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Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets app received 14 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about ticketmaster-buy, sell tickets?

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Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets for Positive User Reviews

Additional fees$16.75 “service fees” Then extra “additional fee” $6. Ish. What’s with all the extra fees?.Version: 1.33.0

Easy and convenientEasy to use!!!.Version: 1.20.0

Great site, too many botsIs there any way you dudes could please reduce the number of vendors trying to buy and sell tickets so that fans (especially in the ever expensive Toronto) can SOMEWHAT afford tickets to their favourite artists?.Version: 1.78.1

Good serviceGood service and faster.Version: 249.0

Waiting in a virtual line for nothingHaving a line for all of the traffic is great but why show tickets available only to then say they have already been sold to another fan. It’s disheartening after two days this week of trying to buy tickets and even longer today to have spent a half hour trying to purchase tickets that were probably never available to begin with and end up just buying lawn tickets in the end because that’s all that is left by the time you’re done clicking all of the facade options. Just say they aren’t available from the beginning and I think people will be less upset. Having signed on both days right at 10: Am to finish at 10:30 to only end up with GA because I feel like the time was just wasted clicking seats that were never available anyway is really annoying and kind of bait and switch..Version: 1.78.1

Easy to useWeb site is easy to use.Version: 249.0

Ticketmaster has always been obliviousI wrote this review many years ago vvv, and it looks like Ticketmaster took my advice. I just bought Paul McCartney tix, and the process was easy and well explained. I’m so happy they have gotten with the program that I don’t care what the service charge is. Everybody has one, so what? I also like very much their attempt to keep the bots out. Bots are so unfair to everyone, I hope TM is successful! Thanks for hearing my plea, guys! [Many many years ago] The app works fine, but HOW you choose a seat is the problem. TM doesn't give you choices - they just give you a random seat. You can try to change seats, but then they give you another random seat. There is no ability to choose a section, much less choose specific seats that you like! Come on TM, you people are really stupid! My local art theater allows me to pick the exact seats I want! We have the technology! Get with the program, you numbskulls!.Version: 232.0

Extra feesThe extra fees are ridiculous..Version: 1.37.0

Generally good, not for parking or special services.Ticketmaster is great for the shows at local & smaller venues, & tickets are immediately sent to your email (for “go mobile” electronic tkts.) It stores your info so additional input is not required. The problem is, for larger, popular concerts, the app is waiting, waiting, “due to volume.” Many times, I’ve selected tickets, & proceeded to Payment, while waiting for the system to secure my tickets, after minutes, there’s an Error message & no luck. In addition, if prepaid parking is selected, concert tickets must be mailed along w/ parking pass (but this is NOT apparent,) the system just Will not Process your order. This also happened when I thought I purchased meet & greet tickets, waiting, waitinf, after 2 error messages, available tickets went from row C, to row V, so I saved $$ & bypassed the meet & greet, paid less & got front row tkts. I’ve also had the say that tkts were not available, I released tkts purchased new tkts, & ended up getting charged for both sets of tkts..Version: 1.72.0

Very niceI love buying tickets off the map. Great feature..Version: 1.20.0

Great app! Smooth as butter baby.Totes vibing the new app. Seems a lot snappier than the old one and having every event world wide at your fingertips helps for us jet setting, fashionable peeps. Surfs up!.Version: 249.1

Trouble buying resale seatsCan only buy the blue seats ,,red will spit back an error code.Version: 249.0

App great but hidden charges...App works just fine. Frustration around the service fee and “facility” fee. No idea what these are. Ticketmaster - just give us whole price and stop giving me checkout shock..Version: 1.35.0

Love the ease but dislike the high feesGreat app but the fees are too much considering it’s all electronic.Version: 1.36.0

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