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NY MetsDownloaded the app last July, when I bought tickets for the Mets v Pirates. The app is good, user friendly and I will be using it again. It even works where I live in the Falkland Islands & our internet is really really bad..Version: 9.0.0

Can’t access tickets over a week laterI bought my tickets over a week ago and they still say “Barcode not available” contact member service. I have emailed three times; I received two calls one day when I was in a meeting. The person said they would call me the following day. I never received a call. I sent another email asking for someone to contact me to resolve the issue; only to receive an email saying we’re trying to contact you, what time will you be available. No one had called that day..Version: 10.7.0

BallPark useMLB BallPack App is easy to use and keep everything in one place..Version: 12.3.2

This shouldn’t be this difficultI’m a season ticket holder and I used this app seamlessly in the past. This year it is ridiculously ridiculous - I don’t understand how it goes backwards in this day of everything being technology driven. I also don’t understand how it is we are expected to use this to get into the ballpark with tickets but my tickets are not able to be seen. I am starting to really dislike the hoops I have to jump to see tickets I should be able to see after I log in like it used to be. I. AM. NOT. HAPPY..Version: 11.0.1

Don’t updateSo I just updated the app. I had tickets to a game and luckily I saved them to my Apple wallet. Because after I updated the app my tickets are no where to be found. Don’t update if you have tickets for a game that hasn’t happened yet. I mean this app is supposed to be the way to track and get all your tickets, but if it deletes tickets from your account after an update it looks like you’re screwed Edit: After doing some troubleshooting on my own removing and reinstalling the app I was able to get the tickets back up in the app..Version: 10.4.0

First Purchase for 75 year oldNow that I have received the notification that my tickets were successfully purchased, I have suggestions to help with future purchasers: My notification of a receipt of purchase was eventually finding my tickets on the Ballpark app. I am used to receiving confirmation that my purchase has gone through and additional instructions if needed. I did not have my MLB/Ballpark app notifications enabled because I had never used it beforehand. I did not understand that my tickets would be delivered in this manner. I suggest that MLB should make instructions clearer for purchasers of any age or those of us who are not digitally savvy! Now, I would like to find a seating map that I can find exactly where my seats will be located. That’s enough from me!.Version: 11.0.1

Good appThe app is really good.Version: 13.0.0

JmmcCabrera.Version: 12.1.7

Our Holiday will be perfect.1st trip to USA to celebrate retirement. My Dad was one of the original Cardinals in Australia in 1948. I’m going to Cityfield to see them in his honour, then to Yankee Stadium on the Tuesday. So excited..Version: 12.1.2

My birthday presentI bought my ticket on Monday June 5 th my birthday. I met the most beautiful family who have had season passes for 40 years! The best seat in the stadium behind home plate, in the shade, and access to the Scout Club! I had the most wonderful time, autographs from 5 of the pitchers! Everyone helped me finding my seat, food, except this tall man inside the Reds Team Shop who made me get out of the store and get back in line and re-enter the stadium and rescan my ticket! That was the most traumatic unacceptable experience. I hope it never happens to anyone who goes by themselves to the Cincinnati Reds game . Thank you for my birthday celebration at the Cincinnati Reds game!.Version: 12.1.8

Awful customer supportNo tickets showed up in my wallet. Did all things ap suggested. I have an order number but there is no where to enter that so i went through phone tree and chat. Same advice. Refresh wallet and check email. I had done this several times. Only advice was call back during M-F business hours. Well the game is in two hours so that’s not helpful. App should give the customer a way to add their own order or referenced items number since customer support is non existent..Version: 10.4.0

Love itSo easy and accessible. Perfect for the baseball lover.Version: 12.1.8

A stability disasterThe refreshed for 2020 version of this app is probably worse than the 2019 version. Thanks for bringing back the functionality of being able to add games that I’ve been to and access old photos, that should never have gone away, but it’s entirely unstable and I can’t scroll around without it being buggy or crashing! Also, all of my tickets right now say I need to call the box office, so why have this silly app? It literally doesn’t work..Version: 9.1.0

Unable to add previous gamesEdit: THANK YOU to the developer team for adding the historical check-in feature!! 5-stars Original Review (4-stars): One of the most basic features should be the availability to add previously attended games to your My History page. If for whatever reason you are unable to check in, there’s no possibility for you to log your attendance to the game. I understand and can appreciate how the app has shifted to a ticket-focused platform, but you have to let your users be able to log events the app may not have tracked. Otherwise, there’s not much we can really do with this. Please consider this to a future update..Version: 9.2.0

Fun appGreat for keeping track of what games you've been to..Version: 4.3.0

Worth the wait!The Ballpark App has had quite a journey but seems to have reached a good level of stability and reliability (even with some teams not really using the technology as well as they could). The Check-In feature is FANTASTIC. You can go back and enter games from the past. The app does the hard work -looking up the details. I add a picture of my ticket stub for self-verification. So far I’ve entered games back to 1984. This feature should be highlighted much more! Of course, an “export” function would be a great add. Now, if you can get the MLB App folks to fix the stat look-up function, especially for historical players, my baseball game attendance would be much more enjoyable as I would have something else to do than watch the game (since “my” teams are the Tigers, Cubs, and Nationals). 🥸.Version: 11.2.0

YEARS of waiting for editingWhen ESPN Passport went away, I was super bummed. All my historical check ins across several sports disappeared almost overnight. Thankfully, this app at least brought back the baseball portion of my lost archives. I was thrilled to check in the games that I had attended well after the fact and add pictures and little anecdotes and the stats that the app adds are fantastic. I did have one slight problem though. I went to a game in 2013 that ended after 7 innings due to rain but it wasn’t listed on the app despite being an official game. I checked in for a game the day prior and waited for the ability to correct it. Then for whatever reason, at some point they took away the ability to edit entries or add games after the fact. I’ve been hearing for YEARS how that feature is coming back any minute now but I’ve largely lost faith. Every 6 months or so I get irritated all over again about my mistaken entry so I email, call, and basically beg for them to edit my entry themselves...but no progress. It’s literally the only thing preventing this app from being a perfect tool for any baseball fan, the powers that be are fully aware of it, and yet are working on it at the speed of molasses running uphill..Version: 9.0.0

Top Notch Tigers in LakelandToday we attended the Tigers game for my husbands birthday. Not only did they put streamers on our seats, they provided a birthday card and put his name on the scoreboard. He was thrilled. Made our day. And then they won the game in the 9th. Perfect all around. Thank you ⚾️❤️⚾️❤️⚾️❤️.Version: 12.1.2

Cool cokeThanks for the update I just need help with this plan and I’ll check it again soon thanks for checking on us to discuss our plan to begin with this weekend we will discuss it again soon and we’ll see what happens next Monday thanks again again soon as you can we can help us out thanks again and we have to have our next meeting soon thanks for your help soon as you have an opportunity for our future thanks again and thanks again to the help for our prayers for helping you with your family soon as we can we are not going for our next church we will discuss it with our you soon thanks ..Version: 11.0.1

App updateSo annoying that everytime I try to do something on the app I get a message about updating for the new features but when I go to the App Store the app is fully updated..Version: 12.3.1

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