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Baby Monitor 3G App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Baby Monitor 3G app received 36 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Baby Monitor 3G? Can you share your negative thoughts about baby monitor 3g?

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Baby Monitor 3G for Negative User Reviews

Great app but keeps crashingOn my 5th gen iPad plus 3rd gen iPad as well as Samsung s7 and hubbys Google pixel 2 we gave regular app crashes.... Nearly time to find an alternative.....Version: 4.8.9

Video not working!The video is not working, even when both the devices are very close to my Apple Wifi base station. Tried it with all different devices and none of them work. Baby monitor 3G claim it will only work during a strong signal - seems like it just doesn't work at all. I notice in the 'other apps customers have brought' shows people buy the 'Best Baby Monitor', that might be me next. Will wait for the next update to see if it's improved..Version: 2.2

Skip this appThis app looses connection and stops working all of the time, especially in the middle of the night ( the worst time). Parents need to be able to rely on a monitor and this app does not provide that at all. I don't recommend this app and suggest getting an actual monitor so you can rest easy that your precious little one is ok..Version: 4.6.0

GarbageApp disconnects after using for more than an hour and it’s just glitchy and terrible to use..Version: 4.9.3

RecommandableBonne application. Connexion sur une grande distance. La caméra bug souvent par contre malgré une connexion Wi-fi. Serait meilleur avec une vision nocturne..Version: 4.10.2

Everyday a new problem....This app doesn't even work!!! First, it took forever to even start then when it did it won't show video! It just says on the bottom "starting video" but never does! They sort of fixed that problem so it the video works sometimes but now the sound goes in and out. What's the point of having a monitor if you can hear anything?!? Don't buy this app! It's a waste of money and has never ending problems..Version: 4.7.0

I want my money backI was so bummed that this does not work consistently. At first I thought it was the answer to my prayers since we have had trouble with our more expensive monitor. It worked during my baby’s afternoon nap but when my husband came home it refused to connect to the WiFi even though I had a strong signal. Just another disappointment in a long line of disappointments for baby monitoring..Version: 4.10.3

Connection errorThis app started working well but I’m now having connection errors from the baby device. It will continue to play sounds but I can’t connect the parent device at times. I reinstalled the app on both devices and have seemed to correct the issue..Version: 4.14.3

Absolute Junk and a waste of monyIts a waste of money. Video quality is delayed and very clunky compared to similar apps. Tried it, tested it and it failed, I want my mony back..Version: 4.8.5

Sound doesn’t workCamera work fine but I can’t hear when my girls are awake it doesn’t even says when they’re up.Version: 4.14.4

Connectivity issuesDownloaded this on three phones, tried if out in central London with full 4G reception and also on WiFi and it just says “Fail to Connect”. No options for anything just doesn’t work. Very frustrating as we did everything to try and get it working..Version: 4.10.2

Cannot use Apple Watch as a parent stationI was after an app where I could use my phone to monitor my baby but watch him on my watch. I thought this app would work but it wasn’t until I’d bought it that I discovered the watch only acts as an extension of the phone so it can’t be used as a parent station. Disappointing that I couldn’t find this information anywhere until I bought the app and realized it for myself. Perhaps It needs to be clearer that the watch can’t be used as a parent station. Just wasted $7 :-(.Version: 4.9.3

Don't waste your moneyBrought this after my video monitor stopped working, thinking surely there's an app that allows 2 apple products to connect via video. This doesn't do that! It's hard to use and keeps saying my internet connection isn't strong enough so it will only take a photo of my kid everytime I got a button. So unless u want that then wouldn't recommend this. It's not very straight forward either..Version: 3.8

Really frustrating app needs changesThis app is great if you are away from a proper baby monitor. Particularly if you are in a hotel with solid WiFi it’s a god send. But be aware it’s controls are appalling hard to use. For example it’s impossible to turn off the transmit function. This means if you are enjoying a meal downstairs and want to check on your baby you get all the noise from the restaurant piped back into your baby’s room..Version: 4.15.2

ChargesHi there, I got accidentally charged for this app. I never bought. Regards Saksh.Version: 4.11.1

Little disappointedWould be better with night vision on cam😒.Version: 4.8.5

BuggyKept running in background for around 10 hours despite disconnecting from other phone. Noticed something was wrong when tried to use phone to listen to music. Sound was almost inaudibly quiet. When I forced the app to close in the background volume was instantly restored. When the app is designed to listen/watch you it’s really important it definitely shuts down when not in use. The app may not have been listening in, but having given it permission to use mic and camera I’ve no way of knowing. Somewhat creepy..Version: 4.10.2

Tends to drop connectionVideo transmission often won't work, and connection frequently drops in and out. (This on an ubiquiti wifi system that no other software has trouble with.) Apart from this significant flaw the app is otherwise good..Version: 4.8.5

Don’t botherReally buggy and not worth the money. Kept dropping out despite being in rooms next to each other. Had an echo in babies room and sound quality very pitchy. Wouldn’t waste money on it..Version: 4.10.2

WeirdAfter a few months of usage, I can’t share it with my girlfriend’s ipad anymore. What’s wrong?.Version: 4.10.3

Not 100% reliable.Sometimes on and even when making massive noises it does not react. Needs to be 100% working and not just 90%. We are using both iPhones (7 and XR). Worked before and will work again but it was super annoying that one evening. Also then tried it with friends phones and the same issue. WiFi, 4G and different providers.Version: 4.14.3

Unreliable!Short story: DOESN’T WORK. Just now the app told me “baby sleeping.” Baby is screaming his head off. App appears to be working but has NO clue. I’ve only been using this for 48 hours and I’m already about to tear my hair out. The app looks like it’s working — and then suddenly, something will happen that will make it stop working. Maybe it will lose its connection entirely. Maybe it will stop picking up audio. Maybe the video stops working. You never know what will happen! Worse, in order to fix it, you have to go back into baby’s room to restart the app on the baby station. Which often wakes baby up. Useless!!!! Worst $4 I have ever spent as a parent. Totally useless. Yes, I have a reliable WiFi network, phone plugged into wall, etc. This is all software issues. Piece of junk!!!.Version: 4.10.0

Enable pairing without wifi, thanks, bye.I like it but it would be nice if you could pair the phone and iPad without wifi so you can use it in places you don’t always have wifi, camping for instance. It’s especially important to not rely on wifi if this app is the main method for monitoring the baby. For instance, power outage I wasn’t able to monitor my baby once I put her to bed... 😕. If this was changed I would give the app 4 stars. There’s other things, but they’re minor..Version: 4.9.2

No night modeQuite disappointed as the app keep showing lost connection and also that theres no night mode where you can see your baby in the dark room! Pretty annoyed that I wasted my money buying this app!.Version: 4.10.2

Great if it worked!So I downloaded the app paying twice - once for my mobile and second for my tablet. Very keen when I set it up only to find the one thing that I really need “the video” element does not work. So it’s sound only for me. Will be going to purchase a real monitor tomorrow!.Version: 4.10.2

Don’t botherApp does not work unless you at in perfect service. Thought it would be good for the weekend getaway. Don’t bother unless it’s for your at home use with wifi.Version: 4.15.2

AwfulIf this app didn't crash at least once a night it would be a marginally useful product. Problem is, you don't know that it's crashed until your baby is wailing loud enough for you to actually hear them without a monitor. It would also be nice to be able hear all noises that baby makes despite having the background noise playing. Unless it's silent, the noises happening in baby's room are intermittent and cut out..Version: 4.7.0

Did not useSeemed great in principle but did not work well at all. Doesnt allow baby station ipad play its own music. Poor functionality. I bought a nest.Version: 4.14.3

RubbishSays set up in 30 seconds, haven’t yet been able to get this working after several hours, website shows Apple Watch but app on watch doesn’t work, no clear way to get app on second device (mac) without paying again, app says set up family sharing (hardly a 30 second job) Ripp Off..Version: 4.12.2

Wasted my money on this oneConnection lost message constantly while other apps ok. Then showed connection ok for long while. During ok period did not detect our toddler wake up and walk out of the hotel room. Phone was well located next to toddler. I want my money back..Version: 4.8.5

Do not updateI have had this app for quite a while and prior to updating it I was relatively happy with it, other than not being able to use audio on other apps while monitoring was in progress. Since updating this app is terrible. The background monitoring does not work at all! It crashes every time I try to use background monitoring or it says that audio can't be played because another app is using audio, even when that is not the case. Very disappointing and will be finding a new app..Version: 4.5.4

TerribleIt worked fine at first and the last couple uses it hasn’t registered baby crying at all so he was screaming for an unknown amount of time and I had no idea..Version: 4.10.3

Useful AppThis app has worked reasonably well apart from when one device drops the connection for no apparent reason. If it does it in the middle of the night it makes a horrible noise, then another slightly better noise a few minutes later to indicate that it’s found its paired device again. Irritating when this happens three or four times in a night. My biggest problem though is reading the log of wake times. It’s brilliant that this is recorded as you can see how many time baby (or in my case elderly mother) woke during the night. It would be infinitely better however if it gave the time of each waking occurrence rather than saying how many hours and minutes ago baby was awake. When your brain is foggy from sleep deprivation trying to work out what time it was 3 hrs 27mins ago, or whatever other combination, is hopeless. I’m trying to see the pattern of waking so I can work with it, but it takes me ages to go back and work out the times. Perhaps you could have the option of entering the time when you start monitoring so that the app can give actual times, or better still the app could access the clock on the device. That would make the activity log really useful..Version: 4.14.3

Needs wifi local connectionI do not enjoy being woken in the middle of the night because the server connection has dropped. Devices should have an option to connect purely through wifi. No good for me.Version: 2.6

DisappointingWas really disappointed by this app. Even with my settings on high sensitivity microphone this app could not sense baby crying (while other apps can). Really inadequate given this was one I paid for and the other apps were free..Version: 4.14.3

Not greatThe video quality is very grainy and hard to see even with settings adjusted to high quality and running on the same wifi. There are only 2 sounds and 1 lullaby in the music section, and you have to buy another app to add more. You cannot share the app for free with another device like a previous review said. My husband has to buy the app for his phone in order to see the monitor on his phone. Feel a little misled from the reviews and app description. Not happy with this purchase and would not recommend.Version: 4.15.2

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