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Microsoft OneDrive App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Microsoft OneDrive app received 128 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Microsoft OneDrive? Can you share your negative thoughts about microsoft onedrive?

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Microsoft OneDrive for Negative User Reviews

Spotlight SearchI don't understand why I am not able to see spotlight search results from OneDrive. Is this feature available with OneDrive?.Version: 9.3.3

It looks good but...The app looks great. And at first it makes you think, cool 😎. But once you realize it doesn’t always understand how to put things in order simply from A to Z correctly. Or trying to delete things from your recycling bin can be buggy. Or the fact that you can make files offline, but if you wanna do a whole folder you need to pay, but wait. The screen to pay and go premium doesn’t even work/come up 😑. I’m just gonna go back to Dropbox or use google drive. Unless they sort out these buggy problems in the future. Overall, you store your things fine, but some of the little quality of life things can be really annoying in the long run 🏃🏾.Version: 10.8

Still not as good as it was before the update in October 2018While improvements have been made since last year and it is still a very important app for me as I use it daily in my teaching, there are still major drawbacks. The handwriting feature using the Apple Pencil on my iPad is still nowhere near as clear and crisp as it was and the options are much reduced. Further, the text box feature keeps malfunctioning on documents that were scanned in. On digital PDFs, it works fine, but on scanned documents it gets shifted to weird places and can’t be moved to where needed..Version: 10.69

AnnotationReally sad that you changed the annotation tool. I’m using an Apple Pencil to be able to take nice notes on my documents, but it’s now really basic. Too basic. There is a limited choice of colour and it’s not user friendly at all. Sometimes, I also lost my annotations because the « app isn’t able to save ». Really disapointed..Version: 10.50

Everything is good except for photosThis app integrates well with the office suite, and even serves well when offloading files off of my phone. Everything except…. Photos. Though the basic functionality is there with upload and such, the metadata logging (location, faces, photo types, etc.) aren’t the greatest (to the likes of google and even the stock photos app). If those things were to be added, along with selecting which folders are included with the photo stream, I think this app would be top tier in everything. I hope that any devs reading this take my suggestions :0.Version: 12.37

Students AVOIDI’ve used the app for the last year and a half after purchasing an iPad Pro to use for university instead of a laptop. Initially, I was really impressed with Microsoft’s whole suite but over the past few months it has gone right downhill. My biggest pet peeve at the moment lies with the PDF annotations in this app. I used to love to take my notes by tapping to add a sticky note and typing, and it was handy because the note just popped up and you could still read what was on the slide as well as the note, but a couple of updates ago they changed it so that the sticky note is now full screen and the text is TINY, with no way to change the size of either. This makes being able to quickly read notes with the lecture slides impossible. PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK, MICROSOFT!.Version: 10.42.3

Stop closing my pdf please!As other reviewers have said, if you’re in the middle of reading a pdf and need to go to another app, when you return to onedrive it needs to load again, so the screen is full of the onedrive logo for a while ... and then it brings you back to the root menu and you need to open your pdf again. I’ve finally been annoyed enough by this to start to use the ios files app instead, but then that isn’t perfect either because whenever you reopen a pdf it brings you to the top of the pdf!.Version: 11.23.7

Delete many selected pictures at onceI don’t want all my pictures taken during the day to be transferred to OneDrive. I need to be able to select a bunch and delete them. I don’t want every piece of garbage to be stored. Some of them I just need temporarily. Maybe it is possible to select many at the same time but it’s not easy to figure this out. So for now I delete them piece by piece and it is annoying..Version: 13.8.1

UnreliableIf there’s anything you’d want most in a cloud storage/backup/sync service, it would be reliability. On that score, OneDrive fails in ways I’ve never experienced with Google Drive, Box or Dropbox (I use all 4). First, the iOS app constantly crashes. You open a directory to browse and it either crashes or fails to load. The bugs don’t stop there. Sort by date and for the most part it works, but there will be random files at the top (newest) that don’t belong, often more than a year old. Second, the app doesn’t sync in the background. You might think that you could use OneDrive instead of paying for iCloud to sync your photos. But with iCloud your photos always sync; no need to worry. With OneDrive you have to open the app to the photos tab before they sync. So all those great photos you took on vacation you thought were automatically syncing weren’t. Finally, the Windows PC version suffers from the same unreliability. Random files don’t sync, especially Microsoft Visio files. The app will pause itself without warning, something you’ll only find out days later when an important file is out of date. You’ll put the icon in your always-visible taskbar icons to make sure you’re warned of issues, and on the next upgrade it reverts to hiding in the extra icons pulldown. Most of the time OneDrive works. But when it doesn’t, it won’t be expected, it won’t warn you, and you’ll be as frustrated as I am..Version: 10.59.4

Some photos do not syncDon’t get me wrong I love this App and haven’t had any issues till I realised most of my photos haven’t copied over to the drive. Done every possible troubleshooting step you can think of and the issue continues. Maybe this app doesn’t really sync with iphone’s as well as it would if it were to be a samsung or windows phone? Not sure!!.Version: 13.48.2

Never updates filesIt only shows the files I already had on my onedrive when I first opened the app, months ago. Everything that I have updated/added on another device since doesn’t appear. It’s just not there, I have tried to tell it to update, I am connected to the wifi and it just doesn’t update. Makes the whole app pretty useless..Version: 13.10.1

This App is Spying on You!Once again Microsoft has no respect of it’s users privacy. This is a cloud backup solution, yet it’s asking for constant 24/7 GPS location data. This application has no business getting this information. Not only this is a flagrant breach of trust and violation of user privacy, this also drains the battery of my phone at an exponential speed..Version: 10.45.11

Latest update killed "on this day"Doesn't show all the files on this day as can see on windows 10 and cannot select an open a file in the on this day screen.Version: 12.46

Incompetence wrapped in an appAfter a year of trying alternatives back to OneDrive, having ditched it because its constant upload issues where just does not upload when needed. Well, couple days after starting to use camera upload is stuck for days on same files. Force close, reopen, same stuck. Not progressing. Reboot phone no change. Junk. Absolutely beyond frustrating garbage. That the developers of this app over a decade almost now have not been able to get basic features working or fixed is mind boggling. That they still have jobs is even more astounding. Terrible people who work on this..Version: 12.10

First review Iv writtenTotally dissatisfied with this service They make it difficult for you to be under the free account storage and experience you to pay and make it hard to be on the free plan Will be changing to a better service.Version: 14.5.2

One driveFor all I love the simplicity of One Drive. I pay a subscription monthly yet as in previous comments. The app forgets where it is navigating to or asks to open in browser then loops back again to ask to open in browser. The folder files are always a different look to how they looked on the app And in browser, or if on a pc or iOS device. So then caused a little confusion in where I had saved it too. Also managed to not save my work when my phone ran out of battery. I tried finding the lost file in last place I used it and the folder I had opened it from, looked through the temp folders etc. By then I had no choice but to sit and redo all the work I had previously completed. Disappointed by some way, I pay a monthly subscription but I think one drive has become too complicated trying to do all things for all apps. Also I have a personal one drive that I didn’t mean to share with a group Of colleagues which contained all my personal files. So it is far from bomb proof. Best wishes and hope you can make one drive a stronger stand alone app..Version: 10.66.2

Storage is filled in days. Constantly having to delete to make more roomStorage is filled in days, Constantly having to delete to make more room 🙄 I miss when you used to be able to just send these pics & videos through email on the computer. Now they’ve made it so email can’t handle any sort of file without needing to use OneDrive 😑.Version: 13.1

AnnotationGet the annotation buttons back!.Version: 10.41.2

New update dumbed down featuresThe Microsoft OneDrive, + my iPad Pro + Apple Pencil made for a surprisingly powerful combination. But the new update has nerfed a lot of the best PDF markup features. You used to be able to draw arrows, strike through, place text boxes anywhere on the PDF page. Now it’s just handwrite using the Apple Pencil, or highlight and that’s it. The signature feature is ok, but not being able to type notes means I’ve lost precision. And you can’t zoom in as s much either. MS, I 100% ditched Google drive because One Drive’s PDF and document scanning features were really so amazing. Why are you wrecking a good thing?.Version: 10.38.2

DO NOT RELY ON THIS APPDo not rely on this app to save documents. I have been using One Drive for a couple of years now. Recently I created a new folder and document. I went in and out of this document several times and spent hours working on it. This document has since disappeared and changes I made to other folders have reverted to prior versions. No one can explain why this has happened and I fear my work has been lost forever. I have One Drive engineers looking into this but I suspect they are going to tell me it is a syncing issue, which they state in their disclaimer they won’t be held responsible for. As far as I am concerned this risk far outweighs any benefits of using this app..Version: 12.67.5

So buggyDo they keep breaking it with the updates? Can’t select a file and share it, can’t move it. Saved multiple times automatically with new names Though I saved only once… updated, restarted and no go… The ultimate wrench in the productivity app. Not sure what’s worse, an ipad used as a work station, or an ipad with onedrive that doesn’t work… Guess I need a laptop….Version: 12.56

Photos don’t sync since last updatePhotos only upload when the screen is on. As soon as the screen goes dark, upload stops as if wifi is no longer available. That’s since this week so it could be since iOS 15..Version: 12.49

Six of one, half a dozen of the other.My brother shared some files from his OneDrive, and instead of giving me access to them on his app, the video files were transferred to my app, and removed from his. I can’t find any Help link for the sharing of files, or rather, the sending of files. Now, he’ll have to view them, via a link I’ve emailed to him. That makes me feel really awful; like I’ve stolen them from him.😕.Version: 13.43

Sub-par AppFor photos, documents, small files etc this app works as it should but once you try uploading a few files, especially videos from your phone is where you have big issues. It takes forever to upload them, crashes frequently or just stops altogether. Google Drive, iCloud and Dropbox are streets ahead in terms integrations with iOS and usability..Version: 10.57.7

OneDrive doesn’t remove fileOneDrive doesn’t remove a file from a folder by refreshing the view of the folder when a file is moved to another folder..Version: 12.33

Downloads all data to your phone without “on demand” option.It will download all files stored in your OneDrive account to your phone even if you only want “on demand” access. This can be very annoying if you are trying to clear space on your phone..Version: 12.2.1

A Curate’s EggGood in parts! I’m a subscriber to Microsoft 365 but I’m beginning to wonder if, as a retired home user, it’s worth it. I haven’t had issues around synchronising between devices (I have a Windows 10 laptop, an iPhone and an iPad) and nothing has ever been lost. In addition I get constantly updated Office, although, now retired, I don’t use it much and the free Apple alternatives would be quite sufficient for my needs. Also my wife and daughters can have the same benefits at no extra cost. But I’m not sure if they use it! What I really miss since recent updates is a decent search facility. Tag search in photos was never great but it’s disappeared entirely! I’m glad all my photos upload to Google Photos as well; Google’s photo search is superb. Searching files is a shadow of its former self. Search within a folder no longer works. It searches everywhere, whichever option you go for but still doesn’t locate many files, certainly not for a term within files which it did once upon a time..Version: 11.49

Avoid office whenever possibleThere are many things I dislike about Microsoft office in general and its limitations on iOS: 1) The apps themselves may be free, but the subscription isn’t. One of my main reasons why I only use office for work is how there is a yearly subscription that has to be paid. Luckily I am not the one needs to worry about paying this, however I am appalled at how normal home users need to pay a subscription and cannot buy the software outright. There are many other apps which can do everything that this range of products can do (and more) which are free or paid for in one purchase (iWork and G Suite for example). 2) Ties you into the office ecosystem through a horrible file system. When saving a file (like a word document for example) the app defaults to either using your OneDrive (Microsoft’s cheap-expensive version of iCloud) or a terrible iPad file UI. (The app does offer alternative cloud storage solutions but suspiciously DOES NOT include iCloud in this extensive list) 3) The lack of support for iOS features. Office does a fantastic job of not keeping up to date with the operating systems. The apps feel like they were made for iOS 8 because of their clunky interface and lack of other features like support for iCloud or drag and drop, the latter of which was introduced in iOS 11..Version: 9.9

Support for highlighting using Apple Pencil is brokenTry using the Apple Pencil to highlight a PDF document. It won’t work properly and will start moving around where you place the tip of the Pencil. That’s a big disappointment for anyone that wants to use this for higher learning or at work. Also, doesn’t save the last page viewed when closing a PDF file. If you close a PDF file after reading up to page 20, close and reopen, it opens on page 1..Version: 9.4

PhotosSo if you basically store photos here, wait for a few months and I guarantee some of your photos have been deleted without them notifying you your items have been deleted. I don’t just delete pictures without storing the pictures here in OneDrive. I had a family member that passed recently and I had pictures of us stored in one drive and going back to it, I could not find my pictures. Not in the recycling or in other folders. NO WHERE. And my sister had the same issues. She had pictures of my baby sister when she was younger and we were trying to make a collage for her in school for her project and we could not find the pictures. I know they were on OneDrive because we would go back and relive the memory on here and now our images are gone and we have no way of getting them back. I’m very upset because the pictures mean something to my family and OneDrive just deletes it like nothing..Version: 10.70

Read only in files appHi Recently with an update I am unable to upload files into OneDrive using the files app. Says it’s read only. Can you please fix this issue ? Was working fine beforehand.Version: 12.49

New update difficult...The full screen notes are less user-friendly. Editing documents (highlighting, drawing, making notes) has been made more tedious (placing edit options at the top of page is good, but there aren’t all the options there anymore). Keep the edit options at the top as they are in the new update, but it would be much better if you restored everything else to how it was (it was amazing before)! You also can’t zoom in as much now, which makes handwriting less accurate. Can’t edit handwriting thickness or colour afterwards either so you have to draw, check to see if the thickness is right, change, draw again... can’t tap and hold to bring up edit options.. the 3 pages per row in zoomed out view means reading what’s on each page is difficult - 2 per row worked really well for trying to find what you are looking for. Also can’t crop pictures taken when inserting into the document. Pretty much, the new layout is a good idea, but would be drastically improved if everything else in the previous version was still available. But thanks for making a valuable app!.Version: 10.37.1

Good app, needs improvingBeen using this since the bad old days of SkyDrive, when things wouldn't synchronise and there was all sorts of bother. That's in the past though as Microsoft have done a good job of building an attractive, affordable cloud solution with an easy to use interface. That said, I’ve downgraded my 5 star rating because of the following gripes: - I’d prefer not to have folders created for me (documents, attachments, etc.). I like to organise my own folder and files. - Photo inclusions and sorting is abysmal. There’s currently no way to include only certain folders, unless you use the built in “pictures” folder, which is a bit limited for the many types of personal media available these days. Plus, sorting appears to be based on file upload date, not created date or date taken (for photos and videos). The two above issues combined make the “on this day” feature useless if you uploaded old photos on a particular date that is not the same as the date the photo was taken. Add to that that any photos of receipts or other pics not related to prominent life events are also included and you may as well forget using OneDrive for photo and video memory collection..Version: 11.13.25

Bad for downloading a lot of filesI have a lot of stuff on my computer that I wanted to put on my mobile devices, but when I saw that some of my music files where empty? Oh no this is worse than iCloud. On iCloud they don’t make you pay to save your files! I am very unimpressed..Version: 10.52

Useful but Why Does it Need Location Services ContinuouslyThis app is very useful for back up in the sinking between your iPhone and other devices. I have turned on photo upload in the background but it doesn’t really work very well unless you have location services turned on all the time which eats up battery life. There is no good reason to need location services all the time just to upload photos. Plus uploading of large videos often hangs or stalls because of this. Other than that it’s a useful app but they need to really fix this. UPDATE: I understand the background services that require you to turn on location ask the time is an iOS issue. But I often get one our more pictures in photos that just won’t upload. I have to restart my phone sometimes to get it to upload. Forcing the app closed or turning off connection doesn’t work..Version: 11.10.4

Can’t use it to judge — stuck on advertisement!I’m trying not to give Microsoft OneDrive a bad review, but I can’t use it to know if it’s worthwhile. Logging on, then scrolling through the pages quickly brings me to an advertisement for Premium OneDrive services, including a 7 day free trial to Microsoft Office 365. There is a little X in the upper right corner to cluck on and close the advertisement, but it doesn’t function! I can’t go backwards and I can’t go forward — unless I want to read the Terms of Service or Sign up for a monthly subscription! Finally, I gave up trying to delete the page which was preventing me from moving forward and actually using the app. I signed up for the Premium Service making a mental note to cancel my subscription before my 7 day trial expired and they started debuting me for $6.99 every month. The next time I opened the app I was confronted with same same advertisement, even though I had already signed up for it. BOTTOM LINE: Attention Microsoft! Either fix your ad so I can click out of it, or delete it from the OneDrive app!!! This doesn’t help me want to use Microsoft products!!!.Version: 11.35

Issues with uploading imagesSince the redesign it has been nearly impossible to upload images from the camera roll. They sit “uploading” forever and never progress. Quitting, restarting my phone and reinstalling the app have not resolved the issue and there have been several bug fixes since the redesign which have not addressed the issue. I’ve patiently waited for an update to address the issue but the problem still remains..Version: 10.3.3

Great app but crashes in iPadPlease fix the issue of the app crashing in the iPad. Files cannot be opened and it hangs when switching between apps.Version: 11.6

IOS 14.4.2 problemI just update my iPhone X to the IOS 14.4.2 version and just download the OneDrive apps and it doesn’t even start. Crash at the start... Don’t know if i am the only one having that problem? Restart my phone didn’t help..Version: 12.21

Could be amazing, but it’s notAfter much deliberation I went with One Drive for file storage and sharing. It’s been a mixed bag, but mostly disappointing. I use my iPad Pro for business - taking client notes, sending clients notes/forms, storing client data, etc. It takes multiple attempts to open One Drive before I can access any data. I open One Drive, nothing appears, I wait. Then I close the app, wait, and try again. This time I can usually see some files, but am unable to open them. So, I close the app again, wait - again, then reopen. Sometimes on the third try it works, other times it takes 4 or more attempts. When I use One Drive on my MacBook it usually works fine. I was searching for a data solution that would allow me the option of working from any device, most often my iPad Pro, accessing data seamlessly and efficiently. That has not been my experience..Version: 12.21

Can be betterNeeds a empty recycling bin button instead of having to manually select every item in the recycle bin to delete.Version: 13.9

OneDrive FrozenTwo months ago my one drive was frozen asking to upgrade to a premium plan. I did upgrade and paying last two months through iTunes.. but still my account is frozen! First of all, if you give free storage and arbitrarily block it all of a sudden to pay for premium you should at least give adequate time to move our data to elsewhere..Version: 10.50

This update contains bug fixes!Microsoft feels entitled to know every little details about their users but does not care to share what bugs were fixed!.Version: 13.27.2

Working offline is hopeless...The idea behind OneDrive is great - access your files anywhere, on any device. On the iPad, though, things only work smoothly if you have a constant internet connection everywhere you go, which isn’t a realistic scenario for me. In theory, you can select files and folders for offline use, but in practice this is very erratic. You can select files and folders and the little green icon appears next to them, so all looks good, but when you try to use the file without an internet connection, it’s pot-luck whether it works or not. Sometimes with large folders, setting them for use off line fails completely, with no error message - the green icon appears, but the next time you look, it’s gone again. Do NOT rely on this feature, and don’t make the mistake I did and buy an iPad Pro as a Mac replacement on the strength of it..Version: 9.7

Won't open on iPhone XSTried reinstalling multiple times, reset phone and the app still won't open. I click on the app and I get the blue cloud logo pop up as if the app is going to load and then just crashes..Version: 12.55

Not the best imoI mainly use this app for gaming clips that I record and need to share on to my social media. I’ve tried really hard to like this app but it only gives you 5gb for the free package and then if you want more gb’s you have to upgrade and start paying 6.99 or more (can’t remember how much the last package is) every month. Imo to me that’s not worth it b/c I only use this for gaming clips to save onto my phone like I said. Even though I do have the extra space in my OneDrive, my clips seem to NEVER pop up in my folders even when I’m constantly deleting and moving it back over again to see if it will appear. I just find it very frustrating to have to deal with that especially when I still have space and idk, the app just seems to process really slow most times. If I could find a better and easier app for something like this, I’d uninstall this one in a heartbeat. Business wise I can’t speak my opinion on it if you’re specifically using it for that. I’m assuming if you upgrade to the “higher” packages you may have a better experience, I have no idea but I personally don’t like OneDrive at all..Version: 11.13.5

Problem with photosFor some reason recently when I edit and save a photo it no longer gets displayed based on date taken but the date it is edited. When I check file details the date taken is not showing the correct date even though the actual file has the correct date taken exif data when downloaded to PC. I think this change is quite new as it didn’t happen until some recent edits. Until this is fixed the best part of the app - the ability to view cloud photos is limited..Version: 14.7.2

It's ok, not terrificThe app experience compared to the web version is inferior. Even simple things like batch selecting images or changing the order of images is needlessly complicated. Another feature with poor UX is sharing. You can share files/folders by creating a single link, but if you wish to configure the user permissions for a link you have to ignore the intuitively titled Link Settings and Copy Link items and instead select the more ambiguous View Only item which be default is hidden from initial display. All link sharing functionality should have a dedicated settings view and not fudged into the iOS share dialogue. Trying to playback video is excruciating - it seems to need to download the entire video behind the scenes before starting, leaving the user staring at a black screen and loading graphic for far too long..Version: 12.11.6

Needs more capabilities for multitasking (iPadOS 14)My review is based on my usage and use cases, which is mostly using iPad as productivity and office machine, specifically the most two apps I am using are MS Outlook and MS OneDrive, aside from the many useful features the OneDrive has that makes my daily work more fun and easy, but it still need bug fixes and improvements to support the new iPadOS features! Like for instance if I need to save attachment from outlook (for example PDF file), I can’t simply drag from Outlook and drop it to OneDrive (although it works vice versa!), I have to select file by file save it through a long processes (Peres and hold the attached net, select the destination and click save) and this should repeat for every file I want to save, I can not select all files in specific email and save them in one processes, I have to do that one by one! Drag and drop feature could have solved all these challenge. Please update OneDrive to be compatible with new iPadOS 14 features..Version: 12.2.1

Shuts down often during operationWhen I open the app, it shuts down. When I change files or folders it shuts down. When I perform almost any action it shuts down. Sometimes it shuts down completely or sometimes just closes. If a folder opens, I have to go back then open it again to see the contents. The same for files, I have to do everything twice for it to work. At the moment I have mostly given up using the app on iPad and iPhone and it is very frustrating. It used to be a very helpful app..Version: 13.24.5

Like Dropbox but much worseI only use OneDrive because its included in my Office 365 bundle and I didn’t want to pay twice to have Dropbox. OneDrive is THE most unreliable cloud storage I've ever used. Im constantly having to re-sign in. It’s constantly losing track of my recent documents. When i upload a file from desktop or web browser it sometimes takes days before it shows up in my iOS app and vice versa. OneDrive is 100% incapable of being able to sync files between two computers. If a file gets updated on machine 1, it uploads and downloads on machine 2, but then machine 2 logs it the original unaltered file as being the modified one, so then machine 2 re-uploads the old file and often overwrites the newer version. This issue alone completely borked my iTunes library of twelve years. I hugely regret my decision to switch and would happily re-switch if I had the time, patience or bandwidth to resync everything.Version: 10.30.2

MehIt’s a alright app. My storage is currently full and I’ve been trying to delete stuff and my way of doing that is to do it all in 1 go (selecting all photos i don’t want and deleting them) it won’t let me do that. If I select more than 70 pictures at once to delete them it says something along the lines of , “error these files can not be deleted it looks like u don’t have the rights to these files” . And it’s really annoying..Version: 14.9.3

One Drive Not Ready for Prime TimeI use OneDrive at work , home for personal files and on my iPhone. Can’t really recommend it to people. My iphone OneDrive is constantly out of date showing me old files from weeks ago that were updated recently. At work, the sync feature constantly gets stuck on some file with no help to fix or resolve it. I also can’t trust OneDrive as it has lost, destroyed or caused important personnel files to disappear forever. No backups or way to restore. I pay for a second service to backup my home files encrypted to another storage location. OneDrive has some good features and is better than iCloud, which isn’t saying much. Not interested in Google Drive as they have their nose in too much of my business as it is. OneDrive could be good if programmers would look at it like a User, instead of trying to impress their bosses with useless or incomplete features and design..Version: 11.40.2

Typical Microsoft Crudware treating people like kidsPeople use stuff like this for work, at least I do. So get rid of or let me have some basic options to get rid of distractions. No need for stupid recent documents. What I did last week is rarely relevant today. No need for stupid photo memories of work pics either. How about let me decide where u start the app at, preferably at some root folder with no irrelevant distractions. It is called having a clean interface. Ipad is obviously used on the go. If I am doing work on here in OneDrive it is probably a once a month emergency type thing on the go, and I doubt I am the only one. I dont need your stupid distractions that just slow things. Stop dumbing down things for amateurs and noobs. It only makes it more confusing for them in the long run especially once u change everything again which u will do too often once u realize how stupid it is. This is why far too many people are terrible at basic file management. I know where i keep my important files and current work. Why dont you? I cant even tell your app where. You do realize it is 2021 and we have things like AI, right???? But this is worse than 1980s software. Get with the 21st century!!!.Version: 12.34

Consistently inconsistentSyncs great between iOS devices SOMEHOW, while accessing the OneDrive storage via web browser, or from one of my University library computers shows a different list of files with items missing or you upload things that the iOS devices can’t see. I might as well separate things back out into iCloud and OneDrive again! It all used to work fine until the past month or so and some files still update alright, while most aren’t. It’s now completely useless and unreliable as a cloud storage system. Bloody havoc for my lecture notes and it’s driving me mad. Don’t even get me started on the OneDrive for OSX. That one has never worked and can’t even be reconfigured or removed!.Version: 10.28

Corruption to promote OfficeA while ago, OneDrive could open any Office documents directly from the app for the general purpose of viewing. During an update, they removed that feature and made you download Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to view it to promote these Office apps. This is seriously corrupt and I want OneDrive to be able to view documents without having to download other apps. I would still be fine with Office if they work nicely and smoothly. Office apps are buggy, glitchy and they have multiple errors that I hate, like automatically editing a Read Only word doc. I think Microsoft knows this and has the ability to fix it perfectly, but they are just toning down the app on iOS to make it feel worse than on Windows. Onedrive and the Office suite used to be pretty good and not buggy at all, but recent efforts have made them near unusable, with new interface and crappy scrolling. If Microsoft does not fix this ASAP, I will stop using Office and OneDrive on my iPhone and tell everyone of your dirty practices..Version: 11.1.5

OneDrive renames iPhone photos / videosI thought I’d finally solved my iCloud storage warning headaches - automatically sync all iPhone photos to OneDrive. Turns out OneDrive renames your files. This is by design, is considered a “feature” by MS and cannot be turned off. This is a recipe for gigabytes of duplicated files. Please Microsoft, just give us the option to sync all photos and videos in their native original format, original file name and all metadata preserved..Version: 13.48.2

Such a bad interface and anti consumer appThere is no way to efficiently select a large number of items. No select all option or way to just scroll and select. I had to select all items one by one..Version: 10.46.6

Only Organizes New UploadsThe September 23, 2018 update says it is now organizing my camera roll folder by year and month. This is a great idea. This would be a better idea if it also organized the zillions of photos and videos in my camera roll that are not included because they were uploaded before the update. So unless this feature is gonna big to be included then please include the option to disable automatically sorting new photos and videos into folders like the website version of OneDrive has allowed for a few weeks now. I don’t want half of my camera roll organized and he other half a bloody mess, it’s all or nothing. If that feature is not going to be included then please also rerun the option of scrolling the button on the right up and down and automatically listing which month and year the photos and videos are from so I can still find stuff..Version: 10.33.6

Select AllThank you for making this app it’s helped me a lot with a lot of things. I have come across some difficulties though and if fixed it could make the app a whole lot more easy to use. First of all the most annoying thing I have seen on the iOS app is when you want to select something all at once... well you can’t. You have to tap each photo individually which makes the job very hard if transferring a big amount of data. The other problem I’ve come across is on iOS when you transfer data from another app there is no option for OneDrive. I don’t know if this is a problem with your app or the one I’m transferring from but it’s also very annoying transferring something the long way. Besides those two things I haven’t found any other problems, great app and I hope you guys succeed with this app👍🏻😁.Version: 9.5.1

OkRemote access is great but any cloud storage program gives you this. Usability is very limited for example when moving files between drives, each needs to be selected individually- a real pain if you’ve got 500 holiday snaps for example, Also not able to upload to a specific folder within he app.Version: 10.26.4

After the biggest update, it doesn’t keep pictures or videos in orderI’m using a iPhone 6. I would always use this app to double backup my photos and other items I needed. Back then it use to be all in order. Didn’t need to scramble around to look for the picture or video. It would be in corespondent to the iPhones photo album. Now it’s just all over the place. I can have some pictures in order but some will be just not in the right spot. Making me scratch my head saying; did I really take it this date? Even as a OneDrive Premium customer, this has been going on for about 2-3 months now. I would hope that they bring this back. It works as it’s supposed to. Don’t get me wrong, but actually finding what I’m looking for at the time it’s supposed to be there. Not diving into a old box of photos figuring out when I took the picture. I miss that feature..Version: 10.33.5

BewareYour files will be moved. Most of the links any of your programs need will be lost. The 2 reasons I have seen: (1) when it moved a documents folder to online, it ran out of storage space. Only two of 5 subfolders were available online. Excel could not find the documents that were moved to a Temporary One Drive folder on my C:drive. Even as my computers Administrator, I was not allowed access to the documents! (2). Third party applications like Ultrafractal, Photofusion, Photoshop, Illustrator, ...etc. could not locate saved files or templates or albums! Trying to uninstall One Drive was a big mistake since they changed User permissions! The One Drive support team helped me recover my lost files and I can now recreate artwork, correct photographs, find formulas in my excel worksheets...etc. However, One Drive’s file relocations continue to haunt me as I discover other programs that are no longer linked to originating software. On a side note, now that France is taxing online service providers, maybe someone at Microsoft will see online service as the new source of income for local, state and federal that, no doubt, legislators will never give up trying to get their fair share of..Version: 11.13.5

UnreliableI used to use Google Drive, but switched over to One Drive when I purchased Microsoft 365 for my University Course. I have to say, I found Google Drive to be FAR more reliable than One Drive so far. Yesterday I uploaded several documents in to a shared folder for my mortgage advisor via my desktop pc. They’re all present and accessible from there, but if I try to view the files on my iPhone app they’re not present - even the new folders I created don’t show. Sometimes it takes days for them to appear which is no good to me if I need to access them on the move. If I try to share a file from my phone with One Drive it often says ‘uploading’ but just hangs - I have to cancel the upload, and try again directly in the One Drive app. If I didn’t prefer the Microsoft Office suite of software generally, I would switch back to Google..Version: 11.33

One accountI am using the OneDrive family features. This iPad app appears to have a link to add more accounts, but there was an error message when I tried to add more than one family account. The app gave me the option either to submit ‘OK’ or be directed to a third party team of ‘directly experts’, one of whom was happy to spend a lot of time giving false advice about how to reset the iPad etc, but adding more than one family account is simply not supported within this app. However there are other apps on the App Store that do support this feature! I would recommend those but not this app..Version: 11.29.8

A few unexpected annoyancesThe app generally does it’s job. But when shifting to the ipad, there have just been too many annoyances. Some require a google, some still aren’t solved. These include: - Some files just not syncing when set to “keep on this device”. No rhyme or reason. Two PDFs of the same size in the same folder, one works and the other doesn’t. - Extra documents being saved. This has happened both through extra copies made via the accompanying sharepoint, but also through random copies appearing on the root of “Files” - same name and completely different location..Version: 13.33

Search function can’t find most files or foldersEven though the name is typed correctly, searching for a file or folder by name shows no results. Useless..Version: 12.46

New update is AWFUL please restore old version!I use this app to store lecture notes and annotate handouts at university on an iPad Pro (2017). The previous versions had much better calibration for the Apple Pencil, the ability to draw shapes (e.g. boxes) around key content, a rubber that was more selective (rather than deleting ALL of the previous few moments writing along with the error), and a better range colours to write with. This latest update has genuinely butchered the functionality for lecture go-ers and it looks like I will be going elsewhere for my cloud services. It wasn’t broken so why try and fix it! Previously, this app was incredible and very well developed. Please restore the previous version!.Version: 10.39.8

AverageOneDrive is essentially Dropbox but more cost-effective and without the pesky notifications and duplications. Still, OneDrive’s auto-syncing is problematic; if accessing a file on the same day using multiple devices, you’ll want to chronically and manually sync / refresh as OneDrive will naturally not recognise files younger than 12 hours or recently updated. (Tip: working in File Explorer isn’t sufficient, you’ll want to open the Windows OneDrive app each time). That’s where Dropbox has a significant edge. Ironically, the iOS OneDrive app operates more seamlessly than the native OneDrive program installed on Dell laptops within our institution..Version: 14.1.1

Cannot see or open PDFOne Drive can’t see and open pdf files created by the Create Pdf function of iPad. When I create the pdf files on my ipad and save them into OneDrive, the files won’t show up in OneDrive on my iPhone or PC. The built in Files of Apple can see and open just fine..Version: 10.42.3

Very useful and reliableFor those who using the Windows OS on their desktop, laptop or other device, this service allows users to add files and folders and make them available on any other device(s) with this app installed. Folders can have multiple levels of sub-folders without issue. The number of files in a folder is only limited by the size of the drive space you have. If you store pictures in multiple folders on your OneDrive, the app can show them in a "Photos" folder. This works much like Apple's Photos app by grouping images by date and categorizing them by place and content. A can't speak to the efficacy of this part of the app as it's not something that I use. I have used OneDrive (and the same app with previous names) for about a decade. There have been issues as with all apps, but glitches are few and soon fixed..Version: 12.63

Sharing functionality and storage is seamless but app is not mature enoughOur digital health company just transitioned to OneDrive from Box for cloud storage. We spend a ton of time in the field, so having access to user guides, service docs on-the-go is critical. Amongst a vast library of languages and complex product lines, finding the right document at the right time can be difficult with the OneDrive app currently. The length of the title of documents displayed in the app is very short. It makes it impossible to differentiate different document by revision number and language (short of opening up multiple documents and waiting for them to download over a weak Guest hospital wifi connection). -Wish this app took after the Box app, that reveals longer titles when the iPhone is in landscape mode. -need a way to see the FULL title of a document -There also needs to be a way to view the Another critical feature missing is “View Containing Folder” of a document found using the search bar..Version: 12.61.1

App use to be better overall but there’s new changes that I don’t likeBiggest issue now is that the tags feature is no longer available and any tags that were on the files you manually put and onedrive automatically put are gone so can’t even search through tags that already existed on the files before the change. Also a major change that make this once very good cloud app very convenient when searching other than tags was the ability to search by specific words through your document files and on photos and screen shots themselves which was a great feature but no longer works. I have been a 365 subscriber for several years but with those 2 features i just listed has made me start looking in to a different cloud service and app to store and backup my stuff. Hoping before I find a different cloud I like better that microsoft brings back those features so I won’t need to change to a different providers cloud that does have those features..Version: 12.18.3

Editing featuresI’m missing the editing features from the older version. I’m using the app on my iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil and the annotations I’m making on PDF documents (from within the app) look a bit grainy and pixelated when I’m using the pen feature. I also find all the editing features a bit less intuitive. I really liked using OneDrive before the most recent upgrade because editing documents was relatively seamless, and I think it would be useful to resurrect them for the next upgrade..Version: 10.38.2

Lost Annotation on PDFsThis app was (mostly) great until this weeks update. A moderate occurrence of crashes but saved work was always retrievable. The annotate button/options for PDFs seems to have been removed and Microsoft support has been appalling. I am a Bachelors student and have always used onedrive to store all my documents and to take in-class notes on all the lecture PDFs. Aside from the issue of the annotation feature being unavailable without prior notice, the responses from support have been unbelievably nonspecific. It is as if there is not a real person on the receiving end of my concerns and I am receiving replies from an automated bank of responses (ha. ha.). Very disappointed..Version: 10.37.1

One DriveI hit on One Drive, but it only takes me to my latest photos! I’m thinking that it should take me to where the One Drive photos are located. Please help! Thanks!.Version: 13.2.3

Very disappointed Especially when working with picturesI have purchased 365 Licenses for me and my family With which Microsoft offers one terabyte a onedrive, and I primarily use one drive to back up our pictures. I don’t usually write reviews but because I got very annoyed with one drive and it’s slow performance and many errors while managing pictures, I got fed up with it. Yes we have lot of pictures and duplicates, so I have been trying to consolidate them, but every time I try to do so, I get frustrated by onedrive’s perforamce. I try to select multiple file and delete. Not only it take a long time to refresh, and no my download upload internet speed is not slow , I have highest offered by bright House fiber optics. Too many times onedrive will freeze, that is she using a desktop, other it shuts down if I am using the app on my IPhone. Bottom line, I am disappointed the most because my expectations of a paid for MICROSOFT product to be close to perfect and this is exactly the opposite..Version: 10.28

Bad PDF markupThe new update changed what was already a borderline PDF markup tool into a useless tool. The minimum point size changed from 0.5 to 1 and the lines are no longer smooth. This means that not taking on PDFs for me in no longer possible. Niche use case I know but it should still work..Version: 10.38.2

Most basic tasks not workingI have two Onedrives, one for personal and one for another purpose that needs to be jeo separate. I this app I can only access one or the other by having to sign out and back in every single time. Microsoft Office apps on the other hand can juggle my two OneDrives in parallel no problem - how is that possible that the dedicated app is still not able to do that..?? Also, I can go to Share > Copy Link, and for a moment I get a notification that says "Anyone with this link can edit this item" - why is the less safe option of letting others change my files the default..? It should be Read-Only by default, and controlling it should be possible the moment I share, not in a separate second step via Details. But even then, I cannot Read-Only share a file anyone who has the link - my most common scenario. I can only edit-share with everyone, and read-only can only be shared with specific people - how stupid a design is that!?! [Update Fall 2021 - all above described issues unchanged. Ridiculous shortcomings.].Version: 12.50

Cannot add new folders!!!Useless app, can’t create a new folder on new iPad! The + button darkens when you press it, showing that the app has received the command but it won’t create. One way seems to force quit the application, then create a new folder, then it works. Please fix this.Version: 10.23

Currently USELESSI have used my onedrive app for a long time & found it extremely helpful as I could send documents via the iOS email app when out & about. Recently the app has allowed me to view my files, but will not allow me to attach them to emails. I tap attach item & then am told that it is not possible. I tap try again & see a glimpse if my files & folders but they disappear immediately. This causes the onedrive app & function to be basically useless! I could store my files on a different providers cloud for free. Having to send onedrive links is not acceptable, I am a legal professional & do not want to provide clients with my personal email address which would be the case if I sent them a link to download. I also do not want clients or colleagues to have to download a file, I want to attach it to an E-mail. I have contacted Microsoft support & they have been useless & have blamed the issue on Apple. I have looked online & many people seem to be having the same issue. I can attach other items using the same method, from Apple apps and from other providers such as google..Version: 11.44.9

Good but More Potential to Fill Capability GapsA great start and is stable. A few items to note are that while it supports the Personal Vault storage, you cannot edit files stored there within their native apps like Excel etc. you have to move the files out of the vault to edit! It kind of defeats the purpose as it is then only useful to store legacy items vs. sensitive files you use routinely. If this can be enhanced to allow for editing of files in personal Vault it would be fantastic! The user interface is also a bit clunky. It does not allow you to default the view to more traditional list type views, instead it always opens to a screen with large folders that have the file names cut off. There is Lao no ability to sort by name, date etc. Small enhancements like this could make the app ideal but the Personal Vault item above is key, a. Great feature that is largely unusable for current files. Please consider this enhancement!.Version: 12.14

Serviceable but far from greatThe app does the job at a basic enough level. My main issue is that there is no way to force it to sync with the cloud, or any way to see sync status. Either a file is there or its not. If I add a file to my OneDrive on my PC, then check the same folder on the iPad, the folder won’t be there. How do I know if it’s syncing that folder? How do I know if it’s close to syncing or in the process? If not syncing, can I force the app to check the sync? Nope. These are basic functions that are shown on the taskbar icon on Windows which should be implemented in the iOS app too..Version: 12.48

Lost my photo/videos due to incapability of appIt’s terrible when it comes to photos uploads to your paid onedrive space through this app. Totaly nonfunctional background upload which forces me to keep the app open on upload page that it can upload photos to my cloud space BUT IT IS SO BUGGY THAT HANGS ALL THE TIME DURING UPLOAD AND IF STALLS!!!. Like me spoon feeding my data to the app!!! Means once I switch to Whatsapp from onedrive for example the app notifies me your photos can not be uploaded while your onedrive is closed and when I return to one drive app it is frozen uploading then I have to close app, restart my internet connection or even delete app data and login again that it backs to normal! Seriously!!!? So having this lags and snags I forgot to upload all my videos by spoon feeding and one day during an incomplete update I reset factory the phone and photos were gone... Shame...Version: 12.2.1

Cannot download videosWhy can’t we download videos like photos to our phone? Making the file available offline is pointless since it doesn’t save to Apple photos..so I gotta open the video with the file browser(apples) and save it there and then go into the file browser again after and save the video to my gallery which is a huge hassle for productivity. Gives us the option to save videos (not just make available offline cos that ain’t the same). Or il have to switch to iCloud on my phone and pc..Version: 13.16.1

If this isn’t hell, then I do not know what is.I can count on one hand the number of times that this app has worked smoothly and without errors. It is so unfortunate that it somehow weaseled its way into being a mainstay at my academic institution. Googling issues I have with the app shows me that I am not the only one, but also provides me with no help. I find myself having to do the most bass-ackwards things to even bring a LOW level of functionality to this and I would throw the whole thing in the trash if I didn’t have to use it to share information with my peers. Honestly, it seems like I fix one thing, and then something else goes wrong, and after fixing the second problem the first problem starts again or there is a new problem. THROW THIS ENTIRE APP IN THE GARBAGE. Again, I can not stress how terrible the support and functionality are for this, to the extent that I’m taking time to write this extremely negative review instead of working on projects that I need to be completing..Version: 11.7

No Select-AllThis app makes file management so difficult. There is no select-all options. So when you want to delete all of files from the recycle bin (OneDrive free limit is merely 5G!!! C’mon), the selection is very very painful!!!.Version: 12.41

Latest change a mess!I have been using OneDrive because it was THE BEST for marking up PDFs. But with the recent update the markup tools were drastically reduced; what happened?!? Please fix!!!.Version: 10.37.1

Good but needs improvementThis app has some nice points, such as being able to annotate pdfs and looking through files. However, there is a crucial error that is detrimental. Once an edit is made to a pdf, and I exit out of the pdf, the edit is saved automatically. This is bad because sometimes I don’t intend to make edits, and changes are accidental. Moreover, there is no undo action for accidentally moving annotations made through iBooks to a pdf, so that change will forever be saved and propagated to oneDrive. Thus, automatic saving must be disabled and there should be a prompt for saving when exiting a pdf. Another possible improvement is to have a sidebar tree viewer for the file system, and also the pdf annotation pen tool should be changed to be smoother like in the onenote tool. Otherwise, this app is great, but the automatic saving is really bad..Version: 12.57

No option to copy or duplicate filesThis is supposed to allow file management in OneDrive but I don’t see any option to copy I only see an option to move a file . This does not make any sense. This is basic functionality that must be included..Version: 12.51.6

Hasn’t worked for over a month but still charging meSpoke with someone over email for about 5 days. Uploaded images with proof of payment and the fact that my account isn’t allowing me to upload files only to be told they can’t help me! Useless. Have been using this for a few years but have cancelled my account, not impressed with paying for a service I can’t access and nobody can help me fix..Version: 12.41

Read this.Well my life is awful because of this. My teacher uses this all the time and I'm not kidding it makes me want to smash a window. Also the "Shake you device and press report a problem" doesn't work. I want to report that this app and all of these Microsoft things like Word and PowerPoint and Sway have made my life awful when it just started to become okay..Version: 10.50

Poor Integration - Lacklustre experienceYou have zero integration with iOS Shortcuts. This is fundamental to my workflow in being able to make shortcuts that interface with OneDrive so I can automate tasks such as saving to a specific onedrive folder. The fact that Microsoft hasn’t bothered to implement this feature is testament to its poor commitment to iPad and iOS users. Which in turn will drive me away to other platforms that actually bother to integrate with the Shortcuts App. Also the widgets app is another clear sign that Microsoft isn’t bothering with its Apple based customers. Only a lousy photo viewing widget. It’s just a joke really..Version: 12.51.6

Has a bugI decided to forgo photo stream once and for all as I found it not reliable and just a nightmare to manage. I have always used one drive as a second back up and never found it to have an issue.... Until today. Sometimes when I take a pic some show up under the photos tab, (upload section with date and time of pic and info which is so useful), and some pictures simply aren't there. To make sure the photos are saved I have to go to camera roll in onedrive and check- and sure enough the photos are there. I deleted and reinstalled the app, and the photos showed up, only to disappear again right in front of my eyes once I closed the app and reopened it. This is happening on my iPhone and iPad... Please fix this! I need a reliable cloud service/photo app that just works! Update Oct 3, 2021 Can no longer open my .tif files. Please fix this as it’s a huge inconvenience trying to access a file when you NEED it and you can’t. Cloud services need to be more reliable if one is to use it. Might as well go back to using a 1TB external drive which are more compact now a days. PLEASE FIX THIS. I HAVE REPORTED THE PROBLEM ALREADY..Version: 12.50

I can no longer upload anything!I have loved and used OneDrive for years. All of a sudden I cannot upload any phot, scan or document to my Personal Vault. I triple checked the file path, searched for the photo afterward… nothing. Tried over many days in many iterations..Version: 12.60

RubbishThis app is so dumbed down it’s infuriating. Same with the app versions of excel and word. This is a wind up with the sole purpose of putting people off using iPads for business. Whoever designed these apps should have a good work with themselves. Back to Google drive for me..Version: 14.6.6

UselessWon’t allow you to edit and save files in the app. Just view them. If you want to store pictures its fine but document management is severely lacking, even with Office installed.Version: 13.10.1

Power Users, this app isn’t for you.For the last two years I have submitted feedback and notices to the OneDrive team, sent a UserVoice, and posted in the r/OneDrive reddit. All ignored. Camera upload is broken. It works until it doesn’t, gets stuck on “setting things up” and flat out stalls on most videos/images. When it works, it’s nice. But that’s rare. I hate to be critical of the app, but this is beyond ridiculous. Camera upload is a critical feature that is surprising they haven’t spent more addressing. I’ve experienced problems with camera upload on iPad 2, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and iOS 11, iOS 12, and the iOS 13 beta. I’ve had problems over fiber 1000mps upload connection and 4G LTE. The competitors (AMZN and GOOG) apps work perfectly fine. Please Microsoft, fix this app. Good luck streaming videos from OneDrive with you have greater than 1 TB of filled stored, 40,000+ files. The app just won’t load. Unfortunately this is the case for my account. No videos load and the overall performance is sluggish under heavy load of files. It can’t handle fast searches when you have libraries of >1,000 small files..Version: 11.27

Not access my account.Not access my account. Screen paused at allow access to photos. Tried many times, all failed..Version: 14.4.2

Recent updates are not making the app better.The app is now only useful for file storage not for editing. Recent update is not user friendly. It was perfect before but the new version completely change how I feel about this app. 1. Response to Apple Pencil becomes very sluggish. I am not writing on the pdf file in the apps like I used to anymore. 2. Changing pen colours, choices, become more difficult. There used to be few favourite pen settings where I can just choose. now, I had to do few more steps to change pen colours, sizes, transparency..Version: 10.67

Premium subscription to have files offline?Hard to believe someone thought it ok to make saving my files to my device a subscription based service. I may need to look for a different option this is just stupid. Microsoft has completely lost their connection with reality..Version: 12.59.3

Never again!I’ve always loved anything with the Microsoft name. I found OneDrive a while back.. A great price for the amount of storage (1 TB) I was sure I wouldn’t fill up, as I had others. I had a couple of issues along the way, but nothing that couldn’t be resolved in a decent amount of time. I had no doubts that Microsoft would keep my personal information secure, as they always have. Unfortunately, I found myself in a situation, where I needed to be able to access a few files, and send elsewhere. Even, after moving it from the “Personal Vault”, It wouldn’t even let me click it to take screenshot. I decided to move these few files to my iCloud, to avoid future issues with this. 5 1/2 hours later… I just started deleting all of my data…each and every file… and will be deleting the account. I do not have copies of the deleted information, as we experienced a horrible situation and lost everything. But, I absolutely refuse to deal with something that causes that much stress and anxiety. Keeping my information secure, is one thing. Keeping it from me, the paying user.. Is entirely another..Version: 13.29.2

Limited functions in iOS appCannot copy and paste files in iOS app. Also cannot see files sent to an offline folder until the iOS device syncs with the OneDrive server. If I have no internet coverage I have to save files to Apples iCloud Drive. Then transfer to OneDrive when internet access is available. OneDrive doesn’t seem to upload to the server unless the application is open on the iOS device screen. If I want to load lots of photos I have to leave the OneDrive app open and active until it has completed the transfer. I cannot minimise the app and use other applications. There are also minor bugs with interactions with other iOS apps..Version: 11.42.4

Invasive and slowForces a feature called “on this day” where it shows you photos from your past. You can’t turn it off, you can only turn off notifications. In addition, the uploads are usually slow, and the app interface itself with regard to sharing and viewing links, setting permissions, etc. is clunky and not user friendly. If we can’t disable on this day, then on a day in the near future we’ll move to another cloud provider. Even worse, if you turn off camera upload to avoid everything being automatically categorised and spat back at you in the future, it’ll constantly harass you to turn it back on when viewing photos. This is everything that’s wrong about cloud services lately - you have to have everything they say or they’ll make the service impossible to use. We’re done..Version: 12.48

Good but needs to be MUCH betterIt does what it needs to in terms of cloud storage on the iPad. It’s best if you have an office 365 subscription so that you get the 1TB of storage, which is great for me because it allows me to store all my files easily. It could be A LOT BETTER though. First, it does have files app integration which for some reason only allows you to copy files from the iPad to OneDrive, not to simply move them. Second, they say it has multi window support for iPadOS 13 but not really. Each time you try to add another window, you get an error message saying that you can only open a file in another window, not another file browser. Also you are very limited in terms of sort and view options, you can only view files in a list or as icons. When viewing photos and videos with the icon view, you can’t see the file name and can only do so by clicking the info button for each individual file. It would be much better if you had other view options like some sort of cover flow type view or something else. Also, the scan option is nice but it would be really nice if it had an option to scan book/textbook pages..Version: 11.29.8

TerribleHard to believe that a company as large as Microsoft cannot put together a decent app. Difficult to search, download files, sync. Allround a very badly designed app.Version: 13.50.1

Why can’t I copy/duplicate files?Am I missing something? I’ve looked through OneDrive and sharepoint apps but there is no way to duplicate a file on my work drive. I had to load up the web browser to do this but its such a basic feature..Version: 10.75.9

Very limited cloud space optionsAmazing app on the iphone and ipad. Acts as another hard drive on my PC. User friendly and wonderful to have everything backed up in one place. As far as usability goes, the best cloud service I have come across. However, Once you use up your free space you can pay for either 50gb or 1tb. I was fortunate enough to already have an old 100gb plan before they stopped offering them. But when that runs out I will most likely stop using OneDrive and switch to another cloud service. Why would I pay for 1tb a month when I don’t even need half that. A serious flaw in the service offered and one I hope is rectified in the future as all other cloud providers offer varied amounts of space..Version: 10.52

All my files deleted and removed from recycle binI have been using OneDrive for many years since its launch. Everything seemed to be working fine until only a few weeks ago I decided to delete three folders. I did not go into the recycle bin to permanently delete those files. Next think I know is an email from OneDrive a few days later saying that many folders were permanently deleted from my account. I checked my account and over 40 folders with pictures were not only removed from OneDrive, but permanently deleted from the recycle bin as well. Customer support just confirmed that and couldn’t help me exactly with what has happened. I think that a decent application should take responsibility for something like this and give me further explanations. Very disappointed!.Version: 10.67

Not able to force uploadWhen backing up pictures this never seems to do it in the background. I have to stare at the upload until it’s finished or else it just stops. When bulk uploading, as I don’t have the time to sit with it as frequently as I need to, it doesn’t seem to recognise pictures in between the last couple of days to the last time I remembered to do this. On this occasion, the last time I did this was October 22 and now May 23 it’s only uploaded yesterday and todays. There is no way to select or make it realise that there’s lots of things in between to upload. Google photos on the other hand, uploads and backs up immediately and showing when it’s been done with a picture on the photo when it’s loading. Very clunky and a lot of work when it’s something that can be done effortlessly by google..Version: 14.6.6

Love it but changeI love OneDrive but can you please allow us to delete attachment and document folders I pay for office 365 I should be able to delete folders and only have folders I want there I hate not being able to make them gone for good..Version: 10.66.2

Uploading Pictures Always a Problem!When using OneDrive to upload/sync pictures, there are often issues. You will see the “Setting things up” for hours and nothing happens. It is a known issue but Microsoft have done little to fix it. It is very frustrating when it doesn’t work as it is suppose to!!!.Version: 12.47

One flaw with photo tabPhoto tab will display any photos from your entire OneDrive... including project photos etc..Version: 12.9.6

Improvements requiredLove what you have done in the past with this app but needs more work. Needs to have a way to show which folders or files I am sharing and have it show with who and a way to adjust acess levels or remove them from the shared folders or files. Also need the opetion to share files and folders like what I would do on you website but needs to be done in the app as well so we can be more predictive and can do more on each devise. Also can you also list all storage upgrade options so that if I need to buy more storage I can see all options and not just the next step up from what I have. Also make a videos tab so I can have all folder files listed in its own category so it would be easer and faster to acess those files in the app and do this to the website as well. Also need to add support of adding more than 1 personal onedrive account to the app as some of us need to separate personal filEs from ones belonging to a boys scout troop..Version: 11.40.2

PDF EDITOROMG... Microsoft... you broke the OneDrive PDF editor. Please put it back to the way it was. The new ribbon and more specifically the pen function is horrible doesn’t work properly. When you draw something and then move around the drawing rotates. I am so frustrated....! Please fix it... I love the one drive PDF app and I want to continue using it. iPad Pro version. Help.Version: 10.37.1

Double dipping on storageI had downloaded offline content, about 7GB, not much. Turns out that after the last few updates, The OneDrive app doesn’t see the content and has to re-download the content again. This can be check my going to General-> iPhone/iPad Storage and looking for the OneDrive app. Clicking on each of the items previously downloaded brings up the circular bar that it’s downloading it. The purpose of offline content was so it could be available offline. This doesn’t help. At least if the info that was previously there is not going to be used, let the user know and wipe it out, that way we are aware and can download it in a place where WiFi is good, so when there’s the need to use it (in a Cell location where the signal is bad) at least we can have it available. Not sure if this is replacing the same content or just placing it as an addition download, in which case it’s double-dipping..Version: 10.17

Collecting gps without user knowledgeWhy is it that auto upload needs location 24/7? Not even Google requires location for auto upload.Version: 10.44.0

New updateNot any better . Pictures randomly placed in folder all wrong dates . None of which I made ???.Version: 10.49.6

Won't let me sign in on appI have 2 accounts on it so far and all was good until I tried to add my other account to download clips to my photo album off of Xbox. It lets me sign in online and on the Xbox app of OneDrive but not this app, it says wrong passwords but its right. Because of it I've reset my password 3 times, still doesn't work..Version: 9.7

Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn’t.I use Mac/ Apple products. I create Excel spreadsheets for tracking my budget on my MacBook and have OneDrive and all of the other Microsoft apps, including Excel on my iPad and iPhone. The problem is, after making adjustments to the files on my MacBook and saving them they only sometimes reflect on my phone and iPad. I keep having to delete all files, add them again and sign out and back in on all devices. It’s incredibly annoying and starting to become obvious it isn’t worth the cost..Version: 12.57

Photos take a long time to loadFirst time you open a photo it loads in ridiculously low resolution. It then continues to load in the background but it takes between 5 and 10 seconds for the high quality version to show. It's a very long time if you want to quickly browse through an album of a dozens or hundreds of pictures, so if this is something you intend do to use the service for primarily, this is a major downside compared to competing products. I'm considering making the switch myself for that reason, only the fact OneDrive comes bundled with Office 365 makes it worthwhile..Version: 9.4

A few essential things that’s missingIt’s nice & fast but here’s a few essential features you need to build in: 1. When working with a file and saving back to the cloud, it needs a replace function instead of saving 2 files - it wastes loads of time currently 2. You need a proper designer who has an aesthetic feel because the blue and yellow looks horrible and not at all inviting. I’d much rather be working on a beautiful space..... and then I’ll spend more time there. Currently I just do my work and go and try and spend as little time possible in the ugly environment.Version: 11.19.11

Very usefulGreat app with great functionality. Some glitches that have not been fixed in the latest update. Sometimes uploading in the app doesn’t work. The file appears in the uploading list but never actually uploads. Also, sometimes when editing a ppt in a web browser a duplicate copy appears in the app. Each time it is edited it is duplicated. The duplicates can’t be deleted. While these glitches are frustrating, the app is still very useful..Version: 10.21

App Ok but Still DisappointingIf I have a look at my off-line files in the app I can tally up about 6 GB worth of off-line files. If, however, I go into settings, general, iPhone storage, I see 28 GB. This has happened before and the only way to resolve it seems to be to delete the whole app and reinstall. If you play an audio file from OneDrive, the phone gets hot, consumes lots of battery, but does manage to work. If however, I go through the Apple files app to get to OneDrive and play the same audio file battery drain and hot phone are gone. If photos are being uploaded you need to have Onedrive in the foreground to be sure it happens. The photo upload seems to take a long time to complete once it gets to 100%. There’s some really clunky things about this app. I would have thought Microsoft could’ve done better. Geoffrey, NZ.Version: 14.3.1

App is awesome but some bugs remainsThe app is fantastic but going straight to the point it would be nice if you could fix this: When sharing a big video (more than 5Gb) the generated link opens but a warning pops up saying it can’t be opened through Onedrive app and must load on a browser, however playing through the browser the video is very choppy due to buffering maybe and almost unplayable. works fine in the app when I play it though but folks who opens the shared link doesn’t seem to have it playing through the app! Hope you can fix this ASAP please. Will update my rate review as soon as this gets fixed Thank you.Version: 14.6.6

Poor interfaceI have 5gb free storage. I have updated the app and along the way it’s clearly triggered all photos I take on my phone to be back up on my personal one drive. I never asked for this. Now I have paid for something on line attached to this email and I can’t open to see where the tracking is cause all my photos take up my space. There is no button to simply select all and delete the photos. Even when I select all there is no “delete” button. Not good enough from a big company. I’ll never get this time back..Version: 14.9.3

Simply trying to update credit card detailsShould be very easy - as it is so I can pay Microsoft to renew my subscription . Sorry don’t have time to lose myself in something which should be routine once logged in - which I have done..Version: 12.61.1

Average serviceI pay for a premium account of 1000GB, even though I only use 7GB. That’s not the issue. My account has been frozen saying I need to buy more storage. I was given the option of increasing my storage to 1000gb, which I chose. After this I would be bounced back and forth between pop-up messages saying that I can’t get more storage because I am already subscribed to 1000gb, and another message about my account being frozen. Good luck trying to find an email address, phone number, or online chat that can assist you in anyway. Especially avoid the online chat. I was talking to a representative for 30 minutes clearly explaining the issue only to have them say “I’m speaking to the wrong department” after a half hour of chatting. The real punchline is there is only one customer assistance department..Version: 10.27.2

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