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Dark Sky Weather app received 46 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about dark sky weather?

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Thumbs down since the last major updateWhat happened to my favorite weather app? Why make it look like every other weather app? Now I usually have to click a “try again” link to launch the app, or it simply hangs on a white screen until I relaunch the app. Edit: Now it thinks I’m always in NYC. It’s not a hardware issue, as other weather apps have no problem launching or finding my current location. Edit v2: Found out two friends also have the NYC issue. Great job. There are some cool new features, and the scroll down to see the upcoming 7 days, with the tap to expand to hourly view for any day within the week, is more fluid. But the experience of getting into the app in the first place, as well as the lame new look of the interface, has me searching for a new app. Edit: I now also feel like the accuracy of the forecast has also taken a major dive. The other day I was looking out the window at rain coming down; I opened Dark Sky to see when the rain would lessen or stop (one of my favorite features), and I was shown “no precipitation in your area”. Today, two other weather apps were giving the same forecast of a front moving in tomorrow with a tremendous temperature drop (from 83 to 59), meanwhile Dark Sky is still showing the earlier forecast of the same warm 80 degree weather for the next day. I have now deleted Dark Sky - RIP.Version: 6.0.6

Used to be accurateHave been using dark sky for years but the accuracy just seems to have been lost. I can’t count how many times in the last 6 months it’s not given rain warnings, given a warning 30 minutes after it started, said it’s about to stop raining when it doesn’t. It’s no more accurate than using the Apple weather app and the notifications are nothing more than an annoyance now. The Apple Watch complication seems pretty buggy too and only displays the temperature in Fahrenheit when the app is set to degrees, maybe I’m missing a setting but it’s not clear how to change the default on the watch. It’s a shame really as the interface redesign is a huge improvement over the old one, but the accuracy is no better than any of the free weather apps out there..Version: 6.1.4

Real time accuracy but who needs that?Have had this app for a long time (I actually like the redesign, btw) and it used to be really good at forecasting. Around 8-12 months ago though, the forecasting became horrible. I’m not naive, I don’t expect any weather predictor to be accurate all of the time but it’s nice to know if something like rain is POSSIBLY on the immediate horizon. I play a lot of outdoor sports and this has recently failed me so many times that I’m looking for a better option. real world example: Have softball game at 2:00, check at various times in morning...cloudy but no indication of rain, like not even a 10% chance..... 1:00, same thing. Get in car, drive to game, stop at drug store, leave drug store and it’s pouring out, look at app again and it shows rain for next 3 hours. All of a sudden!? I’m not someone that looks at 7 day forecasts because I don’t believe they’re very accurate but I feel like 1-4 hours should be when the weather is most predictable. I don’t need real time weather, I can look out the window and see the rain. I simply want to be able to know if it MIGHT rain before I get in my car and waste my time. This isn’t an anomaly either, it’s happened often enough that I’m writing a review in hopes that the developers go back to what was working best..Version: 6.0.3

Really?I’m giving only 1 star due to my initial experience with the app. I live in Japan and bought the app due to all of the positive reviews. There were many people saying how good the app worked for their area and that the forecast was extremely accurate, or as the description says ‘hyper local’ weather information. This morning when I first opened the app it said that it was currently overcast with a 25% chance of rain later in the day...it has been snowing here for the last 48 hours non-stop 🤔. Also, there is no radar coverage on the main forecast screen, not sure if this is just because I am in Japan, but either way it’s not exactly what I was expecting. The app looks nice enough and there is some information that is kind of accurate but £3.99 is a lot of money when windy and snow-forecast apps are free, more accurate and give more information, such as cloud coverage etc (windy not snow-forecast) I am going to continue using the app and if my opinions change I will update the review but for now I would say don’t waste your money, get something free that is more useful.Version: 6.8.5

Doesn’t work in my areaThis app is missold. It claims “Dark Sky is able to create hyperlocal forecasts telling you down to the minute when it will rain in your area”, but when I open it, the hyper local forecast is missing and the map which dominates 75% of the main screen area is blank. I didn’t spend £3.99 on a weather app simply to be told “Next hour:Unavailable (no radar coverage)”. No doubt those who developed this app live in an area with wonderful weather radar coverage and can’t conceive of anyone living somewhere more rural where their app doesn’t work. Developing an app which depends on third party data feeds and which provides an awful user experience if someone is outside a coverage zone is only ok if your marketing makes it clear that it doesn’t work everywhere and provides a coverage checker people can use BEFORE they waste their time and money. I’m off to get this app refunded, if necessary via a credit card chargeback if Apple will not refund it through the App Store receipt “report a problem” link..Version: 6.8.4

Could be a lot betterCons: satellite prediction like so many other weather apps show useless animation of what the weather WAS like.. please someone enlighten me on the usefulness of that? What is the point? The predictive animation only shows 1 hour into the future: again this has very little value especially when considering the met app shows you a good 10hrs of predicted satellite cloud track. Secondly weather data is only shown on shown at intervals.. for a hyper-local boasting weather tracking app I find this rather hypercritical! Again, other apps can show 1 hr intervals, why can’t this one? Pros: data, generally is fairly accurate with timely notifications. A simplified UI makes for an easy assessment of the weather situation..Version: 5.3.5

Waste of money...I bought this app because of the high ratings and everyone saying how accurate it was. I live in Asheville and it is seemingly very hard to forecast the weather for. I have downloaded 7 or 8 free apps for weather, but this one I bought because of its reputation and the fact that I couldn’t find a trial version. This was a mistake. This app is never correct to what my weather is currently doing or what it is going to do. In fact, it is usually off more than all the other apps. It is usually off by 5 degrees, and if it is currently raining it says it’s partly sunny. Lol. Honestly, it’s a little comical at how wrong it is on a constant basis. I have started showing how wrong it is to my friends when I am out and we have laughed so hard that one labeled the app “Dark Lie” due to its inaccuracy. It would be more hilarious if I hadn’t spent $ on it. Also, I was able to add a few cities to it as I travel often, but now it seems I cannot. Not sure what happened. I am deleting the app after this. I downloaded the free Weather Channel app and in the last 3 months I have noticed it is WAY more accurate than Dark Lie..Version: 6.3.3

Most important numbers now harder to readPretty update at expense of usability. Latest update presents an empty view, requiring the user to poke about with UI to get some update and actually present data. I’m sure the high fidelity design treatments looked great on a Mac or zoomed in during a presentation, but not on a 7+ and certainly not in a 5s. Specifically, the stroke and size and colour of font, white on black, make the single most important data on the screen the single hardest data on the screen to read. Sideways scrolling the data field text selectors is a bit rubbish too. Not very discoverable and target area feels fiddly. Also wasting space with the tabs at bottom of the screen. It hides data on screen all the time. So it’s usefulness should match its permanency- but it doesn’t. These nav options simply don’t hold as much value as the data they’re hiding. I also don’t care about the map at the top. Never use it, so for me, it’s a waste of space parking it there with no option to switch it off. Adding searched locations is overlong in user steps. You need to find the location (which uses some confusing alternates - type in London and it just gives you England, Great Britain), select it, be brought back out of search to actually view data for that location, then go back into search and drag from recent searches into saved locations. For me, this release is an example of “pretty” by designer trumping the needs of the user..Version: 6.0.2

Do not waste your time or your money in the UKThis used to be a great app. It could be a bit useless at times as it’d be raining and the app would say it’s “cloudy” or “overcast”-and then after you’ve submitted it’s actually raining into the app, the weather then changes for the ENTIRE WEEK! Even then, it was pretty simple to use and the interface was ok. This new update and interface is rubbish. You can’t see the current weather within the app anymore, you have to check to see what time it is first, and then find the time in between the hourly slots and roughly figure out what the weather is roughly like. I’m really disappointed with this app which makes looking at the weather harder than ever before. The standard weather app on the iPhone is much better in hindsight and I wish I didn’t purchase this rubbish app..Version: 6.0.2

Hit and missDownloaded this on the strength of the reviews, and so far I’ve been a little disappointed. Judging from the more recent reviews here the latest redesign seems to have impacted on the app’s quality. My own experience with it is that it’s a bit frustrating to use. The radar images take a while to load fully, whether I’m on mobile internet or WiFi. There’s often a discrepancy between the radar and the stated forecast – the radar might shown it raining while the forecast below says the chance of precipitation is zero. Additionally, though I have notifications enabled for rain, it seems to be completely random as to whether they actually appear or not. It’s a neat feature, but largely useless if it doesn’t function reliably. So far its predictions haven’t been great either (certainly no more accurate than other free weather apps), though that might just be the British weather! Finally, sometimes the app doesn’t update to the current time. On a number of mornings I’ve opened the app to see it still showing me the forecast for the previous evening, and I’ve had to close and reopen it to get it to update. Overall, I hope that the developers take on board the comments here, because it certainly seems like it was a better app prior to redesign. If the issues above can be ironed out then maybe it’ll improve, but currently I’m considering heading back to the free apps I was using before..Version: 6.0.4

A little embarrassing at timesA little embarrassing at times when trying to convince friends and family that this app is reliable... I am mostly referring to the use on my Apple Watch 3. I’m going to stick with this a little longer to give it more of a chance, however when using the Apple Watch the screen can stay static (if use on watch face / home screen) and stay on ‘rain starting soon’, it can do this with being clear but then it rains.... The watch part of this app needs sharpening up, I did try to email the developer before Christmas but I haven’t heard back (5th January 2018 today’s date). Otherwise the app on my iPhone works well, but still not spot on, as for instance it said ‘possible rain for 1pm, but 76% chance of rain for 3pm’, there was no rain until late evening around 10pm. But hey ho, sometimes the weather reporter gets this wrong. So all in all, it’s been good with the iPhone but sluggish with the Apple Watch, I will give it a bit of a chance as the Apple Watch 3 is still fairly new and it may be down to software adjustments... (probably). But still would like to hear back from Dark Sky via email..Version: 5.3.4

At the end of the day not good enoughAfter using this app as the primary weather app for several months, I decided to delete it. It is just not good enough. It is not accurate. Built in Weather app and Wunderground are much better. One annoying thing is that for some mysterious reason it always shows nearest radar station offline. I even emailed the developers and they dismissed it as “can happen we cannot control it”. I understand it may happen sometimes but if it is happening all the time I suspect something is buggy with the app and how it connects to the radar station. I think this is affecting the accuracy of the app. In many instances it would not show rain or very low percentage for it but it would be raining. And please for the love of it fix this probability thing - hourly rain probability being low but daily probability showing 100%. I understand the math and the reason for it but from a usability point of view it is misleading. At the end of the day app is not delivering the relevant information to the user even though math behind it is correct. If you are simply looking for weather information, I suggest use the Weather app and don’t waste your money. If you need radar information and more fine grained weather forecast, use Wunderground and save your money..Version: 6.2

Overpriced hypeThe app looks cute. Even though most to all of the info you are interested is there, it always seems to either take too many taps or digging around to find. Once the info is found, the presentation often is unusual (too cute?) that it takes a moment to process what it's saying. That's too inefficient. As for the current condition, "foggy" seems to be the default when it doesn't know what to say. Clear, overcast, light mist, all could cause the app to say "foggy." Other times, when wind is gusting at 35+ MPH, it could say "clear" and that's it. Good weather app would say windy at least. Next hour forecast is accurate about half of the time. In the end, this app provides same info as other weather apps, often not better to worse. At $3.99, it's overpriced hype. I literally get laughed at by friends who have better data using free apps. Maybe worth $.99 to remove ads, that's about it. This app is in the same category as Siri; fun to pull out at parties for a laugh, but you'd never use as utility. I regret spending the money and would not recommend this app..Version: 6.4.1

Always on location services for widget??This is an otherwise nice app and one of my favorite weather apps that I use with TWC and AccuWeather. But the recent update now requires location services to be Always on in order for the widget to tell you the weather at your location. This is a big nono as I do not want my GPS antenna always on for 1) preserve battery life and 2) privacy reasons. They can say what they want about my information remaining private, but I find it hard to believe that the app now requires this when this worked fine with location services at “Only while using” before the recent update and my other weather apps work fine also in this setting.” I find it ridiculous and unacceptable that this now requires such settings for the widget to work. I will be deleting this app until this issue is fixed and they can figure out how to get the widget to work on “Only while using” like it did before. And although I already purchased the app, I won’t be recommending it to others as long as it forces location services to be on all the time..Version: 6.7.3

Fantastic weather app very accurate but I would love to see…This is a very informative and accurate weather app and I would rate it a 5* if it just had 2 more features. The 1st one been pollen count for people like myself that have bad hay fever through the year. It would be a nice feature even if it just said low, medium or high as a suggestion. And the 2nd feature would be pollution forecast for the crowded cities like London or Hong-kong as an example it would be a good indication to see what the pollution outside would be for if you need a mask. If these 2 features were preset or to be added I would love to change this from a 3* to a 5* as like I said this app is very powerful and now that Apple has bought it it will be interesting to see where this app goes :).Version: 6.8.4

Declined over the yearsThis was the hands-down best weather app a few years ago, but has declined in usefulness recently. It was perfect in every way, especially after it became available on the watch. However, last August they overhauled the interface when there was absolutely nothing wrong with it in the first place. I hate pretty much everything about the new interface. It’s more confusing to look at, some of the fonts are too small, and I preferred swiping to see the maps and long range forecast. Worst of all though is that the watch app no longer works since the August update, and I’ve now reverted to using Apple’s inferior weather app complication instead. The notifications remain super timely though, which was always the feature that differentiated them from all the other weather apps, but given that they no longer appear on my watch I often miss them entirely. I’d still recommend Dark Sky for use on iOS for the timely notifications, but look elsewhere for the time being if you want a working watch app..Version: 6.1.1

Unfortunate layout changesThe folks at dark sky touted the new single page format of the app but ignore the fact that users each have their own needs regarding what information is most important to them. The redesigned app necessitates more scrolling for me to get to the information that I am interested in. Additionally, the choice to put the hourly temperatures zigzagging horizontally in an attempt to “helpfully” mimic a bar graph is simply visually taxing. Charts graphing temperature over time conventionally put time across the bottom and temperature varying in height. The vast majority of the public expects that format. Switching the direction around and additionally scattering the actual data (temperature in degrees) by putting it at the variable end of the bar makes it infinitely more difficult to get a quick, clear, idea of the forecasted hourly temperature variations. I’d suggest putting the temperatures back on the left side of the screen, just after the hour and allowing users to customize the order of the modules on their page. These simple changes would go a long way towards easing users pain. St this point I have a hard time bringing myself to open the darksky app on my iPhone. Instead, I’ve reverted to opening darksky’s web page in safari..Version: 6.0.5

Accuracy is not as advertisedI do not usually write reviews, but I thought others should know before they spend money on an app that is less accurate then the native apple weather app. I purchased it solely based on the good reviews and the misleading info page. Unfortunately, it has been wrong since the app was turned on. As I am standing in my backyard telling my dogs to come in because a downpour had started, the app says light rain in 20 mins. Meanwhile, it is a constant heavy rain for over a couple hours and the app says light rain ending soon. It did not stop. Also, I look ahead in the day to see what time it will rain, apple says 1pm and this app says 7pm? Of course it rained around 2 so both were wrong, but 5 hours off? I don’t mean to be so picky but it hasn’t been right yet and the fact that I spent money on “toy” app led me to write this review. The reason I gave 3 instead of 2 is because it is a nicely put together app with some great features. I just wish it could do what it says it could do. I will be sticking with my free apple app.Version: 6.2

OverRatedI figured with this being the number 1 weather app it would be amazing. I am into weather and run a weather page on FB so I know my way around weather apps and utilities. I find the interface on this app not well laid out. There isn’t much to this app. I guess its main purpose is to tell you if it’s rain or snowing and for how long. You can set up very limited alerts but they require you to enable GPS always on your phone. I notice my gps symbol would stay on no matter what even after closing the app. I don’t like any app to constantly use my gps so I set it to only use gps when using app like other apps I have. That fixed the constant gps symbol but now the app complains and turns off all alerts. I guess this app is ok if you like a basic weather and alert information. There is way better weather apps and even some free ones better than this. I prefer the app storm which has a much better layout and way more information. If I could get a refund I would but I guess it could be buyers remorse as I expected so much more..Version: 5.3.4

Nothing special but sometimes wrongI find the layout confusing to look at and inconvenient. First, it only gives the data for every two hours, while free apps like weather channel gives data hourly. I have to go back and forth between temp and % of precipitation and try to remember between hours- because I need the comparison to know what the rain chances are at what temperatures to decide when to blanket my horse. That is a pain to go back and forth plus scrolling through days. On the overall line for a day, it shows one figure for rain chances, like 15%, then I open the details fir the day, and click % precipitation and all of the hours shown says 0%. Really?? Then why is it 15% overall? Maybe because this app only shows every two hours? The other day, I was leaving the barn and checked to see if it was going to rain at all, and it shows zero chance, and for “now” is showed zero and for the next hour, it showed zero. So I walked outside with my horse and within five minutes it started to rain- not a downpour but a light steady rains. So my small fee for this crappy app is possibly a donation to line someone’s pocket..Version: 6.8.5

Worse Than BeforeI know changing a design will always cause some kind of backlash; some people just don’t like change. I’m not one of those people. However, even after giving it quite some time to get used to, I just don’t like this app anymore after it’s been redesigned. It’s become very difficult to understand. No idea where the graph of rain over the next hour has gone, which was the most important bit of information for me. The black circles, in my opinion, don’t do a good job of displaying how likely rain is. I think it’s because they’re all proportioned relative to the highest amount. That makes sense for temperature but for something that’s percentage based it’s easier to understand if the bottom of the scale is 0% and the top is 100%..Version: 6.1.2

Lacking core featureThe deal breaking omission for me is that the widget part of the app doesn't display your location - just temperature and weather stats. It's a pretty odd thing to leave out and it hits the app hard in terms of usability. When traveling by train, for example, you can't easily view the name of the town/region you are passing through. More importantly, you can't check that the widget is updating the temperature. I'm guessing that the app doesn't lookup location according to conventional weather station sites but rather uses Apple Maps GPS address location. In terms of other functionality, the notifications are nice. Accuracy is certainly no better than many of the free apps and the satellite predictions project ahead less hours than some other free apps. Had I tried before I bought it, I probably would have passed..Version: 5.3.8

Not as good as I hoped it would beMy favorite app for weather was suddenly not supported any longer. Opening it showed no data. So, I searched for a new one. Dark Sky is not intuitive and the opening page shows me the temperature and if it’s rising or falling. I sort of knew that before I opened the app. It then shows what the conditions will be for the next 16 hours. It also indicates what the sky will look like and in percentages. That’s good. At the bottom of the page there are switches giving you the choice of humidity, UV index, temperature, and wind speed, but it took a few times before I realized that you must scroll down to get the switches. Then, although it doesn’t tell me, you can sweep to the left or right to get more information. To the right, it give you the high and low for the next seven days. Again, okay, but just the temperature. I want see frontal systems, lows and highs. Having been an aviator, weather is important to me. I can’t do anything about it, but I like to be prepared. That left swipe gives me a monochromatic map of the western US. With only light blue blotches. Zooming in on my home, I get somewhat vague images of what appear to be rain - no clouds that I can determine. It’s an okay app, but I find when I pay for a app that is not as good as a free one, I’m irritated. $4.00 isn’t much since there are no ads, but here in the West I want to see where my mountains and deserts are if I am planning a trip to cross the Cascade in the winter..Version: 5.3.8

Good no moreI liked this app when I first bought it. Then they changed literally everything, taking away all the reasons I bought it in the first place. They gave it a whole new look which is OK once you get used to it. But they are not receptive to ANY suggestions to make the app work for others. They are focused strictly and totally on temperature. I live in Florida where the temperature is always hot. I don’t need anyone to tell me it’s hot out today and it is going to remain hot… I already know that. I’m concerned about rain. The problem is when you change the selection to precipitation, you must do that on literally every screen you go through. If you want to check the days below, you have to change precipitation one day at a time on each & every day. If you scroll to a different city, you have to change precipitation on each and every area you want to look at. I suggested an update where you can choose precipitation as the default rather than default to temperature every screen, or to at least provide the option where once you choose precipitation it stays on that choice while you scroll other days and/or areas. All I ever got was a canned auto response “they forward to the developers.” Followed up two weeks later and got the exact same canned auto response. There is no customer service and they do not listen to any input once thy have your money..Version: 6.1.1

Mediocre at bestFor years I’ve been staring at this app wondering if it what worth taking the plunge. But I couldn’t justify myself spending $4 on a weather app. Eventually I dove in and bought it while reading all of the other good reviews. After spending some time with the app, it’s mediocre at best and definitely not worth a $4 price tag. The app does nothing different then any other weather app. You would think the shiny graphics would be interactive, have multiple features to play around with but it doesn’t do anything except tell you the forecast and let you know when it’s going to rain or snow. The big world map spins when you look at it and rotate it, and it’s not even a high quality graphic. It’s blurry. It also gave a “time capsule” feature where you can go back to a date 20, 30, 40 years ago to see what the weather was like then. And that is so inaccurate. I went back to a day that I remember nasty weather and it told me it was a sunny warm day. There’s also no iOS 14 widget. Also not sure why Apple took this app over when they have their own weather app/widget. This app shouldn’t be more then $.99 of that. There are just not enough features to charge $4.00 for it. Stick to another weaver app for free. They basically give you the same info with more interaction and features..Version: 6.8.5

New 6.0 version is upsettingThis new version is a far cry from what this beautiful app used to be. There are tons of weather apps out there and what stood out about Dark Sky was the fact that it was simple pretty interface and easy to navigate. The new 6.0 version is a cluster-‘you know what’ of information. Which is cool, because everyone wants to be in power, but at the same time it’s very uneasy on the eyes. Just too much going on. The interface and the look and the feel feels also dated as if it’s a step backwards. It looks like a diluted weather application and doesn’t stand out from the crowd whatsoever. Unfortunately I’m thinking of switching just because this is not what I fell in love with. Sometimes too much information is not a good thing. If they could figure out a better more effective way of delivering that information in a clean interface, then I’m all for it. But rather than having all the info display it at my fingertips, there is just way too much attention that needs to be paid to the app in order to serve and navigate it successfully. If it works so well, then why change a beautiful thing? I really think this was on the step in the wrong direction..Version: 6.0.2

Beauty is only skin deepWithin ten miles of a major tech hub, I expect accurate and current weather information. But as the March 2018 East Coast cyclone was—hopefully—making its last lashes, I was concerned. We’d had power out, nearby injuries and even deaths from the storm. Friday night had seen a domino of falling 65-foot trees leave a 200-foot line of tree wreckage starting 30 feet from my property line, luckily in conservation land. Nor’easters typically finish with strong west winds, which would aim any more falling trees right at my house, my shed, my garage. Clearly the wind was still from the north, and seemed strong and gusty. So I pulled out Dark Sky and checked. It told me my exact location, and that I had 10 mph winds; it doesn’t tell gusts. This was unbelievable. I hit a major web site and it confirmed what I was viewing: steady 18 mph winds with gusts to 39 mph. That’s a huge difference in capacity for damage. Like I said, I am only ten miles from a major city. Dark Sky has given me generic and imprecise weather info for months, but I never looked into it closely. I am removing this app from my phone permanently. I consider its weather information hazardously untrustworthy..Version: 5.3.7

Feature request + update feedbackThe main thing that has held me back all these years from making Dark Sky, an otherwise wonderful app, my default weather app, has been the lack of barometric pressure info. I suffer from regular migraines and this is a critical part of weather forecasting for me and many others. please consider adding? that having been said, the “otherwise wonderful” judgment is also based on the old Dark Sky app. this new one claims to have more info and to be easier to use, but I’ve found it to be a dramatically worse in terms of UI/UX. I’ve held off on reviewing until now because I wanted to be fair and make sure it wasn’t just a knee-jerk reaction to change on my part. but no — weeks later and I still have to spend way too much time processing the information presented to me every single time I open the app, whereas before it was intuitive at a glance. again, I very happily paid for this app and have been using it for years without complaint, and would prefer to remain loyal. but right now I’m mostly sticking with it because my other currently-installed options are even worse. that’s not exactly a rousing recommendation. would love it if you’d reconsider, or at least have multiple UI options available to your users..Version: 6.0.5

Usually great but interface is now clip art heavenI have trusted this app for a long while and it does not disappoint but the sudden, new interface has me looking for an alternative. From a simple, elegant and efficient look that did the job I now have a clip art driven interface no better than any mediocre weather app out there. The change of interface was unexpected and unannounced to me, did my cyclical ‘update all’ and found it when I first ran the app this morning. The new version did not even had a preamble ‘we made changes, here is what’s new’ screen. Dislike the new look, dislike that to me there was no warning of change, miss the rain forecast for the next hour. Please hire a proper UX designer, no proud UX person would allow a clip art like icon set to drive one of the most elegant and popular weather apps out there..Version: 6.0.1

DisappointmentSave yourselves some money and get the Accuweather app. I was a loyal fan of AW, but decided to switch it up a bit and purchased this app. Big mistake. The interface is inferior, I would even say boring, but I was intrigued by the notification options. Switched on the one which was supposed to inform me if it was going to rain during the day. Turns out, it will only notify you at a certain point during the day if it’s going to rain throughout the whole day. What is the point of having a notification option, if it is connected to a specific time of the day that you have to set?? If that’s the case, I could manually open the app and check the weather at, say, 10 am every day, that completely defeats the purpose of the notification option. Not to mention the fact that it gave me the option to notify me minutes before it started raining. Have been using this app for a month, not a single notification has been received. How is this app the editor’s choice is beyond me. Switched back to Accuweather for good today..Version: 6.7.1

What’s happened?Accuracy really poor these days. e.g. says no rain expected for several hours yet it’s raining!! Also every time I open it (whether on iPhone or iPad)a pop up appears telling me to set location to “always” or disable notifications. I don’t want it set to always but obviously happy for it to be set to “whilst using the app”. But this doesn’t work as the pop up persists. So I chose to disable notifications but still get the pop up! Have contacted support explaining my issue. Eventually got a response telling me to try things I’d already told them I’d tried!! Since them I’ve emailed them a further 3 times and not had any response at all. Absolutely shocking support. Would have given a zero star but not possible. Only good point is that I didn’t waste any money on the app..Version: 5.3.3

False Sense of Information, Looks NiceThe user interface, cleanliness, and especially being ad free is excellent. The smoothest best looking weather app I've ever used. The information it provides falls short of what it strives for/promises. This app consistently contradicts itself, and changes its forecast on the regular. For instance right now the forecast is light rain (100%) for the next 8 hours, however the hourly graph shows medium to heavy rain now and for at least the next hour, the current weather description says rain, and the map is showing red/orange covering my location and a huge surrounding area. All different. Another example: I've planned my day looking at the forecast that morning, chose to take the motorcycle bc it is supposed to be partly cloudy all day, and then got caught in the rain, to find a totally different forecast for the day an hour later. And this has happened A LOT. To summarize, the different features on the app contradict each other and the website very frequently, and the forecast isn't worth anything because they change it as the weather changes rather than accurately predicting it. Dark sky, stop giving me all this detailed weather forecasting down to the minute as a false sense of knowledge. I had high hopes for this app and over the past few months they have been crushed. I am giving one star because a weather app's aesthetics mean nothing if the forecast is usually wrong and/or misleading..Version: 5.2.9

Extremely Disappointed with New UpdateThis has been one of my favorite apps for years! I tell people all the time about how useful it’s been and how much I actually enjoy using it. The accuracy and beautiful aesthetics made it stand out among countless other weather apps. Living in Florida, where it can be raining on one side of town and dry on the other, having a heads up for the always changing weather has been invaluable. My favorite parts of the app have always been the graph detailing how heavy the rain will be for the next hour or so and the notifications for “Light rain starting soon!”. All this being said, the new update is TERRIBLE. At its core, it may have the same or even improved functionality but it’s just so ugly now. The new version crams all the info onto one screen that was once distributed across multiple tabs. The clean, aesthetically pleasing design of the classic version has been replaced by a very generic, black text on white background updated version. As a long time user and enthusiastic advocate for this app, I was highly disappointed with this update. Maybe the developers can give an option for a ‘classic display’ for those of us who would rather things go back to the way they were..Version: 6.0.2

What a shame!I waited a couple of weeks to critique the new update. I must admit that I still like the older functionality better. And it’s not because one is resistant to change. But putting that aside, my biggest problems are twofold: 1. The app does not jump immediately to the current location as it always did. I have to force load it, and on top of that it stays put no matter where I go. 2. I have set Dark Sky as the weather complication on my Apple Watch as well as my default weather app. It used to show me the temperature based on the current location. I also told that rain was coming. It wowed my golfing buddies and many of them bought the app for this reason. It sold itself! The new format took away that functionality and all I get in the complication is whether it’s cloudy or sunny, which I can tell by just opening my eyes. If I’m doing something wrong I would appreciate the correction but if not, please return the app to its former great functionality. I am almost ready to go back to Yahoo Weather. Thank you.Version: 6.0.5

Reports and notifications radar not updates or helpTrued to reinstall and still no notifications this is a big deal in a real event fix this NOW Again for buying this app these notifications not cominh through is a huge issue this is Only issue i see is their is no option to report ice and wintry mix also its not sending notifications i set up also your radar needs to show the different precip like rain snow mix ext like all the other weather apps I purchased the dark sky weather app which said it was owned by apple and paid $3.99 for it less then 60 days ago and this last week everyday the app turns to a white square like its not available and then you cant delete it and then it turns back into the regular app icon and will open. So 1 if you dont want it as an app id like my money back because it says its over the time for a refund and 2 its been less then 60 days so it should not allowed me to purchase if you were ending support for it. Also the notifications if you are fixing this app do not work based on what I selected as I have a backup app u til I knew this worked. For an apple app i am very disappointed that you would 1 charge and 2 not update when you know there are issues but the biggest on being you cant meet to keep an app updated esp when warning matter please update this or refund my money and Ill just use the other app. It looked like this app came highly rated but clearly that was a miatake.Version: 6.8.5

Keeps defaulting to NYC weatherWhile I appreciate all of the hard work this app’s developers have put into overhauling it, a noticeable regression has crept in which makes the app a lot more of a pain to use: instead of defaulting to check the local weather, it looks up some the weather for some address in New York City (Manhattan to be precise), this despite my not even living in the USA and having no interest whatsoever in how the weather might currently be over Manhattan. I would much rather have reported this bug directly through the app, but here again the developers have committed a major oversight, by not providing a convenient means for reporting bugs which have nothing to do with the accuracy of weather forecasts..Version: 6.1.1

Apple Watch App BrokenUpdate I thought they might have finally fixed this, nearly a year later, because they say they did in the release notes. No they didn’t. The complication still just shows their logo and not the actual temperature. This has carried over from my Series 2 to a new Series 3 watch, so it’s not the watch. It’s a good app for the iPhone, though. Original Review The iPhone app is excellent, and the Apple Watch app used to be, but has been broken since December 2016. Starting with an update at that time, the complication no longer shows the temp, but just the Dark Sky logo (intermittently). At the time, I emailed asking them about it, and they said they were working on it and asked me to be patient. I really would have thought that they could have sorted it out by now, so I have lost patience. The lack of the complication really reduces the value of the app. If you don't have an Apple Watch, get this app. If you do, and want to use this on the watch, then you may want to give it a pass until they finally do fix the complication issue..Version: 5.3.0

Nice App, Radar Not At All What I HopedI have had the app a few hours and so far I'm not crazy about my $3.99 purchase. I read reviews, looked at the photos, and the app description and decided to give it a shot as I was hoping this may be my replacement for my WU Storm app that was stopped by TWC. The overall usability of the app is nice. Easy to follow and set up. The widget is well laid out, too. My big problem is that I did not realize the radar photo preview when I was checking the app out was literally showing the only two functions this apps radar has (Precip/Temp). There are no extra layers/information to add to the map. The Precip function shows rainfall similar to that of other apps (just in different colors), but there are no map layers to show Severe Weather Advisories/Watches/Warnings, Fronts, Storm Tracks, etc. You can opt to get Severe Weather alerts/notifications for your location, but you cannot go to the map and see the Warning on the map in relation to your location. For me, living in tornado alley, that is a BIG DEAL. I'll keep using the app for a few weeks and see what I think about it, but ultimately, I think it will just become another app in my cloud..Version: 5.3.8

Down the drainI’ve been using Darksky for many many years since i was referred to it by an IndyCar racing team who used it to plan for races up to two weeks in the future. It seemed like if they could use it reliably to plan for something so impacted by the weather, I ought to give it a shot. It was reliable and accurate, I’d never spent $5 on an app before and especially on one I could likely get similar information for free. Throughout the years we users have been prompted to give money, noting the cost to keep it running. I guess Apple has more money to give than the rest of us but didn’t give two f’s about honoring the integrity of the app. Since they bought it, the once reliable forecasts are rarely if ever accurate, the location settings mess up constantly (as someone living in Indiana I do not need notifications of rain or snow in Berlin), the map and radar are always glitchy. Right now it shows me as “rain for the hour” without a cloud in the sky. Other apps are showing no precipitation all day. It’s very disappointing as this was one of my favorite, most used and most recommended apps. Now I will be looking elsewhere, figuring that a company as big as Apple wont care to take the time to make darksky right again. It’s a shame for the original developers whose once flawless legacy is now tarnished. (PS for anyone wondering the teams now use RadarScope).Version: 6.8.4

OMG!!Sept 2018 edited review below. Hate the new UI it looks cheap and nasty why oh why did somebody think this was a good idea, since last update notifications are broken again and the Watch constantly displays a different temp to what’s being displayed on the iPhone app!! Please sort this out!! ———————————————————— So after 3 months of nothing, the app is working again as it used to! Thank you for the fix but I do think 3 months is a Long time. I have purchased this App 5 times, once for my devices and because I was so impressed with it, I gifted it too 4 other people, they where also effected by the total lack of notifications, I came so close to demanding a refund from iTunes as I felt ripped off. I would love to give this a full 5 star review and I would if your customer service actually existed, despite several messages over those three months of nothing, that’s exactly what I got, not even a single response from the developer,and that’s pretty poor if you ask me. 1 star review from December 2017 was : Used to be great but the watch complication displays a different temperature to the watch & iPhone app!! And with the latest update & newest version of iOS my notifications have stopped working completely despite all settings being double checked, App says no rain but it has been raining for five hours now!! NOT HAPPY! Please fix this!!.Version: 6.1

Ruined by re-designI’ve used this app for many years and it was my go to weather app with a fantastic glanceable overview of the day’s weather, focusing on the metrics I was most interested in (namely temperature and precipitation percentage). A little while ago the app was re-designed with an entirely new interface. My first impression wasn’t great but I understand that such dramatic visual overhauls require some re-familiarisation and so I’ve lived with the new interface for several weeks. My conclusion at the end of those weeks is that this re-design is terrible with no consideration given for UX and the journeys a user takes through the app. The interface no longer provides information in a quick visually digestible format and instead requires me to spend time reading each line of information to understand what is being presented, and then use fiddly text buttons to flip to other views and get the other information I’m interested in. Sadly I’ll have to find myself a new weather app as this terrible update has ruined a previously fantastic experience. P.S. sorry for not leaving a review when the app was great. If you ever sort this hot mess I’ll be sure to come back and give you the glowing review you previously deserved!.Version: 6.1

Not against change but....So I am going to start with, I don’t hate change... except the changes made here. For the longest time I held Dark Sky up as an example of what ui/ux should feel and look like in an app. I have convinced many developer colleagues and friends to adopt using the app. Unfortunately, I no longer feel this way and cannot hold it up on the pedestal it once was on. The ui is awful and feels as if a high schooler made it. The color scheme is way to bright and honestly hard to look at. The data on the screen no longer flows in a simple and quick to find/navigate manner. I can go on and on, but not only has the ui/ux experience changed, but so too has the reliability of the app. I am frequently running into issues where data is multiple days out of sync and I am force killing the app and restarting in order to get up to date data (experienced on multiple iPhones and iOS versions). It also seems as if the map view is hit or miss at best any more, where it is to the point I no longer can rely or use it. Tldr; change is good, I gave this change some time, unfortunately this was not a good change, and a great product went backwards..Version: 6.0.6

Inaccurate and imprecise.Given that it’s £3.99 for this app you’d expect it to be accurate more than 80% of the time given the amount of free information around that IS accurate. Also there is no cloud cover on the chart, and the grading of the temperature colour (the difference in colour per degree) is so small that you get very little definition outside of global or contextual perspective. Sure, I can see from the colours that it’s colder in the Arctic than it is in the U.K., but across England, there’s no difference in the colour, so it basically useless. I was hoping it would be able to show me on a map of London the different temperatures with a colour map, given the number of micro climates in London this would be a useful feature, and given the data available one that is not hard to implement. A shame this app falls short of a useful mark. Essentially, a waste of memory..Version: 6.8.4

Redesign a let down, location issuesDark Sky used to be amazing. I recommended it to loads of my friends and family, even gifted it to some of them who were reluctant to part with a few quid. Then the new redesign and update was released. Sigh. I’m all for a redesign, but I just feel this doesn’t hit the spot like it used to. I no longer enjoy using it, finding it less easy to see what I need at a glance. However, I’m sure I’ll adjust over time. What I can’t get over, is the the app thinking I’m at 260 Broadway, New York, NYC. I live in England. Having to refresh the app to get my location is so infuriating. WHY?! I’m sure this’ll be rectified with an update (it hasn’t yet), but as a result, this isn’t a 5 star app anymore. I’ll update my review when things improve..Version: 6.0.5

OK but needs to be better.This is an OK app but is not accurate, I realise the weather is unpredictable but sometimes the ranges (highs to lows for the day are inaccurate especially the 'feels like' as that never really varies from the main temp reading when in reality it is usually MUCH hotter, perhaps some adjustments need to be made for living in huge cities like London, wind factor etc? ). I would also LOVE to see a POLLEN COUNT for even just the local area, and maybe a bit more detailing in the maps even if just again in the local area. I would still recommend it as it seems to be the best of the bunch. At the moment Dark Sky says it is 24° but my Apple watch and house thermometer both say 27°! Go figure! Now that Apple have nabbed it, wonder how long before the raking in of money starts?! They have a habit of taking popular apps for EVERYONE and making them for the better off only. Enjoy the cash, developer..Version: 6.8.4

Used to be great! Now, not so much.This review is for the weather forecast and predictions for the Washington DC metropolitan area. Dark sky used to be as close to accurate as it could get. For the majority of 2019 it’s been subpar at best. It’s constantly reporting clear for the upcoming few hours when you can see lightening followed by steady rain for the next hour. This has happened more often than not and I’m beginning to think that they’ve turned this weather app into a pranking app; either that, or whatever meteorologists they’ve hired are straight out of high school (I can’t possibly think of any other valid reason for the obscene amount of inaccuracy that this once “go-to” weather app has become). It’s nonsensical that they still charge for this app but hopefully this review will help others think twice about buying this app and wasting their money. I get that the weather isn’t the easiest thing to predict and mistakes are bound to happen, but 9/10 wrong forecast projections is anything but a mistake. Hope they pull it together soon. Such a shame..Version: 6.4.2

Why should I report an issue with Dark Sky Weather?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Dark Sky Weather to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Dark Sky Weather customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Dark Sky Weather.

Is Dark Sky Weather not working?

Dark Sky Weather works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Dark Sky Weather.

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