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RhymeZone App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

RhymeZone app received 20 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using RhymeZone? Can you share your negative thoughts about rhymezone?

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RhymeZone for Negative User Reviews

QuickIf I have to think too long about how to navigate a program, or if the program is muddled with irrelevant clutter; then the emotion and inspiration gets lost, and something valuable has been stolen. So I really appreciate the clean simplicity of this provision which is a tool to my art..Version: 2.2

MrThe 'near rhymes' category just doesn't work whatsoever. A waste of money!.Version: 1.5

DO NOT BUYTerrible set of rhymes.Version: 1.0

A really helpful and much needed app, however...Since it uses only a third of the screen why are we forced to use it only in landscape mode? I write spur of the moment humorous poems on my iPad and usually use it in its upright position as this is generally the best way for me to use Facebook, Safari and Notebook for toggling between ideas that inspire me. When I need a rhyme it's generally something I need on the spur of the moment and it breaks my flow when I open up your app only to realise I have to turn my iPad 45 degrees and then only to see one third of the screen being used. Seriously, having some flexibility with screen orientation would automatically make this a 5 star app..Version: 1.1

Absolutely unnecessary AppSearched for a rhyme and this app displays a message saying “check online for more results”. Clicking on the message redirects you to your search result on their website. This app costs 3 dollars and is basically a redirect to their FREE online website. Makes no sense at all.Version: 2.6

Waste of 3$Do not buy this app, it is a major step down from the safari version. Whenever I would type a word in the near rhymes search bar it wouldn’t even show the full results for the word typed in, in fact every single different search bar you type something in it wouldn’t even show the full result, and then when you can’t find any results they have you go to the safari version and look there. That’s pretty stupid of them. Spend your money on something else other than this app, it’s not worth your time or money..Version: 2.2

Ok but not good enoughOne can find on line ones that have much better results. This one is ok for starting out..Version: 2.2

Great rhymes, terrible interfaceRhymezone is the go-to online rhyming dictionary of choice, but the iPad app has two major flaws that the makers need to address. They haven't taken into account the fact that users will need access it while writing verse or poetry in a different app. So 1) Songs & poems are written in a long, narrow column of text, ie in portrait orientation. The Rhymezone App only works in landscape mode, which means you have to keep rotating the iPad when switching between writing your poem and looking up rhymes. Which you need to do all the time. 2) The results don't come in a plain text list that you can copy and paste into your poem or song in a different app. (This can be done on the free website but not in the paid-for app.) So if you find several possible rhymes you want to try out, you have to either memorise or copy them across one at a time which is REALLY tedious. The actual rhymes that come up are brilliant - but the app interface makes it ridiculously hard to access or use them....Version: 1.1

Cravat rhyme?Very disappointed it couldn't find a rhyme for the word cravat! I write poetry so it's about as useful as a... Don't buy!.Version: 1.0

RhymeZoneI found it good for a rhyming dictionary, but very overpriced, that part of it was unnecessary. It helped for school and accomplished what I needed, but was frustrating that it costed so much. Not my very favorite, but ok..Version: 1.1

Very basicI was expecting a lot more from this app. Very very basic..Version: 1.5

Messy making it hard to useI bought this app following the great reviews below but I personally find it messy. You do get a lot of options for rhymes and near rhymes but that also mean getting Names and Surnames as rhyming options, as well as acronyms and even words for which there are no definitions available.. This app would greatly benefits from having some sorting options, because yes sometimes it is nice to be taken on another train of thoughts but sometimes especially when using the rhyming option you just want a small neat list of options (without names).Version: 2.2

Good but please update.It’s not 2012 anymore. Thanks.Version: 2.2

Open online has no way to close browserOpen online has no way to close browser.Version: 1.3

Pointless, just directs to websiteI got this app because I am always using the rhyme zone website and thought it would be more convenient. What I didn’t realize is the app will only show you 1/8 of the amount of listed rhyming words that the website shows you, and then it directs you to go to the website for more. Complete waste of money, do not buy just go to the website. What a waste of an app.Version: 2.7

It’s okay-ishSometimes the rhymes/near rhymes are the same or they’re just the word you submitted with another word in front of them (I know it’s called a compound word but it doesn’t really count). I had higher hopes considering I paid for it but it doesn’t crash or bug out too bad. I enjoy the work put into it but you could just use the site in your browser and be fine. I give 3 stars because there was some effort put into the design and implementation of the app and Apple app developing isn’t free. Use the site though 🤷🏾‍♂️.Version: 2.2

No starsThe description said add free but the app is a tiny strip on the left side of the screen with a giant add window on the right. This is false and misleading..Version: 1.0

Not good.Just bought this and entered blissful and asked app for nearly rhyming which gave me 2 words! Asked if I'd like to go online and use their website ( which introduced me to this app in the first place with the potential of using offline) so online it gives me 35 results, great! So ask yourself as I did "why would you buy this app with the online version being far superior?" No I can't think of a good reason either except I've now bought the crummy app!.Version: 1.3

Waste of moneyThis app is pretty useless. Not enough rhyming words and near rhymes. You expect something more than you get with the free apps. But you get less.Version: 1.0

Update pleaseThis is a cool app but please update it for the iPhone 6 Plus and iOS 8..Version: 1.1

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