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DoubleDown™ Casino -Slots Game Positive Reviews

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DoubleDown™ Casino -Slots Game app received 141 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about doubledown™ casino -slots game?

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GameWhy is the game not working .It goes right thru to the end when u start but when you push the game you want to play it doesnt work awesome games.Version: 3.2.1

Best slot gamesMassive wins, great casino games.Version: 4.5.52

Totally absorbingSpend many a happy sometimes frustrating hour ...particularly in lockdown. Frank A.Version: 4.5.66

Barb SeniorLove playing double down. The games are great and you always a more wins than any other games So that always makes me happy and want to play pretty much most days. Keep goi g size it’s great 🌺👍🏼.Version: 4.5.34

Do you care about all the complaints? Every 10 hours you get free coins. CHEAP.You can not win anything any more. Past 4days I’ve bought 3,000,000 coins x 2. That’s 6,000,000 coins betting the 2nd or 3rd lowest amounts, just to be able to continue playing, just for enjoyment. Played about 4 hours total, now broke. Daily bonus gives You the smaller amount also. 50,000 a day. You are too generous. I’ll save my money and play longer on other free sites, not the games I like, but I’ll adjust, and continue to visit and see if you loosen up on the games. I used to play hours on this site, got my family on it too. I don’t know what happened. Thank you hopefully for at least reading my thoughts..Version: 4.5.7

Level upCan you tell me why love been stuck on level 16 for the last 4 5 years I play regularly but don’t seem to be getting anywhere.Version: 4.5.35

LobstermaniaExciting!!.Version: 4.5.80

Love Double Down CasinoThanks for helping me keep entertained during this trying.Covid times. Truly enjoy so many of the slots it’s hard to choose which one to play! Thanks again! Christine!.Version: 4.5.80

SuperSuper jeux.Version: 4.5.38

Free chips used to get themUsed to get free chips in my email.Version: 4.5.35

RatingGreat fun,.Version: 4.5.80

Doubledown CasinosBeen playing various slots, mainly Sunken Treasure - real fun, everything I've played; continuing updates, new slots all make the experience real fun. Play Pharoah's Fortune a lot, too, really like it..Version: 4.5.11

Double DownVery exciting brilliant graphics very good bonuses jolly good fun love the excellent sound effects keep the good work super.Version: 4.5.83

Great gameGreat game and lots of fun. The dogs are just adorable!!.Version: 4.5.80

Takes back daily bonusAlmost every day after receiving daily bonus the game takes it back on first spin of a game ?? Why ??.Version: 4.4.3

AddictiveI have been playing these game's for years and cannot stop playing them.Version: 4.5.80

Fun games but the credits run out fast.Thanks for the daily free chips..Version: 4.1.4

TournamentI love playing double down I win I lose but it’s not my money The only thing missing is the tournament I did enjoy playing them it was even more fun.Version: 4.5.3

Double downFavorite casino!!!.Version: 4.5.80

Why are payoffs so lousyI have been playing DD for about 15 years. They are the best app on the market because they have soooooo many games which are fun. However, after playing for years and years (and I play for 2+hours in a day) I’m still at level 11. How does that work. I have 2 devices that I play on. One device is STILL at the lowest diamond and my other is at the 2nd diamond. Maybe some people have endless hours in a day to do nothing but play DD. I however do not. The bonus’s are very few and far between and when you get one, the payouts are really low. Like one review said, this is not for real money so why make the payouts so ridiculously low. Yes, I’m still playing but it’s getting more and more frustrating..Version: 4.5.29

HogGhg.Version: 4.5.23

Double down CasinoI love the game although I enjoyed playing the Tournaments which now missing. Please bring them back..Version: 4.4.9

DoubleDownMy wife an I have been playing DoubleDown for 12 years now and we find it quite interesting . Could pay out a little more. They make changes at times that don’t even out with the betting . Still a lot of fun, thanks !.Version: 4.5.80

❤️❤️❤️ Double Down Casino!!I totally recommend it to all my friends & families on FB! I look forward to playing it every day when I'm free! My fav game is Davinci Diamonds & Hot Tamales.Version: 4.1.4

GreatBest casino on line.Version: 4.5.80

Supers bon jeux merciMerci.Version: 4.5.80

My viewGreat way to pass the time Hey gives you an idea what would happen if you were gambling for real money.Version: 4.5.80

DDC have the best gamesMy favourite casino games. Free chips and great daily bonuses. New games coming out frequently. I have been enjoying some good wins lately. Very addictive games. I couldn't be bothered playing any other casino games as Double Down have the best games. Thanks DoubleDown.Version: 4.5.12

Rate gameThis is one of the worst games on the internet pays nothing could play for an hour and loose all the credits, would never recommend to anyone.Version: 4.5.7

DisappointmentSome time ago you deleted my favourite game, European Vacation. It was brought back again for a short time and was once again deleted. Why was this? Many of the games that have been introduced since this occurrence are 2nd rate at best. My initial 4 star rating was based on this game and l am afraid my rating has dropped to 3/5, l rarely play DDC these days as a result. Other than this l have found it to pay out reasonably well on the few games l do play and l was fortunate enough to have a decent jackpot win not too long ago. Please allow me to delete games l do not like and bring back games l do enjoy playing..Version: 4.5.35

Double Down GamesLove playing these games - like how you often add new ones to play..Version: 4.5.68

Great ApplicationI have had so much fun and wasting time playing on double down casino! In the 14 months I’ve been playing I’ve only bought chips three times just for the offer being presented. I am still playing with the original 10,000 dollars in chips when I first downloaded this application. Their support center is excellent; always correcting issues with minutes to under 24 hours. If the system fails in some manner and it affects your game play or loss of chips they reimburse you the amount lost and most times throw in a chips for a bonus for the inconvenience the down time effected you. They are always offering new gams to play, so you have a steady supply of games on hand, and they implement holiday centered games during those particular seasons. My favorite slot comes out during Halloween season and I spend hours playing. You will not be disappointed in this application. It’s absolutely fantastic!!!.Version: 4.5.7

AddictiveFantastic options and no pressure to use the in app purchases.Version: 4.5.34

DisgraceJust won 2 million chip and did not receive them🤔.Version: 4.5.3

Not HappyI have also played your games for over 10years, and have never won a jack pot, This is very disappointing and I sometimes just give up, But it is very good fun, I wish you would lower your expectations so we could all have a good win now and again.Version: 4.5.68

Games on this program.Seems interesting games hope they continue and they give frequent rewards.Version: 4.5.60

Good fun at homeGreat.Version: 4.5.80

Love it.Great casino.Version: 4.5.56

RESOLVED. What is going on? Repeated Dropped connection!Below is my original complaint. I commend Double Down for quickly responding through several emails and asking for a screen shot of my info. They also provided apology and explanations. Therefore I can upgrade the review to 4 stars. Since mid-June 2020, when playing the Journey challenge, going through various levels, I REPEATEDLY get a “connection lost, reconnect to the server” message during the games. Each time I reconnect, I get a few spins, then it disconnects again and again during the same game. Sometimes it lets you go back to where you left off, but twice it restarted and I lost all my points. I used to play this app often, but it has become so aggravating, I reported it to the developer and got no response. That is why it is getting only 1 star until the problem is fixed. NOTE: It is not my connection or WIFI, no other game loses a connection EVER. Also, I seldom write a review for bad apps, I just delete them..Version: 4.5.60

ReviewGreat games lots of fun but would be nice to have credits for watching a video or shorter timed wheel spin like other sites..Version: 4.4.9

Rated low at the momentFor goodness sake can you reprogram the game Siberian storm so it gives you some more chances at bonus games. It has been a joke all week. It is a great game but it very rarely gives you a good payout. Bonus games are minimal. Would like to see more payouts to make it more enjoyable..Version: 4.5.22

Not consistentWould like to at least play longer for free, and definitely longer when I’ve paid!!!! Vert rarely get big wins! It’s a game make it more fun! Thank you for the improvement! Finally enjoying all the wins ! Hope it continues!.Version: 4.5.80

Sucks like most casino gamesIf you don’t spend money to buy coins. The game lasts for about 1 minute. You get the usual 75,000 on the daily spin. Minimum bet is usually 10,000 so you basically get 7 spins a day. Oooohhh what fun.Version: 4.5.22

Funnnnnnn 1112Much better under Facebook. More fun!!.Version: 4.0.3

Definite Negative ChangesI’ve played Double Down for years now and while the slots are enjoyable and realistic, I’ve experienced obvious changes in how the games pay off. Periodically a big win comes along, but never enough to build chips. Even 600,000,000 chips, which can set me back $200, will drain in less than a day betting only a couple hundred thousand a play. The biggest change I experience is in Bonus payoff. More than 60% of the time, the bonus may pay off less than the initial bet, or even 0 chips. This is a new experience compared to last year and not a fluke. I also observe that times of the day pay off differently. Definitely not random. Very discouraging. I’m ready to delete the game..Version: 4.5.16

Very goodVery good.Version: 4.5.60

Double downInjoyable.Version: 4.2.2

High limit clubIt’s strange how you set up your big wheel to take millions and I mean millions to be able to spin the big wheel in hope you can try to win Hey DoubleDown it is what it, I been playing doudown for many years I remember that it first came out well I love the app I refuse to play any other slots that are on the market I have introduced doudown to a lot of people family friends and I will always have love for this app I said it and it was I feel I have to know how much money you can get away with which machine give and which don’t but that’s the name of this game if you want to win you have to play it if u loose get more if u loose again get some more coins it will pay you but you have to play it that’s my 15 or 20 years I have been playing doudown good luck players.Version: 4.5.75

AddictiveI actually love this app, been to Vegas many times and the sounds and graphics are spot on, can I remind the people who are moaning about this app ——- it is totally free, don’t bother buying credits. On second thoughts, they just asked me to agree to new terms of contract which I did, my 69 million credits were wiped out, App now deleted..Version: 4.5.23

LOVEHow do you measure love. By many things such as how much you like things or how much you LOVE something. Well this 81 yr old/young lady gets so much enjoyment from DD. Thank you so much. Play hours & hours every day. 😍😍🥰🥰.Version: 4.5.80

So far so goodNo problems so far, kinda hope for an update, some of the slots look out dated.Version: 4.5.12

Double DownI really enjoy most of the slots😊.Version: 4.5.80

AwesomeLove the slots on here... Just wish there were more chips to play with...once a day makes you wonder if it's worth it..Version: 3.6.9

LossI love playing, but often am not given my daily payout! Why?.Version: 4.5.64

Great gameHave been loyal fan for years always great new games and realistic chances and doesn't just cater for players with a credit card.Version: 3.4

Gone to the dogs!This used to be a great app.... before ‘they’ took over. They manipulate the spins. They games are now rubbish. Been playing this for nearly 5 years... now I’ve been on level 16 for 2 of them! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY HERE! Five Star Fail.Version: 4.5.15

Double down casino,,,,Great game really like playing it but sometimes the credits run out fast, please add more free credits. Best game love to play longer..Version: 4.5.7

Log outsI have had a lot of trouble with this game. When I play, it rolls. And rolls and logs me out. I have to log back in and it rolls me out again. I have noticed this when I play games I have played before and won on and so I bet higher amounts it logs me out more often. This is so infuriating. I truly believe that this game is monitored and if you win it makes sure you do not win again. and NO this is not my internet connection.! I have high speed internet! I love this casino, because it has great games. But, unfortunately, I think it only is a scam. Everything else I play or do, I dot have this problem, unless it is one of the newer games. There is no monitory gain. This is for enjoyment only. But, how can you enjoy something that logs out all the time?.Version: 4.5.34

Double DownDouble Down you have this cool game Down yer.Version: 3.6.3

Great but .Brilliant game lots of good slot just not enough free chips even on the daily bonus. When you do finally get a stack up they go so fast due to bad pay outs and far between bonuses.Version: 4.5.27

Shot for the game mean as broClassic good games.Version: 4.5.3

LindaI have been to Vegas many times so these slots bring back happy memories for us..Version: 4.5.80

Love this game however..Hi I absolutely love this game and I play it everyday! However I was completing the daily challenge for today that included playing the “pixies of the forest” slots and the game crashed after I had received the free spins and was receiving over 1mil coins. I have a brand new iPad that I play on and my game has never crashed on it. It was very disappointing considering how invested into this game I am and how big of a win I was getting. The past couple days I haven’t been winning anything whatsoever and the slots just take all of the daily bonus money that I get. Because of this it is causing me to play the game much less. Overall I love the game but I am very disappointed over the amount of money that I was receiving and was not awarded..Version: 4.5.71

Not happyNever enough coins to play with. Your games eat it up so fast. Not enough bonus rounds to keep it going and when you finally get one it doesn’t pay anything. The amounts on the wheel are way to low. You never hit the big ones. Sometime I only get to play 15 minutes in a day then my coins are gone. I have never been able to max bet, my coins would be gone in one spin. There needs to be more perks to win more coins. Getting really frustrated always being out of coins. Enjoy playing your games but don’t feel I should have to buy coins constantly to play them. Won’t buy anymore until you start giving back. If it doesn’t change then I will make the chose to not play at all..Version: 4.5.43

Fair gamesDoubleDown games submit a reasonable return and are fun to play. Being able to get coins from game hunters is a plus in my book. Jang789.Version: 4.5.23

Used to be...This used to be a good game to play - the games used to be fun used to play for hours Too many times the daily spin re-set back to 1, very frustrating These apps are all the same try to make games flashy go back and just make them fun! Rarely play anymore Very disappointing.Version: 4.5.61

DoubledownGreat, all the games work, loading is a bit slower than some but it's got got great selection.!!.Version: 3.4.9

Great funGreat fun.Version: 4.5.80

GamesWhy did u delete the horescope game it was a lot of fun please consider bringing it back.Version: 4.5.64

It’s okay.I have played for a couple years and one thing I noticed is, that, if your winning, keep playing a bit. If not, don’t waste your time. It does seem as others suggested, that they turn the winnings off sometimes and then back on at others. Just be smart, pay attention and don’t bother thinking “well, I’ve invested or played this long, so my luck will soon change and I will get a big payout”, because it won’t. If you are loosing after 20-30 spins and only winning small amounts, then stop playing. I do enjoy playing, I just try to play smart. So far it has worked pretty good for me. For the most part I have been steady climbing in the money. Also, if you are winning try better a little bigger. The other thing I have noticed is, that at different betting $amounts, sometimes, on the same slot, I can win at different bet amount. Good luck and I hope this might help someone. I do agree, the payout winnings, over all could be much better..Version: 4.5.74

DoubleDown casinoI really like this game I liked it a lot better when they had the tournaments but still like it.Version: 4.5.59

AwesomeGreat fun , Great wins...🌅🌹.Version: 4.5.80

Disgusting returns -Worst application available - complete rip off. How can u spend millions upon millions of chips and get nothing in return?? Sort this out - too many complaints - wins are pathetic - listen to your customers!!!!.Version: 3.2.1

Slow to loadThe app is slow to load on my iPad 2. It also keeps crashing..Version: 4.5.64

DoubleDownI have been playing this game for years now and it still keeps getting better well done DoubleDown.Version: 4.5.68

Double downHas anyone experienced while playing the classic slots game that it has not been giving the extra spin feature when it retriggers. Darn annoying I have been getting that a lot and I don't think it's fair. I think it maybe a technical problem , might have to find some other casino site instead me thinks..Version: 1.0

FunI have played double down for years , I absolutely love all the games and get so excited every time a new game , my favourite game is super piggy.Version: 4.5.60

Fun for nothing.I enjoy playing your games. Yes I have a favourite but it’s all fun and at no cost to me. I can’t get the big sum of money I have but it’s not like playing and losing my money. Thank you..Version: 4.5.56

M HollywoodBe much better rating, if the slots paid out a little better, don’t need all the comments about regulated. They were much much better a few year back, supposed to be a free game but def not . You get a few chips built up them lose them all again, wether you play small or big. I like the game but gets so frustrating ..Version: 4.2.2

Giving upon get sick of having to reboot nearly everyday.I have played this game for about a year and several times I have lost my credits, today I have lost them again so loging out and not coming back. Don't play others have had the same trouble..Version: 4.2.6

LosingGreat fun when playing, but lose most times, which is not fun.Still lots of fun games..Version: 4.5.80

Double Down CasinoListen Double Down, this app is not doing what it's supposed to.. You use your Apple Store credits to buy into this game, but instead your game just takes.. I had 290,000,000 (million) I had built up in credits, logged out and when I logged in again it's all gone.. What are you doing there ripping your customers off.. Either you re-instate my credits and change this game, or I'll make it my mission to have your app removed from the Apple Store, and Facebook....Version: 3.5.1

Love itI love this app. Just one thing is annoying. They send you notifications with gift credits and then this “load failed” happens..Version: 4.5.38

DoubledownBarely any bonus rounds..Version: 4.5.80

It’s funBut lost my chips hard to win them back.Version: 4.5.80

Doubledown casinoReally love it . But I have a notification on my iPhone app I cannot get rid of .. But everything else fabulous.Version: 2.1

Lots of funRecommend this app for people who enjoy playingcasino slot games.Version: 4.5.29

Wild furyThis game was so much fun, I really enjoyed it. Thanks.Version: 4.5.60

VarietyLots of different types and styles to play..Version: 4.5.80

Free spinsI receive an email today again for 30 free spins but after 1 spin it shuts off. When I go back to pick it up a notice says you have already used this so it’s lost. I always have loved double down it’s my favorite game. Another thing is I get the two of the same notifications for free points and can I can only use one so why two? I always go back can’t find a game I love the same. I tried to collect two days on 30 spins. Again I was knocked off and when I went back to the email it said you have already collected. I don’t think it is my server as I changed to fiber optic and it is suppose to be better. Again today I received another free spin and shut down after two spins. As far as journeys it is a failure when you get to the third day you can’t get past. I tried twelve times wasted my money on the losing game maybe more. Can’t win. Loser..Version: 4.5.74

Good to pass the time.A change from reading a book to pass the time..Version: 4.5.63

SlotsLove em even the bonus spins not sure why I seem to lose 200k every day I do the daily spin the total comes up then go to a game I have lost 200k has been happening for over 3 months why does this happen.Version: 4.2.2

RoseUsed to be really good. Now its dead boring. Love (not) how the wind up music to bonus rounds plays AFTER you see you've missed out AGAIN! I'm outta here .....Version: 3.2.1

GreatAwsome game for awsome people, love to get the free bonuses..Version: 4.5.34

IGT GamesIGT games have wonderful graphics and the game action is fun to watch, but the bonus are almost non-existent they are so far apart. Also the winnings are small and doesn't allow any real buildup so you can do higher bets unless you want to continually buy coins. If that's the purpose it's done, but the majority of people that would play the games won't do that. There are too many other apps with better winning amounts and frequencies. Lobsterman, Hot 7's, Mermaids and Red Hot Tamales are just a few that are this way, unfortunately they are the ones I like the most. Could be made a much better app. Game will say you have 1024 ways to win, but your winnings are usually only a fraction of your bet so you are still losing just slows it down a little. Hope you fix things better soon..Version: 4.1.4

KookamingaKowabunga.Version: 4.5.80

💯Waste of time👎🏻🧠You won’t win, if you do you’ll lose your winnings.😔 I have been reluctantly reinstalling this app every couple months and 🤫building up the free coins they give each time to about 2-3 million, then Poof💨💸 gone without the satisfaction of winning.😱 Every time, same deal. 🤔You might get very lucky to hit big, 😂but you will lose it fast.🤨 The games are authentic casino games, I suppose it’s why they don’t let you win. I Always end up irritated,🤬👉🏻 deleting the app soon after downloading. It just leaves me disgusted🤮 and more disappointed with every chance I give. I would not waste a rusty dime on this pathetic game, and is probably the last time I delete it☠️RIP. Five stars for getting me to download it so many times🙄 Sorry Double Down🤣 you’re the loser now.💯👋🏻.Version: 4.5.3

Double down fanI love this game, I didn't even want to take time out from playing to write this review...just want you all to know its awesome :) this is the best game out there and they give tons of free gifts, big 5 stars.Version: 4.5.38

DoubleDownLove it I play every day, also love the free coins..Version: 4.5.80

Mike MooreI have. Been playing these games for 10 years and continued to get great pleasure,coupled. With some good. WinsThanks for the games.I am nearly 80 years old. Farmermike4 Thanks for the chips and great games Ihave witnessed the changes over the years and give you full marks for the graphics and choices of games,thank you Farmer mike 3.Version: 4.5.63

ReviewJust never enough coins and when they say Facebook connect give up the coins when you do.Version: 4.5.16

Yay bugs fixedFinely the connection is working even before with an wireless its kept loosing connection good on you guys but tell me why the heak i i cant get my free spins this needs to be sorted out also would like to sea the coins for prizes feature included in the game brady buch on the computer face book is great and you win far more cash there this needs to be added in to the mix then ill give the game an 5 star raiting.Version: 1.2

CasinoVery cool game.Version: 4.4.9

Double down casinoWhy can’t I get it to open, just will not connect..Version: 4.2.6

New Games???I enjoy playing this slot game even though the wheels don’t hit very often. WHY are all the new games for the high roller room only. I would surely like to play some new games..Version: 4.5.64

Winner winner chicken dinnerLoving this app so far.Version: 4.5.2

Great SiteI love these games, just like real Vegas slots and with all the free chips you can enjoy without spending if you choose..Version: 4.5.72

Great GameLove playing Doubke Down Casino it’s my go to game when I want to relax.Version: 4.5.64

ThanksMany happy hours spent on here.Version: 4.5.82

AwesomeJust more fun than any others so far..Version: 3.4.5

Nice varietyFun fun fun.Version: 4.5.80

Best casino appI give this app 5.5 it’s just perfect in every way.Version: 4.5.51

What did you think you were doing? It's gambling.I was randomly reading lots of reviews for your game. They seem to be consistently negative. I have to wonder what all these folks thought they were doing by giving you money and expecting to get something other than what they purchased. You are buying the tokens to play the game. You are buying a chance to win. You are not buying jackpots. It would not be a game if you could buy jackpots. It would not be gambling. The one thing DoubleDown promises is delivered: a casino experience. The games are generally the same as you can find in casinos. The amount of credits you win or lose is roughly the same as you find in casinos. One thing DDC does that casinos do not do is give away several million credits to every player, every day. If you want to have billions of credits, you're probably out of luck. But those credits are without value. You gain no status from being a DDC BAZILLIONAIRE. Enjoy the game, you're likely to lose, spend your real money on something more important..Version: 4.5.61

TerribleI bought 200pound of chips and everyone win big and me well that’s another story I think this all a fix I always spend lots of money here and never get to play more than two days I lose cause I don’t get big win I do love this game but its not fair.Version: 4.5.87

Slots never hit a winWaited several weeks after getting this app before writing a review so I could pinpoint the likes and dislikes of it: the games are some of my old favorites and I was excited to play them. The problem is the bonuses are virtually nonexistent and when you get one it does not pay anything, the daily free coins are very small, basically only enough for 10 spins on a slot. I understand that the designers of this app want to make money but this casino game is so tight that it is not fun at all. If you love to buy coins only to have them never give you a win then this is the app for you. If you love the excitement of bonuses and big wins then stay away from this app. Also, try to rate this app negatively and it will not allow you to post..Version: 4.5.2

Boom💥 this game is on fire call the fire department because otherwise the heat will get to much and old people will start to die 💥.Version: 4.2.6

Great fun....butGreat fun because these are real slots that you find in real casinos! real casinos the odds of keeping your credits are extremely low! I’ve been playing this casino since they first began.....also have deleted it numerous times. I’ve purchase credit packages numerous times(always the $100 packages), and lost all my credits many many times. It took me a while to come to the realization that those $100 purchases would return far greater rewards in real casinos through free play, free rooms, free food...etc.....BUT I still continue to download this casino over and over again....go figure! Still overall this is one of the best online casinos to play for the shear fun of it(although there is an online casino that gives you rewards that you can use in real casino...can’t say the name but it has a famous lion as its logo). TRY IT...YOULL GET HOOKED ON DOUBLE DOWN!.Version: 4.5.28

Great wins todayI just finished my game on Classic Slots 2. Just like the old days when I started playing in 2012. I had lots of fun. Thanks for keeping the oldies. ❤️.Version: 4.4.9

SICK OF LOSING!!! DISGUSTING!!!Disgusting!!!!! Spent mass amounts of money & finally realized I will never be ahead or actually win. Every 25 spins you'll win small amt. if your not out of money. Long ago you'd win a bit of play & maybe a nice jackpot. Now, the game has become greedy & shuts down frequently or reels spin strangely??? Honestly, I win more at a real casino! Beware... stay away... I never rate apps but this is pure robbery. I would rate this app with zero stars however I am forced to select one in order to submit this review. This game gets worse & worse. Took away tournaments & all they want is $$$$. So so so BAD. Games are suppose to be enjoyable this is the complete opposite. People claiming to be winners have to be fake. Total lies & just NOT FUN!!!!!.Version: 4.5.3

Free spinsI do love playing does seem a bit lousy when you use 1-2 million then finally get bonus spins and the amount is only equivalent to a couple spins anyway I always stop playing when this happens.Version: 4.5.70

Double downGood game but hard to get features or bonus.Version: 3.7.10

Casino Double down-slotsAwesome games.Version: 1.3

Such fun!!!I love the games.Version: 4.5.80

Double Down Casino.I’ve been with Double down for a lot of years now and absolutely love it. Always enjoy the great games and generous bonuses. You’re never getting rid of me😊❤️💕.Version: 4.5.27

Double DownSometimes a long time between wins.Version: 3.6.5

Double downAwesome to play it’s feels like ur in front of a a lot machine with the way it pays out.Version: 4.5.27

Double downIs a great casino to play every day...Version: 4.5.59

A lot of moneyI play this game everyday but it is very expensive. The machine pays and for a long time you get nothing. I have a hard time to have fun..Version: 4.5.59

Every DayI play everyday and love this game. Loads of choices to play and I try a different one everyday but still have my favourites..Version: 4.5.58

Very goodThe best 👍🏼.Version: 4.5.80

No more fun they took away tournament slot playI have been playing double down slots for over 5 years for the most part I loved playing my favorite fame was the slot with the leprechaun with pots of gold in the bonus round but they took that one away and never brought it back Then I discovered tournament slots which I loved and played daily. I even purchased chips often. It is a fun way to play 5million tournament entry to play for big jackpots without going broke. Now they have taken that too. For the most part they have changed the slots you don’t get to a bonus round often and you loose more then almost every spin they allow you to win in very small amounts you can spin a million a spin and you are lock your spin will get you a few hundred thousand. I rarely play now and keep my money..Version: 4.5.7

Double DownAwesome game to play, with luck an a bit of patient you can win big! Be warn this DD is addictive 😃😃.Version: 3.5.1

Double downFantastic game.Version: 4.5.80

Amateur slotsIt's official this app is now named "Double Down and Out Rip Off Artists".Version: 3.6.1

GreatGreat fun.Version: 4.0.3

Double Down CasinoLove this app - I love to play blackjack and this is pretty realistic. Not so lucky on the blackjack tournaments but I play jacks or better tournaments and win quite a bit. I commented earlier about not being able to see results on the tournaments and they have fixed that and you can check your results now so that's great. And they give you a daily spin for $ so unless you just go overboard on your bets, you stay ahead and they don't bug you with a lot of ads. I would recommend this app if you like casino games, it's great Adding to my original review. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of “taking longer than usual, return to lobby or keep spinning” This happens after you bet 1K or more and you don’t get the$ back and later results show you lost even tho you didn’t even get the chance to play. I still love this app but it is aggravating.Version: 4.2.5

Great gameAll the games are fun. A lot of slot machines but the blackjack dealer has the most luck I have ever seen. Good fun.Version: 3.3.9

Double downExcellant grafics and great music and pays exiting playing rate it ten out of ten.Version: 3.9.3

MicronI always play the slots,and many times the payouts are very bad.I have been on here a number of years now and the payouts have got worse.Version: 4.5.59

Double DownJust starting! Looks interesting so far..Version: 4.5.1

CasinoBEST GAME EVER. In fact I've deleted the rest. I've been playing Doubledown for years now. Won heaps of Jackpots. Support is excellent. Nothing else to add except it's heaps of fun. I'd recommend this game to anyone. Cheers Doubledown. You Rock!!! 😎.Version: 4.1.4

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