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Love Apple TV Love RokuBeing an Apple fan I love all things Apple however Roku has snuck into my collection. Needed a solution for a portable small projector and didn’t want to connect my Apple TV, so looked at other options and then came the Roku. The best thing about the aroku is it’s great for travel, hotel room no problem, stick in in the HDMI Port, connect to WIFI and bobs your uncle all my subscriptions all in one place, all logged in. Would recommend having both the Apple and the Roku, but actually I use Roku 8 times out of the 10..Version: 6.1.0

Best Handy App... Here’s why (Read All)Honestly, I love this app because it’s greatly convenient!!! Probably one of THE MOST convenient and simple apps for free. Like another reviewer said instead of searching for the remote as long as you have your phone (which is most likely all the time) you’re good. As a wheelchair bound disabled person, some people in my home can leave the remote in places I can’t really reach so that’s were this app come in handy, and really in this household the remote generally has the tendency to disappear. So if you have a remote that has hidden legs and likes to go into hiding then the app is great. On a funny and more truthful note, I originally got the app because my sister and I weren’t getting along at the time and she knows every morning I use the tv. For some reason the next morning I couldn’t find the remote and had a gut feeling she hid it on purpose so that I had no choice but to talk and ask her where it was (in which she probably still wouldn’t have helped to be petty). To avoid needing her help, I downloaded the app and she looked confused and shocked like “😳”. I felt like victory with my phone remote 😎😂. I definitely take back what I said about people who used this app were being lazy but it comes in handy for more than not wanting to get up!!!.Version: 7.2.0

AmazingThis app has helped me so much because my brother usually takes the remote and I can now watch my favourite shows and the delay is so short is is basically non existent.Version: 4.2.19

Good appI installed it because I thought it would be fun, it is the only thing I would like to say is that the private hearing disconnects a few times a day but overall a great app I definitely recommend it :).Version: 7.0.1

Fantastic companion for Now TVThis app is fantastic for controlling my Now TV box as the underlying hardware is a Roku 3 .. surprised at the additional features that the app provides which makes this a doddle to use and much more faster and pleasant experience to use then the physical remote. Things like the personal listening and onscreen remote are a fantastic solution! Nice one Roku!.Version: 4.2.17

Awesome AppThis app is amazing and I love it. It makes controlling the TV a whole lot easier. If you have a ROKU box than I recommend you use this app. I love how it’s free and if you loose the remote you can just use your phone. I honestly think this app is better than the normal remote as the buttons are easier, it’s easier to search and I love the voice part of the app..Version: 7.1.1

It does workMake sure your thing is connected to the tv! sometimes when i'm on my ipad bc i lost my remote it kinda glitches if it isn't up and it goes to the corner of my screen and shows like half of the remote thing.Version: 8.2.0

I am experiencing issues. But still the best.Version has caused the app to crash when clicking on the device select screen. This may be due to my phone also being enrolled in the iPhone beta updates. Both updates ( iOS and app) happened at around the same time. I have since removed the phone from being enrolled in beta and reverted iOS to its non beta version. However the crash still exists. I have followed normal troubleshooting of removing and installing the app, rebooting, etc. This has given me the opportunity to check out the other Roku apps. While those other apps are at least able to let me hobble along and use the system, I hate that they have ads. I stand by that this app is the better of all the other apps. I just hope that this crash is a known issue and will get fixed in the next version. Update: I have updated to 8.1.1 and the issue has been resolved. I can finally get rid of the horrible competition. Thank you..Version: 8.1.1

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Love this easy to download and easy to link to the tv, i keep my losing my control and this is the best part that u can actually use ur phone to do anything.Version: 6.0.4

Best appBest app for someone that is visually impaired because I can browse the channels and I can also use voice search so I love that idea and I have no issues whatsoever? I love the contact here on the Roku channel but I would love to see more genres added I am a huge horror movie fan so maybe add some movies and more channels for free here on the Roku channel I love the 70s horror grind house exploitation films but I love other shows and movies here I would love to see more documentaries and I would love to see some shock Demetris and Mondo flicks! And I’m also a fan of underground horror movies I would also love to have that added to here on the Roku channel so I would say keep adding more contact and keep going and also maybe add some movies and TV shows that can be narrated for people with visual impairments! I have a love for horror movies and classic movies too such as a Turner Classics but I also love Shakira mantras and I would love to see more news channels added here on the Roku channel so keep updating and keep adding more channels and keep growing.Version: 8.1.0

Voice search now works; Roku support still not greatBack in February I said in a review that voice search was not working on my iPhone. The good news is that is now working, possibly after a recent update. The bad news is that I had completely given up on Roku Support. After very unhelpful service from them,I had not heard from them at all for very nearly two whole months. It was when they popped up once more after that long silence that I checked the app again and found that it was now working..Version: 6.0.8

GooooooooooodThat is so good because it means no more half team have to get up and look for the Roku remote every single day when stays Thursdays Fridays Mondays Sundays is a fair day I have to work on I don’t but this app helps you to not have to have to look for your remote every single day this is why I think this app is good you good are you you’re good I’m good are you good this app is the best app so I recommend it I have a five stars rating so this is why I think you should get this app this is the best app you could ever have for the TV remote and iPad it twice iPad is twice and my TV is second so this is why I recommend it so if you’re scared of the dark and you like TV I definitely recommend it to you so me and my monkey will have a safe sleep and no it will come with me what is that your flow to your flow two I’ll be back with this review come back for part two of my review.Version: 6.2.1

Pretty good but needs a widgetIm often switching between apps while using my remote, and it would be nice if there was a homepage widget or bubble notification..Version: 8.1.1

Why I love this appI love this app because I don’t have to move when I wake up lookin for my control I just grab my phone and there is my control then I find it when I’m awake and I love not having to move out of my bed it’s like having your tv on your phone and don’t start me on that I can watch my. MY tv in my phone I just feel like my tv is in my pocket or in my purse at any time I need it and I feel important for having my tv in my pocket/purse. I just love the quality no hacking no lagging no need of standing up in the mornings anymore and I love how I just can do whatever in this app involving my tv and don’t start me on the tv the tv is the best quality ever EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER Athens best one EVER I don’t know what can be best than this it just needs to not stop being itself don’t change anything to that tv or ima return all the TVs I bought of you because their perfect just like they are that’s my review 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️rating ever EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER there that’s my best review..Version: 6.1.4

Works Great.Does as promised simple and easy to use..Version: 4.0.9

Great appI lost my physical remote and it ruined my weekend, so despite finding it I downloaded this app to prevent the same issue and it works really well. Easy to download and use!.Version: 7.3.1

BrilliantI’m not trying to use it for anything fancy but as a remote etc it’s works better than my actual remote does. Think it’s great to have this as an option. I lost my remote one day so thought I’d add this, I didn’t think it would work but it did. My phone connected with my Roku box straight away. Really pleased.Version: 4.2.17

A Great App OverallThis app in general is excellent. The UI is intuitive and the app itself is responsive. However, there’s a bug in the Keyboard function as I can’t insert any numbers to my Roku TV while the letters work normally. I’d give this app 5 stars if the bug was fixed..Version: 7.4.0

FaultyI have had my Roku for about two years and since moving rooms the stick has decided not to work all together. I may have to repurchase which is something I don’t want to have to do. It tells me I’m connected but fails to actually put what I’m asking from Netflix on the screen. It just says casting and then never does.Version: 6.0.6

Great App, works perfectly.There’s one thing that must be said about Roku, and that’s that I feel like this app was made because they knew that their remotes would die very quickly. By that I mean, 6 months into having my tv, the batteries inside the remote actually corroded and ate away the battery contacts inside. I cleaned the inside and replaced the batteries only for it to happen again 4 months later. I was using Kirkland signature batteries the second time. After the third time of cleaning out the remote I noticed certain buttons stopped working consistently, and eventually I had to switch to using the app. The app itself is very useful though, I can do more on it that I could with the original remote. I love that I can just open the app on my phone and not worry about looking for the remote that fell behind my bed in my sleep again. However I have one complaint about the app itself, it doesn’t have a widget. I would absolutely love if I could put a widget on my home screen with 3 buttons, power on most recently used tv, open the remote buttons, and volume up + down. If this feature was added, I would gladly change my review to 5 stars..Version: 7.8.2

ConnectionFeb 2022: Thank you for fixing. Nov 2021: Last night I was able to use the roku app connected to the tv. Today the app is telling me to connect to a device. I never logged off. Why the problems with this app???.Version: 8.2.0

Doesn’t work for My Roku Express on my iPhone XRThis app wont work for my new Roku Express on my iPhone XR which is up to date on iOS and working off the same Wi-fi network. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps but no joy. My iOS Air picks it up straight away - very annoying. Update today it’s now working on the iPhone ! Great news....Version: 7.1.2

Not really sophisticatedNice job on the app, easy to navigate and pretty much self explanatory to connect your device(s) to. I’ve not run into any complex issues as of today and have had the app probably 2 or 3 months now . I like it because I’ve always liked using my phone as my remote. I currently have an iPhone that doesn’t have or hasn’t had ir blasters (as far as I know) to allow your phone the ability to be used as a remote without a WiFi connection. Now a days connection through WiFi is the solution. Works great and is a great Innovative app that I’m sure will continue to help bridge the gap between users and technology. I’m really excited and curious to see how this Roku app stays modern and relevant in a constantly evolving technological society. I’m confident that Roku will G-E-D. Get-Er-Done.....Version: 7.6.0

Good appThis app is very good I used for all sorts of things for porn xvideos and and hentai haven and that hentai and yeah it’s a very good app.Version: 8.2.0

Would love to see voiceover supportI am a visually impaired user of this application. I noticed that on the remote control, where the arrows and the OK button and anything else are concerned. Voiceover just announces the word, button. So we have to label the buttons ourselves in order to find out what they are. I would like to see Roku improve this application and have VoiceOver support over all, this app is great to have if you don’t want to use the physical remote. I would also like to see voice recognition put into this for those who have limited mobility. This would also be great if we could use this over our cellular data. Especially for those who have unlimited data. And auto lock feature in the previous reviewer‘s comment I second. But I understand why it’s not here since an iPhone battery can be drained very quickly..Version: 4.2.15

Works greatPeople complaining generally don’t know how streaming things from devices works, I can cast iPhone media and anything from network devices..Version: 4.2.19

My opinion on the roku appThe Roku app has helped me out massively, for example when I leave my remote control in another room I can use the app which is on my phone which I have on me at all times. It is also a big help when I what to know what’s on and I have to go it trough tv but with the app I open it and I’ve got all the information I need right in the home section, downloading the app literally change my life, also saved me from hours of searching for the remote when I lost it, very good app and I recommend it to every one who has a Roku stick for their tv. 😊😊😊.Version: 6.1.2

Simple and effectiveThe reviews all recommend Roku and a simple analysis of the information makes Roku a “ No Brainer”. Subsequent experience just reinforces the reading. Just good, quick and intuitive. So far, all good. Well done Roku.Version: 6.1.2

IPhone remote app for TLC ROKUSo far, this is the easiest, most reliable, user friendly remote app I have used. I tap on the icon, the app opens up, and it works perfectly for my needs. As I am getting on a bit age wise,(physically, mentally I think I’m still 25 sometimes, not always advantageous), I have found using the app on my iPhone 7S easier than the remote itself, because everything is right there on the screen to see, only larger, and only takes a light touch. I have found this to be a very useful, pleasantly reliable and user friendly app. Anyone who happens to have arthritis as I do I believe would find this app very helpful, and find a bit of relief from the occasional difficulty and frustration of not being able to hold that tiny remote, as opposed to the relative ease of holding the iPhone with an easy to see and easy to use interface..Version: 4.2.19

Private listening doesn’t work wellI use the Roku app on my iPhone along with my AirPods to listen to my Roku TV (TCL) when my wife is sleeping. However, the sound cuts out for a few seconds every few minutes as it is apparently re-syncing the picture and the sound. I have read every troubleshooting article I can find, including Roku support, but I cannot fix the problem. I even listened on my iPhone without AirPods and it still does the same thing. My Wifi signal is strong; no interference from other apps. I am 10 feet from the TV so the Bluetooth signal is good. Cannot figure it out. My conclusion is that the app is bad. Roku has a good concept with private listening but it is simply a poor app. I was even thinking about buying Roku wireless speakers. I am now rethinking that. Signed, a dissatisfied customer..Version: 6.1.5

Good remote + Great headphone featureGreat app works as a remote when I can’t find where the kids have left the other one, but it really comes into its own in allowing me to watch the TV and send the audio to my phone which allows me to use my headphones from my phone, great for not disturbing the family late at night. Plus it’s free, can’t say fairer than that..Version: 7.7.1

Almost FlawlessSome well needed changes were implemented in the latest update. It is now easier to access your remote and switch TV’s. There is also convenient access to the channels on the remote itself. In addition, there is now haptic feedback when pressing on the remote. Finally, they combined the two styles of using the remote, so you can either swipe or tap. All of these things even though they’re pretty small add up and save you so much time and make life easier so I’m glad Roku is paying attention to these details. The only downside to the new remote is it’s smaller so I wish they made it possible to customize the controls or have a pull down menu to hide controls that aren’t used very much. Overall though, well done!.Version: 7.0.0

Great remote app but missing on functionality.The remote feature is great and works seamlessly. However, I wish there was a feature to turn the TV off from the app. Of course it’s possible to do it with the remote feature, but that’s only possible if you can see the screen. It would be great if there was a button just to turn tv off so that you can just press on it from wherever in the house..Version: 7.3.0

Great app - can now use Headset!I purchased the Roku TV last year. I wanted to use a Bluetooth headset and was told by BestBuy that the TV was not compatible with Bluetooth. Through the magic of the internet I found this App. Sure enough it has a headset button on it. I connected my Bluetooth headset to work on my iPhone then pressed the Headset button on this app. Voila works like a charm! By the way BestBuy tried to sell me a corded headset for $269. This app saved me over $300. Thank you! Also the rewind/fast-forward setting works better through this app than the actual remote that came with the TV. This app is awesome and very easy to operate!!.Version: 6.1.5

Amazing and easy to useI had Now Tv but it didn’t have the apps available that the Roku Box does. It only took a few minutes to set it up and easy to use everything. Also the app work’s well like everything else..Version: 4.2.16

Very Convenient When you Misplace the RemoteI was very excited when I found out Roku made an app for the iPhone. My remote is often knocked over by the cats and lands under my wheelchair which makes it hard to find. Or when I misplace the remote which is why I wrote this review since I couldn’t find it and the rate screen popped up. Lol I find it especially simple to use and though I only have one Roku still hooked up it always finds the right one. I’ve had my Roku for several years and was wondering if the app would work. The app works just fine on my iPhone 5. Plus it looks exactly like my remote the one without the channel buttons. If it is possible to change the skins I do not know I haven’t searched it out. I read one reviewer mention it often can’t find their connection that has happened only once I just restarted the app and it was fine. This is one of my most useful and helpful apps I have on my phone!.Version: 4.2.1

Very goodThankes for making this my remote recently broke so I downloaded this great app.Version: 8.2.0

Works greatSo much better than the remote that came with my Roku TV which is horrible. But this makes up for it as the app remote can lower the volume when not even in the same room. Problem can be fixed if they made the original TV remote with Wifi capability..Version: 8.2.0

AMAZINGThis Roku app is way better then the other , reasons are because this one stays connected and has a search section , there are many reasons why I like this Roku app but I have to go to bed now..Version: 6.0.15

Good app but...,This is a good app but I wish there was a setting to STOP the Autoplay facility, as it is annoying the hell out of me. You’re watching a movie or episode of a series and just as the end credits come up, as I like to view them, it counts down from 3 seconds, then automatically starts playing the next episode. Just STOP this annoying thing, or at least create an option where you can disable/enable it. Because if this, it’s only worth two stars..Version: 6.0.13

Jumping back to home screenI’ve four Roku sticks that have all worked fine until now but they are jumping back to the home screen all simultaneously in one day roku are blaming my internet which it isn’t I’ve restarted and reconnected and low and behold still the same thing customer service is a waste of time as they don’t listen to the fact it was caused by an update if I have to renew all four I won’t be buying roku sticks or anything roku again!.Version: 6.0.13

Very good but TAKE THE 17+ RATING OFF!!!!!I used to use this app literally every day because the remote was so useful! My roku tv at home is so finicky. It has a sweet spot that is hard to find and I have a shaky hand so it is also hard to keep consistent. But when I found this app it was a game changer. You don’t even have to aim the remote with this app. Private listening is also very useful. I like to have my tv loud, so late at night when I don’t want to disturb my parents watching tv, I can just turn on private listening and listen through my headphones. But with the latest update they added a 17+ rating. Which is super annoying. My mom has a restriction on my phone to where I can’t download 17+ apps. So thanks Apple. Now I have to have an app that is super bobo and doesn’t even have private listening. And btw, this app doesn’t have ads. LITERALLY EVERY OTHER APP ON THE APP STORE THAT IS A ROKU REMOTE HAS ADS. So not only is it super bobo, has no private listening, IT ALSO HAS ADS. Apple make this app 12+ or whatever it was before again!!!.Version: 6.0.13

So useful!! Also great shortcutsVery useful when you cannot find the original remote. Also, even better than the original remote are the direct links to popular channels..Version: 7.0.4

Your a Stupid if you didn’t get the whole package!!!!I bought myself a 75” Hisense LED Rokuflat screen Television for a “Merry Christmas to Me, because I’m Worth It” gift in December of 2019. I wasn’t quite sure about this Roku thing but I thought “what the heck, I can always turn it off and then get cable reinstalled in my house. Well... long story-short... I now have everything Roku makes all the way down to the ear buds headphones. “I’m in love with a Technology God!!!” It is so wonderful to know that I have bought quality products for more than half - Less than $ what even the absolute ridiculous Priced competitors offer and a guarantee that all the accessories are compatible with each-other, while still offering the same if not better quality and performance than the so called higher priced competitors clam to provide..Version: 6.2.0

Better???✨Woah i would definitely rate it a 4 beacuse the bad thing is that is very hard to connected to your tv also when it said living room i clicked on it and if was not connected i would rate it a 5 if youd change this byee!!✨😃.Version: 7.2.1

Great but...I’ve been really impressed with the Roku stick. It does a lot of stuff I’d expect from a smart tv (my TV is older and it’s smart capability is useless due to constant buffering). The main limitation I’ve found is that as far as I can see there’s no decent app that gives you access to Freeview channels on a single menu - at least not for free. Also more recently the internet connection keeps dropping out when watching tv. Whether this is the stick or the internet provider I’m unsure but it’s only noticeable on the Roku - not while using the web..Version: 6.3.3

I love itI love this so much because we lose the remote a lot. You can never sit down and just use the remote. You would have to use certain angle to use the remote. But now you can sit down on the couch and use your phone and use the app. There are also so many options, like you can play your own music from your music app, show photos and videos from your camera roll and tons of other things. I highly recommend this app. it’s so easy to connect to your TV too. One thing you should do is go to the last page and turn on the setting that says don’t sell my information. I don’t know what they do with it I think they use it for ads but if you don’t want anyone’s playing or using your information I will turn it off..Version: 7.1.0

THIS ISNT TINDER U FOOLS***edit*** I went into the settings to switch my Roku and I saw the option to switch it back to how I liked it, and here I accidentally selected ‘swipe’ mode instead of ‘traditional’ mode weeks ago without realizing :/ I’m a clown :/ I’m sorry roku I love you, baby GET THE NEW VERSION OF THIS OUT OF HERE!!!! Why do you have to swipe your finger to scroll up, down, and across???? When you’re trying to find something to watch or know what show you want it literally takes fifty years to get to it because of how much fingering swiping you have to do. I want the one where you just have to press the button. Every time I try to swipe it it accidentally presses the buttons instead and I have to hit the back button a million times just to find what show I want. This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. How do I switch back? Again, this is the dumbest update I have witnessed in my entire life..Version: 6.0.11

ExaltedLet's say a big big thanks to the people who have spent the time and courage to make this wonderful app and that is the only way to solve the lost remote problem.Version: 4.0.9

Awesome productBrilliant app! I lost my now tv remote and panicked I’d have to actually read a book or talk to another human being! 😂 so downloaded this app and it worked straight away and was so easy. Deffo recommend!.Version: 6.0.7

Great PerformanceI have been amazed at the incredible performance from the Roku express and it’s saved me a fortune so for wide access to paid services but also loads of special interest channels and I’m very impressed no boring terrestrial tv now..Version: 6.0.13

Needs a new update!I’m giving 3 stars because prior to the newest update, the app worked fine. Ever since the update, I can’t use it. The first night of update, I tried connecting to a tv as usual, and it froze on the device screen. I couldn’t click anything. So I refresh and try again, with the same result. So I uninstall and reinstall, and now none of my devices are showing up at all PLUS it’s still freezing. I have read 15+ reviews with other people with the same problem. I will impatiently wait for roku to fix this bug, then I’ll come back and edit my review. Update: once the new update was installed, the app stopped freezing. It didn’t find my devices like I hoped, but I used the manual connect option and it connected no problem. I’ve been connected to my TV’s since!.Version: 7.5.2

Great app 1 problemGreat app can connect to my now tv sticks only problem is when I try to rename each stick keeps going back to sign in page.Version: 7.0.1

Great app if you have a roku smart tvWith a Westinghouse smart tv you can use the app to send your tv audio via Bluetooth to your headphones or speakers. Yes!!!!.Version: 8.2.0

Family Remote(ROKU)Good morning here is my review This app is literally the best when my sister can’t find Our remote to our TV I say calm down because there’s no need to panic because I have the app right here on my iPhone and almost like everybody in my family does and will use it like a lot and can’t find a remote the only reason why I did A review was because I want to help support this app because because I really enjoy paying for movies and watching them even more they have Netflix ,sling hulu,vudu, and more and here is some advice when you go to sleep at night time are you Gotta do is press the pause button and when you wake up in the morning it’s showing pictures of the new movies that’s about to come out like for example big Brother Doctor Who she’s Gotta have it or more or more classic movies so I hope you like it I tried my best my very best have the very best day goodbye...😀😄😁.Version: 6.0.13

Roku channel TV bugsHello, have something to report, Roku channel crashes on the streaming stick after a few minutes of a movie, do not believe me, launch some thing and then wait a few minutes, your Channel will just stop working, and go all the way back to the menu where he would select your channel, it is very annoying, I hope this can be fixed in the next update on the streaming stick and, the following work just fine, main site, Apple app. These are solid, but the TV side needs to be tweaked just a little. I remember being able to watch a full movie on the thing, please fix it when you can thank you very much. Any update, I figured out something, this is all fine if you connect it all into the TV, but if you put it into the power stick I mean the plug, it goes back and does that thing I described. So I think this just might be my fault. :-) Anyway, sorry for wasting your time. Frown.Version: 8.2.0

ExcellentMy child lost our remote to the now tv box and of course the now tv stick remote wouldn’t work with it. This app is brilliant!! Connected right away and has had no delays so far. Amazing!.Version: 7.6.0

Roku plusGreat device it’s not the best thing since sliced bread free films are bad it’s like every thing else in this world if you want the best you have to pay for it nothing is cheap can’t understand all the hipe😘🥴.Version: 6.0.13

Pretty useful!When I am my normal self - basically loosing my remote all the time - I need a replacement. This is perfect! It uses your microphone, has the buttons on the actual remote...over all, it’s good. Shame it hasn’t got a mini home menu, however....Version: 6.0.5

Simply amazing.Works excellently as a remote, with access to all the platforms Netflix, Bloomberg several other TV stations etc. I love the fact that you can use speech to select a channel stream or TV station. You can also cast the content from your phone to your TV. It’s amazing..Version: 6.0.16

Replaced lost remote with appSo the normal remote has vanished. We have searched high and low and I was getting in a right state. Suddenly my 9yr old said “Mum just get the app and use your phone”. I then had to get him to show me and it is fantastic. I have also loaded it onto my laptop and my iPad so that I can use which ever one is nearest when I need it..Version: 6.0.15

Powering Off Roku TV Form BathroomSo we have a Roku tv in our living room, that it seems my parents can’t physically turn off before heading to bed. So every time I wake up to go use the bathroom I can see it’s still on form the hallway leading to the living room. So instead of walking; half asleep into the living room with only a shirt and undergarments on I can now just use the app and turn the TV off form way in the back of the house. It also has a great use! If it’s way to loud I can also use my phone and turn the volume down without them knowing. They can still hear it; they just seem to like it loud. I wouldn’t mind it but seeing as I can hear it at the other end of the house, it needs to be turned down. It also has a great feature to where I can hook headphones up to my phone and hear privately form the TV without disturbing others. It’s a great app for a great TV..Version: 8.0.1

Best Roku App Ever!I never really write reviews but this app so totally rocks I think I need to let others know. So many apps out there are really nothing more than crap but this Roku app met all expectations and more. All I really wanted was for my phone to act as a remote. I downloaded the free app and launched itturned it and immediately a screen popped up which had already searched for Roku debices registered to me. I was asked which device I wanted to use. I selected my living room device and immediately my phone turned into a remote fir that Roku box. I could choose other screens and see what was available to watch on premium channels, what was available on my channels, and a search button. If I only wanted a remote I wasn’t bothered with anything else. Simple. But the biggest surprise was, if I didn’t want to bother anyone else I could actually tap a key and every channel on my Roku was routed to my headset. This cyber key when tapped would immediately pair my Roku box with my Bluetooth headset. I could then walk around, turn up my headset, and chill, not having to worry about neighbors or anyone in my home who was asleep or didn’t want to be bothered. I’m sure there are other features, all of which you can ignore if you only want a remote. Kudos to the maker of this app..Version: 6.0.4

Really good App needs volume controlI love using this app but wish it had volume control as that’s the only thing I use my tv remote for now which I do not like as it’s always failing, if it had volume control would be 5 stars.Version: 6.1.2

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