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Hay Day App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Hay Day app received 81 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Hay Day? Can you share your negative thoughts about hay day?

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Hay Day for Negative User Reviews

I meeaaannnnn... It could be betterI’ve been playing this game for a while now but it's not as good compared to clash of clans, I find it annoying how everything takes so slow to do, and the diamonds are near impossible to obtain, in clash of clans they are way easier and you could add some of these functions into the game, and because this game is targeted towards young children I think you need an easier way to obtain diamonds because it's frustrating to see a thing taking up to 48 hours to complete, and in the mind of a child, they don't have 48 hours they want it now. So even if you put them in the trees or something.... Idk but it is the same with coins, children spend money on everything and can't even buy a piece of wheat from ”Greg” and it's annoying and reminds me of the great (videogame) depression.....Version: 1.43.150

Love it but keeps crashingI love the game but it keeps crashing every 2 mins on my iPhone 8plus :(.Version: 1.47.96

UnhappyI’m pretty dissatisfied with hay day at the moment as I just brought 12 bread and i had already 2 in my barn and it’s telling me I only have 8 bread yet I brought 12 and both were sold with my name and yet I only got 6 this has been happening a lot lately for me in this game with purchasing a lot from the catalogs etc. please fix it......Version: 1.46.150

Game is crashy and inferior copy of townshipI’m not even to give this game any pros...because there are none. If you’ve ever played township, then played this, you’ll learn that this game is nothing but a pathetic copycat, and worse in virtually every way. Collecting animal products is also a hassle, as well, as if you spam your cursor over them to get the materials quick, there will inevitably be 1 or 2 that your cursor doesnt seem to hit perfectly on the nose, so it doesn’t count. After having multiple times of spamming the cursor over creatures and this same thing happen, I’ve just come to live with the fact that I played a better game before this. There is also a lot less to do than township. In fact, I play both games and only return to this one when crops are ready. The only interesting thing about this game is the newspaper and gathering mats that help to build up your barn and silo. But even this get old, boring, and irritating. People camp that newspaper, so you have to quickly spam through the pages to find someone selling mats or they’ll be sold within a few seconds. Everything about this game was just copied from Township. Even the actions of farm animals are so blatantly copied, it makes me gag. For instance, the pigs point to their mouth when you’ve harvested them and they’re hungry. Exact same thing as township. Don’t waste your time playing this trash. Its like a poor remake of a classic. I’d give it 0 stars if i could..Version: 1.48.149

BadEver time I go on any app it kicks me out it has a bug of a hack to leak information about us probably.Version: 1.47.96

KEEPS CRASHINGI like this game but it keeps crashing every time I open the app!!.Version: 1.47.96

CrashesGame crashes every minute and i cant do anything to stop it and it isn't internet related the game closes and restarts.Version: 1.47.96

Keeps crashingConstantly crashing.Version: 1.47.96

CrashesI have played this game since it started, the crashing issue happened several years ago but was remedied quickly. It started happening again after the valley was introduced..it throws me out and opens back up in the farm about every 3rd time I try to enter but now they don’t seem to be making any attempt to fix it. It has become an example of incompetence and poor customer service..Version: 1.47.96

DISTURBING/VIOLENT Ads NOT ALIGNED with Hay Day, a game for all agesHay Day is literally the most enjoyable, peaceful, thoughtful game that is fun yet also encourages thinking and project management skills. It is great for and played by many kids and adults. BUT there is a VERY DISTURBING negative about Hay Day. I am always very shocked by some of the totally misaligned ads such as the very violent Age of Z, some mid-evil times women servants game (forget name) and Now some “choices” game that appears to be a soap opera themed game & advertises making choices about pregnancy created through infidelity & the like. So you’re peacefully farming with cute animals, then watch the little stage show/game ads to earn free things and get shocked by ads for totally non-peaceful, disturbing games. Even as an adult I am shocked and disturbed by the ads and DO NOT want to see them. For both my kids and my adult self who likes to play, I am so disturbed and disappointed with some of your ad selections for Hay Day. There are some totally inappropriate, disturbing and in some cases very violent games that DO NOT align at all with the very pleasant, peaceful, kind, wonderful game of Hay Day. Do something about this please and think more carefully about who your audience is when choosing ads for certain games. Be smart about such things for goodness sake please!!!!!.Version: 1.43.150

Fun game but HORRIBLE GLICHThe game is really fun and i like playing it with my friends but for some reason every time in the feed mill when I drag animal feed to make it the game Crashes :( pls fix cuz it ruins the game Ps I play on a iPad if that helps.Version: 1.49.4

Boring without gems, crowded newspaperProbably my biggest complaint about this game is the crowded newspapers. You have to tap it as soon as it changes and rush through it just to even have a chance at finding anything and even then you’re still not fast enough. It’s super frustrating and I’m so tired and even my fingers hurt from having to rush to get anything good. And what’s worse is finally getting it just for it to tell me “sorry someone else already bought this.” Please make it so not so many people get one newspaper, I know there are a lot of players but this is completely unfair to give hundreds or however many people the same newspaper because most people will never actually find the items no matter how hard they try to get to it first. Besides this, it takes way too long to level up. I have been playing on and off for over 5 years and have played consistently for the last year and I have just gotten to level 59. I haven’t bought gems and never will but It seems like its the only way to make any significant progress, which makes me not want to play this game anymore. I like this game but it almost forces you to buy gems because it’s just boring if you don’t..Version: 1.53.46

-dramatic vibes-FIRSTLY, I’ve been struggling to feed my farm animals. They’ve been starving and wriggling around, and it’s been heart breaking to watch my sheep shiver sadly in the dirt. The one thing I had been hoping to rely on was Greg’s daily sales. He normally sells great things for a great price. I thought his goods could keep my farm afloat. I was wrong. During the time when I was desperate for cash, Greg sold absolute garbage and almost every five minutes came over to my farm, begging for my hard-earned bacon strips. NO GREG, YOU CANT HAVE MY FIVE BACON STRIPS FOR 10 COINS! So as a final warning, Greg, stay away from my farm or bacon wont be the only thing you’re begging for. AND LASTLY, as I mentioned before I’ve become a little tight on money. I’m saving up right now for a multitude of things such as the juice press, smelter and of course, the boat. And just to rub it in, every time I log onto this app, the fish start jumping and dancing as if they’re saying, “AHAHA YOU DONT HAVE A BOAT, GET SCREWED!” It breaks my heart. It’s not my fault I’m $20,000 short in cash! So I’m sorry, as much as love this game, it breaks my heart to say that no, you will not be receiving a rose..Version: 1.47.96

CRASHING every 30 seconds! CANT DO ANYTHING!Absolutely ridiculous how many times this has crashed. Even looking at the reviews stating they have the same problem and not a single on has been answered saying they are trying to get to the bottom of this. I really hope this gets fixed because other than this it’s a good game..Version: 1.47.96

FrustratedI’ve had this app for a day now. When I first downloaded the app it would crash maybe every 20 minutes of me playing. I didn’t mind as I thought it would surpass but now it crashes every 20 seconds after the game has been fully loaded. Very frustrated as I was enjoying this app! Please fix this bug Hay Day!?! Also any form of response would suffice. I have seen previous reviews, remarks and inputs (that I would say are quiet good.) Yet you have failed to respond to most. Yours sincerely,.Version: 1.47.96

If you are okay with hard work disappearingI have been playing Hay Day for 3-4 years. I have put up with quirks (like after collecting 4 goat cheese from my dairy it is immediately gone into thin air) I was annoyed and stopped playing for a few days. But after the latest update myself and 3 others in my family no longer get a visit from the spinner wheel truck. It showed up the day they offered 4 chances for scrolls and I was one scroll away from opening the land with the umbrella, so after missing out on my first spin I spent a diamond to spin again and got a scroll. I went to open my land now that I had the 10 scrolls, 36 deeds, 36 mallets, and 36 stakes I needed, clicked on it “poof” all of those supplies were redeemed but the wall was still surrounding the plot of land. I figured I must not have unlocked it and checked and it was still locked but I lost all of my supplies as if it was actually unlocked. I contacted Hay Day support and they replied if I sent them a screen shot of the spinner they’d give me my one scroll back. But, the truck was gone by then, I hadn’t thought to take a screen shot, and it still doesn’t even start to replace the 117 other items I used to open that plot. I am really bummed, I understand there are glitches and bugs sometimes, but this is pretty rotten..Version: 1.37.104

SupportAs a long term player, I am coming on to review and lower the star rating. Getting hold of support for issues is getting more and more difficult. I am fed up of being stuck in a loop when trying to get past the ANNOYING automated responses. This morning, i buy a diamond deco package. Diamonds delivered, deco not. Contacted support, got through the loop of madness. No reply all day. Come back this evening to check and message gone!!! I've had to do the same again.... please do not make it impossible for players who spend money with you to get basic support when things go wrong! If i can't get mistakes rectified, I will have to stop spending money with you. Really disappointing Hayday. I stopped playing your newest game because of the support issue!!.Version: 1.53.46

Expensive and timelyI’ve played this game since 2013 or so, and recently got back into it. it’s addicting for sure, and the gameplay is immersive too. it’s a cute game. however the prices and wait times on everything is ridiculous! I’ve gotten my mother into this game too and she agrees. i have reached level 30 now, and decided to repair my boat area for what, like, 35,000 coins! then i have to wait THREE days for it to be repaired. then in the fishing area itself you have to repair the netting maker too for 25,000 coins. then machinery prices are also in the 30k and 50k range and up and those also take a long time to finish setting up. if you want to speed up the process you have to spend a bunch of diamonds that you rarely earn. and these coins and diamonds aren’t that easy to earn either, and if you want to even get enough for something, you have to spend 80 real dollars. i understand 2 and 5 hour wait times, but three days? i wonder how long other expansions take. i understand it teaches patience and keeps you from playing 24/7, but my mom and i just want a fun farm game to play together. unfortunately this is the best one out there..Version: 1.47.96

CrashingI love this game and play it often, but recently it’s been crashing. It won’t even let me open the app. It’s quite frustrating. I’ve never had this issue before so I don’t know what the problem is. Also, I checked to see if maybe it needed to be updated but that’s not it either..Version: 1.41.16

CrashingSometimes or actually all the time when i harvest, game crashes.Version: 1.47.96

Latest updated does not workI get a prompt when I try to launch HayDay that I need to update my version on my iPad (iOS 10). After accepting it, the program directs me to the HayDay app at the Apps store. While it outlines all the new features, there is no download button - just the "Open" button. Pressing "Open" launches the HayDay app and I get the same message that I need to update my application. Now, this is as bad as continuously crashing, not being able to start the game ... this latest update process makes this game useless, none playable ... - no option to run the previous version. I gave it a single star, because I can not play it anymore and while logged in to a hood/derby can't support my team in the upcoming derby. Fix it please - thank you.Version: 1.49.4

Ongoing fixesHi Hay Day Team Love the new valley, unfortunately I don’t always get the (sun bursts) that are the rewards for completing tasks, also have missed farm rewards for spinning the wheel, I get the reward but when I go to use it, it has gone I understand that it is a challenge to stay on top of all the glitches and commend your efforts thus far if you could add my experiences to your list I would appreciate it thanks heaps.Version: 1.43.150

TOO Expensive - SUPERCELL SHOULD BE ASHAMEDDespite reaching level 69 I’m now finding it too hard to advance in this game due to the sheer greed of the developers and their shocking hike in prices. Just for a bit of computer graphics you need in the region of 400,000 coins for each small part of house, truck or stall design and an average of 400,000 per new machine. It used to be fun to progress but the game has become way over priced and totally out of reach. It’s becoming virtually impossible to make this money through game play alone and I’m damned if I’ll spend £75 of my hard earned real cash just to receive a mere 170,000 in-game coins!! That’s a disgusting rip off and bearing in mind it’s mostly children and teens who play this game, I’m shocked that Apple would allow this kind of extortion. Time to put a ceiling on the amount of money that game developers can make out of their players and stop the mounting pressure upon poor cash-strapped parents! SHAME ON YOU SUPERCELL.🥺☹️😡.Version: 1.47.96

Great game but somewhat frustrating todayI tried to go on to hay day today- 15th April but on the loading screen it said I had to update hay day in order to use it. I then went to the App Store but according to my phone, there wasn’t an update for it yet and I am still unable to use hay day because it won’t update. I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem but it’s seriously frustrating... apart from this fact, my experience with hay day has been great apart from how EXPENSIVE everything is including diamonds and coins. The game is also inconsistent in giving me nails and wood and screws to upgrade my silo and barn, for example: I currently have 7 duct tape but none of the planks of wood so I can’t upgrade and when I see the wood in the newspaper, I immediately click on it however when I get there, it’s nearly always gone. This is really annoying but overall it’s a nice, fun game.Version: 1.37.105

Unresolved issue and a very rude responseI love playing this game and have for 8 years. However recently there was a problem concerning a purchase of diamonds. Customer support was awesome at first. They insisted I contact Apple for a refund of the missing diamond package. So I did. Apple checked into the issue and found hayday was given the $19. I had a invoice to prove it. So I sent the invoice to hayday and I was treated rudely. They told me I would not be able to contact them on the matter again. I’ve spent my share of money in 8 years and they would not honor my purchase. I had proof the money was taken. I was treated so badly and wish I could post the response. This was my very first problem with them. Apple give me proof yet they still insisted I contact Apple for a refund. They could not refund me because hayday had the funds. I find it wrong to speak to a customer who has put so much into this game for so long. I was in shock that they acted this way. Whomever Sparky is sent me a rude response that I would love to share. My advice is do not think you will get treated respectfully even if you have proof of the charge. It’s a shame. I’ve still been playing the game but contemplating stopping because of this. If I had a employee speak to my customers that way they would lose their job. My first ever bad review..Version: 1.45.111

Fishing?Love this game HOWEVER, since the update, every time I go to the fishing part, the game shuts down. If you fix this I will give it a 5 star..Version: 1.45.100

Not receiving purchases but being charged !Extremely disappointed to supercell for not fixing the problem that I have read and heard keeps happening with hayday. I purchased a town pack lastnight for 13 dollars , didn’t work so I did it again and then I got charged twice but did not receive my purchases! I spoke with Apple support and had one refunded and kept the other one hoping I would get my gems etc . I had 60 thousand saved lastnight and I woke up this morning to minus 39 thousand and minus 220 gems ! I can not buy anything and still have not received my pack . It’s made me not want to play the game honestly I’m fuming I just hope I get refunded . This is a massive glitch to not just not get my purchase but to lose all the money I have saved! Your going to lose players if you don’t fix this supercell..Version: 1.41.16

After update in April 2020, cant open appI love this game but Over the last 3 days, I am unable to get into the game. It starts loading and then cuts out and back into my home screen. I understand from tech reviews that multiple others are experiencing the same issues and if I uninstall and reinstall the app, I will lose all my progress and I am on level 42. Please fix this..Version: 1.46.149

Um I think this app needs improvementSo firstly the tutorial, ugh way to long. You could maybe make it optional because I had this on my iPad for 3-4 years and I got it on my phone and the tutorial just went on and on and on. IT TRIGGERS MEEEEEEEE!!!!! *cough*cough* I mean plz fix it soon. Secondly maybe there could be better ways of getting gems than paying because I’m a tween and I don’t have money to spend I don’t even have a debit card so how do you expect me to pay that? Huh no I’m not gonna ask my parents because I’m not really greedy soooo?!?!?! What am I supposed to do. And lastly when get the boy and the old people with the last of your gems with the boy I think his name is Tom but why have breaks in between the time to use him to get stuff. With the old people I think the use should be while you play so 5 days worth of playing not 5 days and however much you play during those games (I don’t even know if you can hire them for 5 days but whatever). That’s all I have to say for now but this game needs improvement. No hate tho I hope you guys are successful..Version: 1.41.16

Awesome Game But I Had ProblemsAs relaxing and fun this game is the amount of glitching out it’s done since I’ve updated it is absolutely unbelievable. When I say glitching out I literally mean I could be feeding my cows or something (just doing anything or nothing) and all of a sudden it just exits the game and this is incredibly frustrating! Not to mention that BEFORE I updated it it was doing the same thing so I figured if I updated it it would work better, that’s what usually happens. Boy was I wrong. It made it so much worse it’s gotten to a point where I dread playing the game because it glitches out every few minutes now, I sincerely hope this gets fixed because this game was so addicting, fun, relaxing and all round one of my favourite games. ~Anna.Version: 1.47.96

AnonymousI have been playing hay day awhile but the last months or so I haven’t played so much. It’s too hard it takes way to long for the machines to produce your goods like cheese, sweaters, cakes etc. Fixing things on the farm is far too expensive and takes way too long to fix. Buying stuff in the game is way too expensive unless you wanna purchase lots of gems or coins with a credit card and the cost is disgusting. Do the makers of this game think people are made of money. When you do spend coins buying these machines they take a day or so before you can use them. Also I’m so bored of this game that’s why I haven’t played so much it’s just way hard and the in game purchases are way too expensive. And levelling up is such a slow process. I think this game seriously needs to go back to the drawing board..Version: 1.41.16

Tired of Wasting GemsIt's a great game, I play it all the time, however, there's a problem that really needs to be fixed. Someone fixed it halfway but not all the way. Sometimes when you're checking on products or machines you accidentally click the "speed up" button, and instead of asking you to confirm that's what you wanted to do, it instantaneously speeds it up, wasting a bunch of gems you didn't want to use. Sometimes it's a large amount, too. I just now accidentally spent 17 gems on three eggs, by accidentally hitting a super sensitive "speed up" button, when I could have just spent 180 coins to get ten eggs in the market. It's stupid and frustrating, and needs to be fixed. I'm tired of wasting gems because of an overactive and over sensitive button. Also, WAY TOO MANY FROGS. They have covered my farm for way too long. There's at least 50+ of them, and most bunch up in these ugly annoying little groups. It's not just me, either. It's a huge problem that needs to be addressed. **** There's STILL a problem with the speed up buttons being too sensitive and not asking for a double tap!!!! I wasted five gems!!! FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting VERY IMPATIENT WITH THIS PROBLEM****.Version: 1.37.105

A little glitchThe game is fun and I’ve played a while but... There’s a glitch that makes my game crash every min (random) after I open it. First I thought it was cause my phones fault (6s) cause it was old but now I have an XR and it still crashes. Please fix.Version: 1.47.96

CrashesGame crashes constantly on iPhone 11 running 14.0.1.Version: 1.47.96

CTGAMES12I have been playing this game for 5 or 6 years now and on the whole have loved it. Don’t mind indulging in a few quid for some extra diamonds. But........have noticed recently that some areas of the game when using diamonds to fast track has very obviously been preset to not deliver what you need, so take care if you are like me and using hard earned cash for diamonds as it’s not always going to benefit you.......particularly in the town derby tasks. It’s a real shame that the makers have chosen to do this, it’s by no means a random selection of visitors that you will receive so don’t use diamonds to speed up your new arrivals in town if you need quite a few - it will take a lot of your diamonds/cash (I needed 5 specific visitors for a derby task and spent 64 diamonds, for 88 new visitors, not a single one was what I needed!!) This is a regular occurrence in town tasks. Other than that it’s a great addictive game with some brilliant new aspects being introduced all the time. Just beware of what you use diamonds for if there’s no guarantee......Version: 1.43.150

Good BUT ......The game is great, I wonder why the Donkeys and Dogs and horses, were made to look so horrible ,they should be more happy looking, I’m not sure why someone would make them look like that, also the land deeds are very ,very difficult to get, so expansion takes to long, could you not make it say for every 1,000 coins you have the choice of converting, them into a land deed, or may be converting vouchers, into land deeds, it’s very haphazard you can accumulate lots of hammers and pegs but get only a few land deeds it should be even, why not do water rights instead of land deeds for expanding the pond, I find myself trying to decide if I should expand my pool are land , I understand this is a business, but it’s world wide just how much money do you want to take from people,I have in the past spend money but small amounts but some people spend thousands . Moe items in the store, redoing ones that may of been missed by players I do t have the horse jumping fences I would love those, redoing old things would be good and can the visitors actually walk around the farm stopping randomly at places to buy the things rather then stand at the house The other thing I wonder is why I don’t get FOXES I used to have them but now NONE, I had one that stayed in one area, but when I moved things he disappeared, I noticed in some they have loads, some have hundreds, I don’t.Version: 1.41.16

Level 135Been with this game since it’s beginning. Game has advanced to being nothing but money gouging for Tencent with the same boring challenges. Seriously? Barn and silo and scrolls. Only way to get enough is to buy them. Now costs way more money to get anywhere in it. Current bingo derby is a lost cause unless you can sit on game all day feeding and harvesting animal tasks or want to spend 2-3 days waiting for the right character in the town. Zero reliable customer support. Seems like Tencent only cares about raising cost and letting quality jump off a cliff. Very sad as this could return to being a wonderful game if someone cared enough about player experience and player appreciation. We gave up on ridiculousness of derby tasks (don’t have all day to sit around doing animal tasks or character tasks- little thing called a job?) and now play only casually on and off. Not worth the money for the same old droning never ending barn, silo, scroll chasing that all cost a ton of diamonds to get anywhere even the valley has gone diamond crazy to get a little statue. They don’t even bother dressing the animals for the seasons. Instead you pay for hats through a subscription called farm pass. We keep hoping it will get better but it hasn’t yet..Version: 1.51.90

Horrible customer serviceMy farm pass reset today back to the start! I paid real money for that farm pass and was supposed to have it for 4 more days and it’s gone and restarted. I have videos and screenshots of the error. It happen after I got the maintenance recently On my farm. Also in the valley my rewards are at 0 and I’m unable to spend any of those items that I worked towards. I had almost 1000 of each blue, pink, and green gem and I believe the pink gems were over 1000. I was going to purchase diamonds today to break open the valley piggy bank and buy the rewards for 1100 gems each and now it also says my piggy bank has 0 gems in it aswell. I have spent a considerable amount of money on this game on my account and also on my wife’s account and I’m not happy with these maintenance effecting so much of my farm on two separate things I worked hard for almost a month lol n each to achieve the end goal. My farm pass has reset and also I loose out on the entire valley I worked so hard for an entire month. My truck and my house also reset back to default. So the items that I bought from the builder girl that visits weekly were also a waste of my money! I tried to report the issue from the game app and it will only allow me to talk to “Greg the farmer” and he is not helpful at all!! I’m so mad I could spit. My wife and I will no longer spend a penny on this game and the developers and owners can look into my account and see it’s quite a bit monthly..Version: 1.54.71

Fix the crashesI’ve always loved this game but for the last couple of months, it crashes when I try to open it. I have the latest updates, but that doesn’t help.Version: 1.47.96

Disappointing since updatedI have been playing this game for years and it’s extremely difficult to play without spending real money on it. The latest update has made it nearly impossible to play without paying quite large sums of cash, and just shows the pure greed of the game makers. You need scrolls to expand land, and at a special offer price of £8 for five scrolls is insane considering it will take approximately 200 scrolls to expand land fully. You also need diamonds for most aspects of the game. If you played every day for a week, you might earn 6 diamonds. To unlock a space on farm machinery so you can make more items at a time, you might need as many 24 diamonds. Each piece of machinery has nine expansion spaces. The pure greed on the part of Supercell just goes on and on. It’s disgusting. Don’t download this game unless you are prepared to spend a fortune on something that is just pretend..Version: 1.44.74

CrashesThe game seems to crash everytime a new npc come on screen. my iphone 6s cant handle the game obviously but its says my phone can run it but crashes everytime with less then 5min of play time..Version: 1.47.96

The Game is good but crashThe game is constantly crash.Version: 1.47.96

Enjoy playing but needs changes!!Update. Glitches since latest update. Can’t but daily deal in the newspaper. Update: like the new options to customize, but just wish you could go back to ones you have purchased. I don't want to buy anything because you can't revert back. It's a waste of coins, vouchers or diamonds if you change something. Enjoy playing the game but stuff really gets expensive! Please lower the prices for buying the machines to make stuff. I've leveled up but can't afford to buy them. It's not like it's easy to make money on my farm. Also HATE the gifts given for the gift cards! I spend days saving them because the max is only 5 a day, and then spend 35 only to get a stupid flower that I can buy for less than 50 coins or a flower that I have 50 of!! Also used 35 gift cards and got a TREE that I would normally use an axe to cut down!! How dumb of a gift is that!!! Every time the tractor comes up as an option in a gift, I save to buy it because I don't have it and it's a ridiculous amount of coins to buy it! Of course I never get it and I have been playing this game for years!!! Change the random gifts so we can get better stuff! I'm NOT spending real money on this game. Tom should be also set to use in a better way. Every 2 hours makes it impossible to get all the uses out of him in 24 hours!.Version: 1.52.125

Too MuchHonestly, this game is absolutely fantastic. But in my personal opinion there is just way too much going on for me to actually be able to play. Sure for a kid who can spend 10 hours a day on this game its great but for everyone else its a massive pain. The farm helpers shouldnt cost gems and should be helping out at all times. Nobody has the time to log in every 5 minutes for the entire day to harvest crops that makes an item, which you need for another item which makes something else. 25 hours later and oh my boats gone i dont even need them anymore? I mean seriously its a great game but for me at least there is just no incentive to keep playing. Simply way too many things to do (good thing) but really no help in doing so if your not willing to spend 5 hours a day playing. I really want to like and play this game but i cant..Version: 1.49.4

Latest update shows Supercell’s greedThis is actually a very good game and my whole family plays it. However, upgrading/expanding things takes a lot of expansion items - the latest update has limited each player to 80 expansion items a day. Why is that a problem? Because it’s very easy to reach that limit very quickly if you have a lot to expand/upgrade. This game encourages neighbourhoods and helping each other - but the latest update makes a mockery of that. I used to buy items that my family or team-mates needed and sell them on. But now with the 80 limit, I can’t do that as I will use my limit and then find items that I need - and then am unable to buy. This now happens every day. I don’t know of one person who thinks this improves the gameplay - it just made a great game worse. This shows that Supercell are trying to make you spend more diamonds on buying items you need, and have added diamond-spending options on Greg’s farm, spin the wheel in the valley, etc. This is encouraging people to spend real money on the game. I get that Supercell is a business, but come on - so much money-grabbing in one update? Wow. Disappointing..Version: 1.44.74

Love/HateI love playing this game but I think it’s abit ridiculous how quickly you don’t have storage in your barn and the planks and bolts and stuff are so hard to find in the newspaper , and even if you hire Tom for the day which is quite expensive (15 diamonds) you can’t buy any of that stuff it’s really annoying , I wish that could be resolved as it just frustrates me , also the land expansions are so expensive why can’t you just make it that at certain levels you unlock a new land , and also the prices of some things are ridiculous I’ve never actually spent “real money” on this game but it’s so annoying that you save up quite abit then can only buy one thing! I love this game but definitely can be a lot better!.Version: 1.44.74

Bugs: game crashesI just got the most recent update and I can’t stay on the app for more than a few minutes before it crashes and kicks me off the app! Please fix this ASAP as I am quite addicted to the game and get horny when I’m not playing and mum said I can’t go on P.H anymore.Version: 1.47.95

Dodgiest appI’ve had this app for a while but only really started playing during quarantine as I was so bored. It was fine until suddenly really dodgy stuff started happening to my account. I would log on to find ten land deeds being sold in my road shop for one coin, or ten duct tapes being sold for one coin. I was saving to buy an expensive machine and the next thing I know all my money has been spent on decorations! I know for a fact I didn’t do any of this and I changed my game centre password just in case someone was hacking onto my account but then realised it was supercell. I looked at the supercell forum to see if this kind of thing happened a lot and it does. They find players accounts, mostly ones who don’t play super often, and start doing dodgy things like that to try and inject more LEMs into the game..Version: 1.46.150

Annoyed 😡I play hay day every day but when I go onto store to look at some stuff I have to scroll down so that's what I do but I keep accidentally pressing things which cost diamonds. If I accidentally buy something which cost diamonds I lose the diamonds and can't get them back. For me I only get 1 or 2 diamonds each time I level up so it takes ages for me to buy something I really want to decorate my farm with. To make this game better(than it already is) plz add an extra button asking the players "Are you really sure you want to buy this"? This would save ppl from getting annoyed at this game or even worse stop playing it. Plz do something about this or else I'll delete it. Thanks for reading my COMPLAINT. I hope you ppl do something about this VERY soon (I'll appreciate it even more if you do this now than later) and also plz reply to this complaint so I'll be satisfied that you have read this. Thanks.Version: 1.39.93

CrashesI used to love this game but I haven’t played it in awhile. I came back on to play today but the game is constantly crashing! No idea why but it’s ridiculous!.Version: 1.47.96

Its an ok game...Hay day is a great game although cutting down the fruit trees and bushes is really hard because you never have enough axes or saws. I believe Tom should always be available for free so that us farmers have a better chance at growing a great farm. Likewise, as you go up levels, each production building is extremely expensive and can’t be brought until 6 levels later when you have the money or paying real money to get more coins. This game kinda requires you to buy money/gems with real money and I don’t want to spend my money on a game that I play. However, the game itself is really good and it hardly ever glitches..Version: 1.36.212

Hay day updateThis morning it says update in App Store to get diamonds , I click on download and it takes me to a page with no updates or anything available so click open and it goes back to same message. This is so frustrating can anyone advise how to get on to play or is this an error ? If so please fix soon.Version: 1.37.104

The shop revampRevamp the shop for gods sake, it’s been like that for such a long time. It’s slow and unintuitive. Redundant animation and slow to open and frankly a huge missed opportunity. I spend almost 60% of the time inside on the shops, visiting a shop and buy goods is my most done and enjoyable moment but that dread after seeing the animation and the unreasonable amount of wasted pixels for the shop entries makes me so mad. Here is my suggestion, show a small icon of what’s inside of the the shop seller entry and show smaller icons of the items inside that shop. Everything can be condensed in that square of one entry. Items get purchased in seconds it’s frustrating to see the “banner” item is corn and when you enter it’s like all the other good stuff. Some who are lucky will open that and other people just cruise through and don’t get the items. From a business perspective if a person gets what he is looking for then they ll have fun and want to spend more time playing this game and will be even more willing to spend money in it. Please I urge you to send more time on making some QOL improvements like this instead of adding features like the truck thing which doesn’t seem to add any really value and makes it more cumbersome to get items. This is such a phenomenal game and everyone Regardless it age and gender enjoy playing. You guys owe it to them to make this game worth their while..Version: 1.43.150

2 minutes to grow wheat but 1 hour to make Bacon and Eggs.I have been playing this game for quite a while and though this generally isn’t the typical genre of game that I play, I have been enjoying it. It is family friendly fun and something to do when you have 5 minutes to spare. My only issue with the game is the nonsensical waiting times. It takes 2 minutes to grow wheat in game, which makes sense considering it is the first crop you grow, but after that it just gets ridiculous. As I mentioned in the title, it take 1 hour to make eggs and bacon and 2 hours to knit a woolly hat. It is beyond ridiculous, it would be quicker to actually create the things in real life sometimes than wait for them in game. It really is a shame considering that the rest of the game is worthy of more than the 3 starts I am awarding this game..Version: 1.40.98

With every update they break the gameKeep in mind that this is a Freemium real time game. We spend considerable amounts of money on in game purchases, buying services, some of which expire. Plus, there are in game competitions and group tasks, all of which are time critical. It has now been 3 days since I have last been able to log on, as the latest update has *once again* broken the game. Whilst Supercell do concede that the update is not yet available in all regions, they are completely unresponsive to customer enquiries and complaints about this. Every time a mandatory update is released, you can no longer play the game until you have installed said update, yet when trying to do so, there is no update available. Every. Single. Time. Three days and counting on this occasion. It's shocking that consumer protection groups do not seem to intervene. Hopefully with some pressure from customers they soon will..Version: 1.38.187

.Keeps crashing :/.Version: 1.47.96

Only for the rich!I downloaded this game when HayDay was in its infancy (as in only a few months old) that was a few years back now. It was a joy to play back then. The challenges were attainable and the bits and pieces you needed to get ahead were readily available and wonderfully priced if you needed to buy. I have now managed to get to level 115. Unfortunately there isnt much to enjoy anymore because its noticeable that the game software has been tightened up and it seems its all about Supercell making money. Now beyond a challenge, its more like... impossible! There are ‘free’ things you are given while working your farm but not a thing that is going to really help you out. In my experience the balance has now been tipped and i feel i can no longer work my farm enjoyably unless i want to spend money on diamonds (in app purchase). These are VERY expensive to buy and diamond packages have gone up a lot over the years. All you have to do is go to HayDay facebook and read the comments to see how frustrated players have become with this app. Graphics are great and issues/bugs are fixed in a timely manner. Lots of fun things happening within the game for sure.... BUT..... if you want to download this app, make sure you have LOTS of money because thats about the only way to get ahead and to keep things ticking over..Version: 1.41.16

LaggingSince the latest update, the game hangs when visiting farms via the paper or last helpers etc. If you reset the app, the paper reloads but does not highlight in grey that you have visited and you lose the speed needed to buy certain items..Version: 1.36.212

CrashesFun game but after 30 seconds it crashes and takes me back to my home screen. If it wasn’t for that I would have kept the app:(.Version: 1.47.96

Game keeps crashingLove the concept of the game, it is amazing! Only one problem... the app keeps on crashing on me even though there’s nothing else running in the background and I’m playing on an iPhone 11. Tried to contact your team through support but it’s automated, I asked to speak to a human and it didn’t let me..Version: 1.47.96

I got tricked in the most underhanded wayDirt trail decoration, the first you buy is in coins, so you would think that it’s going to continue to cost coins. Nope. Bought one, thought “this would be a nice way to decorate the town,” bought another and I realized a problem. I had eleven diamonds before, was saving up to add more slots to a production building, and I had dropped down to three... cause I assumed that the trail was like every . other . decoration . and would stay on the same currency but apparently not. And it wasn’t like spending diamonds elsewhere, there was no double tap confirmation and no way for me to get * any * of my diamonds back. Not to mention that you cannot skip anything the scarecrow shows you, which is the most insulting thing a game could ever do. You think I’m dumb and can’t figure out a extremely common game mechanic? Literally every other “build from the ground up” production game has the same mechanic, it’s like telling a pc gamer to move with WASD. And the road shop... a Facebook friend? Really? Facebook is primarily used by older generations, so you’ve essentially limited yourself. It’s a tactic that gives off MLM vibes; invite your friends to a game that is really stingy with its currency, and it just so happens to go through Facebook....Version: 1.49.4

Profanity and hate speech allowedNo longer a game safe for children. Unfortunately after years of playing with my family, the support in game has taken a huge turn for the worse. You can no longer use the report feature as it only relates to the chat. Farm names and neighborhood descriptions that include hate speech, racism and profanity are now allowed to remain even after using their email system to report it. I was told via email that any violation of their T&S would result in punishment and they thanked me for reporting a toxic player. Support changed the name of the their farm (but not the neighborhood description which was even worse) and within hours, the player changed it back. I reported a second time (with screenshots) and the response was ”It looks like we have exhausted all possibilities to resolve your request, so we have to close the conversation here.” And that’s it. The player remains to this day. SuperCell claims to be a member of THE FAIR PLAY ALLIANCE, but it’s just a public relations statement and no real action. It’s sad to see this happening. Any email I’ve sent since doesn’t get answered so a developer response from this review that says to email them would be a joke. Neighborhood Tag: #LG2V0JVP if anyone has doubts about my review..Version: 1.53.44

Keeps crashingKeeps crashing.Version: 1.47.96

Respect your playersI am so disappointed that my farm was banned or 31 days. During years of play I changed my iPad once and my cell phone now. When asked to transfer my farm, I was banned thinking that I was trying to sell my farm. I didn’t even know that the farms could be sold . I am a retired person who would like to play hassle free farm games. Anyways, I have chosen other farm games to while my time away. Loss is yours . I am giving 1star because of the shabby treatment of a player who played the game for nearly 5 years..Version: 1.47.96

Well I'm getting tired of this gameAlways crash within 2 minutes playing. I was used to play every day but it seems the game is dead now. There's plenty of excellents games elsewhere..Version: 1.47.96

Support service is awful!!I love this game but oh my gosh the support service is just so bad. I purchased three saws from Greg’s shop and immediately afterwards I went to cut down three trees but the saws weren’t in my inventory! I went back to Greg’s shop but the saws weren’t there either (because news flash to supercell I bought everything from his store). I went to the help section and there wasn’t even a section that could accurately describe the problem I was having, which I also see from here a lot of other people are having. When I got to the automated chat with support it was difficult to use because the only options they really had were based off of user errors so I just had to keep on hitting “other” before it asked me to describe the issue. I described the issue and all I got was a “thanks check social media for updates”...um excuse me I kind of want an update to MY problem aka the three saws you owe me. It then asks me if I need anything else, I hit yes because I want to give the automated system an email for me or something so I can talk to a REAL person, and it just takes me back to the beginning of the process. I’m not sure if Supercell is plain ignorant of the issue because they can’t admit they make mistakes, or if they’re ignoring it because they prefer people to buy saws and other things with real money. Either way... boooo 👎🏼.Version: 1.44.74

Support IssuesI went to help and support to see if I could delete my data/restart the game and I followed the instructions but the only way to restart a game with one SC ID is to delete all the data from all connected games (why must I delete all my connected games?) but I had only hay day so that was irrelevant. It said I could delete my data but there was no way to do it, no button to press and confirm deletion by yourself. So I tried to contact them and was presented with various options by preset messengers and got no where until a the respondent finally appeared to be a person. I had explained my problem and they finally understood and asked me to confirm not once but twice, which I did. I finally thought I could delete my data but then once i answered for them to proceed with the deletion the help respondent stopped responding/showing any signs of response! Honestly disappointed because hay day itself is a good game..Version: 1.46.150

Horrible customer service and technical support.I have been experiencing a sound in the form of a click or popping noise from my device speakers upon launch of hay day app, when entering and leaving the fishing, town and village. I had been working with hay day support. i did everything they asked including their last request to try on a new device. I did so replying that issue continues on another device. At all times I was respectful and professional. This is their response to being informed that issue continues across all devices I have tested on including a new device: We have already responded to you on this topic, and have nothing more to add. For this reason, we won't be replying anymore. After some time, you will be able to contact us again about a new topic. Placing a customer in a penalty box restricting them from further support is unacceptable and disrespectful of your customers. Most companies support personnel would continue to seek at solution for the customer. If issue occurs across multiple devices then it is not a device issue but a software issue. When you ask a customer to test and they reply with the results of that test you provide additional assistance rather than inform the customer they will receive no additional support on the issue..Version: 1.44.74

IssueWhen I click on the app to play it says to update it for Diamonds but when I click update it takes me to the App Store where there is do option to update the app. I then click on open and it take me back to the same message. This is quite annoying so can you please fix this asap!.Version: 1.54.71

Fix hay dayThis game is very fun but everytime it just crashes and I cant do anything about it.Version: 1.47.96

So broken and customer service is the WORSTOur family really enjoyed playing this together and were happy to spend extra money regularly in support. My son kept having issues with purchasing so over a series of 3 days we attempted many times, many things, changing settings etc but just kept getting a message in-game saying the purchases were invalid. We then received emails from apple saying that we had been charged every time. Obviously apple can’t see if we received the in-game purchases so are not going to refund us but Hay Day support could see the photo of all the charges from apple. It was horrible. Being shafted from emails to stupid automated messages and back again. We were told that nothing could be done unless we were in-game but contact in the game was a nightmare. And when we finally had someone real actually respond they simply said that they couldn’t see anything in-game and then left. It shouldn’t be our problem that their crappy programming left such a stupid bug in the game. So over $50 later and seeing nothing from it and spending three days trying to chase it up and countless attempts at in-game contact and they wouldn’t even give me 1 minute to show them the charges on my sons account. They have lost myself, 3 of my kids, their friends, and my mum as clients because of their disgusting example of customer something because it ain’t service. It is so wrong..Version: 1.41.16

Worst customer service I’ve ever came acrossThis was mine and my hubby’s all time favorite game. We’ve spent countless amounts of money on diamonds and specials they run every now and then. Well today after doing the update to my phone last night I was locked out of my iTunes and apple account. I logged into my heyday and it said that I had fraudulent charges against my account and I had a negative 179 diamond balance. I contacted iTunes and apple and was told that it was very weird what happened and that it was a mistake and they fixed my account and I was able to log right back into everything without any issues and they explained to me to contact HayDay customer support and they would surely clear this up without any issues. I did. They refuse to help me in anyway. Wouldn’t point me into the direction of anyone else I could contact except apple even after I explained I’ve already spoken to them and they admit it’s an error. So now I’m out of all the money I’ve dropped into this game because I refuse to play a game that rips people off and refuses to help in any way. Plainly told me they wouldn’t do anything and was willing to lose paying game players to rip me off the measly 20 bucks knowing I would of dropped it right back into the game in a week. So yes it is a fun game but if you ever run into any trouble and have spent money they will NOT do anything to help you in anyway but let you leave and think nothing of it.Version: 1.47.96

ScrollsIt is very poor where one can get scrolls from. Greg used to give them on occasions. i have done all that was said to do, but abt 2 in 6 months is a bit too few. some people seem to be getting a lot of them. have been playing since soon after it started and i think this reward needs to be looked in too. thx.Version: 1.47.95

Fix the connectivity issue!!!This is the first time I update a review and give it fewer starts than before. I wrote this more than a year ago and it has still not been fixed. The moment your phone temporarily loses connection or switches between mobile data and wifi, the app gets stuck. The worst part is that I can still play not knowing (!) I will lose all of the progress since the interruption. Not until I tap on the newsletter or try to visit other farms, then I know because it won’t load. Not until I kill the app. It’s a shame because it’s become impossible to play. Original review: Love this game but please fix the connectivity issue, it’s really annoying to have to restart the app every time there is weak internet. Every time I lose Wi-fi connection (weak spot in the house) & switch to mobile data, I have to restart the app just to continue playing. It seems like the app gets stuck in a loop and ignores the new 4G connection..Version: 1.47.96

HelpGreat game but it crashes after just a few minutes of being on the app, very annoying please fix- also i wish it could be played offline :).Version: 1.47.96

Needs to be updatedIt keeps crashing every time I open the app please fix this because it’s starting to get annoying.Version: 1.47.96

Crops and barn items disappearing from storageGood game but I’m getting really sick of collecting my crop and it disappears from storage. Same with my barn storage. Important things (like the rear screws you have to collect to be able to upgrade your barn storage) goes missing. Which makes it much harder to be able to upgrade anything. It makes everything so much longer as I have to wait for more crops to grow or wait to be able to collect the screws etc. it will make me stop playing the game eventually as it’s extremely frustrating..Version: 1.44.74

Scam ?I pay for the season pass, been charge but receive nothing..Version: 1.49.4

None existent “help and support “In the middle of a derby the tasks comes back to zero, so I have to star all over again, and re do the task again! How frustrating is this!!?! This is the third time it happened to me so I decided to let admin know !! Then I went to the feedback/report bugs and contact form option that never works!! “help and support is unavailable at the moment “ sign comes up all day, everyday!! So it is imposible to communicate!! The “contact us” button is not a real button!! press and press again with no success.(and I’ve tried with different devises) All they ask you to do is reinstall the game that I already did! Please fix this is really frustrating and annoying! I know this is just a game but we are committed to the other people in the neighbourhood and is stressful. Thanks.Version: 1.49.4

Inconsistent helpFun game, but...When writing about a glitch concerning the town train, the game team at first thanked me for informing them of a glitch. Then another glitch aspect appeared on the train and I wrote back to be told there was nothing more they could do even though the glitch now had another piece. They also said I could write back concerning a different topic after a time. Well, if I am paying money, I expect to be able to write any time. After a couple days short of a month, I wrote again about the train glitch which had reappeared after being OK for a bit. Once again I got the response that there was nothing they could add and I could write back on another issue after a bit. It seems to me that they could have at least acknowledged the issue was taking a while since it impacts derby and town play. They simply closed the conversation after I wrote back that I relied on their help since I was not tech savvy. Wonderful responses ring cold when the next response is so unacceptable. It is a nice game if nothing goes wrong, but my money will go elsewhere since the team was less than helpful. It’s interesting how they only ask me to rate the team response after a nice response, so I decided to write a review..Version: 1.47.96

Keeps CrashingI have an iPhone 12 and the game keeps crashing to the home screen randomly. Needs patching badly.Version: 1.47.96

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