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AMC Theatres: Movies & More App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

AMC Theatres: Movies & More app received 12 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using AMC Theatres: Movies & More? Can you share your negative thoughts about amc theatres: movies & more?

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Theatre to app needs improvementI used to go to this theatre quite a bit. Last time I attended, I tried to look up showtimes and they only had 1 showtime for almost every movie. Then, a week later when I could make the show time, I got drinks for my family and I. They only had 1 type of drink. I asked the attendants about it, they showed me a long worded sign stating their shortage. No one though had the courtesy or good customer service to advise me of their shortage or show me their inconvenience letter. This was very disappointing, I spent well over 100 dollars for them to basically take the money and not tell me that there is a shortage in drinks. Seems like the theatre told their employees to just place this letter, but let them buy the products, if there is a dispute or disagreement just show them the letter afterwards. Makes me hope that the theatre just goes out of business. That was the only theatre I’ve attended that acted in this manner. To add to this in recent years, the quality of the theatre has diminished greatly. This is the theatre in Madison, TN..Version: 6.19.2

App suddenly won’t work anymoreI downloaded the app and became a a-lister a few months back and for the longest time I had no complaints. The app worked totally fine. Then it suddenly stopped working, giving me the “Oops an error has occurred” message on every tab. I now can’t buy tickets or do anything on it at all. The only thing that seems to function is my barcode. I check it multiple times a day and it’s only randomly fixed itself on a few rare occasions. It started about 4 weeks ago, just after the most recent update at the time. I’ve deleted and redownloaded it, still won’t work. I know it’s not my Internet because every other app works and my phone is fully updated. I can’t even seem to use the desktop version either as an alternative, which bugs out and gives me a error message every time I try to order tickets. Every other website works just fine except for amc theaters. I’m at the point where it’s nearly impossible to buy tickets without having to physically go to the theater which is extremely inconvenient. This is incredibly disappointing because I was truly enjoying the app and I love my a-list membership. This needs to be fixed asap..Version: 7.0.24

Terrible appThis app is so glitchy. A lot of network errors. It took me an hour to try to buy tickets. It should not be this complicated. The issue was trying to buy food. There is a delay when submitting the order. I had 6 popcorn orders because it wouldn’t process within a timely manner. Then I tried to delete it down to just one order and get numerous delays. I had cancel the entire order because I was receiving errors issues. Of course, when you cancel the order your seats in the theater remain blocked for a period of 15 minutes so you lost your seating. If the app was not so sensitive I would not be cancelling my order! I would rather go in person and get my tickets instead of dealing with an app that gets me frustrated. Not sure if AMC is troubleshooting the app issues. The password is also another thing. You try to update your password and you get the email and then it takes you online to update it. Once you update it and try to go back to the app it does not recognize your new password. What in the world? That is not right. I give up..Version: 6.21.30

Better but still not working wellI had the AMC app about a year ago and it was trash to be honest. Nothing worked right, it was buggy and would crash and would not let me sign in. I just downloaded it again today and I must say it's better. I can log in well, I like the touch ID, not as many bugs experienced yet. There was one when trying to see the rules of their new promotion and it wouldn't load well and gave me an error. As for logging in, that worked well. But...I will view/see I'm a AMC Stubs Insider member and I can see all my stubs info. But when I try to by a ticket today it would not apply my ticket Tuesday deal ($2 off). Also, when I tried to sign up for the tickets for a year promo and buy a ticket it did not see that I was stubs member and tried to make me sign up for a whole new account & stubs membership. There was no way to sign in or show the app I was a stubs member and to apply the proposal EVEN THOUGH I WAS ALREADY SIGNED IN AND IT SHOWS ME MY STUBS INFO!! There needs to be a way to connect/make this all work together and the STUBS INFO can be seen and applied throughout the app. Thanks..Version: 6.16.0

Still great, but still waiting for better ability to switch between theaters and showtimesI’m still waiting for this app to have a more fluid experience when looking for the best seat at two of my favorite theaters across multiple showtimes. It should be easier once I select the movie I want to see to show the seating plans for my favorite theaters around the initial time I selected. Please add this function!!!! Points earned for the Entourage feature!!! This will definitely make managing my wife’s tickets a lot easier! Instead of us rushing to get the seats at the same time on two apps!!! Points lost for asking me to add snacks before I purchase the ticket. It creates an additional layer of anxiety when I’m trying to snag a ticket to a possibly sold out show. Ask me about snacks after the final order page when I know I have my ticket secured. Right now I quickly skip through that page because I don’t want to miss out on the ticket!!! You’re loosing sales this way..Version: 6.21.1

Buggy &Requires excessive promptsFirst time user of this app. Long time Flixster user. We also have a Stubs card. Upon trying to purchase tickets, received error message ‘Oops! Something went wrong...’ Selected the purchase button again and received the same warning. Then we were timed out and had to restart the purchase process from the beginning only to find our seats were no longer available -Because apparently the transaction did complete despite the error messages and zero confirmation that the transaction went thru. I don’t like being forced to check my credit card account to make sure we weren’t charged twice because the app never confirmed the transaction! This is BASIC stuff! Also, too many clicks to see what’s playing/times at a given venue. The initial screen giving information about the theater is more for the egos of AMC Executives - The customer wants to see the movie and times FIRST, not a corporate marketing spiel. We use these apps to save time, that point is lost on AMC. Also, favorited 5 AMC theaters, but can’t seem to get a filtered list set as my default view showing only those theaters. I don’t need to know about a theater 10miles away, I just want to launch the app and see what’s playing at my favorites. I imagine that option exists but I can’t figure it out, or because of a bug the setting/option doesn’t work. Appreciate they include run time and technical info for the theater/ presentation..Version: 6.11.1

I wish someone would fix this app!Every time we open the app to make a reservation, the date goes back to January 1 or else it jumps to a different theater. We also have other various issues as we are a married couple linked by entourage… one is with reward certificates. One of us has 2 and the other has 5 and yet, they jump back and forth and show under each other’s account. This is the same for bonus bucks that AMC has given out and we are often blocked from making our 3 reservation for the week once we both have seen 2 movies ( as if the system thinks we have seen more than 2 each). We both have iPhones with current software and the AMC app is updated on both as well… the issues we experience make no sense at all and started once we linked our accounts via the entourage feature. Trying to contact support is not an option if you need immediate support and I am a caregiver to a hospice patient so, I can’t sit and wait with a phone in my hand long term… We enjoy AMC but, don’t enjoy your app. I wish someone would take the time to investigate these issues as I am tired of having to drive to the theater to purchase tickets when the app should work….Version: 6.21.71

Another glitch with seat availabilityI had selected seats in the back row, 3 all the way to the left and then 2 seats towards the middle/right side. When someone is actively checking out, the seats they select appear as unavailable since they have already selected them and are checking out. I’ve tested this in the past when purchasing seats at the same time as friends/family while on the phone; where the seats they’ve selected are unavailable since they were checking out. Anyway I was about to complete the check out when an error message popped up claiming that the 5 seats that I was purchasing were unavailable despite obviously being available since I was able to select them. Then I went back to the seating chart and those EXACT 5 separate pairs of seats were showing up as unavailable. So I’m assuming that now those seats are going to be empty since it thinks someone purchased them when really it was just me since I already had them to purchase. So thanks to AMC those 5 seats in the back will be open but unavailable. Congratulations AMC, you played yourself once again. Have nice day..Version: 6.21.79

Not user friendlyBelow is a full description of my experience but the short version is if you are going to force people to only buy tickets on-line then you need to be able support that with out creating absolute frustration. AMC drives you to use the their on-line portals but when I tried to buy tickets on-line it would not allow me move forward with my purchase after selecting seats. I tried using the help window that did not provide any useful information. I tried calling the theater and was put through a recorded message and then let the phone ring for and extended period of time before finally telling me to call back later and hanging up on me. This forced me to download the app to finish the purchase. I only went through this because this was the only theater that was showing this movie and this was for a family Christmas outing. I am perfectly fine with doing purchases on-line. I do not want to be forced to download another unwanted app to take up space on my phone to watch a movie. Especially when I have normally have so many more options. I will be deleting this app immediately and I will be doing my very best to not use your theater in the future..Version: 6.22.15

Loses ticketsUntil recently I gave this app 5 stars, but recently it has been glitchy as others have reported, not allowing purchases, and today I went to check on an order for a few days from now and it wasn’t there in the app, the tickets were not displayed. Worried that I had forgotten to place the order, I checked my credit card statement and found a charge, then checked my email for the ticket confirmation, but nothing showing in the app. After a chat session with customer support, i was told to bring a pro out of that email, and that the tickets would show up in the app after the movie showtime. after. I got the sense that the rep felt I was being stupid for not knowing this. Hopefully I will not have a problem. BUT: I kept checking, and discovered that this happened at least once previously, and that time, I just thought that I had forgotten to place the order, ordered again, only to discover after the showtime that there were two sets of tickets displayed, the ones I used and the ones I wasted. Now I’m out over $90. Reaching out to customer service to see if they will help, but since it is well after the showtime, I’m expecting them to say they cannot help me. Really annoying and wipes out any savings I’ve gotten from being an A-list member. Moral: Don’t trust the app to track your purchases properly!.Version: 6.21.7

Flawed interface; Favorite Theaters is uselessWhile looking for showtimes, the interface on this app has a row of selectable options at the top of the display that does not stay visible while scrolling. This make it impossible to know what day of showtimes you are looking at once you scroll down a bit. For anyone trying to compare showtimes across days and theaters this gets confusing very quickly. Also, the Favorite Theaters feature is now useless. It used to allow the app to prioritize your favorite movie theaters at the top of the list when you look at showtimes. Now it prioritized them by distance which doesn’t work for me because I prefer to see movies in premium screening rooms. Not every AMC location has IMAX and Dolby theaters. I live in a big city with lots of AMC Theatres locations so I have to scroll through about 10 or 15 theaters before I get to my favorite theater. So why have Favorite Theaters at all?.Version: 7.0.16

Fix log in loop with latest updateI’ve used app for years and with latest update the app says my log in is not correct. I can log in online via browser and it shows I’m a premiere but in this clunky app it won’t let me log in. Says my email isn’t valid; but when I reset password it sends link to same email. Once I changed password it doesn’t stay logged in and doesn’t recognize my stubs info. But if I try to re-link my stubs acct to the app log in the loop says I’m already using the stub number and logs me out. Then try to log in again it goes back to saying my email isn’t a valid log in. Fix the freaking app!!! Update: Maybe coincidence or maybe a responsive app development CusSer group, either way the latest update fixed my login loop issue. I will say it’s a bit annoying how every update requires a completely new login as if I’m a first time user. The whole point of the timer print ID process is so I don’t have to remember my login info...but other than that the app seems to be back to its normal state..Version: 6.17.0

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