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MetaTrader 4 App User Positive Comments 2023

MetaTrader 4 app received 206 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about metatrader 4?

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MetaTrader 4 for Positive User Reviews

GoodAppreciated.Version: 4.0.1328

Awesome AppThis is an awesome app, one thing I would highly recommend is to be able to set alert when hits specific price range and if we found view the amount of TP And SL on screen like MT4 on desktop , that would be really awesome !!.Version: 4.0.1195

MetaTrader 4Great app but need to improve some areas: 1) make alert when getting close to the take profit line. 2) when wifi internet connection is lost, the mobile phone data can be backed up so that the trade won’t be cut off and make the trade lost..Version: 4.0.1349

MetaTrader4This is such a great tool when I’m away from my computer I can still buy and sell through my phone, absolutely brilliant, I love it..Version: 4.0.1093

OkI wish they would put a feature so we can put trailing stops on. Would not be too much to ask?.Version: 4.0.444

WE NEED A FEW SIMPLE THINGSThis app functions just as it should. But there is definitely room for improvement. Most of us intraday traders are active during late hours of the night. This app NEEDS an night mode version where the background is black. The phone version of this app has this function, so I don’t see why the iPad version can’t have it. Also, push notifications would be amazing, so we can know about the status of our trades and prospects. Other trading services have these functions, please don’t fall behind your competitors..Version: 4.0.1171

GoodGood.Version: 4.0.1224

ControlEasy to use. If developer managed to design the Fibonacci expansion tools with two fingers functioning that would be great..Version: 4.0.1345

Great App!I have used several apps within the App store and I can confidently write to say that this app have won a place in my heart as one of the best app till date that I have used. To say the say the at least, the app have been very easy to use as well as providing support for a more complicated and detailed services called FOREX. I will surely recommend it to others over and over..Version: 4.0.1224

Nearly there…!PLEASE add pivot point indicator! PLEASE. Also - info on the modification screen of the associated position would help. Added: Price alerts and news release notifications would be a strong addition to the app. MT4 is so close to being the app that makes me forget about desktop trading. Although setting notifications is missing - and such a feature is so valuable with trading on your mobile device. Also - a 'close all positions' button would be really helpful. Even it hides behind a password for security. Sometimes when I'm in the move a situation will crop up and I'll need to close everything quickly, which is close to impossible with the current style. Please add notifications and an emergency 'close all' switch!.Version: 4.0.1093

Easy access and NavigateUser friendly, need bigger font to easy read!.Version: 4.0.1349

Addicted to this app!Love love love trading on this app! It’s easy to get the hang of it , not hard to use ...although at first it may seem a little intimidating. Im practicing in the demo account until I become profitable enough to use a live account with real money. Trading is a skill set everyone should learn. No matter what condition the economy is in, how many jobs are lost, trading is a skill set that can bring in great reward if you stay consistent and keep practicing. Once you identify patterns in the market, you’re able to be more comfortable and confident in your trades..Version: 4.0.1283

GreatBest app !! I used the app for many years!.Version: 4.0.1328

ExcellentSo useful. Thank you for the great product.Version: 4.0.1224

Great mobile versionI’d give this 5 stars if only you could save your saved templates ( indicators ) on the app. It is great as way to monitor open trades. I would never advise trading solely from a mobile device but if you’ve done your analysis opening / closing a position is very simple. I know a lot of traders who are starting out and don’t have a desk with multiple screens use the mobile platform to execute setups that they have identified alongside the desktop platform..Version: 4.0.1180

Great appGreat app and really easy to use 👍.Version: 4.0.1178

Perfect to launch your tradeNot for graph analytic but perfect to launch trades.Version: 4.0.1328

Meta traderThis is a great app for mobile trading. Easy to use, intuitive and elegant..Version: 4.0.1261

Great appEasy to use and easy to navigate.Version: 4.0.1328

So much better than version 5This platform is intuitive and does everything I want from scaling out of trades to providing critical indications like ATR and volume. Some of the default indicators are worthless but you can search for custom Indicators created by others (available for purchase - but beware b/c they usually won’t work much better than the free ones). The mobile version is limited but still very good for trading on-the-go..Version: 4.0.1171

Perfect accompaniment to the desktop appI love using this app on my mobile, it’s a great addition to the desktop app. I use it at the same time as the desktop version as the trade tracking is much better in my opinion on the mobile. When I’m out it’s as good as the full app and even lets me combine indicators that I rely on for my trading strategies. The only thing missing is the ability to control EA’s and my VPS instances..Version: 4.0.1266

5 starVery easy to use and simple :).Version: 4.0.1328

Good but room for improvementNice app for monitoring the trade. Be good to have the close all open trades option at single click..Version: 4.0.1283

Love itThe best 👍.Version: 4.0.1293

Great works goodWorks good ,keeping a watch on your trades when your not home in front of your computer ,fast to set up trades and exit trades when your out away from your computer.Version: 4.0.1224

Love the dark modeSo much easier on the eyes!. Great app, simple and easy to use. I trade on my iPad and it’s user friendly. Thumbs up..Version: 4.0.1261

JLove it.Version: 4.0.1328

*Meilleur appli pour apprendre.Version: 4.0.1328

Great AppEasy to use, I use it on my iPhone phone and on my iPad. It is able to execute trades without problems every time..Version: 4.0.841

Great app!Review and trade on the go from your phone..Version: 4.0.1261

Great app, needs a little work.Awesome app, only problem is that it needs to be able to add alerts. I have to use the computer to set alerts and can’t always be able to get there in the day. Also alerts on when a profit or stop loss has been hit would be nice, possibly take profit and stop loss levels to be shown on the chart after placing orders (like on the computer platform) Other than that it’s a fantastic app..Version: 4.0.1093

Very good appVery easy to use and good interface. Only thing that’s rough is the time it takes to close a trade..Version: 4.0.1266

Don’t need toDon’t need to.Version: 4.0.1328

Great mobile appGreat app for on the go but still lacks in comparison to pc..Version: 4.0.1328

Amazing for tradingThis app is a first class app which I am currently using on my iPhone. I trade from it exclusively, it is better than any app that I have tried to date and I have experimented with many. Please keep it just as it is. Sometime too many enhancements can spoil a good thing. That being said your latest enhancement are well thought out improvements. This is the best trading software available..Version: 4.0.1148

Been using it for a long long long timeHard to get used to another.Version: 4.0.1346

Time icon on the chartI love the Meta4 App as my trading account only recommend Meta4 App. My complaint is that, I think the app would make more sense if candle time can be displayed on the chart. Secondly, I noticed it would be great if you can actually see the different pairs icon on the chart when the screen is flipped. These are some of the features that I believe would make the Meta4 app great if they are included in the app..Version: 4.0.1283

"Simple Easy"That sums it up.Version: 4.0.1171

Lost a couple demo accountsRecently I kept getting signed out every time I try to open the app, thinking I’d lost my account and all my trades. When I tried opening the app it kept setting a new demo with $100,000 and required a broker to be selected again. So having reset my password and remembering it and the broker I chose I was able to log back in and regain access to my original account, though I did cause inconvenience..Version: 4.0.1283

Internet moneyGod bless MT4 and forex for allowing me to make money through my mobile phone. One of the best apps ever.Version: 4.0.1328

Work perfectlyNice app simple and effective 👌🏼.Version: 4.0.1328

Great app - but…It would be handy if it worked out your risk per trade in % and risk per trade $ value before you place an order. Working in LOTS is obviously the norm, but it would save having to use a position size calculator.Version: 4.0.1348

Great business appGreat app that is very easy to use and offers all the info and workability required..Version: 4.0.947

Awesome techThis is how I will be paying my bills thank you for bringing such a useful app to the people of the world 🙏📈📲🤯.Version: 4.0.1328

Great app 👌🏽Really love using this app, so simple and easy to navigate. Would of been 5 stars but it wouldn’t allow me to log in for a week, not sure what caused that but grateful it’s fixed 🙌🏽.Version: 4.0.1339

Tonda1donGreat app I would say it’s the default of trading apps however I would say they need to have an Apple Watch version just to check price or your live trade on the go and have an alert system in place where a notification comes up those features would be handy and much more of a smoother interface for when moving around the charts on various time frames kind of like trading view then it would be perfect.Version: 4.0.1300

Reliable and smooth appLove the app! Been using it for awhile trying to hone in on my forex trading skills. Easy to navigate through the app but the only thing that would make this rating a 5 instead of a 4 is when you make customize your charts and then make a new separate account you cannot customize the new accounts charts. Your still stuck with whatever you had on your previous charts. It would be nice to able to make new real or demo accounts and be able to have the option to have different customizations for different accounts! Other than that..a great app!.Version: 4.0.1103

Great appGreat app.Version: 4.0.1328

Good but not excellentCould do with some updating. Especially getting rid of that “common error” which randomly crops up. Sometimes this issue won’t go away for a day or two..Version: 4.0.1266

Great AppLove the app. Makes trading so easy. Would like a OCO option when executing a trade. Otherwise the app works great..Version: 4.0.709

DependableI have been using MT4 for several years and Its stable and reliable, highly recommend AAAA+.Version: 4.0.1264

ExceklentGood app but the lag at 10 o’clock at night makes me miss a lot of TP’s. I’m new to trading and know at 10 o’clock something happens to the market, I’m not sure what but it always seems to go funny on MetaTrader. It’s an excellent app for the day time, though. Will still give it a 5 star because nobody should be trading at 10 o’clock hahaha.Version: 4.0.1300

Great - Just needs a couple more featuresGood chart options. Works every time (iPhone 6s). Colour coding of Notifications would be nice (Red=Hit Stop Loss, Green=Hit Take Profit), and allowing change of notification alert sound. Otherwise it’s ok for a mobile device but will never replace desktop abilities. A good companion for on-the-move..Version: 4.0.1178

It’s perfectAmazing.Version: 4.0.1328

It’s great but mt5 is definitely the better versionThe only real thing I. D.o.n.t like is that when I’m looking at chart mt4 doesn’t have the sell and buy buttons on that screen i have to go to another screen which if the market is volatile i could lose pips for the wait. Same going for when i want to close a trade and have to go to another screen further losing pips. Other than that it’s great which is why i gave it 4 stars!.Version: 4.0.1178

V goodGreat for trading!.Version: 4.0.1328

Good app, not great.This is a very good app for forex trades however it needs some work on indicators, needs work on how to place trades quicker and the biggest thing is, on limit orders I have to have the app open on my phone or it will not place. What is the point of placing a limit order if I have to stay on the phone. Still I’m giving a 4 because it is easy to navigate, the chart is customizable enough and it works with multiple brokers..Version: 4.0.1328

Lee NguyenAwasome.Version: 4.0.1293

Not functioningSince last Wednesday I have been locked out of my MetaTrader 4/ Hugosway account. After checking my hugosway account online seeing that my account is still valid and my funds are still there I am wondering why the meta-trader 4 app won’t allow me to sign in to my live account. It’s been like this for a little while. Is there anything I can do to get this fix or be able to login into my account and continue trading.?! Can you all please get back to me ASAP!!.Version: 4.0.1093

Fantastic appThis is a great app and yes would be fantastic if you could set an alert when my buy and sell orders are triggered so I know I need to monitor them it’s really a fantastic app I never trade off it phone or iPad is too small I always use my computer to enter orders and to get a better view but to monitor my open orders and wait for my exit it’s the best app out there I’ve been using it for 6 years and will never change.Version: 4.0.1093

Super easyEasy to navigate, easy to use and very time relevant.Version: 4.0.1328

BrianThis is one great platform, I am using it in demo mode and it is so easy to use, plenty of tools and indicators I really like it and will fund a live account soon.Version: 4.0.1266

Great appSimple and easy to use quick and convenient I like it. One feature I wish they would add. On the desktop version you have the ability to name or add notes to each trade or order you put on but the app does not have this feature and I wish it did as when you are using different training techniques and you have lots of trades going it’s nice to be able to label and name them..Version: 4.0.1328

Hard but I love the challenge!I started off on the demo like everyone else but then I seen the potential of the forex market. From there I’ve met a countless amount people who were on this app using real accounts! Seeing that motivated me. From there I’ve opened my own account and started delving into the knowledge of the market. From candlesticks, to quarters theory, I even started enrolling into classes! At first I didn’t know where this would take me, but I’ve made a vision board of where I wanted to go and I know with hard work and dedication and a purpose this app will gladly get me there..Version: 4.0.1195

Great App !!!Great app which could be significantly improved and make trading heaps more profitable and efficient if you could set alerts and be notified by SMS when S Loss and T Profit levels are hit and even better if you could also engage a trailing stop like the normal desktop version of MT4..Version: 4.0.1093

Quick to useLove this App, especially when I’m on the move. I keep it open all the time in the background, so when I’m out I can just flip over to it I can do a quick check to make sure all is going to plan, if not I can close off my trades in a second. Easy to attach your account to also. It literally took me 5 minutes to work myself around it, and I was new to trading when I got it. In fact I was then working for a company and I would flip into it on my breaks. Wouldn’t be without it..Version: 4.0.1266

Upon openingEvery time I open the MT4, I have to click on the toolbar and add all of the time frames and the charts etc. because it is completely blank every time it opens. To me that is a hassle. Other than that I love the platform. I saw someone say they wanted alerts and it is very simple to do that and it will give you an alert every time you open a trade or change the stop, close the trade I don’t know why they can’t seem to get their alerts but I get mine very simply..Version: 4.0.1093

Good overall observation and general calculating and Est.At first lost getting into the app and trying to figure out the toolbar, finding other setting options. After playing around, was able to utilize the app enough to do enough readings to lessens checks on other detailed sites. This is great for overall planning estimating and calculating generally, but doesn’t have all the fine tuned details to completely dissect a chart. Great trade platform as well, timely, runs without lag. Executes smoothly and reliable. Will continue to use it and help educate others as I share this app..Version: 4.0.1328

Update SuggestionsThe app itself works great. The downsides to using this app are usually down to the broker used through the app. A great added feature would be the ability to “click and drag” the crosshair tool to measure the distance in pips between 2 price points. This is a great shortcut you can do on the desktop version of MT4 that saves time and makes life easier. Also, another update suggestion i have would be the option to highlight or pin currency pairs in the quotes window. This would benefit traders who are on the move and would like quicker access to certain pairs without the hassle of having to find certain pairs amongst many. I understand that these suggestions come down to laziness but i feel these changes would benefit the majority of traders..Version: 4.0.1180

Makes it easy to manage trades on the go. Recommend it!No problems with it so far. 👍🏻.Version: 4.0.1328

Great app but annoying!This is a fantastic charting app for any trader but still waiting for an update to fix the home screen!! Almost every week I have to re-add my currencies pairs because it resets to the original settings... Fix it please!.Version: 4.0.1047

Fantastic trading softwareWould be awesome if mt4 was compatible with Apple Watch. Would be great to be able to see open positions on the watch.Version: 4.0.1339

Easy to useThis apps is easy to use and very convenient. Highly recommend.Version: 4.0.1328

The best trading appI love MetaTrader 4! Easy to understand the chart with someone like me who is just learning to trad now it easy for me to understand if you’re a beginner trader is the best app to have.Version: 4.0.1328

Please upgrade to allow indicators other than pre-installed ones as on PC versionMy score would have been 5/5 if I was able to load up my main template on the PC version that contains indicators that I’ve downloaded that were NOT pre-installed. Without this I cannot use this version other than to keep track of open positions. In order to actually trade my algo, I will always need to use PC version until this is rectified!.Version: 4.0.1195

My first millionI believe I will earn my first million through this app. 5 star for a great app. I use this app more than any other ..Version: 4.0.947

MoneyVery easy to use, very easy to make money instantly on trades! Can put the same trade as many times as you want, has most trades that are available on the market! From my phone i can put a trade, go to sleep, and wake up and see my results all from the palm of my hand! Depending on size of phone/tablet I Recommend using a Computer to mark trades, and using this app to place the trade and see where your money is going! Great great app.Version: 4.0.1103

Works wellI think great app for what it does. I would like to be able to remotely accesss ea’s or at least turn on / off advisor trading if something goes wrong..Version: 4.0.1093

No IssueNice app, it will be great if it has a countdown time for each candle time frame also auto adjust the local time where we are using it..Version: 4.0.1093

Great to useFlexible to use.Version: 4.0.1328

Good app to use but minor changes should be introduced to this app1. I want to be able to modify the lot size in stead of deleting the whole feature. 2. I should be able to change the leverage size on a demo account instead of opening another demo account..Version: 4.0.1293

Great trading appI initially started off with Trading 212 when I didn’t know what I wanted to trade. This is a little bit different to set up as you need to set up a broker first then link this app to it. But it’s not hard to do. MT4 is a whole new level of professionalism. Really changed my trading style for the better :) and you get soo many tools included with it, no extra costs for fibanacci tools etc 😁 brilliant, loving it so far.Version: 4.0.1293

BrilliantHonestly couldn’t trade without this app. Yes, it’s handy to have on the desktop but to have it at your fingertips all day is invaluable. If I had a gripe it’s that it freezes occasionally (not good when trading) but a quick relaunch always takes care of it..Version: 4.0.1266

Great app, but be carefulThis app is great, it gives you all the tools you need to get started. My experience so far is positive, won some lost some but the app gives you what you need to make accurate predictions. I’ve made £350 in two days and I’ve just started out. Give it a go but remember there’s plenty of risk but also plenty of chance for reward. Start out with a demo account and see how it goes first..Version: 4.0.1293

Great startSimple and easy to use, only Execute on this app.Version: 4.0.1328

Great appVery helpful app.Version: 4.0.1093

Amazing for beginners and expertsAbsolutely love this app. Really helped me with my trading journey. Everything you could need without being over complicated or in your face when you are starting out. I can trade easily on the go when having the laptop with me is just not an option..Version: 4.0.1178

Best Trading Platform Out ThereSimply THE best charting out there. While obviously not meant to replace the desktop version, MetaTrader Mobile is an amazing way to track the markets and your positions while in the go. I do my studies and set-ups at my desk and then watch and manage via this app. Features I’d love to see added in the future would be price alert notifications, as well as stop and target adjustment from the chart in much the same way you can hold and drag horizontal lines. Otherwise great. And stable!.Version: 4.0.1148

PerfectMT4 is the best as always..Version: 4.0.1328

Forex is life changing !I started trading back in October of 2018 when I was introduced to an educational platform that has taught me everything about trading. I never knew this existed !! Did you know banks trade our money !?!! Lol This money making app is amazing ! It has been an extremely profitable experience. As long as forex stays around it will be my main source of income. I am claiming it now!! I am retired within 365 days!.Version: 4.0.1171

Not perfect but recommendedCandlestick graphs of New York closing prices for a large range of currencies, commodities and indices, already puts it ahead of the game. Generally coherent interface with a few quirks - it should be easier to place levels and other markers without going to another screen to pick one - formatting the color etc is a joke with 2 screens in (properties>color) and out (Done AND Save!) Hello? Just let me duplicate one I’ve already done!! And why wouldn’t the trade screen assume I want to deal the currency I’m looking at NOW rather than the one I last traded?! If I’m looking at GBPUSD and I hit Trade, wouldn’t that imply I want to trade GBPUSD? Not whatever currency I traded last time. This one has tripped me into placing orders in the wrong currency pair. Dumb. And if you start entering data in the Trade window but have to duck out to double-check something, the data is gone when you go back. That’s just impolite. And the list goes on. Generally stable performance but periodically drops your customised list of currencies or even defaults the entire app. That said, it’s a professional tool with nice looking graphs and a large number of indicators. So, not perfect, but it comes recommended. PLEASE add a position calculator or incorporate it into the Trade window while you’re fixing the rest!!.Version: 4.0.1148

Excellent appExcellent App. Please update for iPhone X.Version: 4.0.1093

Excellent system to work with.Went from stocks to Forex and was originally using Ameritrade/Think or swim and it was not cutting it for me. Heard about a broker called Oanda I which it lead me to MT4 and I actually like using my iPad now to trade rather than my computer. Nothing is wrong with MT4 on the computer but I have yet to come across an easy to use program for my iPad. Now it’s a lot easier to trade literally anywhere. Buy and Sells are instant and has every tool for the graphs I care to use. Super easy and would be an excellent program for someone that is starting to learn..Version: 4.0.1266

Best day trader app on iPhoneI use this app daily and to generate my main source of income, it is not a training app and you can loose serious money if you don't know what your doing that being said with the training from IM academy I have made some ridiculous money, you can easily set buy and sell limits as well as the one tap buy or sell for fast trading (1-5min candle sticks) I wish there was more indicators so I didn't have to also use trading view for technical analysis but all in all this is a 5 star app easily.Version: 4.0.1283

Meta Trader 4 reviewThis is my honest review. Meta trader is the best platform I have ever worked on. It’s well set out and brilliant for new starters! I was sceptical to start trading but my experience on Meta Trader has completely changed my outlook. I have trained and researched trading currency / commodities / metals and many more for 2 years now without trading live. It’s hard to take it into account how much money there is to be made in the market and you will always think ahh it’s a scam and they are just looking to take your money. That’s true in a sense, but that’s only if you are stupid and take risks you shouldn’t take like betting 50% of your live account! Sign up and make small trades off your own knowledge or if a trusted signal provider. Contact me if you want a legit signal provider, ( FXbillions ) is the one £££ Stick to the script, don’t be emotional with your trading, do your research and I guarantee that META TRADER 4 will serve you well. Preach it!! Let’s make some serious money..Version: 4.0.1266

Needs WorkIt’s missing a lot of features compared to other trading apps. Adding alerts and trailing stops would be a great place to start..Version: 4.0.1346

NotificationsPlease improve notifications,,,.Version: 4.0.1346

Great app to monitor & make trades!Great way to keep an eye on open positions and to close out for profit!.Version: 4.0.1328

Me encantaMaravilloso, es el más confiable y el mejor de todos.Version: 4.0.1328

Aztec59Excellent app - although the full power is to use it alongside the pc app to manage trades. Can be used to create and close trades when away from main app but I don’t think I’d feel too comfortable trading via the mobile app alone as you don’t get the visual references that you do on a pc..Version: 4.0.1171

Makes Trading much easierUsing your broker account in conjunction with MT4 makes trading so simple to place the trades and close them. I’ve found closing trades in multiples is easier doing through the broker unless there’s a way I don’t know about ? Let me know if there is please 🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 4.0.1283

Does the job wellAlthough would love to see trailing stop enabled on the app as well as the desktop version. Would make trading truly mobile.Version: 4.0.1266

Great appThis app works quite nice and fast! So far no freezes. The only thing what could be changed is when viewing a chart, it would be easier to be able to have several chart windows open simultanousley. But otherwise no complaints..Version: 4.0.1300

Love MT4Love the functionality- I have used MT4 for 10 years and love the program.Version: 4.0.1328

This App Changed my life foreverI was trying to learn how to trader but so many sites and apps were complicated and i couldn’t learn consistently, this app was a complete game changer and ever since i switched to it i’ve made over $500,000 in trading and it’s only been a year, when i was using sites for my brokers i wasn’t i’m winning much bc the layout was awful, but this apps design is so simple and easy, i’ll be forever thankful for learning to trade and using Metatrader4..Version: 4.0.1328

Happy remote TraderIt’s a good app that lets me watch trades I’ve made, whilst in my office, when required while out and about. You can watch live prices and make, modify or end trades. I’d like to see more analysis tools or the ability to export a chart from my pc to the app so everything is the same across platforms. I’d recommend this app to anyone using MetaTrader 4 for their trading..Version: 4.0.1224

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!Honestly this app makes placing trades sooooo easy. I could not be happier with convenience and easiness of connecting my broker with this app and placing trades in just a few taps. Viewing my profits (and losses) is set up in an really nice looking layout and makes my life easier. I know I say the word “easy” a lot, but what word is better to describe an app that’s used for placing trades. “Easy” should be how the app is set up. I simply view charts and do my technical analysis on TradingView and then place my trades right here. I have no complaints..Version: 4.0.1171

Good appIt’s a good app to keep an eye out on your trades when you on the go eg closing a trade. I would not recommend making you main decision on here as is small it’s best to do your work on a pc. Overall good app to have if you trade so you cane make changed to your trades if you need to when your out.Version: 4.0.1266

Very goodNo other platform like it, easy to use and easy to connect to broker.Version: 4.0.1328

Great appSimple, user friendly, no complaints. 4 stars only because always room for growth.Version: 4.0.1328

DecentOverall it’s a good easy to use app not hard at all layout is basic so pretty much anyone can understand it the only thing that I didn’t like much was the chart. To see a chart u have to click on it and go to another tab to see that chart you can’t look at the chart and buy and sell rates at the same time as the the full chart.Version: 4.0.1266

Great for open trades if you want to swing trade and keep updated on open positionsGood for closing out trades on the go I don’t suggest putting on trades based on a phone screen.Version: 4.0.1345

Meta appVery good stabile app with NY close charts, very fast execution great for swing traders to monitor trades and moving positions to B/E etc, it has proven itself as reliable over a number of years for me..Version: 4.0.1349

Remedy1286Mt4 is on point, the only thing that made me give it a 4 star was the fact that when I try to use both of my brokers, the app shuts off both broker accounts and I have to keep signing in. Only if you have one using at a time it works great, but if your logged into both, it will definitely log you out of both and leave the demo account. If MT4 could fix that glitch, it would be a perfect 5 stars for me, other than that I love it!.Version: 4.0.1328

Very goodI would be wondering if you still can upgrade to see my buy position as a line.Version: 4.0.1328

Works well for meI have been using MetaTrader4 nearly 2 years now and haven’t had any trouble with the application. There are very few times where your trades may not execute right away but I believe that only happens when fiot is pumping very high volume at once. If I had any recommendation I would ask the devs to update the chart interface something closer to trading view and add the ability to have trade notifications..Version: 4.0.1293

Simple and EffectiveMetaTrader4s’ simple, efficient and effective uses help me make £££ without constantly having to check my phone. Without this I’d have to use a website for my broker and this really just simplifies and makes everything accessible.Version: 4.0.1266

Idk if it’s just meTHE USDCAD PAIR STAYS ON LIST EVEN AFTER I DELETE IT.. NO BIG DEAL BUT SO ANNOYING LOL! Love the app especially for iPhone. A feature should be added so that you can change pairs from landscape view!.Version: 4.0.1328

Mr MatI could noT find indices anywhere on the MT4 app I have Been in contact with client services at least 10 times but have to start over the details of what I am doing to log in etc from scratch every time. It seems no one knows how to help. I have been trading for 20 years and have never come across such a hard platform to use..Version: 4.0.1339

Good overall.The app is user friendly but could be better if some additional features were added. For example add “Close Trade” option to Chart Mode. Add features that shows your personal trading pattern/style and the frequent movements at different sessions on consistent pairs each individual trades frequently and add a feature as well that notifies the trader to show each time a trade has hit a gain or loss financially; for example a gain or loss of $1, $2 and etc if a S/L or T/P wasn’t set. Just some suggestions..Version: 4.0.1093

MetaTrader 4I don’t like it when the Brokers manipulate your trade. I thought they was there to help us win but these people are here to rip us off. Take your money and hold the trade so you don’t go inprofit. This is crazy and I’m trading the right way to go in profit but they sit there and hold it stop the trade so you don’t win. Do not use these unregulated brokers they will take all of your money’. Find a broker that’s regulated!.Version: 4.0.1293

Renko Bars, Heikin Ashi Bars, More Time Frame Options. & Push Notification On Mobile App Please.Good Day. I Love The App. But All I ask is for one Request, for us all. May You Please... Renko Bars, Heikin Ashi Bars, More Timeframe Options, & alert & Push Notification On Mobile App Please? This is an Request for All mobile users... there’s a lot of platform that offers those options standard. But why won’t MT4? With all due respect MT4 Mobile is long over due for an update. And I know the developer(s) are aware of this. But choose not to do anything about it. I know they can, but choose not too. Why? I believe you should go ahead add those on, I’m telling you it will improve everything overall of MT4 mobile and it’s users also. Even if you don’t want to do it for free, maybe add that like an for “Paid App” option if you looking to make some revenue off of it, but either way. I suggest you should make it happen either one of them. Please..Version: 4.0.1293

Convenient iphone app!Generally this is great. Allows you to manage trades when you are not at your PC. For the little real estate there is on the iPhone in has been well put together!.Version: 4.0.1180

MetaTraderEasy to use.Version: 4.0.1093

Easy to use and lightning fastA few more tweaks would push this app up to 6 stars but I still love it.Version: 4.0.1346

Easy to use and understandI’m am relatively new to trading and this is the first mobile platform I have used. I am able to put trades on no worries. With abit more learning I’m sure I’ll appreciate it even more..Version: 4.0.1328

🔥🔥🔥🔥.Version: 4.0.1283

ChilliOne flaw. Doesn’t show positions held on the chart, nor orders placed... :).Version: 4.0.1093

Everything you need and it all worksOnce you start working with the platform you start to see how good it really is. You can keep it simple or go deep and start programming your own experts. I use the app everyday and could not work without..Version: 4.0.1266

Great appThe app is great and everything but it would make it so much better if it could send notifications to you phone and Apple Watch to tell you when your trade has hit a stop loss or take profit or one of your positions is closed for what ever reason. Thar would make the app as close to perfect as can be..Version: 4.0.1148

Good appVery good.Version: 4.0.1266

App updateI was struggling to download the app back to my Apple phone and open up a demo account. It took me about two weeks to figure it out. Now that I’m back on the app it’s working perfectly on my phone… I wasn’t sure what happened that caused me to not be able to download it earlier but all‘s well that ends well. I really love working on this app from my Apple phone. Once I get through my demo period And start using live resources I will be “unemployable”!.Version: 4.0.1283

Great AppEasy to use no fuss kind of app..Version: 4.0.1093

Best trading up for me!Metatrader 4 maybe old but that does not stop me from loving it. Great indispensible app for mobile traders like me which like to keep it simple..Version: 4.0.975

ReviewCustomer service is phenomenal, quick response to any questions.Version: 4.0.1328

Alerts and Trailing Stop Loss - Please !!!See title. Great app but would be perfect if a pre- set alerts function could be built into the app and trailing stop loss when a trade is activated such as the desktop version of MT4. For your info - It is possible to be done and is automatically included in The NETDANIA mobile app and desktop version - even for a Demo Account. I suggested / requested this a number of years ago and on a number of occasions ???? - still no action!!!! Please try - it shouldn’t be too difficult. Otherwise a good trading tool. Thanks.Version: 4.0.1180

Simple but powerfulFor some reason this app kept crashing in my old iPhone but now I have upgraded and it works great. I might say not recommend for those with very old iPhones (I had SE first generation) but with newer iPhones it’s amazing. It’s so simple and everything can be customised, and I can access my broker easily and placing trades has never been simpler. Love it.Version: 4.0.1293

Handy app especially the notificationsThis is a convenient way to keep an eye on MetaTrader 4. I found it great to use with the MQL5 VPS and keep on top of what’s happening with my account without having to login to the desktop app. Notifications come through on the iPhone and Apple Watch which is really useful when away from the computer..Version: 4.0.1148

Mt4I really like the app I hope in a future update from the iphone I will be able to see how I can move stop loss to 0 when in a trade by showing me the price calculator. I hope also on a future app update a widget where I can see on base computer and on iPhone how all the accounts are doing at the same time to save logining in seperately..Version: 4.0.1093

2 Years InIt’s been a journey but it’s light at the end of the tunnel if you don’t give up . Remember it’s a marathon not a sprint , we lose because we want things fast when life is meant to be slow . Keep going , limit distractions and you will become profitable if you are following a proven system that works , investing is 90 percent psychological and 10 percent technical and your biggest battle will be between you and yourself . Never give up.Version: 4.0.1261

Improvement requestHey guys the app os great after years i realise that trader mentality has alot to do with mental affirmations if it would be possible to label trades on the display screen and be able to make a note on a closed to trade to remind the trader how he was feeling and what he was thibking at that tine would be good nothing. Else i cannot find ask for anything else but that guys.Version: 4.0.1328

Needs push notifications with soundVery handy, would be handy if level Alerts be a feature with sound and email notifications. Overall good backup platform :) thanks.Version: 4.0.1171

It worksNo trouble at all set up great.Version: 4.0.1328

MetaTrader 4Would be even better if I could transfer money through the app.Version: 4.0.1224

CommentIt is the best app in matter of trading.Version: 4.0.1328

Great softwareGreat software, efficient and easy to use! Highly recommend to everyone!.Version: 4.0.1329

GreatVery easy to use great user face.Version: 4.0.1103

Amazing softwareDoes exactly what you want it to with super fast response times and never has errors. Great app recommended.Version: 4.0.1328

Missing Heiken AashiI am missing Heiken Aashi indicator. In the charts, name of the instrument etc does not show,making it difficult. The clouds in the Ichimoku cannot be filled. Missing Heiden Ashi Indicator Can you please add that? Also, allow the cloud of Ichimoku filled. Thanks.Version: 4.0.1328

Great if you know what you’re doingDemo accounts are easy to start learning 6 months to start being consistently profitable if you work hard, after two years I opened a real account with 3000 when I turned 18! I made 5k my first month while in college. But studying strategy’s and understanding the market is a long journey, but it’s possible to profit. 6 months into my real account and I’m averaging 10k a month and keep 10k on the account at all times and cash out every time I’m 1k over that 10k balance. With LOTS of practice you can gain a sox figure income while in college!.Version: 4.0.1293

Great friggin’ app!The only thing better than MT4 is MT5!.Version: 4.0.1266

Easy to use on the go!Makes it easy to trade when away from the PC, nice..Version: 4.0.1067

Amazing appMt4 is an amazing app :).Version: 4.0.1328

Omi17Really good.Version: 4.0.1266

ReviewVery good features, works really well and reliably. The only property I miss is the import of custom indicators..Version: 4.0.1261

Relaxation SpecialistI like the app, I don't expect you can have all the functions of a PC but it does what I need which is managing trades when I am not at my trading desk... And with a VPS all systems work fine... I like the daily profit loss summary. In conclusion it does what I expect for a phone app. Very happy with it .. Cheers.Version: 4.0.1093

TraderVery good app. Information is very fast, reliable. Connectivity is perfect too. I love MT4..Version: 4.0.1328

Meta trader 4Awesome app very easy to use and has the potential if putting 30 plus positions with ease. Very responsive when live trading with little lag. Cheers, Brian.Version: 4.0.1339

Super User FriendlyEasy to use. Not glitchy. Simple personalization..Version: 4.0.1328

GoodGood we can see our live trades placed on desktop version on mobile devices. It will be good if we can also put our custom indicators If mobile version has all default indicators and ea in mobile version It will be good if we can write comment while placing trade on mobile We can access our desktop version through mobile.Version: 4.0.1339

Same as PCBasically the same functionality as the desktop version lacking in some areas but still good overall..Version: 4.0.1093

Good for learningGood.Version: 4.0.1283

Great experienceI love the app. It is simple and very useful. Would be great to make switching accounts easier or have multiple accounts open at the same time. Thanks for the great work..Version: 4.0.1093

Pretty good 🤙Would give it 5 if it had more stock options, but still love it.Version: 4.0.1328

Super interface and great for tradingWhen trading margins this is definitely the app to use as you can enter and exit trades quickly with out having to navigate to many screens. The only downside would be the speed of executions and been able to setup a tolerance once executing an buy/sell so that the app will keep trying to execute the position otherwise fantastic software..Version: 4.0.1293

Good service, good platformBeen with them for years and never had any problems. Knowledgeable customer service. Love having platform across several devices..Version: 4.0.1180

Great appI’m learning a lot with this app... I recommend it.Version: 4.0.1328

Mt4Love it it’s great.Version: 4.0.1224

TraderFantastic app. So easy to navigate. It's awesome to be able to view and modify my trades on the go, thanks :).Version: 4.0.709

AwesomeAn Awesome App.Version: 4.0.1328

Add more information!I downloaded the app with little to no understanding of stock trading. While I feel that the app could offer further insight into what new users are looking at to make the transition to trading easier and more understandable, the basics of trading are simple after spending some time on the app. There should be more instances where users can select the things they see, with informational cues being available. Outside of this, the app has been amazing!.Version: 4.0.1148

Easy to use on mobileI have been usng this platform for a couple of months an it operates really well and its easy to use, however i think there is bits that need to be introduced or worked on such as having access to all currency pairs such ad the programme has on desktop such as my laptop, other then that the app works perfect.Version: 4.0.1266

Heah really goodWould reccomend with they would update a little, like they could install automation software for users, backtesting, and other relevant info such as fundamental and technical packaged. I know they have other apps for dates and what not but yeah this could be even better i reckon..Version: 4.0.1224

MrThey are fraud since they would never give you your money back once they know you made profits and would want to withdraw your investment for any reason just would get you involved in more trading in fact by doing the trade themselves calling it “our trade analyst” until all your profits and original investment is gone and you go in negative equity..Version: 4.0.1093

MT4 appGreat app, easy to use, history could be more defined though but generally all round good!.Version: 4.0.1178

Great appI’ve been using this for 4 years now it been great and accurate apart from size which will alway make my desktop supper , this app has everything you need and quite easy to use I will keep using this to keep me up to date when I’m out and about.Version: 4.0.1261

Nice appLove this app.Version: 4.0.1328

We don’t want mt5We want mt4 only.Version: 4.0.1328

Awesome but.....I love MetaTrader 4 for iOS. One thing I’d like to see in future upgrades is the ability to close multiples tradesat the same time. Perhaps when you choose to close a trade, it will bring up list of all open trades with a checkbox and you simply check the ones you wish to close together at the same time. This would be awesome..Version: 4.0.1283

Good app but need urgent attention for missing indicatorsNeed pivot point indicator urgently . Also a push alert option would be wonderful. Won’t mind paying for the app if desktop type features are added.Version: 4.0.1293

YOMIKAYI have tried and still use 3 different charting and trading platforms. I find MT4 most convenient and easy to understand. It’s flexibility to accommodate external indicators is fantastic. Saving, exporting and retrieving charts and data is easy to understand. I will recommend it to any trader. I read it is one of the oldest platform and has updated regularly. They have the experience..Version: 4.0.1224

Brilliant mt4Really fantastic trades super easy. Most functions from desktop version and more.Version: 4.0.1180

Mt4Great app.Version: 4.0.1328

Really goodIts really good.Version: 4.0.1221

MT4 mobileI use my laptop to do most of analysis and iPhone to manage my trades when I’m on the move. I use two Moving Averages and the CCI together. It has taken me about 5 months to find myself in forex and become profitable. Learn to use MT4 on a computer, there’s more flexibility being able to download indicators witch don’t exist on the mobile. The app is quick to go from chart to chart and it’s easy to put a trade on. The hardest part is predicting the direction of the market..Version: 4.0.1283

Time to add some functionalityI love that i can monitor multiple accounts on a single app—i have demo and live accounts with 3 brokers and MT4 makes switching between them seamless. Has all the most basic trading features you would expect: basic charts, market prices and basic trade management. Need to add ability to load/unload EAs and custom indicators, and an interface to meta editor and github. So will need basic cloud access—would gladly pay a reasonable fee so that all aspects of my forex trading can actually become mobile!.Version: 4.0.1178

Great trading appVery good trading app.Version: 4.0.1093

One of the best trading appI have used many apps like ctrader etc. But this one is the best ever.Version: 4.0.1328

Needs a few quality of life changesApp itself is good. Some reviews here are negative but this is more about the trades they’ve made - I’ve withdrew my profits everyday without any issues. A big issue is the broker you’re with, choose wisely. The app itself is straight forward enough and self explanatory. One thing I’d like is the ability to sort quotes by grouping or alphabetical order, to have say all GBP> or USD> trades next to each other. It does let you rearrange them yourself but you have to manually do it for each one so not the best. No complaints other than that..Version: 4.0.1093

Easy to useIt’s user friendly.Version: 4.0.1328

Not perfect, but...I'm giving the MT4 app 5 stars because it solved a huge problem for me. How to open/close/monitor trades from behind a firewall. How? Bypass the problem with this app. Wish you could enter/see trade comments & haven't found a way to adjust open trade parameters, but I use this app every day & it's been a blessing for me. Update: still no comments but it is possible to adjust trades, so this app does almost everything. Love it..Version: 4.0.1293

GHello to all. I hope you agree with me on a demand to change the color of profits and losses so that it becomes a distinction between a demo account and a real one because there are some people who delude simple people through communication channels claiming that they are profiting and lying about the simple that they are real. I hope you understand because they are taking advantage of them.Version: 4.0.1348

Great product easy and effectiveAs a new trader MT4 has been perfect for me. Trends are useful in the predictive models are very helpful to decide when trading. One thing that would be useful on the iPad app is a stop trade button..Version: 4.0.1348

Works perfectlyReally happy with the app so far, has worked absolutely as needed without one issue. Super easy to set up and use.Version: 4.0.1221

Superb for a pocket size platformSuperb little app. It’s fast and responsive and a great little tool to see what your trades are doing. You can also place all types of orders, gives you a range of basic indicators and gives you access to a range of drawing tools. I personally don’t use the app to place orders simply because (1) except for ATR, none of the indicators I use in my algorithm are from the basic MT4 list of indicators. Even my baseline is custom and I cannot even visually follow the candles so I cannot make any decisions by looking at the chats in the app and (2) I trade on D1 charts, so I’ve got ample of time to check my trades and decide on my next moves on my Windows laptop. It’s worth mentioning you can link your demo and accounts to this app. In summary, it’s a great little app. If your style of trading does not exceed what MT4 offer you by default, then it’s the perfect platform! You won’t need anything else! But if you download indicators, back test and forward test, you can only use the app for information..Version: 4.0.1264

NiceIt is a really nice platform to place trades and manage them. Charts are nicer too..Version: 4.0.1328

It’s a Great App For ForexIt’s recommended you can go on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and join Trading Groups via Telegram app and take signals for trade ideas 💡. Also this app is high quality and quick especially for those who have unlimited data or 24/7 access to WiFi at home. However there may have been a few times that app may have glitched out on me or was stuck for a min due to Heavy Data Traffic in the Sever. Overall, this is a highly recommended app to use to enter the Foreign Exchange Market for CEOs, Managers, Investors, Business Owners, and even regular everyday people today!.Version: 4.0.1300

Needs Black Background for iPadGreat app, but desperately needs the “Green on Black” color scheme that’s already available on iPhones but still unavailable on iPads for some reason. I’ve enjoyed this app for a year, and I always just assumed it would’ve been updated by now, but the App Store says MT4 hasn’t been updated in over a year (MT5, which I don’t use, hasn’t been updated in 7 months) The impact of not being able to use a black background on my battery life & the strain on my eyes has been pretty frustrating. Please update. (Thank you).Version: 4.0.1093

One small flawAbsolutely love the app just wish I could sync it with my computer and use the indicators and such that I use on computer here too!.Version: 4.0.1093

MT4Whilst I still prefer to place trades using the desktop application due to the fact that I trade based on indicators which I can’t use on the mobile app, the app is brilliant for monitoring my trades whilst out and about. It also allows me to get a rough idea of where I will be buying or selling at the close of the day which has really cut down on the time I spend sat at my desktop every night. The app works perfectly and does everything you’d ever need it too..Version: 4.0.1283

Good, could use some small improvementsThe app works pretty flawlessly. It does it’s job well. I just wish there was a feature to where I could set the app to notify me when a specific trade hit a certain point. There have been many times where I will receive trades saying look out for a buy around 3200 and I will be busy and get back on the app and I missed my window. Other than that, app works perfectly.Version: 4.0.1266

Scalper cheat codeExcellent platform.Version: 4.0.1328

Its got what you needEverything you can need to trade when you on the move. Very well laid out and lite on resources, quick to load and display.Version: 4.0.1195

GoodGood app!!! I use it every day!.Version: 4.0.1328

Way better than PC versionThis mobile version of MT4 is miles better than the PC version. The PC version is in dire need of an upgrade, it feels so outdated and inconvenient to use. However this app is much more efficient and I choose it over the computer version any day..Version: 4.0.1345

Meta Trader 4I have been using this for 10 years now and I have found it to be very easy to use. It is extremely user friendly and although I have used some other platforms, this is years ahead of the others.Version: 4.0.1283

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