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Weather Underground: Local Map for Positive User Reviews

A great tool!I have had this app for several years now and it always works great!.Version: 6.17.4

The BestThis really is the best weather app. I have tried many over the years, and always end up back here! By far the clearest precipitation map..Version: 6.13

My favouriteThis is my go-to weather app when I want to know when rain is expected but more importantly how much rain might be coming! My other weather apps don’t have this detail. There is one aspect I struggle with however, the pale grey colour of the Date/Time on “more” info is really difficult to read on my phone and I would love if this could be the same easy-to-read colour of this review as I write it now please 🙏.Version: 6.11

NiceLooks good. Impressive how you have managed to deal with different weather systems. Tropical weather systems in Sri Lanka where radar is of no use, but you present the information so clearly. And the European weather where your radar presentation is well done. All the old reviews from years ago will hold you back indefinitely. Poor you. And free too. Good for you..Version: 6.17.2

Great appI have my own weather station that streams straight to Wunderground with no local display unit and after one year I have only had a couple of gaps in my data due to the server being down. I also use it when I am travelling to get forecasts..Version: 5.9.4

Works for me.Not sure what all the complaining is about. I’ve been using this app for a couple of years and it is is just as accurate as any other app I’ve used. Better than a lot of them..Version: 6.14

Good, But a bit BuggyGood enough for what I need, but various basic issues. Biggest one for me is the “Wundermap” view… the stations plotted don’t always respect my units preference (I’m in Celsius country), they always show Farenheit in the “Dewpoint” view, but will show celsius in temp/wind view… It would also be *really* nice to have a precipitation view on the map, without having to click on each station.. both current & 24hr views would be awesome….Version: 6.10

Easy to useBest weather app around! Easy to use. And has the best updates, the only app where I actually read what's in the update for a laugh!.Version: 5.2

Accurate forecast, useless watch appAfter testing several of the most popular apps, I’ve found this to be the most accurate for Southland New Zealand (especially concerning rain). Good health info as well. The watch app is horrible though, disappointingly buggy and useless..Version: 5.11.9

Great App with Free FeaturesThis app offers great content for free. Yes, they have a $20 a year premium for additional content and no adds, but it’s not necessary to get if you don’t need the additional content. I love the almanac that tells you the sunrise and sunset, as well as the radar and customization. I miss back when you can see where the actual Doppler radar locations were on the map, don’t know why that’s gone now, but that’s a minor thing. This app is a great alternative to the other app Storm Radar, which I’m pretty sure Wunderground owned due to its similarities in notifications which popped up simultaneously. But Weather Channel bought it, and completely nerfed the free features trying to get people to buy their premium, forcing me to delete it. I’m using this app full time now. Please keep things how they are, and don’t go full Weather Channel..Version: 6.14

Great Weather AppFrequently updated weather reports, high accuracy, clear layout and hourly breakdown of 5-day forecast including temp, wind speed, % chance of precipitation. Forget Metservice, this is the app to use!.Version: 1.1

Great little AppBeautiful to look at and gives pretty accurate weather information..Version: 5.0.1

Good, but used to be betterI’ve used the app for several years and still find it pretty good with an easy interface. However it no longer seems so “spot on” accurate as it used to be. For example twice in the last week it forecast significant snow for our area, which failed to materialise. Is less weather data input the reason for reduced accuracy?.Version: 6.8

Great app localised weather stationsLove it.Version: 6.17.4

Good weather forecasterVery accurate system.Version: 6.8

Great appI love the app and use it on a daily basis. The information is current and the app performance has been nearly flawless. The only issue I’ve run into has been when trying to create a custom smart forecast. The app always crashes completely. I’ve tried it on two separate devices running different versions of iOS with the same results. The custom forecast I’ve been trying to create includes wind speed, rain, and wind gusts (though I don’t know if that is an option since the app always crashes before I get that far). Obviously a smart forecast is more of a luxury feature and I can find all of that information individually within the app so I don’t think it’s worth deducting a star for anything, but it is a nice feature that I hope to be able to use in the future whenever the bug(s) get worked out a bit more. Other than that minor gripe this app has been flawless. Thank you!.Version: 6.7

Great appGreat features, stable and allows me to plan when I'm going to conduct my operations with the prediction of weather parameters..Version: 5.9.3

ExcellentA very well thought out app, good UI and easy to navigate. Good to be able to isolate weather in your immediate location..Version: 5.5.1

Brad Gould Federal NSW AustraliaThank you very much this system could safe lives if more people knew about weather underground after major floods in our region if people could monitor live rain up river we had just on 1000mm in 24 hours they would have more chance for evacuation saving lives and even in a bushfire scenario knowing exactly which way the wind is coming how fast the wind gusts are humidity and dew point..Version: 6.11.1

Super accurate.Just add a working widget to iOS 16 (hey even 15) and it’s perfect!.Version: 6.13

Heaps good!!Love this app - always more accurate than the system weather app. Love the local weather info sourcing. Also appreciate the big graph, find it really helpful showing the kids what the weather is/will be doing. Heaps good!!.Version: 4.0.3

Best weather appFantastic design, full of features but well thought out UX. Well worth paying to remove the ads and support the developers. Thanks!.Version: 5.9.2

Progress madeI feel this app doesn’t deserve the low ratings it has received.Version: 6.13

Best I’ve foundAlthough there are a few bugs and some time lag I found this app excellent when travelling. So easy to change the location and get a handle on the weather at the next location on our trip..Version: 5.12.1

Brilliant weather appLove it. Just as accurate as local forecasts and has the whole world in it. Also tides, phases of the moon. Can spend hours sifting through it all. Even the ads aren't very intrusive..Version: 5.0.1

Most practical, useful and accurateI have tried quite a number of different weather apps, and this is by far the best. I love the wind direction and strength forecast as I cycle to work and back most days allowing me to make informed transport decisions. I love the hour-by-our forecast. Also seems to be one of the most accurate weather forecast apps I've tried..Version: 5.0

Easy and versatile.Just had it for 24hours and impressed. Lot of stations in my hometown to get a real good snapshot of what's happening. Kudos to those supplying the info..Version: 3.4

The only weather app you'll needIt's perfect. Accurate, easy to use and just gets on with the job. Let's you easily flip between where you are and favourite locations. I love it..Version: 5.0.1

Right at youThis app provides a quick Accurate summary of weather, easy to navigate Intelligent layout.,.Version: 6.8

Excellent weather appVery accurate and with lots of additional weather details. Very pleased with the free version and the adverts are not very frequent. I would like to upgrade to the full version but the price of nearly £20 per year is far too expensive for this type of app..Version: 6.15

Not Nearly as Bad as People SayDue to the negative reviews, I was scared to update, and didn’t do so until today only because the old version was no longer supported. And I must say that I am a bit confused as to what all the fuss is about. I think this new version is just fine. Sure, there are some little hiccups, such as the daily details and graph not being fully displayed without clicking on “more” and the seemingly more prevalent appearance of ads. But first off, those are very minor things, and second, this is a big change for the app and developing team, so there’s obviously going to be some kinks to work out. And there are some features I LIKE about this app; it appears and behaves a lot cleaner, and I kind of like the design better. But that’s just my personal opinion. And let’s not forget that while the interface is different, the data being reported is still the same. You still get accurate, hyper-local forecasts that are hard to beat, and for free, no less. I don’t know who these people are writing the negative reviews, or why. Maybe they’re really into weather and used the old app more features more extensively. But I can say as an average person who just wants to see the daily weather, it is still a great app..Version: 6.4

Moving in the right directionI’m one of the many, many people who loved the old WU app and HATED version 6. It was such a major downgrade that I switched to a different app and checked back periodically to see if they’d undone the awfulness. *Note* I had left a scathing review with no cursing or other inappropriate content, but my original review appears to have mysteriously disappeared. Very suspicious. Anyways, the most recent update is definitely a step in the right direction. The line graph showing temperature and precipitation chances is taller now (like it was on the old WU) so you can actually see it now. And it’s nice that you can tap on the graph and see more detailed versions (maybe the only good thing to come with v.6). Also, I like that this version lets you pick what app icon you want—more apps should do that. Anyways, I still miss the original, but at least they’ve improved..Version: 6.6

Great appPicks up our weather station great and others around, simple to use and love the watch complication For some reason it picks up our suburb correctly but puts our city as one 20km away - checked winder ground and city is correct there.Version: 5.7

Still among the best with some bugs to work outMore accurate and with better data visualization than most apps. Ability to switch locals and between imperial and metric is handy. Main gripe is that it’s very difficult to read some of the figures in dark mode. Would also be cool if the ‘look back’ feature went 48 hours..Version: 6.13

Weather men and women futureFor anyone who wants to become a weatherman, this is the best app to choose it has advanced weather that most apps don’t have. it shows all the weather features it has all different kinds of radars for different people, and you can see multiple things on the radar. what’s the one thing that’s good is you can’t see the future, some people like that but they don’t like it because it has stuff that might not be true, so it’s really good because most of the apps have only future or you have to see the future you can’t see the past or you have to buy stuff to get to see that stuff. It’s a really good app and if people want to become a weather or understand better this is the app to choose. Sorry if I didn’t add the period at the right point but I’m still learning, but this is the best app for the weatherman and women future..Version: 6.12

GreatThis is a great app. Fantastic... Only bug is on iPhone map selection the temp stays in Fahrenheit rather, than Celsius when I re-open the app. Having to re-select is a little frustrating... iPad could have a little more options and customisation. But all in all a great weather app!.Version: 2.0

Great Weather AppGreat app and service. Fantastic having the personal weather station info too. Able to get very accurate local weather as a result..Version: 5.1

Finally, an app that accurately reflects......The professionalism of the umbrella corporation who owns WU. What a huge difference between the old WU and this new version. It is easy to see what the weather is now and what’s forecast and so far it has been quite accurate. The hourly forecast is a big plus so you know what to expect when going out to shovel or blow snow, or actually determine what time is best to go do that. The daily is also handy so you know what’s coming longer timeframe, like maybe seeing that you might be wasting your time blowing snow now if it’s going to be crappy later on today or tomorrow. Very nice to know those things! I find myself going more and more to WU and finally paid the few bucks to not see the ads - why are ads so, well, a pain in the keester. All in all, this has become a great app and now includes quite a few interesting sidelines. Even the icon is iconic!.Version: 6.8

Still the most accurate after ten years!Whilst I would agree the the former version was much better, I still love this app. I have been using it for more that ten years, and it is still far more accurate than any other weather app. For this complaining about not being able to use their own PWS, that’s on you for not setting it up properly. How do blame an app for your mistake. However do not upgrade to the premium version there is nothing on premium that you will need for accurate weather information!.Version: 6.14

HillarysOriginally I thought it was to see my weather station, but now realise can see many others. It is useful in Sailing as can see new winds coming and direction as well. Have set mine to auto locate and where ever I go, it gets the local weather. Why I did not get this before!.Version: 6.4

Thank goodness it’s backUsed this app for years, then it disappeared much to my disappointment. Tried numerous other apps but not as good - forecast chart, satellite map all easily accessible..Version: 6.5

Very accurateAlso gives more detail than some others.Version: 5.12.1

Exceptionally accurateThis app is by far the best of all the weather apps available in NZ. It provides accurate temperature readings and reliable predictions for the coming days..Version: 5.5

Very goodGreat app it's accurate weather but it does desperately need a option for a smaller notification centre widget they one now is just to big the graph must go:).Version: 4.0.3

Finally found it!I have been looking for a truly local weather station for years - so glad I found this! Now I don’t get temperatures from a town 40km away, winning..Version: 6.8

Splendid detail, accuracy and layoutI’m assuming the developers have sorted out lots of the problems that other reviewers are talking about. I am a sailor and I use several weather forecasts every day. My specialised marine forecast is the personal best but this is next in terms of accuracy and usefulness, and is my first choice on my phone and on land. The ten day forecast with its variety of variables is particularly good for planning the week..Version: 6.7

Great Weather appA great weather app and allows for seeing weather at personal weather stations. Minus 1 star as doesn't have iOS widgets.Version: 6.17

Easy, accurate and interactive.I have been using this app for two weeks now and I find it easy to use, with up to date information and accurate forecast. One can collaborate giving an update regarding how cloudy is the sky at the very moment the information is being provided..Version: 3.4

Supports weatherflow home stationHowever the watch app disappeared which was a great way to see our local weather instantly from my wrist..Version: 6.2.1

Best for local weatherNice app for accurate data on local conditions.Version: 5.9.1

Great appBest weather app I've come across. Lots of information available but the basic stuff doesn't get lost in the noise..Version: 3.3.1

It can improve BUT still the most accurate!Not sure what people are complaining about. There are slight glitches but the info is the most accurate I have used so far. The design of the app is very efficient. I personally love it compared to the big weather apps..Version: 6.16

Like the app but why does it crash on opening all the time?A well laid out app that I have moved to in preference to others. But the current version often crashes on opening, such that I am increasingly moving to other apps. Hope they resolve this..Version: 5.11.3

Highly RecommendExcellent app, easy to navigate, informative and simple to use..Version: 5.9.2

It’s back!Back and fully functional as before..Version: 6.6.2

Bang onWe were on outdoor events and I rely on this forecast more than any other. I always find it to be bang on accurate..Version: 6.9

Most usefulThe most useful weather app for my area. Gives me accurate forecast of likelihood of rain. Maps local weather stations. Very good..Version: 5.9.2

FeedbackReally like the app, it's great. Would be awesome if you could include relative humidity in the forecast. Would be very beneficial for plenty of hay farmers out there. Cheers.Version: 5.9

Brilliant PSWI’ve used WU for 5 years. Always reliable & dependable - wherever I want to discover the weather across the globe..Version: 6.6

First time userJust stumbled on this app for the first time so no previous version comparisons…. Love it!.Version: 6.9

Not sure what the complaints are aboutI have simple requests of a weather app. I want current conditions to include temperatures, wind speed & direction, chance of precipitation. I find their forecasts fairly accurate taking into account the change ability in weather extremes because of climate change. They have improved on the air quality index from 4 years ago, but I will still check with Environment Canada for the most accurate predictions when fire season is upon us. They incorporate the same severe weather warnings we get broadcast on every reputable weather broadcast. This is what I get for free. The ads are minimal..Version: 6.10

Good appEasy to use, and more accurate than the official metservice forecasts. They seem to source a lot of local data and have a great algorithm for making sense of it..Version: 4.0.3

Best weather app for WhitiangaBest I have found (& I've tried many) I trust this weather app above any other that I've tried..Version: 5.7.2

Amazing & Very DetailedSo I have always struggled to find a good weather app to give me all the details I need,But I saw Wunderground on the App Store and I downloaded it.I was amazed at how detailed the app actually is & how much description you get from it Highly Recommend (5 Stars).Version: 6.10

Great appInstalled a wifi weather station at home and registered it with Wunderground and can now see weather at home where ever I am. All very easy - a great app..Version: 5.9.2

Best now that Dark Sky has been obliterated by Apple.Have looked at all the big names trying to find the simplest replacement for Dark Sky. Wunderground ain’t perfect, but it’s the best there is currently. Easy to read, nice looking interface, and reliable..Version: 6.14

Still the best - but could be betterWeather underground still has the most comprehensive set of weather information of any app I've used. I especially love the combination of graphical data that shows me how the temperature wind speed and precipitation probability will vary throughout the day, and local sunset time. This is critical information if you're planning on doing anything outdoors :-) The radar display is good, but lots of other apps have that. I've had some issues around how quickly it loads the data. This is especially true on their website. Locations can also be a little messy since they have so many - and the name organization does not seem very good if you're outside of the United States. I would love to see lightning data included in this as I currently have to use a second separate app for that. Again, pretty important if you're doing things outside. However, overall it's the best I've tried. Well done :-).Version: 6.11

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