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PayPal Here - Point of Sale App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

PayPal Here - Point of Sale app received 119 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using PayPal Here - Point of Sale? Can you share your negative thoughts about paypal here - point of sale?

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PayPal Here - Point of Sale for Negative User Reviews

Slow loadingThe loading time is taking for ever..Version: 4.2.9

App does not work at allDownloaded around 12 times. App will not stay open. The moment I finish entering my password it crashes. Have IPhone 8, latest IOS, lates PayPal Here App. Have restarted phone several times between installations too. Pretty frustrating. It used to be so easy..Version: 4.1

JunkDon't get the app.Version: 2.2.5

Great concept, horrible customer service, horrible policies!These ppl are about one thing only. HOLDING YOUR MONEY! Ya know it’s hard enough running a small business in today’s economy. Now you have some big corporation holding us back from feeding our kids, paying our employees & keeping the lights on. Customer service only tells you enough to get by until the next time you invoice a hard earned contract! This way they can sit on your money for 30 days! Yup 30 days. You ppl should be ashamed! If you have any questions about my review, come to McDonald’s. I’ll be there with my kids eating because our funds are on hold. You should give the customer service agent who talked to me last time a raise for telling me just enough. Then you should fire the last one because if it wouldn’t have been for me being honest & letting her know the rules you may of had a lawsuit on your hands....Version: 3.6.8

Dreadful serviceI wish 0 stars was available!!! my business has irregular income (no job the same) this service has screwed me over holding my money during covid with terrible customer service communication! £1000 I can’t get during this financial difficulty because it’s on hold for 30 days. Phoned a useless person from PayPal who couldn’t do anything bar lip service as they were working from. Charged me £60 for the luxury of using the service won’t give me my money!!! AVOID AVOID AVOID!!.Version: 3.9.1

Not workingInstalled, log in PayPal, setting up device for ever..Version: 2.2.3

Original is betterThe update has made this app more difficult to use. Typing in descriptions is tough on a iphone and you cannot see what you are typing when the field fills up. Really annoying..Version: 2.1

Doesn’t workAfter authenticating, it just shows a PayPal web page with nothing relating to PayPal Here. Can’t figure out what to do next..Version: 3.7.3

Not available in Canada?Not available in Canada yet :(.Version: 2.0.1

Terrible! Do not sign up!I’ve had a PayPal account for 20 years decided to sign up for a business account using PayPal here. First charge of 800 was held and my account closed! I refunded the client and PayPal tried to withdraw it from my checking account instead of using the funds they were holding! I called PayPal they told me to call my bank and report the transaction as fraud because they couldn’t do anything about it. I called my bank and did just that. PayPal is still holding the funds said they will hold it for 180 days! My client still hasn’t been refunded. Ridiculous customer service! No explanation why my account was closed. I have a legitimate business with all licensing and ID but yes close my account for no reason but let all those scammers in Nigeria operate an account to scam everyone...way to go PayPal! Useless company!.Version: 3.7.3

BROKEN DEVICESo, I have used this for the past 3 years, it has been kept in the same place completely fine, no water, no dropping, no banging, nothing!! Then today, when prepping for my vintage fair tomorrow I charged it up (haven’t used it for 4 months as vintage fairs go quiet in the summer) & it says “Damage to reader detected. Contact PayPal for assistance”. Now, for like most people, this has come as a surprise bit round about the same time / length of time one has it / been switched off for. I tried to find someone to speak to about it & you guessed it, no-one available. Leaving me stuck with no way of accepting payments tomorrow. I have just withdrawn all of my money from the account & will NOT be getting another one. The negative feedback is real people, pay attention!!!.Version: 4.4.0

FuncionamientoHola la aplicacion todavia no funciona para colombia. Por favor corregir para que sirva para colombia..Version: 1.7.2

PayPal What?I think they should rename it to PayPal There. Cause it ain't available HERE in Canada..Version: 1.5

Worst decision I have madeI have had nothing but non stop problems with the unit and it’s ability to connect to my phone. Even after getting a replacement unit. Approx 10 calls to service to try and fix, constant resets and so many clients left waiting while I tried everything to get system to work. They have had to pay after leaving by bank transfer. I wished I had chosen the Square product instead which is what I am moving to finally for my sanity and business sense..Version: 3.8.0

Use square instead!It's not available in canada! Why put it on the app store.Version: 1.7.1

Have to login every dayPretty good app on the whole but the need to login almost daily is a bit of a pain. Sometimes the app logs out just as I’m about to make a transaction with a customer, pretty infuriating and difficult for other staff to use..Version: 3.0.6

I don’t like this app at allI can’t even log in. Do not download.Version: 3.5.1

PayPal here not worth the downloadThis app really isn't useful unless your in the states. As a Canadian I have been waiting 3 plus years to use it, but PayPal Canada refuses to budge on it..Version: 2.0

Not even available in canada??? why put it on app store?Just like everything paypal, this is another major fail. can't demo it, can't register, can't do anything with it! why would you bother putting it on the store if users can't even use it? so turned off!.Version: 1.0.3

Not great for my small art businessIt may be alright for some, but PayPal suspended my account for almost two weeks because they said they needed information about my business. I had money in there that I needed to pay bills with, but it was unavailable to me while they reviewed my case. I had to send articles of incorporation or a tax return or some similar paperwork, which I don’t have! I also had to send a receipt from a supplier. I paint rocks! My supplier is God!!! I don’t have a receipt! After about having a nervous breakdown trying to come up with the documents they require, I finally sent an invoice for business cards and a receipt from Hobby Lobby and 3 days later I have requested my money. Bills are late. I will be closing this account. It might make it more convenient for when I do art shows, but to me, it isn’t with the hassle they caused me!!!.Version: 4.2.4

PayPal hereI have a business account with money in account . I wanted to use a card reader to get paid for jobs I carry people from place to place in a taxi . I downloaded PayPal here app but every time I try to log on it keeps coming up with this account is disabled . I’ve tried in vain to sort this during lockdown but to no avail. I bought a card reader for nothing I just simply can not use it 🤣🤣🤣 there is n customer care or service 😡😡😡.Version: 4.0.0

SlowThis app is very unreliable. Customers shouldn’t have to wait while you reset everything and pray to heavens it works for a simple payment and it’s long loading times. Major optimisation is required. Additionally, if you’re going to take a big chunk from every transaction, can you guys at least display the amount per user AFTER fees in the Sales Reports. It’s difficult to keep track of individual sales when the information displayed on the PayPal Here app doesn’t match the total amount in the main PayPal app (which also cannot filter transactions by user... APPALLING!)..Version: 3.6.1

Customer Service is horrorI used one of my PayPal card reader over a year when it suddenly stopped working, simply declined customers card. I called to customer service to find out the reason, few people gave me a different advice but nothing works, finally they offer me to buy a new device which is didn’t work as well and I asked them to return the money and take back that card reader. So I still waiting for my money back already 3 weeks and calling to PayPal here customer service nearly every day but they just ask me to wait. Unbelievable..Version: 3.6.7

Canada?Pas de reader encore pour le canada :(.Version: 1.6.1

Would only recommend to my enemyWhere do I begin? Very difficult to find information, even on full site. Very arbitrary about holds placed on my transactions, although they always make sure to take their fee off the top, and then hold MY money, even though we have never had an issue with a customer and have never had to issue a refund. Also, I’ve been given completely contradictory information from various reps. Some of which was completely incorrect, and could have been very expensive to me, if I had trusted their word. They are also terrible about informing their customers about their policies, and terms, and unfortunately you often find out the hard way after processing a transaction only to have it held for no reason, for 30 days. I have had no choice other than transitioning my business to my bank. If I ran my business as slipshod as PayPal, I would have NO BUSINESS left. Use at your own risk, because you likely will have issues sooner or later..Version: 3.7.9

Slow to connect to iPhones and very expensive.I use this on a daily basis, and although it is fast to put the money in my account it is very expensive in comparison to other services. It makes the opportunity of customers to leave tips very confusing and difficult. Everyone understands the word ‘TIP’ not everyone understands the word ‘ gratuities ‘ please change it. Once I have paired my reader with my phone, I should not have to repeatedly have trouble with my phone searching for a reader. The last thing is the very poor performance of the battery on the card reader is really poor..Version: 3.7.7

Very disappointedWas great until November December 17. It seemed to be the update that allows multiple readers to connect. This really stuffed the whole app up. From that time on I have constant connection issues and now the last few weeks the app seems to be slowing down taking up to 4 minutes to process a transaction. Every one is recommending to change to square. I can’t keep losing business due to problems with the PayPal app. If this next update dose not solve the issues this business relation ship with PayPal will be over..Version: 3.3.0

Reader not working on iPhone X, and 7 Plus with Latest Updates.I Have 3 card readers they all seem to work on the devices that i haven't updated the software, but on my iPhone X and the 7 Plus i recently reset its not working and there is no fix on forums or anywhere. Customer service is a pain to get hold of i nearly returning my card machines. Cant use it on latest products. So stupid. Card reader shows but does not connect to the paypal here app all i got is failed to connect..Version: 3.0.2

Not available in Canada!Why is this in the Canadian App Store if it cannot be used in Canada? Don't waste your time with this app..Version: 1.5.1

Useless app. doesn’t work on iPad properly, and doesn’t help you order hardware.Title pretty much says it all. Shopify and Square provide an actual proper iPad experience. Paypal? nope… FAIL..Version: 4.3.8

Mostly ok... butThe app works ok most of the time but I have to keep it connected to a power source otherwise it loses its connection and I keep having to pair up again. Not so good if your somewhere where you don’t have a power source! It is a bit clunky but I’ve friends that use Square (which is cheaper) but they also have some issues so I decided to stay with PayPal. You would think seeing they charge more than most that they could afford to develop the best app and card reader out there..Version: 3.7.9

Poor communicationApplied 3 weeks ago and each time I try to login I get a notice say Thank you for your application, you will be contacted within 2 business days - that was three weeks ago! And there is no link to be able to contact them!.Version: 4.2.6

Total RubbishA card reader update was carried on Nov 8th 2017. Since then I have had so many issues with trying to get the card reader to connect to the iPhone/app. The app simply cannot find the reader. Have uninstall updated repaired and grown a beard all to no avail. Call PayPal, they don’t have much to offer. Tell me yo contract the MTA or something like that the tech people who desk with the app. Since not heard back from them after 4 days. Have lied income due to not being able to accept card payments. Fir over a year the card reader app worked without any issues. Was advised to await a update which arrived 28th November 2017. Still constant disks to connect..Version: 3.0.2

DisappointingTells me not available in Canada when I try to start app :(((.Version: 1.7.2

DisappointedA bit disappointed with the latest changes to PayPal, namely, PayPal Here no longer works with my PayPal account because I don’t have a business account. Cannot set up a business account without a business number, which I don’t have because I am a hobbyist, I don’t have a business. I do markers only once or twice a year, for which I have been using my PayPal card reader for years, but now with these new changes, I am locked out of being able to use the app or card reader. To me this is stupid, why is PayPal is locking out hobbyists from being able to continue to use the app, rendering card readers useless. I’ve changed to another provider by a competitor and I must say, I wish I changed over years ago. Competitor app and device works so much better than PayPal ever did. PayPal here is slow, bugs needs to be fixed, connection to card reader would often drop out. Sometimes Bluetooth wouldn’t even connect. Processing sales was slow. This new card reader from a competitor is significantly better. I’m happy I changed..Version: 4.2.5

Sort it outWe have been using this app for two years and it’s been a nightmare. We went with SumUp after getting totally frustrated with this app only to hit the takings limit quite quickly and had to switch back to PayPal Now while we open a bank account which will satisfy SumUp. So after a period of error free flowing business we are back on this dogs breakfast of a system that has so many glitches. I could go on but enough said..Version: 4.2.5

All of PayPal’s app are horrible.So I had downloaded PayPal for personal use. And it would never connect my bank, it only sent one deposit and withdrawal instead of 2 so I couldn’t confirm. Tried to talk to an agent via message, and they didn’t get back to me within the day, so the next day I went to the same chat and whoever the agent was closed the chat without answering my question. And I couldn’t get ahold of anyone after that. Got rid of that app. And decided to get this one for my vary small business, and on this app it won’t upload my picture ID. Also when I go to help or the resolution center can’t find any answers, and it either freezes or doesn’t show anything. And I also couldn’t connect my bank with this app either, every time I put in the correct information and go to connect, it says “sorry we can’t process this information there’s an error try again later” so, I can’t do anything with these apps. I’m done trying, switching to something else..Version: 4.0.0

No luckI just get a screen that says it's not widely available. I'm in canada and the website says it's offered in canada. Also. None of the website links work.Version: 2.1

Useless after log inDon’t download this! Once you login it tells to to download and switch PayPal Zezzle which is not even available in Canada yet. Can’t do anything in this app to get past this screen..Version: 4.4.0

Pay Pal Here ?It doesn't work, currently using an Iphone 6S with OS 9.3 It is 2016 already and by now they should've figured it out !!! That been said the app works halfway but it just won't read and no it is not the reader, tried a new one already, at the end it is useless!!!! Everything else can be easily done via browser ...update: it is September 2017 and still doesn’t work ! Unbelievable ! Tried with iOs 10.3.3 and iOs 11 as well to no avail... Reply to developer: Hi how are you, like I mentioned in the review the credit cards reader just won’t work, already tried a new one to no avail. We are aware that we always have the option to charge the purchase which happens to be conveniently for you, higher fees as opposed as swiping a card. There is no problem with the phone, we are also using Square which works flawlessly. Update Sept. 22, 2017; version 2.8.4 installed and it worked once, for the first time ever the card reader worked. Thank you very much ! Update Sept. 27, 2017; again it stopped working, the credit card reader simply won’t read the cards. Got another new reader but it just won’t work !!!!??? deleting the app and switching businesses to a different method, it is sad that after over 10 years we need to modify our billing procedures. Please FIX this issue !!! Thank you.Version: 2.8.4

A company that I trustI love the functionality of this application. It works flawlessly with my chip card reader. *SUGGESTION* this application will rock if it had appointment/booking/scheduling calendar built right into the app. I use Setmore for booking clients to my service but Setmore lack PayPal as a payment processor in their app. Even if they did, I would still prefer to use the PayPal app to process my payments and keep all payments, transaction records, clients and appointments all inside one app that has its own mobile terminal. UPDATE: I hope PayPal integrates a appointment booking scheduling system in this app. I made this suggestion a while ago but obviously PayPal isn’t listening...Version: 3.7.5

Not always possible to take paymentAs a taxi driver it’s important to have a system that will be reliable regrettably this is not always the case I’m running with a 4G network and still getting problems with transactions not completing and with some refusing to pay cash when this happens it’s costing me money needs better reliability I cannot expect a customer to wait in the cab while I try to contact customer services which usually involves a lengthy phone call.Version: 3.0.7

Not good experience with PayPal! Try PayCanada Mobile payment is cheaper than anyone'sHello I tried. 6 difference company there for I had to purchase 6 difference card reader but I end up getting charged almost %4 with hidden fee and minimum charges $40 from payfirma and paypal , go payment etc, I compared all of them with PayCanada mobile apps price! They are cheaper and I got free trial from them if I don't like it no cancellation fee. Which is good for small biz owners Good job paycanada , try them.Version: 1.5.3

Can't register deviceI really want to use that app as I would like to get funds in my Paypal account instead of Square, but I'm getting stuck on the "Registering device" screen. I've tried it on iPod Touch 5th Gen and iPad Mini with Retina display, but always get stuck at the same place. Please fix this as I really want to use this app!.Version: 2.2.4

PaypalI can connect in my paypal account but it freeze at the step when they say i can start taking payment it takes forever to load. Can you fix that! What i am suppose to do?!!.Version: 2.2.5

App won’t always openIn general the system is fine but many times the app won’t open on my iPhone and need to switch the phone off and on to get it to open. Doesn’t do this with other apps. Sometimes the reader will just not connect to the app and have to key in the card details which then costs me more in transaction fees..Version: 4.0.1

Still not availableDoes not work in Canada??? I'm a merchant that wants to accept this as a payment option to my customer!!! Cmon canada get it together!!.Version: 2.4.2

Terrible readersBought my first one which arrived and promptly stopped doing tap readings so they sent me another, worked fine for one use, put it away in its box for a few months and now it doesn’t work at all... what a waste of money. Even when both of them were working they were very unpredictable and often didn’t accept cards.Version: 4.0.1

Rarely ever updated - has multiple small issuesA seriously neglected app that rarely ever gets updated. This has resulted in many small and frustrating issue that need not exist. The other PayPal apps however are overly and frequently updated to the point it becomes infuriating in light of this app (PayPal Here) which hardly ever receives any for addressing its niggling issues. For this reason alone I cannot bring myself to perform the bombardment of updates for the other PayPal apps. Sort it please PayPal..Version: 4.4.0

Squareup is available in Canada!!!I have been waiting for MONTHS for this app to finally be available to me in my region. STILL no launch available to me. Ready to scrap the app since PayPal clearly jumped the gun in launching it to the masses even though they don't have it available to everyone yet. Shame on you, Paypal, and shame on iTunes for letting them launch it anyway. Updated November 1, 2012: today I deleted this app. Good riddance. Squareup is available in Canada now. It's ridiculously easy to set up and you can start using it almost instantly. They will also let you 'gift' up to five readers for $1 each in top of the free reader they will send you. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, PayPal Here. Maybe it should be renamed to PayPal Where?.Version: 1.4

Good AppThis is a good app; my only complaint is that it's not available for iPad. PLEASE make PayPal Here available for the iPad. A bigger screen means less strain on the eyes, easier to share what's on the screen with those around you; bigger screen enables you to see more without having to scroll up, down, right, or left. Not to mention the abundant of additional features that can be added to better enhance the app thus enhance user experience. Also it's great to have your apps on ALL your devices, especially when you might not have your iPhone with you or for the times the battery on your iPhone is dead, being used by someone else, lost or stolen. All in all there are many benefits to having the PayPal Here app available on the iPad..Version: 1.7.7

Being back the old tip screenIt used to be when collecting a payment using a chip card, once the card was inserted a tip screen would populate on the iPhone/iPad super easy and convenient for the client to then add the tip before continuing on to the signature screen. Now this latest update forces the tip to be collected using the chip reader so now instead of just handing the client my phone I have to unplug the card reading device being it over to the client to make their selections (which is not the easiest thing for a senior citizen to read or use what with the all the buttons that confuses them) before then handing them my phone to sign. Why the extra steps!?? It was perfectly fine the way it was originally set up. This makes me now want to go find a new cc system to use. What was once so convenient is now unnecessarily difficult..Version: 3.4.0

Worst app everI've never had so many problems trying to sign into my account in my life. I created an account yesterday to use with my new handheld device and then after going through the annoying security questions it said i had entered the wrong password. I tried again and done the same thing, tried the third time and it blocked me from my logging in again. Later that day i tried to change the password and and was asked to check the boxes in the security question but the page would only show have of it and wouldn't scroll down. When i tried it on my iPad it then said i couldn't sign in because something went wrong. I am at my wits end with this app seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 3.0.80

Ok appThe app works in taking payments ok only real issues are firstly receipts don’t always print because the app fails to connect to the printer half the time which is a big deal since customers like getting printed receipts second issue is getting the money to my bank account, for a while transfers were instant via faster payments but all of a sudden that’s just stopped, now having to wait. The only thing that made this payment system better than the others out there was the fact money was transferred faster.Version: 3.0.2

Love Hate relationshipReally handy app but 2 very annoying features: constantly loses connectivity, need to close app and re login before each transaction (frustrating when you are really busy) and the Bluetooth reader has a short battery life.Version: 3.1.0

Extremely BadTried to bill a customer and it declined the payment 3 times, tried to call customer service 8 times and the calls hang up straight after the voice message that states calls will be recorded and emailed customer service and still no reply..Version: 4.2.4

Dosent work unless you live in usaGreat bunch of hooha! I purchased the reader and went to the redeem site. Can only redeem with usa papypal account. Oh, then i figured out why it just trys to connect and never gets there.... It only works in the usa. Why not put that on your app "only works in usa" so people will stop getting ripped off by buying the reader and finding out it dosent work "anywhere" like you claim!.Version: 2.2.5

“Point”less Point of SaleThis app is nothing but a browser exclusively for the PayPal page. After logging in, it takes me to the PayPal home page with no instructions on what to do next. This app is a POS-Pointless Occupant of Storage. Also, it doesn’t work in Canada. I eagerly await the day this service becomes actually usable.Version: 4.4.0

WasteWhat a waste of a download. Once you sign in the first screen say it won't work..Version: 1.0.1

Can't use yetSays it's not available. Also, PayPal is a pretty terrible company when it comes to customer service, and the whole pulling funds from wiki leaks makes me want to never use this. Get Square instead..Version: 1.0.1

Complete waste of time and moneyFirstly I practically had to offer my first born to gain access, once that drama was over I go to connect the reader and it is stuck on start up. Tried to factory reset, it wouldn’t reset because the factory reset button was missing, I could insert the pin with minimal force all the way into the unit. I fixed the problem by throwing it into the bin and deleting the app. I don’t have time for this garbage..Version: 3.6.2

Never hereFor more than one year I keep gettin the almost here message... What a disappointment... With squareup available in Canada and stripe coming in I'm glad someone is finally challenging paypal's dominance of Canadian online payments!.Version: 1.4.1

Great app but having frustrations.Having to close the app and reopen and log back in for every transaction when at the markets is very frustrating!! Please fix this bug!.Version: 4.3.2

They take control of YOUR moneyDon’t use PayPal they are crooks who take their money off the top and put it on hold almost every transaction waiting 21 days for a customer to have a button to allow it to be okay to get your money and apparently they don’t like having to talk to u about it they will charge you extra for their own business mistakes and consider you responsible for anything they do wrong then ban you from using pay pal they are a joke just crooks who can’t do the one thing they are supposed to do without problems giving u ur money!! Cash app and Venmo and even square card reading is better and absolutely no problems from them I 5 years .. save yourself the trouble choose a more professional company.Version: 4.4.0

BuggyWhile this has worked well for me in the past, EVERY card I tried to run yesterday was rejected. At first I thought it was the card, but after it kept happening it was clear that the problem was PayPal. I lost a lot of business yesterday. More than disappointed!!.Version: 2.6.8

PIN access no longer worksSo frustrating that the PIN number access no longer works and you have to enter the full password. Shame, it was a quick basic app to use previously.Version: 3.7.3

Reserve Roll HoldsAs a small business owner it’s very disappointing to know now that as a seller you risk the possibility of having money made for your business thru your company on hold for 30 days and not released to you. This is completely discouraging to do business operating with PayPal. That policy is ridiculous & unfair to sellers and should be much less. And, speaking with your customer care today who was holding the title of a supervisor doesn’t do much for wanting to continue on using PayPal. The supervisor was very short, rude and not helpful at all. Something needs to be done to protect your sellers to receive their money in a fast time span at all times & for better customer service. Cash apps I will try going forward because your guarantee for sellers to have their money in an understandable time frame you do not provide..Version: 3.6.6

App immediately crashes upon openingI work local food markets and rely heavily on PayPal Here to receive card payments. Today I found that the app begun to crash immediately upon opening it, rendering my card reader useless. This has cost me a lot of money, especially now as cash is rarely used because of covid-19. I’m extremely furious, I tried to contact PayPal but they have been absolutely useless! PAY PAL, FIX YOUR BROKEN APP!.Version: 4.0.1

Worst business app AWFUL Impossible to useI’ve been using PayPal for over a year for a small business I run part time. I tried Square this summer because I started doing shows for an easy way to take credit card payments. When my Square stopped working I stopped into Staples to upgrade my reader. I decided on PayPal Here because it was half the price of the Square reader and I already use PayPal. I downloaded the app to set it up. The first issue I had was after I submitted my application for review. PayPal has a fingerprint ID option but still requires a password. Then they ask for info to verify my identity but I found it impossible to upload any info from my iPhone. I’ve tried all week to verify information with no success!!😡😡 Next, I tried linking the device to my phone. It’s totally undiscoverable!! Finally I now have a 30 day reserve on funds in my PayPal account. WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE USE A SERVICE THAT HOLDS THEIR MONEY FOR A MONTH? THAT’S NOT SECURITY. IT’S EVIL!! They also say they can hold it up to 180 days and require a reserve at all times. I realize there may be unscrupulous sellers out there who take money and close accounts but why create a barrier for businesses who’ve demonstrated they have a history of good business practices. This is the single worst tool PayPal has created. I’ve been happy with their service until now. Very unhappy with PayPal here. ☹️ If I can find alternatives I most certainly will..Version: 3.4.0

Very dissatisfiedSince moving to iPhone 6 the reader app no longer pairs with my reader. Tried lots of restarts and syncing. Paid extra in fees cause I had to input card no manually. Very unhappy customers watching me struggle with the system. Pathetic tech support. Off to get Square..Version: 3.2.0

Horrible card reader connectivity, app freezesThe card readers are horrible at best. Bluetooth connectivity is impossible to work with, constantly can’t find the reader, disconnects or freezes- sometimes in the middle of processing a card. Then you have to force close the app, resign in, attempt to look at transaction history (most of the time that won’t pull up) to see if the transaction went through and then start all over again. An absolute must is to bring back a reader that connects to the phone via the jack that accepts chips. There would be so many fewer issues if they got rid of the Bluetooth nonsense. The app itself is set up nicely, would like to see a better breakdown of sales (when you have different sizes it only shows the main item sales not a breakdown of sales by size) customer service is ok when you finally get ahold of them but expect to sit on hold for awhile. Overall there is a lot to be desired and it’s hard to stay with a company when you have a line of customers because you can’t process a credit card. We are currently looking into other options for at the very least a backup because the readers and app are so unreliable. PLEASE MAKE A HEADPHONE JACK CONNECTED CHIP CARD READER!.Version: 3.2.3

SometimesGenerally it is good with a good back office but it can be a bit buggy. It won’t automatically print the first receipt of the day, you have to force it to print. It often freezes and you have to restart. I’m onto my third card reader and PayPal have no answers as to why they stop working. They crash and have to be restarted. Frustrating for customers waiting to pay..Version: 3.7.3

Read the fine print for paypal business.The holds paypal puts on customer money is almost 3 weeks or longer. We submitted all the required documents. Paypal didn't release the funds into our account. In the fine print it says they can hold the money if they think it's suspicious or if they think your selling something for to high of price. If paypal thinks you sneeze wrong they can hold the money. Its not a joke or a rant it's just the truth. Read the fine print and the list of reasons is so long after the first 3 or 4 you realize this is not where I want my business account through. I went through a traditional brick and mortar bank strictly because of this..Version: 3.9.1

Known faults with latest version, poor usability!Since going to the iPhone X and updating to the latest 3.0.2 version the app cannot recognise the reader even though Bluetooth connection with the reader worked. Tried resets etc, no use. Called the Helpdesk and was told they know about this issue on the latest release even though it wasn’t a problem on an earlier release! Are you crazy??!! What kind of platform releases software with a known issue. This has cost me thousands of dollars in lost sales I’m so angry with Paypal. Then was told to log the issue with IT, stuff that - just fix it you morons!!! Secondly app is really poor in terms of usability. When you raise in invoice and go to charge it, in front of a client, you need to type in their emails every time, I can’t pick up the client from your contact list on your phone. Arghhh... the pain and this just exposes you to errors. Come on Paypal please fix these two issues. I’m trying to work with you but help me help you!!.Version: 3.0.2

PainfulI don’t understand why everytime I turn the machine on after it’s been shutdown I have to forget the device in Bluetooth. Press the button on the machine to pair it again then open and close Bluetooth again on my phone find it again then log in again. It’s ridiculous. Other Bluetooth devices that have been paired previously like headphones or car audio don’t seem to have a problem. Why does Paypal?.Version: 3.6.0

Update isn’t workingThe app was fantastic until the latest update. Now it won’t sinc or turn on. Very frustrating while trying to get customer to be patient. So annoying. Put it back to how it used to be. Have lost so much money.Version: 3.3.1

GarbageI downloaded the app and purchased a card reader off of eBay. I opened the app and got a message that PayPal Here is not available everywhere. There was a link that said learn more but when I clicked it nothing happened. So this app is useless and I purchased a card reader for nothing..Version: 2.0

Absolute nightmare to useIs become a standing joke with my customers if my paypal machine is going to work. I have to reload the app every time I use it and then check the Bluetooth connection even though my wi-fi is excellent, and then pray that it works. For every 10 times I use it it fails 9 times. And I get charged for the privilege of this fiasco. It adds 10 mins onto every payment and sometimes it just won’t work at all and I have to ask people to do a BACS transfer. Dread card payments 😩.Version: 3.6.1

'Almost Here' 6 months laterI give up. I wanted to use Here for its link to PayPal. Tired of being told its coming. When I originally signed up, there wasn't much else on the market for Canada. Now there are plenty. Sorry PayPal but you've dropped the ball..Version: 1.3.2

App is not compatible to iOS in dark mode!!!I have tried to reach out to PayPal support and I was quite surprised by the response of the representative when I told her that there is an issue with this app in iOS 13 or 14 when using dark mode. In Light mode the app works and looks fine, but when in dark mode 90+% of the UI are unreadable! I would think that any app developer would want to know about this and jump on it to fix it. But that was not the response I got. I was told to just switch to light mode since it works in light mode! Anyway, I sure hope they jump on it and either simply lock their app to only show the UI in light Mode, or update the app UI design to work in dark mode as well. Hope PayPal will read this. Wish I could send screenshots in here..Version: 4.1.2

Bad UpdatesThis app was working perfectly fine until the last 2 update I have been using this app for about 2 years and never had problems since the last 2 updates why fix something that’s not broken it use to connect straight to card reader all ways now it takes a few attempts you have to turn on and off where before it connect straight away and after another update now the card reader keeps coming up with a only present one card even though there is only one card please PayPal put it back to how it was..Version: 3.0.3

Absolutely fumingSince about November my app freezes on a daily basis on my phone when trying to log in. I’ve made about 6-7 calls to customer services and sent screenshots of the problem since then and some are blaming my phone and others say sorry we’re fixing it. It’s just highly embarrassing having to delete the app, downloading it and signing back in while the customers waiting to pay. A charge of 2.75% and no service at all. Enough is enough after years of using PayPal here I’ve signed up to another provider today..Version: 3.6.4

PayPal There...'Cause it definitely ain't HERE! PayPal... Get it together! Merchants who are ready to pay your ridiculous sales percentages have been waiting to use this app for over a year! I've been a registered "wait-er" for that long! Gonna' try PayCanada or Square Register instead..Version: 1.5.4

NightmareHad for over 3 yrs and use 7 days a week using for taxi payments . Has let me down on a Few occasions but know worse than ever with the update and has cost me over £35 in two transactions not going through as machine was pending transactions for over 15 minutes, called customer services and as usual can’t get through. Emailed and there reply was to buy another upgraded card machine !! not what I was really wanting to here. Don’t buy as better and cheaper fees on the market now ..Version: 4.2.2

HorriblePayPal sent me a swiper and welcome kit about six months ago. I finally had an opportunity to use it last week for an important day for my business and after swiping a customer's card and having them sign for it, it kept telling me payment not processed. Turns out PayPal Here isn't here in Canada yet. WHY DID YOU SEND ME A SWIPER THEN??.Version: 1.5.4

Works great but has massive issuesThe app does work when you can actually get logged into it, but in low signal areas you can barely get logged into the app. Sometimes even bringing up the app doesn’t always bring up the fingerprint authentication when it’s supposed to either. You have to close it and reopen it several times to get it to prompt. The most annoying feature of the app is the auto-logout at 5pm EST. There’s no way to turn that feature off. You run a card and while it tries to charge the card THEN you get a prompt saying you’re not logged in. Worthless. The “no signature required” for purchases under $50 doesn’t work if you use a chip reader. Only works on swipe and tap. I’ve been with this app for over 5 years and none of these things have been addressed..Version: 4.3.8

Bad service register take longI bought today I thought it easy to use as like other reader. It's not register still processing reviews. Other reader straight way work. I don't recommend PayPal reader. It's better my old reader. Cheap then PayPal I spent this reader more then but no working at all. Same like use PayPal id for online collect money. I don't like this reader. Not good for business always need internet. Other reader no need internet as well. Cheap and cheap %. Don't waste time on PayPal reader. It's best for online PayPal..Version: 3.2.0

Devastating 🤮This does not surprise me . I just spent 3 days and was cut off at least twice,resolved the problem to call back ten minutes later because I cannot log in or update my account. Changed password several times and again today after two cutoffs and three attempts managed to change my password and access my account but cannot do anything and get ‘’ PayPal cannot update as it was purchased or refunded by a different Apple ID. I Call back, and get a voice mail to call back as they are now ClOSED !!! 🤬👊🤮🤮🤢👹.Version: 4.4.0

Not available in CanadaDon't make it available to download in Canada if the service isn't available in our region yet..Version: 1.7.10

In canada, app installed, NO READERI've been with paypal since 2002, and use their service often to buy, sell, and use my PP debit/credit card. So I saw this app over a year ago, and downloaded it on my phone. I could not complete the install at that time because it was 'not yet in Canada'. So every once in a while I open it on the phone, and lo and behold, it installed. I was able to enter all my info, log in with my alternate email account (made special for accepting PP cc payments). I printed a test page from my wireless printer which worked immediately. I can add objects, set tip and tax amounts, etc. Alas, I never received a card reader though I requested it oh so long ago. Why would I want to pay 3.5% per transaction in order to manually key in a cc, when with the swipe-reader it is only 2.5%? And guess what? No link online, or way to order a reader. I could go down to the US and buy one at Staples lol. Guess what else? Customer service must be in DonthaveaclueIstan, because I wrote and told them I am in Canada, have the app installed and working, but just need a reader. And the CSR sends me instructions for how to dl the app and install it, request the reader while installing, and, oh yes, it ISN'T available in Canada yet. Well I find it hard to believe I'm the only person in Canada that DID get the app successfully!.Version: 2.3.3

App fails and says “we are having trouble completing your request right now” when I try to log in.Two events now and the app has failed us. July 2-4 the app went down on two different phones, two different phone carriers but we both got the same red banner at login that said they were experiencing difficulties. This happened again a couple days ago during a 10 day event, at the peak of sales. Luckily I ordered a backup chip/card reader with another company and that ones been great. Paypal is a total let down and worse is is cost us sales. We looked so unprofessional and when we called Paypal they said the have no other tickets for the issue. I’ve tried several times o er the past few days of the event to log in and keep getting the same error message. Can’t imagine what would have happened if we didn’t have the new card reader with the other company. This event cost us $2400 in booth space rent. A down card reader would have been the death of us! Bad for business, we are very unhappy with PayPal right now and won’t be using the app or card readers ever again!.Version: 3.6.9

User for 18 yearsI have to say prior to this year I had been singing praises to PayPal overall for 18 years (that’s how long I have used the company) as I rarely had any issues. This year for some reason the apps (I use 2) both seem to “forget” my password and I have had to change it over 10 times in less than a month to log into my account! It has also been telling me my account catalog is “unavailable” for over a month. Like most things I know it has updated and changed over the years but it really isn’t as user friendly as it once was. That all being said I plan to stick with it til next year in hopes the “bugs” get worked out..Version: 4.2.2

Pay Pal HereNot impressed with so far, keep getting a invalid region error will have to see what kind off support I get in resolving this error.Version: 2.6.11

Not availableTop lel..Version: 1.7.2

Not good to use in a taxi.Tried this for a week. What a let down. Having to sign into the app every time you use it is not acceptable and embarrassing. So slow for me and passengers. Also the higher cost for certain cards is prehistoric. Going back to izettle. App stays signed in so quick access and is cheaper to accept cards no matter what type. Very disappointed with PayPal. I only hope now they own izettle they learn how to improve and don’t drag izettle down to PayPals level..Version: 3.6.5

WATCH OUT FOR THIS COMPANYSo I run a business which is a home improvement business and I figured I would try out this app because they give you a free card reader and a lot of my customers use cards now days well let me tell you DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE !!! I recently made 2 transactions to this account they give you and they were small transactions . One was for $50 and the other was for $60 and as soon as I put the $60 into he account they froze my account . I have $74 in my account and I can’t use it . I had been 5 days and I sent them a pic of my driver license business lic and state certification. And the person that put the money on my card never disputed it or anything . They just chose to freeze my account . and have lost business over this . Please save yourself the headache and use another app this app is so bogus please ..Version: 3.7.0

PayPal Here app is getting worse with each updateThey keep trying to fix and enhance am app that is not broken. Every time they bring out an updated version it completely fails with one issue or another, reader looses connectivity with phone or tablet. Need to reset and login again with every transaction, reader frequently drops out in the middle of a transaction, customers getting frustrated at having to wait while the whole process is restarted, this slows down sales, why are these updates issued before they are thoroughly tested before release when the previous version worked properly and without any hitches..Version: 3.5.1

PayPal is a jokeIf you’re interested in partnering with a company that allows you to accept credit cards from your customers, then will make you wait and eternity before releasing your money, this is the company for you! I cant understand why anyone would want to use PayPal! So we went through all the set up and started accepting payment from customers on PayPal and what a nightmare! Thank God we only ran two or three customers cards through PayPal! They are holding funds on two of them for up to a month! When we told PayPal we did not want to wait that long and that we would like to refund the customers money, we were told from PayPal that unfortunately the returning funds would come out of our account as the customers funds were tied up in PayPals holding account! What a joke! Obviously at least one of PayPal’s gig’s is making money from interest of people’s (my customers) funds as long as possible, claiming they’re trying to verify transactions that have already been approved on my customers cards!!! I think this should be considered fraud! I would definitely stay away from this company and would not recommend them to anyone!.Version: 3.5.2

When it works it works greatUpgraded my phone to the 7+ and reinstalled the app but the Bluetooth does not want to connect no matter what I do. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but my devise doesn't want to connect to my phone. Never had a problem with it on my old 6s :(.Version: 2.8.4

GREAT...Except for one small, but major flawI decided to switch my business over to Paypal this week, after deciding that Sqaure just wasnt doing it for me. 1) 2.70% v.s. 2.75%, as a small business, every bit helps! 2) I can now take Venmo AND Paypal, along with all forms of NFC -- two more options then I previously had with Square -- good, good! 3) I have to take everyone who pays with a chip card, signature...... Lets talk about that one. According to the app, I can turn off signatures under 50$. This is reasonable, I think, and mirrors Squares policy. However, what you are not told is that the no signature under 50$ only applies to: Venmo, Paypal, NFC (Apple / Google) and... magnetic swipe. This turns out to be a small problem because you cannot swipe a magnetic card if you have a chip on it. In an apparent contactless world, I would like Paypal to imagine having to spray and sanitize my iPad after every customer who pays with a credit card, because every customer who pays for a 5$ or 10$ item has to sign for the transaction. This turns what is easily a 5 star app, and a true competitor to Square into a 1 star app that is still sitting in the pit, while Square is running laps. I like the app and the service but having every customer in line having to sign for their transaction is at least 7 years behind the service I have been enjoying with Square. Fix it..Version: 4.2.9

This app gets worse by each updateI remember the first time this app came out and it used to save info, like the payer’s name. After the first major update, we have to input the name each time repeat customers pay. Before the update in 2020, we used to be able to see the payer’s name on the Sales History on iPhone, now you only see the date and amount. It also used to be able to auto-capitalize the payer’s name when you add them on iPhone, now it doesn’t auto capitalize. I still have the older version on my old iPhone 5 which didn’t update anymore and it is much better. I still see the payer’s name and it auto capitalizes when you input the payer. I truly wish PayPal would go back to the original app where it would auto save payer’s info..Version: 4.3.3

Only for USA.While PayPal is international, PayPal Here ONLY offers service in USA. I don't know why this app is available for sale in Canadian ITunes Store, when it can ONLY be used by US residents and the services are not available in Canada. Waste of time downloading it..Version: 2.7.1

Not Available in CanadaPayPal's FAQ states this service is available in Canada. The description of the app doesn't say otherwise. However, this notification is the only thing the app can do! Thanks for Your Interest We're sorry, PayPal Here isn't available in your country yet..Version: 1.7.10

Weak !!!Waited months for this service. Got an email today saying its ready to go just download the app. So I did and got a dead end screen. PayPal customer service says its going to be a few more months. Weak! Forget it. My business has moved on. I'm signed with Moneras now..Version: 1.3.2

Terrible for small business ownersBEWARE!!! If you are a small business owner and charge more than $500 in a 7 day period, PayPal here keeps the REST OF YOUR MONEY FOR 30 DAYS! For us, that meant they kept 70% of what we made today and will not allow us to access it for a month. They claim this is standard practice for credit cards, but has never happened with Intuit or Etsy or Square, so obviously it is not the industry standard. This is not made clear when you sign up. It is in the available information if you click through multiple screens to find it. Their ONLY solution for us: "contact all the people you sold to today, refund their money and ask them to pay an invoice instead." We are vendors. We sell to someone, they take their items, they leave. We don't have access to all of the people we sold to today. This is, in no way, a viable option. I have a mortgage to pay with the money they are holding on to. My customer has their product today, PayPal Here has their cut today, but I get mine in 30 days. Unacceptable. I hope this will help others avoid this horrible situation..Version: 2.8.4

Doesn’t work with iPhone XI just upgraded to an iPhone X from an iPhone 7 Plus and found that it isn’t compatible. The chip reader connects via Bluetooth, but in the app itself, it can’t find or connect to the reader. I called customer support and they confirmed that none of the readers are compatible with the iPhone X. They stated that they don’t know when they will make the updates to this app and the readers to make them compatible. I am now forced to key in all credit card numbers. I even asked if they can reduce the processing fee of keyed entries to match the processing fee for the card reader (because it is their fault for not making it compatible before the release of the iPhone X), and they stated, “no, because we don’t know if you really do have an iPhone Ten, and we can’t verify that that’s your only device to accept payments on.”.Version: 3.0.2

Won't update once iOS6 is installedInstalled this app 6 months ago, never received the attachment to actually make it work, and now since upgrading to iOS6, it's constantly notifying me that there is an update. Only problem is that the "installation" constantly hangs, and I get an error message from iTunes that it has failed. Time to pull the plug on this useless piece of crap. "If" Paypal ever gets around to making it actually work, I "might" think about reinstalling it..Version: 1.3.2

PayPal I hate youWhy would you publish an update without testing it? We just endured 3 days at an expo where the app kept on prompting to ‘connect to this reader’ and then failed continuously until we rebooted the app. And customers only have so much patience. Why is this update still available, when the previous one actually worked?! It is very hard to give a positive review when a product that you rely on can be so unreliable. 1 Star for “good when it works”; no stars for “loses you money, business and customers when it doesn’t”..Version: 3.0.4

Wait listIf its a wait list don't release it or this is fake app? I'm afraid cauz I already enter my acc and password..Version: 1.4.1

Not here... YetIt doesn't seem to be available here, or very limited so almost useless. Deleting the app, using Square Register instead..Version: 1.5.2

Definitely not recommendedI started using PayPal here mostly out of convenience, a friend had given me an extra swiper they didn’t need. After only a couple of very frustrating months I am going to be switching to an alternative payment processing method. Seemingly randomly, they will hold partial (or entire) transactions without any explanation for 30 days. Not cool to have thousands of dollars that I can’t access for no discernible reason at all, especially when their processing fee is comparatively higher than competitors (3%). I’ve tried to contact customer service to no avail, no responses yet. FAQ does not provide any information on this issue or how to prevent it. For example: I ran a $700 transaction yesterday and was only able to access $200 of it immediately, and now I have to wait a whole month for the remaining $500–that was the last time I will ever use this app..Version: 3.6.1

Stability needs improvementBeen using PayPal here for about a year as we occasionally need card payments, however it’s a complete ball ache resetting the Bluetooth to our iPhone 7’s and iPad pros even once you have deleted and re-pared the devices it’s ok for the day assuming you don’t come out of PayPal here into another app as if you do you need to unpair and re-pair all over again! Obviously customers want a quick way to pay and don’t want to have to wait while you spend 10 minutes fiddling around with the devices! In principle a good system but should work every time without fail.Version: 3.0.81

Buggy and needs fix fastSince the early December update the PayPal Here reader loses connectivity with my iPhone and won’t reconnect. I have also had occurrences where this occurs mid transaction resulting in the transaction being processed as a draft. In this situation you get a tick saying the transaction has been approved but the credit card is not actually billed and you don’t find out until you check your Paypal account - the customer is long gone. Customer Service claims these are “known issues “. They refuse to roll back the problematic update. Their work around solution was to write down credit card details for every transaction to allow manual entry (at a higher fee) should a transaction fail!.Version: 3.0.5

No consistencyThe sincing of my iPhone 8 and the card reader is horribly inconsistent. This is my second phone and third card reader - no improvement. All other features of PayPal system has been great (transferring funds/sales reports), but the front line performance is appalling..Version: 3.6.5

PayPal card readerUsed to be great but it’s got worse over the last year until I could not make a single sale. Getting any type of help or response from PayPal was absolutely useless as they don’t want to speak to you, let alone sort out the problem. All they would say is “Go to the website “, which was worse than useless. Then, I found out from PayPal that they wanted everyone to get an Izettle reader as the payment would take several days to get to your account. Whereas PayPal was usually instant. Got the Izettle but then found out it was bought out by, you guessed it - PayPal! And what’s more, you now have to wait a few days to get your money. Such a shame because the PayPal reader used to be great to use. Shady business practice I think..Version: 4.2.9

Clunky and ExpensiveThe Payfirma mobile payment app is waaaay better than this. The swiper is not great either. From a cost standpoint, it's very expensive if you're in Canada and since Paypal is a third party processor, you are beholden to them to get access to your funds..Version: 1.5.2

The app simply don't workI tried using the app and every time I open it. It re-directs me to the "PayPal" app....Version: 4.2.9

App/phone to device connectionI don’t use it often so do not keep the device switched on. Often the device is very slow to connect to my phone. I know no reason for this as both are side by side when trying. I find it embarrassing when a customer is standing in front of me and I have to keep them waiting. On its own I’ve never had a problem operating the app..Version: 3.7.3

Canadian!!We want this available in Canada please!!!!!.Version: 1.7.2

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