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Fabric pricingThe only thing I don’t like on Etsy is having to guess the price of fabric. It is usually by the yard but on Etsy you sometimes have to go all the way into your cart before finding the price is not for a yard but it is for a fat quarter, an 1/8th, or 3/8 yard, 1 yard etc. It makes it very hard to compare fabrics. Normally it would be no big deal but when a fabric is needed now it gets very annoying to open an ad just to find out it still doesn’t specify how much you are getting for $3.40. After reading the entire ad you still don’t have an indication. So now you go to the cart to see what you bought for 3 @ $3.40. One would expect about $12 with tax but instead it said $38 and that didn’t include shipping. I did this kind of searching for 6 hours yesterday between 2 sites and left everything at your site except for one small purchase. I don’t have a problem paying what something is worth but it seems like a trick. It is not needed unless your goal is to annoy. Just price it the real price. Thanks, Donna Watkins.Version: 5.42

Etsy Rocks!The App makes purchasing so easy..Version: 5.29

Creative giftsI love Etsy. First off I enjoy helping out other artists and individuals more than big corporations. I have had some wonderful quality items I’ve given as gifts or kept for myself. The layout is easy to use. You can buy the item straight away or put it in the cart and buy all the items together. Some shops give discounts on multiple item orders. Etsy shows you which shops have items on sale and how many other people have that particular listing in their cart. You can favorite a shop or an item that you can easily go back to later. You’re able to put those items in a group, which is useful in the form of gifts you have in mind for one person or event like Christmas. These groups seem to be unlimited as I already have a bunch I’ve made. You have seller and buyer feedback and you can contact your seller. They show similar items to what you’re looking for on the same page. You are able to see turnaround time and the general location area of the shop, then pay through credit card or PayPal which makes it convienient..Version: 5.88

GST on postageI do not agree that GST charged on postage courtesy of NZ government. I normally only buy free delivery items in protest of this..Version: 6.17.1

AmazingI have purchased masks, bags and purses from Time to go Wintook. They are all exceptionally well made, the fabric’s are stunning and service is fantastic. I have just ordered an apron and can’t wait to receive it. An absolutely gorgeous shop..Version: 5.81

Review of EtsyI have purchased various items through Etsy from jewelry, greeting cards, personal items and so much more. The shops used through Etsy are very reliable and I would like to add they are very unique items that you will not find anywhere else. In purchasing an item the shop gives a full description of the item and notes if there are any flaws and also they list the previous customers the item they purchased and if they were pleased or not pleased. Just purchased the most unique Christmas Cards to send to family and friends these cards you will not find in Hallmark because they are Vintage. Yes they cost a little more because they have to be shipped. But once a year I want my Family and Friends to know I went that extra mile to send them unique Christmas Cards because they are Special. I also purchased small replicas of the characters from The Classic Charles Dickens Story “Scrooge”. A gift for my Nephew which I know he’ll treasure. Etsy is really TOPS in my book and I will go on being one of their devoted customers..Version: 6.54

Recovery is a processThanks for your support.Version: 6.47.1

Changes to the appOverall the app is easy to use and functions correctly. I love the applepay feature, I love the note on the thumbnails like “viewed, liked, or local.” I like the recent change to “delivery which allows me to more easily specify where it is delivered from (keepin it local). However, I don’t like the change made to “collections” within favourites though. Etsy made a big deal (make collections and be entered into a prize drawing!) about these collections being a feature, and now they are tucked away down at the bottom of “favourites” tab and not at all convenient to find—too many clicks away!.Version: 6.42

The easiest way to support localEvery time I have asked for some kind of custom order the sellers have been so enthusiastic to be creative and help. It means I can always support small local business even when the exact listing I’m after isn’t there. Can’t recommend highly enough the ease of purchasing, communicating and sharing of ideas/photos in the message section. Etsy is ALWAYS my go to shop..Version: 5.71

Great app!Great app for shopping! Has a lot of stuff that I can't find anywhere else!.Version: 4.74

Amazing productsThank you, very good quality and fast delivery.Version: 5.78

VeeResinBondiWow Vee, So good to shop here again! Your resin pieces are by far the most incredible creations of resin art that I’ve ever seen. You have the most creative talent and you’re ability to choose the colour palettes that blend and compliment your work, in your individual artistic pieces is above and beyond any other resin pieces I’ve ever seen. I plan to fill my home with your works of art. Thanks so very much 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.Version: 6.17.1

Great app with extremely helpful support team!Etsy is a great platform and their sellers sell pretty much everything that you are looking for. It is a great platform to look for gifts for anyone, or if you need to replace anything such as a phone case. Their customer service team is rapid and extremely helpful- made an order around a week ago and today received an email that their is a problem with my order due to the seller closing their shop, asking me to open a case. Did so and seconds later the support team issued a refund and were very kind and apologetic about the experience. Unfortunately sometimes these things happen on selling apps but I will now always feel safe ordering on this site knowing the support team and case mediation team is there to solve any problems that may occur! 😃.Version: 6.59

AwesomeI love crafts, this app always has what I’m looking for..Version: 6.43

Great!I turn to Etsy for all my shopping needs. Helps me support small business owners and local too. Love the design and lay out - makes shopping a breeze, however I’m having issues with is trying to get into contact with Etsy for help! It’s a pain. Going through all their possible avenues to talk to them but no luck which is extremely frustrating! But otherwise an app I reckon to everyone for their online shopping :-).Version: 5.65

Extremely unhappyI am extremely unhappy I have been dealing with the supplier LoveJilty, since I’ve paid for my items I haven’t received any information regarding why my payment has not gone through on THERE part. I was supposed to receive a bra top and a garter bottom and was told that my items was marked as unpaid because of being shipped internationally and that additional charges may apply that I was okay with what I’m not Okay with is the fact that I got a message from LoveJilty saying they need me to pay again for what I already bought and have a receipt for ! Which is 85$ extra! I have tried to open a case but cannot because it says that my items will not be shipped until July 12 which is a lie because I will not be receiving my items because they have told me I need to pay more money. They also sent me a one additional message saying that they would check the bank as to why my payment didn’t go through and they never got back with me I want a refund and have not heard back and I am extremely disappointed and unsatisfied.Version: 5.26

Love EtsyEtsy is my go to for gifts. You can find anything here, the gifts are unique and you are supporting small businesses. Seller communication is always excellent and prices are better than the high street or large mail order companies. The website is easy to use. My only gripe is that postage can be extremely costly to ship to Australia from some countries..Version: 5.63

Thanks Etsy your wonderful!Just starting using this app for our daughters wedding! So easy and quality excellent! Very pleased! 😊.Version: 5.81

ConfusingIn general, I like Etsy, because you can find items you wouldn’t find anywhere else, but this last purchase was very confusing. Some discount codes worked and some didn’t. There was no explanation why. Discounts left me paying for shipping so it kind of wasn’t worth it especially because I couldn’t tell what price the shipping would be. On this particular site, I couldn’t see the variation in what I bought and it wasn’t noted in the image you saw so I had to contact the seller to clarify, especially since on some sites in Etsy, you have to pay to return shipping so you don’t want the wrong item. I never saw the price of shipping until I went most of the way through PayPal. Previous experiences with Etsy were not this confusing and complicated. All Etsy site should have a PayPal option because I have no idea who these people really are and I credit card because of that. All pricing and return car should be clear up front. Because of the confusion and changing and prices. I went back and forth. Through the process many times, never knowing if I would lose my. Discounts..Version: 6.38

Love this placeI absolutely adore this place! There’s no end to what you can find all top quality and also I love to help the small handcrafted shops as it means more to me and also more to the shop that you purchased from, I spend hours looking at all the most wonderful hems on here and when’re I need anything etsay is the very first place I try especially for gifts as you ‘ll definitely find a unique handcrafted item that the person for whom the gifts for will adore! I can’t recommend this wonderful place enough!! And if you need to get in touch with the seller for any reason they get back to you quickly and are friendly and really kind and helpfull, 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.Version: 6.29.1

ExcellentVery easy to follow set up for payment and address etc. Stress free 😊.Version: 6.24.1

Delayed store updatesThe platform is overall very good, but lately I’ve been having issues with stores updating properly. The tab for shop sections will show numbers for how many items, but the shop itself will show nothing, and it’s the same both in the app and on the desktop version. Have not been able to find an appropriate place to report the issue or get help for it.Version: 5.54

Supporting small businesses is the bonusThe products and people/small businesses who list on here so amazing stuff. Everything is done with care and so personal! This is always a first port of call when buying a gift for someone. Supporting small businesses is a really great thing particularly in these difficult times but in honesty if they weren’t amazing no one would buy anyway. But they are ALL amazing and that is why they get my custom as often as I can! Keep it up guys. We are ever grateful of your care, attention to detail, personal touch and above all care about what you do. Thank you!!.Version: 5.65

MaxkadoGreat store, I’ll definitely be buying from them again. Cute cards.Version: 6.11.2

Louise Kelly Etsy. Lovely thoughtful giftsLovely bauble for my childhood friend who recently lost her husband suddenly. Now I’m losing her again as she’s moving back halfway across the country to be with her family which I obviously understand. But Thankyou Louise for helping me with my gift to her before she goes. Above and beyond you helped as I really am no good with sending anything online. I recommend Louise 100% and her gorgeous business. Xxx I’ve bought other gifts on Etsy over the years and will keep on doing so as I find what I’m looking for here. Meaningful gifts for just what you have in mind . It’s as if it knows what you want then hey ho you find it. My little granddaughter was the time before this who required something thoughtful and loving from Nana at the time. I found it here and she found love and comfort which brought me peace so I will keep using Etsy as there will always be the gift I want with the meaning I want to portray Julie Leightley.Version: 6.51

Almost perfect appI am new to shopping on Etsy. Decided at Christmas to support small businesses by buying from local artisans on this incredible platform. I love the app BUT one major flaw - when I’m viewing an item and add it to my favourites, a very annoying little pop up appears at the top of the screen. This is unnecessary because I know I’ve added the item to my favourites because I’ve just clicked multiple times to add it to a folder. It’s already more clicks than should be needed. Then the pop up lingers at the top of the screen obscuring the navigation buttons so I have to wait until it’s faded before I can click out of the item. This might seem minor but user experience is less enjoyable and more time consuming as a result of this one little issue. I’m browsing for a lot of items at the moment and I don’t really want to be hindered by unnecessary pop ups that hover in the wrong place. Please can you either move the pop up to a lower location or disable it? Other than that I love Etsy and the amazing people who produce the incredible items I find on it..Version: 5.67

LOVE THIS APPBeen using this app for a while now ! At first I thought it was another app like wish but I was 100% WRONG! This is my “go to” app for anything I need before I try other shops get so many ideas from it and the items people make are so lovely ! ordered a few things from here from personalised to home and everything came as displayed and was very quick and easy to order stuff highly recommend this to anyone looking to buy personalised items and home decor or just anything really 😂💁‍♀️.Version: 5.77

Needs more filtersI love Etsy, and spend a lot of time on it. I wish the “search favourites” function actually worked, though! If they added some filters in the store pages other than price and relevance, that would be hugely helpful - especially if you could “only see items you have already added to favourites” in a store! (Since I have thousands of favourites across dozens of time-consuming lists, not everything I like in a specific store is in the same category, but when paying for delivery I would like to see if there are other bits that I have previously noticed in a store, so I can optimise the purchases). This issue creates a barrier, and means I am less inclined to buy from stores with a delivery charge, because making 100% sure that all relevant products have been added to the order takes a lot more time and energy than I sometimes have, which is unfair towards said stores, so please fix it, Etsy!.Version: 6.67

Support independent creativesI have always tried to buy gifts from local crafts people but it takes a bit of organisation and legwork. Now I’m tied at home with caring duties and my own mobility problems, Etsy has been the answer. There have been a couple of things that have fallen short of expectations but the vast majority of my purchases have been beautiful and better than I could have hoped. So many clever people out there making lovely things that make the world a better place. Nice to be part of their story..Version: 6.55

Honestly impressedThe variety of selections are just amazing. There are so many high quality products on Etsy, literally anything you could think of. I am very satisfied with the service of shop owners as most of them were very friendly and they ship your products very fast. Give it a try people..Version: 6.2

So, this is what true customer service looks likeI like things to be a bit different, and when searching for a business card holder with RFID, I stumbled across this store. Great idea, looks good… after making some enquiries, all of which were replied swiftly, and with a personable friendliness, with no hard sell or urgency to commit a deal. I decided to proceed… let’s see what happens. My card arrived… to say I’m beyond impressed is an understatement. Ben has clearly taken the time to get this right for me. He’s got an eye for detail, and since speaking with him since, as I’ve just submitted another order, it’s clear if the buyer is happy, then he is happy. The whole transaction from enquiry to delivery has been great. The technology still blows my mind, but, it does do what it says on the tin… I’ve now got a bespoke RFID contact / business card, that’s perfect for the environment, as it has NFC so I keep the card, and tap a colleagues phone to pass on my details… it couldn’t be easier. Thanks Ben, you’ve humoured my ‘daft’ questions, and given me a product I’m 100% proud of. Best wishes. Martin.Version: 5.75.1

Excellent Etsy!!Love this shop and all its little etsyettes! So many beautiful gifts and interesting stuff that’s mainly handmade and can be personalised or even bespoke. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either. I have been using Etsy for a few years now and I have bought things from many different sellers and they have all always been helpful and accommodating even when I’ve wanted something so very quickly. I can spend hours browsing through (to long sometimes 🤫😊) So check it out I throughly recommend it. 😁.Version: 6.27.2

Great for gifts but website still needs improvementBeen purchasing through Etsy for many years and was surprised recently when my entire buyers account was deleted. Someone decided to change my account to a sellers account-extremely bizarre as I have never sold on Etsy ever. My entire buyer’s history along with all my favorites was deleted. It took months of persistent emails demanding help from yet another customer service person who had no idea what they were doing. Finally my buyers account was restored but without my purchase history or favorites. Clearly customer service needs improvement. The way the site works is also very slow and outdated. Changes that have been made only slow it down further. Investment in new servers might be a good idea! However- I decided to stay here because there are still some artisans who sell only here. And I do purchase. However the other issue is that many of the single artist sellers have left. Most of the sellers are Chinese companies who sell for Pennie’s on the dollar on Taobao except on Etsy they often raise their prices. I think it is sad that true artists have been pushed out and these high volume companies have taken over in many cases. This is all My current opinion..Version: 6.36.1

DisneySend a few messages regarding T-shirt colours and printing was super fast response and so helpful thank you so much highly recommend.Version: 6.33.2

Found A BugEtsy has been great for me so far, but because I needed to buy multiple things recently for a fursuit partial I’m making I was adding more then 1 thing to my basket, to which point no matter how many times I add it to my basket it just disappears after a few seconds and I have to redo the customization part of it and then add it to my order. I can’t add more than 1 thing to my basket and I need to add atleast 4 things without it removing everything!! PLEASE fix this bug because it is highly annoying and has never happened before recently!.Version: 6.14.1

Great ProductsGreat products for a fraction of the price. I just started shopping on here (mainly to buy dried flower bouquets) and there’s so much creativity in products that are offered. Only thing I would suggest to new users is to always check the product details to make sure displays/vases/accessories etc are included. If they’re not, then at least you won’t be disappointed when you receive the product... However some of the sellers will throw in an advertised accessory (or ‘prop’) for an extra cost if you reach out and ask for more info. Still far cheaper than going to a florist who will charge $200+ for one bouquet!.Version: 5.59

Not the easiest way to shopUsing Etsy on a laptop or bigger is relatively easy. Trying to use it successfully on a smart phone or tablet is much harder. There are two things which EBay has that Etsy lacks and which would make me use if more often are these. I’d like a dedicated watching page. I found a ring I loved and wanted to save it to show my husband. Although I marked it as one I liked it didn’t reappear in the list of things I liked when I next logged on. It is only because I remembered the name of the seller was I able to get my ring. The other is I wish I could look for uk sellers only or look for sellers that ship to the UK. I was having problems trying to pay for something and it was only then that I discovered that was US shipping only. eBay doesn’t let British customers see items not available for shipping here and we get to choose whether we want to see British sellers only or worldwide ones. Both these things would make a huge improvement to my Etsy shopping habits..Version: 5.61

Etsy PatternsI always find what I need on Etsy…always my first port of call. Highly recommended for any project..Version: 6.60

SVG filesLove this site for my cricut SVG files So many to choose from..Version: 5.91

Freezing (as of April 4)Love Etsy and the app is pretty great, but recently having freezes on iOS 14.4.2 where I have to force close then reopen the app. I’m sure this will be fixed so 5*. :).Version: 5.72.2

Mountaineer beard balmGreat product, holds well, not greasy, keeps the beard healthy and my wife likes how it smells..Version: 5.41

Great marketplaceEtsy is a fantastic online marketplace where creativity flourishes. It's a treasure trove of unique handmade and vintage items, allowing buyers to discover one-of-a-kind products that often can't be found elsewhere. The diverse range of artisans and sellers contribute to a vibrant community, offering everything from personalized gifts to intricate crafts. While the shopping experience can sometimes be hit-or-miss due to varying seller quality, the platform's search and filter features help navigate this. Overall, Etsy provides a delightful outlet for both creators and shoppers seeking something distinctive and special..Version: 6.34

Disappointing updateI use Etsy a lot to try and support smaller buyers. However, I use it on an iPad which hasn’t been a problem until the latest update. Now I find that the pages don’t appear correctly, the text is now on the right and too close to the top of the screen, the link to the NatWest app doesn’t work (the accept button appears below the bottom of the dialogue box so can’t be pressed) - support fro these issues has been almost non-existent. Developers - get your act together!.Version: 6.27.2

Unique Items - Shop EtsyI’ve already done lots of Christmas shopping. I buy all my cards on Etsy and I’ve been very happy with the quality of the items without exception. I look for shops that don’t charge postage or have reasonable postage rates. Great way to support small businesses and find unique gifts..Version: 5.87.1

Supporting small businessesSuch a good way to support small businesses, especially in this time! 💗 so good for Christmas prezzies too!.Version: 5.63

Pretty good, no search in saved items howeverThe Etsy app is relatively user friendly. One particular pet peeve of mine however is that you cannot search or filter your saved items. This gets frustrating as if you are trying to find a particular thing you saved moths ago, you have to physically scroll through everything you’ve saved since. A search bar in saved items would be appreciated, or at least the option to filter by category e.g clothing, jewellery, artwork etc.Version: 5.42

Nice and EasyI have used this website for a number of my purchases and have found the process “nice and easy” to use..Version: 6.15

Can’t create iPhone Home Screen linkIn the past I was able to create a Home Screen icon which when I pressed on it, it went to the desired store. Now, when I create a link (as I’ve previously done), the icon points to the Etsy home page and I can’t change it to point to the desired store. This is most annoying considering I’ve been able to do it in the past. I did go to the developer’s website to ask a question, but your site doesn’t allow me to (or so it seemed to me) and so I am putting this review. I can change the review if this issue is remedied as, generally, I really like Etsy. Thank you for your quick response to, I’m sure, a simple problem, but oh so annoying.Version: 5.99

Excellent marketplaceI use Etsy to buy and sell and can honestly say I’ve had some of the best gifts from sellers on here. Everything is really thoughtfully made and you know that the money is going to a small business and contributing to someone’s livelihood. As a seller I find it very easy to navigate, upload and sell my products, and the fees are pretty transparent once you get your head around it. There’s no nasty surprises, and you can request the money from your account to be paid instantly or on a schedule which is really handy. Overall I think Etsy is a great platform and recommend it to anyone I know who wants to buy or sell handmade items..Version: 5.68

Too many factory made products!Hey Etsy - thought this was all about the craftsperson, not the Asian factory. You know that there’s something not quite right when you see the same photos in multiple shops that were also on Chinese mega-sites. I do appreciate the shops that will custom-make garments. That’s a service that’s necessary for the plus-sized in particular - I had to stop at 1X because customers sized larger refused to pay a higher price than I was charging for a small. Back to the situation - I’ve always put the mandated care and content labels in my garments, but content is sorely missing on the imports from China. I purchased a rather pricey sweater from Alicewool that she stated was cotton. It started pilling if you looked at it cross-eyed. Within 24 hours it became some you wouldn’t leave the house wearing. I tested the yarn, and got very little ash, and a hard plastic-y blob - it was most likely a petroleum based synthetic, with a single cotton thread. When I called her on it, she was rude and dismissive. Is it one rule for us, and another for China? I’ve often thought of contacting the FTC regarding this..Version: 6.31

FabulousEasy to download and put together, appreciated the booklet... can’t wait to make it!.Version: 5.34.2

ExcellentBeautiful products. Amazing options. Easy to use and checkout x.Version: 6.24.1

AwesomeEtsy is perfect for finding those customised or hard to find gifts/items and are at a reasonable price. I love supporting small businesses and artists, recommend Etsy over a lot of online stores. Plus you always get a high quality item, could not recommend enough..Version: 5.37

Filled with AI artI love Etsy, I really do, but it’s becoming so hard to find actual artists. With the rise of AI art, it’s almost impossible to search up a genre of art without seeing a ton of ai products. And not only that, I’m seeing more stores that drop ship cheap clothes and decor from Alibaba and other similar stores. It’s slowly becoming less about hand crafted creations and more about quick money from cheap products..Version: 6.41

Watch coverInteresting purchases.Version: 6.26

No explanation why payment was not availableKept trying to check out - kept getting message something was wrong, to check back later. Eventually deleted app & started again. When reinstalled I had to change password, Etsy said my 15 character password that included letters, including Capitals, numbers & special characters was weak. When then logging in I had to do at least 10 Captcha checks..Version: 5.90

Some things need to be fixedOne of my favorite apps, love it. But I hate the update because it’s has changed stuff that’s unnecessary . Example 1. When going into a list and adding one item already in that lists to another, it takes you back to the top of the lists. Example 2. They Changed where you can look at vids and now you can’t go it anymore. You have to wait for the vids to pop up on your homescreen instead of actually having a place where they stay. Example 3. They show the same things over and over on the home seen except showing something that you think you want. I look at things that are related and my whole home screen page is filled with the same stuff. I’d like variety. Example 4. Add more explore interests. Example 5. The editor picks take up almost all of the bottom of homescreen page. Edit: you need to edit how you can make list(s) such as being able to do multiple selection of items to cross over to a different list(s), !RECCOMEND! I recommend making a spot where cart, favorites, and home are for place where you can interact with items in AR or put back the video thing..Version: 6.28

DivineI love the ease of use and the customisation of this app... I love the businesses on here too.Version: 5.54

EtsyToo many amazing presents to purchase. A great app, but I have to limit my time spent on it. Literally too much to consume. There is something for everyone. Christmas shopping has never been easier. Spoilt for choice! ❤️.Version: 6.8.1

Pushed an app update, but didn’t fix resolution?!You need to update your app to support the resolution of the XS Max and XR. It’s really unfortunate that you pushed an update that didn’t include that fix....Version: 5.8

The Adventure of EtsyShopping on Etsy is an adventure! I have just purchased 2 sets of earrings and 2 ring sizers. After paying with a credit card, I was asked to write a review. I don’t usually write reviews, but Etsy is fun to peek at periodically and I do usually always buy something. The individual owners of shops with Etsy let you know where their products are made and where they ship from. During the Civid 19 stay at home time, I enjoyed looking at Etsy jewelry and found some special treasures. Quite a few, actually and for reasonable prices. A few years ago I ordered a beautiful handmade stone Fairy house. It was made in a shop in England and sent from there. Just about a foot around and adorable. I had messages from the makers of the Fairy house and happily thanked them for the good packing for shipping from England to Massachusetts. Made mostly of stones, it was heavy. Love having English stones! It’s fun to have a little sense of where things actually come from, too. Found lots of little fairies and fairy house outside furniture on Etsy. The Etsy adventure is always finding something new, unique, handmade, beautiful or useful and not necessarily knowing what you are searching for. Hahaha…..until you find it! Thanks Etsy and Thanks to all of your special Shops. It is a pleasure to scroll through and look at your unique items. Fun! Shopping with you is also organized and easy. Lynne Gallagher Comb Manchester, Ma. February 2023.Version: 6.20.1

Casual UserI'm on this app every so often and I've never had a problem with it. Every time I use it it's always a pleasant experience..Version: 4.74

Fertility reading!She's amazing, best fertility reading I've ever had and not even that part was the best she was totally correct with everything she said, one of my signs that I was about to conceive was frogs, I saw a whole lot of different things as frogs till I got my postive today, I'm so speechless after constantly trying even having a loss I have finally got my rainbow baby!! Thanks sm to this beautiful magical woman, I appreciate her more than she can even imagine 🤍🤍🤍.Version: 6.9

Favourite online shop for artsy itemsBought a lot of wedding items from this shop and have always been satisfied with my purchases.Version: 5.73

You. Will. Lose. Money.Contact the seller before you purchase. Ask for a photo of the product you’re buying. Don’t give any details. They have your details when you signed up. Contact list is being sold. To some south Asian continent. I have had 4 different numbers call me in the last 2 days asking about subscriptions I didn’t have… I’ve bought 2 products now that I believe will never come and their support team is uncontactable because their website is a maze of hyperlinks that send you somewhere else before you end up right back where you started. Do not shop with Etsy..Version: 6.10

Not bad Etsy, not badHonestly I don’t online shop a whole lot, it’s really complicated and time consuming. But after purchasing a few items on the Etsy website, I thought I’d download the app in hopes that it might be easier to keep track of my orders. Well it definitely was, the whole app is so straight forward and very, very simple to use. I love it. It’s super easy to change, review and check your order. Definitely recommend to download if you shop at Etsy a lot. I love how you can review your conversations with your buyers in a proper little chat section. I also love the product recommendations you receive based off your previous order/s. However I wish there were more items to browse through in the home section. But overall, Great app, made online shopping a whole better experience for me. Thank you!.Version: 5.23

Amazing quality and exceptional customer serviceI have ordered numerous times from this store and Dannii never disappoints. Her products make for the most beautiful keepsakes and her work is just beautiful. She is always so accommodating, quick to respond to messages and willing to assist with any questions. Fabulous store!!! Thank you again!.Version: 5.78

Very good quality productsAlthough everything sold on etsy is expensive, but I would say all products are made with good quality and beautiful design that is not available on other shopping sites “I would say unique designed products sold on etsy”..Version: 5.59

I don’t like nsfw on my home page could you do an update pleaseI don’t like nsfw on my home page could you do an update please, something like “I'm not interested in this product / shop” cause i really don't want what the hell is on my page, i take no interest in these things, and seeing it annoys when i go on the app. But overall i like your app its great a lot of passionate people that create things for sale, I’ve bought a lot of cool stuff on here, just please think about adding an update having an option of holding on a product or shop and select not interested something like that, so i get no recommendations related to that certain thing..Version: 6.20.1

Can not download patterns in the appI have noticed there are a lot of sellers complaining that after a pattern has been purchase the buyer can not download the pattern from this app I have brought many crochet patterns … I have brought it in this app but can not download it within the app Instead I have to go to my browser and log in there to be able to download and view the pattern I have not found any help on how to fix this…appreciated if you could advise me what to do… Thanks.Version: 5.86.1

Amazing shopping experienceIf you want it, you can find it on Etsy! I’m a crafter and most of my supplies come from sellers on Etsy, from yarn to fabric or paper and cord. I’ve also bought several prints to frame. I have not been disappointed with any purchase so far. I find the descriptions of the items are detailed enough to enable sensible choices, postage costs are clearly stated and delivery lead rimes given. Etsy provides a wide range of sellers the opportunity to showcase their work. I love it, sadly my bank manager doesn’t feel the same!.Version: 6.9

ETSY IS SIMPLY THE BEST, WAY BETTER THAN MANY OTHER SHOPPING APPS & SITESI’ve been using Etsy to purchase those special or unique gifts for years and if ever I want something special for myself it IS “Etsy” that I go to first because they just ARE THE BEST ❣️ They have SO many Artisans of all types from digital, Technical (Laptop Skins etc), to items for your home EVERYTHING and the greatest proportion of them are made by hand and - for those with an eye for something ‘different’ - Vintage and the great thing is that they’re sold by the ‘Shop Owner’ so that you can deal easily and directly with the person who is actually ‘selling’ the item, unlike many other shopping apps! It’s terrific ❣️ It IS “Simply The Best” ❤️.Version: 6.13.3

BrilliantWhat would I do without you and the wonderful digital paper makers, inspirational, there are not enough hours in a day..Version: 6.45

My Views On EtsyEverything Looks Sooo Detailed, Friendly And AMAZING!!! Wow!!! And It Definitely Makes Sure Shoppers DON’T Get Scammed Out Of Their Valuable Money!!! I Highly Recommend This App!!!😍😍🤗🤗🥰🥰❤️❤️👑👑.Version: 6.27.2

Amazing <3I love Etsy the quality is amazing and the sellers I’ve come across are so nice and always send extras! I love how’s its handmade that just makes it better. Also most online shopsI’m like hmm that on seems a big dodgy but when I come to Etsy I know it’s always safe! Shipping has been a bit slow but obviously the time we’re going through I don’t blame it! Thank you for reading this LOL.Version: 5.94

Great AppBeen using this app for years. I love it..Version: 6.1

Searching on EtsyDear Etsy Support Team, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my disappointment and frustration regarding the search results on the Etsy platform. Despite my efforts to find specific items, I have consistently encountered irrelevant pictures and listings that do not align with my search intent. As a dedicated Etsy user, I value the platform for its unique and handmade offerings. However, the recent inconsistencies in the search results have hindered my ability to discover the products I am truly interested in. It is disheartening to spend valuable time sifting through numerous irrelevant listings, which negatively impacts my overall shopping experience. I understand that refining search algorithms can be complex, but I believe it is crucial for Etsy to prioritize relevance and accuracy. The current search functionality seems to lack the ability to understand the nuances of my search queries, leading to a flood of unrelated items. It is my sincere hope that Etsy invests in improving this aspect to better serve its users..Version: 6.28

ReviewGreat site I love the clothes they have on here and a lot of very cool brands to search and shop through. I live in New Zealand so shipping takes quite a while but it’s worth the wait. Very good and reliable site and app. I would recommend to anyone to check it out. I came on here looking for clothes that my girlfriend said I would look good in and found them straight away! The only thing I would want is coupons 😭 but other then that it’s a great app and a great place to shop !.Version: 6.22.1

EnjoyAsSalam alikyum brother and sister alhumduliallah I believe that this is the best way for us to shop just be aware.Version: 6.36

ReviewLove this web site, great products able to pay in NZ dollars. had an issue with a seller, who did not provide article after it was paid for. I got my money deposited back to my bank account. Quick response to my e -mail..Version: 6.66

Loving Peony & Pepper ItemsSo, I came across Peony and Pepper on Etsy a few weeks ago. I chose some wax melts and submitted my order. My package arrived in only a few days, the packaging was both professional and impressive. I was so excited to try my wax melts. The aroma from each one is really great, and the whole house was soon filled with the gorgeous fragrances. I have a bit of a penchant for using melts, and these are right up there as one of my favourite businesses to buy from. Can’t wait to try new fragrances, as I see this small business flourish. Well done Peony and Pepper, you are amazing..Version: 5.70

User friendlyEasy user friendly app with clear descriptions of items and instructions.Version: 5.51.1

TrustworthyI’ve been shopping on Etsy for a while now and have bought many items from various sellers. Not once have I had an issue with communication, a product or the delivery. Every item I’ve bought has been exact to the photo advertised. I have never been disappointed. Trustworthy place to shop. 💯 👏Thank you! 🙏.Version: 6.21

Etsy is my go-toI came across Etsy a couple of years ago when shopping for dress fabrics and I discovered an absolute treasure trove of wonderful things! Since then I always go to Etsy first to check what the amazing independent stores have to offer. I buy all my silk from Cosyfabric in China - first class service and choice. I also have purchased gorgeous jewellery from Adinarare and Bauble &Hoop. I’ve had a tea tray, coasters, cushions all made to order by hand and have always been delighted upon delivery. I have bought dried and silk flowers when inspired by new ideas and Etsy is always on trend-never disappoints..Version: 5.72.2

Etsy - great sellersI’ve been shopping on Etsy for years now. I keep returning as I’m able to find what I’m looking for. Prices are fair and reasonable. The main reason however is the sellers. Every experience has been exceptional. Great communication. Items as described. Reasonable shipping costs and on time delivery. Items are wrapped and packed with care. More often than not the item arrives with a hand written note from the seller. This THE place to shop. Luv it. And to all the wonderful sellers - heartfelt thanks..Version: 5.51.1

Beautiful designI am updating my previous review as I received the stencil and it’s beautifully done! I am very happy with it and look forward to doing my projects with it..Version: 5.39

CurrencyUnable to change my default currency to NZD. Makes shopping annoying due to constant currency converting outside of the app..Version: 5.38

Amazingly Scented Soy Wax’sI discovered Bloom & Soy at a craft fair in Lincoln and I am so glad I found them! The wax’s have a good, strong scent and the fragrances are like nothing else I’ve purchased. The wax’s I have bought are just simply devine. I have recommended Bloom & Soy to all my friends and family and I think the pricing structure is affordable for a premium product. Rachael even thinks about the presentation of her products and come in beautiful cotton bags. I tend to order in bulk and pop to the craft market when I know this company will be there, mainly so I can smell all the flavour profiles of the wax’s!!!.Version: 6.31.1

Love Etsy, but it needs some changesI shop on Etsy a lot and love supporting small businesses in the United States. That being said, my biggest complaint right now is that Etsy seems to allow foreign businesses to present themselves as US businesses and I would like something to be done about that. For example, why is a jewelry shop that is supposedly based in North Carolina actually shipping orders from Turkey?! I read reviews and I read ‘About’ the shops and time and time again, a shop that says it’s located in the US is obviously not located here. It’s aggravating. My second complaint right now is the search function. I put in very specific criteria and I get tons of results that don’t fit it. And the items marked as ‘Ad’ are the worst because even if you sort by price (low to high, for example), the Ad items show up everywhere so it’s not actually in order by price. I also find that the same items show up in the search results grid over and over. Again, aggravating! I feel like the Etsy search feature used to be better and if the site gets overrun by foreign businesses pretending to be in the US and selling shady merchandise, then I’m going to have to shop elsewhere. Just my 2 cents!.Version: 6.27.2

UnreliableI really want to like it, but there’s always “something wrong”.Version: 5.19.1

Great Website Except….I have had great success over many years using Etsy. I have only had one or two disappointments with sellers but the overwhelmingly majority of local as well as international sellers have been excellent. Only complaint I have with Etsy is its need to be overtly woke promoting particular groups separate from others. So foolish and misdirected. No one buys on Etsy knowing the seller’s gender, race or sexual preference. But when you market and promote these groups separate and apart, identifying them by these arbitrary and superficial labels, as opposed to just being “human beings” with a product to sell, you reduce yourselves to immature and shallow people. And if I would ever choose to buy a product based on one of these labels, let alone buying something only because the seller is a white straight male I would be embarrassed and sad to be part of such a reversed bigoted world we worked so hard to dismantle. Let the wokeness go. You are not the better human being you think you are..Version: 6.30.1

Great Alternative Online ShopI really started to appreciate Etsy more over the lockdowns & periods of restrictions which really kept me home. Not only does Etsy have very talented makers but there other shops selling items which offer alternatives to the big online stores. Being a crocheter, I find plenty of accessories on Etsy, many handmade others supplied from larger suppliers but prices are competitive. I enjoy the personal attention my orders will receive & definitely that sales are not only appreciated but needed y small suppliers. I’m glad that I generally remember to check Etsy rather than hitting the huge impersonal online shops. Suppliers/makers have fab communications & are generally open to suggestions if it is possible to accommodate. I hope Etsy as a company doesn’t make it difficult for the small independent sellers/makers. Wishing all sellers a successful year despite the tough Covid restrictions..Version: 5.65

Awesome but pls stopSo I have this problem where I saw one inappropriate thing, specifically inappropriate anime stickers, and reported it. ive never looked at anything like that before, i only ever look at pokemon, enamel pins, and stickers(that dont have anything to do with nasty things! though i might’ve ACCIDENTALLY tapped on an inappropriate picture ONCE. but accidentally! i never wanted to) BUT, since I had to view it to report it, the kept showing me more, and more, and more, and suggesting searches about it. ive sent like 23 angry reports on the same items over and over again because I don’t wanna see them. So, I’m suggesting that, if someone reports something, they most likely don’t like it and don’t wanna see anymore of it, so if you take away the feature where it registers reported items as recently veiwed, that wouldnt be a problem and things like it wouldnt be suggested. But, great app overall, I love the handmade items and looking at everyone’s creativity and being able to buy it and support them..Version: 5.85

Awesome WebsiteI love this online shopping site. They have so much variety and items from all different countries…it’s amazing. Thank you very much Esty Team for all your hard work.Version: 6.58

Gorgeous quality candlesI have bought from Pollinate Studio several times and their candles never disappoint. Pure quality and beautifully made. Gorgeous natural perfume and they last for ages. The packaging and thoughtfulness that goes into each package is at another level. Will continue to purchase from this shop for friends and birthdays!!.Version: 5.93.1

Special Gifts a wedding suppliesEtsy is now my first and favourite place for Special unique gifts and I’ve had so many lovely things for our wedding from suppliers on here. I just love this website. I have bought lots of things I could not source in other places. The only down side is sometimes the shipping is too expensive. I would still pay it for the items I could not get anywhere else but this can make things overly expensive which I imagine could get worse in the UK with Brexit. 💕💕💕💕💕Love Etsy soooooo much xxxx.Version: 5.61

Love Etsy, but it needs better filters!I am very crafty and handy so I make many things myself... for everything else there’s one place I know I’ll find it. I turn to Etsy to support small businesses, especially where items are handmade and materials used are environmentally friendly. I do, however, feel that the growing number of items available is not supported in the development of the app - you search for an item and there are thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of results... and no way to drill down to what you need, both in terms of key features/colours/materials etc but also in terms of the practicality of receiving the goods. The filters allow only for finding goods that CAN be shipped to the UK, but not at what price. I’ll often find my perfect item only to realise shipping trebles the price as it comes from the US. You can select free delivery and choose a timescale, but I’d like to see a sliding scale of what you’re willing to pay. I’ll often be willing pay UP TO a certain price. Wayfair is full of mass produced items so I always check Etsy first, but I must admit they are King when it comes to filters. Check them out to see what I mean - it would make the Etsy shopping experience far more enjoyable (and give sellers a much better chance of being discovered - I might even sell some stuff myself if I thought anyone would ever see it!!)..Version: 5.67

Gifts galore!If you like gifts that are handmade, qwerky, unique and different from what you find at the mall then I highly recommend Etsy! I’ve bought some awesome gifts from all over the world for people from Etsy and I’ve personally never had an issue.Version: 5.79

Best Place For Custom Kink GearYou won’t find a single place where sellers go above and beyond for kinky buyers who usually have some sort of shame wanting items that make adulting more fun and with Klarna as a partner, I was able to treat myself and my lover to beautiful, one of a kind items that are fairly priced and extremely hard to find to add to our bedroom time and this was made possible by Etsy. Etsy isn’t perfect and there will be times you get a dud but 9 times out of 10 I’ve been super happy supporting people in the kink community with all my purchases. With Klarna I was able to get a great deal of custom items for like $30 bucks a month on auto pay. It’s a no brainer. You pick out what you like, open Klarna and shop Etsy, the transaction is seamless and worth the wait. Tracking numbers and a way to contact the seller all make this easy to do with no stress. Plus when people ask you where you got your sexy toys at the next play party you can tell them with absolute confidence they can find it on Etsy!😊.Version: 6.2

Loyal but cautiousI have been a buyer and seller on Etsy since 2007 when I opened my jewelry shop. Since then I have seen many changes to Etsy, some for the better and others not. Etsy is a Mecca for specialized, beautiful items that you may not be able to find anywhere else, and it serves as a community for creative people. It is user-friendly and easy to operate, and the prices are fair. My biggest complaints about Etsy are that they do not promote truly handmade items as much as they used to, and that they are too quick to shut down a shop at the first sign of a conflict with a customer. There is no hearing process or chance to course correct. I’ve seen too many shops get shut down for no reason. I love being an Etsy seller and I am happy, but I no longer trust them as much as I used to. I don’t trust that if there was ever a problem with my shop, even after 14 years, that I could receive proper customer service and feel heard and honored. I have no first hand experience with this as my shop is still in tact. This is my honest assessment that I would tell a good friend. I would have kept it to myself, but they asked..Version: 5.73

I buy from InspirationThe patches here are pretty good & of a higher quality. Though, I buy most patches as a iron-on… I use a sewing machine to first attach my patches. Then spray hot water on the underside & iron on… the hot water is mainly to loosen the cloth & make sure only a small amount of water touches the sticky tape… I don’t press in hard but only use the wright of the iron to dry up the area… once it’s cooked down, I once again iron on the patch after turning the t-shirt inside-out. I have made a motorcycle patch of my travels, a jacket(old military number 3 uniform jacket) to highlight the events of my life… it is still unfinished. Any qualified skill set I had acquired, I stitch on… I have also designed my own patch & just waiting for the price of the embroidery machine to drop because I have no idea or desire to turn it into a online business. Overall, this is the place I search for patches & stickers, etc… anything I want to add my originality or signature… I use this app… my old MacBook is full of stickers & the trackpad stickers are awesome… I still use these specific trackpad stickers for all my lappies….Version: 6.56

So amazing!!I keep buying gifts for my friends and am happy to tell you that they are 100 percent a safe place to buy from. Everything I have bought has came and the sellers are so kind. Definitely worth it.Version: 6.17.1

Wedding headbandKat was easy to deal with and so accommodating. Headband is beautifully made. Thank you♥️.Version: 6.58.1

An essential for gift getting love languagersLook, though some may paint us with certain adjectives such as gluttonous, avarice yielding, superficial people, some forget that everybody loves gifts, and some also forget that some of us show our love with gifts. This site has great deals and very niché products from Islamic wedding contracts to direct shipping with REAL diamond labs and factories of all sorts of things. Definitely give it a download and when you’re shopping around give Etsy a look, you never know what you’ll find..Version: 6.24

So far so good!I'm new to etsy but so far the app has been very user friendly! Very simple searching and submitting my first order. I will be back!.Version: 4.74

Not a fan of the new updateBasically what the title says. I have used the app for years but with the new update the search function is now set up like a chat. When you search for things it lists some and you keep having to click “see more”and it gives automated responses constantly instead of just giving you the results. Personally I don’t like it and will be using the website from now on. And when looking at my favourites list they don’t all show up. But everything functions really well I just think the new search feature should be an option to search that way..Version: 6.40

Love EtsyEtsy is so easy to use and has a lot of different businesses to choose from! Extremely reliable and have just been able to get some really cool things for Christmas. It’s the first place I look at if I can’t find things I want in our shopping centres. And always happy to help small businesses.Version: 6.13.3

They don’t always deliver.I have had mixed success with delivering object I have bought through Etsy. Sellers who have delivered I will buy from again. Others are scammers..Version: 5.88

Brilliant, AfterPay would be even betterEtsy is brilliant, it’s wonderful to see so many artisans and creatives seeking on this platform. Would be great if you could download your items from the app. With a global pandemic, and so many job losses, it would be great to see something like AfterPay/ZipPay, so instead of missing out on something you’d like, because the initial outlay is too much, you could purchase it, and pay, in affordable, interest free instalments. I don’t know if these financial services are only available in Australia, but I assume they are, as I never see them on international sites, but eBay does have it for some international sellers. Wanted to sell on Etsy, and my only complaint was that I couldn’t use my registered business name because it has an ampersand in it, which is relevant to the corsetry business I run (similar to the curves of a corset). Trivial I know, but I’d like use my actual business name, with the ampersand, it’s like telling Coca-Cola to remove the hyphen. 😊.Version: 5.63

My Favorite App.....EVER.I use Etsy for 90% of my gifts I give for birthdays, Christmas and any other gift giving holiday. As long as you do your research about a shop (have a look at their reviews see what people say, how long have they been a seller, how many things have they sold, picture quality etc.) to see that they are a quality seller you should have no problems. You can find a vast array of things from allover the world (though be weary of things from the China region, a lot of those items are cheap and poorly made). Lots of beauty sellers include free samples of their other products when you buy something, which is amazing. (Who doesn't love free stuff to try) And I could fill a box of thank you cards, hand written notes and messages from sellers thanking me for my order. It makes it feel like you ordered from your neighbor down the street not someone six states away or half way across the world. I have bought nearly a hundred things from different shops if not more and will continue to do so because where else can you find amazing cool things made/sold by equally amazing people..Version: 4.83

Good but not always at the right priceI used to shop a lot on Etsy. The platform is really good, easy to use and the range of products available is huge. Unfortunately, it happened a few times now that I have found the exact same product on AliExpress (with the same pictures) for half the price...And on Etsy the description said “hand made from the UK”....the product looked exactly the same with the same pictures than the product on I now have a lot of doubts when I shop on Etsy. Is it really hand made locally? Or bought in bulk on Alibaba and resold twice the price on Etsy? This had happened a lot....some pampa grass bought from a US shop that clearly said “ship from the US”....and on the tracking info, it departed from Shanghai... I don’t mind buying products made in China but saying that the products they sell are locally made and charge you twice the price is simply a rip off. There are still some brilliant genuine sellers who sell locally made products but it’s a shame that a lot are not that honest and use Etsy to resell made in China products twice the price. Etsy should be a lot stricter with their sellers as it is undermining their proposition..Version: 5.73

Good gearI can always find artisan goods on Etsy of excellent quality. I have once been scammed by a seller and Etsy refunded me immediately. I have lost count how many things both expensive and inexpensive I have bought from Native American drone flute to knitting stitch markers and a sketching companion, Etsy has the lot. Great app. Able to pop things in cart and think about before purchasing. Great system. International reach. I love it.Version: 6.35.1

Thank youProduct was really nice and quality.Version: 6.62

It’s goodFantastic but even though I have my currency set for NZD it doesn’t always convert it very well.. and ends up costing me more 😭.Version: 6.15

Search camera not workingI absolutely without a doubt love Etsy but for some reason the Search camera isn’t working and it’s very hard to contact anyone to report this so this is the only way I could see if the developer can fix the issue with the camera in the search bar. It goes to the same product (bedding) for some reason no matter what picture I use..Version: 6.29.1

Pretty awesome but could use some UI updatesI appreciate the place where the app is at right now, as it’s easy to navigate and fairly intuitive, but there’s some areas that could use some improvement. 1. When browsing, the photos are slightly too large and often you can’t see the full product in the thumbnail without selecting it (could be something to drive more exposure, but this was a recent-ish change). 2. Also when browsing, things I’ve already saved / favourited for later isn’t showing on the thumbnail anymore. Again, I need to select the item to see if I already have it saved or not. Previously wasn’t like that and feels like a loss in functionality. 3. Allow filtering on purchases. Sure they’re in order of most recent, but it would be great to be able to filter on key things, such as shipment status or if it’s been delivered. Otherwise, when I make a purchase that has multiple items that all ship at different times from different sellers, I often have to dig to find them. 4. The notifications don’t work as well as they could within the app. I’ve had a ghost ‘provide feedback’ notification for months that no amount of clearing, uninstalling/reinstalling will help. I’m sure there’s probably more feedback I could provide, but these are the immediate quality of life improvements that I think would benefit all users. Overall I’m happy with the app and use it rather frequently. Love the suggestions based on my saved items! :).Version: 6.34

Notification annoyanceNo problems with the items for sale. However there is always the notification thing on the app and it won’t go away even tho I checked everything..Version: 6.44

Keep up the good work… needs a few more tweaks.Great app. Looking forward to the update when you will be able to access and download your digital purchases ( like craft patterns) in the app..Version: 6.1

Personalised Gifts HeavenGreat for personalised, thoughtful gifts that hit the mark - downloadable resources are a god send for quick gifts too! Everything on here is bound to earn you a good reputation for thoughtful, unique, special and quality gifts that demonstrate genuine care and consideration to others - from birthday gifts to gifts with sympathy the platform comes through every time hands down. Just be sure to read things properly before ordering, follow instructions and consider the senders location and shipping time required before buying..Version: 6.16

DisgustedFebruary 2022 I ordered a pair of earring from seven blueberries. I was informed they were not in, so I offered to wait. 22 March 22, I said I’d wait a week and if not available I’d like a refund. Today 11th of may I remembered nothing had happened. I contacted the Tanya and she became rather defensive. So I got angry - extremely angry - but I cannot find anywhere on Etsy to complain. Tanya reckons I’ll have my $54 back in 3-5 days. BEWARE OF ETSY if you have a problem..Version: 6.1

Far better than using a browserNever had any problems using either the phone or the ipad app. Much more user friendly for searching etsy than via a browser. Etsy has changed quite a lot over the years so do check to make sure you’re buying hand made if that’s why you’re browsing etsy. Some sellers resell things they’ve bought elsewhere, which is fine if you’re wanting someone to do the gift curating for you but not if you’re wanting to support small home businesses/artists etc..Version: 4.83

How can you NOT Love ETSY?This site has grasped my heart from the first time I visited it several years ago. I had first heard of it through a cousin who’s daughter was making the most intricate jewelry and was showcasing it on ETSY. I figured let me have a look. I have to warn you, this site is addicting. My husband who can’t stand flea markets, and as he says peoples old junk loves me to show him things on ETSY. Plus it’s not just the VINTAGE items. Its the Artisans that comprise so much of what you see on here. The first time I witnessed a person who took an old Novel and folded the pages into a Heart. Another who used spoons to make a piece of functional decor. Just so much. All so beautiful and special. The first time I witnessed a hand and arm crochet chunky blanket! This is what ETSY is about. I love so much I could go on and on. My favorite has to be the Books that are wrapped. How awesome is that. You receive a Vintage Novel wrapped uniquely. Now I want to go “surprise” myself with that! Here’s to having a bunch of lovely, wonderful and inspiring experiences on ETSY!🌻.Version: 5.76

Please add a more open range home pageI love ETSY, love browsing what creative treasures are being made and sold by artists and makers. I do wish the app had a page/view that displayed a range of daily sellers, bestsellers or newcomers (and more), so that I can see more than what I have searched for, or what I have favourited. You can’t browse what is out there, if you don’t know what that might be..Version: 5.56

If you can't find IT on eBay...You can definitely find IT on Etsy! I love the ease of navigation and the ease of purchasing. I like that I can put several things in my cart , and then choose which ones I want to purchase now or later. I like how it saves my recent searches, has suggestions based on my recent browsing, and the ease of asking a question or starting a convo (conversation). Other than the following complaint, this app gets 5 STARS!!! (I put 1 star so it would be reviewed by the app developers, and they can fix the search problem). **the complaint: While searching, sometimes my thumb accidentally hits the search icon at the bottom of the screen, which kicks me out of my current search. Sure, the search title I used is saved, but not the place I was. It's very frustrating to search through 250 items, only to have to start the search again because I tapped too far down on the screen** (I know... I need smaller thumbs lol!).Version: 6.36.1

Excellent customer serviceWas scammed by someone who deleted their account. Reported to Etsy, they said they have noted it and that they will review it if I choose to escalate the issue further after two days. When I did within the hour I had someone review, apologise and give me a full refund - absolutely excellent..Version: 5.89

Annoying Feature (s)I have been happily using this app for some while & have found it simple to use. Any yes I would recommend Etsy and this app. It does however have two annoying features: - 1) Having to constantly reset the search location to UK only, every time. (Unfortunately due to a bad experience involving VAT & excessive Post Office charges , I now avoid imports. ) Would be nice if I could set the default search. 2) Constant red dot: 🔴 telling me I have a reviews to complete. BUT when I click on reviews it say “Nothing new to review yet !” Please sort this out..Version: 6.29.1

So Cool!I recently purchased a graphic tee from WyattsDigitalArt on Etsy and I have to say, I am extremely pleased with my purchase! I would give this brand a 5-star rating without hesitation. The shirt is not only stylish, but it is also incredibly comfortable to wear. As a hip hop dance teacher, I'm always on the lookout for unique and expressive clothing to match my vibrant personality, and WyattsDigitalArt delivered just that. The collection of graphic tees and clothes offered by this brand are eye-catching, full of character, and impressive. The designs make a bold statement wherever I go. I've received numerous compliments from friends, family, and even strangers. It's clear that the attention to detail and creativity put into each piece is unmatched. The quality of the fabric and printing is also top-notch, and durable enough to dance in. I'm thrilled to have found this brand as it perfectly aligns with my personal style and profession. I highly recommend this brand to anyone looking for high-quality, trendy, and expressive clothing options. Thank you, WyattsDigitalArt, for creating such amazing pieces!.Version: 6.25

Last app update is a big let downHave been using Etsy for years but recently it’s been updated and there’s been a few annoying changes. The font in the cart for shop name etc has gone small, recently favourited on the front page keeps jumping up and down the page so you need to keep scrolling searching for it. I feel like it was intentional to make you look through other items they recommend. I’m not sure who in their UX or marketing team thought it would be a good idea. And last but not least I can’t checkout from an individual store anymore as that feature has been taken away 🤦🏼‍♀️.Version: 5.73

Best place to find the perfect things for people who have everythingI know a lot of people who are very difficult to shop for. Partly because I like find personalised or unique gifts. Etsy is filled with beautifully talented people. Love looking for the perfect gift, at at my leisure and from the comfort of my living room..Version: 6.7

Love Etsy appI couldn’t live without Etsy app. It’s easy to use on the go and easy to navigate..Version: 4.83

Exceptional customer serviceI am not one to write many reviews. I am however someone that believes when someone goes to extra effort above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service that this effort is acknowledged. Saiba is such a person and Etsy seller. Thank you for your efforts Saiba and I can’t wait to be wearing my fabulous masks made of the beautiful Japanese fabrics. Please don’t pass by Saiba’s Etsy store - it’s the real deal for service..Version: 5.57.1

Excellent Martial Arts ApparelVery pleased with the Snap pants I bought for Aikido. I will definitely be buying more soon! Wishing you every success with your business Cheers & best wishes, Steve Watts Wellington 👍👏.Version: 6.26

Take ResponsibilityInitially I felt secure shopping online with unknown merchants through Esty. However, last year I bought an item through one of Esty’s shops, which I needed to return. In the time between purchase and return the shop ‘disappeared’. I contacted Esty who advised me to get in touch directly with the vendor. This proved to be difficult. The vendor and I had an initial correspondence about the item exchange, then they ceased responding. I gave up. I continue to shop through Esty as I think as an umbrella organisation it offers some buyer protection, but when things go wrong, buyers are on their own..Version: 5.86.1

Golf patchesHave send away for 3 golf patches will do a proper review when I receive them.Version: 5.84.1

Loving Etsy!I have started to use Etsy for plus sized knitting patterns as I no longer go into shops since Covid started,. I went into a popular department store last week for the first time in 2 years, where I used to buy my patterns. There was one assistant who didn't know the stock, the display was a mess and she said often there was no one in the Haberdashery department to serve or advise. I was invited to browse the disorganised books and single patterns, for which I didn't have the time or energy. By contrast, I can browse Etsy any time, from the comfort and safety of my home. When I have asked a question, all of the sellers have got back to me very promptly, and have been very helpful and very polite! 5*.Version: 5.93.1

Etsy jewelleryI have never had a problem with buying jewellery from Etsy. It is so easy, and the products I have purchased over a few years have all been great and fantastic value for money. I am always looking on the website for items I have always kept on my wish list. I take my time but I always find exactly what I want eventually, and it’s worth the wait! I am never disappointed and have some stunning pieces of jewellery which I shall continue to buy over time. Etsy is brilliant! Thank you for such a great range of stunning jewellery..Version: 6.3.1

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