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Black border once orderingNot sure why but it’s been like this for weeks.Version: 2020.15.1

This app does not work in Canada 🇨🇦!This app does not work in Canada!.Version: 2020.2.0

Exploring the AppMy review is about the app itself. I can’t order buns separately. You can in store. When I add items to cart I would like the option to go to cart and review, see price and make changes with price prior to it forcing me to pick a location. No where does it show breakfast hours. I had to go to Google it. I agree with others that the point of an app is to be supported at all locations. If all locations don’t have say a parking spot for to go orders then it’s needs to be advised before you place your order. It’s not the customers job to figure it out after they arrive. App folks get on the phones and call locations you load and ask. I don’t want to use the app yet until I contact the store each time to find out. By the time I do that I can just go through the line or in store and order. My time is more valuable than in-app freebies. For those that have issues with your stores, hit twitter and email corporate. This has always worked for me with numerous chained stores. In my experience it’s mostly a training issue “such as a lazy manager not training, a specific employee, or a store that doesn’t follow corporate rules. It goes a long way when corporate here’s of an incident in a particular store, “you will get freebies” as opposed to blaming the chain as a whole. Yelp and FB are ok for complaints for customers to see but if you want to get results and see changes Corporate and Twitter are the way to go..Version: 5.14.4

New updated app not workingWas at a nearby store and decided to order chick fil a through the app in order to pickup on my way out of the shopping center and avoid the drive through line. Placed my order in the app and then closed out while I was headed to parking lot pick up spots. When I opened the app back up, the “my order” section was a blank white screen. Which therefore would not allow me to check in for my order, or even know if my order had been placed. After turning off my phone, deleting and re-downloading the app, it still was not working. I decided to try and replace my order, but when doing that am told that I cannot edit my order and that I need to “check in” or “cancel” the order. I am now unable to check in and unable to place a new order. I even tried at a different location. I ended up leaving disappointed and frustrated without any food to show for it. I will likely stop using the app and therefore go to Chick Fil A a lot less because I no longer have the apps convenience..Version: 2020.5.0

Not an “order ahead” App!Really excited to use the mobile order feature during this time but come to find out the dont actually prepare your food when you order! Its basically a “fill in” feature so that when you actually get there you click order and not have to fill in the info then. They wait until you get there then you must click “im here” thats when they begin. So on top of the time in between when you order and getting there you also have to wait however long it takes for them to make the food once you arrive. This is a terrible feature that really needs to be looked at, i was on my way to work (15minutes early) then come to find out this is how it works so I was late to work and had to wait 30 minutes to get my food (20 minutes while there). Oh and I had to call for them to bring it out. This is not an attack on them being slow, that is not what Im saying, this is focused on the app and how its entirely misleading and leads to longer wait times than just drive thru..Version: 2020.5.0

Good Service, Poor AppIt’s going on three separate times when I’ve pre-ordered my food and when I get there to pick it up, it’s not ready. Before you ask “did you tell the app you’re here and ready to pick up”? Yes I did but for some reason my app just keeps thinking for the last 5-7 minutes to drive to the store to pick up my meal. When I get there it’s not ready because the app never sent the order to the store. Luckily, the manager on watch knew what to do and had my food made fresh to go. But having an app for pre-order is kind of useless if it doesn’t work. There’s a girl that works at the store I normally go to and she agrees that it’s weird that it never shows up. My app just says that the order never went through and I have to talk to the manager. But then I’ll get a receipt saying thank you for your purchase. This is with the latest update you sent out. Please fix this because I’m scared to use my lunch time to get food prepared and be late to work because the app doesn’t work..Version: 5.16.3

Not pandemic friendlyThere is no option for walk-in not everyone drives so there needs to be support for non-motorist. As the app currently is, frustrating experience for both the customer and employees please add support for walk-up customers. Other than this the app itself great however there is a few options that could be added such a customizing food orders and reducing the amount of steps to redeem customer loyalty points. But yeah as it is I still say it’s pretty solid. Navigation is still simple and straightforward One thing to be aware of when using gift cards once you transfer your balance to the app the card no longer has any funds which I feel is a bit curious Below is my pre-pandemic review Original title: Only good to skip the line The ordering experience is great. Easy UI navigation is a breeze However I feel there are a few issues I need to point out, on more than one occasion my order was not correct. I love the app just be cautious of receiving your order correctly, it’s highly aggravating and from what I experienced it appears managers don’t take the customers side I was told there would be an investigation on the matter which consisted of only merely asking an crew member which in my opinion is highly subjective who would own up to an error hard evidence would be rolling back some camera the manager actually had the audacity to contact me back to give me his workers defense when I personally witnessed the error first hand.Version: 2020.9.0

Don’t like the revampI preferred the older app for both ordering, pick up, and also the rewards program. It used to be somewhat of a game/lottery to see what reward will I be getting, now this redemption of points make it less joyful to see what reward I will get, and also disappoints me that I must spend less amount to get certain rewards. In the old system I will go out of my way to order, and even buy stuff because I feel bad for getting something for free. Now I no longer feel obligated nor will I go as often. Also the order pickup process was confusing: the animation changes now when you get closer to the store, and it makes it seems like by seeing this animation change, the restaurant is now preparing he order; in fact you still have to press a button for them to start an order, so last time I waited 5 minutes before I realized I had to do that. Final note, not all chick til a’s seem to have this working, once I updated the app and ordered, the one I normally go to said they never got the order..Version: 6.0.1

Error message 403This app will not let me log in again. Keeps giving me an error 403. Not happy 😫 why??.Version: 2020.2.0

I want to love the app like I love Chick Fil AThis app is mediocre at best. I got a Facebook notification about a free sandwich if I purchased online today. Ordering chicken minis online from home worked to begin with but that was where the success ended. I left home and immediately couldn’t access my order to “pull up and let them know” I was at the restaurant. I have not once ever, despite re-downloading the app at least 3 times, been able to view orders or treats without being on wifi (typically mine at home). I have an iPhone 8+, have the latest version of ios, and sufficient memory on my phone for the app. But I get the message that the app “isn’t connected to the internet”—whaaa? I live in a town of 200,000 on a major highway with LTE everywhere. So, to solve my problem I just pulled up to the drive thru and told them I had an online order. The girl gave me my food but gave me no free sandwich or comparable breakfast item. I thought the free item might come as a notification on the app but nope, not there, either. A disappointment altogether...Please get the glitches fixed on this app once and for all..Version: 5.16.3

Nice , not moreI saw better ones for ordering , easier and clearer..Version: 5.0.1

App is great but some stores have issuesI use the app quite a bit and never encounter issues but while in Houston, TX I had a major problem. The app showed a store was open past 10:00 p.m which was fantastic except after ordering my meal and only given the option for carry out, I was disappointed to find the doors to the restaurant locked! The officer inside explained the drive thru was open. I told him I had a mobile order and he explained to me they would have it. Once to the menu to order o told them I had a mobile order. She originally said she could not locate it. After giving her the order number she found it. When pulling up to the window the order was completely wrong and I had to hand them my phone to review the order. They did get it right but did not apologize for the inconvenience. I don't fault the app as much as the management at the location. If they are accepting mobile orders they should be open or allow you in. If they are not going to do that, then they should utilize the curbside delivery spots that other stores have. This was a frustrating visit and it did not have to be..Version: 5.14.2

Not working in CanadaPlease add support for Canadian stores at least to place order to pick up. Thank you.Version: 2021.2.0

They do pretty good, except with instructionsI’ve enjoyed the app - earning treats is awesome. I’ve only ever had one problem but it’s repetitive enough to knock a couple of stars off my rating. My family special orders items frequently so we were thrilled to see the “special instructions” section. For some reason they never follow the special instructions. After finding parking and wading through the line to “quickly” get my order it’s frustrating that EVERY TIME the special instructions are missed. Now we have to stand and watch regular walk-up orders be completed before our mobile order is corrected. This has happens at least 5 times. I’ve spoken with the manager and the GM about what to put to get the directions followed but...nope...it keeps happening. Apologies worked the first few times but now I’m hoping this review does something. Maybe a manual acknowledgment or something when special instructions are on mobile orders. I don’t know but it’s beyond frustrating from such a customer-oriented company..Version: 5.14.4

Disappointed.I have been loyally using the app for nearly a year now, but recently someone managed to hack my account and use my debit card to purchase a $100 gift card as well as use it on the complete other side of the United States. They also drained the points that I had worked very hard to earn and spent a lot of money to be able to acquire. I have called Chick Fil A CARES multiple times about this issue and requested to have my account be put on hold, but nothing was ever done and my account was still about to be accessed by others for over ten days after calling. I have also used the ‘customer service’ portion of the app but there is never any response! Their corporate could certainly do better with these issues, I am definitely not the first case of account being compromised and points being drained. This has happened hundreds of times before, I guess CFA really doesn’t care. Overall, please don’t add your debit card to the app, even if it is for one use; hackers seem to really be targeting this app. And use your points as soon as you earn them..Version: 2020.2.0

Neat design and mostly user friendly, however...I like the design and layout, and the app is pretty user friendly, however, when I tried to place a catering order it brought me to a webpage within the app. Not sure how to describe it other than like twitter's mini web browser when you click and link. Anyway it brings you almost "out of the app" to a new "page" where I am not signed in, and after filling out all the orders I had to sign in, and didn't remember my password since I created my account a while ago and the app auto-signed me in, so I had to cancel order, reset password, and sign in again. I ended up just calling the nearest chick fil a and placing a cratering order that way because of the inaccurate and vague information about the chick fil a location that I was ordering from. Too much of a hassle for me to order any catering platters, so until this "other window" bug or redesign is fixed, I'll still be calling in orders..Version: 5.14.3

Why is this app in the Canadian store?This app only works for American restaurants so what's the point of having it in the Canadian Store? Useless and waste of time downloading..Version: 2020.11.0

Good App Poor Experience @ RestaurantOverall it's a great app. Customization of orders are limited. If want lettuce and no tomatoes, you can only do that with the original sandwich while you're not able to remove it from the deluxe version. At Fairfax Circle, a normally very busy location in my experience, they do not have dedicated parking for mobile orders, but insist that mobile orders are picked up thru walk-in vice drive thru. The app includes a notification that you're at the restaurant with the caveat it is to provide the freshest food. Sitting out in the parking lot until there's a space to park is not going to keep the food fresh. They should be able to either take my order number at the drive thru and enter it so I am in the sequence or it's an option in the app to notify them the customer is in the drive thru queue. Or reserve a space for pick up orders like every other restaurant in the country pretty much does for their mobile orders. The customer isn't going to know the parking lot is full before they arrive and the mobile order is to place your order before you even arrive at the restaurant with your custom choices..Version: 5.13.2

Mobile OrderThe mobile order system still has a few kinks, but the staff handled it well..Version: 5.10.0

Clumsy process to redeem awardsRedeeming awards through this app is extremely clumsy, which is especially frustrating in a drive thru. You first have to select what item you want to redeem. It then gets added to the “awards” screen. THEN you have to go to that screen and click “redeem,” at which point it brings up a barcode to be scanned. HOWEVER, if you let your phone go to sleep and then wake it back up again, the app seems to forget that you were about to redeem an award and just scans as if you’re paying in full. It happened to me this morning. Only when I looked at my receipt later did I realize that I paid full price and did not get my reward. ALSO, once you “redeem” an award, it will then expire in 30 days. The whole process seems needlessly complicated. I don’t even know how it would’ve worked if I had received my award. Would I have had to scan twice? Once for the award, and once to get credit for my purchase? I love Chick-fil-A, but I might just stop using the app. It feels like more trouble than it’s worth..Version: 6.0.10

App Hacked, Nothing Was DoneWhen I discovered that someone hacked into my Chick Fil A app and was using my credit card to add money to a digital gift card, I immediately called customer service. The representative admitted it’s very likely someone did hack my account and discouraged me from deactivating it. I took his advice and instead changed my password, enabled Touch ID and removed my credit card information from the app and called the card company. My card company handled everything perfectly, but the next day I discovered my account was still being used by someone on the other side of the country. I called Chick Fil A customer service again and he submitted a form to have my account deactivated. It’s been a week, my account is still being used by the hackers and nothing has been done on Chick Fil A’s part. I’m shocked by how hard it has been to keep my account secure. Even though I’ve enabled Touch ID and changed my password, it seems as though there’s no way to force a log out so whoever used my account the first time is still able to do so. And I don’t have the capability to deactivate my account myself because of the outstanding balance the hackers put on the digital gift card linked to my account. As soon as I get customer service to do their job, I am deleting the app and will never re-download..Version: 6.1.8

Can’t pay with a Canadian cardWent to store with no drive through or dine in. Mobile order only. Downloaded the app and signed up but it won’t take Canadian Visas, and refused my PayPal, probably cause that’s Canadian too. Waste of time..Version: 2021.1.0

Useless.As some who works for the first Chick Fil A in Toronto, this app is useless and it has become extremely frustrating and annoying for us workers to continue to have to explain to our customers that this app doesn’t work in Canada. Either remove it from the Canadian app store and figure out a way to make it work. And do it quickly..Version: 2021.7.0

Can’t add multiple gift cards or multiple orders. Account switch limitOne star! The old app allowed you to stack multiple Chick Fil A gift cards but the new one does not. My local grocery only sells Chick Fil A cards in multiples of $10. I buy them there for fuel rewards. $10 doesn’t feed my family. Additionally the new app won’t let you place an additional order for food if you forgot something. You must pick up your first order before the app allows you to place another. This means going in and standing in line to place an order for the additional item. This wastes a lot of time! Some rewards won’t let you redeem two in the same order so this reduced functionality forces you to complete the first order to be able to redeem your treat reward in a second order. One more thing... old app remembered the previous Chick-Fil-A login email and the new one does not. I buy multiple cow calendars and now it’s more work to log out of one account to redeem the monthly treat and then log into another at the same Chick Fil A visit usually. For example we will use my account for my calendar treat and then my son’s account for his calendar treat of the month. Old app remembered the previous email address to save time typing it in but new one makes you delete it and type it all out. Inefficient! Your developers should be ashamed of themselves for butchering the app! Please bring back the original superior app!.Version: 6.0.7

Good overall but should allow Dine In option for mobile ordersI really like the app. I have a few wishes for the app and rewards program. First, I wish we could exchange rewards earned for other equivalent food/drink options. Often, I earn a breakfast biscuit and never use them, because I don’t like biscuits. I wish it would just allow you to get a monetary credit on your order in the amount of the retail price of the freebie offered. I also wish they wouldn’t expire so quickly, but I don’t foresee them giving any consideration to that. Most importantly, I think mobile orders should allow the customer to choose not only between Carry-out and Drive-thru but also Dine-in. It seems odd to me that you can order for carry-out but not feel welcome to eat in the restaurant if you so choose. Tried to order this morning (5/07) and the app crashed several times and would never submit the order. So I had to order the old way and wait during morning rush hour. Usually the app works well, but this morning, it wouldn’t allow me to submit my order despite 5-6 attempts..Version: 5.16.2

Disappointed.I ordered breakfast this morning through the app at 10:20 because I knew I was 10 mins away and wanted to get the breakfast order placed so they could make it and have it ready for me by 10:30. The app said to confirm when U got there so they could bring the order out, but on my way there I got a notification that said “open the app and we’ll start making your order” which confused me because before it only said to confirm when I arrived at the restaurant . Then I got there at exactly 10:30 and went inside because I chose indoor pickup. I opened up my Chick-fil-a app, ready to tap “i’m here” and I got a pop-up notification that said breakfast had ended. I figured this was just a notification for everyone on the app, so I went to confirm that I was there and suddenly the order disappeared with no trace. There was no transaction history, no fee, nothing to show. I ordered ahead to be able to quickly pickup my breakfast, and instead I was left with wasted gas and time. I am extremely disappointed by this..Version: 2019.15.0

Terrible customer service response timeI purchased food at roughly noon through the app and received a “503 error”. I then went in to the store and paid for my food the old fashion way. About 7 hours later I got a notification saying my food was ready, and my card was charged and my free sandwich reward was used. Tech issues happen, I get that, but the customer service is TERRIBLE. I’m currently on hold as I write this. I emailed in a few weeks ago with no response. After a few days I called in after I didn’t get a response. I was told my issue was being handled by a “regional manager” on the first call. No time frame was given on a resolution which is fine I guess. Here I am, 3 weeks later without a resolution and I can’t even talk to someone on the phone due to hold times. I was kicked off the line while waiting to talk to a rep and I’m on hold again. When the app works as intended (it usually works fine), it’s an excellent app. However, when things go wrong you have to rely on the customer support team to give a resolution within their policy. I can no longer order food from the app with confidence due to the poor customer service experience. If something goes wrong on the app, expect to have your money tied up for weeks and even months. I don’t even know if my issue will be resolved at this point. It’s a shame because the app works so well most of the time and the user experience when it works is excellent..Version: 2019.18.0

Great food, poor service and execution!I decided to try the app for the first time yesterday and what a disaster. There is literally no difference between ordering on the app or ordering through the drive thru. Any other order ahead, restaurant apps, the food is ready and you skip the line. I was directed to pull in to lane number 2 and wait. The order person walked up and I told them I had ordered through the app and that said ok, just wait inline and my food will be ready at the window. People in lane 1 who showed up after me were moving ahead as there was a hold up in lane 2. I know this could have happened regardless, but my point is I also could have told the order person my order and gained no advantage using the app. No time savings or anything. This is actually worse as they start preparing your food ahead of time so it’s actually less fresh than those ordering in the drive thru. What an absolute waste of resources just to have an app that really does nothing. If you ever feel useless, just remember there is a entire team working on the Chik-Fil-A App! I’ll never use this again!.Version: 2020.8.0

Extremely disappointedFor the first time ever, I’m dissatisfied with CFA and not because of their food, service or anything operational. I’ve used this app for years and suddenly I can’t view my past transactions. Being that I sometimes submit my purchases on an expense report and I hate having to keep up with physical receipts, this is a big problem for me. On initial report of this issue I was told where in the app to find transaction history. I know where to find it, it just tells me I have no transactions. Second response from “CFA Cares” told me to turn off WiFi, turn off ad blockers and VPN, sign out, sign in, uninstall, reinstall, do the hokey pokey and shake it all about. I’ve done all this, step by step, re-done it adding in a phone reboot, iOS update to current (from the next to most recent release) and phone restore. I’m a signature level member, I have transactions that should show. CFA One is the ONLY app I’ve ever trusted enough to prepay. I’ve had it though. I’m going to use up my current balance (almost $100 right now) and quit if I can’t get an intelligent response..Version: 2021.5.1

Glitches should be fixedI am normally pretty much a Chick-fil-A ambassador - I trumpet all things Chick-fil-A. My recent experience with the app was negative, however. I knew how much I had to spend before a certain date to keep my red status. But when I got within a week, although still thinking I needed to spend about $11 more dollars to keep it, the app said I had achieved it until 2020. I figured I had miscalculated, so it was a relief to get there. However, the next time I opened it after the rollover date, I was knocked down to silver status. I contacted Chick-fil-A, and basically, the response was “yes, there was a bug that did this, tough luck.” If I had know of the glitch, I would have kept spending to keep the status. I’m not happy with the app or how this turned out. Additionally, the app doesn’t tell you on the main points screen how many points you have and need to earn to keep your status anymore. Please bring this back. Basically, the app was way better before the major overhaul..Version: 2019.13.1

Jasper, Al Chick-fil-AI eat there literally 3-5 times a week. I always order through the app, and most of the day time employees know me by name. I eat there on my way to work because ordering through the app and going in to grab my food used to be fast and convenient, and my order was always correct. That is no longer the case. It takes longer and longer to get my food, and often I don’t get napkins or all of my condiments. And I don’t know this until I get to my car because they tape the bag shut. And even that takes entirely too long. They can’t just fold the bag over and tape it. Instead it has to be rolled down ever so carefully. Anyway, today was my last straw. I decided to order through the app and pick my food up at the drive thru because I’m working at home today and was still in my pajamas. I got there well before 10:30 but didn’t get to the speaker until 10:31. I was told I couldn’t get my breakfast. It was literally 1 minute late, and if your employees hadn’t suddenly become slow as hell, I would’ve been at the window well before 10:30. So I left and went to Jack’s who served me even though it was a few minutes after 10:30. I’ll let them have my regular business from now on..Version: 6.1.8

Doesn’t recognize their Canadian locationsThis app is just for locations in the US and does not work in Canada.Version: 2019.18.0

Marginal functionalityI just loaded the app on my phone, and proceeded to attempt loading my usual order in it to check out its functionality. I immediately found two problems with the app. First, the app only presents curbside and pickup options. I normally dine in the restaurant. I’d like to know that I can bypass the line, as this app has been advertised. The restaurant also doesn’t have a mechanism to separate traditional traffic from app traffic, a separate line for orders through the app. The second problem that I noticed is that when placing an order, you are not allowed to add extras, for example, extra tomatoes, to your entree. Note that this is not a comprehensive review of your app, as it is Sunday and I could not exercise the payment options, but including Apple Pay would be a nice option to add. At this point, without having the first two options, that I initially described available, I foresee the use of this app causing me nothing but frustration and delays..Version: 5.16.1

Could be much, much easier.Sure, it is nice to be rewarded for loyalty... but only if you can simply order what you would normally get. The rewards are missing the items that I usually order. Why can’t this just work simply and have so many points correlate to a dollar reward like so many other reward apps? What if 1000 points = $5 off? That would be great! But instead I have to search through the available rewards looking for my combo meal... wait, no combo meal... my sandwich, then my drink, then my large waffle fry... wait no large waffle fry reward so I’ll go with the small this time... I guess it is another pseudo rewards program that makes it just enough of a hassle that people don’t use it as often. Maybe this isn’t such a big deal to other people. Maybe it is just irritating enough that when they forgot to put my sauces in the sack today (that I ordered) and then had to consume my small fry and lousy grilled-chicken sandwich (I meant to get the regular sandwich, but clicked on the wrong reward button) without sauce it inspired me to leave this review. I was tempted to go back for the sauce, but 10 miles down the road... writing this review was easier..Version: 2021.3.0

At my wits end; I want to give 5 starsI don’t know if there is a glitch with the latest update, but my mobile orders have been wrong for the past couple of weeks. It started when I reordered a previous meal (sausage muffin breakfast) but the order my store got from the app was a sausage biscuit breakfast (I’ve never ordered that and I detest their biscuits). A couple days later I ordered a chicken sandwich with ADDED bacon (I double checked and screen-shot my order just in case) and I got a sandwich with NO bacon, NO BUN. The online order they got at the store clearly had my name and had a no bacon/bun request, which didn’t match my receipt (I showed the store my pic of my order and the receipt and they didn’t know why it changed). I’ve been back 3 more times and this keeps happening: the order my store gets on their end doesn’t match what I selected on the app. And it’s not a supply chain issue; whenever I go inside and ask for a fix to my meal, they always have what I originally ordered. While I do like collecting free meal cards from my local store, I just want the app to work again and get my orders correct. I’m tired of playing meal roulette..Version: 2021.16.0

Confused CFA GuestsAs a Team Member, I feel obligated to express some of the thoughts guests express to me about the app, because we run into a lot of problems with it at my CFA. Rewards are too hard to get to and slow down the flow of ordering. Why is the most important option of Rewards (Redeeming in store) the last page? I often have a hard time telling guests how to get to that page and have to just point at their phone. That's weird. We should be able to explain to guest how to get to this page in simple phrases, like click the button in the top right hand corner. Not click the present (you have to say present because the font that says "Rewards" is to small to read) Then swipe over in the top 1/3 of the screen twice. Thats weird, and we often say like "sorry our app is a little weird" to guests to make them to feel like its their fault. Overall, there's a lot of messy parts. Guests also try to scan to pay and don't know they didn't hook up money, and this is just because the font on button is just way to small. In Florida, about 50% is 50+, and you we cant depend on them being able to read the very small text so we just say tap the 1st or 2nd button, but it would be much easier if everything was just readable. I hope these thoughts help in improving the app. :).Version: 6.1.7

Why should I report an issue with Chick-fil-A?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Chick-fil-A to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
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  4. If you are a Chick-fil-A customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Chick-fil-A.

Is Chick-fil-A not working?

Chick-fil-A works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Chick-fil-A.

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