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Bridge Constructor app received 187 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about bridge constructor?

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Bridge Constructor for Positive User Reviews

Excellent ChallengeThis really is a wonderful and absorbing game. It very much leaves you to build after a short tutorial which I rather liked. It seems there are multiple ways to complete the levels, which brings me to my only complaint..... More levels please! As for those complaining about controls I can't see the problem ... It's pretty easy to grasp....Version: 1.0

Great gameNeed to add a speed up feature. The vehicles crossing are very slow..Version: 7.0

Good gameHelps you understand a bit about stresses. Would be nice if there were different colours for tension and compression - could be mildly educational!.Version: 5.9

Bridge ConstructorExcellent App. I suspect born out of simple pin jointed frame software but enhanced with a pseudo dynamic package in the test area. Really good graphics showing the stressed members allowing tuning of the structures. Best $3 I have spent. Please allow users to select specific members for deletion instead of backspace style deletion. Please!.Version: 1.0

Very good!I Acturally found this game very interesting - I couldn't put down my iPad! It took me about a week to complete the whole game. Although the tutorial at the beginning wasn't the best, I got the concept straight away, and found it really easy to stay under budget and still be able to hold 2 trucks! This game not only tests you on your money skills, it also teaches you about sturdiness and structural integrity. Along the way, I did get quite frustrated about the fact that my Facebook feature wasn't working...but other than that I can fault it. Oh and the person who said about it was a waste of money and that they couldn't build a sturdy structure, I found it very easy to and completed near all levels under 15 minutes. It's really not the games fault if you have got the brains to figure out how to even out the weight and Acturally make it strong enough that it can hold multiple trucks..Version: 1.0

Great game but has glitchThere is a glitch where you can't use the last truck to go over your bridges but other then that great game. Easy to just lose yourself in..Version: 5.9

Addictive game playI've played a lot of bridge building/simulation games but this is the best. Its realistic and keeps you guessing the whole way through. Really requires you to think about the physics side of things. Great fun for those who get bored easily..Version: 1.0

Thumbs upSuperb game. Highly recommended..Version: 2.0

Mechanical Engineers’ pastimeGreat to while away some time.Version: 7.0

Fun and funnyI love this game and I'm on the fourth level😂 It's so fun to see the funny physics and build bridges that you know will break, but so satisfying to see that you made a bridge that worked, I bought this in the bundle of four games so I'll have to see how fun the other ones are..Version: 7.0

Great gameI've always loved physics based games and thankfully this is one of the ones that I can spend hours testing bridges on. New levels would of course be appreciated, as I simply can't get enough of this game..Version: 1.0

Review of Bridge ConstructorBridge Constructor is a unique iPhone/iPod game that allows you to access real-time physics and create a bridge from one place to another. The game is about a small island that has had a catastrophic earthquake and all bridges that had conjoined the bits and pieces of the island have been destroyed and you have been hired to reconstruct all previous bridges. The game is increased in difficulty as you ascend in the game. When you build a bride you are given the option of two cars to drive over the bridge which will not give you a full mark or two trucks that if succeed will give you a full mark for the bridge you have built. Overall, Bridge Constructor is a challenging game and is more played by chance then by mathematical equation. Meaning there is no theoretical meaning to the bridges you build, instead it is only a trial and error game. Bridge constructor is a simple game with medium quality textures and medium-high quality coding. A quick challenge on the go..Version: 1.0

WaitingThis is a nice little game to play when I just have a little time to kill....😎.Version: 7.0

WowCan’t stop playing!.Version: 7.0

One of the bestI have had this for a while now and keep going back to it every few months. This is a really well designed game and the pacing is nigh on perfect. Yes it can be frustrating , but the added extras of being able to get hints do help with this. It's a great feeling watching the second truck get over the bridge as the whole thing looks like it can come down at any moment. I play on a touch and once you get used to the controls even the screen size isn't an issue. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, a must buy ..Version: 2.6

GGExactly what I was after and “pay to play” seems to be minimal. Its real hard to get into the top 5% of scores..Version: 11.4

Awesomely addictingTest your engineering mettle building realistic bridges. Great physics..Version: 5.4

One with substance...Great game and physics. I return to it almost every year. Always a different problem to solve. The Portal commission is also amazing.....Version: 7.0

Real sweet game :)The hints thing is a bit weird to use, otherwise awesome and challenging. XD.Version: 2.6

My FavoriteThis is probably the oldest app on my phone with the exception of the ones that already came on it. I love this game so much. It’s great for when you’re bored, or looking to pass the time. Its’s also great for when your feeling anxious; it’s calming enough to relax you but engaging enough to keep your mind occupied. I’m really glad that this app not only exists but that it’s been kept well-updated and running smooth for so many years. Thank you, Bridge Constructor!.Version: 7.0

Needs more levelsI really like how much the game make me think it encourages creative thinking. I do wish they would add more levels as i beat the game i just three weeks..Version: 11.4

Progressively ChallengingReally enjoying the game..Version: 5.4

I miss this gameWords Can’t describe how nostalgic and how Old I feel after seeing this game, same with Little Builders These games were so fun, I played them all the time This is By far the #1 Childhood Game Love, 🇦🇺 💕 💕.Version: 11.4

The perfect app for budding engineersThis app is ingenious and great fun. It's like virtual Lego, so exercises the mind in a most constructive way. A note to the developers: it would be very helpful to have some sort of guide that explains the basic principals of bridge building and how the app applies them, when you start. Secondly, I tried some variations that seemed as if they should have worked but for some reason didn't. I'd like to see the basic version made a little easier, i.e. bigger budgets, more permissible variations, more concrete and more customisation options. The advanced levels should obviously reward economy of materials used and engineering skill, but also strength. All in all, an excellent app. More please!.Version: 1.5

Great game if you like buildingThis is a fun game if you like building, or relaxing puzzles. Sometimes I can’t put it down.Version: 7.0

GoodGood game.Version: 11.1

CrashesWhat is it about this game crashing? I can get to the maps menu ok but a few seconds after that, the game crashes and I'm playing on an iPhone as well.Version: 2.6

Great gameWould love a mode where you set the scene for a bridge and gave it to a friend to build, but this has the right amount of difficulty to keep you trying and trying in an attempt to beat your siblings..Version: 1.3

Not badNot bad.Version: 7.0

Challenging and funThis game is amazing don’t get me wrong, but i don’t know if it’s just me but it seems really short I finished the game in 2 days. sure I can go back and get all the trucks to pass but it’s not as fun as building a whole new bridge with a new scheme. I think it’s a really good game but for almost $3 I feel like there should’ve been a bit more levels..Version: 7.0

Best Bridge Building GameThe game is really fun, Hans good graphics and challenges my brain..Version: 5.10

Great gameThis is a great game. It is very addictive and is really fun to try to make the best bridge. It is also good to have competitions with your friends to see who can build the best bridge in the fastest time. However it does need: •MORE LEVELS •MORE CHALLENGES (such as even heavier loads, new materials or new types of bridge (eg rail, footbridge)). Also, as some people have said, a slow-mo replay would be good so you could see where exactly it was your bridge broke. Overall a great game, not sure if worth £1.99 though..Version: 1.0

GreatGood fun for when your totally baked ;).Version: 1.4

Bring out the engineer in you!Love this app! It stands out as being entirely unique - and of top quality. Never had a problem with it crashing, the only thing which crashes are my poorly built draft bridges!! Hope see more from this franchise and thanks for a really great way to spend some idle time!.Version: 1.4

Brilliant!Wish I'd had it as a kid!.Version: 1.5

Great, could add more...Quite a good game, could add more materials e.g iron (stretches long distances but can crack) and logs (does better with compression rather then being stretched). Over all 10/10.Version: 2.7

Worth $2.99I was a bit skeptical paying $2.99. Once I played the free version I was hooked. What an amazing game, great concept. I would recommend a hint system, Plus more levels. Overall best app in the app store hands down. JC..Version: 1.0

Great gameGreat game! I miss games like this!.Version: 5.4

Real dealAs an engineer I love the realism in the physics and the materials.Version: 11.4

Brain foodHours of dad brain food.Version: 1.0

Great conceptNeeds a better undo function, like being able to select what to undo instead of what order you put things..Version: 1.0

Great appLove it. Play it all the time. Some levels are hard and I think more hints should be given to you at the start, but altogether it is just a great app. 😁🤣😄😂😀😅😆.Version: 5.10

A challenging way to pass some timeThis is a fun game for you builders. It stays challenging as you move along. Even the collapsing bridges are fun, when it’s back to the drawing stage. A great game if you’re stuck somewhere, like an airport, to pass the time. Short enough to do in a quick wait, long enough for a long wait. Enjoy..Version: 7.0

Great gameGreat game tons of fun. The developers of this game should shoot my an e-mail because I created a bridge where the cars do a flip and still succeed. The screenshots may be good for promotional purposes..Version: 5.10

Needs 1 thingThe cool hand rail like on the pc edition Plsssssssssssssssssss reply.Version: 11.4

Good time passerGood game it’s definitely an enjoyable brain game! Keeps you entertained, PROBABLY wouldn’t recommend this for someone too young mainly because you will find them drawing all over your screen doing...nothing. 🙄but it is a good game..Version: 5.10

Bridge constrotorSorry I cant spell because I’m a kid but I love game.Version: 11.4

Absolutely amazing!I love this game!! It so addictive to try and get that perfect bridge.Version: 1.2

Good game in-generalMakes ya think a little.Version: 7.0

Great thinking gameI could spend hours playing.Version: 5.9

The nostalgia!I used to play this game on my moms laptop when I was younger, I’m so happy it’s not an absolute money grab like most games nowadays!.Version: 7.0

Great gameI've spent way too many hours late into the night trying to perfect my bridges but still can't come close to some of the better scores on game centre. I've got the music stuck in my head. I have no problems with the game. Runs perfectly and looks great. Finishing it on truck proof is a challenge but then try making the bridges even cheaper for bonus points. Not as easy as it looks!.Version: 1.4

ChallengingGreat game, makes you think and very rewarding when you finally work out a hard level..Version: 1.3

Love this app..Lots of lateral thinking and some elementary physics and mechanical principles make this a winner every time...Version: 5.9

EntertainingI like the budget aspect of this game; makes it challenging. Very amusing when designs fail under their own dead load..Version: 7.0

Great game if you like puzzles.Just as my title says. I have this app on my ps4 too. Pretty relaxing.Version: 5.10

So good so farChallenging and a good time waster.Version: 11.4

Fun and EducationalNot only is this game fun, but it also teaches fundamental structures concepts. By seeing which elements are stressed in tension and compression, one learns why arches, trusses, and suspension bridges work..Version: 11.1

Top 5 IOs Game!A must for any smart gamer out there.Version: 7.0

YeahBetter music and solutions needed for 5 stars..Version: 1.3

GreatSimple yet addictive.Version: 5.2

So much fun! Bridge Construction is a great challenge...Thanks for the fun game. It's a good challenge and I like picking it up when no one will play chess with me :).Version: 5.2

Amazing game!Needs more levels though.Version: 1.2

New trucks and carsCan I have different semi trucks instead of just the tanker like a car carrier,container,dump,construction hauler,and road train thank you I hope you read this and make this happen. P.S. can we have new tractors to not just trailers like a Mack super liner, and I want a road train and use all of the vehicles at once.Version: 5.10

Worth it!!!This is one of the very few games worth buying. Definitely got my money's worth. One thing though, buy this app by searching for it, NOT through the demo. For some reason the link from the demo costs an extra dollar ( still worth it ) but yea. Great fun and extremely satisfying..Version: 1.2

One of my favouritesI used to play this all the time with my cousin and has been a great game throughout my childhood and I consider this one of my top 3 games.Version: 7.0

Good gameI have spent way too many hours on this game over the years…but I keep coming back for more!.Version: 11.1

GoodKeeps your brain working.Version: 2.6

AMAZINGHighly recommend everyone buys this because it's fun and rewarding..Version: 5.8

Wanna be civil engineerGreat game, challenging and enjoyable. Great sitting down with a mate trying to crack them..Version: 1.0

I am the manThis is way better then grumpy birds...Version: 1.0

Pretty good...This game is quite good fun. It's a little frustrating about perceived inconsistency of material strengths though... Please add more levels, there are way too few for the price of the app..Version: 1.0

Fun STEM for kidsGood analytical thinking, and I got a high five from my daughter for working together to get the trucks across the bridge..Version: 5.10

Awesome and addictive gameReally good game very addictive. I have go to school and since I am still young I have to go to bed at 8:30 and some nights I have stayed up so late while my mum is telling me to hurry up and go to bed , I keep saying hang on hang on and when I finally perfect my bridge it is like 10:00.Version: 1.4

Neat appGood time waster Kept me entertained for a while. More puzzles please.Version: 1.1

AwesomeA bit too expensive for the full version but so much fun for such a simple concept. However that doesn't take away from the complicity and challenge of the game..Version: 1.0

Awesome really makes you thinkI came to this app by accident I’m really glad that I did. It provides many hours of fun and thinking..Version: 5.10

Unique and accurateGood physics means you have to use real bridge building techniques to get past levels. Unfortunately the difficulty plateaus in the higher levels, but the game can be very challenging. MO LEVELS PLEEEEASE!!.Version: 1.2

Addictive and interestingCan beef it up with more music, levels, and materials. Also, I found the touch-drag controls a bit frustrating when building -- sometimes it pans the screen instead. Enjoyed it heaps until my little nephew erased all my games. How'd that happen?.Version: 1.1

N.Parish game review.This game is really good to play as you think on how can I make it better and how can I get this work so I can go up a lave what make it fun. But there can be some more updates and make your own when you set up a bridge like what can you use to make it and how much you can use and so on. Then we can set up on some lick on the game and the add new one what someone made and see if you can get the car from side to the other. But over all not a job it fun to play and it get you thinking too what makes this game a nice 4.5 out of 5 or you can say 5 out of 5 on how you like say. If your in to game at make you think on how can do this? This is a game for you. Happy playing and good luck..Version: 1.2

Good stuffI like this game because I like bridges because they are good and they make cars and cats and dogs and people go to the other side, and my dad says he dived off a bridge into the water and it was fun..Version: 11.1

Great puzzlerReally interesting game, very satisfying. Very little replay value but get all four titles in a bundle for £5 and there’s plenty to do..Version: 5.10

Candy Crush for ThinkersI've installed this game on four generations of iPhone now... and still come back to it. It's meditative, tricky, and clever! Having a 'Plus' screen makes it even more awesome for finely crafting and tweaking bridges into their perfect shape and strength! 5 stars yo. #truckproof.Version: 5.10

First game app still funPlay this with my grand kids (one at a time) 6-12 year olds. It’s a no-rush game different from the crazy action twitcher games they usually play. We have time to talk about solving how to span a space with budget and materials to choose..Version: 7.0

Needs to be more involved.Gord Needs more work..Version: 5.4

Bridge ConstructorFinally, a game that makes you think ! The great thing about bridge constructor is that you cant fudge the game play, you have to get it Right to make the game work !! Well done to the developers !!!!!!.Version: 1.1

Good gameNice game.Version: 7.0

MrThis is a superb game, some levels are very challenging but worth doing. There are no games out there to match this type and level of construction simulation. Well done to the designers and I'm always searching for more games they produce. Even after you build them all you can go through them again and do them differently which is hard cause your brain works in one way to solve the problem. Anyone WILL enjoy the challenge of this game..Version: 3.0

Awesome!Cool game; wish there were more apps like this.... Marc (NZ).Version: 1.3

Brain workReally challenging and constantly makes have to think about new ways to complete the bridge...always something new!.Version: 1.1

Really goodThis is an amazing game. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun 'constructive' way to pass the time..Version: 1.1

Very enjoyablePlayed the free version which is a good introduction. Enjoyed the first 5 levels so bought the paid app. It's a case of get more of the same but essentially more difficulty, so if you like the free version you'll like the paid. If you didn't like it, don't bother...that's the point of free versions! Well done to the makers, this is a simple but really well thought out app. Something different :).Version: 1.0

Good physics, makes you thinkIt's a challenge for sure, wish there were more bridges with cables. Well done game - an intelligent game for a change..Version: 1.0

Challenging and creative!I like it!.Version: 5.2

VgcGchgcj.Version: 7.0

AwesomeBring out the engineer in you!.Version: 1.0

So much fun !It's addictive ! You feel like being an engineer !.Version: 5.8

The full version is even betterI like the fact you can trial this game first with a free version. All Apps should be like this. The full version is even better than the trial and is more challenging. The variety of solutions and ability to try innovative ideas is great. Never crashed in several hours of play (using iPad2). It would be good to have more levels, but being able to go back to improve solutions/scores keeps this game alive..Version: 1.0

ClassicI’ve had this game forever and I love it.Version: 11.4

Le meilleur tout simplementCe jeu de construction est très bien fait et addictif,que demander de mieux!.Version: 5.8

Fantastic game! My absolute favourite.Just wish it wouldn't reset my scores occasionally and I have to start over again. Strangely, this only happened after purchasing the full game....Version: 1.1

It's really cool butWhy does it cost 2 dollars when it feels unfinished. Graphics are kind of bad and the physics too. Things should be more realistic, Collide with each other, etc So far though it's fun and challenging.Version: 5.10

Almost thereIt would be good to see what the best solution is - either as an option after finishing a bridge or after (say) 10 unsuccessful attempts..Version: 1.3

Good but exploding tank trucks should not countAmazing but a few times I exploded a tank truck and won because both parts reached the end which feels illegal..Version: 11.1

Best time killerBest go to game! And all the lads love gathering round at work fighting over how to construct it better haha good game!'.Version: 5.9

Addictive!!!Great game that really makes you think - and it's hard to find a decent game that stimulates the mind as well as being easy to use and has a good graphics standard. If u play on ur iPhone a lot and u want a fun, addictive and mind bending game, then definitely give this a try!.Version: 1.1

Most amazing gameIf I had to rate this app I would give it five star as a kid but I originally thought of my friend that moved away to somewhere but I still think about him because of this game I don’t feel like anything bad has happened to him because of this amazing and wonderful game.😊😉☺️😁😄🤣🙃🙂😂😃😀😅😇😆😌💎💠.Version: 7.0

Awesome gameBridge constructer is an awesome game and it like real life. Although the graphics are not good it still a good game. Keep up the good work..Version: 5.10

HmmmBit annoyed bout the free version only having 1 country then have to buy full 1. Game is good though, similar to built a lot.... 1 thing, make it so when u go to remove parts, u don't have to remove everything you've done for 1 part.Version: 1.0

Excellent!A real challenge seeing how many different successful designs you can make. Really stretches the imagination!.Version: 1.2

LoveLove this game! Keeps me entertained at night!.Version: 1.4

AddictiveLove it..Version: 5.4

Extraordinary game.The object of this game taxes the brain when trying to accomplish the end result. The only problem I have encountered at the moment is the first bridge on the Eastern Island, starts off with only three construct points instead of the four that should be there, it makes building the bridge harder, as all the other examples I've seen show all the four points there at the beginning. IkayakI.Version: 1.2

SuperSuper game.Version: 5.9

As H1T1 says...H H H.Version: 7.0

Great app BUT...Fantastic original idea but mo 5 stars just yet as I discovered to my frustration that you cannot use offline. I downloaded to go on holiday and play on the plane, but the game does not load in airplane mode unless connected to the Internet beforehand initially. It will then work if you leave it running in the background but if you close all apps down from double clicking home button as you have to these days or shut down the phone totally as you also should on a plane for takeoff and landing, then it's back to being online before you can boot it up. Sort that out Devs as this app is great fun and very tough/challenging! Also be great to see more variety on bridges and also different things to carry over (maybe military rocket lorries, HGV's with car transporters and what about a space shuttle etc...???)..Version: 1.5

Cool gameAwesome.Version: 5.10

SweetReally cool game if u like to build and plan stuff..Version: 2.4

Abosuletly well worth £1.99 awesome gameThis game is definitely a realistic one when constructing bridges !!!! :) well done.Version: 5.10

ChallengingRewarding and fun for my 8 year old. He doesn't mind the adds..Version: 5.9

Absolutely amazing!It is amazing play it!!.Version: 7.0

Great game, provides insight of materials and applicationsGood game worth the money.Version: 11.4

Fun stuffGetting things just right is an enjoyable challenge..Version: 5.10

Best gameI love this game it’s fun to play and get angry at when you can’t figure out a level Which is a bit annoying at times lol But still very good game.Version: 7.0

Enjoyed the game while it lastedGreat take on the physics genre. I found that designs started to stick to certain patterns or design techniques, which became a little monotonous. If there was more variety of building materials and more elaborate locations such as requirement of sloping or curving bridges, it would remove the problem. Still the game had me hooked start to finish, irrespective of what I have said above, and it was over too soon..Version: 1.1

BrilliantEnjoyable and challenging..Version: 7.0

Great appGreat app/game if your good at it lol, I personally don’t have the brain for building bridges but I think it helps!.Version: 11.4

Great gameWell designed game.Version: 1.0

Good challenge...Boring music tho? Otherwise good wee game..Version: 1.3

SlumGreat fun for the whole family, very challenging..Version: 1.5

Love itAbout Once a year for the past five years, I redownload the game and re-beat it. Love it so much. A free-build mode without money and material restraints would be good though.Version: 5.10

Excellent gameReally helps stimulate my brain, helps strategy, I like the planing..Version: 5.9

All-Time FaveThis is now literally the only game on my phone. Geniuses built this game..Version: 7.0

SweeetLove this game! Hope they add more materials or vehicles.Version: 1.0

So Addicting!Create more and more levels please!.Version: 1.1

Very good - quite challengingGood fun and challenging !!! There are some limitations and bugs especially on the iPad version (touch control is out of alignment), a redo function would be nice, accidental deletes are common, and for some reason two identical situations need different bridge structures ... but hey ... it's only an iPhone/Pad game after all, and it is fun..Version: 1.0

Bridge constructionGreat game but incredibly frustrating, you think the bridge is done and yet it falls down, my son and I having a blast playing it.Version: 1.0

Tank truckThere is no tank truck.Version: 7.0

Why do I love this game so muchListen if you like symmetry And order you will love this game And even if you don't It's not even about making bridges It's about seeing how much shoddy constructing you can get away with :).Version: 3.4

AmazingThe latest update converted this game from a slightly frustrating fun game to an amazing game. Load times are now minimal, the physics seems consistent across levels and i finally found out how to delete items ( double tap on them). Construction games always represent a semi-intelligent way to pass time, and this is another great way to do that. The difference in material strength and cost makes it a lot of fun to edit bridges for minimal costs and maximum strength. As always the game could be improved with the addition of more levels and more vehicles to test the bridges with. But currently the game is worth every cent.Version: 1.1

Great brain gumnasticsAwesome game. Gets the old noodle working..Version: 1.5

The bestWow I bought the extra content and i can’t restore my purchases do not get game.Version: 7.0

SVery good.Version: 5.4

IPhone 5Us a great game but could you please support the full screen of iPhone 5 for me and other users. Thanks best luck with game..Version: 1.2

Big boy Campbell nzWicked game awesome to play at school when it's class time:).Version: 2.6

NiceIt’s cool.Version: 5.10

Great appAs an engineer this app is just like hoping back to school except with great simplicity. It is great for kids to understand mechanics and load transfers..Version: 2.4

Great game for the price.I've seen a few reviews that wonder why it seems unfinished. In my opinion the game is perfect the way it is. It's not a game for people who like lots of flourish. If you simply like engineering, bridges, or building in general, then the game has all that you could ask for or need. It gives you a spot to build, and then you build! It's a great game for the price in my opinion..Version: 5.10

Great appThis has the be one of the best games available for iOS devices. I would recommend this to anyone. I already have my entire family playing it. Great job development team!!.Version: 1.0

AddictiveGood game, makes you think.Version: 5.10

Great gameFun and challenging.Version: 7.0

Trying to get over itQuite good fun and addictive..Version: 1.0

Excellent puzzlesThanks. This is a great game, never tried this sort of thing before and totally hooked. Now that I have completed it, I would like to see a free range level, where I can build with what ever material, over whatever expanse I set in the parameters. Also, more levels..Version: 1.0

Erase buttonIt's a good game but there are a couple of things that could be improved. 1; it keeps on crashing and 2; I think an erase button would be more useful than an undo button because it is frustrating to have to erase an entire bridge to change something you did at the beginning..Version: 1.0

BuilderGood game are you going to update and add some more bridges to build at some stage maybe another world or something otherwise very cool game.Version: 1.0

Great!I downloaded this over three years ago, and i recently came back to playing it. it is just so fun, but some of the music is depressing. some of the songs are good, but make the music happier..Version: 7.0

No bunnyI can’t get the bunny past the 1st level.Version: 7.0

Awesome and accurate!Take it from an engineer, this is amazingly accurate. Loads of fun and challenging. Not a shoot’em up game. You gotta think and understand forces..Version: 5.10

GREAT GAME!!So this game is AWSOME who ever made this your awsome the car crashing is funny I try my best and who weee it’s challenging.Version: 12.4

Good gameIt is VERY challenging.. it does get a little bit frustrating though when every bridge you attempt just keeps collapsing under its own weight... you should be able to use all the materials provided instead of wood being the only material available for about 90% of the levels.. it is very overpriced.. i feel a little shafted at 1.99 as there isn't much to the game than building a bridge and watching it fall under it's own weight...Version: 1.0

ChallengingA good fun game, challenging to me as a structural engineer trying to get highest score.Version: 12.4

Best game everReally tests your brain.Version: 5.10

Best bridge gameVery fun and addictive.Version: 7.0

The Best Game it needs more LevelsIt is the best game I ever played love it so much fun..Version: 7.0

I really like this appI really like this app but even though I purchased the full version it still won’t let me use the tank truck. Apart from that I am really happy..Version: 5.10

Great gameBuilding, then returning and improving the bridges is fun. The feed back about stress points is nice too!.Version: 7.0

A Brain StimulusA challenging game.Version: 5.2

Great GameplayThis is an exceptional game. Great graphics only serves to add a big industry feel to a fun, thoroughly thought out game. This original outshines the Playground sequel, because of a budget and material limitation on every level. It is challenging, and surprising from level to level. If you enjoy ingenuity, you will love discovering construction solutions and engineering tricks..Version: 2.7

Excellent fun!This game provides some learning about engineering in a fun way!.Version: 5.10

Excellent Engineering ChallengeGreat game - throughly addictive. Worth upgrading to the full version. Played once through to solve all levels within budget, then again to see just how little material you can get away with. More levels, harder challenges and new materials for future upgrades please. If your bridge is borderline pass/fail, try retesting it - sometimes it survives (just !) second time round..Version: 1.0

Cool gameGood fun. Would be cool if we could see some of the maths behind it though..Version: 1.5

Bridge ConstructorAwesome, challenging game. It makes you use your brain and the physics is very realistic! Our engineers at work need this app. Might make their designs a little better, safer and actually work! More levels please or an expansion pack!.Version: 1.2

Yes&NoFrustratingly addictive in a good way. ignore comments about 'lack of cash' as the game would be no fun if you had limitless resources (would be good if there was a 'freestyle' level for when you fancy being creative) Only down side for me is value for money. For £1.99 i'd expect many more levels, as it is now i'd be happy to pay 69p. TO THE MAKERS: create the freestyle level! With limitless resources, where i can add/move anchor points, edit the distance between points A & B, and maybe even change the number of vehicles crossing so you can see just how good your bridge is..Version: 1.0

Great gameLost of fun for me and my 7 year old daughter.Version: 1.4

Great game just needs a couple of little thingsI enjoyed the game was fun to design a bridge to get the cars across, some of my designs were a little interesting to say the least but worked. What I would really enjoy in this game would be a mode where you don't have a budget so you can let your creativity go nuts and build a bridge using as little or as much of the materials..Version: 1.0

I love it but to hardIt’s to hard can you at least make it so at the end of every city you can build in any place you want and there’s no building limit please.Version: 7.0

Love it.Everyone from engineers to mechanically inclined kids will like this game..Version: 5.10

Top pickRead so many reviews of supposed great apps that turn out to be a string of in app purchases, this truely is one of the best games on ipad. Probaby best for those that understand basic truss like structures and enjoy tinkering.Version: 2.0

CheatBuild a simple road then press a truck or oil truck then before the bridge breaks press the upgrade button then wait until the truck reaches the end then click off/ it doesn't cost..Version: 2.4

Fun gameI enjoyed this game, although I don't normally enjoy physics-based games. Pretty good game, and I was interested to see other people's solutions on the Internet. None of my humpbacked bridges seemed to work though. I also feel sorry for the residents of the country who had all their bridges blown down - the budgets are a bit limited, and the bridges won't be able to hold more than two trucks at a time..Version: 1.3

Seriously time for more levels!Can only play this game so many times, you need more levels..Version: 1.1

Great game - needs more informationLove the game, but needs some additional training modules/ explanation. It's quite smart engineering focused, so for those of us who love engineering, but don't have all the skills to identify basic requirements, it can be a little daunting. A training module and hints would be beneficial, BUT, that said, the is great fun. :).Version: 1.1

Great appFun addicting game. Amazing graphics, challenging bridges to build..Version: 5.9

Great but one issueWhenever I try to launch the game, it gets stuck at 8% and never loads. Only does this sometimes. Other than that it's an amazing game. Extremely addicting..Version: 5.9

Making bridges is litIf you think it’s too hard, you are a noob. Lolz.Version: 7.0

Good pass timerPretty cool to pass the time with. Had to pay $$ before long as the free version is really short to play..Version: 3.3

The best!!!Before attempting this app I have never observed bridges in such infinite detail. Each bridge differs from the previous and each bridge is both challenging and difficult. The idea of testing the bridges with vehicles also brings the builder an added sense of satisfaction to succeed after so many failed attempts. Without doubt this app does deserve five stars and I would recommend it to anyone young and old.Version: 1.2

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