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Text Me - Phone Call + Texting App User Positive Comments 2022

Text Me - Phone Call + Texting app received 107 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about text me - phone call + texting?

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Text Me - Phone Call + Texting for Positive User Reviews

Great app, awesome functionalityGreat app, use it everyday for texts and calls. Only 2 issues, it sometimes just crashes. The other problem is with the very poor quality video chat. But it's free so can't really complain.Version: 2.1.1

PerfectI needed a second # so that when I was off the clock I could simply stop all the late and early AM calls from drivers needing dispatch throughout the night on nights I wasn’t on the clock. This gives me that. I simply turn off push notifications when I get off the clock and Boom... I’m not burdened by random semi drivers that hardly speak the same English I do calling at 3am and getting mad when I tell them to call the office main line because I’m off duty. It’d blow your mind if you knew how many drivers expect me to get out of bed and find them s load OFF the clock just to “do them a solid”... smh. Anyway his app is perfect if u need a work line u can disconnect yourself from after the work day. AND It texts, pic messages, and videos all to the same # as what they call. Sooo handy for BOL’s and invoices. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼.Version: 3.12.8

Hey guysAppreciate the app, keep up the good work :).Version: 3.14.1

Great appI used this app when my phone has broken and the south of England was on lockdown and needed this in an emergency. Great app and never failed me. Cheers for inventing and letting me use it free whoever made this 👍.Version: 3.26.6

HelpfulGood app to have, but would be even better if it was easier to get credits..Version: 2.5.1

TerrificTxt me is terrific highly recommend u install this app.Version: 2.0.6

Lifesaver100% worth downloading! Has saved me so many times, way way better than competitors! I recommend to all my friends.Version: 3.7.3

AwesomeThis app u can prank call your home phone so quite cool.Version: 2.2.5

Great AppThis is the app everyone should have on their phones. It is cool and easy to use. When you call, it is as clear as any other phone but is affordable with various choices you would not get on every day phone - choice of a second number is a mazing. I love it..Version: 3.30.2

FantasticElegant app and revolutionary concept - free (ad-supported) calling, texting and data from any mobile network.Version: 2.8.4

Awesome app best app ever!!!!!The app is cool but kinda simala to face book lolololol I am awesome.Version: 2.0.3

Brilliant AppIt’s far better than the other apps available, and I have found this much more straight forward to use but it doesn’t lack in features just because it’s easy to use!.Version: 3.23.5

The best text everThe best text ever cause I don't have to have 2 phones.Version: 2.2.5

Does what it's intended for and moreI've been using this app for well over a year with very little issues. I paid $10 way back to permanently remove ads and it has been great, can call anyone in canada free. I've never experienced 95% of the problems ppl have posted about, nor have i paid more than $10 one time for ad removal lol.Version: 3.12.8

The best 📞 app in the 🌏I love this app. It is so good that I have forgotten the password for my phone because I haven't been using it! 🔟 Out of 🔟 Most other phone apps cannot be used to call real ☎s and the ones that can aren't very good.👍🌟😇.Version: 2.2.5

Easy to useWell if its free its great seems as fast as any other tex method.Version: 2.1.3

Too Many AdsThis is an ok app, but there are wayyyyy to many ads. I see ads just pop up randomly when I’m trying to text. It won’t let me touch anything, it just freezes up. Ads at literally the worst things ever invented. Listen if you don’t care, go ahead and try this app out, once you try you will come back and thank me I told you ads were the worst. If you like ads, you know, when they pop up every once in awhile, maybe once every 10-20 minutes, we’ll on text me it’s every second, they never go away, and I thinks it’s dumb to get them removed with money, they shouldn’t be there, how come IMessage doesn’t have one single ad? Dint even tell me that you would even think I’m wrong, go and try the app, you will believe me. I only use this app to text my Grandmas because they don’t have iPhones, I’m fine using that but I really need improvement, please I’m begging you..Version: 3.22.0

Calling abroadThis is good app for calling abroad and great to build credit by watching ads.I recommend text me should include other form of payment such as PayPal.I don’t have Apple Card account and won’t use Apple Card payment system..Version: 3.19.4

Best appNice and easy to use one of the best app.Version: 3.23.5

AliI have used this app for once something like this works I spent like 4quid and have spoken a few times making calls to landline mobiles it’s pretty cool. I use it to call landline like offices as you cannot do that on what’s app or face time. Very impressed it’s not that expensive aswell well at least for now..Version: 3.26.6

AwsomeJazzluvtemplerun girl. There r millions of people out there that love this app and u think that because they read what u wrote and that cover is better viber stinks I mean its ok but u shoudn't be saying things like that let people choose what they thinks good.Version: 2.2.5

Very great app honestly speakingI dont normally write reviews but I’ve been using this app for almost 2 years now and I thought to myself “These guys deserve their roses, I’m going to give it to them” cause this app does an EXCELLENT job as a second phone number for me. I can call and text people with the comfort of knowing they can’t call my real number back because im using this fake one. The phone calls can be a little hit or missy in quality but the texting is perfect and I feel like thats what a lot people came for especially me so its a great app. A few improvements can be made but if they never upgraded anything this is still a 10/10 app to me..Version: 3.28.1

Awesome!As an Australian resident, making these calls and sms' are simpler than 123... Best app for calling worldwide i can promise you now... Get credit by watching videos of buying it low cost. Get TextMe today!.Version: 2.5.1

AlrightI think it's alright kind of boring and kind if fun try it out have fun.Version: 2.0.5

Text meHey all this app is great.Version: 2.1.2

CoolIt's alright I mean u have to earn minutes to call but it's still really good for texting by the way if u r looking for another text app get kik it is best ever.Version: 2.1.0

AmazingIt's great but would be better if worked without wifi haha but overAll it's great!!.Version: 2.2.6

Works but takes a week not 24-48 hours to acceptStill haven’t accepted my numbers it’s been 3 days now and counting..Version: 3.30.0

AppThis app is really good because it doesn't cost anything and you can find some really cool games by just looking at ways to get more credit.Version: 2.5.1

MissGreat app 👍🏼👍🏼.Version: 3.12.8

Text me!Brilliant thanks.Version: 2.2.5

HiBest thing I have see.Version: 2.1.1

It’s okIt’s okay but quite annoying because it is hard to get credits but otherwise it is fine and I find it hard because I have an iPod so u can’t text people with Samsung’s but I don’t think this app is good but I think every day you should be given 1 credit or 2. If any one knows any good apps I can use to text a Samsung from my iPod(apart from WhatsApp) Please let me know by righting a review or emailing me. Thank you. Also please make it the changes to this app and I will give your app 5. Stars no lie it will deserve it if you make the changes. Thank you.Version: 3.22.0

Fun fun funGreat app.Version: 3.15.3

Mrs HawkinsI would like to express how GRATEFUL I am that a service app. is available to people like myself that really depends on having a phone service for great reasons, for example, I rely on this app. because I have serious health issues and sometimes I can’t afford to pay monthly phone bills knowing that I have to choose between taking my 22 pills a day of medication ( every medication has a co-pay) or paying a phone bill which can SAVE MY LIFE if I would ever need to call for help. On the other hand, it’s just as important to take my 22 pills a day (MEDICATION) in orders to maintain my HEALTH and regulate my pain daily in my body. THEREFORE, without this phone app. I would be put in a very STRESSFUL SITUATION. I would like to say BEST APP. ever. Whether it is known or not, THIS APP. IS ONE OF THOSE THAT DEFINITELY CAN SAVE LIVES. DEEPLY APPRECIATED,,, SINCERELY, NLH, PITTSBURGH PA.Version: 3.24.0

Lollipops lookIt's a very good app.Version: 2.5.1

CoolHype af.Version: 3.9.2

Best app everGreat if you don’t have credit or don’t want someone’s to have ur personal number m Best app ever easy to use recommend it to anyone have it on my phone all the time.Version: 3.22.0

Best appThis app is great! You can text and call. I just downloaded it and found out that it is a great app!.Version: 2.2.1

Text meReally good I love it appsolutely love it.Version: 2.1.0

Love it so very muchThe best app there to manage Multiple phone numbers especially if you travel a lot, like me. I cannot reiterate how amazing it is to be able to switch between the phone numbers and how you can just forget about the subscription and have it renew automatically I’m just so excited and grateful about it. I would highly recommend this to anyone who travels a lot and also to anyone that likes practicality and likes to be private. Top marks, amazing job, thank you so much TextMe!!!!.Version: 3.33.13

I use it frequently. I love it.Comes in handy between paydays I run out of mins I use text me to get hold of people very convenient. Unlike other free call apps they can call u back, Not a private number 👏🏽👍🏽👍🏽.Version: 3.9.2

TextMeExcellent! Except sometimes, it can be annoying with the credit thing!!.Version: 2.2.6

TextMe AppI use TextMe on my iPad which is a 4G LTE Cellular model and with the app installed I can use my iPad like a mobile phone. Friends of mine are surprised when they see me calling them on their mobiles from my iPad. I have been using TextMe as telephone back up option for quite a few years now. I cannot fault the app or the support service which for me has always deserved a 5 star rating..Version: 3.16.5

AwesomeIt's awesome,,I can make a call and text all free,,,.Version: 2.1.0

HandyBeen using this app for years now, always bouncing from country to country so works out much cheaper. Only issue I have is doing things to get rewards, 50/50 I actually get them after completing the task although saying that, I haven't actually tried again in over a year I would say so issue may be fixed by now..Version: 3.9.8

Pretty GoodText me 2 is great. It would be a good idea to let people make up a phone number for there text me and call other peoples numbers for as long as they want. It is really annoying when the messages, voice mails, videos and photos take ages to load. It would be good if it didnt use wifi too. I think it would be good to find another way to let people know that they have texted you. It is way better than the original text me in most ways, including the picture quality. In textme one, the account photos went away for some odd reason so i would definitely not recommend text me one. So i want no wifi faster text, photos etc and another way to let people know that they have got a text. (not that its your responsibility or anything). Other than that, its a great app..Version: 2.0.7

Best app for calling that I’ve found.I use it to call my grandpa (who is 90, has dementia, and doesn’t use any social media or messaging apps) on his home phone in another country three times a week. It would cost me a fortune to do that on my regular phone plan but with this app it’s affordable and the call quality is great! I’ve tried so many other apps and none have been reliable in making or receiving calls from him. This one is fabulous and well worth the minimal cost for using it. This app has pretty much single-handedly allowed me to keep in touch with my grandfather during COVID times when he hasn’t been able to go out or have visitors and I haven’t been able to go home and see him. 🧡🧡🧡.Version: 3.31.0

Best 2nd phone appI use this app for work. I can’t give out my personal number. This app is awesome! It’s free to text! It will let you keep your number. They charge to make calls, with “credits”. Or subscribe to remove ads, keep your number, and make unlimited calls. This app doesn’t lock you out after a trial period. That’s why I’m still using it and I didn’t delete it like I did many of their competitors who got not a dime from me. A year later and I still am able to change my number or keep it. And text freely. I love this app!! These ppl get it. I bought credits just to give them a tip lol.Version: 3.27.1

I cant ask for a better applicationThis application is so cool. I am a kid and sense l am not big enough for a phone l use this application to feel l have a phone and it really works! When you start they give you like a real phone number and if another device calls that number you get the call like a real phone🤩 sense l have a iPad there is some phones that are not compatible with my iPad but it makes it makes it possible! That is the reason why l downloaded this is because is like magic that automatically makes you talk with a phone number that is not compatible with my iPad. For a kid is a really cool that to download and plus everything is free! So if you are reading this DOWNLOAD IT NOW RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!!🥺🥺🥺please because is amazing.Version: 3.26.4

AwesomeIt's is so cool because all my friends have phones and now with text me i can turn my iPod into a phone and not pay at all amazing.Version: 2.2.5

Great for call&textI’ve used ALOT if not most of the texting apps offered due to living in a town with virtually no cell service. This app takes the place of cell and land lines. Until recently getting a job that required I had a landline set up, this was the only thing I used to receive and make calls from home. Most apps require you to watch videos or complete surveys, etc to earn credits to make calls. This app allows you to call anywhere without credits. I also don’t have complaints on glitches or not receiving calls/texts. Unlike most apps this app never seems to give me many problems like glitches or freezing up or running slow. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a VoIP App..Version: 3.16.6

I love itI looooove this app but when ever I go to change my picture I usually click on the picture from face book but I don't mean to and then I go back on it and it will be loading for ages and I had to delete it because it wouldn't load and I just got it again and did the face book thing again and it is FROZEN but other wise I looooooove this app it is soooo awesome.Version: 2.1.3

👍Best flippin app ever!!!!!!!!! Thank u to the absolute geniuses who created it 😃☺😃☺😃☺😃☺😃☺😃.Version: 2.2.2

TextMeGreat texting app not to much of a calling person so can’t say anything about that but this the only app that takes privacy and security to a whole different level!! If you have family or friends using your phone you can add a passcode (multiple options like your Lock Screen, also can hide your conversations ( for all you cheating unfaithful people ) or if you simply have bad trust issues like myself and don’t want to delete the messages you can select hide chat and it can’t be seen until password is entered!!! I like looking back at old messages but also want to keep them private! Just need to have cellular data or be connected to Wi-Fi! Best app for a second number hands down 💯.Version: 3.33.17

GreatHi everyone I LOVE this app all my school friends are on it and I LOVE how you can make and/or join groups of people and the people who say you have to pay for calls are wrong I've made at least 24 hours worth of calls and I'm still calling friends for free I DO recommend this app for texting AND talking to friend. ENJOY.Version: 2.0.3

Love itBeen using for 5 years. Love it.Version: 3.33.17

Best app I've ever had!!I find text me a great, new and exciting way to keep in touch with anyone from around the globe. Whether you want to send a voice message to your mates or just text to your bestirs, it's always there!! This is the best app I've ever experienced and reccomend it to EVERYONE and best of all.... IT'S FREEE!!!.Version: 2.0.2

WowI just downloaded text me and I texted my BFF straight away and I got a reply so quick.Version: 2.2.4

AppI would give this app a 4/5 stars.Version: 2.8.1

Mark in cleethorpesWell impressed with this app like the fact if someone messages me I get a free credit one small hiccup is when trying to get a free credit by watching a clip of some sort 6/7 out of 10 times I'm unable to watch clip text me always says try later then 1/2 times Out of 10 I watch a clip but get no credit also after filling in or downloading a game I've never received the said free credits overall though a great free app (good thing I have friends to send messages to keep my credits up ..Version: 3.9.2

Great way to keep in touch10/10. Would recommend to anybody interested in learning about new offers and calling friends.Version: 2.2.6

Great butIts great but if there was no credits then it would be amazing.Version: 3.9.8

Best calling app for international calls and texts!! 👌🏾This app helps me to even boost IQ withBrain training apps that help you build credit so you can make calls and texts. Why not help yourself and get yourself some credits great app, keep the it going!!😜.Version: 3.33.13

Ok app, just lots of adds, can be annoyingIt’s an OK app, but there are too many adds. I wouldn’t think that you would need so many, but I wouldn’t know either. Every time that you send a text, an add pops up, and about every where you look on the app there’s an add. Also, I can’t send any GIFs or pics or videos. The most annoying thing is that I can’t join a group that my friends are on, but they also are using messages on Samsung phones, dk if that would make a difference. It’s not a huge deal to me that I can’t be on the chat so whatever. I decided that I wouldn’t go to the hassle of getting another app, because it is free, so, hey. You also get a lot of scam calls/texts. It is a great app for what I use it for (casual texting, nothing important) but it would be very annoying otherwise..Version: 3.28.1

A1Great.Version: 3.22.0

ProblemI’m not using this app anymore and how come that they take my money down from my bank account? Does anybody know I would of need the number of this app.Version: 3.18.5

Txt meSo far so good.Version: 2.2.4

Awesome appThis app is great I've got in touch with my friends who live far away. This app made my day when I heard about it and there was another app that is called text me that you text on. It's such a great app..Version: 2.0.5

Looking for second number to use for verification???Hands down THE BEST for verification purposes I have tried a million different “phone” apps and every time I need a verifiable number I get rejected aside from this app! It works every time. Which is amazing considering I don’t always like using my number and it just adds that extra level of security when doing things online for me anyway. Ok another plus is there aren’t a lot of ads like most I have tried to use every two minutes literally you have to watch an ad but again not this app. Plus there is also the option to pay a small dollar amount to completely remove ads if you plan on using this more often then not. As I don’t use it much I don’t pay for that. So far I have not had any issues with the app itself either. No glitches or anything of that nature. If your considering this app I would say go for it!.Version: 3.30.2

ReneeIt is awesome because u can txt friends the only thing is my friends have not hooked up to it yet.Version: 2.0.7

Text me 2It's good and although I only message one person it's good to be able to send more than 1 picture and recording voice mesages and free voice calls I recommend it for people.Version: 2.1.3

ExcellentReally good app for calling.Version: 2.8.4

GreatThis app is great! Nearly replaces texting if credits were easier to earn!.Version: 2.6.3

OkayIts okay. Its annoying that u need internet and it cmes up az randm number. Ppl shld b able to reply with txt packs!!.Version: 2.2.6

Great workHi this is the best app the only thing is that we need to get more credit much more easily then it will be even better than it is Ps. Great work btw..Version: 2.5.1

AwesomeAwesome free texting I am getting so many credit.Version: 2.2.1

AppsGreat way to keep in contact with busy student family members and only requires the Internet no cash . We use all the functions it's great..Version: 2.1.3

GoodThe credit and al about perks of being a TextMe user.Version: 2.2.5

NiceGood.Version: 3.26.6

Great for iPod usersGet it its worth it.Version: 2.2.6

Love itIt's soo cool its really good stuff.Version: 2.8.0

Good if u dateThis is a great app if you are dating and using date apps . As a woman, well men should do this to . Women crazy these days as well . I like to go through screening process . This app works well because I don’t have to do the whole block n delete if the mans crazy . I can just hop on n off this app . Everyone should have one of these numbers actually. With all these scam calls n the big apocalyptic covid life u can’t trust anyone with your real information. And also this is a good app to prank call people. Kids get bored being in lockdown so we can do good pranks with this app . So it has many benefits. Everyone should get it and give it 5 stars.Version: 3.24.0

FreeNo money & phone without texting = an option that's free and allows you to text while in Wi-Fi it's made me happy.Version: 3.9.2

Very good BUT.....I do love the app. It’s very simple and useful. BUT... it’s very frustrating when you watch adverts to get a credit then you simply don’t get a credit. Not just once.. very regularly...and as if you add to your frustrations, when you do gain a credit sometimes it tells you 1,2,3 even 4 different ways you have..!!! come on TextMe...get it sorted.Version: 3.15.4

Brilliant appI’ve found this app very useful for the end of the month when I’ve no credit left. It’s extremely easy to earn credits and they are only one credit for a couple minute phone call u seen to go through them quite quickly when texting, I also found out that when people call or text u bak u gain credit too. The only down side I’ve found is u can watch ads and not get payed for them which is annoying to say the least..... other than that it’s a pretty cool app I’v recommended it to all my friends.Version: 3.11.1

ReviewThought it be one of them normal, 1 minute call then pay stupid money, but this you can watch a few ads and sorted, or go prime, getting good use from app. So happy with this..Version: 3.27.1

Love itI love this app it's amazing :).Version: 2.2.6

Ghostly texts lolThis app was amazing at first and then it started saying I’ve got texts.. missed calls and voice mails.. when I certainly don’t!!.. it’s been like this for a month now I’ve done the new update and it’s not helped.. I’ve uninstalled it.. and be clicked on everything within the app.. nothing at all it still shows it.. I pay £10 a month for this?? Surely there’s something to make this go away right?.Version: 3.28.1

GreatThis app is great but at the same time it's bad I have trouble reading and sending things it kicks me out an shuts my phone Down. An it also lags but other then that it's great :) If you are having the same Problem hit the home Button on your iPhone twice then look for textme2 then hold it when it comes up with a "X" click it and hit the home button and get back into textme2.Version: 2.1.2

I like itIt’s a really good texting app. It’s a good replacement if you want a new number without actually getting a new chip in a new phone. I like you can call any number from the app or text any number. I’m quite impressed actually..Version: 3.27.2

Great so far!This app is so far working fine. My iPhone doesn’t have service, and I needed a way to contact my friends and parents. The thing is, the ads are driving me crazy! A lot of them are kind of weird. The only bad experience I had with it was when I couldn’t log back in on a different device. Trying another way, I applied for a new number, but right afterwards, figured out that it had logged me back in! Don’t know what happened, but at least it saved me the trouble of having to tell everyone my new number. It works perfectly fine, just like messages and it surprised me when I could text other people that didn’t have the app. Overall great! But if you want to spend a few $$ a week, they can stop the ads and let u call for free..Version: 3.14.1

Good texting appHighly recommend this app if you don't have credit or have run out of data. 100 percent hold all you have to do is earn free credits and then you can message people.Version: 3.10.1

Very goodI can call or text anyone pro.Version: 2.5.1

App of the yearDefiantly best app I have just great one word excellent.Version: 2.5.1

Best app!I am a 13 year old girl and all the app suitable for this age is hard to find, especially a good one like this! I would definitely recommend this app to everybody and I have told all of my friends to get it. If you are looking for a good app this is definitely the one to get. Also I love how it is free and no advertisements and also amazing features. Well done 👏👏👏.Version: 2.6.2

The reason I like and don't like this appHi the reason I like this app it's because it's pretty useful as in this app practically converted my iPod touch into a smart phone because I can text and call any phone and I like the idea of the free credit it's pretty cool however it would be better if I didn't have to be in Wi-Fi for it to work but since it's an iPod I have to be in Wi-Fi to use this app..Version: 3.10.1

GénialMerveilleux! Text Me a tjrs très bien fonctionner et ce depuis maintenant 5 ans !.Version: 3.12.8

Worst text app I’ve triedSkip this one, there’s nothing special about it compared to the other popular text apps. It’s only worse. Half of my texts and calls don’t come through and the ones that do give me NO notification unless I open the app and check mailbox. Had a mini emergency situation a few days after I downloaded it and I wasn’t able to make any calls (still can’t after 2 weeks) either itS silent (no dialing or ringing) or it straight up won’t even attempt to call after press the green call button several times. Then you also get a bonus of it freezing and being SLOW. Glad I figured this out before I committed to this number and using it as my contact. Also it’s ugly and cluttered looking.Version: 3.19.0

Txt me appPretty cool app! Can actually use it on my ipad as long as ur friends are using the same app.Version: 2.1.1

The best ever in the world!!!!Okay so text me is the best it's so cool that you can really call people on your iPod its like a iPhone so cool love it.Version: 2.1.2

Very great app!App is very easy to use and I get to have an additional number for my purpose! I love that I even get to choose my own number from about 4 options!! I enjoy its letting me build up credit score to earn points; it is a very excellent function to have! Honestly, there is nothing of this app that I can complain about. I do have a question though. There is a section called “Grant of Limited License” within the Terms & Conditions that states, “Subject to these T&Cs and our relevant User Agreements, We hereby grant you a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable license for access and use of Content, Products and Services.” Does being “non-exclusive” mean that this number will be given to a different user once my premium subscription expires? If it should be interpreted a different way, please clarify how. I would really appreciate your help and time! Thank you very much, TextMe team :).Version: 3.26.6

Really goodThis app is really good if you need a number but not a SIM card you have to buy credits or watch adverts to get them you can also complete actions like playing website games to get them and once I had three credits and one credit is run per minute and I had a call for seven minutes 😆 but the only improvement I can recommend is not advertising it as free calls and texts stop paying for your sms because it is hard to get loads of free credits.Version: 3.19.4

Works but not best quality , expect adsWorks but not best quality , expect ads.Version: 3.30.2

J’aime beaucoup l’applicationUne très bonne application pour votre enfant ou même pour un adulte par contre on doit utiliser l’application juste avec de la connexion sinon cela ne marche pas.Version: 3.33.17

Quite good!I love everything else about it. Texting and calling. You can’t send images tho. Which is the only problem. I sent an image and the person I sent it to, didn’t receive anything apart from my sms text messages.Version: 3.18.5

Alternate LineFrom deployment, to alternate line, this app is great. Caught a deal for one for five dollars unlimited text and call in the continental United Stated (not Alaska and Hawaii). You do require WiFi to use it, but whether you uses it on your phone with service (alternate line for a dramatic fraction of the cost), or you use it without service and have a phone that works when you’re connected to WiFi; you will get your messages once connected, and missed calls will ring as a result of being reconnected to WiFi, but it’s a mild annoyance for playing it cheap. Overall, GREAT SERVICE; highly recommended!.Version: 3.26.6

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