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Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts App User Positive Comments 2024

Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts app received 105 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about amazon music: songs & podcasts?

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Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts for Positive User Reviews

Great serviceEarly days for me, but so far it blows a certain service that supports a certain podcaster out of the water with audio quality, size and content of the music library, Apple Watch support and overall value for money.Version: 22.1.1

App is good, subscriptions could be clearer.Only complaint is about the subscription model. I’m a prime subscriber so only have access to a limited library. To “upgrade” to ultimate is no different for existing prime subscribers so doesn’t feel as though there is any benefit for an existing loyal prime customer..Version: 9.3.5

Good App But Could Be GreatLove the app, song selection and Dolby atmos feature for downloads. My biggest complaint is it consistently shuts down my app every time there is an update. I can’t get through a song (Online or Offline Mode) once that happens. It definitely gets old but otherwise it’s a great app..Version: 23.3.1

Almost Love ItI really like this app. It’s not too expensive and has a great catalogue of artists/music. Some of the negatives include the playlists. They are very repetitive with the same songs appearing in different lists. Also some lists have music which aren’t the original artists which kinda throw me. If I wanna listen to Madonna’s Vogue I expect it to be Madonna not some random unheard of belting out a poor imitation. Also, you can create your own list which is great but after a while songs start being removed for reasons unknown? All in all I really do like the app but fall just short of loving it 😁.Version: 9.8

A great variety of musicSo many songs I loved years ago can now be listened to, I had umpteen records of them in the day but then my record player died! Thank you!.Version: 22.11.0

5 STARSThis app is amazing! You can make playlists and listen to whatever you desire it’s better than Apple Music! This is the best music app I’ve ever had! And it’s a perfect price! Other than a flaw or two I love this app I’m listening to my favourite songs whenever I desire to! If your looking for an amazing and nearly flawless music app I’m sure this would be perfect for your liking I’ve made a ton of playlists and it’s not lagging! So if your looking for a nearly flawless app this is definitely the one for you! Best music app I’ve ever downloaded!.Version: 9.17.0

Plenty of music, works well, could use a few more featuresTh app works well. There is plenty of music selection with the paid subscription. I do like that I can pause and play the current song from anywhere in the app with the fixed play button at the bottom. Songs are easy to find. It makes good recommendations on new songs to listen to. I like that I can have multiple playlists for the family. It shows lyrics for many songs. There is a setting for disabling explicit songs which I haven’t tested well (maybe my kids). I don’t know how well the filter works. Here is what wish it did better. I would like to be able to not just pause and play the current song I am listening too but be able to easily navigate to the screen that has the forward/backward skip button. I like to restart a song over if I already stated it and I come back later and want to restart it WITHOUT losing my position in my current play list. That is the mai drawback..Version: 8.9.0

Mac and windowsGreat although I wish you could get it on Mac.Version: 9.1.4

Great!This has made my experience with music much easier and cheaper. Laying down $20 or so for a couple of songs on iTunes really isn’t viable when you have bills coming out your ears! Go to love Amazon’s services, they are just great!.Version: 8.9.1

Just okayNot much options to organise music.Version: 9.0.1

Only one slight issue - Perfect otherwiseSome slight issues when resuming music from lock screen, have to close / open app again. Only once and awhile, other than that no issues. Keeps on improving, perfect addition if have any echo devices..Version: 8.9.0

There is no all music availableThat’s why I give 4 stars..Version: 9.14.0

Infuriating & unusableWhere do I start.. the update basically means zero control over what you listen to. It’s infuriating to the point of unusable. I love music. I’m not a casual listener that wants background filler. If I were, I could put on the radio to have someone else decide what I listen to. This teases the option to select something you want to hear, only to bombard you with stuff you have little to no interest in, then limits your ability to skip past it. I can’t wait until my membership is up. I’ve no use for this app anymore..Version: 24.2.2

Great, but not without some annoying faults.Probably the best music platform out there. Only a numpty would still use iTunes. This isn’t perfect though, it still has a couple of flaws that NEED to be addressed, such as not all songs from an album are available sometimes, maybe only two or three. Also, when you save an album sometimes it becomes ‘not available anymore’ but only half disappears from your list, as in it still shows up in your music list but when you go to play it, it’s unavailable. BUT when you start a complete new search for it, the same album is available again in the results?!! It’s an annoyance but that’s pretty much the only downside..Version: 9.2.1

Excellent Usable Music App “BUT”I use this App on a daily basis either via headphones or earbuds when walking our dog. It is a great App without a great deal of problems, any problems you do have is usually down to your network supplier and thankfully this is very rare. The only criticism I have is the variable levels of sound from one track to another, this is not noticeable when playing tracks from the same album, but when playing tracks from various artists the difference in volume levels is very varied and can be very disturbing especially when using headphones and earbuds. Surely in the age of artificial intelligence this in not beyond the scope of what can be achieved.....?.Version: 8.9.1

Great AppA great source of all types of music at a price!.Version: 8.4.0

Almost thereReally like the app but this feature would make this 5 star. We need a left/right swipe controls on podcast episodes in the list - by default left swipe marks as played and right swipe adds to playlist. This change alone is not only time saving but really quite useful for podcast lovers. The music I listen to here I find is music cleaner and clearer than other streaming services so a big thumbs up for that..Version: 10.16.0

Not bad at allOverall the music available through the free account is quite varied and I can often find something to listen too although it is annoying that some albums are only available with an extra subscription but this is the world we live in. I do like the chosen for you option as it is quite spot on based on previous music you have listened to, the only flaw is that if you have a diverse music range it will base it on what ever you listened to last so sometimes doesn’t match my mood and I have to search again. I do use it as my sole music player and have done for a few years I would definitely recommend it and will carry on using it..Version: 10.3.2

Unbeatable Collection!Unbeatable collection of music but the app needs a lot more work or complete revamp. Compared to the other big industry players, the app is slower in terms of loading time and functionality. And this is not specific to my device or network. Would love to see a much faster app or a complete redesign ground up! :).Version: 9.3.2

😇Fantastic . Great choice . Easy to use..Version: 8.8.0

Good sounds ..Some oldies i like not there, but overall this app is awesome!.Version: 9.9.0

Recent update killed my playlistsRecent update has removed all my playlists. I can’t view any of my playlists in “Playlists”. I have to create new ones from scratch. That is very frustrating especially since have made those playlists over several years..Version: 10.11.2

Really GoodUnlimited offline downloads is the best part!.Version: 9.3.4

Love it!!Excellent and easy to use.Version: 7.5.1

It’s pretty goodHard to separate the app from the are going to get both here. I have been an unlimited subscriber for more than year. I made the jump because I enjoyed the music, the sound quality is good and the library is enormous. Yes the better content requires you to pay and I’m surprised that people are surprised by that. Though, having artists leave the free version without any sort of warning was annoying. Again, part of the reason for the switch. If you like the service, pay to support it. Makes sense. The app has been buggy for me in past versions. It tended to just restart itself. I’d say maybe the device, but this was the only app that did it. The latest update seems to have corrected the issue. The UI is decent, not fantastic but decent. The auto play feature they added is annoying. I get why it would seem like a good idea...if you play one song it stops. That bothered me at first, but once you realize you told it to play one song and it did exactly what you told it to, the frustration fades. If you want continual play, start a station or playlist. Nothing like playing a song that you know is okay for your 4 year old to hear and then have auto play throw on another song from the genre that absolutely is not. Good thing you can turn that off. In short though, no ads, huge music selection, decent sound quality and a reasonable user interface. It is a good worth paying for..Version: 10.2.0

Mostly brilliantI have a really big saved catalog and play hours of music daily. This app does everything I need from a music service. I echo previous complaints that Alexa has to be disabled to stop frequent interruptions, still not fixed; but my biggest annoyance is that the albums view for artists does not discriminate between singles, EPs, and full albums and does not have an option to view sorted by publish date so there’s a lot of effort to work out what is early and what recent if you don’t already know. Shuffle play takes blocks and shuffles that, I truly wish it could be really random from my whole collection..Version: 10.2.2

Good but some concerning let-downsI enjoy using the app most times. Two areas of improvement I can think of are 1. Searching for songs: I’ve encountered cases where I searched for a song title but it returned no match. But when I later remembered and searched the album title, I found the album and the song in the list. I feel the search mechanism can be improved on to return more matching titles. 2. I find the volume level to be loud sometimes. This is fine in most cases, except when I am using Waze navigation app at the same time. The music overshadows the navigation’s sound so much I had to stop the music. Can you add volume control for the app itself or use the same volume level as the iOS native music player pleeeeease?.Version: 8.9.0

Good but badWhen I want to listen to a song then pause it and go to another app when I come back I miss the song. Really frustrating but a great app to listen to music..Version: 10.2.1

Great collectionMost of the songs I search for are available. It would be really great if there are more relevant suggestions of playlists and songs according to ones preference. UI can be improved like adding songs to playlists can be made easier. As compared to last year it was a drastic improvement and kudos to that!.Version: 9.1.4

AmazingListen to your fav music across the globe.Version: 8.8.0

Flawless!Does everything Apple Music does, but a little bit better. Especially like the “offline mode” and this enables me to use my old iPhone to download and Bluetooth my music when driving, and I can use my main phone for GPS. The quality of the music while streaming can be selected to use less data if need be. This service is WELL worth the money spent. I have several gigs downloaded, and the downloads on the device can be deleted and new songs added within seconds while on WiFi. The only drawback? Only one device can be used at a time unless you pay extra. Not an issue in my situation. There’s the benefit of Alexa; she can shuffle from your downloaded music or you can create a station and stream whatever you are in the mood to hear. Having the larger file size going through two Exos-9 speakers is the definition of “immersive”..Version: 10.9.1

Good but can be betterGood app but has a few annoying problems. They allow you to view most of your favorite music but the problem is, the unlimited music thing. You have to pay a small amount of money for hundreds of good songs. Mostly any good song is in the unlimited music part. It’s really annoying. Anyway you pay a small amount but over time it becomes a lot of money. It’s really bothering wand I wish they would stop the unlimited music thingy. But even if they wanted to keep it maybe take off a chunk of songs so we can have good music.( Developers this might get you more customers!) but in truth is an okay app. I would say go ahead but be warned a lot of songs are restricted so it’s quite annoying. Me and my friends have been really bothered and have started to go to other apps. I can’t though because I have an awesome dad who is watching out for me and let’s me use this app but I’m starting to get to the point where I’d rather have no music than this app. It’s getting on my nerves. People! Be WARNED!!! It could bug you Badly. But it’s a good app and if you want go ahead. I just can’t express how annoying this can be..Version: 9.7.1

Great app bar one thingGreat app. But very annoying as the music constantly stops and asks if you’re still listening. Really stupid because if I didn’t want to listen anymore I have smarts to turn it off myself. And not rely on an annoying tech to make that decision for me..Version: 10.1.2

Anything I likeIt has any music I like. I made a few playlists for different moods when driving and anything I wanted I could play on shuffle or repeat the usual standard you should expect from an app such this one. Decent app and at affordable cost hardly noticeable.Version: 8.4.1

Good apBit high in price but other than that not a bad app. I’m using it a lot now and I’m finding it pretty good.Version: 10.4.2

Eng Hindi best appI am listening latest english songs and its UI is best.Version: 9.10.0

Great sound but clunky interfaceThe streams sound great but the interface is clunky and the controls are so small they are sometimes hard to use. There’s no way to send a playlist to an Alexa device like an Echo or Echo Dot, and neither Alexa or Siri offer voice control in the App so it’s pretty useless whilst driving. But it sounds good!.Version: 9.1.0

Apple Watch app a bit glitchyIOS app is fairly stable now, and much better at handling the relationship between online and offline content/ playlists etc than it used to be. Still could do with a nip and tuck on the UI as seeing huge icons by default for artists etc to then have to switch to list mode every time isn’t great, plus the “downloaded” filter needing to be pressed repeatedly as you drill down is tiresome. However I’ve had to remove the Apple Watch app as that is simply not ready. The “not now” button for when it asks if you’d like to disable offline mode simply doesn’t work, you can only tap yes. Also seems to lose connectivity to the phone app so the currently playing song is no longer showing (it still thinks it’s on the last one) and the icon just sits spinning. You can still skip but the song and time within the song is left unchanged on the watch. Had to revert to now playing for now until the Watch app improves..Version: 22.8.0

Pretty greatReally enjoy using this app, a little annoying when songs start repeating, but it's still good being able to listen to most songs that weren't that popular but I like! without searching for lost songs so much....Version: 10.2.1

PerfectGood app..highly recommend.Version: 9.8

Post Punk Leaning Toward YpslilantiTerms of misunderstanding have lead me to believe that the promiscuous and, hence, tartish behavior of my musical choices have left my mate in an otherwise undesirable, yet, highly agitated mood. Obviously, I was “highly agitated” when most of the music was introduced to me, but on further inspection it has left me wonton and without sexual congress. Due to the nature of my audiophilic needs and the various oppositions displayed by my congenital needs, I feel torn. And not the good kind, mind you. Several people have engaged in conversation about my auditory pleasures and the amount of emphasis I place on hardcore musics from the 1980s. She, my wife this time, finds it “shouts” in her words, angry. I lust for the dramatic push and pull of life’s rigorous and salacious moments, when men against men and women pitted against them, enthralled us all and our deceits were left unchallenged only to be rebuked in a pit of fear, confusion and eventual, demise... Fated to no one except our needs, hopes and, yes, desires. How I wish this service fulfilled all that, but, yeh, it is my own memory that binds my kismet. I will challenge it, for tonight, I listen..Version: 22.4.1

Almost perfectWhen I say almost perfect I mean the selection is usually there but sometimes I have my heart set on that special song and I can only find a cover version. Thank you for the wonderful variety and the ease of assess. Great app..Version: 10.4.0

Great appIt’s a good app I would like to see a weekly playlist of music for us, also after my first week of having the app all my playlists deleted and I lost some good songs I don’t know the names of.Version: 9.8

Playlists & moreI would like more flexibility on how I add music to my playlists if I had them to add them to a specific list they are not in my general list. If I add everything to my general list my playlist gets bigger than I like so I end up just dumping music. Also I like hearing an entire album but if I download the whole thing it doesn't mean I want to keep the whole thing. Be nice to set tags or reminders when you downloaded so you could go back and review and evaluate. Also I hear songs on albums that aren't in the general mainstream that I really like. It would be fun to have maybe a WhatsApp community or some other type of group where you could share songs you liked with other people who like similar music where you could talk about what a song means to you or what you really like another artist. I could live a sheltered life and that already exists. But anyway. That's just a few things for my feedback. I generally think of a lot welcome to tag me up for additional feedback..Version: 9.13.0

I like the appBecause of the way that is has music 📲.Version: 9.16.0

Awful moveI am so disappointed in what Amazon did with the music. Now what they are really telling me is that there is no more free music because they are dictating how I should listen. Why not just be honest and scrap free altogether and I can either buy or go elsewhere. I plan to go to iTunes after that deceptive change. This was not the way to reward faithful customers..Version: 22.15.12

Pretty good.Would still like to see more selection. But it’s good and I like the features..Version: 9.8

Great perk for Prime membersThe App works really good so far. No issues to report with the UI. Content is sufficient. Not exceptional, but as a perk with Prime I can’t complain. I think Amazon has the right idea with their Prime ecosystem. I especially like the student discount. I think more companies should learn from Amazons student memberships..Version: 7.5.1

Scroll within a trackPlease fix this....whenever you want to scroll through a track and you want to move that really small dot at a specific time it becomes a can touch everything but that dot on the screen. You will never manage to “grab” that dot with a finger and actually move it from the first try. You will manage to change the track by accidentally swapping through tracks because you thought you have your finger on that dot but soon you will see that it is not the case... please fix this as it is quite bad in comparison to how good everything else is..Version: 9.3.2

Can’t use appUnable to sign in. Tried restarting phone. Deleted and re-downloaded app but still nothing Just sits there spinning on login, can see wifi is being used but nothing happens..Version: 8.4.1

Pretty Perfect PlatformIt’s not absolutely flawless just yet, but as far as digital music platforms go, it’s the best, most comprehensive and versatile I’ve used so far and definitely worth 5 stars over 4. Things I’d love to see improved is the playlisting functionality - i.e. I’ve not found a way of removing a song from a playlist without having to scroll through the entire playlist to find it, then remove from the song menu there. And sometimes there’s so many versions of the same song that it’s tricky to tell if you’ve already got one of the multitude of options in a playlist, so end up doubling up. Not the end of the world, but when there are so many great tunes available, it’s preferable to keep as tidy as possible! (There was a time where the app would allow you to add exactly the same song to the same playlist multiple times without any warning, but they seem to have resolved this issue now, which shows they’re improving it regularly). Apart from that, really enjoying using it!.Version: 8.7.0

Great!... But One problemOkay so don’t get me wrong it’s amazing and all but I have a problem that for some reason just happened so I was getting on music and I keep all my favorite music on my offline music playlist those who know this app know how to get to that ( by pressing those three dotes on the top right corner) so I tapped that and nothing happens I closed the app and everything and it won’t work I’m really confused and frustrated so until the decides to start working I can’t listen to my music and this is the only app I have for my music so until then no music for me this is a major bummer PLEASE FIX THIS! Update; okay I’m REALLY annoyed at this point I searched up offline music in the search bar and it popped up and it dark grey and won’t let me access it, seems to me offline music has stopped on the app and no longer exist I’m REALLY REALLY annoyed I had so much music on there and it’s all completely gone I lost everything this is very frustrating to me if this isn’t fixed I’m deleting the app and leaving a bad review😤😡.Version: 9.13.0

Good, but can be betterVery good range of music, although some of the songs on albums are missing for some reason. The player generally works well from windows, does crash now and then. Unfortunately there is no Siri integration. The app needs to include band bio information..Version: 9.13.0

Music review.The music quality is great, and the price excellent. Though don’t go escalating it over time as you have done with the price of kindle books. Once, all below $2 now they are almost the same price as the hard copy book... There are a some things that would make the listening experience better for me. First of all videos, if available, related to the music... Then some way to see the history of what I’ve recently been listening to, and also a way of ‘saving’, whilst browsing, what I would like to listen to in the future. I sometimes leave the window open on what I would like to listen to next, but on re-opening that window, say the next day, it’s lost as I’m sent to the ‘home’ window (or ‘Home Page’ is it called ?)... And lastly why is an ebook now about the same price as the hard copy ? In life, as in business, quality is often more rewarding to pursue than monetary profit... but such subtleties, to the detriment of success, are lost if the focus is solely on the bottom line. m.Version: 9.12.0

Good collection but can do betterFound the app really easy to use and good collection of songs. They can do better with more frequent update in playlist and stations. Also keep getting Tamil ( language I never opt for) songs in some of there playlist..Version: 9.6.1

Double AdvantageWe enjoying prime movie as well as music, non stop varieties of music for casual lister to hard core fan like me prime has everything what you need for fraction of a cost..Version: 9.3.1

Abnv gjkaVery vast collection of songs and impressed with the UI.Version: 8.4.0

Starts out goodLots of music choices. Easy to do basics. Many choices in the pull down menus. No instructions whatsoever so not sure what some of the choices do. So you experiment with the and do things that you have no idea how to undo. Example: selected the microphone from list and now whenever I play that playlist it starts playing similar genres not on playlist ( even after you choose to NOT have it play similar songs after playlist is over) The worst thing is the App. It does not ever match what is actually playing. Cannot stop the song playing cuz the app shows the previous song. Have to turn off everything and start from scratch. The echo will not stay paired so have to manually choose echo. Airplay does not work. Have to manually go to settings on device to choose external speaker. Shuffle all song plays the same 10-15 songs over and over. Can only shuffle individual playlists. We’re done.Version: 10.0.1

Latest update causing long waits to start track playingI got a message using the app last week saying that improved quality of music, gapless playing etc was available but all tracks would need to be downloaded. As I have 5000+ downloaded this took some time (around 24 hours on and off seeing as I wasn’t always on WiFi) but finally it seemed great - dance compilations, classical music all seenlessly moving from track to track without a stutter. However I’m seeing lots of times when playing the first trackniff an album or playlist that are already downloaded that it’s as if it’s streaming slowly and needing to buffer for a long time - more than a minute. Never had this problem before and it’s not every time but most of the time. Really irritating.Version: 9.0.2

Love loveEasy to use, fantastic range of talent and great when I have downloaded my favourites for the many times I am out of reception. Just have to plan ahead and make sure I have music downloaded..Version: 10.3.1

Amazing songs collectionI can find almost all the songs..👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.Version: 9.3.2

Excellent AppI’m using this app in my iPhone 6s from almost an year. I liked the quality of the music and I liked the offline music concept.. but I have noticed when I’m using this app my mobile charging getting down very quickly.. other than that it’s perfect music app.. Hope you guys will resolve this battery consumption issue. Thanks..Version: 9.17.0

Plz fix the repeat buttonThis is a great app for music but during the last few updates I have a few problems with. One main problem I have with is the repeat button not really doing it’s job much anymore because when I put repeat on a song it would repeat but when I tap on a new song I want to repeat it won’t repeat and I find it annoying. Before the updates I could easily repeat any song without pressing the repeat button every time I click on a new song and now i have to press the button over every time and it annoys me. My second problem is the repeat button is not where it used to be. The repeat button used to be near the play/pause button and now it’s not there anymore. It is now in the options section and I really don’t like that spot where I have to press like so many buttons just to repeat a song. If you fix the repeat and put it where it used to be and do what’s it supposed to do I will be so happy to listen to any song on repeat and press buttons all the time trying to repeat a song. Again great app but plz fix the repeat button..Version: 23.10.0

The Access to the music is good but…The sound quality is great (with or without headphones, though headphones are best) & the access to both old & new music is second to none. My biggest gripe though is that when I click on my saved Artists instead of getting all the tracks I’ve either purchased or have downloaded, with the option to see more, it all too often shows me newer tracks & albums. That’s all well & good but I’d prefer to see what I’ve bought or downloaded than APM’s selection of new stuff. If I want new recordings, I’ll search for them. I think for the monthly subscription I should control my own choice of music. The other gripe is the Sleep button which seems to be overriden if I wake up & play more music should I have trouble getting back to sleep..Version: 24.2.0

Room for improvement?I like the app however, some tweaks to improve the quality is required. First, the search facility seems to be inconsistent, sometimes when searching, the requisite song cannot be found, however it is possible to find it when looking through the album. Second, saved songs tend to be deleted from the playlist, listed as ‘no longer available’. The deleted songs are available, you just have to repeat the search and reinstate them back on the playlist. Can these issues be resolved?.Version: 10.3.1

Sound qualityReally good sound quality without any issues.Version: 9.7.1

This is the best for me....This is by far the best music app I have ever used. Easy to use. Easy to search and find songs. Super simple to create or add to a playlist... I have a playlist for my 3 yo son, one for our dog during thunderstorms...((It may not reeeally help her but it makes 𝘮𝘦 feel like I am helping soothe her)). I really can’t think of a downside to this app. Love it. We have the unlimited so any song is instantly there and available to download. Amazing. We did have just the reg FREE version for years bc I refused to buy the unlimited bc . . . It may be a few dollars but I just felt like WHY?! Tho, now having it the unlimited, I feel it is 𝙑𝙀𝙍𝙔 worth it. I am a music person so I wld have music playing 𝗅𝗈𝗎𝖽𝗅𝗒 in the house at alllll times if it didn’t drive the hubby nuts. My son is more like me so more n more we have music going and r having the best random dance parties! Still wish it was free/part of the Prime subscription but....maybe one day they will include it at the level of the unlimited!!.Version: 9.13.0

Great music at a cheap priceThis is great for music because with your amazon prime you can listen to music at on and off line. Due to the cheap membership and just how new it is lacking some songs and surprisingly sometimes songs are removed but it has most stuff. And you get 2 day shipping and all those other services from amazon so it’s hard to go wrong.Version: 7.5.1

Suits meOriginally installed this out of curiosity & quickly discovered it was quicker & easier to use than the Apple Music app. No buffering (YES!), sounds good, always works well, suits my needs, reliable. No serious problems that I can remember. Download time could be a bit quicker, some songs take 2 seconds but some take over a minute. The only thing I'm really not crazy about is the appearance ie. every page you click on is completely black. Why not something brighter, cheerier? It would greatly improve the immediate visual appeal of it in an instant. But apart from that a great job. Prefer it to all the other options..Version: 9.8

Ok but not wow...Disappointing due to the limitations on music selection. A bit of rip-off compared to similar services on the market. Why is there an unlimited option when other services offer much more for same price?.Version: 9.12.0

Music goes loud when you typeFor some reason the music goes loud when you type in any other program or app. Quite annoying. Might be to do with iOS 14 but they really need to fix it!.Version: 9.15.2

Pretty good and keeps improvingI’ve used this for about 2 years so plenty of time to give a reliable review. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and easy to create several different playlists. This music service synchronises with my Garmin watch so I can run to music which I saved on my phone. My only gripe is the lack of clarity why some songs are only available with a higher subscription fee. Sometimes saved songs in playlists, which were previously available, change status saying they are no longer available unless I upgrade. I tried the upgrade once and found it to be no better than Apple Music which I regularly use. I particularly like the feature of “my music” which creates a random playlist of up to date music based on my previous listening choices..Version: 10.8.1

Can’t live without it!Absolutely the best music source for me ever..Version: 8.4.1

Love itThis app is amazing. It’s pretty clever and recommends me music I haven’t heard before on a regular basis that I fall in love with The playlists are the best playlists I’ve ever seen and I really enjoy listening to them and they make so much sense and flow together really well. I have the premium version so it has all the music I could ever want to listen to. It took me a while to stop buying actual music from iTunes and switch to subscription but it’s so worth it. I’ve not come across a song not available yet. Highly recommend. It’s hard to even be critical of it but sometimes it does struggle with loading or loads the wrong list but it’s not a regular occurrence but added for transparency.Version: 8.8.0

Good music app!!I’m not sure how much money it is since a parent pays it. This app is good though since it plays music from my phone and from my 3 Alexa’s at home. There are not too many adds and I would definitely recommend this app as it’s very handy when you have no WiFi, and you’re on the go. One thing I would change would be downloading on the go. One time I was out on a long journey and forgot to download one of my favourite songs. I tried to download using my 4G but it wouldn’t work. So I would say to start to download songs at least 2/3 days before the journey so you don’t forget any songs..Version: 8.9.3

VenkatA wonderfull app which has all the songs around the world. Playlists available and suggestions around playlists is a superb feature which is making my life easy while driving..Version: 9.11.1

AwesomeNice Playlists.Version: 9.1.4

QualityI have only recently joined I haven’t watched any movies as yet but I have been listening too and making playlists. Just wanted to comment on the quality, very impressed, with that and finding hidden gems from 70s.Version: 9.9.0

Too priceyI used the free month and really enjoyed the freedom, but I'm hardly a strong music nut, only picking and choosing one here or there off some album I've seen or a tune I've heard, so even though it's been great, I am cancelling my subscription because of the cost mainly..Version: 9.14.0

Easy to useBetter than other streaming audio products. Love the offline mode because sometimes I’m on the road and do not have internet access..Version: 9.9.1

FantasticVery good.Version: 8.0.0

Excellent, but a pity so expensive to upgrade for 2 people.The range of music available is brilliant. We have never been disappointed with being unable to find a particular track. I love classical music, and this has opened up a new world of available music for me. There is only myself and my wife in the house, and it is a pity that it costs so much more to have only two people streaming at the same time and yet pay six. Also having to pay an extra £79 for higher quality music is a bit expensive; I would have thought a lot of people would pay for higher quality if the cost were lower..Version: 9.7.1

SettingsOverall, this application is very good and I only need I few little things here and there. For example, I would like the ability to have different fonts and, more importantly, a larger font size. The era of thin fonts should be over, as it is becoming increasingly hard to read the text on mobile devices. This especially makes sense when users want to read the lyrics. I would also love to see a way to better sort or exclude certain station genres. Finally, sometimes the lyrics do not properly display non-English characters, like accented letters. Update (January 2023): The application turned a sudden left turn. It became even worse than before. The user experience is so weird and overwhelming, that it's no longer fun using it. The annoying push for podcasts is just too much. When the application closes, there is no simple way to continue where you left off. It also just simply unloads if you briefly use a different app, such as Instagram or similar apps. Then you again have to opet the app and search for what you were listening and redo it all over again. Bad experience over all..Version: 23.1.2

Great all in all, but a few glitches.I love this app. I’ll say that first. It has all of my favorite artists, and such a large selection of songs/albums. I can download music, create playlists, all the things I need for a streaming service. However, this app isn’t without its flaws. Sometimes you can’t go back to a certain part without starting the song over. If you pause a song and start it again it might stop making sound but look like it’s still playing. (It’s not, pause it and it fixes itself.) The app crashes a lot, mostly if you’re not in the app at the moment. That’s the most frustrating of all of them, as it starts whatever song you were playing over. (But not the album, play queue or playlist. It will shut down radio stations, however.) I’d like to mention that I saw a review saying you couldn’t make play queues or play a single song on loop. This is not the case. I don’t know if that was a patch or something, but I’ve always been able to play one song on loop. Perhaps it’s a difference between phone models, but I’m on a 6 and it works just fine. I don’t see why it wouldn’t on later phones. All in all I really like the app, and it’s by far the best streaming service I’ve used. The issues I listed may look like a lot, but really they’re small and easy to deal with. I seriously recommend AM. I hope this helps!.Version: 9.14.0

A great addition to Prime membershipI read through a few reviews before writing, and I don’t think that I’ve encountered the bugs that other people have talked about. A very smooth operation whether using via the Echo or iPhone. The only reason I took a star off was for the Music Unlimited - I didn’t like the way my bill would have shot up automatically if we’d listened on more than one device at a time. I think MU is expensive. And I’m not a fan of dropping the sound quality on some things with the ‘free’ service - the ambient sounds being one - to try and push you to pay more. Not a pleasant tactic. But for an extra that’s rolled into the Prime membership, it’s a wonderful thing to have..Version: 10.2.2

Absolutely Love, Great Alrounder but..I have a couple of issues that only need tweaking. I use the app on iPhone 11 and play through Alexa. However on the iPhone app I have found the following issues; Issue 1. If the app is left open but not in use. When you return to play music from the current selected playlist. Ie; you select the app which opens up to the last song you were playing, you click play. It will start playing the music; at some point, either; only playing half the current song or; playing for a song and a bit, the app will shut down. It even removes itself from the ‘open apps’ screen. Then you can never find the song you were listening to. I Tried retrieving last played song, by looking on the ‘previous’ songs and ‘next’ songs button in the bottom left corner of a playlist, but that data must be wiped completely when the app crashes &/or closed down. Issue 2. How do you remove a playlist from your car list? I’ve never added a playlist to this, yet when I stumbled across this function I thought brilliant, got my favourite playlists. Yet when I tried to add anything. Said it was full! All that said, I love the whole app. The playlists the easiness of use and how user friendly I can be. I’ve stumbled across a whole new genre of music that I love and huge range and variety. Could do with more up to date reggae, ska and bashment music..Version: 10.15.6

A record store on my phoneSuddenly I have a whole record store on my phone. Since I acquired the app I have been trawling back through albums and artists from my past - some long forgotten - and found lots of new stuff (well at least new to me) through the suggested playlists. The sound quality is decent too. A couple of small niggles with the user interface (e.g. I keep selecting the ‘playing now’ screen by mistake) and although the catalogue is huge it isn’t totally complete so not every release is available. However this is a very small complaint. I love this app - it’s given me hours and hours of listening pleasure and would seriously miss it if I didn’t have it. Highly recommended..Version: 9.10.0

Great appMust use.Version: 8.1.5

UnreliableI have been loyal to this music app for the last 6 years now and they do have great options like no adds ever even if you dont pay and the ability to easily make playlists with your favorite music but the main issue im now leaving this app is because they randomly delete your version of a song or album off the app making the song either completely unavailable anymore or making you have to find another version of it. There are many songs completely unavailable on this app and with them randomly replacing the songs or deleting them entirely in one day my 600 song playlist had roughly half of all its songs completely deleted from major bands too such as Metallica and Five Finger Death Punch. These issues have always been present but Ive never seen them get this bad before and for that reason I am leaving this review as well as the app entirely..Version: 22.6.0

Charlieanstey21Way more songs available 👍🏻.Version: 8.6.0

ReviewTop app.Version: 22.15.11

Fantastic music appI have used a few apps over the years and this one is just better tn all I have used. The layout is easy to navigate and the controls are easy to use. Streaming quality is excellent, when most other apps would pause on low network zones this one just continues to stream..Version: 8.9.3

Maybe consider thisSo, there is this one song that I love, but the artist isn’t putting it on. :( is there some way for me to put that song on their sccount or something? I am not going to search up how to hack because I don’t want to go to the “dark side” also, that would be plain disrespectfull. I’m just saying that I wish there was some way to add to artists albums and stuff, of corse it would have to be approved by the artsist of corse, and if they say no, they would be putting it into considerstion. Or, you could add a clean reviews pole. It would be a better way for artists to get feedback! Just please consider it. One last thing, it keeps delting songs from my playlist. Even though when i search it up on the app it shows up.. really annoying. And the reviews are being honest. It’s REALLLY glitchy. So ummmm, maybe just fix that as well! I’m not mad, promise, it’s just the fact that it is fairly glitchy. Also, i feel like maybe you should atleast have a variaty of wider songs, like Miss Wanna Die, the tiltle may sound bad but i want more than a music box version please. Thank you..Version: 10.8.1

A great music serviceI am delighted with my Prime membership and all of the delivery and music advantages that my subscription provides. I have much pleasure in selecting playlists that reflect my musical interests and find that negotiating the platform to make my personal selections is very user friendly. If I were to be super critical of Prime music then I would raise the question of playlist selections. I find that my choice of music assembled in track lists are sometimes deleted without explanation, fortunately these chosen deleted artist performances are few in number and still leave me with lots of remaining music. However, after being provided with these tracks it becomes more difficult to suddenly not have them anymore! Perhaps you can look again at this issue? In the meantime, thank you for the Prime collection of services. Kind regards Ray..Version: 10.3.1

Quite possibly the BEST thing being a prime customer they are able to provide.If I wasn’t receiving disability benefits & was able to afford the ‘premium’ music music monthly & therefore not only prevent the incessant often boring adverts, it would be nice to be able to choose (for example) the songs I’ve already got on my ‘sleepy’/need to sleep list with my bigger soothing oxygen machines running without any fear of possible ads breaking the chain be4 I actually get to sleep. I’m sure it also helps prevent seizures. Other than that, it’s possibly the second best app available (only because (another favourite), Shazam, is free regardless)..Version: 10.14.0

Great, just not awesomeGreat, but compared against Apple Music, it obviously won’t have the same variety and extra shows. Audio quality is also worse but seems to consume the same data. That said, does the music stuff you need pretty well in a much more cost efficient way, so not a bad choice if you’re looking for music, not a full suit of entertainment..Version: 8.9.3

WorksAll’s well here, ap works..Version: 8.3.0

Amazing app !Works perfectly, nice developers. Only is issue is with database where I could not get few Albums. Hope they will figure out and upload many more Albums..Version: 8.1.1

Robert BattersbyI have given a 5 star rating, because the range of music - classical venue, has improved of late! It’s now easier to compile Albums & Playlists too Much appreciated!!.Version: 9.8

Very goodHaving been using it for years, not perfect but very good and seems to be always improving..Version: 8.3.0

Recent update broke CarPlayI love the app. It’s always been very stable and user friendly. However the recent update seems to have caused an issue whereby my Apple CarPlay fails to show correctly the time playing on the current track and whilst the skip function still works the play/pause function does not. When disconnecting the phone from the car the app also now for some reason continues to play through the phone speakers and stays open in foreground (new behaviour). Ruled out carplay as the issue as works fine on an iPhone that didn’t have the latest update installed..Version: 23.7.0

Awesome, definitely recommend!This app is good because you can kind of have unlimited skips by pressing the bad button and you can kind of choose what you hear by pressing what you don’t like and stuff. This is the free version. You can also play radio stations, which is probably the best thing. My only issue is that most of the time you can’t listen to one particular song, you can only play similar ones. Overall really good. Also if you just got it you can get 3 months free..Version: 9.10.0

Listen every dayI think the hardest part is learning how to utilize the setup the best. I would click best of prime and expect to hear all the top hits, but that included others favorite songs as well (rock, jazz, country, metal, all the genres). So instead of skipping 10 songs to find one I liked I made my own playlist and added songs I liked to it. That worked for a while as I never get tired of my favorite songs, but I wanted to explore more music. So I went to stations that were different than "today's hits" and had major nostalgia! Beatles, Beach Boys, 80's, 90's, and the best of the recent decade were filled with songs we remember but haven't heard for a while. Now I have several stations and just listen to my favorite songs once in a while. I really do listen every day, well unless my wife plays it on her phone as we share an account and you can only have one device streaming at a time but that's another story..Version: 8.7.0

AwesomeBeats Apple Music for sure.Version: 8.5.0

Can be buggy, but I still love itI really love this app, I pay for a subscription and everything. Having the ability to download my playlists and shuffle songs from one artist is so nice, and I love my ad free podcasts. (I am obsessed with Radiolab and Morbid!!) Unfortunately, there are a few issues that I have with it. I don’t like that I can’t just ask Siri to play music when my phone is out of reach. (Which I understand might not ever change.) Sometimes it will randomly just close the app or won’t play a song that I click on and instead play something completely different. Also, I’m a huge Lana Del Rey fan, and she recently released Say Yes to Heaven in both a regular and sped up version. However, both versions are sped up, and this is the only app that it’s doing that on. The perks definitely outweigh any problems that I have with it, and I constantly recommend this app to my friends. If these problems get ironed out eventually, the app will be perfect. :).Version: 23.7.0

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