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Microsoft OneDrive App User Positive Comments 2023

Microsoft OneDrive app received 124 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about microsoft onedrive?

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Microsoft OneDrive for Positive User Reviews

Easy to use.One drive is a good platform easy to use especially if you’re not IT or computer savvy..Version: 12.53.21

Can’t live withoutMade it my master data repository, can access all my data from work, home, mobile, someone else’s pc, etc. Can up/down load stuff really quick and share folders with friends and family (with conditions as I see fit). I need to get more organised to use the photo album function more efficiently. Perhaps the search function can be improved to be more like the same ne in Windows Explorer, but since I’m organised I seldom misplace files. Have used 20% of my TB (free with Microsoft 365 subscription I use anyway for myself and family). Other colleagues use it heavily. I suppose its competitors are good too but I get for “free” so to speak..Version: 12.30

GreatLove having important info at my finger tips.Version: 9.3.3

Great!!!Professional work based cloud system. Has enabled me to understand Microsoft OneDrive on the work computers..Version: 10.67

The most recent update removed many useful features.The app is brilliant, but the most recent update removed many of the editing features. There is no longer a tap and hold anywhere to bring up the editing options. The notes have become full page, which is very unnecessary and impedes ease of use. Text highlighting no longer allows changes to opacity. There is far fewer colours to select for the pen/highlighter (the previous colour options were amazing). There also isn’t an option to change the drawing thickness/opacity/colour after drawing (only a delete option when you tap on drawing). Zooming out to see all slides/pages now has 3 per row which makes them difficult to read - it was perfect with 2 per row so you could read them without straining. I do like that the editing bar is at the top now though, much better position. However, the bar still needs to have the same useful features. Thanks for the app! 🙂..Version: 10.37.1

Mostly thereBecause I don’t use it for editing PDFs, I find OneDrive a very helpful product across multiple devices and platforms. Why only four stars? Most times when I go to move documents in OneDrive, for iOS I have to do it twice. The first time, the files go into a “Waiting ...” phase and seem to stay there. When I cancel and go again, they upload. It happens on my phone and my iPad, and it’s been happening for months across various updating versions of OneDrive. It’s not the end of the world. It is an irritation and time-waster. Otherwise, OneDrive is a seamless part of my workflow, in the school where I work and at home. Highly recommended..Version: 11.37

A great tool.....but what have you done to PDF mark up?I use One Drive for everything now and in fact across two separate domains . It synchs in very well on the Mac desktop and viewing the office documents on the go are good too. BUT what have you done to the PDF mark up capability on tablet with pen-the eraser has become terrible with no size adjustment, the tool bar is in the worst place and wastes view space (put it back up top) and what is with written notes slowly deteriorating over time? Please sort this out else I will have to look at using another app. It used to be much better but we seem to have had a retrograde step. Pdfs ppt and word are the lifeblood of on the go mark up- one drive has taken a step back in this regard-shame as everything else is great..Version: 11.1.5

EasyOnce synching is sorted, this is a great place to keep my photos from phone and PC..Version: 9.4

Getting better all the timeI really enjoy using OneDrive and use it for all my backing up and have migrated most of my files on my PC to it. Used in conjunction with Office 365 I have 1 TB of storage and the latest versions of MS office on my PC and iPad (all for less than £6 per month) I find it all works well together. There are a couple of workflow issues which needed a bit of thought, but once I sorted these out, it all works great. Improvements? I would like to be able to custom sort my photographs within a folder. You can do it via the online version of OneDrive, but not on the App. Can these be changed please?.Version: 10.2.3

Finally, I can manage files truly on the go!Plenty of space online with quick, reliable access. Genuine, intuitive and user friendly access through both my windows 10 laptop and iPhone, with real integration across apps. All those old photos bluetoothed from phones over the last couple of decades, I can really sift through them and get organised, and this makes it easy enough to do on spare minutes on the bus. Much more productive and fun that playing Tetris..Version: 10.71.2

LifesaverThis app has been a total lifesaver, everything right where I need it..Version: 10.46.6

Not badPretty good overall. Stores all my Word documents. Good job!.Version: 10.65

Please fix this one issue!I really love Onedrive in many ways and I am a paying subscriber. I use it mostly to store all of my photos going back over years and I love so many things about the app. However, there is one issue which is huge for me and I am borderline on switching to another big cloud provider because of it. I checked - they have this feature. I don't want to switch, it's so much work, but this really bugs me. The issue is, for whatever reason some of my older photos (5+ years old) uploaded without the exif data for date created. I don't know why because the correct date shows on the (1yr old WD) hard drive they were uploaded from, via windows 10. I thought ok, they're old photos. The big problem is I can't edit the date the photo was taken on Onedrive. So, very old photos show up in my chronological photo timeline as having been taken this year, because Onedrive assigns their upload date to them. This disorder pains me and makes looking through my photo collection not enjoyable. Please, please add this feature ASAP. I will have to move cloud providers if I can't fix this..Version: 11.40.2

Great but a few small things...1. Can’t select items on an iPad, makes everything take a lot of time 2. When moving an item the message just says “move this item”, i mean if the message is check you definitely want to move the item then I’m going to want to know which item I’m moving But overall great, it’s been a really good and safe place to store all my work which has been really easy to use..Version: 12.8

Fantastic AppVery user friendly. Fantastic & highly recommend. Wish the folder colours were available..Version: 9.8

Recent update makes editing harder...Love the app, but the recent update reduced drawing and editing capabilities. Need more colours again. The full page notes also doesn’t work as well as the old notes you could add to a document. The bar at the top does make editing easier though. Just needs all the functions as the previous version and then it’d be perfect! The 3 pages per row view also makes pages hard to read in this mode - 2 per page worked much better. Cheers :)..Version: 10.37.1

They’ve changed PDF editing!I am a Uni student and use one drive to edit my lecture slides in PDF format - I type on them/write on them/highlight things with my Apple pen. I’ve woken up this morning and the editing feature has completely changed - it looks horrendous, you can’t change the colours as well, you can’t do half as many things! Bring back the old version!!!! This used to be my go-to app for uni editing and now its horrendous..Version: 10.38.2

WonderfulI really appreciate Microsoft’s One Drive as it allows me to access ALL my files from ANYWHERE. Fantastic..Version: 12.58

Pictures view is disappointingAs a paid user, I find it very disappointing that you cannot filter the pictures view to only show the Pictures folder (so don’t show app icons or random logos from your computer in the view), and that this feature has existed for ages in the web view, but Microsoft still refuse to add this essential feature to their iOS app..Version: 13.5.1

Very good with just 1 issueThis app is very good with only 1 issue getting in the way. I like to use it with adaptive dark mode on. However when I go to click on my OneDrive the text stays black against the background after I have logged on to OneDrive. It took me a while to realise this as I could see files with no text. Clicking on these files would reveal the folders inside but only because I knew where on OneDrive they were. Hopefully this gets fixed soon so I can use dark mode again as I prefer it..Version: 13.35.7

Photos need work.I’ve been using OneDrive to backup my photos and documents, the layout is good and it syncs with my windows PC seamlessly. When uploading my gallery from my iOS device it took a very long time, the way it uploads photos is not very efficient because it would try to upload 50 or so pictures (and videos) at the same time, this would fill my phone’s RAM and I would have to restart it. When uploading photos I found it works better to switch off videos backup and let all the photos backup first, then let the videos upload last. All in all OneDrive is very good cloud storage service but the way it uploads your photo gallery needs optimisation and improvements..Version: 12.9.6

Scann multiple file issuesPlease increase the option for multiple file scan pdf. Its for your benefit. I hope you learn from Google and also learn from collapsing of windows phone. I had Nokia for a long time however when it was with limited windows software after using some time I left it for ever..Version: 10.19.6

Great app. But one thing with update.Love this app. It is my favorite and I use almost all. The only thing with this new update is that it does not allow me to make minor changes to a file name. When I save my file and name them sometimes auto correct isn’t correct (as I do this through mobile dispositions mainly), and sometimes I don’t realize I may have missed a letter in the name. However, when I go and try to fix the name in my mobile devices I have to rewrite the entire name. I can’t just add or change where I need to. This is extremely annoying, before these updates I was able to make minor changes to tiles as necessary which makes it easier than having to completely type in an entire name again..Version: 10.2.3

OneDriveI personally find the OneDrive app on my Apple iPhone indispensable. This is because my Microsoft Windows10 laptop runs Office that gives me 1 TB OneDrive storage capacity up in cyberspace. I can access all my files from my IPhone, anywhere, anytime.Version: 10.71.2

Great for studyThis app has been improved constantly and now I’d say it’s the ultimate study tool. No more having to print journal article PDF files, I can annotate straight in the app and it syncs instantly so I can access for essay writing on a PC. They respond to feedback quite well and are constantly updating the app. Best file management for cloud services app out there..Version: 10.25

A thought through cloud solutionWe have implemented this as part of out Microsoft 365 solution. The whole package is a joy to use. Our exchange system is now entirely cloud based and OneDrive along with Teams allows us to manage remote working with ease. We have synced both locally for each user but also on our main NAS providing key field data for engineers on site and sales have access to all customer quotes etc. We are still exploring all the features but so far, so good..Version: 11.37

Excellent photo supportI’ve been searching for a replacement for Google Photos for some time and I’ve tried pretty much everything. My search came to an end though when I tried OneDrive. The way that OneDrive handles photos is excellent. The full bleed, grid layout is really nice to work with and scrolling through years of photos is buttery smooth. Being able to zoom in and out in the photos tab is really nice. For those looking for more storage space, make sure you run a search for discounts before you pay the full amount. There are loads of ways to save money out there. I used a 50% discount via the Microsoft Home Use Programme that my work has signed up to..Version: 12.29.6

Saved meI got a new phone cause my iPhone 6 got covered in water and later that day died. So, I couldn’t back up my photos cause the screen wouldn’t turn on. And when got my new phone I re-downloaded most of my apps (including OneDrive) and signed in. I was extremely happy to see that all of my photos were there. I also don’t need to have photos taking up all my space..Version: 11.37

Can’t edit txt filesI use OneDrive over other cloud services just because it has faster upload speed in my country, but there’s one thing OneDrive iOS app lacks in feature which is editing of txt file. I’m not asking for a Word online integration, just give us the simple legacy txt editor like one we have on web version..Version: 10.51.8

Not bad, but could be betterI gave up using Evernote for a digital note and file organiser. It has no file structure; needing to attach every file to a note was inefficient; and it didn’t integrate with Office. OneDrive solves these issues, but introduces some others. To improve the app it would be nice to have: 1. Some way to create/edit simple note files without needing to open Word 2. As a followon to this, a way to create new notes in one button-press direct from the menu (side point: OneNote might be ok for detailed study notes, but it’s useless for day-to-day quick note taking) 3. A media player to queue audio and video files - especially files in the same folder 4. Keep files open when switching between apps instead of periodically resetting to the main menu 5. Along the same lines, remember where I am up to on documents and audio files so I don’t have to keep re-finding my place. 6. Smaller or configurable font size so I can see most if not all of a file name. Other than that, this is a pretty good app. The UI is attractive and intuitive. And everything works reliably as designed..Version: 10.64

Great appThis is a great app. The sync is epic. It would be better if you could improve handwriting in PDFs, like Apple Pencil double tap and stoked..Version: 12.46

Great App for Saving Everything!This works great for saving everything- documents, pictures, downloads, and videos. It can be set up to upload automatically as you take pictures or videos. It saves things in their own file folders by dates, making it easier to find what your looking for. It saves information about the pictures, videos, and files. I have a 1T so I have more than enough room for anything. You can delete items and if you accidentally delete something you can find it in the trash file & recover it if you need too. I’ve never had any problems with it. I can also access it from any device using the app or the website. This is a great thing to have. Never worry about loosing anything from a virus on computer/laptop/phone because this can be accessed in many ways..Version: 10.73.7

Takes up too much storage on my iPhone.The OneDrive app works as expected by uploading my photos to OneDrive so that I can view them on my pc. The only major problem with the app is the amount of storage it takes up on my iPhone. I wish that Microsoft would update the app to give users the option to delete photos from the iPhone’s physical storage once they have been uploaded to OneDrive. This would make OneDrive treat photo uploads more like how google and Apple treat them. I have contacted Microsoft support for solutions but had no success so far. They told me to flip a switch in the settings app that signs you out of all your Microsoft accounts that you have signed into on the OneDrive app. This slightly reduced the amount of storage that the app takes up on my iPhone, but there is still over 1 gigabyte of “documents and data” on my phone that belongs to the OneDrive app..Version: 13.36.13

Good App/OneSimpleProblemI gives this a 4 star because if one simple problem. I can’t save my videos. I can save my photos but not my videos. And I can’t edit my videos when I can’t save them. This app is really good for storage. You get extra free storage which can be pretty useful if you don’t have any storage on your pc or no more storage in your photos for phone. And when your saving something it downloads it in a instance. When your transferring data, it only takes a minute or 2. It’s basically icloud but better and you can create albums to organize your photos and videos so you don’t have e to go through them all. This app has saved me multiple times in terms of finding my card number when I needed it since I put everything into a album. You should download this app but please fix the not being able to save videos to your photos.Version: 12.21

Great... but drives me nutsI love that OneDrive let’s me access all my files and I can essentially pass off or work on documents anywhere. This isn’t especially noteworthy in the age of Dropbox and GoogleDrive, but not having to drag and drop is nice. The trade off is that I always seem to have a little red notification circle or whatever it is on the app. This drives me absolutely crazy. I went so far as to open every document and move all my pictures out... still can’t make this stupid red circle with a “1” on it disappear from the app icon. I have opened every menu option in the app, uninstalled it, reinstalled it... that stupid little circle just comes back right away. If this doesn’t bother you, then the app is no worse than any other cloud app, just slightly better than Dropbox (which I barely used, so take that with a grain of salt) and GoogleDrive because all your stuff saves automatically and unlike GoogleDrive it doesn’t try to default to crap google productivity freeware. It is loads better than iCloud Drive because your files are viewable instantly. With iCloud Drive I would save a new file into the drive and it would often take hours before I could see it on my phone app unless I restarted my phone..Version: 11.45.3

Used to be goodI have been using Onedrive for a few months now (1TB). Everything used to work really nice. It was nice to have everything from my Xbox One, PC, and phone all synced up. FIXED -*Since I have upgraded my phone from an iPhone 6S to and iPhone X, I have been having crashing issues. I’ll start the app and it will load just fine. After a moment or two the app will freeze up and crash. I went to the MS troubleshooting page. It says to delete the app, restart the phone, and then redownload the app. I did all the steps. Still having the same issues. I’ll give the developer a week or so to come up with a solution, if there isn’t one in a timely manner, I will be canceling my subscription, and move onto another cloud service. If the app is fixed, I will review and edit my rating. Until then it’s a 1 Star. - FIXED Pros: Nice syncing for all of your devices. Pricing is not bad for the amount of storage you get. Cons: You can’t have more than one personal account synced. I’d like to be able to have my wife back up her phone to my storage, so that I wouldn’t need to purchase an entire cloud service for her. App is currently not usable, crashes upon start up..Version: 9.8.15

Worth itOffice 365 is worth the time and money, I remember prior to finding this app I tried to find alternatives and every app I found there were things I did not like. I kept looking and looking and one day I decided to try office 365 and I’m glad I did this package has literally everything you need and it has replaced all of my old heavy usage apps. The most important point in witch I feel this app is worth it is that this frees you from apples ecosystem, I now can work on my IPad and IPhone and use my Microsoft Laptop for work all within the same cloud service Flawlessly, Amazing !.Version: 10.29.6

I lost features because of their updateI have used this for years and WAS happy. Recently they did an update and it removed my folder that allowed me to search my pictures by type and gps location. Now this app is just a folder of non organized or searchable images. This went from a great tool to a lame tool. I have sent several emails to Microsoft and the response was “we don’t know what happened” “we don’t know if it will be fixed”. If it isn’t restored I’m not going to renew my subscription. I purchased this because of the features, they shouldn’t take features away. When a company sells you a service and then doesn’t provide those services they are in breach of the purchase agreement..Version: 12.1.2

AMAZING!Microsoft one drive is very good to store files and photos is an easy to access place. I only wish that it would upload photos quicker to one drive on all devices because when I upload something on my phone it takes several days to sync with my laptop. Overall very good app. 👌👌👌.Version: 12.1.2

Overall good but...As a user who uses Windows desktop computers and Microsoft office, but also has an iPad and an iPhone, this has been a godsend, however in the update process critical features frequently become broken. Password-protected Microsoft office files can not be opened on OneDrive in iOS, but can on Windows platforms. Unfortunately, when OneDrive is installed, it prohibits launching of a file via the browser based app A workaround to the problem of password-protected documents is using the iOS version of the Microsoft Office app on the iPhone, however iPad users cannot use it unless they have an active subscription to Office 365 because there is a screen size limit for the free version prohibiting use on the iPad. Hoping they fix the broken inability to decrypt/open password-protected file via the iOS OneDrive app. Has been broken for a while now 🙁 UPDATE January 27, 2021: since iOS was updated to version 14.4, this problem is resolved..Version: 12.14

Intuitive Digital Document Storage DriveVery easy to learn, visually offers 3 different screen view of your files - my favorite is the one where you see folder icons (although I wonder if there a way to add color options for each folder, and then maybe digital sticky notes to mark important documents of different sizes and various color palettes) appeals to a different type of person, I love the file folder icon layout very grateful! Taught several realtor benefit of using OneDrive and they caught on quickly, so thank you very much. Also can you please add a system that alerts each agent of important deadlines? And finally could we make it so you can take certain files out of a folder and add the removed to broader group? Y’all have created wonderful software!.Version: 10.68

AmazingOne drive is a trust worthy app, it helps me complete all of my school work. It is overall a very reliable source. It is easy to manage and great for when i am in a rush and need a document open and ready immediately. I know that all of my hard work and effort is backed up by the touch of a button. This is why I rate it 5 stars..Version: 12.33

Quick and easyI’ve got a microsoft office 365 subscription for business and love it. Everything just works!.Version: 9.9

AccessibilityI like One Drive a lot. However, when it’s icon comes up as an option to send or save something into it, it does not provide me an option to create a new folder or to select the folder I would want to send or save my file in. Yes, I can do save it that way but I have to go to “Save to Files” first, then select it as an option - an additional 2 or 3 steps more. Also, if I create a new folder, I am unable to paste a copied set of text into it - I am only allowed to save a file or graphics into it. Apple’s iCloud storage allows me to do all that. Unless you upgrade to include those plus other features more, users like myself would be inclined to eventually move most of our storage to Apple’s iCloud - which is also cheaper than your monthly subscription. This is just a suggestion that you hopefully will take into consideration. I love your Office Suite - it’s the only one that keeps me using One Drive..Version: 11.43

Awesome app!Glad I downloaded the app when I got my Samsung 7edge as even though I had the memory card, I didn’t know all my Photos and documents were saved on one drive.i was very disappointed when I lost my memory card as all my memories were in it but was playing around with one drive one day somehow got to the photos part phewwwwww! Job done and stress free🤗.Version: 10.15.6

Office-wide use! Love it! If only...I’ve got 60 people in my office using this app to upload and track vehicle receipts with the camera phone taking out the Lens app step. It’s worked terrifically and made the whole process a LOT easier! Love that!!! but... I wish there was a way to change the default file save name for those images from “scan from...” to a a personalized name like the tag number for the vehicle so it wouldn’t have to be renamed each time after the fact. It would also be really helpful to be able to more easily save an image to some holding account where it would sit when there isn’t a cell tower available to upload to the OneDrive once we’re back in range of a cell tower! Those two improvements would make this app a complete rockstar for business use in my opinion!.Version: 10.80.3

Photo SyncronisationWe have 2 iPhones each with around 2000 photos on them. Both have taken ages not to finish syncing. Both are about 50% complete after lots of manual curation. If you have a dodgy internet connection it seems to stall. To get it going again you have to reboot the phone. We are in different houses with different internet providers. Everything else is fabulous. I love one drive. I use it both personally and for work, both are brilliant. I hope the once this initial sync is complete it will cope better with the lower load of photos that you have just taken..Version: 10.27.2

Latest update crashes (fixed now)Latest update causes the app to immediately crash upon opening it. I’ve tried reinstalling, rebooting, resetting account details within settings, enabling/disabling iCloud and background app refresh, and nothing works. iPhone 6 running the latest version of iOS 12. Please fix. All the other office apps work fine. Edit: it has been fixed in the latest update. Great app when it works..Version: 11.51

Awesome Cloud AppUnless you are some kind of rocket scientist or grad student at Oxford you simply can’t find a simpler more compatible app out there. If you have been a Microsoft user since day one like millions of us why use any other app period. I’m sure other apps have specific skill sets for specific purposes but for an all around compatible uncomplicated cheap cloud storage app for photos, document, spreadsheets, books and so on and so on this is your app. Jim among the very first (22 years) MSN/ Hotmail user.Version: 10.49.6

PaulGreat app so good to have all your stuff ready to go we’re ever you are. So easy..Version: 10.80.14

ScansFirst off, I’ve used the MS apps in the past but have been away for a couple years. I renewed my 365 subscription and downloaded everything everywhere. Today, I needed to scan a fuel receipt to send to the office. I was amazed. The scan function of OneDrive produces breathtaking copies of the most mundane things (like cash register tapes). It’s comparable to any scanner you buy. Amazing! A complaint though… and this may be an uniformed complaint… I don’t want to send a link to the document when I share or attach to an email message from OneDrive. I need to attach the actual document. The solution was simple though, just download from OneDrive and attach it from iPhone files. But that’s an extra step. A minor thing and not worth docking a star. But, it would be nice to attach the document directly. Again, if you’re looking for something that takes near perfect scans, this has you covered. I am almost speechless by the quality!.Version: 13.1

The Best For Online Storage and Sync FilesI can’t praise enough OneDrive. I had been using it since the SkyDrive days. Those days were storage heaven. I was able to rack up to 50 gigabytes of free storage. Well, OneDrive came to life and changed things. Some improved and some got canned like the amount of free storage. That is the only reason it I take one star from it. The good stuff it’s what in my opinion, makes OneDrive the number one app for online storage. Easy to sync files across Windows PC and IOS mobile devices. The integration of OneDrive with Windows Personal files can be somehow problematic since by default makes OneDrive upload everything you put on those folders. If you don’t want every file on those folders getting uploaded and take precious space just change the settings on Windows to stop OneDrive to upload the content on those folders. I found less complicated to just create a new folder on the system Desktop and name it “My OneDrive” then create sub-folders for E-books, Pictures, spreadsheets and so on... then drop there everything I want to sync across mobile devices. That way I have more control over what goes into One Drive instead of letting Windows do it for me. Also makes me be more organized with the content I own..Version: 11.0

Say goodbye to paying for iCloud storage!If you’re paying for iCloud storage, you might as well get a MS365 subscription with all those useful applications… and have access to 6 TB of space. And what’s more? No more wasted space from duplicate photos shared amongst family. OneDrive auto uploads from your iPhone photos and anyone logged into your MS account gets instant access! Word! You’ll Excel as OneDrive PowerPoints Publishing your photos for all to Access!.Version: 12.65

Missing that 5th star because of Picture uploadsThe app is great, my whole team now uses onedrive to communicate most of our reporting because everyone is field based My only issue and I would really like to see someone pay attention to this is the below I have 10 pictures to upload, 8 upload but 2 say error - same name already exists (still don’t know how it’s possible because the pictures are all different) so I check the name and this is true to my surprise Obviously changing the name on the phone messes with the storage structure so that cannot be done - upload anyway with same name and just have (1) next to the name would be amazing - with my current photos I now have to upload them to the computer then change the file name and then add them to the drive which kind of takes away the use of the app..... Thanks!.Version: 10.66.2

Solid update with the recent versionThe most recent update is everything I hoped for. I stuck by OneDrive as they slowly made their way to full iOS support. The recent update takes it the rest of the way - it is outstanding. OneDrive for iOS is no longer a second class citizen. The OneDrive app is solid, with support for document previews, Live Photos, caching and better sorting. Drag and drop is also robust and well implemented. Don’t use it as much at the moment on my iPhone but found it pretty intuitive on the iPad. OneDrive is now also fully integrated in Files, if you prefer that. Surprisingly I’m now finding I prefer OneDrive app interface instead - better organization features than Files. Still, it’s nice to use files to throw apps between cloud services and local storage in a unified interface..Version: 10.1

Very handy access to my pcLove this app. I can get any photo or any file any time I like from my pc to my iPhone or iPad..Version: 12.11.6

Cannot believeAn excellent inclusion where you are operating through 3 different PC, iPad And iPhone Saves working with USB sticks and remembering to take with you between units.Version: 12.42

Saves my data and my life, I mean workOneDrive automatically backs up my photos, my programming, my Photoshop images, my Excel programmed sheets, my entire portfolio. We pay the $9.99 a month for Office family and we each get a terabyte in backup to our OneDrive and five accounts. This way I can bring my work with me anywhere and either keep working on it or show off my progress to friends or prospective volunteer opportunities. For the more normal person (not a nerd) after you take some photos make sure to open OneDrive to backup to the cloud, and then your home computer; then easily accessed from any device anywhere. There are a lot of data backup programs out there but most aren’t cheap, but for a terabyte for $7.99 or $9.99 (single account Office 365 and family account Office 365 respectively) which comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, plenty of other software for anyone. Even without a 365 account, it’s worth using even if to keep your photos safe at home and on the go. Also I’m not a bot or paid advertiser, I just feel like of the options, Microsoft isn’t as evil as most big tech companies, but they’ve been around since I started using pc computers in 1988, so they’re unlikely to go anywhere soon, so your data is safer than some others whom I discovered had corrupted my irreplaceable photos on the cloud when my computer died. At least Microsoft knows how to keep software backed up reliably. Just make sure to open OneDrive to save your photos..Version: 13.35.7

Great online storageI’ve been using OneDrive for a long time and everything has great so far. I use a windows laptop as my pc so the integration makes it really easy for me to transfer something from my iPad to my computer to work on. One thing I would suggest though is to allow us to choose photos from what folders show up in the photos tab. I keep a lot of diagrams and screenshots for my school work and I like to keep everything backed up in case I might need them, but since the photos tab just grabs every photo I have on OneDrive, they clog up my photos tab. It would be nice for me to be able to choose to only see photos from my phone when I go to the photos tab!.Version: 13.7

OneDrive is getting better and better. Thanks a lotThank you for improving OneDrive with Features I am with Microsoft office for years and as I am working with projects I didn’t have any issues with office platform. Where is no program who can work stable and has a lot function. I am talking about word, excel and so on for that price. Where libre office, also open office but this for narrow mind people. So please don’t complain about Microsoft office because of price..Version: 10.34.2

Third view option on iphone app please🙏🏻Recent app update has ruined the look and feel. Wasted space, too much white gaps! Ugly small grey folders! Before it was compact and displayed images well. I have iphone 8 plus so i want images displayed in the folders like before. The folders once were great they displayed the images within as well as a title info underneath. Such a disappointment with new look. Should be like this: Line txt view Tiles view (grey folder files) Photos (displayed compact) Onedrive team please add a third View option to have photo mode so displays the photos not these grey folders. Fix the wasted spacing / gaps between each file. Onedrive desktop browser version has the third view option which i use daily. Mobile iphone App version should have same options in right corner!.Version: 10.1

Great appGreat invention to save all our data automatically without losing them.....I love it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 10.63

One LoveIt is great that my Lenovo computer that broke or disappeared had Microsoft one drive subscribed to one drive so I have access to (most)! Of those files because because I were subscribed to Microsoft account it is available..Version: 10.60

A little confusingI like having a place to organize all my files up in the cloud, however the relationship between one drive, one note and my computer can be frustrating and confusing at times. When you access it from the Internet it looks very different than how it looks on your computer, and with the new one note update, it looks very different and takes a while to understand what they’ve done. I get random files in my documents that are OneNote files that I deleted along time ago and there they show up again and my one drive account somewhere else. Not really sure how this all works, so it’s a bit frustrating but useful at the same time..Version: 10.66.2

Wish subscribed to OneDrive before mess created on iCloudOneDrive is a good option for storing files from iPad, iPhone and pc. This is mainly because it is accessible from all applications used on those devices unlike iCloud. Furthermore, saving to OneDrive is similar to saving to folders on a pc. I gave 4/5 stars because OneDrive could benefit from an improvement whereby you can save directly into sub-folders which is not always offered so files sometimes need to be moved from the main folder to the relevant sub-folder after being saved..Version: 9.8.15

Let down by photo handlingOneDrive is a probably the best of the cloud drive apps. It's quick, reliable, cross-platform and all the other stuff you'd expect. The iPad version is a reliable app that you can either use alone, or via the Apple Files app. Everything's accessible within apps (great for sharing), or you can pop out into OneDrive and use it directly. Only criticism is the way it handles photos. On the web, you can limit "Photos" to the pictures folder, which means you can use it as an alternative to Google Photos, Apple Photos etc. However, on the iPad, "Photos" shows every photo on the drive, organised by date. Incredibly annoying if you're trying to look at your personal albums rather than every piece of work ever completed. Oh, and the "AI Powered" auto tags are hilariously inaccurate and occasionally racist..Version: 13.12

It’s only me or...?Despite that in general terms for me it’s the best cloud platform talking about quality/offer/price it is only me or anybody else find so annoying that the ATTACHMENTS folder is automatically created on every update or every time you open the app? If I pay for an storage place I want to have on it only my stuff not anything else..Version: 10.77

Great AppCan’t overstate how much this helps me organise my work. I work in construction so on the spot annotations and snag clearing are so much quicker. I still have to use other apps for clouding and adding photos as it loads them landscape even if I take a portrait but that’s hardly a negative since I use those apps in tandem anyway but it would be nice to see that added so it becomes the sole app. Otherwise happy as with it..Version: 13.12

CrashesIPad Pro 10.5 inch running iOS 15.5 - cannot open the app. Have tried everything - installing, uninstalling, restarting, clearing data, removing accounts, deleting all MS apps - nothing works and seems to be no solution Update: changed to 4 stars. Well done to dev team on fixing the bug! Hope this review helped originally! Would give 5 stars if I could get to pin folders and files as favourite. Love being able to drop a file on desktop and then sign from my iPad or scan receipts on desktop and then pick them up from my laptop - amazing..Version: 13.26

OneDriveOneDrive has been a positive experience for me. Being on a cloud,it protects against hackers and carries my loads of hymns to anywhere there is WIFI. I can use on Google as well as Microsoft and its flexibility is very precious. Being lit already,it prevents me from carrying a flashlight when darkness is part of a celebration. Right now it suits my purpose for having an iPad and I am thankful to OneDrive not to have to carry weighty tomes of hymns..Version: 10.63

Where will I store my files.Because I was going from one College to another at the beginning of 2019, I was very concerned about how I could possibly use all the work I had prepared without having to do it a second time. An IT person introduced me to cloud! It is the most wonderful IT thing that has happened to me. I find it hard to believe that I will not lose these documents. Not only that I can use them in both schools. Everyone should know about cloud! I wish I had known about cloud years ago. Thank you cloud! Breda O’Reilly.Version: 10.53

Very enjoyable update notesOneDrive has become an integral part of my daily life and it just keeps getting better with frequent updates. But my reason for writing this review is to say to who ever writes the update notes for the app, bravo! I love how you don’t try to hide mistakes and bugs but instead announce them (and their corrections) openly, freely and with a whole bunch of humour! I always take the time to read them. So, to who ever is responsible for that, THANK YOU :D.Version: 11.6

Great app but ‘read-only’ kills the work efficiency!I have been using One Drive for many years and it has been great with all my files on cloud but the recent change to ‘read-only’ on Apple Files app is killing my work! I can’t edit and save the files on iPad Pro which is really bad. When can you change this back to the original setting please?! It’s been too long!.Version: 12.20

!!!!!!!Twice one the same document, I’m writing my notes when all of a sudden the app just closes on its own AND DOESNT SAVE MY NOTES. WHAT THE HELL. NOW I HAVE TO REWRITE EVERYTHING AGAIN. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT..Version: 12.57

Good but frustratingOneDrive is my go-to cloud storage system, allowing me to store all of my files online and share them easily among my various devices (PC, iPad and iPhone). My Office 365 subscription gives me 1 TB of storage, more than enough for my needs. The IOS OneDrive app does a good job displaying your files and folders and lets you easily navigate between them. It works especially well with the Office apps, auto-saving your files as you work with them. Two major complaints about the app: 1) If I navigate to a nested folder within my OneDrive folder, switch to a different app and then return to the OneDrive app, it often “resets” to its root folder, forcing me to re-navigate to where I was. This is even more frustrating if I’m viewing one of my files (e.g., a PDF file) within OneDrive. Upon return to OneDrive from another app, the file is closed and I’m back at the root folder, forcing me to reopen the file I was viewing. I have a feeling this is due to limited memory space, but just dumping me out of my current context seems a poor way of handing the memory restriction. 2) OneDrive is not well integrated with IOS or other apps. For example, if I want to save an online PDF file I find while using one of the browser apps (Safari, Chrome, etc.), there’s an option to save it to DropBox but not to OneDrive. I usually end up having to save the file to Dropbox, import it to the Adobe Reader app, save it to OneDrive from there, and delete the copy on Dropbox..Version: 12.35

An excellent productOneDrive is an exemplary cloud storage service. When used in conjunction with an Office365 subscription, it'll be boost your productivity by a huge amount, especially if you have multiple devices. The ubiquity and power of Office means that this service is superior to iWork and Google Drive when you have colleagues who also use Office, which is very likely..Version: 9.9

Getting startedI have found One Drive to be very helpful when wanting to transfer files between devices. It’s also very user friendly. I don’t know much about computers and technology. But I have been able to get One Drive working with very little confusion. thanks people for making my life a bit easier Kind Regards Brett Flenley.Version: 10.8

Errors with upload facility - Missed PhotosI have noticed after looking back on photo uploads using the automated upload facility, that many picture are being missed completely. This means I have no choice but to double check every single photo I take on my IPhone is uploaded correctly onto one drive, which is very time consuming. Google Photos simply does not have any issues when it comes to backing up my photos it simply works. One drive also does not put them in time stamp order when uploading to one drive which is another issue I have. Overall not impressed with One Drive and will move away to another storage provider if problems are not fixed soon..Version: 12.8

Great for groups working togetherI actually moved from a Windows phone quite a few years ago and brought this with me. I and most if my family use it on our computers and phones so we can share important information and ideas about upcoming events! I also keep memory notes to myself in various sections which I can share or not as I choose. Great product. It’s gotten much top heavier over the years. It started as a very stramlined note taker that allowed one drive storage and sharing. Loved that! Not so sure I like all the enhancements. And the missing star is also because sometime recently, I assume in an update, or it may be linked to my change on my iPhone to larger type since I am sight impaired? It now doesn’t show a text cursor, and if you hit backspace delete the display jumps quickly to the top if the note and back down before letting you proceed. It’s dizzying and nauseating to say the least. A good product, but getting retired if I need to do much editing..Version: 10.77.15

Viewing photos on pcLike the product but have been quite disappointed with how of interface loads photos for viewing Tried everything and using premium internet service with loads of speed, but still have major problems with slow or incomplete loading of files in viewing modes.Version: 12.56

Laptop in my pocketThis app REALLY has changed the way I work for the good, allowing me to do things on the go like never before, made me more efficient, organised and even helped with my work/life balance Honesty the best app I’ve ever had, it LITERALLY turns my iPhone into a portable interface to my laptop. I can Access, Edit & Share any file on my laptop with ease when ever I have an internet connection, it’s simple to use and all works perfectly It also works in reverse so I can upload email attachments, PDF’s from the web or picture & videos I take on I'm sent, straight to the cloud from my iPhone to access at any time, and then the next time I open my laptop they instantly download to the hard drive straight into the folder I choose I can also access my works Microsoft Hub in exactly the same way as my own files.Version: 11.0.10

Current glitch is a bummerDisplaying photos backed when received via WhatsApp, is currently not working very well: they show up in the online photos section, and in the relevant folder (Pictures >Camera Roll). It’s in the iOS app where the glitch occurs. Let’s hope that this glitch gets fixed soon. Now it’s neither installing or updating. It did on my iPad. Not on my iPhone 📱.Version: 13.45

Bit clunky but goodIt’s pretty easy to use once you get used to it’s ideosyncricies. I use it on iPhones IPad MacBook and PC to share site survey data and verification photos. I can share results with clients without running into email size limits. Biggest issue for me is a sudden loss of functionality when an upgrade becomes available. Not all of have the luxury of stopping what we are doing to download the latest version. That’s a bit arrogant of Uncle Bill but it’s my only gripe..Version: 10.15.6

Height of convenience. ✅Although not a millennial , finding and using it easily..Version: 12.21

Good App but also in part annoyingOverall this is a good app never had any real issues with it. However it is constantly asking me to set up my personal vault, I do this every couple of days, highly annoying when your wanting to save something and you can’t because it is asking you to do something that you have done many many times previously, and you have to start again, once you’ve set it up, again!!!!!! Personal vault also locks after a time even though you are still actively busy in it, why? If your busy in this location then it should not be locking. It should only lock when your not busy in it. If it does this when your busy creating or uploading to it then you have to start again. Never have these issues with other cloud based drives even though they have similar features..Version: 14.1.1

Loses a moral star but technically brilliantI find one drive indispensable. Syncing between platforms is seem less, only occasionally needing a relaunch to remind it to finish syncing, but it’s saved me so many times having it on my phone and on any browser. I have to dock a star for the way the pop up ‘offering’ a one month free trial to the paid premium contract. There is no option to opt out, only to dismiss it. Rude at best and I question the legality of any contract that demands money but gives you no option to say “no thanks.” It loses another star for making that dismissal ‘X” white on a white background and in the corner where it is far harder to get the users finger to register. (Sign me up is a massive green button in the middle so why not have a ‘no option there?’ Every time it pops up I have to mess about tapping the screen repeatedly in the corner until the iPhone realises I want the corner. Come on Microsoft, that’s the same game spyware designers play!.Version: 11.0

ExcellentAwesome to be able to access and update data on multiple devices and be mobile..Version: 10.80.16

Gotta say… a whole lot better out of corporate landIf you work for a corporate, One Drive will likely be locked down by the IT function. But unleashed on a personal copy, the integration across the suite os absolutely great. I normally love Apple products but Apples Cloud is now years behind and One Drive far cheaper, bigger and faster on standard fees. And now that AI is on the horizon and will start to be integrated soon I guess, this M365 will be light years ahead..Version: 14.1.1

Happy until nowHave had a great experience with OD when I got a windows phone 6 or 7 years ago. I’ve since moved to an iPhone and was not impressed by iCloud so I stuck with trusty OD until the latest update on the iOS app. Total brain fart by whoever launched this without Beta-Testing. I was in a DO NOT DISTURB meeting when my phone began sounding off in my pocket. Strange because I have notifications completely turned off on all apps. What could have happened you ask? Well this morning I allowed my phone to update the 7 updates that showed up on the App Store, not sure why my notifications would reset in an update but they clearly did and now I have an extremely upset client and a boss with a scowl that would sour milk at 50 paces. Bad form MS, bad form!.Version: 11.21.8

Very good appOn the MacBook Air it is superb. Finally a Cloud storage solution that doesn’t require a mirror image to be stored on your hard drive. Very easy to use, it’s just a master folder with all your stuff stored and organised as you want them. Easy to make files stored in the Cloud only, to save space on your device, or to store them on your device so that they open more quickly. On the iPhone, it is also easy to open files as Read Only, but I can’t see for instance how to delete unwanted Screenshots on the iPhone, hence only 4 stars instead of 5. Again, on the MacBook, it’s as easy as pie. It works very well on Windows laptops as well - as you would expect, it being a Microsoft product. Very happy overall..Version: 12.8

Lots of featuresI really like this app for ease of use and the ability to access all my documents from my phone or computer. I can share folders with friends or anyone. I feel my documents are secure and use the extra security of the vault for important documents..Version: 12.47

Amazing ApplicationI researched multiple applications to back up all my devices ie phones, lap tops, and desktops. I took the time to compare each detail between all the options available. Given the amount of storage needed and price I chose to go with OneDrive and it was the best decision. I was able to back up information on all my devices and coincidently a few weeks after my Mac book of 12+ years gave me the black screen of death. What would have been a devastating moment of photos and documents that would have been lost turned into a humorous moment knowing nothing was lost aside from the 12+ year old laptop. I was so grateful I had backed up everything to OneDrive because I didn’t loose anything nor did I have to go through the trouble of paying someone to retrieve the data I would have lost. It was all already saved to OneDrive which I can access from anywhere on any device. Do yourself a favor and bite the bullet and get OneDrive! You can thank me later..Version: 12.1.2

Better Cloud ChoiceI use two cloud services. I use the Apple iCloud for work (200GB), and the Microsoft One Drive for personal (1TB). I tried both in order to compare them to see which is better, and I think MSOD is the better of the two. What I especially like is the ease of uploading folders; however, I am surprised you can’t upload folders using Microsoft Internet Explorer. Strangely enough, you must use chrome. The MSOD is better syncing capabilities. I especially like how the MSOD app can be protected With biometric password access. iCloud does not have that, so my files on the iCloud service are more vulnerable. One advantage of the iCloud service is that you can buy smaller memory like 200 GB for $2.99/m, whereas MS sells 1 TB for $69/y, which is high, but it comes with Office 365. Both services should offer 500GB..Version: 9.5.1

Drag and drop woesHi Team, happy with the app - however in the last 6 months you’ve made it very easy to drag and drop a folder inadvertently. Often while scrolling it’ll trigger the drag command and I’ll acccidentally drop a folder into another folder. And it goes missing! Shaking my iPhone doesn’t undo changes either. Make it harder to drag and drop files and folders on iPhone - please!.Version: 10.20.4

DossiersJe compte sur one drive pour la synchronisation de mes dossiers Moins perte de temps.Version: 10.62.1

Awesome!I have been using this app and OneDrive for a few years now and love it. OneDrive is my main drive to keep all my documents, so I can access all my things on my home PC, iPad and iPhone. The best feature I love is the ability to scan something from the iPhone camera and it uploads straight into any folder within OneDrive, this is handy for tax receipts. I also love how having an Office 365 subscription gives me 1TB of storage space. For all the people complaining about the app not working properly, it’s not the app, it’s your phone, your phone is just like a computer program and sometimes files become damaged and need to be reinstalled. When in doubt, reinstall. I reinstall the ios software about every 6 months and I never get issues..Version: 10.14

Amazing and very reliable!Onedrive is an outstanding app that is clearly showing itself as one the most important and convenient apps for any person. This app is a must-have for anyone with many documents to handle, because it is not only very easy to use, but is great for saving your work. You’ll be able to save your work anywhere, whether it’s the overall Onedrive or a specific folder. This app clearly demonstrates the meaning of ‘helpful’ because all of us students always have our work ready to hand in. It’s very easy to create folders and offers fast syncing. The functionality and design is gripping; the app is also free, just like the other office apps. Thanks to the fact that I can manage a single office account over many devices, I never have a problem with uploading assignments. And lastly, Onedrive also allows you to save photos and videos for memories; so why not make a new folder and save all of it there? You can even purchase deals that are very good for the price - a $9.99 monthly home subscription for a family is fantastic as it offers 1 terabyte for 6 family members. Plenty of data for the family. Thank you for proving that you guys are the best, Microsoft. Deserves more than 5 stars..Version: 12.59.3

ONE DRIVEAn excellent storage of documents and photos Happy, confident, and trustworthy to use it.Version: 11.15.8

Love itGreat to have access to all my important stuff on my tablet and phone. Side note…The “shake to send feedback” feature is obnoxious but at least you can turn it off. I’m using a mobile device guys it’s going to shake constantly. What a dumb feature..Version: 13.38.9

ScaryOneDrive has deleted info or not updated as expected..Version: 12.59.3

Camera uploadFix the camera upload not working and I would give this a 5 star And I could finally ditch Dropbox.Version: 12.8

OutstandingThis app is second to none. I use my onedrive for everything from college (now uni) to home files. I have something like 4 years and about 300gb of photos and videos backed up which I can access so easily across any of my devices, no matter the platform. One of the best things about Onedrive is how universally accessible it is, but also how well it works and the fabulous functionality it provides. With the recent update to the application interface, it is really easy and pleasant to use. The development team are truly incredible and they really seem to take on the feedback of their users. The app is regularly updated with USEFUL updates not just the usual “bug fixes” or “performance improvements” like every single other app seems to do. I have tried using a range of other services such as google drive, ICloud Drive and Dropbox, but onedrive is simply the best in terms of functionality, compatibility and features. For £6.99 per month I get 1tb of storage with full access to the latest Microsoft office applications, which is really handy. One final thing to mention is that onedrive is a good idea for photos if you have a windows computer, as photos you upload to onedrive will sync to the photos app in windows, meaning you can see them all seamlessly on your computer. Big thanks to the team who make Onedrive so truly brilliant!.Version: 10.82.14

One drive reviewSeems to have changed dramatically and i can no longer access my photo albums. When I hit photos, It shows multiple copies of some of my photos from across all albums. It’s totally junk now compared to the easy access to my photo library I enjoyed before the change..Version: 12.4

Hard to find things!It's great for storage but I wish I could use MS365 and choose a default of it opening and saving locally, rather than on the OneDrive. I find it hard to find things on the drive whereas if I had that option I could organise and upload them in my own preferred ways. Using Word for donkey's years I have a well developed system of deliberately saving multiple copies of long documents so that I can go back to a previous version if I need to. So I hate working on a "live" document which is then hidden in some obscure corner of the OneDrive. That said, it has saved some photos and video clips which J thought were lost forever, so I'm mightily thankful for that!.Version: 14.3.1

Connecting storage between my iPad and windows 10 desktop.This works much better than expected. I can save my PDFs from my desktop to OneDrive, see the files on my iPad, and even mark them up in with iPencil. Works a treat..Version: 9.6.2

I would love an app that would have unlimited iPad storageSince I download games and take a lot of photos and record and play games I have almost full storage and I want my iPad storage to never get full like never get full by playing games taking photos recording downloading games ect I just want a lot of space because I Roleplay a lot and I do deigns but if it was possible to make an app that makes your iPad it’s self it’s storage The amount I would love to have would be like unlimited like how there’s a lot of space like an app that clears your storage but doesn’t delete your apps your photos or your music if you can make a game that would do this then I would be so happy so please make a game that will help people never run out of storage I know this is a lot of writing but still please make this game happen.Version: 12.17.1

Outstanding!The one drive app is so useful. I use this for my assignments in college, and after nearly a years use, I can say I couldn’t rely on anything better to keep my work safe, secure, and in a better place. I have also been able to download the app on my phone so when I’m on the train I am able to put my data on and carry on with my work. I’m impressed and one happy individual! Me and my sister were sat last night at her table and she expressed she is not able to get onto her Microsoft word. I told her not to worry, I explained about one drive and how she can use word on there and save her documents; now she is also one happy and impressed individual. I would definitely recommend one drive again to anyone as it is a very useful tool. Thank you One Drive!!☺️.Version: 10.67

Love it but there is a big problemI’ve had One Drive for years now and find it very convenient. However I discovered that my photo folder contained thousands of images of book covers & what appeared to be photos of Russian women and Russian writing. I have been trying to delete all the images but it is a very slow process as the system doesn’t allow me to delete too many at a time. I thought this issue was over but just discovered 2 more book cover images have appeared in the last 24hrs. I seriously worry about the security of this app. I have my phone set up update automatically so assume it is constantly up to date? I expect better security of my personal information..Version: 10.69

Excellent As ALWAYSHave been using for way over ten years. At first on my laptop because that’s mainly where I worked from. Now, of course most things are done on my iPad or phone, and I have never, not one single time had anything lost or gone wrong. If you lose something, look in the recycle bin, which keeps documents for 30 days for instant retrieval. Also, restart your phone, delete the app and reinstall. I’ve never had to do this and docs saved to OneDrive from my iPhone are always readily available when I work on laptop or pad. Or, login from any device in the world and there you have all of your files. So simple. I can’t imagine the negative reviews unless people have just never given it a fair shot, because the probability of me NEVER having a problem, I bet I could fix all the one star reviews with a single device restart..Version: 13.26

Saving to OneDrive is now a painUPDATE: still don't have integration in Save to Files, but I'll give back a couple of stars because I can save to both OneDrive accounts Using the OneDrive option out of the Share menu. This method seems more reliable than Save to Files, so some improvement there and not looking back. The method to switch accounts is a little counter-intuitive, but it's definitely there - just took a minute for this impatient reviewer to find it. Still wish I could save directly to SharePoint - that would get the app to 5 stars. Both app and iOS updates recently installed. Had slightly flaky results from "Save to Files" function, but could manage last week to save to either Personal or Work OneDrive accounts. Now, not so much. No OneDrive entries in Save to Files. If I share and select OneDrive, oy the personal account is accessible. Please fix support for Save to Files so that I can reliably copy images, attachments, etc. to OneDrive, OneDrive for Business and connected SharePoint sites. This is basic expected functionality in a cloud storage access app..Version: 11.46.12

UselessI’m frozen out of this app and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to get through to the Microsoft people. They consistently fail to reply and I’ve been going round and round this loop where they say to go to the website and follow the onscreen instructions. Well, I can confidently say that there are no onscreen instructions. I simply failed to use the app for over a year, and Microsoft have frozen my account and in effect locked me out for ever..Version: 12.32

Easy to useSo simple and easy to use. Great having all you docs and photos in one place. Really easy to share information..Version: 12.54

Wonderful to use & frustrating to understandOnce I started using OneDrive to access my files on multiple devices, I was very satisfied and happy. This has been extremely helpful for me, and for sharing files with others. My frustration is trying to make sense of using OneDrive. It is not very user friendly on instructions. I had to cut files from my primary folders on my computer and paste them in folders on my desktop (or anywhere else), because I could not get the system to only save the files I wanted. You’re supposed to be able to choose which files go to OneDrive, but I still can’t get the system to do that so things like pictures and PDFs, which take a lot of space, have been moved out of My Pictures and My Documents. If you can make sense of how that works, you’ll probably fall in love with this for being able to access files. If you’re concerned about losing files, you can save them directly to OneDrive, as compared to having it on your computer. Good luck and enjoy..Version: 10.58

Really easy storage option. Solid as a rockWay easier to operate than Dropbox!!!.Version: 10.33.5

One Drive - work anywhereWorks for me and my role as a Volunteer Administrator with an NGO - as a retiree I spend much of my time on the ‘road’ - only frustration is the ‘lag’ before Outlook email attachments (typically PDFs) appear in my ‘recent’ files for ‘re-naming’.Version: 10.2

HorribleThis is the worst app ever and Microsoft is horrible as well. There is no way you can get to live support to answer any questions and the app is totally not user-friendly. I have been trying to figure out a way to empty my recycle bin without manually deleting every single of my hundreds of files that I want to delete to free up storage space and it never happens. I was forced to buy extra storage and yet I still can’t download things or view files. I am totally disgusted with both Microsoft and especially this particular app. Even when I try to type in on a customer support live chat page, nothing happens and my screen is frozen. I cannot express more how disappointed I am in this app and I don’t really understand how Microsoft cannot be ashamed of it..Version: 12.10

Great ServiceI am using it now for a 3 month period and am really happy compared to Dropbox, which I used for almost 8 years. OneDrive is truely better than Google Drive and even than Dropbox. Less restriction, more privacy, greater security, easy sharing procedure, user friendly applications on all OSs, perfect integration with all Microsoft software specially Office Suit, best pricing plans, fast and error less syncing, supporting almost all types of files, and ... I strongly recommend it..Version: 10.72.5

Modify photo optionsAre we able to please create a default option Before taking a photo where we can allocate The photo option as a default instead of swiping to the right to choose photo format.Version: 11.35

Very useful but..Works well and it’s very good to have native mac and iOS clients that seem to function as well as their Windows equivalents, however, OneDrive does not remember where you are or were. If you use the app or go to it from a share sheet you always have to to start again from the root and go through folder structures - every time. This can be tiresome. I work in an organisation and have to regularly change my password, often, OneDrive can’t remember the new password. For a couple of weeks I find myself being directed back to the organisation sign in page and then, having to go back from the root folder to upload, copy, edit, save a file etc. If MS could solve that and linked sign ins with Word, excel etc that can leave you in a loop of uneditable docs and multiple sign ins, then it would be a beater. I use OneDrive because I can’t use a native client for anything else on my organisation PC. The fact that it works so well with my Mac at work and at home, my iPad and iPhone is an unexpected benefit and bonus. If they could add some ‘remember where I was’ feature I would be completely happy..Version: 10.63

Great app...Use this app on a daily basis. Brilliant app as can make stuff available offline (which is a godsend in my work as can’t have devices connected to a mobile network at certain times) so this facility is perfect. I have loads of files, rule books etc. that I need to use and have digital copies stored online and this works great for me. However, this app does not “talk” to the Apple developed Files widget. It also doesn’t show documents in the recent section of the files app. Now this could be Apple or Microsofts end. I have contacted Apple and asked them to look at it but need Microsoft to look into it aswell. The Files widget on one of my homescreen pages would be a brilliant addition as it would be one touch access to certain files I use often but as it stands, this isn’t working at the moment so it would be great to get this working properly..Version: 12.19.5

It’s good But here gat one problem here is not enough spaceIt’s good But here gat one problem here is not enough space.Version: 12.49

Please add these featuresI need to edit the location data of photos. There are some photos without location data and I want to add where they were taken. Also, I can add captions to photos on website version of onedrive but I can’t find it on ios version. Onedrive is very nice and I like it. Please add these features. Thank you. 😄.Version: 12.19.11

AmazingIt is fantastic to be able to access my documents on One Drive from the other side of the world. The security you manage is also excellent. Thank you John Oliver.Version: 11.12

Works wellNeed access to my OneDrive from my iPhone. simple!.Version: 12.46

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Microsoft Lync 2010 for iPad Positive Reviews

IMPORTANT: Microsoft Lync 2010 for iPad requires a Lync Server or Office365/Lync Online account and will not work withou...

Xbox Family Settings Positive Reviews, comments
Xbox Family Settings Positive Reviews

Game time now comes with more peace of mind with the Xbox Family Settings app. Easily manage your children’s activities ...

Power Apps Positive Reviews, comments
Power Apps Positive Reviews

Get Power Apps to conveniently access your work or school apps no matter where you are: at home, on the road, in the fie...

Microsoft Teams Positive Reviews, comments
Microsoft Teams Positive Reviews

Whether you’re connecting with your community for an upcoming activity or working with teammates on a project, Microsoft...

Microsoft To Do Positive Reviews, comments
Microsoft To Do Positive Reviews

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Microsoft Outlook Positive Reviews, comments
Microsoft Outlook Positive Reviews

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Xbox Game Pass Positive Reviews, comments
Xbox Game Pass Positive Reviews

Get unlimited access to play over 100 great games, including highly-anticipated Xbox exclusives, for one low monthly pri...