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SAS: Zombie Assault 3 HD app received 151 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about sas: zombie assault 3 hd?

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MehIt's a great game, I love it... Only problem is the online dosent work. It says "unable to find a matchmaking server" or something like that... Wish you guys would fix that.Version: 2.55

Fix but greatHello Ninja kiwi, I am glad you have paid more attention to this game and updated it, I see more players coming back to play this great game. I agree that this game is amazing, but I have been getting this crash whenever I tap back to main menu after a match, can you plz fix this bug. Thanks, and great game.Version: 3.10

Good game but..I dont get the daily missions... I reinstalled, still nothing... Is there anyway i can get em?.Version: 1.9.1

HelpWhy won't. My ninja kiwi login work? Help please.Version: 2.01

PROBLEMThe game is great but when I entered multiplier it said it needs to update but it does not say there is a new update..Version: 2.55

Omg it’s so goodI REALY LIKE this game I i I like it so so so so much plz reply to me.Version: 3.10

1 Bugs review.Okay so this is one if the oldest games for an author. But I recommend fixing the bug that crashes during multiplayer and stuck in the loading screen. Fix it please.Version: 3.10

AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!Really cool game bros, Really Really addictive, but I have 2 new game modes that I reckon would be awesome! PvP or something You should add a mode where the main objective is to kill the other person or something like it. I really do not know maybe like a first to three match? DEVASTATION MODE A mode where 1 person is the player and the other 3 players are devastators which spawn and have to kill the player, and random zombies spawn too! So still an AWESOME GAME.Version: 1.9.1

ZomgThank you Ninja Kiwi for finally realising how important an update was for this game. To hell with Sas 4, this is much better. A lot more simplistic in a good way, just like Quake 3 vs 4..Version: 3.10

Weas the new map?Couldn't access the new map? Still a mad game! 5 stars.Version: 1.97

ThanxThe update helped so much now i can play.Version: 1.97

AwesomeI love this game it's so addictive, but in private matches you can only have 2 players, It would be much better if, like on the PC version, you could have up to 4 players, this is why I rated it 4 stars.Version: 2.55

AwesomeIt's my favourite game but I up dated and my ups grades for the RPG is gone please fix it :).Version: 2.50

Love the game but add the new continents plsI love this game back when I was 9 I played it but when I was 9 there was no south amerca or Africa or Australia I come back like 3 years later now there’s still not here can u add them pls.Version: 3.10

Pretty great?Still a nice game, but you have to fix the money issue and the exp issue, it's way too slow for the elite levels. And the minigun is practically beyond reach, since money is scarce in this game ever since the update. Overall, it's still a nice game with great graphics..Version: 1.97

AWESOME GAMEThis is the awesomest game ever but they is a bug were zombies can walk through walls.Version: 2.030

New Thing..Can you add a highscore board? ._. It would be cool.Version: 2.040

Ultimate Zombie Bonanza!Pretty much the title is what I describe this tremendous game! A whole range of strategic guns to buy and use, hordes of zombies versus you or your mate, great boost that could change the whole experience and many more! An epic game that you sure don't wanna miss!.Version: 2.55

AwesomeIt's cool because you level up every time you kill zombies but my I'd for it is king zombie killer..Version: 2.043

Great GameIt’s a great game but it has unfortunately been left in Development hell..Version: 3.10

Pretty CoolI think this game is cool because you can upgrade your weapons and get a buddy but when I got this game on my iPhone I bought the Glock 20 and other guns and now I have this on my iPad and it says that I haven't bought it yet so can you fix this because I really mad I wasted my money on this.Version: 2.55

Wow!Easily one of the best games on the app store. Hours of game play, good balance of xp needed to level up, nice to see a game where it doesn't take 3 hours to be able to afford 1 gun, and for FREE! Ok, there is a bit of freemium, but £35 for everything in the game, compared to some games that charge £70+ for 1 gun really isn't bad. It isn't even like the game is too hard without them. The concept is great, the ga,e play is great, and once I run into some money I'll be buying some of the premium guns just to support this amazing developer. 5 stars all round..Version: 1.4

Had me at the minigunI like the the controls work and especially the weapons and if it wasn't for the minigun I wouldn't have this app:).Version: 2.55

SasThis game rules its awsome they should make sas4.Version: 2.043

Awesome, butSometimes the dual sticks stop working. Though it's uncommon,nits enough to get swarmed by zombies. Other than that it's a fantastic game that has stood the test of time on the App Store, and I look forward for more updates!.Version: 2.55

GoodThis game is good, as it is a free game and it offers hours of gameplay. But after awhile it can get boring. This would be a game used for a time waster..Version: 2.55

BEST GAME IN APP STORE IN MY OPINION.THis game is a keeper. Its gameplay is great for shooters, and, the multiplayer side of it is without rival in my opinion. The developers involved keep updating for perfection reasons and in my vast experience most are profit based that give up when it comes to multiplayer issues?? This is the only game i,ve played that i could guarantee a multiplayer game 24 hrs a day and the inapps you can buy are a bargain compared to most. Just wish the devs would get headhunted by all the other companies that blame myself for internet probs rather than shoulder the blame themselves..Version: 2.55

AwesomeThis game is awesome I would extremely recommend you buy it..Version: 2.025

Needs more peopleThis game needs to be promoted its so empty. I came back playing this game (last time i played was years back) and no one is on?.Version: 3.10

Fantastic gameFun zombie shooter and love the new update. Although there are many inapp offers I have got to rank 35 without usesing any real money. Almost stopped playing but the update has kept me going :).Version: 1.8

Fix game pleaseCan you fix the multiplay it keeps crashing.Version: 1.8

Great!This is game is fun and last fun for a long time!.Version: 1.1

😀😀I suppose it's a good game but there is a few mistakes and it's not HD on ipad😨😨.Version: 2.55

Add this?My app force closes when it's not even laggy.Version: 2.52

Well...This game...3 words... Number One Best..Version: 3.10

Needs more gunsIt is awesome and fun but it needs more guns like a tommy gun and a type 25..Version: 2.51

Sas 3Its very enjoyable game but need to reduce the xp in levels.Version: 2.025

Great AppIt's a great 3rd person zombies game but just a few changes I would like to see: 1. Make the campaign easier - I think that the campaign was a lot easier when I was a low level but it got harder as I leveled up. I kind of ignored the campaign up until now and it's really hard for me to beat the first three levels. Please change this. A lvl. 1 shouldn't be able to pass lvl 5. A lvl 34 probably should though. 2. Fix multiplayer - The missions I cannot play due to the fact that it just doesn't match me up with anyone and just says "Could not find mission info - " then a random number depending on the mission. And with regular purge or sometimes apocalypse it just doesn't even give me a loading screen. 3. Correct your spelling - This includes grammar. Almost all the mission descriptions have some sort of spelling or grammatical error. It doesn't really interfere with gaming, and I can still tell what it says but it just doesn't look nice. Fix these things and you get a 5! Other than that the game is great. Oh and I have an iPad 2 if you were wondering and I always see in the reviews people not happy about having to pay for this game... I think that I was one of the first ones to get this so it was free for me... Just throwing that out there; I got this game free legaly.Version: 2.025

Sweet!Awesome game! But it really needs voice chat.Version: 2.043

FixI dont have high capacity mags any more since the update . Needs to be fixed asap . Other than that great update.Version: 1.7

Add some ranks!Hey guys good job on this game I love it but I finished it 9 times already I bought every thing and stuff so Plz add more ranks and stuff. thanks again..Version: 2.55

THIS IS GODLYThis game is so good! It's has great top down shooter controls. And the character design is great!.Version: 3.10

How this game is cool and thanksThis game has good zombie action I like it more than black ops zombies on iPad because it is easy to control and black ops zombies for iPad gets boring but in the end the game SAS is my type of game it shows a birds eye-view and you can see every thing. Thanks 4 the new maps but we need more of a wider range on weaponry and wat I do not like is the jail breakers who buy the premium weaponry so if u can u should take off the premium and make the special weapons cost heaps. The thing we need in SAS is claymores and C4 to help us with camping and help us live on SAS..Version: 1.97

Good! 1 problemI love this game, but a normal online or offline match earns you hardly nothing in terms of XP, To earn a decent amount of XP you have to play the 'daily' missions but they are NOT updated daily, they are updated every 5 days or so which can make it boring, Other then that great game 👍.Version: 1.4

Great gameThis is a terrific game, the only thing I would suggest is a chat lobby before the multiplayer games start :D.Version: 1.7

Can’t leave squadI was playing on my account today. I wanted to leave my squad so I clicked the button “Leave” and it loaded. It did not work it said unknown error. I was very frustrated from not being able to leave my own squad..Version: 3.10

This is Awesome!It's awesome!.Version: 1.8

Good butGreat game but there should be allowed up to 4 players in private match and we shouldn't need to keep downloading maps that we unlock as we won't always have wifi everywhere we go.Version: 2.51

Sas zombie assault hdThe game is awesome but can you make the game full screen for the ipad mini.Version: 2.54

BLOOD AND HONOURI like tower defence and this one too, what can u possibly want. Good game guys but should have more updates to make it more fun..Version: 2.55

Some BugsGreat game, but I should have over 300 sas bucks from downloading and playing games, but it doesn't give me the cash..Version: 3.10

Please Complete this gamePlease complete this game I'm dying to play the full game with a boss i NEED to play this game more but it doesn't even have all the levels yet it will be the best dual stick or twin stick shooter in the App Store so PLEASE COMPLETE THIS GAME IT NEEDS TO BE FINISHED.Version: 2.55

Awesome...This is the best game on the app store todate, i got this months ago and still cant stop playing it. This is much better than the average "freemium" game. You can do every thing without paying a cent. Anything you do pay for is optional, such as overpowered weapons, that do not affect the core game play. Extra/quick cash can be made from downloading the apps that they want you to and starting them. There are no adds to date, and this feels like a true upgrade to the original that i loved. The match makeing is always playable and quick, and severs are always up it seems. I have spent 5 ish $ on a flamethroer and cash in game, though not required to do so, i feel that any support to the developers is good, and is easily worth the money i spent. If anything, just get this game and try it..Version: 2.01

S A S3I love playing because it’s so fun!!!!!!!! :by muamoo.Version: 3.10

New updateSince the new update I have not been able to open my game? It will show the Ninja Kiwi Logo then exits? Great game but!!!.Version: 2.50

Update has ruined the game slightly...I love this game, long playability and there are only a very few amount of bugs (which don't bother me). The new update brings a massive expansion to an already great game but I feel as though it was poorly executed and released prematurely... One of the game modes which I was looking forward to (purge) does not seem to be playable and the new ranks may bring some annoying, unintended effects, for example, I no longer have the extended mags perk even though I am within the elite ranks. Another problem is that two of the elite rank unlocks are premium guns which have to be bought with real money which defeats the point of working your way up to them... But this is still an awesome game, good for passing the time..Version: 1.7

It's just the iPod versionIt's not HD it's only the iPod version not the iPad it hasn't been resized only transferred and renamed an iPad version how stupid do you think we are hurry up and release a full HD version.Version: 2.55

Best Shooting Game...... So farWhat a game. Best shooting game on iPad, I think. Really challenging, yet not too hard to win. Multiplayer mode is the best. Go get this game guys!.Version: 2.043

UPDATE THISUpdate so u can upgrade and Stuff and that.Version: 1.8

Need update on iPadsHello I have this game on my phone and every new update so far that has happened like the new content e:g squad chat on the left side. I downloaded the game onto my iPad and seems to be falling behind by a wee bit so if could please put an update for all version of ipad would be good. Also it's not letting me login to any of my accounts but seems to run fine on my phone please fix this!!! iPad bugs says 3.Version: 2.55

Best zombie coop appThis game is amazing in coop alot of upgrade and gun .!. Free.Version: 2.02

One of the best out there.I've been hooked on to this game, decided since it needs to be known more I wrote a review. Its multiplayer mode is unrivaled to Modern Combat and is definitely extremely addictive!!.Version: 2.55

Best game ever!When I first played this game it was best that I had been shocked it's the best game ever!.Version: 1.97

Worth to getGood game to get I have been maxed level for a long time but would like to see more updates such as weapons or levels I think this is the best sas zombie assault the latest one is quite boring in comparison..Version: 3.10

Good game - Tournaments and Z-Rush need fixingVery good top down zombie shooter, just like the PC version, but better. However, the tournaments don't seem to work because at the end of the 4 hours every player who took part has 0 Z-Points, regardless of how many Z-Points they have aquired during the tournament. Also, the Z-Rushes don't seem to work at all, everytime I try to start a Z-Rush a message displays that I can't join in the queue or something. Oh well, it's a 5 star game for sure. Hopefully the tournament and Z-Rush will be fixed..Version: 3.10

THANK YOU!I've been waiting years, YEARS for this update, and it's finally out! 3.0! Thank you for updating this game! So happy! 😂😂😂😂.Version: 3.10

YESSSSSSSFINALLY A UPDATE AFTER 2 YEARS. I like SAS 3 more than SAS 4 because it is much more simplistic. Thanks for the bug fix and hope you guys come back to 3! If you come back to 3 don't add in supply drops and money-grabbing stuff like in 4. SAS 4 was just ridiculous..Version: 3.10

Amazing Game!This game is amazing, especially the new (probably final) update! I just LOVE mowing down the zombies with my friends. Although I noticed two small glitches, this game still ROCKS! The two glitches I found were 1: the game would crash after the results IF it fails to show an ad. 2: the Cryo and Holy grenade icons from care packages got flip-flopped! When it said 6 Cryo grenades, it would show the Holy grenade icon, and vice versa. But anyways, that still doesn't really bother me. I'm glad I have this game. You really rock, Ninja Kiwi. Keep it up! =D.Version: 3.10

Restore purchases and good gameThe restore purchases button does not work and I spent like $20 on it plz fix that and I can't play with anyone because it says outdated version please update game to play but I go back to the App Store and it's fully updated like what? Plz fix that also and this game is pretty good.Version: 2.55

Great,addicting dopeOnly prob is that u have to buy ammo, good if u dont care about that tho, good thing ammo isn't too much money, the game is good though! Online is fun, not laggy and gives great rewards! U can even host ur own private games to play with ur friends, so yea, hope this help, bye.Version: 2.51

Fixed bugs very happyYay bugs gone but in single player mode u should give us a certain amount of times we can die for its impossible to survive when in a high ranking also in elite patrol (mission) its not very fair for u have to buy guns (well if it's your way of earning more money I can understand for you don't really need to use real money pretty much at all) but overall who needs a mission well I kind of want to play that mission:( and maybe add some achievements that allow u to earn exp and cash still this is the most awesomest zombie game overall :) (")> awesome <(") Change pictures for once people might not think its cool that the controls aren't the same NAME:LENYUNG(HOMOS BEWARE).Version: 1.4

Great gameGreat game really hard but gives you a great zombie survival experience and a really good top down game. The bad thing is that the aimem not that good but it gets a lot better!.Version: 2.043

Sas zombie assault rocksRock and roll is the road to hell and this game is hellishly AWESOME.Version: 1.95

Verrry fun gamePlease make the 'buddy' AI better! its a great idea makes it so muccch fun and sets it apart from any game ive played on the app store.Version: 2.53

ProblemMy friend says he enters the game and got out but he had played all the time and he says it crashed and got exited and the thing he updated it might been he hacked it because he got crashed it won't work for some People they might haven't play this for a long time but I can play it and sometimes I when I come into it it crashed my out and got freeze last week I came to a workshop and he fixed it I had to pay $500 for the fix and my friend says it's the crashed he had played for like 4 years and we did skype but he said he crashed and I think he. Had to reset everything we were in X and the now he told me he came in but he updated and the buddy is invisible for him my buddy Is X but last time we played this game we almost finished it he got crashed out of the game their might be a problem on this game.Version: 2.50

FantasticGreat game loved it since PC version. great variety of weapons lots of upgrades.. But the maps need to be more detailed and you should be able to customise your player like change the colour of the uniform..Version: 2.55

So funThis game is AWESOME. So much free fun in this app. You should put sas zombie assault 2 on the app store I've played it on computer. If you did, then I know that I would buy it!!!.Version: 1.1

Great game, but there is a really annoying glitch :(This game is super good, but sometimes if there are lots of enemies on the map, the normal zombies (not spiders) start walking through walls. Its kinda annoying coz if i try to camp i just get owned. Also it should have like a chat when playing multiplayer, and also should just generally have more weapons, e.g melee weapons, riot shields, claymores, c4 etc. maybe you could also add more upgrades for weapons, eg less bullet spread, move faster with gun and stuff like that. I hope this was helpful to you :).Version: 2.030

RewardsI'm finding it harder to get cash. Can you give us more cash for missions..Version: 2.55

AwesomeAwesome, just awesome.Version: 2.55

It’s one of the best games I’ve seen yet!You can get better guns when you level up and the armor. The best part is when you can upgrade to improve the guns or armor..Version: 3.10

Slightly One Problem...I Love This Game So Much I basically have every single weapon in the game and I love it but there’s just one little problem. every time I go to multiplayer It says “there is no matchmaking servers” I don’t know why it’s happening but it’s not because of my WiFi It’s not that I think it’s a bug sooo yeah I rate this a 4.9 Because There’s a problem(Well I Told You The problem already).Version: 3.10

Update pleaseI have loved this game for over a year now, and I still do but I would appreciate it if you could update, new guns, zombies,etc. Also could you remove the zombies that come out through the floor, they always come out in front of you blocking the path and damaging you. Thanks.Version: 2.55

Just one thingThere’s this glitch that is bothering me, so when u move sometimes u stop moving and when I’m in tight situations (like when I’m surrounded) I try to move out then I just stop moving in the horde then I just die so it’s hard for me to survive so please fix this glitch because this game is my favorite game on mobile devices THANKS.Version: 3.10

Pls update SAS tdI really loved the game but I can no longer play it because it’s outdated pls fix this.Version: 3.10

Best Zombie Killing ActionThis app is probably one of the best zombie game apps in the App Store. It has a lot of variety; it's easy to navigate through the game. The game modes are fun, and the maps are big & spectacular. Everything I could ask for in a zombie game. Although somewhat unrealistic (you know, the shadow creatures, and those fat zombies that reproduce in tinier versions of itself), it's still quite an enjoyable experience every game I play online..Version: 2.54

Why isn't it more popular?I love this game, i played the prequel on my computer but this one is sooo goood, its fairly addictive but despite there being things you can buy with real money i have got to level 32 without spending a penny..Version: 1.8

Good butGood but the game is dying Just play sas 4.Version: 2.55

I love this gameThis is by far one of my favourite games on the App Store.Version: 2.53

Annoying bug in a great gameI don't know if this is happened to anybody else but whenever I try to do a single player match it always comes out of the game and onto my home screen which I find really annoying that I can't play by myself anymore I would be really thankful if you could fix this in the new update but still an amazing game.Version: 1.9.1

Good game but when I want to download maps it don't downloadThe game says patching failed.Version: 3.10

GreatJust like dead ops arcade from black ops, this is awesome. Play with me if you want I'm level 50 and I'm loaded with everything.Version: 1.7

Must getThis game is awesome nothing to complain about it's better than the computer version of sas and well you need to get it it is so good I played it for months because I'm a fan of ninja kiwi and mochigames. Get it now I command you!.Version: 1.8

Good gameBon jeu conseiller à tous !!.Version: 2.02

GoodGood game and another thing you can plays this on computer on a game site it's way better on comp my name is I'm a nub :3.Version: 2.043

One problemCrashing after doing a match or doing a mission. Idk why it does it but you need to fix it.Version: 3.10

Thumbs upVery fun. Upgrades and new monsters, earn money for purchases and level up to unlock new equipment. A very cool zombie game..Version: 2.54

A classic back!I thought they abandoned it forever. But they pick it back up!!!.Version: 3.10

Love this game so muchDalas.Version: 3.10

Great but 1 problemI love this game, but occasionally when in a co-op match it won't finish after the final wave, so you will be standing there for ever unless you go throught menu then exit. This means you lose all the xp and money you would have gained from completing it, please fix, thanks.Version: 1.8

When's an updateWhen is there going to be an update cause I'm waiting for it, app needs new weapons and maps..Version: 3.10

It's alright.The game is fine.... But what about sas4? D; we all want that game to be updated....Version: 3.10

OkayThis game is rubbish it doesn't let me online now !! And won't let me play single player..Version: 2.041

Great game needs 1 more thingI love this game so much very addicting all it needs is more guns and add the max buddies 5 or 3 or 4 pls read and do it thank You!.Version: 3.10

Not BadThe game isn't too bad, although I have some trouble with in-app purchases..Version: 2.030

Love itHoly crap u guys just made this game so better I mean it was great but the new update u made in Russia and all those other maps like wow oh my god amazing hurry up and make the other maps please people are going to start loving tis game and its gona be number 1 but put it like call of duty zombies like u can see there faces like 1st person then do 3rd person like in MW2 and make more campaign missions and do like multiplayer zombies vs survivor or player vs player and head to head and Game Center I know I'm giving a lot of information and U guys might not do it but its a suggestion so I'm not gona be mad if u don't do it up it will make it way better and if u do the the third person and third person thing put original cuz people might like the view of it now but I mean I'm not really getting money by killing them and watching clips so I mean u just updated it and didn't do anything so plz fix.Version: 1.97

Love this gameHi,I'm a big sas fan this is my favorit game on the App Store. I have an idea maby u can add in, A new game mode, like whare players can vs players without zombies. Just an idea..Version: 3.10

Daily missions doesn't work!!!Great game, really fun but daily missions doesn't work. Please fix this..Version: 1.8

So much funZA3 it a great game with a horrible name. If you a anywhere near a network then go straight for co-op. Gun upgrades are cool and have a logic to them that you hardly ever see in games. Just a quick tip: if you pick up a turret gun go to a good spot in the middle somewhere then hit menu and inventory and use turret. I have no idea why the makers of this game made it free, I think that was a huge mistake..Version: 1.4

Great game, minor bugsGame won’t allow me to download the cemetery map in Russia, which prevents me from playing the other Russian maps behind it..Version: 3.10

👍Coming from SCP[ZCS] Lightning |50| who has been rank 50 3 times now(and rank 40 when that was the original max rank) , and on my way to rank 50 again i highly recommend this game :D aside from the many problems I've had almost a year ago I've completely forgot about those since I'm on my way back to rank 50 again. More weapons :D max upgraded ZCS Wipeout with Phoenix Badge is fun but more weapons would be even more fun!.Version: 2.55

PLEASE READ BEFORE U SPEND MONEYPlease read- sas 3 is an awesome game although there is one HUGE problem. After every game, an ad is SUPPOSED to show. If one shows, then u can exit the game and come back later and play again. ALTHOUGH, the game will 80% of the time fail to show an ad and when u leave u can NEVER get back on without deleting the game and resetting ur progress. If an ad fails to show after a game, then next time u will be stuck on the loading screen FOREVER😞😞.Version: 3.10

Good gameIt's a great game, but when it comes to getting free cash its keeps saying session expired and I don't know why, I hope that could be fixed.Version: 2.55

Disappointed :(I stopped playing this game for one reason, you got rid of cash for a video. It made the game so enjoyable and now its gone. I cant afford anything new or ammo. I am disappointed in this game :(.Version: 2.043

Questions?Is it possible to sign into your ninja kiwi account, so you can have everything from the PC version? Heaps of fun, Game well made..Version: 1.4

Lasting fun.Great! Only gripe: the zombies are pretty dark & often blend in with the terrain. Brighten/outline or something & we're perfect, here. Good job. Liking the new buddy system, too!.Version: 2.55

One of my second favorite gamesThis game is amazing to be honest add more guns and a first person setting dude if you don't wanna its fine bro ok.Version: 2.55

Cool!It's really fun, I play it a lot, but I agree about the sentry spamming. You join a game and the next thing you know people are already placing sentries everywhere then you just stand there with nothing to do and the person with the sentry get like a billion kills while you get forty. Other than that, it's a good game!.Version: 2.01

Great game! NTB updated more!Great game every update makes it better! I have played this game since it was originally released. My one big issue is that is have used an account to login to the game for the longest time. I have purchased the in game unlocks and I recently tried to login with Facebook. As soon as I did however it made me a completely new account. I was level 50 with all of my gear and weapons upgraded. Now it says level one. And it won't let me login with my account. It now says that it is linked to Facebook and won't let me log into my old account. I can only login with Facebook. I emailed the support for the app and they jest keep saying that the issue is on Facebook side and promise it will be fixed during the next update. The game was just updated and still my issue remains..Version: 2.53

Great butThe zombies are kind hard to kill but this game is great 😄.Version: 3.10

MORE LEVELSI have been playing for ages and I have rebirthed but I am now max level again please add more levels to make this game more enjoyable.Version: 2.55

Best Game ever!This is the ultimate game, I'm a Platoon Commander (rank 19) and my buddy is a Warrant Officer (rank 14) and I'm still addicted! I've spent quite a bit of real money on this game, 2 full sets of Helios armour, Grendel, flame thrower, browning, 2 of the Glock 20s. It's totally worth it. I have nothing but praise for this game, I'm hoping for a SAS 4 (hint hint) and in SAS 4 some special things for the kiwi account EvilJabe (hint hint) 😜. This is the best game on the store and would totally recommend it to everyone!.Version: 2.54

AmazingIt's a great game u should definitely get it Nothing is wrong except for one thing: the apocalypse mode is a bit too long make sure u have time for that.... Play with the pros so u can level up fast.Version: 2.030

Great Game!Fantastic game very entertaining I just wish you could change the colour of your sas soldier and duel wield pistols :).Version: 2.01

Sas 4Hey ninja kiwi I loved sas 3 zombie assault do u think you can maybe bring sas4 zombie assault thanks. Nathan.Version: 2.55

Fantastic but a problem.The greatest problem with this game is turrets, people put down loads and you can't get any kills and exp, i think it should be limited to 2 turrets per level per person so people can't spam them and make it harder to get kills, otherwise is one of the best games on the App Store, and it's FREE so why not give it a go?.Version: 2.01

Awesome!Really great game, keeps you busy.Version: 1.97

Awesome!Awesome game, but would be better if the premium items were cheaper..Version: 1.7

My game's broken :(Whenever i join a game it says i have to update the game and there's no possible way to update the game.Version: 2.55

Still great but needs improvementFor the age of the game it is exceptionally good, so good that I still play it even though not many others do compared to before. But with the last update being 2 or so years ago it is rife with bugs, just the things based around squads don’t seem to work. If the game was still being updated I would rate it 5* but since it’s not being paid attention to, I find it hard to give it any more than 3 or 4 stars..Version: 3.10

Absolutely awesomeThe next step for you is to make the premium guns either cheaper or be available for an immense amount of cash. I am also dismayed at the fact that Purge is only available on multiplayer. Apart from that, exceptional, like the computer version..Version: 1.7

ReviewGreat game but when i was with my friend on co op he died and then later spawned outside the map please sort this but once again amazing graphics and game :).Version: 1.4

ApocalypseSo I figured out that you can beat apocalypse mode on some maps. It takes awhile but I've done it twice. Other than that SAS 3 is an amazing game and I would recommend downloading it..Version: 3.10

Greater then most gamesI love this game it is my life blood.Version: 2.55

BuddyThis new buddy thing is great but could you make it so he can carry 6 weapons.Version: 2.50

AWSOMEBut where's the log in..Version: 1.97

FunThis game is pretty fun, has some some down falls 1: takes a while to save to buy the ultimate equipment, 2: when you do purchase the ultimate equipment upgrade the screen freezes and all your towers and troops disappear. Please fix these two problems, but all in all this a fun game. KILL THE ZOMBIES!!!!!.Version: 2.50

Good game but could be a great gameI really enjoy this game and it has many great features. The solo mission are decent but with a buddy they are fun. I just wish that buddies were a little smarter. Co-op is my favorite part of this game. The classic mode is very fun and it is fun trying not to get swarmed by hordes of zombies. The purge mode has a good idea behind it but it really is just too easy with a flamethrower. I have yet to play the apocalypse mode but i heard good things about it. All the weapons are great to use and i have even bought a few extra with real money. The only downside is the high cost of ammo. All in all the game gets 4 stars but could easily become a five star game with a few minor improvements.Version: 2.55

Love this game little more than the 4th oneI been playing this game basically since it first launch and man I gotta say, I still love playing this game(ha especially when you bought all the premium items). I'm just hoping it gets updated soon with new contact, ranks and maps. And I hope they fix those pesky bugs that randomly close the game one you..Version: 3.10

Great gameBrilliant game, but a couple of minor things. You should be able to make friends with other players, a more solid story for single player would be nice, and LOWER THE PRICES. I know to make profit you need to have things cost, but 3 quid for ONE SPECIAL WEAPON? SERIOUSLY? Anyway otherwise it's awesome.Version: 2.51

Really coolIt's pretty cool and really fun, but just there aren't any updates....Version: 2.55

Great gameI'm totally hooked a great game that doesn't rely on you spending loads of real money to fully enjoy Deffo worth a download one of the best games I've played on my Pad.Version: 1.1

Best game one more thing to fixI love this game even multiplayer but one thing that I would like you guys to fix is fixing the problem where at the end of a round I tap the back button and people said there is supposed to be a ad there is never an ad and as a result it crashes and takes me back to my home to my home page. I really like this Sas 3 game So if you could do us one more update and fix this problem then this game will be better than any other zombie mobile game.Version: 3.10

Great game could improveFirst of all this game is great but one thing that could improve the game greatly is voice chat in game this would get alot more people playing. second the game is constantly stuck on the loading screen when u start the app which is a real prolem because i have to delete this game 4-5 times a day to be able to play which is a real shame because i love this game hopefully they read this and add voice chat please its needed -isaac.Version: 3.10

Just too awesomeThis game is just too awesome. Hope there will be more maps.Version: 1.1

Can't play onlineI can't play online because i dont have the lastest update but there is nothing to update pls help.Version: 2.55

MultiplayerThis game is awesome but can u add a option to communicate to your teammates on co-op. 5 stars.Version: 1.9.1

Still playingHow many people are still playing this game? This one has been one of my favorite ga,Es for a long time! Wish NinjaKiwi would make a humble return are remake these amazing games..Version: 3.10

ReviewThe app is great I've always liked it but since the update I think you should remove the 30 second delay when fighting zombies! Please.Version: 2.025

Update suggestionReally great game but for the mission grenadier, could u make the grenade crates spawn more often? It feels like you get more kills with the pistol..Version: 2.54

ReviewThanks for making SAS 3 l loved the game so thankyou for putting all your time and effort into making the game l have been playing it for 2 weeks and am so addicted to it so keep up the good work Yours sincerely: From The Assasinator.Version: 2.01

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