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Max Payne Mobile App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Max Payne Mobile app received 55 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Max Payne Mobile? Can you share your negative thoughts about max payne mobile?

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Max Payne Mobile for Negative User Reviews

CrashesCrashes in the first minute and I have perfectly working iPhone 6s..Version: 1.4.3

Bluetooth controller support sorely neededThis would be a nearly 100% faithful reproduction -- if only one could use a controller with it. Let's do that..Version: 1.4.3

Keeps crashingDo not buy this game. A waste of money. Within 5 minutes of starting this game, it crashed 3 times on me. I am very disapointed and wants my money back..Version: 1.4.3

Where has the sound gone???Loved this game since PS2 days. App version was pretty good and played to completion several times. However the sound has disappeared??? Tried reinstalling with no joy. Another review has mentioned same problem, so it’s clearly a common issue and needs sorting.Version: 2.0

No soundPlease, fix no sound issue on iPhone Xs.Version: 2.0

MrA cheap parody of the once great pc game. Touchscreen controls are near disaster, in fact the hardest challenge of the game is to get the character walk in a straight line. To make up for that they introduced auto aim for the shooting and given you an enormous lifespan to the point when it's almost impossible to get killed. As The result the game can be summed up as just running around and pressing buttons randomly and the rest takes care of itself. Except those parts where you have to cross a narrow bridge or something similar.. Those will give you a headache for sure. Give it an extra star because it's cheap and not too big of a loss. Otherwise, don't waste your time..Version: 1.0

It keeps crashing when someone shootsPlease help me it keeps crashing when I shoot or someone else shoots in the game.Version: 1.4.3

Something got brokenI have loved this game for years; the story is amazing, gameplay is fun, looks great (even on iOS), but the game is a bit broken at this point. The hit-boxes are all over the place against the player (making it nearly impossible to play without a controller). I’ve played this on PS2 multiple times and I don’t ever remember the game being this crazy hard, even on the lowest difficulty. Hopefully you can make some adjustments? Thank you..Version: 2.0

CUT THE MAZE LEVEL!The game is amazing and I beat it on playstation a while back, but on mobile, that dark maze level is a game stopper. I give up when I get to that part. It’s a shame because the rest of the game is worth playing. But that is just not possible on mobile..Version: 2.0

Why thoTrying to play it on the seven but it just crashes every time right when I get to shoot the first dude.Version: 1.4.3

Over sensitive controls and agedThe controls for the game are super sensitive on the iPhone XS Max. It makes the game extremely difficult to play. Even if I could control it, this game has not aged well..Version: 2.0

Glitchy on iPhone 12I love this game and I have for many years, it also plays nicely on the phone which surprised me a bit but for some reason the only way I can get sound to play for this game is through AirPods, yes my volume is up and yes it works For Other apps..Version: 2.0

Glitching out... againI am the final part on top of the Aesir Building Complex and when battling the boss the whole screen turns white. Please fix..Version: 1.5

No soundLatest 2020 iPad Pro, game has no sound.Version: 2.0

Does not workI just bought this for my brand new IPad, I get nothing but a black screen, sometimes it shows the remedy logo and gets as far as the rock star logo then it goes to a black screen. Please fix this! Have tried booting out and in, nothing works. The game has never once worked for me. I am a huge fan of R* and Max Payne, but this is unacceptable. I assume some people have working versions which is great, but mine doesnt and many other peoples dont either. If your version works I am sure it is awesome, but don't assume so much based on your own situation. The black screen is very real and it is affecting Ipad2. Fix this or please offer a refund..Version: 1.01

No soundI need my money back no sound in the game.Version: 2.0

Ok portThis is good enough to enjoy, needs updating as the on screen controls have become glitchy. One example is the shoot button gets stuck, when I take my finger off the button it’s still fires. As far as the port goes it’s pretty lazy, all the lighting on object and characters are absent as well as shadows. Max looks like he’s just floating without his shadow but it doesn’t distract too much. Also there is no crouch button which is bummer, no longer can I take cover behind bins, tables, chairs etc, or combine crouch and dive which is a lower dive than the standing one. Another bummer is, slow motion and diving are using the same button, meaning I have to stop running before I can hit slow motion otherwise I dive instead, on harder difficulty’s you get killed for doing this. You can’t just stop in the middle of a gunfight, the game was never designed this way. Max Payne 2 would be great but if it receives a lazy port like this effectively changing the way the game plays , I won’t bother..Version: 2.0

Amazing Game but...Its unplayable in iOS 12. It crashes immediately after the intro and its really annoying. Also, the game NEEDS an endless mode where you choose a map and kill a random or a chosen amount of enemies. Let’s also not forget the great Max Payne 2 and how perfect it would be if it got a mobile port. Enough rambling though, PLEASE make this game compatible with iOS 12..Version: 1.5

Game crashes on first levelThe game crashes as soon as the first bad guy shows up in the house and doesn’t work CAN I PLEASE HAVE A REFUND!!!.Version: 1.4.3

CrouchNo crouch button available?.Version: 2.0

Don't buyI just brought this app as I read some good reviews on the net about it but it's really not worth it! the controls are horrible, menu set up is quite poor and the graphics are supposed to be ready for the retina displays but are very blocky and 2D, I'm contacting apple now to get my money back.. What a waste of time!!.Version: 1.0

If its new to youIf you have played it before then move on because Its not better on a smaller touch screen If you have never played it before it’s Ok by today’s standards but not great unless your into noire type games then it’s good..Version: 2.0

These other reviews must be fakeThe controls are so insanely bad, even in the menus they are laughably bad. I would not recommend this to anyone. Shame on you rockstar.Version: 2.0

CrashesThe game keeps crashing fix it..Version: 1.4.3

Confusing and hardIn the first level, you have to navigate around a subway tunnel but you don’t know where to go because there is no map and no health boosters. You have to wait for your health to go down or just hope the game glitches. And it’s not just that. You can’t skip any cutscenes which is annoying because the first cutscene is long and boring. Sure, it gives you important info but they drag it out for so long. Waste of $3.99.Version: 2.0

CrashesWould be a good game if it didn’t crash every time I go to shoot. This is not gonna work as there is a lot of shooting involved !!!!! Looks like I’m gonna have to fire up the trusty ps2 to play this gem again . Would have been five stars but the game is broken ..Version: 1.4.3

BROKEN AUDIONo sound.Version: 2.0

Merely okayGraphics are nothing special, there are far better looking games out there. Controls are abysmal, as most games of this type are on the iPhone. Although I have persevered and managed to finish the game somehow, but at times I was tearing my hair out at the controls. Parts like walking along narrow beams,or tricky jumps that need precision, are an absolute nightmare! The sounds been compressed and if you play the game using headphones it sounds like a constant digital "wind". I do understand that some sacrifices had to be made to get the game to a reasonable install size though. Runs terribly at times on iPhone 4, really jerky and bordering on unplayable when it happens. Having said all that I still enjoyed the game and it's actually far more playable than GTA3 is in my opinion..Version: 1.01

Decent but not worth the full priceThe game runs smoothly and is finishable but with the controls finishing the game on “ dead on arrival mode is next to impossible look at pubg they make it so you can aim fire shoot and walk seemlessly where as this game you can shoot and move but doing both at the same time is a nightmare which shouldn’t be the main star of this game is shooting bad guys.Version: 2.0

Game closesAfter about one minute of play the game automatically closes at the same spot every time. I’ve tried to contact rockstar games with app support, But that link is no longer active. Help me out rockstar games..Version: 1.4.3

Force me to watch through creditsFbiff.Version: 2.0

Keeps crashing right as I enter gameplay.Please fix crash bug.Version: 1.4.3

Here's a question for everyoneDo u ever get tired of those people who overate games ridiculously, such as this , because they haven't played games such as Infinity blade, mass effect, nova, Modern combat, Aralon, which actually are five star games? I'm sorry but I hate it when people overate, it gets your expectations up and than destroys them when u play a game like this. It is horribly repititive, the controls are somewhat annoying, and apart from a decent foundation for a story it's no different to other 3rd person. for discounted price its not a bad buy so I don't mean to hate on it but trust me guys this is not a five star game. Be prepared to spend a quid more and you can get a five star game.Version: 1.1

AnnoyingDownloaded, deleted and downloaded again 4x over and there is still no sound within gameplay! Menu has sound, but no sound in the game. Rip off!.Version: 1.5

I want a refundThe graphics are the worst and it’s not fun at all please give me my money back.Version: 2.0

TerribleJust downloaded this for 6S and either in the tutorial or prologue the games crashed every time I try and fire my weapon. Cannot progress past 5m due to this. Total waste of money, DO NOT BUY Was expecting more from A Rockstar endorsed/developed game.Version: 1.5

CrashGame constantly crashes when you draw gun, got newest ipad with iOs 11 and not working.Version: 1.4.3

Crashes on iOS 11.Ran great on iOS 10..Version: 1.4.3

JumpyScreen keeps jumping! Please fix!.Version: 1.5

Update for iPhone Xs Max PleaseI just buy the game but I realize that the game didn’t update for iPhone Xs Max! Please make the update fast, thanks!.Version: 1.5

Great game fix crashThe first time I ran max Payne on my iPhone 3GS it stopped when the r for rockstar came up. I went meh and closed the application a re-opened it and it worked fine and I played for a bit and it is awesome but then I went to play something else and when I came back to it it froze on the r and I closed it and reopened it and it went black and crashed. Great for as much as I played but not worth it for the crash maybe consider it if an update comes out that fixes this. Otherwise dont get it..Version: 1.0

New update of today making the game crashing at startupI can't start the game anymore even after a cold reboot of my ipad pro... Grrrrrrr.Version: 1.4

CrashesGames keep crashing on the first level when you face the thug out of the bedroom. Game is unplayable and crashes to the home screen !.Version: 1.4.3

Something wrong with appI clicked on link max payne, it took me on web page. It stuck there forever. Cant open app again..Version: 1.3

This game needs work.I normally don’t do reviews but this game is a huge disappointment nothing like the original version, when you play on anything higher than fugitive it’s not that the game is harder it just takes a whole clip to take down bad guys which wasn’t the case in the ps2 version the mechanics are wayyy off I mean it’s like the developers has no regard for how weapons operate you can shoot a character point blank with a shotgun and in the ps2 version dead but in this app forget about it, please fix this issue I mean who doesn’t die with a point blank shotgun let only 3..Version: 2.0

Way Too EasyThe automatic changing of difficulty based on how well you were playing was nonsense and cheap as it made for an overly difficult game, but that seems to have been removed completely, so now you’re stuck on the opposite side of the spectrum where the difficulty never adjusts and so you’re stuck on a completely braindead easy difficulty. There is zero enjoyment to be had in mowing down bad guys when there’s no chance of actually dying..Version: 2.0

Lazy DevelopersRock star have never been good or proud of what they do, this release shows that even more. It would be nice to see a release that's been tested on all devices before its put live on the app store. Either do something great or don't do anything at all. Don't be "just another developer". One step to being great, test your products before releasing them. A game that doesn't load may mean sand boxing issues or runtime errors, how embarrassing..Version: 1.0

Stink3rd person camera angle when panning is a nightmare.Version: 1.0

I like the game, but...Amazing classic and runs amazing on the phone, but does not support iPhone X’s screen and for those who upgraded it makes us feel left out. Not sure if I want to play it till it updates..Version: 1.5

Please fix your games rockstarMax Payne good game series bad app. I thought it was pretty good at first the gameplay looked good it still probably is on the PlayStation or any other game console. But after about five minutes when I saw the first enemy I tried to shoot but every time I did this it crashed and went back to home. This is not the only experience I have had with your apps GTA Liberty City stories when I got to the calm before the storm mission it crashed over and over. Your a great game company rockstar every game you do you do it with effort max Payne, good game for what it was, GTA good for what it was, Manhunt good for being a violent game, Red dead great for what it was I’m even looking forward to it coming out, bully the same very good. You’ve made so many great games rockstar please take more effort into the apps like you did with such legendary games..Version: 1.4.3

Doesn’t run on iOS 11Game will launch but as soon as you try and shoot, the game crashes every time. You can’t get past a few minutes in it’s current state. I have iOS 11.1.2 installed..Version: 1.4.3

This game sucksThe one only reason why this game sucks is because each time I tried to shoot arrows glitches out and brings me to the homepage..Version: 1.4.3

Game crashes whenever I shoot! Fix this!!Game is unplayable because anytime I shoot my gun it instantly crahses.Version: 1.4.3

Good but plagued by sound troubles againJust like the PC version problems, sound has disappeared..Version: 2.0

Money backIt’s so boring I hate it.Version: 2.0

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