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Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets app received 16 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about ticketmaster-buy, sell tickets?

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Billy Joel TixI was all set to purchase my tickets. I logged on and sat in the waiting room early. I got right in when the sale began and got tickets after waiting about 5 min. Once I picked my tickets a message appeared saying the device I was using (my iPhone) wasn’t supported and it booted me out and put me back into the queue. I was then told there was only 1 person ahead of me and I waited for almost 30 min. I used my iPhone to purchase tickets with no issue that time. I am disappointed that my seats aren’t that great. They would’ve been much better the first time around. Clearly since I used the same device both times it is a Ticketmaster error. I then tell my story to several friends who also have had the same issue when purchasing tix for other concerts. So disappointing!.Version: 1.74.0

So good, so badThis app is amazingly hard on my bank account. For all the right reasons.Version: 232.0

Best app everEast to use.Version: 233.0

TicketsI had my tickets, after even playing with my credit card, it spooled till it times out and gave my tickets away. You system is not fair at all..Version: 232.0

Easy and convenientEasy to use!!!.Version: 1.20.0

CaptchaI tried multiple times to buy my tickets through the Ticketmaster website using my home computer but every time I got the “pardon the interruption - adding captcha” notice and it NEVER WENT AWAY. I left my computer running for over an hour and it never loaded. Why are your systems so inept? For the service fees charged - your software system should be able to load the “captcha” software within seconds. Such a huge hassle to your customers who are trying to purchase tickets. I was only trying to purchase two tickets - not buying a large quantity for potential resale market. Again - a huge hassle to deal with your website. And - no customer service number to call and speak with a human about it. The only number shown is if you have an existing order - which I don’t have because of the captcha message..Version: 1.72.1

Waiting in a virtual line for nothingHaving a line for all of the traffic is great but why show tickets available only to then say they have already been sold to another fan. It’s disheartening after two days this week of trying to buy tickets and even longer today to have spent a half hour trying to purchase tickets that were probably never available to begin with and end up just buying lawn tickets in the end because that’s all that is left by the time you’re done clicking all of the facade options. Just say they aren’t available from the beginning and I think people will be less upset. Having signed on both days right at 10: Am to finish at 10:30 to only end up with GA because I feel like the time was just wasted clicking seats that were never available anyway is really annoying and kind of bait and switch..Version: 1.78.1

FRUSTRATINGI signed up for fan verified presale, got in line 10 minutes before the on sale time, got in the q and it still took 42 minutes to get tickets. Every time I would select tickets the system would tell me another fan got them and then the system would offer me different seats. If I selected buy, I got this endless blue circle and then a pardon us a system error occurred message. This same situation occurred the last 3 times I went to buy tickets. When I purchased Elton John tickets the system told me an error occurred and my seats were released when in fact I was charged for them. I love going to see shows and Ticketmaster keeps installing new procedures to protect fans but it’s not working. I only purchase through Ticketmaster when I feel like I have to. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good experience with TM..Version: 1.47.0

Very niceI love buying tickets off the map. Great feature..Version: 1.20.0

Love the ease but dislike the high feesGreat app but the fees are too much considering it’s all electronic.Version: 1.36.0

Does not give optionsThis app is ok, but it should still ask what address you want to send tickets too. I have multiple addresses and it did not ask me which address to send my tickets to. I hope they end up at thr correct address. This needs to change.Version: 232.0

American Express Platinum HolderI get prefers to every playoff round because I spend $12000-25000 in tickets leafs and raptors. I put a deposit down $100 that was taken out of Amex to reserve leaf playoffs to every round before COVID-19. This is unfair to me. Because I have an account and hub license. Anyways thanks for the heads up with the email it’s going to be rocking in the Scotiabank Center it might be there year. Stay Safe.Version: 233.0

App great but hidden charges...App works just fine. Frustration around the service fee and “facility” fee. No idea what these are. Ticketmaster - just give us whole price and stop giving me checkout shock..Version: 1.35.0

Ticketmaster has always been obliviousI wrote this review many years ago vvv, and it looks like Ticketmaster took my advice. I just bought Paul McCartney tix, and the process was easy and well explained. I’m so happy they have gotten with the program that I don’t care what the service charge is. Everybody has one, so what? I also like very much their attempt to keep the bots out. Bots are so unfair to everyone, I hope TM is successful! Thanks for hearing my plea, guys! [Many many years ago] The app works fine, but HOW you choose a seat is the problem. TM doesn't give you choices - they just give you a random seat. You can try to change seats, but then they give you another random seat. There is no ability to choose a section, much less choose specific seats that you like! Come on TM, you people are really stupid! My local art theater allows me to pick the exact seats I want! We have the technology! Get with the program, you numbskulls!.Version: 232.0

Ticket Master ReviewIt’s a pleasure working with Ticketmaster. One of the main reasons I appreciate Ticketmaster is that you can order your tickets in advance month prior to the scheduled events. Now on the other hand, I feel as though you shouldn’t have to get approved of the buy now pay later option. If you have a debit card, credit card or a checking account with the correct amount of funds in the account to cover the cost of the buy now pay later option then there shouldn’t be a problem. That is one thing I think should be reviewed by corporate because you can loose a lot of customers by limiting this option. Again Ticketmaster is a great option for purchasing tickets for concerts but they do have a few things they need to work on like the buy now pay later option..Version: 216.0

Additional fees$16.75 “service fees” Then extra “additional fee” $6. Ish. What’s with all the extra fees?.Version: 1.33.0

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