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RecordOrders App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

RecordOrders app received 19 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using RecordOrders? Can you share your negative thoughts about recordorders?

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RecordOrders for Negative User Reviews

Slow and prematureThis app has a great potential as there's nothing like this out there. But very rough yet. Slow and not very user friendly. Needs much improvement..Version: 1.8.25

Record Orders AppThis app has been extremely helpful and easy to use..Version: 1.8.15

It crashed every time I tried it.When I got it, I attempted to make a trial entry in it. It kept getting hung up and froze. Even if I could get it to accept an order, I could never trust entering important information in the app, (LIKE ORDERS). Disaster averted.Version: 2.0.22

Good app--needs improvementsI like this app. It's the only one I could find that offered everything I wanted/needed. There are only a couple things that drive me nuts. 1. In the settings, I choose to set ru default to show "open orders" but it never saves my preference and it always goes back to showing all of them, open and completed. 2. When typing in the notes, I cannot stand not being able to see everything I'm typing. It should be a big text box that shows you entire note (or at the very least the bulk of it). 3. I wish you could add a picture and set a price as you go. I don't always make the same things so to use the preset photos and pricing is just annoying. Also, I wish there was a way to mark an item "done" but the only two options are "paid" and "delivered". Overall it accomplishes what I need it to and that's to keep track of my orders. So I would recommend if you need something simple..Version: 1.8.25

Why won't it open??It keeps on crashing every time I try to open the app! I have a lot of info that I'd like to retrieve, I stupidly have no other record for my sales! Ugh!!!.Version: 1.8.14

Delete orderI use this for my daughters gs cookie orders. However i would like to use it also for my sorority orders ... They need to run at the same time as it stands We can only run this for her cookies... Can this be an option ?.Version: 1.7.09

Crashing...When I use it on my iPhone6 it crashes as soon as I open it.. Help!!! :-(.Version: 1.8.14

Does not workGlitchy, do NOT pay money for this crappy app that doesn’t work..Version: 2.0.22

Mostly functional - needs improvementPerforms the simple task of tracking orders well enough. Does not allow date changes on an order. When looking at all orders by date it groups orders by day but does not list them in order of when they are due. Items due first should go to the top of the list. Edit function on orders needs to be easier to find..Version: 1.8.12

Could be GreatThis could be a great app for tracking sales but it only holds 100. The app also adds sales to existing sales without you knowing. This makes your summery, of what you earned, wrong. Like I said, it can be a good app but needs some work..Version: 1.8.12

Could use some improvementsI would have given this app 5 stars but there isn't an option to update order details. Please add!.Version: 1.7.01

Was great, but now not so sureI have been using the app for a few weeks and have loads of data in there. Went to open it up tonight and it keeps crashing and won't open!! Ugh.Version: 1.8.64

Camera app doesn't workI can't get it to pick a photo. It has access. Only option is to take a new photo. This is my first use of the app and I am disappointed I paid for it..Version: 1.8.13

CrashingOpen up on iPhone and it's closing right away! Help!.Version: 1.8.14

Great app needs a lil improvementI love this app. First time with cookie sales and works great. Little room for error. Added wrong item and now can't delete just the one item. And there doesn't appear to be a way to delete the orders but still a great purchase.Version: 1.5.19

Can’t edit orders once savedUpdate history indicates that the issue was fixed so I purchased but it still won’t allow edits. Useless! Has potential to be good..Version: 2.0.22

Perfect app for WAHMI really like this app! I just have a few suggestions that would make it awesome. 1.) On the notes, I wish there was a larger box to view what you've typed in when you're editing it. I need to add a lot in that portion-- and I can't edit it without back spacing (deleting) until I get to it. There is not nearly enough space for information. 2.) I'd like an option to keep a picture (or a few) of what I sent with each individual order. For my own records. 3.) Add a spot to input the tracking number so I can update the customer -- with a choice of USPS, UPS, FED EX, etc. Thank You!!! I hope those features can be modified/added. :) I'll give it 5 stars then -because it will definitely deserve it..Version: 1.8.25

Summary of ordersHi there, love the app. One suggestion is that the user could choose the summary of orders by "all" orders, "open" orders etc..Version: 1.5.27

No funcionaNo funciona, los artículos no se guardan, las imágenes no cargan, la aplicación cierra por su propia cuenta..Version: 2.0.22

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