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Moovit: All Transit Options App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Moovit: All Transit Options app received 74 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Moovit: All Transit Options? Can you share your negative thoughts about moovit: all transit options?

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Moovit: All Transit Options for Negative User Reviews

Love the app but the ads have ruined it for meI’ve been using Moovit for years and absolutely loved it but I’m completely over those ads! I’d much rather pay for the app and not see the ads because they get in the way of using the app. I’ve started using other public transport apps more now because of it. I completely understand that you need to be able to cover your costs but it would be fantastic if you gave us the option to pay for the app and not have ads pop up..Version: 5.91.0

Widget does not seem to be workingI like this app but about a month ago the widget stopped working..Version: 5.101.1

Too many AdsUsed it for many years but deleted as soon as they started putting ads in the app. It’s so bad. I really liked it..Version: 5.78.1

Excellent AppApp YRT bus schedules not accurate as it used to be..Version: 5.101.0

No more metro linesWhy were metros removed? the app is no longer useful ..Version: 5.103.1

Be carful of bus timesSo this app is good for knowing when to get off the bus or train. But the thing is that the neither the bus or train time tables are up to date. But is is super handy to be notified a stop before. I got a new job and I can’t figure out how to change my “work” which is super frustrating, but overall if your looking for when to get off a bus or a train with visual and notification then this app is great!! But make sure you check Translink app before cuz of closures and time changes and such..Version: 5.8.0

Paid app with ads?Wow an ad pops up that I can’t turn off. Had to restart the app..Version: 5.102.1

Not working in LanzaroteI don’t think the app is the problem, I think the information coming from the Lanzarote bus system is all wrong. We have spent the last 6 hours using the Moovit app trying to cover a distance that would be a 13 minute drive in a car. The stops don’t match the routes, the busses do t stop in schedule, and the buses shown in the app don’t go where the app says they do. Rather frustrating..Version: 5.81.2

Widget doesn’t work, interface is so crowded!The widget for this app that is supposed to show your favourite stations at a glance constantly says “unable to load” forcing you to open the app which hammers you with ads and a very busy interface. It also shows the arriving busses in a weird way. My stop has three busses going to the city. The app lists only one time for a bus and then shows the next one. H20 H22 H24 When actually there are several H20 busses before the next H22. Why not list every bus in order of arrival at my stop? This app means you see far less busses than are actually coming..Version: 5.98.0

Total waste of timeSchedules and stops are great on WiFi in my house but I can’t use the ticketing option. I’ve followed all the steps, added my details, registered, added a card and I still don’t have the option to buy a ticket. Even if I could, you can’t buy it until you’re ready to board… my bus stop has ZERO data. I can’t use the app at all with no data. There should be an option to pre buy your ticket for this reason and download offline maps. I’m new to my town and need a reliable app. I could be stranded if I didn’t have cash (which I rarely do). I’ve tried to buy it further from my stop where I have one bar of data but the option to buy button is not there, neither is the “my tickets” section they talk about on the FAQ. I don’t understand how this app is even still around..Version: 5.103.0

Great app but inaccurate timetablesI really like the look and features of this app, but despite multiple bug reports, they can’t seem to get the timetable data working for express vs non-express trains, at least in Adelaide Australia. I’ve accidentally boarded express trains that don’t stop at my stop multiple times because of this app. And an express train that does not actually stop at your stop is not a good thing. Then you have to get off at the next stop, and wait for a train heading back to your stop. This app seems to assume that all trains stop at all stops which is not true. Until they fix that, I can’t trust it..Version: 5.18.0

Better than Fasttrak.I was recommended to download this from Suffolk fast trak. It is better in lots of ways than that App, but still has some downsides. If you’d improved it by adding certain items to make it more user friendly, it would be great!! You can’t navigate from one page to the other easily. There are no back arrows!! In some cases you must delete every bus selected to just delete one!! Alternatives should be offered on near by bus stops. (If they exist of course). And transfers marked with a T at the stops. Makes life easier. Knowing at a glance instead of having to read a long route to find it!! I do like the app so far. I haven’t bought passes yet, but will soon. Hope that is easy to do!!.Version: 5.92.1

Worst app worst so called improvements ever .The worst new app ever . The old app was better .. and buses dont even run til like 10 am in my neighborhood .. used to get a bus at 5 am . And they only run every hour not every half hour like what is going on. I cant even get a job with that kind of bus schedule..Version: 5.97.0

I’d pay for your app, reply when it’s possibleI’m sure the app got the high ratings when there were no intrusive ads. Just had one where I had to play a game to get back into the app. I’m sure you’re making lots of money, good on you. Tag me when it’s possible to remove the ads and I’ll come back to your app. Edit: such a trash generic response. I see many other recent reviews are saying the same. So, just deleted the app and will use something else. Edit2: just using Google and it’s been super easy. Happy I switched away from this horrible app that didn’t even care they had a good thing people would pay for. I’m sure there are plenty of people in your company saying the same thing..Version: 5.95.1

Pls fixThe app is amazing for getting across the city in a short time, just my only problem is the abundance of ads and scam ads that hurt the experience of the app, there is even an ad that won’t let me skip it and I have to log off of the app, If there was a way to skip all ads or even remove ads entirely, I would rate this app higher..Version: 5.100.3

About mapHey, This is really helpful app, but can you please change the route directions on map It’s too thin, sometimes can’t see properly Thanks.Version: 5.56.0

Unfriendly when it about payment or cancellationNo option to fix any mistake or cancel your credit card . I was checking the price of my possible trip . When some how “bought the ticket to the train “ and it wasn’t the idea at all. I looked for an option to cancel- but nothing . I received Qr that obviously I never marked it because I never went to the train station . When The next day I receive receive, I was charged maximum fare becaus I never “finished “my trip . Hello, I never finished because I never went on that trip . I sent 3 emails, called to Mooveit . And all Answers I received that they will check it and will considerate my complain and if everything is ok as Insay , my money will be returned within 2 weeks . Well , they charged me . Although I never marked Qr , and without ir I couldn’t enter or exit to the train station in Israel..Version: 5.72.0

Better planner but needs no adsThis is a really good app. Use it I’ve the PT app but now there’s ads and no option for getting rid of them. Frustrating when your in a rush and each ad doesn’t show you the quickest or easiest way to exit. It’s like every ad now makes the smallest exit button. Please get rid of ads or make a one off payment to get rid of them..Version: 5.81.1

Might as well just use google mapsI had no problems with this app in the beginning, sure this app has really annoying ads but I didn’t consider it to be an issue. It gave me good routes and I followed them with no issues, I like the features where it alerts you when to get off and when to get on a bus, but it seems like sometimes those features are faulty. Yesterday, my actual time of arrival was 50 min later than the eta that moovit initially provided! I was waiting for a bus that moovit told me to get on (moovit did not give me another bus option, which it does do other times) and after the bus didn’t come in the time slot, I reloaded the app to find that it now was recommending me to take another bus, that had already left the stop I was at! This increased my eta by 20 min as well. Although I was frustrated, I had planned to come early and it was fine. In my many panics of using the app, the annoying ads will pop up, close, and then the app will constantly load until you restart it. Not a big issue, but immensely nerve racking. But after reloading it, my eta was increased by another 30 more min?? To close, I feel like the best strength of this app is to just the ability meticulously plan ahead, but at that point you may use a service like google maps that does not have any ads that completely restrict you from using it..Version: 5.94.0

UnusableYou use to be great. Now you are frustrating , unreliable and can’t get information to get anywhere. Ads keep popping up. What a mess.Version: 5.101.1

Still getting used to itJust switched over from Rocketman after over a decade of using it - since they announced they will be cancelling the app in Nov I’ve looked at others. Your platform is an adjustment from theirs. Still find it a challenge to get info I want as quickly as I want. Not to mention not always accurate. I’m on the go a lot - often having to move between locations fast and having to tap, tap, tap multiple times to get accurate information is a bit annoying. If I’m taking transit - I need to know what is available immediately so I can make my decision to either transit or find alternatives. Not waste time finding the information I need. More annoying is having ads takeover the entire app page. I don’t mind ads - I get that you need to find funding to maintain the app and keep it free for some users if they opt out of the paid version. But to have it completely takeover the app to the point I can’t even use the features, then have to shut it down and reopen it to actually get the information I need is extremely useless. I’ll find an alternative to use instead. Or perhaps this is your way of nudging people to pay. Point taken.Version: 5.104.0

Not bad but not that accurateNot as accurate as would be good real time is not very accurate on certain lines in Adelaide such as 506 and 560. Bus drivers here are notorious for either being early or late so accurate times are valuable . Last week I waited for e 560 at a stop and it told me it was 6 mins, and then I looked up to see it almost upon my stop lucky I was there. The 506 today said 1-06 but the bus arrived 1-02 and left same time. 4 mins might sound nothing but when you have to catch connecting buses it can be the difference between now and a half hour or worse Id it’s the last one. Plus these ads are annoying g popping up when you’re trying to quickly see the times. Foxtel and commercial tv have lost s lot of business to others due to wasting people’s time bombarding them with annoying ads so apps should be wary of this creeping problem..Version: 5.81.2

Full screen adsIt was good, but the new full screen ads are really bad for a transport app that you're trying to use in a hurry. I decided to uninstall it, there are other options without disruptive ads.Version: 5.82.1

What’s gone wrong with youAbsolutely rubbish advertising that it is impossible to get rid of when having to make a fast decision at a bus stop. I hate gambling and do not want gambling ads on my phone. I do not tolerate big retail, big pharma, gambling, alcohol or any mindless pap crap. If you are going to advertise third party at least get your targeting sorted. On top of that there is no timing on my bus other than every ten minutes which is not and never had been accurate or true. You should get one star but you used to be good so I have given you two..Version: 5.94.0

InaccurateFind the bus information inaccurate and the fixed timetables don’t match the ones from the bus company. (The developer will respond and ask me to contact them directly - I have with no response!) As if by magic a response from the developer to my review but they cannot be bothered to respond when I message them directly!! Update - used this alongside another journey tracking app for a week and this app was never accurate whereas the other app tracked the bus from stop to stop on their map and was bang on every time. PS. No update from the developer investigating the journey!!! Avoid if you want to be anywhere on time using public transport..Version: 5.94.0

Ads are obstructiveThe app is accurate and works really well. But the full page ads are annoying. I don’t mind the banner ads on the bottom, I understand the developers need to make money, but I’ve almost missed a few rides due to the full page ads popping up when I need to check the schedule in a hurry. Some of them take a long time to close and redirect you to sketchy links if you accidentally click on them..Version: 5.100.3

Don’t rely exclusively on this appI booked a trip. Made sure my hotel was right on the metro line However when I tried to use this app go get to my venue it didn’t list the metro ( subway) as an option instead it tried to send my on a long bus trip with many transfers. Fortunately google maps came through. It’s possible I had the app on the wrong setting as I spent a lot of time trying to decline the never ending requests to upgrade from the free version. Am now deleting..Version: 5.103.1

Intrusive pop up ads every secondMoovit worked fine for what it was before they decided to integrate pop-ups. Now I do understand the need to monetize your app and pay developers, and I have nothing against ads at all (Google and Waze have ads all over their maps). But these pop ups are obnoxious, intrusive and take up valuable time when you are quickly trying to check a route or bus. And it’s not just one per trip, it’s like every third thing you click triggers an ad. It’s a huge inconvenience when when you’re pressed for time. It’s gotten to the point where I’m using Google more than Moovit, even though Moovit’s times are better. At least Google doesn’t shove video ads in my face when I’m running late to the bus. Moovit, fix your profit model. Pop-up ads are not the solution. At the bare minimum, tweak the ads so they don’t interrupt user experience..Version: 5.83.1

IncompleteDoes not show all the bus lines conoared to other apps..Version: 5.104.0

Ferry Belem to TrafarioWe went to catch a Ferry from Belem just for a view of Lisbon from the water . When it stopped at Trafario we wanted to remain on board but were told to disembark and get on - in ten minutes , but the Ferry turned around and left . We were the told to wait an hour for the next Ferry which we did - but when it arrived all the passengers were told they are not taking passengers due to engine issues ( although it was still running ) and we were to catch a bus due in another one hour 15 minutes which would take us somewhere where we could catch another bus to Lisbon !!! As no more passengers today . Nowhere on the app were we alerted of this and the app still shows the Ferries as running normally . We hired a taxi and came back to Lisbon.Version: 5.53.0

Bad experience with credit cardWe were tourists using the app for a while in Israel. We’ve entered our credit card details and upon leaving the country, we wanted to cancel the credit card and were surprised to discover that the app doesn’t allow a removal of the card. Instead, you have to contact support to request removing it. We only received a response several days after the request notifying us the account was closed. When back home, we saw another charge on the card we did not make and after the account was closed. Another email to their support was this time blocked, with no alternative way of contacting them and being over charged. Disappointing..Version: 5.92.1

No alerts to say to go to the stop before the the bus arrives when a trip has begunI’m tired of missing my bus.Version: 5.103.0

Tram scheduleI do not want to go through several screens to see the schedule of trams from let’s say stop 10 to stop 4... I want to see a list of times of trams leaving stop 10 when I activate the app, as my primary (main) access. The way it is currently designed is ridiculous and not friendly for my needs. The old app (that I used about 1 to 2 years ago) was perfect. The one which came after was awful and this one (although an improvement) is NOT customer focused and its design is mediocre to say the least..Version: 5.49.1

Terrific Navigation, Terrible SearchThe navigation function is well-designed and it's perfect for public transport. It's the only app that's aware of different sides of a road as far as I know. But the search function is almost useless. Not only lots of places are missing, you cannot search anything other than names and addresses, either. For instance, "Melbourne skating" gives you nothing but some funny results..Version: 5.15.0

Rude driversWe are from hamilton using the buses as travel through Christchurch. We are disgusted at how rude the drivers have been to us. We ask simple questions and they are so rude back. Very sad to see. expect better from an NZ city..Version: 5.100.0

Ruined by adsI liked Moovit and used it regularly. The stop notifications are perfect (no idea why Google Maps doesn’t have this feature) and the interface is easy to navigate. All of the app’s strong points were recently undermined by the app’s full page ads that pop up at the most inconvenient times. I’d happily pay a small subscription to get rid of the ads, but Moovit doesn’t have that option. So I’m looking at other apps and will probably delete this one..Version: 5.95.1

Overwhelming ads, underwhelming performanceThe sheer number of ads is crazy. Some banners here or there was fine but having timed screen covering ones is frustrating when you’re in a rush and need to know where to go. Other than ads, the app can be a little slow. I often get told that it isn’t supported in my region and have to reselect so the app works again. Generally fine though, good enough to use but if there is another option that does similar with less ads, I’d be trading up..Version: 5.81.0

Currently stuck an hour away from home!I'm a newbie to Melbourne, and I was told it was the easiest app to use to navigate around public transport. Yet, I somehow still keep getting lost every time. Instead of taking me the fastest route to the city which was an easy hour and 20 tram ride that I'm very used to taking, it decided that it would tell me I need to get off and get a train the rest of the way. I believed the app, have now lost my deposit on my appointment, been late for work multiple times because it suddenly decides the train it told me to get on is not the right train. Also I'm now constantly stuck in random suburbs with no easy way home. Thanks a heap! Download ptv and save yourself the trouble.Version: 5.23.1

Inaccurate and HELLA adsShows the time but 5 minutes ahead ALL THE TIME. When a bus comes at 1:30, the app will show 1:35 or more. Plus there’s SOOOOOO MANY ads now it’s actually ridiculous. some of the ads you have to restart the app because there is no x button. I’ve missed probably 10 buses because of ads.Version: 5.103.0

You got work to doWhy is it that Apple Maps has more updated bus routes and stops than what used to be the best app for transit??? fix your app and get rid of ads.Version: 5.103.1

It used to be the best appUPDATE 2022: We have even more adds. I changed to google maps and barely use this app anymore. In the last versions, they incorporated adds in really awkward spots. Like when you are already checking your route or buses. This is specially bad and frustrating when you are in a rush and you want to see if the stop/bus is the correct so you can quickly hop on or get down at that stop. I understand the necessary adds for making ir profitable. One quick solution will be just when you open the app for the first time and not refreshing adds. Another will be to put adds that PARTIALLY covers the screen like a banner, but please do not just block the usage of the app with this annoying adds. I will keep it for one month in case they fix it. If not I will delete it..Version: 5.102.1

Unable to loadWidget error: unable to load.Version: 5.101.1

Bus to ChristchurchTo slow, will not use public transport in rolleston until service improves Time table out of date metro info give different time table.Version: 5.96.0

Use this app if you like getting screwed overI live in Israel. This app has screwed me and my friends over too many times. It will tell you a bus is coming at a certain time and then it just never shows up. Then, you look for another route and it tells you that the exact same bus is coming in 10 minutes instead- which it doesn’t. Today I had to walk 2 km to get to another stop because it was the only available route after I wasted 15 minutes waiting for a bus that never came. After I got off that bus I had a connection bus to take me to my final destination, but surprisingly enough that bus also never came. I ended up getting to my destination a few hours late due to factors that were not even in my control. I do have to give this app some credit because it works most of the time, but I can’t even remember how many times it screwed me over..Version: 5.26.1

Not reliableI find this app does not function. It won’t retain an address in the where to bar the last time I tried. Previously the bus route information was incorrect..Version: 5.103.1

Why can’t I travel away from my city?Moovit is a good app, however today when I went to find out how to travel from Brisbane to Byron Bay via public transport, Moovit tells me that it’s not possible due to being “Outside of my region”? I understand that there may be certain cities to configure, however the transport information and directions should not be restricted to a certain city? This then means that I cannot rely on Moovit to show me how to catch a train from one city to another area. Please fix this issue ASAP..Version: 5.31.0

Arrival times are always wrong.This app is wonderful for showing me how to get anywhere. I moved to Israel from the US and regardless of my horrible Hebrew skills, I can travel anywhere comfortably using this app. The huge drawback is arrival times of busses and the stated end-of-trip arrival times. When waiting for a bus, often a green real time indicator will show a bus is arriving in X minutes. But I find I need to add about 2 extra minutes to that number in the end. Or it will say the bus is arriving in 1 minute, but that displays for 4 minutes. I have been late to almost every single meeting I have planned using this app. To the point of where I now know I have to add 30-75 extra minutes to Moovit’s estimated arrival time. One time I was 2 hours late to a meeting 18 km away because Moovit gave me a trip plan where the buses never showed up! No holiday, no road construction, no Shabbat, just a regular day..Version: 5.77.0

Unreliable but some useful featuresI have primarily used Moovit with AC Transit in Berkeley and Oakland, and the app has been very unreliable regardless of the line, time of day, or day of the week. It usually doesn’t get the arrival times right. I made the mistake of not checking nextbus today, and now I will be standing at a bus stop for the next half hour because Moovit didn’t take into full account tracked buses and the unreliability of bus schedules. I downloaded the app with the hopes of having an alternative to nextbus, but unfortunately was disappointed. The only redeeming quality of the app is the fact that the app provides you with notifications as to when you should prepare to get on or off your bus. However, even this is flawed, as arrival notifications are usually given after the bus has already departed. I can only hope that the developers improve the most fundamental aspects of their app..Version: 5.23.1

Express or all stops clarityI find the app really great but as many train stations and bus stations do not have electronic or printed timetables I’d like clearer definition of whether trains or buses are express or all stops. Last week I caught a train from Noarlunga Centre to city that was an express and I wanted to get off at Clarence Park. When I realised that at around Oaklands Park I could not seem to work out whether to get off and wait for one that would stop at Clarence Park so I had to backtrack. Cheers Amanda.Version: 5.66.0

Very handy, but with intrusive ads latelyI’ve been a Moovit user since 2016. I’m Disabled, & use this app whenever I have to catch public transport in my city (which is a lot, since I’m unable to drive). It uses VoiceOver to tell me roughly 1-2 stops before the stop I need to use. The fact I can choose between multiple routes & have 3 options for the type of route I want - Best, Least Walking, Least Changes - has been a life saver. However, sometime within the past 6 months, there have been very intrusive ads that stop me from actually using the app - until I find & tap on a tiny X to close the ad that will appear after 2-5 seconds. I’ve missed stops multiple times during those 2-5 seconds. The X’s to close the ads are also never in the same spot. I’d be more than happy to pay a 1-time fee to get rid of the ads, as a thank you to the devs, but this isn’t even an option. I do understand that app development, especially this app, isn’t cheap, but temporarily stopping users from actually using the app - on a public transport app where the users have absolutely no say in where their vehicle goes - isn’t the way to go..Version: 5.80.1

What Happened?I am not one to write bitter, scathing reviews, but I have used this app so often over the past three years, I felt the need to say something. First of all, the app’s accuracy and detail rivals anything else I have used, and I commute exclusively by transit and have for years and years. Moovit has been wrong on a handful of occasions, but no more than I have fingers in one hand, which is pretty dang good for something I’ve been using over several years. About a month ago, more and more ads started popping up - first an acceptable amount for a free app that has been essential to me, now an unbearable amount. Like, can’t press any single thing on the screen without getting an ad (half of which pause my music, which is a criminal offense imo), rendering the app all but unusable. I am telling you, developers, I would readily pay for this app monthly over this. It’s worth it. But when I’m rushing to see a transit schedule and have several ads pop up before I can even pull up the proper route, that’s defeating the purpose of the app..Version: 5.96.0

It’s an okay appIt has gives you a lot of travel options, which is nice, and updates on the local traffic, which is even nicer. It’s pretty easy to use and can be used for othet countries. It would be nice if they fixed whatever’s going on with their point system, however, as it constantly shows no points for me despite having used it more than the local transport apps.Version: 5.29.2

Drop from GloryThis app used to be great. A few changes have occurred the last few months that have made it extremely frustrating. Before, I could load previous trips from the home screen. This meant not only the two locations I was traveling between, but the time at which I had searched for the trip. This was extremely useful because if the app closed, I could reload the trip at the push of a button, and know exactly where I was on the route and when I needed to get off. The second thing that changed is that the app crashes very frequently in the background. When I’m traveling and have to reload the route, I now have to wait until I get on a stop so that the app can show me the bus I’m currently on. This can get extremely frustrating when I’m traveling on routes I’m not used to. In addition, when I have Live Directions set, the app still crashes in the background! I just had it happen and that got me to write this review. It’s so frustrating that the app crashes a lot and I can’t reload entire trips from the home page. Just adding that one functionality back into the app would make a huge change in performance and usability of the app. Can the developers explain why they got rid of it?.Version: 5.27.0

UghhhhSo frustrating! Could be a really handy app, but I am trying to plan in advance (5 days) and it won’t let me go past 3 or 4 days, won’t let me pick a time just only stays on the time it is that I’m using the app 🤦🏽‍♀️.Version: 5.95.1

UX/UI needs updatingThe user interface (UI) is pretty congested. In looking for something simple like what time a bus or train leaves from a specific stop, it’s pretty hard to find this information without having to look through a lot of other content/design. Something like transportation departure and arrival times should be pretty prominent/easy to find. Also, in the settings, it says Moovit’s language will mirror my phone settings. My phone is set to English and the language in the app is appearing in Spanish, which makes it impossible to understand when a train/bus schedule is modified. Please update the UX so that the language actually mirrors our phones as promised OR add a feature that allows users to manually change our language directly in the app..Version: 5.94.1

The latest update broke it - ads super annoyingI used to live Moovit - it was a great app. However a week or so ago Moovit updated it and now every click brings up an ad which is super annoying and rendering the app unusable now. Really disappointed that Moovit chose to go down this path. Worse still I was willing to pay a bit for an ad-free version but there doesn’t seem to be an “unlock” option to obtain an ad free version..Version: 5.90.1

Time of arrivalNot showing how many more minutes the bus will arrive at a certain stop unlike before.Version: 5.36.2

Brilliant but also frustratingOn the positive side, what an excellent app. Links trains / buses and gives real time arrival and notifications. You can rely on it pretty well. It can route some strange ways, but it will give you a choice so you can choose another if you prefer. BUT the latest update has really annoying adds. Full page. With a countdown. When you’re in a rush for a bus the last thing you want is to watch a “match three” game pop up and cover your entire screen. Hi developers , I’d pay to remove these. Give us a choice, please!.Version: 5.85.0

Very annoying recent technical problemI can no longer exit and return to the home screen when I am finished reading the notifications you send. This was never a problem before but it has now happened 3 times. I actually have to power off my iPhone every time you send out a notification to get out of that and back to the home screen. My next move will be to delete the App..Version: 5.73.0

Arrival times and route suggestions need improvementI rely on Moovit for real time arrivals for the bus routes (primarily) and the trains. In the past year, I’ve noticed that the real time arrivals are a bit off. It’s doesn’t throw my commute into disarray but it does toy with my transfers sometimes. Also I have noticed that the route suggestions tend to pick routes that aren’t necessary shorter, would be great if this could be improved. Otherwise; I have no complaints, I enjoy the app, and use it daily!.Version: 5.26.1

So unreliableLive times are completely false. I’ve waited over 20 minutes on multiple occasions for buses that were supposedly coming in under 3 minutes according to the live times. I’ve once waited 40 minutes in that scenario. Additionally the eta is pathetically optimistic and never takes traffic into account. I’m right now on a bus which eta was 17:05 and had since been updated to 18:11. And on top of all this ads have been made to fully cover the screen when you’re checking the app at crucial time sensitive stages of the journey instead of subtle ads that do not disturb the performance o the app. I’ve reverted back to Google maps and never looked back.Version: 5.102.1

Average functionalityI like the idea of the platform where I could access the favourite locations. However, there are some issues: 1. I couldn’t change the favourites into other names than “work”. 2. Any routes that occur within 5 minutes will not display on the suggestions at all. So when I am very spontaneous, I will have to wait for the next bus or train. Sometimes, I have rely on the Transperth apps to confirm any transports that comes in 2 minutes. 3. There is no options to enter bus stop Numbers for the timetable. Again, I will have to use the other apps to conforms. The idea of this apps in good but lack of immediate travelling time is a let down. The constant double checking of the public transport app indicates that I am confident in the logistic the app suggests. The camera view, seriously I don’t see the point of using it. Not sure if I want to continue to use..Version: 5.73.0

Full of ADS!!This app used to be good but the developers got greedy now be prepared to be bombarded by advertisements..Version: 5.102.0

Recently the ads are so intrusive and long that make you miss the busRecently they introduce ads that pop on your entire screen and you need to wait ages in order to close them. I found myself several times in rush to check the bus whether it was last minute or I was at the bus station and wanted to quickly check if I could take another bus from the bus station where I was but the new ads make it impossible to check if you’re in rush and sometimes you may lose a bus you wanted to take last minute. I’d rather use google at this point.Version: 5.98.0

Major bus lines missingI downloaded this app for when we went on holiday to southern Spain. Although I knew the bus routes I thought this would be handy with the times. Unfortunately this app is missing several of the major bus routes (including the main bus that runs from Marbella to Malaga). Waiting for a bus mid afternoon, the app told me that the next bus was in 6 hours time (it turned up 10 minutes later). On another occasion the app quoted me 1hr 15 mins to cover a journey that took 10 mins to walk. The app may be useful in some regions, but don’t rely on it solely in an area you don’t know..Version: 5.76.0

Advertising with the recent updateHave been using this app for several months. It is generally a good app, with fairly reliable bus times and route suggestions. My main complain is that with the most recent update there are now pop up adds that appear each time you bring up the app. No cool Moovit! If you want to make revenue then you can ask users to pay for the app, but introducing ads without warning that interfere with the usability of the app is annoying and frustrating..Version: 5.75.1

Great App, Uses alot of batteryThis is a great app to use anywhere in the world! It also works offline which is great for people for do not want to use their data while travelling. However, it uses a lot of battery now while using the app. I end up having a fully charged phone to almost flat battery by the end of my journey or mid-way. Before the app had never done that when I first used it a year ago. The Iphone I have is recently new so there are no issues with battery also when using other apps the battery was fine. It is only with this app that it drains like crazy! Is there a way to fix this?.Version: 5.39.0

Great app if you can deal with adsI’ve had this app for almost a year now and they just started putting ads into the app heavily. I mean nobody likes ads of course and they’re annoying to deal with but when you’re standing outside afraid to miss your bus trying to figure out where to go or if your phone is on 5% and you’re figuring out what bus comes next before it dies and then an ad pops up in your face. It’s extremely frustrating and sometimes stressful to deal with. I understand this app doesn’t really have a choice considering they aren’t earning money any other way that’s why I kept the app and tried dealing with it but I wish they did it in a better way or come up with a better way to show ads because this is honestly ridiculous and I’m starting to hate the app. I used to recommend this app constantly to all my friends and family because we all took public transportation for school or for work but now I want to delete it myself honestly..Version: 5.85.0

MoovitAdvertising is so annoying. Just when I’m looking for the next bus a massive ad fills up the entire screen why do you do this??!!! Please … if advertising is your revenue stream then have the ads on a specific space on screen..Version: 5.94.0

Too many ads with the new updateI have been using this app for about two years and it has been working great (especially during the time when there were no ads). The update a few months ago added pop-up ads which was quite annoying at times but is tolerable. The latest update with video ads, however, was so inconvenient for users since you have to wait for a few seconds before closing the ads. This is not some game apps where people are willing to sit through the whole ads just to get some bonus. To developers, please remember that people only click on this app to get to somewhere they want to be. We only use this for a few minutes per day and would not worth our time looking at all the video ads in this app when there are other options that works similarly (some with even better ui) but without ads..Version: 5.83.1

Becomes useless with timeI really found this app useful during the first couple of months of use in several different cities (but not all because it's really useless in some cities). I read reviews that the ads were a problem but it didn't match my experience. Now however it does match my experience. Ads have now become so bad that I have missed connections and had to abandon trips. The problem is that they hired how to dismiss the ad in such a way that it becomes very hard to dismiss and then when you accidentally activate the ad you lose your trip. It forced me to stop using the app. This is really a shame because I feel it is a well-designed app. I considered subscribing but the price is just too high and amazingly the instructions for how to subscribe didn't work within the app!.Version: 5.95.0

Not convincedAt times, helpful for bus and travel times, but sometimes misleading with bus stop locations and the number of stops. For example on a recent journey it suggested I catch the bus on the other side of the road at a completely difference stop further up from station. Had I taken moovit’s advice and not checked with local knowledge, I would have travelled the wrong way. On another occasion it told me 34 stops until my location, had I not looked out for landmarks/ used local knowledge I would have overshot my stop. Not helpful for visually impaired community. Otherwise generally ok, just don’t use in same way as sat nav, without checking in other ways.Version: 5.92.1

Way too many adsSo gutted that a transport app has soooo many ads. It pops up on your screen right in the middle of you needing to see the times for the bus, pretty stink.Version: 5.79.0

Great app on iPhone.... but....I like this app and I use it a lot to get me places where I haven’t been before. On my iPhone (12 pro Max) it’s brilliant and works really well, however no matter what I do, if I’m on a journey I will only get the ride alerts (telling me where to get off, next stage of journey etc) on my iPhone and it will never sync to my watch. So I have to have my phone out for the whole journey which is sometimes an inconvenience and I don’t always want my phone on show. Ive tried all sorts to get it to work on my watch, but it’s not having none of it hence the 3 stars. App developers if you could assist, I’d really appreciate it..Version: 5.70.0

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