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Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets app received 13 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about ticketmaster-buy, sell tickets?

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Bots ruining it for everyoneI really don’t understand how the second tickets go on sale they already have the tickets for sale on Stub hub- Low Life scum is making money off cheating the true fans. How can you claim you can’t stop it? It’s easy if you turn around and sell your tickets the second after you buy them your order is cancelled. If you are not a person with a ticket master account who uses there tickets should be a red flag. I love going to concerts but how can I afford to pay thousands of dollars for a ticket that should of cost 175 so some scum bag can profit off of me. It cheats the artist and the fans. But Ticketmaster gets to double dip by recharging that ridiculous convenience fee which is why you guys probably don’t stop it. I really hope the verified fan program starts to work because we are in desperate need of fixing this problem and StubHub and Ticketmaster marketplace don’t do anything that contribute to the problem..Version: 1.51.0

Additional fees$16.75 “service fees” Then extra “additional fee” $6. Ish. What’s with all the extra fees?.Version: 1.33.0

EasyBest way to buy tickets.Version: 1.80.0

Kem and maxwellThis was an awful experience. The tickets went on sale at 10:00 and it took me 39 minutes to get on the site. Once I was on and clicked on a ticket it kept switching my ticket selection and stopping on a random ticket. The price kept changing. It said $119 then once you clicked on it the price went up to $129. So I called. And the representative had the same seats for $180. And the fees are just ridiculous!!!! Now I have accepted that you guys are outrageous with the fees (I’m not even sure how you get away with those fees) but you do and people pay it to get the tickets. So the least you could do is have a system that works. It’s 2019. I find it hard to believe that this service you are providing is the best it could be. 🎤.Version: 1.48.0

Flawless experienceCount on ticket master every time.Version: 1.80.0

Ticket Master ReviewIt’s a pleasure working with Ticketmaster. One of the main reasons I appreciate Ticketmaster is that you can order your tickets in advance month prior to the scheduled events. Now on the other hand, I feel as though you shouldn’t have to get approved of the buy now pay later option. If you have a debit card, credit card or a checking account with the correct amount of funds in the account to cover the cost of the buy now pay later option then there shouldn’t be a problem. That is one thing I think should be reviewed by corporate because you can loose a lot of customers by limiting this option. Again Ticketmaster is a great option for purchasing tickets for concerts but they do have a few things they need to work on like the buy now pay later option..Version: 216.0

Ridiculous feesI’m ok with being charged for shipping and handling for tickets. But paying over $12 pr ticket when I print it at home is ridiculous. If anything, I should be reimbursed for printing at home. Ticketmaster charge their customers, in essence, $12 for nothing. Apart from lining their pockets. Ticketmaster don’t do anything. Ticketmaster don ‘t send you anything. Ticketmaster have no real product. But they charge you for it. What an amazing business to get into! Offer nothing, charge a lot. It’s the biggest scam in retail history. Leave the ticketing to the hardworking people directly involved with the events instead. Those that work for the theaters, stadiums, with the performers around the country - not these crooks..Version: 1.41.0

HELLO...?!?I tried to get a phone number to speak to a representative over the phone for a half hour but was unable to find anything but the general phone number given to everyone. When I called this number I was told by a machine that all representatives were busy and then disconnected. I called back but was again hung up on. I was forced to their automated system which COULD NOT ANSWER ANY OF MY QUESTIONS. If I have a disability, or need wheelchair seating, or have pancreatic cancer and needed to talk to someone who could have better assisted me it would have HELPED if I had a phone # that I could have called to receive that assistance. Your automated system is easy to navigate & that’s why I gave you 4 stars but you would have had 5 stars if I could have spoken to a rep with my questions & concerns. Unsatisfactory.....Version: 1.47.0

Panic over Panic! At the DiscoI LOVE TICKET MASTER. Seriously, I bought tickets from the in June for the panic! At the disco tour, and then the week of the concert the polar vortex came in. Highways got shut down with no way for me to get there and with -20 degrees predicted and my college shut down for the entire week by the time the concert was set to preform it was EXTREMELY unsafe for me and my friend to go. I gave there customer service a call and the lady was super sweet about the entire thing and gave me a full refund on the tickets and advised me to stay safe instead of risking it. Seriously amazing, it made me feel so much better I wasn’t 100$ out even though I was super bummed to not go, it’s nice to know they care about there customers! 5 stars all the way!!.Version: 1.47.0

WebsiteCouldn’t roll down to see more t couldn’t scroll down couldn’t scroll down.Version: 1.81.0

Adding a credit cardWhile placing my order, I got to the part where payment is to be made. I wanted to pay with one card, but noticed that one of my other credit cards needed to be updated (not the one I wanted to pay with). Well I was updating the old credit card, wanted to save the current information, but would not let me, was only letting me update and pay. So I went back to the credit cards and paid with the one I wanted to. There should be an option right there that you can update your information then choose which credit card you would like. So I’m sure I’ll have to log back in and then update, just an inconvenience when it could have been done right there and then. Thanks.Version: 1.23.0

Deserves 0 Stars!!I watched the countdown on this app for tickets to go on sale for an event I’ve been really wanting to take my family to (big blue madness, go UK!) and as soon as be ticket sales opened I clicked to purchase tickets but none could be found!! This was literally one second after the countdown stopped and tickets came available so I know there was no way for them to be gone that fast. I then ran to my computer and tried there which took a total of about 8 minutes. Of course there were tickets available (contrary to what the app said) but by this time they were all single seats, which obviously will not work for my family. Thanks for nothing but a great disappointment Ticketmaster 😡😡.Version: 1.39.1

MegaJ’ai hate!!!.Version: 200.1

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