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AppleTV app skips all over the placeI like Vudu’s service and massive menu of movies to buy or rent, but the format could use some work, and there is a bug. I’ll leave a review about this problem and maybe you’ll fix a bug that has existed on the AppleTV app for a long time. When I scroll slowly down through my movies, I make it to about 25% and the view jumps almost to the end of my library. If I scroll back up, it goes about 25% of the way then jumps to the beginning of the library. To pick a movie I usually scroll the menu in my iPad, pick one, then I search for it it the Search window on my AppleTV. That works, but I’d rather do a leisurely scroll to choose what I want to watch..Version: 8.1

Love it!!I uploaded it today and I absolutely love it I don’t even remember how I found it now I think I found it because I was searching for a particular movie and it showed that this app had the movie and I thought oh my and then I just loved it and it has a whole bunch of movies on and I’ve been wanting to say wow and I can do this while I am riding my exercise bike, cooking in the kitchen, having lunch out alone or just relaxing in bed. So excited.Version: 7.0

Love it! But.........I love this app. I have purchased 326 movies over the last 3 years. There are a few movies I would love to get and don’t understand why they are not available. There are a few movies that are here but I can’t buy them. I’ve emailed the support center but never get a direct answer to my questions. I’d give a five if I could get a few movies left for my collection added..Version: 8.3

Love it but Not all Hearts are SavedI love this app so much and so thankful for the free movies but after going through all the Free Movies/TV Shows pressing the Hearts to Save to WishList, I get to my WishList and only a few are on the list. Why? I go back to the items, even play them and the hearts are shaded but yet not in the List at all. Can you please fix this? Oh and some movies are not even playable like The Chauffeur and The Tutor. I don’t get it. Please change this! I am eternally grateful for this amazing app and hope there is a deal to purchase monthly instead of individual movies too. Mahalo Plenny🤙🏾❤️💜.Version: 7.4

*****Updates ...Updated Review*****5 stars*The new update corrected every negative comment I ever made. Thanks for listening to the suggestions. The updated version is far better. Now that new releases and “Exclusive Rentals” have their own drop down menu, the time it takes to find recently added movies is far less than it took in previous versions. Tremendous work; the app is great, Thanks Again!.Version: 7.8

AbominableOne of the most entertaining, funny, films I have seen, I loved that "Yi", was determined to see "Everest" back home! keeping her promise to him. Both "Peng" and "Jin" made me laugh, Mr . Burnish' change, in realizing positive change "Mom & Nai Nai", are very loving and patient. The. I'll Ins did there job ( made me laugh too). The music was heartfelt and enjoyable my favorite musical parts are the Violin. Made me catch my breath!! I've bought the film, and I've watched it more times than I can count!!.Version: 8.1.1

TenetChristopher Nolan is the last of the great visionary filmmakers, he’s the closest thing to Alfred Hitchcock. And in this age of flaccid and a mediocre total lack of culture, top to bottom. Music to cinematography and beyond, regardless of your points of view you must know there are few left that can inspire the greatness that could be. We all must work as one to drive the creation of ingenuity and. By recognizing the greatness that has come before and building on the very best of the past, in all its greatness and it’s faults, to produce the very greatest of our collective futures..Version: 8.3.4

Fix your payment for IPhoneI love this app but I think it is dumb to not allow people to rent or buy movies from their IPhone and to allow purchases to be made only from laptops. People are on their phone much more than a laptop so personally I think the company is shooting themselves in the foot for not allowing people to buy from their phone since if the company allowed purchases to be made from phones I could watch things on long car rides or when I’m away from home and don’t have a laptop or WiFi connection. Otherwise the selection is great but they really should fix this issue.Version: 7.8

Doesn’t workI love watching movies on this app! But I don’t know what happened. When I try to watch something on my IPad Mini 2, it just says “Network error. Check your settings and try again.” I don’t know what is wrong or why it tells me this. I even deleted it and reinstalled the app, but it still has the same problem. All my other video apps run fine..Version: 7.0

So hilarious!This movie definitely shows how much we use and rely on our phones now. It goes so much into detail, that a relationship develops. It also shows how within the phone, things can be done to really damage one’s life. Keep that in mind because apps have developers & can embed viruses or cookies that can track all of your data. Jexi just does it in a very devious way yet hilarious way. Hey child sized kale salad😂!.Version: 7.9

Caption issuesRunning the app with captioning always ends with issues. I have the latest version, I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling, my phone is current but always the same problems. The captioning runs out of sync after a few minutes, or the video has one serious lag and throws not only captioning out of sync but the action and voice sound affects as well. Only when running movies or shows with captions on does this happen. It’s nice being able to turn down the volume and run captions when the baby is asleep. Can’t always use headphones so please fix this..Version: 8.3.6

New review.To the developers - please fix the Continued watching. For some reason even when I actually finish watching the Movie or TV show. It rewinds back like 15 -30 mins and sticks them episodes in the continue watching section. If I finished and fast forward through the credits and start the next episode why does it show up in the Continue watching section when I finished watching it. So, the entire 1st season is in the continue watching section. The only things that should go to continue watching is stuff I haven’t actually finished watching. Like I watched the first 15 mins of a movie and I got interrupted. I keep getting play back error 1008 for movie/TV show that are Downloaded. Why am I getting an error playing download shows? This happens while on WiFi or Not. But if it is downloaded there shouldn’t be a problem. It is not connection based because others play just fine. Downloaded or not. For some reason your app wants me to re- downloaded them..Version: 8.3.5

I just got thisI just got this a just logged in. I haven’t you used it yet, mostly cause I’m abt to go to sleep. I really hope it had full house cause I can’t find it anywhere. Judging by the top reviews I can’t say much bc they are from a year ago and it seems most were fixed. I will update y’all in the morning to see how it works and show you my real opinions :).Version: 8.3.4

Great appI honestly have been using this app for years now and I’ve got to say it’s been amazing. I’ve always been a huge fan of movies and shows but personally I love the idea of owning them. There is always deals for shows or movies and a quality options. I use it on multiple devices and it hardly lags. Great costumer service, if I have any problems they get fixed pretty fast..Version: 8.3.6

Ok, could be betterGood prices and vast selection. We enjoy it a lot. Some improvements would make it a five star app: It really needs the ability to sort your library into smaller libraries for different family members. Right now, if my 10 year old pulls the app up, Bridesmaids, is right there. The parental controls they have are really not thought out for how a family will need and use the app. Also, sometimes a movie I buy “disappears”, and it’s just not in my library. Usually resolves itself over time but frustrating when you want to watch immediately..Version: 7.0

Air pods not compatible anymoreEver since the new update whenever I want to pause a movie by taking out one of my air pods the movie doesn’t pause anymore. It continues to play over speaker which I don’t want it to do. I even tried pausing the movie on screen then removing my pods and the movie kicks back on and plays on the speaker. I also tried turning my screen off for it to remain paused until I can get back to my movie and it plays on speaker in the background! This is very frustrating cause every time I need to walk away I miss part of my movie and have to rewind back to where I left off which isn’t perfect so I have to rewatch scenes again. I thought maybe it must be the air pods but now all the other movie apps I use actually pause when I double tap or take my air pod out. Please please update again and make it compatible again..Version: 7.6

One Great InventionLove being able to watch my favorite movies without having to get up, find the disc, open the box, put it in the player, and finally sit down to watch the movie. With all (or as many as you can add to your library. No Thanks to Disney and Fox for not having D2D) from your comfy chair you can find the movie in your library click play and enjoy! It’s as simple as that!.Version: 8.3.7

Really good app!!!If you have any questions or problems with the app please call tech support! I have in the past and they where very helpful and fixed any problems I was having! I started using this app when my kids where so they could watch their Disney movies and my movies on the go. Way by for Disney had an app, I’m 51 now! They were their to pioneer the way for movies on the go ( anywhere ). Up to 100 movies in my library and still watch movies with it with my family. 👍👍.Version: 7.9

Awesome but......This app is awesome. I have just recently used this app and I gotta say I am really glad this app is free. But there is one problem some movies that I would like to see it says “ Available with family play” I go to settings and I turn on family play and stuff. Then I go back to the movie to try to see it but it still says the same thing so if you know what I can do plz reply back. Thank you.Version: 7.7

In app purchasesThe only reason I took a star from this is because I haven’t been able to make purchases or pay for rentals in the app. I’ve had to access through my tv or computer, pay for the rental and then it would allow me watch the movie in the app. It would be a lot better if I could just pay in the app and start watching immediately. Other than that, this app rocks..Version: 8.1.1

Love itI love this app, and I love how easy it is to turn up your volume and rewind or fast forward any amount you want by dragging your finger across the screen. however, sometimes that messes up the video and audio so it’s not always convenient. i wish this could get fixed. also, the pause button and +15 and -15 buttons aren’t always responsive the first time i push them which is also very annoying. fix these and i will be happy!.Version: 8.1.1

Love this!This is an awesome app! Plenty of free things to watch, but also lots available to purchase if you want. I had never tried this until I decided to get my free digital copy of a movie I was waiting for shipment. I didn’t realize how cool this app was, and I’m glad I decided to get the digital copy and discovered this new way to watch on my phone. I have already watched some really great movies for free, and I like how there’s not much ads in the ones that do have ads, and it works perfectly. No issues at all so far. The movies change every week I believe, so there’s always fresh content and something for everyone even the kids! I definitely recommend this app!.Version: 8.1.1

Fairly happy so farI’ve seen a few glitches, but so far I’m pretty happy with the app. Not as good as watching on my smart TVs but still pretty great considering that They have this much content available no matter where I’m at. Just wondering if it might be possible to be able to star rate things on the app. As it stands everything is at a 4 star default and am unable to rate via the app. By no means a deal breaker... just a bit more convenience for my lazy self. One more thing; why have so many previews arable to watch for movies you don’t have?.Version: 8.0

Bundle and SaveI love the app and all the deals that are constantly available. Especially when it comes to bundles. However when I filter by genre the bundles do not show up and some of the individual movies that are obviously, let’s say a comedy, don’t show up in that genre filter. That is the only issue I have with the app or your service and the reason for the 4 star review. I will be happy to change this to a 5 star if the filtering of movies was fixed Thanks.Version: 8.0.1

The FamilyThis was absolutely the WORST movie I have ever seen with Richard Gere in it! It seemed good at first, had me excitedly waiting to see what happened next, then it just suddenly ended, on a cliff hanger, no less! We were left not knowing what happened, if the bad guys were arrested/killed, what—absolutely no clue if there were any repercussions from their awful crime, who was blamed, etc. What a complete waste of time & money, unfortunately by actors I usually really liked & appreciated! Thank goodness this was a freebie. If I had paid box office prices, I would have been seriously ticked off & disappointed. Honestly, I don’t believe this was the actors’ fault, necessarily, but rather the constraints on the writers’ time & the film budget. They could have provided some sort of decent ending that didn’t leave the watchers hanging! To Richard Gere, I expected much better. There was absolutely no real ending/conclusion at all! Waste of serious time/money..Version: 8.3.1

Our #1 way to watch moviesWe love having access to our movie collection from any screen. Our collection of DVDs hasn’t been touched since we moved ... four years ago. When I travel, I like that I can download a handful of movies to my iPad when I don’t have WiFi. I’m giving Four Stars because it lacks an important feature: I would like to see the ability to purchase and add to my library right there in the app. You have to open a web browser to complete four more steps to log in, find the title, click Buy, choose the format, confirm the purchase ... and THEN you can watch the movie you wish you could have purchased on demand within the app. I would have a bigger collection by now if you offered in-app purchases..Version: 8.3.2

MoviesJust downloaded the app a week ago. I’m in a foreign country weekly and TV entertainment is usually abysmal, with the language barrier. With this app I was still not able to stream a movie in my hotel room but since I had downloaded a movie on this app a week ago I was able to at least watch that. Unsure if it was the hotel’s Wi-Fi that was causing the issue or if the app in a foreign country just doesn’t work as well as it does in the states..Version: 7.0

Love this app.I absolutely LOVE this app!! I’ve been using it for a long time. I love the free movies and tv shows you provide every month. I have about 40+ digital copies of mine on here, while I really like my movies it’s nice to be able to watch something new and different. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing the next month or weeks new shows and movies!.Version: 7.9

Great app for your digital library.Haven’t ever had a serious issue with the app. Sometimes I’ll get playback errors but a restart of the app usually solves the problem. All my movies are always available and on all the devices I want them on. Good deals also on digital copies of movies and tv shows. And I love the disc to digital option. Only a handful of videos aren’t convertible so far, but hopefully become available in the future..Version: 7.6

Pretty good but missing some featuresI love this app I have been using it for a while now and always works and runs so smoothly. Just consider adding a “continue watching” screen or option like on your tv app. It’s a little annoying going back every time to find the movie or show where you left off. Other than that it’s perfect..Version: 7.3

Love it but all things can improveThis is absolutely my favorite way to purchase and stream movies. I have spent so much money doing this and regret non of it. My only issues are there is no way to switch up payment options on the app. Sometimes I want to splurge on something but can’t easily switch to credit from debit so I don’t bother. Also a “watch from beginning” button would be nice. Add a “next episode” option when watching a tv series and I’m golden. 😂 Thanks for making this app easy and reliable to use. Love having my digital collection in one place!.Version: 7.0

Updated to three stars..I actually like the app because who doesn’t like free movies but the CS stinks.. Every time I use picture in picture the app closes when a commercial comes up.. This is super annoying! I tried to talk to CS and all I get are canned answers.. I’ve already done all the normal things when there’s something wrong.. it has to be on their end.. I wish I could get some real help.. Maybe I’m the only one that uses picture in picture!?! Lol 😂.Version: 7.4

Great app, almost perfectIt’s a wonderful app, but I wouldn’t give it 5 stars until the transition from screen to screen moves more smoothly and previously finished now watching titles stop reappearing after being removed. I do think the addition of the list feature has made the original issues I had completely avoidable and I would just like the app to have a more seamless interface and it will be perfect..Version: 8.0

Truly enjoy this app, but ready for some updates...I’ve been a fan of this app for many years. Just about all my digital movies are on here or were purchased from this app. Waiting for this app to add a “skip intro” button for TV shows. It would also be nice if we could purchase movies/tv shows directly from the app vs having to log on the website every time. The app should be a one stop shop..Version: 8.3.6

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