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MLB App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

MLB app received 124 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using MLB? Can you share your negative thoughts about mlb?

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Radio is brokenI've been a subscriber for a while now and listen to games frequently. In the last couple weeks, they’ve updated something with the radio function of the app that causes it to lag way behind the action of the game. I know latency exists in the internet, but I'm talking 2-3 batters behind the game on TV. It's very frustrating to be so far behind the action and it never used to be like this until a few weeks ago. Please fix it! Update for 2023: this is still a problem! Was working fine during spring training and I thought it was fixed. Regular season starts and it’s right back to a horribly delayed radio feed. FIX IT! Update for June 2023 - I’ve submitted this review a few times. I’ve put in customer service complaints over and over. Not only does MLB refuse to help, they refuse to admit it’s a problem. So to add another complaint - every commercial break is the same three very VERY annoying ads superimposed over the broadcast feed. Three ads, twice an inning, nine innings, every day. It’s unlistenable..Version: 16.7.0

You only get to watch about half of your teams games. NOT WORTH PAYING FORIf I was paying extra every month to be able to watch every single baseball game, then there may be some justification for this subscription. But I’m not. The reality is that between blackouts and other networks purchasing games from MLB, you truthfully need this subscription, an Apple TV subscription, and a VPN to even come close to being able to watch all of your teams games. So, if you truly want the ability to watch all baseball games, be ready to pay far more than what the subscription cost. Even then expect it to be considerably difficult to watch a number of games throughout the year. Why am I paying for a major league baseball product that does not even have access to all major league baseball games…do you not have rights to your own media or is this truly just a greed game?.Version: 16.6.0

Hope they fix this!I’m based in Australia and have purchased the season pass for years, absolutely loved it. With this new version, however, I’m unable to watch live games so far this year from the iPhone app. The only response I’ve gotten from CS is to change the time zone setting on my iPhone to EST. Not good enough..Version: 24.4.0

Pretty good but can be improvedI totally love this app, however, I do wish that in the standings tab you would be able to just hear the bare minimum about a team such as what their record is how many games behind they are in the division and how many games behind they are in the wildcard. If you want to see all of the stats, allow us to be able to click on the teams link and view them. As a blind person, this is just more that we have to scroll past. I would also like to have Dolby digital surroundsound as a requirement for all major league radio broadcasts. Radio is just as it was in the 1900s, late 1900s at that. all mono audio with broadcasts, except for the Atlanta Braves. But even on this app, they don’t broadcast in stereo as they do on SiriusXM and the like. It’s time that all areas of the app step up into the 21st-century. Thank you for keeping accessibility in mind, though..Version: 16.9.0

Horrible UpdateMLB had by far the best sports app until the update at the start of the season. Now it’s buggy, laggy, crashes. I have to re-start the app 5 times to get MLB TV on current day Please take me back to the old version.Version: 16.2.2

SpoilersThe app generally works fine, but it’s too easy to see clues about the game. For instance, when you hide scores you won’t see the winning or losing pitcher, but you will see if there was a save or if it went to extra innings, which really spoils a lot of the end of a game!.Version: 16.3.2

Worst app everLong time paid up subscriber. Most unstable and buggy app I’ve ever downloaded. And has been getting worse over past 5-7 years. Can you not fix this given your enormous resources?! Crazy.Version: 16.9.0

2023 mlb is not done wellThe new version for this year was not done very well. The new home theme is pointless and worse than the old one. It often takes a long time to load the app. Frustrating experience. Also, I don’t like that the only option when watching live games or full game replay is a 30 second rewind or fast forward. Pitches take less time this year and the app should adjust accordingly. Also if a am busy and missed a game and would like to watch the condensed game, it is a) hard to get to without spoiling the outcome for me (even with ‘hide scores’ on), and when I am watching it, it is obvious who the play is good for based off which team is announcing the play. They should have the team and the plate announcers ALWAYS- this way we won’t know the outcome of the play. Also I wish they had an option for watching every plate appearance- like a longer condensed game.Version: 16.3.2

Condensed/recaps are a waste of timeThe app is fine, however my issue is with how you can watch the games. With NFL game pass they have the full game, a 40 minute version, or highlights (generally around 6m). The 40 minute game is perfect. With MLB your options are either the whole game (usually around the 3hr 45min mark) or a recap or condensed version. Honestly I haven’t worked out the difference between these yet. Both are only around 7 mins. There’s no option of maybe an hour long version, where all the ads are cut out and you can still see each pitch I watch from the Uk so generally can’t watch live, and we don’t even get the commercials, just a blank screen. It’s boring as hell!! Sort it out MLB.Version: 11.7.2

CrashingConstantly crashes while trying to watch the. Paying for the Red Sox games, terrible customer support.Version: 16.6.0

New update with watching games and seeing scores.Can you please change the new update so you when you want to watch a game either in real time or after that you don’t see the scores? The old way used to be much better , it really defeats the purpose of watching the game. Get rid of the black screen and go back to white. Other than that love the fact I can watch baseball in Australia 😊.Version: 14.2.0

This app was incredible… now it’s a disgrace and a sham.I’ve had the MLB app since it was known as AtBat and have paid for a subscription since then… I have contemplated getting rid of the app and subscription for several years now, and I can finally say I’m going to bite the bullet and quit it. There is literally nothing on the app that you can’t do for free elsewhere now. What pushes me over the edge is the radio and video playback (not to mention the countless other bugs/issues in). The fact that with the subscription MLB only shows us the scoring videos without ads is a COMPLETE SHAM. We used to be able to watch every game video without ads… now you have to watch more even though you pay money??? Mega disappointment. And perhaps to put the cherry on top… the radio playback is a complete disaster. Since MLB switched to Audacy last year it’s never been the same. The quality and playback are nonexistent. Why try to listen here when you can listen on literally so many other apps?? I had hope that this year they would make necessary changes and come up with solutions to the apps many persistent issues. But obviously this is not the case. If I could get my money back for the subscription, I would delete it right now. This app used to be absolutely indispensable to baseball fans. Now it’s broken and not worth having it on your phone… the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind over this mess..Version: 16.2.2

Keeps on crashingWhen I open the app it crashes 2-3 seconds after opening, every time, not allowing me to do anything. Redownloaded, updated it etc.Version: 13.7.0

Terrible updateI used to love this app but since the updates they made in the off season it has been horrible. It constantly crashes for no reason which is the main issue, but even smaller things like defaulting to the home commentary instead of giving you the option when you go into the game, having the scores on the streaming page as a massive spoiler, only having the option for 1 main team (my husband and I both use the app but support different teams and now my main feed defaults to the Mets instead of the Yankees). The app worked so well up until this season, and considering how much we pay for our subscription it’s been nothing but disappointing this year. Please fix it before the 2022 season..Version: 14.5.0

App is crapApp used to be so good. Now it constantly crashes, you have to watch a commercial that is longer than the video clip, updates say “improvements” which is totally false. The app used to be simple and gave you what you needed. Now it’s just a complete mess. The standings are a complete joke, they made it all colorful as if it’s better, it’s not, it just added more crap to the standings, you can’t just see the simple standings with how many games behind etc without having to actually scroll, just make it simple again. Then when you have complaints, which it seems everyone has nowadays, all they do is send a reply “we’d love to pass on your suggestions” knowing full well that means “we are going to dump your suggestions in the trash, we know better than you what you want” MLB app is a complete joke. Everyone that works on it obviously doesn’t use it. Total garbage..Version: 16.12.0

Good Idea, Horrible ExecutionThe concept is great but at times it feels like a neglected service that’s been left on the back burner to boil away. For starters, you can’t mirror it to your tv without the app crashing and mirroring is important because not every tv has the app. The blackouts are a nuisance and every games broadcast starts a whole hour and thirty minutes before the first pitch, but you dont see the pregame coverage. Instead, you are greeted with a screen that says the game will begin soon. This means that when ever you want to watch a game from the beginning you have to scrub until you actually see the game coverage and the scrubber is less than friendly. I often find myself lost when the app inevitably crashes, trying to fine tune a scrubber bar through 4 hours of recorded video with no bar markers or fine tuning option to slow things down. All of this and a litany of other issues that have been pointed out in numerous reviews topped with an increase in price for little return value results in myself not renewing my subscription at the end of this season, shame on MLB for such blown potential..Version: 16.7.0

Blackouts!Can’t watch Blue Jays games. Blacked out always..Version: 16.7.0

Can’t log inI set up an account and tried to log on unsuccessfully. Very frustrating. I wanted information about purchasing a month to watch the Blue Jays..Version: 16.6.0

Pathetic Still the worst. The app has scam advertisementsRequires a TV subscription to watch postseason ball! What a waste of money. MLB is a trash business. Gave MLB another try…still crap. You have to log in every time the streaming app opens (on Apple TV, Samsung, Roku & iOS). There is always a delay to look for your location if you want to look in and out of current games, even though you’re in the app and it just looked for your location. Blackouts are still absolutely stupid and the app won’t tell you why. How am I supposed to know about blackouts for (non-hometown) teams when traveling? I hate that you have to pick a favorite team. I know how to follow my team if I want to. Just let me see all the games and scores without having to look at the one team I am most familiar with. Oh and you don’t get access to MLB network without a TV subscription. It would be a phenomenal way to learn about the league, but instead it reinforces MLBs antiquated, geezer entertainment model. This app is so old and barely improves. MLB is a disgrace to the talented players that make the game the worlds-greatest sport. The app had a link for a discounted remainder of season subscription, but redirects to App Store and charges full price with auto-renew. MLB does not respond to messages or follow up with issue tracking tickets..Version: 16.13.1

Fix the time difference for international viewers!I can’t open the current (live) game in the MLBTV app because it defaults to yesterday’s (Archived) games, presumably due to the time difference between Australia and the US. Infuriating! Surely there is a simple fix — especially given that this never used to be a problem in previous seasons….Version: 24.6.0

New Format DreadfulI used to enjoy seeing a series of videos about my team including clips of good pitching and fielding. I got a feel for the ebb and flow of a game. But not any longer. Now I get two, maybe three, video clips. Clips are shorter. There are commercials. Never used to be. Have no interest in any commercial. Have no interest in any other team. Speeding up the game was good. Sucking the last dime from fans diminishes you (management) and the game. Who wants that? You obviously. What a pathetic Ill, advised lot you are..Version: 16.6.0

Ok appThis app is ok but since the changes, we can no longer see who it pitching at a particular time. It only tells us when a pitcher has been changed. Please fix this..Version: 16.6.0

Blue jaysEvery time I want to watch a blue jays game I can never get it. Very disappointed..Version: 16.4.0

2023 Version Is As Bad As My Team (Giants)Usually apps get better as the years progress, but MLB has decided to make some changes to this app that made it worse. From the new, forced “Home” page (its just an in-app webpage I’m pretty sure) with a poor layout and cutoff team logo, to slower load times across the board, this year’s version of the app is a huge swing-and-a-miss. Grab some pine, meat. I forgot to add- bafflingly, there is still no widget or live activity support. Two stars- one for being a functioning app, a second because many one-star reviews get ignored. Specific complaints: -Poor design of new Home page -Inability to disable said page -Loss of team color theming (without extra taps to get away from the home page) -No box score on new home page as in old version -The app has decided I’m following Matt Cain, Buster Posey, and MadBum, three players I loved in orange and black but who are no longer playing, and no matter how many times I unfollow them they’re right back on my home page. -Slower than old version *Update* turns out there are live activities, just kinda hidden..Version: 16.3.2

MLB appI love this app! Great app the only complaint I have , and it’s almost a deal breaker for me is that I can’t watch Toronto BlueJays games live!!!! Please change this or I might not be a dedicated customer for much longer! I can watch every other game live except the one I want! Very frustrating! Thanks for your time!.Version: 16.3.4

Dates wrong for Australia. MLB TV access blocked despite paying. Fix it please.Dates wrong for Australia. MLB TV access blocked despite paying. Fix it please..Version: 24.4.0

STILL AWAITING AN ANSWER ON WHY WE MUST we now hear a FULL Commercial before we can hear game actionEdit. THE FOLLOWING QUESTION STILL HASN’T BEEN ANSWERED, NOR HAVE YOU FIXED THE ISSUE: MLB Audio has gotten progressively worse ever since your deal with Audacy where you allow them control of the live radio broadcasts went live in June 2022. It began with the rewind and fast forward functions disabled until the game ended and went to archive. Next, despite REPEATED complaints from many users, the start and end of innings was cut off so Audacy could begin its overplayed commercials. AND NOW, THE LATEST: in recent days, when we want to go to listen to a game or game feed, or we want to jump around to different games, we first have to hear an ENTIRE commercial before we are able to hear any game action. This is true even if the game is in the middle of an inning. WHY, when we are PAYING for mlb audio do we have to hear an AD just to be able to hear game Action???? I can understand having to hear the commercials between innings but having to hear an ad just to be able to access the games we already are PAYING to hear is totally unacceptable..Version: 16.14.0

Was very goodI loved this app but the ‘improvements’ have made it worse. MlbTv button takes me to yesterdays games not the current game. (Reading other reviews this is an International issue) Scores and the schedule for my team in next couple of days are squashed up top. Please fix the glaring bugs..Version: 16.2.0

Used to be good.**UPDATE** They did the impossible... they made the app worse. You can now NO LONGER search for videos by keywords. This is unbelievable. I PAY MONTHLY FOR THIS APP, and it seems like they are putting all the subscribers money into making the app worse with every update. ALSO.. radio broadcast will just disappear now for large chunks of time, and when it’s running its way behind gameday which will freeze from time to time. Please go back to simplifying the app.. I’m paying the same, but getting so much less now. I’ve been a subscriber for a long time. And up until recently I would have given this app a five star review. This app is garbage now. I’ve watched the quality of the app rapidly decline in recent years. Replays used to load quickly, and be of good quality. Not only do the replays take forever to load, but when they do they are extremely pixelated on even the fastest wifi. The radio function never works. I can listen for a few minutes, but the playback will inevitably fail. When that happens I am stuck watching game day, which is ALSO a mess now. I get that there’s a lot that goes into making this app possible, and when functioning correctly it’s a beautiful thing.. but with all the crazy additions made to make the app “better” they ruined what used to just FLAT OUT WORK..Version: 16.3.2

2023 App is worse than everIt's like Rob Manfred designed it. Terrible design, scores don't show, takes forever to load and I won't be renewing tv membership as Apple TV blocks out Friday night games even when I've paid for tge MLB membership to watch them🤬🤬🤬.Version: 16.3.2

New 2018 AtBat has ruined BaseballAtBat have killed the game for me with this app, with the introduction of a rectangle graphic superimposed over the strike zone area. It means I can no longer view the pitch or the moment when the bat connects. It is always in the way and once a pitch is thrown, the ball speed pops up on the graphic as well as its position in the zone. Incredibly boring to watch when you're being schooled! I just want to watch regular baseball, no superimposed graphics. AtBat do not have an option which lets you choose whether you want this. Customer support is woeful. This is the first season I've cancelled my premium. Very sad..Version: 11.1.1

Fail.I was soooo hyped that I was gonna get access to awesome MLB content. Turns out 95% of what I wanted to watch was blacked out. I loved paying close to 300$ for frustration, frustration and more frustration! No access to Jay's games. Sportsnet is the only solution..Version: 16.6.0

Hide Score Feature brokenWhen selecting 'Hide Scores' and then selecting to watch an archive game, if at any point you pause the game once it is playing, when you restart the game the bar at the top will display the final score regardless of where you are in the game. Very frustrating and means you are unable to watch games you missed without knowing the final score. Otherwise great app.Version: 7.1.1

Crashing and crashing as of June 22/23 updateI'm having tons of issues with video constantly crashing on my new 9th generation iPad. This has gotten worse with the Jun 22/23 update..Version: 16.6.0

Why can’t I update players & Teams?I’ve had to uninstall and select players and teams to follow on this app for a year or so… What’s up with that?.Version: 16.24.0

Can’t get accessHaven’t seen a game yet app doesn’t work.Version: 16.5.0

Poor appToo slow, game day isn’t enjoyable compared to old versions, takes forever to obtain audio of wanting to listen to a broadcast.Version: 16.3.2

Keeps Getting WorseThis app used to be such a great app. I remember the original At Bat app back on the first generation iPad. It was an amazing app, great video, all the news stories loaded instantly, game day was attractive with all information easy to see and find as you followed along with the action. For many years this app worked great, but then they began to make it more like a glorified website in an app framework, and the decline began. This year it’s truly a terrible app. You might as well just visit their website. The app is slow, the video is hard to find and audio is always muted, news stories load slowly like a webpage, game day is extremely limited in what information you can see at the same time, and Live Activities is crippled on iPhone 14 Pro. I really can’t say enough about how bad this app has become, and it seems like many other reviewers have the same feedback. Please roll it back to what it was in 2015, and we’ll all be much happier baseball fans..Version: 16.2.2

Slow and going backwardsThis version takes forever to load, crashes or freezes when loading. Because of the amount of videos they choose to have on auto play it’s super slow..Version: 16.3.2

Awful since latest updateWhy oh why do you have to do these updates before they actually work. Excellent app until the most recent update. Living in the UK I watch most of the Red Sox games the next day at work in between jobs so I’m always having to pause matches. Since the update every single time you come out of the app you have to restart the game from the beginning and 7/10 games it crashes at some point so you have to spend 5 minutes trying to find the point you was up to, infuriating. FIX THE BUGS OR LOSE MY SUBSCRIPTION!!!!!!.Version: 14.2.1

No Blue Jays! What the H…No Blue Jays! What the H….Version: 16.5.0

A difficult season!When it works, this is the best sports app around and lets you follow a brilliant sport in great depth. The app has been updated before the start of the 2023 season. I am disappointed by the changes. It is a lot harder than before to access the radio commentary of games and video highlights. Live TV coverage takes a lot longer to load and is quite unreliable. I have subscribed for many years but the cost is getting close to £200 for the season and that is hard to justify if things are not improved..Version: 16.4.0

MLB, get it togetherI only used this app to accept tickets to a game. So glitchy, freezes all the time, tickets appear, disappear, and reappear. No matter how many times I verified my email, the app still said it couldn’t find my tickets. Thankfully after 2 hours of frustration, googling, and searching for my tickets, I was able to access them. However, the whole time the app was freezing the entire time. It’s like an app from 2012. Just horrible. Customer service blows, only open 12-9pm EST. So what about people on the west coast? MLB, for the amount of money you guys rank in every year, you could at least do the bare minimum make sure your supporters can access their tickets, go to the games, and spend money. How is it possible that an organization this large has such a horrible ticketing platform. Get it together, please. 0/10..Version: 16.6.0

New 3D game play by play feature is amazing!This app has always been my go to for the ability to watch and listen to live games. Based on your location certain games may not be available to watch but you can still listen. As an avid fan I did not mind and would often follow along use the 2D play by play. Yesterday I noticed the 3D play by play and was nothing short of AMAZED! This feature tracks the ball and shows full movement through out the field. Gone are the 2D pitcher and batter box. You can follow along in virtual real time, see the pitcher warm up between inning, and rocket through the field if a ball is put in play. Truly revolutionary feature this app upgrade is worthy of a glowing review! Outstanding workaround for games that are blacked out in your region. If you love following the action pitch by pitch this will more than satisfy the itch. Game on!!.Version: 16.6.0

Getting Better But Not There YetTwo things I would really like to see to rate this app five stars. Box score and highlights and condensed videos available on the Home Screen for my favorite team. I see that I can get this info now if I click scores. I enjoy seeing the box score below the score. Also access to the condensed game and highlights videos from the Home Screen would be preferred. Also still having issues with videos starting off muted and having to unmute. Clicking the all videos button on the Home Screen and being taken to a website page within the app is undesirable. The user experience of watching videos from the website is terrible. Please have them embedded and playable from the app and not load from a website page..Version: 16.4.0

Big fan of baseball but MLB TV sells out on FansLoved the app, loved the subscription… until my son’s team’s game was blocked because MLB signed an exclusive with Apple and was only streaming the game on Apple TV +. That’s like ordering a hamburger, paying for said hamburger, taking a bite from said hamburger, then the waiter coming over and telling you that you have to pay more to take another bite. As we were unable to install Apple TV on my son’s device I have now cancelled both our family’s Apple TV and MLB TV subscriptions in protest. I have requested a full refund from MLB TV as I believe this new aggregate of the streaming service breaks the terms of service I signed up for. I also plan to pen a letter to the ownerships of our favourite teams we follow to explain that we do not appreciate how broadcast rights have been pooled into these aggregate services that pray on the fan’s pocketbook. Penny wise and pound foolish in the long run!.Version: 16.11.0

Track GamesI really enjoy the app, its content and the ‘tracking’ feature. But living in Ireland, I’m not usually awake to set this feature for each game. Is it possible that it could be set for each match automatically rather than on a game-by-game basis in a future update?.Version: 16.2.0

Junk!!!! Do not waste your time trying to watch extra inningsI have had the app on my iPad for many seasons, and I had to re-do the hand-shake proving my account weekly this season. I mean every week having to re-login to watch the Mets lose is stupid. I used to have to do it a few times a season. I changed and updated the email address which was the initial problem, but I still need to do WEEKLY, stupid re-login hand shakes to prove I paid. I did contact mlb tech support, and I was told just bookmark the pages. I mean it is stupid having to re-prove weekly my accounts. I think it is one of many reasons kids no longer care about baseball and love the NFL. I mean fantasy started with the MLB, but I never hear about it anymore. Also, I have to deal with it quitting every game too. I mean in the middle of an at bat too. I understand the occasional app issue(s), but I swear ever single game it quits for every season and game of the season..Version: 16.12.0

Awful Apple Watch UpdateStop refreshing every 10 seconds and allow me to click into a game I actually care about.Version: 16.7.0

Update failedThe update to this app is horrible. Constantly fails to load. Crashes all the time. Please revert back to the previous version..Version: 16.2.2

A couple of problemsOverall I like the app, unfortunately, the last couple of years I have had many times where the tv feed is in Spanish when I click on a game. This didn’t happen the first few years I had it. Another recent problem is the app quitting while I am using it. It just happened now..Version: 16.6.0

Constantly crashesRecently this app has started crashing all the time while watching games. I can barely get through 5 minutes without it crashing and needing me to reopen it wait for the stream to start up again. Incredibly frustrating while trying to watch the postseason! If it weren’t for the crashing issue, this would be a 5 star app..Version: 12.8.1

App suffering from neglectUsed to be great but this season crashes and stops. Support “help” is not helpful as clearing cache and reinstalling rarely is. Same for website. I hope some development dollars spent to return to its previous 5 star glory..Version: 15.6.0

Intermittently works and spoils game scores!Regardless of which internet connection I am on, games only play occasionally, with error codes and MLB At Bat support providing no helpful information or solutions. The app also shows news for your team on the same page as the game options (which you can hide the scores on), so the news spoils the results of the games you may not have watched yet anyway! I hope this is all resolved by start of next season but I’m not holding my breath based on previous versions..Version: 11.7.1

Once great app in long term declineAs someone who lives outside the US, this app has been my main way of consuming baseball for almost decade. For years, it was genuinely outstanding: reliable, fully featured, with great support for video (both live streaming and clips) long before other apps were doing this well. Unfortunately, the quality has really declined over the last couple of years, particularly since 2021. The app crashes frequently - for instance, a repeatable crash today when trying to open the video highlights page for a particular game (basic stuff!). The streaming in particular has become far less reliable - I often have to try several times to get a stream started. I don’t know what is causing all these problems (my hardware is current, my internet connection good, etc) but until they are fixed, it is better to simply use the website. It makes me sad, because ultimately it changes my relationship with the sport itself. In the UK, the MLB app is really the only way to follow baseball..Version: 15.2.1

Mlbtv does not work4th year paying for an mlbtv subscription, but the app won’t play any video feeds. Support won’t get back to me or fix the problem so hope they see this..Version: 24.4.0

Not working for AustraliaThis is normally a great App, but this time it doesn’t work for Australia with no video feeds and dates and times of games totally corrupted. Very disappointing not to be able to watch any spring training. Support suggested changing Timezone of phone. This can’t be serious and it didn’t work! Coming up to start of season and I have paid $250 AUD without any ability to watch games. Please get it fixed so it works as it did in previous years..Version: 24.4.0

Offline Video / RadioBe good if you have the ability to download a game so can watch when no data is available..Version: 16.14.0

Annoying CarPlay issuesEvery time I launch the MLB app through CarPlay, I am asked to log in. I then have to take my phone out and log in to the app. Only at that point, I can access the day’s schedule and listen to the various games. This behavior is worse than it used to be. It defeats the entire purpose of hands free driving. Other than the above, I love the app when it’s just the smartphone experience. At the time of my original view, I gave it a rating of 3 out of 5 stars because I found the app to be very reliable outside of my CarPlay issues. However, since that time I have noticed no change in the described behavior nor has anyone reached out to try and troubleshoot the problem. The answer to my troubleshooting efforts is: “Yes, I have rebooted the phone and stopped other apps from running and yet the behavior doesn’t change. That is every time I launch the MLB app from the CarPlay interface, it tells me I need a subscription. I then have to launch the app from my phone and tell it to launch my current subscription before I can get a list of the day’s games.“ This does not make for a pleasant experience. Frankly, I find the hoop jumping behavior to be “ridiculous”. As such, I have revised my rating down to a single star. Maybe this will get someone’s attention. Perhaps, it will even prompt MLB (and/or possibly Apple) into finding a solution to the issue. MLB and Apple need to work on solving.Version: 16.5.0

Fix your appUnable to watch mlb tv despite spending good money on a subscription.Version: 24.4.0

GamedayBring back the old gameday pitch by pitch, the new gameday you have to click on each player to get their average, roll up and down the screen to get all the info, pitch info is delayed by a few seconds which is annoying, apart from this its good.Version: 16.3.1

More blackouts only blackoutsBlue Jays are always in Blackout mode and now even the playoffs Dodgers vs Arizona? I live nowhere near these too and I can’t watch? Never paying again for this app. So disappointed and waste of money.Version: 16.14.0

GlenAll these outsourced games to Disney, apple, peacock, you tube is a rip off for people who buy a season long subscription to mlb at bat. We pay to watch all the games. It’s bad enough that in market games are excluded. Losing another third of the season in games to outsourced broadcasters borders on fraud. Time for the commissioner to say season subscriptions are season subscriptions. No lost games to companies that I don’t want to do business with, or don’t want on my computer, asking me to buy into their services, or having to wait for three hours to watch a game I already paid to watch. Making small print to “cya” with selling out mlb games isn’t right. (What if the game is west coast and it ends at 11pm. I can’t watch it until 2 am.? Who’s going to stay up to watch a game at that hour? STOP RIPPING THE FANS OFF! TIME FOR THE COMMISSIONER TO BE FAIR WITH THE PAYING FANS !.Version: 16.3.3

Video player is terribleJust came here to say that video player needs to be fixed. Doesn’t even have a play button, can’t rewind/fast forward..Version: 16.3.4

This sucksThe new format is not good. I don’t care about mlb. I care about the blue jays and want to see highlights easier like the old format would allow..Version: 16.3.2

Wrong Team, Bad AudioI just don’t get it. I understand not playing the radio station’s ads during the game, but when you have “Cardinals” selected as your preferred team and you are listening to the Cardinals play any (and every) team except the Cubs, does it make sense that every single ad is for the “Official Champagne Provider for the Chicago Cubs” or the “Official Water Efficiency Company for the Chicago Cubs” or the “Official Hospital and Rehab Center for the Chicago Cubs” or the “Best Steakhouse to visit on your way to Wrigley” or “What’s Happening Now in Des Moines with the Iowa Cubs? or… or… or…? Of course, that is when the audio feed, for which you have to pay a subscription fee, is actually working. I understand a brief time delay, but as the innings progress, it lags further and further behind, until about 3 innings in and it just chokes on an infinite buffering loop. So you reset the app (or sometimes your entire phone) to get the feed to connect again, but you only get a couple of innings again until it hangs up buffering again. For the flagship content app for MLB, its features seem decades behind the times..Version: 16.2.1

Their practices should be illegalIf you subscribe you’re an idiot. First of all, they charge $200/year and you can’t even watch any Blue Jays games at all because they’re all blacked out in Canada. They take your money and won’t let you watch any games. The people behind this business should be locked up because this is robbery and should be illegal. Boycott this company.Version: 16.12.0

Good but could be betterThe new “front page” is a step backwards. Calendar is inaccurate for people in Australia. Eg Tuesday games are showing as Thursday in Australia. Please fix..Version: 16.24.0

Gr8t on ATVBut am not paying until you sell the 2 seasons per year, yourself! Stop making deals with Rogers & Bell. They'll always be terrible..Version: 16.12.0

Data hogDon’t get this app unless you have unlimited data… there is something wrong with it and you will pay massive overage charges. Seek local radio alternatives..Version: 16.10.0

From brilliant to useless in a dayThis has been a brilliant app that I’ve used for years. But central to the enjoyment is the ability to WATCH games. Yesterday MLB took this away from the app for UK customers. With no warning and at the start of what should have been an exciting postseason, I find that all games are blacked out. That’s despite having paid a subscription that included postseason games. So this app is now literally the most useless thing on my phone. Maybe I’ll try NFL instead….Version: 15.10.1

Not its best year..Been using this app since 2010, it's always been rock-solid. Unfortunately this year it's been more Of an Orioles season rather than Yankees. Numerous crashes, incredibly long load times and lots of unnecessary bloatware features resulting in a pretty frustrating experience. They have released an update so hopefully things will improve. I installed this update which initially didn't work. I deleted the app then reinstalled which thankfully fixed it. Some features I would love to see: - innings select like on the Apple TV app. It's not fun trying to scroll through a 4 hour timeline on a mobile phone - download a game so you can watch when not on wifi - resume game from where you left off last time.Version: 11.3.0

Change app back to how it was beforePlease change the app back to how it was before. When you click on a boxscore or a video under scores and then click back the page defaults back to the top of the scoreboard. Have it go back to the game you were previously viewing..Version: 16.3.3

Ruined by advertisingMLB is being ruined by numerous insufferable adverts! That’s why fans are giving up on the game!.Version: 16.6.0

MLB does not care about it’s fansI recently purchased single team pass to watch the Toronto Blue Jays. I travel throughout the States for my work. My Canadian provider won’t let me watch games while down here. Watched last night’s game in Fremont IN but tonight in Davenport IA the game is apparently under a blackout. Really.. I’m paying my provider in Canada and MLB in the states but that’s apparently not enough for them. Disgusting! One guy trying to follow one team . Come on MLB what’s the hard part? P.S… Tried to use “unhappy fan” for a nickname on the review but guess what…. It’s already taken… go figure.Version: 16.5.0

Apple TV???I pay for MLB (quite a bit of money for the whole season) and now I can’t even watch all the games because all of a sudden, I need Apple TV+ to watch? Since when? And why? This is ridiculous.Version: 16.7.0

2023 AppWhere are the condensed video of games completed?.Version: 16.5.0

Not happyNo refund!!! its a rip off!! dont subscribe!! they will charge you without any asking or confirmation!! delete the apps!!.Version: 16.3.2

Many games now outsourced to FacebookWas gutted to be unable to watch the Mets thrashing of the Phillies the other day 25/4 !! Of course I have the top subscription, but when I clicked on the tv icon, there was no Mets or Phillies TV option - just some Facebook link. Few games are at sensible games in my time zone, but this one was, so as a Mets fan I spent the game fighting with the app and even trying to get onto FB to watch it whilst the score piled up. May be next time the Mets score 25 in a home EARLY game MLBTV will let me watch that one. It is not surprising that the Facebook watch option was entirely inoperable, but it is really surprising that MLBTV would try to force people on to the FB platform after all that has happened. Just amazing. The info on the app/subscription is materially wrong because it says you can watch all (out-of-market) games with your subscription. That needs to be changed to “most” or “many” games “Facebook account required to watch The remaining games”..Version: 11.5.0

Latest versions constantly crashThis has been a great app in the past, but the past few months have seen it become unstable. Constant crashes interrupt use, scoreboards page resets to top of the screen on loading which makes looking for scores frustrating, slow loading times for box scores and the app randomly chooses which team’s box to load. Really basic UX let downs...Version: 15.8.0

Black outSeriously why purchase mlb tv when you cant watch playoffs because of tv blackout ???? Its a steal.Version: 16.13.1

Can’t watch any games from AustraliaI haven’t been able to watch or listen any of the games either live or on archive since 28 February 2024. All the dates are wrong as well. I’ve tried removing the app and reinstalling it but still the same. It is quite frustrating as I’ve already paid for the annual subscription..Version: 24.4.0

Not worth the moneyEvery time I go to watch a Jays game is it “not available” for my area..Version: 16.5.0

Can’t watch games from AustraliaThe update has stopped access to games. Paid money for a subscription for nothing. Please fix it.Version: 16.24.0

Fix the time zone issueThe app has been great up until this season when iPad/iPhone users have to set their device to New York time zone to be able to watch games when your actual time zone is the other side of the international date line. When will this be fixed.Version: 24.5.1

Cluttered and confusing UIThis app is a mess. I could live with the poor UI/UX but I was compelled to leave a review when I wasn’t able to watch on my iPhone without the scores at the top or the box score at the bottom when in landscape mode leaving me with very little screen left for the only thing I actually want to see: the game itself. I somehow made the scoreboard at the top and the box score on the bottom disappear but then the boxscore randomly started to display on top of the game, completely obscuring the entire game feed. I have no idea why this needs to be so complicated. I just want to click on a button to view the game. This app is trying to do too much all at once and doesn’t do any of it even passably well at this point. 1 of 5 seems generous for an app I’m about to delete so it can’t continue to frustrate and disappoint..Version: 16.4.0

The Radio Commercials are Awful- 27 Times Each Per Game!The ads pollute our National airwaves with stupidity. Many of the ads are played at least 27 times per game. What’s up MLB? You think that’s OK? It’s not. The stupid ad for men’s shorts, the stupid ad for wedding rings and the stupid ad for an energy drink. These ads are more appropriate for Guantanamo Bay than baseball. They torture the listener. I’ll be cancelling my subscription due to this. It’s not worth it. (I’d like to listen to games on this app but again and again, the commercials are way too repetitive, annoying and louder than the broadcast. I really like hearing games from all over our nation, but the ads diminish that value to zero. When you pay for a subscription it should be ad free; or at least just keep the local ads, that might give it some local character. Don’t pipe in the crappy made to be national characterless ads over the local ones, over and over. It’s sickening. Have some dignity MLB.).Version: 16.8.0

ConfusedI’ve been paying for Apple monthly subscription from Australia and this price has increased by 50 percent and then says I have no access to these games.Version: 24.5.1

Just awfulI have subscribed to this app for 3 years. Each week they find a new way to annoy me. Often it won’t open at all, or just gets stuck on the logo welcome screen, or if you choose a game you will see an icon of a baseball spinning forever and nothing happens..Version: 16.11.0

MeOnce upon a time this was the best major Sports app. It still is but it’s “Slippin”. This year I have been required to delete then reinstall more than all past years combined. I have had the ‘at bat’ app since it was started Now we have audio problems- identifying players problems-videos blowing into my ability to listen to the radio broadcast. My ‘pet peeve is stopping the audio feed to do something else for a few minutes and coming back to listen. The audio picks up where you stopped it unless you shut the app off and restart it. So it isn’t a live stream it’s an app that forces the listener to hear as many ads as can be piled into the ‘stream’ So if an inning ends on the game you’re listening to and you switch to another game when you return to the game you started with you must listen to all of the ads and ‘live’ broadcast that you left to go to a new game. It’s funny the pictures of batters and pitchers keep up with the game you left but the audio radio broadcasts doesn’t. So to keep up you must shut down the app and restart it to catch up. I gave it 3 stars because it is still better the other major sports apps but not by much anymore..Version: 16.2.0

Notifications broke with app update; customer service didn’t workI’ve been using the app for years and it worked fine. I had notifications setup to get alerts when games ended for my favorite team. However, after a recent app update I started getting tons of extra notifications (player news, trades, tons of highlights) that I didn’t sign up for. I re-verified in the app that I had only signed up for end of game notifications but something I had broken after an app update. I contacted customer service but just got back a boiler plate response telling me how to setup notifications, banners, etc. It didn’t acknowledge that I had already done that and was contacting them because the app was sending excessive notifications that should have been turned off. Hopefully they can fix the problem in a future app update….Version: 16.3.3

Front pageSo many bugs in the app. Why is there a new front page?????? It doesn’t even have the most recent or active game half the time! I just want the old front page for my team but now I have to click to go to it! The new front page should be the one I have to click to go to. The tv stream doesn’t link to the right game from that page and it the same issue with the radio. It starts playing yesterday’s game. I also do a tipping comp and if I go from my tipping app to the mlb tv app and vice versa for the next days games it then resets back to the top of the games list screen. It never used to do that! Please fix these things and return it to the 5 star app it was!.Version: 16.3.4

Worst app in sportsOn mobile devices they make it near impossible to try watch a game on demand or even the highlights, without see the outcome titled on another video. They also over charge and then just apologise, don’t actually right their wrong..Version: 16.4.0

News BrokenApp in broken, again. Can’t change the news feed page to MLB, only teams. Get your act together..Version: 16.12.0

I just want to cancel!The package was fine. It’s pretty annoying with all the updates. I didn’t need all those updates and when I want to cancel it, it nearly makes it impossible to cancel. Even when I don’t put money on my credit card soon as money goes on MLB takes it and I’m not happy I don’t even want the package..Version: 16.14.0

SubscriptionThis is a good app. You can watch multiple games by switching through the top toggle line. A few things is if you buy the incorrect subscription you can’t view the game you want and after buying a few incorrect one you then get on line with the correct one but have paid 4 different ones!! It would be good if possible to see a promo for the correct purchase and to be able to in APP contact not being directed to mlb website. Also joy being able to see the start of the ball game I.e the warm up. Other than the subscription issue it’s is a good product..Version: 12.1.4

Playback is the main problemThere are lots and lots of features, and that’s all very well, but you’re losing track of the real reason for having the app.. to watch games. Playback has a lot of room for improvement. 1. Handling interruptions. Watching a game on the mobile, I’m going to get interrupted. Every time I take a call, playback crashes and I have to start the game over. Absolutely white hot rage infuriating. Cause you KNOW it will only happen at a key moment… then trying to pick back off where I left usually means a spoiler. Same if I have to switch to another app myself… often loses my place. Which brings me to 2. Navigating in the game. Baseball naturally has chapters. If I leave the game in the top of the third, two outs, let me FIND the top of the third, two outs. Or at the very least the top of the third! And if I’ve already started watching, and close the app, remember where I was!!! 3. Bandwidth. Even watching on a little mobile screen, this app consumes a huge amount of data. It means it doesn’t take much for playback video and audio quality to get very bad, very quickly. Netflix manages to scale its feed so you can have high quality playback on a small screen with less data. Why can’t you? Don’t send a full 4K signal (or bust) suitable for an 80” tv screen to my little phone… Playing back the game, in a mobile phone using context is the mail purpose of the mobile app. Be better..Version: 16.5.0

Worst design change of all timeThis app used to be the best app in sports. That was until this season, when the designers thought to add a creative “home page” set to your favorite team. I can’t imagine anybody with a degree in design would’ve ever signed off in it. It has made it three times harder to navigate to the real home page. If you want to check a specific team’s calendar (let’s say you’re about to visit a random city and want to check if their team is in town) you now have double or triple the number of clicks to get there. It baffles me how stupid this edit is. I pray that the app designers will wake up and realize that change is ok, but increased complexity is design suicide. Please, for the love of god, make the page that lives behind the home page the starting page again. Nothing is gained from this new page..Version: 16.3.2

Fails in so many waysSep 30, 2023, Rangers@Mariners cut off the last of the ninth when Texas clinched a playoff spot and celebrated? You people hate Houston and Texas, don’t you? I can’t even hear the Mariners call of the end of the game? OMG! App crashes a LOT and when you pause it, you better remember what time, date, and team you left, because the app won’t remember or help you find it. Mariners feed: Dead air for some commercial breaks? Live Feeds: Repetitive public service announcements played over the commercials and cuts announcers off too soon in the middle of a heartfelt tribute to a recently passed Hall-of-famer? OMG! Those companies paid good money for those commercials and you just cut them out! The ads are too repetitive on the Rangers and Astros feed for sure though! Can you not sell any more ads? Can Coca-Cola come up with a worse commercial? “We’re on the air!” OMG! Rangers feed: Jared is way TOO LOUD or Eric and Matt are too quiet. Astros feed: Radio engineer doesn’t know how to fade songs. Steve Sparks is hilarious though! SPARKY LIKE-EEE!.Version: 16.13.1

Best for highlightsBest app to watch highlights on. Have to wait for complete game highlights, otherwise the snippets that they post throughout the game are in no particular order, makes absolutely no sense. You cannot select the first video and watch in sequential order, the first and last video could both be from the end of the game. Kind of ruins the experience for those who can’t afford to pay to stream games. EDIT: this app does not work well. Everything freezes, replays to radio. They own the rights to any game out of market - means I cannot listen to a mariners game in Virginia without reconnecting to the stream at least 35 times per game. If it were free I wouldn’t be complaining but paying for something that doesn’t work, just because they own a monopoly doesn’t sit well with me. This app feels like it was put together by someone that doesn’t watch sports and has no general idea of user experience. Latest update makes it hard to find anything. Very disappointing. Very close to paying more money for radio stream elsewhere..Version: 16.3.0

Games only play in SpanishI can only watch games in Spanish. The English language audio won’t play. I have been asking tech support for help for weeks but they keep asking me the same questions over and over. This is not being addressed. Terrible customer service..Version: 16.6.0

Bugs BunnyUpdate ASAP please, this App is so buggy man..Version: 15.2.1

Latest update is not a good oneUsually love the app but the latest update has made things very clunky when trying to watch highlights etc. much preferred the set up they had last season..Version: 14.1.0

Invaluable App with Serious ProblemsI can’t imagine baseball life without this app. All the markets broadcast n one place, by each team’s actual announcers? Sign me up! (I use Gameday Audio exclusively.) But the app comes with some fatal flaws. Often the app just quits broadcasting - it gets stuck buffering or says “playback failed.” I must go through a series of needless steps to get it working again. If I’m listening in the car or drifting off to sleep, I’m screwed. I’ve missed crucial plays because of this problem. Until MLB fixes this “consistency” problem, I can only give it 3 stars. Wish I could give it 5, for it provides a large quantity of team news, box scores, and even archives games for later listening. Yet I’m there primarily for the broadcasts, and the app often falls short in this function..Version: 16.3.4

Impossible d’ecouter un matchImpossible d’ecouter le match des blue jays sur l’application mobile.Version: 16.4.0

Post season in the UK?!?!?! Gone!!!!It was awesome. I could watch all the games and follow my team. For some reason, a they have given all postseason games to BT Sport, even though that wasn’t the case when we signed up. So now having watched the team all year I now can’t see them in postseason. Awful decision. Hate it now. What’s the point in following your team all year only to no longer be allowed to see them in postseason?! And to change the terms mid way through the year. Disgraceful!!!.Version: 15.10.3

Nesn SpanishNesn is in Spanish.Version: 16.5.0

Gone backwardsAs a subscriber for more than a decade, I’ve always been impressed by MLB’s ability to deliver a great App. Unfortunately this year I can’t say the same. The biggest issue, by far, is that I now can’t see the other scores while watching a game on Gameday. I mean, why? It’s really, really annoying.Version: 16.4.0

No goodTerrible app can’t watch games because app doesn’t recognise the southern hemisphere is a different time zone unhelpful support centre.Version: 24.4.0

2021 junkI’ve been subscribed to MLB since 2014 and they have ruined this app. Not once all season have I been able to watch a game without it crashing. If I want to listen to the game I need to close and re-open the app a minimum of 3 times to get the player to load. All season long so far. No matter what the update. Too expensive for performance like this. Get Kayo or some other alternative. Update: now these clowns have the nerve to play 30 second ads before listening to a radio broadcast. On a paid app..Version: 14.6.0

Bring back Shake to ToggleUpdate: what happened to shake to toggle scores? Why are you making it ever harder to avoid spoilers?? The HIDE SCORES option works well BUT the new app makes it harder to watch the Archived game without getting a potential spoiler. In the “Watch” section, there is a new tab called “Watch Now” which leads with the most recent game from your favourited team. Unfortunately, this usually comes with a telling photo from that game that often indicates who the winner is..Version: 16.6.0

The app keeps making me log outThe app keeps making me log out on my iPad and now I cannot log back in. I’ve paid for this app for several years and enjoyed it but now, it is horrible. Besides logging me out constantly, I do not like the layout. It takes several more clicks now to get to the screen for viewing all the scores…and if I want to watch, it takes you to another screen to choose the team again. It appears that someone “upgraded the layout” who does not understand what fans want. UPDATE: I still cannot log in on my iPad to watch games. I can see them on my iPhone. This is horrible. I paid too much money to be able to watch games on my iPad and it keeps coming up with an error when it asks me to log in. Horrible app and layout this year. I don’t plan to buy it next year and would like my money back if you cannot fix the app for this year. Each year seeems to have gotten worse..Version: 16.2.2

40 + year fan of Astros & MLBMLB has truly disgusted every baseball fan I know including me to the point of we’re done with MLB. I’ve been an Astros fan for over 40 years and an MLB fan as well. I’ve been to more Astros games in the dome then I can count while living in Houston. I live in Ft Worth Texas and have for 20 years yet I can’t even pay an annual fee to watch the Astros or Rangers games on TV. They have blocked games of the Astros from us and the Texas Rangers as well. I’m 66 yrs and disabled so I can’t go to a game in Houston or Arlington TX. MLB why have you abandoned us? Unless things change for the good of your fans we’re done with MLB. In the 90’s I lived in LA and went to the Dodgers games and watched them on TV with friends and family. Now they can’t get California games. I hope all fans boycott MLB until you let us watch our preferred teams. We’ll pay to watch them on TV. So for now good writtens..Version: 16.7.0

Updated app is horrible to useUpdated app this year is horrible to use, is quite clunky and doesn’t always work. MLB subscription is also going downhill as not all games are available.Version: 16.5.0

Why does this app take so long to start ?Half the time I don’t bother with it as it’s so slow..Version: 16.11.0

Apple Watch Update is way worseYou guys ruined the Apple Watch app. You can’t click on a single game to open it up to keep refreshing that single game now every time it updates it scrolls to the top of the scores list. Very annoying scrolling down every 10 seconds when the old way of opening a new page worked great..Version: 16.6.0

Needs ImprovementsThere’s 2 mains reasons why I’ll never pay monthly to watch games on the MLB app, and they both have to do with MLB Big Inning. 1. Each user should be individually in control of which game to hear when there’s multiple games going on, instead of Matt Yallof. In fact please let him go, there’s no need for him, or any narrator/controller for that fact. 2. Big Inning needs to be available anytime there’s more than 1 game going on simultaneously, instead of 3 measly hours of each day. It’s annoying trying to flip around each game to find whatever game’s not on a commercial break when there’s multiple games on at once, but when MLB Big Inning is on, its nice to have all games in action on 1 screen all in 1 place but its also equally as annoying as flipping around because you have to listen to Matt Yallof’s dumb commentary & mumbling for 2.5 out of the 3 hours that it airs daily. My time & money are both scarce & precious, and this app is worth neither of them..Version: 16.8.0

Riddled with bugs and shocking supportBeen using this app as an international (UK) fan for many years and it’s been historically pretty good. However, this version is riddled with bugs in its date / location processing that is supposed to show when games are happening in my local time but are actually getting the conversion wrong. There are also issues with identifying my location despite my Location Services being configured. MLB customer support don’t seem very keen on fixing them and have just reverted to the usual ‘logout and download the app again’ response which doesn’t work and then actually suggested I contact Apple support. Asking a paying customer to take ownership and resolve a technical issue between two organisations is not right. You develop the app, then test it on supported platforms to make sure it works. That’s YOUR job MLB..Version: 14.2.1

RidiculousFor a sport that is bleeding fans quicker than any other you would think they could make an app functional for people who are obviously using their phones more than ever. I’m a subscriber and for this entire season I have a 50/50 chance of watching a replay, game or highlights. So what’s the point of having/paying for this app? There isn’t one because I can find the scores anywhere else and that’s basically all I have access to. I’ll be waiting for the response of the developer which I’m surely will start with “sorry to hear”. MLB is so clueless as to what people need/want, it is laughable. Good luck watching replays with this joke of a google cloud thing they have going on. It’s also so cool that when the replays work I get to watch a commercial. I pay for the season and I still have to watch commercials? This is an incredible failure on the part of mlb. They don’t have any clue which is why your numbers will continue to drop as you have just lost me as a customer as well. Good luck getting back the average fan because you have no idea how to do it..Version: 16.2.1

Home Page is stupidI use the mlb app to track games and use mlb tv every once in a while. Everything works as it should, aside from some occasional bugs and glitches. The thing I HATEEE the most about this app is this new forced home page they added for the 2023 season. I used to be able to open the app to see the Yankees schedule and Yankees details (as they were my “favorited” team). Now I have the brief preview on the home page with all the other info with MLB. If I want to go into the details for the Yankees, I have to press at the top, another action for no reason. Get rid of this forced home screen thing or at least give us an option to have it be like last years app that takes u to the team page when you open the app..Version: 16.4.0

Block games in your areaBrutal, MLB blocks the game in your viewing area so you must subscribe to the app. Its not all about the $ MLB… I’m deleting the app now. Very disappointing..Version: 16.3.2

Scores shows previous days and not currentLoved that app until they did an update and now previous day scores are showing instead of the current day which makes the Apple Watch app useless. Contacted support 3 times and they keep giving me different solutions that don’t work and have nothing to do with the issue!.Version: 24.5.1

MLB has an outdated business model, and I’m disappointedThe app often fails… then you have to reload it particularly when you switch games. Also, the MLB blackouts restrictions are ridiculous. In a modern age MLB needs understand if you don’t let the fans watch games they’re gonna do something else and not support MLB. It’s crazy to think that when you buy the app you cannot watch local games that for me are over a two hours drive away. This follows an outdated business model. Currently, the most advantageous business model follows the theory of the “long tail”. The most profitable value is getting it to an audience of millions rather than a few hundred thousand fans. Also, I know when I watch games, I feel more of the urgency to go to games. I believe I’ve heard the MLB argument that they don’t allow streaming of local games in order to persuade fans to go to more games. I believe the opposite is true. That sounds watch games and they will go see more games. And also to consider revenue they’re losing between innings by just having static screens for the most part. Recently, they started putting some MLB commercials in there however, that dead space is a prime opportunity for profit via selling commercials..Version: 16.4.0

New updateNeed a fix for AU viewers in the app. Cant view live games as US is a day back when press ‘watch’.Version: 16.24.0

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