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MetaTrader 4 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

MetaTrader 4 app received 40 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using MetaTrader 4? Can you share your negative thoughts about metatrader 4?

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MetaTrader 4 for Negative User Reviews

Not letting me tradeI have tried to deposit money to my account on two occasions which failed the third occasion worked however having added the app it will not let me trade I have been in contact with my account and they said everything is fine there and therefore I’ve reset the password six times now with them highlighting this may be the issue I have also deleted the app and re-downloaded the app with no success it lets me login says invalid account however let me browse everything There doesn’t seem to be a clear solution for at the moment.Version: 4.0.1351

Fibonacci Channel doesn't work correctlyThe Fibonacci Channel doesn't make sense the way you have it working. Say i'm marking up a down trend; the anchors from high to low that i place on the price bars should be designated as 100% (high) and 0% (low). Instead, when i place anchors from high to low, the high won't have any designation and my low will say 0%. Then below my 0% Fib line, I'll have a projection of what i designated as high and low all under my 0% line. That doesn't make sense. Please Fix! Also, i'd like to be able to peer into the future. like if i can move the current candle to the middle of my screen rather than have the current printing candle tight to the far right of my screen. otherwise. great app!.Version: 4.0.1293

Works fine and suddenly boom won’t work.Have been using MT4 for some time now. Normally would work fine . But then suddenly it will log me out form my live acc and logme in witha demo account and then have to add all currencies again what a night mare. Specially if u are about to enter trades and this happens might loose many opportunities due to this mishap. Servers really need to respond well around the countries . Needs constant work this one.Version: 4.0.1283

Great monitoring tool but needs workMT4 mobile has been stable on iOS and easy enough to navigate. Missing however is the ability to assign custom sounds for notifications ( the little glass "ding" is pathetic). Notifications about trades or from indicators and EA's are important, which is why we use notifications. Also missing is the ability to set default trade lots. Other than these two things, I am quite grateful for the MT4 mobile app..Version: 4.0.1345

Could be better if...This app is functional and somewhat user-friendly but it could use a tuneup. Being able to move your T/P, Buy/Sell, and S/L on Chart mode would be nice. A “Stat” mode would also make a great feature to analyze your trade history in more depth (ie worst trading days, avg pips won/lost, etc.). Also just as easy as you are able to Buy/Sell on Chart Mode, there should also be a “Close Trade” option on Chart Mode as well. Last but not least is having Push notifications for when trades are executed or designated price points are hit. That’s just my two cents. Happy trading everyone!.Version: 4.0.1093

Fraud!!! Don't use this appPeople are using this app to do fraud acticities. I believe they sre cooperating because they can manipulate the data. If you compare the data with other apps, you will find the data here is not right. If anyone asks you to use this app and giving someone your money, DO NOT TRUST. Do not give them the money because they can manipulate to show the funds in the account and also trading data on the backstage.Version: 4.0.1345

Please developmentYou should make a Close All button.Version: 4.0.1180

Decent, could do with some changes to improve usabilityOverall, the app is ok. It does what it says on the tin but it makes hard work of it, firstly the app needs to be more user friendly, make actions a bit softer and more modern. Speaking of modern it needs a design overhaul, could take massive tips from Trading 212 in terms of design, a dark mode app wide would be good and a more ranging set of colours as well. There are features that nearly every review calls for, one of them for example being price alerts so traders can know when a stock has hit a certain buy/sell. In addition the app should make more use of modern phone capability with multitasking at its core so traders can look at their open trades and make new ones concurrently..Version: 4.0.1171

Great potential, but needs to be updatedThis is a good platform to monitor and make trades, I just wish the app could fix certain bugs and add some additional features. For bug fixes: - [PLEASE FIX THIS] When I draw too many shapes across multiple charts (in my case, 6-7 trend lines on all Major and Forex Cross pairs, some exotics and some cryptos), the application will delete all my shapes when I reload the app. This is very frustrating when I spend hours marking up my charts just to have it all deleted moments after finishing. - If I draw big shapes on a large time scale like the D1 or W1, and switch over to the M15 or H1 scale, the shapes disappear on the smaller timeframes even though they are set to show on all timeframes. For features, I would like added: - The ability to turn off auto-zoom so I can scroll vertically on charts. - Ability to set SL/TP by dragging horizontal lines on the charts as opposed to having to type in the exact numbers every time I trade. - A pip calculator tool to let me know the distance between prices more efficiently. - Black background or dark theme for the iPad version of the app. All in all, I think this is a great app and would definitely like to use this as my primary trading platform because it is great for trading on the go. I just really hope the bugs and features I listed can be addressed soon so I can give the app a full 5-star review!.Version: 4.0.1171

Solid but god it’s basic..Have been using CMC market’s app recently and now whenever I use MT4, god I hate it. It’s so basic. CMC has a wonderful way to place orders on the fly using the chart with thy out having to add things up etc. Can drag your SL and TP lines in place, which then shows the value of the loss/profit based on the position size you have loaded on the ticket, and quite simply, it’s amazing. Just a shame they’re not a broker I would use, because the features and functionality of their app is incredible. Please MetaTrader add this feature at least. It’s 2020 now :).Version: 4.0.1266

Price on Chart not correctly reflecting open positionsI am very disappointed that a small time new trader like myself has been taken advantage of - robbed and stolen from - Why am I in the red when my low and high are the same price? Why is the high different from the high in another position but same trade? Why is the price fluctuating on the chart but not correctly reflected in my trades? If I’m in a sell and the price is lower by 10+ pips why am I in the red? Are there any brokers that are not sleeping with the banks - I don’t know how long this has been going on but I work hard for my money and to have it taken from me is not okay with me..Version: 4.0.1266

Like this app, although needs some improvementIve been using this app for over 6 months and there are some improvements that would be great 1) have a notification based system, ie tells you when a position has been activated or a take profit/stop loss has been hit 2) automatic setting for stop loss movement, as in you can set a trade when it reaches a certain price move stop loss to entry thats just an example 3)have a graph specific to everyone, it should show your equity against time. Can be used to show your growth 4)also make your history be stored on both the server and your phone, because it takes very long to reload your history, however if it was saved on your phone as data it would be instantaneous or atleast give the option of choosing where to save the data 5)also most important is on each trade have an area where you can type notes. Helps to keep track of trades and reason for trade. Thanks you.Version: 4.0.1178

FAQGood.Version: 4.0.1328

Add alarmIt would be better if they was an alarm to tell you when it reaches a certain point because I end up missing my positions The chart is really not that good because you can’t really scroll around you are limited too see A certain amount of the chart and as we have a problem certain so instead to compensate I have to use TradingView And A stoploss and take profit ball like TradingView also the chat is really bad because you’re only allowed to see a certain amount you don’t have that much freedom on so if it’s going up and there is still more space the charts Want to let you see it.Version: 4.0.1339

PRICE ALERTSPLEASE include price alerts. This is such a needed feature. It’s on the desktop MT4 program and it’s a feature on all other mobile trading apps out there. But not this one. PLEASE ADD THIS.Version: 4.0.1266

Fast but lacks common features of desktopDowngraded my score. It runs quick on my phone however it’s difficult to make detailed analysis on charts without a pointer tool to measure pips or to see correct price levels. As desktop version allows custom indicators or ea, if you rely on those you can’t depend on the vanilla functionality that comes with the app. Now when I make a trade on my desktop it doesn’t show the train lines or sl on the iPad version. It’s very difficult to manage trades on iPad. Simply this is an outdated software. Look to TradingView. It’s much slicker and better UX design..Version: 4.0.1348

Skipping timeIt’s skipping seconds and 10minutes of time which is not giving me right way to trade,candle are missing from chart,it is really not fair to people!I do have pictures of how software work,but of course here we the people can’t upload it-they didn’t make an option with purpose,Not movement of time which giving me only chance to lose all my money!There is no way on planet MT4 to do not fix that issue,only thing they’re interesting after all is just they’re side.Version: 4.0.1328

Denied Access Since Last ReviewI thought the purpose of the reviews was to leave feedback for the developers to use to improve on their product, if necessary, and acquire the information to make a good product great. Earlier I left a review reporting lagging issues with the app that caused users to. Have to restart the app multiple times because the app doesn’t load any information. Well, once I left that feedback my app hasn’t worked on all platforms since after 7:00 pm last night. The developers shut down my access since my last review, which doesn’t do anything but lend credence to my claim. I’ll change my review once I’m able to use the app properly again. Until then I’ll have to give it a less than one star if I could..Version: 4.0.1266

64 Bit program requiredMetaTrader is great on the phone or iPads, I’ve been self employed because of trading forex for over a year, I upgraded my computers and laptops and turns out that new software doesn’t support 32-Bit programs. Most software companies focus on 64-bit programs. That said if you have apple with Catalina MacOS you can no longer use Metatrader on your laptop or computer. I only use apple for everything and I refuse to use Windows. I think it’s pretty pathetic that such a huge trading platform is still so behind years later and doesn’t move forward to upgrade their program to a 64-Bit and make it easy for MacOS. If you already created an app for IPhones and IPads why not just complete the job and make MacOS apps available for MacBoooks and Mac computers. Let’s see how long it will take from this review until the job actually gets done..Version: 4.0.1224

A lot of bugsI’ve had several problems with this app over the last few months. I’m constantly having to make a NEW demo account because for some reason it always becomes “invalid” so I can not practice a new skill or strategy when needed most. So far there’s been 5 times where I had to make a new demo. The app has also does not allow me to add indices to my demo at all and it only lets me see a few in my real account. This gets in the way of trading for the simple fact that if I wanted to trade an indice, or PRACTICE trading an indice, I can not. The app has also deleted customizations I’ve added to my charts to make trading easier..Version: 4.0.1283

Need UpdatesMost of my problems or request are like other people. Push notifications would be nice to tell be a trade has been stopped, taken profit, or trade orders being triggered. The charting is easy to navigate but would like to be able to adjust orders, triggers, and stops from the chart itself but I can live with those problems. The most annoying this is I’ll have Many currency pairs charted and set for orders to be taken care of, then all of a sudden all my charting disappears and the whole chart system restarts to default without any of my lines or drawings! This is the glitch/bug that needs to be addressed the most because it’s a hassle to have to do everything over and over again. But I did notice that if I only analyze 6 charts or below the charts stay drawn up for a longer period of time so it must be a memory storage issue on the app side. Please fix this because I can’t stand the white background of tradingview, plus white backgrounds use up more battery!.Version: 4.0.1093

Metatrader4Pas terrible ne répond pas et est plus difficile à trader que sur metatrader 5.Version: 4.0.1328

How Dirty can a company be?Meta traders reign is over. They are very dishonest. When you click download meta trader 4 on their site 5 downloads. Now they are causing so many errors and malfunctions trying to force you to meta 5 with total disregard for their broker relationships after only 6 months of the new release. iPhones atleast give you 5-6 years before you have to upgrade to a new phone and they are using dirty games in 6 months? Well we building a site and app that’s far better and more ethical then theses jokers. It will cost me less then 500k. People are fed up with these dishonest games and now we are launching our own platform that will put this childish company to sleep..Version: 4.0.1093

ProblemsI think it is a very good app but the big problem for me is that: 1-you can not zoom in the charts in vertical direction. when u have a fibonacci retracement in prices and the predictions are above your chart u can not see your price targets. So fibonacci retracement are useless! it is important to note that these problem in meta trader5 update in app store these problems are solved recently and it is approtiatable. 2-you can not use logarithmic scale of graph in this app. these are very crucial problem. (also in meta trader5j the developpers shoud add the abbility of vertical zomming in and another functions in future as soon as possible of coure in computer version these problems are not exist. But in dynamic trader and trading view applications these problems don't exist and I prefer to use them sometimes. Solve and add these ability to the application please. thank you for such a good aplication..Version: 4.0.1300

Useless serviceI have added the app, deposited money, set up all details thinking everything was ready. The very first time I try to log in with the details they provided I might add, I got “account invalid”. Thinking I’d done something wrong I went over all details and tried again. The same message. I tried contacting them via online chat. I just got two questions. Account number? And which app. Then they go silent for almost an hour, I tried chat 5 times until I gave up. Now I’ve emailed them and still got no response. I use AVAGO now, so I would avoid meta completely cos their service is beyond a joke!!!.Version: 4.0.1093

Bad experience viewing historyThis app has the worse memory! Every time you check your history, your last settings are not saved and it's the most annoying thing in the world. I'm constantly having to click "custom" and set the year back to "2018" to see my history. Why doesn't MT4 save this as default so that when I come back I see the same! Arghhhhhhhhh! Sooooooo frustrating! Please fix this..Version: 4.0.1283

Good but could use improvement(IOS User) I love using this app to trade but when you’re trading you need to be able to execute trades quickly. Unfortunately, this app can slow you down. Setting trend lines, horizontal, and vertical, and other objects is not intuitive and very slow, this process could use major improvements. It’s should be quick and easy. Next, please stop asking me to agree to terms and conditions when I’m trading! Once you agree for the first time you should not have to agree again. If there is a way to change this settings please let me know, because it’s getting really annoying. Lastly, buying, selling, and closing trades should not take so many clicks! Like I mentioned before, you need to be able to execute quickly and a few seconds could determine whether you make a lot of money or lose a lot of money. If these things change I would happily change my rating but for now 3/5 is the most honest review..Version: 4.0.1266

Bring back previous Version 4I was using the previous version fine untill yesterday it stopped working. I had to delete and try to reinstall, now my broker information is missing! Come on guys sort this out.Version: 4.0.1103

Needs updatingThe app hasn’t changed much over that’s 5 years. It needs updating. I don’t understand how you still don’t have the black/grey background after it’s been requested for so many years. Also, I dislike that I don’t have templates! While I enjoy that I can have 4 pairs up and even one-click trading, you need to allow us to at least save 1 template for when we cancel out those screens from time to time. These things force me to use TradingView and then come use MT4 just to place the orders. Heiken Ashi candles would be nice a nice option as well!.Version: 4.0.1148

The app is ok, but I crashesThe app freezes alot of the time which can be super annoying if your in a trade..Version: 4.0.1328

Needs more feature compared to other CFD appsMT4 and MT5 appear almost amateurish when compared to some of the major trading apps. Plus500 has and awesome chart function others like CMC, IG and MiTrade all provide % movement from opening as well. MT4 and MT5 both need a better Charting tool and more info on the quotes tab (e.g. % change). Other app also allow funds transfer (deposits and withdrawals) from within the app. A feature I would really like to see is the value of the units (selling or buying) and the margin required as well as a profit and loss calculator like the one in Plus500 (very useful). Thanks.Version: 4.0.1224

Off quotesCant place any order because it just gives me an error message saying “off quotes” and no one can help.Version: 4.0.1328

Chart sticks up to 24 hours in the pastIt works ok most of the time but every few days the chart screen freezes, usually in the afternoon and from then on the positions screen says the right time but is often behind the actual time which is clear when I log in to my PC which usually matches the chart screen though sometimes that sticks too so I choose a pending position it won’t accept it because the market has moved on so I am constantly rejected lasting up to 24 hours or more of guesswork and when I do a market price trade the actual price is anything up to £20 away from price which I click on..Version: 4.0.1346

Great appCan't compare with the desktop version, but excellent to monitor position and do some light trading while on the go. No problem in open and close position. It would be nice if the alert feature like on the desktop can be made available on the mobile version - either sound or device notification will be great. Don't have to check every so often, so I can just rely on the alert function. Will be a true mobile feature!.Version: 4.0.427

Charts get wiped cleanI spend hours and hours charting and randomly the app will delete ALL my markups, it has happened to me AT LEAST 6 times in the past 4 months of using the app it is VERY frustrating to redraw everything and miss entries or executions due to this “bug”?? Also like someone mentioned it would be VERY nice to be able to move the stop loss in chart mode and to be able to close trades on mobile phones. While looking at the charts. Push notifications for activated “stop” or “limit” trades would be awesome as well..Version: 4.0.1093

Worst app ever- has huge problems that could be fixed easilyWhen you go to history, all the calculations are wrong. I’ve just looked what it tells me I made in one week, then calculated it myself: it’s totally wrong; and the same goes with the monthly history or any other setting you set it to. Also, it keeps giving me random “common errors”, which make me lose potential opportunities to trade. All these things are ESSENTIAL and could be fixed easily by the app developers, but for some reasons they don’t. As a full-time trader, this frustrates me as it is limiting my chances to reach my weekly and monthly targets. This week I didn’t meet my target only because of those common errors..Version: 4.0.1350

Has something Been changed in the app recently??This app has always worked great for me no complaints at all.. I mean literally perfect 👌🏼 The thing is though just last night I had to delete the app due to the "sell and buy line" not showing up so I thought to myself I'd just delete the app and then re download it to my phone to see if that would work.. Well it did but work but the problem now is I used to be able to manipulate my charts to the far left almost allowing me tons of space to my right of the charts but since I've redownloaded this app my charts have no room at all to the right of my iPhone screen.. this is honestly is really really annoying is this something MetaTrader is aware of??? And if so why the change?.Version: 4.0.1328

GoodEasy to use.Version: 4.0.1328

Horrible Charting Bug For Years!There is a bug that resets charts to default and erases all your drawings. Works well for awhile and then BAM! resets to default and drawings are gone! This has been an ongoing issue for years and updates have done nothing to fix it. Latest update also has an issue with drawing in landscape in the ability to pick up drawing points to adjust drawing. Was not a problem in previous version. Works fine in portrait but when drawing in landscape it’s a problem and you have to constantly turn the phone to portrait to bypass the landscape drawing issue. If these problems get fixed I would rate it a 5. The frustration associated with losing your drawings merits the low rating. The fact that it hasn’t been fixed yet shows this company doesn’t understand how important fixing this issue is for a real trader. I had hoped it was fixed this last update but it’s still there..Version: 4.0.1171

Good but missing key featuresI would easily give 5 stars if many of the key features were available. Notifications and trailing stop ability from Mobil would be amazing. Unfortunately I have to manually do it and that makes it tough. I also have to constantly watch a pair that comes within range, versus if notification was available I could simply wait until I'm notified allowing me to focus on key trades I'm already in. Aside from these small app adjustments the app overall is very reliable and easy to use and navigate!.Version: 4.0.1195

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