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Taco Bell Fast Food & Delivery App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Taco Bell Fast Food & Delivery app received 32 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Taco Bell Fast Food & Delivery? Can you share your negative thoughts about taco bell fast food & delivery?

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Taco Bell Fast Food & Delivery for Negative User Reviews

Always glitchesI’ve been using this app regularly for about a year due to COVID, but there are always glitches going on. First, my past orders never show up in the past orders section. Second, I often order the same things with the same modifications. I have saved these items as favorites, but they never appear under my favorites section. But when I try to add them as a favorite again, I’m told it’s already a favorites item. So instead of making it easier on me, I have to go through the hassle of adding the same modifications every single time. Third, it saves my card info without asking me if I want it to save. And if the card info is already saved, it will still save it as a new card...so the same card is listened multiple times. I don’t want my card info saved at all so I always have to go in and delete them. Last, for the last 2 or so months, reward points stopped working for me- but I’m still getting emails about having points to use up before the expire. I keep my app updated in hopes the glitches will get fixed, but it’s been almost a year for most of them and I’m just annoyed about it. I still use the app to order because I like that I’m having as little contact with people as possible so we can be safe, but having the same minor inconveniences for so long is very irritating..Version: 7.13.0

Charged my card but didn’t place my order?This app is by far one of the worst apps for a food establishment. I like being able to pay contactless when I eat out nowadays and also have the convenance of having it ready to pick up. The app was already buggy while trying to add items and once I got to checkout it decided to give me an error message as soon as it took my Apple Pay stating “sorry something went wrong...” BUT STILL CHARGED MY CARD with no order placed or history of a order placed ( I called to make sure that the location I was trying to place pick up did or did not receive any order under my name). This is ridiculous and an overall terrible experience. They make it so difficult to even find where / how contact the support. Luckily after some googling I was able to get hopefully somewhere via sending an email. Their number is only available from 8am-4pm what about “after hours” as most people eat dinner after 6pm or 7pm! Plus I saw the wide spread issue discussed that I am having with having your card charged without an order placed or being able to pick up the food you paid for. I will be uninstalling the app / not be using the app + suggesting that others do the same. Waste of your time and money. Also an additional side note why the did you take away all the things people actually enjoyed eating from Taco Bell with weak overhyped replacements. The fiesta potatoes + pico de gallo were literally one of the reasons I went to Taco Bell instead of Del Taco..Version: 7.12.0

LAZYThe employees at Taco Bell are lazy at the expense of the customer. I just ordered an entire order from a Taqueria place 10 miles away that tastes FAR BETTER than Taco Bell, (but it was still not my first choice) FOR HALF THE PRICE F TACO BELL’S “VALUE PRICES.” That’s why fast food workers should not be getting paid anywhere near $15 an hour. Fast food is still junk but now it’s not even affordable junk. The lazy effs DON’T DESERVE IT AND THEY’RE BREAKING THE SYSTEM. Go bankrupt Taco Bell. In fact, I don’t care if every single fast food place goes bankrupt since they caved to their uneducated employees??? Those lazy workers don’t deserve the extra money they make. Just sitting on the clock milking it. They didn’t deserve the original low wages they had they’re typically SO LAZY. Who are y’all hiring, Taco Bell? Oh. Right. Work ethic!!! The people you hire definitely are not the kind of people that work at the Taquerias lol. That’s all I’m saying. This is also a shout out to all the local Taquerias in your neighborhood so check the taquerias in your area. They work far harder than Taco Bell employees and typically the food quality is so much better and is still cheap. The people at Taquerias take pride in their work and actually are appreciative to have jobs and don’t hate their jobs and all the customers… Y’all need to hire some good ole…Joe Lows. -wink wink- I hate this censorship of individual peoples opinions outside the narrative opinion more than anything..Version: 8.1.1

It’s really nice.... sometimesOn a perfect day I pull up the app, select a free reward... and order the rest of my food how I want it. I place the order and just show up and say my name. All well and good. Except sometimes the app doesn’t like me logging in, sometimes it doesn’t want me to make certain customizations to my order, and sometimes it doesn’t want me to order at all. I used to be able to make a bean burrito “grilled” and now the option isn’t there at all, despite it still being an option for similar burritos. I can ask at the window and they can still grill it... the app just doesn’t show the option anymore. My BIGGEST complaint is sometimes the app will tell me a store isn’t available for an order. This is usually at night within a few hours of their closing, but they’re still 100% open and taking orders. I ask them and they don’t know why the app isn’t letting people order from their location. Things like this while minor and inconsistent do cause frustration and take away from the experience. Also I can’t seem to be able to log in to my profile about half the times I open the app. Update: A little over a year later and facing the exact same issues. “Store is closing soon can’t place an order” and yet I drive up to them and order just fine in person. Still can’t make a bean burrito grilled on the app. Little things that stack up and persist.Version: 8.6.0

I gave it a chance but I’m doneI wanted to like this app but my negative experiences using it have outweighed the positive. Initially, I was unable to make an account the way I wanted to but was able to make it a different way. Some months later, I tried to use the app again. I found that my account is unaccessible and I’m unable to make a new one no matter the method used. The final straw is an ordering mishap that happened to me last week. I have a suspicion the app was being glitchy because the right location should have been set (which I thought it was), but it wasn’t and I ended up ordering from the wrong place twice. I couldn’t go pick up the food because I was on my own and had walked to the particular location I wanted to pick up from. So I spent $20 on food that I didn’t receive. The restaurants never called me even though they had my contact info and I didn’t get a response from customer support. Another thing I don’t like about the app is that you have to wait for them to contact you rather than getting connected to someone right away. I don’t want a refund or a response from customer service anymore. I’m just feeling frustrated and dejected and felt the need to share. I won’t be using this app again..Version: 8.7.0

Bring back the customizable option!I have been using the app for a while now and never had any real issues until I went to place an order tonight. I went to add a taco party pack to my cart but wanted to change it from mixed (crunchy and soft) to just soft..no problem there, but I also wanted to remove the lettuce from my order, but there was no option to do so this time! I went to past orders and saw where I had done this in the past. I tried to just add my past order to my cart and it was all added but wasn’t added how I had ordered them in the past with no lettuce, it just put a taco party pack in my cart with no modifications. My daughters were waiting (impatiently) for me to place the order so they could leave and pick it up so I just went ahead and ordered the tacos with the lettuce on them. Once they got back to the house with the order I spent forever having to pick a half head of lettuce off of each taco. 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ If we can’t modify or customize our order at least chill with the lettuce! 1/8 of a cup of meat, 3 sprinkles of cheese, and half a head of lettuce…come on 🙄🙄.Version: 7.37.0

No pickup times availableI have tried to place an order several times and found that the store i was trying to order from had no pick up times available, so I cannot complete the order. On several occasions, I am sitting in the parking lot of the store because it has taken the entire drive time to try and complete my order on the app — the store is obviously open, but still no pickup times are available. When I questioned one manager about the app, he said, “I didn’t even know we had an app” — I guess corporate needs to work on pushing out information to their stores and franchisees. Another frustration is that when you try to choose a pick up time, you have to choose an option in 15 minute increments. So, usually, I will be 5 minutes late or 10 minutes early to a location. Then, it seems that they don’t make the food until you get there and talk to someone, so what is the point of ordering ahead? I also don’t like that you have to choose your pickup method before you get to the store. So, if I choose drive-thru and then arrive at the store and there are 15 cars in the drive-thru line, I am stuck. So far, only the McDonald’s app lets you choose when you get to the store. Overall, the Taco Bell app has been a frustrating experience — and that is only for the 2 times I have gotten it to work. For the other 5 times where I couldn’t even place my order it was worse..Version: 5.8.0

Doesn’t work when neededI’ve had the app for the longest time to keep up with their menu changes; unfortunately, it doesn’t provide an updated menu (at least for my area). As a result, despite the store no longer offering a limited item on the menu, they still offer it in the app. I figured: maybe it’s just an incentive from ordering from the app? Not that it matters, b.c I hate how every fast food restaurant wants you to preload your payment methods. Still, I got taco bell gift cards recently, so I decided to order their cravings box. This particular limited item is only available through the app. I decided I’d preload my gift cards onto the app to try to get this item; unfortunately, the app wouldn’t even accept my order submission. The store I went to most definitely took online orders, but it seems their system likes to act up. It was already annoying that they made the item only accessible through the app, but when their system decides ‘go to the next taco bell to get this item instead’, I may as well just uninstall the app from my phone at this rate, and spare myself the inconvenience. Thus, that’s what I’ll do. Seriously, considering all of the above, what the heck is it good for? Compared to all of the restaurants with apps, this one seems to be among the most meaningless ones to have… Taco bell had literal years to win me over with the app, and I genuinely wanted them to; regrettably, it’s just an outright disappointment I refuse to entertain any further..Version: 7.22.0

App doesn’t work - unable to loginThis is the worst app I have ever used. Multiple issues with this app. It looks like it saves my card information for convenient purchasing but when I go to make the purchase it gives me an error saying something went wrong. In order to make the purchase, it makes me then re-enter my card info then it works. I have to do this every time. After while, I end up with my card info in there 10 times and have to go through and delete them. The other issue I have had is with getting locked out. It tells me it’s time to change my password. It asks me to click a link to send me an email to update my password. Even though my email is correct in there and I receive all the rewards/marketing emails, I never receive the link to reset my password. Now I can’t even use the app anymore at all to make purchases or access my rewards. I have tried to go into the app to use the contact messaging features and have asked for either a phone call or email follow up. No surprise, I never receive a call or email in regard to getting assistance with my issues. Of course, the app is third party and no one in any of the locations, including managers can assist or give me any phone number to contact for assistance. I never have issues with any other food apps. Very poor customer experience and due to all the inconvenience, I just go elsewhere instead. Would love for someone to contact me or for them to fix their app..Version: 7.33.0

… wish I could have used the app.I decided to open up my Taco Bell app and give it a try. I’ve had it for a long while but just didn’t use it. First things first… completely new app. No big deal. I wasn’t to familiar with the old app. I knew I had an account. Go to sign in and it says access denied. Go to recover my password and it says something similar. So I thought maybe new app new log in. Go to create, email is in use. Delete the app and reinstall. Now it’s working and we’re logged in! I use a lot of apps to order but this one didn’t feel user friendly to me at all. I finally found the coupons. There’s one for 15% off. Great! How hard can this be… we’re just ordering some food after all. I clicked on the grande box. The one with tacos and burritos. Get the burritos in, everything’s going smoothly. Go to the tacos. Soft tacos. I needed these to be customized three different ways. Put the first one in. Go to start the second specialty set. It’s lumping those with the first soft tacos I set up. I deleted and tried again. I repeated this process several times before showing my IT boyfriend the issue I was experiencing. I wanted to make sure I was doing it right. Yep. I was doing it right. Again and again. After about the sixth try I gave up. We aren’t a family who will all eat the same type of soft taco. So no 15% off for me. Nope. Why you ask… because I went through the drive through. Coupon states only good for mobile or online ordering..Version: 5.1.5

Didn’t receive whole order.So last night was the first time I downloaded and used the Taco Bell app instead of ordering inside/drive thru. The lady at the window was very nice and when she handed us the bag it was sealed shut, plus there was a long line and I was just ready to get home to eat and go to bed, so we didn’t bother checking. We’ve never had issues with wrong orders before so checking the order didn’t cross our minds. Unfortunately when we got home and pulled all of the food out we were missing two desserts and all of our sauces we asked for. I checked the receipt to see if I made a mistake when I placed the order online since it’d been my first time using the app, and everything was correct on the receipt. We didn’t want to make the drive back to the store and wait in line again, so we just took the loss. Even better, when we finally started eating, I figured out the steak quesarito wasn’t even made right with the ingredients that was listed on the app. I was hungry so I ate it anyways.. with no sauce. I’m not saying I won’t go back, it’s just that Taco Bell has never disappointed this Taco Belle before. I’m not sure if the items were overlooked or if there is something confusing that just happens with the online/APP orders or what. I just thought I should leave this here. *Happy New Year*.Version: 7.10.1

Great Rewards problems in the appThe rewards are great but the app needs improvement. The fist thing is that app doesn’t look at your location before you order. The last Taco Bell you ordered from is set as the default location. So unless you check you will order from the wrong location. Most of the other fast food apps either verify your location or assumes will want to order from the closest restaurant. The second problem is that location you order from shows that you can pickup in the store but sometimes the store has closed the lobby and the app is not updated. Several times I have order for inside pickup, I get to the the door is locked and there is a long line in the drive through. I would not have ordered if I had known I could not pickup in the lobby. It seems to be a simple fix let on duty manager let the app servers know that the lobby is closed and the app could be updated showing only drive through pickup only. There has been times I lost my order because I didn’t have time to wait. The other thing is that it very easy to order multiple items if your not careful. You can hit the “Add to Order” multiple times and not realize it. Some the other apps give a warning that you’ve already have the item in your cart..Version: 7.40.0

BROKEN!!!I used to use this app back when it actually worked, but at some point they did an update or something and it made me have to sign back in. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal but when I tried signing back in it wouldn’t let me no matter if I did it through Facebook or email. If I tried signing in through Facebook it would pop up asking if I’d like to allow it, I say yes, Facebook thing pops up, accept, back to Taco Bell app, and then it just has a red banner at the top that says “login failed” (or something like that). It always does that and never goes any further. If I try logging in through email it says I’ve made too many attempts and need to reset my password. Annoying but whatever. I go through all the steps for that until I get to the step of selecting a new password. I type it in and hit continue and it just sits there for a bit kinda like its trying but then just goes back to being a button for u to select to continue and NEVER gets passed that. I like to get Taco Bell breakfast stuff almost every morning but with this SIMPLE feature STILL not fixed after MANY MONTHS of it being like this I might just go somewhere else where I can order something and have it ready as expected...guys, please fix this...it should be REALLY simple...I have iPhone X and this app is the only one that ever gives me problems like this, really not thinking my phone is the issue here -.-.Version: 5.8.0

DO NOT USE No refund if orders not made rightI did an order on the app. It says we make your food once you say I’m here at the speaker. I drive there, went to the drive thru speaker and said that I ordered on the app & gave my name. They said, drive to the window. They handed me my food. Never said at the speaker or the window. We’re out of beef, lettuce, and tomato’s. I ordered 2 crunchy beef tacos supremes. I get home. I have 2 taco shells with a tiny bit of mystery meat and tiny bit of cheese. I drive back to the restaurant go inside and there’s a huge sign inside says. No beef, no lettuce, no tomatoes, sorry. I ask for the manager, and she’s the one who handed me my food. I said, why did you not tell me that you had nothing to make my taco with? She said, there are signs. I said there was no sign when I drove thru. So, I asked for a refund. She said, you ordered on the app, so I can’t refund. But I can remake your food! I laughed and said, how? Do you NOW have beef, lettuce or tomatoes? She said, no. I said, then you CAN’T remake my food. She said, we’re having a bad day. I said, if you would have told me at the speaker no food I could have cancelled my order. If you do that, then yes, your going to make your day worse. I messaged on the app 3 days ago about what happened and I still have no refund..Version: 7.47.0

Communication ProblemsAbsolutely terrible experience with this... I’m assuming that the store to app interface is still glitchy and needs be worked with more. Everything was fine when working the app myself but when it came time to pick up my food that’s when the issues occurred. I drove through the drive thru and gave the employees my name and that I ordered from the TacoBell app they then acknowledged it and I proceeded to drive up to the window. While waiting in line I tracked my orders progress by using this app which had stated my order was being prepared and then was ready, thinking that my order would be waiting on me at the window. Much to my surprise it wasn’t I then gave the employee at the window my name and they seemed dumbfounded. They then ask a manager who tried to figure it out my order who stating that I had placed the order to pick up in the store(I don’t know why that would slow production down though just put it in a bag) when I had this app open which clearly stated drive thru. Then I continued to hold up the drive thru line longer than if I would have just ordered while I was there. This app obviously still has some issues and bugs to work out when it comes to communication in stores and what the employees are seeing on their side. My opinion just continue to order as you get there until this app gets fixed..Version: 5.9.1

Bugged, broken, bad serviceAlright, let me start by saying I enjoy a Crunchwrap and Gordita crunch as much as the next hungry idiot who wants cheap food. However, this app and TBell as a company has gone to complete crap. I had ALL notifications turned OFF inside the app and it still shoves pop advertisements on my phone homescreen from out of nowhere. Boooo. Now for the real reason your quality has plummeted: the food and service is terrible. The time estimate and “your food is ready for pickup” is ALWAYS wrong. I end up waiting and extra 10-15 minutes after the app says the food is ready and sometimes I have to ask if they have even started making my order. Four different locations in the CA Bay Area have all gotten my food order wrong about 95% of the time we order anything. Even as simple as not including the correct items, or forgetting items entirely. It happens so often that I’m not surprised in the least when I have to go back to the counter and ask “hey where’s my taco AND burrito???” It’s not like these are complicated orders, only 5-6 items total. And I get it, it’s cheap fast food and I shouldn’t expect much. But come on, my new expectation is that Taco Bell will mess up from the start, waste time, and I’ll leave disappointed again. But you guys don’t really care, that much is obvious..Version: 5.23.1

No way to add a gift card or credit card??Am I an idiot? When I go under the payments, it tells me that I should add a gift card or credit card in order to make purchases, but I can’t seem to find anywhere in the app to actually do that. Perhaps I have snorted too much Diablo Sauce up my nose and fried my brain? I note that I have also tried to add the gift card on the website, and I can’t find a way to do it there either. Perhaps I need to lay off the sauce. Edit: The developer kindly provided a response, which I appreciate very much, but the response was that you can add a gift or credit card at check out to work around this issue. So I can’t add a payment card in the payment screen, and I can’t add a payment card on the website. This is a terrible workaround. Someone emailed me a gift card, and I’m supposed to go to Taco Bell and try to figure out how to add the gift card from my email on my phone to the app while I’m trying to order my lunch??? This is a poorly designed and poorly implemented app. I used to work with a guy who was fond of the expression, “You can’t make it hard for people to give you money.” (Yes, I know that it reads two ways.). Taco Bell is making it hard for me to give them money..Version: 7.43.0

Not Really The Apps FaultI ordered online, pull up to the drivethru and they tell me that it hasn’t come through yet but not to worry that it would probably come through before we got up. I get up to the window and specify again that I am picking up for Lexi. They hand me food and thankfully i checked the bag, it wasn’t my food. I go inside and they have everyone ordering from the kiosks so that they can handle the drive thru, i think this is smart except that it took me raising my voice into the back of house for them to acknowledge me. I tell them that they handed me the wrong food and tell them my name once again, showing them my receipt. One of the nicer ladies took my phone into the BOH to show them what I ordered. There were a few other unhappy people in the lobby including one grubhub order that the drink made for the order was about half full and the driver was upset because that isn’t what he wants to deliver. another lady had used up 45 minutes of her hour long lunch dealing with this taco bell. They handed me the wrong food once more, before finally finishing my order 50 minutes later. Will not be returning, and sad to say i will not be using the app. I liked the app process because of the extra vegetarian options that are exclusively online, but it seems that the employees cannot handle the extra technology and queue..Version: 7.30.0

Even the Write a Review function brokeGot the app to order ahead and save some time. After downloading, I tried using the “Continue with Apple” button to, y’know, save some time. Wasted time as I kept trying it to make it work. (Coulda just drove over and waited in line.) Gave up, used the Continue with the Place that will Never Sell Your Data! instead. Of course, that worked perfectly. Then I clicked the Help to report the problem. It then automatically thinks it can only be because of a bad order, and proceeds to ask me for all sorts of information that I didn’t want to type in in the first place just so I can do a bug report. After spending enough time go buy and consume a meal at Taco Bell by downloading, creating an account, and giving them free needed feedback, I finally set up an order and paid with Apple Pay. Then it pops up the “What do you think of this app?” I then tried to write this review, only to have the text turn white, then the screen darken, and then a spinning circle with no way for me to submit what I could only guess I was writing. So I force quit the app, and came here to write this. Fix your app. I just hope my food is there when I arrive..Version: 7.42.0

Terrible! Took $ & refused to give food! 13 days later still waiting for refundWish I could give it 0 stars! I used to love this app when it first came out, especially when it had all the great offers. On July 8th though I used this app to place an almost $32 order and when my husband arrived to pick up the food on his way home from work, the cashier at the store told him there was no record of his order. I figured no problem, it was placed recently he'll just show the receipt in the app or the email receipt we received and they'll make the food, right? Wrong! They refused to give us any food and said we would need to pay again. The manager was not apologetic at all and said the charge would drop off in a few days automatically. Fast forward through 2 emails to customer service, 1 phone call to customer service, and finally filing a dispute with my credit card company. I finally received an email from customer service yesterday saying they are refunding the money, but to wait 3-4 days for it to process. The worst part in all of this communication we have received 0 apologies from Taco Bell and obviously 0 food. 13 days later and I am still waiting for them to fully process our money back. I have never been so disappointed in a company's response & definitely do not recommend using this app to place an order if you value your hard earned money..Version: 4.0.4

Ordering made 10x more difficultI've tried using this app 3 times. The first two times I selected which location I wanted it at and somewhere along the way it chose a different store across town and I didn't find out until I was at the one I wanted to order from. I even payed special attention the second time to make sure it wasn't user error and it still somehow changed it. I waited in a 30 minute line twice both times because the service was slow and I didn't find out that it wasn't at that location until I was at the window. That's 2 hours of waiting overall for a taco! If it wasn't too late to have gone inside to get it but at that point only the drive thru was open. The third time I tried using it wasn't as bad but I like jalepenos so I tried adding them to my order and the option was there but every time I tried selecting it, it either didn't even show that I tried adding them but every now and then it would show it checked off for a split second before unchecking itself, I tried it with multiple different food items to make sure it wasn't just that my item couldn't have jalepenos added to it. It wouldn't let me add it to a single item. And I can't find any explanation for it. This app is supposed to make ordering easier but it's done nothing but add 10 times more stress to trying to get food. The restaurants weren't at all helpful when I explained the situation. At this point in about ready to give up on taco bell altogether and use the mcdonalds app next time..Version: 5.1.0

Won’t allow you to redeem your rewardConvenient app if you don’t mind giving away your privacy. Very glitchy app too. Won’t allow you to make certain modifications to menu items. For instance, it won’t allow you to substitute their ground beef for the steak in their new grilled cheese burrito when ordering on the app. Zero customer service when clicking on the “need help” button in the app, which is why I’m here leaving this review. I just recently got a drive thru order today, picked up the food, scanned the receipt to get my points and I had earned enough points for my fire tier free food reward. So I tried ordering that through the app and now it’s saying “my cart doesn’t qualify for the reward” even though I haven’t redeemed a free food reward from any Taco Bell location today, meaning there should be no problems, yet here I am. Have to leave a message and see how long it takes to get some automated response through the app, so I figured I would warn everyone about it here. Zero tech support, very glitchy app and now they won’t honor their free food rewards. Don’t waste your time using the app as all it’s good for is collecting and selling your personal data. I will be deleting it immediately after I’m finished with this review..Version: 8.6.0

Never again!!I placed my order last night at 8:50 I got to TB at about 9ish had to wait in the line for about 20+ mins to check in. When I checked in they asked my name and said they located my order via app and are now preparing it. By the time I got to the line the lady was so rude. She had her mask on one ear hanging off her head. And was basically wanting me to take my mask if so she could hear he better which makes no sense. She left the window shortly and came back to tell me they didn’t have any more containers for what I ordered so they can make my order. I said it’s fine I don’t mind using small cups or whatever you can use they literally were just lazy and rude and it wouldn’t make my food that I already paid for via the app. They never emailed me this was an issue so I could avoid even showing up. Let’s say they ran out of containers while I was in line when I checked in they say my order and could have told me then but they didn’t. So I didn’t get to feed my kids last night because I couldn’t even get my refund to go elsewhere and buy food. The woman’s name was laKendra and the manager whom I’m wouldn’t tell me his name wasn’t wearing name tags no one was. Worst experience ever I’ll never use this app again and never support Taco Bell again!!.Version: 5.27.0

LESS THAN PERFECTLet me start by saying that generally speaking I enjoy the products on the Taco Bell menu & when I saw I could finally order through an app saving me time I was pleased. At least at first. Today’s experience has changed my mind in that while driving home this afternoon we would pass by our local franchise & I decided to treat the whole family via the app. I started my order while still a mile away figuring it would be perfect timing as I got there. But then just as I began the checkout process the app said they were busier than usual & to try again & a 5 minute countdown timer appeared & began ticking off. Since we needed a few grocery items anyway I pulled into our local supermarket lot for my wife to run in but as I passed our Taco Bell oddly enough there was only one car in the drive thru & it didn’t appear “busy” at all! This was at about 4pm. Then, as I waited for my wife I kept trying to order but the app kept resetting back to a brand new 5 minute timer each time the countdown ended. After about 25 minutes my wife returned & disappointed we decided to visit the Burger King instead-they also make a fine product. Let the record reflect that as of this review two hours later I’m STILL getting that busy message & a new timer. Not the perfect idea I thought it would be when I decided on our dinner treat..Version: 7.43.0

Major FlawsLet me start by saying I have used many different apps through the App Store for food services and restaurants. This app, by far, has caused me the most headache for trying to figure out what I want to eat. The first thing that happens when opening the app is it displays an error message stating “Oops! Well this is embarrassing...” the message goes on for longer. It leaves me with a button to go to the home page. I press the button and does just that. At the home page, or menu as it takes me to, if I click on any category of food so I can figure out what I want to eat, it displays the same error and takes me back to the menu. The only way I can get to see the menu is the top slide bar with the categories. By the time I figure out what I want, I could have ordered at the drive-thru and paid. Since I have been experiencing this flaw since installing, I have never used the app to order food. Other apps have given me such great results and streamlined the ordering process, unfortunately, this app is an inconvenience. I truly refuse to use the app as I have been having many issues. If this is how a more personalized experience feels then it is a disgrace to have this app anywhere near my phone. Two stars for a review is being generous. The reason for two is I was able to still find what I wanted to eat, but nothing else redeems the rest of the stars..Version: 5.30.0

Locked out of my accountMy account was made using my Facebook account. The app has since logged me out and when I try to Log In With Facebook, I get an error message. I also can’t make a new account because itms already using that email address. As far as I can tell there is no service email or number to call. There is only an FAQ that does not cover this. Also why is it when you tap the Sign Up/ Log in button, it goes to a sign up page by default and you need to tap another link to log in? It should be the other way around. You only need to sign up once, but may have to log in multiple times. That’s just a bad UI choice. Also whenever I have made an order through the app, the food is never ready on time. They usually don’t even get my order until after I have shown up. Overall this app is poorly made and not worth the time or effort Update: it’s been months and even after an update stating Facebook login issues were resolved, I still get an error saying “Log in failed. Please try again.” after pressing the Log in with Facebook button. I sent an email to their support but never got a response either. This app is just not worth anyone’s time. Will be deleting unless something changes soon..Version: 5.10.0

Convenient but very buggyI want to start out by saying I do love this app. I have food allergies and it helps the store get the order correct more often than not, and I love paying through the app. That being said, there are so many bugs in the app. If you add custom items (all my items require being custom to avoid my allergy) then add a meal, it wipes out all of your custom order. And you can’t go in and fix the order in the cart, it won’t let you save. You have to go in and delete each custom item and then add them back again. It’s best to add everything to the cart first then do customizations, but this has been a bug for a long time and should have already been resolved. Also, I created custom favorited items to help easily put in an allergy friendly order but the same or similar bug happens: it says it’s customized under favorites but when added to the cart, all changes are erased. Big problem for picky eaters and people with food allergies who may not know that happens. My paranoia at having a reaction making me triple check is the only reason I’ve caught the app wiping my changes. It makes what should be a simple experience more complex and frustrating. Fix these bugs and this app is easily 5 stars..Version: 7.33.0

Worst Restaurant App Ever!!!!!I have tried several times to use this app to order food, and I always have a problem. I could literally go to the grocery store, buy everything I need to make tacos, and come home and cook it faster than I can order using the app. The app is constantly glitching and freezing. I have to get off the app, close it out on my phone, and go back in for every step in the ordering process! When you are placing orders for 4-5 people this takes forever. Even ordering for one person takes forever. And good luck using the special offers! It doesn’t even work most of the time. The special offers are usually why I decided to order from Taco Bell in the first place. I tried ordering the free taco today and was never able to because I kept getting error messages. It would also not register what I was trying to order, so I would press the button of whatever I wanted to order several times. When it finally registered, I had like 7 tacos in my cart. I don’t understand how this app has such a high rating. I see more one-star ratings than anything else. And most people have the same issues that I do. Please work on fixing your app, Taco Bell. I have several other food apps on my phone, and this is the only one I have issues like this with..Version: 5.10.0

This app made me hate Taco BellI will not be eating at Taco Bell anymore. I am so incredibly frustrated at my experience just now. I tried using their new delivery service, and after waiting for an hour, the order was canceled with no explanation. I pressed the “Get Help” button on the order page and it didn’t do anything. The button literally didn’t work. I had to go to my profile page to use the get help button. I filled out a form which asked for all of my personal information including my address, email, and phone number. Some of the form’s fields didn’t work properly either. The form would also erase everything you wrote if you went back to a previous field above to edit something and you’d have to start all over. After about 30 minutes of rewriting things and trying to navigate the atrocious interface, I finally submitted the form just to land on a 404 error page. They literally designed the app so you can’t get help with anything. I imagine this was intentional. It made me realize that Taco Bell is an extremely unprofessional corporation, and I am honestly in disbelief that they see any success while lacking the most basic functionality in their services. Unless Taco Bell makes this right for me, I will not be returning and I will be publishing my experience everywhere that I can..Version: 8.6.0

Failure after failureThe interface is very touchy and the screen jumps all over the place. It finds my closest Taco Bell. I eventually manage to order my food. It takes my email, phone number and credit card. It tells me my food will be ready in 10 min. My credit card is charged but no email receipt. So I wait. Nothing. I arrive more than 15 min after the charge hit my credit card. No order. No food. An employee tells me I need to log into my account to show her the order. I showed her the app. It does not ask for a password or name, just email, phone and credit card. Only the email can be used but a password is needed. The manager tells me I cannot get food because I have no receipt and I cannot get a refund because I ordered through the app and not his store. I have to take it up with customer support. Fine. It’s at this point when I realized if I reopened my app, as if to start a new order it saved my info. But it shows no order. Whatever. I’m hungry, I’m here. I go to the register and repeat my order to the woman at the register, she stops me and tells me one of the meals I ordered doesn’t exist. In the app, for this particular store, there was a meal containing 2 chalupa supremes, a taco and a drink. So I asked about it again as it is also offered on Taco Bell’s website. The cashier’s words were “that combo does not exist in any Taco Bell anywhere””there is no Taco Bell where you can order that.” So I left without food that I already paid for..Version: 5.0.8

Never works & very inconsistentThis app is constantly freezing and I constantly have to restart my app only to have to redo my entire order. I called customer service today to address this issues and was told they have been receiving calls all day. I’m not sure why Taco Bell doesn’t work on these issues that have been occurring for months now. It is very frustrating & it has deterred me from order from Taco Bell for months now. Then to make it even better when you use the app to order it always seems the stores flip out if you have a “big order” and they make you feel bad about it and you have to pull around and wait. You can hear the employees yelling and complaining and it’s a very uncomfortable experience. Something needs to be done within the app constantly crashing and the way customers are being treated for just simply placing orders on the app. I shouldn’t have to feel bad for placing a larger order for everyone in my family an modifying some of the toppings and they still not make it properly and I have to drive back. I have worked in the restaurant industry for years and it is part of your job to make & process orders correctly and not huff and puff just because someone placed a large order. I am unfortunately no longer going to take my business to Taco Bell because I feel as if my business and time is not valued by this company or location..Version: 5.10.0

Good idea but needs improvementI love the idea of the rewards system but the app as a whole definitely has some glitches. To start off, every time we order through the app we have used the drive-thru pick up option and both times the employees did not start working on our order until we arrived at the pick up window. They said the order was not appearing on the screen that they look to for orders. I think there needs to be some attention given to the importance of online orders because they seem to be an afterthought. We waited so long in the line because of the online orders taking up so much time and clogging up Drive they process. It needs to be streamlined because ever since it’s been introduced it’s slowed down the drivethru process immensely. The next issue was that when I went to redeem my first reward (Doritos locos Taco) it just kept not working. No matter how many times I added it to my cart using the redeem button it just wouldn’t register the discount. Now I had to order a taco that I did not want to pay for. I hope these glitches can be figured out soon because these are major reasons to stop using the app altogether..Version: 7.16.1

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