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MLB app received 152 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using MLB? Can you share your negative thoughts about mlb?

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Casting problems, closed captions, and now audio.This is maybe my 10th time reviewing. I updated my previous one a few times. This app has never worked with Chromecast very well. Always lags towards the end of the game. Becomes unwatchable in the late innings. I gave up on it a few years ago. I just started playing the game on a laptop and hooking it up to my tv with a hdmi cable. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app hundreds of times over the years. Spoken to customer service and it’s the same thing over and over. This year still the same problem. Now, the closed captions have been on all year. You can’t see the score or runners on base. I tried the audio today. It doesn’t even work. The app froze four times in a row trying to listen to the audio feed. I couldn’t adjust the volume of the game when I started working. That 30 second commercial that you’re forced to listen to played at full volume before I could get the app to close. This app is seriously the buggiest, most troublesome app I use and by far the most expensive. Year after year I get my hopes up that it will work. I give up. I do not understand how it has any good ratings..Version: 14.5.1

Garbage at is bestWhy does the button menu on the controller no longer take us to the previous screen but is used to quit the application? If I want to change game it is so complicated!.Version: 14.2.1

Get stuck in notification settingsNew version is getting stuck at notification setting and can’t get beyond this..Version: 12.0.0

Absolute WhiffThis used to be a great app. I listen to the gameday audio that I pay $20 for and to stream the MLB Network. Now, when loading up gameday audio, you have to listen to a commercial before the game starts playing. And if you want to switch to a different radio feed, you have to listen to a second commercial. This is a pay service yet you have to listen to at least one 30 second commercial and maybe two - so one minute of commercials before you even hear a word of the game. And then, the audio sometimes drops and you have to close the entire app and load it up again just to get the audio stream back. Clicking on another stream and then going back doesn’t work. And, you used to be able to have the MLBN stream playing, click off the phone and the audio from the network would still play. Nope, not anymore. And this is all of the app even loads up, which it too often does not..Version: 14.5.1

SubscriptionThis is a good app. You can watch multiple games by switching through the top toggle line. A few things is if you buy the incorrect subscription you can’t view the game you want and after buying a few incorrect one you then get on line with the correct one but have paid 4 different ones!! It would be good if possible to see a promo for the correct purchase and to be able to in APP contact not being directed to mlb website. Also joy being able to see the start of the ball game I.e the warm up. Other than the subscription issue it’s is a good product..Version: 12.1.4

Horrendous adsUses a bunch of ads that play sound regardless of whether your phone is on silent..Version: 9.5.3

MLB Screws Up AgainThis used to be a good app. It was *revised* nearly half way thru this season and now it's terrible. At least a dozen times this season, I try to watch a game and the app will not connect. Technical support is useless. They play a little game with you, asking which team is your favorite and then telling you who their favorite player is on that team. The first time I thought, wow, a Giants fan; but no, it's just a stupid script they've been told to waste your time with. They tell me to log out and log back in. Nothing. They tell me it's my router. No. Everything else works fine. Eventually I discovered the only way to make it work is to completely delete the app from my Apple TV at the end of the game, and reinstall it just before I watch the next game. I'm a lifelong Giants fan trapped in South Carolina. MLB TV is the only way I can watch my team. MLB knows this, so don't count on them fixing this app. MLB has screwed up this app just like they're screwing up the game itself. Rob Manfred has got to go before baseball as we love it completely disappears..Version: 14.4.0

Apple TV app brokenUpdate June 5: version 7.1.1 of Apple TV app STILL broken, now down to 2.3 stars on TV App Store. Has been broken all season. What a scam: even the “live streaming support” page you link to in your boilerplate responses to every complaint is broken! No matter what you type in there. Every attempt to stream a game: “The content you requested is not available. Please try again later. Contact support if this problem persists.” This is a new error message, to be sure, but the app is still profoundly, irrevocably broken. Two months into the season. Absolutely insane. It is literally criminal that this grotesque excuse for an app is still listed as an “Editor’s Choice” app on the Apple TV App Store. Has no one at Apple actually tried using this app this year?? Previously: Version 6.1.7 of MLB app for Apple TV is profoundly broken and unusable. I cannot connect to any live game out of market, or even play any archived game - spinning pinwheel each time. Video clips, game recaps and condensed games all play immediately, but no live or archived games or audio feeds will play. It seems the app can’t connect to the proper servers. What a terrible mess, and inexcusable for such an expensive service. The app rating on Apple TV App Store has plunged to 2.5 stars, with the vast majority currently 1-star ratings, so it is certainly not my setup - have been using MLB on Apple TV for years with no problem. This is BEYOND DISAPPOINTING!.Version: 14.2.1

A far cry from what it used to beI have had the app for many years and always loved it. However, recently it has become pretty buggy. Occasionally the gameday part doesn’t keep up and then skips batters to catch up. The video highlights have recently been extremely hit or miss. I would guess roughly half the time it says the video is not available. I pay for the team radio feeds and if I’m not listening to the whole game like to tune into big moments, but now have to listen to a 30 second ad before it loads the feed. So by the time I am listening, the moment I was tuning in for is often passed. I used to love how much this app offered, but I’ll be spending the little bit of season we have left trying out other options to see if anything compares what this app used to be. I don’t want to settle for what this has become for an entire season again next year..Version: 14.5.1

Audio playback fails all the time, ads.I paid for a year of MLB audio. The playback always fails a number of times before it ever starts. Now there are ads before you start an audio stream. The ad is 30 seconds long only to have the actual game audio to fail to play. Then have to listen to the ad again. Also the ads are irrelevant to Canadians, it’s American companies and services that are advertised..Version: 14.5.1

When is a fix not a fix?Hoped to get a fix for the long standing crash behaviour when checking schedules (amongst others). Can't tell if I got that because now the entire app just hangs on startup. And it used to have such beautiful plumage! Now it's just a dead At Bat.Version: 11.3.0

Major League IssuesWhen the app functions, it's okay. You just have to hope the when is when you want to listen. You're lucky if you get to listen to the audio without it dropping. You're lucky if you can watch a highlight with the clarity of something more recent than 1999. You're lucky if the scores update regularly. You're lucky if you don't have to restart the app. Don't even think of trying customer support, in my years of using MLB products, I have never encountered a more "blame the customer first" approach in my life. But, I guess when you have a monopoly over your product, you don't have to address customer concerns. They deleted the user forum a long time ago, which is always a bad sign for customer service. Then there are the blackout policies. TV networks are more important than customers because they pay MLB unspeakable amounts of money so you can't watch your team on the internet. The World Baseball Classic is blacked out outside of the US. That is not the way to grow the game internationally. You can't customize anything. You have to listen and watch all 30 teams to get your money's worth. Or, in a feat of mathematical brilliance, you can watch 1 team for 75% of the price of watching 30. I have had it with MLB media. They will never see another purchase from me ever again and I will never recommend any product of theirs until these issues are addressed. You're going to lose baseball fans in the long term if you keep up these practices..Version: 12.2.1

Keeps shutting down during gamesTrying to watch a game on iPad and after a few innings shuts down game. When I bring the game back it keeps shutting down at random intervals back to the screen I had on before watching the game. I’m paying to watch my team…this is my season ticket. I’m not happy..Version: 14.4.1

Ruined the appThe MLB app was neatly laid out and functional until now. Completely ruined with this idiotic update.Version: 13.10.2

“Access issues”Unable to use the app as I get “access issues” notifications. Support are unable to help..Version: 12.9.1

Much of the app doesn't work if you don't have iOS 12It's nearly a month into the 2019 season and the MLB At Bat standings and stats still have not been updated. Instead of current 2019 standings, the app still shows 2018 standings. Same is true for stats. And when I called up MLB support, I was told that if you don't update to iOS 12 you will not be able to get current standings or stats, even with the paid app. I chose not to update to iOS 12 for a good reason - many of my favorite apps will not work at all with iOS 11 or 12. It's a Catch 22 situation. I don't blame the developers of these other apps for not wanting to change their well-designed and perfectly functional apps simply because Apple updates the iOS. MLB needs to fix the app so that standings and stats will continue to work even without iOS 12. Ironically, the MLB At Bat features that continue to work without iOS 12, such as Gameday, are much more sophisticated features than standings and stats are. I can get current standings, stats, and scores on the free Yahoo Sports app and CBS Sports app, so why bother with the MLB app at all? MLB: FIX THIS APP!.Version: 11.8.2

Was a great appWhat is happening to this app. Now just stutters when you scroll. Awful to use..Version: 14.0.0

Latest update is not a good oneUsually love the app but the latest update has made things very clunky when trying to watch highlights etc. much preferred the set up they had last season..Version: 14.1.0

Something’s WrongI’ve used this app since 2013 and have always enjoyed the app - best in the sports. However this year something’s wrong. Choices limited, cuts out 4 or 5 times a game and just not as good as it was or should be especially considering the cost. Please look into these problems. Thanks..Version: 14.2.1

Pay over $100 to not be able to watch live gamesI’m usually not one to make a big deal of things but this is beyond disappointing mlb. If your charging fans money much less $120+ to watch their favorite teams play you have a responsibility ( I suspect also a legal one ) to fans to provide that service. I can see from other reviews that I am not the only one that is unable to watch the games on the app. To make sure it wasn’t on my end I made sure my app was updated, then I deleted and reinstalled the app, and then updated my phone to the most recent update. What makes matters even worse is that free mlb TV game of the game is able to stream on the app as I did so yesterday ( even though it is quite buggy). Every game that fans are unable to watch is quite literally taking money of their own pockets. It’s apparent from other reviews that this problem has been around for several days without being addressed . Come on!.Version: 14.1.0

Doesn’t loadGood app, when it loads up. which rarely happens. fix this. may as well delete the app because i always end up going to google for the scores anyways..Version: 15.2.2

MeOnce upon a time this was the best major Sports app. It still is but it’s “Slippin”. This year I have been required to delete then reinstall more than all past years combined. I have had the ‘at bat’ app since it was started Now we have audio problems- identifying players problems-videos blowing into my ability to listen to the radio broadcast. My ‘pet peeve is stopping the audio feed to do something else for a few minutes and coming back to listen. The audio picks up where you stopped it unless you shut the app off and restart it. So it isn’t a live stream it’s an app that forces the listener to hear as many ads as can be piled into the ‘stream’ So if an inning ends on the game you’re listening to and you switch to another game when you return to the game you started with you must listen to all of the ads and ‘live’ broadcast that you left to go to a new game. It’s funny the pictures of batters and pitchers keep up with the game you left but the audio radio broadcasts doesn’t. So to keep up you must shut down the app and restart it to catch up. I gave it 3 stars because it is still better the other major sports apps but not by much anymore..Version: 14.4.1

Very disappointedI was happy getting back into baseball and watching games, signed up got an email and confirmation that I was getting two months free,,, after he first month then I got charged for the whole year……very disappointed Thank you apple for helping me resolve this issue that MLB F****ked up.Version: 14.2.1

Game recaps STILL don’t workCondensed games and recaps still do not play at all, despite reinstalling the app repeatedly..Version: 14.2.1

How could this get worseThis app has always been ok but now you have to close and reopen the app to get things to work as they should. AU..Version: 14.2.1

Used to be very goodNow it autoplays videos which eat up data so I turn off cellular data. The audio play back is a mess, randomly will turn off streaming games which I pay for, turns off if I shut the app, turns off for the dumb highlight videos. Like many things in life, it was simple and worked. Then some product manager got in there and messed it up with new features no one wants..Version: 14.2.1

It’s good, but........continually crashes whenever I try to access the schedule toward the top of the screen. 😠.Version: 11.2.2

What have you done😱This update have completely ruined the app as it now just doesn’t open at all, please fix before the second half starts.Version: 11.4.0

TvOS 11 updatePlease remove the commercial highlights... as well as when you select any live feed, you have to swipe up from the bottom to get rid of the shadow. (Apple TV 4) Wasn't there before..Version: 10.4.2

Games don’t play on Apple TV boxFor some reason games don’t play on the Apple TV box, but they do on my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. I will not be buying a subscription after the free trial..Version: 15.2.1

VR BASEBALLSome things I’m upset about watching in VR is when watching the field view it would be great to watch where the ball is flying to and watch the players cards move around the bases. And maybe even minor cards for the infield and outfield defense to watch how they move around the field interactively. The other thing I’m upset about is pictures that come across the plate take about 15 seconds to register on the screen. And when a batter changes and even when a runner goes to base it takes about 30 seconds for their player card to move either to a base or having been struck out for it to change to another player. So even though the technology is here the actual transition from it being logged in, however it is being done, to the graphics in VR takes way too long it’s not real time. So when I’m listening to the radio broadcast when it’s a blackout game or even watching on the screen with a televised game that’s happening at least 30 seconds before The graphic shows the play or runners changing bases or batters changing by at least 30 seconds..Version: 13.5.1

News Refresh AwfulSince the latest update the news feed is missing story extracts, authors, and in some cases the publication date-time. The new headline font is an terrible choice, looks out-of-place, and isn’t used anywhere else throughout the app. I’m genuinely surprised this is considered an improvement on the previous news feed..Version: 13.3.0

Audio failsLots. Audio should be easy, & sound better than the 1970's. Commercials are 120% volume, so don't drive, walk, etc., while listening. Oh, now there's a 30-sec ad when selecting a feed that usually fails. Def out now, bye. MLB radio was already mostly a commercial..Version: 14.5.1

What happened?This app was flawless for years but now it’s a struggle just streaming a game. Constant crashing. App doesn’t always open. Scoreboard doesn’t always show scores of the day. Really disappointing..Version: 14.4.1

New version same garbageAs usual with every update the app doesn’t work. This year the live games won’t even start. Impossible to watch a game in progress. The only games you can watch are from the previous day or games that are over. No wonder nobody wants to watch baseball anymore.Version: 15.2.1

Now I’m paying for ads?! AND glitches?!UPDATE: Developer bot directs paying customers—who are collectively voicing frustration over the same thing—to a feedback form. A feedback form with a 300 CHARACTER limit. Further inconveniencing paying customers for what surely can’t be considered feedback when it’s limited to 3 sentences. That’s not solving a problem. Why app reviews can’t be considered “official” feedback says even more about MLB customer service and regard for fans. Wasted enough time with this. Losing another customer. This app has always been glitchy, but tolerable. Being able to listen to my home team while having to live far from home is so worth it. But I open the app tonight and am forced to listen to a 30-second ad? That’s annoying, but ok. Having to listen to a 30-second ad EVERY TIME I restart the broadcast or refresh the app—BECAUSE the ad pauses or glitches the broadcast is INFURIATING. I listen to baseball to relax and decompress from everything overwhelming in life. The addition of the mandatory app ad has completely ruined the experience for me and I’m crushed. I can’t believe my subscription is paid for and costs me the same, but is now, overnight, FAR INFERIOR. If revenue is an issue, I’d rather pay a couple of bucks more a year. If this continues, I’m canceling my MLB subscription and get a satellite radio subscription..Version: 14.5.1

No more radio feed on AppleTVFor those of us that STILL cannot watch our home teams due to arcane 1900s blackout rules, listening to the radio feed was the saving grace for this app. Now with the latest tvOS redesign (version 7 of the app), we no longer have an option to listen to the radio feed of our local teams. When you click on your team’s game, it simply pops a window saying that game is blacked out and not available. There is no longer an option to listen to the radio feed. For the record, I have been listening to games all season until mid-May when this redesign dropped. This is seemingly done on purpose and is hostile towards user experience. I already cannot watch my favorite team. Now I cannot even listen? Maybe it’s time for my credit to stop working so I can stop getting ripped off every month. Oh and by the way, MLB Dev responding to this: yes I have tried submitting feedback on this subject through the contact form you supplied me in a previous review. It’s worthless. You’re feedback can only be 300 CHARACTERS or less. Really?!!! Also, yes, I have signed out, deleted the app from the AppleTV, restarted the device, redownloaded the app, re-signed in, and re-restored my account credentials. And just as I thought none of that mattered. The new design took away the only feature that local fans have to follow their team. Congrats?.Version: 14.2.1

GarbageRunning ads on premium paid features. Too funny. Won’t ever pay them a dime again. NO DIMES.Version: 14.6.0

Made a great app really crappyThey removed the ability to show games side by side. The new games dashboard is big and bright and useless because it hides so many games. But the thing that angers me the most is that closed captions are turned on by default and there is no way to change that in the settings. You have to turn it off every time to watch a game..Version: 14.2.1

Apple TV AppUpdate: Cancelled my subscription due to the terrible Apple TV version. It’s been over a month and I still can’t do anything other than watch the game live. Features were advertised at the beginning of the season and then simply removed. Update: As horrible as the AppleTV app has become, it pales in comparison to the “developer’s” cut and paste response. How about a genuine, “We know we royally screwed up. We are sorry. And we are working to fix it. As soon as we get back from kindergarten this afternoon, we will get right on it.” Why did you remove the “Start from the Beginning” option. Not having to be in front of my TV at the moment the game begins and still being able to watch the entire game was absolutely key to why I pay for the app. You left the ability to Hide Scores, but if I have to always watch live then what the heck is the point of hiding the scores. I’ll know the second I click on the game. Does anyone who approved of this update actually watch sports? Also the app now feels cheap and old. I’ve subscribed from the very beginning and have always loved the interface. Now feels like an cheap power point. Also, why remove the radio feed option. It was useful for when you’re doing work around the house and you could just listen to the game. Overall. It wasn’t broke. Someone tried to fix it. And sweet lord, how they broke it..Version: 14.3.0

Worst year-over-year change imaginableMLB (and previously MLB At Bat) was always one of my favorite iOS apps. That is, until 2021. The app appears to have been completely rewritten, and basically every single thing about it is worse. The audio and video players just refuse to launch half the time, and then when they do, they will inexplicably crash at random times. When you first open Gameday on a specific game, it almost never loads the action that has occurred so far in that half inning. It will tell me there are two outs and a man on with Ohtani at bat in a 1-2 count, but the most recent play that it shows below that was the last out of the prior half inning. I have no idea how these two runners got on base or how the two prior outs were made, until it randomly decides to load that info in at some point later. An absolutely groundbreaking app for more than a decade is now more often just breaking. There was no reason to completely change the backend and completely regress the user experience..Version: 14.5.1

Not as good.I use to love this app, but this season, the updates are terrible from one scream to the other. On top of that, it’s a hit or miss on whether the app is going to open properly. 50% of the time, when I open the app, the screen is all white with no list of games. The categories at the bottom of the screen appears, but that’s it. It’s getting quite frustrating..Version: 14.2.0

It’s almost unusableThe latest update is just horrible. I get that they were trying to make the landing page look cleaner or more modern but now if you don’t want to watch the game live you have to navigate to a top menu that is so hard to tell what is highlighted. I guess if I always wanted to just start watching live I’d like one click from the main menu but chances are I’m starting to watch a little late. If you don’t wait u til game is over it’s almost impossible to start watching without getting a glimpse of the current score. Horrible. You no longer have the option to resume a game. It’s either watch from live or the beginning. If you accidentally back out you have to start from the beginning and fast forward which is also horrible. Condensed version not always available. Don’t even get me started on how bad this app is with the new Apple TV. The new navigation functions don’t work at all. So frustrating to try to rewind or fast forward. I also miss the box score option. If there was another way to get the out of market games (yes network specifically) I would switch in a heartbeat..Version: 14.2.1

Fix the app, stop denying its brokenThere are one of two issues that occur when I try to watch a game after getting the message that I am authorized to view the game and soon after the game feed is going. The first pop up is titled “Feeds Unavailable” and says below that “Feeds currently not available for this game”. The feed is actually live, but the image pops up incessantly, no matter how many times I click the Okay button. Yes, it tells me there is no feed while the feed is there. If I don’t get that pop up, I get the other. After selecting the game I want and the game is streaming, a bottom pop up appears asking me which stream I want to listen to even though I have already made that selection. Sometimes the message is for other unrelated games, but it’s usually between home and visitor broadcasts. The app won’t let me dismiss it. I have to make a selection sending the app in a tailspin that loops or crashes. Yes, my iOS is the most current. Yes, I have uninstalled the app, done a phone hard reset and reinstalled. I have done this and several other things trying to make the app happy. All other phone apps work perfectly. What’s the problem with the MLB app? When I contacted the MLB app, the instructions say to give as much description as possible. When I did this, it said my message was too long, but didn’t say anything about a character count limit. I shortened the message to almost nothing and they haven’t gotten back to me. Lame!.Version: 14.1.0

Latest update broke the appThe latest update broke the app. It keeps acting sluggish and even crashes..Version: 14.2.0

Problems since last update.Not sure what happened app was so good and then the updated the UI and now I can’t pick the broadcast I want and it just kicks me out of the game while watching ... random but happens at least 4-5 times a game. So frustrating. Please look into this and fix it!!!!.Version: 14.2.0

Beware! Premium = ADS***UPDATE: Now, the APPLE TV App has become a disaster. It crashes constantly, just randomly. There was a recent update, and now although it crashes less frequently (but still does), the HIDE SCORES Setting turns on every time you go back to the scores page. GUYS, the AtBat app has been literally one of the best there is UNTIL THIS YEAR. This is an absolute mess, and you should refund the Premium Subscribers their money.*** Folks, I have to warn you not to buy the Premium app. You’ll be frustrated because they say there’ll be no ads, but it’s very likely you WILL have ads. A lot of them. Like you probably won’t even be able to watch a highlight without an ad at the beginning. (Trust me, it’s not just me - scroll around on here, it’s a very common problem) So, the developer responded, predictably telling me to delete and reinstall the app. (They say this to everyone on here in response to this common problem.) 1. I’ve obviously tried this. Several times. It doesn’t work! I’ve tried everything. The ads will be gone for about a day, but then they return. EVERY TIME. 2. Hey guys why don’t YOU fix the app that WE paid for? When the app works, it’s the absolute best. It’s really expensive, but for a fan, it’s totally worth it. But with ads everywhere? No way. At the point now where I’m just going to have to get a refund. (Really looking forward to another response where they tell me it’s on me to fix the problem, instead of them.).Version: 12.3.0

Was a good app til this yearBeen using the app for years and I’d still recommend this if you don’t mind that the audio for the games only works every so often. Don’t know if it’s a S590 issue or the app itself as this was never the case in previous years of using this app to listen to the game.Version: 14.5.0

Score board need to have option to be minimisedI now rate mlb app from 5 stars to 1 stare. I don’t know how this got passed and approved but the score box that appears in the middle of the screen is a Dam nuisance. There is no option to remove it and I can’t watch baseball without this score box covering most of the screen. I have tried every option to remove it to the point where I have had enough of it and complaining😡 I will not be renewing my subscription if there isn’t and option to remove it on the app… simple..Version: 14.4.1

Until it’s changed...Now I love MLB really I do. But cos your not updating it and fixing the day that shows on the actual day your getting a one star. So just like this years sport, I think we need to hit the reset button and start again. Update pls and soon..Version: 13.6.0

Poor serviceA few years ago I would tell everyone how good of a service was. They’ve obviously made poor decisions and degraded the service though. Prices have gone up and reliability and quality has gone down. Many game streams are unreliable and don’t work. Not to mention the moronic greedy decision to black out certain teams so mlb can squeeze additional money out of their customers by selling them the rights to watch baseball more than once. Shameful..Version: 15.2.1

Fix the bad updateOK I watch all my subscription games on on my iPad. Since the May update, the crashes are continuous. Fix the bug..Version: 14.2.1

Games now lockedDownloaded the new app today for my apple tv. Big mistake as now all games are locked out and says i need to update my subscription. Not a chance as i paid for the year and it was working on the "UN new app". Customer support still hasnt got it fixed..Version: 14.2.1

Can’t hold the live feedI really want to love this app but it’s too frustrating. Watching live games on chromecast using the app has become nearly impossible. Everything starts out fine but after a couple of innings the buffering begins. Only buffers for a few seconds but it happens almost continually. I have a new iPhone 12 Pro, updated. It’s not a bandwidth problem because I’m pulling in close to 100mbs. Live stream on most other apps works great. After a couple innings of all the short buffering breaks, the stream is no longer live. Watching on the website with my laptop works great, but I can’t cast direct to the tv from the website. Update: this problem happens when I cast to chromecast. Works okay on the phone, but whenever I cast, it starts to pause and lag. I can cast from my laptop and it works fine, but it won’t work well to cast from this app. Lots of other apps I have cast livestream just fine. But this app doesn’t work well with chromecast..Version: 14.2.1

Ruined Apple TV versionThe 2021 version for Apple TV has been a major step backwards. Lost are many features such as the ability to watch in progress games from the beginning, the ability to use line score to navigate through innings and there are lots of bugs. It is too bad. Seems as though they didn’t get help from real users to test or something because those are obvious misses..Version: 14.2.1

Down the drain in a hurry - Forced Ads and bugsUsed to live this app. For a reasonable fee I was able to listen to any radio feed and really get a feel for each teams broadcast team. Now they have completely ruined it by forcing a 30 second ad before the audio stream starts, which inevitably won’t be on the first try (75% chance you get a “playback error”), so then you have to change the feed to something else, which AGAIN requires listening to another ad, and then of course to go back to the original feed you wanted, you have to listen to an ad. And if you accidentally touched another part of the screen? Well then you’re taken to a different feed, which, again, you have to listen to the ad, at which point, if you haven’t thrown your phone at the wall, you can go back to the feed. No more flipping between games to catch exciting moments, because odds are you missed it while listening to the 8th ad in 30 minutes..Version: 14.5.1

Latest update is awfulWhile this is still the best app for baseball, that doesn’t mean it’s a good one. I was happy with it for a while but it’s getting worse and worse. First it removed the ability to sort teams in the team select drop down by division. They’ve made some UI changes that bug me too. The biggest issue I have is that it’s forcing me to choose between my 2 favorite teams. I support both teams equally. I’ve been a fan of both since I was a child. I had both teams set as favorites since I installed the app years ago, but now the app is forcing me to choose. Setting one of the teams as “followed” is a joke and it feels awful to me that the app is forcing me to choose. The audio doesn’t automatically select the followed team’s broadcast (which is important to me). It feels like followed teams aren’t actually followed since they aren’t prioritized over non-followed teams at all. It just shows a little star that’s easy to miss. They need to go back to allowing me to select multiple favorite teams like I could before. The ability.Version: 14.3.0

Need to Remove the ads and fix audio streamingRecently, a non-skipable 30 second as was added before audio streaming will start. This is not acceptable for a subscription based service. Also, the audio stream often fails to start streaming after the ad, so you have to switch to a different stream, then back to the one you want, and then you get another ad…. Yuck!.Version: 14.5.1

Intermittently works and spoils game scores!Regardless of which internet connection I am on, games only play occasionally, with error codes and MLB At Bat support providing no helpful information or solutions. The app also shows news for your team on the same page as the game options (which you can hide the scores on), so the news spoils the results of the games you may not have watched yet anyway! I hope this is all resolved by start of next season but I’m not holding my breath based on previous versions..Version: 11.7.1

Keeps crashingIn Australia also. With the latest update 3 days ago, it keeps crashing when trying to open. Briefly shows a grey screen that says Hide scores ON then crashes..Version: 13.6.0

Baseball is just the carrotThis app is ok for baseball purposes but since it is run by the MLB you would think it would be a great app. Anything you would really want as a baseball fan is going to run you through all the money routes first before they allow you to see or hear what you wanted. Want to see game highlights? They might not play and give you an error message but by god they played a flawless 30 second ad for you first. Want to watch your favorite team? After you give them your money you will still wage war with the blackout restrictions. Want to listen to your favorite teams radio broadcast? You can after you pay them money for something that is free. (Just download your favorite sports radio station app that is probably free and listen live). Overall yes there are some free features and it is a decent app most of the time but it’s definitely not great and they will drag you through every possible way and opportunity to get a little bit of your money all while dangling baseball like a carrot on a stick..Version: 14.5.0

Too many bugsOriginally gave this 2 stars, mainly because of the frequent crashes and having to force close daily to get feeds to connect. Now it’s started forgetting my subscription login daily, so it’s down to 1 star..Version: 14.6.0

Unfortunate appI had subscribed to this app a few years ago and it was brilliant. So, decided to get it this year and paid the $174 for the subscription. For what? The teams I want to watch are BLACKED OUT. For every game?? Ridiculous. I’ll be canceling my subscription and deleting the app.Version: 14.2.1

THIS NEW APP IS FOULThe old app may have been outdated but at least it bloody worked. This update is terrible. It’s unintuitive, and buggy as all hell. It NEVER updates scores or innings. Almost every time I open it, it’s showing me the games and scores from the day before. The menu button back up too often takes you straight out of the app. To rectify any of these issues you have to close the app for everything to reset. And that’s not including the fact that have two games on at once totally sucks now with the PIP. Try getting rid of it! Lol. Also the closed captioning has a mind of its own. This app was clearly not ready for release. Get it together and make my $160 subscription work like it’s supposed to..Version: 14.2.1

The app is good butFor this app it used to really good but all it is the idea of paying $125 for ads. When I first started to purchase this app years ago there were few ads but now there are way to many. The ads are also very repetitive most of the time for one restaurant the whole game or one politician at every ad brake. I run an blocker also on all my devices which prevents me from seeing a ton of ads with other apps or services but it seems to not work with app. Bring back the out of date highlights during ad brakes. Another thing is they are through sponsorships making so that the app is useless because there is the free game of the day and a free game of the week on other services along with days were every game is free. In conclusion, not only do you have to put up with the broadcasters ads and the ads around the ballpark, but now there are ads in game brakes also which are becoming to much. I got the app because I was sick of the ads on my TV because at the time there were to few but now there are way to many, the games are uninteresting, and baseball is becoming the sport of the old and not the young because it has lost its appeal..Version: 12.5.0

New app is RUINED!!I loved the old app, and now the new one is TERRIBLE!! The inning box has been removed for navigation. You used to be able to select a top/bottom of an inning and go right to the first pitch...that’s gone now on the Apple TV app and the mobile apps. Now you have to fast forward through to find the inning starts...but if you have hidden scores you can’t see the starts of innings on the timeline. Also used to have a preview on the can’t see in the video preview when the inning starts. Also...the Apple TV app no longer has player/pitcher info...there’s no ability to see stats in game. In short...MLB has removed all of the things that I loved about the app..Version: 14.2.1

What’s with all the ads???UPDATE: I’m taking another star away because it’s worse than greed. It’s apathy evidently. They acknowledged this is actually an issue but aren’t able to resolve and I guess I’m just left with a poor user experience?? Not even a “we’re aware and working toward resolving” or giving any indication they intend to address an issue they admit I am having. Here’s the rundown - I contacted support through the app and was advised as an MLB TV subscriber I shouldn’t be seeing ads all over the place like I am. I was advised to logout and back into the app. No change. I was next advised to uninstall/reinstall the app. No change. It seems that’s where they plan on leaving it. Last email said if my issue persists to contact Apple support... Original Review: MLB must be struggling because this out of market fan can’t watch a single highlight without a preroll ad anymore. Having paid over $90 to follow my team and still get these and now in app banner ads near the bottom menus??? Really frustrating and annoying. At least watching games is flawless but outside of that the user experience just reminds that you’re nothing but a set of eyes to blast ads at, even as a paying subscriber....Version: 12.3.0

Used to be the most used app on my phoeSince the 2022 season started the Audio has been delayed - sometime up to 10 minutes from being live. This is unacceptable. I really can’t describe accurately the disdain I have for the delay in the broadcast. Please fix!! My old review: What can I say.... This app is essential if you love baseball. I use it multiple times per day!.Version: 15.5.0

Great except for one thing...Love having all access to any game and the stream quality is fantastic, however you cant close boxscores on the screen so it takes up quite a lot of the screen..Version: 14.4.0

Deceased functionality, added complexityRecent update added layers of menus to navigate. It does not seem to now offer condensed games until much later than previously. It eliminated the best and greatest feature... “Catch Up” (while simultaneously preventing “rewinding” to earlier portions of the game). I’m updated to current iOS and mlb apps on Apple TV, iPad and iPhone and so regret that! It seems that unless my work and life ever allows me to actually sit down at game time and watch all the way through my only solution is to not watch any games until the following day archived. Never watching anything until the next day would also remedy the fact that all teams within 5 hours drive of me are blacked out, and my favorite team suffers black outs of key games whenever FOX, ESPN or others are involved. And then there’s the chore of not talking to anybody about baseball games until the next day after they’ve been played when they want to talk about that days game (spoilers). Since getting rural internet service here 3 years ago I’ve been able to watch games for the first time in many many years, it’s been a joy up til now, despite all the blackouts. The only reason to not cancel my MLB subscription is because then I would never see a baseball game ever again!.Version: 14.2.1

Latest update does not workI have just updated my iOS and combined with this and the latest MLB update my app now does not open I am left with the front screen of death. Get this fixed..Version: 9.1.2

Terrible since “upgrade”Does anything in this app actually even work anymore? Numerous reviews have mentioned all the issues so I won’t dig up old skeletons…..Version: 14.2.1

ArchiveBeing outside the USA I often can only listen to the games on radio. Sometimes I can be more then 2 days behind. Now that option isn’t available anymore. The app is useless to me now. Thanks for nothing!.Version: 15.3.0

Archived games only on laptopI’m an Orioles fan in Regina, SK. it’s a great app for evening and weekend games during the regular season BUT if you’re working during a game, mostly during the spring training noon games you can only listen to those after the fact on a PC laptop (according to their own Contact Us people). Not on a smartphone or a tablet or even a tv device. I wanted to be able to listen to spring training games after the fact on my commute home or at home on my apple tv and was willing to subscribe for it but mlb has made everything less accessible so i’m left to wait until regular season and by then i might not subscribe as games then are way more accessible in other legal ways..Version: 11.0.1

Always a new problem with itI love ball but this app is always pissing me off, you pay a good dollar for the subscription and there is something usually wrong with it. Earlier this year it was on the phone app, and it couldn’t find today’s games. Now it’s on the Apple TV, you can’t surf live games, it always goes to the start of a game instead of giving you the option of joining the live broadcast, which takes the fun out of surfing live games, I’m ready to unsubscribe and watch just the blue jays on sportsnet.Version: 14.4.1

Ads for Paying SubscriberBeen using the app for years, always happy to pay the monthly fee for audio streams of each game from anywhere. Now that I get server unskippable ads each time I click a stream it’s an easy cancellation of my subscription and much higher motivation to find the streams elsewhere without a fee where if I am going to see ads anyway I might as welll not pay for them. Roll back the change.Version: 14.5.1

Not its best year..Been using this app since 2010, it's always been rock-solid. Unfortunately this year it's been more Of an Orioles season rather than Yankees. Numerous crashes, incredibly long load times and lots of unnecessary bloatware features resulting in a pretty frustrating experience. They have released an update so hopefully things will improve. I installed this update which initially didn't work. I deleted the app then reinstalled which thankfully fixed it. Some features I would love to see: - innings select like on the Apple TV app. It's not fun trying to scroll through a 4 hour timeline on a mobile phone - download a game so you can watch when not on wifi - resume game from where you left off last time.Version: 11.3.0

Not Opening on the iPhone 7 ...... for the past week. Even now after the update. Am I like the only one?.Version: 11.3.0

MLBOn ne peut plus débuter une partie au début si elle est commence!.Version: 14.2.1

Casting has been bad for a decade.I’ve complained for almost 10 years that in late inning games the broadcast becomes unwatchable; specifically when casting from your phone to your tv. Through countless experiences, I can confirm if the broadcast stutters specifically in the 9th inning in a close game, it’s not my internet, it’s their servers. It’s gotten worse. When I’m watching I’m usually 30 seconds behind to try to prevent stuttering. Now when the game starts to stutter I think, “well someone is about to hit a homerun.” (The score changed leading viewers to tune in, which in turn loads the servers). Sure enough. Really bad guys. This was a simple thing that should have been fixed 10 years ago. Monopolies lead to cost cutting at the expense of the consumer. Clearly the server buffer is intentionally set very low. I have a 100 mbps connection and my router is 12 feet from my tv. I live in Seattle. My video probably stutters 50 times a game; heavily weighted towards the later innings. Borderline unwatchable..Version: 14.6.0

Abysmal supportWhen it works, this app is great. When it doesn't work, the support is disgraceful! This review is about the Apple TV app (there isn't any way to review that directly). I can't watch, on my Apple TV, any games because the app won't let me select a feed. The option just doesn't work. My emails to support get me useless, irrelevant replies. I suspect the replies are automated, not by humans. If they are by humans, the humans are incompetent in the extreme. Most disappointing..Version: 15.4.0

Widget on iPhone no longer showing anythingIos14, iPhone 11 Pro Max Up till recently the widget would show scores etc, now it’s completely blank.Version: 13.8.0

Weakest App EVERI have subscribed for about 5 years and have had issues every single year with simply listening to the radio broadcast. I’ve experienced the broadcast reverting to a point hours earlier, getting stuck at authorization for access, radio cutting off when leaving the app and countless mote issues. At the suggestion of tech support I have uninstalled and reinstalled an average of once a month during the season. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I asked to speak with a supervisor at one point and was told to take it up with the commissioner of baseball. For laughs I wrote a letter but never heard back. Maybe the video is better but i’d rather listen and do other things than watch a 3 1/2 hour game. I have few to zero issues with other audio/video apps. MLBtv has become too much of a hassle to work with so this year will be my last. UPDATE: Forgot to mention the ads that subscribing (paying) customers must endure before each broadcast, and again every time you may wish to switch back and forth to other games. ALSO, the App Store shows a 4.3 rating. Perhaps, but I scrolled through over 500 ratings and there are mostly 1 and 2 star ratings. All mention the same issues as above. FINALLY, all complaints are responded to by a robot, I have zero confidence anything will improve. As any monopoly, customers are the last concern, if of any concern at all. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!.Version: 14.5.1

Always starts beginningThis app used to work. But now it says middle of the fourth and it is in pregame! Cannot get LIVE games. Have deleted several times and reinstalled with same problem on Appke TV..Version: 14.4.1

Best App Gone BadWhat was one of the greatest apps from my favorite sport is now among the worst apps I have. The comparison is like failing to get the third out in the 9th inning to win the game. The latest upgrade for the MLB App for Apple TV 4 is simply horrible. The first thing is the look and feel. There was nothing wrong with the look and feel with the previous version? Games and scores were easy to see. Games were easy to select. Once you selected a game and team feed you are given a choice of: Start game from beginning, catch up mode or go live. All of those options are now gone. Only option is live feed. Once the feed starts, you are forced with closed captioning automatically (May have been fixed?). You can no longer skip back or forth with Siri commands. Also lost is the ability to go back to watch an inning easily? All you had to do was swipe up and chose the inning-but another good feature gone. I was watching Big Inning and I wanted to switch to a live game. I hit the menu button on remote and was taken to the AppleTV home screen..Version: 14.2.1

Awful since latest updateWhy oh why do you have to do these updates before they actually work. Excellent app until the most recent update. Living in the UK I watch most of the Red Sox games the next day at work in between jobs so I’m always having to pause matches. Since the update every single time you come out of the app you have to restart the game from the beginning and 7/10 games it crashes at some point so you have to spend 5 minutes trying to find the point you was up to, infuriating. FIX THE BUGS OR LOSE MY SUBSCRIPTION!!!!!!.Version: 14.2.1

2021 junkI’ve been subscribed to MLB since 2014 and they have ruined this app. Not once all season have I been able to watch a game without it crashing. If I want to listen to the game I need to close and re-open the app a minimum of 3 times to get the player to load. All season long so far. No matter what the update. Too expensive for performance like this. Get Kayo or some other alternative. Update: now these clowns have the nerve to play 30 second ads before listening to a radio broadcast. On a paid app..Version: 14.6.0

No standings?!Every edition on Apple TV has had standings. Why on earth does the latest version omit this? We need to see the seasons standings!!!!.Version: 14.2.1

Too many UNWANTED notifications!!I used to have far more notifications settings turned on in seasons past, but it got really out of hand this season, including notifications that straight up spoiled the end of the games I was watching (apparently the broadcasts I’ve been watching are a bit behind). I started to get super aggravated at the spoilers and over-the-top number of news notifications, so I just trimmed it down to game start for the teams I care about. However, I’m finding that I STILL get multiple news notifications per day, and it’s not even for teams I have on my list! I even went to verify that my settings were correct (and they were). I’m super close to deleting this app, especially from my watch since the persistent tapping for stuff I don’t care about is SO ANNOYING. Please respect user settings on notifications!!! Some of us are busy at work and unwanted taps are extra irritating and distracting!.Version: 12.1.4

Crashing all the timeNew update takes ages to load and crashes all the time. I try to watch videos of the game and as soon as they start it crashes the app. Very annoying. Was 5 star now 1 star.Version: 11.3.1

CanadaWhat’s the point if I can’t watch the jays game live when I’m in Canada.Version: 15.2.1

DCCan’t open historical games from the calendar.Version: 15.5.0

STILL Garbage!Update: ads and ads and more ads. This is worse than watching live TV. The app is confusing to navigate, I can't find in app purchases and the service is useless. The app and the service reminded me of why I stopped watching's all about money, politics, and juicing the fans. They don't care about the fans or our experience. I Subscribed to At Bat. Realized you get almost nothing for your money. Subscribed to MLB Premium. Couldn't watch the live Yankee game tonight because it was blacked out even though I'm in-market. I could watch games from other markets but not my own market(???????). Still Can't watch the Yankees game from the archive. Still blacked out. But I can watch a live game from the west coast. Makes no sense. This app is garbage and the service is garbage. You're paying for MLB's licensing politics where the fans don't matter and get screwed coming and going. I now remember why I stopped watching baseball. Dirty business that gives the fans the short end of the stick every time. This app is just another example and the service is yet another one. Pass.Version: 13.4.0

Canadians: DO NOT BUYI just called support. i am in ontario Canada. Due to a station in my province and or country who bought the rights for all bluejay games, you can NEVER watch a live game. You can only street it 90 minutes after. This is not a damn restriction, this is a full season block. The advertising is so misleading. They should freaking tell Canadian customers before signing up that you can never watch a live game… leading you to think only a few games are blocked. I called and got a full refund at least. What a freaking scam. We have one freaking canadian baseball team… like come on. Pure greed..Version: 14.5.0

Latest updateDoesn’t work after latest update...can never get past the page after you choose your fave team...the notifications page...sort it out!.Version: 12.0.0

F/10When going to audio for archived games it lists games as final or final/10 (as in went to extra innings). This ruins the listening experience for the first 9 innings as you know it’ll go to extras..Version: 15.5.0

Default Language IssuesThis app is a pretty good way to watch MLB. I subscribe on an iPad from north of the 49th parallel. There are issues. The audio for US video feeds(e.g. ESPN, YES for NYY feeds, or Bally Sports for other US feeds) defaults to Spanish instead of the native audio that accompanies the selected TV feed. In such cases I must select teams’ radio feed if I want to hear English coverage of that team. So no Dave Cone for NYY games. No Ron Darling for Mets games, etc. (NESN can keep Dennis Eckersley) The picture-in-picture functionality is also flaky; the video has a tendency to sometimes disappear while the app thinks it’s still running. In such cases, device has must rebooted, feed must be re-invoked in MLB.TV and user must scroll forward to pick up continuity. I like the bottom-of-the-screen game status bar that users can call up..Version: 13.10.2

Keeps crashingApp is use is great but keeps crashing constantly.Version: 11.3.1

Keeps losing live scoresCurrent version keeps losing the live scores option. Have to delete app and re-install to correct..Version: 14.1.0

Unstable geniusThis app is potentially brilliant for the long-distance MLB fan, with everything you need to know and instant updates. However, it is infuriatingly unstable with constant crashes on my iPad and often difficult to re-load. This did not happen last season. It weren’t broke; why did you fix it?.Version: 11.2.2

Has what I want but very buggyI would give it five stars if there weren't so many technical issues. I have the latest iPhone that is updated. The first issue is the schedule at the top of the screen always shows dates in the past and isn't current. The only way to see the current schedule is to click on the calendar. If this can't be fixed I'd rather have it removed as a feature. The second problem is incredibly annoying and making me consider canceling my subscription. The issue is white the phone is connected to my car by CarPlay, It is not possible to listen to the radio even if the app is not open on my phone. It continually tries to play MLB audio. The only way to play my radio is to disconnect my phone from CarPlay. I don't even have the MLB app as a option in CarPlay so I don't see the icon in CarPlay. So something is going on with auto play and this app. This has never happened with any other app but always happens now. I've tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it several times that does not correct the problem..Version: 14.1.0

App stopped working in the middle of the WSWho’s genius idea was it to do an update right before game 4 of the Astros Yankees game?!?!? You need to fire your engineer team! I could not watch the game and had to re-download the app AND couldn’t log back on with my password. Had to reset my password. While the engineers are at home enjoying a glass of wine with there 6 figure salaries, you left the phone support team to deal with your ineptitude. Shameful!.Version: 12.8.1

Many games now outsourced to FacebookWas gutted to be unable to watch the Mets thrashing of the Phillies the other day 25/4 !! Of course I have the top subscription, but when I clicked on the tv icon, there was no Mets or Phillies TV option - just some Facebook link. Few games are at sensible games in my time zone, but this one was, so as a Mets fan I spent the game fighting with the app and even trying to get onto FB to watch it whilst the score piled up. May be next time the Mets score 25 in a home EARLY game MLBTV will let me watch that one. It is not surprising that the Facebook watch option was entirely inoperable, but it is really surprising that MLBTV would try to force people on to the FB platform after all that has happened. Just amazing. The info on the app/subscription is materially wrong because it says you can watch all (out-of-market) games with your subscription. That needs to be changed to “most” or “many” games “Facebook account required to watch The remaining games”..Version: 11.5.0

More bugs and more adsThis app could be a great way of following baseball games. It's got a great design and it's responsive. Unfortunately it has a number of glaring bugs front and center in the interface. I keep expecting these to get fixed, and year after year, through dozens of update, the bugs are still there. Half the time when I watch a game it doesn't show the name of the current batter, or it skips a few of the recent batters, or doesn't show who is pitching. This is basic stuff. It's unbelievable that they haven't fixed it. Now, to add insult to injury, they've started piling more and more advertising into the experience. I have a paid subscription so I can listen to audio streams. I tune in if I see something exciting happening. But now when I do that, I have to sit through an ad before the stream starts. So much for the paid subscription. MLB wants to nickel and their fans, and it's killing the product..Version: 14.5.1

Frustrated beyond beliefHands down, this is the worst app I’ve ever used. Previously, it worked okay, but this latest update is not good at all. When viewing archived games, it crashes at least 4-5 times per game, throwing you back to the menu. Then you have to start over, and try to remember where you were when it dumped. As bad as this is though, it can’t hold a candle to the horribleness of the latest tvOS version on Apple TV. Oh my, that is so bad it’s hard to describe. Again, used to be fine, but the latest update REMOVES essential features, like the clickable linescore that allowed you to jump to any half inning. Navigating through an archived game is an exercise in futility — the timeline disappears before you can get your thumb on the remote’s trackpad. You press again to bring it back, but then the video starts PLAYING, forcing you to pause it again and try to swipe forward or back before the timeline disappears again. Previously, Siri could be used to navigate, but now it jump ahead by 10 seconds no matter what “time” you tell it. Honestly, whoever worked on this app should be sacked immediately. It is useless, and the very definition of AWFUL..Version: 14.2.1

Notifications for teams not enablingI had them enabled and I went to check and they not anymore so I enable them but they don’t stay enabled please fix this. I have had this app for a year or so and never had this problem.Version: 13.5.1

Constantly crashesRecently this app has started crashing all the time while watching games. I can barely get through 5 minutes without it crashing and needing me to reopen it wait for the stream to start up again. Incredibly frustrating while trying to watch the postseason! If it weren’t for the crashing issue, this would be a 5 star app..Version: 12.8.1

New Ads Are a PainI use this app religiously almost everyday. I really enjoy listening to games, looking up stats, following headlines, etc. and this has been the best place for me to do it for approximately 6 years now. However, they have recently started running an ad every time you select a game to listen to, no matter how many times you’ve recently listened to that ad. For example, I had to listen to a Roman erectile disfunction ad 10-15 times yesterday. And maybe I’m guilty as charged, but it gets very annoying because you have to listen to the ad when you open the game and then listen to it again just because you switched the broadcast. And if you’re trying to listen to a key moment of a game, you have a 30 second ad to get through before you get to that broadcast. This has been VERY frustrating and annoying. I understand the name of the game is to make money, but this is at the expense of the enjoyment of the user..Version: 14.5.1

The only terrible app I continue to useThis app is and has been atrocious for years—but the latest iOS and tvOS updates have made it bad and at times unusable. iOS: radio audio never works on first selection. You need to try a different feed, then go back, or force quit the app, and select “gameday” view before re-selecting a radio feed. Then if you browse the app while listening, any video you scroll over will stop whatever you are listening to and takeover. This is just basic, broken functionality. tvOS: no broadcasts load, period. And you need to restore your purchase before you get the chance to select a video or audio stream (that won’t load anyway.) If the app were free—it would be a terrible app. That MLB charges users for use, AND won’t pay competent developers, AND forces you to listen to the same ads over and over between innings makes it a rip off. Update: the app has managed to become even worse after the latest update. I’ve cancelled my subscription for the first time in 10+ years. It’s an atrocious app. Now when you launch the app you see a note about “bootstrapping” and “preloading images” as if there is any reason for an end user to see that information. Then the app hangs at the opening screen with a spinning wheel. At least prior to the update, you would see the scoreboard before the app completely froze on any attempt at video playback. It’s comical that Apple has deemed this an “Editors Choice.”.Version: 14.2.1

Total blackouts Blu JaysIt said there would be blackouts for home games. Then it changed to blackouts for games at Toronto, Seattle and Boston. We were told this was caused by Rogers requiring this. BUT, practice has shown that ALL games are a blackout and can’t be used within 90 minutes of the games ending. A bit of a con?.Version: 14.5.1

Is there a rule now…That this app must be a piece of garbage, to match how MLB treats its fans with TV and in person delivery? Like, the functionality, basic, and the stability, are quite terrible, for a business of billionaire owners. Will be the last year I ever pay for a subscription..Version: 15.1.0

Bugs galore: CarPlay broken, video slow to load, audio requires toggling to loadUpdate: Now clicking audio plays an advertisement, then afterwards doesn’t load the game audio. So then I have to listen the advertisement again to try and get the audio to load. The app just gets worse with each update. The Apple TV app went from great to horrible. Sad. Because this app is the most used on my phone, I’ve learned to work around most of the bugs in this super buggy app. A list of the things that most annoy: * CarPlay has been broken all season. When I try to play an audio feed, I get an error that I am not authorized. I have to start the feed from the app on the phone to play through the car * To play an audio feed, you tap the feed you want (which will never load), then tap another feed and wait for it to load, the after the second feed loads, tap the first that you actually wanted to hear. From there you can switch feeds without issue. * Since they launched the new UI for selecting a video feed, you have to do a lot of waiting and watching the spinner. Sometimes I have had luck tapping the game feed twice and it will load quicker. At least they finally fixed the issue from last season that shows ads for premium accounts. Please don’t change anything next season. Just fix all of the many bugs..Version: 14.5.1

Hilarious…So tonight I got a notification from the MLB app to take a survey. I thought, great I have some things to say. So I tapped on the notification, and it opened the app to my team’s home screen and … nothing. No survey. I laughed because I should have expected that. Most of the notifications I tap on these days just take me to my team’s Home Screen and fail to load the story or video that the notification alerted me to. And before you say to delete and reinstall the app, I did that last week. I deleted the app, updated my software to 14.5, installed the app, restarted my phone again and then opened it. It still fails to load articles or videos from notifications. At least I ca get recap and condensed game videos to load now, but it’s still a win/lose. Setting notifications in the settings is still a pain. Sometimes the change saves, sometimes it doesn’t. And no matter how many times I’ve tried I’ve never received notifications when the condensed game is available. MLB used to be at the cutting edge of iPhone development, but those days are long passed… Much like like the pace of the game. Slowerand slower each year… I love baseball so much, but even I’m getting bored….Version: 14.2.1

PatheticBought for the last 4 years, liked the app, but this year they decided to sell the rights to jays games here in Canada so now all Jays games are blacked out. How the hell can you sell a subscription and then black out games? MLB is being run by a bunch of pathetic fools.Version: 14.4.1

Keeps on crashingWhen I open the app it crashes 2-3 seconds after opening, every time, not allowing me to do anything. Redownloaded, updated it etc.Version: 13.7.0

AppThe MLB app is riddled with ridiculous ads on nearly every page and EVERY video. I'm sorry but with ticket prices as high as they are, food, parking, merchandise, etc I can't afford to take my family to a game. So pardon me if I think bombarding us with ads for additional revenue on your app just to watch a video isn't ridiculous and quite tone deaf. Does MLB really need that additional revenue? Pathetic. And please stop combining stats into one. You guys are really missing the boat trying to make us look at one "league". Fans love the two leagues, the divisions and the inter league rivalry. I want to see who is doing what I'm each league, not a combination. You're killing the golden goose but what sport in America isn't these days? So... keep pricing your future fan base out of the stadiums, then cloud the app with ridiculous ads and watch where you are in 10 years. You won't have the revenue to hand out these lavish guaranteed contracts to overpaid athletes. There is a massive correction coming. I have a feeling you won't see it till it's past too late..Version: 10.4.2

Condensed/recaps are a waste of timeThe app is fine, however my issue is with how you can watch the games. With NFL game pass they have the full game, a 40 minute version, or highlights (generally around 6m). The 40 minute game is perfect. With MLB your options are either the whole game (usually around the 3hr 45min mark) or a recap or condensed version. Honestly I haven’t worked out the difference between these yet. Both are only around 7 mins. There’s no option of maybe an hour long version, where all the ads are cut out and you can still see each pitch I watch from the Uk so generally can’t watch live, and we don’t even get the commercials, just a blank screen. It’s boring as hell!! Sort it out MLB.Version: 11.7.2

DisappointingI'm very disappointed that with the latest MLB update it is no longer compatible with older IPads. I can only use IOS 9 on my Ipad3 and this app no longer works with anything less than IOS 11. Fix it please!.Version: 12.1.4

Redesign is awful - now it changed back?*** Update *** I just quit the app and relaunched it. It’s back to the way it was before. Was I just looking at a beta release for a possible, future redesign? If it was, I hope you don’t go forward with it. Please, please keep this design as it currently is. I will re-rate the app if this design remained the same. Please look into launching games in progress. I have to force quit the app before the game starts streaming on my iPad. ******************* You took a 5+ rated app and redesigned it much for the worse. I use it all the time for scores, stats, videos of scoring plays and to watch a game. The app is so cluttered, slow and clunky now. When I want to click on a player it loads a new page instead of a pop up about him. To get back to the box score after looking at the player is not intuitive. Stats for leaders in categories changed to basically all the stats for all players with sorting. Some may think that’s better but it’s not as elegant as just looking at a category like strikeouts. I haven’t tried loading a game in progress that hasn’t been working right ever since the option for video feeds was changed. I wouldn’t be this irate about these changes if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve been telling everyone I know that MLB is the model for all iPad apps to be written..Version: 14.4.1

Terrible for watching gamesGreat site until update to Can’t watch a game without it crashing 10-12 times. Usually give up before the game is over..Version: 14.2.1

Was good but now I get blank screensWas a great app but in the past week or so my home team page and others appear blank telling me to refresh. I do so but it remains blank.Version: 11.7.2

Green dots show app records camera?I love this app but, it’s freaked me out that my iPad is identifying the app as recording my camera / microphone what the hell is that about? Happens when watching game recap videos.Version: 14.2.1

Still hasn’t fixed issue with crashing at startup.Not working at all after this most recent update..Version: 11.7.2

Current incarnation of At Bat is awfulGame day updates are slow, poorly composed and do not match up with front screen. Don’t try to improve on an app if you’re only going to take it backwards.Version: 11.3.1

What happened?This used to be a great app, now it’s total garbage. 1. Randomly crashes at least 10-20 times per game. 2. Drains the iPad battery completely by 4th inning 3. Condensed game video hasn’t worked even once for me this season! 4. You cannot cast games to the chromecast even though it says it’s supported. It freezes every few seconds making it completely unwatchable. Only issue #4 is a carry over from previous years, the other problems are new this year. Tonight I’m trying to watch the free game of the day and it will not play at all. I have tried everything from logging out, rebooting the iPad and even deleting/reinstalling the mlb app. Nothing works. I created a problem ticket and sent it in to app support and I got some generic response and no other follow up. Please do something, your app is going down in flames..Version: 14.2.1

New update with watching games and seeing scores.Can you please change the new update so you when you want to watch a game either in real time or after that you don’t see the scores? The old way used to be much better , it really defeats the purpose of watching the game. Get rid of the black screen and go back to white. Other than that love the fact I can watch baseball in Australia 😊.Version: 14.2.0

Once a great app, now a buggy messThis was a great app 12 months ago but in recent months it has become a major source of frustration. The app crashes regularly and it is unresponsive most of the time - on an iPhone 12 Pro and an M1 iPad Pro..Version: 14.2.1

Misleading on purchasesThe app works fine and I find it very helpful. But I am frustrated by their monthly subscription situation. I have tried multiple times to cancel my subscription and just have the free version on my phone because i just want the basics, I do not use the features on the premium version. And yet, every couple of months i get charged for the monthly version again and don’t understand how i got subscribed or when they gave me the option to opt out. I finally figured out after a lot of digging that i have to go into my AppleID settings and unsubscribe from there to stop the auto payments. But I am frustrated that they make this so hard to find and that the default is for me to start getting charged instead of making it clear whether i want the free version or the premium. Paying for the app one time would be fine, but i don’t use it enough to justify $3 every month. Please make it more clear whether we are subscribing to the paid version and how to unsubscribe if we want to..Version: 11.5.0

Quirky app for iPadOn my iPad gen 8 I have to regularly delete the app and reinstall it. Main problem is that I regularly get a blank page with a ”refresh” button. When I click on that button, nothing happens except that the refresh button comes up again. Some of the pages work and some don’t. Typically the Scores and Standings pages do not work and those are the ones that are most useful to me. So I delete and reinstall and it works for a few days before I go through the process again. The other problem I’ve found is that the formatting on some pages is wonky. For example, on the Standings page for regular season, the team names don’t show because the entire column is scrunched to the left. You can see the last letter or two but not the whole team name. But it works on the wild card standings. The iPhone app is also quirky occasionally but not nearly as much as the iPad version. C’mon mlb - you make billions of dollars a year. Invest in better quality apps..Version: 14.6.0

New version keeps crashingMy all time favourite app, but the newest version does work properly. Every time I try and access team standings, it crashes. That and the adverts that are now on before video clips means the usually excellent app is now just a bit irritating..Version: 11.2.1

Bring back video linking.My friends and I sent each other links to good/bad plays in baseball that day, week or however long. You’ve taken away all the link sharing. Really frustrating, completely crushed our conversations. Fix it up!.Version: 12.1.4

Video function fixed; notifications still MIAUPDATE: I owe MLB half an apology. I hadn’t updated my iOS; I did, and video highlights are fixed. So that one was my fault. However, my next notification about a condensed game will be my first this season. (And I did everything: logged out, uninstalled, restarted iPad, reinstalled app, logged in and redid settings again. I’m now done trying to make this app work the way it’s supposed to.) So we’re up from 2 stars to 3. It’s nice; it just doesn’t do what it should. When this app works, it’s fantastic. But all year I keep seeing “No highlights currently available.” Uninstalling and reinstalling fixes that problem, but I’m not about to reinstall an app (and log in, and set my preferences) every day. The treatment of condensed games was a mess for several weeks. Now they’re finally showing up in the right place, but I STILL haven’t gotten a single notification all season that a condensed game was ready to watch. The videos, especially condensed games, are my favorite part of the app. So I’m sure you can understand why I’m miffed. Simply put, a well-conceived app is performing very poorly..Version: 12.1.4

An embarrassment to Major League BaseballI use the mlb app primarily to stream the radio description of games, for which a paid subscription is required. As an audio streaming app, this is the worst imaginable product. I listen to podcasts, and have used several different apps, stream music using several of the popular services, and stream radio broadcasts using several other apps. The MLB app is the worst by a large margin. The audio feed often cuts out for no reason. Restoration of the feed usually involves closing the app completely and restarting. This has always been a problem (I’ve used the app for 5+ years), but has gotten worse this season. A new problem this year is that the audio feed sometimes cuts out if the app is not active, ie., if you try to use a different app, or turn off the screen (so that you won’t inadvertently click on a link when the phone is in your pocket). There’s one part of the website (podcasts I think) that if you accidentally wander into that you can’t get out of, that is there’s no available back link or menu. The only solution here is to shut down and restart. Major League Baseball should be ashamed of themselves for this inferior product. If I had another option for audio streaming I’d use it. I’m leaving this review here because there’s no support contact in the app itself to which one could report problems..Version: 14.5.0

New 2018 AtBat has ruined BaseballAtBat have killed the game for me with this app, with the introduction of a rectangle graphic superimposed over the strike zone area. It means I can no longer view the pitch or the moment when the bat connects. It is always in the way and once a pitch is thrown, the ball speed pops up on the graphic as well as its position in the zone. Incredibly boring to watch when you're being schooled! I just want to watch regular baseball, no superimposed graphics. AtBat do not have an option which lets you choose whether you want this. Customer support is woeful. This is the first season I've cancelled my premium. Very sad..Version: 11.1.1

Panasonic no moreDevastated to learn that this app wasn’t available any more on my TV. The app is ok but can’t find the line score feature that was available on my Panasonic. Don’t have time to watch whole games so this would be a welcomed addition to this app.Version: 12.3.0

Riddled with bugs and shocking supportBeen using this app as an international (UK) fan for many years and it’s been historically pretty good. However, this version is riddled with bugs in its date / location processing that is supposed to show when games are happening in my local time but are actually getting the conversion wrong. There are also issues with identifying my location despite my Location Services being configured. MLB customer support don’t seem very keen on fixing them and have just reverted to the usual ‘logout and download the app again’ response which doesn’t work and then actually suggested I contact Apple support. Asking a paying customer to take ownership and resolve a technical issue between two organisations is not right. You develop the app, then test it on supported platforms to make sure it works. That’s YOUR job MLB..Version: 14.2.1

Terrible updateI used to love this app but since the updates they made in the off season it has been horrible. It constantly crashes for no reason which is the main issue, but even smaller things like defaulting to the home commentary instead of giving you the option when you go into the game, having the scores on the streaming page as a massive spoiler, only having the option for 1 main team (my husband and I both use the app but support different teams and now my main feed defaults to the Mets instead of the Yankees). The app worked so well up until this season, and considering how much we pay for our subscription it’s been nothing but disappointing this year. Please fix it before the 2022 season..Version: 14.5.0

Not compatible with older devicesPaying subscription customer, and I cannot watch on my IPad because it's too old and won't update to iOS 14. Buy me a new iPad then apple. The one I have works perfectly fine why should I have to buy a new one?.Version: 11.8.2

Ads on radio even if you pay.App has been five stars for years and works great, but all of a sudden ads before radio broadcast feeds will play. Not what we’ve paid for..Version: 14.5.1

V poor streamingThe iPad app has gone downhill in 2021. Streaming is basically unwatchable with picture breakup, freezing and just a low quality product. This is with brand new iPad and super fast broadband so 100% not an issue at my end. Friends all have the same issue. Modifications required as iPad app is not fit for purpose..Version: 14.5.0

Permissible cheating?Can’t positively rate an app of a league that allows for teams and players to systematically cheat in the World Series. The content is tainted.Version: 13.0.0

Commercial screenGood app. But the blank screen during commercial breaks could use a revamp (highlights or replays etc, and it could be removed entirely for games that are over). Replay options are also limited, and a pop out video option would be good for the iPad, so you can keep watching if you need to check another app..Version: 12.1.3

Love baseball, but …Videos continually drop out. So irritating..Version: 15.5.0

MLB app is full of glitches & they won’t take responsibilityUpdate: Take a look at the recent reviews. Everyone is experiencing issues with the app. There hasn’t been an update in a week, but MLB says to delete and reinstall. That is MLB support in a nutshell. Everyone’s devices are the problem... not their terrible app. Hey MLB support how about you own your issues, admit the app is broken, and say you are working to fix it. The MLB app used to be the gold standard of sports apps. That has changed dramatically in recent years. They simply cannot get their app to function reliably. This is true for the 2021 season and their latest update. The videos under the scores tab do not work. When you are scrolling through videos it will automatically scroll to the top of the video list the second you take your finger off the screen. I attempted to contact mlb support about this issue and they responded with a completely unrelated answer. MLB continues to drop the ball. They simply cannot get their app to function properly. Avoid this app until the MLB demonstrates consistent reliability in app functionality..Version: 14.0.0

An aging veteran in need of a serious retoolFor many years the MLB digital experience was my absolute favorite experience in sports, and I’ve done them all: NHL, NBA, Sunday Ticket, you name it. The ability to bounce between TV, radio, and At Bat made baseball consumable in almost any situation and hands-down the best value in sports entertainment. Unfortunately, while MLB Advanced Media has wandered off into bigger and greener pastures, this once-great experience has found itself bogged down by bugs and bad attention to detail. Video play inexplicably shuts down every 10 minutes. The radio app drops out constantly and can’t be brought back without a full restart. The commercials are repetitive on TV and deafeningly loud on radio. The whole experience feels largely forgotten, with a woeful lack of loading states and basic UI feedback mechanisms that leave anyone who isn’t pro-level at this janky app hopelessly confused. Five years ago, I would have told anyone I knew the MLB experience was worth the money, and to their credit hope still exists. But this aging vet needs a retool fast or it’s career might be over..Version: 14.5.0

Videos not workingNo videos of in game working. Payment has come off credit card for 2019 What’s doing!!!!!!!.Version: 12.1.3

Can’t create accountDownloaded this app after getting into baseball this year. Can’t create an account to actually enjoy it. Says the password is create isn’t valid although it matches the criteria asked..Version: 14.2.1

TvOS version getting much worseI'm focusing this review on the Apple TV version of the MLB app. I've been using iOS and Apple TV versions of the MLB app for years. The newest version on Apple TV is a shadow of its former self. The side by side view is gone! Catch Up is gone! Start from beginning as a simple choice is gone! Simple alternating between two games gone! Linescore for jumping to a particular inning half is gone! I'm sure there's more that's missing but this is just a shame to weaken the app so much. I've experimented with the Picture in picture which isn't consistent in its use of the remote. Hit the back when viewing one of the pictures and you're sent back to the main Apple TV menu. Surprisingly difficult to exit out of a game to pick a different one if P-in-P has been used. The UI just isn't consistent or reliable. I'm going to return a new Apple TV because it would have to use this new version. The MLB app is one of my main uses for Apple TV. I'm keeping the older Apple TV with automatic updates turned off so I'm not forced into updating to this version..Version: 14.2.1

Going downhill quickThis app used to be the gold standard of sports apps. Now, it is really buggy at best. There is a vast amount of information if you can get the app to function well enough to get to it. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max that has been fully updated so whatever issues exist, they are by the app developer. I expect better from a multi billion dollar organization. UPDATE: Took away another star because the videos are so dysfunctional, it is ridiculous. All of the videos have to load because MLB wants them to auto play for whatever reason. Not only is this a terrible, clunky, buggy experience, but it’s just a bad idea because a lot of the videos have the other team’s highlights mixed in which I am not at all interested in. I used to come here to check the standings, but I have to dig for those because MLB wants me to play some game instead presumably so they can generate even more revenue. My app has been deleted and reinstalled and my iPhone 11 Pro Max is as updated as it can be. I’m done trying to solve the MLB app problems on my end. Time for them to be better. The easiest solution to this problem is to just use another app for the standings and do without the highlights. They’re not worth the frustration anyway..Version: 14.1.0

Latest AppleTV App Update is TerribleThe latest AppleTV app update stripped out a ton of great features and introduced new bugs. A terrible job by MLB Advanced Media releasing a featureless, buggy mess. Used to be a great example of how to do a streaming app. Not anymore..Version: 14.2.1

WORST UPDATE EVER!!!This update is the worst ever, what were you thinking..Version: 14.3.0

Ads in MLB audioWhy do I have to listen to an ad before the commentary starts? This has only just been implemented and is extremely annoying when we pay for the subscription..Version: 14.5.1

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