros by weight. Once you invest the time to enter macros for the foods you usually eat it's great, but getting to that point is a little frustrating. It's not uncommon for me to search for the food item in CalorieKing and then enter it into my personal database in this app..Version: 4.3.2

Can’t open appThe app is brilliant but after my fifth day cant open it anymore try deleting it, switching off phone, etc and nothing any advice would be great..Version: 8.3.6

It’s great!I quite enjoy this app! I like how much more it focuses on macros and how much more customizable to your own personal macro numbers it is. When compared to its competitor, it has pretty much everything and then some! The only thing I miss from it is the ability to “sign off” a day and have it spit out to me an estimate on what I’ll weigh in a month based off of how I ate that day. I know it’s not accurate and is not necessary, but it’s something I looked forward to when using competitor apps, and it motivated me to do that great every day, or to do better tomorrow. It helped me keep my head on straight and look towards little goals. I hope my macros + adds that feature at some point! Then it would be perfect!.Version: 8.4

Not a calorie counterThis app is awesome! Super easy to use and navigate. I love that you can follow your friends to create accountability. The barcode scanner is a lifesaver. The update is awesome with more tracking options to keep you aware of what you are putting in your body. I have recently started tracking weight since I will be doing a reverse diet to make sure my weight doesn't fluctuate too much and want to start s tracking water intake as well so that I can become more consistent with that. My one complaint about the app is regarding the calorie total at the end of the day. It always seems to be off, sometimes by more than 300 calories, so just be sure to know what you are putting into your body instead of trusting all the math of the app..Version: 7.0.1

Excellent AppI find this app so useful-its extremely flexible in terms of customization, and tracks everything I need. Water intake, net carbs, daily weight-it’s all there. Love the ability to create recipes and favorites as well as switch between grams and ounces. I used it some years ago then let it go dormant and for some reason lost all the data, but won’t let that happen again. The only thing I would say is to be a bit cautious both with validated nutritional content and the barcode scanner. It’s wrong much more often than used to be the case. For some reason the search function has become much weaker as well. Used to be able to find almost anything. But it’s no problem-easiest is just to enter or double check regular foods then save them as favorites. For me, this app is far superior and more flexible than any of the others I’ve tried. So we’ll thought out-love it..Version: 2021.12

Update needs to be fixedEDIT: found a work around. Instead of adding a new macro goal from the 3 dots menu in the upper right, go to the settings menu & select the option ‘set nutritional goals’. The window that pops up WILL have a save button & you can save your new goals. Annoying change but this means the app is still useful so I updated my stars. I hope this’ll help someone. I chose this app a while ago because of the ability to have more than one goal & it’s so easy to change each day. They update this app so many times, and with one of these updates I can no longer add or update my macro goals. The “done” button is hidden (white font on white background) & when you press it, it doesn’t save anything. Not worth it any more. Super frustrating.Version: 9.9

Really good appOnce i got most of the foods into the app that i eat it was so easy to use. To make it 5* i would love for the app to be able to give tips towards end of day for example if i need more protein it would be good if the app could suggest foods and weight to help me reach my goal for the day. That would obviously be more accurate and easy the more foods you programme in, but im sure it could be done..Version: 7.0.1

Great macro trackerThis app is the first I’ve found that allows for customization of foods down to the gram. For example if I’m entering in granola instead of limiting me to a cup serving this allows to input 64 grams. This is extremely helpful especially when putting in recipes. I was a little hesitant to try this app due to some of the negative reviews but it seems like most of them have to do with this apps ability to search for foods. I find it much more to my liking to enter my own custom foods using the labels or google to find the nutrition facts so the database of this app is irrelevant to me. Another thing I love about this app is that I’m able to connect with my wife on here and we can share meals and recipes so it’s easy to track together..Version: 2020.20

Fantastic AppI downloaded the ‘top 5’ macronutrient tracking apps and gave them all a little go. In my opinion, this app is the best for tracking my macros. For a small upfront cost you really do get a ton of features. The barcode database may not be as robust as others, but it is very simple to scan a product and add it to the database. I live in the UK and have no issues with scanning barcodes. Key features for me are: - Editing meal names & the option to add more. - Setting your own macro ratios under Goals. - Option to show net carbs (I don’t as I’m in UK). - General layout of remaining & total macros & the info tab for the total breakdown and goals vs actuals. A lot of this functionality in competitor apps is limited or hidden behind high subscription fees..Version: 9.0

Getting used to the appI am finally getting used to the app, but wish that there was some way to actually enter calories burned from exercise. I have tried using my workout app but that doesn't work..Version: 7.0.1

Great AppI’d been using a free trial of MyFitnessPal which was great but when it ended I wasn’t keen to spend $75 per year to maintain it. Then I found my macros + with a one off payment of $4.99, and it’s great! It took a tiny bit of patience having to re-input data I had saved in MyFitnessPal but once I’d done it’s been plain sailing! There doesn’t seem to be any ads either. I would definitely recommend it 😊.Version: 2020.21

Easy to useI love using this app to help plan my meals and track my macros. Once you have worked out the percentages or amount of each macro it is easy to choose from your saved food list to mix, match and make your meals work for your weight gain/loss goals. It can be quite hard to give yourself a variety of meals so a bit of thought is needed and the odd recipe book if your stuck for ideas. Saying that once you have either saved recipes or favourite meals you can forward plan for a few weeks on rotation to mix things up and keep yourself interested in a sustainable diet/meal plan. The only down side for me it the initial upload of the individual foods you like to eat. Most of the barcodes I have tried don’t fully match the food or they didn’t work at all. I found myself uploading manually for most of my saved foods. Like I’ve said though, once you have them saved you can just tap and save your daily meals. I particularly like the charts with the macro summary for each day, it’s a good indicator for your intended totals or percentages. Overall definitely better than other apps I’ve tried..Version: 2023.16

Really good!It's a very easy way to track your macros. Love being able to add custom stuff and set different goal profiles. My only complaint is there's no way I can find to turn off its content sync prompts which get very irritating if you're in and out of the app frequently, as it asks every time. Maybe in the next update guys? 😁👍🏽.Version: 4.5

Great!!Have been using this app for well over a year and love it. The pre set foods are not really setup for UK users but as it's so quick and simple to add new foods it's never bothered me. What i like most is the easy flexibility in configuring the foods, goals, meal times/names exactly as i want so it only takes seconds to add/adjust as i'm cooking or eating..Version: 7.0.1

Use it everyday!I've been using this app for over a year and with each update it gets improved. I love the barcode scanner though sometimes it doesn't recognize the barcode (hello just enter in macros from the nutrition label and it's saved!) the only critical feedback I have for the app is I wish it would calculate changes in nutritional value if you change something from grams/cup/oz/etc to another variable. It would just save time. And for carb cyclers if you could be able to enter different macro goals for the day and it would automatically change your goals for you. Sometimes I forget when my carb load day is (carb depleted brain anyone?) but if I was able to set a schedule for my macro goals it would make my life simple. However that is a stretch for any critical feedback, this app is awesome..Version: 7.0.1

SOME FIXES FOR PPL?I’ve had the app for a little while now. I’ve never used other tracking apps before cause I refused to use MFP for the price… And I have to say I really do enjoy it. At first, I was getting very frustrated on how it all worked. I thought I had to convert everything and searching for certain foods wasn’t and still isn’t THE best but I’ve come to enjoy typing all my foods nutritional info in. It makes me remember exactly what’s in it and even if I were to find it on the app (which I do sometimes), the information isn’t always accurate, so might as well do it yourself anyway. There was a review of someone talking about MM+ favoring Oz. You can change that. Where it says it, on the right side there should be 3-white dots going up-down, click that and you can choose between many other serving size measurements. This app is pretty awesome, there are flaws with every app, it’s not going to make you happy 100%. I say give this app some time and a real chance, play around with the settings and they do have customer service!.Version: 2023.03

Very good serviceI had subscribed by accident. The response was very fast and my blip was fixed straight away. Thank you.Version: 2022.13

Exactly what a macro app should beIf all you want to do is have a paid-for app that tracks your macros easily, this app is all you need. The database is fine, and the barcode and label scanner work for everything I’ve tried it on. You can set macro goals, and you can see how many grams or what ratios of each you’ve consumed. The app is not bloated with “extra features”. It’s quick, easy, and efficient. The companion workout app is a no-nonsense, paid-for app that tracks your workouts like you would with a notepad. No fluff or gimmicks. I recommend that too. If you prefer to pay a monthly fee for virtual coaching, web support, pretty graphics, and access to articles and recipes (that you can get anywhere), then you might prefer MyFitnessPal. But it’s hard for me to justify paying $10-20 month to track how much protein and carbs I eat..Version: 9.3

I’d be lost without it!I’ve been using this app for a little over two years now and absolutely love it. For such an affordable base price, you could do so much!!! This app has helped me crush and continue to crush goals and help keep me accountable. I have tried other apps and just find that for macros counting, this app is the best. It is very user friendly and makes tracking such a breeze. I also can’t rave on enough about their costumer support; when I got a new phone a couple weeks ago, the app was uploaded only for me to find that none of my data had transferred over—all of my custom foods, favorites, and recipes culminated over the years all gone. I was devastated!!! I reached out via email and Jason Loewy of their customer support team emailed me back within 24 hours stating that they were able to restore all of my data without a problem. Talk about a life saver! 10/10 would recommend this app..Version: 2022.05

MyMacros+ Satisfied CustomerI have been using MyMacros+ since 2017 and it’s a great macro tracking program! Once you have entered a week or so of meals in the app it makes it very easy to manage and track going forward! I regularly use the “Frequent” feature to enter meals or even easier is the copy meal feature from one day to another! My only problem I have had is when I get a new phone, the sync or download feature hasn’t worked for me nor did the contact support feature from within the app. I directly emailed customer service and they promptly were able to fix my issue and restored all my old info from the app to my new phone. Great company!.Version: 2022.09

SO usefulThis is by far the best app I have tried for tracking macros. It has a huge database for food, and adding your own custom food is super, super easy. I love that you can search for things by meal, macro or frequency. The customer service is also excellent - if you email with a question, they get back to you quickly and thoroughly (and they are also just super nice!). I do wish you could permanently change the order of your meals, and that you had the option to save an entire meal as a recipe. Other than that, it’s amazing. Highly recommend! Edit - one other thing! It would be really nice to have the option to fast for a day without having to use a vacation day for it. I’d prefer to save those for days when I’m eating outside of my goals!.Version: 9.6.2

Brilliant value, great featuresDumps all over my fitness pal. Fully customisable, not as much of a database food wise but very easy to add brands etc.Version: 2023.05

Very good app, but not quite perfect (yet)I love this app for many reasons. Tracking carbs and net carbs, tracking by mg and percent of calories, ability to quickly access frequently or recently used items, and the ability to add custom recipes are all great. Things that could be improved - searching for food items is often frustrating. The list could really be expanded and the search should allow for more specific terms so you don’t have to search through so many. The barcode scanner is really hit or miss which can be frustrating. And finally, I’d like to be able to enter a whole recipe and then select a portion rather than having to figure out the portion proportions manually..Version: 8.0.6

Use it everydayI’ve had this app for a couple years and tracked macros on/off for ... 1.4 years according to the app itself. People have mentioned my fitnesspal (mfp) as a competitor. I’m familiar with mfp and its big database of foods. Does MFP have a larger database? Yes. Is it legit all the time? No. Can you put in exact macros? Not on the free version. Can you change macros per day as in carb cycling? Nope. Is it easy to just GOOGLE the food to find and easily add it instead of complaining? YEP. I chose My Macros+ over other apps because of the following: 1. tracking is simple with Fast Track where you can instantly add carbs, protein, or fats when you don’t have time to add or when it’s not in the database. 2. Adding foods makes it easier to find later, also makes it easier for others with the same food to log. Increases database options. 3. Add recipes and copy meals to other dates. Very convenient as sometimes I don’t eat a meal I planned and add it for the next day 4. Noteworthy!!! the ability to change macros each day AND getting specific with macros (rather than rounding them according to the free MyFitnessPal) An added plus is the weekly emails on how the % of the goal I’m trying to hit. I recommend it to all serious trackers as well as my training clients..Version: 9.2

Good app, clear display, easy to navigate, some room for improvementThis app has the potential to be amazing, but it’s not quite there. The lay out is clear, and the functions are easy to navigate. The breakdown and display of macros/cals is easy to read and you can choose between a number of display options. You can opt to either customise and set your own daily targets or allow the app to set them. The meal input options are flexible and it doesn’t restrict you to breakfast, lunch, dinner and one snack, like many apps (frustratingly) do. The barcode scanner, so far, hasn’t recognised many of the foods I’ve tried to log or holds the incorrect nutritional data. This said, you can manually add foods and products, which is a little time consuming but still handy. However, then when I try to log the same food again at a later time, the serving size and nutrition data often changes and is wrong?? Often things seem to get converted to ‘cup’ measurements, with no way to manually override it and enter in grams ect, so not very accurate or helpful. Other apps I’ve used allow you to choose between units, grams or oz ect would be better. Also you can’t track dif types of fat beyond sat fats and there’s no data on micro nutrients and nowhere to add any. I’m still fairly new to using the app, but on the hole I’m pleased with it and despite the aforementioned issues I prefer it to the app I was previously using. I like that the focus is more on macros than simply just cals, so ‘what’ you’re putting your body, not just ‘how much’. It’s far better value and has more free features than many tracking apps. It doesn’t seem to link to my watch tracker or smart scales though, which is a shame, but this data can be entered manually. Highly recommend the app!.Version: 2021.03

Uk userGreat for working with avatar nutrition. Adding foods takes no time at all.Version: 7.0.1

Best tracking and customer supportI’ve been using this app for 2.5 years now and can’t live without it. I’ve been able to add my own customized recipes and food and have created a pretty hefty database in that timeframe. I updated my iPhone OS a few days ago and thought I lost everything! I tried the download and sync of content which failed. I contacted support and received a reply within minutes and the data was all uploaded back. I was able to download all my personal tracking back. Over the years the app has had many UI updates and other changes to make it even more user friendly and easy to track. Get this app if you’re looking for a way to log food and track your macros but more so to know it’s all safe. Love My Macros+!!!!.Version: 9.8

Used it for yearsMy Macros+ is hands down the best macro app out there and 100% worth every penny. I used to use MyFitnessPal but when I got into fitness and macro tracking, I needed something more. I’ve had this app for years and they keep making it better. Not only that, but their customer service is the best. I switched phones and thought my years worth of data was lost but they were able to restore it over a holiday weekend! In the beginning there is a learning curve to using it (especially if you are getting used to tracking macros for the first time). Now it’s a simple process and I use the app daily without thinking about it. Yes, sometimes there are some glitches like with any app/technology- but it’s rare and I’ve always been able to fix it easily on my own. Highly recommend..Version: 2020.26

Great AppI love this app. It has been enjoyable to create daily menu's and given me a whole new dimension to tracking my macro's for my sports needs. Find it works best when you add all the custom foods yourself. Couldn't get the barcode scanner to work at all which would have been a great tool. Perfect for OCD people like me who like to know in exact detail what meal plans they are creating..Version: 6.1.1

Much improvedUpgraded and started using the app again after a three year break. The app is much better and easier to use. Some nice feature like the copy of groups of meals etc. The food search has improved. Again, that make its easier. Next step might be to have automatic conversions between metric and imperial..Version: 2020.28

Great appI like this app a lot, it makes it easy to keep track of my macros and weight for bodybuilding..Version: 8.4

Keeps you accountableIt’s a great app for those who know that calories don’t matter as much as macros. It’s simple and easy to use. Food data base is not as large as MyFitnessPal however the more people use it and I use it the database is expanded and a lot more accurate than MyFitnessPal. The new feature that was added a few weeks ago called Macro Coach is absolutely incredible! The feature consists on setting a goal, adding your current info and every week do a “check in” which will cause adjustments to be automatically done to keep moving forward to your goal. The more I use it, the more effectively it works. The only thing I wish is that the pace calculated by Macro Coach was according to fat mass instead of body weight. The reason is that the last few weeks I have been losing fat mass at an impressive pace BUT haven’t lost weight. If the pace is calculated just by body weight then the app will keep reducing my macros and calories regardless of making a lot of process in fat loss..Version: 8.0.2

Great ValueI do use the app on and off. But whatever initial cost I couldn’t be happier. It is as good as any other branded dieting app without the monthly fees. Once you have your macros goal you have access to tons of foods already stored in the app- or there’s a handy barcode scanner to make it as simple as possible to calculate your daily intake. It definitely serves to hold me accountable!.Version: 2023.05

Great calorie counter/macro counting app!Has made life tracking my macros so much easier! Has everything I want and more. The great thing is if there is anything more you think the app should have the app creator is happy to hear from you on your suggestions. Overall would rate A+.Version: 2.0

The best macro counting app I have usedMyMacros+ is really easy to use and fully customisable. Worth getting if you plan to count your calories/macros on any sort of regular basis..Version: 7.0.1

Getting better, but still needs some tweakingI have been using this app for a couple of years now. Every update seems to have some good improvements and I love that goals automatically sync to my Avatar Nutrition account - it would be great if the weight tracking did as well. Meal orders: requesting a default order option for meals to reduce having to reorder meals every day. It would be really nice to not have to do this all of the time. I do love that it gives you the option to name your own meals and add as many as you want. Food database: much better than it used to be, but the search results are weird sometimes. It can be difficult to find simple items. Recipes: a great feature, but a few issues here. There is no place to store instructions or notes for the recipe and when you go to add ingredients that are not in the database you have to exit, enter the ingredient as a custom food, and then go back and re-enter the recipe. Also, it would be nice to be able to enter the quantity when you add the ingredient instead of adding all ingredients first and then going back to update after the ingredient is added. My Circle: great feature, but still glitchy..Version: 7.0.1

Best Macro App AvailableMy Macros + is user friendly and allows for accurate tracking. I have used the popular My Fitness Pal app in the past which doesn’t compare to My Macros +. The recent updates to the app have made it even easier to use and allows for easy reporting on tracked nutrition..Version: 9.7

Really helpfulI'm finding this app really helpful for tracking everything. It's the best app I've found to date and worth going premium.Version: 7.0.1

BUG FIX PLEASE!!!I absolutely love this app and have been using it religiously but since the update yesterday I haven’t been able to open the app? It just shuts on me :( Dying not being able to track my macros and the other apps aren’t the same. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX!!!.Version: 8.3.6

SO Grateful!I’ve been using MM+ for a little over 6 months now. I got a new phone last week, I read that I could sync my info to be on the new phone, and then I messed up and clicked then wrong button, which meant losing all of my food entries, data, etc. Safe to say, I cried but then sucked it up and said I’d just start over. Someone in a macros group on Facebook recommended I reach out through the app, and while skeptical, I did. I am SO GRATEFUL that I did!! MM+ was able to get my data from their end, and once they had it, all I had to do was sync it correctly! All of my stuff was back, and I was quite happy. I love good customer service, and MM+ definitely exceeded it! Thank you! It’s greatly appreciated..Version: 2020.28

Game changerI am Keto vegan and am trying to gain lean mass. This app has ensured that I accurately meet my macros..Version: 2020.27

Scanner uselessLove the app but would love for the scanner to work as well if not better then MyFitnessPal. I have switched to this app as it is a massive time saver when adding a new product. Or even for reusing same product..Version: 2020.28

Stellar appThank you Macros Inc for developing such an incredible life-changing app!.Version: 2021.06

Great app, useless in Australia!I am giving 4 stars based on the app itself- compared to MyFitnessPal I love it. It preferences macros over calories (love love love!) and gives you a lot more personalisation without having to subscribe with a monthly fee. The only reason why I am using MyFitnessPal over this app is purely because the database for Australian food is so poor. I haven't got the time (or attention span) to enter in every item of food I'm eating every single day! Update the database and I will religiously use this app and tell everyone about it!.Version: 7.0.1

Don’t buyNot user friendly, to enter my own macro goals it wants me to spend an additional $9.99 USD per month. In the help section it says you don’t need to purchase to enter your goals but to navigate to SET YOUR NUTRITIONAL GOALS setting page. But I did not find it. I give up. Back to mfp. Waste of money..Version: 8.5

Not bad. Could be better.I’ll start with the good stuff – being able to scan barcodes for basic nutritional information is a wonderful future. And the recipe builder has saved me a lot of time. Here is the big problem I found l, For which I docked it one star; when you look up a food from the master list, it will list the total carbohydrates for that food – but it won’t subtract carbohydrates from fiber, which don’t count towards bad carbs. So foods like avocados and flaxseed meal – which have a lot of carbs, but are mostly fiber - look like very bad choices, when in fact they are very good choices. The logic should subtract fiber from overall carbs. If they would fix that, and ideally come up with a desktop application that synced through the cloud with the mobile app, it would actually be pretty ideal..Version: 8.3.4

Really greatI've used a lot of meal tracking apps and I'm really liking this one!.Version: 4.5

Great tracking appReally great and easy to track your foods, make custom entries in seconds and youre set up.Version: 2021.06

So many great features!I have been tracking macros for the 5-6 years and used many Macro Apps in the past. I have yet to find an App that provides so many features. I enjoy being able to create my own recipes, manually log my foods, and look at each of the graphs analyzing my foods. I also like the joined My Workouts+ App. The App developers are also very professional and extremely nice when I sent an email with suggestions for copying/pasting links of websites with my favorite recipes. In addition, I’m wondering if there’s a way we can use our Smart watches, Fitbit, etc and have them sync so we have all of our information available: caloric intake vs caloric output (along with graphs that support this information). Thank you !.Version: 8.3.2

Super easy to useI live in Australia and I haven't found any Australian product yet other than international products like protein powders. Adding custom food is super easy so this is not an issue for me. It shows in numbers and graphics on how you are doing through the day based on the entered information, and it doesn't require too much time or effort to learn how to use it. You can't go wrong with this app even if your local food is not available. Also, customer service is super fast even on non premium version. I couldn't be happier with this app..Version: 5.0.1

Great calorie counter/macro counting app!Has made life tracking my macros so much easier! Has everything I want and more. The great thing is if there is anything more you think the app should have the app creator is happy to hear from you on your suggestions. Overall would rate A+.Version: 2.1.1

Very useful app for its price.I came across this app through a reddit forum i was thinking to pay monthly for fitness pal But i searched for myMacros+ instead its worth the price. Pay only once and the features you need to bulk or cut is already free to use. I started to track my macros and foods now i know how much calories i need..Version: 2021.05

Best macro app on the market!I have used MyMacros+ for a little over a year now, and it has transformed my understanding and relationship with my macro goals. As a former college athlete, I was a little lost when it came to my macro goals once I was done playing and working while trying to stay fit. I tried other apps like MFP & others, but MyMacros+ is far and beyond the best. The interface is very user friendly & there are so many features that help me stay on track & set new goals. The coach feature is what really sets this app apart from the others. The barcode & nutrition label scanners are incredibly accurate and I rarely have to correct the information. I am a massive fan of this app and would recommend it to everyone, regardless of if you’re a newbie to the world of macros or a seasoned vet!.Version: 2023.01

Great productGreat product has helped me in journey but still has a lot of products missing from its food database..Version: 7.0.1

Lost data? No way!I recently upgraded my iPhone and thought everything was transferred over from my old one. Nope... not the case. Not when it came to MM+ data. I was devastated to find not one entry was saved!! That was a few years worth of data! I tried everything from restoring my phones backup data to doing the sync on the actual app. Placed my issue on the my macros inc FB as a post and someone suggested to try customer service. Taadaa! Everything is now restored! Thank you so much!!.Version: 2021.02

Fantastic app with room to growI’ve checked out a couple different macro tracking apps and I find myself returning to this one. Easy to use once you understand the different functions, and I get into a nice rhythm of tracking my food as I am preparing it. The “recent” and “frequent” tabs make for even faster food tracking, especially if you are like me and most of your diet consists of a few staple foods. I highly recommend having a digital kitchen scale, as it takes the guesswork out of weighing/measuring your food. But there is room for improvement. Be careful using the barcode scanning option. I have found many of the results that come up are wildly different from the actual nutrition facts on the package. Be sure to double check when you use it. More often than not I am creating my own custom foods using the nutrition facts on the label. Not a huge deal for me, but some may find it annoying. And secondly, it would be nice if the developers added a way to track sugar alcohols and other non-sugar sweeteners. As someone who follows a ketogenic diet, a lot of the foods I eat and prepare use these ingredients, and this affects my net carb count at the end of the day. If I could track these types of sweeteners, just another option under “carbs,” then I would be able to more easily calculate my net carbs at the end of the day. As it now stands, I have no way to differentiate between sugar and sugar alcolhol or erythritol/monk fruit/stevia and other such sweeteners. Thanks!.Version: 2020.18

Awesome appThis is an awesome and finally takes the headache & guesswork away from measuring my macros....Version: 8.1.1

The best Macro tracking app everMy Macro+ is by far my favorite Macro tracking app. Even more so than "my fitness pal" although it is missing a few features that MFP has such as a more in-depth micro-nutrient tracker. The pros far out weigh the cons. It has a far easier and cleaner user interface. With no daily tips and other clutter nonsense. Its straight forward and easy to use. Probably the best part is how easy it is to add your own food and nutrient information, as well as a no nonsense recipe building interface. And if you want to edit any mistakes, changing info is easy. The other winning factor is that everything you need to know about that days macros is displayed on one screen. Daily goals, what you've already eaten, how much more you need, and how many macros each meal cost. Over all fantastic app!.Version: 7.0.1

Simple Effective All You NeedI love this app because it is simple to do what I want: track macros. It offers more features, but I don't need or use them. I began tracking with this a few years ago, so my list of foods is built. Like any food journaling app, there is plenty of prep work but once you have your basics, it's a breeze. I use the custom food and recipe features most. I eat little packaged food because I do a Keto diet. I used it at first just to see how I was eating, not for goal setting. But this app has helped me get back to basics when I strayed now that I have my own benchmark for what balance of macros works for me. The developer was also responsive when I sent email questions. I highly recommend this..Version: 7.0.1

Easy to use& good functionality. It allows you to track more meals that MFP, which helps me so much,i.e. Pre & post workout meals. Being from the UK I have to add a lot of info in for food, but done once it's saved..Version: 7.0.1

Best app for counting caloriesThis app is way better than any other out there!.Version: 2020.28

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