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Best Weather App, with One FlawI really can't fault this app - it's extremely accurate, intuitive and comprehensive - besides in one very specific area: When setting temperature units (in the app and in iOS) to Celsius, the temperature range you can choose from (in Dark Sky's custom alerts) is -40 to +50 degrees. Unfortunately, this range is in Fahrenheit, so if you want to alert on, for example, temperatures rising above 11C or more, then you're out of luck, since '+50 degrees' here means +10C. TL;DR - If you use this app in Celsius, and you want to be alerted when the day ahead will be quite warm, you're out of luck..Version: 6.1.3

Best of the bestI’ve used a number of weather forecasting apps over time with varying degrees of success but the outright winner in terms of accuracy, ease of use and reliability is Dark Sky. I love the way it reports hour by hour from the current time and will give a more general forecast for the coming week. I also like the way it uses phones to collect data in order to improve accuracy and gives the option to report the status of your local weather conditions to improve things further for others. I would like the use of a little more colour if desired with blue being cold and red being very hot. Just a thought for possible improvement..Version: 5.3.8

Good except for Watch portionUpdate 10/30: For the life of me I cannot understand how the watch complications haven’t been addressed yet. There are so many reviews mentioning this and months later they still do not work. 08/21: New update may be more stable (I have not used it long enough to know) but at this point they still do not have a working watch complication. It’s too bad to pay $5 for a good weather app only to have to use the stock weather app on your watch. Original review: App seems fairly accurate, although honestly there’s not a ton of information presented. What information is available is presented in a well-polished design but the Apple Watch complication will not update or display. It did when the app first installed so I thought they had fixed what everyone else was complaining about but once it updates the display everything disappears..Version: 6.1.2

Snow Management MustI work in the snow and ice management Industry in the Midwest where weather seems to be unpredictable to the local weathermen. Just last month we had a 4” snowfall with no snow in the forecast. I searched high and low for an app that would notify me just before the snow would fall, so we would be able to service our clients outside of regular business hours, a must in this industry. I stumbled across Dark Sky and I will tell you for me it is well worth the money. It notifies you when precipitation is about to fall, which is great in an industry where you get limited sleep. The push notification is unique and enough to wake me up in a snow event and great in events that the weatherman misjudged. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because we service multiple areas, and precipitation hits differently in certain areas with lake effect. It would be nice if there was an option to get push notifications for multiple locations. Other than that I’m so happy I came across this app..Version: 6.8.2

Why has it gone wrongThis app has been amazingly accurate - and useful - for the year or more information have had it (iPhone and iPad). Then last week it seems like a switch was turned off. The app now doesn't even know what the current weather is doing - still less the hourly forecast I have got so used to. I'm not talking small differences - the app said unbroken sun all morning: the sky is actually so overcast I don't where the sun is! This alarming problem has been apparent for quite a few days. I wonder if the source of the data has changed? (Or maybe he/she has gone on holiday?) It was such a good app - please fix it..Version: 5.2.9

Dr. DaveI love this app, along with the rest of my family, and we have used it daily for some time now. It provides accurate, real-time weather info and predictions in a very user friendly format. The “global weather radar” function is very useful and clearly illustrates why weather patterns move the way the do across the Earth’s Globe. Other weather apps (& TV Weather reports) often use weather maps utilizing the Earth’s Mercator Projection which distorts the sizes and distances of storms and weather patterns as one moves away from the Equator heading toward the poles. In stark contrast to this, Dark Sky’s “Global weather radar” projected on the curved surface shows that storms, hurricanes, and other weather patterns, move at uniform rate in a consistent patterns all across the globe. On a Mercator Projection map, however, storms and hurricanes seem to rush off the map as they head north away from the Equator in the Northern Hemisphere (or south in the Southern Hemisphere). Sorry “Flat Earthers”, the Earth is an Oblate Spheriod (i.e., The Earth is a Globe, Not Flat)!.Version: 6.0.2

An amazing pocket weatherman!I’ve used Dark Sky for many years now and it has been the best app purchase I’ve ever made. The app gives you an up-to-the-minute warning of weather. I was just out walking my dog and got the notification on my Apple Watch warning me it was going to rain in 5 minutes; so I quickly got to shelter and five minutes later it rained, then I pulled out my iPhone and got the detailed forecast (including the exact timing it was predicted to stop: which was correct!). From that little anecdote, I hope you can see the amazing usefulness of this app and why it’s well worth it for the hyperlocal accuracy and the ability to report weather to crowdsource the forecast!.Version: 6.2

Really useful AppOnly had this app for a week, but it's already proved invaluable. When deciding when to have a BBQ, it predicted rain on the Sunday, which happened, and warm and sunny on the Monday, which also was correct. Our decision, in advance, to have our BBQ on the Monday rather than the Sunday, was therefore perfect. So far the warnings of rain or even drizzle have been spot on. I have had a couple of Met Office weather apps for years, but this is by far the best I have seen so far. Time will tell whether such accuracy will continue over a full year, but so far, so good. Well, I’ve now used this app for the best part of a year and it has not disappointed at all. Really useful prediction tool, and I can definitely recommend it..Version: 5.2.9

Like it but hoist on its own petardThis has become my default weather app and is WELL worth the trivial price. Seems reasonably accurate but invites criticism BECAUSE one expects it to be VERY accurate BUT can sometimes be slightly off even if more accurate than alternatives would be. Give people the earth and they demand the stars as well. I am very happy to use the built-in reporting facility to correct the slight mis-forecasts which sometimes occur but there is no feedback as to whether they actually influence the weather model, or how many such “corrections” are needed to have an influence. Also if this does help it could be encouraged by some form of reward score (like Waze) to encourage greater participation. Minor ?fault? - if one moves from a location with the app in the background its notifications seem to be based on the last place it was opened not on current location until it is re-opened..Version: 6.0.4

Works well.I've heard lots of good things about Dark Sky. "It's great. It's awesome." From my perspective it works very well. Is it AWESOME? No. Not really. But it does work. One of the cool features is that it will tell you it will start (or stop) raining in "x" minutes. Usually it will say 8 minutes or some similar small amount of time. Guess what. If I'm outside and it's going to rain in 8 minutes, I could probably guess that it is going to rain soon. Knowing it is going to stop raining in 90 minutes would be great. But it normally gives you a much smaller heads up. So it's not that big of a deal. I do a lot of outdoor activities and I compare Dark Sky to my local weather forecast. The majority of the data is pretty comparable. When you look at the rain forecast... it's hit or miss. Especially if you are looking 2 or 3 days out. Sometimes Dark Sky is more accurate. Sometimes my local weather is more accurate. So is Dark Sky worth it? Sure. The Dark Sky interface is FAR SUPERIOR to my local TV weather app. Dark Sky is easier to use and It has more functionality. I've used a couple of other weather apps and they were not as informative. Maybe there are other good apps out there but this one works just fine. Bottom line? The weather is the weather. Most apps (and local TV stations) are going to be right about the same amount of time. The thing that sets Dark Sky apart is it's interface. It is my go-to weather app..Version: 5.2.9

Great app.I have had this app on 2 devices for a few years now and overall it has been excellent. I use it about 2 or 3 times a day. The hourly forecast is really good and accurate with just the occasional hic-up. We were once in Miami pure wall to wall blue sky and it said rain in 30 mins. We laughed this off then got soaked! There could be improvements on the graphics and maybe the colour coded signs of cloud etc. Sometimes the graph says overcast and the hourly one says rain in 30 mins ! But overall I have not found a better app. Go on download it and see for yourselves I don't think you will be disappointed..Version: 5.3.7

The jury is still outHad the app several weeks now. Generally very good but definitely some glitches. At times I haven't been warned of forthcoming rain. At other times the radar station wasn't functioning. Last night for example I checked the app and saw no rain predicted. In the middle of the night we had rain and I hadn't covered my boat! Thanks a bunch darksky!!😠 On the whole I'm still fairly satisfied with the app at the price charged but would be looking to see improvements in order that it will work as well as they state, especially with prior weather warnings..Version: 5.2.9

My “Go-To” App for Weather AdviceI’ve been using this app for around 15 months now and it has become the default reference when I’m planning around the weather. I’ve found the local forecasts to be pretty accurate. I really like their widget and I get all the information I need to plan my day or excursions. There is an option to report in weather so they can improve their service if necessary and I like the different notifications and summaries that are produced. The one hour look-ahead for rain is really useful in the UK if you do much in the outdoors. The satellite rain radar is okay but I think the “Home and Dry” app does this aspect a little better and is easier to read; however I’ve noticed the Dark Sky team are regularly improving their offering so I suspect they’ll catch up sometime. Overall a really useful and informative app and one I expect to use for years to come..Version: 6.1.4

When to put the washing out.Have been using Dark Sky with ever increasing frequency so my wife can accurately time when to, or not to put the washing out. Must be saving money as the tumble dryer is now seldom used. Also used for planning BBQs and garden get togethers during lockdown. The easy to understand and quickly assimilate information displays of temperatures, probability of rain, wind speeds etc. really help. Would be great if local weather conditions data could be collected via all our smart devices to further increase to accuracy. Similar to that achieved for travel information on say Google Maps..Version: 6.8.4

Great Weather AppI’ve used this app for around 3 years and love it. Like a lot of users, I wasn’t sure of the new layout when version 6 arrived, but after taking a little time to get used to it, I now welcome the changes which have been made as it was a bit too basic in design for me personally. I’d like to see the tabs for precipitation, wind, cloud cover etc. organised in a slightly more user friendly layout, but other than that I’m very happy with it. The app is as accurate as ever, so it’s worth a 5 star rating from my point of view..Version: 6.1.1

Best weather app gets even better!I love this app! It is easy to read a gets better all the time. I garden & need details to make decisions about my day. Like other reviewers, I too left weather underground when it was ruined. I tried many weather apps and found them lacking. But Dark Sky is pleasant, easy to read and easy to access SO MUCH information: temperatures, wind chill temps, precipitation probability, precipitation amounts including totals & by the hour, wind direction, wind speed, humidity, dew point, UV, barometric pressure, sunrise and sunset times, and of course radar maps. The graphics illustrate the weather very clearly especially the precipitation types and amounts. I love the ability to go back and see what the weather was like in the past. I often look at the previous days weather to understand things about my garden. Dark Sky is easily the best weather app today!.Version: 6.8.5

I can’t tell you how much I love this app!Let me start off by saying that I am a weather app junkie. I am always looking for the newest and best weather app. One that tells me what’s going to happen in five minutes or five hours or five days. I find a weather app and think, “this one is great!” but inevitably I use them less and less because there’s so much information to wade through to get to the weather info I need or want and I always come back to Dark Sky. Dark Sky gives me just as much info as I need in the least complicated way possible. And the information that it gives me is inevitably right on target. Then, when I turn and say to the person next to me that is going to start raining in 10 minutes, and it does, people think I’m psychic or something. Then I show them it is this great app and then they end up buying it and on it goes. Do yourself a favor and get this app. It is fun and accurate and does what all the other apps promise and rarely deliver, which is it makes your life simpler to navigate..Version: 5.3.8

Great!Too (London snapper) not really sure what you want? The weather is an act of god! Which means it will only predictable up to a point, and as an act of God is not predictable at all.. Even stating weather warnings yourself and stepping into a warning when be warned is amazing, so pretty pointless grumbling over something nobody has any control over! Your statement is like complaining when a bus or train is late, there response would be it’s approx time not exact time, because again an act of god stoops in for whatever reason so never exact. Getting back to Darksky “amazing” is all I can say, can’t be as pedantic as some people but reading you are joining Apple and the app will now be short lived didn’t thrill me, and will be VERY SAD, too no longer use or see the app and I applaud all the people who made this app and the great dedication you delivered to us and it’s a shame other Apps don’t follow in your dedication to fact and customer focus you have delivered and you have delivered well thank you...Version: 6.8.4

Awesome App!!!My subject line pretty much covers it. I live in Georgia. Weather here can be anything from the most beautiful sunny day to an absolute nightmare. Weather forecasting has improved by leaps. However, even with the National Weather Service located here they can be sometimes challenged by the timing of these atmospheric changes. Not so with Dark Sky. The precision of the global radar map, which can be almost zoomed in on to my neighborhood and local surrounding area, is by far one of the greatest tools available to assist and help us prepare for any inevitability Mother Nature may have in store for us. From being able to determine my work route, plan and protect my garden to advance preparation for the possibility of tornados, thunderstorms, hurricanes...Well, I am truly amazed. Recently with the catastrophic hurricanes it allowed me to know just what my family was about to experience in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. I was able to communicate with them before the fact to make the necessary arrangements for after the fact. Do yourself a great favor and get this app. You will be pleased, surprised and as grateful as I am. Many thanks and my deepest appreciation to the developers..Version: 5.3.2

As seen on Back to the Future 2!Remember that scene from the movie Back to the future 2 where Doc and Marty arrive in the future and its raining? Doc looks at his watch and says "don't worry the rain will stop any second... NOW!" Well the future is real and that gadget is here! I've used Dark Sky for years and its always been spot on here in the UK. Saved me from getting caught in the rain so many times! Great for warning the builders they have 30mins to finish before heavy rain or giving me a heads up while working on the car on the driveway. I check it every morning to see when to expect rain, see the temperature expected and love the 'feels like' temp feature. The world weather globe is fascinating, watch how weather patterns interact across the world. See storms originate in North Africa, cross the Atlantic, track across the Caribbean and up the eastern USA before heading for the UK. I never realised how globally connected the weather is! Top app I use it every day! 👏🏼.Version: 5.2.9

Good for up to the minute forecastI walk to work, and Dark Sky's up to the minute rain predictor ("light drizzle in 10 minutes") is GREAT for helping determine when to head home without getting caught in the rain. It's also good for places that have rapid fluctuations in weather, e.g. going to the beach, where "30% chance of rain" is the forecast EVERY DAY. Finally, I have successfully used Dark Sky to accurately determine what to wear when traveling to a new place. The temperature range indicator is so much more helpful for determining what clothes to pack without reading each day's forecast. However, I have noticed lately that Dark Sky tends to err on the side of predicting rain even if it might not rain, which can be frustrating until you realize it will say rain even if there is a 2 or 3% chance of rain falling somewhere in your area that day. This is especially common during the summer when thunderstorms can pop up literally at a moment's notice, or localized rain might mean Dark Sky says it's raining when it's actually not in your exact location (but might be down the street). However, I'll take a couple of days looking dumb because I brought an umbrella for seemingly no reason, over frustration that I got caught unprepared. Great app, nice interface. Highly recommend if you want a weather app that is helpful and looks good..Version: 5.2.9

Excellent sort term forecastI love this app for its short term forecast, especially that for rain, which has improved immeasurably over the years I’ve used it. I’ve quite regularly had warnings of rain, looked out the window and thought “not it’s not”, only to go outside and find a light drizzle, and I still can’t quite get used to having a rain warning literally are the first drops hit me. For the longer term, it’s not bad at telling you ‘what’ weather will arrive, but not great at the ‘when’ bit, something that seems to be shared by most UK weather apps except the Met Office. It’s temperature predictions are often especially fanciful, although sometimes useful as ‘worst case’ predictions. The interface however is outstanding in my opinion, presenting a staggering range of data with a clarity most apps can barely even aspire to, especially after the new interface from earlier in the year. The rain radar is brilliantly laid out, easy to use, and probably the best short to mid term prediction tool for rain since casting an experienced eye on the sky. The watch app, however, which got off to a good start, could do with a bit of an update, especially for the newer WatchOS versions. The developers are always updating and tinkering, mainly it seems for the better, which isn’t always the case with many apps, and should be applauded for doing so without continual demands for cash. Overall, an excellent app that can be relied on if you know it’s limitations..Version: 6.5

Don’t believe the Hype!Wish I could get my money back! After finally growing tired of the ads and slow loading Weather Channel app on my iPhone 8 I looked around and saw many people praising this app. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE! Save your money. You get better results looking out the window for information!! It said no rain till late in the evening. Everyone else says 20-30% chance of rain between 9-11 in the morning. It’s raining at 9:23am! Look back at Dark sky, it now says it’s raining! Gee thanks! Great weather forecasting!👍 On top of that it’s a jumbled mess of information! I paid for it so I’ll keep it and see if it improves but for the money (FREE) the best weather app is the built in iPhone weather app with the link to the full blown Weather Channel app (in the lower left hand corner). You want fast and accurate with few details it’s there, you need more detail click through the link to the Weather Channel and endure the ads!.Version: 6.1.1

Just another generic weather app nowThis app used to be a great complimentary app to the baked in weather one from apple or other App Store weather app. It’s quick horizontal visual representation of when rain was coming was of fantastic use. This new update has just changed it into another generic weather app of which to be honest there are others just as good or better, it’s lost its uniqueness in one fell update. I think the developers have fallen for thinking that all customer feedback should be listened too or in a possible focus group in rewriting the app they have asked the wrong questions and ended up with a standard weather app. Sticking to the uniqueness of their original vision would have been better I think.Version: 6.0.1

Hands Down best weather appI don’t write reviews a lot but this one is soo good I had to. Let’s start off by saying it is worth paying 3.99 dollars on this one the first thing that made me get this app is the accuracy it’s 80 to 85 percent accurate Number 2 is the design I like that there’s a simple but intuitive chart that covers the next 24 hours and I thought it was per 2 hours and going to be a minus but before when I did not have the app yet you made an update where if you press the next 24 hours graph each hour will appear that’s very cool Number 3 Reason is the the layout I like that it’s not cluttered and very readable Last Reason is there are no adds and protects your privacy which is #1 Reason why I got this app. Thank you 😀 and I hope you don’t take off the features while still improving the app. I forgot to mention the maps, notifications, and reporting the weather. The maps are there for you to understand the current weather other maps confuse you all the time. The Notifications are extremely helpful as no weather will catch you off guard I got notified of today’s forecast as I enabled notifications it said possible drizzle this evening which I like. The Report feature is cool because you make the accurate forecasts even better. Thank you again 😀😀.Version: 6.5.1

Mostly Everything to LoveAs the title indicates, I love everything about this app except one thing. But first the "good" . . . What sets Dark Sky apart from other weather apps I've seen is the accuracy for precipitation. I can be anywhere and always depend on this for when precipitation when occur and the intensity. So far, for me, it's been accurate 99% of the time! That feature, alone, makes it well worth the purchase. Now, since I cycle a lot it's important to know the wind speed and direction. This is the one place where Dark Sky falls short of my expectations. The wind speed part is fine but it only shows arrows for the wind direction and no compass to show the direction. It would have been nice if the arrows were replaced with N,S,E,W or at the very least included a compass on the screen so you know which direction. If this feature were improved I would have left a perfect 5 star rating. I hope that the developers will improve the wind speed indicators with the next update..Version: 5.2.9

Uncannily accurateThis app is amazingly consistent at timing the start or stop of drizzle/rain/downpour events. My reaction the first time I got the alert “Drizzle will start in 2 minutes” was “uh huh, sure.” But, that time and many times since, I found I need to pay attention to its alerts. The app’s data are certainly not infallible at predicting precip events, but the app frequently gives you the sense that it can predict the future with eerie accuracy. This is an extremely handy feature in the summer in Colorado, where “if you don’t like the weather, just wait 15 minutes.” Like any other weather app, Dark Sky is competent at reporting the current temperature and predicting temperature and RH. And it has a wonderfully simple and intuitive interface. Given its name, though, it is clear that the app really shines at predicting and alerting about precipitation events, with high accuracy and resolution measured in minutes..Version: 5.3.8

A Great, Great Weather App! It’s missing one crucial element!The App NEEDS to offer Color Customization! Just a few color themes, nothing complicated. For me the All White background is just too much. I do have a sensitivity to light, bright light especially. The affects of sudden bright white light, a camera flash, very bright days leave me squinting like mad. So many times I’ll wake at night wanting to check the weather. This app is almost as bright as the flashlight app. It certainly lights up the room from the tiny screen. If you could add a few color theme options I’d use the App the way I had intended to. Nothing needs to change on the Earth page, just the pages that are bright, bright, white. Thanks and I do hope you will agree to add this option and without asking us to pay more. Remember your buyers, their happiness breeds loyalty. Your buyers/Users are the Bedrock of your Foundation. Without them things begin to crack, weaken and before you know it they’ve gone away leaving you with attempts at shoring up the foundation, trying this and that. All could have been avoided, remained strong and resilient if only the end user, product purchaser was heard loud and clear. He/She May have brought along a few friends and so on. You just kept on growing because you knew deep down it’s the customer who is still with you, they are the bedrock that keeps your foundation fault free and strong..Version: 5.3.8

Not great updateNot sure whose idea it was to have a permanent mini map at top of the screen with no option to turn it off. But it is really an eyesore for someone who doesn’t want to see where they are from a satellite. If you have to have it there at least allow us to turn it off if we not like it. I mean why have a mini map when you have already got a whole section dedicated to the map already?? Also it would be nice to know if the updated app has stopped working on Apple Watch Series 0 (original). Not everyone has upgraded to latest watch but sad to see the support has stopped for this watch. The app doesn’t even open and work on the apple watch original anymore..Version: 6.1.2

Used to love this appThis was my first ‘go to’ app whenever I got a new device, happy to pay for it as was one of those apps that kept it simple and deliverers exactly what you needed in a clear interface. I also recommended to several people who all loved it and downloaded it. Now we had this wholly unasked for and unnecessary update that’s completely changed the interface and made the app fussy, lots of white space yet a spew of data greets the eye now, impressively poor to create more space on the page but confuse navigation, where to look, who knows?? It boggles my mind why developers want to change something that’s successful because THEY think it will be nice, if your customers bought the previous app it’s because THEY liked it, it really didn’t need the change. So this app has gone from a 5 Star app to a 1 Star app. I will be searching for a replacement weather app now as this app has just killed itself..Version: 6.0.1

This great app just got even greaterI have had Dark Sky since it first launched - and became dedicated to it when, in a random moment, I glanced at it while waiting at a red light to cross a street in lower Manhattan, and decided on the spur of the moment to to give it a test when it predicted a big rainstorm in 2 minutes. I stepped out of the street and under the overhang of a nearby building and in exactly 2 minutes a deluge descended on all of those without umbrellas, except me. Done. I was sold and have used it ever since. But now phase II of this great little app. They just launched a really solid and impressively designed/built update that has cured all of its initially quirky UI and other issues. And now I think I will finally trash my other weather apps (e.g., Accuweather and Weather Channel) that I have used as back ups, and which constantly need to be cross-referenced anyway against each other to get an accurate assessment of the weather anyway. Great app. Beautifully done. Excellent new version without getting rid of its soul. Get this app. It’s the best..Version: 6.0

New “pretty” stuff has broken usabilityI only found the app a week ago and was really disappointed with the latest update. The map starts zoomed out to a globe, often takes an age to zoom to the right place and if you want to manually drag the timeline the graphics are glitchy and keep changing. I just dragged to an hour from now and it shows rain, but when I zoom out, the rain is nowhere to be seen. Other screens have too much info and it looks clunky. And the notifications seem a bit random too..Version: 6.0.2

Keep recommending this to my friends and family, thought I should write a reviewThere are very few apps that I actually feel improve my life and I have such high quality and thoughtfulness that I actively recommend them to people. Dark Sky is one of those. In addition to as much accuracy as you can get, it provides hourly predictions, ‘feels like’ options for things like windchill, and one particular feature which actually might have saved my health once or twice: UV Index. I had never even heard of that before but I get sunstroke allllll the time and that feature is fabulous. The hourly precipitation prediction is both attractive and insanely useful in places like New York, allowing you to time a mad dash during a lull in the storm. This app has features that no other application for tracking the weather has: it’s in my top five apps that I use and I use it every day. It works just as accurately in every country that I go to and every state that I go to, all with different types of weather challenges. I just love it. Please keep up the good work, its truly a rare product of worth and quality, like lace, or a pocket watch. Weird analogies but hopefully they get the point across: this app shows craftsmanship, not commercialism..Version: 5.3.8

Great, but can we customise just a little?Have used this app for years and always found it to be pretty much accurate to within minutes. Best weather app out there IMO. Just be brilliant if you could rearrange the blue buttons to show rain/wind/barometer. I need to know the wind direction for the days ahead and have to keep scrolling and selecting for each day. Perhaps make the buttons sticky so if I click wind direction, it displays that for future days or let us rearrange buttons so it’s easy to click (say) temp/wind/rain% as the first 3 buttons. Keep up the great work.Version: 6.8.4

Perfect for the UK’s changeable weatherAh, spring and autumn uk showers. What do you think - Shall I take the dog out? Will I need a brolly and waterproofs? When grey clouds are barrelling in off the Atlantic and it’s chucking it down in one village but dry in the next, Dark Sky is spot on for pinpointing breaks in the rain - the notifications give just enough of a ‘heads up’ to grab boots, coat and dog lead and be ready for the off. Perhaps not the app for forecasting/guessing whether it will be sunny at the weekend (although it might well be good at that) but if, like me, you just need a clear sixty minutes to take a very shaggy dog for a walk, this app is spot on and worth every penny..Version: 6.8.5

In the south we care a lot about the humidityNot sure how much of a fan I am of the recent changes to the interface, but this is a pretty awesome app. I spend a lot of time outdoors for work and while it’s about as accurate in the mountains as most weather forecasts in predicting weather, but once it starts raining I think it has always accurately predicted when the rain will intensify and stop. The biggest grip I have with the new interface is how difficult it is to find the humidity (also, don’t tell me it’s humid if the humidity is below 75%, cause that is lovely). It used be be a quick click, but now I have to scroll down and then over on a tiny little menu. It isn’t user friendly, and I live in the south, so the humidity is way more important than the temperature in the summer (we know it’s going to be hot, but will any of our sweat evaporate???). Thanks for a great app. This would be a 5 star review if finding the humidity is made easier or there is an option to go back to the old interface..Version: 6.0.5

Best Weather App I’ve ever used‘Dark Sky’ is a fully featured weather App with a very clean User Interface(UI). I like the precipitation alerts which are invariably accurate and the facility to add alerts via editable presets. The graphical displays of precipitation and temperature are excellent but sometimes a little ‘glitchy’ displaying nothing initially but following a few cycles become populated. I would like a predicted animated maps showing weather pattern up to 24 hours in advance (may not be ‘right’ but useful to be able to check a 24 forecast to get a feel for the next day’s expected weather as a picture than as numbers). Good Job!.Version: 5.3.3

Great for weather, awful on the eyes.I’ve been using Dark Sky for quite a while and have depended on its accuracy and reliability when I want to know what it’s like outside. But with the last big update, I now find that checking the weather with this app is totally unpleasant. The microscopic fonts, weird little balls with tiny numbers in them that I assume are supposed to indicate data by their position on a horizontal line is not not only esthetically displeasing, it takes more time to figure out what’s going on and what I’m looking for. I don’t want to spend more than a minute to quickly see what the temperature is and if it’s going to rain or now and when. But the visuals are so cumbersome that I find myself getting annoyed every time I open it. Don’t they have any graphic designers that could help with this? I tried downloading various other weather apps and even used the Apple weather app for a while because it’s easy to read. But I admit I trust Dark Sky’s accuracy more than anyone else’s. If they could find someone to redesign it, get rid of those silly black bubbles and wasted white space and make it easy on the eyes I would give it five stars for sure. Fingers crossed someone is listening....Version: 6.0.5

Must have appI recently acquired an iPhone XS, one of the first apps I downloaded on this phone was Dark sky. By far a must have because it’s pretty much dead accurate, has notification settings that can let you know when it’s about to rain, stop raining, etc. I find the rain notifications and next-hour-expectancy are correct 99% of the time and serves me very well. Would recommend to anyone. As for suggestions perhaps more depth could be put into future weather predictions, because of this I usually tend to have multiple weather apps on my phone with others being used for checking weather weeks in advance. (I’m aware weather predictions change but it’s nice to have the ability to estimate.) Thanks for bringing such a fantastic real-time weather app!.Version: 6.8.3

Complaint is actually a complimentI always check Dark Sky before leaving the house especially during the rainy season, to know whether or not I need to carry rain gear. I have learned though not to trust dark sky because you will say it is not going to rain and then 10 minutes later rain will show up on the ticker. Means you have received more current information. This is a benefit and I appreciate it even though I don’t like the vacillating. It would be great if you had more data points and could give a little bit more reliable forecast. Also often when I open my phone it thinks I live nearby somewhere. I have to select my current address for it to populate. Sometimes it name streets that I’m on familiar with. They must be in my neighborhood somewhere and have a similar weather pattern. All in all I really like dark sky. It’s my go to weather app and I’ve told quite a few people about it. Very very really does it say that it is not raining when I open the door and it is raining..Version: 6.8.2

Wonderful AppThis app is great and worth the cost. It gives up to the minute forecasts on the weather for the week. The daily forecast informs me on how I should dress for the day and their predictions are rarely wrong. You can submit your own weather conditions so their information is more accurate. There are more hidden functions like refreshing by tapping on the hourly forecast and showing all the current conditions by tapping the temperature. Those kinds of things aren’t that important, so I love that they hide those features, thus streamlining the look and feel of the app. I’d suggested a while back that they add a little color, which they started to do. They didn’t add much though, which is kind of a bummer. I think they could add a little more without making it look too busy. They obviously have their own style that they want to adhere to with this app. As is though, it’s still an amazing app that has been invaluable to me on a daily basis. It’s worth the price of admission..Version: 6.7.3

What an update!It addressed nearly every minor gripe I had. I really like the more colourful icons and the new UI. I haven’t tested if the daily weather report notification is working for more than one day yet, but it looks so much better than before. One minor thing, it looks like you got rid of “do not disturb” option for the notifications. I hope that comes back. Edit: Nope, disappointingly, the daily report notification fails after 1 day and does not repeat the next day at the time you want unless you turn it off and on again in the notification settings. It’s been like this for so long (years apparently). Why can’t you fix this?.Version: 6.0.1

Best weather app out thereFantastic weather app and the Apple Watch support is a great bonus. This is my hands down go to weather app I check thirty times a day. Ok, a little exaggerating but you get the idea. The precipitation alerts are so amazingly accurate its like Back To The Future. It'll alert you when rain is about to start, when that rain is going to end, and has beautiful graphs indicating how hard the rain is going to be coming down during those periods. I've used tons of other weather apps and most are just sugar coated graphics that developers have pulled together to not be nerdy developers. Don't waste your money on that stuff. The only other time I reference another weather app, Wx Alert USA, is when we go out sailing and I need more info pertaining to wind speed and direction. That app is the more written description of weather. Dark Sky is far and above anything else out there. Again, the Apple Watch feature takes the cake. You see the graphs and alerts on the watch just as you would on the phone. This app should get a "best of" award from Apple it's so well done..Version: 5.2.9

Good App - could be improvedI really like this app - it’s generally accurate, as good as anything else I’ve used anyway. Their data privacy policy is more robust than other apps out there. An improvement that could be made is the reporting of cloud cover / clear weather. The app uses shades of grey to report clear/partly cloudy/mostly cloudy skies. Ultimately this means you get a wall of grey throughout the day which seems off when you look outside and you’ve got bright sunshine and almost no cloud cover. When you look at the cloud cover % you can see the app is correct, but it’s colour scheme gives the wrong impression in my opinion..Version: 6.8.4

Money well spentI heard of this app on numerous occasions but I was very sceptical of the feedback as it was getting rather good reviews which is very rare especially when the price is above the norm for weather apps. However I was eventually sold when i noticed a news story about this app also giving it very good reviews, the iOS App Store also showed it as an “Editors Choice” app so I decided to purchase it. I can honestly say it seriously works and on two occasions within an hour of purchasing the app i saw that the weather app was showing participation in a certain amount of time, and sure enough on the two occasions it rained within 10 seconds and it stopped at the time it was suggesting, I’m always with my family doing outside activity days at weekends and this app will probably take over my life so to speak but in a positive way. So trust me its MONEY WELL SPENT.Version: 5.3.8

Very Accurate but with a couple of glitches.I can’t fault the accuracy of rain prediction, it’s absolutely spot on. Plus all the other data relating to the forecast is excellent. However the notifications system needs more work. The app likes to have access to your location all the time, not just when using the app. For this privilege I would expect it to auto chance my location and also auto change the area for which it is providing notifications (when this is set to “current location”, which it is) . Not on my phone. Was getting notifications fine for the area of my place of work, went home, didn’t open the app and continued to get notifications for my place of work for the rest of the evening up until I physically went into the app. Something clearly not updating. Can we sort that Dark Sky. Then you can have the last star from me..Version: 6.8.4

Thanks for the updateI always thought the old UI with the map sliding over like a drawer was spatially confusing, the new UI is much clearer to me. Love the new watch complication too, I used to need a separate complication to show me the current conditions and now it and temp are consolidated into one. Some minor suggestions: it’s not obvious that you can press on the main temp to see additional info like wind speed, maybe adding an (i) button or something would help. Also, I think more information could fit into the 24-hour forecast section, like you did in the 7-day section. And in the bottom bar Notifications and Report are (for me) much less often used than Forecast or Map, so maybe those can be moved elsewhere and instead the 7-day view could get its own tab. It would also be nice to allow you to swipe left and right to switch tabs (except Map of course)..Version: 6.0.1

The best weather appSo good, Apple bought the company ... I have used Dark Sky almost since it started in the UK. It is consistently the most accurate app in a notoriously difficult-to-predict environment. It is only stated that it works in the UK, US and Ireland, so why reviewers mark it down outside those countries is kinda weird. Other apps have the backing of serious computational power (petaflop computers in liquid-cooled data centres) and they never get it right. This has been, consistently, the most accurate app since I loaded it. Love it - even if it does rain a lot. The U.K. Is nearly always wet, it is just nice to know how wet we will get and how warm the rain is in summer..Version: 6.8.4

Issues with units...again.UPDATE: The bug fixes seem to have addressed the units issue I raised. But it still shouldn’t have happened, so four stars for now. ORIGINAL REVIEW: The new update (6.0) makes some great changes. Colour icons, one inclusive forecast screen and the map is now actually useful. Finally! However, we’re once again faced with problems concerning units. Granted, you can change the units to suit your region, and they work fine on the iPhone app, but the Watch app always shows Fahrenheit. Again. Just like with the Watch app of old at first launch. These people clearly don’t learn from past mistakes. You guys do realise that people live outside of the U.S.A. right? And even if you do, how did that get past the testers? It’s a basic function to be able to use the units that you prefer, whether it be on the iPhone or the Watch. My rating will improve once this is fixed, but given that this isn’t the first time this has happened, I’m beginning to lose trust in the app, so I’m increasingly reluctant to offer a five star rating these days..Version: 6.0.1

The best!Dark Sky is definitely the most accurate weather forecast app and I have tried many. The new user interface is a bit more complicated, not difficult, just a little more cumbersome. But it’s very easy and intuitive unlike many other apps. I do wish the humidity icon was closer to the temperature icon as it used to be but my complaints are very tiny and because I did like the old interface very much and haven’t gotten used to the new one yet. However it has even more information and has some added text which is nice. I have been recommending it to all of my friends for years and I rely on it totally. I supplement it with NOAA for the detailed special weather conditions like severe thunderstorm warnings for the big picture but for local weather conditions Dark Sky is much more accurate. I also appreciate that one can give feedback on the local weather conditions. It lets you know that it’s going to start raining in half an hour for example. And it is incredibly accurate about that. Whenever possible I always time my walks and errands according to this forecast. All in all a great app!!.Version: 6.0.1

Please fix Apple WatchMy complaint is that the app does not show any information at all in the watch “complication”. I submitted an earlier review but it seems to have disappeared. Here’s another one. I bought this app on the basis of journalists’ reviews, to replace the Apple weather app which has become useless to me since the very recent disappearance of “time travel”, upon which I relied to scan quickly through forecast weather data, with relevant complications showing the info I wanted. The reviews and screenshots show this app at least displaying current conditions in the complication, and undoubtedly the iphone part of the app is magnificent. But it doesn’t work on the Apple Watch: all it shows is a particularly useless blob which I eventually worked out is the app’s logo. Ugh. I have asked for my money back, but have received no response. Sorry folks: most of my reviews across the board are five-star, but this review route seems to be the only way of providing feedback and I hope getting your attention, hence a zero-star review (well, one star: zero isn’t allowed) for a mis-sold product. (The mis-selling presumably not your fault, you may have simply de-scoped it since the reviews.).Version: 6.1

Serious problem with new appThere’s a huge issue with the new app. It doesn’t show when it’s loading information. That means it really often looks broken, has a blank screen or says try again unless you have a fast WiFi connection. The new design is clean and putting more information on the screen is a good idea as it was a nuisance paging back and forth last time. Last comment is the buttons to change section “precipitation, cloud cover, etc. are too hard to use and it’s annoying and fiddly having to scroll to reach cloud cover (for instance). One or two rows of traditional thumb sized buttons with icons and text and no scrolling would be much easier to use and clearer..Version: 6.0.2

Timely rain alertsI got this app years ago when I was getting rained on and my two weather apps were telling me that it wasn’t raining and that there was a zero percent chance of rain all day. It has rarely let me down over the years. I’ve always used it with the Apple Watch and the notifications are excellent. Another thing I like is that it breaks down the hourly forecast for the entire seven day forecast, something other services provide in website form but I’ve never seen on a subscriptionfree app. While dark sky is very good in the short run, I don’t trust it much a few days out, but the hourly stuff is still useful. I have apps that say 100% chance of rain on Saturday and then I check dark sky and it says that that 100% chance is at 4 am but no chance in the afternoon. That detail is very nice to have. A request to the developer: please allow customization for the different aspects of the forecast. I live in Florida, so right now, I want heat index, chance of rain, and UV index. Nothing else is relevant for 95% of the time I open the app. But instead, it goes temperature, heat index, precipitation probability, precipitation rate, wind speed, wind gust, humidity, dew point, then, finally, UV index..Version: 6.5

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