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Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts app received 140 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts? Can you share your negative thoughts about amazon music: songs & podcasts?

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Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts for Negative User Reviews

Annoying glitch when you delete songsI love this app generally, but I recently deleted my downloaded songs and now it’s annoying and almost unusable. I now get this pop-up screen that tells me to “redownload missing songs”. It seemingly gives you two options: to redownload or to “start fresh.” Since I deleted the downloaded songs for a reason, I choose “start fresh”…whatever that means. It then goes to a processing screen that says it’s performing the necessary updates to my music library, which can take anywhere from 2 seconds to INFINITY. I have a range of times for this process because THIS HAPPENS EVERY TIME I START THE APP. So, instead of updating the library or “starting fresh” it seems to now be a new annoying startup glitch. Sometimes the glitch cycles for a super long time, so I have to restart the app and hope the next glitch is shorter. BUT WAIT THERES MORE: when I finally do get to play my music, there’s ANOTHER new glitch. If I try to stream one of the formerly downloaded songs, it shows an error screen: “song not found”, with the options to “redownload missing songs” or “start fresh”. At least it will stream the song that it can’t be found, even as it pressures me to redownload. I don’t want to redownload. I just want to stream music on my preferred music app. If this keeps up, it won’t be my preferred app for long…..Version: 22.2.1

Horrible updateBefore the app was fine sure some music was unlimited but it didn’t bother people so much but know they have adds you need to have unlimited to download playlist and the cherry on top off this wretched cake it adds songs to your playlist that you didn’t even add I would suggest getting Spotify it’s basically the same thing. I would have given this a zero but I can’t.Version: 22.15.1

Songs been movedSome songs are released without the album and once they are moved the link becomes inaccessible and have to remove it from the library and re-add them again. Library is outdated, most of the old songs I cannot find. Please improve the search bar, from having an exact match to close match and showing similar results and obvious search..Version: 8.4.1

Turned a good app badWhat used to be a half decent music app has taken a turn for the worse since it’s update. Playlists no longer work without subscribing to a premium subscription so you’re stuck listening to ‘similar’ songs. Annoying, but can live with that. What is really bad is that it glitches and will randomly just continuously repeat the same song over and over, you can’t skip the song anymore or reshuffle the playlist. Why bother anymore..Version: 22.15.0

Now unusable-prime deleted-app deleted.This was the only reason I had prime. Now cancelled. What on earth have you done? Why would you think this update which now does not let the streaming service stream what we want to listen to but play some other random track that YOU want us to listen to. It's now a radio. It was a great app. Was being the key word. App now deleted until you come to your senses. This has to be the most ill conceived idea since sliced bread. Stop letting people that don’t know what they are doing make decisions on how apps work or don’t work in this case. How do you give minus star ratings? How is this app still showing 4 stars? Just gies to show how accurate the star rating is when you read the current reviews! Apple need to review the star rating and make it more current. Since the update 99.9% of users give this failed app 1 star and only because you can’t do - star ratings!.Version: 22.15.12

Greedy Manipulative AmazonAmazing how the company that will show you an item at a price and will then change the price when you revisit the item because they track you. No, the item does not get cheaper. They play the same games to manipulate users in this app. You can listen to music by an artist then they block it and move it behind a pay wall but my favourite is showing a playlist then playing the same song over and over. Bug??? No, manipulative..Version: 22.15.1

New Update RUINED IT!!This is a great app! I can’t deny that it is extremely useful and easy to use— and is ideal for anyone who likes to listen to music on the go— however, after updating to the most recent version of the app, I have found that after a mandatory refresh, all my music was GONE! I had downloaded well over 3,000 songs (as an Unlimited subscriber) and was very disappointed to find all that gone. Not only that, but every thirty seconds the app crashes and restarts— making it to where it would be virtually impossible to re-download all those missing songs unless I had god-speed wifi, which, I regret to inform you, I do not have. I hope this is not the case through every device using the app, but it is the case for me and it is very disheartening, as I do not have data on my device and cannot access wifi 24/7 to where I could simply use it without downloads. All I ask is that the crashing gets resolved. Restarting my device did not help, either, so I believe it is the app itself. But also, please do not remove all of one’s offline music in the next update please. 🙏.Version: 9.0.3

Needs GarlicNot a bad music app. Selection is good could be better. I’m with the others about the songs/artists “disappearing” without notice, it’s frustrating and makes me switch to a different app. I am a touch OCD so when I add a song to a named playlist and it doesn’t add into the overall library of “my music” I get frustrated. I too listen to music for 8-12 hours a day while working and commuting. Sometimes I would like to have the ability to shuffle every song in my library from all playlists, that is impossible with the current setup on the app. “My music” should be the cumulative collection of every song that has been downloaded or added to a playlist. Lastly, I should never hear the same song repeat itself day after day when in shuffle mode. Most days I will start my drive by hitting shuffle and I hear the same songs as the day before. This shouldn’t happen when I have hundreds of songs in each playlist an my music. It’s a simple program of “each song should only play once until all others have done the same” no matter how many times the app has been closed. I use the app because I can’t stand Top 40 stations; it’s like being mule kicked by a rhino. The app needs playback help, music selection is decent not great. If I had to pay for this without my prime subscription I would look elsewhere, the value is currently not there..Version: 10.1.2

Navigation is useless!!I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to stay off the freakin home page! It's like every button opens a wormhole in space straight to the landing page; every other arrow - pointing back, up, down, doesn't matter - and i'm on the start page again... I assume you guys want me to buy albums, sure, but you gotta get your layer navigation act together or i'm gonna end up throwing my phone in a lake. EDIT: Just getting worse and worse with updates; about a year ago, the app forgot how to shuffle, or even that it was set on shuffle. After the last update, i get to watch the rainbowy logo fade to monochrome. Unfortunately, that’s all it does after that, just display a logo. A logo for an application that several years ago used to play music catalogued in a somewhat reasonable and readable fashion. Lately, not so much. Seems to have the same disease that a lot of things have these days - change purely for the sake of change. I understand that they have to get this app to work on many different form-factors and OS’s, a feat that grows daily, but it seems to be driving this app further and further from it’s original purpose. And if we can’t create a purely true random shuffle in binary yet - we need to assess our sciences and their validity. But if your algorithm can but just won’t - tsk, tsk..Version: 22.15.1

Great, but not alwaysI love this app. For the most part. The available selection of music is HUGE, although there are some artists and/or albums I wish were available with out paying for Music Unlimited (I’m looking at you, Led Zeppelin!). I was EXTREMELY excited to see the new update, which added volume normalizing, which was easily my biggest complaint, since shuffling music meant constantly adjusting my phone/car’s volume from song to song. What I didn’t realize, however, was that I was going to have to re-download EVERY SINGLE SONG on my phone. I have about 7000 songs downloaded. I’m in the middle of my second day of re-downloading. It’s excruciatingly slow, even with a very fast connection, and, unless you leave the app open, constantly gets hung up or frozen, meaning you have to restart the downloads (you don’t lose what you’ve already done, thank god!). Overall, a pretty good app for music lovers, and it would probably be great if I just started using it, but there are definitely some issues, some of which could have been solved, or at least forgiven, simply by letting people know what was going on..Version: 9.3.5

App interaction with alexaIt's an ok app but the integration with Alexa app is dire! No cross functionality! Why can't you control easily by slider or radio button the sound to multiple Alex's that might be in your home? All seems a bit messy having to create groups in one app for it to work in another! Selection of music inside alexa conversely rubbish. The alexa music and Alex app need to be much slicker and seemless.Version: 22.2.1

My Soundtrack disappointmentBegan well with my soundtrack giving me the music I wanted to hear. Suddenly it’s full of songs I’d never listen to by artist I’ve never heard of. Great way to turn people off the app by turning a good feature into one they are disappointed with..Version: 10.7.0

Not enough song selectionThe app it self looks nice for the most part, but has clearly been designed by a team of people that don’t get what users actually want. Searching is awful and difficult to find things that should be easy to find. Play list selection is awful as well as is the music selection.. I could forgive everything else if the music selection was half decent. While I’m sure it will grow, don’t launch a music selection with an awful catalogue of music. As it stands now, it’s definitely not worth a standalone subscription and to be fair, probably not something I’d use even though it’s free with prime.Version: 8.9.3

MehSpotify is so much better! I’d you play a song, Spotify will continue to play music that is similar. Prime just loops the same song over and over. Also I already pay for Amazon prime so why does it cost more for unlimited? Also I will have a song in a playlist that I listen too often then all of a sudden it’s an unlimited song and I can’t play it anymore! So I guess since it comes “free” with a prime subscription it ok because I have the benefits of buying stuff with no shipping fee as next day delivery etc. Hence the 3 stars. If you’re a just looking for a steaming service tho, don’t waste your money.Version: 9.11.1

What is freeEverything I pressed for a while told me it only available on unlimited, can’t see what is free.... gave up!.Version: 9.10.0

Previously great, currently not so muchLove this app and use it regularly with my bluetooth in my car since i drive alot. Since the last update, it seems they have limited the number of suggested songs for you. Before, i could open that section and keep hitting the show more button and then play through the list of 200+ songs and find new songs i like. Now, it shows maybe 50 songs and doesnt allow you to show more. Another major gripe for me is when someone calls me while connected to bluetooth while the music is playing, the sound changes until i exit out of the app and restart. If i do not do this then the music sounds like i am listening to it through a phone call. Similar to music playing in the background of a phone call when you are placed on hold. Happens everytime and it gets old having to clear the app out of my background and restart it after every phonecall. This didnt occur until the latest update so I hope its fixed. Would have gave 5 stars prior to this.Version: 9.1.3

Major update thumbs downLoved the app and loved the service until the November 2022 update. Now I’m lucky if it plays the song I want to listen to. My baby used to love listening to the Wiggles album, now she gets confused and upset when it swaps to ‘similar music’ as they’re not ‘her’ songs. I could upgrade to the unlimited subscription to get them but why should I when I used to have access, just a ploy to get you to upgrade..Version: 22.14.5

Mostly Doesn’t WorkI wish I could give this app a better rating but I just can’t. It barely works with CarPlay. I have a 2019 Honda and trying to use the interface through CarPlay is frustrating. I’ll try to queue up music I’ve listened to before using the interface and some songs play. Some don’t. I have to use the app to make the song play. Trying to find songs I want to play is frustrating. The only option on CarPlay is to scroll through every song or album on my songs until I find the one I want. Search feature? Apple Music gives me a way to at least get to the first letter. Recently played is hit or miss. Many times, songs I listened to in the car yesterday are missing from recently played. I’ll be listening to music and all of sudden the bass just disappears and I’m hearing the tweeters and possibly the midrange with no base. The only way I have found to fix this is to unplug it from CarPlay and then plug it back in. Most times that works but sometimes it doesn’t. It only resets after the car has been turned off and restarted. I tried reinstalling the app and reinstalling it but that hasn’t fixed the problems. Really not sure why this app is so bad. I think you can do better..Version: 9.10.0

All other providers are betterThis came free with prime and I still want to cancel it. Their created playlists keep skipping songs saying that that selection is no longer available. Music is limited as well..Version: 7.5.1

Bad update decisions.Basically requires subscription now. Free version eliminated a ton of options. Even basics like playing a single song are eliminated. Only random play back allowed. Limited skips. No repeats. Just use Spotify or Apple Music instead..Version: 22.15.1

Crumbles CookieWorst update, Amazon is trying to generate additional income after their dismal earnings report!!.Version: 22.15.1

Forced ShuffleEven when this app offered a smaller overall library, what distinguished it from other music services was user CHOICE. Now in the name of simply being able to advertise “100 million songs” they’ve removed user choice and created a LESSER version of those competing music services. An additional X million songs is not a plus if they’re X million additional songs a user doesn’t want to hear. It just waters down the experience they actually want. The only people this is likely to please are those who want a generalized broadcast radio-like experience…and they’d likely find the free experience of services like Pandora superior in their execution. It’s incredibly frustrating to open an album in Prime Music, see the song one wants listed, click on it, and have the service go out of its way to play something else from the same album that wasn’t chosen. It’s like it’s going out of its way to punish its users. What is wrong with you that you won’t at least start a user’s experience with the selected song before forcing the unwanted shuffle on them?!?! Can’t imagine using this app much any longer in this current form and it’s making Prime membership a less valuable experience..Version: 22.15.1

Good catalog marred by search and bugsIt’s a music app. It plays, it has a great depth of music, but good luck finding it. The search is atrocious requiring exact matches, failing to allow searching of your music vs the catalog, and results with awful sorting. Recommendations and ordering for popular songs or albums are laughable and a burden when searching outside the top of the charts as they almost appear random yet preclude you from even basic sorting. If you mix purchases and downloads you end up with missing tracks on albums or songs appearing out of place. The catalog is pretty darn good, but it does suffer from lack of search options and with mislabeling or blending of results, especially on the more obscure content. Overall, it does work, the catalog is good, offline play works, and it does the job so it gets the 3rd star. It could be so much better, though..Version: 9.17.0

Why?It may be good if you're into pop and top 40 but if you're into decent music your searches end up with no matches! Sorry.Version: 7.5.1

I want to be able to download and listen offlineNever works in offline mode. Always comes up with an error message. It means I can only listen to music if I have the internet. Not great for long trips when driving and no reception. I really dislike that it now has turned off the ability to download and listen to your own music offline. Considering whether I’ll renew my subscription because of this..Version: 22.15.12

Not all recent changes were helpfulBeen using this quite happily for a couple of years now, but recent ‘improvements’ have spoiled the experience. The recently played list used to have a pop-up menu attached with some very useful options. This has gone, and you can only click on the album to play again from the beginning. However, this is not the worst problem. That accolade belongs to the way the app handles some multi-disc box sets. I have found nearly 20 albums where every track 1 from each of the original discs now appears at the beginning of the album, followed by every track 2, then track 3, and so on. In some cases, tracks from duplicate copies of the album which are not actually in my library also appear in the list. These albums are therefore now unplayable, except in the few cases where the albums consist of individual songs. I never had this problem before the recent updates. Signing out and reinstalling didn’t solve the problem. This review only relates to the iPad version of the app..Version: 10.19.3

Unless you upgrade the replay the same songsI wish I never spent all that time making playlists on this app!.Version: 22.15.12

New update is awfulThis app is usually brilliant with no ads and a lot of songs but with this new update it might not even play what you clicked on, for example if you clicked on bohemian rap soft you could end up listening to a totally different song not even by queen so you have to skip to until you find it but now you also have limited skips so you have to listen to songs that you’ve never heard before. Another thing is my playlists keep glitching, after I listen to a song sometimes it will play again and not the next one so it will play on repeat and closing the app won’t work because it saves the last song you listened to so now I’m stuck listening to one song over and over again. Also you can’t even listen offline anymore so if you’re wanting to listen to music on a plane or a long car drive you will have to waste your mobile data or you just can’t listen to it, I really hope you can fix this update because it is awful.Version: 22.15.1

Need more in-app editingI love the sound quality and the lyrics being available. The only thing I miss from other services is the ability to edit order of tracks in my playlist within my phone app. My friend in the USA can do it but maybe because I am in Australia it’s not an option other than on computer. Other than that I like it..Version: 9.11.1

RipoffThe only reason I kept paying for prime every month was so that I could listen to Amazon music. Now they are trying to charge $10 extra a month and I can’t even pick which song I want to listen to. I am very frustrated and unhappy!.Version: 22.15.1

#tagthedevsHey devs! If so many songs weren’t in unlimited you would make a ton more money. Like come on legends never die is in unlimited! LEGENDS NEVER DIE IS MY FAVORITE SONG IM GOING BACK TO YOUTUBE FOR ONLINE LISTENING!!!!.Version: 10.15.5

Why change a good thing?This was a nice perk to go along with being an Amazon prime member. Now I can’t even play a song because it shuffles in suggested songs. I DON’T WANT TO HEAR COVERS OF SONGS. Garbage..Version: 22.15.1

Thought about the music unlimited.I just wanted to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE music. I listen to music literally ever day. But there is one thing that really gets on my nerves. The music unlimited thing is a good idea but, some songs that I really like to listen to are music unlimited, and I LOVE to listen to Taylor Swift but, a few days ago when I tried to play it, it said that it was music unlimited. But maybe you could have like “pay 10$ for one week of music unlimited songs” or “Pay 20$ for a year” or something like that. You don’t have to that but it’s just a suggestion. 😊 Update: As I said before I love music and I like the music unlimited idea but it’s just kind of expensive and when I try to listen to certain songs sometimes the day after I listen to them they become music unlimited when we don’t pay for it in the first place. So I was thinking that the person wanting to listen to music but can’t because it is unlimited could pay, say, $20-$30 for a whole year or 1/2 a year of unlimited songs. I’m not trying to cut how much money you get I’m just throwing out some ideas that you could possibly look at and talk it over. I hope that these ideas come to be useful in the future..Version: 9.16.1

Don’t update or downloadI updated the app and you can no longer choose your songs unless you pay for unlimited. Hot trash especially given the fact that the app crashes all the time. Go anywhere else for you music. 0/10 app..Version: 22.15.1

2nd class actPro - ad free Con - limited song range; popular songs only available via premium fee Unlimited tier: made to feel 2nd class despite paying for Prime Substandard - Apple Watch app is a stillborn, doesn’t launch at all; had to rely on Watch’s Now Playing function to remote-control playback..Version: 22.5.1

Free version WARNING!I’m enjoying using this app on the free version but it does come with a down side. As you’d expect it doesn’t have every song because it wants you to buy the subscription, how ever it does this by specifically blocking songs or sometimes artists you request. For example I had been listening to a song on there for a while without problems but one day I decided to ask for it and it alone. It told me it was only available on unlimited... even though I have it in my library and playlist and had been listening to it that morning! If you want to add a song I’d advise being as vague as you can and manually digging through albums to find your songs because more often than Alexa will say it’s only with unlimited. I have other examples but you get the point hopefully....Version: 10.4.0

Really disappointedApp was ok until they hijacked my playlist and are trying to make me pay $11/month to listen to it..Version: 22.15.11

PatheticPrime membership says you have access to amazon music. Amazon music restricts you with features asking to pay for an unlimited membership. A huge scam..Version: 22.15.1

New update sucks!You can only skip a song 11 times, it shuffles the music for you so you don’t get to choose what song to listen to first. Unless I pay the $11 month I can’t do anything with the music. Soon all the new/popular songs won’t be available unless you pay. Thanks Amazon you’ve ruined the music for me. Not worth it to use the music Amazon is only good for the free shipping. I’ll go somewhere else for my music now..Version: 22.15.1

What happened ??Really liked the app when I first got it, but for the past month or so it has been VERY unreliable. I listen to it in offline mode most of the time and it’ll have issues when I try to play/skip/prev music from my watch (won’t do the action or it’ll take 15-40 seconds to actually do the action), it’ll just force close randomly (really annoying cuz it’s basically a playlist for while I’m working, and I don’t want to have to open the app 4-9 times while I’m at work), and if I skip 4 or 5 songs in a row the app just freezes and it seems like it force closes 30-40% of the time (keep in mind this is while it’s in offline mode so the music is supposed to be “downloaded”). There are some little things about the app I don’t like, and the biggest thing aside from the issues I’m having with it right now is that they make music unavailable (I assume for licensing/contractual issues), but I was always willing to put up with it, but this is driving me nuts right now and I’m not going to keep paying money for an app that I constantly have to mess with just to get it to work sometimes..Version: 22.4.1

Pretty goodI use with Alexa and I feel like there is too many cheap knock of versions of some songs. Other than that a nice convenient way to listen to music. Offline mode is great even though I don’t use it..Version: 9.0.2

Not very much musicApp works nicely. Very limited song selection....Version: 7.5.1

Warning!!!!continued changing meThe app itself is just average but after I have deleted the app the have continued changing me!.Version: 10.10.2

Update is terribleThe new update removes repeat, skip, and even specific song selection. May as well just listen to the radio..Version: 22.15.1

Simple access to music butUnlike the apple app this used to be intuitive to use and you could find the music you want to play BUT it has bugs galore! I had given 5 stars for previous versions but this one is not very good at all. Even Alexa can’t find music that I used to ask for as she tries to play it with tunein instead of my default setting of music unlimited. The interface is clunky and cluttered, it doesn’t cater for what you want to listen to but more to what you don’t! Music is removed because what I assume is the air time license expires but remove the song and put it back and it works again? Why not just delink and then relink it in the database?? The search facility really needs to up its game too. You can only search on a single item at a time, artist or something else but you cannot barrow it down yourself and end up scrolling through lots of other stuff you don’t want. Latest version 1/4/22 is borked!.Version: 22.4.1

Too invasiveEven though i have a prime video membership i cannot turn off interest based ads, i was prepared to put up with ads while i decided whether it was worth upgrading to ad free but not personalised, so i have deleted the app instead.Version: 22.1.1

Lots of reliability issuesSuper unreliable on mobile platforms. I’ll experience at least some sort of error or a complete program crash multiple times per day, sometimes multiple times during a brief listening session. Rarely is the issue due to a signal loss, especially since i’m almost always in an urban area with either good wifi or good cellular service. The UI is pretty good but for some reason they hid the dislike button. This makes no sense because it exists to help you sort through the songs you like and dont like, all while helping their algorithm find more music for you. Another feature that used to be enjoyable was the X-ray feature. I loved being able to see the lyrics in real time along side the music, but for some reason that feature was modified so that you cant see the lyrics along side the music. Overall the quality could best be described as cromulent. You have a ton of music at your fingertips but the delivery method is substandard. If it wasn’t for the fact that we already have a prime account, id be using a different streaming service..Version: 10.19.3

Just a bug festThe app was fine but after the most recent update using this app is the most frustrating thing you’ll do all day. If you’re music pauses to load it either will just stop playing and you can only play the same song on repeat or you have to change the playlist or station completely. Or if it plays the same song and you try to skip it, it will just pause whatever song you’re on. It is the worst when you are driving to the point that it is almost unusable. Also, it will continue to suggest the same music or podcasts no matter how many times you ignore podcasts or don’t click on a playlist. They used to have community playlists which I enjoyed listening to but now those aren’t available and anytime I try to listen to any I have saved it returns the most annoying error message that you have to close about 15 times before you can do anything else. This app was fine before the update but now is actually trash so I just wish they would take it back..Version: 10.17.1

So now, 1 star review are deleted, a?!You’ve made me ambitious now, and I can do my review for as long as it takes, and will keep uploading it, you bustards!!!!!!! Well, here it is again: Since the last big update (the greeeeeeat stupid update with more music included for free) it has been impossible to enjoy any music at all. 1- the User Interface is a huge mess with no adequate way to navigate through. It makes you spin in circles. - all a user needs is easily to get to .all liked tracks .all previously played tracks .and all that to be easily accessed right from the home menu without mixing it up with other crap, rendering them impossible to find 2- since the las big update, the search function works f-ng incorrectly, finding the tracks searched for, but when you press on the track to play it, it plays a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ONE (ABSOLUTELY RANDOM ONE) 3- what happened with the fast forward option to check if it is the track you were looking for? And also when playing a similar songs option is used, no longer can go back to the previous song, if you’d like to hear it again WHAT A F..K?????????????? Please don’t think you can delete my review, as I will keep re-uploading it, again, and again, and again, and again……. I hope you get the idea.Version: 22.15.11

Buggy before but now Absolute GarbageAs with many of the other current reviews the new update has only made this game worse. Before there would be songs that would disappear from an artist's album list but show up if you searched for it. Other songs would switch part way to a different song entirely or just sound garbled like the file was corrupted. Then the Alexa integration would partially work. Now it's even worse as you have a permanent shuffle feature on so that even if you ah e a song I. Your library you can't always just play it unless you upgrade to unlimited. Same goes for any playlist that you create. This even happens with songs I've purchased! I've even been unable to play or download certain purchases songs. Then, songs that were free to stream one day become Unlimited access the next or even later the same day without warning. And it's not just new songs or albums this happens with, but even older ones. This change is a prime example of what NOT to do. I'm switching music apps immediately & will probably just stick to the old way of buying cds/digital content directly from the artists..Version: 22.14.5

👎🏻The first time they launched this, it’s for free as long as you have amazon prime membership but now can’t even play the songs on my library unless I upgrade my membership to unlimited music. Which is another extra monthly charges. The songs aren’t even worth it. Gotta delete this app..Version: 22.15.1

Flawed Repeat Album FunctionWhilst the app is fine, a really, really annoying aspect relates to the repeat album function. Essentially once selected, after an hour or so music stops playing and a message pops up with “You’ve been a way from the app for a while. Would you like to continue playing music?” The option provided is to select either “No” or “Keep Listening”. As there is no option to stop this, it renders the concept of continuous play useless!.Version: 10.19.3

What have you done?!Ok so this app used to be so good, I could access my music that I had purchased without any hassle and all my music would be in little lists under each artist etc so I could choose whatever I wanted to listen to. Well now my music has just vanished, music I have paid for! Now whenever I click on an artist, any music I’ve purchased of that artist is nowhere to be found? Instead I’m given more songs on unlimited, more albums on unlimited, and when I click on albums on unlimited and then click on one that I know I have paid for up pops join Music Unlimited! Basically telling me I can’t listen to music I have paid for! It is absolute rubbish now how it works, the only music I can now listen to is through my playlists but I don’t have one for each artist, I literally have only three playlists. Please sort this and put it back to how it was or refund me every single purchase I have made cause I am not happy one bit with this app now and I don’t even want to give one star! No music access, no stars..Version: 22.4.1

No content filtering in AUThe range of music is great and I have enjoyed using this music streaming service. What I don’t enjoy is my children listening to explicit lyrics and sadly their are many songs with explicit lyrics and no content filtering available to Australian customers. This is a deal breaker for our family and we will be moving to a different music streaming service that allows us to filter explicit songs..Version: 9.11.1

Could be so much betterFor a premium service this needs a ton of work to compete with the most famous music streaming app out there. My music stops and quits regularly regardless of device, speaker or internet connection. Very frustrating. Plus seriously if the song description is wrong, there is absolutely no point using it. Not great for reliability to play inaccurate songs and then cut out. I pay the extra because I purchased the echo studio with it’s 3D capability, Amazon’s 3d library is small so I expect them to at least get it right. (Maroon5 girls like you (explicit) featuring Cardi B) the description is there but the song? Nope the standard with no Cardi b. If you can’t play it, don’t feature it. This is one of many versions of songs which isn’t as described and I feel I’m paying for a service I’m not fully getting. Quality isn’t an issue, but reliability is definitely issue enough to revert back to the competition.Version: 9.13.0

Frustrating!The app won’t play any music from my ipad library..Version: 22.4.1

Used to be good before updateNow it will not play only the bands that I like, for example. It will play the band and similar music. Are you kidding me? Why would I pay for an app that will play similar music to what I want to hear? Not happening. I cancelled prime completely just because of this. They’re not the same company they used to be. The customer service has drastically changed and the music app is completely useless in my opinion. I gave customer feedback when I cancelled my prime membership after being a loyal customer for many many years. Did they care? No. Done..Version: 22.15.12

Wont let me skipI have Amazon music and I went to a song then when the song was over it replayed and when I went to skip it it wouldn’t work then after tapping the button a couple time is said skip limit reached.Version: 22.15.12

Amazing music quality, app is heavily flawedThe music quality is absolutely brilliant and by far the best selling point of this service, however the app itself is the worse I’ve used for music. From not listing every album/song on artist pages (instead opting to list only the popular albums), to the absolutely ridiculously small slider on track time (have to be precise to skip song along or you’ll skip forward/backward a song). You can download the same Oasis album 2/3 times because every album is listed over and over again. So if you are only concerned for music quality, I’d recommend this 100%. However, if you want decent usability, try Tidal or Deezer. The app needs a lot of work, I do expect better from one of the world’s wealthiest companies..Version: 9.4.1

New changesThis app doesn’t let me play the music I want anymore unless I pay a ridiculous monthly fee 👎🏻👎🏻.Version: 22.15.12

Used to be goodThis app used to be really great with unlimited skips, free downloading, you could play the song you wanted and were allowed to replay without having to pay. But now if you want all that you have to pay for Amazon music unlimited. Horrible update..Version: 22.15.1

Dosn’t workCant play music unless you subscribe and pay cant save to play list any option you choose just says to upgrade to use this feature total waste of time.Version: 10.8.1

Bugs on the newest versionsSince the look of the app has changed, there are major bugs with the playlist. I select a song, and another one starts playing. Also, after a while listening to the playlist, the playlist stay stuck into one song that keeps playing in loop. Please fix it..Version: 22.15.1

Don’t ever press shuffleOverall the app is easy to use and on unlimited has a great range of songs and music quality is excellent. However it has one massive problem, skipping songs, this only seems to happen when listening to an playlist/artist on shuffle. It’s very annoying, you’ll be halfway through a song and it will stutter, skip the rest of that song and the whole of the next song and finally play the song after that. It then seems to get stuck in a rhythm of doing it every 4/5 songs. It also won’t let you go back and play that song manually and will cut off at the point it cut off previously. A very annoying glitch that somehow hasn’t been picked up in the “bug fixes” that seem to not do anything..Version: 10.2.1

Bit clunkyGreat that you have so much different music on there but when you get an error you can only seem to remove it by installing the app all over again and although it is meant to play through Alexa it won’t let me I have to play through Bose SoundTouch also it does not play smooth from one song straight into another you have to wait till it loads don’t so no good for a party unless you have a play list on then it does not take to long to load it is like having a dj with only one deck you have to wait for the re it’s to be taken off and the new one to be take out of the sleeve and put on then wait for the needle to catch the start of the song think this deco needs work.Version: 8.9.3

I love it but there is a problemI love this app so much and I use it every single day! I do not have experience with any other music app and so I cannot say anything about that but I do know that this one has a small issue. It was time to renew my subscription recently and once I did, we bought the unlimited feature. Unfortunately, we still cannot listen to the unlimited songs. The thing that bugs me most is that it’s gotten rid of listening to songs from old playlists and auto playlists as well as songs in other languages. If this is fixed, five stars! Otherwise, I definitely recommend this app to everyone..Version: 22.10.1

It was great until they changed the configurationIt was an amazing service until the change to always shuffle and have limited times to skip. I’m already paying for prime. Paying extra for the music is ridiculous.Version: 22.15.12

Disastrous updateThe recent app update has completely ruined this app. It used to be that if you fancied listening to the corrs for example you would type it in and hey presto a list of free tunes would come up and you could listen to them. Suddenly you put in your music of choice and a message saying that “similar songs will play and if you want that specific album or artist you need to upgrade to unlimited” or something similar. If you want to listen to the music you want to then you will now find it impossible on the free version. It’s become so frustrating that I no longer Use the app. I already pay £8.99 a month as a prime customer and I’m not paying another £9.99 when I have iTunes free of charge and can listen to any Music on my library. So thanks but No that’s. I will no longer recommend this app to anyone. Apple iTunes is the way forward!.Version: 22.14.5

Could be improved.Great choice of music even with standard prime account. Need to fix Alexa randomly engaging part way through a song, at the moment only way to solve this is to switch her off but then she’s not there when you do need to use that functionality so pretty useless. Also the shuffle function pretty rubbish, it’s bit like asking my toddler to shuffle an new deck of cards, he might mix a few cards but in the most part the cards would stay the in the same order, which is like my experience of the shuffle function on my playlists, it doesn’t really mix my music up, I find that when I listen to my playlist in the evening I have noticed that the songs come out in an order that is not that different from what I listened to the evening before so finding I just end up listening to the same music which you wouldn’t expect to happen with over 20hrs in a playlist and only around an hour of listening time in the evening. Also keeps asking me to rate the app, this will be the 4th time. Update: Still no joy with the shuffle function despite selecting shuffle mode the order of songs rarely changes so there are songs I know I have in my list that I haven’t heard in the shuffle mode, yet it regularly repeats the same songs. Please stop asking me to rate this app I have already done it so give it a rest..Version: 9.1.4

Everything is PaywalledAll music except Amazon promoted music is paywalled. If you choose a song, you are directed to a song suggested my Amazon. Even repeating a song is a premium feature. If Amazon wants to generate revenue by selling premium content, fine. But the fact this is that this app is essentially a radio playing music that nobody wants to listen to is unacceptable. Until they fix this issue, do NOT download this app..Version: 22.15.1

Not the best music appI find the app overall isn’t too bad.. I have found that a t drops out not long after opening it (1-2 songs in) don’t know if this is because I hadn’t closed the app right down from previous use..either way haven’t had this issue with other music providers.. Search tool needs to be broader I find you have to be fairly specific when searching a new track.Version: 9.3.5

It’s getting worse!I don’t know what it is about this app anymore but it seems to be getting worse. If you ever update the app all of your downloaded music and playlists will be gone. It is so annoying considering there are a ton of bugs that need to be constantly fixed such as freezing and it kicking you out of the app. Connecting to an Alexa is tedious and slow. I’ve also come across it signing me out from time to time. Which again is pretty annoying. As a music app overall it does the job but as I said it seems to get worse. If this was me writing it 6 months ago it would be a 4 or 5 star review. But the fact every-time you update it removes your music is incredibly annoying considering all the little bugs that need to be sorted..Version: 9.12.0

Latest update ruined itYou now can’t listen to the song you want without paying for their unlimited option. Instead it shuffles to “similar songs” often a totally different band, genre etc, regardless of whether your chosen song is available on the free version or not. If my song is still available just let me listen to it!!! It’s wiped all of my downloaded songs (even those still available as free songs) and because it’s constantly connected to the internet to bring me these songs I don’t want (or like) it’s killing my phone battery and data when I’m out. I loved APM because it didn’t have ads, or videos and I could customise as I wanted while it worked in the background - they’ve just lost me as a listener. Hate it with a passion now and wish I could give it zero stars. Why change something that works? Oh yeah, GREED. People aren’t going to sign up for your paid service when people are already struggling to pay bills. DELETE.Version: 22.14.2

BittersweetI like that this comes with Prime, but I don’t like that the algorithms need more improvement. I end up listening to songs that have very little musical similarity to the song or type of music I choose. Also, at the Home Screen, I am bombarded with a bunch of stations and lists that are piled on top of what I really want, and that’s my recents first. “Stations You Might Like” and such, change every time I listen to a different genre, which makes it hard to explore. I’ll listen to Christmas music one day, and Christian or classical or EDM another day. Every time I change it, all I see suggested is music from the last genre I listened to. It’s like the app thinks I only want to hear what I last chose, instead of seeing that I like ALL kinds of music. I do like the Soundtracks and Discovery Mixes, except that I have never liked pop music, save for a song or artist every once in a great while, and yet it always seems to infiltrate my listening. If I don’t search or listen to Billie Eilish or Post Malone, please stop pushing it on me..Version: 10.2.0

Should include unlimitedNot all the songs are there and paying unlimited would be more expensive than Spotify..Version: 9.16.0

The App is Great, just has some small issues.I really like this app. There’s a lot of content and the functionality of the app is great. But the offline mode has some major flaws, which is why I don’t like the app as much. My biggest issue is if I have an online playlist and have downloaded that playlist to my phone, then add a song(s) to the online playlist. The app will create a new playlist in offline mode called, “[Playlist Name] (1).” It’s a really annoying feature and means that at one point I had 56 versions of the same playlist on my phone. It would be great if the app would recognise added content and just incorporate into the existing playlist. Another issue is the app wiping songs after 14 days if you don’t connect to the internet. I leave the app in offline mode most of the time and this means the app never connects to confirm I still have a subscription. This means after 14 days I have to re-download a playlist. It would be better if the app just locked you out of offline music until you connected to the internet and then enabled it again. And even better, would be if the app would connect to the internet to check, even in offline mode, if you connect to wifi..Version: 9.0.1

Not HappyI was actually ok with the included prime version with limited song selection, but this update is a major reduction in functionality unless you pay. They basically ruined it..Version: 22.15.1

It’s like a waiter who never gets the order rightIf you go to a restaurant and order a soup and salad, and the waiter comes back with a bowl of oatmeal and squirrel meat, you’d be confused and upset. This is what this app has become: An incompetent waiter who gets the order wrong every time. After getting it wrong the fourth time, the waiter promptly tells you that you will need to pay double the price if you want him to get the order right. The big difference is that this waiter is greedily staring at your wallet, and couldn’t care less about your contentment because he is bloated and overflowing with cash. The latest changes to this app has made it extremely restrictive. As a member of the lower class prime persons no do longer have the privilege of selecting the song we like. This app shuffles the songs for the entire album. Select a specific song, and I am told I have to upgrade for that privilege. If the company was losing money, I would be more understanding. However, this is not the case. They have added a skip limit, meaning you can only skip 4 songs before you are stuck with a song you don’t want to hear. If I create a playlist, they “shuffle “ my list and add “similar “ songs from artists I don’t even like. I think they are using an algorithm to irritate people into either moving over to another music app or upgrade. I’ll be canceling my Prime membership. Very disappointing. Not worth the frustration..Version: 22.15.1

New User Interface is horridIve never felt compelled to leave a bad review but this new update is so bad. I wish they would tell you what you’re updating other than just “bug fixes”. I don’t think changing the entire way the app looks counts as a bug fix. Up until about 6 months ago I had no complaints with the app, and then they changed the UI the first time. I didn’t like it but I learned to live with it. They randomly this morning the way the whole album section is designed changed. You can press a filter to change the album layout back to whats close to the old version, but it doesn’t save when you leave albums and have to press it again when you come back. Also now when I click on an album it shows me the whole thing and not just the songs I have downloaded. Again, you can filter it to just show you downloaded music, and again it resets as soon as you leave that album to go to another one. Please for the love of everything revert this update and tell us when you’re changing the app for things no one asked for..Version: 10.19.1

Worst update everUsed to be a great music streaming app but was recently updated and is now almost identical to Spotify with limited skips auto shuffle and ads and music can no longer be downloaded not to mention Spotify has a cheaper price for premium than Amazon unlimited.Version: 22.15.1

Not that greatThis app is frustrating. If I put an album an my music and download it then it will still stream it unless I make a playlist and put those tracks in a playlist. So: add album to my music, effectively a playlist. But then I have to make a playlist, name it after the album, add the tracks from my music to match the album in the playlist, then download them. That’s redundant and such a waste of time. Also, the app constantly freezes on several different devices. When driving I have to fight with it for 5 minutes to get it to play music. Some great updates because it never used to be like this. Edit: It seems since switching to iOS 15 that it has not been working. Constantly CarPlay with the Music app says cannot connect, try again. When data was turned on for my app it chewed through all my data because it played ‘online’ playlists and streamed the music despite it being downloaded to my device. I have to enable offline mode to get anything to play (still starting the songs from my phone) and certain playlists don’t show up even though I downloaded them all. I have closed my account and switched to Apple Music. No problems there..Version: 10.17.0

No longer worksI am not sure what changed but I don’t have access to download songs to play while offline anymore. It was perfect previously wish I didn’t change.Version: 22.15.1

I like but let’s talkI’m subscribed to the unlimited edition (as well as a prime obv) where I paid for the year upfront for all the music you got. I’ve been using your app for about a year so far. You’re UI is solid, but there is so much clutter and overlap in your content/songs it makes the overall experience when searching for specific versions of an artists recordings stressful. You will find the same song on 9 different versions of albums some of which are legit and should be “duplicates” but it’s just your orchestration and layout is sloppy. I think using release date of said album for example as an organization method would be a really simple way to manipulate the data so it’s not so messy looking. Take Frank Sinatra’s artist results for example. When scrolling through the albums available, it’s all over the place. One of his major albums is like 7 or 8 rows down in the search results, while other single song albums or various versions are scattered in between and all over. Organize the results on your UI and I think it might be 4.5 star material. You lose a half star because while content is there in some way the price point is high for already prime subs..Version: 8.5.2

Just when I start loving it...Just when I start loving this app, it crashes. It’s the only app on my iPhone that crashes. Really annoying. Also, you can’t save your favourite stations like you can save playlists, which I think is odd. Especially when, when it crashes, I have to start it up again, and then I have to search up the station I want..Version: 9.16.1

Missing heck lot of songsThere are heaps of hit songs which are missing in this app. It was fun when in starting but then it became annoying day by day..Version: 9.10.0

Worst appNo order of music, just duplicates song again and again..Version: 10.6.1

Awful moveI am so disappointed in what Amazon did with the music. Now what they are really telling me is that there is no more free music because they are dictating how I should listen. Why not just be honest and scrap free altogether and I can either buy or go elsewhere. I plan to go to iTunes after that deceptive change. This was not the way to reward faithful customers..Version: 22.15.12

New update is terribleThere is only one good thing about the new update, and that is that all of the songs are available to listen to. But there are millions and trillions of terrible things wrong with this. One, is shuffles related songs. What’s that about? I wanted to play a specific song for my little cousin so I searched up baby shark and clicked on it and it said we are suggesting other music for you. And it started playing really inappropriate songs in front of her. Like I was just looking for baby shark. Another thing wrong is you can’t download your playlists anymore? Like seriously? I go on big road trips a lot and I need to download my playlist for when I don’t have Internet. And it just cut off the downloading availability and says that you have to pay for it. really? And you’re not able to rewind in your song or skip ahead in your song. This is one of the biggest issues. I am listening to a song and I missed my favorite part. I will normally rewind and go back and listen to it but now you have to pay to rewind your songs. Seriously. You need to cut back on the updates. And if there’s a part in the song that I don’t like I would normally skip it. But I can’t skip it. This is terrible. If you haven’t already got the app and haven’t already paid for it, I would not get it and I would not pay for it. It’s not worth your money and it’s not worth your time. thank you for reading this and I hope it helps..Version: 22.14.3

This app is sinkingI’ve dealt with this app for 5 years not out of necessity but because it’s the only app I have that plays with my screen off. I know there are others I can use that can be better but it surprises me that this was the first to boast “it has millions of songs it can recognize any song you ask even just the title” wrong. this app doesn’t have rap it barely has any new music and any music you can recall good luck cause if you can find the album 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t even have the song you want because of and I’ve seen it say to me multiple times “song can’t be played due to licensing issues”. And now Alexa she is so broken I can’t even get it to play a Motley Crue song from a james brown song and for the latter of any songs it plays it’s always some random artist playing a cover or a whole different song. And it plays generic songs you can hear on the radio after any playlist you make or finish playing. Also last thing that’s a problem you alter my playlists and take out songs I chose and render my entire playlist and my music useless to remove or replace them..Version: 22.4.2

OverratedIt’s really nice as far as no commercials and the look of the app/graphics itself but it’s not truly ideal as far as personalization. I’m not one that has time to constantly search songs or create playlists. I personally like to listen to the radio commercial free. However, there aren’t many radio options on this streaming service as far as mixes. Example, there’s no hip-hop and r&b mixed stations or stations that play r&b and hip hop hits, I guess unless you go to a particular artists station; that’s really a lot of constant work of constantly changing back and forth. I feel like this app caters more towards pop and indie as far as (hits). Also, when you do particularly find stations that you like you can’t save them to a certain section, it only allows for you to pull songs from the station to create a set playlist. You can like songs but, as far as I noticed you can only listen to your liked songs but it doesn’t create stations that are similar to the songs you’ve liked. I listen to a wide variety of music so if I’d listen to my liked songs it can go from classical, jazz, hip hop, oldies, etc., so extremely all over the place. I normally don’t write app reviews but I was extremely disappointed and frustrated to the point that I felt the need to share this. I should’ve did a trial before actually paying the subscription..Version: 22.4.2

AwfulInce the update a couple of months ago I can’t listen to any music I like. I ask Alexa to play or try and get the app to play Pink Floyd. Firstly neither will play a Pink Floyd song. It’s shuffled to some other group I have no interest in, usually Marillion or King Crimson. If I ask for a particular album like The Division Bell I get songs from different artists, not even a song from the album. It all worked perfectly for years. I’d ask for Pink Floyd music and I’d get several hours of non stop Pink Floyd. Ask for it now on the app or an echo or dot and I don’t get to hear any Pink Floyd. The prime music is now totally unusable unless you don’t care what you listen to and just want background noise. It’s not a free service either it costs me an annual fee so I’m paying for music I don’t want to hear. Please please change it back and remove this awful shuffle feature. Make it optional but not compulsory. Is there a way to turn it off? Old versions of the app work fine but the latest are all shuffle enabled which stops it from being a service and is a chore and unusable. I’ve started putting cd’s on again. Great work ruining what was the best on the market. It’s not even the worst now, it’s just rubbish. Just tried listening to Live in Pompeii, I got Steve Hackett. Useless, just useless..Version: 22.15.12

They made the app uselessUnless you have premium, they stripped away any control of what you want to hear. Even with prime subscription Its on auto shuffle and you get 3 free skips. Used the app when it was good for a few years but after the latest update I deleted it out of frustration..Version: 22.15.1

Good one, low on international music collection though, specially Bollywood songsGood.Version: 9.11.1

Progressively worseI was always willing to accept that the basic version (with prime) would have less features than Unlimited and was content with the music lists available. But since they’ve now removed basic features like ‘fast forward/scroll’ and skip, features now reserved for the eye-watering expensive Unlimited version, the basic app is becoming less and less attractive and Prime as a whole is losing its overall appeal. Thankfully I’m not heavily invested in ‘digital only copies’ of songs or videos with Prime, so can easily leave at any time without losing out. Hopefully the songs that I do have (originally obtained when buying CDs) are still accessible, can play offline, and hopefully has all the functional features like skip. There’s other apps (free) that allow me to play owned songs, or stream pod casts (if that’s your thing). The suggested play lists are never any good - it’s rare to get a good one. But browsing the library has been good to find alternative artists and broaden my appetite of music - but again suspect other apps now do the same - I’m off to look..Version: 22.14.1

App is going backwardsYou can not listen to a particular artist. In a recent change they play “ playing xxxxx and similar artists.” I won’t subscribe to a service that pushes what they want. Once again Amazon forces control on the consumer. One star because I have to..Version: 22.15.12

Song queueing abysmal, app is slow, quality greatIt is frustrating that you can’t create a queue without the suggested songs/album songs being queued first. Clearing the queue also stops the song currently playing. The app is VERY slow to load searches, clicking onto artists/albums, and loading a different song to play. The Dolby atmos is really great though.Version: 22.1.1

Beware if you download for offline use using music HDI upgraded to music HD to enjoy the HD and Ultra HD content. I listen to music mostly with a very fast network connection but also download a large playlist for offline listening when travelling. They aren’t lying when they say the files are bigger as they maxed out my 128GB phone when I downloaded my playlists. No worries I thought- il download in standard quality instead and can stream in HD/ultra HD when there’s a network as the settings suggest. The problem is that the app appears to only play the downloaded quality even if a high quality WiFi network is available showing a standard codec. As a result you have no choice but to listen to your favourite tracks in standard while paying for HD or alternatively not have the option of listening offline. Took over an hour to explain the issue to customer service who barely understood the basics of the app and don’t seem to know what’s going on. Disappointed.Version: 10.3.1

Sign in ProblemApp just won’t let me sign in. It’s keep coming with verification error #160. Can anyone help?.Version: 9.8

DO NOT UPDATE!!!!! Read firstWent from imo a good music app. Good enough to pay for prime, now useless….unless of course you’d like to PAY MORE FOR UNLIMITED . Now you wont be able to listen to the album you want without paying more!!! Try and listen to one of your downloaded albums….nope they will now shuffle that with what they consider “other similar music”, and you can’t turn off the shuffle and you definitely cant just listen to just the music or songs you want. unless…’d like to PAY MORE FOR UNLIMITED. amazing how much they have screwed up the app all in one shot. Its infuriating to use now….I use it on my commute and for our daughter at bedtime or was anyway. Now, it’s impossible to get the music your looking for with out giving your full attention, don't hit the skip because you cant go back any more unless you would like to PAY FOR UNLIMITED . Liked that song….. your daughter wants to listen to is again… bad. You’ll have to close the app open it search the song and guess at what other song you should pick because it refuses to play the song you want unless of course you’d like to PAY FOR UNLIMITED. So now it’s basically a radio that shuts off every few songs until you stop riding or driving or what ever you were doing to grab your phone to tell it yes you’re still listening, but good news is you won’t have to do that if you would LIKE TO PAY FOR UNLIMITED..Version: 22.14.5

Used to be greatThis app was great before you decided to be money hungry. I have more than 500 songs liked, yet you only start my shuffle play with the same 5 songs (every. Single. Time.), and I can’t skip songs after I skip those 5, so this app is now useless. If I ever decide to pay for a music app, you’ve ensured it won’t be this one. And I’ll make sure to tell everyone I know not to bother..Version: 22.15.1

Doesn’t work properlyDoesn’t work properly with sonos only plays one song at a time Wish I had never swapped from Apple.Version: 8.8.0

Horrible Experience I have ever had...Wish there was option to select no stars as I had an horrible experience. The app doesn’t even work on my phone and when I try to log in, it just don’t log in at any cost. I have a prime video membership and that should be at least recognised when I tried to sign in. It was waste of time downloading and troubleshooting this broken app. Horrible app I have ever come across ..Version: 9.3.3

Broken!The update is a sheer disaster. On the old version you could choose a song and listen to it - now the app shuffles to something different. For example, I used to have a set of Beethoven symphonies downloaded. Now, if I try to start one, with any luck I’ll get a random movement from a different Beethoven symphony, I might even get a different composer. I had a version of Les Mis - it’s meant to be listened to in the right order! But now it might give me a totally different song, or even a song from a different musical. I had several albums on my phone for while out walking. They’ve all gone. I don’t want an app that says to me ‘you asked for A but we’ll play you B’. Yes, you can say we now have access to many more songs, but we can’t listen to the ones we want to! The more limited library on the old version at least provided real choice that has now been taken away in what seems to be a blatant attempt to force all your subscribers, who are paying customers already, to pay more for ‘unlimited’. I will if necessary - to a different provider! Please reverse this dreadful update as soon as possible so that we can get back to a useful music app..Version: 22.14.2

Possibly the most frustrating music appI am currently subscribed to the unlimited and will be done with it for good after June is over. Short version; of you have prime then it’s included, great. Otherwise save your money. I like to listen to stations as it gives me a better variety; first off the variety of similar artists was soo off pace for the first few days I was pressing thumbs down more than I was anything else. These were stations I created and couldn’t believe there were algorithms out there saying they were similar artists, furthermore it would continually throw the same artists I thumbed down MULTIPLE Times in there with different songs that weren’t any better. Secondly and possibly even more frustrating is that when I paused a song and then would go to press play on that song 5-10 minutes later I would just get the “loading song” description and that’s it. I would then need to skip or push to the next song ,then press play again in order for it to start playing music. Lastly if I searched an artist and then created a station off of that artist I would notice that if paused that station and then resumed within 5-10 minutes it wouldn’t resume on the station it would resume on most previously searched artist.. free pandora is a better choice than the current state.Version: 8.9.1

HOW TO USE THIS CRAP APPI’ll explain using Iron Maiden as an example. Say you bought numerous Iron Maiden songs from numerous Iron Maiden albums. You have to go to LIBRARY then ALBUMS then SORT (by artist name) then scroll down until you see Iron Maiden albums, it will only show the albums you purchased songs from. You then click on one of the Iron Maiden albums and it will list the albums songs. If you have only purchased some of the songs, the ones you have purchased will have ▶️ by them. If however you have purchased the entire album, there won’t be ▶️ by every song, instead there will be ▶️ (triangle in a circle) just above and to the right of track number one, this denotes you own the entire album. Then click on … (the three dots) by songs you have purchased, and add them to a playlist, in this case it would be a playlist called Iron Maiden. You do this with all the Iron Maiden songs you purchased or just your favourite Iron Maiden songs. When you have done that, from then on whenever you want to listen to the Iron Maiden songs you have purchased, no others only the ones you have purchased, you go to LIBRARY then PLAYLIST then scroll down to the Iron Maiden playlist..Version: 22.15.1

Issues with car playWorks fine and good music . However does not work properly on my bmw Apple car play . Most of the time hangs or shows an error saying unable to connect to (null) Perhaps the null pointer exception was not handled by the coder 😃 fix it please as it’s frustrating when you are driving and trying to listen to music but have to force to listen to radio instead.Version: 22.13.2

This app is fine?This app mostly does its job but every few months, the “my soundtrack” section goes completely off the rails and comes up with a genre you’ve never asked for that it will play over and over and over no matter how many times you dislike the songs of that genre. Never listened to Spanish free form jazz? Neither had I until one day that’s ALL it would give me in my “curated playlist based on songs I’ve liked”. Idk what this bug is but now it’s only giving me classic rock… which is better, but still not what I want. I’m not sure what to do to fix it cause I keep pressing the “don’t play songs like this on this station” button only to get MORE songs like that. Sometimes it has no idea what to choose so it defaults to the top songs on the charts but I REALLY don’t wanna hear the same 3 tiktok songs over and over and over. I’ve never once seeked out a Justin Bieber or dua lipa song but after the Spanish jazz was done that’s all it gave me for a week. 95% of the time it works fine but every so often “my soundtrack” is clearly not mine..Version: 10.13.0

UsedHave used the service for a few year. It continues to get worse. They really, really want you to pay. The bad points, 1. They keep trying to sell you stuff, no matter how many times you say NO! Pop up keep popping up, so much so that you think I’m going else where. 2. The service will cut out. With down loaded material you have to ‘reload’ every 30 or so days and yes go through the pop ups. So you go for a run, go camping etc and guess what no music, till you reconnect, and say no I don’t want to pay you for a service I don’t want. 3. The playlists do not sink between devices, in fact they seem to multiply without you actually changing them. 4. Customer services never, never, never respond, I don’t think they exist, I think just goes to delete, 5, it glitches, it glitches and it glitches In short there is a lot of hard sell, and some very poor software and very poor customer services.Version: 10.12.0

I love you... butThis is my favorite music app. Find it very intuitive compared with others that start with an A. I gave it a 3 instead of a 5 however because of Bluetooth issues I nearly always experience. I find I have to stop and start the entire app when a device attaches. Doesn’t happen on other apps..Version: 9.14.0

Too many time music not workingNot reliable on iPhone.Version: 9.10.0

Good but need improvementsIt works really well on my mobile, when the reception is perfect, once the signal strength drops a bit, it starts to not work well. Now regarding work well with Apple Car, this needs a lot improvements. Like it get stop work when the signal is weak, black screen, no cache (if it does cache, must be very small and pass unnoticed). If I don’t select off line prior to get in a bad spot, it will not work. It starts playing but it doesn’t direct the app in the car play to show the music being played. It definitively needs improvements. I pay for the family membership. But if it continues being hard to use while driving, I will have to go to another music service. I did use Apple music for years without any of those issues..Version: 22.13.0

Last update ruined the appThe shift to shuffle and limited skips is garbage. I’m deleting the app just like I did to YouTube music when they did the same thing. If I have to pay more, ill switch to Spotify because it has a better music selection. Up yours Amazon..Version: 22.15.1

What’s going onI can’t play my songs in my library in the order I want. Unless I upgrade. Only limited to the number of skips before it wants more money??.Version: 22.15.1

Very poor and worst music app everEven though having prime subscription we need to Pay more for unlimited music ? For real are you crazy will never use it and songs which are there are like old and super old looks like the app or music is created in leisure time for a name sake thing and offer it to people like a favour.Version: 8.5.0

Amazon musicI am a member of “Amazon” I shop a lot on Amazon. My Amazon account that I pay for monthly shows that I have access to “Prime TV/Movies” along with “Amazon Music” and a few other options. It makes absolutely no sense that I pay for Amazon monthly. I have full access to “Amazon” (shopping) also “Amazon Prime” I recently downloaded “Amazon Music” and it shows me that I only have access to some music and I have to pay $10.99 per month in order to download all songs. You can make your own “Playlist” but when you’re on “Off-line Mode” (no data/wifi) you don’t have access to your playlist, You only have access to “Recently Downloaded” Your personal playlist you cannot access unless you are hooked up to Wi-Fi or data. I was a big fan of Amazon for the shopping and then I seen all the different options that come with Amazon. I downloaded “Amazon Prime” and I use that all the time as well. (I don’t have cable, I use Prime and Netflix) I recently downloaded “Amazon Music” and now I’m very disappointed with Amazon. It’s false advertisement. Considering shutting my Amazon account down. It’s false advertisement..Version: 9.17.0

All songs not available in an AlbumI observed all movie songs are not available and as well as for an album only few songs are available. App issues sometimes the songs does not play though internet connection is there..Version: 9.3.0

Usually great, but...I have been using this music app with unlimited for over a year now and it has been amazing, however recently the apps music has been cutting out quite a lot when trying to connect to my Alexa through the app, but won’t connect via setting by Bluetooth? This seems to only be happening since the most recent update as well. I have also had troubles with when playing a playlist, trying to change to a different one won’t work or has to be tried repeatedly before the action takes place, this also only happens when connected to my Alexa. Slightly confused by this and I think it’s just a slight minor glitch. Apart from those issues, an all round extremely amazing app..Version: 8.5.2

Shuffle feature is the worstThe new shuffle feature is the worst thing ever. I want to listen to my playlist as I saved it but now with this feature I can’t. It might play one or two from my list then randomly plays whatever it wants to, songs not even on my playlist. I am removing the app and will be using spotify. Such a shame as this used to be my goto app for music..Version: 22.15.1

Total RubbishWhoever devised and authorized the recent changes to Amazon Music should be fired! I selected Springsteen’s latest album and two tracks later I’m getting “Sweet Caroline” for goodness sake. There is no way that I will upgrade to Unlimited, there are other music services I will go to. I gave this “upgraded” app one star only because zero is not an option..Version: 22.15.1

DissatisfiedSigned up for the HD - paided the money but then find out no HD service in my part of the world ..... thanks awesome just what I didn’t need another average low quality sounding music app.Version: 9.9.1

Good for music, bad for podcastsOverall I think this app is very promising. The sound quality is good, the availability of artists is good. All the music related options are great. My issue with this app, is all on the podcast side. The selection and availability of podcasts are good. My issue is, they need to implement a way to mark all episodes as played, otherwise you need to individually mark an episode as played… wouldn’t really seem like a big deal, but to me it is. I’d like to transfer all my podcasts into one platform, but I listen to numerous podcasts and don’t feel like going through each one and marking the episodes as played as each podcast has like 300+ episodes… If they were to fix that and implement the mark all as played, I’d give it a 5* rating, but until then, I’m canceling my subscription and just going back to Apple Podcasts. Oh, and I would also like them to implement the auto delete downloads for played episodes of podcasts as well, otherwise I believe you manually have to delete each played podcast episode….Version: 22.14.3

Appalling update- unusable nowSince the update, the music included in your prime membership is unusable. Want to listen to Taylor swift? Nope, we are going to shuffle in other songs that we’ve flagged as being similar but are actually completely different. Want to listen to that playlist you carefully curated with relaxing piano music? Nope, we are going to shuffle in songs from other instruments too. Want to skip a couple of those songs? Nope, you can only skip once. If I wanted the music I listen to to be decided for me, I could listen to a radio. Not a service that has for years been included in the package I pay for. I understand they are trying to get people to pay for unlimited, but in the current climate that isn’t an option for many. Instead, they’ve just ruined the experience for their customers. Unless you have music unlimited, don’t born with the app..Version: 22.15.12

Awful for music you ownFine for browsing new music but if you want to listen to music you’ve purchased you’re gonna have a bad time. The UI makes it incredibly difficult to access just the music you own - filter the artists by in your library and you’ll still be taken to the artist’s generic page, full of stuff you can’t listen to, not your music. The only way to do it is to browse by album. And if you’ve downloaded the album to listen offline? Better have your app set to Offline Mode or you’re gonna keep getting an error message about connecting to the Internet to listen to your DOWNLOADED music… whether you’re already connected or not… whatever you try to do….Version: 22.10.1

Latest 2022 Update is awfulThis used to be my favorite app by far. I play music all during my golf rounds to the enjoyment of everyone in the group. However, the latest update doesn’t work quite as well. And you can try to play a preview of a song and it will play a different song, or perhaps another artist altogether. This is so frustrating. Also, I have my own playlist and they’ve made them difficult to find. Then all of a sudden it kept saying I couldn’t skip through my own playlist songs. This is different from before. Said I maxed out on my allowed skips. That didn’t happen before. I don’t understand why something is working beautifully and you’re familiar with it then they go to change its’ functionality. Why fix something that’s not broken. Add positive features but don’t keep changing things. Update. Forgot to mention that on a recent update it also kept repeating a song over and over, and was still stuck on that song when I closed the app and reopened it. I attempted to play my list on shuffle like I always do. Somehow the functionality had changed. Not as happy as I used to be..Version: 22.14.5

Sucks since the updateThe update brought the enjoyment from this app down. Used to be able to play whatever music now you can’t even listen to an artists album without paying for unlimited (and who has 11$ to spare every month - not many).Version: 22.15.1

It's good, but the app has an errorIt is the best option for the amount of music and price! However the app has the error, you add music in the playlist that you created the notification says you added it and when you look it did not add. Another problem is in the playlist that sometimes the songs that you added disappear even if you update several times..Version: 10.1.2

Doesn’t work on my iPhone 11 Pro MaxI installed this app but it didn’t work. After launching the app I see a dark screen with amazon music logo in the top left corner and i observed this message which is difficult to find as the font colour and background are dark in colour. Below is the message: Looking for Something? We're sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site..Version: 9.2.0

Sign in problemIf you guys are offering 3 months free then you should have see the problems as well... not able to sign in.. plz check and revert..Version: 9.8

Why the glitchingUhm so this app is great but the glitching is making me really upset and it’s only on songs i listen to multiple times a day. also why does a microphone appear at the top sometimes? i always thought that oh it’s not recording me or anything but i guess not because now in one of the songs i listen too after the first 40 seconds it switches into splatoon music that i can tell was recorded from their app because it sounds like it’s coming off of my nintendo. just great cuz not only are the songs glitching and skipping to random parts, but they are including audio recorded from their own music app into the songs i listen to. i might have to stop using this app it’s really making me upset and paranoid Edit: Gotten even more glitchy. can listen to my playlists on shuffle anymore because the button isn’t working, which is making me super upset, because i like listening to my music in a different order than it’s lined up in the playlist, but i can’t anymore because the button won’t work..Version: 10.19.1

Terrible update.It was fine when you paid to listen to songs and get unlimited skips until the recent update. you are paying to listen to 3 songs and “similar music” before you run out of skips. why do you need to pay MORE to get skips and unlimited music. terrible. i’m paying for nothing. i don’t understand the need to make this new update..Version: 22.14.5

Keep listening feedback is annoyingI hate many things about this app, but the feature most bothersome to me of late is the keep listening feature. The sleep timer is turned off, but every hour I get asked am I still listening to music. Did I stop the music?! I have my device plugged in across the room because it’s not compatible with Legrand digital audio (fix this too!). So, every hour when the music stops I have to go press keep listening. I’m not opposed to exercise, but I’m trying to work, and this incessant disruption makes me want to pay for a different streaming music service. This should only happen if I engaged the sleep timer. This is a useless feature, especially if I am actually streaming on WiFi and have the stream only on WiFi feature engaged or am in offline mode listening to downloaded music. Get rid of this. Another huge annoyance is the amount of data this app uses even in data saver mode. My daily commute (160 minutes total streaming time) uses 1 GB of data! Maybe it would use less data if the lyrics feature could be disabled. Finally your app support was useless for providing feedback, so hopefully someone is reading these reviews..Version: 9.9.1

Amazon Prime is worthlessI paid for Amazon Prime and I was getting as a benefit free Kindle and Amazon music. Now you no longer get these and you get to pay for them as a money grab. They changed a contract that I agreed to pay an amount for prime membership and perks and now the perks are gone!.Version: 22.3.0

Good but glitchyIt’s annoying that you can’t access every song as for some reason you have to pay extra for that, which is really stupid in my opinion but anyway it does the job for me but when I use this with my airpods, sometimes the music goes really slow and then really fast, like a broken turntable i guess, and it’s really annoying as it keeps doing that even after I close the app for a few minutes. also it might just be my phone but when I try to open my camera with music playing, it completely glitches the music and my phone , which is really annoying and I feel like it’s breaking my phone tbh. but it’s decent.Version: 10.8.1

Improve shuffle!Overall the app is decent. I have been able to discover a lot of new artists and songs that I enjoy from the artist radios and suggestions. Here are my cons: Artist radios.. I have avoided thumbs-upping any songs that I like. I have found that when I do, it will play those songs that I thumbs-upped first every single time I play that particular radio. I guess that’s the point but I end up hating the song because it becomes way overplayed. Which is kind of how Pandora’s radio is. It’s just annoying. So don’t thumbs up anything unless you want to eventually hate it. Shuffle on My Music.. needs some improvement. It seems like the algorithm needs work or something because it will shuffle and play THE SAME SONGS and then there are songs that I will never ever hear. I end up removing songs from My Music just because the shuffle seems to love playing it. I end up letting it play alphabetically just so I can hear my other songs. That’s terrible! Also, I have noticed that the shuffle will turn off by itself if I am connecting Bluetooth. That might be unavoidable but I thought I would mention that..Version: 9.3.1

Good, but could be (way) better.Okay look, this app is very good. I love to to listen to music wherever and whenever I can. It even has some of my favorite songs. But, unlimited is a good idea. It’s just that when your subscription ends, you’re no longer allowed to play your already downloaded songs? Like at least let us play our already downloaded songs without needing the subscription. They’re already downloaded. I was shocked and heartbroken when I found out that I couldn’t play/download my favorite songs ever like Fire Drill and a few other Melanie Martinez songs, H A L L S, Strangest thing, Mommy’s Here and a few other songs by CG5, This comes from the inside, Cut the cord and a few others from The Living Tombstone, almost all of LDShadowlady’s songs and a few others. Please fix this or change it. Let us play our songs that we already downloaded. I can not express how sad, angry, and messed up it is. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great app I just think in my personal opinion it’s just wrong to not let us play some of ours songs. And I’m so so so sorry if my device or app is just glitching and it’s not an actual thing. All and all, it’s a very good app to listen to your favorite songs. Just messed up that you can’t play your songs that you already downloaded. Thanks for listening and understanding, please fix this. I’m kind of begging you. Once again, thank you for understanding..Version: 22.10.1

V few sound tracks by popular artistsVery few sound tracks by popular artists Eg cannot play whole albums maybe 3-4 songs.Version: 8.7.0

Changes killed this appI’m going to cut to the chase, this was awesome and had all the music I wanted and then, boom. No more music from apple and amazon unlimited for an extra subscription to listen to any good music. Don’t waste time and money on here and go spend it on Apple Music or Spotify. Also, Spotify is 99 cents for 3 months right now so get on that..Version: 8.5.2

New update sucksUp Intell the last update the app was great. Amazon let u use the app for free with some limitation if u had Amazon prime but now they r forcing u to pay another $10 to use it and have destroyed the app. Don’t like how they did this and will be leaving for another app. Don’t get this app they r shady and money hungry guess they need to pinch every dime out of a person they can. Way to destroy your own app Amazon.Version: 22.15.1

UnhappyIt used to be a great service until the mandatory shuffle was introduced. You can’t play the song you want until you pay up for “unlimited “ option. Cash grab.Version: 22.15.1

Love thisI love this app and I like to have a radio feature here. Not sure it’s there or not.Version: 9.4.1

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