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Great AppThis app is great. I don’t really have time to watch my shows on The CW, always working. So I come to this free app to watch all my CW shows. I’ve been watch channel 56 all my life, since the mid 80,s. And it is my favorite channel. It used to have all the good cartoons in the early times for kids and in the evening times, the dramas. Gilmore Girls, Smallville, Dawson’s Creek, Buffy, Angel, Supernatural, Fresh Prince, Tiny Toons, Anamaniacs, VR Troopers, Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Marvels Shield, Constantine, Charmed (old version), and so, so much more. I recently had the playback error and it made me stop watching for a bit, but I did write to the CW Support team and after a couple of days they fixed the problem. Haven’t been on to check to see if it works yet but I am confident that the problem has been solved. Many other apps would have you jump through hoops just to fix some problems and sometimes they never get fixed at all. But CW, in a timely manner, they went ahead and listened to the people who downloaded this fine app and fixed the problem. In conclusion, The CW app will always be my #1 app, my go to app, the best. To The CW Team, great work and keep it up. Not many support teams are great like you. I do appreciate all that you do. I don’t usually write review that much but I will express my love for The CW any way that I can. Thank You, X.Version: 3.1.3

Bug issue with the app (Open twice to start app)I just wanted to let you guys know. I don’t know how many people are having this issue but my iPad will not open the app the first time. It just freezes on the “blue-green” background for your logo when it starts up. I have to close it and restart the app for it to open. Other than that I love it. (Also in the newest iPad update you took the landscape view away and now it has to be portrait 😭 (which just stinks for picking the show like arrow towards the bottom of the list). Those are my only two complaints. If one of the developers is reading this thank you and please fix the first problem (which is the more important in my opinion)..Version: 3.0.15

Amazing only 1 problemThis app is perfect and I love it. I’ve used this app for a year or so and I’m in love. I used this app so I can watch the episodes of my favorite shows and I didn’t believe it but it’s amazing. This app has the 5 latest episodes in case your a little behind and you don’t have to wait almost a year for them to come out on Netflix. My only problem is that there is so many ads. Every almost 10 minutes there’s about 5-6 ads which adds up to an extra 10 minutes to the show your watching and it gets boring and there should be only 1-3 ads but other than that this app is perfect and I use it every day on my phone and tv. Thanks for reading if you made it this far and I hope you download! Xoxo.Version: 3.1.4

LegaciesOkay y’all gotta do better you can not give the blood and Gore of the originals and gave us two seasons of jazz I don’t even understand what’s going on with the special effects on legacies. Like when is Help going to become her fool unadulterated self when is she going to become the trifecta when will her vampire powers kick in what is it that we are not getting we are two almost 3 seasons in a Yala giving us these cramps special effects and a story that has no validity I mean like this derby line is crap the I don’t know what else to say the storyline is crap the special effects as crap you got to do better I mean I can do better with my eyes closed we’re coming up with something sensational.Version: 3.4.2

Quality of life issues - Otherwise great app!I get the advertisements, I also understand why you only have the last five episode for each show. What is a bit annoying about this app is that certain quality of life features are absolutely terrible. Pausing and resume playing can be a bit buggy and actually force you to the start of the episode which “forces” you to watch another advertisement even if you just watched them. It asked me if I want to turn on push notifications so I said yes but now I realize there’s no way to just select the show I want to watch (The Flash) I guess this means it’ll notify me every time a new episode is added on the app? That’s quite annoying and I’m just gonna turn those off instead. The advertisements are not overly egregious because it’s honestly just commercials like if you were watching it on television, yes it’s annoying but at the end of the day that’s how all TV is. If you don’t want advertisements wait for the entire season to come out on Netflix... Other than a few QOL updates that should be added this is a great app for those of you who are caught up on your favorite CW show and want to remain up to date throughout the season. 4/5 Stars! Edit: After seeing all of the updates you roll out almost each month I think this app truly deserves the 5/5..Version: 3.1.11

New Issues..This is a great app to keep up with some of my shows since I don’t have a TV. I’ve been using this app for a while now and just recently I started getting this error message that pops up when I’m watching Riverdale. I don’t know if it does it on any other shows because I only watch Riverdale and Supernatural and Supernatural hasn’t had any new episodes recently. It will say Error: playback has stalled out. Then I have to exit from the show and press play again and then after a few minutes the same error pops up. I tried exiting the app, removing the app and reinstalling it and nothing it working to get it to play without that error. Without that error though, the app is great and I’ve recommended it to several people..Version: 3.1.0

Why?So I recently downloaded the app today because my friend (who also loves Riverdale) told me about it. I opened the app and easily figured out how to work it. I would give the app five stars but because of the following reasons I can only give it four. 1: Only latest episodes?! I noticed that Riverdale and all the other shows only have the most recent five episodes. This makes me very upset because I finished season two on Netflix and I don’t have The CW on my tv. I was going to watch the full season three, but there is only episode 5-8. I really wish all of the episodes were there and personally can’t wait until Netflix has the full season three. 2: Only season 3?! Again like the last reason, the options of what episodes to watch is very limited. For someone who is new to The CW shows and doesn’t have it on their tv, I would tell to come to this app but when I noticed this I thought again. I feel a bit bad for giving this app four out of five stars but it is deserved. Netflix is a more reliable source than the channel’s own app. All I am trying to say is that, this app should have ALL the episodes for EACH season of all the shows on here. Thank you for reading and if you are one of the developers I hope you fix the app. Thank you.Version: 3.0.15

Apple TV bugI don’t know which version the bug occurred, but there is an option to skip the credits and roll into the next episode, as watching several in consecutive order, and it seems the audio track continues to play, while the video bumps to the next episode. Once the previous episode ends the track, the next episode begins, along with the audio track for the new episode, so ends up with a fairly garbled track, although there are two distinct tracks playing on top of the other. Otherwise, as we have a busy life, this is a great alternative to watching my DC shows live-play, as I can catch the last few weeks’ worth, as time allows. This occurred a couple of months ago, and was just figured out to be what the issue is that is occurring. I have not, as yet, tried to reinstall the app, but it has been occurring on both of our Apple TV modules, so not sure if it was a glitch that just hadn’t gotten bumped out by a bug fix or if it’s just never been noticed by anyone else..Version: 3.0.15

Awesome App! Free with commercialsI REALLY LOVE this app!!! If I miss the CW tv shows I want to watch the night before, I can watch them in this app for quite a while after they air on tv before they expire from the app. And it being free just for the normal commercial breaks that the regular shows have is AWESOME!!!!!! I can totally watch commercials if it means a free experience to be able to watch my shows if I miss them when they air!!!! I’m currently addicted to Supernatural and have been since it began airing. Sometimes it’s changing schedule from season to season makes me miss an episode here or there. This app allows me to watch or rewatch an aired episode from the night before to keep up with the story arcs with my favorite CW show! It usually allows a week to 3 weeks or so to watch an episode after it airs. Then it will expire from the app. And since I don’t have much money to pay for a service AND my cell phone, I REALLY appreciate that it’s free, just for the trade off of having commercial breaks build into the show! I can totally live with that!!!!! THANK YOU CW APP!!! 💖.Version: 2.15.0

This App is Great!I REALLY love this app. I use it to watch Riverdale and other of my fav shows! I like it because you can change your setting to what u want. For example you can make it so the app will send you a notification every time the show you request to get notified airs! There are so many shows on there so there is a lot of variety! I Think that this app is great if you don’t have Netflix or if you don’t use cable. You can also connect it to your tv if you don’t have cable and watch your shows from there. And the best part is...it’s totally free! There is no payment needed and that what I was most concerned about when I was getting this app. Bit that wasn’t the case at all! If your thinking about getting this app or any app that your want to watch a specific show on, I DEFINITELY recommend this!.Version: v2.14.6

Okay, could be much betterI am fine with ads, if I wanted no ads I would have just gone and purchased what I want to watch. However the ads need to be quicker maybe 3 min max, and change it up, the same ad 10 times in one 40 minute episode (I’m exaggerating) is hell, and makes it seem even longer. Please fix programming or whatever, I am never sent back to where I was watching when I hit continue, sometimes it won’t let me hit play when I answer a text. It’s obnoxious and I have to restart the app. ⚡️Overall, I like the shows they are great, for me the quality of viewing is great. I think that considering that this is a free app, with free streaming of the most recent episodes of shows, that others should cut The CW some slack. Yes there are issues that can be fixed/improved, but over all very good for free. For other viewers I recommend watching shows in one sitting, or remembering the time you stopped watching. For The CW I recommend fixing some of the glitches of your app, but great job, on the shows concepts, I love the plots..Version: 3.1.4

Just feedbackFirst, I would like to say that the new update is great and I am not having nearly as many stall outs as I was. So, Thank you. Second, I am one of those that won't pay for more than one streaming service at a time. Well, I only carry one, Netflix, consistently. Which has hither to carried CW shows, but I read that is changing. Every once in a while I will pay for a second for as long as I am watching the series. Then I dump it. However, if I could get access to all of a show's seasons and episodes via the CW app, I would be willing to pay for it and carry it regularly. It is the only channel in which I watch nearly every show available, and I have a schedule where it is difficult to keep up with even the five episodes available to me considering I geek out on so many. Anyways, thanks for listening ad have a great day..Version: 3.4.2

Remove censorship bleepingI literally just started using the app 10 minutes ago. There’s a new series called Dead Pixels that I recorded on DirecTV but that version bleeps out cussing. I was really hoping that this app wouldn’t or at least provide a setting that would allow me to toggle it. No luck that I can see. I’m giving the app the benefit of the doubt by starting at 5 stars and removing 1 for the above issue. I’ve heard there are too many commercials. Like I said, I just started so I don’t have an opinion yet. While I completely understand the need for them (especially for a free app), the frequency and quantity of them should be reasonable or I’ll lower the stars further. IMHO a viewer that doesn’t have to pay to watch should have to endure commercials but no more than 10 min for every 30 min of entertainment content. You spread it out how you see fit but more than 5 commercials in a break is way too much..Version: 3.2.0

I ame using translation writre i hete it so but nugetsI just got to the point in my head and now my mom was a day and a half ago and it was a great night and a lot of fun and a couple of days of my birthday and a few years and. And a total waste to my phone to a friend of a computer a good thing and it is so good to me it was so nice and a big. And a bunch to do and all of my work to be a part to do my hair so my dad and my sister are going out and about my car so my parents and my mom is a,beautiful one so I bought my mom and my kids so my baby was my first so I had my daughter so my sister was born so badly so because before but by being back but by back but she is my own and I do it for my mom is..Version: 3.1.21

⚠️I need a warning⚠️I love the CW and it’s content, but when I watch a show and come back to it the next day the episode I was watching is suddenly gone. When I tried to find a place where it tells me what is expiring and when on my phone,I get nothing. After looking on my computer I was able to find a place where it would tell you what was expiring and the date. I would just appreciate it if you guys could find someway to put the same feature on my phone. I get it if this is beyond your control and maybe it is just my phone. I just wanted you guys to recognize that this is happening.❤️ still really love this app though on of the only apps I can count on to give me good content❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 3.2.0

Doing great! Please add a sign in :)So I absolutely love this app because I watch almost every show on the CW. It has come to my attention just recently that if/when I change devices, where I left off is not saved. That is because I do not need to log in. I use to think not logging in was great but as a single mom moving from mobile phone to different TV’s through out the house. I’m now forced to watch my show on one device at a time but I still forget where I left off. I think it would be best to add a sign in and once we log in we are forever logged in until we log ourself out. I think ppl will love the app much better being able to watch on multiple screens without having to watch half the or all over because you don’t recall where you left all. Other then that, have been using this app since Jane the Virgin started 😊.Version: 3.1.15

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