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DoubleDown™ Casino Vegas Slots App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

DoubleDown™ Casino Vegas Slots app received 109 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using DoubleDown™ Casino Vegas Slots? Can you share your negative thoughts about doubledown™ casino vegas slots?

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DoubleDown™ Casino Vegas Slots for Negative User Reviews

Not badI like the game but feel like it’s very difficult to earn big rewards on games unless u purchase. I think the game could be brilliant and more fun if we could get bigger wins and more often. Also what happened to the roulette and poker modes. Why were they removed..Version: 4.5.15

Loved the game howeverSince I have updated the game I can no longer open the app it just keeps shutting itself down : ( Hopes this gets sorted or I will have to find another game.Version: 3.1

No coinsVery difficult to win coins. Love the game but it’s so hard to win.Version: 4.5.112

Fix the problemsLove playing love the games... I'm on latest iOS 10 but still slow to load and crashes far to often. I'm sure its a simple fix. Getting very close to deleting the app.Version: 3.7.10

Ripoff! Nothing has changed 😡When you attempt to play any of the slots when there is a "sale" going on you might as well forget it! I just burned through 250 million chips, no free spins and the "2,3,4,5x" reel shows up twice, but of course nothing to go with them!😡 Love the games but it is ridiculous how you never can even play anymore, only lose! Loosen up so we can play please! The daily spin is also a joke, really? You so graciously are going to give me 65,000 chips, wow six spins that is, can you afford it? You should be giving at least a million daily with the opportunity to get 4,5,6,7 million or more! Get rid of the lousy 500k or less! April 2,2018 just purchased 300,000 chips, played triple star sevens and bet 1 million per spin and I was so graciously given two whole spins with mixed sevens for 15 million each and basically that is it😡 pathetic and you guys should be ashamed of yourselves that the games are so tight and all you do is take peoples money! I will not purchase again, why don’t you give me 300,000 once🤪🤪.Version: 4.5.1

Return playerI now remember why I stopped playing for years! Don’t get hardly anything to play with and the wins are very poor. And trying to get jackpots at any time? Doesn’t happen for me¡ love the variety of games, hate how you can’t play for long unless you pay ‘real’ money..Version: 4.5.35

Take the good with the badLove that I can play this on iphone/iPod but it doesn't have the full range of slots (I only play the slots so no worried about the other casino games personally) and takes sooooooooooo looooooooong to looooooooad.Version: 1.3

DisgustedThe more money you spent the less it allows you to play or at least give you time to enjoy the game .it’s like they take your money and give you 20 seconds of playing the game and the they make even more expensive to purchase another game 😖.Version: 4.5.91

Hip hop hogsAppears as a daily challenge 1 x freespins only there is no free spin on hip hop hogs. Usual bs payouts are not commensurate with bets..Version: 4.5.98

App sucksNeeds updates no bonuses they rip me off a few times now on the free coins wheel no good.Version: 4.5.93

Not fun anymore.I play this game to relax and have fun. Several times I play and can’t even win a reasonable amount and it gets boring. To lose millions of dollars in one night is just not fun. Don’t tell me it is just like a casino because I don’t like casinos either because of the odds being all in the houses favor. We aren’t playing for real money so just let us win a little more than we lose. ***The answer I received to the above review was the same answer the developer gives to all negative reviews. A cookie cutter reply. I still claim that it makes no sense for a player to slowly work their bank up to 200 million over several days and then to lose the 200 million in a matter of a couple of hours. Why do they do this? What does it possibly hurt to let a player have fun by winning. I see people who have several billion in their accounts. I bet 240 thousand and have never been over 200 million. There are too many slot games under apps to let this one ruin my fun and relaxing time of my day. “Update” I finally deleted this app after many chances..Version: 4.5.83

Horrible GameAfter reading over some responses from developers, the most common one is that this is supposed to mimic a brick and mortar casino. This is a mobile phone game. Probably 90%+ people just want a fun game to play on their phones to pass time away. Even if there is a majority/minority, looks like you could accommodate everyone by making a room for people looking to pass time and a room for serious gambling. I’ve been playing this game for about a month. What I’ve found is that you can never build. Daily challenges and building is what brings people back. I don’t want to scour the internet or social media sites for free coins. I am actually suspicious that once you purchase anything, your chances of winning goes down significantly to keep you needing to purchase more. I’ve only purchased 2 of the $2.99 packs and since doing that, I cannot get bonuses or stay above what my free daily spins awards. What brought me to even leave a comment is that I slowly clawed back up to $6M and had a daily bonus challenge to wager 100k for 120 spins. You have an excellent setup with enjoyable slots, but it’s just not sustainable to the average player to make them want to come back..Version: 4.5.103

Stuck at level 16 for yearsI’ve been playing this game since 2012ish when I got stuck on bed rest and quickly leveled up until it just stopped moving and has stayed at level 16 since. I miss the tournaments, those were a fun way to win coins with affordable bets. The winner names showing amounts users playing the same game used to be in the $100,000’s until a couple years ago I see chip amounts in the 100’s of millions... and wonder are these ppl buying large coin packages because anytime my account has close to 100 million, I quickly lose them. I stopped buying chips and only return to play every couple months for a couple weeks at a time because I love a few of your games but get bored easily not being able to level up or grow my coins. Which is fine but I definitely should be earning level up bonuses... the meter literally has not moved in years and no one will respond to my question about this.. it just is what it is and I wish it wasn’t..Version: 4.5.60

No free spins yetIv been playing this one game forever it feels like, and still haven't had any free spins, I'm going to keep playing this game lol and only this game until i get free spins...its annoying, but look i keep coming back!!!!.Version: 3.6.0

Makin' moneyYou started out by using the same psychological hook of regular slot machines that are the proven most highly addictive rate of turn, hence the one game where the casino ALWAYS wins. You've never advertised or admitted your Pay Schedule either. A while ago you introduced a good incentive that gave players something back for the money they gave you at times to buy those valueless chips -- the games where 70 spins in a row netted the player 3m. Big encouragement that at the same time displayed some recognition and respect for your players. Too much perhaps in your minds? So you stopped that and introduced these ridiculous little side "challenges" and so forth that simply are not worth the time to look at them. Oh, and those little "come on in" things you send out, offering thirty free spins? You do realize, don't you, that players aren't all that stupid at times and those games returning a whole 50k for what would have been a 300k investment just act as a big turnoff and warning for that particular game..Version: 4.5.93

Terrible PayoutsI didn’t know if I wanted to give you 2 or 3 stars but opted for 3 because I have really had fun playing Double Down slots for years. Sadly, I have been so disappointed this last year though, that I just deleted the app. The payouts have been so low it’s not worth it to play anymore. It’s rare to win enough chips to be able to continue playing for longer than about 10-15 minutes. It keeps telling you to raise your bet for bigger payouts but it doesn’t usually happen that way. Even in Free Spins, for example, I had 30 free spins and won only 20,000 chips, and again, when I got 25 free spins I won only 4,800 chips. Many times it’s been even lower than that. I’ve won free spins and at the end it said, “Congratulations! You have won 0”. Not one chip! And that has happened numerous times. It’s pretty discouraging. I know DD wants people to purchase chips, but, I for one, cannot afford to buy chips, so I relied on the daily free chips, which I have appreciated, and the winnings, to be able to continue playing. I have always enjoyed the DD slots…they were always my favorite……so thank you for that..Version: 4.5.93

Used to be my favorite game app 🤷🏻‍♂️You need to do something about the payouts! I used to love this game and just recently realized how much of a scam this game really is while playing a couple of the special offerings that I had never played before. And yes I realize it is a gambling game but at least read my post first. The first one is in regards to the Journey. I started out with over 100 million chips and at one point along the way was up over 1 billion in chips. When I finally completed it I was down to 50 million and that was only because I had bought more chips to finish because I was on the last game of the last stage. Out of all the chips that were lost I maybe won 10 million back by completing the stages. And when you get to the last few stages it’s almost impossible to beat so you have to play it over and over therefore betting more. What a joke! The second one is the Bingo game where you earn call numbers by playing slots except it costs like 4-5 million to earn one call and when you eventually win a line you might get $300,000 back. Keep in mind there are nine spots on the bingo board out of a possible 15-18 call numbers so do the math, you may win 2.4 mil when it’s all said and done but you’re gonna spend almost 100 mil to get there. Please give me a reason to continue playing this game... a good start would be giving me part of the billion in chips back..Version: 4.5.60

ScattersWhat does it take to get free spins. Have spun over a thousand times and zilch. The other thing, you win a big collect and then nothing until you run down and get requested to buy more coins. I am not playing big bets, supposed to be fun, but no. Just want to find one of these games that is for enjoyment, not commerce. Also to get to the next level takes forever, around $20,0000,000 in bets and winnings. Just want to find something that is amusing. Might write my own app that is truly free and relies on advertising to pay for itself..Version: 4.5.11

GamePlayed this game for years and not getting better all the times you win and then you go 20 spins with no win and all you money is gone very addictive and you keep spending more money to play never had a jackpot and spent all my money don’t play it not a good return.Version: 4.5.112

Slow movingThere are a lot of fun games here with progressive interaction. However, the bonus rounds are few and far between. I have played well over 100 spins or more before the interactive round kicks in. It's fun to play the different pick rounds to move into a couple game rounds to earn $ but those rounds are hard to come by. Game would be more fun if the bonus rounds hit more often. Also, when you hit a match the amount you win vs the amount it took you to play that spin is very low. So gaining $ to continue playing the game is hard. It would also be nice to be able to watch a video to earn $ but you can't. That option is not available, so you have to wait for friends to send you "a spin" or wait until the next day to earn your daily bonus money. Game would be more fun if there were some options to hit more often, or earn $. Very tight wheels. Not big pay outs. You can go spin after spin after spin before hitting the bonus rounds..Version: 4.2.5

SusanWhy are there no Christmas games love playing them . And WHY did you take Santa’s sleigh off as it was one off the best games, I used to love it..Version: 4.5.12

Double downNever enuf moni now u c now don’t.Version: 4.5.56

Used to love the game but slots from haters are still hereI have had this game for awhile on my tablet. I did love the game but......When Kevin Spacey did his thing he was removed from House of Cards. I saw him on the slots but felt no biggie as the show did what it needed to do. It has been awhile now since it was found out what Ellen was doing to her staff and all her hatred whereas she preaches kindness. I still notice these slots here on the site. It is your right to have whatever slots you want here as it is my right to no longer play a game that either promotes hatred (keeping these slots) or no condemns it. She will not change. She did not half-heartedly apologize because she felt bad. She only did it because it came to the surface and she is trying damage control. I guess I will keep the app until the beginning of next year to see if the hater is removed or I remove the app. Shame on you double down if you promote slots from a hater.........Follow up now, I do not love the game (was supposed to say I did love the game) I have uninstalled the game because you promote games from haters and biased people. Will never reinstall this game and you have been dropped to one star..Version: 4.5.74

Extremely Tight SlotsGreat slot machines, but no fun to play anymore. I go to casinos, real casinos, both where I live and in Las Vegas. This Double Down Casino app literally makes slot machines here and in Las Vegas seem loose and generous by comparison! Seriously. The slot machines in this app are much tighter than any real slots I have played, and I have played a lot of slot machines in a lot of casinos. This leads me to one conclusion: this app has only one get users to spend their real money on this app's fake money. And they are doing a great job of taking peoples' money, because if you look at the top grossing apps on the IOS App Store, you will see that this app is one of the top ones. Obviously they are quite successful at getting people to spend their real money on this app's fake money. Now, that is impressive. There are plenty of slot apps in the App Store (most of them) that are much looser and pay out far better than the slots in this app. In other words, if you are buying "chips" from this app you are getting ripped off big time. If I could give this app minus 10 stars, I would. Since I can't, I give it the lowest score star, even though it deserves much less. You gotta hand it to them, though...they sure know how to take people's money!.Version: 4.5.112

Just not funNo wins totally boring.Version: 4.5.112

Used to be my favorite app... Gone downhill.Developers tell me "they're trying to make this game similar to the real casino." But I can assure you... I live 15 minutes from Mohegan and this is FAR from any of those experiences. I used to support this game by making purchases even when I didn't need the chips just to support because I was having fun... Then it got to a point where I can spend 1 BILLION chips without triggering free spins across 20 different games. It just seems unfortunate, and in my opinion has become a game that puts money over quality. Because they know some people will still make many purchases regardless of how rigged and unfavorable your odds are to have fun on a game where you expect to atleast have some fun seeing as in you won't ever win anything in the real world. I have chose to give my money and support other game developmers until this one's chooses to sink or swim by corrections needed against to clearly rigged algorithm. Or make this a fun game to play again weather you win or lose..Version: 4.5.93

CleopatraOne of the worst games to win anything or to have fun on at least u can play and have fun, but not that game 100 million gone and lucky if u get free plays good luck. Lol.Version: 4.5.112

Not toooo bad but...Plenty of variety and new games added regularly but getting a bonus feature or free spins in ANY game is almost impossible, so much so that I question whether or not they even exist. Nothing random going on here..Version: 4.5.82

Not worth it...The game is not worth it. It’s something that you can use to pass the time but unless you’re spending an ungodly amount of money to buy just don’t win. The free spin every day and the free chips that they give out daily doesn’t help much when you spin at 24-50k and only win 1200. They say to lower your bet until you start winning again....that doesn’t help either. Casual players beware, it will frustrate you to see that these other people are winning big but you continue to loose no matter how much you bet. DO NOT PLAY during the jackpot happy hour. 1 less to win the jackpot but you have to bet 5mil per spin and when you barely get past 10mil in total can’t make those bets. Over all...stay away from this game until they do more to help the casual player win instead of catering to the “big spenders” of the game. The worst part is IT IS A GAME. If we wanted lose money we would go to the casino irl and lose money. This is a’s suppose to be fun and make people want to play. All this does is make you lose to the point that you want to delete the app and never download it again. It’s a game...people want to win when they play a game not constantly lose..Version: 4.5.74

Rip off!I’ve tried to cancel my account many times as the more you play it the more the algorithms decide to stitch you up. This was a good app but now all it does is take with zero play value. I hope the developers will cancel my account.Version: 4.5.82

Little Payoff!DoubleDown is one of my favorite mobile slots to play. I occasionally purchase coins but since there is no real money payout, I depend primarily on bonuses, rewards, and payout winnings for my coin balance. I play the daily challenges everyday but the reward spins on Mondays always pay a minuscule win amount. DoubleDown always put me in the high limits room so it takes a lot of coins to meet those challenges. I would think DoubleDown would want to highly reward their high limits players. Giving a 500k payout on the Monday rewards spin when it took me 50M or more to meet the challenges is completely disappointing. Also, please retire “3x, 4x, 5x Diamonds” Mega Bucks games OR at least keep it out of the challenge games!! It’s a single pay-line game that rarely pays out. Playing a 1/2 million per spin in order to win more than 600k 10 times in a challenge nearly wiped me out! I’ve spent my limit on extra coins right now. DoubleDown please do better. I love the app and don’t want to delete it from my entertainment and I do not wish to break MY bank..Version: 4.5.80

Be warned.They say the odds are always the same... not buying it. It seems the more chips you have the less odds you have of winning. On top of that, the XP leveling progression is minuscule and slow. Good luck getting to level 11 if your going for any online promotions which I feel is the reason for this. 2 other slot games that come to mind who offer HIGHER incentives but at a higher level like 150 were SO MUCH less difficult to achieve which is so appreciated in these days where people are stuck at home and in dyer need of some kind of financial help. So much so that I for one still play them and know several others that do as well, even after completing the offer. I’ve played this game EVERY DAY for 10 days (Never hit 1 jackpot) and have just cracked level 9. Definitely not worth the time or effort, let alone buying chips to keep playing. The slots are decent for the most part but the optimization of these slots are horrible. I’m on an iPhone XS Max and this game runs extremely slow on some slots ie: Dropped frame rate, Never-ending spinning, irregular payout etc. And the Odds seem to get steeper the more chips you have and the level your on. BEWARE indeed..Version: 4.5.73

WHAT A LET DOWNI’ve been playing at DoubleDown for the past 5 years. Although I login to the app at the same time every day, my daily return bonus of $10k a day resets very frequently, and frankly I’m fed up. I hope this isn’t a scam by DoubleDown to disadvantage your players. Please get your act together. I’ll provide a favourable feedback when you are better organised and more customer friendly..Version: 4.5.93

Being misers on free chipsGreat games but lucky if you can play for more than 5 minutes. Why buy chips if they go so quick. Need better payouts Daily bonus is always a small amount Features are impossible to get.Version: 4.5.2

Double DownI keep winning small amounts but then it takes it & have to wait for free coins to play again ! The game wants us to play so build up the bank so we can play !.Version: 4.5.70

Still disappointingWell I can see that u can’t get free spins n never see a jackpot. Looks like I’m deleting this app again. Has always been a bad casino and I’m off to one that has paid out $111,000,000,000 to bet sky high, Chow and it hasn’t been a pleasure. And be careful when u do get a big payout the app shuts down and u lose the win.Version: 4.5.51

LuvnI so love this game my fav of all times BUT lately the free spins ant been working properly at all payouts are so wrong reading lines that ant even got n e thing on them n when u do get us thing on the line you don't get anything been missing out on retriggers not good an I've been over charged on my chip purchases please work this out don't say bad things bot it cos I love this I can't send or get gifts n y can't I collect the free chips off it cos I'm using a iPad or ????????????????..Version: 1.0

DisappointedSo,so disappointed as the love some of the slots on here to play,but never get very many credits and it takes you out so quick,it suppose to be free games but it’s always trying to sell credits,can’t even try the games out,it takes your points so quick.Version: 4.5.12

Typical Pay to Play appI’ve played for a little over a year. It was good in the beginning but has gone downhill fast. I play daily (at least the challenges) ant it took me a year to get above $400 million. Of course nearly half of that was daily giveaways. The themes are fun but like I said the winning percentage is atrocious and makes the games not fun. For example, there are several slots where you will not win unless you hit a bonus round. ( I consider winning making over your original bet, not “winning” $500 on a $10,000 bet) I have played daily challenges where the goal is one bonus round. I’ll put it on auto play and lose $30 million in under an hour (on $50k/bets) and still not hit a bonus round. I’ve received daily notification for 30 free spins and won absolutely nothing. Why would you promote free spins on a game and the game pays exactly $0 on $300k in spins? Finally, all you really need to know about how little these games pay out is to look at their weekly “jackpot happy hour” that starts Thursday evenings. This is where jackpots are easier to get on select machines and it runs until 1500 jackpots are won. It keeps a counter of wins in the upper left of the game. It almost always last to Saturday afternoon and sometimes we’ll in to Sunday. Really? If it’s easier to win a jackpot on your most popular machines during happy hour what do you think the odds are on the rest? Junk..Version: 4.5.80

Total rigged ripoffRaise your bet and never win! Ripoff.Version: 4.5.112

No supportLoved this game until I paid for chips, the game didn't work my feature wouldn't pay out and features ceased the game up. Contacted the support people who were less than supportive saying I must have left the game or being playing from a cell phone network and to refresh it. They failed to read and comprehend my email, failed to assist me in any which way. Disappointed. Specially when you spent money on it..Version: 2.1

Very very bad siteDon’t waste money here. Payouts are poor and too long in between free spins. AI’s are winning the jackpots not real people..Version: 4.5.82

Pure CrapThe dead spins certainly outweigh any other spins making this just a “cash cow” you can only expect to gain exactly what’s programmed into these slots, if you spin dead 75% of the time then you’ll just be wasting your time. 👎 👎 Double Thumbs Down Casino 😂.Version: 4.5.110

Lobster mania3What’s happening,have you forgotten that we are supposed to have wins in this game..Version: 4.5.45

Fun to play ‘ish, but don’t expect to win very oftenI have been playing this game for awhile, they have added quite a few new games to keep it from getting stale, but in the end the win algorithm is too tight, I play to have fun and winning and stacking chips is why you play. If I wanted the same odds of winning, I would just play with real money at a casino. I recently played the Red Hot replay game to test out the payout percentage, I spun the reels for 68 straight times and won zero times... when I did finally win at spin 69 it was for $16k off a $12k bet. This same losing streak continued until I ran out of money around spin 85. I found it a bit ridiculous when the ad to pay real money to buy chips popped up, I thought are you even kidding me. I just lost all my chips, didn’t get to win one time and now you want my real money to do the same thing. I get it that you should not win every time to keep it exciting, but I like others play to decompress and have some fun, in the end not getting to win very often is not having much fun. Loosen up the algorithm and let us win a bit more, after all it is in the end just a game for entertainment..Version: 4.5.82

Not happy with DDCI’ve been a paying member for years and years and years. I spend about $200 every month. I have Never been able to win enough to have my purchased chips plus your daily free ones last more than a week or two. (And I usually only bet between $200 and $300K per spin). I play a number of different games so it could be my games selection but that’s unlikely. I guess I could be unlucky but over that period of time, that’s unlikely too. Then there is your daily spin. I recently bought two $99 packages and won bonus spins on bingo……a total of 11 days with two spins. I spun $4 million twice but $85K and $100 K three times each. I’ve been eligible for a max win of $40 million for months and haven’t received that even once. Coincidence? Unlikely. I’ve played every one of your special games and have never won the bonus. Bottom line is I don’t think your games and awards are random. And I can’t recommend your casino to anyone..Version: 4.5.103

Soooo Slow!!I have just started playing this! Omg the shut downs repeatedly? Games are slow compared to other casino sites, Why? Honestly I've just about given up! No more $$$ for this, at the moment my screen has gone black! It freezes, games roll over terrible, like there is something wrong with them? I also play on other sites, so not my iPad! Sorry Double Down you have good games, such a shame!!!!.Version: 4.5.31

DoubledownIts a great app but bit slow uploading and sometimes it crashes too..Version: 3.4.9

Blackjack terrible!As a pro blackjack player I don’t think I’ve ever played on such a one side table! I know it’s free but you could never use your blackjack skills on this table. Example every time: dealer shows a 5 you have a pair of 10s so the right thing to do is split you have 18 and 20 sure win? NO guarantee the dealer will win. Rubbish so uninstalled there are other better more realistic games..Version: 4.5.56

Double diamond wheel of fortuneCould have higher winning more often.Version: 4.5.60

Doubledown casino Wolf runNot good I spent 9million credits over 3days and never got a free spin this would be the worst game in this casino . I am about to remove this app if things don't get better. I think they know when you have a lot of credits they are very poor at paying out compared to others ..Version: 1.7

GoodishI have had this app for a few years now, it is an ok app, it freezes all the time and deleted all my friends off of here (again) which is annoying. It’s got a good list of machines and winning but I have noticed it comes in waves, again it’s a goodish app but it seriously needs improving..Version: 4.5.60

Bonus spins / chipsHi getting emails for your app ( good) but when I click on button to claim coins/ chips etc spin maybe twice then app says I’ve lost connection please try again . When I download again oh very sorry but it has expired or whatever not VERY HAPPY.Version: 4.5.61

TournamentsBring back the tournaments. Pokies are rigged as they are. At least everyone is on same playing field. It brings some fun to the games. Otherwise all these games are the same. Lose lose lose. I’m happy to spend money if it has an edge to the game, rather than the some boring non social aspect. This game was good. All my friends have stopped playing as well. Surely you were making lots of money back the DDC. Wake up🤨.Version: 4.5.12

Has the Tournament returned yet?This was one of my favourite games until they got rid of the Tournaments. I then just deleted the app. Just came across it & I’m going to upload to see if the Tournament is back yet if not I will be deleting again.Version: 4.5.5

Worst pokies ever madeIt is virtually impossible to win on this game. Casino pokies are much easier to win on. I had about 500 spins on one of the games and never even got 1 lot of free spins. Now before you start saying that I should have left the game. It was actually a test to see how much they win. I found this app loses far more than even real pokie machines. This game is a complete waste of time. If you want an app that actually gives a few payouts go to scatter slots, you have a much greater chance of winning..Version: 4.5.70

Double downWell named, it blacks out. Delete, reset and happens all the time. Mahjong, great app. Get some ideas of that app. Craps your answer..Version: 4.5.29

Downloaded again to see if it had improved after 2 yearsNo change, next to no wins, daily bonus barely covers one spin. It’s a shame because slots are good ones.Version: 4.4.9

Worst slot app everSo after playing this for a few weeks and buying some chips, I have come to the conclusion that they don’t value customers. I guess they made some money off of me tho. There is no algorithm or even chances of winning. Played hours tons of days and never saw a bonus. I even took like 10 different videos of how terrible dozens of their slots pay out and how terrible the wins are. This is literally hands down the worst a lot app ever. I have better luck at a casino with the wins set to low..... this isn’t bad luck, as the lines in almost every game come up pretty much the same. If ya win it’s only on the first 3 lines mostly, bonuses are barely ever there( seriously you can play every day and it will take weeks for a bonus.), the bonus pay out is trash and not even worth it, and it’s only selling point is that it has slots that are in your local casinos. That’s it. If there was a way to get my money back I would, but I was stupid enough to give money to this terrible app. The daily chips you get are even trash. You can play on average 10-12 spins and your done. Unless you have 100 friends to get ya chips daily I suppose. Overall after reading reviews from others, which I’m sure they delete, it’s pretty unanimous the wins are non existence. The people that actually rate this above 1 Star are probably created accounts from the company, unless you like to lose I guess. This app is a rip off..Version: 4.5.80

Games and bonusesYou really need to update your daily wheel amounts as you have increased the minimum bet on your games to $10k but still have small amounts on the wheel e.g $50k which equates to 5 spins or less. Getting features is near impossible and I often think the free spins are taken out of the games as so rare. I think you cater more to big betting. Other sites I play give hourly bonuses and gifts but DoubleDown gives one wheel spin per day. Seriously considering erasing your app. Hope you guys take this on board as there’s a lot of competition out there. Why do the reels get stuck continuously spinning? This happens a lot and have done for up to 4.30 minutes at one point and it takes sooo long to download your site😳🤬🥺.Version: 4.5.93

Don't waste your timeNot enough daily credits. What credits you do get is immediately lost. This game is designed to get you to buy additional credits so don't waste your time and definitely don't waste your money ! Such a shame, this app had so much potential.Version: 4.5.2

This game used to be so much funI have been playing this game for many years. I would guess probably close to the beginning of the app. This is not the app it used to be. So many things have changed that I don’t know where to start. Since it’s happy hour right now I’ll start with that. It used to be that during the time DoubleDown had happy hour there would be at least 1800 jackpots to be won. Over the last year or so they have reduced the number of Jackpots down to the low so far of 900 the last 2 weeks. This means that the number of the millions of players they brag about having are on average winning at the rate of about 30 players/ hour. Well, doesn’t that sound fun?! What a great chance of winning! They also took away the lower entry amount of a game or two that those who couldn’t afford to buy chips could still have some fun. The Diamond Club is a farce in that there’s no incentive to buy chips to play the games. They used to offer more 3x deals and often 4x. Not so much any more. There’s more but I’m tired of writing for now. A life lesson from this is don’t play any of these games at a real casino because their pay out is not even worth taking the chance of getting lucky!.Version: 4.5.93

Never moving upIt has taken me several years to get to level 16, and I only got there from alerting you to the issue previously..Version: 4.5.103

Agree with same old scamPreferably 0 stars. The DD games are the poorest paying of all games out there. Impossible to win and play for any length of time. During the pandemic with everyone stuck at home, it is shameful to take advantage of people. I spent $400 in the last week. I wouldn’t mind spending a little bit, but obviously the computer alga rhythms are set to get you to pay, pull you in and then know they have a sucker on the line. This is similar to “cat fishing,” you’re just not getting a fake conversation with someone stuck in another country and the government took their passport and they only need $500, $10 or $15 thousand dollars to come to meet the love of their life. I know I’m the stupid one so my fault for not stopping, but DD should also be shamed. I should or could have given that money to the pandemic causes or better yet, Black Lives Matter. I hope management at DD at least considers giving some of money for a worthy cause. As for me, my app is going to get an X and taken off my iPad. Then I’ll say a prayer that you do the right thing and stop violating people that are vulnerable..Version: 4.5.60

It use to be goodHaving plaid this app before, it was a good app with some very good games which would give some bonuses. Now I have just lost loads of dollars and played 6 different games hardly any payments or wins and certainly no bonuses, these games are certainly TIGHTER THAN EVER, you have lost this player forever, you are joining lots of other apps who have sadly got greedy, I fail to see why, with bad economy worldwide it’s a stupid move. I recommend do not buy leave this site alone. S A.Version: 4.5.96

DoubledownPayouts are lacking. Im going to delete this app if things dont improve within the next couple of days. My husband has given up on this game and has already deleted it. So come on Doubledown, please your customers before you lose more gamers!!!.Version: 1.7

Cheating payoutsPlayed this game for years. Started noticing that recently it started shorting payouts and there are payout discrepancies. The discrepancies are in the number of chips being paid out. For example in Thor’s Hammer at the end of game when I won 91 million chips a sign came up alerting to the mega win, it proceeded to payout my chips but after receiving 41million chips the machine stopped paying and immediately started next game, stealing 50million chips it owed me. Have also noticed in numerous other games that payouts between 1 and 1.5 million are just not paid out. Another example is I earned a jackpot bonus of 37 million chips in the game Wild Honey, was notified of a superior win but the game never posted the win to my chip account. Instead Wild Honey game moved to next game as if my win never occurred. Please reimburse these chip totals or the money I have spent over the last 6 months which is hundreds of dollars. I do not deserve this type of treatment as a loyal user..Version: 4.5.80

Money grabbersUsed to be a fun app a few years ago, now I’ve reinstalled, they just constantly shove offers down your throat, you literally need to close off about 10 pop-ups before you play a slot. What a pathetic amount of coins you get from the wheel aswell. Don’t bother!!!!.Version: 4.5.80

Stop!The graphics weren’t as captivating as other games and the chips run out super quick either leaving you not being able to play the game or having to spend money. Also i have unsubscribed 3 times and sent 2 angry emails YET i keep receiving emails. Stop spamming me, i want nothing to do with this game!!!!.Version: 4.5.22

Lies lies and more liesI just read through a bunch of other reviews before writing one of my own. i wanted to be entirely certain it isn't just me who feels so dam cheated, for instance, a rep. answered one of the many negative reviews on this particular forum, the rep stated very matter of fact that the games are ran completely on their own merit, that the casino has no control over the wins and or loses. this statement is the most ridiculous thing i ever read. i play this game a lot and i am here to tell you that yes indeed they have control over the games. the blatant way they answer in these reviews and the blatant way they take our chips is criminal. they also are full aware of the addiction aspect of these games and take full advantage and exploit us because of it. now they interrupted one of my games with an invitation to review DOUBLE-DOWN CASINO. therefore i would only hope i'm not crucified for giving it. its a greedy owned platform they think of nothing but lining their pockets and getting rich off us poor folks..Version: 4.5.80

Done with this appI have been playing this app for years & truly enjoyed it until this last year. I can only assume that they have lost so many players that in order to make any money they have basically turn off the wins. I only bet 50k at a time & had built up to 140M chips when BAM! No more wins. It was like they removed symbols from some of the reels so it is impossible to win. I too have begun experiencing bonus rounds where I win 200k or less. 6 times in the last 3 months I have won 0 on the bonus. Do you have any idea how frustrating it is for the game to congratulate you on winning nothing? I’ve also been reading the recent reviews & see all are negative & double downs response is to thank you for your review. They don’t seem to care if they are losing customers. And they are full of crap when they say the games are the same payout as casinos. If a casino had this much losing it would be out of business. Perhaps if they showed some interest in what the customers complaints are it would be different but they don’t seem to care what you say. I’m done & it’s sad because they do have good games but that doesn’t do any good if you never win..Version: 4.5.93

Down double for sureI’m so conflicted with this app.. it’s one of my faves for sure, simply due to the fact it has many of my actual favorite casino games I play in real life.. however, those said games do occasionally hit big in real life, definitely more frequent than these double down slots do.. i’ve lost track of the amount of real $$ i’ve spent in herze.. however, i’m at total fault for being foolish enough to continue to financially fund these app developers knowing full well the win/loss/bonus ratio is seriously stacked against me. unfortunately, the lure of the “mega win” still taunts me and is more often than not enough to sucker me into a purchase... would be nice to at least receive a healthier daily bonus for the occasions on which I find myself just a tad bit short of being ableto squeeze in a fake money casino purchase...unfortunately, i’ll still probably continue hemorrhaging cash to just to have a way to pass the mundane late nights...Version: 4.5.7

Don’t Buy ChipsDD games initially get you sucked in with free chip offers. The key here is not betting huge. You can if it’s a new account but the longer you okay the worse the payouts get. If you have been playing over 39 days stop and sign up again using a disposable email (search it) and thus way you can continue to receive decent pay outs (30 days max). Like in FB and you will probably get close to 1M free chips per day. Again keep your betting in check (under 100k) and you should easily be able to last the 30 day cycle before having to sign up again so yo get a decent pay out. DD makes its money on you buying “chips” that get you NOTHINGS in return but time to play your favorite game. You can’t win anything or any prizes so don’t be fooled. These games are excellent quality easily the same as you would find in your local Indian casino. DONT BUY CHIPS!!! Search the internet on how to get free DD chips, after 30 days delete any account you may have set up and re apply/set up a new profile. OH AND Did I mention DONT BUY CHIPS!!! you cannot win anything!!!.Version: 4.5.56

Don't BotherOnce a bit of fun, now no longer anything but aggro. Just hangs on attempting to load. Having to reboot phone every time, I want to play, and even that doesn't work most of the time. Simple answer - download a game that actually works. Plenty others out there that do work, these guys obviously don't care, so why should you..?.Version: 4.4.3

Stopped paying courtesy creditsHave played this game for many years and now suddenly I don’t receive what I thought was a daily bonus but their support team told me are actually courtesy credits and are issued at management discretion. Thanks for letting me know......NOT. Well I too can exercise my management discretion and play elsewhere..Version: 4.5.21

Be warned, be warned. 1 billion lost fast, they turn off winning and give nothing backBe warned. They turn the winning on and they turn it off. These are not random win games. It is a business and they take your money, and give nothing back..except, a little pleasure in winning. however. They turn winning on and off. For me it’s mostly off. How can they keep taking my money like that, and not give anything back? Example Mystical Mermaid. The bonus feature uses a treasure chest on the first reel.. but it vanishes from off the first reel. So, How can you get a bonus when the key symbol you need to win is missing? I bought $600 million chips. In one turn it jumped me to 1.1 billion. From then on, It was down down hill continuously from there. No jackpots, no wins, just took and took and took. Bet 1 mil, win 200k, which means I lost 800k.. bet bet bet, lose lose lose, bet, 1 mil, win 200k lost 800k.. constantly lose down.. the only time you win, is right after you buy chips. For a couple minutes. Then they turn off the winning. I even though to buy my chip jar. Lose lose lose. So be warned.. They turn on winning, they turn off winning. It is not random. It is not regulated like a real casino. The fun for me is winning. Not playing, but winning. I want to win, this game should try to give something back, instead of taking all the time. 1 billion dollars lost..piece of crap.Version: 4.5.5

RankGood slots on it but the bonuses on the wheel are rubbish always between 65-85. Plus lost all my credits yet again it’s hardly player friendly - daily random bonus is garbage. All those values and I get 85 3 times in a row. Lost 7 billion because slots are stingy - rubbish the way this has been set up ~ players not allowed to win and lose a lot and if u win then u are playing catch up.Version: 4.5.60

Good bye,I’ve kept this app for awhile now. I’ve played every day n can never get ahead, as soon as I have some extra money, I play higher bets n loose. I’m tired of trying to keep up..Version: 4.5.96

FrustratingDuring this period of COVID-19, I play this game everyday since the beginning of the pandemic but thinking of deleting this game. I don’t see the raison of a wheel bonus when everyday you always fall on 75 points but today I receive 50 points....frustration. The sounds is terrible so bad that I turn it off..Version: 4.5.64

But …Great games but can never get ahead.Version: 4.5.110

What happened to your appPlease fix your app I been with you ever since your app been online. I am tired of friends I play with in this app we can't play together because when I press to get my free spin for the day I press on their name and wait for the wheel to spin and all at once I get knocked out and after that I try to go back in I loss the money .. I can't play any different games anymore because one of my favorite was 777 it won't open the new lobster game same thing please this has been going on since November 2017 . I have written this three times in review if this is not where I should go some how let us know. I am so sad that I went to 5 stars to three and before anyone else says it's my computer it's not I have all my friends play the games I am upset with an there having the same problem. Sorry that this is happening just fix it I use to pay for extra credit but won't do that tell this is fix..Version: 4.4.3

I really like this game but...It keeps closing down on me .i've had the updated version for two weeks n have yet to play a single game it jus keeps reloading or closing ..grrrrr.....Version: 2.0.2

PoorSome of the games are just terrible,you can use millions of chips and win nothing not one chip I used to play the tournaments which were good and you could win a lot but then they removed that feature probably because people were winning a lot but not buying the chips now I’m deleting the app it’s poor.Version: 4.5.96

GREATI have always really enjoyed playing Double Down and always gave a 5 Star review, I thought I would give it break in playing for quite some time after many years of playing. I had 800ml and went down to 25ml with no wins or free spins and playing small bets and sometimes a little higher. However all is the same again winning zero so I will not purchase to play. Good luck to all, I hope you have more enjoyment playing than I had..Version: 4.2.6

Rip off Do Not Down Load or Play this Application!!!!!This game is a total Rip Off. Recommend new players not download or PLAY this Game! Developers are Total Scammers when considering friendly play for Money spent! Never seen a more expensive game and game management that are so inconsiderate of Players! Total RIP OFF of your Money for time spent playing! Apple should recall this game and refund all money spent back to players who are miss lead and being cheated! If Apple is a quality Corporation then they should read All the reviews and cancel game and refund money spent back to all players! If this game is allowed to be available and endorsed by Apple then they have no morels! It is Apples responsibility to monitor content they allow to be offered on their service and take swift action intervening when necessary to protect subscribers to their services! Apple must take validate action and control games they approve to be offered on their services! It is not just me Apple should review all the review comments and take responsible actions immediately to protect their Brand Name!.Version: 4.5.2

Doesn’t hit on ANY games over time...When I first got this game I thought it was fun and exciting. You get a few chances but not nearly enough to receive free chips daily and throughout. You also use to be able to “level up” simply by the amount of chips spent (bid) and play time. Now they have closed this portion of the game down and you are only able to “level up” by purchasing chips as well as the daily spins hit small amounts and very often their free chip giveaways don’t download weather it be on Facebook giveaways or their notifications they send. The past couple months I have not one hit any type of jackpots or bonuses just spin the real and watch my chips be taken away without gaining any back from ANY of the games. Unless you have or are able to bid millions of chips at a time to hit no more small bid winnings. This quickly went from a fun game to the most outrageous game I’ve played. My advice is to NOT get involved as over time they force you to purchase even though says it’s a free game and they give free chips away... Customer Service is also not very helpful or nice but rude. I asked for help several times about chips being l knee or the game conveniently freezing up when I’m trying to get my free chips from a notification and no reply or rude replies without compensating or replacing those chips not given......Version: 4.5.16

DisappointedThere is a good selection of reels and free chips on Facebook. When I first used this app there was big wins frequently but lately not so much. A bit disappointed..Version: 4.1.4

TrashIf i could give zero stars I would. Complete and utter waste of time. Time would be better spent jerking off, at least you would get something out of it. Rarely ever see pays, bonus games are almost unheard of. Would think it was for real money. Real casino would probably not take the coin as fast as this smut..Version: 4.5.96

Used to think it was goodOk, the more you pay, the less you play. The Golden goddess game is a takes all of your chips and gives nothing in return, and dont try and say it is luck, it isnt. Something has definitely changed with this entire app. You used to be able to get ahead at times, but no longer. The wins are minimal in relation to the HUGE bets, the bets themselves are a go from an option of say 45k and the next highest is say, 2mil (as an example) is ridiculous. The wins def do not marry up with the amount betted. And as i mentioned at the start, if you pay for chips, be prepared to lose them all very quickly. Very disappointed DD. NOT cool..Version: 3.2.1

BonusesToo hard to get bonuses on games that i play..Version: 4.5.110

SCAMI play this game everyday and very rarely do I miss a day, even if I’m just logging in to get my daily “free” chips and the reason for that is because you get an extra $1,000 for each consecutive day with the max being 25 so $25,000 and in the past two weeks I’ve noticed that I’ve been reset to $1,000 which means I missed a day which isn’t the case. When it happened last week I thought ok well maybe I did forget yesterday but when I opened the game up tonight and saw that I AGAIN had been reset to $1,000 I knew right then and there that this app is being dishonest!!!! Reading other reviews I didn’t come across anyone else who is reporting this issue (maybe they just aren’t noticing?) but ALOT of people are reporting losing chips or having bets increased without them doing it and of course the lack of winning. I don’t know what can be done about my issue of my daily log in being reset even though i don’t miss a day but I would appreciate it if they could atleast fix the problem and not have it happen again?.Version: 4.5.34

Not fairI would like to say that I’m not happy whilst playing Carrot Frenzy Harvest Time. While playing in the respin bonus, when you get the 3 yellow carrots the game goes to another bonus .After that bonus has finished you lose the respin bonus, the one which accumulates the amount of carrots. Not fair play.Version: 4.5.93

Sorry, your identical replies given to all the reviewers says so much…After enjoying DD for a long time several years ago, you must have received a message from Top management to “tighten the payout screws all the way shut”. Then after reading reviews yesterday, they are all basically identical to anyone who relates a poor experience, “ we try to present a real Casino experience…” That, is farthest from the truth. My wife and I are retired and have played in real casinos in Atlantic City, Vegas, Wendover, and more states and win REAL money at significantly higher percentages. Perhaps it is because they are regulated and required by their respective to give payouts at certain percentage rates. You must “regulate” yourself as your payouts are abysmal! Now, I’ve had it, farewell, Double Down, I will never waste any of my time getting frustrated at the disgusting payouts you give perhaps once a year. And I am not talking about winning Jackpots, lol- that’s a joke, I am talking about decent line pays now and then,for you it is only “never and forever”.Version: 4.5.97

Double down casinoDouble down casino is the worse for all areas bonus is alms and they never line up winning lines...Version: 4.5.110

Tournaments????What happened with the tournaments? They made it sound like they were just updating the tourneys, not getting rid of them completely! If they’re not back soon, I’m gone!.Version: 4.5.2

Worst game ever!!!!Doesn’t it bother you about the number of comments you get saying how rubbish your game is? Obviously not as nothing has changed over the years I have been attempting to play. Two days ago as I had managed to accumulate a fair amount of money I decided to monitor how many spins before any payout! Surprise, surprise, 42 spins without any payout and all the money gone.... You have been rubbish for years and it looks like you are happily keeping up the practise!!!!.Version: 4.5.64

Doesn’t give you win.Once you have a certain about of chips it will take them all away. Had over 100m then only betting 480k never got a bonus or a massive win..Version: 4.5.82

Worst game everThis is the worst and most glitchy game I’ve ever played .. I wish I could give negative stars.Version: 4.5.10

Bad App.He max bid and spin are to close together, can you not fix it? I’ve lost 60 million coins twice now, the game I most enjoy playing has it and I’m just going to delete the app if you can’t fix it, bc I very rarely win anything and I’m not paying for something that I don’t ever get anything back from so may just be time to just delete the app and find something else to play. I’ve asked 3 times for you to move that option and evidently you don’t care if people loose their coins or you don’t know how to fix that. Even something that asks the player if they are sure they want to play 60 million would be better than loosing all your coins, I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone, bc of that and the fact that you don’t let many win bc you want them to keep paying for something that they keep loosing on, when you have no chance at all of winning and you can’t win your money back, please don’t tell me to contact support I’ve done that already 3 times. Btw I’ve been playing for well over 10 years and never once won a jackpot!!.Version: 4.5.110

My this app has fallenCome back once a year for the feels, a decade ago this app was the best there ever was. Tournaments, real tournaments not the bogus ones where you play a slot and see some crap on the side, real tournaments where 20 people put in X amount and play a certain slot. No one does this now, and it was great. This app also used to be fun, you actually could win stuff and hit bonuses. I download once a year now, log on, they welcome me back with a few million, I literally just spin till it’s gone, nothing much in between, and wishing 20 minutes I’m deleting because why would I spend cash?? When my chips are systematically just taken, with zero fun involved? This app has gotten greedy, I can only assume they were bought out back when it was good and here we are. Not sure if that is accurate, but that’s what I want to believe. My wife, myself, and my mother used to play together for hours and have so much fun. I spent money then, because I didn’t feel ripped off, and I could use my chips and cash for what I wanted to play. I should make my own app..Version: 4.5.103

Not HappyI don’t really know how these online casinos work and how much they cost to run. I have been playing DoubleDown for years and the wins and free games are getting less and less. I buy coin in this game and don’t mind doing so as I think it’s that’s fair but you really could pay out a bit more, free games more often. I think now it’s getting too why bother buying chips, app is losing me really ..Version: 4.5.93

WorstWorst of the worst app. Less than 20% chance of winning. May increase your odd if you spend by 10%. Why would anyone want to spend at all. Stupid games!.Version: 4.5.59

This encourages you to lose moneyPurchase 300M chips this evening for a substantial amount of cash. I have this many times.. that’s my fault, cause I like the game. I suspect that operators turn the win/lose flow up and down. Tonight all my chips were gone in a few hours and I’m not mad with my stakes. I’ve probably been one of their best customers. But no more. £396 this month. I’m deleting the app.Version: 4.5.68

Daily bonusDisappointed every day I go to get daily bonus always comes up very low bonus all the time.Version: 4.5.112

ReviewVery inconsistent re rewards, when I gained sapphire I was doing ok, now I’m apparently diamond level but rewards have diminished quickly, I think Double Down might be disorganised, I’m tempted to just delete/abandon the app and concentrate on other reliable apps. Thanks Yvonne MacLeod.Version: 4.5.3

What is going on with this app???I have been playing this app since the very beginning and it was a very good app. But as the years passed, slowly this app has been getting really bad! Now you hardly win on any of the slots!!! To top it off you guys did something to the daily bonus!!! I had it up to 25 days and it’s been like that for years! Then all of a sudden it makes me start at day 1!!! Sometimes I would spin a couple of hours after the day before and you guys wouldn’t penalize just a couple of hours late. Most of us are working people and are busy everyday!!! I can’t get to it on a timely basis and would be a little late, but you guys would let it go! But now I don’t know what is going on!!! After having to start at day one, I had it at day 20 then the next day it made me start at day 1 again!!! On Thursday I had to start at day 1 again! UGH!!! Ok, so then yesterday (Friday) it was day 2. I got my bonus around 6:30AM. Then today (Saturday) I got my bonus at 5:30 AM and guess what??? I HAD TO START AT DAY 1 AGAIN!!!!! WTH is going on???? This is not the first time this has happened, I even sent you guys a ticket to look into my problem! It’s been around 3 weeks and no answer!!!!! Is there no one home to answer all of our problems and concerns???? Please fix this problem and explain to me what is going on!!!!.Version: 4.5.60

It’s getting boringI like when you have new additions like collecting the cards and I love the journey. The cards are too hard to get. I understand not making it easy so everyone wins but my gosh. The first three card levels should be attainable and they are not unless I spend money which is rather find another game to play because the challenges on this one and even the journey are always the same. You might changed up the order or the games, like one or two but the challenge for that game is ALWAYS the same. I always get the same 30k I get no matter how far I complete it. Lame. Mix in some of the old games like the mermaid with the bubbles, the Viking, Thor, not just the same over and over. Also instead of just the 2-3% extra coin, throw in a bundle that offers some of the higher cards that are impossible to get. And when a room is complete all the way to the specials, stop giving those cards. That’s rude. It’s already hard enough then you give literally nothing. To me variety is better. I like the challenges. They don’t have to be too hard though just different. Seriously..Version: 4.5.114

Complete rubbishThis site needs to give better bonus coins, nobody will play with pennies only. Two days now constant spinning and not even a free spin, either this site cheats it’s players or the games are all messed up, hit one big win and then 20 spins are dead spins, this site should not even be allowed to bo on the internet ITS A FULL TIME SCAM SITE. THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN LETTING THE PLAYERS WIN ANYTHING..Version: 4.5.103

ChristmasJust wondering where the Christmas slots are .... I’ve been saving so I could play my favourites and at the moment they have been a no show! Please explain as very disappointed at the moment.Version: 4.5.12

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