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PURCHASEI really like the game best game ever unfortunately I was looking forward to getting apple money for Eid and then when I did I said let me spend it to buy Hay Day Gems. When I purchased it sent me and email saying your purchase was a Success if you do not get it in 24 hours please contact apple support. So then the next day I waited until 24 hours was finished then went on to Hay Day and did not get my diamonds then I went onto apple support and they said to contact hay day support. When I contacted Hay Day support it said to contact Apple support. In the end i asked apple for a refund. Please can you fix it. I wanna get gems and get Tom so thanks and Have a good day.Version: 1.47.96

Neighbourhood RecommendationsI a absolutely love this game and it’s amazing smoothness, no bugs or glitches!! It’s sooo fun and overall an AWESOME game!! However, I have an idea... I am starting a neighbourhood at the moment, but find it hard to add people. I don’t have Facebook to ask friends to join. Could you please consider adding a neighbourhood ad, or have a list of small neighbourhoods to recommend to the players that unlock the neighbourhoods?? It is hard to work with little people, and I think it’ll help you make a better game!! Love your work!! Keep going!.Version: 1.36.212

Suggestion for Hay DayHey! I think the game is amazing, no doubt about it. Lately, I’ve been trying to fill in my boat orders and with my busy schedule, I’ve found it harder to search for the needed materials in the newspaper. I just thought it would be a cool and helpful idea to add a search section for the newspaper. That way, we can find the thins we need much easier, whether the item is sold at a high or low price. If this can’t be implemented, that’s fine! The game is already fun and great- keep up the great work and I’m excited for future updates!.Version: 1.38.187

I LOVE THIS APP HERES WHY.So I’ve been playing hay day for about 8 years now. It’s my relaxation, I spend about 8 hours a day on it since I lost my job as a farmer, I can really relate to Greg. Please don’t ever turn down the people who come begging for burgers, crops _ they are so hungry and in desperate need. In total I’ve spend about £480 on coins and diamonds on this app but I intend to spend a lot more since I just received inheritance money from Tom! I 10/10 recommended it’s so addictive tho please be warned lol. Thanks guys and please support my farm it would mean so much to to me and my husband who play it together every day. LOVE IT GURLL KEEP ON SLAYING GREG. Plus don’t mess with hay day or give it a bad review that hurts my feelings..Version: 1.45.111

Ideas to addMy aunt is level 131 and she plays everyday she just recently got the squirrels and was disappointed that you can’t make anything out of it except like peanut butter. On behalf of her and the rest of us I think new foods need to come out for the peanuts, what would be cool is if you could get a puzzle piece collection for foods. I think that another cool idea would be to make the hay day pass for gems instead of money because I am a free to play person and when I redownloaded the game I was so happy that it kept updating and I was so happy to get the pass but found out that it was 5$. Also I think it would be cool to have a hunting range it wouldn’t be to kid friendly but I can think of a ton of animal meats you could add and new recipes! Can you also get new style cats and dogs? I don’t love the design of them to much. I think what would be awesome is if you added more club things, like club boats where you have to work as a club to fill it up first to get a certain amount of rewards! Fishing needs a new something it is getting boring over there, you could add like a secrete farm area where there are different things you have to re-build or like mermaids that could give you pearls to make rings and necklaces out of. I have to tell you that I’m level 27 so if I bring up something already in the game I’m sorry. Hope you take my suggestions and I love you supercell keep up the AMAZING work!!!.Version: 1.48.149

Hay DayIt would be very helpful to have some sort of ring fence which you could put around a group of objects like trees or paddock pieces & move them from one side of the farm to the other in one go instead of separately as this takes ages. Really enjoy the game!.Version: 1.52.130

Not to fond of the new updateI love Hay Day but I feel ever since the new update came out. Things have changed. I love to hate it. It’s so relaxing and it kills time easily and it just a really good game to play to kill time but I feel like ever since the new update, it’s not the same, I think it looked a lot better when the XP ball was going along your screen instead of in the corner and I feel like everything just looks so much more animated now and the aesthetic has just changed I still love hey day but I just miss the old original look..Version: 1.57.151

OmgI love hay day it’s such a good game it’s like being a real life farmer with lots of responsibilities but also every time you level up you get a bit of a reward and you have to earn stuff and not just have it handed to you,and it teaches kids value of money in slide sail and magazine becasue you have a certain amount of money that you earn so you buy what you need and you can help people which is very important so if your reading this wondering if you should get hay day go for it you’ll probably be like at the start what do I do but you’ll get help from your friend Greg and a scarecrow so have fun and Donald hayday.Version: 1.46.149

Mrs cainThe farm game is a really lovely game and i enjoy playing it ,but there are a few things which i would love to see changed. the levels are too long and you feel you are getting nowhere, and buying land is a long process with having to collect so many items, and please could you find a quicker way to move old fruit bushes and trees, i have a whole forest of dead trees which im trying to clear but it is taking so long to collect axes and saws please could you find a way to get round this without buying packs with own money which i will not do,please could you help as the game is the best farm game on app store thankyou.Version: 1.40.98

Addictive and extremely fun😋Once you start you can't put it down there's a few lags however if your in a poor connected area but if you have high speed internet 24/7 this game is just 👌😗 lots of fun keep up the good work.Version: 1.35.116

Best game!Super fun and addictive. I love that you don't need to spend real money to progress in the game - the options there but it's 100% playable without real purchases. App team always responds to feedback and keeps the game interesting with new ideas and updates. My only complaint is what someone else mentioned about too many dead trees and bushes, and perhaps an option for neighbourhoods to only have active members and those who participate in derbies? Like if you don't log in or do derby for a while you get removed to make room for new members. I've found it hard to find active neighbourhoods! Also some new town updates (new buildings) would be great!.Version: 1.37.104

I love this game!Hay day, a game that I have been playing since a kid. I love this game so much and highly recommend you get this app. If u start playing, you won’t be able to stop! One thing they could fix is the slight glitches that happen every now and then, and then the game would be perfect!.Version: 1.43.150

Hay dayThe best game ever, so fun and easy 😃.Version: 1.56.108

So funYou should just get it omg! It is a super chill game and requires zero effort. When I’m just chilling I can go feed my cows or harvest some wheat and it’s so relaxing! It’s super addictive too and with every level there’s another new crop or production building which makes it so exciting! There are only ads if you want a reward and no interruptions! A few things I would like to see in the future updates would be maybe a campsite where you can get money and would have to provide breakfast and toilet paper etc. also maybe trading would be a fun idea since when I’m playing with my friend they have to put the item for 1 coin and at the end of the shop so someone else doesn’t get it and it’s just a bit of a hassle. So it would be fun to just be able to trade :D I hope you consider these ideas as they would be amazing updates! Anyways great game <3.Version: 1.54.71

My opinion that needs to be changed now or u will lose businessThe game is great but leveling up is two slow after level ten and because there still isn’t much to do and you don’t have much money there’s nothing you can really do expect wait and the wait time are ridiculous compared to the amount of things that need to be done, there’s nothing to do while you wait for things but main thing is there need to be faster level ups until you get to maybe 50?.Version: 1.41.16

Best farming game!I’ve been playing this game for over 5 years and even if I don’t play consistently, I always find my way back. (I’m Level 46) This game reminds me so much of the OG Facebook FarmVille game and I love it. Btw the crops do not wither away on this game! ;) this is not a pay to win game in my opinion, I’ve spend maybe $50 in diamonds in all my years of playing just because I wanted to, not because I had to to advance levels. Of course most of the decorations/houses/trucks that you can buy to make your farm look unique are for diamonds but it’s not necessary. I haven’t noticed many glitches when I’m playing, so I think the dev team is pretty quick at fixing issues. One complaint I have is I wish it was easier to be able to expand my farm. You have to collect SO many different items to get more space. 🫠 and that getting the colored tickets was a bit easier. All the extra animals like cats, dogs, and horses all cost a certain amount of tickets to get them roaming around on your farm. I’d also mention that I don’t like how the storage is set up, like I have so many different decorations/fencing that it’s hard to see what I have because you have to go through the store tab. Not big complaints but they do bug me. But overall, this game is fun, once your high enough level it will keep you very busy!.Version: 1.60.215

Fun game but a few issuesThe game is great when you first start up and progress seems to be quick but once you reach around lvl 10 you start to slow down, collecting becomes a chore an their never seems to be enough storage space for your items the items needed to upgrade storage are to rare and force you to spend gems, not enough challenges or ways to customize your farm. Seems to be a little pay to win, also you always get about 1 lvl behind for instance im lvl 10 and new stuff was unlocked a while ago but im still scrambling to get all the lvl 9 items. Not enough ways to get gems and building takes too long to complete, however it is a nice game with a lot of though and effort put into it, the graphics are visually amazing for a mobile game and the user interface is seamless. Theirs plenty if players active and when selling things on the market you never need to wait long before making a profit, even if youve hit rock bottom and your virtually pennyless its not too hard to climb back up and theirs no real loss. All that happens is you slow down on progression till you get going again, honestly a good game which deserves attention, well worth installing.Version: 1.39.93

Good gameIt’s a good game I’ve been playing since 2015 but only issue is you can never get land deeds you find yourself waiting ages to expand your land. It requires land deeds for everything too so what do you sacrifice. I feel you should have challenge to earn these things or Greg everyday should have them in store to buy. Why not give land explanations too when there is new updates instead of diamonds or be able to buy land deeds with 10 diamonds. The games is expensive when you have to buy stuff it’s a child’s game aswell so shouldn’t be made as hard. Over all is ok but some people can bully you and as an adult you don’t want to be arguing with children.Version: 1.53.44

Best farm game, could be so much moreOh boy, where to start. I’m Daren. My friends wife just got here so I have to make this quick. This app has been out for ten years, meaning they’ve had about ten or so years to make other weather effects as well as a clear night time. I feel bad for my animals. They could have crops that only grow at night! Lol, my wife would be one of those. Too bad I have so much trouble getting it up these days. I don’t know why they haven’t added onions yet, I love onions. As well as, weed, grapes, I think like if they like added dragon fruit and a Starbucks where you can sell dragon fruit flavored items that would be good, wheat, goat. I’m an avid player and I don’t think my demands are too extreme. If the devs put even half as much time into this game as i do, the game probably wouldn’t crash every 5 minutes. Do better. To end I want to dedicate a paragraph to how addicting this game is. They should offer free rehab for us “grinders” because I forgot to pick my kid up from soccer because I was playing hay day I’m a terrible father. I was also wondering if I could get admin. I wanna report everyone in my neighborhood lol. Alright I guess I’ll just end this here,.Version: 1.47.96

Awesome App!!! 4 Stars!!! But it has a problem...So this morning I jumped onto Hay Day, with no problems whatsoever, but after around 10-20 minutes of playing this game, I went into the newspaper and clicked on an item I wanted. (THIS IS WHERE YOU GOT 4 STARS!!!) I saw the roadside shop paper, but then it reloaded. OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! I jumped off SEVERAL times and flicked it off of my screen (where you flick it up and it disappears (not deleting it though)) I continued to do this u til I got so annoyed that I had to put this review on to let you know I am not that happy. 😡😠 I am actually quite annoyed about this as it is my first time coming across an issue in this game. Please do something about it as quick as possible. Thanks....Version: 1.39.93

SuggestionsHello developers! I love this game and I love the new update as well! Naming my animals is what I have always wanted in Hay Day and I’m so happy! I was wondering if maybe these few things could be added: naming sheep, cows, pigs, goats, bees, and chickens would be awesome! I already have a few names in mind, Naming the visiting frogs, birds, butterflies, and foxes would be incredible too, because I have so many ponds, flowers, and bird houses and the creature visit extremely often, maybe make it that the animals are like pets and don’t leave and are nameable, Changing the color of pets like you can change the color of building or maybe pet outfits and choosing if your pet was a male or female would be probably one of the best updates! Also maybe adding more sanctuary animals and pets like Siamese cats, huskies, German shepherds, Clydesdale horses, llamas, spotted bunny for pets and maybe zebras, wildebeest, warthog, meerkat, gazelle, and rhino for sanctuary animals and if your ok with carnivores lion, cheetah, jackal, hyena, crocodile maybe the carnivores could eat bacon or something? Also could you please lower the outrageous price in vouchers for pets and make it able to trade vouchers. Sorry for the long review 😅 Thanks for reading!.Version: 1.39.93

The epitome of gameplayThis game is enthralling to say the least. i’ve spent years of my life monotonously searching and scouring the furthest edges of the internet, come across every farming simulator ever present, and hayday takes the cake. Every other farming simulator is simply a knockoff, an attempt at what could be. Hayday presents a game that has perfectly balanced gameplay, events and deadlines to keep you checking up, but no immediate repercussions in failure to do so. i wake up and check hayday. i do my exams and check hayday. i eat my dinner and check hayday. i sit in class and check hayday. never an opportunity to check hayday am i going to pass up. almost feverishly am i checking up on hayday, has the boat come back? are my chickens ready? how close am i to the next level? i’m captivated at such simple gameplay that has proven time and time again to be undeniably thrilling. i’m near incapacitated if i don’t get to check hayday in the morning. millennials need coffee and i need hayday. this game has transcended the confines of space and time, it is what Odysseus could have been - ageless and immortal. the greek gods have recognised the truest divine being. i could never string words well enough to perfectly encapsulate the emotions i have towards this game..Version: 1.54.71

Still amazing but another feed mill please !I played this game for over 8 years by now, and it has been updated all the time so it’s never getting boring. I have one request : since we have more and more savage animals, we have to produce much more food for them, but we still have only two feed mills. We would need another one just to be able to feed them, not having to let the other animal starve. I know it’s a game and nobody is in fact starving, but my children are angry at me for not having food for the animals haha !.Version: 1.55.93

A pretty good gameI really like this game.but it would be nice if in the news paper if someone needs help you could click a button and it would bring you to where they need help.... but it’s a good game:).Version: 1.60.215

Amazing app!I have now had hay day for 5 years now I think it is an amazing app for all ages. When I first got this app I was completely addicted to it. I now don’t go on it as often as I don’t go on my phone quite as much as I used to but when I do play a game it is my first game I go to. I love all the updates and there are never many adverts maybe 3 for the whole hour I play on it. I also love that sometimes the animals have accessories like a hat or sunglasses which makes them look really funny. I think something that is really good is that when you can’t play the app for a day because of something to do with the app (which may I say is not very often) they give you a letter and as a thank you for being so understanding they give you free diamonds. The one and only thing I would ask is could it take less time to get onto a level because as I say I have been playing it for 5 years and I am only on level 29 obviously if you played it every day for a couple of hours without fail then you might be a bit higher. But it is an amazing app and I recommend to everyone..Version: 1.51.90

Night timeThey should have it where it’s night time in hay day too.Version: 1.53.46

Awesome game!I’ve been playing Hay Day for a bit over a year now, and still absolutely love it. It’s my favourite game on my iPad. I love the idea of growing crops, feeding animals, manufacturing stuff and catching fish. The cargo boats and the town are also awesome ideas that help you make money. Derby is such a fun task too, especially in friendly, active neighbourhoods. And I also love that other farmers can help you if you need it. I love how it shows what you unlock at each level, it gives me something to look forward to. The one thing that bothers me about this game is that we can only use an axe or a saw once, and then we lose it. Reading other reviews, it’s agreed that saws and axes are very rare, and hard to get, but what makes it worse is that we can’t use it more than once. Hay Day is a very realistic game, but it’s not realistic that axes and saws are single-use items. Being able to use them at least twice would be great 👍 overall, it’s a fantastic game, I’m not planning on quitting anytime soon..Version: 1.41.16

Love the game but one thingThere is a few things that I would like to see change in hay day. First off, I wish that in the newspaper you could search things up to make it easier to find things for boat or truck orders. That’s not a big thing It would just make it easier. Another thing is that when you want Tom, it costs a lot of diamonds to hire him and when you do his recharge time is way to long. I understand that people would abuse the opportunity but 2 hours seems a little to much. Honestly this is a great game although supercell has been greedy with their deals. In the shop it costs a lot of money to buy diamonds. There isn’t much of an opportunity to get diamonds from chests or the mine and I do love the diamond gifts that they give once in a while but there hasn’t been very many lately and I don’t want to spend 100 dollars for a couple of diamonds. I also wish that buying pets did not take as many vouchers as it does because you need them to make lures and it is hard to find the ones you need. A great way to relax I would recommend this to anybody who wants an escape from the real world to hop on a nice farm. I’ve been playing for years now and I haven’t been that disappointed or frustrated by this game. Ps. Great graphics.Version: 1.57.175

Anyone got any tape or mallets?Awesome game. It really is a game of strategy. Rare items such as axes/saws/mallets/tape/explosives/diamonds should be used with extreme caution and only for important stuff. Don’t waste diamonds and don’t ever sell axes or saws cos you’ll need them! Use diamonds to hire Tom. When you hire Tom, use him to stock up on these rare items. I find I never run out of axes saws or explosives this way. I do struggle to get enough of the rare items required to expand land/upgrade town. This is where u need to get into a good neighbourhood with members who will sell you these items 😊 Few suggestions: - Tom: would b great if you could purchase ALL rare items from Tom, even if the price is really high. - Newspaper: a search feature here would be soooo amazing! So we could search for other players that are selling what we need. - Builder: maybe the new builder could also sell some rare items? Paint and building materials? - I think it would also be useful to be able to remove items that are on the production line. This would come in handy at certain times of desperation, despite the fact that it would mean losing products (more profit for you!) - Neighborhoods: when searching for a new neighbourhood, it would be great to be able to see how active they are. I’ve joined many that are either inactive or only have one or two active players. Maybe a list of member names and last time active? Anyway, love this game. Thanks Hay Day!! 😍.Version: 1.38.184

Mad about my sister breWhen I had a very high world me and my sister agreed that I would send her all of my good stuff and delete the app and keep doing it then she will sale me it all back but after I asked if I could have it back and she said no my world is going great so I’m not giving it back and that annoyed me please report princess bre.Version: 1.41.16

Great game, a couple suggestionsI LOVE THIS GAME!!!! It’s awesome. But I do have a couple suggestions. First, I think there should be two newspapers. One for products, and one for helping. You should be able to filter levels and types of helping tasks. For example, if you are at a low level you should be able to click a certain level maximum. Because at level 19, it’s really hard to find help tasks you can complete. You could disable this during derbies with help tasks if you want. Second, you should be able to earn more things with coins. For example, for every milestone in your roadside shop you should get a new box. So like 5,000 coins made you get a box and then 10,000 coins made and then 25,000 and so on. It’s hard to get diamonds without purchasing them so if you could get more things with coins that would be good. Lastly, I think that you should be able to give cats and dogs treats. For dogs, there should be a way to get bones. Maybe when you open chests there’s like a ten percent chance. For cats you should be able to get actual fish, so like with fishing maybe there’s a ten percent chance you get a whole fish. And they should be rare so when you give it to a pet you get like 5 diamond or 1000 xp or something. I hope you consider my suggestions!!!!.Version: 1.49.4

Linking Facebook AccountsI love Hay Day so much !!! I used to play Hay Day and didn’t get very far, recently I started to play Hay Day again & have already surpassed the level I used to be at. It won’t let me link my new farm to my Facebook account because I linked it to my original farm - I don’t want to go back down heaps of levels just so that I can play & trade with my friends.. please make an update where I can change the farm my Facebook is linked to, it’s making me want to stop playing because I can’t link to my new one...Version: 1.37.105

Wow! I love it!Okay so I have been playing this game for 3 years now! I really, really love it! When I was younger, I downloaded this game because I saw animals and I am in LOVE with animal games! I played the game and I didn’t understand and I only made it to level 6 back when I deleted and completely forgot about Hay Day. When I was looking through my purchased games, I noticed hay day and I was like, “Ohh, I remember this!”. So I downloaded and started a whole new game. I am on level 14 and I am so addicted! Every time I get a notification like; “Milk is ready to be collected!” Or “Your animals are missing you!” I click the notification so fast and spend as much time as I could on the game. My favorite animal on the game (so far..) is the pig! It is really cute and chubby 😻 and when I tap on them they wave! How cute!! Everything adds up to the game and everything is homemade! We harvest crops, use those crops to make goods, and get money for selling them! Everything grows in the game and nothing will ever stop growing! I also adore the way we can chat with other people and trade! It’s a really good way to meet people and help other farms out. I am in a neighborhood and I am really good friends with everyone in the neighborhood. I also like how the game isn’t cruel and we don’t slaughter the pig for bacon, but we do put hem in a machine and take their fat! I really love this game and I hope updates will come on their way soon! Keep up the good work XOXO ~Angela’s Farm.Version: 1.36.212

Amazing!! 🫶This game is amazing! Addictive! And brings the inner child in me out!!! It’s the first thing I go on in the morning and last thing at night! My advice- get yourself into a good neighbourhood that helps and focuses on derbys- when you get to unlock them, you will need to work as a team! And lower levels need to just focus on making money not levelling up so quick as buildings become very expensive- I’m level 42 been playing about 4 months now and I’ve been playing catch up with being able to afford buildings! Such a good game but you do need strategy and allow yourself time to get things done 🙂 love it!.Version: 1.55.93

Great game but some upgrades aren’t awesomeThe newest upgrade makes it very hard if you are right handed. When you click on the product you want to produce, you can’t see what you need as your hand blocks it. If you know, you know..Version: 1.57.175

Would like to see a warehouse!I have been playing this game for many years. I have read the other comments and ideas and agree with all of them. The one thing I would like to see is a warehouse for storing building items, expansion items, saws, etc. Expansion items take up a lot of room in the barn. Many require 90 or more of 3 items and then only give you 50 more slots in your silo, barn etc. That is a lot of items for very little return. I would also like to see a hardware store that building and expansion items could be purchased for coins. It would be a lot more fun if you were able to upgrade or expand buildings a little easier. I spend a lot more money on this game as I it is the only game I feel like I get any worthwhile return on what I spend. I would like to add here that I am retired and on a fixed income. I don’t have a lot of extra money to spend. I always hire Tom to help out my game. I don’t like the Valley season as it hasn’t been open in some time and I keep getting gas for it when I can’t use it. Seems senseless to me. It also takes forever to get the zoo animals and some of the farm animals that require tickets from the farm pass. That is the other thing I always purchase. The only reason I give this game 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the items I’ve listed. Thanks for the upgrades! Keep them coming!.Version: 1.57.151

Love the game, but hate that I accidentally use my diamondsI absolutely love this game! You can take short or long breaks from playing and either way, come right back to the game right where you left off. The one thing I hate is that I accidentally use my diamonds a lot. Just today I lost 18 of my 20 diamonds because I was tapping the screen to send letters to friends who had helped me with reviving my trees/plants, and where I was having to tap was so close to other bushes; I accidentally clicked on a bush and tapped again to use my diamonds to make the bush ready to harvest...it all happened so fast I didn’t even realize what had happened until after the fact. Diamonds are so hard to come by and take so long to build up, this is always so dang frustrating!!!! Other than this, I do LOVE this game! I do wish we could trade items with all the other farmers on HayDay, as a way to gain items you need without having to spend money, while trading an item to another farmer that they need, and they wouldn’t have to spend money either. I also wish we could have baby goats, ponies, miniature horses, ducks, and roosters/chickens as actual animals on our farm, alongside our horses, rabbits, donkeys, dogs, cats, kittens, etc..Version: 1.45.111

Fun game but could use a little help.The newest update that came out a few days ago has quite a few bugs in it. 1. The loading screen! It takes way too long and it never used to be that way. Like when I flip through an ad and see something I want to buy, I click it and it takes 2x longer than it used and by the time it fully loads to someone’s farm, the item is already sold and cleared off the page. No it’s not my phone service which I have unlimited data and use WiFi anyway. My boyfriend plays the game too, he has a completely different phone service and we tested it without using WiFi and does the same thing with him. 2. When helping people with their truck orders, I submit my items in their box and it says that “Greg” helped them instead of me. I’m not sure if it’s just a minor glitch in the system, but I can’t tell if I helped them or not. I don’t see why “Greg” would help them when he’s a NCP, but I’m not sure. That’s not too much of a problem, just don’t wanna get cheated out of my rewards if that’s the case. Otherwise this game is entirely fun and addicting and I’ve been playing it for nearly 5 years. Just please considering fixing any glitches going on and make a newer update so the loading screen isn’t taking so long. That’s my biggest suggestion. Thanks again!.Version: 1.40.98

PLEASE CHANGE THE BARN MECHANICSDon’t get me wrong, I love this game. It’s overall wonderful. However, I struggle a lot in it because of the way the barn works. I have 175 slots in my barn, and am still struggling to even pick things up from my machines. This is because ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR OF MY SLOTS are taken up by extra upgrade materials, shovels, dynamite, axes, etc. These items, especially the upgrade items, reeeally need to be stored elsewhere because the amount of storage they take up while being too valuable to sell and unusable until I unlock more things/get more of other upgrade materials (which I have no space for) is ridiculous and ruins the fun of the game for me. In addition, I also have to store my animal products and food in the barn. Because of all this, I have zero space for actual products like cakes or shirts. Storing your stuff should be a challenge, but not to the extent that I only end up having room for enough items for a single truck order and my animals remain ready to be harvested for hours because of my lack of space. Phew, long rant. Other than the storage issues I adore the game, but fixing/changing them would make is so much better..Version: 1.57.151

Amazing bug but here is a ideaSo me and my girlfriend have been playing this game for a while now and we love this game we lay here for the last two hours every night before bed playing in selling stuff back-and-forth. The one good thing I think you guys could add to the game would be if you guys are neighbors or friends I guess you can say you should be able to trade items back-and-forthWithout having to sell them to each other and when it comes to the newspaper how are you fine items to buy I think it would be cool if there was a search section so I can search up Cow feed or pig feed or any feed for any animal in it shows me what’s there for now and on top of being able to search I think you should be able to turn on an in game notification it’s linked to the newspaper the let you know when an item is being sold so let’s say that I need feed for my animals considering nobody ever saw that on there you should make it where I can enable notifications for the in particular item so it notifies me anytime somebody sells that and runs an ad in the newspaper. but other than those two ideas this game is really really fun and for anybody wondering whether they should play this or not I would highly suggest it just make sure you have enough time to play it because it is very time-consuming.Version: 1.50.129

This game is awesome!If you have time to kill and you like level-up games, this is for you. It has awesome graphics and works like a charm. It’s definitely very entertaining and fun. One of the best parts: there’s NO ADS! Unless you see the ticket by the mailbox and VOLUNTARILY watch an ad or two to get a prize. You can interact with other players by buying things from them, and you can also create or join a neighborhood. If you create a neighborhood, you and your friends can chat and trade. You can set up a sales stand and sell things. You can advertise your sales on the paper. You can load your truck with things and it will come back with money and stars to go towards leveling you up. You can also get boats and mine things. You can get tons of animals and expand your land. You can interact with your animals to feed them and get stuff (i.e. eggs, milk, bacon, wool, etc). You can harvest plants and grow trees for food. You can buy machines to make food like bread and sugar or other things. There is a newsstand for you to look at and to take part in events. You can even take part in a derby. This game is lots of fun for everyone!.Version: 1.37.105

Awesome GameI can't complain about anything. So satisfying, so perfect. The sound effects are also satisfying. I love playing this game, it's a perfect thing to do when your bored or on a long car ride or plane ride. It's peaceful and brings me joy, but I do have some recommendations to make new players feel more welcomed and to make the overall gameplay experience better. I think the developers should give an optional, not mandatory introduction to the game(aka: tutorial). I've been reading reviews and many people are impatient with the tutorials. I do appreciate how the developers included a free 25 diamonds at the beginning which is sweet. This game needs more credit. Another recommendation is if the developers could introduce a search bar when shopping for items. I myself in this experience, have struggled at finding items for a reasonable sale and amount, and finding items before anyone can get to them. So, I think they should introduce a search bar when overviewing the "daily dirt" newspaper when offering trades. In other words, I love this game so dearly and has been part of me for over 2 years. 🩷🐓🌾.Version: 1.60.215

TradingThis game is soo addicting and fun I love getting new animals but what I wish was that we could trade the vouchers that way it would be easier..Version: 1.50.122

Lowering my ratingI have enjoyed this game for years. The obvious greed of the developers in the last several months is the reason I am reducing my rating. They are withholding previous deals to purchase the diamonds necessary to play at a high level, where hiring Tom and being able to speed up tasks require diamonds. They added a $4.99 per month feature that gives good benefit, but adds $60 to my annual expense. I used to be able to spend $70 to purchase 4000 diamonds twice a year, bringing my annual cost to $200. Now, I am not seeing the $70 offer. In the Valley, they are making it impossible to complete all the tasks by not having needed resources available without paying diamonds to allow more movement. I settle for not finishing all tasks everyday. This session, my team may not make the requirements to gain benefits at the end due to lack of “chickens” to capture. An Easter production feature that is short-lived would require 20 plus diamonds to be more useful. There are increasingly frequent offers that would take more money now. All very off-putting and making me think of leaving the game. Benefits of the game for me are the social interaction with teammates, interesting challenges to manage production and resources to maximize outcomes, and the beautiful graphics. I am 82 years old and able to play off and on during the day which makes achieving goals doable. I believe the mental effort I must expend keeps my mind sharp. I am a CoLeader on my team..Version: 1.57.151

Really good game!The game is very fun and keeps you active by adding new things all the time. It’s not all thrown at you at once either you get things as you go but you don’t have to wait long or too short either! There’s lots of fun things to do like buying farm animals, harvesting crops, making pies and cakes and ice creams and much more! You can own your own pets and name them and go fishing and go into town or the valley where you can win prizes like money or diamonds or building material to upgrade items. They have a sanctuary where you can have elephants and tigers and such which is cool too! There’s a lot of stuff to do in the game so your never bored! You can shop in the newspaper ads for items for you farm as well and participate in global or small activities to win decorations for you farm or prize money and lots of other stuff. I’d love to see pet ducks and turkeys cause that would be cool. You can also play with friends and visit each others farms and help each other out or join neighborhoods and participate in derby’s by completing tasks to win rewards. Really great game and addicting too love it!.Version: 1.60.215

Omg love itIf you want a fun addicting game download hay day! It’s fun and doesn’t cost money,.Version: 1.44.74

AmazingI’ve had this game for a while and it is so fun to play my family have it too and we are in a neighbourhood together and it’s sooo fun. I love how you get to progress through the game and unlock new features as you level up. However there are a few bugs such as the newspaper. Sometimes when you open it, it doesn’t load and even when I try reopening the app it still doesn’t load but most of the time it does work. Also I have a suggestion regarding the vouchers I think it would be really cool if we were able to trade them for things idk but yeah I love this game and would highly recommend 🤩😄.Version: 1.52.130

ROTATING CAMERA VIEWS PLEASEHay Day is a very fun and addictive game. I have been playing for years, but I often have the problem of loosing decoration items behind the white farm house! It’s quite difficult to retrieve these items back... so if we had to option to change the view of our farms maybe to see the back of the house we can get our lost items back. Thank you very much..Version: 1.36.212

Truthful factsOkay so I love this game but I recon you can only get into it at certain ages not for bad reasons but some people could find it boring, if your looking to play a fun game where you can do challenges make new friends chat to strangers and earn gaming money this is the game for you! This game is online so you can not pause it… I said this to make it clear for the younger guys reading this. Now there is no glitches what so ever!! However the reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because it really easy to get board of, maybe add some more things to the game like little houses to decorate your farm and definitely add another world wide challenge because the last time that happened was in 2006 I mean come on that needs to happen every so weeks! I 99% recommend this game :) Hope this was very helpful and this is coming from me crystle and I’m 19 Also creator little word for you, please add some new thing it will make my life a bit more happier if you add the little houses idea <3 Also pleaseeeeeeeeee add some new NPCs -Greg needs a girlfriend- Bye have a great day and please download this fun-tastic game.Version: 1.54.71

:)If u summarised what Hay Day basically is, it’s sound kinda boring but lemme just say, ITTSSS NOT! This game is so addicting, to be honest I don’t know how but it’s like satisfying to achieve making a great farm (including when picking the crops, that’s satisfying.) Not gonna lie it’s kinda sad how u make bacon out of the pigs cuz the pigs are kinda cute but still this game just brings great joy when looking after these adorable virtual creatures including helping out the other neighbours who come buy for some resources (personally, even though Greg is a virtual character he does some great deals on products.) Lastly, it’s really fun decorating and organising the farm, u can let your creativity run wild and I also enjoy the fact that u can sell your things for money and also buy things of other players on this game when needed. Overall, just download the darn game now. :).Version: 1.47.96

Really fun but could use a few tweaksOk so, I really love this game and play it all the time with my friends, but I have a few suggestions. One, I recently leveled up a unlocked “Edit Mode”. I thought since everything else has a tutorial edit mode would have it too. To my surprise, it didn’t and I still have no idea how to use it or what it even does. Secondly, I really don’t like how a lot of stuff costs diamonds. I get that you can buy them in the shop, but some things cost more than 20 diamonds. Also, when I am waiting for crops to grow, plants that take 4 hours cost 8 diamonds. I feel like it should be a diamond per hour because a lot of kids play this game as it’s pretty simple, but some may just keep wanting to buy diamonds from the shop and it’s not fair. What I mean by this is it’s really annoying when other people have a load of coins just by using diamonds. Plus, the store has decor that you need 50 diamonds for. Lastly, add more ways to earn coins because there’s only truck deliveries and your road-side shop in the beginning. The store has a lot of cool stuff to add to your farm but costs a lot and it takes a while to farm coins. Please don’t take this too negatively because I do still love this game and can’t wait for all the cool updates!.Version: 1.47.96

Hay day stinks (but not a lot)Oh boy, where to start. My wife left the house really early this morning to go “to work”. By work she means my friend Daren. This app has been out for ten years, meaning they’ve had about ten or so years to make other weather effects as well as a clear night time. I feel bad for my animals. They could have crops that only grow at night! Lol, my wife would be one of those. Too bad I have so much trouble getting it up these days. I don’t know why they haven’t added onions yet, I love onions. As well as, weed, grapes, I think like if they like added dragon fruit and a Starbucks where you can sell dragon fruit flavored items that would be good, wheat, goat. I’m an avid player and I don’t think my demands are too extreme. If the devs put even half as much time into this game as i do, the game probably wouldn’t crash every 5 minutes. Do better. To end I want to dedicate a paragraph to how addicting this game is. They should offer free rehab for us “grinders” because I forgot to pick my kid up from soccer because I was playing hay day I’m a terrible father. I was also wondering if I could get admin. I wanna report everyone in my neighborhood lol. Alright I guess I’ll just end this here,.Version: 1.47.96

Fantastic gameI’ve been playing this game for years now, and it just seems to be getting better and better.Version: 1.59.192

Great, except for one thing!I love this game and I have played it for year. It is beautifully creative and fun to expand your farm and join great neighbourhoods. I feel bad for giving it four stars instead of five. However, I have one problem with the game which is kind of minor but has become annoying from time to time. It would be better if a slight change could be made to Tom. It is not possible, due to real life jobs and things, to get proper use out of him since he operates on a time limit rather than set number of supply runs. When you purchase Tom with diamonds, which I often do by spending real money to buy the diamonds, you get him for the minimum of 24 hours which means given the two hour wait for each time he can be asked to retrieve an item, you get him 12 possible times in that day. But of course, with work and sleep, the majority of people won’t even get to use him for half of that number and it is just a waste. I think it would be better if instead of a time limit, Tom gives you 12 chances/set number of supply runs to retrieve an item until you have to purchase him again. It means there is a better opportunity to utilise him properly and it could persuade people to spend diamonds on him when they wouldn’t normally do that..Version: 1.35.116

Love this game! 5/5 ;)I downloaded this game ages ago but had to delete it because I had schoolwork to do and it took up my storage. Now I have a different iPad for school and I just had to get it again on my old one because it was so good! Despite what other reviewers may say, I didn't find it a problem with axes/saws, because they usually come up at Greg's shop and at around level 15 you unlock Tom, who can find you certain items. Just stock up then! However the different events and trading in your group and derbys and stuff was a bit confusing for me. Overall great game 11/10!!.Version: 1.37.105

Repetitive and expensiveThis is a great game and I love it but everything is repetitive. There needs to be different ideas for challenges. I’m dedicated to the game but don’t want to use real money to buy diamonds. If you want us to keep using diamonds then make us either work for them or let us use our coins in the game to have the ability to buy diamonds. That way we are still playing the game and still use diamonds but have to buy them with our in-game money which means we have to play the game more to get more diamonds..Version: 1.40.98

Really good game!The game is/was really fun especially before my school banned it and everyone worked like a community. My biggest issue with the game isn’t that bad but I really enjoy decorating so I wish the daily wheel spin had more than one decor item in it and I really really wish paths could go underneath other decors or building and stuff because it looks pretty stupid when you have a path going up to your barn but there’s a little gap of grass because the barn takes up that part of the grid and the path can’t go. The paths should be on a separate grid specifically for paths if that was implemented farms could look way better and paths would all around get used more. Oh and I know HayDay is a 2D game but I believe you could still make the grid a bit like smaller so stuff can fit together better, and could you guys make the decors and building stuff turn in more directions? That may make the 2D aspect of the game look really bad but I would like to see what is could look like. So that’s all from me hope y’all devs see this and add whatever of my ideas are possible and hope other people see this and agree. Bye now!.Version: 1.60.215

VERY ANNOYING!!!...don't get me wrong, I mean, I love hay day, I just don't like how you can't get it on older phones.... I have an Iphone 4 and it lets me download the app then doesn't let me play even when I have full internet connection!!😫😠 Can't wait till I get an upgrade of my phone! If you like animals you will love this game! ... Unless of corse you like "real" stuff more.😂 Never buy diamonds!!!! They are a waste I time and money! I have hay day on my mums phone too and it is honestly the dumbest idea to get any in app purchases on hay day!😮 Over all..... Get it if you can!!!!!! So upset I can't!😪.Version: 1.41.16

Just kinda confusedHey everyone, so I'm having an issue regarding only certain objects in the game, and the objects aren't any of the new ones you recently added in. Which I love the update and how I can see how long a crop will take to grow because I always forget so that is so helpful, thanks. But my issue is with purchasing items, specifically buying axes or saws; not with diamonds or real money, but with in game money. I've notice that for the past day or so whenever someone was selling an axe or a saw in their stall and I bought it the animation of the saw going to my barn would appear; but then I would go to my farm to try and cut down a tree it would say that I don't have any saws to do the action. What I would do is I would go back to that persons stall and see if it was purchased and it would say sold. I know things can be bought out right from under you by other players, so I assumed that was what was happening, but in Greg's stall when he is selling those items I also buy them. Again the same animation appears so I would try to cut down a tree and it would say I don't have that item. But I'm pretty sure that no other player can buy from someone else's Greg. I might be wrong, but I thought that every player gets their own Greg's stall specific to where they are at in the game. Again I could be wrong and someone just keeps buying things from under me, but I don't think so. Thanks for the help !.Version: 1.44.74

GET THIS GAME. GO ON, RIGHT NOWOh my goodness, hay day is the BEST GAME IN THE HISTORY OF MOBILE GAMES. I love the concept and the animation behind it, and I love the way the animals start freaking out when you blow up a rock with tnt or place their enclosure down! I never, not once ever, got bored of this game. There's always something to do, whether it's collecting products, harvesting crops or animal products, or buying, selling and unlocking new items! I love the special areas that you unlock by level, like the boat orders, mine, fishing boat and town. I love the animals, especially the special ones like cats, dogs, horses, donkeys, rabbits, etc. And the Easter egg where you can tap the crow as it flies away when you load the game!! It's amazing!! Thanks so much supercell!!.Version: 1.46.150

Fantastic game, so much more to it than you might think!!!Well first, a big congrats to Supercell for a wonderful balance between good gameplay and enforced “in app” purchases. Too many games now purporting to be free to play are in fact so focused on forcing a player to spend money at any opportunity possible. Progress seems almost impossible without. Well NOT SO in Hay Day. Yes, spending money will get you advancing quicker, and sometimes achieving something that seems continuously frustrating to reach, but it doesn’t stop play, it doesn’t stop advancement. Supercell are generous with their diamonds (cash) rewards and compensation. For instance, every time there is some game outage there are diamonds to compensate. And the gameplay? Well there is an awful lot more to this than meets the eye. There are elements of chess for strategy, monopoly for management, town/farm design games (the machines and crops seem endless and fun - or is that frustrating? Lol) There is plenty of chance for the social element, joining up into Neighbourhoods, with mutual help and chat. There is no aggressive confrontation such as in SC’s Clash of Clans, but there are competitions between neighbourhoods for prizes and status. Starting up is hard, but things seem to get easier every level of progression. I have played many on line games such as Clash of Clans and similar war types, matching games, sports from golf to football manager’s, and more! Hay Day has beaten them all, hands down!.Version: 1.49.4

Good but needs improvementI really enjoy playing this game but there are a few changes that I would make; I accidentally put something on sale that I needed for my orders however when paying a diamond to take it off I didn’t get my item(s) back and I was very disappointed having wasted a diamond. Also that when you have a boat order or you are helping someone else, you can make a donation, say if they needed 16 breads but I had 5 I could donate them to that person instead of having to fill the order to help. Hopefully you can take my advice and look into making these changes it would make the game so much better and more fun to play, I really like playing this game and it’s addictive but these things ruin it for me..Version: 1.43.150

Love this gameLove this game, definitely one of my favourites. Only things I have found it is hard to come across materials to upgrade barn/silo or get more land, even when they do come up for sale in the newspaper they go so quickly you hardly get a chance to get them and if you do get them you have to store them until you get the other items, essentially making you barn storage smaller. Would be great if when you hire Tom, he could also search for these items, even if the quantities are smaller. Also it says I have unlocked hippo’s, giraffes etc but I can not find them anywhere?.Version: 1.41.16

Great game but I want new updatesI love this game so much surprisingly for a levels game I don’t get bored with it but there’s a few things I would like to improve game play. Please make it so we can sell lures! It would make it so much better. And also the dogs are kind of ugly so Maybe update their looks. I feel like we need something to get expansion things easier because its so hard to get them. If you also could add more decorations like better paths fences and nicer trees ! Also if you could sell vouchers that would be great..Version: 1.52.130

Love it butHi I’ve been a long time user of hay day and their is literally nothing you can do to make hay day better.(you have done everything to make it as best as good as it is)I was wondering if you could give all of the hay day users one day of unlimited gems except when you are on your time of 1 day or 24 hours has begun. I would really like this because this would put hay day over the top. Kind regards anonymous.Version: 1.39.93

The latest update is terribleI’ve never had so many issues with this game before. And talking to my friends I can see that I’m not the only one..Version: 1.54.71

The most addicting game I have ever playedIt is a must to save money and earn as much as you can. The higher your level, the more expensive machinery and stuff is. My main problem: Town, Truck Orders, Boat Orders, Visitors, Valley, etc, are all rip-offs. The products they want can be sold for much more money (at least double) than they are willing to give. Only plus is they give you fame but meh. I enjoy the game now, and will continue to be addicted to it (one of the main reasons for this is that it has timed activities, so you keep having to go back on)..Version: 1.45.100

Amazing but 1 problemI love the game all the unlocks you can get and the animals but there’s 1 wish that would make the game better I like farming the crops very often and I have now run out of storage in the silo and nobody will buy my wheat that I’m selling in my roadside shop I would like that you make it that the silo has unlimited storage or that the first 1 or 2 upgrades are free to expand it I’m only on level 8 and I can not really farm any crops at all now and I have no room to get the equipment required to upgrade it that’s the only problem I’m having other than that it’s a very addicting game and I love it the animals are so cute and I love how you can tap on the things you have not unlocked and it will tell you what it is and what level you need to be on to unlock it that is a great feature in my opinion because it makes it so you have a goal or something to look forward to and it makes it even better when you can go to other peoples farm who have those things and see what you will eventually get.Version: 1.36.212

FantasticI’ve been playing this game for YEARS and my level shows it. I love how easy you can get diamonds from using mines etc and also getting a handful from the parcels off the game itself. After playing the game for so long i have one thing i’d like to put out there to improve gameplay to help other users. When helping out fill boat requests for others i don’t always have the right amount to fill the crate, a good idea is to allow users to add so many items you have available or like to give to help the user fill their crates to ship off their boats to gain coins, XP etc. I can still help out users even if i don’t have the full amount needed..Version: 1.60.215

UpdateSince the last update the game crashes after about 15 seconds. Seems problems arise after updates and take far too long to fix..Version: 1.60.215

Fix the newspaper glitch plsThis game is awesome I’ve played it for years, ive Recently noticed that when you click on the newspaper it goes completely white with only showing the page you’re on. This is very annoying when you’re trying to buy and sell because you cannot see what there is and it doesn’t let you click on anything..Version: 1.55.92

SighThis has been the most amazing game. Ten years playing with no problems apart from poor customer service. It’s getting harder to play and so many new items to deal with and no extra space available for dairy products. I had to spend so much coin to reproduce items in last update that were lost. Improvements could be made with addition of ability to sell unwanted decorations. Also why not make amounts of items show up when selecting production building to save having to go into each item to see how many there is. Such a time waster and the main reason why I am considering to stop playing. It takes too much time to go into each item. Especially when you keep giving us new production buildings..Version: 1.56.100

Fabulous relaxing gameI have been playing this game for years, i downloaded it for my young daughter originally and now won’t let her near it 😂Loving the introduction of new crops and the most recent new items in the latest update it keeps the game fresh and interesting. I agree with another reviewer the horses should be seen jumping if you’ve got them. I’m finding the permits really scarce i really struggle to increase my land, as mentioned i think some land increase items should be able to bought. On the subject of money spent-you can buy with your real money as little or as much as you want it’s not a necessity-you can be patient as it will happen with more interaction with the game. You don’t need to fork out to increase your levels like some games. This is my go to game and i love it Would highly recommend it for all ages. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.46.150

Bug with new updateI absolutely love this game but this morning with your new update. Hayday is stuck on the “Go to App Store and update your Hayday and get 5 diamonds” then when I click the button on there that takes me here. It just says “open app” not “update” so I click “open app” but it takes me back to hay day and it displayed the original message. I have tried rebooting Hayday and App Store. I think this is a big fault and it needs fixed quickly because I can’t last without hay day :).Version: 1.36.212

Can’t update hay dayWhen I open Hayday I am asked to update app but the app says it is open and returns me to start screen with same message to update app. So annoying. Please solve issue as now unable to play..Version: 1.36.212

Hay day players need more axes and saws.I have been playing hay day for over 5 years now and I just love this game. I am addicted. I have over 12 million coins but find I can not use them. When things come up for sale in the newspaper someone else has always got in first. Very frustrating. Saws I find r very hard to come by and unless I buy diamonds with my hard earned real money my hay day farm it filling with dead trees and bushes. It is starting to look bad. I always choose saws at the end of the derby’s if they r offered as rewards but still that is not enough to keep my farm looking nice and tidy. To sum it all up if we r trying to encourage new comers to the game our farms should look nice and not having to use our dead trees and bushes as boarders and fences. But hey I am a millionaire on hay day because I don’t seem to b able to spend my coins. I still love this game.👍.Version: 1.41.16

FunFun game with lots of great stuff to do and unlock.Version: 1.35.116

Hay dayHay day is super fun but you have to wait A lot and everything costs a lot of money. Over all it is a really good game..Version: 1.35.116

Pretty good gameVery fun game to play. Great motivation and lots of little tasks to do. However once you join a neighbour hood you can participate in derby’s ( a group task) and during one I had completed a few tasks and then got kicked out without any warning or explanation?! It felt awful all that hard work into completing those tasks gone cause the leader just decided to kick me out. The app needs work, it glitches on the newspaper and it needs better regulation on kicking others out of neighbourhoods it’s not fair. I lost all possible rewards and tasks to do for the entire week, I really don’t feel like playing this game anymore cause of this. It’s very disappointing a game so successful lacks monitoring, something so simple..Version: 1.51.90

Really anoying bugThe new update that came out today sounds like it’s cool but I clicked the game and it loaded and then said go to the App Store to download it so I clicked it and it took me here and there was no update thing it just says open so I clicked open and it just did it again so plz fix it because I won’t last an hour without it..Version: 1.37.104

CrashAmazing game but It’s been crashing on me. I’m on an iPhone XS with the latest IOS update. When I open the app it plays the Supercell intro, then goes to the loading menu, but as soon as I go through the clouds to my farm it crashes and sends me back to my home screen..Version: 1.46.150

Hay dayHi,I. Personally absolutely love hay day and I’m addicted to it it’s an amazing virtual farm it takes time but it just gets funnier as you level up and unlock loads of new fun things! But what is really annoying me is the reason they fake advertise the adds like if yo have seen that add where they just tap and everything appears and the railroad area is not where. It says in the add so we need someone to step up and start confronting those fake advertisements but summing it up I love hay day I’m nearly on level 50 but just please this goes for every game it’s really sad to have fake advertisements because then the game ends up getting boring because it’s not what we expected thank you all!✍️😇😇.Version: 1.58.81

My happy placeI have been playing this game almost since it started out with a tiny weenie form and a lot less crops and production stations that we have today there is no fishing there is no town there wasn’t no Maggie there were even know pets, but even at the start I knew this was a special game. It has always been my sanctuary to pick up my game and tend to my farm. sometimes I could just play mindlessly without thinking sometimes I could really use my brain and plan ahead and be imaginative as to how I wanted my phone to look I can be really social and help other people I truly love this game it really is the best light relief ever and I never begrudge treating myself to diamonds every so often. I treasure this game. Thank you for continually making It’s better and better meaning that for years to come I will still get enjoyment out of this very simple phone multifaceted litttle game x ❤️.Version: 1.41.16

AmazingSaved my life. I was going to kms until i found this game and created a new purpose for myself..Version: 1.56.128

Limited axes, saws and too many dead trees.I love hay day. I play it every night before I go to sleep and it’s my little slice of heaven that I like to enjoy. I have played this game for something like 5 years... which is crazy to think! Anyway collecting enough axes and saws in this game has been a HUGE issue with little change despite complaints from players. I am always over crowded with dead trees and bushes and nothing to remove them with? We should be able to purchase these items in the store. Like another reviewer said it is so annoying when you “accidentally” sell them especially when you are trying to save/keep them! It’s annoying. Please conciser fixing the issue. Thanks 😊.Version: 1.38.184

More storage 😁😁I love this game, am pretty much on it all day but is there any chance you could do seperate storage for all the bits that help with upgrading as I end up selling them and not able to upgrade cause I don’t have enough space to be able to use them for upgrading, thanks.Version: 1.49.4

Amazing BUT just one thing 🤩This is seriously the best game I’ve ever played but there’s just one thing I thought would be extremely useful to add especially for players who find it hard to maintain the problem of dead trees filling up the property. As a solution you could maybe add a big tree chopping machine that once you pay an amount of money ($5.99 or 100 diamonds) would come and sweep your property and chop down all of the dead trees and bushes that are currently there. I find that this would be very useful for people who struggle with dead trees becuase once your farm becomes full of them it is less appealing to look at, and you can loose a bit of motivation as you feel you’ll never get 100 saws without just creating more dead trees and it becoming a viscious cycle. I LOVE this game and have been playing it on and off for 5 years, I myself don’t have a problem with dead trees but have in the past and seeing other farmers with the same problem really makes me wish this was around to help!! Obviously this would be a luxury and not expected to come cheap :).Version: 1.43.150

Dardy GameI love hay day .. I wake up everyday and it’s the first thing I do on my phone, I’ve got my mum and partner into playing it ... Just a few things maybe the creators could maybe consider adding to the game as it would be ever so helpful & im sure many other hayday lovers will agree... Let us be able to build a timber mill and do a compost bin or something. Axes and saws are rare to come by ... and maybe consider having a timer that is showen to everyone with when the paper starts and ends. Because there’s nothing MORE IRRITATING then to look through the paper and find what u want, think your REALLY FAST you press it and it comes up saying “sorry somebody already brought this” it’s SO FRUSTRATING, that itself makes me put hayday down for a bit & I love the game! I’ve been playing for 8+ years ... Please hayday creators ... consider a mill and please try fix something with the paper Cos that’s bullocks! Apart from that 10/10 thanks for an awesome game !!! Peace, x.Version: 1.43.150

Love my Hay DayBest game ever been playing for years and it just keeps getting better. The valley is an awesome addition. Keep up the good work - from One Tree Farm.Version: 1.45.100

Love this game - please add this feature!!I adore this game, and love that I can fit it in around my life schedule, but what I really wish for is custom notifications! I want to be able to have a button to say I want a notification when this duck trap is done, I want a notification for when this scarf is finished being made, I want a notification for when these cows are ready to be collected. I miss out on a lot of derby challenges because I forget to look, and I don’t want notifications on all the time, just for specific things. Idk if this is possible but it would be so great to have this. There could even be a switch in settings to turn custom notifications on or off so it doesn’t clutter..Version: 1.38.187

Great overallUnlike other games I end up deleting after a few weeks, I’ve actually been playing HayDay the past few months. Compared to other games you never get bored due to always unlocking new things to do in the game (leveling up/having new items to produce/sell, competing in derbies (doing tasks gets you awards), participating in the valley/serving guests in your town (more ways to earn rewards). There are also in app purchases (like the farm pass offered every month ($5)) that can benefit your game play, and other discounted options available for limited time when you unlocked new areas in the game (ex. Unlocking town/town starter pack). Overall I recommend the game, the only reason I’m rating it 4 stars instead of 5 is due to sometimes the game glitching/not working for me (mainly when I’m trying to help other farmers by giving them a truck/boat delivery and having it not work (even when I leave their farm and return to make sure some else didn’t fill it), it is just frustrating as filling rewards earns you tickets for rewards.. hopefully this is something that will be fixed eventually.. THAT BEING SAID I would like to also note that one time the game went down unexpectedly for a few hours and all farmers were gifted diamonds (30 I believe) due to the inconvenience, which is nice to see the creators do care about making the game play enjoyable for the gamers!.Version: 1.54.71

Night ModeI think you should have the game switch between night and day every hour or so, it would be nice to see our farms and all our lights and work glow..Version: 1.60.215

From boy to man to farmerI started playing hay day as just a young chap however I never payed too much attention to the game and didn’t have much of an eye for decoration. That was then and this is now… It’s 2022 and every morning I wake up after dreaming long and hard about plucking my fruits and farming my crops to a burning desire to open my phone and tend my farm. Dreams really do come true and they’re free on the App Store. Hay day is my number 1 game and will be forever unmatched. I could write a whole novella about my love for hay day but I’d rather summarise it in a 5 star review. I have a holiday booked to Mexico coming up very soon and I just can’t wait to put my feet up in the sun by the pool and whip out my farm. Just the thought of developing my pets area while soaking up the sun sends me in to a trance. If heaven is real it’s on my farm and Imma be grafting through life to get there. I live and breath for hay day it is my life. Some may say I’m hay day obsessed but by the looks of their farms I feel it must be jealousy. That’s all for now from your favourite farmer, Xoxo farmer girl.Version: 1.56.100

Hay Day?!Amazing, Creative game, designed by a passionate team who don’t stop expanding the Fun! WARNING… Be careful before you spend money on this game…. CUSTOMER SUPPORT HAS BEEN REDUCED TO A USELESS AI, THAT DOES NOT SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM OUTSIDE OF A VERY GENERAL AND SPECIFIC SET OF OPTIONS. Got a glitch?! Good luck buddy!!.Version: 1.52.130

Hay dayThis game is great for families you can hook each other up and on texting you can tell them what to put on sale. Their farm animals are beyond compare. You should total get it!!!!.Version: 1.35.116

Changes to the roadside shop.I love everything y’all have done to the game but the roadside shop needs to be changed. When I try to sell items 10x for 1 coin to my neighborhood clan other people who are not in my neighborhood come and take the items before my friends have a chance, I've even tried not putting an ad into the newspaper but somehow someone always comes to my shop and takes those items. What I think should be done is the shop has two separate sections inside: one section for everyone else and the other one for neighborhood friends cause if I want to sell something to my friends I should be able to do it, not have some random people come over and buy. When I put something in my shop 10x for 1 coin other people think it’s a sale so they buy it, also when I restock the shop I’ve noticed that people stay at my shop and keeps buying everything, I would leave the game and come back on when some of my friends want something and as soon as I put it in the shop it’s bought by the same people before I got off the game. Please add this to the game, Thank You for a awesome game..Version: 1.39.93

Farm passFirst, I love this game it is very fun. Farm pass is very helpful especially for leveling up quickly but I did find one teeny tiny problem with it. The payed part and the free part are called the same thing. In other games I play that have similar events like this they call the pass something else like “the divine pass” or “the wonder ticket”. For awhile I could not figure out how to get chick vouchers and since the instructions said that I could only get chick vouchers by playing farm pass and I couldn’t see any I assumed that I would start earning them if I bought the farm pass. I did and still no chick vouchers. I know how to get them now but I still think some clarity is needed. I personally don’t think it’s the best idea to name both the free and not free parts of the road farm pass. Also, in case anyone was wondering you have to wait till the next farm pass season until the chick vouchers show up. They will be available for the players who buy AND don’t buy the farm pass. Meaning we can all get PEACOCKS! I love peacocks I’m so happy they were added and I will get the blue and brown one. I will make sure of it… Happy Farming and God bless..Version: 1.52.125

Great game! One suggestionI love this game so much, my friends and I have been playing it for years! One suggestion that would greatly improve this game is to be able to buy things on edit mode!! I have to find a place to place all my footpaths and decorations on normal mode, guess how many I need then place them in edit mode it would be so much better if you could buy things on edit mode, would make laying out your farm so much easier!.Version: 1.59.188

Been playing for YEARS and only gets BETTER!First let me say this is not a paid review or anything like that. I’m just your average person downloading games for fun. I’ve been playing Hay Day for years and it only gets better and better. They always update the game and give us gifts that are useful for play when they do so (like diamonds). They have SO many expansions within the game that you could open up (beach town, railroad, and more!). One of the things that I like best is whenever a new season comes around they decorate the farm animals in appropriate clothing-for example the chickens wearing earmuffs!! It’s really cool😁. Another thing I like is the way the game is set up—you can play it for some time then You have to put it down to let your fields grow or your animals recuperate to give milk and eggs etc. The newest thing I just found out yesterday is at Greg‘s farm (character in game) they have what’s essentially an advent calendar in gift boxes!! My boyfriend and I have enjoyed opening a new gift every day for the holiday season and getting really cool stuff like puzzle pieces! THANKS DEVELOPERS AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HAY DAY!!!!.Version: 1.41.16

I like his game a lotI like it a lot I’m even playing it with my family I got everyone into it this game doesn’t have any issues beside the fact that u barely make profit with the bots that come up to your farm and ask for items that take a long time to get for so little coin and they only give u 5xp no matter what u sold them which I think is ridiculous. Another is the truck orders there needs to be better prices because they too ask for a lot but give u very little and it seems it’s not based off the value of the item, it seems to be a randomized price system them orders and doesn’t feel like I’m making much profit. You developers should put a compost machine so u can throw out unwanted produce that u accidentally over farmed and we can use it to make our crops grow faster. I like this game a lot don’t get me wrong but the fact that all the stations aren’t building and just over sized cooking stations throws it off I find it difficult decorating at a budget because the buildings look ugly u should make them into houses that have fences already like the dairy station I really wish the next update includes all these but I’m just reviewing and I doubt u guys read these so thanks. This game is good and I’ll continue playing it I just really hope u guys take this in consideration..Version: 1.50.122

My relaxing gameI’ve been playing this game now for more than 5 years, and generally really like it. I’m not going to mention all the land expansion problems. However I was going to say the higher level your farm is the harder it is to store crops. In a way I will agree new crops, stations and meals make game more interesting, but when you are on level 90 + and they suddenly release 6 or more new crops, it becomes virtually impossible to store stuff. It just takes all the space and then I started to lack some usual crops like soy or corn. I actually decided to write this review to give them an idea-when doing help tasks in Derby, we can help with watering trees. Why people can’t help by cutting trees-on some farms I’ve visited there are hundreds of dry trees, that people just can’t cut, as they have got no axes or saws. We could help with this in Help Task. Or HayDay should just announce amnesty and one day allow everyone to cut these dry “forests “. I really think HayDay world would look so much more beautiful without these dry trees..Version: 1.46.150

HayDayI have been on hayday since they got rights to put it in google playstore. Right at the very beginning when hardly anyone knew what it was, now my mum got addicted I got my whole family on there at one point and they go back to their farms every now and again and we help them with their derby tasks etc. The real problem, well glitch is I have been kicked off twice now since this Halloween update and I can’t get on the derby and I’m the leader of my neighbourhood I can’t help people on other levels in my neighbourhood if I can’t access The Valley as I get kicked off hayday and the app closes every time I go on The valley and now it’s started on the derby please fix this issue! We were number 7 in the derby last week for the uk, first time ever being anywhere near the first thousands! Problem is I can’t fulfill my tasks since the Halloween update please rectify this I spend money weekly sometimes daily on this and another game. HandsFaceSpace#StaySafe.Version: 1.47.96

Good game but aliitle bit is annoying and I need help.I have just started playing hay day and is is a really good game but there is something annoying so I was playing hay day in the morning then I went to school while I was building a thing and when I got back from school today I saw that the building was not done it was just gone gone gone gone so if you can fix that it will make a better game and a So I have a group called super cool Aussie farmers and coopers farm took over as leader I think he hacked but can you please help me get my group back ..Version: 1.44.74

Hay getting repetitiveLoved this game in the beginning, but no finding it a bit predictable. Recent new things seem to be designed to make you buy diamonds. Recent addition of bingo derby not an enhancement, bingo tasks very rare, and frustrating when playing as a team, just cannot get enough. Come on hay day, expansion areas with scrolls that are rare las hens teeth, and bingo tasks that are also rare, then boring decoration item for coins, and nice ones for diamonds, flower stall, but no orders for flowers in tasks, inc derby. Come on, you need some new ideas and get back to challenging your loyal fan base. Make tasks a challenge not impossible, make options to purchase decorations with game coin or diamonds, and have machines or animals that make sense. I'm at level 123, so have stuck around, and spent real money in your game, but come on this is getting to be a common thing. Isten to you loyal fans.Version: 1.36.212

Best time consumerThis game is a wonderful time consumer if you have nothing better to do and it is sooo hard to put down once you get into it. I really love that it teaches children and teenagers (me) how important and valuable farmers really are. Just one thing, if someone needs help in their boat orders ( or their truck orders) and lets say they need 9 cream, but I only have 5, the developers should make it so I could donate that 5 to the player, but that person would have to come up with the other 4. If that was possible, I would definitely donate my supplies. Keep up the good work. FIGHTING!!!.Version: 1.43.150

Fun game bad customer serviceMy mum and i have been playing this game for a few years now and she recently got a new ipad and she tried to login thro facebook because thats who she created her account in the first place. We tried over and over again so we went to customer service and gave some valid information about her account plus info from purchases that we had made in game including receipt numbers ect my mum waited around 40 mins to 1h for a reply but yet she got taken to a screen saying you are banned for 30 days for “trying” to steal someone else’s account So now my mum and i cant play a game we have played for ages, spent 100 odd dollars on and genuinely enjoy for years :(.Version: 1.56.108

Developers Please Read.I have had this game for over a month not and it’s really fun! Now I am on level 25 and it’s obviously gotten harder to level up. What I have noticed when I have gotten the valley, is that whenever I wanna go there, the game would always bug out. I don’t know if this is just me or other people, but I would like this to be fixed. I’m not sure if this is just me or not, but when I had this game a long time ago, I remember not have to spend money(coins) to fix the boat or the mine. I don’t know how people could get coins so easily as I don’t wanna spend really money on the game. I have had to wait a long time just to repair the boat or the mine because of how expensive it is. I would like you to take these into account because people would have the same problem. Other than that the game is really fun and enjoyable for people of all age and I am happy with it! So thank you for the developers for making this game because it’s really fun!.Version: 1.47.95

GlitchOverall the game is really good however myself and my partner have noticed that there could be a glitch since we try to harvest fruit or veg, products or animal products and then nothing happens. For example, harvest an apple tree only to find that nothing was collected but the tree is empty. Hope this can get fixed.Version: 1.49.4

Awesome game!This is really awesome game that has a very relaxing vibe to it. Like with the neighbourhoods, there's always one that's right for you. I love how the features that have been developed is designed to cater for everyone. Especially the tags being added in the neighbourhood search bar. You don't get constant ads in your face and one of the best components of this game that sets it apart from others is that the crops never wilt. This is awesome because you don't have to worry about being punished for not being on it all the time. I have been playing this game since 2 weeks after it came out and the only reason I deleted it at times was because I had to clear space on my device. I love this game so much that I would buy the in-app purchases just to say a huge thank you for making this game. A bit of feedback is to please improve the chances of getting the expansion tools, specifically the marker stake. Another thing that would be awesome to see is if you could see who is online in a neighbourhood. The last thing that I would absolutely love to see in the next update is the option to sell fishing gear(in order to balance the earning ratio maybe charge cotton?), or at least the free fishing gear? To Supercell, Thank you so much for making this game..Version: 1.39.93

Awesome game, some suggestions for the next updateThis is a pretty addicting game. I love hay day but I’m hoping maybe we could request or donate in the neighborhood more in a day. And also, I know we can request and sell and buy things, but wouldn’t it be very really super duper(I know it doesn’t make sense) a lot better if we could sell VOUCHERS?! That way, we don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to make vouchers. And I To be honest, I don’t the a way to get vouchers. You just kind of get them in random places. That would be awesome! And if you would just make some of the decoration bigger because it costs a lot of money and some of the decoration is smaller than I thought it would be and it wouldn’t be easy to spot, and what’s the point of using so much diamonds and money to put decoration if nobody can even see them? And... this one is just a random idea I got from my neighborhood. You made hay day sunny and sometimes snow, why not rain?Oh yeah, and make more types of bunnies they’re my favorite animal 😅😅😅🐇🐇🐇🐰🐰🐰.Version: 1.41.16

Fruit trees etcI love this game so addictive I am try n to catch my mother and sister as I started late . I would wish the fruit trees would be continuous instead of getting like 3 harvests out of them and then having to cut them down it’s hard enough to get saws and axe for the trees you have to cut down now to clear the area to expand just an idea...Version: 1.60.215

LookYou should be able to sell your decorations. Not on the market just on your store so you get money from them. Thx. Also they should have a notice are you sure you want to buy this thing. Thx..Version: 1.35.116

Great game just one problem…I have been playing the game for quiet some time now. I understandt that the game is supposed to be slow paced and a game to play and then come back to when you don’t have any tasks to complete but it’s almost too slow. Now I great way to speed up the process of it is to lower the cost of hiring the boy who can bring items to you at a good cost. It currently costs 15 diamonds for one day of bring him, 60 diamonds for 5 days, and 100 diamonds for 100 days. Thats absurd! How can you expect a person to pay for all of those diamonds to then use it for that boy! He can only do a task for a few set of hours before it resets. Even then, you wouldn’t be able to get a lot of items out of it if you can be there each correct time. My point, lower the cost of using diamonds for the boy. Also, make it more accessible to get diamonds somehow. The achievements aren’t enough. Maybe like a watch an advertisement thing for once a day. Or put in a system of getting weekly or daily items and as the days go by the person can get some diamonds. Please take this into consideration. Pleas do!! From, Julita Kozlowska (an angry player).Version: 1.55.93

More opportunities to obtain items to build barn storageI have been playing Hey Day for a good few years now. But finding it very hard to obtain items to expand my barn. It seems I am always selling goods only to find I need them for a task, but I guess that is the nature of the game. Is there any chance that could be improved upon? Kudos to the makers for continually updating according to players needs. Also any chance Tom could have shorter naps, I am sure he is the laziest farm help I have ever come across 🤣🤣🤣. More than happy to spend “real dollars, without overdoing it for this game. I belong to a great neighbourhood and that is an enormous help..Version: 1.39.92

Good game, few suggestionsThe new additions of the village and town are simply annoying for me, as the town is hard to expand and upgrade. The village keeps annoying me because all my deliveries keep expiring so I don’t get the rewards. Also hard to get to new levels. Also would be great to be able to get Tom to find expansion Items as well. Also a confirm button for spending diamonds as sometimes I accidentally press it which is annoying.Version: 1.43.149

AWESOME GAME! One thing though....Hay Day is a really fun game for any age - it really is! There is so much to do and unlock at each different level and I can’t stop playing! I really love that you can play Hay Day at any time you want, but don’t have to have your focus on it 100 % at a time. It is a game that is chilled and relaxing, and I love everything about it. There is one tiny thing I would change though.......I think the game would be much better if there were other ways you could buy “extras” other than with gems. If you don’t have enough gems, you have to buy them with real money, and that isn’t what lots of people want to do. It would be great if Hay Day would allow you to use your coins (in the game!!) to buy “extras” for example: Tom. To sum up my point, EXCELLENT GAME 🌼.Version: 1.41.16

Absoulutely love!I’ve known Hay day for about 5 years, and have 2 farms. I love how low pressure it is, and that I can chat with my extended family in the neighbourhood we’ve created. It can be quite difficult at times, for example, when saving up for a new machine, but has definitely taught me the importance of saving money. The updates are amazing (especially the town one in my opinion), and the game very rarely crashes, or glitches on my device at least. Love that there are no ads, unless you choose to watch one. I think diamonds and tokens are a little to hard to get, especially since some pets cost a lot. Overall, great game, would recommend!.Version: 1.41.16

Would recommend, but have some suggestionsI love hay day! Don’t get me wrong, the game is an amazing thing to play when you’re bored or when your looking for an entertaining game to play! But, I do have some suggestions…. I wish there was trading in the game. FAIR TRADING (btw). Like, say you need something to complete and order, and you have a friend (or just someone in general) who is willing to trade with you. You give them something they want or need, they give you something you want or need. Now, I understand some people might get scammed, that’s why I have an idea on how they could do this. You see, I believe that they could set up a system where people that are on your level (or around your level) could trade with you. The reason I say people around your level is because you can unlock certain things on certain levels. And it just wouldn’t be fair to players who have spent time on their farm trying to get to higher levels if some people could just get a huge jump start. This could help you complete tasks and overall make the game just that little bit better, or at least in my opinion. But, no matter what, I love the game. I’ve been playing it for YEARS now. I do recommend it and if you have it, you know the thrill of playing the game!.Version: 1.54.71

Heart broken 💔This was my fave game of all time. I’ve played for 10 years! Happily spent real money from time to time, for the sheer enjoyment. Played the valley today, with the bonus memory game, you have to avoid the bombs. Last time I played, it was three rounds and very expensive to play but I often did to collect tickets you can’t accumulate otherwise. This time, it was four rounds, and I got bombs every time. I would’ve had to spend $24AUD to play the last round or lose all I’d already accumulated AND SPENT to get there! I was mortified! I felt cheated beyond anything I’ve ever come across in this game and it literally hurt so much I’ve now deleted it. I loved you Heyday. Screw you and what you’ve become. I hope this happens to everyone and we all decide enough is enough and we all leave. Sick of being ripped of, instead of loyalty rewarded..Version: 1.59.192

Great Leisure ActivityI’m 58 years old and am no longer into aggressive gaming. Our son is a software developer and that’s his gig. This is mine. My wife and I have been playing HayDay since it’s conception. I love that this is a game that you can return to after short or long get away breaks and have it just the way that you left it. For awhile there, there weren’t any changes and it became a little boring. But lately you developers are always coming up with new ideas that make the game more pleasurable each and every time that I return. It’s calming, relaxing gaming at a pace I decide that I want it to be. Whether it be at home, work, or the doctors office this is the go to game for us. Keep up the great work. Lastly one suggestion. When you touch on the town visitor requests coming from the train town it currently shows what each visitor needs which is great and much less time consuming than visiting their town to check. What I would like to see is when you check if a town visitor request is filled, and it is, that you’d be able to simply touch the filled request form and go right to the visitor in the train town. Keep up the great work, we love this game and have hundreds of dollars invested into it because we love it that much!.Version: 1.45.111

Losing diamondsI have a problem with my diamonds disappearing for no reason the total just decreases I have been keeping an eye on this and I know I do not accidentally use the diamonds they just do use up here so one day I’ve got 15 the next day I’ve got five nothings been used this is a huge problem for me and I also agree with that other dude about not enough source to keep your trees under control I do have plenty of exes but not source for the big trees so let’s throw a few bore of them around so that we can maintain of dead trees appropriately.Version: 1.38.184

The Values Of Hay DayThis Game teaches all those who play it to appreciate how to save and monitor the money (fake money) that is on the game and gives kids a sense of responsibility to care and feed the animals that they have. I think this is a great game and I’m only 11 and writing a review about this. I am giving it a thumbs up from me..Version: 1.40.98

5/5I don’t tend to voluntarily write reviews on games. But this one is worth it! Firstly, I’ve had this game for years. When I was younger me and my friend used to play it while on facetime, asking each other if we had certain items to trade. I lost touch of the game for a while, but I’ve picked it back up here and there but now I’m fully addicted again! There’s so many elements to the game to enjoy. Not only do you have your farm to run, but you also can join a neighbourhood where you can access Derbys. Where there are mini missions and you can get rewards depending on how well you do. Then there’s also a village to serve people in and another section that’s hard to explain… You get to spin a wheel and earn fuel to move around a map and the more you do, the more tickets you collect to trade for rewards. Basically, like I say, there’s just so many elements to the game now. for anyone who played a while back, definitely redownload the game! All I can say is well done to the creators for making a fun farming game! :)).Version: 1.55.92

Hay dayThis game has a lot going for it, and it makes 2.5 million dollars a day! That being said I make things pick them up and they are gone. I spend a little money on the game so don’t like to be cheated. It has the derby and global events that really are fun but they give crummy prizes like they can’t afford to give you anything. Then they have things you can buy like Holiday things to decorate your farm but they all cost diamonds, you get a small amount of diamonds but everyone buys diamonds, really, again they could have a couple holiday items for coin. The cool thing about the game is the interaction with animals, water, town folk, etc. and it is just beautiful for the most part. I’ve played for some years stopped for a year because got tired of making things that would disappear. But I’m back and still enjoy the game. The customer support team is awesome if you need them. The real down side to this game is it can waist more time than anyone really should have. The up side is it’s a blast to play. And if you get into a good neighborhood it’s really fun. I can only give four stars because I think they should give way better prizes for global events, And the Derby’s too. It seems like it is a greedy game, that doesn’t have to be everyone spends some money on this game. 2.5 million a Day this game makes, so you know it’s fun, and addicting..Version: 1.37.105

Love it 😍 but one small, big thing 😶I love hay day and my brothers and my cousins do to but when sometimes I have 4 pieces of food and I go to somebody else to see what there farm is like and I go to their food store I can buy 7 more of the same food and I go to see how much I had but it is still just 4 it’s happened to me for a while and usually by now they would send a sorry gift but they haven’t it is really annoying and I’m not saying it’s bad I’m saying it could be better. I do not want to delete it and start over on level 1 after I’ve come SO far it’s interesting to see the people that are on level 1 hundred or 600” Please write/reply/type back QUESTIONS: What is the highest level someone has got to? And who is it (what’s there farms name) FEEDBACK: I love Greg he is so funny! Maybe there could be him talking to him like he asking appropriate stuff but not practically texting because people are not allowed to text. And maybe the farmers could expand the chickens 🐓 cows 🐄 goats 🐐 sheeps 🐑 pigs 🐖 and pets homes and gates PLEASE RIGHT BACK!!!!!!.Version: 1.46.150

Hay days reviewI think hay day is a really addicting game and is so fun to play one thing that in my opinion isn’t the best is that u don’t level up so quick apart from that I love it how every time you level up u get to unlock something knew . Some other good things are that you have to earn your coins and to get more crops u have to plant other crops . One thing that I find really helpful is once you have planted your crops , if there isn’t enough storage in ur shed you can sell other crops too make more room and earn money of it . Finally , the , last thing I wanna say is I think hay day should add an update where there is 1-3 games that u can play and if you complete the game then you earn something like maybe stars to help you level up ..Version: 1.49.4

Amazing app - great to playI love this game so much! I downloaded it a few weeks ago and am hooked! This game is calm, relaxing yet also helps you with your organization skills as running a farm and completing orders does require some level of organization. If you are thinking of getting this game - go for it. Whenever you play there is always something to do, so you never g we bored. Plus, it is a game that you can put down, however you are excited to play. Overall, amazing game and amazing balance of gameplay and ads. When you watch an ad, you get an award so it’s all helpful. Thank you so much supercell for creating this godsend. Love it ☆♡.Version: 1.54.71

Very good gameI have been playing on and off 3/4 years the game have been getting better and better and I see people saying you need you use your real money. But you do not you can level up fast and get parts you need I recommend you join a neighbourhood as soon as you can and if they are kind they will help you like my neighbourhood dose I am now level 64 I will have been high but I had some time a way from the game but I can say this with a good neighbourhood you can level up fast but level up fast is. Or always good as you need to get coins to buy to stuff so I will say at lower level try and save all your coin if you can.Version: 1.43.149

Hay dayI love the game but diamonds and coins keep disappearing. The diamonds I pay for. I spend around £20+ a month on hay day and it’s really annoying! I’ve tried reporting each time on both the game and the website but there’s no options or way to report. I’m surprised because all other games I play are very easy and simple to contact and have immediate responses and help. I love hay day and don’t want to delete it but I can’t afford to keep having all the purchases I’ve made keep disappearing. I love this game and don’t want to lose it but it’s getting ridiculous now. Please help developers. Couple of suggestions : collecting ext supplies is constantly necessary but storing them takes too much space. A separate unlimited building would be a big help with this. Helping others out feeding animals and especially chopping down trees/bushes would help keep the farms people have spent time and money on looking lovely..Version: 1.59.188

AmazingAs long as I can remember, I've been playing this game. My dad and mum played it so did all my sisters and brothers through Facebook. I used to play on my dads farm and I haven't played since he deleted it and came of making the rest of my family to that to. I would love to see my family's old farm, however I can't because I'm not on Facebook. I think there should be a search bar to search farms so I could feel the joy and look at my family's farms. Also I would like something more exiting as in the only one still playing hay day. If something exiting is added my family might start to play again and we can all play with each over and it will bring us closer as a family after my mum and dad broke up nobody's been playing..Version: 1.37.105

Good but a few things could be added/changed.This game is really fun and I really enjoy it. My only criticisms are that getting Axes and Saws is hard and takes a lot of time. I know you can get them from Tom but he’s pretty expensive. I wish there was an easier way to get them, like maybe sell them in the newspaper for coins? Even if it’s like 500 coins for one saw, I’d prefer that over nothing. My least favorite thing about this game which id love for you to fix, is that whenever I go to someone’s farm from the newspaper or back to my own, sometimes it takes ages to load! I’ve waited minutes before which is useless because then by the time I’ve gotten to the other farm everything is sold out. Please fix this bug as it’s ruining my gameplay..Version: 1.38.187

Every child should play Hay DayIn my opinion this is the number one game that children and teenagers should play, it teaches everyone how important farmers really are. I was very impressed to find that Hay Day teaches you that hard work and patience really pays off and enables the player to learn how to run a business, in that you need to plant the crops, feed the animals, sell what you create and save your money to get what you want out of Hay Day; it’s so similar to normal life, nothing is given freely, patience is required in order to achieve what you want to achieve and it also teaches you storage skills so you can fill orders and not just use what you have in the barn to fill new orders because the older orders are still there to fill at the end of the day. Finally, if it all gets too hard Hay Day teaches you to ask for help from your friends and neighbours, asking for help in real life is often very hard to do but Hay Day teaches you to ask for help as there is no other way to get past that stage unless you ask for help. The only thing l believe that will make this a better game is to be able to buy another dairy and sugar mill, adding another slot doesn’t improve the game at all as that just adds to the waiting queue. Thanks Hay Day for an enjoyable game..Version: 1.43.149

Please help meHi. This is one of my favourite games and I love playing it all the time but one problem, I don’t know how to log out of the account I am on at the moment. I accidentally logged into the wrong account when I went onto a different device, but I thought it’d be very useful if you could add a button where you can log out or something? I tried so many different things using tutorials from everywhere but none of them worked :(. It’d be great if this could be changed. Sorry for the waste of words if this isn’t a problem for anyone else 🤗 Also I don’t have Facebook or any of that if you’re not wondering..Version: 1.43.150

Gift functionI really enjoying this game for years and years. Only one thing I would like to ask the team is I wish I can give some gifts to my farm colleagues. Not only farm pass diamond but whatever I want, just drop to my neighbors. Pls consider this function. Thanks.Version: 1.58.81

Love this gameBeen playing for years and years now. I really love it. Nothing dies if you can’t manage to get on for a few days, it’s generous at giving you diamonds (I do like to give some financial support too since it’s given me so much enjoyment over all this time). Some things are easy and some things a challenge, just enough to keep interest piqued. If everything about a game is hard then it just gets plain annoying. Thanks heaps guys. Just about to play the new update, I’m really looking forward to it! Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.46.149

Great game but a few ideasHey guys, love the game. I’ve been playing it for 5 or 6 years on and off. I’ve had a few ideas over time though that I thought I’d share. - the horses could produce manure to be used as fertiliser (like in real life). Then, this manure could be used to speed up the growth of either fruit trees or crops. - with the introduction of customising the outside of the farm house, it would be a fun addition to be able to enter the house and possibly decorate in there - some of the boat orders (such as large bread or sugar crates) are difficult to fill when you’re asking for help. With some orders it would be nice to have a way to contribute as many items as you can, like the neighbourhood item requests.Version: 1.44.74

Disappearing ItemsI’ve been playing Hay Day for a while now and I really enjoy it but one incredibly annoying thing that keeps happening to me is some of my items are disappearing and not coming back to my inventory! I will often go to make food for my animals then come back to the game an hour later and all of the food i’ve been waiting to finish has mysteriously never shown up and vanished! Sometimes the food/items I store as extras in my inventory decide to vanish whenever I need them an it’s really annoying! Still a great game that I will continue to enjoy playing but please fix this issue!!.Version: 1.58.81

HelpLove the game and you don’t need money to play. One problem, not major but I have renamed all my pets but for some reason an error message pops up when I try to rename my Provence donkey, please help?.Version: 1.41.16

Very good game and want developer to knowI love this game so much it’s honestly the only game I play. This is not like clash of clans were you build upgrade help your clan battle etc. The thing about this game is that it is relaxing, competitive in some ways and teaches people how to run a farm and be helpers. It also takes so much time to not put down your phone because your farm can become so big. I’m only at level 15 and there is a lot going on and this is not what clash of clans or boom beach have. Speaking of level 15, which is the only recommendation I have for this game, is that it is really hard to get gift cards because sometimes people don’t give you them. Also people in your neighborhood or your friends might not have cargo to do because they aren’t high enough of a level to have it or you just can’t give it to them because of the stuff you haven’t unlocked. Lastly, the reviving of the plants is really rare because people would almost never have dead trees or it would be really rare to have them. The recommendation is to make it easier to get gift cards. If I’m missing something 1 it’s because of my neighbors not telling me how it works and 2 please tell more information about the gift cards to me so I could enjoy the game even more. PLEASE RESPOND.Version: 1.49.4

LOVE LOVE LOVE, but one change PLEASEI absolutely love this game, I’ve been playing it on and off for years but only recently started playing it seriously, and there’s a few things I want changed but major one is I wish they would make an update that double checks with you before spending diamonds. A lot of the time I’ll play in between doing things so I’ll be in a rush and I’ve had multiple instances where I’ve accidentally clicked an option to pay diamonds to replace crops or whatever it is, even when I dont need to. I wish they would make a screen pop up before you spend diamonds asking you if you’re SURE you want to do that action. Especially for newer players diamonds can be really beneficial and when you spend it on accident like that, it can be really frustrating. Another change I’d suggest is adding a search button to the daily dirt, or categories to make it easier to find supplies when you need to fill a boat or truck order. Although this might make it a little leas exciting, the daily dirt is 80% indigo, wheat, strawberries and other spam crops, and very rarely can you find expansion items or ingredients for orders. And I also know Tom is used for this service but he costs a lot in diamonds which isn’t accessible to new players and only available every 3 hours after a task. which goes to waste when you’re sleeping, at work and/or school, or are busy with other responsibilities..Version: 1.51.90

SweetladyI love hay day very much, but there must be a easier way to make money because somethings are away out of price range and very hard to get. I agree with buying and selling vouchers so you can get thing quicker and a bit easier. I wish I could play 24/7 but can’t xxxx.Version: 1.56.100

It’s a good gameIt’s a very addictive game and I’ve just got back in to it and it’s been a great experience. But Recently, I was trying to get some ice cream for my boat order and I got some milk for it but I have been gaining no milk, I also bought some chilli and got 0 chilli from it but spent 300 coins on it, it could be a glitch within my ipad or a game glitch but I think you should look in to it. Thanks for the great experience on hay day supercell. Also, I’ve noticed the coins and diamonds are really expensive and I think it’s quite greedy and some things cost loads of diamonds. I understand you have to earn money but not by being super greedy. Other than that, it’s been a great experience.Version: 1.49.4

AmazingI gave this game 5 star because is amazing you can feed animals create a farm when you move levels it give a gift to you you should play hay day forever and if you are board as well you can play with friends and make a group and vs everyone in the world that plays hay day if you feel like you are upset you could play hay day I hope is helpful maybe you won’t like it but my family does they all play it I played this for 5years can you believe what level I am on am on level 109 is amazing I have so many animals and decorations even some neighbours come to visit your house and they want something from you I hope is helpful i am telling you you should play it.Version: 1.60.215

4 stars from me!I really enjoy playing Hay Day because it’s a really addictive and fun game. But there have been 2 problems bugging me for 5-6 years 🤣. Ok so here goes: .1 I have a tree overload. Most of my farm is taken over by tres and bushes. So can we have multi-use axes and saws? Maybe like you can use it 5 times, or make them more common. Another option is to make a giant saw machine, and make us pay... $3000! Or more, in your opinion. .2 TO MUCH DIAMONDS! My family and I have been finding trouble with is... everything costs for diamonds and the offers for diamonds os to much for me. Can you take away 40% - 60% of the diamond offers off or, just make us use coins for everything? Because of these 2 reasons I stopped playing. Keep in mind that, making us pay and making us do a tree overload makes YOU lose customers, and get a bad rating. Because of YOUR programming, you are losing people. Keep that in mind. If you just listen to me, I will play Hay Day again and so will everyone else..Version: 1.49.4

Good but slow and costs lots of game money 💰Hay day is a pretty good game but it to me is really slow I really want more stuff like more pets and more places that I need to unlock and the only way to do that is level up and the more you level up the slower it takes to go to the next level. Then when you unlock this stuff you have to pay thousands and thousands of game money to get it. It is really hard get even a thousand game money in this game. Then that baby chick 🐤 thing it costs real money to get the stuff I want, like the hats for the animals. And I know that there was one time they gave a free farm pass but I couldn’t get it (for some reason) so missed out on getting the party hat. I clicked on that farm pass button a billion times and it would not give me the farm pass. I don’t if other people had this problem but all I know is that it happened to me. I know I have been focused on the nagetive but this game is fine so if feel like you can do it then get Hay Day and once your patient enough you will have the time of your life so once your at level 10 then find the Pinky and Pidi club because that’s the club I’m in and I made it..Version: 1.50.129

SuggestionsTo make hay day a more interactive game I suggest we customise our own characters (that have the same style to Greg etc) and request certain items (maybe vouchers) that say <this neighbour/friend> has the item so we offer money 💰in exchange for the item and it will then give the friend blue stars too (for experience points). The friend can deny the request and we can walk up our friend’s driveway. This is the same concept as the AI characters in the game. An appearance suggestion is there are weather/ day light cycles 🌦. (Daylight cycles depend on what time zone you’re in). A decoration suggestion is we could paint decorations. If we go to store or move a decoration, an option for painting will be shown with a paint brush 🖌 icon..Version: 1.55.93

Great gameGreat game, fun for all ages. Love the extra mini games/tasks..the derby, valley, and the global events. Giving 4 1/2 stars because of a few issues. It’s too hard to get saws and axes to chop down dead trees & bushes.. maybe add a mulching machine at a certain level to be purchased with farm coins?? In the valley when your truck breaks down it says other farmers can help but they can’t ( I’ve done some research and this seems to have been a problem for a while) And when you purchase Tom I feel as though his rests are too long, I’m happy to wait for the two hrs when I get him for free but I personally feel a bit ripped off when I’ve paid for him & can’t use him whenever I want. Maybe cut the time down to 1/2 hr or even 1 hr would be good?.Version: 1.50.129

Fun and challengingI have been playing hay day now for the past 8years. I enjoy the challenge and find it keeps my mind alert and efficient. My progress through the levels is slow but belonging to a community group keeps me on task. Loads of fun for all ages. I am 64 and my granddaughter is now 10..Version: 1.46.150

The game constantly crashes.I absolutely love this game and would recommend it to everyone I know! I had an old account on a level beyond 100 on another device but I sadly lost all my progress. A week or so ago I downloaded it again, and I love the new update, despite having to start over again. However there is an issue with the app crashing constantly. I was able to deal with it for a while, but now it’s crashing instantly, and i barely get a glimpse at my farm. The phone I’m using is an iPhone 7, and I’ve never had this sort of problem with other apps before. TLDR; I think there is a bug that is causing the game to crash, please fix it if you can..Version: 1.47.95

LOVE IT but one thingI’ve had Hay Day for years now and have continued to love it after all this time. The updates keep me coming back and the creativity never fails to amaze. BUT recently after taking a small break from the app, I’ve found that 100 of my gems had disappeared! I have no idea why since I’m quite sure I hadn’t purchased anything with the diamonds. And one last, small thing is that Hay Day keeps crashing and kicking me out of the app after I do any action too fast, it’s started to happen more often now and is interrupting gameplay. Everything other than that, absolutely AMAZING..Version: 1.47.96

Sooooooo goodThis is such a good game but I wish it didn't need wifi👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 1.35.116

5 star farming gameI absolutely love Hayday. It is the only game I have consistently played for years and years. They make you work hard for your farm so all expansions and level ups are not taken for granted. If there are ever any issues, hayday rewards you with diamonds for your patience while they fix bugs making you feel valued and like they care about your gameplay. There are always new challenges and things to complete and unlock, keeping you interested and wanting to do better. I disagree with reviews saying you need diamonds for everything, I have spent very minimal diamonds in this game and have managed to save almost all my diamonds throughout the time I have played the game - meaning I haven’t needed to spend any money on playing. All you need is patience. It’s the best farming game I have played..Version: 1.46.149

How do you download updates. I am being taken around in circles.How do you download updates. I am being taken around in circles and cannot access hay day at all..Version: 1.37.104

Harvesting Joy, One Pixel at a TimeYears in the Making: I’ve been tilling these virtual fields for what feels like an eternity. From the very first wheat seedling I planted, I knew this game was special. It’s like a cozy quilt that wraps around your heart, keeping you warm even during those chilly breaks when life pulls you away. 🌱❤️ The Farmstead Beckons: Every morning, as the rooster crows, I rush to my phone, eager to check on my crops, feed the chickens, and milk the cows. The sun rises over my pixelated barn, and I feel a sense of purpose—a digital farmer with a real connection to my little patch of earth. 🌅🐄 Suggestion for the Devs: Now, listen up, Hay Day team! 🗣️ How about a monthly subscription that unlocks the Farm Pass, any events, collect Diamonds, and decorate our farms with subscription-only items. Imagine: Early Access to Events: No more waiting by the mailbox! We’d be the first to dive into special events. Sparkling Diamonds: Enough to make a digital tiara! 💎 Unique Decorations: My farm would be the envy of all the neighboring pixels. Closing Thoughts: So, dear farmers, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie with a green thumb, Hay Day is the sunflower in your gaming garden. It’s a place where friendships bloom, cows moo in harmony, and tractors hum a soothing tune. 🌻🎶 Remember, life is like a freshly harvested carrot—sometimes a little wonky, but always delicious! 🥕🤗 Happy farming, my pixelated pals! 🌾🌟.Version: 1.60.215

1 problemI love this game unfortunately I have just done the optional update and now I can’t get onto the valley it just keeps kicking me from the game please fix!.Version: 1.47.96

A couple bugsI mean, I love hay Day, I’ve been playing it since I was little, I just recently started to play again, but I bought something (with real money) and it was either $1.00 or $2.00 but still, i didn’t get it, so I got off of Hay Day and waited a little bit, but then I got back on and I didn’t get it, it was this... I think starter pack or bundle, I could be wrong but it had diamonds and a cherry blossom tree and I still got neither, I went to the costumer support page, and it said something about purchases and i went to it I send a message to a... robot or something and i got a feeling that I was never going to get my stuff back mostly because it kept giving me very irrelevant questions, The second thing I want to talk about is the stalls, in my own stallI sold wood planks on accident and I tried to delete the sale, and it just took it. I mean, I would have GLADLY taken it back or at least just sold it for the money, I mean I sold like 9 so I’m pretty annoyed that I didn’t get anything out of it. Please fix this. Thanks! Sincerely, A huge fan of hay day.Version: 1.46.150

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