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Terrible & Waste of TimeThis app makes no sense. Not user friendly. Been on for two years and still can’t find any my son’s teams or schedules..Version: 5.21.5

You should download Team Snap it’s betterI’m only using this app because our soccer club bought it for the entire club this year. It’s aweful after using team snap who has this dialed in - it’s like going back to the Stone Age. So basic it’s doesn’t have any attention to detail. For instance if I list arrive time an hour earlier it doesn’t show that anywhere on your linked calendar or in the app unless you drill down into the notes. The game scoring is awful- that’s all you can do is keep basic score. You can’t keep time, you can’t put which half it is or half time. You can’t say who scored each goal or chat to try and describe the goal - nothing just game in progress. As a mom of three kids who play sports, these live game updates are valuable to me when I can’t be in three places at once. Team snap did all of that and now that I’m stuck with this app I’m missing out. Hey developers why don’t you download team snap and see ALL the things you need to do to try and catch up to a great sports app that keeps parents connected to our kids games. Team snap even let’s you take pics and live video to share during the game as it’s played. You can do better. Thanks.Version: 5.21.4

Absolutely terribleOur soccer club started using this app this year. It’s absolutely terrible. It’s clear that the people developing it have no idea how teams use it. It’s location feature is a mess. I end up putting game locations in other spots so our parents can find the location address and not default to the location website and have to find it there. When i want to make a simple change to game info (uniform, add field number, etc.), even though I click to not notify the team, it does so immediately. This causes way too many unimportant messages to be sent. There are unnecessary privacy features that make it difficult to get contact info for teammates. This app/program is just a mess. We have a tournament this weekend and i have no faith in my ability to get the app to do what I need it to do. I am going to personally pay for my team to use TeamSnap again because I dislike this app so much. I will encourage our club to move back to TS next year. If not, I’ll continue to pay to use TS, since the developers of it clearly understand how their app is used and what their customers want and need..Version: 5.21.10

Can’t sign inCan’t sign in to app. I’ve tried the Facebook, the email and google logins and they all say there was an error logging in.Version: 5.18.1

Worst app everMost frustrating piece of crap I've ever had to use. -15 no stars.Version: 5.9.3

AwfulThe app itself is mostly fine. It’s the back-end service and team management dashboard that just don’t work. I manage SE for our team within a club of teams. Half the parents on the team (typically those who were in SportsEngine last year) aren’t getting invite emails to join the team in SE. Some are finding their invitations if they log into the SE website, but most don’t since they use this app. Then there’s the issue of inviting guardians. As the SE manager for the team, I’m not allowed to do this. Only the initial parent I invite can invite others. What a train wreck that feature is. Some parents report back to me that they get “access denied” when trying to accept the invitation. I have nothing to offer them about how to fix that. Sometimes the app is just out of sync. Force quitting and restarting seems to help. Or reinstalling..Version: 5.11.2

Won't let me loginI close the app for about an hour go back on and it tells me to login again. I put in my email and my password that I wrote down and it says it's the wrong password or email! I don't like that you have to sign in every time you close the app..Version: 5.5.1

Ok but not greatSo I’ve used SE for a few years. It’s great for having team schedules, rosters, parent info, and rsvp. This just focuses on the app, not overall service. Lately I haven’t been receiving notifications for chats and neither have other team parents, making me believe it’s not my device that is the problem. It appears photos can only be uploaded one at a time, which isn’t very convenient for that feature. The chat is a huge part of the app so I hope the notification issue is resolved in an update soon..Version: 5.25.7

Team Bonzi was bad, SE is worseThe app is illogical, confusing and poorly designed. I am told that the back is good for managing leagues but the app user experience is substandard at best..Version: 5.11.1

Not worth the downloadHighly disappointed in this app. It wasn't updating the rosters/information of teams, and full of incorrect scores, I found better information from Google and Twitter than this app. I wouldn't recommend downloading it for any future rugby events as it needs lots of work..Version: 4.6.0

Pure garbageCan never find my team(s), it’s not user friendly, difficult to read, difficult to sync to my calendar. Use TeamSnap instead, it’s way less frustrating..Version: 5.9.3

HORRIBLE!I can't say much more than the title of my post. I have tried over two days to find my child's rugby team schedule and I have had no luck. My best friend downloaded the App two days before me and found everything. I did everything she did, including driving to her house to let her try it on my phone, and still can't find it. Other parents on our team are having the same issues as me. I would not waste my time with this app it is crap. Get Team snap it is way better..Version: 5.4.0

Most frustrating login experienceI can’t believe how much trouble I’ve had (twice now) trying to get logged into this app. So ridiculously broken. Just save everyone a ton of trouble and remove the option to login via Facebook. That whole flow is just horrible. Finally got logged in and then when I upgraded my phone I had to burn another hour going through this nonsense again. That being said, the app itself is moderately helpful. One request though... Why can’t I add a scheduled even to my calendar? I can’t even copy and paste so I have to manually copy and paste game times and locations into my calendar. Overall, pretty frustrating..Version: 5.15.0

Notifications inconsistentI don’t leave reviews often so the fact that I’m leaving this is pretty significant. The notifications in this app are inconsistent. Sometimes I get them, but sometimes I don’t, and the times I don’t get them are the times I really needed them. I have my notification settings added for banners, badges, sounds and alerts and still I get nothing some days. It’s super frustrating to have to open the app to see if someone has sent a chat or message regarding a change in schedule. I can’t be checking the app all day and the notifications should work. Our club used to use TeamSnap and I wish they would go back, at least for team communication purposes. Only reason I’m using this right now is because I have to..Version: 5.21.4

Terrible appTerrible app. Used to be good however since update I've received updates literally about 25 times within 24 hours about the final score of one of my games. FIX THIS PLEASE!!!!!.Version: 1.51

Total crapTeamSnap is way, WAY easier to use..Version: 5.9.3

Could use some updatesMy daughters team recently switched from Teamsnap to SportsEngine and I am already understanding what sports engine is missing. It would be great if they could work on a few things. 1. Color-code events. It would nice to have the option to make practices and games and events different colors. 2. The ability to add attachments like field maps to an event would also be helpful. We need to send them through the chat instead of having it already linked. 3. The all white color is blinding. Jazz it up a bit. Throw in some grey 😉 While I am still cursing having to change from a system I knew and loved I am sure with a few updates they can be up to speed with their competitors..Version: 5.20.2

It's no good for SJHL!!!!It shows only 2011 scores for SJHL, hasn't been updated at all. Very disappoint!.Version: 1.2.4

Love the app but...Recent update logs you out too often/easily cutting into the convenience of the app. Was a five before the last update..Version: 5.0.1

TeamSnap is way better.You get what you pay for..Version: 5.11.0

Crashes when you go to team page!I installed the App and subscribed and it crashes everytime I open it. I have tried re-installing it to no avail. There is no route for support that I can find. Very disappointed. I am using the Iphone 4 ios 5.1.1..Version: 1.0.1

Very DisappointedThis app used for payments by club is terrible . You can only pay based on the set up in the system. The club said they cannot change. Unable to pay more monies based on set up or change date funds are taken. Per the club they are unable to make any changes even administratively . This app should allow you to place the money you want and then deduct what is still owed . You should be able to make a payment plan as long as all fees are paid by the due date. The processing charges also are crazy. In the world of sending monies for free with so many different apps they should not be charging or if charging nothing more than $1.00..Version: 5.10.0

FANS only? DON’T LOADIf you are a fan of a team and Nothing More do not load this app!! When you load the team all it gives you is their first name and last initial, no stats no data nothing. And this app does not mention a cost to download it. But they do charge you And if you want to unsubscribe and get your money back you’re out of luck! They tell you to go to the team that you’re trying to be a fan for to get your money back. Step away don’t touch the download button if you are simply a fan of your team!.Version: 5.21.4

Greedy Corporate GarbageWell, leave it up to Comcast, one of the worst of them all, to monetize our kids sports activities because $13 billion in profit isn't enough. This app used to be good, but now there's intrusive, ugly, and out of place ads on every page, what a shameless money grab and makes the entire app look like some freeware garbage app. Which I guess is completely on par for the way Comcast has always operated. Going back to other messaging apps with the team and getting the schedule from our association's website is the way to go!.Version: 5.25.6

Can’t get onSame issue as the last person who tried!.Version: 5.15.3

Do not waste any time or money on thisUseless.Version: 2.2.4

Why no app icon badges?So overall I’ve been really pleased with the app. I can manage most of what my kid’s team needs from us which is helpful. One thing that is really missing is the app badge with notifications for chat. We use the chat feature constantly and nothing. You have to login, click your team and then into chat to get caught up. Why not have an app badge to show how many unread messages? Other competing sports team apps do it and it seems a glaring omission. Please consider in future updates..Version: 5.14.0

Not intuitive, difficult for divorced parents, notifications not workingOnly one parent can have an account with access to the kids. It’s the parent that registers the kids. Other parent can’t have their own account and access to kids, other than as a guardian. But the guardian only gets emails and notifications related to kids but won’t get emails and notifications from the league admin. Very frustrating!!!!!! We had initially set up one parent as secondary email address on the account of the parent that registered but secondary email address was not getting any of league admin emails. I was missing all the league admin notifications about key league dates. Half the parents in the league weren’t getting emails either. This is a disaster for the league and a very poorly designed app and website. Very disappointing. I was on with customer service via chat for an hour and could not get this all to work. I defaulted back to adding me as secondary email address with my ex-wife, so we now have to share a login and password to access our kids information..Version: 5.9.0

User experience keeps getting worseWaaaaay too slow to switch between functions now. Chats take forever to pull up. Keeps freezing. So much unnecessary background processing it makes my phone hot. Wasn’t an issue just a few months ago. Now also shows a crap-ton of ads which it never did before. These things are probably linked - sharing my data with advertisers now without my consent? Same developer as the lousy Tourney Machine app so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised they are selling youth sports out to the highest bidder as well. Screw the users, make money from user fees and advertising cos that’s the cable tv model - get em both ways, leave no pocket unpicked. Make money off the kids and parents, as well as the volunteer run non-profit associations because Comcast doesn’t have enough yet. Hey, NBC/Comcast/corporate overlord of the day - We already pay for this as a youth athletic association! Stop bombarding our parents with your BS ads! If we wanted to give our parents a lousy app experience we would have signed up with TeamSnap. In fact... maybe we will..Version: 5.24.1

Works well... when it worksConstantly have issues with Chat feature not working because of, “Network Error.” Multiple devices, users, and ISPs seem to confirm it’s not operator error. Have had to uninstall and reinstall app multiple times. Also, phot uploads one at a time mean last week I received over 100 push notifications over an hour while the team mom uploaded one at a time. It was glorious and killed data on my wireless plan..Version: 5.12.0

Can’t get onWhen I click on the app, it opens to a blue background with “SportsEngine” in the middle but you can’t go anywhere from there. I’m just stuck..Version: 5.21.9

Fix the message notificationsErrors with the message notifications have been present for years now. Updates always say they have fixed the problem but it always returns. It’s either 1) notifications don’t show up when they should and you don’t know there are messages until you open the app or 2) the notification badge never goes away. Even after you e read all messages. I’ve logged out, deleted/reinstalled the app, turned phone on and off. Nothing works. Add to it the fact that now I have to sign in nearly every time I open the app. The 5 star reviews here are bogus. We have a soccer club with nearly 1,000 players and I ha ent met a single coach or parent who would Recommend this app. It’s constantly mocked but “it’s cheap”. There is absolutely no way this app has a legitimate 4.8 star rating. It’s garbage..Version: 5.28.0

Tara is the absolute worst customer service representative everI have used SportsEngine for about three years. Overall it does what’s needed. Simple way to disseminate information to large groups . However, if you have ANY issues you will not get any support. At all. Further, if you get Tara she will be rude and snarky in addition to not being helpful. I asked if anyone else could help me and the response was “lol read the manual “. Hopefully a new app will emerge soon with similar functionality...and a support team that is, well hopefully is, supportive. Epic fail in your choice of hiring sports engine..Version: 5.18.1

No longer receive chat push notificationsAll of my push notifications are enabled for Sports Engine. The chat setting is not muted. When I receive a new team chat I get zero notifications unless I decide to check and go in and look at the chat and there will be a red dot. I used to receive a pop up banner notification on my iPhone with every new chat earlier this year but that seems to have vanished. Some of my team(but not all) is experiencing same issue. What on earth is issue?.Version: 5.25.7

No notifications after update!The new update took away notifications when new events are added to the calendar. No one has time to constantly be looking at a calendar to see if something new has been added. We were told we will only get notifications if something is updated on the event (time change, location change). Well that hardly happens. Please bring back the notifications when something is added to the calendar!!!.Version: 5.6.0

What happened??I’m disappointed. This app used to be better. I know improvements have been made which some of them have been great but whatever you guys did between March and now has made the app soooooo slow and it often crashes. There should also be a way for the players especially if they are teens to be able to participate in a monitored chat feature or maybe be able to participate in chat period instead of the parent letting them use their phones or logging in as their parent. I mean it is their team after all, they shouldn’t be considered “fans” of the team. Notifications don’t exist, I have them all turned on but unless I am constantly opening the app and looking I miss things. And only time something shows on screen is when my phone is locked, no sound, no vibration, nothing..Version: 5.25.6

Last Update killed AppThis app works great to organize teams for our 4 active boys. We’ve had 14 active teams at the same time. The last update ruined the app though. Now it takes literally five minutes to open and switch to the schedule. With our hectic nights, the schedule is the most important, we’re double checking times and locations every few hours. And the Feed seems to be causing major lag. The app opens and then sits there doing nothing and then flashes and adds the feed icon. Then we can see we have unread chat, click on it, and wait for it to load. Then wait longer and never get the channel to open with the actual chat. The only way we’re seeing chats is in the banner on my phone. Please fix this!.Version: 5.18.1

AwfulAwful.Version: 5.9.2

PLEASE DESIGN FOR iPad!!!I do love the app! It is a great all in one place for everything fo my sons hockey team. And it works great on my phone. But... PLEASE make this app compatible with the iPad! One the iPad it renders like on the phone - a small screen that you can enlarge which distorts it slightly. And combined with the fact that it doesn’t go to landscape mode... UGH!!! The compatibility lists the iPad simply because the app will run on it. But it doesn’t truly ‘work’ with the iPad. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!.Version: 5.21.4

Hate it.I normally don’t write reviews on anything unless I absolutely love it. This is the opposite. This app is terrible. It doesn’t send me notifications so I have to check it daily so I don’t miss something. Even though I check it daily the red dot next to the chat never goes away but at the same time there’s never any indication that you messages (email). The events show double sometimes. Games and practice look the same and there is no score keeping. I could go on but I won’t. Give me back my TeamSnap..Version: 5.25.4

Works well, when it works!Please, please fix the issue with Chat. Our whole team has an issue with the chat notifications not always working. Extremely frustrating when Coaches communicate through chat but the message is missed because a notification is not sent. You needed to log in and out every few days to get the notifications to enable..Version: 5.25.7

New version bugsAfter a recent update (maybe?) I can no longer see one of my child’s practices on the calendar. I tried to report the issue on the app’s “report a problem” section, but it is not possible to click “submit this form” because it is down below the margin at bottom of the form and cannot be clicked on. The submit button can only be seen when actively scrolling down...but when you let go of the screen, the page/button springs back down to below the margin and out of reach. Developer, if you are reading this, please look into. Thanks.Version: 5.15.2

App doesn't workAs the other review states. Looks awesome. But crashes as soon as you try and load the team.Version: 1.0.1

Coach / parentGood app. It would be a great app if you could have multiple adults (let’s call them parents) tied to one account. As a coach and my wife as the president of the program and team mom, she has my son under her. I’ve tried working with support several times, but have not been able to get this issue resolved. The other main issue is the coaches ability to communicate with the team. I don’t have the ability to group text the team parents. Email, yes, but not text. For now, three stars. It has room to get better..Version: 5.9.3

Needs improvement in Mapping functionalityWorks ok but needs map function that allows you to open locations for upcoming games and events in Apple and/or Google maps (as with TeamSnap) as opposed to just showing location on a map. This then still necessitates that you have to manually enter address in Google/Apple maps manually. Big pain ;-(.Version: 4.0.2

Time Zone IssueThis app is a great help until you travel and then come back for the wrong game time! Unless I just can’t figure it out, there is no way to control the time zones (turn off/on in settings) when you travel. We had gone to east coast and thought daughter’s game was at 3:30 (when we looked from east coast). We get back home in central time zone and almost then almost missed the game! Please add something in Settings that allows you to control this yourself. We had several other parents on the team say that this happened to them too! Otherwise a great app!.Version: 5.11.2

Needs improvementIt works for RSVPs and locating the schedule. We were on TeamSnap previously which was very user friendly and intuitive. This app needs some improvement. The main guardian only gets the notification- the 2nd guardian does not which is not helpful. When you click on the address provided for a game, it sends you to a map but it is not directed to google maps, apple maps or Waze depending on the map app installed. The defaulted map program does not let you input directions to the location. It would be nice to get a map that lets you input directions. It defeats the purpose of getting just a map with the address location. Overall it works for RSVPs and game info but it would be nice if we were back on TeamSnap. Sorry SportsEngine..Version: 5.9.3

Fails to do most basic functionsIn my opinion the primary purpose of this app is to track attendance and it fails hard at this. Our league started using this so we switched over. We have found that attendance for players randomly flips from yes to no or vice versa even if the player hasn’t used the app for a long time. We brought specific examples of this to the support staff and for some reason it would take them weeks to fix, however it has not been. Other teams I. My league have switched back to benchapp as a result. I’d say my confidence in this product is non existent. I’ll revise my review if fixed but for now DO NOT USE..Version: 5.21.9

Not helpful at allI down loaded the app thinking this would help with organizing team events. First the app wouldn’t let me register it said my email was on file, so I called customer service the person I spoke to said I needed to speak to another person in a different department after being transfer the second person said the first person should have helped me and transferred me back to the first person who again either didn’t know or just didn’t want to help me. Finally after playing the transfer game because customers don’t matter to them I hung up and down loaded the competitors app. Hire someone who know what’s going on..Version: 5.21.5

Not impressed. Very frustrating.Me and my sons father have, for four months, been trying to both be able to have this app in its fully functional form. After I set it up he could not connect his email. Once his email was connected I stoped receiving emails and notifications and my app showed nothing but the schedule of games. I did not have messaging capability, a roster or the ability to rsvp for games. Now, after a coach had to talk with someone from sports engine, I have a filling functioning ap and my sons father has lost all function on his. He now has only a schedule he can’t even rsvp on and no longer gets messages or emails. My son can’t be the only child with two parents who use this ap that it’s this difficult for four people to try to get it set up correctly for both of us. I prefer what we used last year. I only give it two stars bc for the hour I have had a full ap it seems quite useful. Once my sons father is added back though who knows what I will have..Version: 5.7.0

Don’t rely on info in appWhen opening the app it does not update as you would expect a well functioning app to do. If there have been changes to a schedule you have to tap schedule when already looking at the schedule to get it to update. Even if you close the app and restart it you’re likely looking at an old schedule until tapping the schedule icon again. We learned this the hard way after showing up to a practice that had been rescheduled. We closed the app rebooted the phone and still saw the old version of a schedule. After hitting the schedule button while already looking at the schedule the schedule updated and the practice disappeared. Very frustrating to plan on a practice and find out we wasted our afternoon because the sports engine app isn’t capable of updating on its own or even having a refresh button..Version: 5.21.8

So slow!This is the slowest app I have ever used! I have tried to use it on numerous wifi networks, different places in my city on my LTE, and it still takes many minutes to load or update. Very frustrating!!.Version: 5.15.0

It used to be great!So my only current beef with this app is that I’m not receiving push notifications anymore. I e checked, double checked, and triple checked all notification settings. Notifications are on. I don’t get messages until several hourss (or the next day) after the fact. I’m not a slave to my phone, so I’m not checking messages every minute of the day. Not good when parents are trying to communicate with the coaches. Not sure if this is an OS issue or an application issue. But it’s a recent phenomenon for me..Version: 5.21.10

Almost Perfect99% of this app is a solid 5 stars. I’m dropping 2 stars for just one thing that’s probably pretty easy to fix, NOTIFICATIONS. Please add the red bubble!!!! I have every notification enabled for this app, but if I don’t happen to be looking at my screen when a chat message comes in, I’ll never know it happened without manually checking. We’ve had numerous instances of kids not wearing the right color jersey, showing up at the wrong place, or just missing important information because their parents are too busy with other things to remember to see if the chat has any new messages. Please please please fix this! Also as a feature request, individual chat messages would be a huge convenience. Otherwise it really is a great app. I use competitors for other teams and this one is great besides the notifications thing..Version: 5.25.4

Can’t get onI signed up with my email and I clicked verify it took me to a page on google and then when I clicked the button on there is took me to the app store to download the app but I already had it downloaded..Version: 5.15.2

...Horrible.Version: 2.0.1

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