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SpotHero: #1 Rated Parking App Negative Reviews

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SpotHero: #1 Rated Parking App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

SpotHero: #1 Rated Parking App app received 58 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using SpotHero: #1 Rated Parking App? Can you share your negative thoughts about spothero: #1 rated parking app?

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SpotHero: #1 Rated Parking App for Negative User Reviews

Scam!!!We used Spot Hero for the first time in NYC over the holidays. Made a reservation in midtown. When we got to the garage, they told me they were full and would not honor my reservation. Spot Hero had already charged my credit card for two nights for approximately $80 ($40 per night). I contacted them and they told me to find another garage. They would reimburse me the difference. I ended up using the valet at the hotel and paid $60 per night ($120 total). I sent them the receipt. Since they had already charged me $80. I expected them to reimburse me $120. Of course not! Instead, they credited my card the $80 and said they would apply the additional $40 to a future parking reservation. I will never see the $40 because I will never use them again. They lied to me about the reimbursement. I don’t deal with dishonest vendors. If they charge your card at the time you make a reservation, you expect the reservation to be honored. What’s the point, especially in midtown Manhattan. Thank you for the canned, uninspiring, and uncaring response to my review. I’m sure your response was truly sincere and heartfelt (not!).Version: 5.8.0

Terrible Service and AppVisiting Chicago and wanted to go to Shedd Aquarium, but we were worried about Parking downtown. I searched for parking online and came across SpotHero. I was super excited and paid $17 for 6 hours of parking in a garage about a mile from the aquarium. We get there, and there are 0 spots available, not only are there no spots available, but the garage is so overbooked that there are 7 other cars who also booked on SpotHero looking for spots. Keep in mind this is a very small garage. So we all get boxed in at the end/top of the garage and cars are having to reverse down to try and turn around. When we finally got to the bottom we had to wait 10 minutes to get out as the gate wouldn’t open without a ticket and there wasn’t an attendant answering the phone. Now all of that isn’t the end of the world. I assumed that if I messaged SpotHero they would refund my card and no harm no foul. I was wrong. I messaged them immediately, they have since sent me several advertisement emails telling me how SpotHero “has my back”, but have yet to actually respond to my open ticket(it’s been a week). I filed a dispute with my credit card to have the charge removed. I will never use this app again and hope this review will help others avoid the same pitfall..Version: 4.13.1

Don’t Forget About (My Reservation)Everything was working fine until my usual garage got full, and had to book at another garage. The reservation I made let me get into the facility. But when I went to leave, the reservation disappeared from the app and I could not get out automatically. Happened at two separate facilities. Called the app help line, but it was after hours, so I got a voicemail. Had to pay full price to get out at the first garage, and at the second, an attendant was able to help look up my order and let me out. Not a good look. Edit: As a response to the developer, I have reached out to your customer service folk each time I have had an issue, but they have been unable to help in any substantive way. I have mentioned this issue to them, but it seems that went nowhere. As for account settings, I did not create an account because I am able to pay for parking using Apple Pay. If you require an account to maintain consistent order tracking, I suggest making that mandatory in the app. I have switched to a competitor app and I am no longer experiencing these problems, even without an account..Version: 4.59.0

Terrible appI used this dumpster fire of an app once to get parking in Philly. I pulled up to the lot the spot was in and saw on their sign that their price was about $3 less than what I paid. Mildly annoying but I thought “hey I’m not gonna let a few bucks ruin my night.” So I pull up and the attendant parks my car. I’m walking out and I (thank god) over hear someone else saying to their friend “well they close at 11 so I guess we’ll just move the car then and go back.” Since my reservation was past 11 I spoke to the attendant again. He told me that the lot “closed at 11” but he was “planning to leave by 10:30” and according to him any car left in the lot after that is moved to a “secured location” for the night. Now I understand some of this isn’t particularly spot hero’s fault. But they clearly allow reservations to be booked in spots without having a system in place to check if that reservations actually possible. They also allow for parking in some sketchy spots. This app is a neat concept but there’s definitely bugs to be worked out. Also they [email protected]&k your inbox like crazy. So def use a secondary email to sign up..Version: 4.27.0

Big time scamI just wrote a lengthy review and it doesn't seem to have posted. Basically, I should have sorted by "most critical"'reviews before choosing to use it. My experience mirrors so many others. Lots do not honor your "reservation", in fact there IS NO reservation, I was told. Actually, I was yelled at, both in drop off and pick up—the attendant was furiously ranting that SpotHero and any other app mean squat and that they to not reserve. They if they're full, they're full. Also, I was seriously overcharged my SpotHero, who claims to give half off. The garages listed prices were much less than I paid via SpotHero and SpotHero charged me the night before, when it booked the fake reservation for me. They charged me for the full price, even though I ended up being done in half the time. There is no way to adjust got real time parking lot use. They charge you for your estimated time there. But I'm sure they would have a way to adjust up if you stayed longer. In any case, this is a scam and a half! Never again. Just go into the city, find a lot and pay their prices. You will likely be paying a whole lot less. The good reviews have GOT to be mostly fakes!! Purchased! Or from people who don't know better, or from a few lots who maybe honor this and other parking apps..Version: 5.2.0

Not worth it!We paid $18 for a garage in downtown Philadelphia in order to avoid the haste of finding street parking. We arrived at the garage and they turned us away because we didn’t purchase through them directly and they were full. I showed that my receipt with SpotHero and they told me that they won’t honor it since they were full despite me booking it the day prior. Got out to talk to the guy and he told me to be careful the app because it solicits places that are not actually available, like the one I had picked and paid for. EXTREMELY upset and will NEVER use spothero again. I ended up being late to my broadway and having to pay a ridiculous amount for parking. Worst app ever. Update: called into spothero and was helped by a girl named Emily. Emily was extremely helpful and not only refunded my $18 but also for the parking I had to pay for on top of the $18. She was very apologetic and made right of the situation. Changed my 1 star to a 3 Star for the excellent customer service I received. still a little hesitant to use the app, but they definitely made right of the situation..Version: 4.6.0

Rip offBooked twice. QR code didn’t work to enter or exit. Cost me 20 bucks to get out of lot. Sent email asking for refund and got ignored. Also found that I would have paid less if I just drove up and paid..Version: 4.18.0

BrutalNo customer service help when emailed, went to the parking lot location in Toronto and it was nowhere to be found after driving around for 25 minutes. Had to pay more $ at some random parking lot so I lost $. Will never use again and do not recommend..Version: 4.38.0

Unable to help you when their parking lots make a mistakeI parked in a parking lot in downtown Toronto and I was 100% sure that we parked in the right spot and received a ticket from the parking lot Impark for a parking lot that I was not at. When contacting SpotHero they said they could help me if it was invalid.. but it makes no sense because obviously I wasn’t at the other lot so of course my parking was not showing for that lot on the ticket. They dragged out the process for a month and didn’t help me with my dispute. I’ve asked them to have Impark check their cameras and for disappoint responses from them saying that they can’t help me. Delaying any sort of help that I could have received from the beginning. Terrible service cost me more money to use this than I could save..Version: 5.18.0

Terrible customer service not thinking about the customerBeware - what time you are parking and if the garage/lot is really open as the app is misleading. I called spothero to report an issue that the app allowed parking to be reserved in a garage which was actually closed for entry during the start time of the reservation. The issue is that I was telling the customer rep that this is a suggestion to improve the app experience for customers by not listing garages/lots that are closed during that time and the rep was just not willing to listen. She constantly said we cannot know what the customers needs are so the customer has to look into the details. SERIOUSLY??? At this day and age you have an app that is way behind the game and when a customer is giving a feedback you actually have the nerve to answer this way? If you record your phone calls, please go and listen to this conversation. I am willing to be contacted to again share my suggestion to improve the app for better customer experience for future..Version: 5.16.0

Great concept but didn’t workFirst time using SpotHero app. I reserved a parking garage in my area for a week bc I’m out of town. The first lot was full and the attendant declared that Spot Hero was a scam. I got a credit and rebooked. Second lot was full and said they had no control of this and not to use Spot Hero. I called Spot Hero customer service and they were very kind and rebooked me. I went to the third lot that Spot Hero rebooked me at and they were full! That lot told me to try another one nearby so I called Spot Hero to try and book me there since I had the credit. The customer service agent said it looked like there were openings so he booked me at this fourth lot. I got there and … it was full! At this point I was in near tears bc I was late getting to the airport and that attendant had mercy and let me stay. The Spot Hero customer service is lovely and the interface is good but it simply did not provide the service. I wish it worked but it didn’t and it was incredibly stressful..Version: 5.15.0

Customer service is a joke to themWhile enjoying a weekend in downtown Chicago we reserved a spot that ended up not even being available, so my boyfriend ended up finding another and was told that he would receive a full refund credit to his account and thought it was resolved. A few nights ago we went to use that credit toward another spot downtown and couldn't find it anywhere so he called customer service and was told that the refund had gone onto the original card that was used. Running late to where we were going we got off the phone with the representative figuring again that it was resolved, but when he checked his bank account the next day to make sure it was in fact back on the card it was not. He's now been dealing with customer service the last week and a half to resolve a very seemingly simple issue that should have been fixed over a month ago. Reading other reviews I can see that this has been an issue for a lot of people and hopefully something spot hero can work out. All I have to say is use this app as a last resort if you don't like dealing with disorganized customer service..Version: 4.64.0

GREAT Customer Service help against tricky Parking and Refund policiesTL;DR: 3 stars for app, 5 stars for customer service. Call them if you have issues! Background: My partner and I had an issue with parking details coming in as tourists in Chicago. Figuring out where to park for our hotel was one thing among information overload. We were advised by our hotel receptionist to use Spot Hero for parking at a nearby garage due to the most competitive rates. However, we missed that we were unallowed entering and exiting the garage until we weren’t allowed back in. We paid from Thursday to Sunday at $83 but left for tourism on Friday, and we’re devastated to think that we paid $83 just for a day. We called customer service and had a delightful experience with service rep Debra, who was really invested in helping us get a partial refund given the circumstances. She vibed and empathized with us really well, made our night, and fought the system to get us a $55 refund!! :D The only constructive feedback I have for SpotHero is that it sounds like the protocol for a customer service rep to get customers a partial refund could be less rigid, and more intuitive. It might also be a helpful enhancement for the app to directly recalculate the invoice if the customer leaves their prepaid period early..Version: 4.66.0

Waste of time and money I’ll never get back.Spent 18$ to reserve a spot using this app in Long Beach . When I got to the parking garage they had already sold out all their spots to cash paying customers. There is no way to dispute a ticket or claim you have to hope you can get someone to listen to you and maybe reimburse you via email or call your bank and dispute the charge. Major MAJOR inconvenience, instead of showing up to the event early and finding parking I relied on this app to streamline things. My party and me ended up wasting well over an hour trying to find spots for our cars and ended up walking much further than the parking garage we reserved. This of course had us miss about 2 hours of the event and be out 18$ in parking (just for my car not including my buddy who paid 11 for his car and my other buddy who paid 7$. These jerks oversold and got 36$ just from my party. They probably raked in hundreds or thousands from other people who won’t fight or complain for a few bucks. Very crappy situation that kills a night and ruined the moral of a party..Version: 4.34.0

Seems like a scam!We reserved a parking spot through Spot Hero for a Rockies Baseball game in downtown Denver. Not being from Denver, we had to use our navigation app to get us to the parking lot. The address that I imputed into our navigation took us to a spot where there was a large building with no parking lot to be found. Thinking I made a mistake in putting in the address into our navigation, I tried again, nope, I imputed it correctly the first time. We ended up having to find another parking lot and paid more money. Here is the first kicker, I tried contacting Spot Hero off their contact page for a refund the moment we got parked in our new parking lot. Their contact page claims that they will respond within 24 hours. I am on day 3 and have not heard a thing and still no refund. The second kicker, our friends that we are going to the game with also used Spot Hero and had the same exact thing happen. Maybe this review will prompt a response, but I doubt it. I would stay as far away from this scam as possible!.Version: 5.14.0

Awful Customer Support and Shady GaragesSome of SpotHero’s partner garages in NYC are shady at best. The fine print is confusing and at times incorrect. For example, I signed up for a one-month parking space at a garage downtown and the garage charged me an additional $30 service fee, then *saved my credit card* and automatically reenrolled me in a monthly $500/month plan and charged the credit card they saved. When I contacted the garage, they insisted they informed me when I paid the $30 fee on my first day in the garage. SpotHero ignored multiple emails and never followed up. Their customer service was absolutely useless. They neither sided with me nor the garage, they simply played dumb or refused to respond. Horrendous customer service. I saved the unanswered emails and submitted them to the Better Business Bureau. I disputed the charge with my credit card company and the Better Business Bureau and was able to recover the $500, but SpotHero was of NO HELP and I will certainly not be using them again..Version: 5.7.0

No help when the app doesn’t workI was at a concert and parked in a parking garage with the end time being 11:30pm. The concert was running late and at 11pm I was asked by the app if I wanted to extend the time. I put my credit card in and tried to extend the time, but kept getting a message saying traffic jam it’s not you it’s us. Sign out and in again or call SpotHero. I tried over and over with the same message (keep in mind my internet was otherwise working fine). I called SpotHero and was on hold for 10-15 minutes during the concert until my time expired. Practically ruined the end of the concert and when we got back to the car we were charged at the parking garage like we never used spot hero, so instead of $25 it was $50 to park there. Called SpotHero the next day and they said extensions were not guaranteed and there was nothing they could do. Gave me a $5 credit to SpotHero. Worthless since I won’t be using the app again..Version: 5.15.1

No spots in Montreal, CanadaBring back Rover!.Version: 4.64.0

I’m not sure how they correspond with the parking lotsI’ve used the app twice. Once was in NYC. I checked in with an attendant but when I when to pick up the car three days later they tried to charge me $150. I showed them that I’d already paid through the app and after about ten minutes of hassle they let me go. Then I used it in Buffalo. There was no attendant at the lot but I entered my licence plate number in the reservation so they’d know I’d paid. I got a ticket. I waited for about half an hour on the phone to get a Spot Hero rep but no one answered. I sent an email instead. Four days later I’ve heard nothing. I won’t pay the ticket anyway since it has the wrong information. So, two stars because I’ve so far only paid through the app but their communications with the parking lots is really weak..Version: 4.17.0

Don’t BotherThe only good thing I can say about Spot Hero is that it was easy to cancel. When I went into the hotel with my Spot Hero reservation, expecting to be directed to their garage where their App indicated I would be parking for the 12 days I had reserved a space, I was told that since I would be gone for over a week, I would need to park in a department store garage two blocks away and that there would be an attendant who would bring us back to the hotel to catch their airport shuttle that left twice an hour. As that meant that I would miss the shuttle that was leaving in 15 minutes, I expect that would have added an hour, (not to mention the inconvenience of dragging two heavy suitcases from one shuttle to another), to the time it would take to get to the airport. So I cancelled and parked in the airport lot. The $36 I would have saved was not worth the hassle and time associated with taking two shuttles to the airport and parking in a garage that I felt was less secure than the hotel garage..Version: 4.27.0

Fine app but very terrible customer experienceThere is a glitch in your app that sends a push notification when you have 30 minutes left on your reservation and it tells you to extend. The problem is if an extend option is not available the user experience and customer experience is very unclear and terrible. For me this miscommunication resulted in me having to pay for parking in the lot for 400% more than what I already paid in the app bc this miscommunication caused me to miss my reservation ending. When I called and emailed the customer experience responses were all condescending and it took a few weeks to final get some credit which was less than 50% of what I had paid for parking. The issue to look into is the messaging in the push notifications. If an extension is unavailable maybe the notification that your reservation is ending should exclude anything about extending. Also the button on the reservation that says extend should be disabled or should say something like extending is not available for this spot..Version: 5.15.0

No customer serviceI sent them email twice to try to resolve my issue but never got a response from them..Version: 5.14.0

Spot booked when arrivedI made my reservation and paid only to be told upon arrival at the lot that there were no available spots..Version: 5.17.0

Two very frustrating experiencesI like Spot Hero, but my last 2 experiences buying a parking pass have been very frustrating. First one I paid for the parking pass, once I got there they inform me the parking is full, to which I reply I have a parking pass already paid. They’re response: I doesn’t matter, the lot is full, you need to find somewhere else to park. Second experience, park at the place I paid for, when I’m leaving I informed them that I have a Spot Hero parking pass, they told me they haven’t work with spot hero or any prepaid parking pass for 2 years. I confirmed this is the right place, the managing company is still the same... and still I had to pay for the parking ticket to be able to get out... getting both refunds from Spot Hero was quick and easy, but I don’t use Spot Hero because of how good they’re refund system is, I use it because I don’t want to be strolling around trying to find a parking spot, I want to compare prices and choose one I so that I can just go straight to it and expect to have that spot guaranteed as I prepaid for it..Version: 4.41.0

Often requires to print a ticketI don’t know of many people who have a printer in their car? Be aware often when choosing your parking parking lot will require that you print the ticket out which in my opinion sort of defeats the purpose of this app. It’s a shame because this is actually a really great app and the refunds are ver user friendly.Version: 5.10.0

Horrible app experienceIt didn’t allow me to change the time, so I tried to cancel the reservation as it clearly stated you can cancel your reservation anytime before the actual reservation starts. It didn’t work at all, it kept sending all sorts of error msgs. Never will use the service again..Version: 5.3.0

Customer service doesn’t careYou only know a service provider when problems occur. I will not use SpotHero anymore. I’ve got fined while parking, despite having paid the parking via SpotHero. The customer service is not effective to solve the issue. The parking lot administrator is still trying to collect the money. Horrible and painful experience. Forget about SpotHero.Version: 5.12.0

This doesn't work at allLooking for cheaper parking at American Airlines Center in downtown Dallas I came across SpotHero. I reserved a spot and got an email with a reservation ID. The app also provided the redemption instructions. I drove to the parking lot and when I tried to redeem my reservation I got stuck at step 3. At the payment machine there was no "Coupon" button or any other option than paying cash or credit. I tried calling the phone number listed. The app says they take calls from 6 am to 11 pm CT. I called around 7:45 pm but couldn't get to anyone on the phone. Since I was running late for the game at this point I decided to pay on the spot again at a higher price. I sent a couple of emails through their app requesting a refund but haven't heard anything back from them. This is a complete joke. As a company you should at the very minimum make sure that customers will be able to redeem their reservations before selling spaces at a lot where you don't have the proper machine to do so..Version: 4.17.0

Overcharges compared to real priceCharges more than the price posted at the lot. Tried two lots, both cost a dollar oe two less..Version: 5.16.0

UnresponsivePaid for month parking pass but cannot get open door to work. Support has not responded to concerns..Version: 5.3.0

Miss RoverWas a regular user of rover, now that you’ve purchased them, there’s less spots in my area and they also COST MORE MONEY! This was meant to be a discount service, I think you’ve ruined it..Version: 4.62.0

Not consistentIt shows available spots but property owners aren’t aware of relationship with spot hero. Some underground parking spots require permission to access. They have an “open door” feature but it is not responsive..Version: 5.3.0

DumbI would have given a 5. However I had a terrible experience with the parking garage in Toronto. Getting in was super smooth: one scan of the QR code and I got in. Leaving though… I felt like I was held hostage for 10 minutes. I extended my parking by three hours because brunch with friends was running late. Neither my original nor new QR code worked. The manager of the parking lot attendant got involved and at one point took my unlocked phone and walked to his office with it - he easily could have looked at/taken private information of mine unbeknownst to me. I handed my phone to him under the pretence that he would remain nearby… was not expecting him to walk away. Eventually he came back. They let me leave and I don’t know if they ever were able to locate my reservation.Version: 5.12.0

App is great, customer service is notThe app is pretty easy to use, so that’s the only reason this rating has more than one star. The company claims “we guarantee you will have a spot to park in, at the price you paid, or your money back”. That is not the case, in my experience. I had a three day trip to Minneapolis, and booked three spots in the same parking garage. Each night I was charged additional before the garage would let me leave. I attempted to call customer service, got an automated “we understand your situation might be an emergency” message, and then the line disconnected. I submitted an “email” but they limit the characters that can be included to get that claim process started. I had to reply to two separate emails to get any kind of response, as the first email thread got zero response after I submitted photos as evidence for being charged by the garage. Then, after someone replied and said I would get credit through the app (which is NOT money back), I replied saying that was not what they promised through their money back guarantee, and have heard nothing since. (I am in contact with my bank about the charges because this is ridiculous.) I would only ever recommend this app/company to someone as a last resort..Version: 5.19.0

More Zero Than HeroUsed this app for the first time to get Toronto parking around Yonge and College. Managed to get a spot on Elizabeth St only to find after the purchase that the spot does not allow for SUV, Minivan, or trucks. Convenient that this disclaimer only comes up after payment and not during the search. The app asks for vehicle details but does nothing with it. BTW I went down to the lot and it was full or large vehicles so once again no homework and terrible user experience. As for pricing, most green pea parking and private unmanned lots have a $8/day option so found this application offered not Hero but Zero value add. I walked by two lots closer to where I needed to be at $8 for 12 hours of parking. Did a quick search on this organization and they seem to have a heavy focus on engineering talent, may I suggest you find yourself a decent product manager? Without much thought I can imagine several ways to improve the end user experience on this app and strategy to grow revenue..Version: 5.14.0

Beware Worst ScammerI booked in Chicago at AON centre and the provided barcode didnt work. I ended paying a double payment on the same day just in order for my car to get-out. I emailed their support demanding a refund and no response at all. Worst scammer ....Version: 4.32.0

What a jokeI was a regular user of Rover, now that you’ve acquired them the nearest parking spot is 40 minute walk away. What a joke. This app isn’t worth the cost of the data it took to download it..Version: 4.61.0

Overfilled lots, but superb customer serviceWe booked a monthly spot in the Bronx, but upon showing up were told that they wouldn’t honor our reservation because they didn’t actually have any monthly parking spots available-we had been sold a spot that didn’t exist in a full lot! The manager said this happens frequently with SpotHero and refused to offer any assistance. We paid for overnight parking and I called SpotHero the next morning to complain. They were very concerned and took all the information down, refunded me the amount we paid to park overnight, and paid the difference for me to park in another parking lot nearby (over $100 difference in the monthly parking price-very generous). I did ask the representative to call the parking lot first and make sure the monthly spot actually existed this time. They did so and took great care of us, but even so I would be very cautious in using this app. Three stars for GREAT customer service, but questionable availability issues..Version: 4.28.0

POOR ETHICSMy car was damaged while parked. Spothero said to contact hotel, hotel says that they’re not liable. Spothero says that the hotel is responsible, hotel says spothero is responsible. Poor ethics! Don’t waste ur $$ n don’t get the extensions! They’re a scam and crooks! I want to be reimbursed for my $350 of parking fees! It’s going to cost DBL that to get my car fixed that no one wants to take responsibility for!.Version: 5.5.0

Will never use again!!!This past weekend I was in Milwaukee, WI for an event at the stadium and I paid $40 for parking on the app. When I purchased the parking spot there was a note below the information that said something along the lines of “on event days we can no longer guarantee you spot if you do not arrive an hour earlier than the event start time.” I arrived at the parking lot at 4:45 because the event started at 6:45 and my boyfriend and I were going to eat dinner and walk around some before the event. When I arrived at the parking lot I realized that the lot was not monitored and there was no way to save my spot. It was simply a lot where you parked and then paid for a tag for your window. I paid $40 for nothing and was not able to cancel my payment or get refunded. I then had to pay an additional $20 in cash to park in a different lot that was much further from the stadium. We also lost our reservation for the restaurant because of the extra time that it took to find parking and the additional walk time. I will never be using this app again and I would give it 0 stars..Version: 4.13.0

Got a ticketI paid to park with SpotHero but ended up with a ticket. After several calls to the call centre with no follow-up from them, I had to contact the lot owner myself to give them the proof of payment to have the ticket cancelled..Version: 4.4.0

App isn’t greatCan’t cancel via app. Cancelled reservations via website still show on the app.on the app. Cancelled reservations still show up on the app. Needs work..Version: 5.10.0

No helpIt said I had to print a pass which I had no way of doing from my car. Then I called the help line to be asked to leave a voicemail.Version: 4.60.1

You just kill the roverBasically you cannot find parking using this app..Version: 4.63.0

Used their spot, got a ticket, they ignored meWe reserved 2 spots with SpotHero like we have many times before. Got to the lot, parked and when we came back we had tickets on our vehicles. I emailed customer support and told them what happened. They asked me to provide a copy of the tickets and I did. I the. Received an email saying the tickets had been resolved and there was no issue. About 3 months later we get noticed from and attorney that we need to pay the fines from the tickets that were “taken care of”. I reached out to customer support again and was told that shouldn’t have happened, that my case had been escalated to a manager who would be in contact shortly and was asked to forward all of the information from the attorney. I forwarded everything and awaited a response or contact from the manager. That was the last communication I received from SpotHero. I sent several follow up emails and none of them were ever answered. I never received a phone call from the manager, and ended up paying over $120 in fines and fees for the tickets that SpotHero was supposed to have taken care of. They completely blew me off and had no interest or intention on helping me. Beware that even if you park in the right spot and the operators make a mistake and ticket you, you’re not going to be helped in any way..Version: 4.36.0

Terrible appSo the only reason I am giving the app 2 star is because I dont have any other alternative at the moment. I have always had some or the other kind of issue while using this app. Most recently, I was stuck in a snow storm and could not go to take my car out when my reservation was ending, hence I wanted to extend it. I n the app there is a button to extend, for this particular garage, but when I tried doing it, it through an error. I called customer service and they told me this garage doesnt accept extentions. Why do you have the extend option for this garage if it doesnt accept it. This is basic app design. Now either I go in a snow storm and take the car out, or pay the garage extra fee, which btw spothero customer servic has no idea how much it would be. I mean you are working in collaboration with the garage companies and dont have such basic data. Thats terrible. The whole reason why I am taking so much time to write this review is because I am so so frustrated, and I hope someone from the customer service team will read this and realize how bad of a job this app is doing..Version: 5.9.0

Parking fullUnfortunately my experience was bad, I chose my spot, paid for it and when I arrived it was full, the guy in there just kicked me out the parking lot, and said I had to apply for a refund, which I did, customer is very good and they promptly tried to help me and issued a refund, thats the reason of my second star. The thing is, they said to me that in case of a full parking lot i could call them for reallocation, this seems nice in theory, but in real life thats a nightmare. It is you trying to call them, while a guy kicks you out from his parking and cars honking behind you, and you have nowhere else to park. So as advertised that you GUARANTEE your parking by paying in advance is a lie, you don’t guarantee anything, it’s a shot in the dark and if you fail to park, you will be screwed to find someplace else, because you will be unable to search on spot hero or call anyone because you will have to be driving. Bottomline: you are best trying to find street parking for free by the residential areas of NYC, it’s hard but you don't have to go through this nightmare that I did..Version: 4.43.1

They work with tow company’s to rip you off in the kindest wayI have been using spot hero for years and it seems I keep running into the same issues over and over again. I will select the time closest to when I arrive ex9:55 am I get to the parking lot I book for 10 am and Leave my car by 10. I select the correct time and exit time. I place book and double check. Still is correct. I check again after finding out my car was towed it moved my reservation to noon, the tow company acknowledge that is was an issues that happens to their towed cars a lot. I got lucky a few times as I knew the lot manager and they were kind enough to either call or let me know instead of towing. This issues has happened over and over again multiple times, each time no resolution , just “we will look at the tech side” it’s beyond frustrating and has cost me more money than I’ve saved in my time with this app from paying the fees at garages for “incorrect parking time” yet the app shows proper time at time of booking and payment only later to show a different time. This app has cost me money, caused me to be stuck in a garage trying to figure out why the parking ticket I used to get in won’t work on the way out, having to pay a lot attendant for the same reasons. I’d recommend using the meters as this app does not save time and money.Version: 5.12.0

The System was broken at the garage so I had to pay out of pocket and never got refunded.I parked in a garage I had parked at a few times before using SpotHero, but this time when I went to leave the meter was broken and wouldn’t scan. I tried calling customer service and was on hold for 30 minutes with no answer tried three more times with no luck and needed to leave so I figured I’d photograph everything and get refunded. Paid the $25 for lost ticket and submitted my claim to SpotHero. I get passed around between representatives for months trying to explain the situation and starting over and over with no luck. They credit me $15 and I say no I don’t want credit I don’t use this app more than once a year and they say ok cool we will refund you. Instead I get another new person who says you’ve been credited and I explained yet again no please I don’t want credit. At this point I knew I was never getting my $25 back again and figured this is some weird thing they do. Even though it says if a problem is with their machines you get refunded the cost. Overall the customer service was appalling, the system they use is bugged, and you will never get refund if you have to pay out of your own pocket..Version: 5.4.0

Can never find super obscure parking spots!👎🏾👎🏾Can never find super obscure parking spots!👎🏾👎🏾.Version: 5.10.0

Not worth it.Tried it once never again. Prepaid ticket for garage . Instructions said present spot hero to attendant to exit. Got to garage no attendant. Ended up paying again and it was half the price charged by app. Do not recommend..Version: 5.15.0

Book with CautionI made a parking reservation on the app and found out the lot was full upon arrival. What is the point in making a “reservation” if they don’t guarantee it? I was pressed for time and I couldn’t find a place to pull over in the area (downtown during rush hour) to call the company. I ended up finding another lot on my own that was $3 more. I was annoyed but prepared to simply request a refund through the app but they don’t give you that option. You need to call or email the company for a refund. I called and spoke with a rep who then emailed me and instructed to send pics of my receipt at the other parking lot. I did so and respectfully expressed my displeasure at the whole process. I sent another email the following day to check on the refund status and heard nothing. I called the company again today since it had been a few days and was immediately refunded and given a $10 credit which I’m not sure I’ll even use. Overall, it’s been a big waste of time and the first person I dealt with failed on customer service..Version: 4.14.0

Door gate can not open. Useless app. Rovers is better.Rovers is better.Version: 4.67.0

Not great serviceThey asked for this review after they sent me to a full lot, and then didn’t refund me and instead I have credit I can never use….Version: 5.12.0

Lot Descriptions Aren’t ReliableSpotHero is often a convenient way to reserve affordable parking, but one bad experience has me looking for alternatives. I reserved a space in the app and proceeded to the lot. There was only one space remaining but it was marked as a compact car space. The app description specifically says you can park anywhere that doesn’t say “reserved”. Since I was late and the app description makes no mention of compact cars, I figured I was Ok. But I still pulled in as far as possible and ensured I wasn’t impeding traffic (Subaru Outback). That didn’t work, and I got a ticket. Oh well. SpotHero’s customer service didn’t respond to my initial email but i was able to speak to someone by phone. They were apologetic and polite but only refunded the initial parking fee. That’s fine, but I’m now suspicious of whether my “reservation” really counts for anything and whether I can rely on the app’s lot descriptions. Paying this ticket wipes out months of whatever “savings” I’d accumulated using SpotHero..Version: 5.13.0

Not exactly spot onWorst customer service ever. Called three times for several coupon redemption issues and was on the phone for an eternity each time. When I finally got someone, they told me I would hear from their supervisor within 24 hours. Never received a call..Version: 4.16.0

Inconvenient and stressful!I frequently use Spot Hero to find deals and have had an overall positive experience. Today I used the app to reserve a spot from 9:30-5:00 - I commute over an hour to the city so it’s always TBD on my exact ETA. I arrived at the garage for my reservation and entered at 9:25. Given Chicago traffic I didn’t want to risk doing a lap around the block and being late. I ended up extending my reservation for an extra $2 till 5:30. When I went to exit, the garage requested I pay $5 for entering early. I called Spot hero and they were unable to revise my reservation which is inconvenient. I also learned the increments of time for reservations are 30 mins, which doesn’t allow for a ton of wiggle room. Spot hero asked me to submit my receipt for the additional payment for review and possible reimbursement. The garage receipt printer didn’t work, so I was left with no receipt. What was suppose to be a stress free situation ended up ruining my evening. Spot Hero should figure out a way to accommodate customers and not punish us for arriving 5 minutes early!!! Unreal. Considering using park whiz moving forward..Version: 3.6.7

Poor customer serviceI booked a spot by my work yesterday. The gps does not bring you to the garage when typing in the address it’s listed under- this isn’t the first time that’s happened, but I absolutely could not find this spot. 20 mins late to work and out $60 on parking since I also had to pay for a different garage at $42 for the day. Customer service was horrible- I called them on the phone and the woman pretended to be so helpful. Said she could refund my reservation and get the $42 reimbursed once I sent my ticket. I then received a follow up email from her with a completely different story- offering only SpotHero credit as a “favor” which was laughable because you can do that on your own in the app- I didn’t need them for that. It was no favor. They never reimbursed the $42 either, never even spoke of it, and now I’m stuck with $23 credit I refuse to use for how horrible the experience was. Why pretend to be helpful and offer things you won’t actually do just to seem great?? I also reserved a garage once that claimed to valet your car on the SpotHero app.. they actually made me self park against this rocky wall that was on a tight curve AND on a hill. My car is worth too much for that to be acceptable especially when their listing on the app is so deceitful. I reached out to customer service about it and they never did anything- the lot still makes you park that way and the ad still says valet. I’m over this app and will be using a competitor now..Version: 5.5.0

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