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Needs improvementAs an admin- it is frustrating that I cannot do more from the app. I’d like to be able to post things (photos and videos) to the feed from my phone. If this capability could be added in the near future that would be great..Version: 5.20.2

RecommendIt has team chat, schedule with geolocation locations, roster with photos, names, numbers, positions. Only down side I’ve found is you can’t upload schedule items from a csv file..Version: 5.28.0

Pretty CrappyInstalled and was immediately disappointed. Did not see any data loaded for the team I selected and the app immediately asks for a $3.99 per year subscription to add more than one team. On top of that there is no way to remove an previously selected team. I ended deleting it from my iPad five minutes after installing it..Version: 1

Working great for meNice to keep up to date with uk baseball including team stats etc.Version: 1.0.1

Quite swellI like it.Version: 2.2

Great appWe are so glad to have a one stop shop that does player karting attendance club information bill collection and emails to everyone were selected individuals amazing app keep up the great work - better news feed could be improved but love it overall!.Version: 5.21.4

So helpfulThis app is extremely helpful for parents to communicate. We have been able to use it during tournaments when girls/parents are on a break and the start time of our next match has changed we can let everyone know quickly. It’s been super helpful during quarantine time too.Version: 5.22.1

Healthcheck not built inOther platforms offers a health checklist built right into the app for ease of contact tracing for regional Heath authorities and compliance. Any chance of this being added? Otherwise a decent app for.Version: 5.28.5

Great appGet to follow my team all year, I don't go on the road with them so it keeps me posted, never a problem..Version: 1.51

Sports made easyI’m a coach for youth sports as well as a weekend softball player. This app has revolutionized the way I prepare for both sides. Even as a parent who may have questions about practice or about the sport - the app makes all that accessible within your team chat. ++ I was originally having trouble with one of my teams that another coach set up for us. I reached out for tech support and easily they were able to locate the issue and solve for us. Great customer service..Version: 5.12.2

TechnologyI love that we no have the technology for me to follow both of my children and what their games out from this phone app. If I have any questions for the coach or families, I am able to ask that without waiting until next time I see them. Thank you..Version: 5.28.0

Fantastic easy to use app!One of the best features is RSVP. Once you get all parents on board, it makes preparing practice plans tons easier when you know how many athletes you’ll have in practice. One suggestion I’d have is to add a “down” or “next” arrow to the RSVP screen, so I can easily and with one click move from one RSVP screen to the next rather than having to go back, then go to next practice and then click on RSVP (so one click rather than current three clicks). That would make browsing thru RSVP’s for the entire week much quicker and easier. Thanks for your consideration..Version: 5.25.6

Can't select no response after selecting can't goThe app is very useful but... When selecting whether or not your child will be attending an event you can not revert back to no response. The event attendance is initially set to "no response" with the options of yes, no, or maybe. When navigating the app sometimes i have accidentally selected no to the event attendance. i want to unselect my response but i can't. Once an initial selection is made i can only change my response. i can not revert back to "no response". This is very frustrating. This has happened multiple times too both me and my wife. This NEEDS to be fixed. This is not a big it is designed into the app. I am not sure why..Version: 5.19.2

Very goodQuick easy way to follow team.Version: 1.3

Very goodVery good !.Version: 1.3

They fixed my issue!!There for a while I couldn’t see anything from the team. I was contacted by one of the apps developers & he found out why I couldn’t see anything that I was supposed to be seeing. He reset my account for me & now I can see everything again. A huge thank you for his help!!!!! I’m satisfied with the in depth investigation he did to look into the problem. Thank you for fixing the issue..Version: 5.12.0

Really goodAmazing for scheduling practices, games, and events. Chat is good quality, overall a good platform..Version: 5.22.1

Worst appI’ve been using this app because my hockey program requires it and, simply put, it is awful. I can’t understand why anyone would give this more than one star. Regularly, the app will pull up rosters from previous teams thus increasing the likelihood of my accidentally sending updates to the wrong families (and the right families not getting the updates). It constantly takes forever to load. This morning it won’t load and keeps literally crashing. I’ll probably have to delete it and reinstall it and hope that fixes the problem. Functionality is poor. Options for inviting players to events is not intuitive. (Why not make a button instead of an innocuous text link). If I try to send a message to the team, I either have to keep my message very short or copy and paste a longer message after I input the addressees. One of my programs gave up on trying to use it because it’s admin interface was too flawed. We went to TeamSnap instead..Version: 5.16.4

Great way to keep on top of teams scheduleEasy to use app that allows me to keep on top of my kids hockey schedule. Would like to see it integrate into outlook..Version: 1.3

😁It is good for sport and stuff.Version: 5.24.0

Good, but could be betterThis is my 2nd season using the app, 1st time using it as a coach. It makes communicating with parents and setting a schedule easy. However I would like an option to build a line up using my roster. There’s a lot of online printable pdf and excel lineup sheets , but having it built into the app would mean less time planing and more time coaching..Version: 5.21.10

AmazingNotifies you right when it updates your team!.Version: 4.4.0

Nice app with a few bugsI like what this app has to offer and it has tons of potential but as a IPhone user (12) I have a few issues. I have alerts set in my phone and in app but I don’t receive alerts to my phone. (This fixed - thanks support team). I noticed I did not have the ability to change my daughters profile by the phone app. (Failed to load - newest app version) Also how can I turn ads off?.Version: 5.28.0

Works GreatUpdates stats in real-time. Stats are detailed, though it would be nice if you had more sorting options. Schedule is organized and clean looking..Version: 1.2.4

Contact infoI like the app for the most part. I am a team manager and the biggest complaint I have gotten is that there is not a way for parents to get each other’s contact info and send messages directly to each other. There’s just the team chat for everyone. My parents would like the app a lot more if it had that option..Version: 5.21.3

Prett decent for our sports teamThis has all the functions required for the team as as an admin. The recommendations I would bring are: - provide an alert when you aren’t in the app. If you miss the notification that their was a message or other, there is no red notification on the app. You will only see when you open it. - allow users to save an image or video after others have added them to the team area..Version: 5.15.2

AwesomeGreat app guys. Amazing that I can now keep up to date with my league on my phone..Version: 1.3

Works greatWorks great! They just need to make a version of this for the iPad..Version: 2.0.1

New Updates are Awesome!The ability to add and update games through the mobile is awesome! Quick and easy - my 13 yr old daughter finalized our game on the way out of the parking lot last night AND she added today's tournament game. In updated the game score on the bench and the parents not able to attend the game commented how nice it was to receive the notifications in their phones. Keep up the good work!.Version: 5.9.2

Fantastic!!!Two boys & two nephews...tracked all 4 teams easily by using this one app. The key is having a great team manager who regularly updates it. It made my life so easy thus year. I will now ask that we use it for Clarington Toros every year..Version: 1.3

Good appIt’s great that I can sync the schedule to my iPhone, I just don’t like that the directions to some of the venues are incorrect.Version: 5.11.0

What would I do without it?!I don't know what I would do without this app. All three of my kids play for different teams and all of them use SE. I absolutely love being able to see all of my kids schedules (color coded) and we're always kept up to date if something changes. Keep it up!.Version: 5.8.0

Great App, but has a glitch!I love this app as it keeps me connected to all my children’s teams. However, recently, there has been a glitch- the notifications won’t go away! It says I have “17” messages, yet I go check them and then check everything else, but the 17 stays there next to the icon which drives an OCD person like me crazy. So I turn the notifications icon off, only to miss important messages!! Please fix!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.Version: 5.23.1

Great appAdd a carpooling feature to let parents sign up for driving!.Version: 5.19.0

Very handyExcellent resource when on the run!.Version: 1.3

Great Free AppAny team on the Sport Ngin platform can use this free app! Great for planning and watching live scores..Version: 1.3

Great appGreat app just wish I could post pictures videos or comments.Version: 2.2.3

UserAwesome app, have it on my iPhone 4s, can check game schedules instantly!.Version: 2.1.1

Parent of an atheleteSo far so good. Couple suggestions though: * We rely heavily on the iOS family calendar. It would be great if events could be exported to the family share calendar so that we could see all events for everyone (both within and outside of sports) in one place. Currently, can export events, but only to the sports engine calendar which isn’t shared across multiple apple accounts. * it would also be great if I could share specific events via the messages app to other non-parents (friends, family, etc). Other may want to go to games, etc. If these things do already exist... then the UX perhaps needs some work because I haven’t found them..Version: 5.21.4

Re reviewingI originally wrote a 3 star review because I have notifications that I can’t clear, however their customer service is excellent. They were working on getting an update to fix this and once they released it they emailed me to let me know. They have excellent response times too.Version: 5.28.0

Pretty awesome.One team is free (you have to click on the team which is above the part where it says $3.99 for more teams). It updates as the game happens, pretty awesome! The only thing I could see helping might be time left in the game, but that might be hard to add. Great app. Only complaint: having to pay for the full version..Version: 1.2.4

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