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Postmates - Food Delivery App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Postmates - Food Delivery app received 137 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Postmates - Food Delivery? Can you share your negative thoughts about postmates - food delivery?

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Postmates - Food Delivery for Negative User Reviews

AustraliaCome to Australia please..Version: 5.1.14

Wouldn't recommend to New drivers, Or CustomersJust Like Uber eats, The Drivers Have Zero Respect but Here In Chicago, They are basically making us as customers Pay for their gas. I've ordered food from Postmates in the past and the drivers are completely Disrespectful, They dont leave their Vehicle, Its just A waste of resource to be honest. I've had to leave my apartment Just to Tell drivers to Get out and bring the order to my Door. Im a College student and I Can't sit here and leave my desk or my PC to Go and help someone follow clear directions. I dont tip any driver, Because to be honest, They dont deserve it, They are mad Disrespectful and have zero manners for the public, Uber needs to Start Deactivating Accounts that wont follow Guidelines. I also been a Driver for both platforms, and The Continuous mistakes They make with app errors, GPS Problems, and the Cashout portion is just sad. Not to mention Customers LIE a ton saying they never received their orders so now to ensure that this Isnt said, I catch them(And have caught a few on video), Cancel the order after they got it and Say that they never got it. Its sad. Customers and some drivers need to start being held On Consequences Because this is Getting out of hand with the amount of Lies going around Via Drivers and Customers. I now wear Gopro's to ensure I'm Covering myself when delivering. Its sad people are evil to Lie when we have other jobs and we do this as a Graditude to Soceity.Version: 6.110.10001

Very unimpressedI was excited about this app but after my first use, I deleted and will not use again. I placed an order. The driver assigned to my order went to pick it up and the order was not at the store. The driver contacted me to let me know and said he didn’t know what to do. I tried contacting postmates but there was no number to call. You can only submit a request. The issue was eventually resolved and my order was placed and my driver picked up my order. When my driver was on his way to me, he said the postmates app stopped working. I had to give him verbal directions on the phone. My order was delivered much later than it was supposed to arrive. This was not the driver’s fault. My driver, Melvin, was very professional and nice. He was awesome. He spent over 2 hours on my order. The app was messed up and would not let me give him a tip. My husband contacted postmates through Twitter to see how we could tip him. My order ended up being refunded, thankfully, but we still wanted to tip our driver. Postmates told my husband that we wouldn’t be able to do that. Melvin spent over 2 hours helping me get my food and he was not compensated for it. I would have given him cash but I didn’t have any on hand. Completely unimpressed with this app and the company. Even though I got a free meal, I will never use them again because it was more of a hassle than a convenience. I also don’t think they treat their employees very fair and I won’t support a business that does this..Version: 4.2.3

Poor Customer Service responsePut in an order with postmates which was estimated to take a while but then Postmates miscommunicated our order to the establishment even after repeated confirmations from the restaurant to postmates - an issue that we found out was frequent as the employee of the establishment told us not to use postmates - but this was not brought to our attention until the driver was at the restaurant to pick up the order (already 90 minutes after we ordered). The instructions we gave were important because I am a vegetarian and the mix up caused there to be meat in the food. This forced the driver and the restaurant to have to deal with the miscommunication and re-do the whole order, causing the order to take another 30 minutes to get to us and wasting the time of the driver and costing him income as well. Customer support was contacted about this terrible experience, as a previous order we had with them had been stolen and we were fed up, to get a refund for the expensive food we had to wait 2 hours for and then it was “resolved” without even allowing us to discuss with a representative. It was not handled well and we do not intend to use the service again. It’s really bad when even restaurant employees are suggesting that we order through different services rather than Postmates. I just hope our driver was compensated for his time as he was forced to handle the whole issue even though that isn’t his responsibility..Version: 5.0.7

Purposely bad service.They hide Help options in, I assume, the hope that disgruntled customers won’t bother to chase them when an order goes wrong. No Live Help. No helpline. Just an email address. Bad service to customers impacts the bottom line of their drivers..Version: 4.3.3

Why did you have to change the App features?One thing I did like with postmates is it had a feature that when you searched a word, you could choose “items” or “places”, that way if I was looking for a specific food item, example: Mac and cheese, fruit tart, Cheetos, etc. it would show me exact menu items from different restaurants or stores in a nice little line up if I clicked “items”, otherwise it will show me restaurants with that search word in the actual name of the restaurant, or if I click a on restaurant that pops up in the search, they might not even have that item I’m searching. It was literally a very useful feature, now I have to search Google and Yelp to first find what I’m looking for, to then search postmates for that place, and a lot of times postmates NEVER has the full menu, like never, or it will have key details missing from an item that other apps and the actual restaurant show on a menu. Luckily sometimes I have good luck with postmates, but it depends the location! In Orange County they NEVER look at the instructions or add on’s, but in San Francisco everyone has followed my instructions or add on’s or extras I ask for. I’ve just had way too many nervous hit or misses, it’s like Russian roulette, and now that postmates is more expensive and removed that search feature, I’ll stick with the other apps..Version: 6.56.10007

Why is it on the Canadian App StoreDoesn’t have Canada support.Version: 5.3.24

Poor ServiceThe estimated time of delivery is worthless. They add additional orders to your deliverers order book as they see fit. So your delivery can be delayed by as long as it takes them pick up the new order they have been given. Lame.Version: 5.8.1

Remove from App StoreIf it’s not available in Australia remove it from the App Store.Version: 5.8.1

You should offer this in TorontoPlease come to Toronto..Version: 5.21.0

CANADACome to canada please.Version: 5.21.0

Inaccurate e orders, Unprofessional drivers, terrible customer servicePractically every order I have made on Postmates has been a nightmare. They charge a ridiculous small order fee, so unless you’re planning on ordering food for an entire family or spending a bare minimum of $20 on a single burger and fries you’re not getting the best deal. When it comes to ensuring that you get what you order the experience is troublesome and annoying at best, and frustratingly egregious at worst. Often the orders are either not checked for accuracy by the drivers or the options you select will be completely disregarded. The drivers I have had the unpleasant experience of interacting with have been all around dissatisfying, in addition to being hard to contact in the first place they’re often rude, condescending, and unprofessional. Trying to get a refund for your inevitability messed up order is akin to pulling teeth without novocaine, the app has no live support or even a bot to speak to about fixing mistakes or receiving a refund. The app also only gives credit instead of actual money for their refunds, forcing you to order again and repeat the absolute mess of a process I’ve been describing throughout this review if you want to get anything back at all. UberEats, Postmates, or even GoPuff are much better in every aspect in my opinion, a lot of catch up needs to be played by Postmates to ever stand a chance at getting my money for some McDonald’s again..Version: 5.21.0

Crashes, doesn't load.Crashes when i try to add payment type, sometimes won't even open. Bad app and with a bad interface..Version: 3.2

Not available in AustraliaNot sure why you’d make the app available in Australia when the service doesn’t work here, but I’m keen to use the service if and when it’s available here..Version: 5.0.3

We need this in TORONTO, CAHonestly i’ve been waiting a long time for it to be in canada and still haven’t yet :(.Version: 5.3.7

Today was GREAT but last time was NOTThis is the second time I’ve ordered through Postmates. The first time was several weeks ago. The app said my order was delivered but it wasn’t delivered to ME so I’m not sure who they left it with. I could not reach a human on the phone to get it sorted out. I am blind and having to do everything online takes me four times longer than a sighted person. By the time I went through all of the text and email protocols, everyone was closed and I was unable to get food that night. When I got to the door there was no food and I spent the evening hungry. I was given a credit for the mix up but I could not find it tonight when I ordered again. I was hesitant to use Postmates again but since I already had the app open looking for my credit Iwent ahead and ordered my food and figured I would give them a chance. I was not sure what to expect after the fiasco with the previous order. However, my driver was easy to contact and she made sure I got my food. I was trying a new restaurant both times. Tonight I am happy with my choices and with the service. I will continue to give Postmates a chance to improve my three star rating. The three stars was only for the service itself and difficulty I had trying to sort out the mix up last time, NOT for my driver tonight. Nathacha definitely gets FIVE STARS!!.Version: 5.22.3

Lies! All lies!Not in Australia. Why even have the app in the App Store if you don’t have it in Australia? Useless app. Deleting..Version: 4.0.5

Not available in UKWhy have you got an app available that isn’t usuable in the UK?.Version: 5.1.0

UkNot available in uk.Version: 4.0.3

Not Happy.Website says available in Australia so downloaded app and it’s not!.Version: 4.0.7

Incorrect chargesI have never used this app to order anything nor have i ever selected their unlimited service yet they have been charging me a fee of $9.99 for the past year and a half now. It look like they sneak in a charge as soon as you download the app on your phone. Really disappointed with this app..Version: 4.1.2

App doesn’t workHttp error code when trying to use app. Fix it! DoorDash n skip never glitch.Version: 5.4.11

SCAMThis app is awful at this point I don’t trust it at all. I’ve had numerous issues and the wild thing is I’ve NEVER EVER RECEIVED ANY FOOD THROUGH THE APP. The first time I tried making an order it turned out the location was closed due to Covid but I never received my refund back. It’s very difficult to get in contact with customer service for assistance and the people they do have working for them don’t know what they’re doing. They told me to wait 3-7 business days for my money back and I waited well over that time period and I emailed back. After that they told me the EXACT SAME THING. They told me there was no way to assist me besides for me to keep waiting and the 7 days was well overdue. They told me wait more days. I don’t ever use this account and I never used it again after that but for some reason I had a recurring charge of 9.99. I downloaded the app again to see why I was getting charged and it was for something that I don’t even remember but I shut it off and ended the subscription and deleted the app again. Post mates STILL continued to charge me THREE times after that so I went back to customer service again and they only refunded me 1 charge of 9.99 back. They never responded to the email or apologized for the inconvenience or for STEALING they just sent me SOME (not all) of my money back and felt like that was okay. I HATE post mates and WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND TO ANYONE IN FACT I WOULD WARN AGAINST DOWNLOADING THE APP THEY ARE THIEFS..Version: 5.7.0

Please deliver to London!I know you deliver to some places in the UK already so I’m shocked that London hasn’t been added to the list yet !.Version: 5.3.7

Not usable in countryRemove the app from countries you don’t service you dilberts.Version: 5.3.25

Watch out for credit card fraud with this company!This is the worst company I've ever dealt with! I have a literally dealt with better customer service stationed out of Third World countries where they barely speak English! Following placing a single order it took me five days to resolve a simple issue! Nine days later I am still dealing with the ramifications of having placed one simple food order through this company. For the last three days I've been trying to get in touch with this company because they have been making unauthorized charges onto my credit card. I have sent a dozen emails in the last 72 hours and not a single person from this company has bothered to respond to me! They are literally conducting illegal and fraudulent activity and won't even respond to the consumer who is being affected! Nine days ago I asked them to cancel my account and I am still waiting for them to do that and in the interim I keep getting charges even though I'm not placing any deliveries! The only way to reach anyone at this company is through the stupidest support request form on their website and then you need to wait for them to respond! Please tell me how email is a suitable form of customer service when you're dealing with food delivery?! If you have an issue with your food on Saturday guess what you may not hear from the company till Monday! Literally just save yourself from the frustration, The grief and the headaches that will follow by ever using this company.Version: 4.1.0

Bring to Australia already!Pleaseee bring to Australia. I don't understand the problem with bringing it here! Terrible!!.Version: 4.1.0

Please bring to the ukOk so this isn’t in the uk so that means we all can’t use it when we need it most so please please bring it to the uk.Version: 4.3.7

Disastrous appCan’t even begin to describe how angry I am after not getting what I ordered AND being robbed by hidden service fee! Tried to order food but the menu was from a completely different place. Then I went with my second choice and they had the menu for a different location which led to a phone call from the driver telling me 90% of what I ordered wasn’t available. Now my actual total is completely different from what I actually ordered. App lies on status of order, I’m watching it say my order is being prepared and about to leave for delivery and that’s when I got a call to say nothing I ordered is available. Worse food ordering app I’ve used. Wow! Just noticed an additional sneaky charge, a service fee of 20%, in addition to delivery fee and tip. Unfortunately you don’t even see this until the order is done. When you’re making your order this is hidden in with sales tax but after your card is charged it shows a service fee. This is theft! If I’d have seen a service and delivery fee I never would’ve ordered, but I guess they know this. This app is getting deleted immediately. They’d make more money off repeat business if it wasn’t so shady. Instead they choose to steal extra money on a one time transaction. It’s one thing to knowingly overpay for something you want but I not only paid more than I was aware but I didn’t even get what I wanted. Even after I found out they didn’t have the stuff I wanted, my second choices were incorrect also. Total disaster!.Version: 4.1.2

Does it work in England?No it does not it was a waste of time and is a horrible way of working an app you HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR FOOD! How disgraceful what's the point of having a food shop bum hole.Version: 3.9.27

ProblemPostmates doesn’t deliver to Chingford London yet! please make this available as all i want is starbucks and no other apps do it !.Version: 5.1.18

ProblemPostmates can you please allow the uk to use postmates we need +44.Version: 5.18.1

AwfulFirst time I got food the driver took an hour the place was only five minutes away from the location I was at my food was cold and I’ve had nothing but problems since… and I just placed another order in the restaurant actually canceled itSo I start to chat with the people and they are rude and then if you don’t answer back right away they just drop the whole conversation which I find very very unprofessional. I’m sorry if I can’t sit and chat about it for 30 minutes OK over a $13 order that was canceled they just needed to fix it but I guess it’s too hard for some of these people that work for Postmates sorry not sorry just keeping it real and this one by far is one of the worst services and just plain rude. I’ve noticed lately and I don’t know if it’s just because lack of drivers but the quality of service has gone down the tubes for a lot of these types of services and I’m not the only one that feels that way UPDATE! They said they refunded it which they never did time and time again they fought with me and got an attitude thank God I deal with Apple and used my Apple card because just now after 10 PM I got my refund the next night? This is the most crooked company and needs to go they told me repeatedly that I got a refund nope I just now got it because Apple investigated it and fixed it. BEWARE THEY TRY TO STEAL MONEY AND NOT GIVE IT BACKTy Apple Card for getting my money that they got an attitude about and said it was refunded when it was not. Awful awful awful app.Version: 6.96.10001

Bring to the UKYou need to bring this to the uk bc Uber eats doesn’t do the restaurant that I want to eat from and those restaurants are really far away from where I live so please bring this app to the Uk.Version: 4.1.2

Please make it available in CanadaI’m sure all us Canadians would like to use postmates instead of continuously getting scammed by apps that are trying to do the same thing, like Uber eats. We’re sick and tired of it. Please come to Canada so we can enjoy too!!!.Version: 5.3.12

AnnoyingYou should be able to see if they deliver to your area BEFORE you create an account..Version: 5.4.2

Do you homework...Why are you releasing an app into a region where you don’t have the service?.Version: 4.3.12

Not Available in Australia.Don’t download. No point..Version: 5.1.14

Drivers steal your food and they don’t refundHate this app.Version: 5.3.23

Unprofessional with terrible customer serviceI placed a large order through Postmates— an order that could not be completely fulfilled due to an error on their ordering menu. Instead of acknowledging this menu error and contacting us to cancel the order or add to it, we waited for over an hour to receive one item from our long list of orders. We were shocked that WE WEREN’T TOLD that a majority of our food could not be delivered. I had to call the restaurant who told us that Postmates incorrectly named a menu item and therefore it could not be placed or delivered. The terrible thing, however, is that Postmates refuses to acknowledge error on their part. They refunded our missing items, but still charged us $15 for taxes and fees for the ONE item they could deliver...which only cost $14. I was charged DOUBLE for an order I would not have placed if I had simply been told it could not be placed accurately. Worse still, I have emailed (they do not have a phone number to directly contact anyone) their “customer service” about 5 times and I receive the same generic answer. They have refused to comment on the fact that I would have not gone through with my order if they could not place it correctly. It is frustrating. The customer is not heard if there is an issue. Do not download this app...you are better off with Door Dash or Grub Hub — these apps work directly with restaurants to provide accurate menus and much better customer service..Version: 5.3.25

HAIR IN MY FOOD AND NO REFUNDReceived an order covered in hairs and they felt they could ‘not offer a refund at this time’! I ordered from Postmates maybe 2 or 3 times a week and they then have the audacity to say that. They either lack the customer support or ability to solve problems - disgusting.Version: 5.3.7

Remove from Aussie app storeYou suddenly started sending advertising emails to me through the app store which is bad enough, but it’s not even available in the country? Don’t worry I unsubscribed..Version: 5.21.0

Terrible Customer support - app changes your payment method without consentSince postmates was taken over by Uber I have had several problems, none of which has been satisfactorily resolved. The latest is that although I selected Apple Pay as my payment method, postmates instead charged a debit card that was on file as an alternate payment method, without my authorization. I tried to change my payment method back to Apple Pay, and repeatedly received an error message saying they were unable to complete my request. I contacted support and received replies that said “when you select apply pay, postmates can only charge the card associated with your Apple Pay account” which….. is what I wanted postmates to do and which in fact they did not do. They charged a debit card they had on file, NOT Apple Pay. After receiving the same copy-paste support response for two days now, I am sure it is past the window of opportunity to change my payment method to the method I originally selected. There is no phone number to contact someone and the email support team obviously either did not read my responses or did not understand them. I removed the debit card that was charged without my authorization and am no longer using Postmates. I am leaving this review in the hopes that 1)others will be aware that Postmates arbitrarily changes your selected payment method and 2) maybe I will get a coherent response to my issue, since the support avenues provided haven’t given me that..Version: 6.68.10002

Why is this in Canadian App StoreSame issue as everyone else. Getting bad request each time I enter my info..Version: 5.18.0

NopeSays in the description “no longer confined to just the USA” it makes you download the app and..... oh look, it’s only available in the US, don’t bother downloading it, I’ve already deleted it.Version: 4.0.6

Third try was not a charm.This app is completely bonkers. I just arrived at my hotel after a long drive and needed something to eat desperately. My first attempt to order was accepted and showed it was being prepared. About 5 mins later with a vague “restaurant closed” message my order is cancelled. That’s Awesome, because the restaurant was open, and you said they received the order and began preparing it. Did they run out of a vegetable fried rice? more time wasted and a first round of multiple credit card charges and authorizations. Second order goes through and now hunger has turned to pain has turned to oh no I fell asleep waiting for this joker to say he delivered my order to my door when he snaps a picture of him holding it who knows where, but it most certainly is not at my hotel door, I show no missed calls or messages, and yup, I’ve been fully charged for this foolishness. It’s not even worth the keystrokes or your time at how bad the subsequent order went, or how overly complicated they make billing with multiple required authorizations and transactions for a single order. Not to mention you may think you’re order is delivery charge free or that you ordered extra to avoid “small cart surcharges” but you better double check coz I was shocked to see both of these charges pop on after, when my cart showed both credited and to top it off the order was well over 45 mins beyond the “no later than” time and the delivery persons number was not In service. 🤑.Version: 5.18.0

Don’t advertise if you can’t deliverDoesn’t deliver to my region so why am I receiving ads for it.Version: 5.1.4

Horrible appThis app charges through the roof for services and fees, doesn’t answer feedback submissions and regularly doesn’t deliver food, yet forces you to be charged when cancelling the outstanding order. Do not bother downloading.Version: 5.21.0

AwfulGarbage support, Garbage drivers - If you like your food cold and more expensive than ordering directly from the store this is the app to use. If you want a good food ordering experience, That can bring you warm food, in a timely manner pick literally any other food delivery app. DoorDash, Caviar, Deliveroo, Ubereats, Grubhuh. Stay clear from Postmates.Version: 5.3.21

Not I’m AustraliaBring Postmates to Sydney Australia but in the suburbs please.Version: 4.0.8

What are you doing?It is beyond me why you made this available in the Canadian App Store if it doesn’t work in Canada. Not only that but the app design from what I saw was awful compared to DoorDash, Uber Eats and Skip The Dishes. Even when available, I have no intention of using this god awful app. Any of the apps I mentioned are better than Postmates. This company has no future and I’m sure it won’t be long before they’re gone..Version: 5.21.0

Would not trust this service.Had the worst experience using this service to get chicken wings from Wing King delivered to my house. I placed my order using the app at 6:40pm. First of all, the menu prices on the app aren’t the same as the actual restaurant so you don’t really know how much you’ll get charged til the very end. Initially my order was going to be about $45. The app states that it will take 50-60min to get my order, that’s fair. After 40min passes at 7:19pm, I get a text from my Postmates driver saying the order will be ready in one hour. Over an hour passes by at 8:36pm, and my food still has not came or have I heard from the driver. I call the Wing King to ask what happened and they state that I need to call my Postmates driver because the food is ready and has not been picked up. I attempt to call/text the number that text me and can’t get through. Finally on the app I find a number that reaches the driver and she says that the kitchen got backed up and she’s going to get the food right now and be right over. My food came to the door at 9:14pm. Cold and with no receipt. Later find out that the app is charging me $75 for my food from an additional $12 service fee and a $6 delivery fee. I did not tip. I followed through with Postmates and filled out twice that I had a bad driver and bad service but no one has contacted me in any way or form. I’m absolutely shocked. Please learn from my mistake and do not waste your time or money using this app or service!.Version: 5.1.2

Toasted and GhostedMillion dollar company shakes me down for toast — then ghosts??? One star = no stars. After a full COVID year of loyalty to Postmates delivery everyday, I am done and gone — betrayed. Twice in a row a restaurant messed up my order in the same way: forgot my toast. Toast is $3. Would be NBD except the first time Postmates offered me a reduced refund to my card or a Postmates credit of $3 (why am I still paying tax on the toast?). I took the credit but was not happy about still technically paying tax on toast I didn’t get. The second time Postmates didn’t even offer the option of refund but instead automatically gave me a Postmates credit of $2.91. Uuummmm why am I still paying 9 full cents + tax for toast I didn't get!? Why did you remove my option of refund and blunt-force a *reduced* credit on me — a credit which expires in a month!!? Why the brazen insult of scraps, crumbs if you will, for someone who has single handedly forked over thousands of hard earned dollars exclusively to your company in this, the dawning age of unlimited delivery aps? I wrote one email. Then another. Then I emailed a third through the ap. No response. Nada. Ghosted. So, today I braved the unknown, a new and unfamiliar ap interface with new and unfamiliar restaurants: I downloaded DoorDash. My order was fine. Toast was had and enjoyed. Tomorrow, I will use DoorDash again. Next day: DoorDash. And so on. And so forth. Bye forever, Postmates..Version: 5.22.3

CanadaWow this Service sounds amazing!!! Please set it up in Canada!!!!!.Version: 3.9.35

Popeyes chickenVery dry no sauce and not spicy enough.Version: 5.3.18

Canada torontoCome to Canada preferably Toronto please..Version: 5.4.6

Don’t even bother. Horrible appWhen I try to create an account it gives me a HTTP 400 invalid request error. Apparently this happens to many other people. If ur app doesn’t work FIX IT. 🙄.Version: 5.13.0

AUSTRALIAAustralia!!!.Version: 3.7.4

???Wanted to download this to support My favourite YouTuber, Philip DeFranco, yet I can’t use it and therefore cant support him. Sad really.Version: 4.3.15

Worst food delivery app I’ve usedI struggled to use their difficult to navigate format with poor separation between open and closed restaurants, but the 3rd time I made an order to have it cancelled about 40mins later when it was supposed to arrive I gave up and deleted it..Version: 5.4.10

No good if you don’t have a US mobileStaying in the US for a couple of months for work, you can only use this app if you have an American number...please allow international phones...Uber eats does!.Version: 5.1.17


Come To CanadaThis isn’t available in Canada , Brampton. Would be amazing if it was.Version: 5.3.6

You're kidding right?You say you're an app and it's available for download here in UK yet you don't deliver here? I made an account and find out you don't even deliver here so disappointed. This is why uber eats is making more money than you folks!!!!!!!!!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1!11!?/):8&/.Version: 3.9.30

Doesn’t workAfter multiple steps to verify my account I couldn’t set up an order without error messages stopping me. :(.Version: 5.13.0

Not available in Australia!Have no idea why this app appears in Aus APP STORE but with no service.Version: 4.3.7

2 issues in one weekI placed a order with Everest . When my driver went to get my order he was denied the food because the pre paid card the drivers are given was declined . He was awesome and tried everything he could for 20 min. Worst part is when you try to contact them with a problem there is just a email which they do not respond too in timely manner . The WORST part is that my driver had to cancel my order on his end . He told me that if he cancels more then 3 order he gets terminated . How is that ETHICAL??? Not only is this poor guy out of money but time as well and he gets penalized for something he had no control over . Got my money back two days later decided to give them one more chance . My mistake.I ordered ice cream and 1 hour and 20 min later I get a call from my driver that she could not find the place . And when she finally did all they had was vanilla when the app showed 15+ flavors. She suggested we cancel the order . When I tried to cancel they said they where going to charge me still for my order. Seriously,no this is not ok . Why should I get charged for YOU did not have the proper info in the website . Or that the driver waited a hour plus to come contact me about my order? I would not try postmates again . It’s a shame too since I haven’t had a issue before in the past and would buy gift cards for friends and family. Seems like I’ll be moving on from postmates . Here I calms door dash or u re eats ..Version: 5.0.3

MontrealPlease.Version: 5.3.23

Order never cameMy last order never came, 2/3 orders have gone wrong. Forgot my fries on first order. Don't recommend and deleting.Version: 3.1.1

PostmatesDoesn’t work in the UK.Version: 5.3.26

LocationI’m in Canada :(.Version: 5.4.11

Why lie? They’re not in AUS peopleI hate companies that do this, and where has it got you morons, look at your rating on the App Store ffs! You think people will trust a company like yours, stay in America!.Version: 4.0.4

New customer- Terrible Customer ServiceI ordered food for me and my supervisor today for lunch and at first it seemed everything was going good. I got the notifications on my order in a timely manner and was updated on the stays of my order/ delivery driver just fine.... at first. Well once I received an notification that the driver was close I went outside my place of business to meet him and i literally was out the for 30 minutes almost in the hot sun trying to give him directions. Then once I’ve finally received the food, as me and superior are going through the bag to get out I orders my order was completely wrong. I ordered a meal but only received the sandwich. I paid for a burger fries and a drink, but never got the the drink or my fries. I was charged $30 something dollars for a meal that would’ve normally cost me probably about $6 to $20 had i been able to go out on my own and get and then didn’t even get what I ordered on top of that. I reported an issue with my order but have yet to hear back from anyone about. I also tried contacting the restaurant itself to make a complaint with them but the number they have listed is out of service. I also tried calling the delivery guy again and all of sudden the number that I had for him no longer worked. I will not recommend this app to anybody and this will be my first and last time ordering from this app. I’m very disappointed in the service I received today..Version: 4.3.6

No customer servicePOORLY DESIGNED APP. You will be charged for food you HAVEN’T received I ordered from chipotle. Chipotle said they couldn’t see the order so they never made it. My driver called me to tell me the situation, but decided to say that the order was picked up and then DROVE all the way to my residence without the food so that he could mark the order as complete and get it off his queue. I submitted the issue, no response from Postmates. As of right now I am still charged for the food. How is this a functioning business? _______ This food app outsources ALL of their services to Asia. I know this because restaurants get my food orders by phone from a representative there. My fraud experience with Postmates: They let me order from a closed business because their app didn’t reflect that it was actually closed (poor design). The driver had to send me a picture of a closed sign on the door. The driver then stated that he wasn’t able to cancel my order, and I was forced to cancel, which automatically charged me $70 for food that was never even made. I submitted a ticket with the company saying no service rendered, and they denied it and charged me $70 anyway. I am contesting as fraud with my bank. There is ZERO customer service with this company, you CANNOT even speak with a rep (which is amazing considering the amount of moving parts with food delivery). If that isn’t reason enough to never use Postmates, I don’t know what is..Version: 6.61.10002

UK!!Please bring this to the UK!!!! Our food delivery options are so limited 😪.Version: 4.2.4

False advertisingIt’s not available in the uk like they say it is.Version: 4.2.4

SucksCanadian and disappointed.Version: 5.4.8

Not in CanadaNot in Canada so should be removed from the Canadian App Store.Version: 5.4.2

UkI am not sure if is it for the whole UK but whenever I tried to sign up next to the number on the ask me for your number there is a thing that’s like +07+ one that thing and it only had Canada US and another country that I can’t remember I do not have UK so I couldn’t sign up so I couldn’t even use the app.Version: 5.7.0

IM AUSSIEI am frustrated why don’t you just deliver in Australia. I keep getting ads for this but it doesn’t work!.Version: 5.1.12

Step it upPostmates need to step their game up and actually take care of the customers. I’ve had so many problems in the last few months and they do not ever care and never try to help..Version: 4.2.3

AUSTRALIAI would love this is I could be a postmate delivery boy but I can't because they haven't added it in Australia. NEED BRISBANE AUSTRALIA ASAP.Version: 3.8.9

Frustrating to use, Terrible customer serviceI spent over $60 on a group order at SweetGreen. One of the salads was unavailable because they were out of one of the modifiers. The Postmates app wouldn’t tell me which modifier and I got a text threatening to cancel the whole order if I didn’t select a substitute in 10 minutes. I made some changes (hard to know what to choose because I didn’t know which modifier they were out of). Postmates then charged me $1 for substituting one of my items, even though it wasn’t my fault. A few minutes later, I got the same text again, saying they were out of one of the modifiers to my salad and again said they were going to cancel the whole order in 10 minutes. I submitted a support request and when I didn’t hear back within 10 minutes, i had to cancel that salad (I didn’t want all of my coworkers to not get their lunch!). When I got a call from Postmates support a few minutes later, they told me the modifier SweetGreen was out of was lentils and I was refused a refund. I requested that they waive the small cart fee and service fee on my new order without lentils, they said it was my fault because they told me I shouldn’t have canceled that salad. I explained again that I couldn’t have the order cancelled for all of my coworkers so I had no choice. In total I spent almost 10 minutes on the phone, which means in total Postmates wasted about a half hour of my time- with NO REFUND for my struggling..Version: 5.0.5

Sushi from japanI wanted to order Sushi from japan but for some odd reason I was unable to, I find sushi from japan tastes much better than average sushi from a takeaway and I wanted to get some genuine sushi but it wouldn’t find me any places in japan and I find this a real issue. This is my reason for leaving a one star review I hope this gets resolved soon xo xo I hope I will get sushi from japan soon thanks💙💛😋🥳😭😑🤥🥵.Version: 5.3.4

UK P L E A S EPlease bring this to the UK so I can be lazy as if I were in america.Version: 4.2.1

Is not available yetIntro says available in Australia but not yet. Not even in Melbourne..Version: 5.1.6

.WHY are you on the Canadian App store if you don’t even deliver within Canada ? 🙄.Version: 5.4.4

This entire app is a scamI have never written a review in my life but felt compelled to do so with this one. I have driven for them for the last 6 months and used to really enjoy doing so. This past Sunday I was working towards a guarantee where you have to accept 8 orders between 5pm to 9pm, I completed this and did not get my guarantee earning. So I contacted them DOZENS of times with photographic evidence, the first guy told me that no my guarantee was from 4pm to 8pm and I replied and said none of my guaranteed earnings are between that time. He foolishly was looking at the wrong time zone and apologized and told me to contact support if I hadn’t seen the earning within 24 hours (which it had been 24 hours that day). So I contact them once again to find out that i had to accept and complete 8 deliveries between 5pm to 9pm (which even with 2 people this is nearly impossible because the app sabotages any chance of doing this). In none of my other guarantees have I had to complete the 8, but just accept. So as far as I’m concerned, I work extremely hard and they are withholding earnings from me. I just want to advise not to ever work for them, you basically make nothing with gas expenses and the fact the app sabotages you from earning any extra guaranteed earnings during rush hours. I am so disappointed and disgusted that I ever gave them any of my time. I will be transferring to Uber eats ASAP and telling all of my other postmate driver friends to do so as well..Version: 4.3.15

Not worth it.Error messages keep coming up..Version: 5.4.5

Not in other countriesIt’s only in The US and Mexico,I will download it when it’s available in Other countries like Australia.The playmates app would get many more customers.It is definitely a shame but the idea of the app is great..Version: 5.0.1

Cancel orders missing items no refundsLately I've had horrible experiences with the deliveries and customer service did not compensate for it. They were rude and brushed me off after I told them I was upset that I had a missing item from my order and they refunded me less than the amount of the item. Then they still refused to refund me the proper amount, citing that they had given me a credit previously for another mistake they had made. This was a dinner order that they canceled on me after an hour and a half of waiting and 30+ minutes of me trying to help navigate the driver to my house. I'm pretty sure he was high and just gave up. I ended up having to work harder and spend more time trying to receive my dinner delivery that never arrived than if I would have just gone and picked up something myself. I was really upset and the small credit they gave me for that did not make me feel better at all. It actually felt insulting. Then for them to short my refund on their next mistake because they felt they already made up for it from this previous small credit felt completely outrageous. I've never written a review before, but I am so upset about how I was treated by the customer service at Postmates that I feel everyone should know how poorly they treat their once loyal longtime customers. Apparently they're doing so well they don't care about the individual anymore. I urge vendors and patrons to use other food delivery apps instead..Version: 5.0.9

The big dogI don’t know about this app I want to get something but I lm 1000% positive that I don’t want to get spam because if you have a look at the ratings that’s why.Version: 4.0.5

Worst food appI have ordered from this app 9 times. I have also had my orders cancelled 6......6!!!!!!!!!!!! Times!!! All of which are at least 30 minutes after I place my order and some happen right after another so I wait a bloody age on getting any food. This app is quite frankly AWFUL. I am understanding uninstalling..Version: 5.22.3

Horrible serviceI don’t think I’ve ever written a bad review.. but my experience warranted one. I placed my order at 1:10 pm and didn’t receive it until 3:30 pm. It took over 2 hours to receive my order and it was also incorrect. My driver was very kind and this wasn’t his fault. He was not given my contact information and address even though I provided all of this on the app. I ended up calling the restaurant after an hour and a half of waiting. They told me my driver was there and asked the restaurant for my address which they wouldn’t be responsible for having that information. I was finally able to contact my driver and he informed me that he didn’t have my number to call me and let me know what was going on. Why would Postmates not provide him with my information?? He went above and beyond and went back to the restaurant after all of this to pick up my order and bring it to me after I texted him my address (And a few minutes after the restaurant was closing). The order is STILL open and says my order is being picked up in the app and it wont let me tip my driver either. He deserves a great tip for everything he went through and he felt so bad when he showed up with my food. I understand that it is not Postmates fault that my order was wrong but overall this was an absolutely awful experience. This was my first time ever ordering from them and I regret ever trying them out and wasting my money. 😥.Version: 5.3.6

Menu loading problems and last minute cancellationsI have been using postmates for my primary meal delivery service during a self quarantine period and have found it frustrating that there have been several occasions where the specified restaurant menu will not load properly. The screen opens with the category filter bit no menu options are shown or selectable. Additionally, I have done advanced orders the day ahead to avoid long wait times during peak periods, my orders were confirmed, but at the last minute I find my order was arbitrarily canceled without cause noted. This leaves me to scramble to find a new meal and then wait an additional 30 minutes to an hour for it to be delivered... My final issue has to do with the fee transparency. All fees are rolled up into a single service fee line item with no description for what services specifically are being provided. Is it a restaurant fee for their participation (seems like they do little work outside of standard pickup) is it a technology fee for using the app? Is it a hidden delivery fee to pay the courier? Also they base the default courier tip based on the price of the delivery which makes no sense, the courier has no relation to the effort taken to prepare the food and the service provided is only to pickup and drop off the food. This typically warrants a tip for the service but you would use a flat rate (or distance driven) metric..Version: 5.5.10

Please come to Vancouver CanadaPls come to Vancouver.Version: 5.4.4

Horrible! Do not use this app!I have read many of the reviews and my experiences have been almost the same! The first time we used Postmates, maybe a year ago, they were great, but since then it’s been ALL BAD! One time I got a call from my postmate saying that the restaurant we ordered from had closed (like gone out of business). What?! Then why was my order accepted? Then that was a whole debacle because my postmate told me to cancel my order and then I still got charged. Trying to get a refund was the WORST experience. You literally can’t contact Postmates except through email so I had to wait a couple of days to even hear back. Ugh! When they told me I was getting a refund I was happy, but then after several days I still saw now refund in my account. So, I contacted through email again. Then I’m told it takes 5-10 days to get the refund. I’m annoyed, but I wait a few more days and still nothing. So I contact them again and am told that my Postmates account was credited the money. I didn’t want credit, I just wanted my money back. After all of this, I FINALLY got my money back. Also, there are ALWAYS a TON of fees! No matter what you’re probably going to be paying at least $15-$20 extra in taxes and fees. And they won’t tell you exactly what you’ll be paying until after your food is delivered. Uber Eats is SO MUCH BETTER! There are never any surprises with them. My boyfriend and I have both deleted Postmates. Good riddance!.Version: 4.0.11

Horrible ServiceThe service is absolutely horrible for the cost. I don’t mind paying additional for priority service, but I expect the food to be delivered once its ready so that I can actually enjoy it. Granted, its never going to be as fresh or good as getting it right from the restaurant, but when the customer service doesn’t stand behind its service then its time to call it quits. Delivery times are just getting longer, and priority really means nothing. I had a driver text me saying I have your order, but I’m waiting on more to be ready before driving out, so its going to be longer before I actually starting heading to you. So guess what guaranteed cold food. You have to hope the order is right to begin with, because burnt, swapped, or just plain wrong items is fairly common. Trying to fix that with Customer Service is a joke. They just say, oh well it was delivered before the latest arrival time, which everyone know just keeps getting updated. Hey Postmates, how about this, get a real benchmark and use the first latest arrival time that’s posted when the order was placed and not just the one that keeps updating? Yeah, you’d go bankrupt in a heartbeat because the other day I had a 2 hour delayed delivery time and you guessed it the latest delivery time just kept getting updated. Finally time to delete this app and use any of the other delivery services out there, good thing there is plenty to choose from..Version: 6.121.10002


Not in AusDoesn’t work in Australia. Might use on my USA trip tho.Version: 5.0.9

Not available in Canada so why bother listing the app here?This service as of writing this review is not available anywhere in Canada. So it’s ridiculous to put the app up for MONTHS because it looks like you are. I wasted my time downloading and setting the app up only to find out partway through I couldn’t use the service. Ridiculous..Version: 5.3.23

TerribleNo available in aus.Version: 5.18.1

Great idea, TERRIBLE companyLong read; but very honest I have both Uber eats and Postmates as I am someone who feels variety is important (especially when it comes to food). But over the past year I compared the two and one his head and shoulders above the other. Postmates has what sounds like good promotions and coupons but it’s all a scam. One example is ; They send you a link to a promotion for free delivery from a sushi place. U decide “ I could really go for sushi”, so you order. Then what always happens is the promotion literally vanishes. If you try to redeem it, it says “promotion/ coupon not found”. It’s all a ploy to get you on their app and ready to eat. Hopefully you’re just too hungry to care that their coupons don’t work (has actually happened to me an my friends so many times it’s almost a joke now). Not only does Postmates CONSTANTLY send you coupon or promotion codes that NEVER work. They also don’t make up for their mistakes. I once ordered for me and my friends, over 70$ worth of food. When the order arrived an hour and half later MORE THAN HALF of my order was missing. I ended up paying 70$ for a crappy burger and eggs from Denny’s!! When I complained to Postmates all they offered was 10$ in Postmate credit! Like are you kidding me? I used that 10$ on an order that was 9.99$, wrote this review and now I am deleting the app. I’ve never reviewed an app before that’s how garbage this app is. Use Uber eats or grub hub. Anything but this trash..Version: 5.0.1

Not HappyAllowed me to create an account without a phone number (the app is not available in my location). Since then my account has been compromised and I am not able to delete it or contact help without entering a phone number.....Version: 5.3.12

Come to MontrealPlease come to Canada.Version: 3.9.36

Worst Service everI recently placed an order, my driver contacted me and said I arrived, I have very specific instructions of how to find my apartment in the complex. I restated the instructions in the chat to the driver, the driver then proceeded to tell me it’s too dark around the back of the building and if I come meet her out front, btw there is lights around the entire building. I said sure, within 30 seconds I was out front, no one was out there, no car, no person, no food, I quickly look on the app and the drivers location was now outside my apartment complex. Than suddenly it said your items were delivered. I contacted customer support and was told that the driver would of left my food in a safe spot, I said there is no food out here nor is there a picture of where it was left like they usually do, the agent goes let me contact the driver. Of course the driver didn’t answer the phone because they knew this is against Postmates guidelines… the agent than proceeds to tell me, that I take full responsibility if the food doesn’t get delivered to me, and they could only issue me a $5 refund, on a $70 order. I am beyond mad. Because the delivery driver didn’t want to get out of their car and walk, I am out $70. And Postmates could care less. Any other service would of refunded the entire order immediately especially with no picture and the driver not answering the phone. Shame on you Postmates.Version: 6.158.10002

Drivers pick up multiple orders, always lateSelf contracted drivers pick up multiple orders at once and ALWAYS make food late. My orders are on average 45 minutes late. Do not recommend using this app..Version: 5.5.5

I wish I could give 0 stars for zero customer service!A few weeks ago, I placed an order through the app for carry out. I get a text saying that my order will be ready in 20 minutes so I drive to the merchant. When I get there, they say that there’s an issue with the app and they are super backed up on orders by at least an hour, the merchant had tried contacting postmates to stop sending texts and update the time window, but got no response. I decided to wait the hour for my food anyways, and eventually the merchant tells me they lost my order in the system. These problems were clearly caused by Postmates itself and not the merchant, so I reach out to customer service that night about cancelling the order and charge on my credit card. No response. A few days later, I try reaching out again. No response. Nothing at all, not even an automated confirmation email! Then I went through my bank to dispute the charge and was able to get a refund. Last night (over 3 weeks after the original incident) I get an email from postmates saying they are putting a hold on my account because they were unable to process payment. Are you kidding me? I can’t remember the last time I had a good postmates interaction and will not be using the app again. To anyone reading- do not waste your time with this app you are so much better off using GrubHub or Door Dash! Postmates- be better!.Version: 5.22.3

Not in UKWhy send an email to a UK email address when you don’t even have a presence in the UK?!.Version: 5.1.22

Make one in CanadaU need to bring it to Canada by Toronto ON.Version: 3.9.35

Not available in AustraliaTitle.Version: 5.4.11

Never using Postmates againI have had multiple cases of my orders being marked as delivered when they aren’t actually being dropped off to me. Customer service responses are so generic like they are just cut and paste for every single issue. I once had an order take over an hour and a half before being picked up and so I cancelled it since the food would have been cold anyway and Postmates told me that they were still going to charge me because the driver picked it up and was in route to my house even though it was an hour after the estimated delivery time. I never once got an update that the order was going to be late. I called the restaurant and they informed me that my food had been sitting there the entire time waiting for a courier. Other times, the app allowed me to order from restaurants that were closed and my order just sat there until I had to manually cancel. I have witnessed drivers slowed down outside my house, mark the items as delivered and drove off without bringing anything to the door. I had a restaurant call me and tell me that they were cancelling my order because the driver was screaming at them trying to get a lot of extra food for free by saying that it was a part of my order. When items are wrong on my order I get told that they won’t refund me even if I’m missing the items that I paid extra for (like guacamole for example). There are so many other food delivery services. No one needs to ever use this app..Version: 5.4.6

Not In Many Countries.Hi, I would just like to mention (like it has many times before) that this app is not available in other countries such as Australia which is quiet a shame. I really hope you consider making the app available in other countries or suggesting other apps..Version: 4.3.2

Aggressive driverIt’s a simple process. Postmates picks up food and delivers it to the person who paid for it. Apparently not for Postmates drivers. They give your food to random passers by. They then get aggressive and violent when you complain. In order to make a complaint via the app you are forced to tip your violent and aggressive driver. Postmates then ignores you for 8 days despite constant calling, emailing, facebooking etc. You are then told that Postmates has no issue to respond to and would never order from them again. Simple..Version: 5.0.5

Great idea but not accessibleCan't use the app unless you have a USA debit card.Version: 3.8.0

Come to OttawaCome to Canada post mate!.Version: 5.4.2

TerribleCouldn’t even get my address in smh.Version: 5.5.9

They’ve changed things (UPDATE 5/23)This company is unprofessional. After leaving this review, my account was suspended. There’s zero contact information for a customer service line. They have to come to you. You can’t just call them, which is ridiculous. So upon doing so, they get back in about 20-30 minutes saying my account was flagged for suspicious activity and cannot be reinstated at this time. They didn’t tell me why it was suspended (what suspicious activity was apparently being done) nor why they couldn’t fix it. This is ridiculous. You get less options and selections upon ordering. Take for example, if you order from QDoba, you should have options to add into your order because it’s all custom. You should be able to select what kind of beans, tortilla, meat, rice, etc. you don’t even get half of the options you would get in store and that doesn’t make sense. You don’t actually get to customize anything how you want it, and there’s multiple restaurants with this error. There’s no space to “add additional information” either for a sauce or something you know they have in store, but isn’t being listed as an option here. Also, the app works until you actually place your order. Then it shuts down and kicks you out of it completely to where you can’t follow the order or get in contact with someone, should you need to. This has been happening for weeks. Every time I open it, it crashes. But only after the order is made..Version: 5.1.10

Poor customer serviceUntil a week or so ago, I considered myself a pretty good customer- I imagine I spent hundreds on Postmates each month. I just can’t get over the unsatisfactory level of customer service. The entire business is based on customer service and convenience! The reason I don’t mind paying a monthly fee + $25 for an $11 salad (sometimes 5 days a week) is that I have high service expectations. If something isn’t right, the expectation is that it will be corrected quickly without hesitation. After one too many bad experiences with inadequate compensation, I’m ready to call it quits. Last week I had a salad that was so bad it tasted sour. I had to throw it out. As I dug for a fresh patch within the salad, I also noticed the “premium” ingredients I ordered weren’t on the salad. I paid for something I didn’t receive. The response I got from Customer service after multiple emails was that Postmates aren’t food preparers and too bad/there won’t be any compensation. THIS BLOWS MY MIND. (Side note: I order from this salad place fairly regularly and yes, it is a roll of the dice. Maybe one in every 6 salads from them is gross, but I gamble because when it’s good it’s delicious.) I pay Postmates $25. Postmates pays the restaurant $12. If the restaurant delivers garbage, Postmates needs to hold them accountable and get the money back. All I know is that passing that hassle and expense onto the customer is not the key to loyalty. I expect better..Version: 5.3.17

Terrible ServiceI placed an order to receive a home wrecker burrito at Moes. When I finally get my order it was wrong. I figured no big deal I’ll contact Postmates. Which I might add is terrible that is only through email and they take forever to reply. I tell them in the email my order was wrong and I even have the wrong receipt. They reply back and said everything I ordered is what I got. I’m looking at the plate they gave me and it’s definitely not the burrito I ordered but someone else’s food which I might add wasn’t even complete because they ordered a meal that was suppose to even come with a drink I didn’t even get. I even took proof of the receipt and the meal I got which definitely doesn’t coincide with what I ordered on the app. I reply back to them and they still investigated again and said again what I ordered is what I got. How the hell you going to tell me the burrito I ordered is what I got, when your not even here in my house looking at the plate I have. Long story short they gave me a credit for the issue. I don’t really care about the food. Food is food. But what really bothers me is that fact that they kept telling me what I ordered is what I got and the person who was suppose to get this meal I’m sure got mines or someone else’s. Its the principle what matters. If that’s how this company conducts business than they shouldn’t be running this business. Very unprofessional. I’ll just use the credit and delete this app. Terrible service and shame on them..Version: 5.3.18

First ever review I’ve written1. Downloaded the app because is the $100 credit thing 2. That’s a lie, it’s $100 delivery cost credit (delivery alone is $7 from Taco Bell) 3. I order Taco Bell. Literally 1 taco arrived from a $15 order. I get a refund in credit. 4. Next day I give it another go. The credit doesn’t apply so I end up paying $20 I never meant to spend. 5. I contact support asking why my credit wasn’t applied (my card had already been charged $20) 6. I get a notification saying my food had arrived 7. I go outside in 3 degrees and torrential rain to get the food 8. 30 mins later no food and I am soaking and shivering 9. I can’t contact support because I’ve already submitted a request! 10. I’ve got no food, no refund and virtual hyperthermia. DO NOT DOWNLOAD - badly organised, over expensive and a scam of customer service..Version: 5.3.9

HiCome to st-anicet Plsss.Version: 5.3.19

DO NOT USE POSTMATESAs a person that has been using other food delivery apps for a while I was expecting so much from Postmates. The first time I used it and item was missing and the driver did not care to clarify it with me. I thought they were inexperienced, so I let it slide. The second time I ordered the driver called and asked to repeat my order, which I did. I repeated it 3 times as to make sure they got it right. When I received my order there was a full meal missing. We were very disappointed because a person of my household had to go without their favorite food. I thought to myself “well, third times the charm”. I placed a small order, the driver called me letting me know about the “system being down” at X place, so they will comp me with a drink. My order already had a drink so I thought “wow, two drinks!”. When the driver came my order was incomplete, had an item missing which he did not mention via the phone call. And they never comped me and never gave me that “free” drink. And my food was the worst quality it has every been. I don’t know how Postmates gets their drivers, but they are fully incompetent where I live. They don’t have the decency to call when an item is not available and let the buyer know beforehand. I have never had this issue with other delivery services before I used Postmates. I’ll stick with the other ones. Suggestion: At least give some basic training to your drivers on customer service for they are the forefront of your company..Version: 5.3.18

PostmatesI looked online to see if it was in Australia and it says it is so I downloaded the app an says it no available terrible.Version: 4.0.4

Not the worst, but not reliableI’ve taken to using postmates because they seem to have more late-night options than other food delivery services, which is helpful for me, because I work nights. However, I’ve had frequent issues with a large percentage of my orders—items missing, wrong items provided, special instructions ignored, and once, my order was marked as delivered, despite my postmate never having shown up. I’d say it’s a coin-toss whether you’ll actually get what you order. This has happened so often, in fact, that I was told I am not eligible for a refund or credit on my last botched order (which I can only assume is due to the number of times I’ve reported issues with their service; I can’t confirm this, though, because no one has responded to my multiple attempts to ask about the matter in the last two weeks). When they don’t make mistakes, postmates is convenient and easy to use. And, as I already said, they seem to have better late-night services than similar companies, from my experience. However, I think I’m likely done using this app, as those other companies also seem to have better service. With postmates, I’ve come to expect mistakes with each order. I’d prefer a delivery service that consistently lives up to customer expectations over one with a wider selection..Version: 5.22.3

Don’t use postmates unless you want excess charges.This last time I used PM they charged me $60 for two meals which the total didn’t come anywhere near that amount! The food was barely thirty if that, then I was charged $12 in fees, and another $7 in delivery fees for a restaurant not a mile from my house! When i got my order there were two meals in it of what I ordered, rather than what I requested. My mom wanted rice, beans, chips and pico for dinner. She got the chips and pico... that’s it. They also charged me an additional $15 two days later! That brings this order up to $80! I sent in an order issue request and they said they couldn’t do anything about it! My health is horrible so my family frequently uses GH, postmates, and UberEats every month if I don’t feel up to cooking. They get a significant portion of my family’s income, but they couldn’t correct the issue? They wouldn’t even give me money back for ALL the stuff that was missing. This isn’t the first time this has happened; on average postmates gets our orders wrong about 70% of the time! Then I usually have someone throwing a tantrum and I have to try to get it fixed. Usually, on average I only get a few bucks back. Typically less than half the cost of whatever was wrong. Overall postmates does NOT care about their customers, they up charge excessively, and add extra charges behind your back. Had I know I was going to be paying $50 extra for dinner I would have ordered from the place down the block..Version: 5.20.0

Why is this in the Australia App Store?If it does not serve the entire country of Australia, why is it on the Australia App Store, or at least, why isn’t it made far more loud and clear that it will be pointless to download in Australia. Just wasting people’s time!.Version: 5.0.1

Bad updateOverstepped. Was great until this update. 'Nearby places' the network times out; trying to search results in an app crash. Also apparently trying to block my negative feedback by claiming that every 'nickname' I've chosen has been taken.... Clearly unlikely..Version: 3.2

Come to australia???Why is this app on the AUSTRALIAN app store when it DOESNT DELIVER ANYWHERE* IN AUSTRALIA *or at least i’m pretty sure it doesn’t deliver here.Version: 5.0.3

PostmatesThe reason why I am doing this because the UK isn’t on this and I want to get some food but I can’t because there’s no UK on the delivery to.Version: 4.1.6

Terrible Customer SupportHalf my restaurant order didn’t show up but I was billed the full amount. Submitted feedback and emails through the app multiple times and nobody reached out to me to fix it. I’m done, switching back to DoorDash..Version: 5.7.0

Terrible App By Lazy DevelopersHonest review: Download DoorDash or some other food delivery service before you even think about Postmates. I’ve ordered through Postmates a couple times and the first time I realized there was an issue was when a place I’ve frequented before, the salad would come with 2 sides. Postmates doesn’t allow you to choose your sides, the meal was the same price, and I didn’t get ANY side items. Chalked that one up to maybe it was just the restaurant. Fast forward to last night and I ordered a pizza for my family. After 45 min of waiting, a random number texts me and says they are the driver and the location of the pizza restaurant is closed, has been closed for a while, and no new location presented on the outside of the building. After several emails to a genetically “help” line, I finally was able to get my money refunded, or so they say. How do you offer a service providing goods and you don’t even know if you’re service providers are still I’m business or if their menu is correct through your app? You don’t have a phone number to reach out to. I know it’s 2019 and most people are afraid to have human interaction, but pull your heads out of the clouds, look at your locations and menus, make sure it is correct, make sure your service providers are still in business, and most importantly PROVIDE BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE. Your driver couldn’t even contact you to see what they should do. Shame on you.Version: 5.3.10


CyaI don’t like this app because it does not apply in any countries like Australia. no.Version: 4.3.6

Come to CanadaStill in the Canadian App Store, still not service in the country.Version: 5.6.1

An unforgiving serviceWow. This service is bad and I don’t mean that in a sort of filtered way...this is the WORST system I’ve ever used. The homophobia I’ve received is awful too. If you’re someone who belongs to a minority group... please DO NOT use this app..Version: 5.4.2

Bring this to Australia.I'll change my rating from 1 to 5 stars when you get it in Australia :).Version: 3.9.33

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Postmates - Food Delivery works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Postmates - Food Delivery.

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