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NBA: Live Games & Scores app received 174 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about nba: live games & scores?

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Increasingly badBuggier and buggier. Dropping out constantly when I’m streaming. Can’t remember where I was up to when it reconnects so I have to mess around and guess. Absolutely should be able to stream two screens at once for the price. The ‘help’ section of the app has never helped once. I can’t stay in the help chat for hours waiting for a response as I’m Australian and the time zones are off but when it goes to email it says I can continue the chat by replying and it has never worked once (I’ve tried six times) Note: I had updated my app the morning of this review, no more than an hour before so it was very much the latest version of it..Version: 2007.4

Just want one thing.The app works fine, good quality and it’s smooth. I just do not understand how I do not have the option of starting from the beginning of the game when watching on an iPhone/iPad, when the game is live. I have to wait for the game to fully finish before I can watch it from the start? It doesn’t make sense to me and most true fans want to watch the game from the beginning and not from the middle of the second quarter. There really should be an option for this on iOS..Version: 2007.5

Preferred the old versionIt's too complicated and the box score feature is more difficult to comprehend compared to the old version.Version: 6.1022

Pretty but not an improvementI hate that there’s no search or way to find players other than scrolling through the entire list of NBA players. How about at least an a-b-c on the right side? Especially during trade season, I want to look up players quickly & easily as they are added to my teams. I also hate the new player profile. I want to see height, weight, age, previous/college team, season stats on the first page, not click another button & then hunt through a bio to pick out what I was wondering. I’ll just google players in that case. The old layout was nearly perfect for looking up players. Stick with what works. I don’t like the new look of the standings, too much white space & not much to separate headings from teams plus so spread out. I’d like to see as many teams as possible on one screen. It’s the little things. Tighten it up. Maybe one tab for each conference instead of having to scroll through the eastern conference to get to the western..Version: 2007.2

Avoid at all costAvoid please. Downloaded and payed via ITunes then was not getting anything coming up. Spoke to the app support team who passed on blames to iTunes even it was clear money had been taken from my account. Missing the final thanks to Bryan C who was useless. Said he could fix it but I need to provide receipt for something I clearly paid for a showing active but yet Mr C still needed proof of purchase. Anyone knows receipt through iTunes takes a couple days. Mr C doesn’t know that even I sent screen shot of my account being active. Useless.Version: 2006.1

CracklingThis app has never let me down until now... There’s a huge amount of crackling coming through the speakers whilst in mobile view watching games (specifically bulls v rockets) I’ve had this app for 2 years and never had a problem but it was so bad I stopped watching before the 2nd half was over... please please please fix this!! I don’t have a laptop and can only watch the NBA on my phone !!!.Version: 2007.3

Downgrade from last yearVery disappointing update. Why would you ever think providing less information is better (player profiles, game data, etc)? The usability is very fragmented and not easy to navigate. Does the development team actually use the app? More white space when showing game information makes me scroll more - very obvious if use actually use the app. I used to use this over ESPN because it was better and more useful. I’m back to using the ESPN app 🤦‍♂️🤔😱.Version: 2007.4

Can't openWhenever I go to open up the app, since the original big update, it keeps crashing whenever I open it. I get the loading screen and then it crashes!.Version: 5.1116

Not good!Please bring nba game time back! i would much rather pay $15 and get to watch games on my ipod than get this app free but i have to buy nba league pass! its basically the same app like last year except you cant watch games without league pass. for next year please bring back game time so i can watch games on my ipod even if i have to pay $15.Version: 1.1

FreezingSince the new look update, the app has been extremely difficult to use. It signs me out every time I close and open the app, and when I go to the sign in screen it completely freezes. I also have had trouble scrolling down on boxscores and stats whilst watching any games..Version: 1908.1

Audio out of SyncVery frustrating paying for the monthly subscription and the videos being barely watchable due to such bad audio sync issues. Pleaseee fix..Version: 2007.4

New update is horribleThe app is great for checking scores, box scores and player stats but the new update where they changed the ‘latest’ interface was really bad. I used to read articles that I was interested in but now I’m only able to read articles that editors want me to read..Version: 1903.1

HopelessI've used this app reluctantly for a few years and it's made watching basketball less pleasurable each time I use it. I have taken the time to give feedback but not only has this been ignored, but things have gotten even worse with each update. Well done NBA. You've taken a great product and made it painful to consume. Get the app because you have no other option but prepare yourself for frustration. I don't think the app makers have reached the bottom yet....Version: 4.1106

RubbishApp has never worked well (especially the Apple TV version meaning I had to stream from iPad) and now you want to increase your price by 25% to $25 a month. Ridiculous, how about you offer a decent service first before charging unreasonable prices..Version: 5.1217

Cancelling is a painIt’s easy to sign up to this service and start giving them monthly payments, and then really difficult to cancel when the season is over. Somehow I don’t think this is by accident. Atrocious customer service - I’ll try to find an alternative way of watching..Version: 1905.1

Fix user interfaceCome up with a better way to find games, and fix the user interface. Every time I try to skip ahead 10 seconds there's a second delay everytime. It should be way smoother. Also the constant trivia and questions that appear throughout games are just annoying..Version: 2003.1

Garbage appAnnoying garbage . Every time you want to read something you have to click for cookies . Can you make app instead of wrapped browser?.Version: 2007.5

Poor developmentThis app continues to update multiple times but still cannot support chromecast with 100% reliability. I have always been in and out and having to start from the beginning of games. So frustrating.Version: 5.0603

App is faulty right nowThe past week or so I am constantly getting messages saying “No content is available at this time. Please check back later.” On the rare occasions I don’t get that message, then the box scores is just a blank screen or the scores aren’t updating. Really bad and exceptionally frustrating..Version: 2006.1

IvanNew ios update dropped chromecast support. dont count on customer enquiries being r plied to either. used to be a good app but the service is terrible. will not renew my account again. back to pirating for me thanks very much. i dont know who manages the customer service team or the dev team and user acceptance but this is terrible..Version: 6.1028

No saveDoesn’t remember where you have watched to. Doesn’t always give you commentary options. 30 sec skip is too big. Still much more to improve. Great to have it tho..Version: 1903.1

App not working in CanadaApp use to work loved it but now it’s saying can’t view because of the location since I’m in Canada ?.Version: 2007.4

Not greatScores don’t update fast at all. I have to manually refresh them so they can update . Pathetic. PLEASE fix this issue. If I’m following a match and I re enter the app every 5 minutes or so, I have the manually refresh at times for scores to refresh. Disappointing the devs don’t show attention to detail. If you re enter the app even more frequently, say every 2-3 minutes , they don’t update automatically. Once I manually refresh, that’s when they all update promptly..Version: 1910.1

Server downTrying to sign into account to watch a game and the servers down. Come on NBA, sort this out. Better off spending my money at the pub and watching the game. Need a refund for a joke of an app..Version: 7.1017

InternetWhat’s the point of being able to down load games to ur phone if u have to be connected to the wifi to watch them.Version: 2007.4

NBA subscription problemsThe app seems good but I am having trouble with the subscription. It won’t let me buy it, because it keeps bringing me a page to download the app with a message when I have already downloaded it. Please can someone tell me why this is, thanks.Version: 2007.2

Streaming issueApp is great but the streaming has issues through chromecast will randomly stop until you go back into the nba app and goes back to working. Works for about 5 minutes at a time.Version: 2007.4

Good and badHi NBA, Just wanted to say all the news and things are great and i really enjoy them. The only problem with it thought is that, i bought this app to watch the actual full length games but instead i have to pay money. But all the other stuff is really great. Keep up the Good Job. 👌.Version: 1906.1

Pacers FanGood app but while the old version was a bit slow sometimes and didn't always update too quickly. The updated version is a bit of a mess to navigate round.Version: 1.3

Playoffs rubbishDon't understand when you pay for an app they serve up rubbish. News is ALWAYS out of date, never gives you what the website can give, PLUS NO playoff bracket. Even the NCAA does a better job of that. Come on NBA, get on board the app train and do a better job. It has the makings of a good app..Version: 4.5

No musicWhy can't you listen to music while you have this open?.Version: 6.1209

BadI whant to what nba games but it says it’s in a blacked out area I want my money back.Version: 2006.1

Cannot upgrade subscription from the app and NBA refuses to helpI have been trying to upgrade my subscription to a Premium League Pass account but cannot do so from the app. Upon reaching out to the NBA app’s customer support, they told me that they cannot assist as my purchase was made through iTunes. I paid for my subscription within the app, after downloading it from the App Store. I am simply trying to give the NBA app more money and cannot do so. Selecting “app support”, within the app home page, in the App Store, redirects me to the NBA’s website so there is no path to upgrading my subscription..Version: 2007.6

Crashes EVERY TIME I use itHaven’t been able to see a complete game without it crashing. On average it crashes 5x each time I try to watch a game. I have been totally unable to watch about 3 games because sometimes it will crash instantly and continuously each time I start up the app. I thought maybe it was the fact I was still using Appletv HD and not the latest version. So I bought the new 4G Appletv and it still crashes EVERY TIME. Sometimes I get an error message, other times it just crashes and goes back to the Appletv Home Screen. League Pass doesn’t care because they are getting your money regardless and they know you don’t have another choice..Version: 2007.6

App only good if you pay NBA directly.I pay for league pass though my cable provider and year after year I have issues with the app. If I want to watch any game this season I have to press the watch button over 6 times before it will let me watch the game. I am greeted with an error message that says the video can not be played. I pay through my provider because I usually watch at home but traveling with the app I may as well not try. I have friends that pay NBA direct and they have no issues with the app at all. I wonder why? It’s beyond frustrating that the app or their ecosystem hasn’t been more well integrated for those who use a cable provider. You are still getting paid please fix this. It’s Beyond frustrating especially for a loyal consumer of your product. I can imagine there are quite a few others with my issue. This would mark the 4 year with the same issue. Also I understand that you have blackout issues but is there no way to integrate local network sign in so that I don’t have to leave league pass app?.Version: 2007.4

Terrible design and lacking featuresThe new app is a BIG downgrade to the old app. I am constantly checking box scores and the text on the box scores for the new app is way too big. Doesn’t allow you to easily look at most/all the players on a team at the same time. It is difficult to scroll through the box score and often times when I scroll down, the entire page scrolls down as well, making the box score only show on the bottom half of the screen. PLEASE make the text smaller and/or remove some of the line spacing so we can see more people/stats without having to constantly scroll right and left and up and down..Version: 2007.4

Paid for Access for my favorite team and it’s horribleI paid so that I could watch the Hawks games since I’ve moved to the Dominican Republic and the experience is a horrible waste of money. The video freezes literally every five seconds . It’s been a waste of money and I wish I could get a refund. I haven’t been able to watch any games (even though I try) do to how often it freezes I thought maybe it was my inter next but I’ve tried on two phones , data, WiFi , and the internet strength is always high. I can watch videos on other apps no problems but this application has been horrible with respect to viewing games and I wish I never paid for. 0 out of 5 stars. Feels like I’ve been robbed and this isn’t some small company. It’s the NB freakin A..Version: 2007.3

Buggy and poor customer serviceI have YouTubeTV and I pay for NBA league pass on that service. When I try to login into the NBA app to utilize my subscription it gives me an error screen. I messaged customer service, and they after a long wait I get a reply saying it’s might fault, not theirs. However, when I try to login with the same credentials via my web browser, everything works fine. The NBA should not release such a buggy app, I’m not getting what I’m paying for and no real help was offered. You would expect more when you pay for their most premium service. I feel cheated. My recommendation is don’t get league pass because you will get stuck paying $100s of dollars for a service that you won’t be able to utilize via this app..Version: 2007.4

Massive disappointmentI spent £40 on an Apple digital AV out so that I could watch NBA games on my big telly... but for some bizarre reason the games, while working on my iPad, refuses to display on the TV. Having paid my NBA league pass subscriptions fee this is a crushing disappointment..Version: 1904.2

Won’t work on iPad Pro??The app won’t let me watch games? It only shows me recaps. Ive been a long time subscriber, this is very disappointing. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app...same thing, what’s your fix for this? Besides me watching through the browser? Is there a fix? Really bad.Version: 2007.4

Annoying advertContent is ok but there’s the same 30 second advert which you have to watch through before every clip.Version: 1904.2

PoorGlitchy and poorly designed. When streaming game will sometimes pause and become delayed. This is not due to my internet as my internet speed is very fast. Sometimes app will become unresponsive but as this is the only way to watch every nba game I have no choice but to use this poorly designed app..Version: 1910.1

Not satisfactoryThe scores don’t update in real time and there should be a score widget on iPadOS 14.Version: 2006.1

League Pass/Player StatsI usually don’t write a review for any app but I’ve had a continuous struggle with this app for a while with two main things that began to bother me. Most importantly watching games through league pass on this app is a big struggle as it works about 20% of the time while the other times it says the video is unavailable. Keep in mind this isn’t caused by blackouts as it gives the message for every game, even NBATV. I find that I have to try again in about 20 minutes or keep refreshing the app until it works. Secondly searching for players stats simple doesn’t exist. The only efficient way to find a player is to filter by team and select them. I was bewildered by this as it seems like a pretty easy thing to add that was in past versions of the app. Hopefully Lebron can complain about these two things and get a fix going..Version: 2007.4

Shouldn’t be allowed to subscribe in country’s with restricted viewershipPaid for the league pass and I’m not still allowed to watch the games live.Version: 2007.4

Use of the App is now lockedUp until a few weeks ago I was using the app on my iPhone to simply check scores and read NBA news. Suddenly the app says that it’s “content is not available in my region”. I live in Canada, why would the apps most basic features be blocked in Canada?.Version: 2007.3

Does not work in CanadaVery disappointed. I signed up for this app, trying to watch the NBA Finals in Canada, after they took my $50, only to find out it doesn’t work in Canada. At all. Geo-blocking. I want my money back!!.Version: 1906.1

TimeThey should add a feature if ur watching from uk so it’s easier to know what times the games are on in your location.Version: 2007.5

Mobile still annoyingSo the app on iOS iPhone has no feature to watch live stream from the beginning, or to use fwd or rwd. So u can only watch from the start after the game is over, or on a desktop comp..Version: 1910.1

It okayI love this app i use it all the time i love the NBA just there is too many games that get blacked out.Version: 2004.1

Update is not goodCan’t add NBA TV to my subscription from the app. Does the NBA want me to pay them or not. Airplay drops after every commercial break. Showing the same Porsche ad on both the phone THEN the TV again after an Airplay dropout is beyond maddening. That last NBA app was neither good nor bad it just worked. This one is garbage and frustrating to use. The Roku app isn’t much better and there is no NBA app for Samsung TVs. Update: I did the restore purchase as per your instructions. When I attempt to add NBA TV it gives me a message that My account already has a subscription to League Pass and to contact support for any other actions. I did try to chat with support a couple days ago and they were unable to help..Version: 2007.4

Not workingApp hasn't been fully updated on my phone! Just stays on the updating icon! Been like this for about a month now!.Version: 5.1023

Not bad but need improvementsLove this app but highlights videos are freaking ridiculously to get uploaded. I just want to go to the app and browse and watch some highlights without having to dig out of Google. PLEASE UPLOAD THESE HIGHLIGHTS VIDEOS FASTER!!!!!.Version: 5.0603

Read bad reviews. Downloaded anyway.Read reviews saying the app doesn’t work for watching. Thought I’d try it anyway. They were write. The app can’t watch more than 5mins of video..Version: 1811

DO NOT SUBSCRIBETHEY ARE PROMOTING 7 day free trail. There is no 7 day trial it DOES NOT EXIST. They instantly charge you and they charge you twice taking $90 out of my account 2 days before Christmas ruining Christmas dinner and Christmas for my family. 0/10 don’t subscribe. Don’t download their app. Horrible horrible service. All documents, screenshots and website 7 day trial stuff has been sent to my lawyer and he is writing up a lawsuit as we speak. NBA should be disgraced by this. AGAIN DO NOT SUBSCRIBE or use any NBA service!! AND I forgot I also order a collectible Larry Bird POP! and the box came ripped that it was in, ruining the collectible factor of it so it’s useless and I can’t even give it to my buddy for Christmas now! NBA has ruined Christmas in my eyes and I am disgusted by their flaws with these matters. Horrible! Horrible! Horrible!.Version: 2007.4

IssuesSickest nba app out. Keeps crashing though please fix very frustrating.Version: 1.6

Can’t scroll to read the newsHi I love NBA app as it allows me to still updated on the latest games and news, however recently I can’t read the news article on my IPAD pro 12.9 as the news article seems to get cut off and doesn’t scroll to read the rest of the article. I have installed on my Samsung S8 and now the new NBA app doesn’t have a news tab so can’t use a work around that I had in place. Can you please fix this? Thanks.Version: 1903.1

Video and sound out of syncUPDATE: to answer developer queries, happens on all feeds, I only watch on demand games. Sync issues on Apple TV, I phone, and iPad. Got an Apple TV 4K and regular one, both have same sync issues I use the app on the Apple TV here in the UK to stream games. Earlier this year an annoying issue came up with the video and sound going progressively out of sync as I streamed the game. Sound always ends up running behind the video. I.e a basket goes down, the sound of it is delayed, all sound is delayed, crowd, announcers, whistle, all sound. Start a game and it's perfectly in sync, watch for 5 mins and it's getting on for second out of sync, and it gets more out of sync the more I watch. Only way to fix is to exit game and go back in then it's back in sync.....for a few mins before it starts getting out of sync again! I watch films, tv, other sports apps natively on apple tv, all are perfectly in sync, it's only NBA app on Apple TV which gets progressively out of sync as you use it. Same happens on iPad, iPhone seems to keep in sync but I don't watch games on my iPhone. Would like it back to the way it was at the start of last season where it was perfectly in sync every time..Version: 2007.4

Good app but too much focus on childish stuffIt’s great for watching games and the coverage is spot on, but it’s completely ruined by annoying pop ups asking childish questions such as what a player’s favourite breakfast cereal is...not quite that bad but you get the idea. I want to watch the game, not have pop ups every few minutes - it’s annoying when browsing the internet and just as annoying in an app. You can turn this off but then turn off some stats as well. Avoid the app and use desktop version is likely easier, which is a shame..Version: 1903.1

Chromecast issueApp was great last season but this season so far has been bad. Streams good on mobile but when i use my chromecast it keeps freezing. I have to keep disconnecting & then connect every 5 minutes. Please fix this for chromecast users.Version: 1910.1

NBA pass is the absolute worstI can’t even sign in on this new app. I tried signing in on the computer with exact same information and it worked but the app rejects it. I changed my password and the app rejected it. I have bought team pass over the years and the streaming is terrible, lots of buffering, and load times. I was even going to buy it this year but they don’t want my money. I can’t get the team pass to get me to a screen to pay it just keeps loading. I’ve tried on multiple devices, multiple internet connections, etc.. just plain trash..Version: 2007.3

Good, but I miss the old layoutHear me out, this new update is mostly good. The Stories feature is really nifty, the videos play without trouble, and it’s easy to access content and interviews from the league. But the thing I used the old app for the most was checking box scores of games the next morning. And that’s my issue. This is my main complaint: When looking at the box scores, I find it really difficult to digest any of the stats. There is a ton of white space spreading everything apart, making it impossible to get a full box score without scrolling and swiping multiple times. There are also no separation lines drawn between categories or players. The box score viewer is clunky, I’ve accidentally swiped it down and hidden it a dozen times when I meant to swipe right to see stats like BLK and FGA. The old box scores seemed to be sorted by position, but now it’s sorted by minutes played. That tends to confuse my brain while quickly flipping through the games to see how players did. I would like an option to choose how to sort. I’d like to see the box score feature become more streamlined and like the old app in that manner. Overall, it’s a great app. I hope this feedback can be used..Version: 2007.3

Terrible Update - Fix it Now Please !!!!!Can no longer use my Apple TV 3.0 which is my main viewing Apple TV. When the app does work , the video eventually falls out of sync with the sound. The app struggles to mirror or cast reliably. Chromecast doesn’t work. When the App does work, when you skip ahead or rewind gameplay it is slow and cumbersome (I have tested my internet speed and this is not the issue). You are forced to update the app in order to watch games and if it is this buggy and crappy why would I want to? Fix it immediately!! As a paying customer this is unacceptable!! I just want to watch games again. I wouldn’t even rate this one star but I have to. Overall, A very frustrating, bug-ridden app that has serious reliability issues. It worked best in 2017 and has been downhill ever since.Version: 2007.4

Out of sync video and audioThis app didn’t have this problem so bad, I literally can’t watch games. Happens on iPad and iPhone.Version: 2007.4

The Apple TV app needs workThe Apple TV app works great, the coverage is beautiful but the app doesn’t display Scoring Stats, plus the interface is not very intuitive, checking the box scores looks complicated.Version: 1903.1

What happened to Points?The new app version is disappointing. Unless I've been unable to find it, where is the Player Point Total column in Stats? It exists in Team Stats, but it's gone in Player Stats. Also, when you tilt the phone to see Full Standing Stats, it goes by default to League, not Conference. Furthermore, Standings jumps up and down scrolling by itself. I regret having updated the app..Version: 1903.1

Really?There are people who don’t have cable yanno? Only reason I got the league pass. Not worth it in Canada if you’re trynna watch the Raptors play, cuz u can’t watch em play..Version: 2002.1

Not worth the money!!Paid for the full season for every game and the games I can watch this works amazing, but way to many blackout games per season defiantly would never purchase again..Version: 2001.1

App not workingI have subscribed monthly but don’t seem to be able to see the game, am I doing something wrong?.Version: 2006.1

Can’t Comcast?What happened to the Comcast icon? I was previously able to cast it to my TV to watch the games but I tried today after just resubbing and couldn’t do it. I much prefer watching this on the TV instead my computer..Version: 2007.3

Same as everyone elseThis app used to be great, after recent update it crashes all the time and I can't watch any games on my iPad. So frustrating! also, customer support button in apple store goes nowhere, and they've removed the old online customer support forum. Totally unprofessional!.Version: 1.6

Yuck!This app is awful! For starters, I wish you'd honor my notification settings and just give me the ones I turned on. But that's only the tip of the iceburg. The game calender is impossible to decipher, and I have no idea if it's because I'm blind and use VoiceOver or if I'm just dumb. Worst of all, you took away my Audio Pass, so now I'm paying through the teeth for services I can't use because of my blindness. I still can't favorite my team on the account page, even though I've worked with support on that. And oftentimes, when it's game time, I can't pull up the game I want to listen to. I have to clear the app from the app-switcher and try again. I miss the old app very much. It was beautifully accessible..Version: 2007.4

Fix itI love this app but the last 2 months it just wont open :(.Version: 1.6

Can’t play Pick’emIt sends me to the NBA site for Pick’em and asks me to sign in I do but when I click on a pick’em choice it asks me to sign in again. I tried to do this on my phone and on my laptop but no luck. I know my account works so why doesn’t it allow me to play pick’em. I’m very disappointed with this app..Version: 2006.1

Worthless subscriptions and bug filled appLike the way the majority of Americans consume TV I stream. No cable. I moved to a city with a basketball team and really became a fan again during the bubble playoffs. NBA league pass ($30-40 a month depending on plan) doesn’t even allow me to watch a game in the same city without purchasing an additional cable package to bypass a really poor negotiated black out restriction. This is the age of streaming and I want to become a fan of my hometown team but can’t afford to even watch them. Oh also customer support still has not responded. I tried multiple chats, they booted me, and I’ve tried contacting via email request..Version: 2007.3

Dangerous appHey NBA, why you stealing my clipboard data?? BTW, they also have access to your Mac clipboard. Delete this app immediately..Version: 2006.1

I wish I could give this app no stars.Every year there is some problem with this app and the service in general. This year it's the inability to save user login detail. It's 2015 and I don't want to have to enter my password on my already protected mobile device. Problems for 2017: With no spoilers turned on you still get spoilers! Thanks for ruining the playoffs for me NBA..Version: 7.0420

App for firetv???????firetv.Version: 2001.1

Needs improvementCrashes often and needs stat leaders in all categories. Better player bios wouldn't go a miss..Version: 1.6

Very difficult to get the archive game feedThere has got to be a more obvious way to call up the game streaming choices menu. On iPad ... you click on the Games Available Menu on the left. For a split second the words “LP Watch Full Game” appear. You have to immediately hit the play arrow or you get Summary to play. After you watch an ad. It takes try after try after try to time the right hit. Then ... once you get the streaming choice menu ... it takes multiple tries to get the right stream going. On first try I got my team’s replay but two audio feeds were playing. Had to start over. I do not want the summary because I want to watch without knowing the score. Why it is so hard to (a) display the streaming choice options and (b) receive the feed you asked for? Used to work. Now it doesn’t. Please fix/simplify. Sincerely, longtime LP viewer who often watches the archives because of schedule. Thank you..Version: 2007.4

BlackoutI bought league pass, paying the same price as US people buying league pass. However, why there are some matches that are blackout. I am a Lakers fan and to be honest, I haven't watched live of lakers match for once..Version: 2001.1

AvrageGood app but never opens just closes when starting up easy to navigate and use tho.Version: 1.4

App is TRASH, original was better.First off there’s no search bar so I have to scroll thru hundreds of players to find the one Im looking for, OR search by team. Problem is, when I search by team, I select my favorite teams and nothing happens for a moment then the app closes out not saving my teams. It’s been like this for two weeks now haven’t been able to save my favorite teams. Im really big into reading stats and even more irrelevant thing such as the players heights but they no longer show that for what ever reason, so I have to actually google a player to get their height which is defeating the purpose of the app which is supposed to provide all the information you need. Regardless, height is still relevant in the NBA weather other people care or not and if it is still featured on this app, I can’t find it. I liked it on the OTHER app when I could simply search a player and their height would be right there at the top. I also care about things such as draft year and pick number, again, things most people don’t care about but there are a select few who DO and I liked when ALL of that information was easily accessible and didn’t have to dig around for it!! This new app is more trouble than it’s worth and I may have to remove it from my iPhone dock because an app this crappy is no longer a priority app..Version: 2007.2

Canadians do not subscribeCanadians do not subscribe to NBA league pass in 2020 2021. All games are blacked out and now there are no ways around this. I repeat do not subscribe this is a public service announcement..Version: 2007.2

Pop up adsFor some reason I now get pop up ads on my nba app now so I don’t feel it’s secure enough anymore. Going to delete it..Version: 1903.1

When you skip back on playback (by the 15 seconds) a majority of times it does not go past a minuteWhen you sick back on the playback by 15 seconds it does not go back more than a minute even though you pay a premium and it goes back at 15 secs and cannot even reach a minute back. You should fix the amount the video can go back and still be connected to the live feed.Version: 2007.5

The worstThis app sucks balls.Version: 2004.1

Be careful what you sign up forThis app is very misleading regarding what services you’re getting. If after you sign up and it doesn’t work correctly you try to work through the issue with customer support you’ll probably end up going past the time you can cancel. It’s all very deceptive. I described in what I thought were simple terms the nature of the issue to customer service but they don’t seem to even understand their own product. It wasn’t until I finally emailed them screenshots of the problem that they told me I wasn’t signed up for what I thought I was and that it’s been too long for me to cancel. If you decide to subscribe to anything, use a service provider that is not the NBA and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get what you’re hoping to get. I recommend avoiding purchasing anything on this app, ever..Version: 2007.4

Excessive use of GPSUses GPS in the background which isnt necessary and just wastes battery.Version: 4.5

AnnoyedReally annoyed with the constant message coming up that I have to many streaming devices when I watch every 2 minutes. It says you are allowed up to 5 devices logged in and watching at a time and all I have is me and my mate and we are constantly pressing continue on the too many devices pop up, wish with all the time and effort you put into this app which is awesome that you’d fix something like that that is part of what people actually pay for?.Version: 2001.1

Sound and video out of sincHappens almost everytime I’m catching up on a live game. Example right now catching up with Lakers Memphis on Lakers feed on my tablet and a sound delay. This has happened constantly since last season. Watching Lakers again this morning on catch up, it seems to go out of sinc when you skip forward and back..Version: 2007.4

ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!This is literally the first review I’ve ever written in my life, but this app is sooo horrible that I just have to say something. I love the nba. But this app is an absolute embarrassment to the league. The nba is a multi-billion dollar entertainment organization, yet it can’t figure out how to have a functioning app? For games that are live, you can’t (1) rewind, (2) fast forward, or (3) start from the beginning. This is true on my iPhone and my Sony tv. And it crashes 50% of the time I use it. And even if you select the “hide scores” feature, it still shows the score 50% of the time. And spoilers are all over the Home Screen, so if you want to watch something after it’s over, good luck. And if I’m watching on my iPhone, for some reason the camera is zoomed in so I can only see the player with the ball rather than the whole court like normal broadcasts. The above is a partial list... but I don’t have time all night to list all the flaws with this junk app. To the NBA... are you a joke? Hire some real developers, and fix your garbage. Oh, and this was the case last year too. In fact, the current app is less usable then the old one. This app is literally so bad that it makes me think less of the NBA..Version: 2007.4

Wasn’t able to view it in CanadaStill my card was billed..Version: 2002.1

Live Games not working for one team monthlyThe first day I signed up for the one team monthly pass it worked wonders on my iPhone. However, this is the second time I’ve used the app and trying to watch my sports team and it’s saying I need to subscribe to watch them even though I’m already subscribed. I went to customer service and followed instructions to delete app, keep susbscribtion and redownload the app. Still no luck. This needs a lot of work. I was working on this since the start of the game and now it’s the 3rd quarter...Version: 2007.4

ComplaintGames should be freeeeee but everything else is awesome.Version: 7.1212

Lack of replaysLove the app as it’s a great way to catch up with the games. Shame the highlights are scarce.. wasn’t the best last season as there were a lot of highlights that missed the actual basket it was supposed to be showing but this season it’s been limited to about 4 highlights per game which a bit rubbish. Would be 5 starts if we actually got to see some more highlights. No sure if there is a specific reason for this ??.Version: 1911.1

The app works fine but a few things would make it better1. The home page is a waste of time. Just send us straight to the game scores. 2. If there is a way to get player stats, I haven’t found it. If you click on a player name, you get videos. Videos, videos, videos. I want to know stats if I click a guy’s name..Version: 1903.1

User interface has taken a huge step backI was *so* happy with the user interface for watching League Pass last year. They finally got it right—15 sec skip forward and back, with no other b.s. and reasonably responsive. Perfect! Unfortunately this year is a massive usability regression. I really tried to give it a shot, but everything takes forever now, and the controls are extremely unresponsive (on my 2018 iPad Pro). The tiny video controls in the bottom left are extremely difficult to hit, and I genuinely have no use of the new fast forward/back controls—the 15 sec skips forward/back were far faster and easier to use in practice. I appreciate some developers probably put a lot of work into what they thought would be good and useful features. I’m actually all for change and open to new interfaces, but I’m sorry to say this one has simply not turned out well. Please revert the interface for League Pass back to last year’s! It was honestly perfectly fine as it was..Version: 2007.5

Absolute rip-off in Canada, Customer Service Refuses Refunds forI bought this for my partner for Christmas so he could watch Raptors games, and EVERY SINGLE RAPTORS GAME has been blacked out for Canadian League Pass holders. Almost all other games have been blacked out, too. Basically useless unless you want to spend your life avoiding the internet and radio so you don’t see the score before the rebroadcast, this “pass” is NO ALTERNATIVE to TV or illegal live streams. Adding insult to injury, my partner had to take a three-week trip to the US and thought he could maybe watch Raptors games there and when he tried to, it seems the app is only usable in Canada. Except in Canada all the games are blacked out!!! An utterly useless app. I wish there was a way to get my money back!! Honestly, the NBA knows it has already sold exclusive broadcast rights—it’s a complete con job to sell this app as a way to watch live games online. And don’t believe the customer service responses on here telling people to change their reviews because they are cancelling and getting a refund. If you don’t realize you’ve been suckered within 7 days of purchase, you’re out of luck. expensive scam!!.Version: 2002.1

Was better beforeBefore the last update this app was the best source for NBA news in Australia! Now I’m left with Sportscentre (we all know what a joke that show is). Where is the direct feed into news stories. Finding out what Terrence Ferguson had for breakfast is not news. Get your act together, outside of the USA you’re probably the only news source we have. We depend on this app..Version: 1903.1

Amazing but.....I love the app it’s amazing and it does not freeze unlike most apps i have used but i hate that canadians are not able to watch all games that’s not fair because americans pay the same price as canadians but canadians can’t watch every live game but americans can that not fair if we are paying the same price and we can’t watch live games cause of blackout that should not matter i really hope u guys fix this and let canadians watch live games without blackout.Version: 2001.1

I can’t play pick emEvery time I try and make a selection for pick em or try to do the bracket challenge it makes me login again and once I log in it doesn’t register and does the same thing again and again..Version: 2006.1

Is somebody else watching??Keeps crashing whilst watching highlights saying that I am watching on another device. Then when I open I get a black screen. Have had to reinstall twice, and am writing this review whilst reinstalling a third time... Also, I like to watch the highlights on my iPhone to find out what happened in the game, hate reading the the blurb first to find out Kobe throws down a game winning dunk then to go on and watch it- why ruin the suspense? That's what we all watch basketball for, even if it is just the highlights..Version: 1.7

A step in the right direction...I feel like the devs for this app have grand ideas that are either being bottlenecked or overridden by execs. I like the new UI, but it seems like it’s trying to glitz and glamor us when all we really want is access to data and analytics. The single item I used the most, written recaps of each game published by the Associated Press every night a few hours after the games end, seems to be missing in favor of video recaps. Call me a boomer but I don’t want to watch a video to know how a game unfolded. If I want to see a play or an injury or a highlight, I’ll go look for it elsewhere in the app. Overall, the app performs admirably on my iPhone XS, and seems to be less buggy overall, but there are clear issues that need to be addressed (why do I have to scroll through the entire league of players to access Westbrook’s stats?) and a more cohesive index of the plethora of content needs to be readily available on start-up. And PLEASE tell me whoever was responsible for copy-pasting the AP recaps wasn’t fired or deemed unnecessary; I’m not kidding when I say those recaps were 90% of the reason I open the app every morning. :/.Version: 2007.3

Changed the scoring formatSays it in the title, i liked the old format much better. You could see more clearly as everything was bigger. Dont forget players pictures which are gone too..Version: 2007.5

It’s not got betterIt’s really hard to select the channel I want to watch, the pop up quiz is a terrible idea in every sense, the home page is a silly waste of time: there is a lot they could have improved, such as the replay 30 second thing, but they didn’t. So now there is even more they can improve. I really hate crappy upgrades, and this is a bad upgrade. It would be better if they just hadn’t bothered..Version: 1905.1

STOP TURNING A BLIND EYEFree Hong Kong.Version: 2006.1

The New Layout is AwfulPrior to the update, the layout of the app was much better. While the new layout is more modern, the issue I have is with box scores and individual player stats. Everything in the box scores is enlarged now, so you have to really scroll (up&down/side to side) to see everything in the box score, whereas prior to the update everything was a lot more compact and easier to see without having to scroll around. As for individual player pages, all it shows is PPG APG RPG. You have to click on a different page in order to actually see all of the player’s statistics, which again is a more complicated way of seeing things that used to be quick and easy..Version: 2007.2

DowngradeI should preface this review by saying that I use this app primarily as a way to look up player stats and watch league pass. I would assume that this is the case with most people, and that is why I am only going to talk primarily about those two features. This used to be a really great app.... I say used to be because the developers took everything that made the old app good (player profile page, ease of use, clean look, etc) and completely screwed it up. The player profile page used to be great. It had all the important stats, age, height, alma mater, etc. Now it’s a 1 inch line of useless junk followed by a bunch of spammy looking ads and videos all of which is showcased on an ugly white background that looks like something you would have considered second rate back in 2004... like first of all, after charging 200$ a pop for league pass that only has half the games on it, getting $2.66 billion a year from tnt, and charging ungodly amounts for in person tickets, I know there’s no way you needed to destroy this app just to sneak in a couple ad spots. NOBODY HAD ANY PROBLEMS WITH THE OLD APP....Version: 2007.4

Overall ok, but needs a lot of work.Specifically the player profiles. There should be no reason why I click on a player’s name to find out their info and only their picture and one small line of their current stats shows up and the rest is a random ad + huge list of random NBA videos. I liked the old way where it gave you all of their information: height, age, DOB, school, career stats + current stats. etc. I have to click on Advanced Stats, then find their “Profile”. There is nothing “Advanced Stat” about their height and DOB. I should be able to see that information on the first page. I understand putting their advanced stats on a separate page, but there shouldn’t be a 1 inch section dedicated to their whole profile and the rest is an ad and videos . The second biggest thing is searching for a player. Scrolling through an entire list of 400+ NBA players is exhausting..Version: 2007.3

Shouldn’t be so difficultI don’t there has been one time I used this app without an issue. I paid for the most expensive option so I can watch the games if I am traveling and there is always a problem logging on or the game starting. Today I am in Omaha and the app said die to location I can’t watch the orlando sure to set aside 3-5 hours for customer service. I can’t believe with the money the NBA makes, they can’t provide a better option to watch the games. Especially since we are paying to watch them. The connection with our tv provider Verizon fios is a constant problem as well. I have had to log in my tv provider info at least ten times. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. My son plays and it’s too bad that many of our friends and family do not buy a subscription because the app isn’t user friends and always has issue..Version: 2007.4

One star until bug fixedThere is no option to watch the full games after they have aired on the iPad app. This option exists on the IPhone and Xbox apps. As someone in Europe I need to be able to watch the next day or stay up to 3am. Please fix ASAP..Version: 2007.4

League pass viewing experience horrible this yearHard to follow the game, camera far too zoomed in.Version: 2007.5

PRIVACY CONCERN!!!Do not download this app! Since the update of iOS14 now I receive messages that the NBA app copies everything I have in my clipboard! I cancelled my subscription and removed the app. I can’t believe that for all these 4 years this app had been steal information from my iPhone!!.Version: 2006.1

Great to watch games you have no interest in.....If you want to watch your favourite teams... good luck, league pass is a joke. Any interesting games are blacked out and if you’re in Canada, I wouldn’t even buy this useless pass.. no refund, no playoffs, all star game... just blackout games.. (if you love seeing the blackout screen pop up on everything you try to watch, then this app is for you.).Version: 2001.1

Poor customer service....All you get is automated email and ticket once you request for canceling your subscription...emailed trice and yet no human response!.Version: 5.0604

Who does your highlights??????Seriously tho.. who actually puts the highlights section together? It was good for a short while and now it’s back to minimal highlights and half of them aren’t even showing the play they are supposed to be showing??!!! So annoying when you click on a play that’s says lebron lay up.. and all it shows it a Brooklyn possession and ends in a a Brooklyn 3 point shot.. seriously?????!! Does someone not check to make sure everything is as it should be? Or does no one actually care about the quality of the app? Poor effort.Version: 2002.1

App is twitchyPlease create a separate league pass app optimised for streaming video. Also please create the option to skip 10 seconds, rather than 30. Please streamline the interface to make it less cluttered with clearer click paths to get you to watch what you want (full game vs highlights).Version: 1910.1

No game recap??The app is mostly the same as the old one but one huge missing feature is the recap articles after every game. I used to read many of these each morning and it tells a more complete game than just looking at stats. Like did a player score all his points in one quarter? Was the game tight at the end? We’re their highlights/lowlights. So much more to a game than just score and stats and now I have to go elsewhere to get that which means I will use this app less than the old one. Couple of other issues many others mention like when the game says live but isn’t on for another 30 minutes. At this point I wonder why fix (aka screw up) what isn’t broken?.Version: 2007.4

Last version was much betterNot sure why this new version of the app comes with so many cut features, but it really hurts the overall experience the lead tracker on the game summary screen, the ability to check stats while watching a game, quick insights into completed games on the scores screen such as stand out stat lines or if a team overcame a large deficit or hit a game winner, all these features and more are gone. I just don’t see why they’d gut the app of all these useful features that gave greater insights into the league and individual games..Version: 2007.4

Flaw in League PassWatching games via league pass has 1 major flaw -> if a game is already in progress, you can’t watch it from the start. You either have wait for the entire game to finish or miss watching the first part of the game. This should be a pretty easy fix. Kayo and other sports streaming apps let you choose between “watch from start” or “watch from live”..Version: 2007.4

Box ScoreCan’t check the full box score at the moment which is really annoying. When I try to scroll down on a team’s box score it doesn’t let me and I am only able to see the first 5 starters and 6th man. Please fix!.Version: 1908.1

Blackout League PassBlackout League Pass should be the name. The new app even seems to detect VPNs, terrible...Version: 2007.3

Can’t play pick emWhenever I try to play nba pick em it asks for my email address and I type it in, but then it keeps asking for it every time I put in an awnser it asks for it again and never lets me awnser. I’m on iPhone 6 if that helps. Other than that great app to keep up with my team..Version: 2002.1

Charged for the nba league pass but cannot access my accountI was charged for my subscription to the NBA league pass premium but since then I can no longer connect to my account even if I update my password....Version: 2007.4

Loading up 👎🏻Once again, this app has stopped loading up. Gets to the title page loads up, about 1/5 of the way and then sits there. Stopped playing the last two seasons for the same reason. I have now missed three days of the all-star campaign as well. Disappointing, they still can’t get it right. I also checked with friends and loaded on to other devices. Same thing is happening to them.Version: 2002.1

My first App Store reviewCongratulations! This has to be a genius level scam. You charge a subscription fee and then block all of my teams games. Wow... just wow! The amazing team that developed this app must have had some crazy brainstorming sessions. “Hmm... what can we do to drive away our paying customer base. Let’s release an app that doesn’t work properly. Yup that should do the trick!” Great job you guys. Give yourselves a pat on the back because this fantastic new update is causing me to cancel my NBA league pass subscription. You disabled the ability to use a VPN and for some dumb reason you also disabled the mirror/airplay function. Who the heck wants to watch a game on their phone after paying for a premium subscription. If I’m paying for the service I should have the option to either watch on my phone or on my tv. But none of that matters because now that I can’t use a VPN, I can no longer watch home or away games because they are all blacked out. So what’s the point in paying for a service that you blocked all access to. The answer is none..Version: 2007.4

Extremely poor redesign of stats while streamingNew design is terrible for watching games on mobile... rather than the neat little row of headshots along the bottom with the players on the court’s key stats, the overlay of stats on the screen is a big box that now takes up 3/4 of the screen making the game literally unwatchable and rendering this feature completely useless.Version: 1910.1

Pitiful design evolutionAre you guys even basketball fans? Do you even use this app yourself? The quality and view of the box score makes or breaks a sports app. This version of your box score is your worst you've ever rolled out. Stop trying to simplify everything in a lame as attempt to bring in new fans while your pushing old fans away. Your so obsessed with making the app appealing to those new comers that your trading off core functions. Anything that is healthy will naturally grow. I've moved to another sports app cause of this version. I'm so keen to come back though once things improve.Version: 6.1102

Extremely disappointed. I regret payingLove being able to watch my team but don’t know why you can’t start a live game from the beginning once it’s started... Apparently, only if you have an Apple TV adapter are you able to start a live game from the beginning. Extremely disappointing that the developers of this app can’t get this resolved. By the time I get home from work, the game is already half way done and I just have to jump in wherever it is currently at... the game replay doesn’t come up until 30+ min after the completion of the game. That’s completely understandable, just not an option that works for me and i definitely will not spend money on a league pass again next year due to this simple issue. Has this been worth the investment... definitely not 👎🏼.Version: 2007.7

Some improvements, some downgradesThere are some improvements in the new design. There are some big downgrades too. Most of the reviews have covered the same flaws I have noticed. The one thing I wish you guys would bring back is the paid version. You used to be able to pay 10 bucks to remove ads and get audio to the games. Even if it was 10 bucks to remove ads I would do that in a heart beat. Ads makes the user experience pretty poor and pretty much botch the ux designers efforts to make a nice app. Also instead of overhauling the app every couple of years why don’t you just make the improvements everyone is asking for. I wouldn’t be hard to go through and pick out all the features everyone is requesting. Isn’t the app for US anyway? Not everything is negative, so thanks. Please listen..Version: 2007.3

NBA league pass CanadaDon’t wait your money, far to many black out games. If you are a raptors fan you won’t be able to watch a single game..Version: 2006.1

Ruined Player Profiles and Roster ScreenThe old app was just way more clean on the roster page and player profiles! First of all why does it look like each players picture was taken in 2006 being that blurry when you click on a player. Second why can I only see 3 of the stats when I go to a players profile when they used to all just be there. Third change it back it was a lot easier to use, less loading time when you want to see players stats. Instead of clicking to see stats we should click to see the videos because people want to see the stats, not the highlights from 5 months ago! This app has gotten worse since the update as it used to be better! Change the player profiles back! Please!.Version: 2007.3

TerribleIt’s terrible u pay for nothing, over half the games are in black out areas, so what’s the point.... Hey NBA if u want us to watch and make money u should at least make it so we can watch it, Over half the damn games are in black out zones so this app ain’t worth it.Version: 2006.1

Horrible experienceNba league pass member for years. Horrible customer service. Auto renewed league pass cancelled due to error on there end. Was told to re purchase at a higher price, promised a 20% refund. Once purchase had happened can no longer get a response from support. Have emailed numerous times. Carley from support not honouring her word. Expected from a Chinese company who supports child slavery and uyghur concentration camps. App makes it hard to Chromecast, streams are laggy and often grainy quality. No option to skip timeouts. Overall disgusted by the experience.Version: 2007.5

Can’t Get NotificationsGreat app but.... My notifications for the app is set to ”Allow” but your app keeps telling me to set them to “Allow” when I try to set notifications for a game..Version: 2006.1

Stupid questionsIt is so frustrating when you pay so much for a league pass and then the games are constantly interrupted by stupid questions that you can not disable. Especially now during the playoffs, if I want to answer stupid questions I’ll do it in my own time and not have half my screen covered while I’m trying to watch the game..Version: 1904.2

GIVE US AN OPTION TO DISABLE THE POLLSI am so annoyed at these pointless and stupid polls and quizzes, ESPECIALLY WHILE THE GAME IS ON! Please give us the option to disable them or at the very least have it disappear after 5 seconds. Sometimes I may be doing something where my hands are occupied so I cannot close the window myself. Please please give this option to your users and improve the user experience.Version: 1911.1

Just deleted the appMaybe if it’s more like a simple internet search for “nba” i.e. simpler, shorter to no ads; I would’ve rated it much higher....Version: 1904.2

Useless appThis year NBA restricted the amount of devices that can be watched at the same time down to one instead of multiple streams as it was last year and the year before when purchasing obe team or league pass and only can be used when coughing up 40 dollars for premium. Again making it hard for those who cant afford to pay the big bucks by limiting them to one stream at a time and siding with the ones who has the money. NOT FAIR AND NOT SMART. Bring back the multiple streaming for ALL PLANS. I have cancelled my subscription with you and going over to prime video at least it can allow two streaming at a time. Again not a good move.Version: 2007.6

Non responsiveSecond year as a league pass subscriber and there are still some basic issues with it. Once you play. A broadcast there are still issues with the app responding to touch on an iPad. You’re stuck. Can’t skip forward, pause, stop, get out of the game. Sometimes you can’t even select full screen. Another issue is with Apple TV. When you fast forward using the voice command it just goes back to the beginning of the broadcast, every time!!.Version: 1903.1

Some bugs in recent version. Using iOS 13App works as intended before but just recent update breaks the scrolling of the box score. I'm not 100% sure but it seems to break scrolling other tabs where it will scroll a little and then jumps back on top. iPhone 7 Plus iOS 13..Version: 1908.1

Sound falls behind.Hi Team, Whenever I watch a replay of a game, the sound always falls behind. It doesn’t matter whether I watch it directly from my iPhone, iPad or Apple TV or if I airplay it from my iPhone or iPad, it still happens. Please fix. It’s hard to get excited about the game when the sound falls behind. Thanks..Version: 2007.5

Warning NBAleaguepass payment scamBe warned. Don’t sign up for NBA League Pass unless you want £160 taken from your account 6 months after paying for a “weekend pass”. No warning and no authorisation needed apparently..Version: 1908.1

Fix the standings page on iosGlitches every time !.Version: 1903.1

ChromecastI don’t understand what’s going on with this app sometimes the Chromecast local comes up other times it doesn’t. Fix it ASAP.Version: 2007.5

PIP and Chromecast option not working with IPad Os 14As the title says, PIP and chromecast no longer work since updating my iPad. The chromecast button no longer appears as an option. **Found the fix for chromecast. iPad OS 14 Must change some permissions. On your iPad go to settings then privacy then local network. Enable the NBA app and chromecast should be available again..Version: 2006.1

TerribleCrashes multiple times a game, I can’t believe I pay for this service.Version: 1905.1

I liked the old app more, but it has potential.I’m assuming the app is still be tweaked and updated to work 100% smoothly. Every time I open the app I have to sign in, and I’m not receiving any of the notifications I’ve turned on. I turned on notifications for game starts of my favorite teams, but then I go to the game itself and it shows the notifications are turned off. So now I have to go through every game and turn on which ones I want to be notified about (we’ll see if I get the alerts tomorrow). It also took me a while to figure out why my League Pass subscription wasn’t working, and my NBA TV subscription still isn’t showing up. The previous app seemed more streamlined and easier to use..Version: 2007.3

The old app was so much betterI used to use the nba app daily to check box scores and game stats. The new box scores might look more modern but everything is enlarged to the point there is significantly less information on your screen than before. You’re stuck scrolling way too much. And if you scroll through one teams starters to see their bench stats, and flip to the opponents stats, it brings you to their bench and you need to scroll back up to see their starters. A minor issue but overall enough of a nuisance to where I’ll just check scores on a different app. Please bring back the old box score format..Version: 2007.4

Not HappyA league pass subscriber here in Canada. A waste of money. There's a lot of blackout games. Not worth it. Adds more stress. Money wasted... Disappointed & Lots of Regret... Can i still have a refund? Rarely watched not blocked games, bad matchups. Good matchups are on blackout. Haven't used this app much. Refund pls... 🙁.Version: 2001.1

PIP View & ChromecastI can’t seem to use chromecast feature anymore on the app- it seems completely replaced with airplay. Not cool, as it requires me to use another device just to watch games on my tv now. This existed throughout the season and suddenly it has been missing for the last few months. Support for PiP view for new iOS update would be great..Version: 2006.1

No Raptors orNational games from Bell or Rogers? Ripoff. I pay for Rogers, never for Bell. MLB has a better arrangement; even if no Blue Jays, anymore. I still get every other team..Version: 2004.1

Toronto Raptors 📻 feeds brokenI have League Pass premium. I have already cancelled my renewal. I will request a refund if the following is not fixed. Raptors broadcasts are shared i.e. switched back and forth between two networks/stations almost every other game. On the 📻 side when listening LIVE, the STATIONS are not switched in a timely manner: while the PRE-game show is going on you get the wrong station; sometimes well into the IN-game show it is still on the wrong station. You literally get the HOCKEY game while the BASKETBALL has started on occasion. When replaying the 📻 broadcast show AFTERWARDS the whole PRE-game show is missing - this makes zero sense. It can literally start mid-sentence, and between the stated TV time & actually tip-off broadcasters refer back to what was discussed in the half-hour PRE-game, as well as throughout the rest of the broadcast. They have been made aware of the problem. It is a fundamentally straightforward thing to understand AND TO FIX. This is NOT a feature request - I’m asking them to fulfill their obligation. I am paying for a Premium service which promises features which I have elsewhere, both paid and free. But I value the convenience of having this through one app and subscription. If I’m forced to continue going to legitimate feeds outside of the app & subscription, my choice will be to ask for a refund..Version: 2007.8

Unsolicited message displayedJust received unsolicited message from nba app! I deleted the app and reinstalled to see if it goes away. Looks like hacking! Otherwise the app is fine.Version: 1903.1

AnnoyedA lot of times, I’m using an app and I get a pop up asking for a review. I typically decline and continue about my business. I didn’t get that prompt from this app but I was so annoyed by it, I went to the App Store and found it to give this review. I’ll try to keep this short; I’d like to search players, not scroll through them. I’d like to see what games are currently on as soon as the app starts up. And when I do tap on “games” I’d like it to show me the current day. Not sure if this is the same developer for Roku but I don’t understand why I’m constantly looking at tomorrow’s date when I’m looking for games. It just doesn’t make sense..Version: 2007.3

Step In the Wrong DirectionI love NBA like many my gripe with this app is the constant app crashes or even during a live (or previously recorded) game I get pushed back to the home page. Come on man; I appreciate the vision, but there so many bugs in the system. I live in Atlanta, but get the notification that there’s a blackout game when I’m watching Detroit! Detroit wasn’t even playing Atlanta but I’m still receiving a blackout block!! I wish there was a refund process. An idea though; give a subscription option to view one team w/o commercials. If I don’t want commercials I have to buy the all NBA team pass, that’s not fair man..Version: 2007.5

DavidI don’t understand why this app was changed. When you update something it’s usually to add features to make something more user friendly. This update is the opposite. Now the settings icon and exit icon are overlaying the phones header in Portrait mode. Please fix. And I received a response from my first review. Thanks, but my question was never answered. Why are we no longer to see each quarters time in real time? Now it just shows the quarter. Seems to me like someone is focused on visual design more than user-friendly design. Please fix because overall I know people are working hard to design this app, but need to stop fixing something that is not broken.Version: 2007.4

It’s terrible. Why did I need to download this garbage?On iPad, this app won’t let me sign on with my tv provider, and it only works in landscape mode. The landscape issue is enough of a pain that if it’s not fixed I’ll cancel me league pass subscription. On iPhone, this app says that no content is available in my area. Essentially the new nba app gives me a welcome screen in different languages. So it’s bad enough I can’t watch games on my iPhone, I can’t even check scores. Overall, I hardly ever had issues for the past few years with the nba app. Now for this new season they require a new app and it’s pure trash..Version: 2007.3

Different layout glitchesWhen scrolling through the ‘box score” screen the page suddenly returns to the top and it makes it extremely annoying. Otherwise a good app..Version: 1908.1

Worst nba appI deleted this app because every video has at least 10 seconds of ad time, obviously they can’t live without advertisements. Personally hate ads like that. Oh well..... Please change... otherwise no one will watch the highlights one day :/.Version: 1812.2

Can’t rotate landscapeAfter the most recent update, getting tired of the NBA platform in general, couldn’t login to my account earlier in the month which took a week for support to resolve, tried to stream last night’s game on web browser, it hogs cpu/memory to a staggering amount, locks up the browser and fundamentally doesn’t stream (plays 1 second, buffers for 20 - just the nba site, other streaming platforms fine, 350mb fibre connection etc), switched to iPad to try there, can’t rotate the screen so it’s essentially upside down so I can’t prop the iPad up to watch. The option to hide scores apparently isn’t synced across platforms (who knows why seems like pretty basic stuff), so after setting it twice in quick succession on the website and the iPad app, I’ve opened the iPhone app to have the game ruined anyway as the score is there front and center and the option to hides scores is of course disabled. Xbox app whilst recently updated was shocking for the longest time, development across the board just seems poor, constantly find myself frustrated just trying to fundamentally use the service I’m paying for (I don’t need surveys and fancy stats, I just want to watch the game and struggle to do that half the time lately) if I’m not wrestling with one ridiculous problem I’m finding another. Likely cancelling subscription..Version: 2007.5

BadThe latest version is crashing after 5 seconds on iPad.Version: 5.0403

Keeps crashingI can't load the app. It keeps crashing..Version: 5.0922

Recent changes make the app really inconsistent?I don’t know what changed in the last month, but it’s become so difficult to scroll through players stats when looking at the games. It often doesn’t let me scroll all the way across to see FG%, PF’s, TO’s etc. additionally it doesn’t easily let me scroll downward either to see more than 5-6 players who have played in a game. Also, why would you reset the screen rotation, to normal portrait when the phone is upside down? If the game is being watched in landscape, whilst also being on the top-side screen facing downward, the app simply just resets to portrait mode (normal side up) - which then becomes upside down. The example would be lying in bed, lying on my side watching the game in landscape, and also the top of my phone being upside down, and the app forces the game to rotate to normal portrait mode - so annoying!.Version: 1908.1

Glitchy appDoesnt let me scroll down the box score very annoying.Version: 1908.1

Horrible service1. They charge for the subscription and then you have to wait a day to get your game credits and blame it on “Apple process time” while also tell you to contact Apple yourself to sort it out. 2. If you have 8 game credits saved like I did, the season is almost done and you stop the subscription - THEY TAKE THE CREDITS AWAY !!! Basically they love your money but will not improve their product or let you watch the games you paid for because you are not subscribed. This is like the baker coming over to take back the bread you bought from him because you did not eat it in time..Version: 1905.1

Needs a start from beginning option.When you can’t get to a live game on the exact tip off time and you want to watch it from the beginning there is no option for this while it’s playing live. It’s frustrating because you don’t want to watch a game half way through. I’m using it on the mobile app..Version: 1910.1

Too many ads30 seconds ad to view a 1 mi ute video. I’ve stopped using this.Version: 1903.1

Canadians - DO NOT BUYUpdate: The developers are aware of the blackout issues Canadians experience, yet have made no meaningful steps to (1) raise awareness of the known limitations to Canadians (2) adjust the dollar value of the available subscriptions given the known limitations (3) provide reasonable alternatives in lieu of addressing point 2. The lack of care and concern herein over Canadian viewership is highly disheartening given the NBA’s global status & recent massive uptick in Canadian popularity given Canada’s recent championship victory. Let’s see some action to make the value of these subscriptions reasonable to Canadian viewers, developers! These reviews come from a handful: how many other fans have been disappointed by this inattention? If this app is the best way to watch the NBA (and it should be), that’s what we want to be able to fully experience. Original review: The amount of blackout games (unavailable to Canadian viewers) is absolutely insane. Bought the full league pass to watch “as many games as you like,” which is maybe - MAYBE - 50% of all available games. It seems like it would be valuable, but you’re much better off spending your money elsewhere. It’s extremely disappointing that the league is unable to better support Canadian viewers..Version: 1912.1

BlackoutsI purchased the League Pass to watch a specific team play and was really excited to think I would be able to watch all the games as My household doesn’t have traditional television services. Instead we use apps (Netflix, HBO, etc). This at first seemed to be a perfect fit. However after $89 we learned that in addition to the blackouts, games on NBA TV can’t be watched. It is a separate subscription. I either could pay an additional $40 (on top of the $89) or wait 3 hours after the game is over to watch...seriously? Why sell a package for a specific team for season if that really isn’t what you are selling. Poor marketing. I still love my team but feel misled by the marketing. On another note the customer service was efficient by telephone in canceling my subscription. Thank you for at least having a good exit strategy..Version: 2007.5

How did you break rotation on iPad this badly?!Rotation on iPad is absolutely broken. If you rotate the device it refuses to rotate back so you can’t stand the device up to watch games. The only way to fix this is to completely close the app and start again... Video and sound is constantly out of sync when watching games especially live games. It seems to be worse if you’re using a chrome cast (which drops out all the time). Also it says on your website that All Star voting is available in the app but it doesn’t say WHERE... Only to find out it’s buried in one of the random scroll bricks (and not even one of the immediately visible ones). This is just poor design, full stop! I don’t understand how the app gets updated as frequently as it does yet some of these issues have been around for months now!!.Version: 2007.5

Decent.This app is decent for NBA Enthusiasts. I feel as though some parts of the app become cluttered and seem a bit too packed with information rather than nice colours overlooking little texts and lots of highlights. The NFL app is better, learn from them. Decent nevertheless just needs some improvement and less text, more HIGHLIGHTS!!.Version: 2007.4

Waste of moneyIf you live in Canada do not buy. You cannot watch anything live. They charge you 150$ for nothing. I can watch the full games sure afterwards. But what’s the point of paying that kind of money for a app that doesn’t even let me watch it live. How the “NBA” app doesn’t have access to THEIR OWN GAMES LIVE is beyond me. Do not waste your money on this please. They renewed my subscription without me noticing, so I got one more year of this hell, but they will never be getting my money again and I will never tell anyone to get this app or pay for this subscription. I will go out of my way to make sure it is never bought by anyone I know who cares about basketball. This app is a scam!.Version: 2007.4

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a NBA: Live Games & Scores customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using NBA: Live Games & Scores.

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