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SportsEngine - Team management App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

SportsEngine - Team management app received 83 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using SportsEngine - Team management? Can you share your negative thoughts about sportsengine - team management?

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SportsEngine - Team management for Negative User Reviews

Very very buggy. How is an nbc app this bad?Scroll is very buggy and sometimes you can’t scroll up or down chat. Sometimes the app tells me I have 233 notifications or some ridiculous number when there is 1 chat message. Had to request access to a team and there is no way to request it on the app, only you have to know who to send an email to. Once added, sometimes when I open the app, the teams are just not there. I still get notifications from my teams, but then I can’t view them. I’m still rostered so can’t even be re-added. Also, how does an app in 2024 not have the ability to enlarge a photo that is shared in the chat or download it? How useless..Version: 7.1.4

Doesn’t workI have an iPhone XR and this app will not open. Tried to download and reinstall multiple times still doesn’t work..Version: 6.4.12

BuggyRSVP’s have been a problem of late and each update seems to make it worse..Version: 6.2.2

Not my favoriteThe idea behind what the app does is great. However there app itself isn’t great. I am a board member for our soccer club we have over 500 kids that we use this program for. So I am very involved in the whole process behind the scenes but also as parent too. Creating a registration, placing kids on teams, scheduling and communicating. Some of our other teams in town use other apps that are much better and would recommend vs this one. I’m not the nitpicking person however this app has so many issues I just can’t stand it anymore. The amount of times last season it was unusable was disappointing. The app would freeze or crash. You can’t communicate in the app one on one with families only as a group. So some of my coaches are actually outsourcing for other apps for communication..Version: 6.6.2

App will no longer load on my phoneHi! The app was working just fine on my phone for a few seasons, then randomly one day the app just would complete loading on my phone when I went to open it. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it several times, restarted my phone, checked for updates for the app and for my phone and both are up to date. Not sure what the problem is, and I can’t find information on the support page that addresses this problem. Can someone please reach out to me to help? We’re in the middle of our season for two different teams and I’m missing vital weekly updates. TIA!.Version: 7.1.3

Brutal Beta RolloutUsed to be good until this year. After collecting the annual payment of course, SE rolled every user into the “Beta” version. This “Beta” version lacked a bunch of great features including stats and created headaches with the new calendar layout. It was like pulling teeth just to get the RSVP feature back. Hockey Shift is far superior now..Version: 7.0.9

Can’t sign inCan’t sign in to app. I’ve tried the Facebook, the email and google logins and they all say there was an error logging in.Version: 5.18.1

You should download Team Snap it’s betterI’m only using this app because our soccer club bought it for the entire club this year. It’s aweful after using team snap who has this dialed in - it’s like going back to the Stone Age. So basic it’s doesn’t have any attention to detail. For instance if I list arrive time an hour earlier it doesn’t show that anywhere on your linked calendar or in the app unless you drill down into the notes. The game scoring is awful- that’s all you can do is keep basic score. You can’t keep time, you can’t put which half it is or half time. You can’t say who scored each goal or chat to try and describe the goal - nothing just game in progress. As a mom of three kids who play sports, these live game updates are valuable to me when I can’t be in three places at once. Team snap did all of that and now that I’m stuck with this app I’m missing out. Hey developers why don’t you download team snap and see ALL the things you need to do to try and catch up to a great sports app that keeps parents connected to our kids games. Team snap even let’s you take pics and live video to share during the game as it’s played. You can do better. Thanks.Version: 5.21.4

Chat glitches like crazyEveytime I scroll on in the chat, it glitches pretty badly. I unfortunately just don’t use it now. It makes it too difficult to communicate with the coach and the rest of the team. Please fix this issue ASAP!.Version: 7.0.11

Could use some updatesMy daughters team recently switched from Teamsnap to SportsEngine and I am already understanding what sports engine is missing. It would be great if they could work on a few things. 1. Color-code events. It would nice to have the option to make practices and games and events different colors. 2. The ability to add attachments like field maps to an event would also be helpful. We need to send them through the chat instead of having it already linked. 3. The all white color is blinding. Jazz it up a bit. Throw in some grey 😉 While I am still cursing having to change from a system I knew and loved I am sure with a few updates they can be up to speed with their competitors..Version: 5.20.2

ReviewI hate the fact I have to use my email to check the site for games or practices. To have to use my email to log in when I have the app, is an inconvenience in better terms for me!!!.Version: 6.2.1

Field mapsWould be nice to have a map of the fields and what the numbers are. In the books we used to have maps of the fields do you knew which field was which..Version: 6.7.6

Completely frustrating and inconsistentI would be definitely using TeamSnap if our class b did require us to use this. I’m a team manager and a parent of a kid on the team. I was given admin access to our team, but it only works from the browser, not the app (and yes, all the permissions have been set-up correctly). Others in the club have the opposite problem and can only add/edit this from the app, but not from the website. On top of this, I cannot RSVP for my own child even though I’m a guardian on her account, while other parents on the team can. I reached out to the SportsEngine customer support and was told to talk to my club, even though ghey set-up everything correctly. This is going to be a frustrating season!.Version: 6.0.0

Doesn’t open.The app doesn’t work on every device. It doesn’t matter if they are the same or different make and models. Just sometimes it won’t work at all for some. It freezes at the login screen and the “Next” button is unresponsive..Version: 6.4.11

Good app but buggyThe app overall is very comprehensive but it doesn’t get a higher rating from me because it is very buggy in some key features. For example, sometimes you save a response and or a piece of information and it reverts back to the previous value. Due to this there has been numerous times that game times have been mixed up in my team. Also, I have already logged in but I click on a notification, it forces me to login again. So if I just close the app and reopen it, I can bypass that..Version: 6.6.0

Don’t rely on info in appWhen opening the app it does not update as you would expect a well functioning app to do. If there have been changes to a schedule you have to tap schedule when already looking at the schedule to get it to update. Even if you close the app and restart it you’re likely looking at an old schedule until tapping the schedule icon again. We learned this the hard way after showing up to a practice that had been rescheduled. We closed the app rebooted the phone and still saw the old version of a schedule. After hitting the schedule button while already looking at the schedule the schedule updated and the practice disappeared. Very frustrating to plan on a practice and find out we wasted our afternoon because the sports engine app isn’t capable of updating on its own or even having a refresh button..Version: 5.21.8

Update absolutely terribleThis app was already frustrating to use, but the update in September of 2023 ruined any decent user friendly aspects of this app. The schedule portion can now only be viewed by clicking on each day in the calendar instead of scrolling through the days, such a waste of time! Only one guardian can RSVP for a player, used to be any guardian could, which made managing a family calendar much easier. The notification dot will not go away when you’ve read chat messages, so you never know if you have new messages to read without opening the app. Do better and check with your users before updating anything else and making this app we are forced to use for our kid’s team an absolute nightmare!.Version: 7.0.9

Not impressed. Very frustrating.Me and my sons father have, for four months, been trying to both be able to have this app in its fully functional form. After I set it up he could not connect his email. Once his email was connected I stoped receiving emails and notifications and my app showed nothing but the schedule of games. I did not have messaging capability, a roster or the ability to rsvp for games. Now, after a coach had to talk with someone from sports engine, I have a filling functioning ap and my sons father has lost all function on his. He now has only a schedule he can’t even rsvp on and no longer gets messages or emails. My son can’t be the only child with two parents who use this ap that it’s this difficult for four people to try to get it set up correctly for both of us. I prefer what we used last year. I only give it two stars bc for the hour I have had a full ap it seems quite useful. Once my sons father is added back though who knows what I will have..Version: 5.7.0

Could be betterProfile menus names should be re-examined and simplified… company needs to update help articles to match product version as they don’t match… put some effort into it.Version: 5.29.1

Version 7.0.14 is the Worst!SportsEngine needs to come up with a fix for all of the bugs in the most recent version. It’s horrendous! The notifications for the chats stays on for days even though there aren’t new chat messages. The chat screen flashing is the worst! Any type of scrolling makes the screen flash and it won’t even scroll up so you can’t read all of the messages in the chat. This makes it extremely difficult to communicate with team members. The address field comes through with all kinds of characters and symbols in it so you can’t get the address of the venue from the app. You need to hire a Quality Assurance tester before you release crap like this. And you should have a back out procedure so if you do end up releasing this many bugs you can back it out and revert back to the previous version. There’s no reason why you should have allowed this version to stay out there this long. Very poor quality!.Version: 7.0.14

Started GreatI have been using SE for 3-4 years now. When I started it was great!! Now all of these updates cause issues with chat notifications, you can’t click hyperlinks in chats. Parents are always having to delete and download the app again. The app crashes constantly. Stat page is always jumbled together on the app despite sending several screen shots to their support team. There are other similar providers out there with less bugs. Also being forced to pay a increase to $129/month for their new Season Management model that doesn’t work for our program. It took months to get back on Sport a manager but we are still be charged for the “new version”. There are other options out there that don’t charge for constant system issues..Version: 7.1.0

What happened??I’m disappointed. This app used to be better. I know improvements have been made which some of them have been great but whatever you guys did between March and now has made the app soooooo slow and it often crashes. There should also be a way for the players especially if they are teens to be able to participate in a monitored chat feature or maybe be able to participate in chat period instead of the parent letting them use their phones or logging in as their parent. I mean it is their team after all, they shouldn’t be considered “fans” of the team. Notifications don’t exist, I have them all turned on but unless I am constantly opening the app and looking I miss things. And only time something shows on screen is when my phone is locked, no sound, no vibration, nothing..Version: 5.25.6

Update no rsvpI did the update and now I can’t rsvp to any events for any teams. We use for 3 different teams this is very frustrating. Please fix!.Version: 7.0.10

Clunky Design, Schedule GlitchesI held onto the old version as long as I could but unfortunately one day I opened my phone to find the new. The new format is clunky as far as design goes and makes it less streamlined to navigate. I use the app for my 3 children who are on different teams, so I always refer to the daily master schedule when planning out our day. Recently I missed one of my son’s practices because it didn’t show up on the daily schedule. When I realized I missed it I looked at his specific team schedule and it was there but not on the daily schedule for “my teams.” I would consider this a major glitch in the app. Annoying glitches are the notifications. They’re never accurate and do not clear after messages in the chat have been “read” It’d also be nice if we could “favorite” a team without it showing up on our schedule. I’d like to favorite my nieces and nephews teams for easy reference about games but don’t need their daily practices showing up on my calendar..Version: 7.0.14

WasteDoesn’t load. Just get the spinning circle. Don’t waste your time. Doesn’t work.Version: 5.29.1

Latest update is 1 starI’ve used this app for several years and always loved the format. It was great when multiple kids and teams in our household used it for scheduling as the different teams were color coded. I loved the old version. This latest update is awful. The updated graphics are about all I can say may be a minor improvement. Not needed, but cosmetically it works. I HATE the way I have to click on agenda to see the actual schedule for more than just the day I’m on. I also dislike how you have to click more than once to log your attendance. Why make it MORE complicated?? Go back. Leave the graphics, but go back to everything else..Version: 7.0.14

Get rid of the advertisements.The advertisements are ridiculous and get in the way all of the time. I have clicked on them multiple times because they are in the way and secondly because I actually thought they were part of the app. Personally I like the functionality of most of the app however because of the advertisements I would never use the app unless I have to and that’s the case now because that’s what our league uses. There’s no chance I would ever recommend this app to anyone as long as the advertisements are within the app. Seriously figure it out and stop trying to make every penny you can make on us users..Version: 6.7.5

Doesn’t save edits/updates to eventsEdit: If I could rate this app 0 stars, I would. I have been attempting to put in new practice times and it keeps changing the times I input and will not let me edit. It says the updates were saved, but they are not correct. This app is extremely frustrating and unreliable. This app has so many great features (schedule, rsvp, contact info, chat) that should make it a team’s go-to app, but it is not user friendly. The app regularly crashes, doesn’t save updates, and you can’t seamlessly go from item to item when creating a schedule. My greatest, overall concern is the app doesn’t update/save properly when a game or event is edited. I get a pop-up that says my event has been saved/updated, but when you check back in the schedule- the updates are not there (even after closing out, reopening the app). This is key when making sure families have the most-current information..Version: 6.4.12

App doesn't workAs the other review states. Looks awesome. But crashes as soon as you try and load the team.Version: 1.0.1

Poorly DesignedI want to like this app but I can’t because of all the bugs. My phone recently updated to the new version and now it has gone from bad to worse. Their is always a number of notifications shown no matter if you read all the chats. I love how it says 153 unread messages for one chat. The new calendar is horrible when you have multiple teams. Now I have to change it to the list every time and instead of showing the teams logos it is now initials. My wife has the same phone and it is completely updated but she can not use chat because it scrolls all over the place. I am guessing they use the lowest bidder high school coding club to write this program. Unfortunately we are stuck with it because of organizations. Just be ready to be frustrated with this app..Version: 7.0.14

Messaging is worseI didn’t think it could be more inconvenient to send a message to the team from my phone but you’ve managed to make it worse. The message doesn’t scroll as you type so you are typing without being able to see the message and editing is really difficult. Still not as annoying as when I am almost done a long update to the team and the message disappears with no draft or saved version to recover. I like the app but these seem like easy and obvious fixes..Version: 7.0.14

1 star should be 0Like many of the other reviews, I’m extremely frustrated by the recent update, primarily the chat function. If I try to scroll through the chat history the screen goes berserk, from what I can tell it’s trying to scroll to the top of the history. What ends up happening is the chat messages end up on top of each other causing the messages to appear jumbled and overlapped. When I looked into how to report a bug it says to go to account then settings and click the report an issue link. The issue is I have to scroll down to that area and then the report a bug link gets overlapped but another option and can’t be tapped. Frankly this is just unacceptable. The new update was clearly not tested properly. There have been enough complaints and issues that 1 of 2 things should have happened by now. Either there should have been an emergency update to fix bugs or the update should have been rolled back. I’m currently advising our sports teams to change to a new app, one that works and is responsive to its users..Version: 7.0.14

Last Update killed AppThis app works great to organize teams for our 4 active boys. We’ve had 14 active teams at the same time. The last update ruined the app though. Now it takes literally five minutes to open and switch to the schedule. With our hectic nights, the schedule is the most important, we’re double checking times and locations every few hours. And the Feed seems to be causing major lag. The app opens and then sits there doing nothing and then flashes and adds the feed icon. Then we can see we have unread chat, click on it, and wait for it to load. Then wait longer and never get the channel to open with the actual chat. The only way we’re seeing chats is in the banner on my phone. Please fix this!.Version: 5.18.1

Barely goodIf you can find your team, it’s good. But if your team is at the bottom of the list (like the last two), you cannot get them because the search keyboard is in the way. If you are able to remove the keyboard then the list disappears. Utterly frustrating!.Version: 6.6.2

Update is garbageI had to delete the app and restart it. In the update, it took away the ability to see upcoming events as a list and is now only a calendar view. This makes it very challenging. Also changed being able to see the amount of responses on an event other than at the top. The ad takes up at least a quarter of the available screen and the user experience did not seem tested at all for various phone sizes. Due to the size of the ads, the words on my screen are split to two lines. Do not update your app if you can avoid it. This is the first review of an app I’ve ever done as I felt it important to note how bad this update has been.Version: 7.0.12

Hate the new updateThe new update was not an improvement. I dislike only being able to see one event at a time or one days worth of events at a time. You can no longer scroll down through multiple days. The calendar portion above the events only has one week, so you can’t even select a date further into the month easily, let alone checking a date in a different month. As the scheduler for our team events, not an improvement at all. Very frustrating to the point, I would use a different scheduling app if our association would allow it..Version: 7.0.12

Update Full of Bugs - No Longer FunctionalDO NOT UPDATE YOUR APP. I never should have updated the app. I have had nothing but issues since the recent updates. I cannot add anything to the schedule or change anything already scheduled without sending a notification for EVERY change made - even when making sure to not select the button to notify the team. After the update, all of my extra details for games were erased for the season - uniform details, arrival times, and any notes for events. When I’d add scores using the app, it will save but then only show the game as final with no scores listed for either team. The chat feature in the new app no longer supports hyperlinks, which we would send out after each game to share game photos. I’ve tried working with support but received little to no response, and any responses have been delayed by days and provided no solutions. I regret ever updating the app. If the choice were up to me as the team manager, I would not continue using this software and find a better solution..Version: 7.0.10

PotentialThis app would be rated higher if it didn’t have so many ‘bugs’. Randomly logs out, freezes, drops text, slow to load, and gets confused sometime in the background. It needs a more reliable and sophisticated infrastructure..Version: 6.7.6

Not terribleIt works most of the time. But I have been having lots of issues the past few months. I am unable to see availability of my team for events. Lots of glitches throughout..Version: 6.2.2

Updated app and lost user namesMy app forced me to update and then it lost our whole chat. New chat has everyone listed as unknown user. Your newest update says it fixes chat issues but it seems to have caused issues instead..Version: 6.2.0

Can’t get onSame issue as the last person who tried!.Version: 5.15.3

Keeps losing my teamsThe app keeps “forgetting” my teams, and I have to remember to log out and back in again to be able to see them / get notifications again…. Until it happens again a day or two later. Please fix!.Version: 7.0.14

Can’t get onWhen I click on the app, it opens to a blue background with “SportsEngine” in the middle but you can’t go anywhere from there. I’m just stuck..Version: 5.21.9

New update is horribleThis new update is garbage. Absolutely stupid we have to scroll through and click on individual days on the calander to see the schedule. What happened to the nice list format where you could see everything easily. Absolute garbage I’d give it negative stars if I could.Version: 7.0.10

No SupportUnfortunately, I have reached out to SportsEngine to get help with their app (the app, currently up to date, cannot go past the email log in screen). I submitted and request for help on the app but the people who are on the support team only know how to tell users to “delete and re-install the app”. Not only did I try that before contacting them, but I did it multiple times after they suggested it. After I emailed back I had done so without the problem being solved, there was no response. So the site itself is useful however the app has poor support and also multiple people who don’t keep track of the “tickets” that are inserted. Hence the 1 start review..Version: 6.7.6

Needs workPlease fix the bugs !!!! Sometimes it shows I have 200 notifications when really it’s 1. Randomly have to sign back in. Sometimes my Team isn’t there or the chat is unavailable. It just needs a little work. Love the concept, and layout. It just needs a fix.Version: 6.4.11

Why did you mess with a good thing?Even one star is too favourable. I have a newer phone, so my device isn’t the issue. The app is barely useable now. I used to rely on it to stay up to date on my kids’ teams. The chats are so glitchy. If I’m late to a chat, it’s like I never received it because the app doesn’t allow me to scroll up. As soon as I try to scroll back down, comments collide. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing fixes this calamity of an app..Version: 7.0.14

New update is awfulThe new update is. It user friendly. I like the “agenda” view but have to change it to agenda every time. It takes me awhile to remember how to get to that view and have to click on multiple things before finally finding it. For busy families ( as we all are who have children in sports) this is a terrible set up..Version: 7.0.14

Crashes when you go to team page!I installed the App and subscribed and it crashes everytime I open it. I have tried re-installing it to no avail. There is no route for support that I can find. Very disappointed. I am using the Iphone 4 ios 5.1.1..Version: 1.0.1

It’s ok but has some issues-Push notifications for messages are hit or miss. Sometimes I get a notification, sometimes I don’t. This has caused me to miss time-sensitive information. -Chat notification stamps don’t always disappear after you’ve viewed the messages. Right now I have a notification bubble that won’t disappear and the only thing I haven’t tried is deleting the app. -Chat message time stamps are not in local time. They need to be shown in the user’s local time zone. - I still haven’t figured out how to send a message just to a subset of people. I shouldn’t have to pull out the coaches phone numbers and send a text for a message that isn’t relevant to everyone. If this feature does exist, I can’t find it. Long story short — hoping basketball will not use this app next year 🙄 and use TeamSnap like our soccer club thankfully does..Version: 7.0.14

Awful updateYou can only see the day selected rather than the rolling schedule. It’s NOT user friendly..Version: 7.0.14

Most frustrating login experienceI can’t believe how much trouble I’ve had (twice now) trying to get logged into this app. So ridiculously broken. Just save everyone a ton of trouble and remove the option to login via Facebook. That whole flow is just horrible. Finally got logged in and then when I upgraded my phone I had to burn another hour going through this nonsense again. That being said, the app itself is moderately helpful. One request though... Why can’t I add a scheduled even to my calendar? I can’t even copy and paste so I have to manually copy and paste game times and locations into my calendar. Overall, pretty frustrating..Version: 5.15.0

Not intuitive, difficult for divorced parents, notifications not workingOnly one parent can have an account with access to the kids. It’s the parent that registers the kids. Other parent can’t have their own account and access to kids, other than as a guardian. But the guardian only gets emails and notifications related to kids but won’t get emails and notifications from the league admin. Very frustrating!!!!!! We had initially set up one parent as secondary email address on the account of the parent that registered but secondary email address was not getting any of league admin emails. I was missing all the league admin notifications about key league dates. Half the parents in the league weren’t getting emails either. This is a disaster for the league and a very poorly designed app and website. Very disappointing. I was on with customer service via chat for an hour and could not get this all to work. I defaulted back to adding me as secondary email address with my ex-wife, so we now have to share a login and password to access our kids information..Version: 5.9.0

Horrible app most of the timeThis is one of the glitchiest apps I have ever used. There are always bugs. They make major changes to the app with no warning (not that they have to but a heads up that the next login will not be automatic and the entire format will be different would be courteous at least). The messaging portion is atrocious. It feels like I’m using some cheap app that has no support. Messages don’t save as you type them. Sometimes you might have to look up info while typing up a message and when you come back your entire message is gone. . . But not every time. Sometimes while typing a longer message the screen doesn’t scroll down to allow you to see what you are typing. . . But not every time. This app is only widely used because we are held hostage by what our organization managers use. Otherwise, this app would be in the trash where it belongs. I even had it showing one of our games listed backwards as to who was the home team, but it was only my app. Everyone else said something different. As the head coach that is a serious issue. Ask your organization to use a different app if you can. This one is just plain junk. When it works correctly.Version: 7.1.0

People are missing games…A core component of the app isn’t working. Calendar view will say one day, click into the game and it’ll say a different day. We are now using the in-app chat every game day to make sure people know the correct dates..Version: 7.0.14

Not a good appI’m baffled how this app has a star rating of 4.8. It’s just incredibly slow. Click on the “Chat” button at the bottom and nothing happens; Click on the “Schedule” button and it says “nothing scheduled”, and then maybe, sometimes, the actual team schedule will pop up. For the record I have a new iPhone 13 Pro and a fast data connection via fiber network, so it’s not the equipment being used. I’ve learned the tricks for navigating it to make the Chat/Schedule display, but it’s a really buggy app, very slow to display info, and just not a good user experience. Many of the parents on our team complain of the same thing. There are much, much, better alternatives available for managing/communicating with your team, and I’m going to talk with our organization’s director to see if we can try something different. Using this one is semi-brutal..Version: 6.4.11

Fails to do most basic functionsIn my opinion the primary purpose of this app is to track attendance and it fails hard at this. Our league started using this so we switched over. We have found that attendance for players randomly flips from yes to no or vice versa even if the player hasn’t used the app for a long time. We brought specific examples of this to the support staff and for some reason it would take them weeks to fix, however it has not been. Other teams I. My league have switched back to benchapp as a result. I’d say my confidence in this product is non existent. I’ll revise my review if fixed but for now DO NOT USE..Version: 5.21.9

HORRIBLE!!Whatever Team Manager or Coach who used this platform is a complete idiot!!! Worst scheduler ever so many glitches and always crashes! TeamLinkt and TeamSnap light years better!.Version: 7.0.10

Proceed with cautionEntered login credentials, to which I'm met with the content loading spinning wheel. I performed basic troubleshooting myself before finally reaching out and "report a problem" and to seek assistance from the "devs". We emailed back and forth a few times but once I put the heat on and asked for a resolution expeditiously as my sons organization had already added him to the roster and this is our primary form for team communication for two teams I received a final email from the "sports engine" support team stating they cannot help. Excuse me, whaaat!!? If the app's own developers can't make it usable then who do I contact for further assistance? Unbelievable and incredibly suspicious..Version: 6.7.9

App continuously not functioning properlyCertain features on the app do not work. The one star review is that these have been ongoing issues for months and the service team has not resolved, simply saying this is because of a bug but with no solution. The key features that consistently do not work make this app similar to a Facebook poll to rsvp..Version: 6.7.8

Support is non existentThree weeks of back and forth and nothing accomplished to solve an issue. They will take your money in a heartbeat but if you need help good luck The app is a solid 1/10. Takes a good 4-5 mins to load I would highly recommend NOT using this company.Version: 6.7.9

Horrible would give -10 stars if able!!!UPDATE**** it has been 3 months- there are an immense amount of users that are having this same issue- it is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS that an app that is predominantly used by many sports teams, hockey associations to ignore the issues going on with their app - it is BEYOND RIDICULOUS that ZERO attempt has been made to fix these enormous and erroneous issues. It is asinine that the users of this app can’t contact support, there is ZERO support for Sports Engine- 4 hockey teams/rep accounts I can not communicate with- there has been time sensitive chats/information I have not been able to receive. Sports Engine PLEASE be responsive and responsible and fix it or go back to an older version that had not near the bugs/glitches that the new version has. EXTREMELY disappointed and EXTREMELY annoyed that you would allow this to continue. Hands down the worst app and customer service/support!! I have contacted, reached out, emailed in regards to the updates and bugs that some (not all) users are experiencing. There is ABSOLUTELY zero support for issues with the app. Even tapping support in App Store gets you no where. I’m unable to communicate with teams, unable to communicate with other reps. The chat option is glitches and chats overlap making them unreadable. The new update is horrible. Support is horrible. I have deleted, reinstalled, logged out logged in. Severely disappointed in the app, app design and app support..Version: 7.0.14

Uniform information disappeared with latest updateThis app is so useful in so many ways, but lately I’ve encountered some big problems: First, the app just wouldn’t open. I’d tap on it & you could see it start to open then it would suddenly kick you out. This went on for over a month. Then last Sunday the view on the mobile app under schedules changed. When you tap on a game to see the details, you can no longer see the uniform field? I’m the manager, so I can see that the uniform color has been entered by looking at the editing page, but it’s not showing up at all when you get out of editing mode. Pls fix this!.Version: 6.5.1

Scheduling is busted and no supportUnfortunately our league switched to this app this year. So far had a list of issues mainly related to scheduling…..which is one of the most important aspects. 1) Google calendar sync is not easy. Had to find a work around to copy and paste the URL. Definitely does not work from from the one tap button in the app. I have the iPhone 12 and the most up to date software. I schedule everything in our personal lives through Google Calendars. Cannot not comment iPhone/apple calendar. 2) Once using the work around in item #1 for Google calendar sync you cannot update a title or time worth out deleting and recreating the event. 3) No way to differentiate calendars for different teams. I have two kids in our baseball league at different ages. Once I did sync the google calendar all events show up under the same shared calendar “My Sports Engine” Calendar. So any coach that just titles their event “Practice” means you can have multiple “Practice” headings with no way to tell the teams apart. So then I tried to rename the events as I’m an admin for one team as an assistant . But then it does not work because of item #2. 4) No customer support for the general public. I’m trying to fix these issues and not just complain, the website only offers FAQs that have been answered…..with answers that don’t work. No way to “ask” a question. Would not recommend this app to anyone in it’s current state..Version: 6.7.5

Used to be GREAT - What happened??This app was so helpful in so many past seasons but this year it has been nothing but glitches and inconsistencies. Here are the two major issues not just myself, but everyone else I know using this app, is currently experiencing: - Not receiving notifications!! This one is pretty major. Two kids on two different teams and one of my teams isn’t using the app because none of the parents are being notified of Chats this year. The other team is still using it unfortunately and it’s already causing miscommunication and missed message issues. We have all made sure nothing is muted, our phone push notifications are on. It’s ridiculous. - Phone numbers are not adding / saving properly. My primary phone listed is my own cell- my secondary number is my spouses phone and yet my spouses number is the only one that shows up when someone needs to reach me. I’ve tried changing this multiple times and other moms on the team are having similar issues. We have even tried fixing it on computers and as a last resort I had to take my spouses number off “secondary” so that mine would show as primary. But anytime a secondary is re-added, it re changes what shows as primary on my profile. Very frustrating..Version: 6.2.2

Absolutely terribleOur soccer club started using this app this year. It’s absolutely terrible. It’s clear that the people developing it have no idea how teams use it. It’s location feature is a mess. I end up putting game locations in other spots so our parents can find the location address and not default to the location website and have to find it there. When i want to make a simple change to game info (uniform, add field number, etc.), even though I click to not notify the team, it does so immediately. This causes way too many unimportant messages to be sent. There are unnecessary privacy features that make it difficult to get contact info for teammates. This app/program is just a mess. We have a tournament this weekend and i have no faith in my ability to get the app to do what I need it to do. I am going to personally pay for my team to use TeamSnap again because I dislike this app so much. I will encourage our club to move back to TS next year. If not, I’ll continue to pay to use TS, since the developers of it clearly understand how their app is used and what their customers want and need..Version: 5.21.10

Terrible & Waste of TimeThis app makes no sense. Not user friendly. Been on for two years and still can’t find any my son’s teams or schedules..Version: 5.21.5

Update hasn’t been seemlessI have only had sports engine since November. I noticed this week that there was an update available and needed as the version I had ws not supported. So, after doing the update I have missed messages and schedule updates. Not sure how they didn’t show up timely, but something happened. My mom said my phone had a notification about a parent meeting. When she brought me the phone I could find no info or notice anywhere about a parent meeting. A couple days later I noticed that there was a parent meeting on the schedule that night, but it wasn’t there when I had looked prior. The update completely wiped out all prior chat messages as well. Now the chat menu at the bottom of the screen doesn’t connect with the team. I can only access the chat when I go into the team and from that menu, select chat. No more shortcut for me. I didn’t have an issue with the previous version, but this one has some glitches for sure! With about 5 or 6 weeks left of the season, wish I could undo the update..Version: 6.2.0

Good to a point… Latest update frustratingLove that I can keep up with my kid’s team schedule and even connect it to our family calendar app. However, since the last update- it’s incredibly frustrating to go to the schedule page in the app to look at what’s coming up and RSVP ahead of time (our coach uses this to see who’s going to be at practices and games) have to go through a lot of different things to even get to two or three weeks from now! Before I could see a list of things and RSVP there. Maybe you could just give users some options for how they want to display their schedules in the settings? I looked for that and there aren’t any options for it. Very irritating. Thank you for considering adding this option- it would be way more helpful and would make using SportsEngine easier again!.Version: 7.0.9

New update is terribleThe new update has issues with glitches and notifications in the chat group. Links sent within it don't work at all. The new formatting of the calendar is not user friendly at all. Go back to the list rather than making users click on each day!.Version: 7.0.10

Can’t See New PostsAt first this app was amazing and I can see the benefits. However I stopped being able to see posted games and events on the app, they just don’t show up. When I linked the app to my calendar I can see when they are on my phone calendar and it will send me emails to rsvp but they still don’t show up on the actual app. I’ve deleted and redownloaded the app so many times and it won’t fix itself. Soooooo frustrating!.Version: 6.7.5

ThanksFont too small on messages Could allow cut and paste.Version: 6.1.5

Stopped Working - No Tech SupportApp stopped working one day. Now the app just launches the opening screen then crashes. Uninstalling and reinstalling does nothing. The app doesn’t really seem to uninstall. The tech support links don’t work on mobile and they say you have to log in to submit a claim. When you log in on the web with your phone it just diverts to the app… which then crashes. I finally found some way to submit a request for help online but have heard nothing. It’s horrible they really only allow their reps to work with the sports organizations… individual help doesn’t seem to exist. Unfortunately they have such a stronghold on this market, makes for complacency in customer service..Version: 6.4.12

BuggyFor several years there has been an ebb and flow of bugs and glitches in the app. Feedback has been consistent from several parents of teams I have coached over the years along with my own experience. Team logos switching, disappearing and reappearing. Calendar events simply disappear from iOS calendar despite still being subscribed. Then they reappear randomly. Chat notifications (banner, Lock Screen, bubbles, etc) work intermittently at best. Right now I cannot get 2 of my teams to show up under the chat section. But when I go to the team directly and then to chat from within the team page, I can see the chats. Lately more and more users complain that they get logged out several times a day and have to log in again. Yet if a notification happens to work it still has them logged in. It seems to be getting worse over time as I get more and more negative feedback and even request to use other apps. It’s a shame as the design and integration are actually really nice when it works. It has gotten so bad this year that our manager is trying to contact support to see what we can do. Our travel team often has last minute updates to schedules and locations and they are often missed. This creates stress for families and players and takes away from the overall experience they are meant to have in these sports programs. This app is supposed to support that positive experience and not take away from it..Version: 6.0.0

CrapThe App is garbage. I can’t even open it on my phone. When I was able to actually use the app it was pretty good. Now I’m not connected to the team, no chats, no schedule, no updates, nada. I’ve wasted hours of my life trying to stay connected for nothing..Version: 6.4.12

Update ruined itSports Engine used to be great with only a few bugs, now after the update the whole thing is horrible. I deleted the app and reinstalled the app, and immediately realized the new update was put on the app. It’s okay at the start but once you go into the chat it’s crazy. I went in to see something the team had said and when I scrolled up it would glitch and go crazy. And when you go to the schedule it only shows you what you have today. You have to click on the day you want to see it, unlike before the update when you could just look at you whole schedule by scrolling down. I am looking if there is a way to take off this horrible update. Before the update it was great, now it is exactly the opposite..Version: 7.0.10

Recent update broke chat functionCan’t see team chat anymore. No more notifications. Signed out and back in, didn’t fix the issue. Hopefully this is a known bug and is being worked on?.Version: 6.2.0

New update is horribleThis app worked great I tilt he recent update. It glitches like crazy on the team chats, I can’t follow anything now for my kids hockey teams. Wish I never did the update. Please fix this issue!!!.Version: 7.0.10

Worst, buggiest app I’ve ever usedI work in app development so this may be a little biased but I’ve used TeamSnap until a year ago and it is hands down 1 million times better. I have written into sports engine’s support team more times that I can count. The only thing they tell me is that I should restart the app and sign in and back out. It’s horrible. And it happens to my entire team so you can’t use that excuse here. Nothing updates when it should, the fact that you can’t bulk upload photos is absolutely absurd. What century do we live in? And the fact that you have to toggle in and out of event rsvp’s 19 times before you can finally get a list that doesn’t say “zero” is beyond my comprehension. How are so many people finding this helpful? It has completely screwed up several of our games because of updates being delayed. I’m done sending my detailed responses with helpful screenshots because it gets me nowhere. Not to mention it’s incredibly slow and I have to force it closed at least 10 times a day..Version: 6.1.3

Fix the message notificationsErrors with the message notifications have been present for years now. Updates always say they have fixed the problem but it always returns. It’s either 1) notifications don’t show up when they should and you don’t know there are messages until you open the app or 2) the notification badge never goes away. Even after you e read all messages. I’ve logged out, deleted/reinstalled the app, turned phone on and off. Nothing works. Add to it the fact that now I have to sign in nearly every time I open the app. The 5 star reviews here are bogus. We have a soccer club with nearly 1,000 players and I ha ent met a single coach or parent who would Recommend this app. It’s constantly mocked but “it’s cheap”. There is absolutely no way this app has a legitimate 4.8 star rating. It’s garbage..Version: 5.28.0

Horrible appI have no idea who is giving this app so many stars. We used to use Game Changer and switched to this garbage. You can’t send private chats (so if your kid is sick, you get to tell the whole team, and they all have to hear about it). You can send messages, from the desktop, but YOU CAN’T READ THEM ON THE APP. What good is an app that won’t let you read the messages?? ‘Fields are closed’. Fantastic. Let me go home, get on my pc, open up my web browser, go to your site, and find that gem of information. Schedules are supposed to auto populate, but we will see. The practice schedule did not. Oh, and in other apps, you can ask ‘should we cancel practice? Thumbs up to play, thumbs down to cancel.’ No such function here. I tried the ‘like this post so I know which players still need to connect.’ No way to tell who liked it. So now I’m left with ‘hey everyone, tell me you are here….’ and a whole team getting a notification every time someone answers. Hate it..Version: 7.1.1

Wish the team had have picked ANY other app 👎🏻👎🏻We have used many an app for sports this one is by far the worst! Notifications aren’t compatible with vpn so you just don’t get them. Not to mention the “always” new notification dots when there are no new notifications. Inability to add your OWN child’s photos etc. would not use if I had a choice..Version: 7.0.12

CrapCrap. App won’t even open.Version: 6.6.2

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