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Subway Surfers App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Subway Surfers app received 50 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Subway Surfers? Can you share your negative thoughts about subway surfers?

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Subway Surfers for Negative User Reviews

Fun at first but gets boring after a whileThis game is quite fun, it’s like a lot of other games I’ve played where you’re running and you try to beat your old high score and there’s powerups but it is funnier than those other games since there’s quests, events and other fun little things and it has been a game I played for a long time and was a part of my early childhood. But the problem I have with it is actually a problem I have with a lot of these games where after a while it gets repetitive and the events don’t seem so fun any more because you’ve experienced them before and all the events are all similar. But it is still a fun game before it gets boring so that’s why I’m rating it a 3/5. I reckon improvements could be made if they added new features like different powerups or different map layouts in the updates instead of just making the maps look different and adding new skins and hoverboards. To fans of this game though I would recommend Temple Run/Temple Run 2 because it’s similar but also very different to subway surfers and is also very fun. Anyway review over bye..Version: 2.8.4

Digital Thieves, I purchased an item but never received itDon’t purchase anything on this app bec you won’t receive it. I purchased a package on this app but I never received it. I already sent an email to the app developer and mentioned that I didn’t get the item I was charged for. They sent me an email back saying: “Apple handles all purchases and billing on iOS. In order to request a refund, please contact Apple” I sent an email to Apple, they say contact app developer. It’s just a back and forth game. So basically they took my money but didn’t give me the item I purchased. Bunch of digital thieves.Version: 1.97.0

Play Roblox at least it gives you what you pay forOnce again my son done chores to buy a pack on this game only for it to rip him off again. I told him to delete the game. The last time this happened yes you tried to help saying you added a pack but they never showed up on his game and I’m sick of you sending useless instructions trying to find packs that I had paid for anyway. Please please please if you read this DO NOT Spend money on this game it will only take your money and give you 0 in return. Tried to buy a pack for my son and it said error try again, tried 3 times and same thing. They took the money from my account but no packs came through on his game. Reported the problem and still they do not refund my money. Wouldn’t waste my time with this game. Disgusting from them and apple.Version: 2.38.0

Not a big fan of the new update..Hi! I love this game so much, it’s literally my childhood band I still like playing it in my spare time today. Although, I recently haven’t been active on playing the game, and a I’ve just opened it again today. I can say, I was surprised to see the new layout. As you can tell from the title of this review, I’m not a big fan of it. I like the layout of the game before this recent update. I see that you made the loading page more 3D and animated and you also added some shadow to the title page. The score multiplier also changed to a design that I don’t really find appealing and the boosts pop up have changed too. The character and boards menu have changed too. I just dislike the new design overall. I still like playing the game, but I guess I don’t find the design appealing anymore. Sorry :(.Version: 2.1.3

NOT DOWNLOADING THIS GAME WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE.I got this game just for fun and at first and that’s exactly what it was. That’s when I became obsessed with this game. This game has completely crushed my grades, social life, and passion for anything else. My teachers all hate me because I’m always playing subway surfers during their lessons. My friends all left me and made new friends that now bully me for playing this game. My father left me and my mother wants to put me up for adoption but can’t because I spent all of her money on this game. Not only did all of this happen, but the next thing is how I ended up where I am now. I wanted to get a job at McDonald’s because me and my mom were broke after I spent all of our money on this game. I got the job somehow, but was immediately fired for playing this game the whole time and dragging one of the customers by their foot when they asked if they could play. Afterwards, I just stood by some buildup to play subway surfers. I guess I wasn’t supposed to be there since a cop showed up. The only thing I’ve learned to do when the cops come is to run like they do in the game, so that’s exactly what I did. I ran as fast as I could and the cop ran after me. I tripped and fell almost immediately since I move around and the cop handcuffed me. I’m now writing this bad review in jail. DO NOT DOWNLOAD..Version: 2.29.1

Plz add this 👍🙏🙏☑️It’s a very fun game. It's so amazing but, it's so hard to get the jackpot so can you please make it a little easier🙏🙏. Also, I think that it's really hard to earn money like, cmon! Can you please and cheaper stuff or make each coin worth more plz! 🙏🙏🙏You know the little kids playing this game but you know the don't have money or credit cards so how do you expect us to pay for coins😠. So please help us and I'm sure you'll start getting better ratings and this game will 100% get more popular, HONEST TO GOD!!.Version: 1.87.0

UnfairI’ve had Subway Surfers for quite some time and don’t get me wrong, it’s one of the best mobile games. Although I have something to share with you that could change your thoughts on it. I was going for a high score run (it was 489,340 before I started) I died a few times and watched a few ads to revive myself. I got up to around 520,000 and I die again. As per usual I watch another ad, which is State of Survival. (I am not promoting the game, I am just displaying the name if if it was a fault in the ad and the developers need it). However, after it finishes there is no cross to get rid of the ad and keep playing. At this point I’m just stuck on the page where it says to install State of Survival. I give it some time thinking that it might just take a bit to appear, but after about 2 minutes the cross is still not there. And now I’m forced to restart my game, which will end my run automatically. I wasn't too annoyed because I thought it would save my new high score anyway, but it didn’t. I have refreshed/restarted Subway Surfers 2-3 times but my high score is still not updated. Is there anything I can do? Is this just an unfair way the game forces you to lose? Or is it just a glitch with the advert? Either way I’m a bit put off now..Version: 2.34.0

Still the great game it wasI have had this app for a very long time. It has been deleted, gotten again but to get to the point, updated many many many many times. I am not a fan of the app being updated literally every month, but this is just my opinion. Even though I have named the title of the review ‘Still the great game it was” I have noticed the there is a greater amount of ads. I mean how else are the app creators going to have money but ads are really annoying. And also with the updates there is a limited time you have to collect 30 (correct me if I’m wrong) items and believe it or not I NEVER collected all of them. The prices of characters, hover boards, ect they are too hard to get. And what happens if you collect all the items to unlock Tracy or someone? You have to waste you keys on two more outfits. I know no one and I repeat no one that has ever gotten all of the characters and hover boards. I do not hate this app I am just pointing out what could change like what you are meant to do when you write a review. Thank you for your time if you did read this whole thing.Version: 1.118.0

From 5 stars to 2 stars-DO NOT UPGRADE!I have many games on my phone but I never play them because Subway Surfers is just so much better! It’s fun, interactive and personal for the players ability and preferences. If I were you, I would TOTALLY get this game! That is the 5 star n in review I wrote before I upgraded Subway Surfers. In the upgraded version, everything looks different and even when I run it seems wobbly somehow. The upgraded version of a game is always meant to make it slightly better, maybe adding in a different character or costume or whatever but it has completely changed the look of the entire app! I tried to go back to the old one (which I personally think is 1000 times better) but there is no way to do that so my playing time on Subway Surfers is going to decrease quite severely now, maybe even to none at all and I might even end up deleting the app altogether. If you’re reading this-DO NOT UPGRADE THE APP IT’S TERRIBLE! And people who run the app you need to seriously think hard about your new version of the app because the old one was way way better..Version: 2.1.0

Disgusting Ads - Kids play this. At least inspect what ads are being shown. Deleted.I can’t believe the ad I was shown and would hate if kids viewed it..Version: 2.25.1

0 stars for prideStop..Version: 3.13.0

Pushing pride agenda on kidsKeep kids away from such propaganda. May Allah guide you to the straight path..Version: 3.13.0

Save my progressI had recently gotten a new high score of 1 million and an add popped up and I clicked it and it took me to google so I close “google” but google was on the subway surf app so my game closed and I lost my high score when I loaded back up I deleted the game and downloaded it again 3 days later logged in on my Facebook account and my money and stuff were still there but not my score multiplier I had it on 30 now it’s back to 1 ☹️.Version: 2.34.0

Subway surfersThis game is a great game to pass the time and can get addictive to it I mean wow 😱. I like that the background changes and how you can get keys to save your life too. And the score board that you can look on like if you haven’t played in months then ya your probably at the very bottom. But like if you play once and your good then you can land yourself in bronze!!!!!! A couple things that could be changed is when you get on the game we’re the boy is painting the train and to want to start an ad pops up!?! And I think it’s meaning to do that so you press the ad but if y’all don’t change that for the other people then don’t press it right away let the ad come up and then press the ( x) Also like when a new character comes along it’s like 100,00 coins?!?! Like how am I suppose to get that much without paying $2.99 in the world but in app price it’s quite pricey!! And with the mystery box’s it’s always 1 out of a thousand percent gonna be one of those things that gets you closer to unlocking a new character well I’ve played this game for about 3 to 4 years and I’ve NEveR unlocked them still popping up with mystery boxes it’s ReALly annoying too. There are quite a lot of things you app people need to fix on this QUITE A LoT. Fixes this things and it will be AwESOme even moooooorrrrreeee 👍👍👍👍👍👍.Version: 1.89.0

Gone DownhillThis is a good game; if you're just now seeing it and thinking "this could be fun for a little while," you're right! Go right ahead. But if you're coming back to this game after enjoying it years ago, leave it. It's not the same game. There are no characters available for in-game currency, you (or rather your kid on your credit card, who else would their target audience be) will be paying 6.99 for one avatar that at one point would have been 90,000 coins. There are also an insane amount of in-game events now, and while I do appreciate the developers trying to keep the game engaging, when I open the app I'm greeted with 5 pop-up windows of events I've missed, events that are happening, events that are coming soon, and of course they're all the same event, it just ends and starts so that you won't save up enough event coins to buy anything. Developers, if you want people to have a reason to play, some new achievements and better missions would do just fine. Now that I've conplained enough, I will say the mechanics are still good, the ads aren't very invasive, and the main gameplay is the same as it always was. Would be a 4-star game had I not played it years ago and known it can be better..Version: 3.22.1

I was gonna give 5 and then the new update happendOkay I’m gonna start this off saying this game was og before and it was a solid 5 star game and then the update happend and I lost all my skins and the og dinosaur from when the game first released in 2011 or something I lost all my keys I lost my king skin prince k and a lot of other skins I had a spent a solid 500 bucks on this game for unboxing and stuff like that and I lost everything and I look on eBay and account just like mine is for sale for 1k More then I spent on the game. okay second thing the graphics looks like there on a Nintendo game cube that you dropped many times there horrible they at least don’t waste my batter oh wait it does the literal graphics crash my battery I played this game and had 4782 keys and over 1mil coins but the only reason I’m not upset is bec I got a refund for my money. Third thing the game has turn into fortnite with a battle pass layout I am in silver league and every time I pass gold league it puts me in back in silver I have completed lost hope I am currently grinding for skins like prince k which is 980k coins but the battle pass skins no longer have use bec you get them ez 😤 Imma wrap it up here o have def said to much annyway pls sub to JustinBtw on yt to see my box opening vids and yea bye😐😑 Edit now 2 stars it glitches way more now Edit 3 it is a 1 star game now sorry subwaysufers imma stop playing this game today 😔.Version: 2.20.3

Don’t recommend downloading or playingI really do regret wasting my time on this garbage game I wasted 5 hours trying to beat the top score on my tiktok live. once I got a really high score I was dedicated to beating it seconds later I was at 15 million my game freezes and note this has happened before but usually when exiting the app. Once the app froze it kicked me off the app and it not like I had bad WiFi no my WiFi was doing perfectly fine. I press to go back onto the app and it puts me on the loading screen not back into my game but onto the loading screen. I was hoping their was some way for me to get back in the round or get the stuff I earned but no. 5 hours of hard dedication just for this crappy game to kick me off. Now this would be perfectly fine if It was a minor bug that’s only been her for a month or week but no it’s been here for a very long time also it’s not like it saved all my work I didn’t get to open not one crate out of the 100ds I got from the run I didn’t get to save the XP I got so my high school didn’t go up even tho it was millions above it also I didn’t get any of the awards or trophy’s. I really don’t recommend wasting ur time on this game cause something will always go wrong just like how their is a ton of hackers on the leaderboard the devs won’t fix it their already making their money. I most likely will never play this game again..Version: 2.35.0

Dumb UpdateI've been playing this game for 6 years and it was my favorite, one if the things that I appreciated the most is that there were no pop up ads and the only ads you see are to get prizes. The new update makes it so that there are random ads. I also don't like the new graphics and the way the character options are presented it's unnecessarily complicated. I'm sad to see my favorite mobile game turn into another generic mobile game..Version: 2.1.3

It’s long but read before getting gameI have been playing subway surfers since last year and it is great! I love how you can see your score while you’re running and you can try to beat other people’s scores and how you can collect coins without having to watch ads. This is a great game but there are a few things that could be better. I was scrolling through the characters and I saw that the character called Boombox was free. I clicked on it and the game showed me pictures of coins that you had to pay for. It said nothing about the character being free. In fact, it said nothing about the character at all. I left the game and went back in and tried it again. It did the exact same thing. I don’t think you should make something free if people aren’t able to get to it. Second, how come when you stumble the cops catch up to you so quick? When you stumble on the tracks I think it should take a couple of seconds for them to catch up. Instead of that though they catch up to you the second you fall. That doesn’t seem right. Also I once went into the game without internet and it said I couldn’t play without internet. That’s weird because I’ve played without internet before. If these were fixed I would definitely give a 5 star rating. Other than those things it’s a pretty good game..Version: 3.10.0

Love the game but there are problems with the gameI absolutely love this game. It literally increased my natural reflexes due to the fact that you as a player must be able to do things such as prevent an opponent from having an advantage fast. By this I literally mean using your ability to cope with hard and difficult situations and win the game fast. The very huge exclusion of giving the game a five star rating is obviously the difficult, yet time taking objectives which need to be completed just to complete an entire stack of objectives. From multiplayer matches all the way down to different types of battle royale gameplay mode. In multiplayer matches I see a huge disadvantage of playing against players who are really good in playing. Accuracy and shooting of opponents are far tough to survive through especially in domination mode in multiplayer matches. Gameplay must be also set in terms of measuring a players’ aiming, shooting accuracy and shooting speed in order to prevent matches from getting extremely tough. Also please increase the limit of players that give points to their team in Team Death Match or at most allow the player to decide how many points are required to win the competition just to complete a tough objective..Version: 2.14.4

Not The Same But Pretty Good (sorry if punctuation is bad)I had this app for awhile now it was awesome the og one but when updates kept coming I couldn’t keep up. It was to hard for me to play and plus it was impossible to beat players because they had scores up 12 million and stuff. Basically I kinda gave up until to now. I’ve returned because I heard about the recent update and I gotta say WTH and pretty nice. First off I didn’t really like how graphics looked for this new update they kinda looked down graded to me. Secondly some of the new skins look like lazy ideas or bad and I’m not saying that all are bad but some are. Thirdly like I said earlier about people scores and all that stuff it’s just really annoying like I enjoy games that are simple and you don’t have to grind to beat someone else then get that achievement taken away from you. But there are some things I do like coming back to this update. Firstly I like the theme of the update I just have feeling like it’s a cooler game with this theme. Secondly like I said about the badness of new skins some of the new skins are fire and I loved doing challenges to get the fire skins. Lastly when I think about this game I get an nostalgia type of feeling because I had memories of when I was 6 or 5 and opening the game for the first time and trying to get my dream score. So to top it all of it’s a 2.5/5..Version: 3.12.2

Subway surfersI’m gonna start off by saying it’s a good app. Lots of new updates, simple and basic, got a goal that is achievable. Definitely download it! However, there is a massive problem, some people may not find this as much as a problem as me. It’s that it is too good, subway surfers is too addicting, and yes I do mean this as an insult, not a compliment. I’m finding myself playing this game all day long, an app without a purpose, when I could easily be working outside, spending time with my family, etc. A lot of this is plainly my fault, I was the one that got addicted. I dislike that the limited time events go on for a short amount of time. There is a character that was limited time that I wanted to get, Catrine. But I was forced to constantly play this game for several hours for a week. And unfortunately, I didn’t manage to complete the LAST stage even after staying up half of the night trying to finish it. Full week was pretty much wasted on nothing. I deleted this app to help my mental health and problems, before I got completely hooked. Apart from that, it’s a good game, the only reason I gave 3 stars was because if I continued playing like that it would have affected my mental health because of the pressure to play and log on. Thanks Spoon xxxxxx.Version: 3.12.2

S҈u҈b҈w҈a҈y҈Rrr 👹roll 😈up 🌞party 🍆with 🐸my 😵crazy 😄pink 😡wig 🌝but 😋i 💦cant 👋get 👋trew 👁the 👄door 👁because 🤬my 😴booties 😪too 🤤big 🙄1 👺percent😽 is 💡human 💎 99 🎉is 😖plastic 😎just 😱a 😇sec 😝I 😀got 😂to 😊fix 😌my 😈lips 💩.Version: 2.2.2

This HAS to be a joke.I truly regret not reading the previous reviews before updating the app. this update was probably the worst downgrade ever. the graphics and the design look like a 7 year old dictated it. the only people that could seriously enjoy this game now are most likely under the age of 10 (not even that.) i seriously hope y’all decide to change it back to the original design after this month because this update was not it. literally everyone wants the classic version back. please read the reviews and learn from your mistakes because this update was a huge one. i get that you guys probably wanted something different considering that the app is 8 years old now, but changing the entire layout of the app wasn’t a good idea. it turned a wonderful game into a confusing mess. not only that, the game is 2x more laggy, the characters glitch while running, and the facebook friends aren’t showing up. this update is a train wreck. it just appears that this was clearly rushed and with that a whole bunch of errors along with it. to all the people reading this, if you haven’t updated it, DON’T. you will genuinely regret it. i’m only rating it 3 stars because i’ve played this game since 2014 and it obviously deserves the credit, but if i hadn’t then this app would be a guaranteed 1 star since the update. (if that wouldn’t have happened then it would be 5. i strongly recommend that you revert the game to its traditional setup and layout. thanks).Version: 2.0.2

⭐️⭐️⭐️.5/5I am giving this a 3.5 because the amount of advertisements whilst playing, one pops up every minute of so and it has a close button but they don’t close. I have to close down the app and reopen it and I just wanted to collect my daily gift and it didn’t let me. I know that the developers work hard on this but this games updates have gone down a lot with all the “limited” characters and charging money for it. Personally, if I had a game I would focus on making people happy, and what they would like in updates not payed stuff. Making games is not just about money and I’m sure that many people agree not to mention when I was younger I brought some coins and my parents went mad because it was on their phone so it came directly from their bank. I’m pretty sure I was not the only child to take my parents phone and buy these ‘special deals’. So I hope this sums up all about the 3 stars, if it doesn’t then I can’t help you with that. Bye 👋 💖.Version: 2.34.0

Iceland UpdateI have had the game for a while now and ever since the new Iceland update I have been thinking of deleting the game. I was playing and I was on stage 3/5 and then it said I had to try and get a whole new player so I played for a bit and then I got off, and then when I came back on, IT HAD RESET ALL MY WORK BECAUSE IT GAVE ME BACK THE OTHER CHARACTER! I was super annoyed! The other problem is I have collected over 100 ice burgs but I only have to get 10! Like, BRUHH! It is giving me a limit until I can collect my rewards! And in the morning I can only collect 2 and then I have like a 17hr timer! But in the end, it's probably because it’s just been released or something, but the character are great and it’s really fun! 😊.Version: 2.36.0

Love the game, hate the new updateI’ve been playing Subway Surfers for ages and absolutely love the game! But I’m hating this new update. It makes me want to delete the game and try to install an old version of the game. And if not possible to install the old version again, just delete the game altogether. The graphics are glitchy, it looks pixelated as you run, the movement doesn’t look the same as older versions. It actually hurts my eyes playing it on the updated version - even with the lowest brightness setting. I’m hoping for a new update - ASAP - where the graphics are vastly improved 🤞 and returned to something that resembles the old versions! I’m also really not a fan of the new challenges to obtain new location characters and boards! It’s time consuming, with ‘birthday cake’ tokens rarely showing up in the subway. It makes me feel like I shouldn’t even bother: I won’t be able to pass the challenges without spending an inordinate amount of time doing so. And, I’m not prepared to give up my day job to play Subway Surfers! Coins worked so well to buy new characters. I would love to have coins reinstated as the mechanism to buy all new characters again. Overall, I’m a big fan of the game, but not a fan (at all!) of the new, updated version..Version: 2.1.0

AnnoyedI understand the reason for having the ad personal data thing at the start of the game- that you have to give consent to for USING your personal data, but I don’t understand that. I don’t know what the game is doing just for advertisements. I immediately went to settings after doing it so I could take my consent away, but my mind thought the red button was “NO” and the green button was “YES”, just from other experiences. This is honestly a very weird thing to do, changing the colour of the buttons to make it more confusing. I thought I clicked “YES”, but when it went back to the game, I was confused. I went back to the settings and found that I didn’t withdraw my consent, so I went back in and looked at the buttons. I came up with this review. Now think about this, if I didn’t read everything and just clicked the button I THOUGHT was the “YES” button, I would continue playing the game. I now understand what your intentions were with that. It’s a good game, but with what just happened, it has taken my FIVE STARS down to TWO STARS. I’m never playing this game again until I know that this won’t happen..Version: 1.87.0

Read this!!I love Subway Surfers, but whilst I’m playing the game I’ve came across some issues/glitches. I was happy to see that I almost beat this person and I only had 989 points left to beat them, I didn’t have enough keys so I kept watching the ads. One of the ads was really glitchy and annoying, I clicked the X button to get out of it. I left the ad but it the screen remained if you want to give keys or watch an ad to keep playing. I started clicking to watch and ad but it wouldn’t work? Now I have to start all over again. Why? Because of your crappy system. Why can’t the game have a feature where it saves your progress if you leave, not restart all over again. I’m pretty sure you get money off of us watching the ads. It’s a good game, gets many updates which I appreciate but you can’t even add a feature where it saves your progress without clicking to pause? Unbelievable. I’ve had this game for many years and have experienced this type of lag before. I politely ask with a cherry on top please to fix this. I don’t want others to experience this if they haven’t already to because the feeling afterwards isn’t pleasant. The game is great though I recommend..Version: 2.32.2

My honest review xxAlr so like- it’s a rlly good game it does not teach you anything educational Im so sorry but I just kinda don’t like it bc it’s not rlly educational! Roblox is educational bc it teaches you a lot of different skills and there are some quizzes and questions! Subway surfer is just a little bit too much😔I’m rlly sorry if this is a impolite review xx but it’s not very educational bc that it’s just a character running away from a man with a bus. Or smth like that. Anyways it doesn’t rlly teach you anything good at all the only thing it teaches is how to be bad and how to draw on pppls busses and cars! The game is rlly good tho so I will give it 3/5! I wish you can actually make it educational abit more!🌸🌸🌸❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m sorry if this depresses you and makes u feel that I’m ungreatful but ok rlly sorry bc this is my honest review so I’m rlly sorry if it hurts ur feelings :( I literally think it’s a bad game a lil but others won’t agree with me but it’s ok I still like the game but tbh it’s not a very great and it doesn’t educate children … sorry but this is my honest review bye xx.Version: 3.8.2

New update has ruined for meI’ve had this app and used to play and compete for high scores with my friends back in 2012 when it was released. I didn’t mind how every monthly update would be a different location with a new decor/theme to the track, players etc. but this new update I feel has ruined it. It’s real ‘kiddy’ now and the graphics have been completely redone to make it more arcade like. All the menus have been put on the main screen so there’s too much going on now I feel. The multiplier has definitely been tweaked a lot so now you have to play x10 longer to get even close to what you would’ve got before this new update. I’ve played this game everyday since 2012 to get my free keys and mystery boxes and to just enjoy some quiet time, I loved the simplicity of it. I have 40M+ coins and a high score of 40M+ and felt all that I’ve accumulated over time has gone to waste because I can’t play the app I love now because now it’s changed way too much. Games and apps updates are meant to be an an evolution, not revolution. Changing everything in one go has lost me. I’m sorry..Version: 2.0.2

New UpdateWhy has the design changed? Why? Personally I don’t like it at all and think if anything it’s a step back but aside from personal preference what was the point? Did someone think that people would genuinely update the app and go oh wow this is so much better and exactly what I wanted to be fixed. Doesn’t improve the game in anyway. Puts off people who have played it before. Could have done an update that changed some of the things that people actually want changed and have commented about, but no. I mean to be fair maybe it’s just that no one bothers to read reviews and so you don’t actually know what people want. But still. Why. People downloaded the app based on what they could see on the App Store. And what they could see was the design. They downloaded it because they liked the design, have a little confidence in your graphics people. Sorry I know this got a bit ranty but whoops. The game before this update I would have given five stars. Now it gets three. If only because I dint see the point..Version: 2.1.3

Bad updateKids don’t need to see an LGBTQ flag every 10 seconds.I have never uninstalled a game so quickly in my life.Version: 3.13.0

Won’t work offlineI love this game so much, but I can’t play it offline. It works perfectly fine with wifi or data but as soon as I’m not connected to anything and I try to play it, it crashes at the loading screen. It used to work fine offline like a year ago and I just recently downloaded it again and now it doesn’t work. But otherwise the game is perfect!.Version: 1.91.2

I used to give this game 5 stars and now I’m giving it 2 stars ☹️I don’t like the update that they all. First of all when the game updated it basically restarted the game and got rid of all my coins, keys, characters...everything. I am pretty mad about that because it took a long time to save up for all the characters I got. I’m really lucky because I didn’t use any money to buy anything. If I did and they deleted everything then that would mean I just spent and wasted a whole lot of money. And I’m pretty sure that is what happened to other people who bought stuff using real money. Another thing is the design. It’s not that great. The graphics and layout are really childish. And now for some reason the game takes FOREVER to load. And it also for some reason only works at a certain time of day. It didn’t do that before this terrible update came out. And it’s not my WiFi because every other game works expect this one ☹️. It’s really annoying because I used to give this game 5 stars but now I’m giving it 2 stars.....yeah that pretty bad. I understand you guys wanted to try something different since the game has been the same for several years now. But this update hasn’t been your best work in fact it’s been the worst. I would like if you guys went back to the original subway surfers. And I think a lot of other people would like that too. 😕😕.Version: 2.1.4

AdsThe game almost has their ads well managed. Almost, because of the maliciously placed ads on the main (title) screen of the app that constantly pop up in such a way that you will always find yourself tapping on them. I dont see why this was implemented, i guess they needed the extra revenue given that only a person with a brain the size of a peanut would actually spend money on this app, and spamming ads is the only way they can get money. If you are one of those people, my god, you are not human. 👁👄👁 Also used to source malicious ads that opened weird links in web browser, havent seen them in a while but you may wanna take that out of your game before i mistake it for a ad riddled pop up riddled dangerous website and not a poorly made but time wasting and ultimately enjoyable app.Version: 1.102.0

High score deletion and game glitch with adsI recently got my high score of 1 million ! After using all my keys and watching ads. I once eventually crashed again and tried to watch another ad. After I clicked on this ad it played the ad for about a second before going to the AppStore. I tried to get back on subway surfers and watch the ad but it would not let me I tried relentlessly to get back onto Subway Surfers but it would keep switching me back to the App Store. Because of this reasoning I am giving this game a 1 star review as most of these problems should be fixed if not eliminated by now seeing as the game has been out for quite a while. Personal opinion… cheers x.Version: 3.15.0

Score IssueHello, I really enjoyed this game but the reason I gave this a 2 star was because I had free time the whole time today and I managed to to get a score of 31 million which is a new high record for me but once I like claimed all the rewards and finally logged out of the game my score doesn’t show up and I’m not like the champion on leaderboards when it clearly showed I had set a new record and showed 1st place. I also lost most of my keys for when I revived as well. I basically wasted all my efforts and time for nothing. Love the game but sorry 2 stars👋💋..Version: 3.4.1

Addictive but annoyingI really like this game but it does get really boring when you have played it for a while. Also, you get all the good stuff if you have a Facebook account, but you have to be 13 to have one but the game rating says 9+🤷‍♀️ and what sort of weird 13 year old plays this game? it is for kids. So if more than half of the people playing this are under 13, which it probably is, then you should get rid of the Facebook features. Also, the in app purchases are annoying and I just have to ignore them because my parents don’t want me to waste their money. I think a lot more people would play this game without them. Overall, I like this game😀 but I might be deleting this game soon as there isn’t really a goal, you just run around for an infinite amount of time until you die collecting money not like in other games where you have quests ( missions don’t count ) and levels..Version: 1.87.0

Old Classic ruined by greedProbably one of the most iconic mobile game ever, i used to play this years ago but after revisiting it recently i’ve come to the conclusion that the developers got greedy and the game has gotten significantly worse because of it, i mean you literally can’t lose in this game, did you die? Its ok just watch an ad and come back to life, and guess what? You can do this infinite times. At that point theres no real challenge to the game, highscore’s are meaningless. Also the randomly generated levels are sometimes flawed, like after using a power-up like the jetpack it can sometimes lead to a gameover as soon as you land, same happens after you watch an ad to be brought back it insta kills you due to the speed and position you were in and then you have to watch another ad. I understand that devs have to make money but they’ve milked this game to death at this point. Also theres the fact that each time you reinstall the game it resets all progress even with a linked account, so all the skins, highscore and everything else gets reset, plus none of my FB friends highscores appear in the game. Overall I give this game a 3/5 for nostalgia but wouldn’t recommend it to anyone in its current state.Version: 2.10.0

Waste of timeIf you’re thinking of downloading this game, don’t do it. There is no way of keeping your progress if you want to take a break off subway by deleting it. When you reinstall it, the game doesn’t give you the option to reload your progress they used to have this option but I don’t know why they got rid of it. It was the only way to get your progress. This is what happened to me and after playing this for almost a year just to lose my progress just because of this I might not play it anymore..Version: 2.10.0

DeletingHappily deleting this game because of their woke pride push. Chasing rainbow! Hope you go broke. So sad.Version: 3.13.1

Good but a few things.I have been playing this ever since I was a little kid and for me and my siblings this game never gets old. You can play it for ages and never get bored so if you To do and this is the game for you. However there are a few problems that I’ve noticed over the years with this game. Firstly, I’ve noticed that if I want to click on something to go maybe to my mission section or the shop maybe it will always make me watch an ad and I can’t stop it and it’s been very annoying. I find myself coming off this game sometimes because I’m being forced to watch ads that aren’t even relevant or don’t even match the thing I want to click on and I find it very annoying. Next, when you have events And updates on this game they tend to be A special skin or outfit that you can buy to remember the update however you can only purchase these by actually using real money and I find this slightly annoying because I like to have all these extra skin as I have all the ones that you can buy the coins and I would really like some extra ones to remember the updates but I can’t get them, because I’m not allowed to spend money on the game. Thank you for reading this if you got when we are down to the bottom and I hope you have a lovely day. I hope this Review helped you but this is a very helpful and just a genuinely awesome game in general so if you want a game because you get bored quite easily this is the one for you!! bye!!!! 👍🏻😆🥰.Version: 2.19.1

Achievement Rewards And Purchases.😢😢😢I wish I can give negative stars for this game!!!!!Through the years nine to be exact I have always complain about losing all my rewards and purchases that I buy to accelerate in this game. Once again I updated the app and had to uninstall and reinstall the app due to complications of game not working right and re-install the app and once again you guys manage to steal all my hard work and the money that I have invested in this game purchasing the different cookies and candies. This is highway robbery. Upon my investigation into other reviews apparently I’m not the only one that this is happening too. Instead of investing in your own pockets how about doing something about this issue, I am not the only person this is happening to one guy has been playing this game longer than I have and he had hundreds of different candies and cookies… many people has complications with and the app it self he lost everything!!!!please fix the issue or once again as always everything goes unnoticed and unchecked .. you guys are just fatting your own pockets offer the players and consumers expense. Deadbeats!!! Oh and by the way if you do even read this review I have reached out to Customer Service## numerous of times and what they offer and what they’re telling me doesn’t work. Highway robbery and thieves.😡😡😡😡.Version: 2.22.2

Good at first. Then it becomes a scamAt the start of the game when you first play. It’s a lot of fun and it’s really challenging. But after a while you realise it’s a scam. As you get better and better at the game games start to take longer because your not dying. Seems normal. However the game never gets harder. Once you reach a certain point in the game it stops getting harder. And then you can spend hours playing the game on 1 run. That’s why I don’t play the game much anymore. Each run takes about two hours. Sometimes you kill yourself because you get bored. On top of all that. There is a feature in the game when if you are using the super sneakers on a train when there is a enclosed area coming. You die. And this is not even counted as a glitch. So it won’t ever be solved. So it’s fun at first but in the end it just wastes your time 😑.Version: 2.20.3

No. Just no.I had gotten a high score of 2 million, and I had wasted EVERY SINGLE ONE of my keys and I had watched at least 4 ads on the run. The last ad I watched, it was 30 seconds and as soon as it had finished, I clicked the x button to go out, but it sent me to App Store. I tried clicking done, but it just would not work. I tried every method I could think, but it would not let me go back to my game. My game crashed, all my progress was lost, and I highly don’t recommend this game, for it has bugs and problems that make you eventually lose all your progress. I expected more from Subway Surfers..Version: 3.19.0

Too much adds, Glitchy; But fun!This game is very enjoyable in various ways. It helps me with keeping calm and it’s endless running. However, there is an annoying glitch in the game that makes me angry. Every time an add plays in the game, it always makes my character crash into one of the train carts. This is a problem that must be fixed or no one will want to play it. I do not recall anyone who has this problem that I know, but that is because most of my friends do not play Subway surfers. There is also a problem with the new “tankbot”. I purchased him a day ago and it was a waste of my time and money. It took me forever to purchase this character because it said “loading”. But it took me about 10 minutes to get this character and use it for the first time because of this purchase. Tank bot also crashed every time and my phone froze completely. When it unfroze and I played again, it happened again. I do not remember this happening when I use Zoey or any of the other characters. Please fix that and if you do, I will give a better review. I cannot enjoy games that I cannot play. I switched my character back to zoey and it works just fine now. But I want your company to fix “ the tank bot problem”. Thank you 🙏🏻! Have a good day..Version: 2.7.0

Let me play my musicHello subway surfers, I have been an avid subway surfers fanatic since 2021. I would play it almost every day. It was tons of fun. I made it my goal to have a higher high score than all my friends and family. I have almost all the characters and boards. I especially love to play subway surfers at school in my free time (I have straight As I get all my work done on time don’t worry) I also love to listen to Taylor swift. So you know what I love EVEN MORE? Both. Listening to gold rush from evermore while I play as Mimi- special surfer, literally the best of both worlds for me. And I have been doing this for a very long time. There has never been a problem, until recently, recently when I open the subway surfers app and the game fully loads, my music pauses. At first I thought “oh it’s just a glitch! (Like the Taylor swift song haha) just awful school wifi haha you know how that is!” So I decided to completely close the app, turn on my hotspot, and reopen the app. And when I did, my music paused, again. So i decided to open another game, and to my surprise, my music did not pause. I even decided to try doing this at home and maybe my music would play at home, but no, it also paused. Please fix this. Thank you. Or I will have to resort to finding a new go to game, and who’s to say I already haven’t..Version: 3.12.0

Lost my progressThis game is fun, but there is just one thing that bothers me. I got this a few months ago and I got a really high score, and loads of coins, keys and hoverboards. But then a few weeks later, I ended up having really less storage, so I had to delete the game. Before deleting it though, I clicked “Online Save”, by clicking on the app, then the Settings icon, and then I synced Online Save. This was so that if I wanted to download it again, I could save my progress, like my high score and the amount of coins, keys and hoverboards I had. Just yesterday, I installed it again because my storage is ok, now. Then, I clicked Settings to see if Online Save was still there, but it got upgraded and I lost all my progress. The new upgrade is very different, and something doesnt seem right. This was very frustrating, and I deleted it right after. I highly reccomend to not delete this game because the same thing might happen to you, and you will be troubled..Version: 2.3.1

Use to love it.I actually loved this game, but, one day it just reset itself all my coins keys, score multiplier, players and trophies disappeared..Version: 1.95.1

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