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Headspace: Mindful Meditation Negative Reviews

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Headspace: Mindful Meditation App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Headspace: Mindful Meditation app received 67 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about headspace: mindful meditation?

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Subscription is too expensiveThere is no tiered subscription and although there is no monthly plan it’s twice the price. I would gladly subscribe to the first mindfulness service that offers a plan for $5 a month with monthly renewal..Version: 3.97.0

Too expensiveThe prices are ridiculous for an app that’s supposed to help with mental health and there almost zero free options, not impressed.Version: 3.98.0

Exchange $$I’d love to use this app but I have a hard time paying $17.99 plus tax (CND) for an app. MindShift is free at least.Version: 3.159.0

Learning to take time out and breathe is good butPersonally I don’t think this works quite right for me. The breathing is very important, I take a 7 second inhale 11 sec exhale. This stops my body from overreacting and it takes me either down from our natural response of flight and fight mode or up from the depressive mode into a safe middle band. It takes practice but do it as often as you can. I’m definitely worse in the morning. My next strategy is to put all my worry thoughts into my Worry App by reach, you then set a specific short time when best for you to address them in a proactive way. Worries that are hypothetical go straight into my imaginary dustbin, they zap your energy and rarely happen. I write a diary which include some Self Help pointers and write up what I HAVE ACHIEVED today not what I haven’t. My current list 1. It’s not what I can’t do it’s what I can 2. Dont forget to take some time out for your 7/11 breathing and get back to here and now. You’re safe honestly. 3. Use that Worry App and get on with the present 4. The spiral of negative thoughts that whirl around and zap your energy and time go straight into that dustbin. You invariably can’t do anything about them. Work on what’s in your control 5. Remember we all have some great things to reflect on like friends, family, people who love us, good memories. Take time to think and smile again..Version: 3.146.0

Great resource!This is really helpful! The only reason I didn’t give a higher rating is because there’s a strong overlying tone of a sales pitch there. Which is unfortunate, because I think people would be able to see the value easier if there wasn’t a push for money after every meditation and for many of the things on the app people would want to explore. Kind of stalls progress of the meditation itself when you’ve just worked so hard to pull yourself back, only to be instantly asked for money right after. From a company stand point I also think it would be more beneficial to work on building value and then freely offering the option to see what monthly costs are and also show a detailed description of what’s involved with a paid membership. I know this has worked well financially for other services and I’ve seen increases in sales by simply looking at things from the customers perspective. And I feel like the customers perspective is a miss here :( However quite and easy fix and overall this app is amazing! It not only teaches the basics of meditation, but teaches different techniques as well. This makes it good for beginners all the way to experts. I truly believe that the basis of this app is pure in intention and I can see what a help it is to many people who walk the path of life..Version: 3.146.0

Over itThey advertised the crap out of this app all over my social media and I finally caved and gave it a shot. Don’t waste your time. Literally everything is locked and must be paid for either on a monthly or annual basis. Their one time fee is $550 (?!) LOL. Nope. Also, I cannot stand that guy’s voice. Oh my god. How narcissistic do you have to be to force everyone to listen to only your voice and not have any other options? “Welcome back” literally triggers me now. Ugh..Version: 3.102.0

Disappointed!!As somebody who struggles with anxiety and has restless nights often, I thought this app would be good! I had previously downloaded it and used it (mostly for the sleep stories) The reasoning behind my dissatisfaction is because it’s now a FULLY paid for function!? Why was it changed! I loved listening to the rainy day antiques but now it’s locked and inaccessible.. I’m young and have only just started working so I’m not paying a boat load of money on a monthly subscription! I never asked to have anxiety and sleepless nights so why should I have to pay for my own wellness 🤷🏻‍♀️.Version: 3.194.0

Not a gift at allTerrible customer service. I got a supposed free gift which covertly diverts you to a paid subscription. Of course I did not sign up. I emailed them repeatedly to say I just want my free one month gift and not be forced to sign up to a subscription. I would have to chase replies. Finally a supervisor emailed me and lied. She lied that every email has been replied to when that was false and I had been chasing replies. She lied that I confirmed a subscription when I did not have a subscription. She tried to deflect blame from staff and place it on me. When you do things online, when you have an online business, it’s incredibly important that there is no ambiguity whatsoever to someone who you are supposedly giving a gift to. I think not understanding my concerns, misrepresenting my communication with your staff, misrepresenting your process and my steps, is problematic and does not leave me with a very good impression.Version: 3.128.0

BADI Can’t sleep it’s app is POOP I HATE ITS APP.Version: 3.150.0

PaymentI know this app is for good use but seriously people are stressing about their taxes or money problems and they download this app to help them be less stressful and then you have to pay for literally everything!!!! Stupid..Version: 3.109.0

ScammersI was very disappointed. A total waste of my money. They also renewed my annual subscription although I canceled it. I sent 7 messages to the customer service but the never responded!.Version: 3.94.0

Too expensive for what it offersI really liked the app initially before it became so complicated. I find the drop down menus confusing and it’s difficult to find the session I’m looking for now. It helped me when I couldn’t sleep and was stressed because of an upcoming sports competition. I would like to continue to use it but $20 a month is just too expensive. Especially considering I’m paying the same amount for Creative Cloud (that’s all Adobe products!). I don’t think this is in any way justified. Also, I had access to the sleep casts until yesterday when all of a sudden it locked me out. Some “trial period” must have expired even though I never explicitly signed up for one. All of this is a real shame because I think Headspace could help a lot of people- but most people probably won’t be able to afford it. Unless you’re a stressed out, rich CEO...not a stressed out student working two jobs to make ends meet..Version: 3.37.0

ExpensiveIn an age where so much is free on YouTube and the App Store...to charge 90$ a year or 18$ a month for a mediation app? Are you kidding me? I spend less on Netflix or amazon prime. It’s absurd. Use calm. I love it and it’s free..Version: 3.104.0

Money grabThis is a money grab, and used against people who have mental health issues, it is unacceptable that the prices for these sounds are so astronomically high. Some people are actually struggling, the prices are sickening..Version: 3.61.0

Tranquil yet disappointingMy motive to install this app was to introduce a routine of mindfulness into my life. I found the three free sessions quite uncomfortable, yet I persevered despite it. To my discovery, many of the attributes Headspace advertises for is unfortunately not free as marketed, which was a let down for me. After the sessions I felt a sense of relaxation, however I was met with the disappointment of it ending. I left feeling more calm but also dissatisfied. I like how the instructor takes you through the course, describing each movement that should be taken and leniency for the comfort of it’s listeners. Overall, the app is not bad itself, the courses are proper and it helps people with basic grounding and mindfulness, yet it falls short by restricting it’s users to three meditations per day..Version: 3.105.0

Too expensiveIt’s 2019 it’s absurd to charge these kinds of prices for someone’s mental health and well being. In an age where resources are made available via things like YouTube. Thank U, Next 🤦🏻‍♀️.Version: 3.44.0

PaymentI understand having to pay for a subscription. But I don’t think it is fair to of had parts of it be free for so long and then changing them to the subscription only. I used to find this app amazing to help me nod off to sleep after a stressful day. But now that almost everything in the app requires you to subscribe for either $20 (AUD) a month or $91 (AUD) is just crazy. I was only using one of the sounds and it did the trick every time but it is crazy to spend that kind of money on only one aspect of the app.... I’m extremely disappointed with Headspace. But if you can afford paying that kind of money. Well then you can’t beat the app but if, like myself you are unable to afford the subscription fee, DON’T EVEN BOTHER ANYMORE!!!.Version: 3.83.1

If only...At first I really loved this app and I didn't miss that some of the sessions we're locked and only for people who are subscribed but then I couldnt do the daily meditation feature because it started to lock all of them... I liked that with some packs you could do the first session to get a feel of what it it was about but then you would have to pay to get the rest of it. Because of this, for about six months, I was doing the basics pack (which is the only pack you get without paying) and so I didn't feel like meditating. I was losing all hope in this app until sleep by headspace came out. I have a lot of trouble sleeping and so this feature really helped me and I thought I could do as many sleepcasts i want but then..... As you could guess... It locked ALL OF THEM....now I can't meditate or sleep😔 if you have enough money to subscribe to this app, good for you because it's very nice and will help you a lot but if you can't subscribe, don't get your hopes up with this app. I just really wish it had more features for people who can't subscribe because in the end it leaves no options if you can't. If it had more options, I would be giving them at most four stars but because the don't, they're left with one. I really do wish I could keep this app but right now it's just taking up space😖.Version: 3.42.1

Poor Customer ServiceI’a big fan of this app, however I’m disappointed in the customer service. 2 weeks ago the app crashed, and prompted me to log back in. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember my exact password, and was hoping to use the ‘forgot password’ process. I have yet to receive what I believe should be an automated response with a link. I have also written a number of emails, also to no avail. I’m a paying customer, and although I was willing to allow some leeway for this to be resolved, it has now been 2 weeks. Please help!.Version: 3.97.0

Needs a subscription for all the coursesI like using this app as it has made me feel more relaxed and at ease at times of anxiety. The characters are cute too 😊 However, like any other app or website that’s good you have to pay a subscription in order to unlock the courses and other meditations that you perhaps wanted to do, and after doing nearly all of the unlocked ones I realised that I had to pay. That’s absolutely fine, however I reckon meditation should be free and all the courses and meditations should be free to everyone because you should be able to do meditation at any time without having to pay for anything. If you are stuck at home, broke because of COVID, etc, I think they should at least lower the prices a little or make it free (not trying to be stingy) and instead be a free helpful tool for people around the world to use whenever they need it and not having to worry about paying a subscription next year or whatever because they don’t have the money..Version: 3.143.0

SorryI’m sorry. I loved the first iteration of headspace but I’ve lost the love. It just seems complicated now. When exactly the inverse is what I’m after. I also liked the original motion graphics - they were simple and fun. When I do use headspace I dig out a simple 10 or 15 minute basics. But the site doesn’t recognise that’s my preference by my behaviour. Instead it lands me back in the pack I’d like to get out of - I smell burning when I should be imagining myself filling with sunlight from the feet up :). I’ve been meaning to write a review for a while because headspace helped me out so much. Happy to chat. Cheers - Steve.Version: 3.34.0

Great app to waste 30 minutes3 mins of audio available for free .. 16524 locked items that need subscriptions..Version: 3.94.0

Too expensiveReally, this is a great app. the meditations are really good and helpful, there’s a wide variety, and for many different reasons but why is it so expensive? not everyone has the income to spend $17.99 a MONTH on meditations. also, there is a very limited amount of meditations available for free members. if you could lower the price to maybe $10 a month, max, and widen the variety of options available for free user, you may have more people willing to buy premium. or, even better, you could make all of them available for free, but a premium version available as well to remove ads or be able to download meditations, etc., because i understand that you must be able to make money from this application. i just think almost twenty dollars a month is an extravagant amount to pay for an app that isn’t even catered towards the user specifically, especially when there are many users that cannot afford such pricey mental health care. basically, the app is really well made with many quality meditations but premium is simply way too overpriced..Version: 3.70.0

Can’t connectI paid for one year subscription. The app stop 9 days later....Version: 3.159.0

Wayyyy to expensiveThis app is way to expensive for me no way I’m gonna pay that much.Version: 3.100.0

What’s the point of the free version - all content is lockedWhat’s the point of offering a free version of this app when all the recommended content on that version is locked for paid subscription? Just offer the paid version and don’t mislead that the free is of any use. Waste of a download..Version: 3.113.0

Fail!This is a PAID app, disguised as a free one... Nothing WORSE as a scammer! FAIL! Do NOT download!.Version: 3.151.0

Crashes, excessive data usage, sloooooowIt'd be a lot easier to meditate if the app didn't crash randomly every couple of minutes. It might be crashing because I disabled data. I had to disable the data because the app went crazy and downloaded 2gb during my meditation last week. It appears to be downloading packs for offline storage but I'd rather it only did that on a WiFi connection. Audible and other similar apps give you this option, so should Headspace. I have tried to uncheck some of the packs so it'll stop downloading them but the app is barely responsive on an iPhone 7 so I can't do it. Otherwise, the meditation packs are good quality and somewhat helpful. However, the price of a subscription is crazy so I won't bother renewing after this year ends. I only signed up because I found a 50% discount coupon. It's just too expensive for what it is..Version: 3.5.0

Great app however...The gamification of this app is counterintuitive. For example I had a streak of over 100 days. I was so proud of that and it kept me motivated to continue. However my streak got wiped and I’m not even sure why. My boyfriend joked that this app that’s supposed to help me relax and reframe thoughts has me upset because I missed a day. If I look at my journey I see that each session date is sequential and doesn’t miss a date. This is the second time this has happened to me. I don’t know why my streak gets erased, and sometimes I feel like it adds a day randomly. I don’t think this would bother me so much if I wasn’t paying for this. And I know that this feature of the app is the least important aspect or function of the app. But for a product that’s supposed to help you practice mindfulness and acceptance this doesn’t help the users. Now that my streak has reset for the second time I felt the need to review. I hope you can fix this bug. Or at least let users know how the streak is measured, because you can meditate each calendar day but that doesn’t mean it counts for your streak..Version: 3.63.0

Not happy not happy at all...Ok so I went to download this app because I have a lot of troubles trying to get to sleep sadly... and I have anxiety so I thought it might help with that a bit because the add seemed pretty relaxing! So I downloaded the app and... YOU HAVE TO PAY!!! I mean come on! Your making people pay for something that you can try and make the effort to try and do yourself! Tbh it’s making people worse because there making them self’s think that you CANT help yourself... but I have to say this is just my opinion.. and the amount of money is a joke! My friend downloaded this app and she said it didn’t even help even tho ik that’s just what she thinks and we all have different calming things and Yknow what I say I say POEPLE find somthing in your head that calms you not a stupid app that makes you pay money that a lot of people don’t have goodbye....Version: 3.90.3

No resultsI’ve been using this app for over 1 year. Followed it religiously with 20 min sessions each day. I can honestly say it has made little to no difference in my attitude or behavior at all. In fact, I feel more frustrated and angry with each month that passes and no change... it’s often slow to download which I admit is more likely my network issue, but none the less... it’s clumsy at best...waiting for it to load each day ... you can’t stay connected to the internet or cellular networks while meditating because if you get a phone call or a message, it interrupts the practice. So you have to remember to switch all that off and especially alarms. It’s an expensive membership and you soon run out of ‘courses’ with relative subjects - and then realize they are all more or less the same thing. It’s either a visualization technique or noting... and 80% of the spoken content is the same for every session..Version: 3.22.0

SucksSo expensive.Why would it make you pay if you just want to sleep.Version: 3.103.0

To Expensive.I used to have this app before you had to pay for it all. It was the best. Absolutely loved it. I could finally sleep well and everything else I wanted to use this app for. Now? I can’t even use the one sleep story that helps me fall asleep the fastest. I don’t have the money to pay for it. Make it free or more of it free anyways. Or even just lower the price. By a lot. It’s just way to expensive smh..Version: 3.104.0

Great meditations but listening offline is buggy!I love the meditations on Headspace and the level of detail of the animations and the interface! However listening offline is really buggy and the interface for it is super counter intuitive! Currently the only way to listen offline is to go to settings and toggle the mediations you want to download. However after you do this there is no way to view easily which ones are synced for offline listening. In addition once you have found the ones you thought you synced and selected it, it doesn’t load saying no internet connection when offline. Considering the high monthly membership price I think offline listening should be a way less buggy and hard to use feature!.Version: 3.41.0

Not AccessibleI don’t know how 25$ CAD is the minimum. The pricing strategy here is CRAZY and excludes most of the population. They don’t care if you feel good, just that you can afford an overpriced app..Version: 3.135.0

Outrageous price!$17.99/mo! Are you insane? I pay that amount for FOUR devices on Netflix who actually create content that COSTS MONEY! What is wrong with you ppl!!!!!.Version: 3.160.0

😶There are hardly any meditations available if u aren’t paying 17.99 a month. i don’t really understand since having anxiety isn’t a choice and when I try to help myself.Version: 3.152.0

Absolutely disgustingThis app is fantastic if you have large amounts of money to blow on a meditation app that gets repetitive after a while. I was disgusted when I decided to try a meditation that lasted longer than 10 minutes and discovered that even though I was paying them $100 a year that the 20 minute versions are pretty much sat in complete silence with the narrator popping in every now and again to remind you to breathe or focus on something in your body. Not only is that bad enough. But when you’re cancelling your subscription they ask you not once, but twice if you’re absolutely sure you want to cancel and will even attempt to bribe you with a one off discount. This app is targeted at people who are struggling with mental health issues. Who may already have problems saying no or canceling things and Headspace is exploiting that for all that they can. They’re not trying to help people, they’re trying to take advantage of vulnerable people. I initially canceled my subscription because I currently can’t afford to pay the subscription fee. But after being continuously asked if I was 100% sure I wanted to cancel my membership, I don’t think I’ll be renewing it in the future..Version: 3.143.0

Love love love this app, buuuutSince the newest update I haven't been able to mediate cause there's an error. It won't let me renew my membership. I tried making another account and it still isn't working. Please fix this, or I'm in going to need to find another app to meditate with..Version: 3.3.0

Pretty good but...The app is pretty good. I get relaxed and all that but seriously man, I can’t access anything without having to pay. I downloaded this app thinking it could help me with my stress anxiety and depression and instead receive a “you have to pay us $20 per month if you wanna access any of this. Like that is a lot of money for a small meditation moment. I believe that stuff with anxiety and stress shouldn’t be payed for. At least that. Maybe even the falling sleep and waking up ones too! I just believe it isn’t fair that people like me are told to pay for a few hours of being fine you know? So please do change that because I will not pay $20 for 4 weeks of free stuff..Version: 3.48.0

To expensiveThis app was so amazing when you could access and use the right right thing for you I used it to help me sleep and turn off my mind but now there’s only one option for sleep unless you pay I’m a student I don’t have money for that and my stress level is extremely high I think this is very unfair as the money adds stress to a app that’s meant to be stress free. If this app was less expensive then I would rate it so highly because it is helpful when you can access the things you need.Version: 3.171.0

Technically glitchesI think the app is great when it’s working. And I still would like to use it but I can’t. My app crashed in a mass of automatic log outs log in failures and not recognizing my subscription. I’ve been talking to customer service for week but still nothing. I’m giving up now. Real shame they can’t manage to fix it for me. But I’m spending a lot of time writing emails and very little time mediating so I think I have to go elsewhere..Version: 3.102.0

Super expensiveLmao it’s a good app if you have money but if you’re poor and anxious like me, I guess we just suffer.Version: 3.121.0

High PricingPrices are too much, not even worth it...Version: 3.90.3

OkayI don’t like that you can’t see what kind of voice talks for the meditation. Personally I prefer going to sleep to a females voice which to me is more soothing. I couldn’t tell what kind of voice there was going to be and there was only limited casts I could actually listen to as most of them were of a male voice. The story’s were good and it helped me sleep well but I didn’t get any warning that they were going to spring a you have to pay for this move on me. I got used to it for a few months and then all of a sudden I had to pay? Not to sure about that. Would recommend the app but it’s not worth paying for in my books.Version: 3.54.0

💩Me personally say this app is not even okay because you have to pay to do anything practically and before you even get started you can only pick one topic I wouldn’t get this app if I knew what it was like.Version: 3.97.0

Overpriced GarbageHow this app is so popular is beyond me. All the meditations are repetitive. Once you hear the first one the rest are all the same. There’s also far too much talking through the meditation with constant interruptions. There isn’t a simple timer to do a quick meditation without guidance. The Apple Watch app doesn’t work at all. I am absolutely kicking myself for paying a years subscription. When I raised these issues with support I got zero help and then when I asked if i could get a partial refund two months in I was told no, both by Apple and Headspace. Complete rubbish company that doesn’t care about their customers just the $$$. Not really practicing what you preach Headspace. I strongly urge everyone who is considering paying the full subscription to check out Insight Timer. Very similar guided meditations only with more variety, and it’s absolutely free. There is a paid option but the bulk of it is free. And you can make your own custom timers. Don’t throw your money away on this overhyped app..Version: 3.111.0

It’sIt’s a good app, I enjoyed it but definitely not worth $17.99 a month. I don’t mind paying for apps, but once you add up all your subscriptions another almost $20 is getting up there..Version: 3.158.0

It seems good and it said free but is it free NoIt’s 100% NOT free.Version: 3.101.0

Reduced free contentEdging toward paid model noticed free content significantly reduced in time of sessions. Reduced intro courses from 10min to 4:30. Rushed intro sessions make for a more rushed experience not the same level of introduction to the practice. A bit aggravating how fast they go now..Version: 3.161.1

Great app, but be very careful, $$$Heard about the app through a wellness webinar. I didn’t head to the website, I just downloaded it via the App Store. Easy to get set up and and the basics course I ran through was great. Then it hit me. Without an email reminder, without a prompt in the app, I received a payment confirmation from Apple for $139NZD. I received 5-6 emails during the first 2 weeks, but no reminders of the impending large payment for their most expensive, annual plan. The only reminder of a switch to paid subscription was their very first email, right at the bottom, below the small text which was their help and support spiel. This is the only app I have ever used which uses a subscription based payment via iTunes. The only app you don’t seem to be able to cancel or suspend the subscription through the app itself. It’s really disappointing. Because the content is great, but the complexity of account management for the average user and the perceived underhanded way of taking a good chunk of money seems deceptive. Apple were nice enough to refund me the subscription cost without a blip - I imagine they get a lot of these requests. 2 stars because I enjoyed the content..Version: 3.136.0

MoneyToo much of the stuff needs to be paid for. I get if you want some stuff to cost money but enough is enough. There are only 3ish things on there that don’t cost money :) Thanks for reading..Version: 3.150.0

Headspace reviewI think the app has a lot of great content but really missing out on some interactive very simple features. I would love to see things like thumbs up/down, star rating, then you could see your favourite rated things and others top rated. Also somewhere to leave feedback or comments? Rather than needing to email the support team. The biggest lack for me, and I have emailed the support team about this, is the inability to fast forward. I think the sleep casts are incredible, they are genuinely brilliant stories, well written, which make me fall asleep. The problem is I have heard the first ten minutes of every story over and over again, I never find out actually what happens!! I’m desperate for the ability to fast forward so I can find out what happens in any of these lovely stories! Likewise, a sleep timer, I will be asleep within ten minutes, I do not need the full 45 minutes to play out loud and my partner would rather not hear it all. Generally lacking some really simple features which I hope will come up soon, also hope the app developers reply to me! Would love to know your thoughts on this.Version: 3.155.0

Got charged for a year subscription I didn’t wantWhile using the app for the one week free, I was unable to use app due to a network issue I was having but somehow got a subscription. How did this happen? I did not intend to spend $90 on a year subscription when I was just trying out the app. I went to report an issue but apparently there are no refunds when a purchase was made. I didn’t want to subscribe, but I was charged $89.99 and now I’m stuck paying for an app I don’t use. Don’t recommend to people that want to be ripped off..Version: 3.101.0

Not free3 things free only...just 3 videos..tf.Version: 3.160.0

Have some free optionsNot everyone has 20 bucks to dish out a month. No one who has anxiety or anything other mental health problems asked for them so why is ok for you to charge them to get something that help them. It takes advantage of people’s mental health to make money and that isn’t right.Version: 3.84.0

Ridiculously Expensive ‘McMindfulness’I agree with the many other 1-2 star reviews. This app is far too expensive and offers such minimal free content. Honestly, I could not care less if John Legend is doing the music for the app. What I (and many other people) seem to want is an app that works for us and part of that means it is affordable. The pricing and the way the company is investing its money has been quite elitist and frankly, disgusting. Headspace makes millions of dollars a year in revenue and yet their prices are still ridiculous. It’s ironic for a practice that was originally about compassion. In my opinion, it would be better for me to learn mindfulness through a teacher or organization that isn’t primarily interested in using the practice of mindfulness to make money. Look around, there are other options. I hope no one ever feels like positive mental health is only something only possible for those who can afford it..Version: 3.161.1

“Was” great.It was a great app but, as so many other apps do, they decided to change the screen layout and have now made it incompatible with my device. I spent $100 dollars to get the full version for a year and was willing to spend more to extend my subscription but now my money and hopes have gone to waste. When will these operations learn the simple truth; “IF IT IS NOT BROKEN DO NOT FIX IT.”?.Version: 3.125.0

Immensely Helpful, but has a political agendaI have been using this app for over 3 years now to manage and help my post traumatic stress amongst over things such as depression. Through using the different courses which headspace offers, my perspective on thoughts has completely changed and I have never felt more mindful and calm in my life. I have felt immense joy from the courses which headspace offers and I can not say enough how amazing this app is. However in recent days this app has turned towards a more political agenda with its ‘headspace features’ courses which deal with privilege amongst other things. As much as I appreciate what headspace is trying to do, I don’t believe mixing meditation with politics is a healthy idea. Meditation is and was never meant to be used as a means to share political ideas with other individuals, no matter how well intended. Headspace is nonetheless a great app for becoming mindful so I would still recommend this app, however I hope headspace rethinks ‘headspace features’ in order to stop engaging in politics.Version: 3.143.0

So disappointedI’m not someone who bothers with negative reviews usually, but I really dislike this app. The meditations are extremely short for the most part, some as short as one minute! And the ones that relate to stuff I want to meditate on are all courses of extremely short portions that won’t let you move on until you’ve completed each part. The guided meditations have massive silent parts, which come without warning or any kind of ambient background sound, so I keep thinking the app has stopped working. It’s hard to navigate and find what you need / want, and when you find it it’s a minute long. I feel ripped off actually..Version: 3.133.0

BEWARE AUTOMATIC RENEWAL!While this App helped me manage acute anxiety triggered by the sudden death of a parent a year ago, I was shocked recently to discover I was charged $100 for renewal of a year’s subscription I didn’t want and thought I’d turned off. The app is good for helping one navigate through traumatic life events spanning weeks or a few months, but as an everyday practice after a while it’s too rigid and you’re a captive audience for Andy’s incessant philosophising, whether you agree with his pithy sentiments or not. Much better to devise your own meditation practice through joining a weekly group or buying a guidebook and following that once you have the wherewithal. Headspace is another cutely hipsterised, franchised form of meditation, essentially. After several months of daily use I simply resorted to my own quiet meditations and mindfulness moments instead. Anyway, personal meditation practice is free. Only use this app if you’re a bit lost and need a passive crutch or your hand held for a while. This app didn’t save my life, but it did help me emerge far earlier from an exceptional bout of grief-induced anxiety than I would have without it. I’m now awaiting a possible refund for the unwanted subscription renewal, which may or may not materialise..Version: 3.69.1

AwfulYou have to do a trial and then it makes you pay $89 a month so I don’t think it’s a very good app so for the people that like it though unless you wanna pay $89 a month feel free to use this but if you don’t wanna pay $89 a month don’t use it at all.Version: 3.159.0

Money grabNothing on this app is free. You need to spend 20$ a month to access the content. Ridiculous. At least, have a starting price (15$) without monthly payment. We buy an app, not a service.Version: 3.89.0

Money grab trashHead space is just a money grab even the free trial doesn’t work I’ve never had any app as bad as this one.Version: 3.94.0

Good idea, bad planningThe app is kind of misleading. Even though it’s a free app you barely get any of the options for free. I wanted to use the app to help me sleep, and I think I had two or so free options of each category otherwise I had to pay for the subscription. If I could afford the subscription I would probably do it, but I just think the app should have more options available without paying. From the few things I did try out, it seems like a cool idea..Version: 3.59.0

Worst ads possiblePlease quit using a crying baby at the start of your damn ads. Obnoxious, and ensures folks loathe your company.Version: 3.104.0

Headspace’s inability to name anti-Black racism and police brutalityHeadspace just released a session focused on “mindfulness in the face of injustice,” in response to recent events in the US. In the resultant “lesson,” the narrator refuses to even say the words racism, police brutality, anti-Black discrimination, etc. Instead, he speaks to concerns people may have of protests turning violent - without even acknowledging the fear and exasperation underlying the protests in the first place. I understand that Headspace has a broad viewership, but if it’s not prepared to name racism, it is inappropriate to profit off this moment of pain by sanitizing it and bringing it up as a “lesson.” Headspace could be a really powerful tool for equipping people with the skills to listen deeply and engage with hard conversations about race, which which provoke intense emotional reactions in people. As a white person, I wish I had more mindfulness tools to engage in this work of unpacking privilege and acknowledging harm. But unfortunately, Headspace has not yet proven to be a platform that enables this important work..Version: 3.114.0

Why should I report an issue with Headspace: Mindful Meditation?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Headspace: Mindful Meditation to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Headspace: Mindful Meditation customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Headspace: Mindful Meditation.

Is Headspace: Mindful Meditation not working?

Headspace: Mindful Meditation works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Headspace: Mindful Meditation.

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