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Alan Cass.I find Alibaba very efficient and easy to use and in most cases suppliers I contact about their products get back to me in a reasonable time frame.. I would recommend this way of sourcing to any one as I always do....Version: 6.15.0

👍🏻👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.Version: 6.22

Great appSupplements the web site well, allows me to keep check on my enquiries, orders etc. From my phone (iPhone), without having to go to main site. When dealing with various time zones this is important to me..Version: 5.2.1

Messages not showing.From an up-to-date iPhone 11, opening messages from the notifications opens the app but the messages never load. I need to then close the app, and reopen it and then go onto my messages again for them to show. Please fix this..Version: 7.18.0

Review in generalIt is amazing what you can find on your site. But there are many people using your trading platform for scamming. I have found many and have even been in contact with them. You should have someone who can spot these scammers and get them removed from your site before they tarnish your good reputation Regards Glyn.Version: 7.49.0

Pretty good experience so farEveryone is very responsive and its easy to find what you are looking for. My only gripe is that I wish the unit costs displayed were more accurate. I’ve found that the unit price displayed is often not for the product they advertise but rather a their cheapest option. Makes it so you can only really get what your looking for after a lengthy conversation rather than click and buy and it’s always more expensive than advertised..Version: 7.31.2

Best App For BusinessWhen I first made my account it was just for me to purchase clothing for myself but now I use my account for business the vendors are very responsible and respectful, they reply back quickly and when your custom items are shipped it doesn’t take long shipping may take up to 2 weeks which is perfect for me. You might come across a few vendors that’s doing a bit much but other than that it’s a great app.Version: 7.34.0

Great company, steps in when suppliers are badI’ve bought mostly everything for my business from Alibaba. Most of the suppliers I’ve dealt with have been great - I’ve received what I ordered pretty quickly. Just recently, I had an order go horribly wrong when a supplier took months to even mail out my package, and then it was not what I ordered. I messaged them, and they basically told me to just deal with it and would not make it right. They said if I wanted a refund, I had to pay to ship the items that were not what I ordered back, and the shipping cost was most of what I paid. I was nervous about how Alibaba would handle it. I definitely will continue shopping here after the experience - I was issued a full refund and did not have to pay to ship what I did not order back (thank goodness). Thank you, Alibaba..Version: 7.50.0

Price tag for productsPrice tag for product not same when I start communicating with companies about product. They change price quote rapidly..Version: 6.5.5

Easy to navigateThis is an excellent app with all the functions of the website. It is easy to use and to navigate with a user friendly layout, love it..Version: 5.0.0

Cool appVery nice.Version: 5.0.0

New hereLove the variety.Version: 7.50.2

BestBest app ever.Version: 7.50.2

Excellent so farI have only just placed my order so may be premature but everything has gone very smoothly so far, quick response from sellers and everything has worked fine. Swift payment and confirmation..Version: 7.16.0

Ali-nzGreat app for wholesale.Version: 5.0.0

Best Wholesale AppI have no complaints about this app! All the suppliers will give you a MOQ for private labeling which is what I needed for my cosmetic and skincare line. This app is not for people wanting to buy 1 item this is a business app you buy in large quantities!!! So ignore reviews that are complaining about not being able to buy one item and have it shipped to your front porch. This is not Walmart. Anyway if you are familiar with dealing with customs and the way this business model works then definitely download this app!.Version: 6.13.0

Good enoughIt works pretty well but the search feature is pretty rubbish, it doesn’t come up with most relevant items, so lots of searching needed, wish they would work on that as a priority and it would generate much more orders.Version: 7.60.0

So so easyOne of the best sites I have ever used. So simple & straight forward to use. An absolute must for me and my new business and an absolutely invaluable bridge between the UK business and the overseas manufacturing. Unreal how easy it is to use also..Version: 6.13.0

Too goodSolid very amazing and happiness in my smile joy in my feet.Version: 7.6.0

The bestDirect contact with manufacturers so good.Version: 5.0.0

Fantastic appGreat small business app. I haven't had any of the issues that others have mentioned in the reviews..Version: 5.0.0

Awesome response from all suppliersAll supplier in one place.Version: 5.0.0

Worst App in the worldHate this app it is so outdated and tired. Slow and has no content that is easy to follow. This site should be shut down..Version: 7.43.0

No problemsI have ordered numerous things from different suppliers - never had an issue with communication or goods..Version: 7.45.1

Alibaba.comSo far good with Alibaba.com. I am definitely finding the products ,I'm searching for and response time from my inquiries is as fast as possible as there is a time difference.. my only complaint is the general price variations as often I'm searching a product only to find the details about the product is for a different size or options.. specific details are important and sales glitter can be a waste of my time ... I don't buy just because I'm there I buy because it's the right product as a fair price and details about the product are there for me to easily see and k ow I'm dealing on.. thank you & hood future to you ..Version: 7.12.1

First time inquiryI enjoy the amount and diverse items for purchase. I am keen to see if a deal can be struck with potential business partners Time will tell and I will provide and share my experience Thanks.Version: 7.31.2

Amazing appEverything can be found here!💃🏽💃🏽.Version: 6.15.1

Fantastic simple straight forwardFind what you like when you like & many different prices.Version: 6.8.0

AlibabaIt has awesome pricing for everything and they practically have everything. Very impressed..Version: 6.16.0

Shipping cost is too expensiveHi I’ve been using alibaba for some time now And I realize that shipping fee is very expensive like one basketball can cost for just two dollars but the shipping fee will cost about one hundred and fifty dollars in Ghana 🤨😡and that is very bad because of this I don’t buy from alibaba meanwhile I wanted to buy some stuffs from there but because of the shipping cost I don’t buy from there.Version: 7.17.0

Merci gros succèsÀ bientôt 😇😇😇.Version: 7.51.0

THE REAL STONED RAVER chairs stolen need new onesLol someone stole my garden chairs I’m 54 half blind retired Piano Man who lifted many pianos had excellent history of happy families delighted with our tuned pianos from £175 so now I’m home definitely frustrated as I noticed the chairs are not in view anymore they’ve been STOLEN so those black garden chairs under £5 is perfect.Version: 7.42.0

Number of itemsIs it possible to buy only a few items or just one?.Version: 6.14.0

Very good and help meVery good app But I have a problem. I try to order some items. But I can’t do it properly. It has long process. Thank you.Version: 6.5.0

Middleman or ManufacturerI have visited so many mini sites and everyone claims to be a manufacturer. My recent experience of a purchase did not convince me that I dealt with a manufacturer. It’s important that the info is authentic. We need to be sure of whom we are dealing with so that we can achieve our objectives. Alibaba has been useful but again, how do we enforce international warranties? We are about to make orders for items that vendor (can’t call them manufacturers) are offering 3 years warranties. Also how do we see other customers review about a vendors product? Thank you..Version: 6.7.0

MrsLaufai.Version: 7.4.0

Xi'an Sonwu Biotech Co., Ltd.I’ve been dealing with online trade for years now. As a busy, professional, time is everything to me. I’m taking the time now to thank and highly recommended to anyone, be it personal or business trade. Bonnie Liu from Xi'an Sonwu Biotech Co., Ltd. Has helped me a considerably, and has gone out of her way to insure I was happy and my deadlines met. Customer service 110% communication 110% satisfied customer 210% ! Thanks Bonnie Liu.Version: 7.10.0

Find it Not user friendly xxxmmxxHard to navigate, difficult to find your own account setting, update your details in this fast changing world is a pain!.Version: 7.36.0

Alex PMy first order was 2 inflatable squash courts. Communication was satisfactory and the product was as expected. I am now confident in the platform and intend ordering other products..Version: 7.47.2

Great app!Very useful app, easy to navigate!.Version: 3.0.1

My favourite place for suppliers!I have bought shedloads of stuff off Ali Baba over the last few years. My main line is Jewellery and l get a lot of settings and loose stones through here. They have always been the real deal and l couldn’t have been happier with the suppliers l have found. They have also made custom orders for me, plus personalized items that are already available, to my specifications. It is time at home to renovate my bathroom, so l have found all my suppliers on here, and saved considerable money on a stone bath and sinks, tapware and tiles. Admittedly, the bath supplier (unbeknownst to me), only gave me a quote for delivery to my nearest port, so l had to pay for delivery to my house plus port fees, but even with that, l still saved approx. $2000! I look for the suppliers that do Minumum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 1, but have asked other suppliers for smaller orders than their stated MOQ, and many times they have been happy to serve me. I have over 1000 items on my ‘Wish list’!! lol Only prob with this app is that if you get off a page accidentally (l use my phone), then you have to go all over the place to get back to it. Would be handy if it opened another tab, or introduced Forward/back arrows. Maybe they have in this Update? Otherwise, it’s Great and l am going to keep coming back. :-).Version: 6.12.0

So far so good!Thank you!.Version: 7.54.1

KaylaI have brought many products from Kayla, they all work great. She is very hopeful when I have any questions and quick at doing the shipping. I very much highly recommend.Version: 7.56.0

William Brit ScotAs a website developer myself found this website very slick intuitive & professional, within 30 seconds found myself saying out loud "well done Ali Babba! With fewest clicks possible,you've got me to where I want to be!" Nicely done!🇬🇧😎👍🥇.Version: 5.0.0

Great appWorks well for buying and selling good some of the English translation needs work and the sign in bug when you have a password saved it’ll pop up with a random log in and you have to click the saved password again , other then that it’s a good app.Version: 6.13.0

Cool appLots of different features, but needs nz currency....still give 5 stars though as a lot to like about the app..Version: 4.16.0

Lisa NZReally easy to use.Version: 6.2.0

Great appVery simple easy to use with a large range of products.Version: 4.21.0

Great app for businessEasy to use good product range.Version: 5.0.0

Love it so farLove it.Version: 7.11.0

Love itThis app is great, I love that I can place an order from just about anywhere. It’s user friendly and it lets you save your favorite suppliers and favorite items and when you are ready you can quickly place an order from your favorites list or from an automatic “start order” list that appears when you go to one particular supplier... it will list and show all their items available based on your search details. Very cool app, I love it....Version: 6.20.0

Thanks JackThey've thought of everything, even sets you up with a pre-written message to suppliers to make things quick and efficient. Goodbye eBay.Version: 5.3.1

Easy app to buy productsExcellent. Messaging works well..Version: 6.21.0

Great appThe easiest and most friendly online market with big variety, but I hope I can purchase with local currency.Version: 7.28.1

WBC beltsVery good looking championship belts. And prices are not high.very well done beautyfull WBC BELTS.Version: 5.0.0

First TimerWell I was gonna give a 5 star, but suddenly my review is unable to show any words as I am texting. I’m not sure if it’s because my English has to be translated, but I can’t see anything that I just wrot right now. So I hope this get read. Anyhow, I was able to live chat with my supplier and I was very pleased with being able to see different options and negotiate prices. I am still waiting for my merchandise. I will write another review once I try it. And hopefully I will be able to see what I’m writing so if there is a lot of mists, it’s because I’m writing without seeing and using just my thought as what next to say. Thank you.Version: 7.32.0

ExcellentFantastic navigation, easy reading and good quality pictures to look at with a very wide variety of products to explore. I have had this app on my phone for many years now and I have never had any issues. I feel safe using it, Thank you..Version: 7.19.0

So hard to find stuffFor years I’ve been trying to work out how to find stuff relevant to my searches. ITS IMPOSSIBLE! AliExpress system is so much easier to find products, wish you would make this app the same but for bulk items only.Version: 6.22

Great App 👍🏼The app is great when out of the office and away from the computer however I find that it sometimes gets clunky and slows down when loading product showcases. There are sometimes a lot of disconnection alerts inside the app messaging and chat platforms which are quickly self-corrected but it does make it frustrating to use at times. The app works well on the Apple OS however I find that it does not seem to synchronise very well with the website. Also, it seems that some great functions on the app are not readily or easily accessible on the website..Version: 5.0.0

Hopefully New Buisness PartnerI just wrote a short narrative that I am hoping will catch someone within the Alibaba organization’s attention! Why? I have written this narrative because I am genuinely interested in the development of electric products in my community, my country, and demonstrating that our two countries are perfect to be buisness partners. I am interested in the vision of men like Nikolai Tesla and Elon Musk, who believe in the improvement of quality of life for all! Their vision hinges on all things Electric or Battery! I also want to generate economic growth and assist in stimulating the economy both here and in China! I believe that this review, and my previous narrative should be reason enough that “Someone “ in the Alibaba Organization should be intrigued enough to want to work cooperatively with me so that I may leave a legacy of cooperation, quality products and living, economic growth and jobs for the common man both in China and Canada!.Version: 7.55.0

Customer service is available 24 hrsI'm a fairly new buyer to Alibaba, Any questions or concerning I have regarding my orders are quickly and efficiently answered. Navigating the websites can be challenging for a new comers. Trust me I make a lot of mistakes, I'm sure the sellers look at some of my Request's and say "What is he thinking" or "What is he trying to say". But I'm getting better and they are SO patient, Its not the end of the world... It was just a typing mistake! Mistakes are learning and learning is the best part of life... There are unbelievably great deals here. This website has changed my life and it can change yours Too.... Just take a deep breath.... Get a cup of coffee... And don't be afraid to ask lots of questions... Now let's go make money... Best of Luck ... Carroll ...USA.Version: 6.12.1

Trouble chatting with suppliers on cellular dataHi alibaba app developer It’s extremely important to stay in-touch with your suppliers all the time. I’m having trouble chatting with my suppliers while I’m on cellular data here in Australia . It works well when I’m on wifi but for me it’s more important to chat while I’m on cellular data. Please solve this problem..Version: 7.5.0

Bahram NaderiFast, easy and Omni informative with much options to select service and products. Well structured and managed. Thank You.Version: 7.14.0

GoodSeems to work well.Version: 3.1.3

Great siteGreat site very efficient and user friendly.Version: 6.14.0

Easy to Gather Information of any ProductsCan choose from various suppliers which helps to reduce the time for getting the best Brand..Version: 6.5.0

ExcellentAlibaba since the beginning has always been a pleasure I thank every one for the easiness and helpfulness that Is given in the purchasing system..Version: 6.12.0

I have been a customer for over 10 years & you continue to impress!I get more & more impressed! Thank you James (New Zealand).Version: 7.50.2

Good portal where u can get everything but customer service no one there forI am happy with most of service but not happy with your virtual customer service. It’s take too much time to understand and than after u won’t get any solution I need someone to talk at least when it badly needed . Please look after on it.Version: 6.8.1

Excellent way to shop in ChinaI am very satisfied with this app!.Version: 7.6.0

A good app to negotiate pricesThe app is a great place to find vendors for small businesses just make sure to stay clear from scammers and check full prices. Making Payments can be tricky so make sure you fully look it through and dont send information to just any vendor. Be sure to take time to search and dont let a vendor rush you into buying, they should make u feel like they’re trustworthy. Another problem is miscommunication, ask as many questions as you need so you know your getting whats worth your money!! Sometimes the price for each piece may not be as much but the shipping will be like $200 :0 if you’re looking for lipgloss tubes I recommend buying from “Guangdong Qiaoyi Plastic Co., ltd. “ Great customer service and communication..Version: 7.28.4

Prefab container homesThey are pretty and solid! After hurricane Michael I lost my two bedroom houses and it would be awesome if I could replace them with these pretty and save containers homes, You should have and affiliate partner in the United States! It would be awesome I would love to represent you here I live Florida in the northwest I will represent you here but any ways a lot of people looking for rent because more than half of the lost their house! Thank you Alibaba! At your prices you be good to all those people that me need a home! Thank you 🙏Superboricua.Version: 7.40.0

ExcellentGreat site and easy to use.Version: 7.59.0

Easy app to use.So far app working well. Easy to use thanks..Version: 6.0.1

Handy, but message centre needs better golfer structureAlibaba makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, but the messaging centre needs sub folders and a visible file structure in the app and the web version. Lots of messaging gets messy, which is why everyone moves to regular email as soon as they find a probable supplier..Version: 7.3.0

Excellent Value for MoneyI have bought quite a few products some of which were very expensive but compared to prices in the UK, the prices on Alibaba are so much cheaper. The quality has been excellent with the manufacturers giving me assay reports and that is what I like to see..Version: 7.30.1

Alibaba.comNothing better than alibaba.com .. It's so professional .. Keep going ..Version: 5.2.0

RatingThis is by far the best app I have so. Far used highly recommended ....... Will review about ordering an delivery when I choose to order x people are so helpful too straight to the supplier x.Version: 5.0.0

Would never use Alibaba againPurchased my front door from Alibaba and paid $2500 for an Aluminium door - the door started to rust after 1 months and rotted away- Alibaba did not assist at all or refunded my money - think twice before using this app.Version: 6.22

Lot of variety but not very user friendlyI am trying to mix order but can’t do in one go . Gets confusing . But the site has lot of products at very competitive rates.Version: 7.14.0

This App Is The Best Opportunity 2022In business everything works once you work your business.Version: 7.52.1

MikeAwesome app to get lost in and buy virtually anything at a good price..Version: 7.14.0

Specifying quantity requiredIt's great , however I want to be able to specify my preferred quantity when searching for a product and I don't think this app will allow me to so this!.Version: 3.3.2

QualityGreat site good sales and quality materials.Version: 6.12.1

App is great but please add postage infoHi love your app and website but please make suppliers add postage rates in there advertisement please, just find it very frustrating. Regard Darryl.Version: 6.1.0

Ease of useAfter reading previous reviews I can see that the main issues mentioned I have not had issue with so they must have fixed the problems. If you can’t use this app then you must struggle with basic tasks lol. Very easy to use and communication is made easy with suppliers. Watch this space for delivery times..Version: 6.3.0

J’aime énormément Alibaba.com pour sa sincérité!Je suis très content d’être en contact avec Alibaba.com! Merci.Version: 7.49.0

UsageBeautiful without a flow.Version: 4.21.0

Kid in Candy StoreWow entering this site was like letting child loose in a chocolate factory.. Wow so many products so many global traders, there is absolutely no need to look elsewhere for anything whatever you need you will find might have to chat to few suppliers which is always good as we can negotiate price .. Well done Team AliBaba.Version: 7.14.0

New to siteNew to the site and sent my first inquiry, on a grain mill machine! Over time I’ll have a better understanding and user experience!.Version: 7.53.0

MichaelAfter getting used to the app in no time I’ve found it extremely easy to use. The vast array of products is unbelievable and there is no app/site like this. Currently in the process to import a certain category and this has made it very easy. Wouldn’t of attempted it with out finding alibaba!.Version: 6.24.0

So far so good!It's exciting to discover this APP and the world of global online buying straight from the manufacturer. Definitely worth watching out for low response rate companies... I just waited 4 days for a response and it got rejected for no particular reason. Still learning about the pricing.. a bit confusing but I'm sure it will become clearer as I purchase more..Version: 5.2.1

One Stop ShopAll your needs are here..Version: 6.19.1

Great but sick of changing currency all the timeGreat app in general but honestly tired of changing the currency from USD back to AUD every time I get back on the app witch is at least 25 times a day. It happens when I close the app and re-open it. Surely that’s gotta be a bug or somthing? Hope it can get fixed soon!.Version: 7.40.0

Very thorough and wide rangingThis has a remarkable range and good details are available. Why I don't give it five stars is because detailed specs differ for each item, ie manufacturers can make up their own spec categories. I want to make exact comparisons, so this is not easy to do..Version: 6.17.0

U ROne word “BRILLIANT”.Version: 6.14.0

AlibabaUp to now am satisfied.Version: 6.10.1

Great serviceI have found this site very helpful, the only thing I found was that you have to check shipping, mostly coming from China so of course is not going to be cheap or quick! Great little site for wholesale. Will definitely be using again.Version: 6.11.0

BusinessesGood to start up a small business.Version: 7.43.2

Was so goodI loved this app and have spent a lot of money on it but lately it just keeps crashing and throwing me out - so frustrating when I’ve lots of orders to check and pay.Version: 7.28.3

I will tell all my friends and family about your productThank you.Version: 7.61.0

Good with flawsAlibaba app is good. Only issues I have is when I pay a supplier , my app gets stuck afterwards on that page. I can’t get off the page and I have to delete and reinstall the app every time. The second issue is that they only give you a certain window to write a review. For me, I dropship so it takes a while for the product to reach the warehouse and for me to get feedback from customers. When I went to give a review it was too late..Version: 7.34.1

Best onlineAlibaba is the best online buying shop. I prefer to continue by buying through alibaba. Afser.Version: 6.13.0

KnifeLockI am about to launch my new product KnifeLock, a knife block which is locked by the owner’s unique key, through a Kickstarter crowd funding project due to start June 8th. 2021 and I am using Alibaba to source production from China for delivery to customers in September 2021. I am using the app to manage the purchasing process and I take confidence from using the Trade Assurance platform to conduct business. Mikebruff.Version: 7.32.0

BrilliantReally great app, keep the updates coming..Version: 4.17.0

Great site useGreat site to use as long as you know everything from China & ask questions before purchase. Had no issues so far 😃👍.Version: 7.38.1

Awesome appAmazing platform, you just need to take time to adapt, if having issues don’t worry about sending emails get on wechat, it’s the way to communicate. I have my suppliers 24/7 that way!.Version: 6.4.0

Concerning ordering for smaller Growing companiesI like Alex press and enjoy many of the products. I would like to know about the shipping possibilities if they could be a little quicker is that possible? And I would also like to inquire about the quantities that can be ordered. Four instance, is there a possibility of ordering a smaller amount for now until the business begins to grow a little bigger and the demand gets better then expand to a larger amount? Thank you for your concerns. Jimmie Rivera, Allentown Pennsylvania USA.Version: 6.7.0

Best everAmazing service. It was so easy to make enquiries and make orders. Found a supplier for my business and things are going great! Definitely recommend..Version: 7.28.1

Great app very easy to useIt's a must if you want to use alibaba so easy well set up . I never write reviews but I had to this time to help others . B3rfc from Great Britain and nothing to do with the company..Version: 5.0.0

Legacy is successUser friendly and creative functionality as well not to mention how informative as to what’s popular to source out for and price comparison as well as profits information and the list goes on and to think I only just got this app and I’m already impressed enough to review what I like about it so far.Version: 6.16.0

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