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Headspace: Mindful Meditation app received 182 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about headspace: mindful meditation?

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Simply Excellent ! :-)I knew nothing about meditation when I started my journey about three years ago. I read Andy's book and I saw the potential to bring more calm and stability to my life. So I started using the app. I had a slow start. I tried it for several days and then dropped it for a while etc. Finally I gave meditation the priority it deserves and here I am… I just passed 600 days of meditation in a row without missing a day. I'm proud of that, but I still feel like a beginner. As Andy teaches, meditation can be a lifelong journey. I simply can't say enough positive about Headspace. I love it and I encourage you to try it! I have a couple of friends who use other "flavors" of meditation and I see no conflict between what my friends are learning and what I am learning. That gives me confidence that the lessons that Andy teaches are sound. Honestly my only concern is that Headspace will grow too large as a company and that Andy may not have time to be so actively involved in creating the content of the app. Or perhaps Andy might feel like he has completed his work with Headspace and moves on to new projects. I dearly hope that never happens. Bottom line: Very highly recommended. Enjoy! Paul in Vermont, USA.Version: 3.77.0

10/10I’ve been using this app to fall asleep each night and it works great. I’ve never had a panic attack but my loved on passed away recently and it hit me hard. I was in class today and I felt like I couldn’t breathe I’m not someone who likes attention especially when I’m upset but I couldn’t avoid it because I looked like I was actually having a heart attack. I walked outside and turned my phone on and instantly went to headspace it calmed me down and bought my breathing back to normal 10/10 would recommend.Version: 3.34.0

Love the app, but not the recent white screens update!Look, I love this app. Meditations are great, lots of variety and reasonably priced. However, the most recent update changes the screen that is showing to get started with a meditation, which is fine except the sleep section has a few meditations that have a pure bright white screen after you click “begin”, which is not what you want last thing, or in the middle of the night! Several months ago I asked headspace about having a “night mode” or changing their loading screen from being bright white for this very reason and was told they had had a lot of feedback about it and would be making a change, and instead they have made it worse!.Version: 3.126.0

Great to start meditatingHi! I just wanna say that I learned the very basics of meditation with this app, I try to meditate at list 3 times a week, It helped me to release tension, specially in the morning I wake up sometimes tense, but I use head space to meditate and then I am good to go to start my day! Thanks to head space I know I can slow down and breath, I know that all is good and that I can be at peace with my mind😊 . Thank you!.Version: 3.113.0

Cmon guys!I love so much about this app. The different length meditations, the idea of a program of meditations focussing on different aspects of mental health and wellbeing, the visual diagrams and animations and the tracking of progress and reward but the biggest downfall of this app is the cost per month. I know many say “it’s an investment in your health”but a commitment of $12 or so per month with all the other technology available and the tight budgets many people operate on, it’s just one more cost and it can be hard to justify. Perhaps a more budget level in there with less access than premium but more than free would be good. $6.00 per month??? I’d sign up on that.Version: 3.13.0

Grateful for headspaceI freaking love this app. My anxiety was starting to become bad again and I could feel myself falling into depression. I have some experience with meditation and mindfulness and it’s helped me in the past but I’ve never been able to stick with it for more than a couple of weeks at a time. Then one day while listening to Huberman’s podcast there was a month free trial and I decided to try it since I’ve always wanted to give this app a go anyway. WELL, let me tell you...this app is changing my life. I am proud to say I am on my 33rd day streak. I can feel myself overall being more present and aware throughout the day. Now, when I start to feel anxious I almost immediately catch myself and can begin using some of the tools and practice I’ve accumulated from headspace. I do want to add though, the key word is PRACTICE. Medication, like Andy says, is a skill and like any skill you must practice. By practicing enough, it does truly become second nature. I know it’s only been a month but I can already feel the difference and I am looking forward to the future. Thank you headspace team. P.S every little thing about this app is great. I especially love the different courses, the wake ups, the animation shorts, the sleepcasts, the focus music and yoga..Version: 3.161.0

PeacefulnessFor the last year I have been dealing with depression and anxiety, I was near suicidle and there is no way in my life I ever thought I’d be in that position. I didn’t go to the doctor until about 3 months ago because I was in denial. I don’t like medication for anything, not even headaches (I literally think water can fix everything) but knew that I needed to balance the chemicals in my body. I also realised that I’m extremely insecure and bashful yet humble with who I am as a person. Headspace has helped me so much with being in touch with who I am and my own body and being happy with it and not let others define who I am because I am one with myself. Thanks headspace you’ve made a massive change happen in my life and I can honestly say you have saved me. -Stacey.Version: 3.24.1

The core strength of this app remains Andy PuddicombeJust a reminder folks; 1) The best parts of this app as it gets more gargantuan, are the core base partsoriginally created by Andy Puddicombe’s narrations and teachings. These are clearly based on years of Tibetan Buddhist wisdom training, which potentially elevate this app above competitors such as ‘calm’. Search out his sessions in the app first. 2) listen to the “common obstacles” parts under “deepen your practice” which deal with the common misunderstandings of what stillness meditation is really about in practice. 3) Always try to repeat a certain theme meditation course with Andy 3 times minimum to fully benefit. 4) the “sleepcasts” stories under sleep section using a pair of EarPods in your ears overnight are amazingly good for insomnia issues..Version: 3.160.0

Headspace is helping me learn to meditateIt’s hard to figure out where you can start learning how to meditate and calm your mind and body. Well, this is where. Let this be a ritual and sanctuary for you, everyday, no matter what’s going on for you - give yourself this gift even if for just a few minutes a day..Version: 3.90.3

GratitudeMyself and my colleagues were offered the Headspace app, as an experiment from my employer. I wouldn’t usually have volunteered , as I was way out of my comfort zone! Something about Headspace drew me in though and despite my fears and anxiety I signed up. It’s positively changed my life. It’s been over a year now, and I try to maintain it every day. I still have fears and anxieties, but overall I am at peace. I have learned forgiveness to myself, and those around me. I am finding that I am more willing to try things without the pressure of being perfect. I try because I’m curious rather than the outcome. I am enjoying spending quality time on myself, and see it as an investment. The blue sky is my favourite lesson of all, together with the reminders that change is constant. I am so grateful for the opportunity to try Headspace. My family and friends are also thankful for the benefits they see. It has inspired some of them to use Headspace too. Thank you to all of the Headspace team from the bottom of my heart. You have brought love and acceptance to so many of us. xxx.Version: 3.146.0

Replacing my social mediaI’ve had an on-again/off-again relationship with headspace for a few years. I love the app, but I’ve had trouble committing and usually fall away after a week or so. However, after having a stressful week, I deleted social media. I was still wanting something to help manage my thoughts, so I returned to Headspace. Since my last use (about a year ago), they’ve added many courses and sessions. And it’s pretty reasonably priced, too! I do one when I wake, one during a short break at work, one when I get home, and one before sleep. I feel better than ever, even though the stresses are still there. I’m especially fond of group meditation, it’s nice to feel a part of something. I love all the options and the reminders. Plus the goal of completing a course is enough to keep me coming back and get in the habit. I think it’s one I’ll keep this time. My brain needs it. I love this app and everyone involved in developing and creating it!! Thanks headapace!!.Version: 3.71.1

Thank You Head Space For A Life Changing Experience!Headspace Is A Great Way To Escape Reality And Just Relax. When I’m Angry Headspace Helps Me Calm Down. It Helps Make Me More Relaxed And Chill. It’s Great For Night As Well When Trying To Get To Sleep Just Set It Just 10 Minuets Before Bed And It Can Relax You And Leave You In A Deep Sleep. I Definitely Recommend This Life Changing App If You Have Anger Issues Or If You Can’t Get A Peaceful Nights Rest. So Far I Have The Best Possible Experience With Headspace It Has Let My Escape Reality And For Once Relax. I Want To Say A Huge Thank You Headspace For This Life Changing Experience You Have Gave During This Corse You Have Been A Great Stress Reliever. Just Once A Day Has Changed My Mood To A More Calm And Relaxed Me Thank You So Much For This Experience. And Also A Big Thank You To The Voice Of This They Were So Calming And Helped A Lot. Thank You For The Time You Took Out Of Your Day To Make This Life Changing App I Am So Grateful. Just Taking A Couple Of Minuets Out Of Your Day Could Change Your Life Because It Sure Has Changes Mine! Libby. xx.Version: 3.36.0

The Best Mindfulness AppThis is a brilliant app, that has helped me immensely. I started out on the free trial, and basics, (mindfulness isn’t the easiest to learn, especially when you have severe anxiety, and your mind runs 100 miles an hour like mine, but after a lot of practice, (I was a skeptic at first, and quite reluctant.) but I can now say it truly works.) and when that finished I didn’t hesitate to get a subscription. It is worth every penny. There are so many different types/sessions, that focus on many different things, no matter what you’re doing mindfulness for, there will be something for you on this app. The voices (I listen to the male voice.) are soothing and relaxing which helps, and the little videos help you to understand the techniques easily. They’re also super cute and fun to watch. I would definitely recommend if you’re looking to start practicing mindfulness. Couldn’t be happier with it..Version: 3.64.0

Sleepcasts!I use this app exclusively for the sleepcasts, so that’s the only feature I can comment on. I love them, and they’re the only way I can fall asleep now. I wish they were a bit longer, but I understand it’d be hard to record a story that’s hours long. I have a couple suggestions: When a sleepcast ends, can it just skip to the next sleepcast (or at least have that be an option in settings?). Also, I can only fall asleep to male voices, so I’m very limited to a few sleepcasts.. it’d be great if all stories were recorded by both a male and a female and we could choose which we’d like to listen to. Lastly, I really would like a setting where we can skip the breathing wind-downs. If not, then at least have a trigger where when you’ve already done 1 wind-down, then the next sleepcast you listen to should automatically skip this part. It’s frustrating wanting to dive right into a new story and having to go through the same breathing session you just did. I really hope you hear my input and take it into consideration! If not, I’ll send them via email to developers. :).Version: 3.150.0

Small steps make a big differenceAs all of you who are using this app will know, your mind can be a scary place to be in at times. This app had been recommended to me by a couple of people who I’ve spoken to about my mental health problems and I was sceptical cause how could an app help me with what was going on inside my head? I can honestly say I’m so glad I tried it! The 10 basic steps you get for free with this app changed my opinion completely on how you do have control over your thoughts and how to manage them. In one of the first couple sessions it says to not judge your own thoughts and just let them come and go as they please and something just clicked with me. Please give this app a try and if you don’t find it works for you that’s okay at least you tried. I’ll definitely be subscribing to it and keeping up with my sessions. 5***** from me :).Version: 3.9.0

Best for Beginners.I grabbed this back when it first came out. In its earlier form I didn’t really like it so tried a few different meditation apps. The only other good one was waking up by Sam Harris. A friend who was dealing with some intense anxiety gave headspace a go as it’s marketed towards learning to meditate. 50 days in and there’s a marked improvement in his well being. A lot of which he puts on Headspace. I have it another shot after this and have found they’ve revamped it and it’s now easily the best meditation app for novices..Version: 3.84.0

Nice short exercisesI’ve done meditation before but it used to be very long sessions (1 hour at least) and I couldn’t find time lately until I found this app that allows me to do it for 5-10 minutes each day. It’s really useful if you’re stressed or having loads of thoughts in your mind and you can’t get a rest of them. Also the voice of the speaker is very gentle..Version: 3.28.0

Life-Changing - if you allow itI was introduced to this app at a well being class and I’m pleased to say it has been a game changer for me. 3-10 minutes a day and I feel in control, aware of my thoughts and feelings as well as mood, and much ‘lighter on my feet’ (in my mind). I suffer with a temper and irritability- the other day when a situation arose, I was able to use my meditation training to calm myself, centre myself, accept the feelings and then let it go and move on. I have become more reflective, which helps me to make adjustments - but mostly this app encourages me to ACKNOWLEDGE. Bad feelings will happen and we don’t want to push them away, but rather accept and move with it, using the techniques to channel it for the better. I feel calmer and more in-tune with myself and it’s also helped me stay motivated to exercise every day. Thank you Andy & the team for an amazing app - you have helped me so much. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 ps the sleep casts are soooo good i barely get past a few minutes before I’m out like a light!!.Version: 3.46.0

One of the best apps I have !!I strongly recommend reading this review! This app is amazing!! It allows you to do all kinds of courses to help you with meditation! Not only this but it also had relaxing sound to help you sleep which are effective. This app even has a section for physical fitness to help you keep motivated! This outstanding app helps with stress and anxiety and make you feel happy and relaxed! You can subscribe to this app so that you can go online with others for meditation courses and get more options to choose from in the library! However, you do have to pay for the subscription. You may have to pay for some things but most of the things are free and very effective and in my opinion it is worth the money! If you live in a busy city and it is loud at night this app is great as you can put on headphones and block out the cars and people and listen to the soothing sounds of nature, from the beach to the Forrest. This is perfect for people who struggle to sleep well or have stress and anxiety, or even if you want to get motivated to exercise! I recommend this app to everyone and it is definitely worthy of 5 stars! I think this app if perfect for ages 12+ and you should consider downloading it! Hope everyone enjoys this app like me... thanks! 😁.Version: 3.70.0

Headspace is helping me recover from Anxiety!I recently subscribed and it is the best thing you can do! The value for money is amazing! For $19 a month the amount of access to hundreds of different courses such as ‘Managing anxiety’ have helped me reframe my relationship with anxiety. The results of adopting mindfulness meditation was as quick as a week! Even after a couple of sessions I felt more confident and at ease with my thoughts and my mind which for me at one point felt impossible. I had tried many things except true mindfulness and it was the solution!! Andy has honestly changed my entire view of life and myself! But anyone and everyone can benefit from this, the headspace library is jam packed with meditations for everything you can imagine and it IS worth the subscription. In fact I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it now. Love it! Going to keep meditating forever!.Version: 3.50.1

Amazing!This app has seriously made all the difference to my life. Just taking ten minutes out of my day has made the world of difference. I haven’t had one night that I couldn’t get to sleep since using it and the anxiety course is helping me so much. Would highly recommend!.Version: 3.98.0

Fantastic App. Everything you need to live a mindful lifeThis app is worth every cent - constantly being updated with new content regularly added. After some years as a subscriber my meditation practice has expanded beyond just a tick box ‘meditation done for today’ practice. With the help of this app and the added content around eating, sleep, exercise and emotional management, Headspace brings the best of a truly deep understanding and lived experience of a mindful life to those of us who haven’t spent years studying in a monastery. Thank you Andy for sharing your wisdom with us and making this material accessible, you truly are an amazing meditation and life coach..Version: 3.87.0

Thank you.I had been a very irregular meditator for a couple of years before finding headspace and my biggest issue was that I struggled with anger towards just about everybody in my life. I just did the ‘Relationships’ pack and to my disbelief all of the anger has just fallen away and I’m kind of seeing that it was me that was creating the majority of my suffering. I can not rate this high enough, in my experience anyway. Thanks!.Version: 3.109.0

Fantastic must have mindfulness App that just gets better!Headspace team thank you for delivering such a beautiful App that helps us all to remember that the blue sky is always up there. I’ve used this App since 2016 and the updates for 2019 are brilliant. The absolute genius of the 2,500 year old art of mediation and compassion is undeniable. Using Headspace gives you the opportunity to recognise you are only human and teaches you to show yourself and others compassion. It enables you to learn everything from focus to embracing loneliness, from mediation for kids to unguided mediation for adults. There is something for everyone and it is possible to learn new things every day. I want to express huge gratitude to the team especially Andy. I’ve only just watched some of the new videos with Andy in and parts of Death Valley they are excellent, thought provoking and insightful..Version: 3.72.0

Easier than you’d thinkI’ve tried meditation before but always felt like I was ‘failing’ at it... mostly because of people around me in yoga pants claiming how utterly amaaaazing it is etc.... Fast forward to a week ago when I was at an incredibly low point with my mental health; I knew I had to try something. A colleague had mentioned this app before so I thought I’d give it a go. I love the guided abs group meditation as it feels like you are actually connecting with other people (without any contact etc) and the 1 minute inspiration shots from Kevin Hart are excellent. Headspace made meditation achievable for me (I have the busiest brain ever)- and it took me to the basics again. I’d wholly recommend this app to anyone who needs to start from the beginning and then progress with their practice..Version: 3.155.0

AirplayAs someone who had never considered meditating before, i gave this app a go, and it has really benefited me in a number of ways. Although I really like this app, one feature i think would improve it would be airplay functionality. Im not sure of the logistics of being able to set this up, but i think it would be a better experience to listen through good speakers rather than the audio from the phone Thanks for reading.Version: 3.43.0

Little things, Still good.Hi. My account name is MatildaHeadSpace12. I have just started today, And when I finish this, I will be doing session 5. I already love this game, But, What I would recommend is... [ by the way I edited this, make more stuff free! ] 1 a server area, where you can create a server, and the limit of people would be 50. And it would be free, And people from the country the owner of the headspace server would only get people from they’re country. 2 a place where you can search usernames and friend them. 3 a downloading area, Where you can download the locked HeadSpace things individually. ( EVERYTHING PLEASE ) 4 a customizing area!! Where you can press on your circle thing and go to customizing. And there would be a decoration area, Where you could add mindful stuff like [ I don’t really know what to say to be honest ] And you can take a picture and add it as your profile picture, Choose something from the gallery, Or customize your character and add it as your profile picture. 5 A public server, That you and the others who helped make this’s server, [ Everyone can join, Duh! ] 6 A mindful house, Where you can decorate your house with furniture, And pictures that say mindful stuff on it. 7 BLEEPING OUT WORDS FOR TALKING! [ I hope you already do ] Other than that, I love this so far! Also try finding what memes are please ;-;.Version: 3.100.0

Easy to use, life changing resultsI’ve been using Headspace for a couple of years and I can’t speak highly enough of the benefit it has brought to my life. Before finding Headspace I had tried meditating on my own and with other apps but I couldn’t seem to get the hang of it and felt like I was always doing it wrong. Headspace has taught me the basics of meditation as well as how to use meditation techniques in daily life to stay grounded and in touch with my body and feelings. The app is easy to use, the insurrections are easy to understand and I especially love the animations that explain meditation techniques. I recommend Headspace to anyone who are interested in meditation or struggles with anxiety like me..Version: 3.115.2

Different way of thinkingA work colleague recommended this app to help with stress, anxiety, over-thinking, amongst many other mental health related issues and after 11 days, I just feel so much better about myself and although it is early days, I am realising the short anger outbursts that I have (don’t get me wrong it doesn’t stop them from happening but I realise almost immediately that I am over reacting to situations) and I’m learning to ask myself. Do I really want to feel this way? I use this app a few times a day, usually after I finish work, during mid evening and before I go to bed. It used to take me ages to fall asleep and I don’t know why or how but this app helps me fall asleep within 20 minutes because I don’t even hear the podcast come to an end. If you have issues with that then I’d recommend this app to help you. I would also recommend reading the chimp paradox by Professor Steve Peters, if you haven’t already..Version: 3.59.0

You only need this meditation appBeen using the free app for a couple years now and it’s been the most useful app I’ve ever downloaded. Waiting for the wealthier days when I can buy full access to this amazing teacher’s work🙏🏼 just try it, you will have no regrets ✌🏼.Version: 3.28.0

Relax after hard daysThis app is the best I did have a hard day sleeping getting energised and things like that this app has definitely made me come a lot better at all those things I’ve always go on all the time and I’m on basics and still I’m enjoying it I’m loving it and I’m coming a lot more nicer and more helpful it’s a great app for those people and that is me now I can keep up to date and those things they make it simple to learn and not make me nervous all the time I want everyone to get this app and appreciate all the hard effort and amazing things they have done for us thank you headspace for everything 😄😄.Version: 3.52.0

Using Headspace for 2+ years has changed my life for the betterI’ve been using Headspace since I started meditating 2+ years ago. In this time I’ve gradually seen myself become happier, less stressed, more accepting of other and, most importantly, recognising that how you interact with your emotions is what’s going to define your success in life. The techniques you learn are age-old, scientifically-backed techniques for better dealing with your emotions and they do work - however, as with everything in life you only get out what you put in. Building a regular, stable meditation practice will be a struggle at times - but it will also be one of the best things you ever do for yourself..Version: 3.78.0

Thank You, But No Thank YouI would like to start by thanking the creators of this app. I am a student and testing is coming up soon. This app has helped me in not only calming down and focusing on that, but also on my family situation right now. I (try to) use this app daily and it sets my day on a good course. Thank you. However, I am not sure for how long I will be able to say that. Once my Basics 1 course expires, I will have to pay insane amounts of money to “subscribe” to Headspace just so I am able to take different meditating courses, such as Focus, Kindness, or Sleep. It costs $400 to meditate for a lifetime (unlimited)! That’s enough to feed a family for 2 months! It feels like a demo you would find on the phones they have it the Apple Store: incomplete. Overall, the experience is great and the meditating is useful, but I feel that meditating should be available to everyone, not just people willing to shell out $13 a month or $95 a year. I would not recommend this app to friends because I don’t think they want to experience this disappointment. I love your app, just not your cost!.Version: 3.21.0

Consistently AmazingI love this app. I trialled headspace for free for about 8 weeks then I purchased a lifetime subscription as I feel I will always come back to these guided meditations. I’ve now completed 5,600 mins. No matter what work and life are throwing at me, these techniques are helping me through. Others around me are noticing a difference also. I’m more confident, calm and decisive and less prone to emotional outbursts. I’m also sleeping better with the sleep sounds and guided bedtime stories. I love that the meditations give you the option of a male or female voice, I listen to the male one as he sounds like Alan Davies from the UK TV show QI..Version: 3.87.0

Loving itI’ve been using for four days and I can honestly say it has helped me tremendously. This isn’t my first attempt at meditation, but it has been my most successful and the attempt in which I’ve learned the most. It’s like the creators of this app got inside my head to figure out exactly what I needed to hear in order to understand and move forward, and then tailored the information just for me! I’m impressed, I’m incredibly grateful, and I’m so excited about my progress. In less than a week, I’m able to notice myself progressing mentally and emotionally, outside of the app in my daily life. I’ve yet to even subscribe, which I absolutely plan on doing once I don’t have a negative bank account (LOL), but the content available for free is quite phenomenal. Having just gone through “The Basics” a bit, I’m noticeably more calm and less irritable. I’m finding myself laughing more, and fighting less with my partner. I’m finding myself handling uncomfortable emotions and situations with patience towards myself and others. Thank you, Headspace. From the bottom of my heart, thank you..Version: 3.43.0

Life saver!It had been very difficult to overcome all my emotions when so much was happening in my life and I had a lot to worry about but a lot to be happy and angry about, things were getting confusing and I was getting angry very easily to the point where I couldn’t sleep so I thought maybe I should try meditating and I searched everywhere for a good app to help guide me through fixing the stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, being un-calm and more and this definitely is doing the job! I meditate for 5 minutes every morning when I wake up(you can do 3,5,&10 mins, you chose the how long and when). Since I’ve been using this I already feel 10x better and I can finally sleep. It helps be even during the day after I’ve already meditated. It sticks with you all day and it just feels really good, like a weight lifted off of your shoulders. I would definitely recommend this to everyone suffering from multiple things. It even has extra things you can use, for example, it has mediating to people who are coping with cancer! It’s just amazing!.Version: 3.27.1

Saved my soulI can’t begin to tell you the stress that I’m under in my business and home life. It’s not minor, with everything under considerable threat. This is the loss of a decades work and making 50 loyal people redundant. It’s been the same for 3 years, highly stressful on many levels. I’m now 6K minutes into headspace and I do it every day. Honestly, I absolutely put my continued sanity down to my 20 mins a day. I was massively sceptical to start with, now a huge convert. Without it, I’d have lost everything and would be up to the eyeballs on medication. It just allows you to not react to stress in the same way, it goes over your head so you can make clear decisions. Good some days bad others, just keep on doing it and this gradual change will creep up on you. You need to do it daily for a month to get proper benefit. Huge scientific evidence now shows the benefit. Fit it into your routine, it’s completely possible, that’s not an excuse. Good luck..Version: 3.24.1

I love Headspace !!!I have been using the Headspace app for about 5 years now. From the very beginning I felt I was embarking on a magical journey - a journey that would teach me the tools I needed to lift myself out of feelings of constant fear and inadequacy. Tools that would help me open my heart and mind to new possibilities and a more peaceful and compassionate approach to myself and the world. With the gentle and insightful guidance of Andy and the other practitioners, I feel safe and supported in my efforts to face and walk through difficult times. I am able to embrace joy and be present for myself, others and my life as it is today. It is always going to be a daily practice, as it should be, for that is the essence of being in the moment. I am also thrilled at how Headspace has evolved to include so many different guided topics for meditation as well as adding exercise to the program! What better way to integrate mind and body. Thank you all for what you have done to create Headspace and allow it to thrive! In gratitude, Pamela Llewellyn.Version: 3.145.0

Needs an iPad viewI am enjoying the app but wish it had a “landscape” or normal view on the iPad. I have vision issues and it would make reading things a lot easier..Version: 3.115.2

An amazing app behind a pay wallThis app....is just amazing. It has everything that allows for a relaxing experience for those who have dealt with stress, of any kind, throughout their livelihoods. But at a cost, as effective as this app is, I would love to continue using it without having to worry about the subscription fee. Do not misunderstand me, I am not saying they do not deserve the funds to continue their efforts of reducing stress. Especially with how fluid and colorful the tutorial’s animations are and how silky smooth Andy’s voice is during the session. But I wholeheartedly believe that this app can reach its full potential if it was provided without a charging fee. A lot of teenagers, including myself, have a hard time dealing with their stress by themselves. They usually have to rely on depression medication and therapy sessions which even then, is not as effective due to the costs of these options. This app can possibly outmatch both options at once, if it was not facing the same issue. As it is, the app is fantastic in its performance of reducing stress and I highly recommend it to those who are interested..Version: 3.70.0

New update caused app to freeze & my phone to continually crashI love headspace in practice tho I am disappointed in all the changes to the App over the past year. So much harder to get on with meditation- struggling to find things- waiting every morning to download each day’s session in a pack I’ve done many times over...but this morning was the worst experience- the App froze completely & despite completely closing - shutting down my phone 4 Times- my phone kept switching itself off. Finally uninstalled App altogether and Phone back to normal- looks like App was the culprit! Reinstalled and still seems ok- tho stress levels are not 😟.Version: 3.8.0

PLEASE GIVE US A QUEUE FEATUREI really love this app and have been using it for a while now. It’s amazing and really helps me relax and especially helps me fall asleep. HOWEVER 1. It needs to have a queue or auto play feature. I want to be able to play the racing mind sleep meditation and then have it go into a soundscape or something to play for the rest of the night. I’m supposed to be going to sleep not picking up my phone again to add another audio. 2. Enough with the incessant talking. There needs to be a feature where I can turn down the guidance. I know how to do noting. I know how to count down from 10. I don’t need it explained multiple times in depth every time I’m trying to go to sleep. There needs to be a semi-guided option for more than just the regular meditations. Please implement it in sleepcasts and especially nighttime SOS’s. Thank you 💖.Version: 3.161.1

FantasticI’ve been mentally coping with anxiety and depression all my life thinking that drugs and vices and exercise and talking would help... they never did. Until i came across headspace and meditation. Frankly i’ve never given meditation much thought just because it used to be so amusing to me that people would sit and actually be WILLING to be alone with their thoughts. But i tried it. And it’s been amazing. Thank you. :).Version: 3.8.0

Something for everyoneHeadspace is a fab app for those at any stage on their meditation journey. From beginner to advanced, you’ll learn something useful with this creative and interactive platform while being continually motivated and encouraged. Definitely worth trialling as it could positively impact your life the way the same way it already has for many.Version: 3.108.0

I can’t recommend this enoughI downloaded Headspace when it was free for health care workers in 2020. I was pregnant at the time and was under a lot of stress at my job. I started with the pregnancy course on the app. This was so amazing. First of all, Andy’s voice is incredibly calming. Then the pregnancy meditation helped me feel closer to baby. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and when I was less stressed, my glucose was lower. This app helped me a ton with that. Then, when I went to my 29 week check up, I had just read a work email I was very upset about. The nurse took my blood pressure and it was high. They sent me to the hospital for monitoring. While I was there I practiced the meditation I had learned and was able to get my blood pressure down so I could go home! The meditations also helped me get through labor! Now that I had my baby, I’m still using this app because it just helps me find calm in my crazy world of being and full time working mom during a pandemic. If you are at all interested in meditation, you need this app. I promise it’s worth the money. When my free subscription is over, I’m paying for it! I never write app reviews, but I just want everyone to know how great Headspace truly is..Version: 3.145.0

Pure. Amazing.I came across this app a while ago, I wanted to use it to get back into meditating throughout the day, but ended up using it frequently to calm me down and get me to sleep as I have real trouble doing that due to mental health. This app is amazing and I would suggest it to anyone looking to use it, although it’s frustrating that you have to pay for everything now as you didn’t before, I contacted their team who not only gave me a response in minutes, the email I was sent was a genuinely kind and helpful email. I would use this app indefinitely, because it really has helped me and it really does allow you to feel calm and focussed. I appreciate the help team and I appreciate the creators of this app. As it is one I would and have always suggested to anyone and everyone facing similar problems to do with stress or sleep or just basic meditation in general..Version: 3.202.0

Relationship splitHeadspace has really helped me process the anxiety and stress that has come from a sudden relationship end. A broken heart and more questions than answers. It has helped me accept that it is what it is and something’s can’t be fixed. It’s helping me slow my head confusion and continual mind trying to analyse why. It’s a grief process..Version: 3.22.0

Don’t know how I lived without!My psychologist recommended it to me a few years back but I never really fully came round to the idea of meditation and how it would help me, but a few months ago now I was going through an episode of depersonalisation and it help me to refocus my mind and regulate my breathing and just calmed me down. I now use it regularly and subscribed to the full version, I listen to the sleep ones every night and also use the ‘managing anxiety’ ones as well. Helps me calm myself down without having to bother anyone around me. The sleepcasts I listen to every night are so so amazing changing slightly each night so are unpredictable but so relaxing and help my head stop whirring with worries! Extremely grateful for this app - give it a try and don’t me as close minded as I was a few years ago! An open mind is the key to an open world!.Version: 3.46.1

Makes meditation easierMeditation is posed as this high level spiritual goal we need to strive for, but headspace reminds us that meditation is about being mindful and present and helps us understand the relationship we have with our thoughts. Headspace doesn’t make this practice daunting and that’s why I love it. I also love the animations, it brings play into something that we take too seriously sometimes. I’d highly recommend it!.Version: 3.25.1

Really worth the investmentI finally took the plunge to subscribe to Headspace last year at the height of the pandemic. The amount of uncertainty in the world meant I had to find some kind of psychological stability or I knew I’d drown, and while there’s no app in the world that could fix the sheer levels of anxiety I felt, this certainly made waves in helping. I still struggle to keep to a fixed routine but whenever I do go back to the meditations I am always reminded of how much they help. I feel clearer and relaxed, and far more able to handle the day than I do on days when I don’t make time for it. The sleepcasts have been a godsend, puppy palace is a favourite of mine and I find the variety of options quite refreshing across the app. I really do think it’s worth it and I’ve recommended it to a few people. Thank you Headspace :).Version: 3.162.0

Transformed My SleepI normally have a very hard time trying to wind down and fall asleep. Normally with a combination of constant thoughts and anxiety about not getting enough sleep before work. I’m new to shift work and had difficulty adjusting to sleeping for night shift or trying to get a nap/sleep in on shift. I trialled a few things that had no effect and then stumbled across the Rainy Day Antiques sleep cast. AMAZING!! Have not had one time that it has not put me to sleep (compliment) in at least 3 months of using it approx 3-4 times a week. Well worth the download and you can access a fair few sections for free. Has literally transformed my sleep!!.Version: 3.90.2

It’s a Miracle App!This app has helped me so much! When I am suffering from stress, health anxiety, or fibro/stress related body pains I turn to this app and go through some meditations with the teachers. It’s an excellent way for me to relax. Calm my mind. Stop thinking about myself. And to recover in the moment. Hopefully in time this will help me heal, as previously I’ve just been getting worse and worse without any therapy since my therapist’s practice permanently shutdown from COVID. This has been a great help and is something I can just pull out of my pocket and sit in my bedroom for a bit to calm down. Well worth the 1 year subscription price I’ve paid. Thank you! 😊🙏🏻 *There is only one thing that I’d change. This would be for some of the workout audios. I need to walk a lot for a heart condition I have (which is a big cause of my health anxiety), and I’d love to see the audios for walks and runs to be a bit longer. The longest run audio I see is 20 minutes, when recommended cardio workout lengths realistically should be at least 30 minutes. I’d really like to have an audio similar to the bedtime audios that are lengthy, have soothing talk, and tips to reduce anxiety made to be listened while walking. And if there could be a variety to choose from. Overall this would be the only change I can think of. An hour long walk audio to help calm my mind. 😁❤️.Version: 3.149.0

Very good but expensiveSo I’ve been using headspace for quite awhile now and personally I think it’s great! But the thing is since I don’t have premium, I have to keep on repeating the same old things like the rain day antiques sleepcast I’ve heard that sleep cast so many times and now I keep getting annoyed with it. That goes the same with the other sleep stuff too like the sleep music I’ve heard “doze” so many times I wake up like every 30 minutes or so. Also goes the same with the two free wind downs. The first time I used the free wind downs I fell asleep instantly the second time after that I couldn’t sleep for ten minutes. So after that, I wanted to do a free trial for the premium but I didn’t realize I was short on money. Since most people do a free trial for like a week or so they cancel there payment the day before the payment is due. So I tried doing that but it asked for but then I realized they need to know my payment information before doing my free trial. I think it was because they don’t know if I’m gonna cancel my payment or actually do the payment. So yeah, I think this app is amazing it just needs to either lower down the price by like 3-4$ or maybe add one or two me free sleepcasts and same goes to the wind downs, and music. Thank You..Version: 3.145.0

Teacher and companion on the journeyI’ve been using headspace daily for 8 months and longer than that on and off. I really enjoy the short daily reflection session and then move onto a longer meditation. The content in headspace is always expanding and I love coming back each day to continue my training. Thank you..Version: 3.54.0

Headspace has helped me to establish a daily meditation practiceI absolutely love Headspace 💆🏽‍♀️. I bought anannual membership on Groupon last year and gladly renewed when that had expired. It has helped me to establish a daily meditation practice. Meditation is something I’ve wanted to do but I didn’t know whom or what to listen to, or didn’t have a consistent discipline a routine around it. I love that Headspace has multiple meditations you can choose from, and you control how long the meditation is from 1 minute up to 30 minutes if you want ! There are even meditation courses about focus, stress, productivity - all the reasons we should even be meditating in the first place! I love the daily tracker that shows how many days in a row you’ve meditated and the total amount of minutes that I’ve meditated- it definitely keeps me motivated to want to continue to do it. I’ve definitely noticed a shift in my behavior over the past year and in my mindset since I have been meditating. I am more calm and less irritable and things don’t bother me as much.I highly recommend this app!.Version: 3.46.1

This is no gimmick, it will change your life, so long as you use itThis had a huge impact on my ADHD, and enabled me to mitigate much of my issues handling daily life before I was diagnosed and started treatment. For a brief while I used this app religiously everyday multiple times a day. I have 1700 minutes of meditating through headspace (though it would be many more it accounted for the fact that I was so well into meditating that I often meditated without the app). Unfortunately sometime ago I suppose I lost track and subsequently the habit. I can’t remember what changed but I have stopped using it for maybe a year. And for the last few months I longed for the ‘head space’ to return but the initiative to retrain myself get evading me. I know for fact that without the help of headspace I have undergone a lot of mental exhaustion and overbearing thoughts, lack of control and focus that wreaked havoc as time had went on. Well now I’m beginning headspace again as me and a friend both use it and are also trying to return to it. The impact once you get into the rhythm is genuine, of course it’s not immediate but a discipline and habit forming where each and every session contributes to a bigger better picture for your mental well-being and, for my ADHD self, an immediate fulfilment - to re-align my thoughts and calm. The premium is not only worth paying for, it’s worth the appreciation to support the creators of this game changing app..Version: 3.165.0

Such a cool appIt’s not that I was skeptical when it came to meditation, I just was unsure of what it was exactly, or what the goal should be. This app does an AMAZING job of explaining and easing you into meditation. It’s something you have to practice and implement into your routine. I haven’t had it for long, and I have only been doing the free “Basics” sessions, but wow I am so so impressed with the results. I don’t like to think I am a person who is just stressing herself all the time, but lately with a lot of life changes my body has been feeling a lot of tension and it has caused me horrible headaches. Whenever I meditate it relaxes me and relieves me of some of the pain. It also just gets me pumped for the day. Your emotional/mental health is so important!! Busy-ness kills, and meditating can help you take better care of yourself. This app is so well constructed. I normally don’t do subscriptions, but I’m gonna have to pay because it’s so worth it. The fact that you can choose if you wanna meditate for 3, 5, or 10 minutes? That’s awesome! So much detail. Also I personally like it way better than Calm, which is rated higher, not to mention the aesthetics are way more satisfying..Version: 3.44.0

Sleep, Anxiety, MeditationHave you ever been up at 2am freaking out about some myth, life or the meaning of life. If you said no, you’re normal but if you said yes this is the perfect app. No joke, I have severe anxiety and use an asthma puffer and go to constant therapy and when I’m up at 1am and its impossible to fall asleep Headspace has a course. When I am stressing out over life and have 3 tonne’s off anxiety on my back Headspace has a course. When I can’t stop thinking about someone or something Headspace has a course. For me, I don’t believe in meditation and things like that and I’m not a person to do meditation and calm the mind but Headspace has got be addicted. No, this is not an app where it is free and then you downloaded the app and you have to do a payment to proceed and yes the best courses you have to pay for but some of my favourite courses are free. The massive variety of courses is just wildly amazing. From Kyle.Version: 3.74.0

The App Which Changed My LifeAbout two years ago I was suffering from insomnia and anxiety. An illogical mental low which I had never experienced before, and it was miserable. Luckily my GP referred me to a CBT course which included details about mindfulness. My therapist introduced the basics and mentioned an app called Headspace which has a free trial. CBT made me realise I was not alone with my ways of thinking by any means and the tools I learnt were very useful, but it was the Headspace app which truly changed my life. In two years I have learnt the importance of mindfulness to ground myself in the present moment; to accept all positive, negative and neutral ways of thinking; to have no expectations, and to enjoy the restorative qualities of meditation. The path to a more mindful life is a long one, and dedication is required, changes will not happen over night. 10 minutes a day is nothing, but knowing the mind can be ‘re-wired’ or ‘reprogrammed’ is a great motivation to continue. Andy is a gift to the world, and his voice and advice strikes the perfect balance of relatable, friendly and calming. The annual cost of the app is a bargain for the benefits gained from meditating. Just think of the annual cost of a gym. We generally look after our physical bodies well, but we don’t exert the same effort to our minds. Headspace is the answer to a more balanced life. Thank you Andy and the Headspace team..Version: 3.29.0

Amazing!This is an amazing app to use, when I saw the reviews for the app, I wanted to download it. But I never thought that it would be this good. I feel asleep in less than 5 minutes and it usually takes me a lot longer. Again, amazing app..Version: 3.182.1

A beautiful idea..I have been using this app to help my 10 year old son with his insomnia, he has adhd and has always struggled with sleep. He takes his sleep herbs and CBD oil, then we meditate together every evening, mostly he falls asleep after one sleep cast. I would like there to be a bigger library of sleep casts as I think they are a brilliant idea. The sound and tones of the people’s voices are perfect. I have just started the pain management for my arthritis and fibromyalgia... I am feeling hopeful that the combination of meditation and medication will work well to reduce my pain. I would like to see how Headspace supports charities or any philanthropy work they are involved in, but this information is hard to find. I would feel a little sad if it is only a money making app. Anyway a great app that I definitely recommend..Version: 3.46.0

LifelineOver the years I’ve dipped in and out of my subscription with headspace. I tended to only use it when things got tough and I’d cling to it like a lifeline. I honestly don’t know how I would have got through without it. Recently, I’ve begun to use it all the time as a kind of mental maintenance, which I realise is probably how I should have approached it in the first place! I love the new range of sleep casts, music and exercise programs. I can’t thank the headspace team enough and I am deeply indebted to you for help you’ve provided over the years. You’re doing a good thing here, keep going x.Version: 3.146.0

Love this app but 1 requestI love this app. I have been using this app for about a month and it has changed my life. It is definitely a bit pricey and it would be great if they reduced that. In the most recent update they took away the search feature. I really like this because I could easily change my meditation depending on what mood I was in but now I need to find out which section everything is in. With the constant changing of this I find it much harder to work. I really hope they bring the search feature back in the next update but other than that this app has really improved my lifestyle..Version: 3.61.0

Recovery - what a differenceI have struggled with addiction, relapsing many times, having found it so difficult to be at ease without my coping mechanism (alcohol). In the past, I’d attempted meditation on my own, and found myself practicing at most once a day, for maybe 5 minutes, before wanting to jump out of my skin and do something else. With Headspace, the techniques are explained clearly and consistently, without it feeling like I’m just playing the same recorded guide over and over. It feels like Andy is personally training me in a slightly new or different way each session. As a result, I not only practice daily, but 3-4 times per day for at least 10 minutes each session. And I even look forward to it! What a difference this has made in my mood, my clarity, and most of all, my need for old bad habits. There’s even a 30 day program on coping with cravings. If you struggle with sobriety, or bad habits of any kind, you may find incorporating the practices taught in this app deep into your daily life will make the journey to wellness so much lighter and easier than it has been..Version: 3.83.1

Tricky Times and a lifelineLast year I went through possibly my first ever experience of anxiety and a total loss of confidence. Headspace put things in perspective, brought me back to the here and now, and made me realise that the thoughts and feelings which were negatively affecting me were just passing traffic which I didn’t need to try to chase. In the end I got through the tricky times, with support from my nearest and dearest and headspace. I’ve seen the benefits for myself and have sat with my kids and Andy to get everyone in the right mindset for the day ahead. If I’m honest I’m out the other side now and back to the old me, of course if anything like this every happens again I’ll be straight back to headspace as I know IT WORKS..Version: 3.67.0

Everything I didn’t know I needed.There’s so much to be said about how specific yet simple Headspace’s premise is. For the record, I meditate twice a day: right before I go to work, and the right after I come back home. I have been using the app for close to a month now, and I can already notice a lot of behavioral changes in myself. I respond better to situations that used to frustrate and/or upset me, and I feel much better equipped to deal with the various emotional ups and downs of daily life. To clarify something, this app is a tool for anyone to use. I used to be one of those people who thought meditation is pointless, that I wouldn’t be able to “shut down” my brain and prevent it from drifting off during a meditation session. None of that matters with Headspace. As long as you develop a habit of using the app, you will be better prepared and confident when dealing with the aforementioned feelings. Headspace has truly been a revolutionary discovery for me. As someone who has tried similar apps in the past, I can confidently say that no other app can match the sophisticated design, ease of use, and mindfulness that’s encapsulated by Headspace..Version: 3.29.0

Just brilliantI started using this app about a year ago as I needed something to help calm me during my first set of uni exams. At the time they only offered the Basics 1 pack for free, but that was more than enough. It helped me immensely. Just 10 minutes a day of meditation across 10 days, and I already felt de-stressed. I couldn’t afford to buy a full membership at the time, but earlier on this year I saw an offer and decided to take advantage. It’s opened up so many packs and extra bits which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using. There is a pack for everything, and the singles are so useful when you just need to take a few quick minutes out of your day to calm yourself down or come down from strong emotions. I was in a depressive state for years, and with this I honestly feel so much lighter and at peace. I’ve now reached a milestone of 300 minutes meditated, and I’m so so happy with my decision to sign up. Not only that but I’ve managed to convince family members to use this as well!.Version: 3.14.0

Best thing I ever didHeadspace is fantastic. I’ve been using it for a while now and my meditations have helped me through so much. I change between the different meditations and they really do help me. I’m a different person from it. Thank you Headspace..Version: 3.198.1

A small price for a skill for lifeI’ve been using the headspace app for 3 or 4 years now and it’s honestly invaluable, it’s seriously changed my entire mindset and the courses are so helpful, especially appreciation! I still find myself learning and realising more every day! My only criticism is the organisation of the courses and singles, every few months the layout and organisation of the app completely changes so it’s hard to find courses that I’m looking for - the ‘my courses’ area has also been removed so it’s hard to find ones that I’ve saved or completed in the past, I’d love to have this back or some kind of Wishlist/to do type of menu. I totally get that it might be hard to decide how to categorise all the courses but I’d prefer if they stick with one method rather than trying out every option and constantly changing! Still 5 stars for the content.Version: 3.119.0

Definitely recommendI definitely recommend this to everybody who just needs to let the stress and/or anxiety go, you need meditation it’s really relaxing and you learn a lot from it the only thing that I don’t like about it is the premium thing like mediation is good and yes I get that’s how they make money (obviously inly one of the ways) but it can get annoying how it keeps popping up and saying that. I don’t like the premium because it hardly lets me do much of the lessons basically all I can do is the basics. I’m only 12 like I don’t have the money to pay for premium so please open up more of them so we have more to do otherwise what the point..Version: 3.74.0

Suffering from Stress and AnxietyBeing a university student, I am the perfect vessel for uncontrollable stress. This application, didn’t eliminate all my stress, however instead, it helped me reduce it. Headspace gives you the starting point for daily self-mediation sessions. Breathing exercises, calming voice overs, and many more. I would highly recommend this App to anyone suffering with anxiety, or stress, this is a good starting point to find clarity for your mind..Version: 3.54.0

Anxiety and other mental healthHello everyone my names Henry iam 16 years old and at the start of 2021 I noticed that I started overthinking loads of negative thoughts constantly so much so I practically lived in my head at night time my heart was pounding and I’d have symptoms of a panic attack I eventually had two panic attacks and found out I have really bad anxiety it has taken a horrible toll on me I’ve had to drop out of school missing my GCSEs and exams and have missed my gym induction and it affects how much I can eat and affects my sleep and heavily affects my day to day life before all this I could think about anything and now the slightest most inconvenient thought can send me on a downward spiral while although I don’t have much money so I can’t afford a lot of the things on here there are free things and when I get really bad I use headspace it doesn’t stop the anxiety or overthinking but it definitely helps calm my nerves a bit.Version: 3.160.0

Life-changingHeadspace is the only app I’ve ever recommended someone else. I’ve gifted a few subscriptions and I’ve never heard a bad thing about it from others who use it. It’s a great way of moving into the ‘meditation’ space without all the fad and hippie nonsense that usually surrounds such a loaded term. Meditation isn’t anything that all the stereotype hype claims it is. It’s for anyone. Literally. It turned my life around. Genuinely. I was in an awful place and someone recommended guided meditation to me 4 years ago. I found this app. End of awful place. Do yourself a favour, if you think you don’t have time, download this app. It’ll turn your busy/hectic/unbearable/unmanageable life around. Trust me. ‘Everyone should meditate for at least 20 minutes everyday. Unless they’re very busy. If they’re very busy, then they should meditate for at least an hour every day.’.Version: 3.90.3

Changing my life with every breathe.I have been interested in meditation on and off for years but I never dedicated myself or stuck with it. After recently going through some really hard times in business and personally it brought a lot of issues to surface I haven’t dealt with for years and I decided I had to dedicate myself to meditation to see how it can really help me. I can honestly say with every breathe I’ve took, every day I’ve stuck with it the better and better I have become as a person; less moods, more happy, I don’t react as much to negativity and conflict, I am truly happier and I cannot wait to see where I will be in one year. Headspace is by far the no1 meditation app in the world - I truly adore it and can’t wait to use it every day now. Thanks, Andrew.Version: 3.112.0

Never hear the end of itI use this app mainly to help me get to sleep at night. The sleep tracks are like stories in a way with a wind down at the start. They go for 45 minutes and I’ve never heard the end of one since I started using this app in February. I recommend it to anyone who struggles to sleep!.Version: 3.84.0

Great features; trouble with record-keepingThe meditations are great, and I’ve been finding the focus music feature really great for listening while working; it’s at least as good as the ambient music I typically listen to. My only complaint at the moment is that listening to the focus music counts toward minutes meditated, and then to Apple Health mindfulness minutes if you have that option on on. So if I listen to 3 hours of focus music while working, plus one morning meditation, it seems like I’ve meditated for 185 minutes, when I’ve really only done 3. And it seems to count the music toward my streak, too, which doesn’t really help me keep track of my progress in building a habit of mindfulness. Listening to focus-helping music while working—something I’ve always done—is totally different than actually meditating. It’s not a dealbreaker, of course—I can manually keep track—but it would be nice if the app let you distinguish between what’s real time spent with mindful practice, and what’s just listening to music while working..Version: 3.143.0

It’s great, super relaxing butI just downloaded Headspace a couple of days ago and personally I LOVE it as an app but I wish that there were more options for people who don’t pay, I realise that that’s just their marketing strategy and to be honest I think eventually I will pay for one of the plans but it would be awesome if people who aren’t paying (maybe because they’re new like me) had more options, more of a chance to get to the app before spending their hard earned money on it and realising they don’t really like it. I hope that my review was helpful and in summary: Headspace is GREAT but the options are slim if you don’t pay..Version: 3.79.0

Headspace ReviewI think Headspace is an amazing way to start your day and to finish off your day as well. I love it when I am trying to go back to sleep and the different options to help you in a way you could do by yourself.Version: 3.162.0

A Kind MarvelHeadspace is one of the few apps ever created that gives you peace of mind when you pick up your phone. As such it really does become a kind companion who gently reminds you of the peace, calmness and clarity that is always within reach. I’ve been using it for about two years and it keeps on giving: the lovely stories in “The Wake Up” video series, the short meditation sessions that cover a wide range of topics, the longer meditation series that help you delve deeper into complex issues like anxiety, pain and depression plus all the little fun and surprising bits like the recent addition of fitness videos and playlists by the likes of John Legend and Kindness ... As I’m typing this I’m realizing more clearly than ever before what an extraordinary treasure trove Headspace really is, and what a wonderful companion in our shared journey in this life. Thank you to everyone who have made and continue to make Headspace possible! It is a true marvel of a gift..Version: 3.150.0

I was sceptical but it’s making a huge difference in my lifeWhen my older brother, the least meditate-y person I could imagine, told he’d started using Headspace and found it was making a big difference to his days, that was good enough for me. Starting with the basics was quick and easy and, within a week, I found myself feeling slightly but noticeably less reactive. I’d have moments of just feeling peaceful (after the continual background anxiety of these times, that was a noticeable and very welcome feeling). I’ve always known that I get emotional very easily and that my emotions sometimes get in the way of things I want to achieve. Doing Headspace seems to be teaching my body and mind to see an emotion and go, oh yeah, that’s another feeling, there’ll be another one of those coming past any minute - rather than, ‘Oh God, that feeling is because of ... blah blah blah ... and then climb right into the feeling and make up stories about it and stay in it. I feel like it gives me room to step back a little bit and watch my mind and my feelings rather than being in them and exhausted by them. I really like the library of other meditations too, like the SOS ones for particular times when you think you need some help to get back into your life, rather than being caught in your mind..Version: 3.150.0

My kids and I LOVE headspace!!! <3I’ve been wanting to meditate for a while, and I just didn’t know how to, I’ve tried yoga and a couple other things, but never really got the time to make it a habit. I found this app and decided to give it a go given the reviews. It didn’t let me down. I love all the packs for different situations in life and the fact that you can meditate 1 min or as long as you can, so no more “I don’t have time” After the trial i decided to use the premium version and it was then when I discovered the kids section (angels sing and sunshine thru clouds please) it’s never been so easy to put my kids to bed! My kids LOVE Andy and ask for him every single night, 90% of the time they are asleep by the time the sleep meditation is over (5-6 min). They have asked to start hearing Andy when they wake up, too. As for me, I had been struggling with insomnia for a while, and when I did sleep my mind would keep going on and on about everything I had to do the next day, so I’d wake up feeling restless. I’ve been using headspace at bedtime and I’m out in like 5 min. I sleep better, my mind sleeps too. I’ve been using it for a couple months and there’s still SO much to explore. I just love it :).Version: 3.15.0

RELATABLE, HELPFUL AND JUST OVERALL AMAZINGI first found out about this app a couple of years ago. I was indecisive about wether to subscribe. Yesterday I did subscribe and it has helped me in so many ways. Watching some of the animation videos makes me tearful (joy) because of how relatable they are and it projects exactly how I feel and think. It’s nice to listen to a voice who understands truly and has great knowledge about the brain, body feelings and thoughts that people experience day in day out. This app was 1000% worth the purchase for anyone who struggles with mental health and just needs meditation and a voice to listen to. I find that I’m am constantly over thinking at night time and also struggle to sleep. This app offers solutions for both by claiming the mind and taking the ease off of the racing thoughts by practising breathing and mediative techniques. This app offers 24 hour support videos and voice recordings in which you can access at any time leaving you feeling not alone with your thoughts and it’s like having a easily accessible therapist who makes you feel better about everything at any given time, any given place and anywhere in the world..Version: 3.77.0

Simple and powerfulThe Headspace meditation app is as simple as the title. It's thoughtfully designed, easy to use and a great way to build and maintain a meditation practice whether you have never done it before or have tried lots of things and it just never stuck. No matter what I need to get some create some space from - to concentrate better, to relax, panic attack, to help with depression, anxiety, to sleep better - there is a great mix of longer term programs and short SOS! meditations that help me centre myself and take a breathe from the swirling activity and complexity of life. The programs balance humour and wisdom. I love this app. I unreservedly recommend it to everyone!.Version: 3.32.0

Best App for increasing consciousnessHave been using this app for the past 3 years and love it. I have tried all the other apps but this is by far the best. The interface is easy to use, the meditations are brilliant. I’m a psychologist and I can attest Andy has delved very deeply into the inner workings of the mind and is able to explain it in a simple and relatable way. The meditations are deceptively simple but the results are profound. It’s like having a meditation master in your house to help you through life no matter what situation you will be sure to find a pack or single meditation that will suit you situation. Just don’t expect the results over night. I would highly recommend combining it with journaling or some other creative activity to help explore and gain a greater understanding of what you observe whilst meditating. I give it 5 stars and I have even become a lifetime member 😊🙏🏻.Version: 3.26.0

Great app for people that need itYou are not alone. Anxiety and stress are hard to deal with for some and with the thoughts and constant movement of our minds can be overwhelming at times, headspace puts you in state of tranquility as your mind comes back to here and now. The mind wonders and headspace is just helping you acknowledge that and to set some time for yourself to become more aware and embrace it as it is part of being a human. Lots of great exercises spanning for 30 days, but it is all about consistency to make it a routine, cause anxiety does not go away. Continue and see the power of the mind and how you gain control over it through consistency. Great app. exercise, Live,laugh, love and meditate. 🇲🇰🇦🇺.Version: 3.115.0

Brilliant!!I don’t normally bother leaving reviews for apps but this one is so good it deserves a bit of my time. This app has helped me so much over the last few years. Some of the biggest benefits are how it has taught me how to manage anxiety and panic attacks and how I find meditating for ten minutes is more refreshing than having a nap when I’m feeling exhausted and have a lot to do. I also use the sleep meditations nearly every night to help me drift off. I don’t even know how long they are because I’m always asleep before they finish. I would definitely recommend this app to others, even if you aren’t sure that meditating is for you. You might be pleasantly surprised. I certainly was. I can’t imagine being without it now. It does seem like a lot of money but I think of it as being like a gym membership. It help keeps me happy and healthy. Definitely worth it..Version: 3.61.0

So good! I feel so calmI have found this month quite stressful due to COVID and all of that. In school, people have also been a bit mean. I have found it hard to concentrate in class and end up running to the bathroom in fits of tears, and staying in my cubicle alone for up to 20 minutes. Inside I felt scared and angry, but I couldn’t really control my feeling and I felt very scared. Headspace introduced me to meditation. I have found it so relaxing and feel a lot happier. I literally got it this morning and have now subscribed, because it was so good. Though it is quite expensive, I feel that paying the money for it is worth it. Maybe you could lower the price because I feel £50 is quite a lot for a year. If you were in the same sort of position as me, struggling with work and losing concentration. It is so good and so worth it (I have probably said worth it a lot of times now 😂)! GET. IT. NOW!.Version: 3.155.0

The beginning of your new lifeSceptical is the word that comes to mind for most people when they hear about meditation. Andy (of headspace) puts all the myths to bed and shows just how simple (but not easy) it is for anybody to find what they’re after through meditation. The main point to take away though is, no judgements... If you’ve tried meditation before you might feel that once you tune in to the mind, it only summons up more “mess” and noise! But just accepting it for what it is at any moment is in itself enlightening and lifts a huge weight off your shoulders. The free version is amazing to get started with for a while but after signing up for the full version, I soon realised how the strength in which meditation can truly impact you and the people around you. Definitely worth a go. :) hope that helps..Version: 3.24.1

I love HeadspaceI love the flexibility of Headspace to choose your length of meditation and your topic to suit how you feel or what you need at that time. There now seems to be topic for every possible need, which is great. I love reading the stories of how it’s helped others and I’ve just started using the yoga wake-up session which I enjoy doing. As a busy working Mum it’s great to use Headspace where I can, to ground myself and to give myself a bit of invaluable ‘me time’. Admittedly I have phases when I don’t meditate because I genuinely forget, but when I do remember to fit it into my daily schedule I love it. It feels like ‘home’. It brings me huge sense of calmness. The children love the animations and hopefully one day they too will join me for meditation sessions. I think it’s so important for your mental well-being to just be in the moment. To appreciate what’s around you and to pause, even for 3minutes to simply notice your breathing. Thank you Andy and team for continuously updating the app and giving us more options. I continue to recommend the Headspace app to others who would benefit from it, as I hope they too find the same tranquility and calmness that I do every time I sit down to meditate ..Version: 3.163.0

Apple Watch app needs a lot of improvementThe iPad and iPhone apps are amazing. I couldn’t recommend them more. The Watch app however is extremely disappointing. It only contains a few random meditations and you can’t choose which ones..Version: 3.89.0

Amazing but some minor improvements I thought ofI absolutely love this app... it is so soothing and calming at all times - there are however a few points I think the developers could add that would enhance people’s experience; I know it would for me: 1. The sleep radio part of the app could maybe even be live or real radio style so that if you wake up at an odd time, you can listen to it live and also know other people are too, which personally makes me feel connected and safe. That also means the sound isn’t a set time but you can listen to it for hours and also if you use these a lot you won’t have to listen to the same thing over and over because it’s live - I don’t know if this is possible for the developers but it would add something to the app I also love the focus part as it gives me options for studying too!.Version: 3.133.0

Mediation is surprisingly awesome!Headspace has provided me with a way to cope with some of the anxieties of work and school life. I really enjoy that sense of “me-time” just spent focusing on my thoughts a feelings and dealing with them in what I feel is a healthy way. I somehow feel different after every session, more relaxed, more “centered” if you would. I don’t really have trouble going to sleep but some days my mind travels a mile per minute with thoughts of things I have yet to do. I find the sleepcasts they offer to be helpful during these times. The soothing sounds help me focus on shutting my body off for the night. I would recommend just listening to the casts they have available for unsubscribed users and seeing how you feel. The only gripe I have with the meditations they offer is that all of them seem very similar. They have many different packs that are supposed to cater to a specific area but this is only an illusion of variety. All meditations offer the same sort of exercises like focused breathing and mindfulness. I just wish that there were more exercises to make use of. Otherwise, I just can’t justify purchasing a yearly subscription for this service..Version: 3.42.1

Worth every $$$$Due to my severe anxiety I have searched for any resource to help me maintain my anxiety. When I found Headspace, I felt comfortable proceeding with the free trial, but I had planned to cancel it once the trial expired. I figured,”do you really want to pay for someone to tell you to sit down, close your eyes and follow your breath?” There are videos online that can help. However! When I started using the app I saw its potential for achieving my goal of maintaining my anxiety. The app has a ton of courses and guides to help you with different aspects of your mind. They have guides and courses on using meditation to help with productivity, personal relationships and sleep. I’ve done many of the guides and courses and I will tell you that they have been extremely helpful! They’ve actually exposed me to different ways of approaching meditation that aims to tackle various issues associated with anxiety. I did subscribe, but because it’s for my mental and it’s a great app I find it to be worth every dollar..Version: 3.41.0

Headspace is greatI decided to just give headspace basic 1 a try with the short sessions and started enjoying it and once I completed basic 1 I was ready to give premium a go and sweet Mary pickles I didn’t realise how much stuff you get and just how good the content is. I’m working my way through basics 2 hour with 4 hours on the clock and 11 minute average session time. Iv used the bedtime noises to help me sleep just because it’s rather relaxing. I done the walking cardio meditation which not really my style of meditating but funny enough if you go to the meditate for kids section your actually benefit from it aswell, recommend giving it a go and your see what I mean. Once you start understanding how mediation benefits you, your realise there’s more to just meditation on headspace than “mindfulness”. Review aside does it help with my anxiety? Not necessarily stoping anxiety but helps me try tell myself to think logically when I’m down a rabbit hole of health worrying..Version: 3.126.0

Adds valueCalming tone of voice and pace. Beautifully illustrated. Simple design and easy to follow explanations. Looking forward to resetting my regular practice using the calendar and alarm reminders! Update- still using the app and loving all the added content. I no longer need the reminders to practice daily !!.Version: 3.10.0

Life Changing!!Started Headspace about 4 years ago to help with my anxiety. Once I got though the 30day basic pack I learned very quickly how good Headspace would be for me. It has become a daily routine for me nowadays and I have enjoyed many of the packs it has to offer. I have learned how to deal and live with my anxiety and now have the tools to deal with when it happens. I recommend Headspace for anyone who wants to sort their mind out, or are looking to improve their lives in positive way. Thank you to all the Team at Headspace keep up the great job!!!.Version: 3.197.0

First time venture into mindfulnessI was recently on holiday with some old friends from university, and one of them mentioned that they’ve discovered meditating and mindfulness. I’m not a cynic, but I am what you might describe as a “mans man”, and to be honest, I kinda viewed this stuff a bit hippie and “out there”. When I got back home I was dealing with some everyday life pressures and decided I’d give meditating a go. After a little online research I downloaded this app, waited until the wife and kids were in bed and started the first (free) Basics session. I genuinely find it difficult to describe how that first session completely changed my perspective on mindfulness and meditation. After ten minutes of focusing on my breathing, and almost being a passenger to my thoughts, I almost felt euphoric. The feeling genuinely surprised me. I’m a few sessions in now, and I suspect mind work is going to be a part of my life for a long long time. I can’t rate this app, and the feelings it’s brought me highly enough..Version: 3.78.0

Life AlteringPairing the daily use of this app with therapy has been a godsend for recovery from severe anxiety and daily panic attacks. Though anxiety will never truly “go away”, the app has helped to manage it, as well as accept it as a positive part of myself. There is a meditation for everything, including self guided meditations. My knowledge and spiritual practices have benefited, but so has my overall mental health and wellbeing. Thank you Headspace, for providing the breath of fresh air that we in the iPhone generation so desperately desire. I would recommend this app to everyone, regardless of what you may or may not be going through. Well worth the subscription..Version: 3.59.0

Amazing!Everyone is complaining about the price, but they should make us pay because it’s so amazing and don’t worry I’m not a bot. Absolutely love this app! I can never seem to get to sleep I eventually fall asleep around 2 - 3 AM. So I downloaded headspace to help me fall asleep and it helps a lot! Even for the toughest sleepers. Also it doesn’t take up much storage! Love it!.Version: 3.112.0

More Free OptionsI wish you didn’t have to get Premium to have access to all the different casts and courses! I think if you divided it up a bit more evenly between premium and free ones, the app would be more enjoyable. I wish I had more options! I do love the app though. It helps me get to sleep every night!.Version: 3.115.2

A good app, can be improvedI really like this app but there’s a couple of bits that could be improved to make it great. Firstly the dark background for the sleep section is great, until you realise that some of the wind downs have a bright white screen when you start the mediation...which ruins the effect entirely. Also, developers, can we please have some walking meditations that are over 10mins and not specific to a northern hemisphere city? Not everyone is able to ‘progress’ to running, it’s a bit ableist. I’m having to switch to Insight Timer for walking meditations, which I shouldn’t have to do with a paid subscription to headspace. Some way to provide feedback on improvements in the app would be nice too..Version: 3.156.0

Getting my life backI love Headspace. I suffered my 1st massive panic attack 16 weeks ago. It turned life as I know it upside down as I then had multiple anxiety & panic attacks. Found myself in hospital twice. Unable to function in my day to day life. Unable to go to work, be a mum, partner or daughter. Didn’t want to leave the bedroom as fear gripped me and not coping with many sounds & visuals. Headspace allowed me to learn to meditate at my own pace with the quite calming voices of Andy & Eve. After the basics meditation course there are many courses you can do - anxiety, pain, happiness - plus much more such as the exercise programs, sleep casts, focus music and relaxing nature videos. My recovery is slow but Headspace has been on my daily check list towards my recovery and I’m extremely grateful for it. I often find tears on my face after a meditation - it’s such a relief to have an app I can count on - it feels like a non judgemental friend. I’m able to leave my home again but any time I feel overwhelmed I can pop in my headphones and do a SOS mediation where ever I am. It working for me and I highly recommend it as a place to learn and build a meditation routine into your life. It’s a soft place to land and self care for yourself in particular in these fast paced & challenging times..Version: 3.145.0

I’m a believer......nowLike many I have to be honest I didn’t believe in this sort of stuff but to cut a long story short I had epilepsy resolved several years ago and got banned from driving because of it est, ruined my job and so on. Then after being controlled for 5 years I began have odd moments which then in turn lead to small episodes, while waiting to see a consultant someone asked if they could be panic attacks rather than epilepsy episodes & recommended I try something like this. Downloaded a few but found headspace offered the best layout. Used it for a few days & didn’t have another episode & learned that it was only panic attacks that were easily treated with there exercises. I use it every night for a great nights sleep now, really shows you how much can be resolved for keeping your head straight. Just try it 👍.Version: 3.161.1

HeadspaceHeadspace is a great app and it really helped my stress levels. Every day I would come home from school and be nervous about how I did in school and what my grades were and this and that and blah blah blah.... Anyways, I would come home super stressed, and then I would u headspace for a while, and I would fell SO much better. Guys, if you are stressed, I would definitely recfomend this app. It’s GREAT!.Version: 3.13.0

Good but..This is amazing and gets me to sleep every time buttttt I just wish there were more free options🥺.Version: 3.115.2

Now a Rewarding and Essential part of my Routine.I’ve been using the app religiously for about two weeks. After a recent ADD diagnosis, I thought it would be a good idea to start working meditation into my routine, and was willing to invest some resources into the guided regiment on Headspace. The problem had been nearly consuming my life and I was pretty frustrated. I was skeptical of “guided meditation” in particular, because I thought that someone talking you through the meditations through your headphones might defeat the purpose. I also have trouble sitting still in particular. I have not been disappointed. The app explicitly states that it is not intended to treat or cure attention deficit disorders, and I did not expect it to, but it significantly reduced the the severity of the problem almost overnight. I am also a collegiate music student, and I saw a tremendous difference in my practice routine and quality of playing as well. The content is very well organized and the methodology/philosophy is explained very thoroughly in fun-to-watch animations. I feel the difference at work and among friends. I just now put the app on the main dock in my phone, right beside the phone, messaging, and music apps. It is now a rewarding and essential part of my routine..Version: 3.22.0

My mind has been blown!I’m not usually one to write reviews, but Headspace is well worth the time it takes to write this! I love feeling like I have a coach, he may not respond to me or hear what I say, but he’s there getting me through this mental workout. Before Headspace came into my life, I was very sporadic with my emotions and wasn’t aware on how to fully control them.. to be honest I’m still not sure how to fully control them, but Headspace gives me the tools to stop intense/aggressive emotions before they emerge. I would also always be very overwhelmed with my thoughts and I’d get very anxious about what others thought or really anything dealing with the unknown. Now I’ve been more tamed, I’m more in control of my thoughts and emotions, I’m the driver of my vessel instead of the other way around. I’m incredibly thankful to have this app, if you’re a person who struggles with feeling in control of your being, I highly recommend giving this a try! I start my workday with a 10-minute meditation, and boy do I feel productive when I do that! Thanks Headspace for giving me the tools, much love!.Version: 3.48.1

Love this app!!So I started using this app because my boyfriend said that I needed to start meditating due to my high levels of stress (and how easily I get stressed and I have poor stress management) and my because I am very easily angered and to him I just overall seem unhappy with life. I am only 24 so my stress shouldn’t be what it is in my opinion. So I took his advice on meditation and did some research and found this app. I’m still in the free trial stages of it but I will most definitely buy is once it ends. The reason I give 4 start is because I wish there were more mindful activities because of my job. I wake up at 6 am and come home from anywhere between 5pm - 11pm depending on the day I have. So it would be nice to have more mindful activities where I can use the app an work or do things at home with out it being the same thing. Or more on commuting. I’m driving all day long so to have something I can listen to while driving that isn’t music or just for a commute home would be nice. But other than that I have no complaints! I love it and I hope it gets me where I would like to be. And that is to be happy and content with my life as it is now. And not get so angry with things. I am really excited to keep using this app!.Version: 3.139.0

The most useful thing I’ve done in 2020This app has given me tools to deal with constant change. This past year, I’ve needed to pivot every day to face some new challenge outside as an essential worker, and at home in isolation with my partner. The tools I Iearned to use to be present in the moment and to accept change has benefited my partner and colleagues at work as much as my own peace of mind. I have very little control over my environment, but I can see my reaction, accept the emotions that rise up, and move on instead of getting lost or bound by them. This app has also benefited me by helping me get through insomnia. Sometimes it helps me get to sleep in the first place. Mostly it gives me tools to use to calm my mind and body when I wake up in the night buffeted by anxiety or lingering frustration from the day. Lastly, this app has given me a language to express the emotional upheaval and troubling questions that I used to just call anxiety. Naming what makes me feel upset has brought clarity to what can feel like a tempest at the time and allow me to look at my thoughts or, rather, face them. After acknowledging them, I can let them go. Sometimes I’m better at that than at other times. Regular exercise strengthens my focus, my ability to pivot and refocus, and builds roads of calm and quiet that the brain finds easier to fall into and travel due to constant use..Version: 3.146.0

TransformationBig word here above but it applies. I was a classic overstressed executive, choosing too much work and decompressing with alcohol every night. It was unsustainable, until I got cancer. So I took some research and a plane flight to a clinic in China. While here at the clinic for six weeks, I listened to headspace every day, sometimes in the morning when I wake up and sometimes before sleep at night. Cancer treatments did their job but the headspace was a key contributor to my healing. One of the modules on Headspace was centered on healing, or rehab, and this was focused visualization that fueled your mind to assist the body in healing. I loved it. I moved on to the nodule on sleep, a three-part series, and that has had an impact on a key area of need. My MRI is tomorrow, it will tell us if the tumors are gone. Naturally that is the result I and my family want, but the experience has been wonderful regardless. Headspace was a big part of that over the last six weeks. Thank you for developing such a wonderful program, it’s become part of my lifestyle,.Version: 3.33.0

Headspace changed my lifeIn 2015 my mental health started to deteriorate, I was in an abusive relationship and had developed stress and depression and very low self esteem, I was also self medicating with alcohol and food. As a result of the abuse in the relationship things came to a head and I was fortunate to receive some support in the form of counselling, during this counselling we had a taster session of mindfulness and uses this app Headspace, I immediately knew I’d found a way to help me with the negative chatter constantly in my head and also my thoughts and feelings which were like a rollercoaster. I now used Headspace every day, the moment I hear Andy’s voice I feel the calming effects and I can honestly say it’s changed my life, I’m finally able to realise the thoughts that come and go don’t define me, they are not me, I am not all of my mistakes nor am I my successes but I am just me, and that enough, just being me. I still have days which are challenging but I know I always have Headspace in my life to help me cope.Version: 3.42.1

Life changing:Dear Reader, This might seem overblown as a title for an application on ones phone, but I promise you now that if you pick this up, and follow it daily I will change your life for the better. This app pulled me out of chronic pain, it has helped me improve my relationships with those of whom I care about, it has helped me reshape the way I look at emotions and it has empowered me to know what to do with them when they arise. I cannot thank Andy and the Headspace team for the work they do enough. The money I spent on this application is some of the best money I’ve ever spent and if you are struggling with any of the things I have listed above, I implore you, to give this a shot. It might change your life too..Version: 3.87.0

Quite goodThe problem with some of these meditation audio things is that the person who is speaking doesn’t quite relaxing, sometimes being to forceful, or to loud, to quick with the words. But with this one the person speaks softly and quietly during the sessions but then talks normally at the end making it so that they sound real. As well as this the option for different services depending on what you need it pretty good, even though you need to pay for some, they give a wide range of different options. One thing as well as this is the face that they have animations to describe certain things which might be hard to picture without them, this gives them a uniqueness that I haven’t seen before in any other way..Version: 3.25.0

Headspace has changed my lifeHi there, A year ago, I was in the midst of depression, anxiety, drug addiction and was planning to take my own life. I was unhappy, my head was a mess, and life was no longer worth living. Headspace has been a crucial part of getting my life back together. I now check in with myself throughout the day, mediate for 15-20 minutes morning and night, and feel a calmness and happiness throughout my body and mind, no matter what life throws at me. Thankyou Headspace. Your help has been priceless..Version: 3.90.3

Too pricey for a college kid!I love this app. I tried the free trial and loved it. The guided meditations really make the work easy and I found myself in a inducing a meditative state without lots of effort. They literally have a guided meditation for any situation or mood so it feels like their library is limitless. Unfortunately my free trial ran out and I bought a few months of headspace. In a way buying the app encouraged me to use it because I was spending my own money so that was good. However, when I moved into my first apartment I didn’t have enough money to keep my subscription going. I would love to buy headspace for life but I just don’t have $300 extra dollars sitting around to spend. I also feel that the subscription is pricey for something i don’t always want to use everyday. On days where I wanted to take a break from using my phone I lost my meditation streak which was disappointing. Sometimes I have a great day and don’t feel the need for headspace, but the subscription still takes the money from my pocket. On days when I really have a particular funky mood headspace is great because I feel like it can guide me through any kind of funk. I just wish it wasn’t so pricey. Buy this app if you like the meditations and have the money, but if you don’t have the dough, free meditation may be the way to go..Version: 3.39.0

Helps a lotI have anxiety and difficulty sleeping. If I listen to these podcasts every night for 2 wks, I find myself more calm in my day to day activities. And for sleeping, I fall asleep within 5 minutes of finishing a podcast. I'd recommend this app even if you don't intend on purchasing a membership. I still haven't finished the free basic trial and there's also a 30 day trial for more specific topics. Not everything is available for trial and there is the membership for further access, thus my 4 star instead of 5. If it was completely free this app would be perfect, but of course I understand why it's not. Overall, great app and is absolutely worth a download..Version: 3.8.0

Best app ever!This app is good for people who generally can’t sleep or focus with anything. Or some things. And, have you ever noticed your lying in bed you have your phone your eyes start closing you try to sleep and all of a sudden your wide awake! Well this app is perfect for anyone really. Also good for people with asthma and people who suffer with lung disease or cancer, and people who can’t breath as good in general. So if your having problems, breathing, sleeping, depression, well you might as well download the app even if you don’t have any problem at all! I downloaded this app because I’ve been trying to sleep but then I can’t... it’s so annoying that at that moment your so exited but from that excitement yeah, pretty much you can’t sleep for about 7 hours and it’s annoying I mean seriously your trying to rest for 7 hours when for some people, only 10 minutes! So yeah I recommend the app by the way it’s just my favourite app so far in 2020 hope to see new meditation skits and stuff! So yeah just, decide your self you don’t have to take my word look at everyone else or even decide yourself... ok that’s it from me now, bye!.Version: 3.104.0

Changed my life.This app has helped me manage and overcome my depression and anxiety drastically. Whenever I felt anxious at any point, I would turn to the app to help calm and settle my anxiety. The app also helped push me to help myself overcome my depression and slowly but surely learn different ways to change my thought process and look at life in a completely different light. I used the up to three times a day when at my lowest as it really helped to comfort me and settle my anxiety, but I have slowly, over many months, reduced how often I use the app as I can now manage my mental health on my own. However, if ever I have a day where I hit a low mood, I can pick up a session to help give me a boost. There are so many different meditation sessions, animations and encouraging narratives designed to help different aspects of your life that are great to listen to and practice. This app has 100% helped me to manage my mental health for the better and has encouraged me to appreciate life. Cannot praise this app enough. Absolute life changer..Version: 3.50.2

Stress management excellenceI find that head space allows me to focus so much more when I am working and helps me to switch off effectively when I leave. It’s been a huge help to switching off to sleep and has played a role in helping me enjoy the moment. Big recommend to anyone wanting to practice mindfulness and meditation.Version: 3.163.0

Good and bad in some waysThis is one of the most amazing apps i’ve ever tried for sleep, meditation and all of the things it offers. It quite an amazing app and has helped me calm down when I’m feeling angry, sad, or even when I’m TOO excited. This app has helped me with my anger issues that can happen often and that’s great but there are many problems at least for me in this app. One thing is that most of the things on this app are premium version, meaning that for those who don’t have much money, or for those who don’t want to spend their money there isn’t much variety to choose from. Another thing that happens is that at least for me it glitches and says it’s a free soundtrack or anything like that, But then it says “Sorry this isn’t working right now” And when I go to my recents it says its premium. I think this is a problem because it’s practically wasting our time trying to get the sound/music to play. That glitch may not be for everyone but it definitely bothers me. Headspace owner of your reading this, PLEASE fix these bugs!.Version: 3.141.0

Easily the best meditation/mindfulness appHaving seen a lot of talk about different mindfulness apps which are obviously very good and seeing all the reviews reminded me I never reviewed headspace though I use it a lot. I think the difference between headspace and all the other apps is it’s soul purpose is to teach you to be more mindful and to help make your life happier. With every kind of meditation you could think of- meditation for depression, sports, creative writing, eating disorders, insomnia, panicking, or even just breathing. It’s perfect. When I think you know what I really don’t have time today I can just do 1 minute of deep breathing and grounding myself. It works like a miracle. Anyway, that’s what sets it apart I think from other apps. Yes it has a lovely design, but the creator clearly only wants to bring some happiness to peoples lives and you can see that is it’s soul purpose with no sparkle and whistles, not get the most downloads or whatever. Anyway. Thank you for everything headspace has done from me, it’s worth every penny..Version: 3.42.1

More free meditationsHeadspace is proving instrumental in helping me combat issues with my mental health however it would be great to have greater access to more free content, particularly targeting issues pertinent to mental health, for those who cannot afford the steep subscription fees. Many thanks and keep up your life-changing work!.Version: 3.22.0

Not deathly earnest - A little humour in his voice.I find the presenters voice calming and soothing without being horribly earnest. There is a smile in his voice. I am new to meditation and have found using this guided introduction has really worked. I now use it daily (10mins) in the morning and although I don’t always manage to hit the quota, I have found the suggested daily exercises are really beginning to affect a feeling of well being in me. For me, this app has been the welcomed ease in to meditation I have been looking for. It wasn’t immediate, but 7 months in I can say it has actually changed the way I approach things and has given me some calm and perspective - sometimes. Highly recommended..Version: 3.37.0

Game changerHeadspace was recommended to me by my therapist during early stages of depression and anxiety ‘treatment sessions’. I didn’t think it would help very much as I find trying to concentrate on someone talking to me, with everything else that goes on in my head, very difficult. After using the app a few times (when I remembered I had it), I found doing the daily headspace worked and got me into a rhythm, kind of.. I try and use headspace every chance I get now, before work, when I’m at the gym, when I’m overthinking, after an argument with someone, etc. I find especially when I’ve had an argument with someone, that it really helps to calm me down and see the other person’s point of view properly, and not to be so hard on myself like I usually am. This app is honestly amazing, and I’m so grateful it was recommended because it definitely makes a difference!.Version: 3.76.0

THIS!A meditation for all our human ailments. I have spent much of my life trying to improve character flaws that hold me back from where I want to be. I have long recovered from active alcoholism, yet continued to struggle with impatience, bursts of anger, and other very much unwanted flaws, simply lost on how to heal. 30 days into meditation with HeadSpace, and I feel like a new person... light, and with hope. Already, things that used to frustrate me are falling off, just noticing them, often laughing quietly at how free I feel or at how good it felt to not be reactive in a given situation. I traded counseling for yoga years ago and yoga has provided a great relief, both physically and spiritually. THIS! The guided meditations through HeadSpace... is the next, and perhaps the final, solution to the feeling of hopelessness and a life of daunting flaws. I am joyous to find that with simple and pleasant discipline, physically at rest, no “work” to do, I am learning how to let the weight of the world (of thought) go, making room for what is becoming such a natural place of peace and joy..Version: 3.48.1

Helping me understand what meditation is.I started a self study in Buddhist meditation using the books “LovingKindness” by Sharon Salzberg and “A Path with Heart” by Jack Kornfield because I had lost touch with my inner peace that I had just 5 years ago. I found I could no longer turn to the Christian theology from my childhood, and I yet I need a sense of spirituality in my daily life. The two books have been helpful, and very slow going. They are easy to read, but hard to do. In fact, I’m still really in the most basic part which is loving and caring for self. That’s where Headspace came in, I needed to find a guided meditation because the books are more self guided. Having the voice of Andy Puddicombe walk me through what it means to meditate in the most basic terms helped me understand that I’m on the right path. Also, it has allowed me to progress in the practice of meditation even though on a personal level, I keep falling back into using mantras of self appreciation and acceptance now for more than a month. I find Headspace, along with the two aforementioned books, to be transformative in my inner game. I plan to visit a local Buddhist Temple soon to meet others with more experiences in this meditative practice..Version: 3.26.0

So many fantastic featuresI adopted this app during the start of the pandemic, and have found it to be so very useful, especially when going to sleep. I have slept much better with the variety of sleep sounds. My favourite going to sleep sound is ocean pier, the sound of the waves crashing down certainly transports me to a lovely place of relaxation. The meditation section I’ve used just a few times, and have found it to be very helpful, and intend to use it more often. There are so many features I’ve not yet used so unfortunately cannot comment on them, but I cannot be without this app, it’s definitely worth a try, and the beauty of it is, it does not drain my phone battery, so I can wear my earphones and fall to sleep knowing that I’m not going to wake up with a flat battery..Version: 3.171.0

Headspace is FantasticHeadspace is an amazing app with a wide range of meditations to suit anyone. There is one for going to bed, short one’s, long one’s and even some for the middle of the day. The only problem that I have found is that a lot of the meditations have to be unlocked when you buy a subscription or buy the whole package! But without paying you still get quite a lot of meditations you can repeat and it still has the same facilities like how long you have spent meditating form when you bought it and the it always tells you the benefits of meditating and if you choose to enable it you can get headspace to send you daily messages to keep you calm and in the right state of mind. I definitely think you should download headspace!!!!!.Version: 3.41.0

Life changingI can whole heartedly say that headspace is the best app I have ever purchased. It is worth every penny. I downloaded it after going through a difficult time in my life- I’ve had counselling sessions in the past and went through periods of feeling better/worse and I downloaded headspace to see if I could manage my feelings of sadness/frustration/anxiety without going to counselling as counselling was not for me. The voice over throughout the app is an English male which I have found great to listen to. There are so many types of meditations you can do- I love the variety. I especially love the sleep meditations, they make me feel relaxed so I can drift off to sleep so easily. I can’t thank the producers of this app enough it has honestly changed my life for the better which I am so grateful for. Thank you Headspace and keep up the good work!!!.Version: 3.39.0

Life changing App but has political undertonesI love his App. My son is 7 and has Sensory Processing Issues. It has been instrumental in getting him to fall asleep alone. BUT what is going on with with political undertones thats seeping in. First of all I had to explain “Navigating Injustice” which was fine, I get there is injustice but a bit left field for a meditation app and now front and centre on the search I have to explain “Cultivating Black Joy”. “Can I listen to it Mummy if Im not black”. Im sorry but why is a single race being singled out. It is instantly bringing into his mind “black people are different”. It shouldn’t be like that. I want him to grow up thinking everyone is the same regardless of skin colour. This app isn’t an adult only app. The 3rd thing on the search is “Back to school”. Please think of the influence you are having on little inexperienced minds by your divisive wording..Version: 3.201.0

SuperiorAs a TM practitioner I wasn't initially drawn to this app. However it was recommended repeatedly by health practitioners as I struggled to be consistent with my sitting practice. Finally I gave in and it's been a wonderful asset to my meditation practice. I use it as an anchor and I enjoy the presentations as well as the guided series and singles. The SOS and now the many other options are great. Being able to grab your phone and calm yourself in stressful times is amazing. Headspace has continued to improve adding more and more options and modules. You can stick with classic guided or semi guided meditation, or silence, add music or learn how to use mindfulness on a broad range of issues from speaking, sadness, grief ... you name it. I love the special section on sleep. The educational aspect is beyond compare and you can watch short videos. I still have a strong preference for Andy Puddicome’s voice and hope he never tires of doing this, but glad the options are there for others. This simply is the best app for meditation and for mindfulness. THE BEST. I highly recommend this to anyone--from those being introduced to meditation and/mindfulness to the experienced practitioner. You're in good hands here. Easy to use too. Very intuitive..Version: 3.90.3

Headspace is instantly helpfulThis is an absolutely fantastic app! It is as if a friend is talking to you I.e. not cringe. it makes mindfulness instantly accessible maintaining meaningful insights but presenting them in a way that is easy to grasp in practice and in theory. It’s given me practical and achievable support when going through the motions.Version: 3.69.1

Scammers!They seem like a complete scam.. i paid the $90 for a whole year of if and the next day after having it they log me out of my account and say my password was changed. i’ve emailed and complained and they HAVE YET to answer me. i’m very upset about this and if i don’t get my money back and this fixed i’ll take this into bigger hands. shouldn’t charge someone for the mental health but i really needed it and you guys scanned for money!.Version: 3.151.0

This is for everyoneWhat I love about headspace is that they have meditating into something that is not a intimidating task/idea to tackle. Three minutes meditations to start with - so do-able. It’s an easy way to let you feel about about yourself. You don’t even have to do anything thinking about the “how to”. Just sit down relax, and enjoy where you are taken :).Version: 3.50.1

HEADSPACE🤤🤤🤤Best app on the market. I bias and unexplored opinion but for an app to make me feel the way it does and actually help me productively in a real world context is just what we need. I Just did a headspace! It’s cool eveytime I do it get it a weird vibration in my skin: today it was just my face; yesterday it was my WHOLE body it was insane and felt crazy! I know my body loves it when I meditate and I’ve found a different and new appreciation for it and I feel miles better! I can articulate myself better, get lest frustrated when tackling stuff and I’m more happy with myself and what I’m doing! When anybody comes to me with questions or advice on mental health I always give my best and then refer them to this app! I’ve know the importance of meditation for quite some time but could never find my space properly, this app puts your confidence through the sky and really helps you to find yourself when conscious effort is applied! The price is a bit high but that’s NOTHING compared to how much it helps!.Version: 3.34.0

My head is still on my shoulders...I always stressed myself out easily and then COVID came along... I had just gotten divorced, was a single mom of 3, schools had closed and the remote learning started, eventually I was furloughed from my job. I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. I was trying my best to help my kids with school but I was having such a hard time getting out of bed because I was feeling so down. I couldn’t sleep, my mind was constantly racing, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I kept seeing the ads for headspace (free for the unemployed) and one day I decided to download the app. I am so glad I did. Ever since I started I’ve been able to slow my thoughts down. I don’t get so upset/angry as quickly as I used to and I’ve finally been able to sleep at night. My kids also enjoy meditating with me in the evening and now they ask me every night to listen to headspace when it’s time for bed. Thank you Headspace for helping me keep my sanity and allowing me to feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally..Version: 3.117.1

The wonders of headspaceIn my abnormal psychology class we learned anxiety is not just a fight or flight response but instead can be a future oriented response. Abnormal anxiety usually is characterized by presenting when there is no real danger. Therefore when I lay down in bed to sleep and I start getting an increase heart rate, feel extremely hot and sometimes nauseous at the idea of future situations and work that I have yet to do, it’s abnormal. Even if many people experience this is is abnormal because there is no real threat just my brain over thinking future situations. Therefore on my quest to look for ways to relax my mind before bed I downloaded headspace. I usually listen to a guided meditation before bed. Followed I will set one of their sleep music for 60 minutes and lay down. I now am normally asleep before the sleep music stops. Even though in my class we talked more about biological and psychological treatments, I felt as though there might be an easier way for me to deal with this anxiety. Headspace has created a way for me to clear my head before bed allowing for more and a greater quality of sleep. I would suggest this app to anyone, not even for just sleeping. But as a way it relax..Version: 3.156.0

Great AppLast year I commenced a new job as an airline pilot. The training was hugely stressful and the simulator sessions were at odd hours. I started using this app a week before I started my new job and stuck with it for the next few weeks throughout the training. It helped me immensely. I was able to stay calm and therefore sleep better and performed better during the training. I recommend this app to everyone..Version: 3.26.0

A more even lifeI have always been a person on the move - changing houses, countries and even my marriages. It has been a restlessness that has been with me all my life. I never stopped to examine and even when I did I gave up pretty quickly. I am now in my seventies and having to rethink my life; this is when Headspace stepped in and helped me to sit with the difficulties I faced of getting older and being on my own. I have learned that everything passes, that everything you thought was important no longer really matters. Life and nature are the most precious things to me now; being able to get up and go walking in the countryside where I now live is joyous, being present in each thing that I do means a more contented outlook. It’s a work in progress! Thank you Andy & all at Headspace. Wendy Gordon.Version: 3.160.0

The best for a grieving mom.I am grieving the loss of my adult son. The series on grieving has helped the devastation I am experiencing. The mans voice is so kind and full of compassion. I have tried every one of these types of apps. For me this is the best one. There is a lot of content here. Thank you so much to the app makers and the man who does the the grief meditations. So it has been a year an half since I wrote that and I can say this is hands down the best of this sort of app. Thank the universe I found it. I have used many of the meditations and the sleep content. They just keep making the app better and better. Andy I have learned is the male voice on most of the meditations. His compassion comes thru his voice. There is so much wisdom and love here. I’m gushing a bit but I am just so grateful for this app. I believe there is something for anyone and everyone. Is is well worth the price. They are so good at adding new content and covering all most any situation you might find your self in. Thank you Andy you help me get thru each day and sleep at night..Version: 3.104.0

AccountabilityI've had some phases when I've meditated regularly, but having this app gives me a sense of external accountability that has kept me on the wagon longer than ever before. The daily push notifications with words of mindfulness are definitely helpful as a reminder to make time, but I'm really speaking more to the aspect of having a consistent structure and theme(s) to my mindful time. I've also never done guided meditation per se before, and it's wonderful to have such a broad, deep, and wise resource that I can tap into to keep me on track until I'm ready to move on to a new area of focus, of which HeadSpace has plenty to choose from. I use the app after work as a way to transition to my home life, and I often hit the ground running when I emerge from meditation with enthusiasm and focus for the rest of my day. I recommend the app for anyone at beginner or intermediate experience with mindfulness. Can't speak to more advanced meditators, as I still have a long way to go myself, but HeadSpace definitely makes me feel like I'm on the right track..Version: 3.42.1

AwesomeAwesome app to relax just wish to have the other things that we have to unlock without payment.Version: 3.41.0

Saved my sanityI was going through a really difficult time and struggling to get through each day. Without this app, I’m not sure if I would still be alive. Things got pretty dark there for a while. I notice it if I go more than a day or 2 without meditation even now. Thoroughly recommend..Version: 3.202.0

Just an amazing experienceThere is a lot of hypocrisy in the world today. But here is an app that espouses kindness and generosity, and the makers have offered teachers and healthworkers a free one year membership during the current situation. As a teacher myself, I am so thankful to them. I was incredibly sceptical about 'the power of mindfulness'. It recently felt like a bit of a fad, and as a person who can't switch off easily I was like 'Pffft, this isn't for me." But I gave it my best shot. I started with the two Basics courses, which are 5-10 minute daily meditation sessions. I've been meditating daily now for 50 days, and I've moved through courses on kindness, anger and generosity. I feel so aware of my thoughts and so much more in control of my reactions. I feel like my mental health has improved and that my levels of anxiety are gently ebbing away. I never thought I would see such profound differences. I'm excited to continue my meditation journey and cannot recommend this app enough. 💕.Version: 3.111.0

Thank you for headspaceI’ve been using this app for the past year now and have come to love and rely on it as part of mine and my family’s every day world. I’ve found headspace to be the most helpful app for actually teaching and training me how to develop mindfulness. While others have been wonderful for one off meditations to support with falling asleep or difficult emotions, headspace is structured more as a class that helps to build skill and technique, supported by so many stories, excerpts and animations. I would love to see this be more accessible to more people by having varied cost options, a one off subscription price or higher rotation of courses through the free version. To Andy... thank you. Sincerely, just, thank you..Version: 3.70.0

Help but I see a problemThis app helped me in my day to day and I managed to alleviate the great anxiety I had as well as the depression I was going to have. But the problem that I see is the fact that I have to pay to have another type of course. Many teenagers [including myself] can not afford the app and we even tell our parents that the application helps us but they refuse to pay for something that would have to be free if it is for personal help. I'm not saying that creators do not deserve money, but courses that help with anxiety and depression or students should not cost anything. But the sessions that are at work or walking I agree that they charge, but those that mostly older people and teenagers choose, should be free. And another problem that I see is the language, since I have some friends and most of them do not know much English but they have the application to relax but not achieve it because they do not know English. So it would help a lot if they managed to incorporate the language change for the comfort of the user..Version: 3.42.1

A MUST-HAVE APP!!!I know and everyone else that has this app knows that this app is awesome! So many different meditations such as body scan, anxiety, depression, restore and happiness. It helps you be a better person and it makes your mind healthier. And that mans voice is sooo relaxing! Best app ever! Please trust me! This app needs all the support it can get. It’s got through my bullying and anxiety and it’s helped me be a happier person and not to worry about anything. But seriously if there were a trillion gazillion thousand stars to rate......I would rate all of them.. I hope u read this headspace From a very happy 11-year-old...I love it!!.Version: 3.36.0

Offline experience needs workSadly, I haven’t been able to experience most of this app because of the offline difficulties. I don’t live in the first world and all too often producers forget about the 90% of the planet who aren’t on 50mbit connections! Some recommended improvements: 1. When I go to the library, it should show my downloads. It doesn’t and there’s no button I can find which does show what I actually have in the library, just lots of stuff I haven’t downloaded yet (which is arguably not my library!). Suggest Library show the things I’ve downloaded and perhaps recommended downloads in a separate section, as it’s confusing. 2. Downloading using the toggle button keeps failing when I leave the app by switching to another. Some of these are huge files and I shouldn’t have to sit starring at the download page for hours (on non first-world connections it can be days!) waiting for it to download. Background downloading is essential. 3. Downloading just seems to say “Downloading” without a progress bar or any clear event once completed (ie. it appears in my library) I will update this review once I’ve managed to get somewhere with the downloading. But it looks very promising and I hope the producers think about the experience outside of US and Europe. Thanks!.Version: 3.56.0

Life ChangingSuch an easy app to use and the consistency of the soothing voice, ease of finding what your looking for, and straightforward techniques meant I saw results quickly, and really looked forward to my daily meditation sessions. I went from not meditating at all to doing it daily now for 2.5years. Best app I ever bought. Well worth the money..Version: 3.87.0

Changed My Relationship With AnxietyHave been using this app for years, since 2017. It has completely changed the way I manage my anxiety. Not only do they have a course for anxiety, but there are also SOS meditations that are super helpful when you’re in the middle of panic mode. Since I first got the app they have added so many new meditations, courses, and even instructors. It has grown with me as my meditation practice has grown and it is always a great day when I use the Headspace app. As far as the price it is definitely on the expensive side. I first started using the app when I was in college and was lucky to be in a financial situation where I could afford it. I know they are offering it for free to those who have been affected by the coronavirus. However, my one critique is that they should make a student version, so more people will have access to this life-changing app. Thank you Headspace for this amazing product! I will continue to be a customer for many more years, I am sure..Version: 3.152.0

Amazing and very beneficialIf you are considering getting this app, YES, do get it! I have had it for a couple of days now and even without the full version, I have found so much to offer. The daily meditations have been very relaxing and the cool ‘Headspace Sleep’ actually works. I’ve found myself getting longer, better sleeps because of this. I would really recommend this app to anyone out there, I have already recommended this to my family. Thanks for the great app!.Version: 3.32.0

Honestly life changing...As a student, husband, employee, supervisor, manager, etc. life can get ahead of me every single day and honestly will overwhelm me. I have been in a long battle with moderate/severe depression and anxiety disorder, and after medications were only numbing symptoms I thought I was a hopeless case. Something changed and I decided that I wanted to start really doing things in life. I’ve had this app for a while but I finally decided to try to use it more. I started for just sleep, but just sleep turned into using it to wake up, and when I feel stressed about work or when I’m studying, I just take a quick break. It’s honestly surreal how fast 10-20 minutes goes by when going through the guided meditation in the morning. All that said, this app is amazing, and I really recommend it to anyone dealing with any problems in their life, whether permanent or temporary. Let this help you, and go tackle your problems. Also, for my fellow students, you can go to their website and verify your student status and get the full access to the meditations for $10 a year, to make this app and company even more amazing. Keep up the awesome content Headspace! And thank you for helping me on my journey.Version: 3.57.1

BrilliantReally recommend. Over about 10 years I’ve tried mindfulness, hypnotherapy, CBT and talking counselling, and once medication, to try and overcome issues of anxiety. Mindfulness was the best for me, and needs to be done regularly to have the benefit. This app has really helped me - I have done the Anxiety course three times plus several of the others, I use it daily. I like Andy’s voice, and I like the motivational daily quotes and reminders. I have also used it for my 3 year old, and it’s helped with calming down - again Andy’s voice seems to strike a chord, as if I try the same words/ideas I get ignored! It’s great to be able to download things to use when offline too - very useful for holidays or whenever you want to go off the grid (which I also find helpful with my anxiety)..Version: 3.104.0

A drop of sanity and peaceI have been using Headspace for a few years now, it has been a great friend and mentor during this time, occasionally I have an unintentional break for whatever reason but each time I come back to it I find myself finding deep peace and calmness. I thoroughly recommend this app to everyone, the packs are just fantastic, the effects are at first subtle but believe me when I say that people around you will notice the positive impact to your life before you do as you go through your own personal journey, that at first may sound like a criticism but it is the opposite, improving your own mind space is not just beneficial to yourself, but it does most definitely positively affects all those around that you interact with. Andy Puddicombe’s calming and kind voice are perfect and I look forward to each meditation..Version: 3.11.0

TransformationFinding and using Headspace everyday has set me on the path to transformation. I am increasingly able to crack open the door and shine some light on my feelings of self hate, failure, grief and despair. My motivations to keep on with Headspace are an interest in finding contentment and in doing less damage to people around me. Long way to go but I’m up for it. Could not do it without Headspace..Version: 3.146.0

The app I never thought I neededI've tried meditating on and off for a few years but could never stick with the practice. After I started using Headspace, I was hooked after day one. While it does seem like a hefty price tag, what it teaches me during a meditation session as well as how to incorporate the practice into every day life is priceless. Headspace takes a different approach than most other meditation/mindfulness apps by not only teaching you the techniques, but also teaching you how to apply mindfulness with everything that you do. The app has taught me how to recognize when I get lost in my thoughts and react appropriately. I even think of being mindful ahead of time when I know there is an event in my life that would have consumed my thoughts in the past. I would definitely recommend Headspace to everyone, even if you don't think you need it because it can reveal things about yourself and your mind that can help to improve your life in ways you didn't realize..Version: 3.29.0

AmazingThroughout my life people have suggested meditation, but it never appealed to me. Headspace is a game changer. Wow. I’ve been using it for a few months now & the effects on my calmness of mind, focus & inner strength are noticeable, proving the worth of meditation, but that is not the reason I love Headspace. It’s the way everything is presented, the different formats & lengths available, the guide’s beautiful calming voice, the little animations explaining core concepts, the range of content from one-off meditations to courses on particular topics, the way you’re taught to help yourself over time. So much thought has gone into this app. It’s non-threatening & non-judgemental, just offers guidance & support to help you learn these skills. Love Headspace so much it’s mind-blowing!.Version: 3.52.0

Anxiety and Panic DisorderWas very skeptical about meditation and mindfulness before I started using this app, partly because my preconceptions of what they were was somewhat wrong. Using this app for anxiety, and after doing the “basics” for free, I decided to purchase a subscription for the sessions on anxiety. It is, by far, some of the best money I’ve ever spent, and is extremely cheap for the sense of accomplishment, relaxation and calmness it provides your mind with. I used to struggle with anxiety in my early 20s and it took me years to properly get over it. Unfortunately it came back a few weeks ago, but I’ve made as much progress using this app for the past 2 weeks as I did in 2 years the first time I suffered from anxiety (and by anxiety, I mean panic disorder). I simply don’t have enough words to describe how awesome this app is. 10/10 in every aspect..Version: 3.22.0

A modern way into meditationThis app has helped me to understand meditation and look at it with a completely different perspective. It sets up a reassuring and helpful journey into understanding why and how we should meditate. Could not recommend it enough, it has changed my life almost without me even realising how my thought processes have started to change. Thanks Headspace team you have created something truely beautiful..Version: 3.21.0

SensationalI have been using headspace for the last five days now. I have not paid a cent and am just trying out the app but so far it has been incredible. It’s nice and easy to use and the guided mediation works very well. I love this app so much and I plan to use it for a very long time..Version: 3.41.0

A Bright Spot in a Dark WorldYou won’t regret buying a Headspace subscription. I often joke with people that Headspace is the one thing I would want to take with me to a desert island. If I were to cancel all of my subscriptions today, Headspace is the one exception I would make. I’m a high school English teacher, and our administration put together a month-long mindfulness education program for our students shortly after I subscribed. I had already raved to many of them about the app and the benefits of taking a couple of minutes out of their day to sit and be present. Lo and behold, Andy pops up on the next slide as our Ted Talk speaker of the day! On a more serious note, I suffer from debilitating chronic pain. I’m currently on long-term disability and a leave of absence from the classroom. Mindfulness, and the courses on managing pain, have been a tremendous help in my journey. Not only that, but I struggle with insomnia. My favorite part of Headspace, because of my (admittedly) vivid imagination, are the sleepcasts. I love falling asleep to Rainday Antiques. I can’t imagine doing anything but that ever again. I have learned to manage stress and anxiety in a way that I had never thought was possible. I have meditated in the waiting room of The Cleveland Clinic before my appointments. I once laughed at the idea of mindfulness and meditation. Now it’s an integral part of my life. It’s part of my journey, and I think everyone could benefit from it..Version: 3.150.0

The less you try to succeed the betterI’m a classic over-busy working mum. I’d always put off trying meditation because I thought I’d be rubbish at it ( also over- achiever). I decided to give it a go for 6 weeks and was very surprised how much better I coped at work in the chaos of Covid. On a bad day I might only be able to concentrate for a few breaths at a time, but it still helped. In the longer term it has helped me to look after myself better and, as a result, be a better parent & leader at work..Version: 3.153.0

App meditationI have tried several and they all have the basic technique, some even have the glass bell. I have found that only Headspace and Andy take you through a pre and post exercise so that you can prepare to start, and at the end you are not just left hanging. 11,000 plus minutes and counting. Thanks Headspace..Version: 3.98.0

Absolutely love this app!Beautifully designed app with amazing characters and animations, love the content and the male voice as well! One suggestion would be to easily show all downloaded courses in one place, and the progress of any downloading activity as I sometime don’t notice if something hasn’t downloaded until I need it offline. Still deserves a 5 star, a really fantastic app!.Version: 3.90.1

328 consecutive days so far!I have used this app almost every single day for an entire year (after having it for a year and half prior - using it off and on before now using everyday) and I don’t know what I’d do without it. Headspace has taught me so much and given me so many tools to learn how to accept and learn from my thoughts and feelings and to be present. I couldn’t recommend an app more. Everyone deserves to take 10mins out of their day to look after their mind ☺️👏🏻.Version: 3.35.0

LOVE IT THANK YOUI’ve recently been SUPER stressed out as I’m doing my first year of NCEA at school and of course with the Covid outbreak. We just recently got back to school and after weeks of online school I’m finding it hard to find a balance between the two and feel like I should always be working at home instead of relaxing. I’ve heard of this app before but admittedly have always scoffed at meditation but I finally decided to give it a go and just WOW. Planning on starting and ending my day with this, absolutely love!.Version: 3.112.0

Surprisingly facilitativeI’ve practiced yoga and meditation for over 7 years now and also teach. The mind constantly resets and finds new ways of reacting, drifting, building patterns and habits and layers. Headspace is a really effective shortcut to 10 minutes of space - observation. The app facilitates focus on being the observer rather than following trains of thought. The tone of voice of the guide is neutral and supportive without condescension or patronisation and gives clear direction, supported by reasoning (to help the adult-learner). Videos and daily quotes also help to keep me in touch with my practice. I highly recommend this app especially for newcomers and equally for well-practiced meditators who haven’t chosen the monastic life. If life is a game then Headspace is a bonus tool!.Version: 3.28.0

Just great!I've been using this app on and off for a few years and it always seems like I'm coming home when I open it up. The new Daily meditations are such a good idea! So far I've loved them. My only thing is that I miss the Buddy part of the app. It was nice to be able to nudge or be nudged by my sister. Other than that, the packs are great, Andy's voice is soothing... it's just overall great!.Version: 3.3.0

Excellent Meditation ToolThis is an excellent app! I have been experiencing a lot of stress lately and have been feeling completely overwhelmed and helpless, and I’ve also been losing a lot of sleep as a result of this stress. I decided to look for an app to help me sleep and came across this one and was actually taken away by how effective it was! I’m usually quite sceptical of these types of apps as I don’t expect them to work, but the techniques used in this app for meditation are easy to follow and adopt and I have found this very helpful in getting me to fall asleep and to alleviate the feeling of stress. I highly recommend giving this a try..Version: 3.70.0

Different and TransformativeI love headspace. I started with the three minute meditations. From the first meditation, my life improved. That is not an exaggeration. I have progressed through all of the three-minute and five of the ten-minute meditation sessions at this point. The ten-minute sessions take the cornerstone that you will build in the three-minute sessions and build on it using the same, very low-key but powerful narrator/guide and discrete, simple steps that will anchor you physically and emotionally to your present space. I am at this time in life going through extraordinarily difficult circumstances, and head space has made as much if not more of a difference positively for me than any medication or other meditative technique I have tried. For those not in any particularly difficult situation, headspace has the ability to enhance daily existence. I begin my day with Headspace and I make an additional 10 minutes in the middle of my workday for headspace. I hope that you try this app and add that it does as much for you as it has for me..Version: 3.24.1

Great app, but only one voice (sort of)This app has a lot of different courses ranging from basic 1, 2, and 3 to a “reframing loneliness” course etc.. The range of content is great, but my issue is that apart from the basics 1, 2, and 3 courses, as well as some walking meditations (voiced by a woman) everything I’ve heard so far is all done by the same guy. He has a job to do, to make sure he is a serene and calm presence, talking into your ear. But how he says things comes across as not being genuine at times. It’s totally random, and thankfully doesn’t happen too often, but sometimes I’ll have to skip one of the sessions because I just can’t relate to the way he’s saying things. It’ll come across like he is trying too hard to sound calm in his ‘sexy meditation voice’. He seems like a genuine dude, I think that just the sheer amount of courses they made sort of forced him to create habits in the way he says things, I speculate that it’s dependent on how many he had to record at any given time, but who knows. Overall this app has helped me greatly, but what I mentioned above still bothers me..Version: 3.60.0

New to Headspace Old to meditationI started meditating in high school during my senior year when I did a solo project on the Dalai Lama and Thich Naht Hanh. Meditation was rejuvenating and grounding. Fast forward the next 15 years and meditation was lost to the hustle and bustle of life. My work recently offered a trial of Headapace to a select few prior to launching for the entire team. I immediately signed up knowing although my current mind stated, “you don’t have time for that” but my deep mind stated “you need this!” And here I am remembering again the importance of living in the moment, taking in and appreciating the sounds, smells and feel of the world around me. Meditation got me through some very tough times as a teenager when I nearly lost my mother to a brain tumor and my father to mental illness. Now with the coronavirus pandemic, job insecurity and political unrest I again need to ground myself. Headspace allowed me to treasure again the here and now, to not only calm my flighty mind but feel my body the aches and tension releasing it. Just like physical health you must make the time to nourish your brain. 10 minutes a day is reasonable and will make a world of difference! Thank you Headapace for reminding me again to live in the moment and treasure the beauty of every day..Version: 3.108.0

Life changingThis app and Andy’s gentle and soothing guidance in it have absolutely changed my life for the better and in a big way. I’ve been meditating using the Headspace app as regularly as I can with a run streak of 180 days once. The streaks do not really matter, but staying consistent does. I consider the guidance and wisdom that Andy imparts in the app therapeutic. Friends, family and colleagues regularly tell me how much more serene, kind and patient I have become even in very tough situations. Those attributes would have never been applied to me had it not been for this app. The packages are godsend, like on patience, kindness, generosity...etc. Each package has ten guided sessions. Once I’m done with one package I either start again (some I’ve done more than 20 times) or start another one of my favorite packages. No, I’m not paid to sponsor these guys. I have not only gotten it (I.e. paid) for myself, but for my wife too. I’ve also offered to pay for friends’ or relatives’ apps too. Don’t think twice about it. Read up on the amazing benefits of meditation (physical, emotional, even spiritual) and then just cough up whatever Headspace charges. It had been the best investment of money and time I have made in my life. No exaggeration..Version: 3.132.0

Completely changed my outlook on lifeAs a 23 year old working full time, I often thought I wouldn’t have time for something like meditation. I always thought of meditation as an activity for people who have too much time on their hands and nothing to do with it. A few days ago I decided when I got home from work that I would finally try out Headspace to see what it’s really about. At first, I didn’t feel anything too relieving or helpful. However, by the time I’d finished my second session, I’d learned and allowed myself to let go. Now after each session I feel like a new, upgraded version of myself and this app has showed me that it’s natural for meditation to feel alien at first. It’s also allowed me to accept the different physical feelings and inner thoughts to flow throughout my body and mind. Anyway, I’m dragging out too much now. My point is, if you are like me and think that you don’t have time for meditation or it’s not for you, believe me. Give it a try. It’s the best thing you’ll do..Version: 3.43.0

Change your LifeHeadspace has changed my life. I have been doing it over the past year with a daily commitment for eight months now. I am more calm and less stressed about things that would normally annoy and irritate me. Best of all I am sleeping better. I have ditched the sleeping pills I had been taking several times a week for over a year - cold turkey. If I do have trouble sleeping, it doesn’t stress me the way it used to. I simply employ the breathing techniques and/ or the Body Scan. I truly feel transformed by Headspace, it is so beneficial on so many levels. I have told many people about it and really recommend everyone gets some Headspace every day. It makes me happy and a better person. Thanks to Andy and the Headspace team. Warm Regards.Version: 3.50.2

Amazing but needs updatingThe latest update for Headspace has over complicated what was such a simple and calming interface. I have been using for over a year now but recently have found the interface frustrating. The meditations themselves haven’t changed in quality it is still amazing. However the old set up was much better please go back.Version: 3.43.0

Hands-down the best guided meditation appI have attention-deficit disorder as well as generalized anxiety that affect my ability to “get out of my head”. Headspace has been a savior to me. It has helped me determine that there is a time and place for every feeling instead, where as before I would hate myself for having feelings that I did not want, which in turn made it very difficult to understand and accept how I was truly feeling. It has been a built-up habit over my 22 years of life, but this app has helped me to live a less-cluttered life. With that being said, along with this app, fitness has been a very important role in my life, especially running and yoga. When I stretch, I become more mindful. I am a subscriber, and I love that you have running and cycling as exercising meditations, but could you consider adding in a guided meditation for stretching as well? Thank you for all that you have done to change mine as well as millions of other peoples lives. You completely deserve your rating. 😊.Version: 3.9.0

Outstanding appI think this is one of the best mindfulness apps out there. So interactive and easy to use with lots of different meditations and courses for all needs - from anxiety sufferers to new parents, from stress sufferers to cancer patients. I like how it builds up the meditations each time to help with skills instead of only offering one meditation. The voices are soothing and kind and it’s great that you can choose between female and male voices for your meditations. The designers are clearly aware of people’s busy lives and so give you the option to meditate from 3 minutes up to 20 minutes on each meditation. Finally, I also love the fun animations which give advice and educate in a non-clinical way. Definitely recommend!!! It’s not expensive either - the price of two cups of coffee per month and there are also free meditations on there too. Excellent!!.Version: 3.113.0

Facing down the rabbit holeI discovered Headspace on Netflix. My life is a series of invitations to succumb to fear. My husband is a practicing psychologist who is on peritoneal dialysis for 10 hours every night and works remotely with patients for about 10 hours every day without complaint. We have been waiting for a kidney for two years. I am optimistic by nature but even if this was the only focus for concern it would be a lot. Unhelpfully, the list goes on with equivalent issues. I can’t work; I need to be on call because I am the go-to for support. I occupy my mind and time writing a book and renovating every room of our home one at a time amidst being available for nine blended (mostly grown) children and 5 grandkids, many of whom have special needs. I am busy but isolated like so many due to covid-19. Trying the Headspace series felt like meeting air; filling the natural and effortless need to breathe. It has provided me with a new lens through which to focus on challenges and see potential. I incorporate it into my waking routine at dawn and it positions me for whatever happens throughout the day, and differentiates a space that is my own. I turn 61 this month and for maybe the first time in a while, life feels lighter and brighter. It’s not about what you fear or can’t control or even the fact of fear. It’s about the lens through which you interpret your fears or challenges and making them your strengths and allies. Thank you Andy :-).Version: 3.150.0

Life changing!!Where do I start? This has changed my life in the best way I can ever imagine! I deal with a lot and i mean a lot (depression, anxiety, stress, etc & the year 2020). I was in such an uncomfortable place with myself like i wasnt happy with myself, and i was my worst enemy and then I found Headspace on Netflix and I thought why not. I was never good with mediation I’ve tried it before and I thought it was a waste of my time, but wow was i wrong with this. It’s so much different and then i found the app and everyday i mediate! I’ve been working on my anger, my depression, focusing on me. Being kind to me and I’m telling you this has helped me so much. Each recording is about 10 - 15 minutes and Andy walks you through the mediation, helps you to focus on what you need to take care of yourself. If you’re having trouble with yourself or feeling like things dont go your way, please try this. Honestly I haven’t had a day where I’m feeling uncomfortable with myself or feeling depressed. It’s worth it.Version: 3.146.0

So thankful for this AppI tried the ten free sessions of Headspace as I'm notorious for starting things and then dropping them and this way I could experience the meditation journey without costly outlay. I surprised myself at how easy it was. Love the animations and the choice of topics. Once I really got into it and felt much calmer, I purchased for a year. I'm about 8 months in and still use the app nearly every day. At the moment I'm working through the anxiety app as I have an issue flying and it's really helping. I would recommend the minis too for a quick fix if you run out of time. The sleep ones are great - I went through a period of not sleeping well and found these really useful. All in all 10/10! My daughter now uses it and we are linked as buddies. This helps keep us motivated and a bit competitive with our run streaks!.Version: 3.5.0

Really great, pay wall is annoyingReally good app and very calming, I will pay for it once i've used up my first ten lessons but i think you should take off the forever payment. Seeing you asking for £400 is a bit off putting and makes the app developers look greedy and you'll probably lose more people who wanted to buy it then changed their minds then you'll make profit from people buying that £400 package. I get its to make people go for the monthly subscription but if you changed it to a yearly and showed the savings you'd get over other packages I feel it would look more friendly and make it more likely for people to pay for it. People cant see so far in advanced to the point where they will feel the need to spend so much money to use this app forever, once they learn to do unguided they wont want to use the app anymore so pushing subscriptions rather then a humungous one time fee just seems like a better strategy..Version: 3.6.0

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