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FE File Explorer Pro App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

FE File Explorer Pro app received 40 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using FE File Explorer Pro? Can you share your negative thoughts about fe file explorer pro?

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FE File Explorer Pro for Negative User Reviews

Free version no bugsI had the free version without any issue . I decided to purchase the pro so I can play video with higher size files and since then each time I change app and goes back to the video play I get a still image or crash . Pity.Version: 9.4

Wold be nice if I could get access to my NAS onlineIt works with no issues when you on your local network to access your NAS, however if you try to do it remotely / online you have to be a bit tech nerd to manage to do it. It would be easier if the FileExplorer team create a cloud option for a bit extra payment so if the end use wish cloud sinc his data to be accessible online for personal use or sharing.Version: 7.0.2

Extremely unintuitiveI tried syncing a folder between this app and my computer, but it could not complete the sync without an error. I tried again and it said it was successful and fully synced, but it wasn’t; half the folder content was missing. To make matters worse, there is no apparent way to de-sync a folder; even their website help section only has information on how to sync, not de-sync. The only option is to delete, which deletes the folder from BOTH DEVICES. So I had to duplicate the folder only my PC first before I could delete it. For some reason this app is one of the only ways to get spatial audio working with your own media, otherwise I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole..Version: 10.0

I loved itEver since the latest update it constantly buffers then eventually crashes every time I try and open a folder, or search. I never had a problem before then, and I’ve used this app for ages. Very frustrated..Version: 9.2.3

Problems with sync over scpI gave the free version a try and thought it was great. I have a bunch of Unix machines so being able to backup quickly to my phone using scp and FE’s sync function was fantastic. Unfortunately, after a few weeks of use, I’ve found that sync frequently gets stuck and I have to cancel and restart the process, sometimes having to force quit FE first. This makes me worry that the sync may be incomplete or corrupt..Version: 11.0.2

Data LossI tried the new Edit With feature to edit a document that was on my Mac. Microsoft Word opened and I worked on the document. While I was editing in Word my iPad dropped off WiFi temporarily. I wasn’t aware of this but when I closed the Word document I was horrified that my document hadn’t been saved to my Mac and wasn’t anywhere to be found in FE File Explorer. I can’t handle the stress of not knowing whether my changes are going to be saved or not. Be aware..Version: 10.2

Not digging this last updateFirst of all, awesome app! But this last update it’s been screwing up with audio coming out of sync. Previous files will not even be played now, just sits at the play symbol with a line through it. In addition to that when a program ends if you’re watching it. It automatically kicks back to your selection screen. Well if your binge watching some tv show episodes you now can’t confirm which episode you were on which is a minor annoyance but still one none the less. Please fix coding so it just sits where it sits at the end of the video. Just my 2 cents..Version: 7.0.3

It is pretty decent, not bad not goodI think that it is pretty decent because the bad things are, that the date order is different form the name order, and the name that is put on each picture is the date and hour and second. Another bad thing is that the picture load so slowly. The good thing is that the pictures are not cropped to a different size from the original. But all in all, it was pretty decent and average..Version: 8.3.2

Where is the huge amount of data?I’ve been using the app for a number of years, but I’ve recently noticed that it has a data size of over 35Gb on my iPad, despite me having removed all of the video files I had in Local. How do I locate & clear this huge clump of data that doesn’t actually exist? *update* The only way to clear the phantom 32Gb of data this app was using was to export my settings, uninstall the app, reinstall it & reimport the settings (then give it the passwords & permissions for all of my connections). Now the data usage is 3.2Mb. So - bit of a flaw in the app’s local storage management?.Version: 7.1.3

DisappointedVery disappointed can’t even access any of my files waist of money.Version: 8.2

Not worth the effortThe videos always stop after approximately two to three minutes and the whole screen can sometimes turn green without warning causing me to tale several minutes to reset it.Version: 9.2.3

Does some things well, others notDoes give me access to my Synology NAS but doesn't allow me to email a file using the stock iOS email app as it is supposed to. The developer's response was for me to upgrade my iOS which would break half my other apps and is impossible on all my devices. Thanks for that unhelpful response, wish I had stuck with the free version now and saved my money. So, your app prompted me to give you feedback and now you got it. Cheers!.Version: 9.5.1

Little problemBest app for viewing files on your apple device including putting them onto your device. Today I found a little problem. Every time I look at a couple of files it always seems to chew up my storage on my phone. Can you please fix this it's the only problem with this app and it makes me want to cry..Version: 4.3.4

Latest update 9.4.2 still crashes regularlyIt’s actually worse now than with the previous versions version. Will crash constantly while playing music from my NAS, doesn’t seem to crash when playing video file at least..Version: 9.4.2

SubtitlesCan’t disable subtitles by default..... this is a big issue.Version: 9.0

Lost filesI purchased thee app last night. Upon installing it and using it one time almost Excellent could no longer locate or open ANY of its files. I never even touched the Excel files with the new app. I tried going directly into OneDrive and opening the files from there. Didn’t work. I removed the app from my iPad, recovered my files from a backup which I keep on a USB flash drive, and have had no problems since. A very bad experience. I would ask for a refund, but I know that won’t happen..Version: 9.5.1

Great AppThis is a great app with a lot of functionality and the only one I can find which integrates with the IOS11 files app and also the Sandisk IXpand usb drive. I don’t want to be discouraging with 3 stars, but happily increase to 5 stars with the following additions to the app: 1. Allow syncing folders with NAS and allow these synced folders to show in the apple files app. This would make a massive difference to my workflow! 2. Allow the IXpand usb drive to show up in the apple files app (it currently won’t). As no1 above also allow folders to be synced with the usb drive and have these able to show up in the apple files app. With these additions to the app I think this will be the ultimate file management app on IOS and make an already great app amazing!.Version: 7.1

Major security flawI painstaking moved all my files into this app because it has a password protection feature. However, I opened the files app native to iOS and found that I could see all the files in this app within the iOS files app. I could zoom in on the files view and read info on the first pdf pages. I thought that was all but, to my horror, I was able to completely open all the files on the app if I tapped on them and then tapped on the bottom of the screen after the blank page came up. I ONLY got this app for the password feature which is totally defeated with the files app. Also, you might think “I’ll just delete the iOS files app. Well it is easily re-downloaded and reintegrated with FileExplorer by anyone who has access to your phone. This is even if you log out of iTunes..Version: 9.0.1

Performance IssuesWhen I play a video file from shared network location, it buffers forever for big files and doesn’t play the file. It is not the network problem because on Windows device I could play the same file without any issues at all within the same network..Version: 8.3.1

Works butWorks well but currently only airplay’s via screen mirror. Don’t won’t my phone to be always on. After 45 minutes of watching movie the iphone was hot using Screen mirroring. Also can you add a buffering adjustment when streaming wirelessly from router to NAS then wirelessly back to Apple TV can be choppy which is what you would expect when streaming wirelessly but with buffering this would fix the issue..Version: 8.1.4

Doesn’t work well on iPhone 13 proI’ve used this for years and it’s been really good. Since getting an iPhone 13 pro I notice how a windows share that has and still works on an iPhone X consistently times out when trying to open on the 13. If you try repeatedly it does work but a big issue. Have recreated connection multiple times and confirmed file & printer sharing ports are open on the server (win 2019) - they must be as it works on the X..Version: 11.0.2

So much potential but turned out to be a lemonGreat design and interface, supports streaming, and even integrates directly into the Files app. Unfortunately, none of that matters if you can’t actually transfer files. I transfer large files (up to 4gb each) utilizing a stable broadband connection and it is very unreliable. The majority of the time the transfer fails after seemingly have completed (after waiting 5 or 10 minutes for the progress bar to get to 100%) without any explanation. Then I have to try to transfer the same file again from the *beginning* and it usually fails again. This is working with an FTP server that I use all the time without issue from my laptop. I contacted tech support (Steven Zhang), but they weren’t any help at all..Version: 9.4.1

Decent app but...I paid for the upgrade. Transferred files from my network to the app. Then transferred to the download folder within the app. I am now on the train and for some reason its asking me to upgrade again, when i am not connected to the network. Once i connect to the network i can then proceed to use the files I transferred to the download folder?? Why must i be connected? Is this using my data?.Version: 7.1.3

Great app, missing some audio codecGreat app, missing some audio codec since update. Wrote to developper who responded my iPad was at fault: to old for AC3. Yet, competing app does play AC3....Version: 7.1.2

Good but missing a featureYou can’t access hidden content on your computer. All hidden folders or files can’t be accessed from this app. That would be a good feature to add..Version: 7.1.3

Nice App, Description Misleading...I wanted an App that wouldn't crash on my using SMB, this app was great! But... I wanted an App that I could copy photos from my Camera Roll to a share. It states "Download/Upload files from/to remote computers (SMB)" I think that is misleading because I brought the App to copy photos. Apart from that.. Nicely set out and easy to use app..Version: 2.1.1

Another crApple AppI don’t know why I’ve spent thousands of pounds over the years buying into the crApple technology lifestyle; but hey ho. I wanted a file management app that would allow me to have control over my files because crApple don’t think that’s important. So I bought this app thinking the ‘Pro’ tag was a sign of quality. I still can’t move files..Version: 10.0

Last fix made this app almost perfectIt is great that you fix the issues quickly. occasional shut down problem still exists. no that often as before 941 thanks.Version: 9.4.1

Latest update brokenUntil the last update, I loved this app as a way to share files from my PC to my iPad. Now, sharing is glitchy. About half of the time the app connects to a pc shared folder. When it continually fails I have to delete the drive from the app and re-add it, and then it’s ok until its next failure . Sharing from iOS is fine. So if I really want the file I copy it to an iOS NAS, and then from there to this app. So frustrating! Videos files won’t play on a pc shared folder any more. But the same files play fine on an iOS folder ..Version: 8.3

Privacy issueVery functional, 5 stars if it wasn’t for the fact that the password privacy screen doesn’t always hide your current activity. I.e. Open app then open a picture. Switch to another app then switch back again. The opened picture is still available in the app preview when switching, it’s not hidden behind the password screen..Version: 10.0

App is good once connected, but does it connect?This app constantly unable to connect SMB shared folders. I deem is the app’s problem. Why? I tried other file browsers on the exactly same iPad and there’s no problem, for example, FileBroswerGO. Really regret spending money on this thing..Version: 9.4.2

Used to be amazing NOW TERRIBLE!!This app was great but recently for the past 4-6 months it is the worst most frustrating app on my phone and I need a replacement.. I’m using the pro can anyone recommend another app ??.. totally ruined by I’m guessing an update . Can’t play audio files stored locally .. will play network files .some days it will play files other days it just hangs .. tried to delete those files previously played and won’t let me . I hit delete but file is still there .. moved the files into newly created folders and still nothing . I’m a musician and would use the app to check my mixes on iPhone prior to release . Was great but now hopeless :( Help!.Version: 10.0.1

Version 5 is a no go.I have ios9 on my iPad and upgraded to FileExplorer 5.0 and after a few days I have gone back to 4.3.2 that looks better and handles quicker. 4.3.2 shows the file name in the left pain and the open file in the right pain, not like 5 that you have to keep going to done before you can click on the next file, as all file names are in the right pain. The best part of the hole FileExplorer Program (No mater the version) is "it just works", you can open most files and movies, for a iPad it is the best thing to have on it..Version: 5.0.0

Rip offDoes not airplay movies (mkv or Avi) only mirrors to Apple TV. You must have iPad and Apple TV running at same time. Very disappointed!!!.Version: 7.1.1

Problem playing Windows wmv filesDownloaded program to my IPad to play media files from my Windows Home Server. Played any MP4 file great but if I clicked on a WMV file it stated I needed the full version to play it. So I purchased the app and tried to play WMV files. The audio and video are out of sync by a second or two. All these WMV files play fine on my Windows PC. I don't know if it's the app or a codec on the IPad causing the issue. No option for a refund. The try it version should allow the user to try ANY video file!.Version: 8.3.2

Latest version crashing iPad mini 4 to a reboot after playing videoThis is an excellent app though it’s been extremely unstable since the last update. It’s crashed my iPad mini 4 (iOS 13.2) at least 5 times after playing video. It also won’t delete a folder if it contains the last video played by the app. Eg open a folder, play video, move up a directory, delete folder. This sequence produces an error..Version: 9.2

Cannot send email attachments anymoreI hate it when updates break things. This was a great app until the latest update. I can't send email attachments any more, I don't get the mail option on my older iPad. I also have a file server that has a back up and both disks are visible, very silly..Version: 9.2.3

Google Security Check FailReceiving alert notifications that FE File Explorer Pro is failing Google’s Security Check-up for third-part access because the developer is unverified. Assume developer verification process needs to be completed for the app?.Version: 9.2

Sort by date via FTP server still doesn’t work at allSort by date via FTP server still doesn’t work at all when are you going to fix it?.Version: 9.4.2

No audio on mkv Airplay not workingHas a lot of potential but seems buggy, purchased the full version to play mkv but does not work, a few other bugs discovered lets hope an update will fix.Version: 3.1.4

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