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Google Drive App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Google Drive app received 103 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Google Drive? Can you share your negative thoughts about google drive?

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Google Drive for Negative User Reviews

App constantly crashes when transferringI’ll preface this by saying that I don’t know if this is a Google problem or Apple problem. I don’t really care. I’ve been a Drive subscriber for some years now (TB level) and I’ve had this problem with multiple iPhones. When transferring images from iPhone to Google Drive, the process continues to randomly crash/stop causing incomplete transfers. I’ve gone as far as putting my phone in Airplane mode and WiFi only, shutting all other processes/apps, and let it sit. I’m pulling over 200MB download and over 10MB up. Data does not seem to be the issue. Currently running the 12 Pro Max. Hardly think it’s a hardware issue. I’d like to see this get fixed since it’s been happening for at least 5 years. My current work around is to manually transfer my images to my computer and then upload them to Google Drive. This seems to be a dumb solution for 2022. I can’t reliably backup a single trips worth of photos. Would be nice to transfer a couple hundred photos without these types of issues..Version: 4.2021.52200

Regret switching from Dropbox to Google :(There’s no way for me to get my Google Photos onto Google Drive... I’d have to manually save all the hundreds of thousands of photos to my phone or device AND THEN re-download them to Google Drive. What am I paying $100 a year for?!?! And I just spent 4 months HAND transferring millions of files from DROPBOX to GOOGLE.... I can’t believe it.... Why did they get rid of that feature?! Google Drive and Google Photos should be connected. It’s absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to organize photos. And considering I take a crap ton of photos, I really need something that can save and organize my photos safely. I also thought that using Google Drive would make it easier to share things. But, it doesn’t. I still have to share things through Google Drive/Google Photos and if people don’t have that, they can’t see it. What’s the difference between Google Drive/Google Photos and DROPBOX?! Honestly, I wish I would have never switched to Google Drive/Google Photos :( Dropbox is better... But after spending months transferring every single files and picture by hand, manually.. I don’t feel like going back to Dropbox :(.Version: 4.2021.30203

Google has Abandoned Support and Compatibility for iPhoneDrive has become totally useless on my 7plus. Started having streaming issues about 6 months ago. Most videos won’t play or stop part way through. I struggle to open photos most of the time. I don’t know what happened. Phone has been reset. Completely reset to factory. App has been deleted more than once and reinstalled. Every successive update gets worse and worse. I really think the reason is competition. Regardless of the numbers of Apple users, Google just doesn’t care as a priority about non-Android phones and making sure compatibility is there. These issues have been going on for so long I honestly feel like Google has just abandoned support for iPhone. As I was told from one Google employee, Drive is not meant to stream content (even though it’s my own and I PAY for storage). It’s simply meant as cloud storage. I have gone from limited use to now, after the latest update, not being able to stream any video or even open a photo from my account. This isn’t some third party created app...this is Google. I seriously can’t understand how this is possible..Version: 4.2018.09208

Great except one flaw for meI love the app as I use it for a ton of school work and transferring files between laptop, phone, and PC. The one flaw is that even though my phone is running iOS 10.3.3, it still says I have to get a compatible version. It seems to think my phone doesn't have the latest update even though it does (and all other apps work fine). This also means it won't update. Rather unfortunate..Version: 4.2017.39509

IssuesI am unable to upload photos to a shared drive with our marketing co in bulk. Useless drive for us and creates much headache.Version: 4.2023.26204

Would be quicker if I printed the manualKeeps crashing while I’m scrolling for the page I want in a workshop manual. There is no page search function so I have to scroll which takes ages. Even at the start its difficult to find files as the file is already titled You end up with half a name and a load of dots, you try to rename said file, the new name comes after the old one so you still can’t see it. It really shouldn’t be difficult I only have 3 or 4 files in drive, but you try to be clever with recently opened, opened frequently, opened last flipping week, I don’t care, I just want a list of files! I am seriously considering just printing this manual because Ive wasted so much time trying to get some information from more than halfway through, It’s been impossible so far!! Complete rubbish!.Version: 4.2019.02201

Why would you need permission to view a file?Someone sent me a file so I could prepare for a meeting and when I went to open it it said… that I need permission. Utterly ridiculous! My meeting was ruined and I didn’t get my promotion. I am officially switching to apple and IOS..Version: 4.2023.02201

Terrible performance1. Uploads do not continue in the background 2. Uploads interrupted by network issues don’t continue automatically 3. Network issues cancel the entire upload process.Version: 4.2023.34225

GarbageSo here it is, the online storage system created by this conglomerate..and its garbage. This is an age of video files, not jpgs, pngs and docs, that was the last couple of decades. Online streaming is huge, downloads, movies and box sets over every conceivable service out there YET, this cannot play any of them. It was launched with this bug and people are uploading 100s of them and not even checking to see if they play...why would you? They upload, show thumbnails, file sizes, you can rename them, re configure them and families are using the 15gb on offer to save their beloved video family videos, yet none of them play. Surf any forum or community and it's littered with hundreds of complaints yet, here we are and Google can't be bothered to investigate, instead referring you to communities of angry folk. Look at all the reviews, PC mags, and downloads sites alike, all giving it 5 stars ( cos they are all on Googles payroll) singing its praises. It's utter garbage. It doesn't playback any video files, don't be sucked in..Version: 4.2019.10204

Great app but recent bug foundI’ve been using Google Drive for many years and have been very impressed with its capabilities, especially when it comes to collaboration using Google docs. Synchronization seems real-time and I’ve never had a version control issue like MS. However, recently on iOS 15 I’ve noticed background activity draining my battery when I haven’t actually opened the app in months. My phone was at 30% 5:30am this morning from last night which I thought was strange. I went back to sleep for two more hours. With no use, screen off, no messages no calls, literally no phone usage, my battery dropped to 19%! I look at the battery usage by app and Google drive has been running for 5hrs 19min and I have not even opened this app for at least a month. I like the Drive app but if they don’t fix this I’m going to remove this app all together and just use the web interface. I updated the app, turned off background refresh for the app and still found 5hr of activity last night when I have not used this app at all. I just deleted the app! Goodbye Google Drive..Version: 4.2021.48202

Quite goodGoogle Drive is a good solution but it could be far better. The video processing software (if you upload content) is crushingly slow before the video is ready, to the point that it’s not fit for purpose. On the desktop version, there are various extra bits of software you can use to open certain file types, but they are so vague it’s not clear if they are actually safe or not, so either bake them in properly or don’t have them at all; you just leave people feeling anxious as to whether these other apps are actually any good or safe to use! :/.Version: 4.2410.11800

Cannot password protect the AppI downloaded this and it was easy to use but my big concern is security. There is no way to password protect this app so if someone gets access to your iPad, steals it when open etc, they have access to absolutely everything in your drive area. There appears to be a way to protect Drive in The Drive Settings menu, but this is greyed out and refers you to Apple’s Touch ID, which also doesn’t let you protect the drive. I like the app but hate the security so it is being removed. I can’t risk someone swiping my iPad and getting access to important work files. The only workaround I have found, which does not always work, is to go to the settings in Drive and sign out. But when you sign back in, the two-step authentication I have set up in my account does not work! It will accept the password (which is stored on the iPad and automatically inserted) and then you get access! This is disappointing from Google. Security should be top of the agenda..Version: 4.2017.47518

Beware institutional ownershipIf you have a google drive run by your school, university, or company, beware that THEY own the account and you do not. When you are finished with the institution you will loose access to all information and sign in keys associated with the account. I am struggling with my university trying to fix this… to no avail. File transfers happen on an item by item basis as well. Terrible. Google bottlenecks transfer speeds…. Terrible. As soon as I can, I am off all google drove storage and onto external hard drives… I will only use google drive for quick small number file transfers..Version: 4.2023.16200

De pire en pireTrès difficile de naviguer dans l’application, de télécharger les fichiers sur un appareil mobile. Presque partout, Drive n’offre que l’option de déplacer les fichiers à l’intérieur de Drive. Il faut chercher longtemps pour arriver à télécharger les fichiers un à un, l’option est toujours cachée sous un autre choix plus ou moins intuitif. C’était plus simple quand Google n’essayait pas de nous forcer à payer pour du stockage en nous empêchant de télécharger nos propres fichiers..Version: 4.2023.26204

Good but confusing in placesIt’s got a lot of good but also some issues. My biggest gripe that knocks this down is that if I want to download a video or photo to my phone I have to go to ‘send to’, this is a super confusing place to hide this option. Not sure why it’s made so confusing and isn’t just it’s own option on the menu, this would seem like an oversight, otherwise downright poor design. Also closing videos doesn’t always work, is it swipe up, wait for the x to eventually come back after tapping a few times. Very unintuitive and frustrating!.Version: 4.2020.42203

Great tool unless you don't have IOS 11New update is not supported with IOS devices lower than IOS 11..Version: 4.2017.35501

Google doesn’t seem to care about its customersTwo instances where Google could improve on its service… Google drive seems to have lost the ability to view images within the last few days. Splitting photos and drive seems silly if they take options away from either. Happy for them to have two apps and one is more tailored to photos and the other to files, but leave the ability to view photos etc in both. The other issue is in Google calendar, it is impossible to print a calendar in a year view. Just feels like they have half cooked the apps and now are trying to reduce functionality. Nest cam is the same as Google seems to of destroyed it entirely.Version: 4.2022.36202

Excessive battery usageI have “Background App Refresh” turned off since I only use this to transfer files back and fourth between my phone and computer, but this app still used 9h of battery in the background in the past 24h and 86h of battery in the background in the past 7 days. I just got an iCloud subscription and it’s much more convenient and faster to sync.Version: 4.2023.20204

No download buttonThere is no download button for documents. Need to open browser version to download items. Very inconvenient. When uploading items, you have upload one by one. After each upload programme provide pop-up message “locate uploaded item”. This message overlaps with button “+”- upload, so you have to tap the message to be able to upload further..Version: 4.2023.22225

Can’t believe how user unfriendly Google Drive isI don’t believe people actually use this app because of a total lack of logic. Useless as it is impractical from user friendliness side..Version: 4.2023.46227

Please allow full resolution photo downloadsThis app was excellent, until Google removed being able to download photos stored on drive as full resolution. Google photos completely does not fit my needs and I require google drive as a means of transferring full quality image files to my iphone for business. For months now I have failed to download full resolution images as I was previously able to and I now must use my web browser to perform this function. As my most dependent feature is not possible I have rated this app from a five to a one until it has been dealt with. My many emails to the developer have been ignored.Version: 4.2018.09208

Can't update!Update says I need 10.3.3 which I have and it won't update..Version: 4.2017.35501

Good be getting worseWas a big fan of Google maps but recently experienced fair bit of technical issues, e.g. the avoid toll switch was not really working , it lead me to the toll road anyway ( I know there are other routes can avoid toll), sometimes the app just went crazy, with no clue of what it is doing. Another interesting thing is Google maps likes the “back door” more than front door. Many times it leads me to the rear door of the property rather than the property front door. It is time to look for an alternative of Google maps now..Version: 4.2023.34225

Good but...Using the workspace feature feels redundant on the app as workspace should be allowing me to access specific files easily, going from one to another fast and quick. However, when I try to use the files I’ve moved into the workspace, it will bring me to into another google app which does not give me access to the workspace that I created unless I go back to the drive app and relaunch workspace again, which in my opinion, makes workspace feel redundant on the google drive app. I had the app when docs, sheets, and slides were all integrated into this app. I think the workspace feature would greatly benefit from this. Drive is great as a “central hub” and I like how it is organized, but that organization feels (again) redundant if you have to switch between different files and different apps. Drive feels like a middle man that could be cut. And the only reason that it isn’t cut is that the other apps can only view their respective files (i.e. docs can only view documents)..Version: 4.2019.46202

Too disappointed for a title1. why can I see files on my phone but not my laptop even if i’m synced? i have to search through narnia to find my files 2. I can only open videos through the app and not the browser which is a giant inconvenience..Version: 4.2023.24204

GlitchyI don’t know I never use it but since it’s google it’s glitchy and you can’t tell me otherwise.🤓🤓🤓.Version: 4.2023.16200

It’s good but could be better.I downloaded this because I was having issues with my iPhone and I was afraid of losing my photos. I was happy with the unlimited storage, however I have close to 8000 photos. It took me a very long time to go through and click each picture individually because there is not a “select all” button. This is highly inconvenient and time consuming for anyone who is using the app for the first time and trying to backup the photos they already have. I know not everyone has as many as I do but even if I only had 100 photos that still would have taken a while. Then to make things better (sarcasm) when I finally finished selecting all of my photos and then hit upload, it said “uploading”, and then it just stopped and went to the homepage. It did not upload ANY of my photos. Also I had to leave the room for a moment and my screen locked, when I got back on all of the photos I had selected, had been unselected and I had to start all over. Please fix these issues..Version: 4.2017.42104

Unstable, no dark modeGoogle team, please unify app look and options across all devices. please roll out dark mode for drive..Version: 4.2023.30210

Unacceptably horrible user experienceI still cannot understand how such a high profile app can have such terrible user experience. Arguably the most relevant use case for any cloud drive (uploading files and sharing them with someone else) just doesn’t work. I recently had someone share a link to a folder where they uploaded some photos (no idea what permissions but it should not matter if its made accessible via link) and there was no other way for me to download them than to individually select EACH photo and save it to my device - there wasn’t even an option to save it directly into my photos app, just to the file system. No option to copy the whole folder or multiple files to my drive, no option to download the folder or multiple files directly to my phone. Nope, the only way to move them is to select each individual photo and either download it, or ‘create a copy’, which adds a completely unnecessary ‘Copy of’ text string to the file name. Can someone please fix this broken app?.Version: 4.2405.11800

Why can’t i download multiple photos at onceWhat a dumb app, why cant i download multiple photos at the same time or an entire folder for that matter. I can highlight all of the photos but you don’t give me the option to download, i have to go through and download hundreds of photos individually? Stupid..Version: 4.2023.14200

Great app badly let down by poor music player.WHY DOES THE APP TAKE UP 2GB ON MY PHONE WHEN IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE CLOUD ???? Two issues: Firstly, the “list view” is universal across the app, meaning that I can either have all files and folders showing up in list view, OR all files and folders showing up in folder view. There is no in between. What I am wanting to do is half all folders show up as a square folder but inside them I want to be able to see all my files has a list of view. This currently cannot be done. Secondly, I was about to purchase the 200Gb plan for £25 a year because I want to save all my MP3’s on it rather than clog up room on my phone. But when I saw how basic and bad the internal mp3 player was I didn’t bother. No playlist, no favourites, no next/back button, no track listing without having to go back each time, no equaliser, and it just looks so basic. Truly awful. You’d think they would have built a really nice music player within the app. And I don’t want to have to play my MP3’s through a third party player for security reasons. Good price plans, but sadly let down by the horribly basic internal music player..Version: 4.2410.11800

Can’t log inThe app literally doesnt work with face id enabled.Version: 4.2023.22225

Great app, but i wish links opened in the app, not in browserI’m using an iPad Pro as my main device as much as possible. On the whole I think it’s brilliant. However, there are two things that cause friction. Firstly, as a gSuite user I am opening slides, sheets and docs frequently. The visibility of those files in the Drive App seems oddly inconsistent with each of the other apps. It doesn’t seem to list all my latest files by default. More annoying is when I follow a link to a doc in - say - Slack - it opens in safari, so on a couple of occasions I’ve found myself comment on files in the browser, and thinking they’re not in the app doc which is a bit disorientating..Version: 4.2019.46202

Requires passwordThis app is garbage. It won’t let me log in and keeps telling me my org requires a password. It’s a personal account on a personal device. Absolute trash..Version: 4.2019.49206

Drive is a lemon.The filing system is dumb. We need to be able to tag files. Having everything searchable by name is stupid. Because we don’t know what files are called when named by other people. And they are then in a shared file, so we have to go back to the email notification that you got when the file was shared. Who wants a email clogging up your inbox. It’s clunky and poorly designed..Version: 4.2020.04202

Works well but kind of lacking in usabilityThe app works well and is reliable, but some basic functionality isn’t implemented that well UI-wise. In particular - The app constantly resets when kicked out of memory and doesn’t make any effort to go back to the place you were browsing, basically breaking the mobile OS paradigm. It’s the most basic and important feature of a mobile app and this doesn’t seem make any attempt at it. - Uploads don’t continue in the background at all so you have to keep the app open to upload anything - Integration with iOS Files app as a storage provider is really unreliable, for example creating a new folder in the Files app often creates two or three of the same folder, and uploading something from the share sheet using the Save to Files way often creates many duplicates - Thumbnail view of folders in the app is forcibly cropped so much that you can’t see what anything is. It’s more stylish than useful..Version: 4.2019.38203

Annoying when there’s a connection issueEvery time I upload my phone might go through a screen timeout, resulting in some files failing to upload to a ‘connection error’. There is no option/button to retry, so I have to manually select and reupload the files that didn’t upload. Alternatively, I can upload everything again however Google can’t even detect duplicate uploads. So the only option is to delete everything you’ve uploaded and reupload it all again..Version: 4.2022.50202

Get your info straight!Latest update says i cant load it since i need OS 10.3.3 or higher. I have 10.3.3!!!!!! I suspect you mean must have OS 11 but didn't say this ... this just makes me angry and isn't acceptable from a user standpoint..Version: 4.2017.35501

Needlessly complicated trash.My primary purpose for online drives is to transfer files between multiple devices, I have never come across one that makes the process such an arduous task as in the new Google Drive. It used to be you could select everything you wanted, click a little arrow and all your files downloaded. Simple, straightforward and efficient, so obviously Google had to ruin it. You can no longer download multiple files at once, the arrow is gone and there is no download in the three-dot menu like before; instead you have to go into each file, individually, and tap on it to download. I was always taught that good UI design should streamline a process, not add a dozen extra steps. Apparently modern Google disagrees..Version: 4.2020.24202

It’s not worth the time to installI want to recommend some things overall my main problem is that the setup of the app is hard there is a setup on my computer at my school which is really easy but mobile is bad setup! My second problem is that you need to download 2 apps like the google docs and this app to edit the drives, my third problem is not being able to see all drives, so one time i was trying to edit a drive from school for homework and i couldn’t find it because it wasn't in a folder which made me mad and i had to go on my google cromebook to get it and be able to do my homework BUT on the computers you can edit all drives and that shouldn't be too much to ask! I’m not trying to be a critic but overall app isn’t worth buying it’s just like the website if you wanna access drive and if you want these things i suggested copy and paste all this like all the others! And lets get google drive to notice us!!.Version: 4.2023.40228

Drag and dropApart from the fact that the app changes literally every day, its very nice to use. I loved, and I say loved not love, the feature of dragging files in folders. This has disappeared. Now when you go to hold down and select files, you can no longer drag them into folders. This was intuitive. Bring it back..Version: 4.2019.28203

Why do you make it so hard?I can never find what I’m looking for - especially in shared folders (right now I can only find some random files in a shared folder, not the whole folder). I also almost never leave a review but it is that frustrating right now..Version: 4.2023.08200

Can’t save multiple images at onceFor some reason after all these years, you still can’t select multiple images on google drive and save them all to your camera roll. Seems like a pretty basic feature google wants to keep out so that you prefer to stay in their system. It is also incredibly annoying that you have to click send a copy -> save image rather than a save to camera roll button on the first menu. Most apps don’t make such a simple feature so complicated.Version: 4.2403.11800

Useless, impossible to view in folder structure, so just a jumble of filesYou won’t be able to see your folders, just a jumble of primary files from the folders, which you can sort by date, name etc. My top? Delete this app and view Drive through your browser - preferably Firefox or Safari - selecting “Request Desktop Site” so you can upload, rename, move to folders that you can actually see. Given it 2 stars because 15Gb free is generous, though do be awkward if privacy issues, as usual, you’re the product with anything Google..Version: 4.2023.24204

Glitches sometimesIt’s a good app but just glitches sometimes. And it should also have this background colour when you insert and paste a new text somewhere because the text that your teacher gives you can get deleted easily and is not able to come back. So there should be an option that will let you access the deleted texts so you can bring them back to you just in case if you accidentally deleted them because the same thing happened to me..Version: 4.2021.38203

Horrible app to useHorrible iOS version, not user friendly at all!! I hate it!!.Version: 4.2023.32225

Not working on iPhoneThis app does not allow me to open more than one document at a time on iPhone. Makes it almost unusable.Version: 4.2023.12200

Would rather use stone tablets to save documentsGenuinely the most assbackwards, unintuitive application I’ve had the misfortune of using. Surely the result of the catharsis of a developer at Google..Version: 4.2023.40228

Uploading Takes AgesIt literally takes forever to upload a video less than a minute long. By the time it uploads, the sun will have swallowed earth, scorching all in its path and then it probably doesn’t matter that I’m trying to upload something at that point..Version: 4.2019.06203

Storage spaceSucks big time.Version: 4.2023.36204

It is so horribleAbsolute crap.Version: 4.2023.20204

Constantly CrashingI’ve deleted and downloaded the app about 10 times in the last 30 mins. The app has some of the worst cache settings it just constantly crashes. So stupid..Version: 4.2023.04202

InappropriéJe ne désire pas avoir l’application google photos. J’aimerais bien avoir la liberté de mes choix sans que Google prenne tout en charge. C’est de l’ingérence..Version: 4.2023.24204

Slow, could be more effecientThe mobile device version, could be more intelligent/faster..Version: 4.2023.26204

Lock folders in Drive!!I’m a premium drive user. I’ve been using google drive from 2014. I do believe in locking folders feature in order to increase the individual privacy. We do often have private files which become accessible as soon as we signing in with Google for any other services or whether someone else gain control of our devices can put our private files in danger. If we have the ability to lock each folders, that will make it more secure for any of these possible situations. I do hope to see this feature coming soon as it vital for me and many others. Thanks!.Version: 4.2023.32225

Ease of UseI overall really like the functionality of drive. There are just a few kind of UI and workflow things that I'd really love to see implemented. It would be great to have a more customizable storage system where you weren't limited to the different macro-tabs like home, starred, shared, and files. It would be cool if we could add our own to make drive the most optimum file storage system for us. It would also be great if there was a way to enable those same tabs, just in different iterations for different file types, so that I could just swipe over to another screen and see all of my starred and shared mp4 files, swipe again to see PDFS, and again to see JPEGs and PSD's or something like that. Additionally, it would be amazing if the download functionality was less cumbersome. I'd love to be able to open the share sheet, and just have the normal iPad menu system options of saving to files or doing all that other stuff. Most importantly, please make it possible to do things like download and move files off drive in bulk. There is nothing more annoying that having pictures of pages of a book and having to download and move each one individually because the function of the Drive's share sheet changes depending on wether or not multiple files are selected. Thanks!.Version: 4.2021.44203

No Download option availableI cannot download files from the google drive. I need to use google drive website to download all files..Version: 4.2023.34225

Needs improvementThe service is nice, but the app isn’t very good. If you create a folder system, it will show up on on the app. But if you ever rearrange the order of the folders, it was still show up on the app in the old order. The way around this is to reload the page by dragging down. It’s not as though this is a permanent fix though. You will need to do this every time you open it. It’s extremely obnoxious. I thought that perhaps this was due to the app needing to catch up with the file system. But even today I am still forced to refresh the different folders to make them appear in their current order. It’s not an app breaking bug, but it’s certainly an annoying one..Version: 4.2019.28203

CrashingEverytime i scroll through photos it crashes.Version: 4.2023.20204

A decent cloud storage solution.Google drive is all right, but it sometimes glitches if you don’t have the Slides, Docs, and sheets app. I like how the sharing works. I don’t like that if someone hack your Google account they get access to some of your files. I also don’t like google’s business model. I try to avoid letting Google steel my data, the people I work with use it, so for file sharing it was a good option. If you just want to transfer files over the internet, I still recommend WeTransfer..Version: 4.2409.10800

Navigation& organizational optionsI would love if you would Please allow us to adjust the width of the columns - not just the size of the window - so we can see the full file names all in a row at a glance without having to hover or click on each one individually. Also please allow customization of landing page to be like finder or explorer windows, rather than a giant pile of recent files that’s constantly changing. It’s visually distracting and extremely annoying every time. I’d like to turn off recent files, and be taken immediately to a home file structure. Again, just like finder or windows explorer. I just need to be able to get in here and find my files according to the organizational systems that I use with all my o5er computers, so I can easily know where I am in my own drive. Also please allow for a more clear “path” view. Rather than having to click om the dots to see the full file path, it should be displayed. Better yet, introduce a columns view like on Mac. Thank you,.Version: 4.2023.24204

Good app, but could be easier to move files aroundOverall I think google drive is great. One improvement I would like to see is in moving files between different folders: at the moment you have to click through each folder in sequential order which can take a long time if you have many subfolders. It would be much better if once you have selected the “move file” option you could search directly for a destination folder name rather than have to click your way through..Version: 4.2017.47518

Unreliable faff for iPad ProGreat idea and brilliant to use for single files, photos etc. Otherwise it is has let me down on multiple occasions, failing to upload and download seamlessly (potentially my internet connection but was testing in multiple areas). Left me relying on Facebook for important files for work. It is also a pain to transfer / download a lot of pictures / files. I cannot download from Google Drive, only upload folders. As soon as you’re into the service it has a funny way of forcing you to depend on it..Version: 4.2021.44203

Google driveGoogle drive is awesome. On Google drive you can write on a slide or a document, you can take photos and you can also draw pictures. Vote for google drive! When I need to do some school work the first thing I go onto is google drive, google drive rocks and I hope that I will keep everything in my drive... UwU Thank you for making this app really good and cool, this is what I live for... LOL! Whoever created this app or whoever had the idea of creating this app, THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH. You made all of my things... I think that sounds right... You made all of my things orginised..Version: 4.2019.44203

Update usability for searchable PDFsThe latest update has resulted in my inability to search PDF files because the search field will disappear as I'm typing then be completely inaccessable once it's gone from the screen. I have yet to find a setting that allows me to adjust this on either my iPad or within the app itself. I have not yet checked to see if this is an issue on my phone, which I hope it's not. Because if it is, Google drive, as my default PDF reader will have to be replaced. Given the developer response, I've had to remove a star. I get that drive is a file folder for storage, but google does not have a PDF file reader (and I don't have enough storage space on my iPad for sheets or documents), much less the ability to download a maintenance manual for a car so that I can search it on my Apple's PDF reader. The whole point of keeping it in drive was because it was easier to access online. The previous versions of Drive allowed viewing and searching PDFs, so I'm at a loss as to why it's suddenly a problem..Version: 4.2022.18200

Does what it needs to do poorly. A few pet peeves of mine.Google drive’s inherent problem is you can’t select multiple files on google drive, thats why i had to download the app. My goal is to mass select videos my friends have shared then use the ‘make a copy’ option to have it in my drive. This wouldn’t be a problem if we could delete whats in ‘shared with me’, it keeps piling up with stuff I no longer need and cant delete or sort out. Problem with the app : When i need to make a copy of a video others have shared to me, i click on the triple dots (...) this only works for individual videos. I can select multiple files in the app, after that i click on the triple dots ... No ‘make a copy’. or any of the other useful option available in the single file option. Please implement mass selecting files natively to google drive (the website not the app). Also add the useful options from the single file selection to the multiple selection in both the website and app. I swear people working at google don’t actually use google services like google drive because of how bad it is. Theres just too many things to fix, we live in a technological era and yet convenience is clearly not considered by Google of all places..Version: 4.2020.40205

Cannot download file easily on iOSStupid interface.Version: 4.2020.48302

Total chaosEvery time I get an email with a file shared by drive, I cringe. It means that there’s going to be a problem. I end up keeping docs open because it’s impossible to find anything in my or someone else’s drive. Totally non intuitive interface. Never have the right permissions. Etc..Version: 4.2019.06203

Very frustratingThis app used to be really helpful but since the new update I can no longer organise my work files in shared drive. I used to be able to do this before the update a couple of weeks ago, and that’s the only thing that’s changed on my end. Customer service did not help in the slightest and denied that it was a problem. Not impressed.Version: 4.2021.18200

Hate the app. Love cheap extra storage.I absolutely love how cheap Google Drive is. It’s wonderful to have the option to offload files from my various devices for practically nothing. That being said, this app, just like many other google apps - both desktop and mobile - is absolutely awful. It suffers the same fate as most of their other apps - terrible navigation, not intuitive, convoluted processes to do anything, and a host of other issues. I’m not sure who’s making the UX decisions at Google - it seems like it may be Helen Keller - but they should be canned. Nothing is where it should be, or where one would think it is. I’ve had this app for years and I still can’t navigate through it without making multiple errors. There is no rhyme or reason to 99% of the design choices in this app, or if there is, I’d love to know what those rhymes and reasons are. Maybe it’s some conspiracy where Google makes their apps really difficult to use so that people then have to do a google search so that they can figure out how to work google’s abysmal apps..Version: 4.2020.08201

Convenient but disorganisedConvenient free space with sharing capabilities (but only to other google users). However, it is annoying to organise and is an online tool only (offline is a waste of time). Especially difficult is organising folders and files that have been shared with you. Google assumes you will access shared material using Google’s search for key words - fine if the title or contents contain that exact key word, but if not, that material is effectively lost. There’s also the problem that searching on a particular word can distort Google’s data profile for you, even if you’re only using that word to locate a file on a unrelated topic (e.g. the technical paper with the metaphor about ‘cheese’)..Version: 4.2019.12208

GDOCS nightmareA while ago I thought I’d commit to using gdocs for everything. Then had various problems, couldn’t arrange files how I like them, didn’t find it easy to use and so on. Backed out, bought a MacBook and never looked back. But I’ve still got the odd file in GDOC format. Some are really important. But… none of them work anymore. If a gdoc file is on your hard disk, you can’t open it in docs. This one file, I copied into Drive and went to open it - there in Drive, not there in Docs when browsed to the same folder. In short, Google has failed at everything. It’s really difficult to use, doesn’t let you organise your stuff then loses critical data..Version: 4.2023.18200

Love it....but it just keeps crashing :-(Downloaded this to get into the habit of backing up my photos on my phone and for a forthcoming holiday where I really wanted an app I could back up photos daily on. This is it. And it’s brill. And it has a user friendly interface.’s so incredibly frustrating as it just keeps crashing. I start to upload photos, it freezes then the app shuts down. So I start again. And it does the same. Then it works fine for three goes then does the same. I’ve updated it. I’ve tried uploading a reduced number of photos or videos at a time. And it still does it. If it wasn’t for that this would’ve got 5 * but it’s so unreliable and time consuming currently..Version: 4.2018.30205

Objectively WorseGoogle Drive is slower to upload to by at least double compared to every other method I use, it stops what it’s doing and sometimes abandons uploads when I go to another app or sometimes refuses to let me see upload progress. Incredibly slow and frustrating and I would not use it but my email app won’t let me use anything else. I think it must be the sheer size of Google Drive’s servers that make it so painfully slow. Since beginning this draft I abandoned an upload taking forever and sent two copies on my favorite social app in a fifth of the time that Google Drive had taken to do… I don’t know what because it would not show me a progress meter. I detest this app..Version: 4.2410.11800

This apps works like rubbishThe idea of Google Drive is good, just if it worked properly. While uploading anything you can’t literally do absolutely nothing on your device, any click even by mistake that minimise the window or in case of Iphone if you just switch between screens, say goodbye to your upload. And even if you left your phone uploading and it finish the process, you go back to see that 20 photos or so of your batch didn’t upload correctly with some unexplained error. I can’t believe I paid for extra space, and it just last for the time of subscription. Fix this rubbish or im just moving to another app..Version: 4.2023.10200

It’s goodI crash sometimes but i don’t know why?.Version: 4.2022.36201

Issue moving files and foldersI generally love Google drive but the iOS app used to be sooo much more user friendly when it came to moving items between folders. You used to be able to press on an item's icon, it would drop to the bottom of the screen, and then you could drag it right into to the folder you wanted. Now, every time you want to move any item, you have to select Move and then begin at the very beginning of your drive and click through every single folder until you find the one you want! Am extremely tedious step backward in design :-( Please consider switching back to the more mobile friendly style of moving items that you used to have. Please also add the ability to ADD TO a folder instead of totally moving an item into a folder... On computers, we can click Control and then the green Add button to add an item to a new folder while also keeping it in the original folder..Version: 4.2018.50205

UghI can’t get iMovie on.Version: 4.2023.36204

Could be great, lacks too many features on iPadThe main issue with this is its essentially the iPhone app (which is also pretty bad if you ask me). The main issue is no navigation menu. Because of this you have to go back , back back, forward forward, etc over and over to get to new folders. This is extremely tedious and having a navigation window (like regular google drive on a desktop) seems like a no brainer? iPads are essentially laptops now….Why would you make it harder to use then a desktop? Same for the phone. This really alienates customers who use google drive for work and companies with lots of files to move around and navigate. It should be much easier on all devices to find a folder you want to move documents and files too…this goes for the move function on a shard document on the desktop too but thats another review. Otherwise this would be an amazing app since google drive is a great tool in theory..Version: 4.2023.36204

Always ruining your products with updatesThis used to be a beautiful app. But for some reason you got rid of the passcode lock for different accounts. WHY?! Why did you do that? That was such a good function that you got rid of! Just like you ruined the once amazing mobile google earth app with a horrible update. Stop ruining your amazing products with horrific updates. I'll give you 5 stars if you bring back the passcode lock for accounts and undo the damage you did to the google earth app.Version: 4.2017.43506

Disappearing filesI have to use Drive for work and it is a mystery to me how such an important piece of software can work so badly. Every time you open a shared file and close it, it disappears from the folder containing it, until you exit and re-enter that folder. Why is this? For my job, I need to quickly scan through all the documents to check which ones I will need to work on, and then go through the relevant texts again. It is nearly impossible for me to keep track of what is where as I have to exit and re-enter all the time. Please, please fix this issue! It is major..Version: 4.2021.46200

Photos Won’t SaveLiterally what it means can’t save photos or videos uploaded to my google drive onto my camera roll. Literally will just hit save a copy over and over again and it will do it’s little export spinning thing then I’ll check my camera roll and it’s nowhere to be found. Checked the files app too and nothing there either. Looked online and seems like it’s a IPhone problem..Version: 4.2023.30210

Unintuitive and lacks basic functions in desktop web appI just want to manage my files in bulk. If there is a way to select multiple files at once, google has kept it very well hidden (not even in the kebab menu). This is a basic idiom which has been in use on the desktop for decades. If this is the best google can do it’s pretty disappointing. Also: “recent” seems to include files I’ve accessed recently but the recent folders I’ve accessed don’t show up. If I have to open up my laptop and use the web app to get basic work done what is the point of this app? I can understand why basic features missed from the mobile site but a native app has a lot more options.Version: 4.2020.14202

Why no longer compatible?I have had this app for years and accidentally deleted it just now, so I tried to get it back on but it just tells me that it is not compatible even though I just used it. I use an iPad 2 iOS version 9.3.5 and I need this app back, so if at all possible can you guys at Google make it work again because this app won't let me get it no matter how many hours I spend thumping the download button repeatedly. So please allow compatibility for iOS version 9.3.5 again. AND IF YOU ARE WONDERING WHY I DON'T JUST GET AN ENTIRELY NEW IPAD, THE ANSWER IS VERY SIMPLE, I AM TOO POOR TO AFFORD AN ENTIRELY NEW DEVICE FOR EVERY ISSUE WITH COMPATIBILITY THAT OCCURS BECAUSE OF DOWNLOAD SYSTEM!!!.Version: 4.2020.12203

🥴Slow and I can’t leave the app or the pictures stop downloading.Version: 4.2023.14200

No settings for sync frequency! Or a button to force a sync.It is amazing to me the difference in the actual files within Google Drive on my laptop and the Google Drive on this device. iPhone 6s Plus. Lots not syncing. There are whole folders that are on the laptop app and not on the phone app. Wifi is working. Settings of iPhone say to allow data and all of that. So, I go searching for a sync button to force the operation and it doesn’t appear to have one. I know you can “pull down”. Doesn’t seem to work. However, files are still missing on the phone. While I gathered a picture in an email and hence needing to upload it to a certain customer folder... the folder is just not there. Open Google Drive app and the folder is there. Laptop app=visible (where I created it). Mobile app=visible but no when I hit the upload button to save this picture to this particular folder. As I’m scanning the option of customer folders with my eyes, I see many new customers folders missing. Suggestion: increase settings available to users so that they can force, schedule these syncs. Also, check how this iPhone “upload” icon fetches the info Google Drive. It’s not working and seems to be a version of the distant past. Pretty depressing to leave the office knowing you uploaded stuff, your trying to continue your work while traveling and it just won’t get done because Google Drive is failing to allow me to add files/pics/docs from multiple entry points. Please help!.Version: 4.2019.16202

If only the big players would play together...So individually these apps all have their strengths and weaknesses but above all why I won’t rate Google Drive, iCloud Drive, One Drive or any of these fools software higher than 1 star is that they all extract funds from us for using their software yet they don’t play nicely together from a sharing perspective meaning I have to fork out money for each platform to make the most of it. I think this is utterly ridiculous and its about time people wake up and demand that instead of consumers paying the price for the lack of integration between these software giants they wake up and realise who is actually paying for the use their software in the first place..Version: 4.2018.13303

Fix your problemsIt’s trash I can’t access anything.Version: 4.2022.36202

Really good, but where is my team driveI use this all the time, for all work documents. Now our organisation has installed team drives but I can’t see them on the mobile app. This is a massive oversight to not have this functionality in the app - It becomes unusable! When will team drives be included???.Version: 4.2018.09208

GOOGLE DRIVE S U C K SI recently did a photo shoot--lots of pictures to download. Pictures won't download to the google drive app or Safari or Google Chrome. On the app all pictures are BLACK!! On Safari and Google Chrome I can view but cannot save!!! Also I cannot "Save All" I would have to save one by one to iCloud Files -- ain't nobody got no time fo dat!! I literally have to save to iCloud Files then iPhone Camera Roll individually for each file. This app is crap..Version: 4.2023.24204

Useful but needyOpen drive: “Are you enjoying drive?” “Not now” … five seconds later: “Are you enjoying drive?” “Not now” … five seconds later: “Are you enjoying drive?” “No! How can anybody enjoy anything when you keep asking? So here, have a 3 Star review.” I’ve been using drive for a long time. Quite sporadically. My partner and I share stuff on it a fair bit but not all the time. It’s not really noticeably better or worse than any of its competitors, except that google sheets and docs are pretty good. But constantly asking for feedback is nuts. Stop it..Version: 4.2017.43506

Uploading photosI have given this rating for 3 stars because I am uploading photos then some of them do not upload and say some files have failed to upload due to no internet connection but I always have connection to the internet. This is frustrating and annoying as I have to go through each picture to see what has or not uploaded..Version: 4.2022.28202

Easy storage, but missing the key features to make it a great appI’ve been using google drive for years now, and for a long time it had been my go-to for digital storage, but the lack of updates to certain key features over the years has made it less appealing as more advanced softwares like Dropbox. It’s even missing simplistic features, like the ability to edit modification and creation date, or clear the drive activity log, or at least hide it in link sharing. These are simplistic things people have asked for for years and have been ignored, and has made storage on drive messy and unorganised. Other wise, the app works great, if you just want storage space and none of the details.Version: 4.2019.18202

Terrible redesignThe UI that had the buttons for team/shared drives, starred files, my drive, and shared with me at the bottom was by far and away the most user friendly and efficient design this app has ever seen. Why it was replaced with the current UI is beyond me. You’ve made this app such a pain for daily users, such as myself, to navigate. The layout was about as close to perfection as it has ever been, and now I have to relearn how to access my own information. Why? I work in IT so quick, efficient access to information is critical for me to be able to do my job well, and this is now a hinderance. I’ve been a fan of Google apps for a very long time because I could see the thought process behind UI layout on your apps for mobile devices and it made sense. They’ve all been pretty easy to use until now. Two stars until someone puts some thought into making the UI layout easy for your users instead of using it to promote your newest feature..Version: 4.2019.30201

PDF mark up and ScanWhen will Google Drive finally be able to scan documents and mark up PDF files? Why is Google Drive so much behind Microsoft Drive? This minimalist approach has gone a bit too far! Shame....Version: 4.2017.37510

Lucky it was Free!Google is a very good company, that makes great and useful apps. So when I got this app, I thought I would be getting another great app! Could I have been more wrong? When I got this app, I was in a hurry and I was looking for an app that would let me share documents fast, and quick. I was also looking for an app that could save the documents at the same time. So I tried to send the document to my drive. I then went into the app, only to discover, the document wasn’t there! I was in a hurry, so I quickly tried again and the same thing happened! A few days later, I tried again. This time I wasn’t in a rush so I had more time. Again it didn’t work, even though it said that it had been saved. It clearly hadn’t. All I can say is that I’m lucky it was free! This app is a disgrace, and I would definitely not recommend it to anyone. If I could rate this app -0, I definitely would!.Version: 4.2017.43506

I ABSOLUTELY HATE GOOGLE DRIVE!I HATE IT! I want to be able to save to my ICloud google drive photos sent to me—at least let me save them as photos! ARGH!.Version: 4.2023.14200

Google Support is a scamI’ve used google drive for almost a year now for my personal email account. My credit card expired recently and therefore my service. When I clicked the renew subscription button it automatically brought up a screen where I proceeded to pay for the annual price instead of monthly. Only to find out I had paid for a subscription on my work email as opposed to my personal. I immediately requested from support that the funds be applied to my personal account to which I was told that could not be done. So I requested a refund and was told no. Support has for over a month been telling me “they are looking in to it” for me only to find the same response each time I follow up with them. Separately I chatted with them via “chat” for over 45 minutes to find the same answers, no refund no switching to the correct account no help. I’ve had start up companies and small businesses provide quick no questions ask help and get google a giant cannot apply my mere $20 dollars to the correct account for which my credit card expired in the first place..Version: 4.2020.40205

Comment supprimerLes documents dans one Drive.Version: 4.2023.32225

Hard to navigate and move filesIt was supposed to be way easier to manage files with touch screen devices. More intuitive. Just drag drop with your finger. That was what was promised way back before there was an iPad or any of these touch input devices. We’re not there yet. Drive is way too clunky - excessively demanding that I click and click and click, just to move a file. Actually I can’t figure out how to move a file. I’m sure the option is there but I haven’t clicked on enough menus and sub-menus yet to find that option. Hum... Well keep iterating Google UX team. You’ll get there eventually, or someone will..Version: 4.2019.22204

Can’t download videos from DriveUsed to be able to download videos by tapping “Send Copy”, “Save Video”. Now that feature is broken making this cloud storage service useless. Great.. 😖.Version: 4.2023.14200

Integration with gmail app is poorSince the update to gmail and Google drive apps on my iPad, with all iOS up to date, Google drive no longer offers a ‘send a copy’ via gmail option. This is very unhelpful. It would be much more helpful to also include a ‘send as attachment’ choice for sending files from gmail as I don’t want to send links to my Google drive to other parties. Thus, I am only able to do this from Google drive (not currently an option, can only send as attachment from my iOS mail which doesn’t then include my signature etc) or through an internet browser (safari/chrome) which is inconvenient..Version: 4.2021.34202

Would be nice for more functionalityI really like Google Docs, but it is still way behind what I would like it to be. I teach online, and my students complete the exercises in their paper books, and upload photos of the completed exercises for me to mark. I use an iPad and iPad pencil, to underline, tick or cross and add comments, just like a traditional teacher. It would be really nice for me to be able to do this, ir just use any stylus and mark work, but I can’t. So I have to download it, edit it as a photo on my iPad, delete the original’s and then upload them again marked. It’s a real hassle and adds a lot of time onto the task. It would be really nice to be able to do all this withing Google Docs!.Version: 4.2023.26204

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