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MLB Ballpark app received 22 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about mlb ballpark?

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MLB Ballpark for Positive User Reviews

Excellent app!As a four sport fan I love how mlb puts out great apps for its fans. I love ballpark and it’s features which I have found super convenient when going to live games. One area I have found super convenient is having my digital tickets inside the ballpark app..Version: 9.0.0

Good app for those who go to games.Good app.Version: 5.2.1

Used to be great...The 8.0 update made this once incredible app, absolute garbage. I can’t see notes that I’ve made, pictures that I’ve taken and the lists of teams and ballparks that I’ve visited. I used to recommend this app to lots of people, but unless changes are made to return to the way that it used to work, I will not be recommending to anyone. Please fix this app to how it used to work! Update - A few years later and the app is now better. Lost a few check ins and photos, but the app now has added Spring Training games (back to 2006) to check into. My only complaints are that I can’t access all of my photos on my phone; just a select few to add to those new checkins. Also, the app doesn’t post them in the order that I would like and it hasn’t updated all Spring Training Ballparks. Other than that, MUCH BETTER. I’ll go FOUR stars now!.Version: 9.8.0

PicturesFinally can add pictures after checking in!.Version: 8.6.0

Finally!!!!Thank you for finally giving us back the full my history section with editing, adding previous games and records..Version: 9.3.0

Screenshot your ticket!Went to the Padres/Rangers game and saw the no hitter. After the game I wanted to look at the ticket and the app deleted it!!!! No archive no nothing just gone. So disappointing that they don’t archive or save tickets. I’ve looked and unless I’m missing where it is..Version: 10.1.1

Nice but can’t add past games anymore.I used to love this app, but now I can’t seem to figure out how to add past games to it. For example I went to 2 games in 2018 but it won’t let me add them or I can’t find out how to add them. So now I consider the app useless. I was in London for a Yankees Red Sox game and didn’t have internet access. Was going to add it later and once the game was over since I didnt check in it won’t allow me to add. Please fix this so we can add games from the past..Version: 9.0.0

Some improvements neededLove the app and what all it shows you but it no longer allows me to add in pictures of the days and games I went to. Please put this feature back as I’ve added pictures before and they don’t stay. Please fix this!!.Version: 9.0.1

Took awhile but tix cameSo even though you verify your email address the tixs still take awhile to transfer to your wallet. I can’t blame the app, I guess each stadium is different. Milwaukee is a little slow, lol, nonetheless I still have my tickets and I’m excited!! Be patient and if you’re not contact the stadium..Version: 9.0.0

Fun appGreat for keeping track of what games you've been to..Version: 4.3.0

An App worthy of America’s Past TimeGreat for keeping track of schedules and my tickets, especially when I need last minute tickets to take my Dad or friends..Version: 8.6.0

Excellent AppThe ease of access to tickets, my favorite teams news, and the need to know information for upcoming games is unparalleled. The app is easy to use, clean looking and a really enjoyable experience leading up to visiting a ballpark. Keep up the great work MLB Designers and Tech!!!!!.Version: 8.6.0

Unable to add previous gamesEdit: THANK YOU to the developer team for adding the historical check-in feature!! 5-stars Original Review (4-stars): One of the most basic features should be the availability to add previously attended games to your My History page. If for whatever reason you are unable to check in, there’s no possibility for you to log your attendance to the game. I understand and can appreciate how the app has shifted to a ticket-focused platform, but you have to let your users be able to log events the app may not have tracked. Otherwise, there’s not much we can really do with this. Please consider this to a future update..Version: 9.2.0

Great app!!!Thank you for fixing the My History section!!! I was finally able to add my Spring Training games. Any chance you’ll ever add the stadium filter back? I loved being able to frame our stadium visits with the filter..Version: 9.3.0

Getting betterI’ll credit the app developers with this, they do seem to be listening to customer feedback. Each release it does get faster and more user friendly. Considering how poor it was at one point I’m pleasantly surprised where it’s at today..Version: 10.0.0

Historial check inTHANK YOU for finally bringing back this feature! Most games I attend, the ballpark doesn’t have WiFi so I’m unable to check in during the game. This is the best part of the app and the continually updating breakdowns of ballparks attended and team records are great. It’d be even cooler if the app could recognize/distinguish historic games we attend, i.e. a player’s first hit/homer, last game, cycles, etc. Things that aren’t uncommon that might surprise us looking back. Or even just a tagline from the game itself..Version: 9.1.0

Love the app!Great to keep track of games and info plus maintain my flex pack account. Great app!.Version: 5.1.1

Finally!Glad everything is not lost! Can there be an update in the future to add notes/pictures to previous games we’ve been to?.Version: 8.3.0

NY MetsDownloaded the app last July, when I bought tickets for the Mets v Pirates. The app is good, user friendly and I will be using it again. It even works where I live in the Falkland Islands & our internet is really really bad..Version: 9.0.0

Can’t delete certain check-insReally specific situation. I understand you can’t delete check-ins that you did while physically at the game. I attended the second game of a single-admission double header, and it checked me in for both games. Unable to delete the first game and the numbers in a my journal are skewed. Other than that, love this app..Version: 9.1.0

The FixThank you so much for finally fixing The history so we can add previous games. Really need to be able to add Spring Training. Thanks again..Version: 9.1.0

Great supportI had an issue removing accounts from the app and thankfully the team responded and was able to help. The app might not be perfect yet but it’s reassuring to know they read these reviews and will respond to help and make it better!.Version: 9.0.1

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